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2016-08-28: Simon St�lenhag Shows and Discusses his Fantastic New Sci-fi Paintings
2016-08-28: Best VPN services for 2016

2016-08-26: Excel hell messes up ~20 per cent of genetic science papers
2016-08-26: Facebook, Twitter and Google are to blame for terrorism, say MPs
2016-08-26: Pizza delivery by drone 'trialled' in New Zealand
2016-08-26: Kindle Paperwhites turn Windows 10 PCs into paperweights: Plugging one in 'triggers a BSOD'
2016-08-26: Windows Update borks PowerShell -- Microsoft won't fix it for a week
2016-08-26: UK IT consultant subject to insane sex ban order mounts legal challenge
2016-08-26: MIT brainiacs triple the speed, double the range of Wi-Fi
2016-08-26: IoT manufacturer caught fixing security holes
2016-08-26: Muddying the waters of infosec: Cyber upstart, investors short medical biz -- then reveal bugs -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-08-26: Notting Hill Carnival spycams: Met Police rolls out real-time live face-spotting tech
2016-08-26: NHS slaps private firm Health IQ for moving Brits' data offshore
2016-08-26: If you haven't changed your Dropbox password for 4 years, do so now
2016-08-26: Uber lost $700,000 a DAY in the first half of this year
2016-08-26: GitHub - Yelp/osxcollector: A forensic evidence collection & analysis toolkit for OS X
2016-08-26: WebSnort Docker Container --
2016-08-26: Technical analysis of NSO's iOS malware -- SHOW TO CLASS

2016-08-25: RTL-SDR Tutorial: Analyzing GSM with Airprobe/GR-GSM and Wireshark -
2016-08-25: ATMs in Thailand Hacked; 12 Million Baht Stolen; 10,000 ATMs Prone to Hackers
2016-08-25: Three "lawful intercept" hacking toolkits known to have been used to target Mansoor since 2011
2016-08-25: Autonomous Taxis Debut in Singapore
2016-08-25: Startup Manipulated iPhone to Allow Government Spying, Report Says - WSJ
2016-08-25: Don't ask us for trigger warnings or safe spaces, the University of Chicago tells freshmen
2016-08-25: If you aren't Hilary Clinton, a private email server is a good idea.
2016-08-25: CrowdStrike Integrates Scanning Engine, Rejoins VirusTotal
2016-08-25: Can Software Make You Less Racist?
2016-08-25: Following Bitcoin ransoms reveals billion dollar cyber-crime -- false headline -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-08-25: WhatsApp's Privacy Cred Just Took a Big Hit
2016-08-25: Companies made deals that could run afoul of U.S. whistleblower rules
2016-08-25: Windows 10 computers crash when Amazon Kindles are plugged in
2016-08-25: FBI seeks Audi-Driving Bank Robber in Burlingame
2016-08-25: Dissecting a TransLink Compass ticket -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-08-25: The Sun's Closest Neighbor Has Its Own Earth-Sized World
2016-08-25: There's Now a Mr. Robot-Inspired 'fsociety' Ransomware in The Wild
2016-08-25: Turkish Journalist Jailed for Terrorism Was Framed, Forensics Report Shows
2016-08-25: @RepTedLieu to FCC : SS7 flaw + leaked congress cell phones = national security problem
2016-08-25: Bake your own EXTRABACON
2016-08-25: IPv4 vs IPv6 Performance Comparison
2016-08-25: Training briefing listing Clinton, Petraeus as 'insider threats' is pulled
2016-08-25: LOG-MD v1.0 Log Malicious Discovery tool
2016-08-25: New Abedin Emails Reveal Hillary Clinton State Department Gave Special Access to Top Clinton Foundation Donors
2016-08-25: DEF CON CFP: Thinking Back and Moving Forward

2016-08-24: Phantom Cyber Network Monitoring
2016-08-24: raspbian - Raspberry Pi sleep mode, how to avoid - Raspberry Pi Stack Exchange
2016-08-24: City College of San Francisco Marketing Project Materials Fall 2016
2016-08-24: How Facebook censors your posts (FAQ)
2016-08-24: Equation Group's EXTRABACON will commandeer new versions of ASA
2016-08-24: NSA BENIGNCERTAIN tool can obtain VPN Passwords from CISCO PIX
2016-08-24: French submarine builder DCNS suffers data breach
2016-08-24: Singapore to shut off internet access for government agencies
2016-08-24: Obscure Ethernet for $200 please, Alex: The Ethernet PAUSE frame
2016-08-24: pwntools: CTF framework and exploit development library
2016-08-24: NSA uses RedSeal
2016-08-24: Shadow Brokers Attempted Release at Defcon 24 -
2016-08-24: THE DARK ARMY’s zine
2016-08-24: Find the source of your leaks
2016-08-24: Cheaply blocking APT & #malware like a boss: just spawn fake process that they fear.
2016-08-24: Ashley Madison agrees to security overhaul after damning privacy report
2016-08-24: New attack can pluck secrets from 1% of HTTPS traffic, affects top sites
2016-08-24: Appsec California 2016 - Radio Hacking: Cars, Hardware, And More! - Samy Kamkar

