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2016-05-25: Where is Max and rest of the Lisk team? : Lisk
2016-05-25: Lisk launch post-mortem: What went right, what went wrong -- Lisk Blog
2016-05-25: State Dept. watchdog: Clinton violated email rules
2016-05-25: PayPal to discontinue Amazon Fire, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone apps on June 30
2016-05-25: Hillary Clinton Is Criticized for Private Emails in State Dept. Review
2016-05-25: China's quantum communications satellite to improve data security, thwart hackers
2016-05-25: Dropbox Wants More Access To Your Computer, and People Are Freaking Out
2016-05-25: A Judge Just Made It Harder for the FBI to Use Hacking
2016-05-25: US nuke arsenal run by 1970s IBM 'puter using 8-inch floppies
2016-05-25: US-CERT Alert: WPAD (Web Proxy Auto-Discovery) Name Collision Vulnerability
2016-05-25: Lisk has launched and is down -100.00% on the day
2016-05-25: CCSF closing financial aid office, abandoning 6000 students
2016-05-25: Responsible disclosure to Irresponsible companies: A Darker side of Bug bounty programs
2016-05-25: How You Drive a Car Can ID You Within Minutes, Study Finds
2016-05-25: Cisco Products IPv6 Neighbor Discovery Crafted Packet Denial of Service Vulnerability
2016-05-25: Major DNS provider hit by mysterious, focused DDoS attack
2016-05-25: Vulnerability Disclosure and Handling Surveys &... | Rapid7 Community
2016-05-25: Foxconn Cuts 60,000 Jobs, Replaces With Robots
2016-05-25: The Hack at ShapeShift
2016-05-25: This is how fascism comes to America
2016-05-25: FACEPTION: robots look at your face & decide whether you are an extrovert or a terrorist
2016-05-25: How to Save America From Donald Trump
2016-05-25: Project Infinite -- Dropbox Moves Into the Kernel
2016-05-25: Windows Phone is Dead

2016-05-24: Gracefully Close an Application from the Command Line in OS X
2016-05-24: FAQ - Gridcoin -- LINK TO DOWNLOAD SNAPSHOT!
2016-05-24: Ethereum is the Forefront of Digital Currency
2016-05-24: Will the Textalyzer Help Curb Distracted Driving?
2016-05-24: Apple hires crypto-wizard Jon Callas to beef up security
2016-05-24: Microsoft bans common passwords that appear in breach lists
2016-05-24: TSA boots head of security amid furor over long lines
2016-05-24: Ferguson city attorney steps down after criticism
2016-05-24: IOU trading places Lisk as third largest cryptocurrency with $250 mln market cap - EconoTimes
2016-05-24: LISK launched at .015 Bitcoin, and fell to .001 within hours
2016-05-24: Before paying with bitcoins--FTC -- REPORT CRYPTOCURRENCY FRAUD HERE
2016-05-24: LISK about $100million at launch
2016-05-24: Massive LISK dump underway
2016-05-24: Wallet won't download blocks/connect : gridcoin
2016-05-24: Lisk claims to support BSD and Mac but it's a lie
2016-05-24: The Lisk Launch is Here! -- Lisk Blog
2016-05-24: Lisk - Blockchain Application Platform
2016-05-24: Lisk Genesis Block Distribution and Mainnet Launch Countdown
2016-05-24: Bitcoin Getting Smarter Smart Contracts Than Ethereum By Year's End
2016-05-24: Step by Step Django video Tutorial?
2016-05-24: Microsoft accused of Windows 10 upgrade 'nasty trick'
2016-05-24: IPv6 Excuse Bingo
2016-05-24: Swift outlines new security protocols as crisis escalates
2016-05-24: EU data protection chief: We have serious concerns about Privacy Shield UK
2016-05-24: China's scary lesson to the world: Censoring the Internet works
2016-05-24: Windows hardware specs going up for the first time since 2009
2016-05-24: Four hundred miles with Tesla's autopilot forced me to trust the machine
2016-05-24: AT&T's data caps impose harshest punishments on DSL users
2016-05-24: Asteroid-sampling spacecraft prepped for September launch
2016-05-24: Got a Fitbit? Thought you were achieving your goals? Better read this
2016-05-24: Google-backed solar electricity facility sets itself on fire
2016-05-24: Apple: Another bug fix. Er, thanks, GCHQ
2016-05-24: ENISA / Europol almost argue against crypto backdoors
2016-05-24: 18-year-old Brit charged with hack attack on Mumsnet
2016-05-24: Google to kill passwords on Android, replace 'em with 'trust scores'

