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2015-08-29: Experiment confirms that quantum mechanics scoffs at our local reality
2015-08-29: West Point professor calls on US military to target legal critics of war on terror
2015-08-29: Gavin Andresen on Why Bitcoin Will Become Unreliable Next Year Without an Urgent Fix
2015-08-29: Why is Windows lying about what root certificates it trusts?
2015-08-29: Obama Administration Wins Ruling in NSA Data Collection Case
2015-08-29: netem -- causes network latency and loss for specific IP addresses -- USEFUL FOR SOME ATTACKS

2015-08-28: Animated Metasploit Linux Payload in gdb - YouTube
2015-08-28: linux - Manually closing a port from commandline - Super User
2015-08-28: How to kill a TCP connection: tcpkill -- VERY USEFUL FOR SHELLCODE WORK
2015-08-28: arut/linux-tcp-drop · GitHub
2015-08-28: Why tcpdrop is missing in Linux
2015-08-28: TCP connections stuck in LAST_ACK state -- tcpdrop

2015-08-27: How To Install VMware Player On Ubuntu 11.04/Linux Mint 11
2015-08-27: OverTheWire: Wargames and Linux Lessons
2015-08-27: How do I install the SNMP service on Windows systems? -- USEFUL FOR PROJECTS
2015-08-27: Some routers vulnerable to remote hacking due to hard-coded admin credentials
2015-08-27: How to get MAC or IP Addresses of devices connected to a switch using SNMP?
2015-08-27: Ashley Madison: Two women explain how hack changed their lives
2015-08-27: Concerns new Tor weakness is being exploited prompt dark market shutdown
2015-08-27: UK police triples use of ad-hijacking tech on alleged piracy websites UK
2015-08-27: Who Hacked Ashley Madison?
2015-08-27: Apple iOS Jailbreak Tweaks Have Backdoors; 220,000 iCloud Accounts Hacked
2015-08-27: WMATA accidentally gave City Paper unredacted docs
2015-08-27: Russian Lawyers want ban Windows 10 from govt offices
2015-08-27: Samsung smart fridge opens Gmail login to hack

2015-08-26: "No broadcast interfaces found - exiting" despite presence of eth0 -- known bug in dhclient from 2013, still in Kali 2.0
2015-08-26: Paypal stored XSS can steal all your Paypal funds! -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-08-26: Equation Group (NSA) Hides Malware in Hard Drive Controllers (from Feb.) -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-08-26: The Way GCHQ Obliterated The Guardian's Laptops May Have Revealed More Than It Intended
2015-08-26: Amazon Bans Flash Ads from Web Site
2015-08-26: 7 Charged With Promoting Prostitution by Working on, an Escort Website
2015-08-26: Who are the Ashley Madison users?
2015-08-26: Certifi-gate Found in the Wild on Google Play
2015-08-26: Certifi-gate: Hundreds of Millions of Android Devices Could Be Pwned (from Aug. 6)
2015-08-26: FTC Can Sue Firms for Failing to Protect User Data: Court
2015-08-26: Hack Leads to Extortions and Suicides! Ashley Madison puts $500,000 Bounty on Hackers' Head
2015-08-26: Popular Download Service uTorrent wants you to pay for its Software
2015-08-26: Microsoft Launches Cortana App For Android Users
2015-08-26: Sexy Girl Devises a 3D Printed High-Heeled Shoes with Hacking Tools Inside

2015-08-25: JOB OFFER: Security Operations Engineer - NCC Group Domain Services
2015-08-25: msfpayload/msfencode -- GOOD WORKING EXAMPLE
2015-08-25: all linux based payloads will segfault if they cannot create a connection to the handler
2015-08-25: Security Override - Discussion Forum: msfpayload
2015-08-25: CCSF Curricunet Course Outlines
2015-08-25: Denial of service attacks
2015-08-25: Metasploit Unleashed - Free Online Security Training

