2004-06-01: CompTIA Announces Substantial Linux Exam Revision
2004-07-09: Google Gmail Beta - ZDNet Reviews
2004-07-09: Japanese to tag schoolkids | The Register
2004-07-20: Facts about the Bagle worm
2004-07-20: The new face of cybercrime
2004-07-21: British cybercops nab alleged blackmailers | CNET News.com
2004-07-21: Identity theft case could be largest so far
2004-07-21: Russian online extortion ring smashed
2004-07-22: Linux has 1%, Apple MacOS has 2.8%, Windows has 96%
2004-07-22: Software Pirate Gets Sentenced to Jail
2004-07-23: 2% of all PCs shipped worldwide this year will actually be used with Linux
2004-07-27: MyDoom opens door for attack on Microsoft
2004-07-28: Better tools let hackers strike more quickly - News - ZDNet
2004-07-30: No Synchronicity for Apple, RealNetworks (TechNews.com)
2004-07: Gmail is too creepy
2004-08-17: Unpatched PCs compromised in 20 minutes
2004-08-18: California lawmakers back e-mail warning
2004-08-18: Pros point to flaws in Windows security update
2004-08-24: Microsoft addresses NAT conflict introduced by SP2
2004-08-25: Introduction to Windows XP Service Pack 2
2004-08-25: Order Windows XP Service Pack 2 on CD
2004-08-27: Microsoft overhauls Longhorn plans
2004-08-28: Contaminated flu shots 'not a crisis,' says CDC / Chiron expects delays, but not serious problems
2004-08-29: Lunation Animation
2004-08-30: Swiss Army Knife with USB Flash Drive
2004-08-30: "Personal Supercomputer" -- New Orion workstation puts cluster in a box - Computerworld
2004-08-31: McAfee adds intrusion prevention
2004-09-13: Worm speaks to Windows users | Tech News on ZDNet
2004-09-14: Major graphics flaw threatens Windows PCs | Tech News on ZDNet
2004-09-14: Wireless mobile networking in Munich at 360 megabits per second (Mbps)
2004-09-20: Net security threats growing fast
2004-09-23: Microsoft: To secure IE, upgrade to XP | Tech News on ZDNet
2004-09-27: Major computer virus attack could hit within a week
2004-09-29: Good news: 'Phishing' scams net only $500 million | CNET News.com
2004-09-29: JPEG exploit could beat antivirus software
2004-09-30: Image virus spreads via chat
2004-10-04: North Korea has trained as many as 600 crackers
2004-10-04: Astronomers Demonstrate the Global Internet Telescope
2004-10-07: Piggyback developers in a bind over IE | Tech News on ZDNet
2004-10-11: U.S. Funds Chat-Room Surveillance Study
2004-10-13: Interview with a Spammer/Phisher
2004-10-14: Google Desktop Search
2004-10-14: How to set up wireless webcam home security using Linux
2004-10-19: 1.4 Million Californians Personal Information Revealed at UC Berkeley
2004-10-19: Digital Cameras Appropriated for Automobile Safety - Help Deter Distracted Drivers
2004-10-19: Hacker Strikes U C Berkeley
2004-10-22: San Francisco plans free wireless Internet in public areas
2004-10-22: Windows v Linux security: the real facts | The Register
2004-10-25: Denial of Service Online Extortion Rackets
2004-10-26: Allerca | The Hypo-Allergenic Cat
2004-10-26: Google feels lucky, surpasses Web rival Yahoo
2004-10-28: Ballmer on Linux: The evidence is clear - News - ZDNet
2004-10-28: Secret Service busts suspected ID fraud ring
2004-10-29: Reheated Bagle smokes out antivirus defenses | Tech News on ZDNet
2002-11-21: Why is mi2g so unpopular?
2004-07-06: Parody: The Wendys Vulnerability Assessment
2004-07-28: Consumers still falling for phish
2004-10-27: Review of Open Office -- Freeware Goes To Work
2004-11-01: Aljazeera.Net - Full transcript of bin Ladin's speech
2004-11-01: Guardian daily comment | The war on Iraq has made moral cowards of us all
2004-11-01: Nintendo cracks down on pirated game toys
2004-11-01: Study: Firefox still gaining on Internet Explorer
2004-11-01: World's First Ultra-Thin Multilayer Circuit Board Fabricated by Epson Inkjet Technology
2004-11-02: Deep study: Mac safer than Linux or Windows
2004-11-02: IE exploit is top of the hacks | Tech News on ZDNet
2004-11-02: Novell's Response: Linux v. Windows
2004-11-03: Movie industry to sue file sharers
2004-11-03: Phishing that changes hosts file without even clicking a link
2004-11-03: Two found guilty in first felony spam conviction
2004-11-04: Bittorrent - File-sharing comprises 35% of all Internet traffic
2004-11-04: Eco-friendly disc to store data on corn
2004-11-04: Firefox, bah humbug
2004-11-08: Novell aims Linux at corporate desktops
2004-11-08: Novell Linux Desktop -- Free Demo
2004-11-09: Mozilla releases Firefox 1.0
2004-11-11: Microsoft updates search site
2004-11-11: Outsourcing to Arkansas
2004-11-11: Trojan horse spies on Web banking -- steals login names and passwords from legitimate banking web sites
2004-11-12: Novell Linux update service coming, and Novell Linux Desktop is Free
2004-11-12: NOVELL: Certified Linux Professional Home Page
2004-11-16: Computers Linked to Glaucoma?
