To All CNIT 197 Students:

Classes and Resumes

Welcome to CNIT 197: Internship and Work Experience!

In this class, you will perform volunteer work. The most common jobs are tutoring and monitoring labs for 3-4 hours per week. A few students can also work as managers.

The orientation on 1/26/10 from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. in S37.

To best place you in jobs, I need to know what CNIT classes you have taken, and any other relevant experience. If you have a resume, that would be best.

Please email this information to cnit.197@gmail as soon as you can, but no later than 1/26/10:

A list of the CNIT classes you have taken The days and times you can be available on-campus The days and times you can be available for on-line tutoring via Google Chat


The managers will have the task of overseeing other students--maintaining an up-to-date schedule online of their hours, arranging for substitutes when student workers are absent, etc. These duties will replace some or all of their usual time spent tutoring or monitoring labs.

To apply for a manager position, submit these items to by Jan. 22, 2009:

Thank you for your interest in helping other students! I'll see you on Jan. 26!

--Sam Bowne