2015-08-22: c - Buffer overflow works in gdb but not without it
2015-08-22: Porn and video game addiction leading to 'masculinity crisis', says Stanford psychologist
2015-08-22: Adopting iOS 9 network extension points -- project killed by Utah police
2015-08-22: Amazon's $5 Dash Button Already Hacked To Do Other Stuff Beyond Giving Amazon Money

2015-08-21: Emails belonging to Ashley Madison's founder were just leaked in the latest data dump
2015-08-21: Zuckerberg just called out Donald Trump
2015-08-21: Security Risks and Benefits of Docker Application Containers -- CLEAR EXPLANATION
2015-08-21: Learn the Command Line | Codecademy -- USE IN CLASSES
2015-08-21: University of Rhode Island announces breach involving email, Facebook accounts
2015-08-21: Libel Laws and the Truth: What If the Statement is True?
2015-08-21: Yet another Android app security bug: This time 'everything is affected'
2015-08-21: Defcon23: Photos of my "Security Auditing Mobile Apps" workshop

2015-08-20: Running Kali Linux in a Docker container
2015-08-20: Official Kali Linux Docker Images
2015-08-20: Ashley Madison hack: A savage wake-up call which is only the beginning
2015-08-20: Splunk Cloud and AWS GovCloud (US): A Happy Union
2015-08-20: Disk Defrag Graphic from the 1990s
2015-08-20: Gartner Report: Cryptocurrencies are Still Over-Hyped
2015-08-20: Gartner's Hype Cycle -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-08-20: OpenOffice project 'all but dead upstream' argues prominent user
2015-08-20: Your Toner Is No Good Here: Region-Coding Ink Cartridges... For The Customers
2015-08-20: Vnc-roulette is probably illegal
2015-08-20: "vnc-roulette - crawls for 'rfb auth disabled', connects you to a open no-auth remote desktop vnc
2015-08-20: Inside Neutrino botnet builder
2015-08-20: Reprogramming Super Mario World from Inside The Game
2015-08-20: The Most Secure Way to Communicate? An iPod Touch

2015-08-19: LXC: a userspace interface for Linux kernel containment
2015-08-19: Linux Containers and the Future Cloud (from 2014)
2015-08-19: Setup Windows Containers in a local VM
2015-08-19: MSFvenom replaces msfpayload
2015-08-19: Pando: With its new food delivery service, is Uber biting off more than it can chew?
2015-08-19: Google loses data as lightning strikes
2015-08-19: Why Is Windows 10's "System" Process Using So Much RAM?
2015-08-19: The Ada Initiative is ending, but our work continues on
2015-08-19: A successful strategy to get college students thinking critically
2015-08-19: Every Question In Every Q&A Session Ever
2015-08-19: Ban boring mike-based Q&A sessions and use index cards instead
2015-08-19: How China has cyber-stumped the US and why Israel could be next
2015-08-19: New record temperature for a superconductor
2015-08-19: Target agrees to pay Visa card issuers up to $67 million for 2013 data breach
2015-08-19: UK health agency backs e-cigarettes as a means to kick tobacco habit
2015-08-19: Ashley Madison hack is not only real, it's worse than we thought
2015-08-19: How to Check if You Were Exposed in Ashley Madison Hack
2015-08-19: Yes, NTPsec is real and I am involved
2015-08-19: [bitcoin-dev] Bitcoin XTs Tor IP blacklist downloading system has significant privacy leaks.
2015-08-19: Bitcoin XT has code which downloads your IP address to facilitate blacklisting