2016-08-23: CloudFlare's Desperate New Strategy to Protect Pirate Sites
2016-08-23: CloudFlare Protects Internet Users By Insisting On Lawful Orders Before Blocking Customers
2016-08-23: Cloudflare Faces Lawsuit For Assisting Pirate Sites
2016-08-23: Ashley Madison investigation finds security measures lacking; fictitious security trustmark was 'deceptive'
2016-08-23: How to Configure a VNC Server to Use an SSH Tunnel on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
2016-08-23: How to Install and Configure VNC on Ubuntu 14.04 | DigitalOcean
2016-08-23: FBI Authorized Informants To Break The Law 22,800 Times In 4 Years
2016-08-23: Dissent And Distrust In Tor Community Following Jacob Appelbaum's Ouster
2016-08-23: New York Times's Moscow Bureau Was Targeted by Hackers
2016-08-23: Private lives are exposed as WikiLeaks spills its secrets
2016-08-23: Four in five Android devices inherit Linux snooping flaw
2016-08-23: Five-storey Blue Screen Of Death spotted in Thailand
2016-08-23: Blake Sibbitt - Biggest blue screen of death I've ever seen | Facebook
2016-08-23: Five-Story BSOD
2016-08-23: EU ministers look to tighten up privacy -- JUST KIDDING -- surveillance laws
2016-08-23: Software-defined networking is dangerously sniffable
2016-08-23: Google to block web views from using its OAuth
2016-08-23: An end to rude emails?
2016-08-23: Microsoft's maps lost a city because it used bad Wikipedia data
2016-08-23: US Nuclear Research Lab Developing Bitcoin Analysis Tool
2016-08-23: TorStrike: A Proposal to Shut Down Tor's Network for 24 Hours
2016-08-23: Wells Fargo to pay $4 million for illegal student loan practices
2016-08-23: How to extract files from a split 7zip archive? - Ask Ubuntu
2016-08-23: How to install Megatools in Ubuntu 14.04?
2016-08-23: BT Confirms IPv6 Will Be Enabled on Their Network as Early as Fall
2016-08-23: %u200BMcDonald's Happy Meal Step-It fitness trackers officially recalled
2016-08-23: Microsoft bloatware is coming to Motorola phones
2016-08-23: Omegle, the Popular 'Chat with Strangers' Service Leaks Your Dirty Chats and Personal Info
2016-08-23: Someone is Spying on Researchers Behind VeraCrypt Security Audit
2016-08-23: Price changes in last 20 years -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-08-23: Raspberry Pi and Docker: Tiny $35 computer gets major new release of HypriotOS
2016-08-23: Pok�mon Go loses its luster, sheds more than 10 million users
2016-08-23: How To Limit CPU Usage On Ubuntu 12.10 | DigitalOcean
2016-08-23: How To Install VirtualBox on Ubuntu 12.10 x64 | DigitalOcean

2016-08-22: Epic's forums hacked again, with thousands of logins stolen
2016-08-22: Open source PowerShell on Windows, Linux, and OS X!
2016-08-22: Powershell on (Xterm on Windows) -> (Xming in Bash on Windows) -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-08-22: Attacker's Playbook Top 5 Is High On Passwords, Low On Malware

2016-08-21: Ads are bad, and also terrible
2016-08-21: 40 percent of Trump's Followers are Fake -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-08-21: Linux Foundation Expands Security Training Efforts
2016-08-21: Breaking https' AES-GCM (or a part of it)
2016-08-21: I'm going to tweet about interesting things I've found in the new NSA/Equation Group dump in this thread.
2016-08-21: Ask Slashdot: How Will You Handle Microsoft's New 'Cumulative' Windows Updates?
2016-08-21: Donald Trump's Lack of Respect for Science Is Alarming
2016-08-21: The Best Wireless Routers of 2016
2016-08-21: IPv6 Now Dominant Protocol for Traffic Among Major US Mobile Providers
2016-08-21: Bitcoins move from the seized SilkRoad wallet to the ShadowBrokers
2016-08-21: TCP Puzzlers
2016-08-21: July 2016 was the hottest July on record.
2016-08-21: What Reality are Trump People Living In?
2016-08-21: Tesla Model S battery bursts into flames, car "totally destroyed" in 5 minutes UK
2016-08-21: Hackers can now use social media photos to bypass face detection security