2004-11-16: Hollywood sues alleged file swappers
2004-11-16: Linux Certifications Can Pay Off Big
2004-11-16: Microsoft offers goodies to lure Novell customers
2004-11-18: Ballmer attacks Linux on patent front | Tech News on ZDNet
2004-11-18: Virgin Mary grilled sandwich sells for $69,000 on eBay
2004-11-19: Home Computer as Forseen From 1954
2004-11-19: Login liberation: forget passwords, use your fingerprint - ZDNet: Reviews
2004-11-19: MontaVista powers three more Linux phones
2004-11-19: Screen Image of Cell Phone Infected with Skulls-a
2004-11-19: Taipei to Cloak City in World's Largest Wi-Fi Grid
2004-11-22: Anti-Spyware Test (Guide)
2004-11-22: Are SSL VPNs really better than IP VPNs?
2004-11-22: Book Review | Point and Click Linux
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2004-11-22: Electric car faster than a Porsche
2004-11-23: That 1954 Computer Pic is Fake: Urban Legends Reference Pages
2004-11-25: CIA funds chatroom surveillance - ZDNet UK News
2004-11-26: Windows XP Upgrade Kills 60,000 PCs
2004-11-27: Paralyzed Woman Can Walk Again Thanks to Stem Cell Transplantation
2004-11-29: Human Test: Novel Vaccine Stops HIV
2004-11-29: Skulls program carries Cabir worm into phones | Tech News on ZDNet
2004-11-29: Skulls-b tries to infect nearby cellphones via wireless transmission
2004-11-29: Unprotected PCs can be hijacked in minutes
2004-11-30: AT&T Labs - Technology Showcase - For Fun
2004-11-30: AT&T Labs - Technology Showcase- Demos
2004-11-30: New Netscape embraces Firefox, IE | Tech News on ZDNet
2004-11-30: US eyes collection of college-student data
2004-11: MCDST $60 Exams
2004-11: Windows Problem Solver
2004-12-01: Free Spyware Tools are Better Than Commercial Ones
2004-12-01: Gartner: Half of US IT operations jobs to vanish
2004-12-01: NPR : Digital Generations: Rural High-Speed Web Access, Growing Up in a High-Tech World, and Life Without a Broadband Connection
2004-12-01: Slashdot | How Important is a Well-Known CS Degree?
2004-12-02: 1.6TB external HDD for $2900
2004-12-02: Google exec calls click fraud the "biggest threat" to the Internet economy, urges quick action
2004-12-03: Anti-spam screensaver: Revenge?
2004-12-03: IBM gets out of PC business
2004-12-03: Microsoft sues porn spammers
2004-12-08: Grandfather clock made of Lego. It keeps accurate time.
2004-12-08: IBM sells PC group to Lenovo | Tech News on ZDNet
2004-12-09: Fun Artwork -- GIMP Splash Screen Contest
2004-12-09: Malware authors mixing a lethal cocktail - ZDNet UK News
2004-12-09:San Francisco in Ruins -- Aereal Photographs From 1906
2004-12-10: Cell Phones Used to Track How Fast Teens are Driving
2004-12-13: Google to Index and Publish Harvard University Library
2004-12-13: MSN Toolbar
2004-12-13: Penn State Tells 80,000 Students To Chuck IE
2004-12-13: Schneier on Security: Safe Personal Computing
2004-12-13: Security research suggests Linux has fewer flaws | Tech News on ZDNet
2004-12-13: With Linux Clusters, Seeing Is Believing
2004-12-14: MPAA to serve lawsuits on BitTorrent servers
2004-12-14: Spammers Hide in China
2004-12-15: Honda Improves ASIMO Humanoid Robot
2004-12-15: Linux Looms Larger Than Thought
2004-12-22: Linux lasting longer against Net attacks | CNET News.com
2004-12: Exploring the Novell Linux Desktop
2004-12: New Spyware Tool: X-RayPc Spyware Remover
2004-12: Review: Novell Launches New Linux Operating System