2015-08-18: BitcoinXT will protect itself from Tor-based DDoS attacks
2015-08-18: c - How to disable possible stack smashing protection (EIP is not being overwritten, EBP is) -- Helpful for 127 -- don't use main()!
2015-08-18: Why is Bitcoin forking?
2015-08-18: Who is Detoxransome - the "Hacker" Behind the Blackmail Attempt on Bitdefender
2015-08-18: Experimental Firefox browser promises greater privacy than rivals
2015-08-18: Ashley Madison password hashes--bcrypt with 2^12 rounds and salt
2015-08-18: Storing User Passwords Securely: hashing, salting, and Bcrypt -- GOOD REFERENCE
2015-08-18: Ashley Madison's leaked database available for download
2015-08-18: Idaho replaces mile marker 420 with 419.9 to thwart stoners
2015-08-18: 7-Zip's KDF (512k SHA-256) is unsalted. Cracking multiple 7-Zip archives as one.
2015-08-18: Warrantless airport laptop search dooms Iran arms sales prosecution
2015-08-18: Android apps are flooding on to jailbroken Win10 phones
2015-08-18: Trend publishes analysis of yet another Android media handling bug
2015-08-18: NSA-resistant email service Lavaboom goes BOOM! (we think)
2015-08-18: Conference Wi-Fi biz fined $750k for jamming personal hotspots
2015-08-18: Microsoft replaces Windows 10 patch update, isn't saying why
2015-08-18: Boffins dump the fluids to build solid state lithium battery
2015-08-18: Another root hole in OS X. We know it, you know it, the bad people know it and no patch exists
2015-08-18: Antivirus industry damaged by the Kaspersky'case
2015-08-18: DEF CON 23: Tell me who you are and I will tell you your lock screen pattern -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-08-18: IRS Hack May Implicate 334,000 Taxpayers
2015-08-18: Ashley Madison member_details sample -
2015-08-18: Ashley Madison member_emails sample -
2015-08-18: Windows Memory Manager To Introduce Compression
2015-08-18: Developer reveals Mac security hole without telling Apple -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-08-18: Old Versions of Kali Linux
2015-08-18: Meraki signal checker -- SHOW TO CLASS

2015-08-18: Tech companies are not looking out for any of us. It's time to get real
2015-08-18: RPC Portmapper Abused for DDoS Attack Reflection, Amplification
2015-08-18: ‹Saving NTP: The protocol that keeps time across the internet
2015-08-18: Exploiting BitTorrent Vulnerabilities to Launch Distributed Reflective DoS Attacks
2015-08-18: DEF CON 23: Tell me who you are and I will tell you your lock screen pattern
2015-08-18: Python script to transparently forward TCP and DNS traffic through a socks or HTTP proxy

2015-08-17: Google's Atlas humanoid robot takes a walk in the woods
2015-08-17: Hidden-tear -- open source cryptolocker
2015-08-17: Fun Demo of Open Source Cryptolocker -- YouTube

2015-08-16: Kali Linux 2.0 Top 10 post install tips
2015-08-16: Eleven security flaws found in popular internet browsers

2015-08-15: NIST Secure Domain Name System (DNS) Deployment Guide
2015-08-15: Police Delete Video Of Beating, Threaten Witness With Arrest
2015-08-15: Samsung announces 16TB SSD
2015-08-15: c - How to turn off gcc compiler optimization to enable buffer overflow - Stack Overflow
2015-08-15: New buffer overflow protection in gcc 4.9 -fstack-protector-strong
2015-08-15: NSA Spying Relies on AT&T
2015-08-15: Another Salvo in the Second Crypto War (of Words) - Schneier
2015-08-15: Ransomware Attacks Threaten Wearable Devices and Internet of Things
2015-08-15: Facebook Fired An Intern After He Exposes How to Track Users' Location