2016-08-20: Malware Infected All Eddie Bauer Stores in U.S., Canada
2016-08-20: Most VPN Services are Terrible � GitHub
2016-08-20: Zika virus could have Alzheimer's-like effect in adults
2016-08-20: Windows 10 Anniversary Update Broke Millions of Webcams, Here's How to Fix It
2016-08-20: ARM Exploitation: Return Oriented Programming on ARM (on Linux)
2016-08-20: CIA Whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling Close To Death In Federal Prison
2016-08-20: Cisco, Fortinet issue fixes against Equation Group exploits
2016-08-20: Tesla's Cars Have Driven 140M Miles on Autopilot. Here's How
2016-08-20: Equation Group Firewall Operations Catalogue
2016-08-20: osx - Is there a quick and easy way to dump the contents of a MacOS X keychain?
2016-08-20: The NSA Leak Is Real, Snowden Documents Confirm
2016-08-20: Computer Science Professor Mocks The NSA's Buggy Code
2016-08-20: Shadow Brokers hack: It's likely that Russia is behind the NSA hack that allegedly put the agency's cyberweapons on sale for bitcoins
2016-08-20: Blockchain, sidechains and the Lighting Network: Despite the Bitfinex hack, bitcoin's future remains bright
2016-08-20: %u200B72 Hours of Pwnage: A Paranoid N00b Goes to Def Con

2016-08-19: Windows smartphone sales collapse
2016-08-19: A Quick Breakdown of the Equation Group Hack -- HOW TO DECRYPT THE FILES
2016-08-19: How the NSA got hacked
2016-08-19: Cisco confirms NSA-linked zeroday targeted its firewalls for years
2016-08-19: MEGA - Download EQGRP files
2016-08-19: EquationGroup Tool Leak -- ExtraBacon Demo -- SHOW TO CLASS

2016-08-18: Justice Department Plans to Stop Using Private Prisons
2016-08-18: Can the 2016 election be rigged? You bet
2016-08-18: Stanford University Confirms Democratic Election Fraud (from June)
2016-08-18: DEA decision against reclassifying marijuana ignores public opinion
2016-08-18: PowerShell on Ubuntu
2016-08-18: Microsoft open-sources PowerShell for Linux, Macs
2016-08-18: ICANN and the DNS: In 44 days the US will no longer control the internet's naming system
2016-08-18: Apple and Samsung dominate smartphone market
2016-08-18: iOS 10 features: Awesome tips and tricks you didn't know existed
2016-08-18: T-Mobile kills data plans and goes all in on unlimited data
2016-08-18: Microsoft PowerShell goes open source, lands on Linux and Mac
2016-08-18: GitHub - PowerShell/PowerShell: PowerShell for every system
2016-08-18: Uber's First Self-Driving Fleet Arrives in Pittsburgh This Month
2016-08-18: Bitcoin 'targeted by state sponsored attackers' says
2016-08-18: Overstock's New Blockchain President to Accelerate 'Fight Against Wall Street'

2016-08-17: Why Ethereum Classic Must Die
2016-08-17: Kaspersky uncovers malware riding on the back of Google AdSense
2016-08-17: Security researcher turns the tables on cyber-scammers
2016-08-17: Roomba creator responds to reports of 'poopocalypse': 'We see this a lot'
2016-08-17: Thousands of Guests' Data May Have Been Hacked at Starwood, Marriott, Hyatt Hotels
2016-08-17: The Looming Extinction of Humankind, Explained
2016-08-17: Cisco said to be mulling huge layoffs, with 14,000 jobs under threat
2016-08-17: The Kobo Aura One is a big, thin, water-resistant e-reader
2016-08-17: UC Berkeley chancellor to resign following widespread criticism by faculty
2016-08-17: All Black Hat Videos - YouTube
2016-08-17: With Windows 10, Microsoft Blatantly Disregards User Choice and Privacy: A Deep Dive
2016-08-17: Build your own Host Intrusion Detection System with WMI and Powershell
2016-08-17: Markov models : detecting malware through language recognition
2016-08-17: Confirmed: hacking tool leak came from "omnipotent" NSA-tied group

2016-08-16: Evil 32: Check Your GPG Fingerprints
2016-08-16: Ford Plans a Fleet of Fully Autonomous Cars Operating in a Ride-Hail Service By 2021
2016-08-16: China launches quantum-enabled satellite Micius
2016-08-16: Everything you need to know about the NSA hack (but were afraid to Google)
2016-08-16: Uber and Lyft want to replace public buses
2016-08-16: Google Cloud SQL provides easier MySQL for all
2016-08-16: %u200BWhy Github Removed Links to Alleged NSA Data
2016-08-16: Supposed NSA files for download/auction

2016-08-15: CNIT 129S: Securing Web Applications Ch 1-2 - YouTube
2016-08-15: Trying to recover QuickTime recording! -- This worked for me!
2016-08-15: Silk Road henchman "Libertas" can be extradited to US, says court
2016-08-15: Widespread AT&T outage takes down Tesla Nav and app connectivity for US customers
2016-08-15: What World War III might look like
2016-08-15: Lots Of Newspapers Discovering That Paywalls Don't Work
2016-08-15: Kashmir Hill speaks at CCSF on Sept 12

