Setting Up Kali 2

Getting Kali

You can use the "8K2" DVD handed out in class, or download it from here:

I recommend the "Kali Linux 32 bit VM PAE"" version.

Unzipping and Using Virtual Machines

The file on the DVD is the same as the file you can download: a 7-zip archive. Unzip it with 7-zip on Windows, or Ez7z on the Mac, and run the extracted virtual machine in VMware Player or VMware Fusion.

Here are links for those products:

Logging In to Kali Linux

The default username is root

The default password is toor

Turning off "Blank Screen" in Kali

By default, Kali 2.0 will keep locking the screen after a few seconds of inactivity, which is irritating. To fix this, on the left side of the Kali 2.0 desktop, click the bottom button to "Show Applications", as shown below.

On the right side of the Kali 2.0 desktop, click the lowest circle to show the bottom screen.

Then click Settings, as shown below.

In the "All Settings" window, click Power.

Set "Blank screen" to Never, as shown below.

Posted 9-18-15 by Sam Bowne