Secure Telnet from Mac OS X
Using the Built in Terminal Window

Start Finder. From the top Menu choices, select Go and scroll to Applications.

apple menu item image

From within the Applications window, select Utilities (double click).

  applications window image

From within the Utilities window, double click the Terminal icon.

  Utilities window

At the prompt, type:
ssh (followed by a space) login name@ domain name of the remote machine.

Example = ssh

Press the return key.

Type your password when prompted
Press the return key.

When you see a $ from the HP-UNIX server, enter TERM=vt100 and press the return key. Although this step is not shown in the figure below, you have to do it or HP-UNIX will refuse to start pine.

When you see another $ from HP-UNIX, type pine and press the return key.

You should now be logged in to the remote host. The example above displays a user who is
logged in to the server and about to start PINE.

When finished with your telnet session, please remember to log out (type exit at the prompt) and quit the application.

I did not create this page. All I did was to copy and remove the parts that were specific to another college. -- Sam Bowne

Last modified 2-3-5