2016-08-14: Mesmerizing Photos Capture the Flight Patterns of Birds
2016-08-14: Bitcoin Exchange Offers $3.5 Million Bounty for Cyber Heist Information
2016-08-14: Under Fire, US Social Security Site Changes Security Policy Again
2016-08-14: D-Link routers contain buffer overflow vulnerability
2016-08-14: Bitcoin's technology has a surprising fan: IBM
2016-08-14: Orbital angular momentum states may vastly increase fiber's bandwidth
2016-08-14: DNC creates Cybersecurity board made up of well meaning people with no cybersecurity expertise. Your move Russia...
2016-08-14: Wordpress blocks latest Guccifer 2.0 docs

2016-08-13: California burglars caught passed out in their car at crime scene
2016-08-13: Internet-facilitated drugs trade: An analysis of the size, scope and the role of the Netherlands
2016-08-13: Introduction to Cybercompetitions and the CCDC by Tim Krugh - YouTube
2016-08-13: Pakistan Approves Controversial Cybercrime Law
2016-08-13: Visa Alert and Update on the Oracle Breach
2016-08-13: Visa Alert and Update on the Oracle Breach
2016-08-13: Nancy Pelosi warns Democrats to change phone numbers after 'Russian' hack
2016-08-13: Hacker Reveals Personal Information for Almost 200 Democrats
2016-08-13: Nagios Log Server 1.4.1 XSS / Authentication Bypass
2016-08-13: Your Pyrex Measuring Cup Shatters Faster than the Speed of Sound
2016-08-13: Olympics: Hackers attack Russian whistleblower's doping account
2016-08-13: Can you find the error in this code?
2016-08-13: Jacob Appelbaum: What Has This Man Done?
2016-08-13: Webcam Nightmare: Mom Finds Daughters' Room Featured on Live App
2016-08-13: Rootjunky bypasses factory reset protection on Samsung phones... again

2016-08-12: Dude, where's my car: wireless hack can unlock millions of cars
2016-08-12: Cybercriminals are trying to manipulate US election: Experts
2016-08-12: Could Worms In Your Gut Cure Your Allergies?
2016-08-12: Attention, College Students: Chromebooks Are About to Get Awesome
2016-08-12: Report: Russian Government to Abandon Penalties for Bitcoin Use

2016-08-11: Enigma 2017 Call for Participation -- Deadline 8-22
2016-08-11: Syria goes to extremes to foil cheaters
2016-08-11: DDoSCoin: Cryptocurrency with a Malicious Proof-of-Work -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-08-11: Why uncloaking ads on Facebook does not increase malware risk
2016-08-11: France says fight against messaging encryption needs worldwide initiative
2016-08-11: Things Are Looking Up for Women at DEFCON, But Problems Still Linger
2016-08-11: How the EFF was pushed to rethink its Secure Messaging Scorecard
2016-08-11: U.S. authorities tipped off Canada to security threat: sources
2016-08-11: "A Honeypot For Assholes": Inside Twitter's 10-Year Failure To Stop Harassment
2016-08-11: Keyless systems of older VW Group cars can be hacked: researchers
2016-08-11: Mimikatz 2.0 Slides from 2014

2016-08-10: Keith Chen Is Uber's Head Of Economics And Decides When Uber Surges Price
2016-08-10: Online Drug Sales Triple After Silk Road Closure, Says Report
2016-08-10: Science vs. Humanities degree
2016-08-10: Trump only writes the angry tweets, the nice ones are written by a staffer with an Iphone
2016-08-10: With tuition heading up, state will audit UC president's office
2016-08-10: It's About to Get a Lot Easier for Apps to Talk to Each Other
2016-08-10: Australia Census to Go Back Online 2 Days After Cyberattack
2016-08-10: Bitfinex Announces It Will Resume Trading Today
2016-08-10: Call Blockchain Developers What They Are: Fiduciaries
2016-08-10: California lawmakers move toward limiting police seizures of property without a criminal conviction
2016-08-10: Banks and tech firms apply blockchain to trade finance
2016-08-10: U.S. Secret Service talks to Trump camp about gun rights remark: CNN
2016-08-10: Venezuela's death spiral is getting worse
2016-08-10: These businesses are booming thanks to Russian hackers
2016-08-10: Researchers find that Android apps can secretly track users' whereabouts
2016-08-10: ACT shakes up security unit, plans audit after cheating reports
2016-08-10: BleepingComputer Sues Enigma Software for alleged long-running Smear Campaign
2016-08-10: IRS At A Standstill with Bitcoin; Users and Tax Professionals Remain in the Dark
2016-08-10: Baltimore police face changes after blistering report
2016-08-10: Uber starts scheduled rides, cabbies still furious
2016-08-10: Third of ICS flaws were unpatched when disclosed - report
2016-08-10: Banner Health data breach impacts 3.7 million
2016-08-10: Newkirk medical records breach impacts 3.3M, Blue Cross Blue Shield customers affected
2016-08-10: Google launches API to eliminate passwords on Android devices
2016-08-10: Faceless recognition can identify you, even when your face is hidden
2016-08-10: America will finally gather statistics on which and how many people are killed by law enforcement
2016-08-10: Free Kaspersky Anti-Ransomware Tool for Business -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-08-10: Microsoft Secure Boot key debacle causes security panic
2016-08-10: The state of cyber security: we're all screwed --Sloppy reporting, don't trust it
2016-08-10: Download the Malwarebytes Survey Report:on Ransomware
2016-08-10: The Reality Of Ransomware: An In-depth Study | Malwarebytes Labs
2016-08-10: How Does SecurityScorecard Determine Scores? Simple -- they make them up
2016-08-10: 75% of the top 20 US banks are infected with malware, says SecurityScorecard
2016-08-10: Science Keeps Not Debunking The Alien Dyson Sphere Idea
2016-08-10: Samsung is all talk, no fix after researcher finds Pay flaw
2016-08-10: Get Ready for the Perseids Meteor Shower: 'It Will Rival the Stars in the Sky.'
2016-08-10: Why Hackers Are Getting 'All Political' This Election Year