2016-05-23: Linus Torvalds wins the desktop; Chromebooks outsell Macbooks
2016-05-23: Password reuse bot steals creds from weak sites, logs in to banks
2016-05-23: Gridcoin: Rewarding Volunteer Distributed Computing
2016-05-23: LinkedIn's poor handling of data breach comes back to haunt it
2016-05-23: Vulnerable Web Application - bWAPP
2016-05-23: DAO: A Venture Fund With Plenty of Virtual Capital, but No Capitalist --BitShares is Defunct?
2016-05-23: Steem -- video mentions "mining" STEEM; I think that must be an error
2016-05-23: Blockchain Social Media Platform Steemit Launches in Beta
2016-05-23: Introducing Steem, Looking for Witnesses / Miners
2016-05-23: Re: What do you look for in a witness? -- Steemit
2016-05-23: BitShares Added to Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing Platform (March, 2016)
2016-05-23: Why Witnesses and BlockShare are More Secure than Miners and Bitcoin -- VERY INTERESTING
2016-05-23: Witnesses: benefits and how to become one? : BitShares
2016-05-23: Mining BitUSD. What are Bitshares USD? : BitShares
2016-05-23: Delegated Proof-of-Stake Consensus - BitShares
2016-05-23: BitShares 2.0 Worker Primer
2016-05-23: BitShares Documentation Page; who cares what's at the bottom anyway - YouTube
2016-05-23: FBI: Wireless Keystroke Logger Disguised as USB Device Charger Targets Wireless Keyboards
2016-05-23: Another Whistleblower -- One Who Tried To Protect Other Whistleblowers -- Says The 'Official Channels' Are Worthless
2016-05-23: Is The DAO going to be DOA?

2016-05-22: Bitshares Tutorials
2016-05-22: (CPU) miner does not start · Issue #2174 · ethereum/go-ethereum · GitHub
2016-05-22: A 101 Noob Intro to Programming Smart Contracts on Ethereum

2016-05-21: Getting Started With Ethereum
2016-05-21: Inside Linq, Nasdaq's Private Markets Blockchain Project (from Nov. 2015)
2016-05-21: Sydney Stock Exchange Developing Blockchain Trading System
2016-05-21: Diginomics Announces Ethereum Programming Course
2016-05-21: Bitcoin Miners Follow Profit to Ethereum Blockchain
2016-05-21: Google Chrome will switch off Flash content by default
2016-05-21: » Now It's Three: Ecuador Bank Hacked via Swift
2016-05-21: WhatsApp Message Hacked By John McAfee And Crew
2016-05-21: ATM Attacks Are Skyrocketing
2016-05-21: U.S. Cyber Command elevated to unified command unit, White House objects
2016-05-21: Mosh: the mobile shell -- better than SSH

2016-05-20: Dronebuster will let you point and shoot command hacks at pesky drones
2016-05-20: OneCore to rule them all: How Windows Everywhere finally happened
2016-05-20: 60 per cent of Androids exposed by new attack on mediaserver
2016-05-20: Hacked in a public space? Thanks, HTTPS
2016-05-20: The 'Vaping Crackdown' starts today. This is what you need to know
2016-05-20: Tech support locker scam poses as failed Microsoft Update
2016-05-20: Hacker Site Removes 117 Million LinkedIn Passwords After Legal Threat
2016-05-20: A Notorious Hacker Just Released a How-To Video Targeting Police
2016-05-20: Google Allo a Clash of Privacy and Functionality
2016-05-20: Kernel Waiter Exploit from the Hacking Team Leak Still Being Used in Android
2016-05-20: Apple Pulls iOS 9.3.2 Update for 9.7-Inch iPad Pro After Bricking Complaints - Mac Rumors
2016-05-20: Installing Go by Homebrew on Mac OS X
2016-05-20: Hyperledger San Francisco Meetup -- Decentralize the World
2016-05-20: Silicon Valley Ethereum Meetup
2016-05-20: Ethereum Blockchain as a Service now on Microsoft Azure (Nov. 2015)
2016-05-20: DEVCON1: Etherium Developer Conference (Nov., 2015)
2016-05-20: Ethereum bughunting hub
2016-05-20: Ethereum Bug Bounty Program -- Signups Temporarily Closed
2016-05-20: Ethereum Homestead 0.1 documentation
2016-05-20: Homestead Release - Ethereum Blog (Feb., 2016)
2016-05-20: Flaws Allowed Hackers to Brute-Force Instagram Accounts
2016-05-20: Ethereum Project
2016-05-20: Ethereum - Wikipedia
2016-05-20: Mining Ether on a Mac - Ethereum Community Forum
2016-05-20: Coinbase Exchange to Rebrand Following Ethereum Trading Launch
2016-05-20: China Fakes 488 Million Social Media Posts a Year To Deceive Its Citizens

