Project 11: Falcon Sandbox (15 pts extra)

What You Need for This Project


To practice using a free online automated malware analysis sandbox.

11.1 Testing Google Chrome (5 pts)

Downloading a Clean Sample

Download this Chrome installer file:


Submitting the Sample to HybridAnalysis

In a Web browser, go to

Drag the GoogleChromeStandaloneEnterprise.msi file and drop it into the box, as shown below.

A box pops up. Consent to the Terms and click the "I'm not a robot" box, as shown below.

When the progress bar reaches, 100%, click Continue.

In the "Analysis Environment, accept the default selection of "Windows 7 32-bit", as shown below, and click "Generate Public Report".

On the next page, on the lower left, an "IN QUEUE" box shows the sample being analyzed, as shown below.

Viewing the Indicators

The verdict is "MALICIOUS", as shown below. This is clearly nonsense--there's no way Google Chrome contains real malware. This is why human judgment is essential to interpret the output of security tools.

In the "Indicators" line, click the red 1 button.

The only "Malicious Indicator" is the "GoogleUpdater", which installs itself as a persistent Scheduled Task, using "taskschd.dll", as shown below.

Look through the "Suspicious Indicators". Find the "potential E-Mail address" and enter it into the form below to record your success.

11.1 Email Address from Chrome Installer (5 pts)

Name or Email:
Email Address:

11.3 Test Android Version (10 pts)

Test the Android version of UC Browser. Find the email address used when the "Wrong SDK" error is detected, and enter it into the form below to record your success.

You can get my exact APK file here:


Name or Email:
Email address:


How to remove UC Browser adware (Virus Removal Guide)

Posted 9-24-18
Google file switched to come from my server 10-9-18
11.2 removed because it no longer works in the free version 12-8-18