2016-08-09: Google Chrome will block Flash content starting next month
2016-08-09: Dota 2 forum breach leaks 2 million user accounts
2016-08-09: The DAO Hacker is Getting Away
2016-08-09: Why It's So Hard to Make a Campaign Donation With Bitcoin (2015)
2016-08-09: WikiLeaks is fueling a conspiracy theory about the DNC hack
2016-08-09: Lawsplainer: No, Donald Trump's "Second Amendment" Comment Isn't Criminal
2016-08-09: UC Davis chancellor resigns following probe on ethical violations
2016-08-09: Australian Online Census Shut Down by Cyberattacks
2016-08-09: TCP Sequence Number Revealed by Challenge ACK Limit Side Channel
2016-08-09: Donald Trump: Stop Hillary Clinton With 'Second Amendment'
2016-08-09: CFT/AFT Files New Complaint Against ACCJC
2016-08-09: GitHub - cliffe/SecGen: Create randomly insecure VMs
2016-08-09: Around 16 Zero-Days Added to Dark Web Marketplaces Each Month
2016-08-09: Dutch Teen Collects One Million United Airlines Miles For Finding Security Flaws
2016-08-09: When Congress Was Armed And Dangerous
2016-08-09: Donald Trump Suggests Shooting Hillary Clinton, Her Supreme Court Picks, Or Both
2016-08-09: Sarah Palin's Hit List from 2011: "Second Amendment solutions"
2016-08-09: Joomla 1.5 ( 3.4.5 - Object Injection RCE X-Forwarded-For Header (CVE-2015-8562) -- USE FOR PROJECT
2016-08-09: CMS Vulnerabilities -- Security is Improving in Recent Years
2016-08-09: Top 10 content management systems
2016-08-09: Wordpress : Products and vulnerabilities -- 53 RCE Vulns
2016-08-09: Joomla : Products and vulnerabilities -- 178 RCE vulns!
2016-08-09: New Realstatistics Attack Vector Compromising Joomla Sites
2016-08-09: Seagate flashes 60TB (yes, sixty) SSD monster
2016-08-09: @pvineetha on women in infosec
2016-08-09: Keeping up with Moore's law: Liquid light switch bridges the gap between light and electricity
2016-08-09: The $65 million Bitfinex hack shows that it is impossible to tell a good bitcoin company from a bad one
2016-08-09: Hacking company performs security breech at local hospital

2016-08-08: Linux Users Reporting Windows 10 Anniversary Update Hoses Their Dual Boot Partitions
2016-08-08: The DEFCON CTF VM
2016-08-08: Codemoji -- A fun tool to learn about ciphers
2016-08-08: Bitfinex exchange takes 36 percent of all users' Bitcoins after $63 million hack
2016-08-08: Microsoft's giving you just 10 days now, not 31, to change your mind about Windows 10
2016-08-08: Microsoft Office 2016 VL ProPlus English (x86-x64) June 2016 (download torrent) - TPB
2016-08-08: Download KMSPico 10.0.9 Final By [TeamDaz]
2016-08-08: KMSpico 10.2.0 Activator Final 2016 Latest Full Version
2016-08-08: GOP Senator says it's been "scientifically proven" Earth isn't warming