2015-08-14: Researchers find popular car immobilizer can easily be hacked
2015-08-14: Even when told not to, Windows 10 just can't stop talking to Microsoft
2015-08-14: Auro Robotics Is Testing A Driverless Shuttle System On College Campuses
2015-08-14: Kaspersky Lab Statement on Reuters Article Posted August 14, 2015
2015-08-14: MissTravel Will Find A Sugar Daddy To, Uh, "Sponsor" Your Vacation
2015-08-14: Mozilla Makes Private Browsing More Private In Firefox
2015-08-14: Dallas Buyers Club downloaders case dealt blow by Australian court
2015-08-14: How to Start Armitage on Kali 2.0 -- THIS WORKS
2015-08-14: Armitage won't even install now in Kali 2.0
2015-08-14: Kali 2.0 Armitage "parse error" : hacking
2015-08-14: How to Run Armitage on Kali 2.0 -- NECESSARY FOR CNIT 123 PROJECT 2
2015-08-14: Bypassing Antivirus with Shellter 4.0 on Kali Linux -- GOOD PROJECT IDEA
2015-08-14: Canonical and Microsoft working together on containers
2015-08-14: Android Zero Day in Admin App Can Bypass Sandbox
2015-08-14: New Cyber Hacks for Mobile Apps Discovered--"Masque" Attacks
2015-08-14: Russian antivirus firm Kaspersky faked malware to harm rivals, according to former employees
2015-08-14: On Safenet HSM key-extraction vulnerability CVE-2015-5464 (part I)
2015-08-14: Facial Recognition Software Moves From Overseas Wars to Local Police
2015-08-14: Incomplete 'Stagefright' Security Patch Leaves Android Vulnerable to Text Hack

2015-08-12: Armitage not starting on Kali 2.0
2015-08-12: Kali 2,0 is out!
2015-08-12: SANS Cyber-Defense Challenge
2015-08-12: Crackdowns Haven't Stopped the Dark Web's $100M Yearly Drug Sales
2015-08-12: Lenovo's Service Engine marks yet another bloatware blunder for the company
2015-08-12: Hackers Cut a Corvette's Brakes Via a Common Car Gadget
2015-08-12: Win 10 SMB Exposes Password Hashes to the Internet
2015-08-12: FAIL: Windows 10 bulk patch produces INFINITE CRASH LOOP
2015-08-12: Thai Man Imprisoned For 30 Years For Insulting Monarchy on Facebook
2015-08-12: Intel left a fascinating security flaw in its chips for 16 years here's how to exploit it
2015-08-12: Hillary Clinton kept top-secret SIGINT emails on her home email server
2015-08-12: US Busts Hacking/Insider Trading Ring
2015-08-12: Sen. Elizabeth Warren Worried About Banks' New Encrypted Messaging Platform
2015-08-12: A New Company Called Alphabet Now Owns Google; Sundar Pichai Becomes New CEO
2015-08-12: Two New Android Bugs Mess up Messaging; May Lead to Multiple Send Charges

2015-08-11: ˜Top Secret' emails found as Clinton probe expands to key aides
2015-08-11: Microsoft patches Windows 10, Edge, 4 critical holes, 2 exploits in the wild
2015-08-11: Clinton Directs Team To Release Private Email Server She Used As Secretary Of State
2015-08-11: On Oracle, Mary Ann Davidson, and the dark side of security research
2015-08-11: Oracle Deletes CSO's Screed Against Hackers Who Report Bugs
2015-08-11: From a Million Miles: The Moon Crossing the Face of Earth -- SHOW TO CLASS
2015-08-11: Astronomers just confirmed the universe is dying
2015-08-11: Dynamic DNS Security and Potential Threats
2015-08-11: No, You Really Can't--Oracle's blog forbidding reverse engineering
2015-08-11: DFIRCON EAST Smartphone Forensics Challenge <-GOOD PROJECT
2015-08-11: Landing a Hands-On Security Gig