2016-05-19: Lawmakers vote down LGBT rights measure
2016-05-19: SFPD Chief Greg Suhr ousted following string of deadly officer shootings, scandals
2016-05-19: Remove your Home from Google maps
2016-05-19: How Iraq turned off the internet (Wired UK)
2016-05-19: Sixty Percent of Enterprise Android Phones Affected by Critical QSEE Vulnerability
2016-05-19: Inside the world's second worst exploit toolkit
2016-05-19: Hmmm, where should I dump those unencrypted password files? I know - OneDrive
2016-05-19: Acronis testing blockchain for backup
2016-05-19: Republicans threaten to derail internet transition
2016-05-19: Free tool aims to make it easier to find vulns in open source code
2016-05-19: Congress presents plan to tighten reins on FBI hacking
2016-05-19: Reavers! Google patent would affix pedestrians to car hoods
2016-05-19: Hacker Steals Money from Bank and Donates $11,000 to Anti-ISIS Group
2016-05-19: A Notorious Hacker Just Released a How-To Video Targeting Police
2016-05-19: Hacking Sindicat de Mossos d'Esquadra (Catalan police union) -
2016-05-19: ImageMagick calls into question responsible disclosure reporting
2016-05-19: Bootcamps vs. College - Triplebyte
2016-05-19: Litecoin Mining on a Mac
2016-05-19: DogePay - DogeCoin Price
2016-05-19: Dogecoin - Wikipedia
2016-05-19: Dogeminer - Dogecoin Mining Simulator
2016-05-19: Dogecoin Tutorial
2016-05-19: Elliptic Curve Cryptography: a gentle introduction
2016-05-19: Base58 - Wikipedia
2016-05-19: Bitcoins the hard way: Using the raw Bitcoin protocol
2016-05-19: TeslaCrypt ransomware gang shuts up shop, reveals master key
2016-05-19: Google strikes back at French global "right to be forgotten" order
2016-05-19: This App Lets You Find Anyone's Social Profile Just By Taking Their Photo
2016-05-19: Domain Abuse Sinks 'Anchors Of Trust'
2016-05-19: Uber Shows Off Its First Self-Driving Car
2016-05-19: Firefox users left feeling vulnerable as judge keeps Tor hack under wraps
2016-05-19: Coast Guard Mostly Saves Very Stupid People, Study Finds
2016-05-19: Chelsea Manning appeals conviction in WikiLeaks case
2016-05-19: Vulnerability Note VU#204232 - Up.time agent for Linux does not authenticate a user before allowing read access to the file system

2016-05-18: Social Security numbers of 7.5K CCSF students potentially compromised
2016-05-18: SQLi filter evasion and obfuscation
2016-05-18: Exploiting hard filtered SQL Injections | Reiners' Weblog
2016-05-18: MySQL SQL Injection Cheat Sheet | pentestmonkey
2016-05-18: Usage · sqlmapproject/sqlmap Wiki · GitHub
2016-05-18: SQLmap POST request injection
2016-05-18: Sqlmap Tricks for Advanced SQL Injection
2016-05-18: Install sqlmap on Mac OSX -- Mac App Store
2016-05-18: Criminals turn entire ATMs into skimmers
2016-05-18: Details on that AirOS worm that is hitting Internet exposed Ubiquiti wifi gear networks with unupdated firmware
2016-05-18: iTunes update will will supposedly stop deleting your music
2016-05-18: SEC chair says hackers are the biggest threat to financial system
2016-05-18: Ukrainian hacker busted after making $30 million stealing press releases
2016-05-18: Another Day, Another Hack: 117 Million LinkedIn Emails And Passwords
2016-05-18: Google Set to Kill SSLv3, RC4 in SMTP, Gmail in June
2016-05-18: Experts also cracked the CryptXXX ransomware 2.0

2016-05-17: Sources: Arianna Huffington wants to find leaker of embarrassing Uber-related email
2016-05-17: Fur Affinity Forums hacked via ImageTragick
2016-05-17: Theoretical Breakthrough Made In Random Number Generation
2016-05-17: Ars Technica - test
2016-05-17: Walmart sues Visa, wants to require PINs for all chip-enabled debit cards
2016-05-17: That time a patient's heart procedure was interrupted by a virus scan
2016-05-17: Mr. Robot website SQL injection
2016-05-17: Ubuntu 16.04 proves even an LTS release can live at Linux's bleeding edge
2016-05-17: Norton BSOD CVE-2016-2208 - YouTube
2016-05-17: Norton BSOD CVE-2016-2208 - YouTube
2016-05-17: Symantec/Norton Antivirus ASPack Remote Heap/Pool memory corruption Vulnerability CVE-2016-2208
2016-05-17: Antivirus: It's a debate

2016-05-16: Ubuntu Installation/NetbootInstallFromInternet
2016-05-16: wps/ using scapy -- MODIFY FOR LONG DEVICE NAME
2016-05-16: Conservative congressional candidate shares screenshot, forgets to close porn windows
2016-05-16: Even basic phone logs can reveal deeply personal information, researchers find
2016-05-16: China Quietly Targets U.S. Tech Companies in Security Reviews
2016-05-16: Blockchain open sources Thunder network, paving the way for instant bitcoin transactions
2016-05-16: Bitcoin mining the hard way: the algorithms, protocols, and bytes (from 2014)
2016-05-16: An HTTPS hijacking click-fraud botnet now infects almost 1M computers
2016-05-16: THE @CIA "accidentally" destroyed the Senate Torture Report
2016-05-16: John McAfee Apparently Tried to Trick Reporters Into Thinking He Hacked WhatsApp
2016-05-16: 500K Members of Hacking Forum Doxxed
2016-05-16: The Intercept releasing docs leaked by NSA whistleblower Snowden
2016-05-16: Giving Red-Teamers the Blues
2016-05-16: Apple bans benign iOS spyware detection, security info app
2016-05-16: Docker lets security bug sniffer dogs off the leash at container images
2016-05-16: China's new rules may break the internet warns US government
2016-05-16: Feds will now check your social media history before granting security clearance
2016-05-16: Purdue University Cybersecurity Camp
2016-05-16: Light Hacktivism - -- DATA FROM COLLEGES
2016-05-16: Advocate General Advises EU's Highest Court that IP Addresses are Personal Data
2016-05-16: Kernel Backdoor found in Gadgets Powered by Popular Chinese ARM Maker "Allwinner"
2016-05-16: Hacker reports XSS Vulnerability in Mr. Robot Season 2 Website
2016-05-16: Google to Face a Record $3.4 Billion AntiTrust Fine in Europe
2016-05-16: Tennessee Man Convicted for Romney Tax Return Fraud and Extortion Scheme
2016-05-16: [Security Classification: Official] UK Spy Agency GCHQ Is Now on Twitter