2016-08-07: Be Afraid! 8 New Hacks From the Black Hat Conference That Should Scare You.
2016-08-07: 'Nigerian scammer' busted after he infected himself with malware
2016-08-07: GIF demonstrating the Ethereum fork -- ADD TO TALKS
2016-08-07: Donald and Hobbes is scarily accurate
2016-08-07: Donald Trump is wrong. Rigging an election is almost impossible.
2016-08-07: The Top 50 Must-Attend Information Security Conferences
2016-08-07: Symantec appoints first cybersecurity czar to woo hacking talent
2016-08-07: Latest Androids have god mode hack hole, thanks to Qualcomm
2016-08-07: FireEye to fire ~400
2016-08-07: NTP bug gives IOS a wedgie
2016-08-07: Amazon launches its own plane line. Sort of
2016-08-07: US Politicians tell DEF CON it'll take Congress ages to sort out how to regulate crypto
2016-08-07: IT analyst: Oz census data processed as plain text
2016-08-07: Your 'intimate personal massager' - cough - is spying on you
2016-08-07: Windows 10 Anniversary Update is borking boxen everywhere
2016-08-07: The story of a woman's stalking and harassment online for 2 years
2016-08-07: Video surveillance recorders RIDDLED with 0-days
2016-08-07: How Russia Dominates Your Twitter Feed to Promote Lies (And, Trump, Too)
2016-08-07: Should athletes be allowed to hack their bodies to get an edge?
2016-08-07: One Billion Monitors Vulnerable to Hijacking and Spying
2016-08-07: How Australia plans to anonymize census data
2016-08-07: Don't baby these kid hackers
2016-08-07: Finnish Defence Forces accuses researchers of leaking psychological test results
2016-08-07: What the Bitfinex Hack Means for Bitcoin Multi-Sig Security
2016-08-07: How Peercoin Got A Boost From Bitcoin's Halving
2016-08-07: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's Cybersecurity Platforms, Compared
2016-08-07: America on Yellow Alert

2016-08-06: SQLmap POST request injection
2016-08-06: Good news--the robocalling scourge may not be unstoppable after all
2016-08-06: Machine learning researchers team up with Chinese botanists on flower-recognition project
2016-08-06: Iran is First Country to Ban Pokemon Go
2016-08-06: FireEye Stock Plunges As Big Hacks Drop, Earnings Miss, Layoffs Coming
2016-08-06: The Physics Behind a Madman's Parachute-Free Skydive Into a Giant Net
2016-08-06: This Guy Let Me Control His Hacked Wheelchair With An Xbox Gamepad
2016-08-06: This Man Will Get the World's First Human Head Transplant Procedure
2016-08-06: Watson correctly diagnoses woman after doctors were stumped
2016-08-06: Department of Justice Official Tells Hundred Federal Judges to Use Tor
2016-08-06: Mobify report reveals impact of mobile website speed
2016-08-06: Bitcoin Mining Profit Calculator
2016-08-06: Bernie Sanders: I support Hillary Clinton. So should everyone who voted for me
2016-08-06: Samsung Pay Vulnerability allows Hackers to make Fraudulent Transactions
2016-08-06: Bitfinex Interim Update: - Bitfinex blog
2016-08-06: How and why to short Uber
2016-08-06: Ethereum Races Ahead with Raiden's Implementation of the Lightning Network
2016-08-06: Bitfinex's Founder Seemingly Tried to Start a Ponzi Scheme
2016-08-06: Colbitex Forced to Stop Bitcoin Trading in Colombia
2016-08-06: BitGo Claims Its Software Not at Fault during Bitfinex Hack
2016-08-06: Why are There Now Two Ethereums?
2016-08-06: Ethereum Experts Debate Merits of Two Ethereum Chains
2016-08-06: BBC will use surveillance powers to sniff Britons' wifi and find license-cheats
2016-08-06: Tighter Restrictions Are Losing In The Battle Over Voter ID Laws
2016-08-06: Britain's overseas hacking powers are being challenged in a European court, and Brexit won't make a difference