2015-08-09: University Can't Quash Lawsuit by Professor Fired for Tweeting Political Opinion
2015-08-09: University of Minnesota Lied in Public Communications About Militarization of Campus Police
2015-08-09: Hillary Clinton Emails Take Long Path to Controversy
2015-08-09: Donald Trump's fight with Fox News and Megyn Kelly, explained
2015-08-09: "OpenWRT vs. FCC Forced Firmware Lockdown?" Video and Presentation Slides
2015-08-09: Target tests beacons in 50 stores, plans nationwide expansion -- Minority Report
2015-08-09: Fermilab scientists watch neutrinos change over 500 miles
2015-08-09: Imperva demos cloudy man-in-the-middle attack
2015-08-09: The DANE Protocol DNS-Based Authentication of Named Entities -- Like SSL Pinning!
2015-08-09: Email addresses in DNS records? We'll make a hash of it, says IETF
2015-08-09: Oracle waves fist, claims even new Android devices infringe its Java copyrights
2015-08-09: Russia hacks Pentagon computers: NBC, citing sources
2015-08-09: Court rules warrant needed for phone location history
2015-08-09: A close shave: How to destroy your hard drives without burning down the data centre

2015-08-08: ‹Want an IT job? Then best get some Docker skills
2015-08-08: Microsoft open sources its iOS toolkit for building Windows 10 apps
2015-08-08: Regulators left in dark over Chrysler security flaw for 18 months
2015-08-08: ACCJC Again Denies CCSF Accreditation
2015-08-08: M/o/Vfuscator compiles programs into "mov" instructions, and only "mov" instructions
2015-08-08: ING bank has emulator detection and won't run in Genymotion
2015-08-08: Android To Get Monthly Security Updates, But Apple iOS 'Walled Garden' Likely Still Safer
2015-08-08: FBI: When It Comes To @ISIS Terror, Retweets = Endorsements
2015-08-08: Want to download free AV software? Don't have a Muslim name
2015-08-08: Windows 10 is FORCING ITSELF onto domain happy Windows 7 PCs
2015-08-08: Power Bar: EE was warned of safety risk BEFORE user was burned in explosion
2015-08-08: The final confessions of a Silk Road kingpin
2015-08-08: Risks Leading to Death in Perspective
2015-08-08: Hackers can virtually kill people, manipulate death records
2015-08-08: This Hacker's Tiny Device Unlocks Cars And Opens Garages

2015-08-07: Configuring 802.1X in Mac OS X Lion and Later
2015-08-07: DEF CON 23: WiFi Login Self-Registration
2015-08-07: How to Build a DNS Packet Sniffer with Scapy and Python
2015-08-07: Quick! Update Firefox to foil FILE-STEALING vulnerability exploit
2015-08-07: "PING SUSP PHONE"--An Oakland shooting reveals how cops snoop on cell phones
2015-08-07: 'Prohibition Era' Of Security Research May Be Ahead
2015-08-07: Microsoft wants you to pay $15 for DVD playback in Windows 10

2015-08-06: Here's what Google thinks of Android security, 2011-present
2015-08-06: Who will buy Twitter?
2015-08-06: Apple promises fix for major security flaw in OS X Yosemite
2015-08-06: MIT cracks Tor anonymity network and recognises hidden servers with traffic analysis
2015-08-06: Windows Server Update Services open to MITM attack because it uses HTTP by default
2015-08-06: CVE-2015-3823 Android bug phones in endless reboots
2015-08-06: Wikileaks says case of Canberra Defence leaker is 'cautionary tale' for whistleblowers

2015-08-05: Register for DEF CON WiFi
2015-08-05: Webkey (ROOT REQUIRED) - Replacement for ADB on Android phones
2015-08-05: Major web template flaw lets miscreants break out of sandboxes
2015-08-05: Free Docker Training
2015-08-05: DEFCON schedule in calendar form
2015-08-05: Insecurity Questions at Ashkey Madison
2015-08-05: Hackers Exploit 'Flash' Vulnerability in Yahoo Ads
2015-08-05: Microsoft Brings Bitcoin to Bing Rewards