2016-05-14: Your Cell Phone Absolutely Will Not Give You Brain Cancer
2016-05-14: Whitespace steganography
2016-05-14: Yahoo-owned Tumblr announces email credential compromise
2016-05-14: FBI Hid Surveillance Devices Around Alameda County Courthouse
2016-05-14: Government Surveillance Program In The Bay Area Exposed
2016-05-14: Senior Trump Adviser Says Idea That Words Matter Is 'Ridiculous'
2016-05-14: Arkansas Judge Resigns After Thousands Of Pictures Of Nude Defendants Found On His Computer
2016-05-14: Why Health Care Is So Expensive
2016-05-14: How do you dispose of three Petabytes of disk?
2016-05-14: Kroger warns past, present employees of possible compromise after Equifax W-2Express breach
2016-05-14: How I found a huge data leak of a company during a college lecture
2016-05-14: Facebook wants to teach you how to hack
2016-05-14: Trump Tries To Have It Both Ways On Muslim Ban, Now Says It's 'Just A Suggestion'
2016-05-14: Pornhub said to be compromised, shell access available for $1,000
2016-05-14: INetSim as a Basic Honeypot
2016-05-14: A fundamental introduction to x86 assembly programming
2016-05-14: Famous Hacking Forum Suffers Devastating Data Breach
2016-05-14: Homeland Security Cuts Causing Extreme Delays And Missed Flights
2016-05-14: Contempt Ruling Rebukes Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona
2016-05-14: OkCupid Study Reveals the Perils of Big-Data Science
2016-05-14: Blockchain Experts, a Rare Breed, May Demand Big Bucks -- Better Link
2016-05-14: Blockchain Experts, a Rare Breed, May Demand Big Bucks
2016-05-14: Thieves Jackpot ATMs With 'Black Box' Attack
2016-05-14: Report: Apple quickens app approval, patch processes
2016-05-14: UK accused of trying to undermine EU air pollution targets
2016-05-14: Notice of CCSF Data Breach Due to Phishing -- SHOW TO CLASS

2016-05-13: Security Contact and Vulnerability Disclosure -- GOOD EXAMPLE -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-05-13: Cracking a Caesar Cipher with CrypTool 2
2016-05-13: Judge rules that Ashley Madison victims can't use hacked data in court
2016-05-13: What we've learned after several decades of online learning (essay)
2016-05-13: EFF's Let's Encrypt Client Certbot Debuts in Beta
2016-05-13: Zed Books Statement on Facebook Page removal
2016-05-13: axi0mX got on the Hall of Fame by hacking my site!
2016-05-13: Intro to Ransomware Course from Troy Hunt (of "haveIbeenpwned?" fame) ty Mark
2016-05-13: Merritt College CIS Department Chair and faculty member Courtney Brown explains their new Cybersecurity program

2016-05-12: pays four fellows £35k to do nothing for three months
2016-05-12: Mozilla wants Tor hole
2016-05-12: Compression tool 7-Zip pwned, pain flows to top security, software tools
2016-05-12: Huge embarrassment over fisting site data breach
2016-05-12: Non-police orgs merrily accessed PNC without authority, says HMIC
2016-05-12: Boffins flip the unflippable: Meet the latest storage extender contender
2016-05-12: Seagate ready for the HAMR blow: First drives out in 2017
2016-05-12: Banning computers makes students do better on exams -- MIT
2016-05-12: Germans may stop holding owners of Wi-Fi hotspots liable for crimes committed on them
2016-05-12: Meet the man who owns his own piece of the internet
2016-05-12: A cracked window on the International Space Station? That's not good
2016-05-12: Adobe...sigh...issues critical patch...sigh...for Flash Player zero day
2016-05-12: FBI director claims that videoing police is causing crime uptick
2016-05-12: Windows 10 build 14342: No more friendly Wi-Fi sharing
2016-05-12: Pharmaceutical Hacks at 70 Sites, including Harvard, Humboldt, and Cal State -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-05-12: CVE-2016-0801/PoC.c Wireless Exploit -- MAKE INTO PROJECT
2016-05-12: CVE-2016-0801 -- Wireless exploit for Android and iOS
2016-05-12: About the security content of iOS 9.3 - Wi-Fi Overflow CVE-2016-08-1