2016-08-05: Surveillance video showing a case of high-tech grand theft auto
2016-08-05: CSS mix-blend-mode is bad for your browsing history
2016-08-05: Criminals using Bluetooth to steal credit card info at gas stations, police warn
2016-08-05: Fake QR code app gets this hacker into airport lounges free
2016-08-05: A Famed Hacker Is Grading Thousands of Programs -- and May Revolutionize Software in the Process
2016-08-05: It's time for a discussion about malvertising
2016-08-05: Classic Shell, Audacity downloads infected with retro MBR nuke nasty
2016-08-05: Email proves UK boffins axed from EU research in Brexit aftermath
2016-08-05: AdBlock Plus blocked in China: 159m forbidden from stripping adverts
2016-08-05: 'ICANN's general counsel should lose his job over this'
2016-08-05: Londoner jailed after refusing to unlock his mobile phones
2016-08-05: Simply not credible: The extraordinary verdict against ICANN, the body that hopes to run the internet
2016-08-05: Three times as bad as malware: Google shines light on pay-per-install
2016-08-05: Marin electronic medical record system hacked, ransom paid
2016-08-05: Do you have any idea what this cryptic Edward Snowden tweet means? We don't.
2016-08-05: Bitcoin Plunges After Hacking of Bitfinex Exchange in Hong Kong
2016-08-05: Bitfinex says expects 'socialized loss' for $72 million bitcoin hack
2016-08-05: The recession that Brexit built
2016-08-05: Small & inexpensive Lidar on its way- the next ubiquitous sensor
2016-08-05: 58% of orgs have no controls in place to prevent insider threats
2016-08-05: NIH might start funding human-animal chimera studies
2016-08-05: Kernel ASLR leakage from timing side channels
2016-08-05: Apple's New Squirt Gun Emoji Hides a Big Political Statement
2016-08-05: GitHub - AGWA/git-crypt: Transparent file encryption in git
2016-08-05: Apple, Intel, Google Employee Accounts Exposed in Data Breach of Developer Forum
2016-08-05: Italian malware is spying on Chinese Android users: But why?
2016-08-05: Megaupload's Kim Dotcom says he can resolve bitcoin's 'civil war'
2016-08-05: Lack of Encryption Leads to Large Scale Cookie Exposure
2016-08-05: Encryption in mobile devices affects legal status
2016-08-05: End Policing for Profit: Abolish Civil Asset Forfeiture
2016-08-05: UK Card Fraud Sees Double-Digit Spike
2016-08-05: Mastercard Delivers Updated EMV Stats
2016-08-05: Telegram Hacked? Turn ON Important Security Settings to Secure your Private Chats
2016-08-05: Two Muslim women who work for US government escorted off plane as they made staff 'uncomfortable'
2016-08-05: Why Florida's Bitcoin Ruling Could Lead to Legislative Action
2016-08-05: Talkshow has become a new troll-free way to run Q&As, host liveblogs, and talk to readers
2016-08-05: British woman held after being seen reading book about Syria on plane
2016-08-05: Australia suspends World Vision aid over Hamas funding accusations

2016-08-04: Does dropping malicious USB sticks really work? Yes, worryingly well...
2016-08-04: Why Florida's Bitcoin Ruling Could Lead to Legislative Action
2016-08-04: Clinton Camp Courts Hackers in Vegas
2016-08-04: Google education guru: Classroom laptop bans make no sense
2016-08-04: Hackers unleash smart Twitter phishing tool that snags two in three users
2016-08-04: Xen exploitation part 3: XSA-182, Qubes escape
2016-08-04: XSA-182 - Xen Security Advisories - x86: Privilege escalation in PV guests
2016-08-04: Hackers grapple with a once-unthinkable idea: Political action
2016-08-04: DNC Breach Rallies Hackers To Clinton's Side in Vegas
2016-08-04: A Plugin's Expired Domain Poses a Security Threat to Websites
2016-08-04: How One Journalist Uses Social Media to Get Inside the Minds of ISIS
2016-08-04: Geeks win millions for teaching computers to battle each other
2016-08-04: DefCon 24, hackers | Homeland Security News Wire <--This was years ago
2016-08-04: Apple Launches Bug Bounty with Maximum $200,000 Reward
2016-08-04: Protect your staff from Toronto's terrible Twitter trolls, bosses told
2016-08-04: Federal judge rejects NSL nondisclosure of unlimited duration; FBI NSL Procedures "leave several large loopholes."

2016-08-03: Panasonic Avionics kicking off bug bounty program
2016-08-03: Researchers Bypass Chip and Pin Protections at Black Hat
2016-08-03: Free SSL Certificate from LetsEncrypt with the Sucuri Firewall
2016-08-03: Meet the chaps who run the Black Hat NoC and let malware roam free
2016-08-03: FBI: 'IcyEagle' hacker stole SunTrust bank passwords, sold them to the highest bidder
2016-08-03: Kaminsky: We Need an NIH for Cybersecurity
2016-08-03: Hillary Clinton on wiping email server: 'Like with a cloth or something?' (from 2015)
2016-08-03: DEF CON 24: Brainwashing Embedded Systems -- Looks like a great workshop!
2016-08-03: Ruckus Raucous: Finding Security Flaws in Enterprise-Class Hardware
2016-08-03: Kaminsky Creates Prototype To Lock Out Attackers
2016-08-03: Why Wikileaks Is Losing Its Friends
2016-08-03: Nav Coin Releases World's First X13 Mobile Wallet
2016-08-03: The Bitfinex Bitcoin Hack: What We Know (And Don't Know)
2016-08-03: The 'Netflix tax' is starting
2016-08-03: Hacker Compromises Fosshub to Distribute MBR-Hijacking Malware
2016-08-03: Renaming Office Files Is Enough to Disguise Macro Malware
2016-08-03: Fake Android Prisma Apps Containing Malware Downloaded over 1.5 Million Times from Google Play Store
2016-08-03: "Reverse Shell via Mouse"
2016-08-03: New attack steals SSNs, e-mail addresses, and more from HTTPS pages
2016-08-03: Bitfinex, one of the world's largest bitcoin exchanges, lost $65 million in a hack

