Proj 2: Basic Static Techniques (Lab 1-2) (20 pts.)

What you need:


You will practice the techniques in chapter 1.

This project follows Lab 1-2 in the textbook. There are more detailed solutions in the back of the book.


Turn in an image showing your analysis of Lab01-02.exe as shown below.

We will grade it by checking the last digits of the SHA256 value.

Press the PrntScrn key to capture an imag of the whole desktop.

Open Paint and paste the image in with Ctrl+V.

Save this image with the filename "Proj 2a from YOUR NAME".


Unpacking the File

Run PEiD on the file. It shows that the file is packed with UPX, as shown in the "EP Section" below.

Download the UPX Zip file from here:

Download the file, as shown below.

Unzip it and put upx.exe in your C:\Windows\System32 folder.

Open a Command Prompt window and execute this command:

You see a UPX help message, as shown below:

Use the CD command to move to the directory containing your malware samples.

On my machine, I used this command:

cd "\Users\Administrator\Desktop\126\Practical Malware Analysis Labs\BinaryCollection\Chapter_1L"
Execute this command to unpack the file:
UPX -d -o Lab01-02-unpacked.exe Lab01-02.exe
The file unpacks, as shown below:

Analyze the unpacked file with PEiD. It now is regognized as a "Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0" file, as shown below.

Turn in the image showing your analysis of Lab01-02-unpacked.exe as shown below.

We will grade it based on the "First Bytes".

Save this image with the filename "Proj 2b from YOUR NAME".


Find the unpacked file's imports with Dependency Walker.

Turn in the image showing the two functions InternetOpenUrlA and InternetOpenA as shown in the upper right pane of the image below.

Save this image with the filename "Proj 2c from YOUR NAME".


Find the strings in the unpacked file.

You should see MalService and as shown below.

These suggest that infected machines will connect to and will show a running service named MalService.

Save this image with the filename "Proj 2d from YOUR NAME".

Turning in your Project

Email the images to with the subject line: Proj 2 from YOUR NAME

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