2016-05-11: Cyber Teacher Association
2016-05-11: 190 Android Apps Infected with Malware Discovered on the Google Play Store
2016-05-11: Highly Dangerous Trojan Found in Apps on the Google Play Store
2016-05-11: 25% of UK Businesses Suffered at Least 1 Breach in Past 12 Months
2016-05-11: Backdoor as a Software Suite: How TinyLoader Distributes and Upgrades PoS Threats
2016-05-11: British Hacker Wins Legal Battle Over Encryption Keys
2016-05-11: No, I'm not surfing smut. I'm trying to score a bug bounty from P0rnhub
2016-05-11: SS7 Attack Circumvents WhatsApp and Telegram Encryption

2016-05-10: How we built Origin CA: Web Crypto
2016-05-10: FBI Suspects Insiders in $81 Million Bangladesh Central Bank Theft: Report
2016-05-10: Syrian Electronic Army Hacker Extradited to U.S.
2016-05-10: Man Pleads Guilty To Hacking, Stealing Information From Celebrities
2016-05-10: ASUX: Yet Another OEM Fail -- This is the best vulnerability disclosure ever
2016-05-10: Your brain's reaction to celeb pics may create the most secure form of ID
2016-05-10: Lenovo fixes yet another major security vulnerability
2016-05-10: How control of the PE Format, C Compiler and OS Kernel allowed Microsoft to randomize PTE_BASE in Windows 10 Update
2016-05-10: As Hackers Continue to Target Porn Sites, Pornhub Launches Bug Bounty Program
2016-05-10: Root kit detection app for iOS bypasses sandbox protection with 0-day?

2016-05-09: Private Digital Currency Founder Jailed for 20 Years
2016-05-09: Software security suffers as startups lose access to Google's virus data
2016-05-09: Rackspace Taps CloudPassage for Managed Compliance Assistance
2016-05-09: GoDaddy Patches Blind XSS Vulnerability
2016-05-09: Security Sense: When a Security Researcher is Arrested, There's Usually a Good Reason
2016-05-09: Lee County Supervisor of Elections Server Security Issues - YouTube -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-05-09: Facebook must fight for its facial recognition tech in court
2016-05-09: Jury is picked for $9 billion Oracle v. Google showdown
2016-05-09: Bucbi Ransomware Spreading Via RDP Brute Force Attacks
2016-05-09: Mystery: Emails From Hillary's Top Geek Are M.I.A.
2016-05-09: Locky Gets Clever!
2016-05-09: Inside ImageTragick: The Real Payloads Being Used to Hack Websites
2016-05-09: Prove It: The Rapid Rise of 12,000 Shared Proof-of-Concept Exploits
2016-05-09: Microsoft half-bricks Asus Windows 7 PCs with UEFI boot glitch
2016-05-09: Apple needs silver bullet to slay App Store's escaped undead -- study
2016-05-09: wordpress-exploit-framework
2016-05-09: Police Allege SWIFT Technicians Left Bangladesh Bank Vulnerable
2016-05-09: The vsFTP Server and SELinux -- Good Linux Security Project
2016-05-09: ICANN knifes Africa's internet: New top-level domains terminated
2016-05-09: The Ad-Blocking Hacker Making Your Browser More Paranoid
2016-05-09: Preliminary findings of police bias probe find SFPD lacks discipline, oversight
2016-05-09: 78% of active Reddit threads mention Hitler
2016-05-09: Austin drivers in the lurch after Uber, Lyft exit
2016-05-09: Mercury Transit May 2016 - Imgur
2016-05-09: Victor Santoyo: How To Know If You've Been Hacked |
2016-05-09: Penn Jillette hosts the final Libertarian Presidential Candidate debate Tickets, Mon, May 16, 2016 at 12:00 PM | Eventbrite
2016-05-09: Twitter bans US spying agencies from terrorism early alert service
2016-05-09: FTC To Study Mobile Device Industry's Security Update Practices
2016-05-09: In 2013, we filed a 17 page complaint with the FTC about Android phones not getting updates
2016-05-09: We watched RedTeam Security hack into a power company

2016-05-08: 'You want a description of hell?' OxyContin's 12-hour problem
2016-05-08: Former Tor Developer Created Malware for FBI to Unmask Tor Users
2016-05-08: Pirate Bay Blocked in Chrome, Firefox & Safari Due to Phishing Site Error
2016-05-08: Identity Thieves Breach ADP, Steal W-2 Data
2016-05-08: Amazon's beautiful, functional, impractical Kindle Oasis reviewed
2016-05-08: New Attack on WordPress Sites Redirects Traffic to Malicious URLs
2016-05-08: Medical Equipment Crashes During Heart Procedure Because of Antivirus Scan
2016-05-08: Stop resetting your passwords, says UK govt's spy network