2016-08-02: Kaspersky Lab launches public bug bounty program
2016-08-02: Zcash - BOLT: Private Payment Channels
2016-08-02: iPhone 6 explosion leaves man with third-degree burns
2016-08-02: The Dark Side of Certificate Transparency
2016-08-02: America's Electronic Voting Machines Are Scarily Easy Targets
2016-08-02: FBI Official Compares Encryption Guru Moxie Marlinspike To The KKK, Refuses To Discuss Him
2016-08-02: FBI took months to warn Democrats of suspected Russian role in hack: sources
2016-08-02: Meg Whitman, Calling Donald Trump a 'Demagogue,' Will Support Hillary Clinton for President
2016-08-02: Reminder: IE, Edge, Outlook etc still cough up your Windows, VPN credentials to strangers
2016-08-02: Hospital hackers leak 156GB
2016-08-02: Don't want to vote for Clinton or Trump? How about this woman who says Wi-Fi melts kids' brains?
2016-08-02: Bitcoin's "Metcalfe's Law" relationship between market cap and the square of the number of transactions
2016-08-02: GitHub - toidi/pyblockchain: Blockchain parser for Python -- Recommended by @andrew___morris #BSidesLV
2016-08-02: Bitcoin hacking queries from @andrew___morris
2016-08-02: Cyber-Homeopathy
2016-08-02: Top DNC Officials Resign on Heels of Leaked E-Mail Scandal
2016-08-02: @MasterCard's new public bug bounty
2016-08-02: Security Breach - Bitfinex blog
2016-08-02: CFAA Misdemeanor Rules -- SHOW TO CLASS
2016-08-02: Tor Browser Bundle Disables ASLR on Windows and Mac
2016-08-02: Timing Attacks in the Modern Web
2016-08-02: Browser-based Timing Attacks
2016-08-02: Barclays Unveils Voice Authentication for Phone Banking
2016-08-02: Zika virus in Florida: New cases have prompted the CDC to issue a travel advisory for a section of Miami
2016-08-02: 'The box' Bones uses to fix any ailment on the Enterprise? Yup, it's real

2016-08-01: China cuffs ten white-hats, nobody knows why
2016-08-01: Windows dips below 50 per cent of all web traffic
2016-08-01: MSFT hikes training prices
2016-08-01: Pass the hash for peace, love and security in the quantum computing age
2016-08-01: You think Donald Trump is insecure? Check out his online store
2016-08-01: There is something very wrong with Donald Trump
2016-08-01: Thailand lese majeste: Woman charged over single word used on Facebook
2016-08-01: Criticism grows for Trump's assailing of Muslim vet's family
2016-08-01: Bay Area Man Hacks Tesla to Play Pokemon GO on the Go
2016-08-01: Trump blasts New York Times: 'They don't write good'
2016-08-01: Judge bars secret FBI recordings in alleged bid-rigging plot
2016-08-01: Intel Crosswalk bug invalidates SSL protection
2016-08-01: Kaspersky Safe Browser iOS app sports MITM SSL certificate bug
2016-08-01: Gingrich's million Twitter followers: "80% dummy accounts, 10% paid followers"
2016-08-01: Obama's Internet ID Plan: Here's What You Need To Know (from 2011)
2016-08-01: Children's Aid Organization UNICEF Seeks Blockchain Lead
2016-08-01: There are limits to 2FA and it can be near-crippling to your digital life
2016-08-01: Google Fiber stalls in Nashville in fight over utility poles
2016-08-01: Yahoo 'Aware' Hacker Is Advertising 200 Million Supposed Accounts on Dark Web
2016-08-01: DNC Staffer got pop-up messages alerting of "state-sponsored actors"
2016-08-01: Russian spies claim they can now collect crypto keys--but don't say how
2016-08-01: Jill Stein Deletes Tweet That Says 'There's No Evidence That Autism Is Caused By Vaccines'
2016-08-01: The Jeep Hackers Just Proved Car Hacking Can Get Much Worse
2016-08-01: DHS Guidelines for Cyber Incident Reporting (apparently genuine despite the subtitle's broken English)
2016-08-01: Researcher: 4K passwords leaked from porn site, including U.S. military and State Department credentials
2016-08-01: Nigerian malware kingpin 'Mike' responsible for $60m fraud schemes netted by Interpol
2016-08-01: TP-Link agrees to allow third-party firmware in FCC settlement
2016-08-01: FBI employee pleads guilty to spying for China
2016-08-01: Dual police reform measures head to SF voters

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