Infosec Decoded #7: Bitsquatting

with @djhardb, @infosecirvin, @KaitlynGuru, @sambowne, and Alan Wennersten.

Mar 5, 2021

A discussion with Elizabeth Biddlecome, Sam Bowne, Kaitlyn Handelman, Irvin Lemus, and Alan Wennersten.

Alan Wennersten

Facebook Says “Technical Issues” Were the Cause of Broken Promise to Congress

Three Top Russian Cybercrime Forums Hacked

Weaknesses in FAA’s Certification and Delegation Processes Hindered Its Oversight of the 737 MAX 8

Sam Bowne @sambowne

Trump’s Strategy for Returning to Power Is Already Clear

Celeste Headlee on Having Better Conversations

Big new cuts at City College

Elizabeth Biddlecome @djhardb

Silver Lining of Cyberattacks—More Cybersecurity Careers

Golden opportunity: California’s quest to prioritize older students

Community colleges at a crossroads: Enrollment is plummeting, but political clout is growing

Irvin Lemus @infosecirvin

Brave acquires search engine to offer the first private alternative to Google Search and Google Chrome on both mobile and desktop


Comcast hides upload speeds deep inside its infuriating ordering system

Kaitlyn Handelman @KaitlynGuru

Senators call on FCC to quadruple base high-speed internet speeds

Japanese billionaire seeks volunteers for SpaceX flight around the moon

Dish tries to disrupt SpaceX’s Starlink plans as companies fight at FCC