2015-08-04: China's Cyberspying Is ˜on a Scale No One Imagined'if You Pretend NSA Doesn't Exist
2015-08-04: What happened when we got subpoenaed over our Tor exit node
2015-08-04: React: How Newspapers Thrive or Flop Online in 6 Charts
2015-08-04: Donald Trump is Wrong About Waterboarding and He Isn't Alone
2015-08-04: Badstore: 1.2.3 ~ USEFUL FOR PROJECTS
2015-08-04: John McAfee arrested on DUI, gun charges in Henderson Count
2015-08-04: Google XSS game -- USE IN CLASSES
2015-08-04: Alexis Park's DEFCON rules from 2001
2015-08-04: My Life Unmasking British Eavesdroppers
2015-08-04: DYLD_PRINT_TO_FILE exploit found in the wild
2015-08-04: OS X 10.10 DYLD_PRINT_TO_FILE Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability
2015-08-04: Acer's "Cloudbooks" are Windows 10 laptops starting at $170
2015-08-04: FBI Struggles to Fill Information Security Jobs, Finds DOJ Audit
2015-08-04: 12 obscure new Windows 10 features that eliminate everyday hassles
2015-08-04: Senate To Tackle Cybersecurity Bill Before Summer Break
2015-08-04: Rig Exploit Kit 3.0 Claims 1 Million Malvertising Victims
2015-08-04: Chinese VPN Used by APT Actors Relies on Hacked Servers
2015-08-04: Physicists announce graphene's latest cousin: stanene
2015-08-04: Hey guys we run five InfoSec consulting companies - Ask Us Anything (from 2014)

2015-08-03: Next-gen secure email uses TLS and DNSSEC
2015-08-03: New US cyber laws will hit privacy and security, says Homeland Security
2015-08-03: New South Wales to create Ministry of Truth
2015-08-03: Hacktivists congratulate Daily Show's Jon Stewart via Donald Trump's website
2015-08-03: W3C's bright idea turned your battery into a SNITCH for websites
2015-08-03: Special Report: State Department watered down human trafficking report
2015-08-03: Counterterrorism expert says it's time to give companies offensive cybercapabilities
2015-08-03: Meet the 17-year-old who breaks cybersecurity news
2015-08-03: Researchers Create First Firmware Worm That Attacks Macs
2015-08-03: The 1970s and the Birth of Contemporary Terrorism
2015-08-03: Xiaomi overtakes Apple as number one smartphone vendor in China
2015-08-03: Stolen Consumer Data Is a Smaller Problem Than It Seems
2015-08-03: Interpol is training police to fight crime on the Darknet
2015-08-03: Soylent 2.0 is bottled, ready to drink, and made from algae
2015-08-03: India blocks more than 800 porn sites
2015-08-03: The Mt.Gox Arrest Is The End Of The First Age Of Bitcoin

2015-08-02: Inside the sad, expensive failure of Google Plus
2015-08-02: You May Soon Get Bitcoin-Bought Cannabis Delivered by Drone
2015-08-02: Trojanised TrueCrypt serves up malware to Russian-speaking targets
2015-08-02: Huckabee Floats Plan To Deploy U.S. Troops To Stop Women From Getting Abortions
2015-08-02: CA county offers $75,000 reward to catch drone pilots who botched firefighting
2015-08-02: No, Microsoft: Your one-billion Windows 10 goal is just sad ... really sad
2015-08-02: Windows 10 collects colossal 0.375 per cent market share in July
2015-08-02: Mt Gox's Mark Karpeles arrested in Japan
2015-08-02: Password Hashing With Salt and Pepper
2015-08-02: Faster booting, smaller footprint make Windows 10 an easy upgrade for old PCs
2015-08-02: Incredible Video of Stunt Rider ˜Surfing' Waves on a Dirt Bike
2015-08-02: The Upgrade From Hell

2015-08-01: Windows 10 Update Delivery Optimisation--Like BitTorrent
2015-08-01: This hospital drug pump can be hacked over a network and the US FDA is freaking out
2015-08-01: AntiVirus Firm BitDefender Hacked; Turns Out Stored Passwords Are UnEncrypted
2015-08-01: At Last: An Ebola Vaccine That Might Actually Work
2015-07-01: 2015-08-01: That 'Useless' Liberal Arts Degree Has Become Tech's Hottest Ticket
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