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with @djhardb, @infosecirvin, @KaitlynGuru, and @sambowne

Nov 13, 2020

A discussion with Elizabeth Biddlecome, Irvin Lemus, Kaitlyn Handelman, and Sam Bowne.

Elizabeth Biddlecome @djhardb

Zoom strong-armed by US watchdog to beef up security after boasting of end-to-end encryption that didn't exist

Microsoft urges users to stop using phone-based multi-factor authentication

Ransomware Hackers Helpfully Take Out Facebook Ads to Remind Victims to Pay
Ransomware Group Turns to Facebook Ads

Irvin Lemus @infosecirvin

Mac users couldn’t launch apps this afternoon after Apple verification server issue

ColdFire: malware development in Golang

No, the new MacBook Air is not faster than 98% of PC laptops
About the Rosetta Translation Environment
Docker fails to launch on Apple Silicon

Kaitlyn Handelman @KaitlynGuru

Privacy Badger Is Changing to Protect You Better

Hunting for Malicious Packages on PyPI


Sam Bowne @sambowne

Swiss Spies Benefitted From Secret CIA Encryption Firm: Probe

Florida’s Gov. DeSantis Wants To Allow Armed Citizens To Shoot Looters And Rioters

A data disaster is approaching, and most businesses aren't ready for it