Google Cloud Preparation

What You Need for This Project

Loggging in to Gmail

In a Web browser, go to

Sign in to a Google account. If you don't have one, create one.

Creating an Account

Go to

Click "TRY IT FREE".

On the next page, fill out the form, as shown below, and click "AGREE AND CONTINUE".

Fill in the next page. You must enter a credit card number, but it says you won't be charged without agreeing to that later.


A box says you have $300 in free trial credit, as shown below.

On the next pge, click "Compute Engine", as shown below.

The "VM instances" page appears, as shown below.

Click "Enable billing".

On the next page, as shown below, click Create.

Creating a Linux Cloud Server

In the "VM instances" screen, click "CREATE INSTANCE", as shown below.

Debian Attack Server

Name the first machine debian and check both boxes in the "Firewall" section, as shown below.

Click Create.

After a few seconds, your instance appears, as shown below.

On the right side, click SSH.

A console opens so you can control your cloud server, as shown below.

Posted 4-12-19