Welcome to CNIT 125
Information Security Professional
(CISSP Preparation)


This class is quite different from my other classes, because the CISSP is not a measure of direct hands-on computer operation, but of management-level skills, maturity, and trustworthiness.

Teams and Projects

There is still a considerable amount of technical content in the class--there's a textbook, and there are quizzes and a final exam, as usual. But there won't be any step-by-step hands-on projects. Instead, each student will be in a Team, led by a Manager (who is also a student). The Team will perform real security work, such as a security audit, notifying companies about real vulnerabilities, helping real companies fix security problems, etc. We will be helping real people with real problems, which can be difficult but also very rewarding.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Each student is required to sign a non-disclosure agreement: a commitment not to reveal any private information that may be revealed while performing projects. Students who are not prepared to accept responsibility for confidential information should not take this course. (Nor should they be pursuing a career in information security.)


In addition, each student is required to prepare a professional resume. Assistance will be available for resume preparation.

Becoming a Manager

Students who wish to serve as Managers should email a resume to cnit.125@gmail soon. For the best chance to be chosen, send the resume in before Jan. 14, 2013 (the first class meeting). Previous management experience is valuable but not required.

Students who do not wish to be managers don't need to prepare resumes yet, although they are welcome to.


For more information, see these documents:

Class Web page: http://samsclass.info/125/125_S13.shtml

Policy: http://samsclass.info/125/S13/policy_S13_125.doc

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