2016-05-07: FBI Harassing Core Tor Developer, Demanding She Meet With Them, But Refusing To Explain Why
2016-05-07: Investigating a Compromised Server with Rootcheck - Sucuri Blog
2016-05-07: Tucows Bans Pop-Up Ads, Goes Ad-Free
2016-05-07: Increasing the Strength of the Zone Signing Key for the Root Zone
2016-05-07: Baidu Pushes Back On Chinese Gov't Investigation By Freeing Up Images Related To Tiananmen Square
2016-05-07: Elsevier Keeps Whac'ing Moles In Trying To Take Down Repository Of Academic Papers
2016-05-07: Daisy-chained research spells malware worm hell for power plants and other utilities
2016-05-07: Panama Papers Source Offers Documents To Governments, Hints At More To Come
2016-05-07: A straightforward guide to Mandiant services
2016-05-07: GitHub - bartblaze/PHP-backdoors: A collection of PHP backdoors
2016-05-07: Lenovo fixes serious flaw in pre-installed Lenovo Solution Center
2016-05-07: When on a Plane, Avoid Using This Hotspot Name
2016-05-07: Romanian hacker who claims he breached Clinton server says he spoke with FBI at length
2016-05-07: Hacker steals hundreds of millions of email passwords
2016-05-07: onionshare -- A Way to Anonymously Share Files
2016-05-07: PQCRYPTO -- Developing Post-Quantum Cryptography
2016-05-07: San Francisco Board of Supervisors Resolution in Support of CCSF's Union and Strike
2016-05-07: FBI Says a Mysterious Hacking Group Has Had Access to US Govt Files for Years
2016-05-07: Troy Hunt: Here's how I verify data breaches
2016-05-07: GitHub's CSP journey

2016-05-06: FBI Told Cops to Recreate Evidence From Secret Cell-Phone Trackers
2016-05-06: Donald Trump's Idea to Cut National Debt: Get Creditors to Accept Less
2016-05-06: How IBM's new five-qubit universal quantum computer works
2016-05-06: Charles Schwab data breach exposed client investment data
2016-05-06: Miserlou/Zappa: Serverless Python Web Services
2016-05-06: Jeff Moss "The Dark Tangent," DEF CON Founder and CSO, to Receive University of Advancing Technology Honorary Doctorate Degree
2016-05-06: MACTripleDES HMAC Algorithm from Microsoft
2016-05-06: Arizona Cyber Warfare Range -- USE FOR CTF PROJECTS
2016-05-06: Building Your Own Passive DNS Collection System -- MAKE INTO A PROJECT

2016-05-05: David DeWalt out as FireEye CEO, Kevin Mandia to take over
2016-05-05: Qubes' encrypted backup effectively doesn't salt the password
2016-05-05: Windows 10 Tops 300M Installs as End of Free Upgrade Period Nears (it ends July 29)
2016-05-05: 'Stupid' Locky Network Breached
2016-05-05: DEF CON® 24 Hacking Conference - Call for Workshops -- DEADLINE EXTENDED TO 5-15
2016-05-05: Where the FBI's top cybercrime agents go after quitting the force
2016-05-05: Bay Area Cyber Security Meetup: Wed, May 18
2016-05-05: San Francisco Bitcoin Meetup May 12
2016-05-05: San Francisco Meetup - Cyberspectrum: Bay Area Software Defined Radio May 11
2016-05-05: Understand the Blockchain in Two Minutes - YouTube
2016-05-05: 'Bitcoin creator': I do not have the courage

2016-05-04: Qualcomm's QSEE privilege escalation vulnerability and exploit (CVE-2015-6639)
2016-05-04: Google wants to inject cyborg lenses into your eyeballs
2016-05-04: Now the Government Wants to Hack Cybercrime Victims
2016-05-04: OWASP VBScan is a Black Box vBulletin Vulnerability Scanner
2016-05-04: Cybersleuth's hacking of Florida elections websites draws criminal charges -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-05-04: 'Guccifer' claims he hacked Hillary Clinton's email server
2016-05-04: Donald Trump has destroyed the Republican party I knew and loved | Newsday
2016-05-04: If CPICIBER Passes, WhatsApp Blockade in Brazil Could Be Taste of More Censorship To Come
2016-05-04: CRF Frozen Foods Expands Voluntary Recall to Include All Frozen Vegetable and Fruit Products Due To Possible Health Risk
2016-05-04: Exploit My Vulnerable ImageMagick Page
2016-05-04: Proj X19: Exploiting ImageMagick on Kali -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-05-04: ImageMagick | Hacker News -- EXPLOIT CODE HERE
2016-05-04: ImageTragick -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-05-04: ImageMagick Security Issue -- MITIGATION CODE HERE
2016-05-04: ImageMagick installer for Mac OS X
2016-05-04: ImageMagick Exploit Code CVE-2016-3714 -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-05-04: Garage4hackers Ranchoddas Webcast Series CTF Challenge
2016-05-04: Huge number of sites imperiled by critical image-processing vulnerability -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-05-04: Self-driving minivan coming from Fiat Chrysler and Google
2016-05-04: Dell rebrands Dell to Dell Technologies, Dell EMC, and Dell
2016-05-04: Amazon Prime Now arrives online with one-hour delivery service
2016-05-04: Marines test autonomous robot-drone teams for future on battlefield
2016-05-04: Aging and bloated OpenSSL is purged of 2 high-severity bugs
2016-05-04: Verizon worker strike now in its third week
2016-05-04: NIST readies 'post-quantum' crypto competition -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-05-04: Apple loses iPhone%u2122 in China
2016-05-04: Facebook pays 10-year-old boy $10,000 for exposing flaw in Instagram
2016-05-04: Opera pulls trigger on baked-in ad blocker
2016-05-04: Gavin Andresen: It Was a Mistake to Blog Claiming Craig Wright Is Satoshi
2016-05-04: Mercury and Mars Star in Rare Celestial Sights This May
2016-05-04: Did your UK biz just pay £1,500 to stop a DDoS? You've been had
2016-05-04: CCSF Strike Is 'Credit Negative' Signal, Moody's Says
2016-05-04: IBM Research hooks up quantum processor to cloud for test drive

