Project 1: Malware Analysis Virtual Machine (15 Points)

What You Need for This Project

Install a Hypervisor

Download and install one of these products:

For Windows: VMware Player
For Mac: VMware Fusion
For all platforms: VirtualBox

Download the Virtual Machine

Download the appropriate VM file, as shown below.

For VMware: Win2008Malware.7z
     Size: 2,073,173,278 bytes
     SHA-256: c2d59bb80d71cb73350fe436d2658eeb46c869edce66c950ce97268e2a2fa25a

For VirtualBox: Win2008MalwareVB.7z
     Size: 3,754,472,442 bytes
     SHA-256: 879584a72752a3a22843b21e02992e6aa78ad4b73aed5536a44c91613d813113

For Hyper-V: Svr8Vm12.7z
     Size: 2.21 GB

Install Archive Software

You need software that can unzip a 7-Zip archive. Download and install the appropriate software for your operating system from the list below.

For Windows: 7-Zip
For Mac: The Unarchiver
For Linux: Use 7z, which is included in Kali. To add it to Ubuntu, or other Debian-based systems, use

apt install 7z

Unzip the Virtual Machine

After extracting the VM, a folder appears with several files in it, as shown below.

(On the Mac, it appears as a single file unless you right-click it and click "Show Package Contents", which you don't have to do.)

Opening the VM

Launch your hypervisor software. Click File, Open. Navigate to the folder containing the extracted files and double-click it. If more folders appear, double-click them until you find a file, then double-click that.

The VM opens, as shown below. Click the big rightward-pointing triangle to start it. If a box pops up asking you whether you moved or copied it, click "I copied it".

Viewing the Windows Version

When the desktop appears, as shown below, open a Command Prompt and execute this command:
An "About Windows" box pops up, as shown below. Find the words that are covered by the green box in the image below and make a note of them. Enter them into the form below to record your success.

1.1 Recording Your Success (15 pts.)

Use the form below to record your score in Canvas.

Name or Email:
Version information (redacted in the image above):

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