File typeSizeDurationKB/secNotes
WAV145 KB0:0529 KB/secHigh quality, not compressed
Real Audio10 KB0:052 KB/secReduced quality, compressed


NameFile typeSizeDurationKB/secNotes
Star WarsWAV53 KB0:0421 KB/secHigh quality, not compressed
BluesMP3688 KB1:277.9 KB/secHigh quality, compressed
BachMIDI30 KB3:340.14 KB/secHigh quality, instrumental only

Speech Synthesis Demonstrations

AT&T Labs
Many demonstrations of speech synthesis systems
AT&T Natural Voices
Fluent Animated Speech With Talking Heads


NameFile typeSizeDurationKB/secNotes
SheepMOV674 KB0:05135 KB/secApple
LaptopMPEG1415 KB0:3047 KB/secOpen Standard
CatsWMV2781 KB1:3131 KB/secMicrosoft
StormsRAM133 KB0:1310 KB/secRealNetworks

UC Berkeley Streaming RealMedia Webcasts


Pong154 KBSimple graphics make a long movie very small
SF Ballet310 KBElegant use of transparent images
Lincoln Center125 KBMoving text on images
LA Philharmonic239 KBTransparency and blur to transition between images
LucasFilm Interactive - move the mouse over it
Flash Film Festival


MP3 from http://www.jazz-pistols.de
WAV from http://www.dailywav.com/

MIDI from http://www.gnu-bee.com/midi_yule/

MOV of sheep from http://www.rcg.de/humor/video.htm

WMV of cats from http://users.pandora.be/vansina/gp.wmv

MPEG of laptop problems from http://www.techcomedy.com/video/video.htm

Real Video of storms from stormvideo.com

Date last updated: 5-12-05