2016-05-03: Why billionaire Carl Icahn just dumped every share he has in Apple
2016-05-03: The Future of Encryption Is in These Politicians' Hands
2016-05-03: Microsoft Offers $15,000 Nano Server Bug Bounty
2016-05-03: Republicans have a massive electoral map problem that has nothing to do with Donald Trump
2016-05-03: Chicago State lays off a third of its staff
2016-05-03: ImageMagick Is On Fire -- CVE-2016--3714
2016-05-03: A university moved to fire a professor after he defended a student's right to debate gay marriage. Now he's suing.
2016-05-03: Faculty can carry handguns on public college campuses under controversial new Tennessee law -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-05-03: Identifying malware with PEStudio (from 2015)
2016-05-03: pestudio: Malware Initial Assessment Tool
2016-05-03: In Race for London Mayor, Trump's Anti-Muslim Playbook Seems to Be Failing Zac Goldsmith
2016-05-03: OpenSSL security advisory, including yet another CBC padding oracle
2016-05-03: Adblock Plus Now Wants You to Pay to Browse the Internet
2016-05-03: LifeSize Room Exploits; "skiplogin" parameter FTW -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-05-03: Collecting Payloads From CTF PCAPs
2016-05-03: Flaw allowed anyone to modify & take control over ANY .as domain
2016-05-03: Russian Hacker Who Stole From Banks Ordered to Pay $7 Million
2016-05-03: research/Attacking_Clientside_JIT_Compilers
2016-05-03: Verizon: Network sabotage during strike disrupted thousands of customers
2016-05-03: CEO tests "crazy" genetic therapy on herself, claims it added 20 years of life
2016-05-03: Woman ordered to provide her fingerprint to unlock seized iPhone
2016-05-03: 3-in-4 Android phones, slabs, gizmos menaced by fresh hijack flaws
2016-05-03: F-35s failed 'scramble test' because of buggy software
2016-05-03: Audiophile torrent site What.CD fully pwnable thanks to wrecked RNG
2016-05-03: MongoDB on breaches: Software is secure, but some users are idiots

2016-05-02: Fake LastPass extension in Chrome Web Store
2016-05-02: Screen overlay malware on the rise as bot scum battle for dominance
2016-05-02: University of Massachusetts Amherst: Trust, Assurance and Cybersecurity Certificate Program
2016-05-02: Google AI gains access to 1.2m confidential NHS patient records
2016-05-02: Samsung Smart Home flaws let hackers make keys to front door
2016-05-02: Can't Hack a Hacker: Reverse Engineering a Discovered ATM Skimmer - SHOW TO CLASS
2016-05-02: Google sent 4.3 million messages to webmasters and saw 33% increase in clean-up efforts
2016-05-02: Validating Satoshi (Or Not) | Dan Kaminsky's Blog -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-05-02: WhatsApp, Used by 100 Million Brazilians, Was Shut Down Nationwide Today by a Single Judge
2016-05-02: Security Engineering - Paragon Initiative Blog
2016-05-02: Ming Chow's student security audits -- VERY GOOD
2016-05-02: Microsoft to begin SHA-1 crypto shutoff with Windows 10's summer upgrade
2016-05-02: German nuclear plant infected with computer viruses, operator says
2016-05-02: The Digital Sticky Note -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-05-02: French journalist infiltrates jihadist cell for six months
2016-05-02: FBI Chooses Secrecy Over Locking Up Criminals
2016-05-02: How the Pwnedlist Got Pwned
2016-05-02: Experts recover data encrypted by Petya ransomware
2016-05-02: The Phuctoring -- Weak PGP keys, apparently not really important
2016-05-02: Malory Isn't the Only Imposter in Infosec
2016-05-02: Are conservative donors bullying this public university? Its president says no.
2016-05-02: Game Critic Uses Brilliant Workaround For YouTube's Copyright Bullshit 
2016-05-02: Accellion Patches Flaws Found During Facebook Hack
2016-05-02: Craig Wright revealed as Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto
2016-05-02: DNSDiag: Tools to detect if your ISP is hijacking your DNS traffic

2016-05-01: Canadian Gold-Mining firm Goldcorp hacked
2016-05-01: Even at 1.0, Vivaldi closes in on the cure for the common browser
2016-05-01: Government Could Ban BBC From Showing Top Shows at Peak Times
2016-05-01: U.S. spy court rejected zero surveillance orders in 2015; 48,000 NSLs in 2015 -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-05-01: Sign in women's bathroom at a bar -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-05-01: The road to hell is paved with SAML Assertions
2016-05-01: GCHQ Has Disclosed Over 20 Vulnerabilities This Year, Including Ones in iOS
2016-05-01: Hacking Team CEO complains of a political attack on his company. Says export restrictions might cause demise of HT
2016-05-01: may2016 - BayAreaCryptoDay at Stanford tomorrow; free ticket for one student
2016-05-01: A New Empirical Constraint on the Prevalence of Technological Species in the Universe
2016-05-01: Tor users: Do not expect anonymity and end-to-end security (2015)

2016-04-30: Anonabox Pro Tor And VPN Router Review: Protect Your Privacy Online With Built In Encryption
2016-04-30: Probe of nepotism, conduct and lying targets UC Davis head
2016-04-30: 'Tech Buses' Commit Hundreds of Violations on San Francisco Roadways
2016-04-30: San Francisco police chief releases racist text messages, orders training
2016-04-30: Iraq Protesters Storm Parliament, Demanding End to Corruption
2016-04-30: Punished after rape report at Brigham Young University
2016-04-30: Makemake, the Moonless Dwarf Planet, Has a Moon After All
2016-04-30: Quaker Oats threatens to sue the Quakers -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-04-30: Toy Maker Unwittingly Infecting Website Visitors with Ransomware
2016-04-30: Journalism Professor Will Go to War for Free Speech, as Long as It Doesn't Mock Him
2016-04-30: Dental Assn Mails Malware to Members

2016-04-29: Mich. bill would make car hacking a felony punishable by life in prison
2016-04-29: Android's existential crisis: Why Java needs to die on mobile devices
2016-04-29: Your Medical Record is Worth More Than Your Credit Card Number
2016-04-29: It's 2016 and now your internet-connected bathroom scales can be hacked
2016-04-29: Delta will track baggage with RFID by the end of the year
2016-04-29: World's Largest Atom Smasher, the Large Hadron Collider, Reportedly Shut Down by Rodent
2016-04-29: Microsoft declares Cortana search box as Bing- and Edge-only turf
2016-04-29: Apple's stock suffers worst week since 2013
2016-04-29: Japan's Hitomi space 'scope declared lost after software bug blow
2016-04-29: Minecraft fan site hacked
2016-04-29: E-cigarettes help save lives, says Royal College of Physicians
2016-04-29: Samsung's little black box will hot-wire your car to the internet. Eek!
2016-04-29: Batten down the hatches! OpenSSL preps fix for high impact vuln
2016-04-29: Report: In 2006, a VW executive suggested adding illegal software to diesels
2016-04-29: German city embeds LED red lights into sidewalks for smartphone addicts
2016-04-29: Oliver Stone's Snowden looks like the greatest techno-thriller ever
2016-04-29: Hacking Slack accounts: As easy as searching GitHub
2016-04-29: Child porn suspect jailed indefinitely for refusing to decrypt hard drives
2016-04-29: Rule 41 would make it easier for the government to carry out hacks
2016-04-29: Senators play terror card to lobby public for backdoor crypto legislation
2016-04-29: US House unanimously passed bill requiring warrants for e-mail
2016-04-29: Google Fiber hits its fifth city, with a limited deployment in Nashville
2016-04-29: 'Star Trek' Lawsuit: The Debate Over Klingon Language Heats Up
2016-04-29: The EU wants you to log into YouTube using your state-issued ID card
2016-04-29: US ATM cracks on the up
2016-04-29: Google Play infested with cash-stealing web apps
2016-04-29: Meet the malware that screwed a Bangladeshi bank out of $81m
2016-04-29: The 2016 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Rep... | Rapid7 Community
2016-04-29: A Dramatic Rise in ATM Skimming Attacks
2016-04-29: Belgian police knew since 2014 that Abdeslam brothers planned 'irreversible act'
2016-04-29: Symantec CEO Brown's Exit Highlights Company's Continuing Struggles
2016-04-29: Oil Prices: What's Behind the Drop? Simple Economics

2016-04-28: Bash on Windows, Powershell and Docker: Why Microsoft is calling time on the server GUI
2016-04-28: 'Feature-complete' Windows Server 2016 preview 5 lands
2016-04-28: Humble Book Bundle: Hacking presented by No Starch Press (pay what you want and help charity)
2016-04-28: MS Applocker circumvented with exploiting native OS utility
2016-04-28: MongoDB DB with 93.4 million Mexican voter records open online
2016-04-28: FBI Is One Step Closer To Getting Legal Authority To Hack Computers Everywhere
2016-04-28: Ransomware rampant, but chinks found in its armor
2016-04-28: Percentage of Bachelor's degrees conferred to women, by major (1970-2012) | Dr. Randal S. Olson
2016-04-28: JIGSAW ransomware deletes files as you shilly-shally to pay
2016-04-28: Why Facebook Is Killing It--Even When Nobody Else Is
2016-04-28: Linux Assembly Tutorial - Step-by-Step Guide

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