January 2005

2005-01-01: The Shadow Internet
2005-01-03: Microsoft Anti-Spyware
2005-01-04: PowerPizza
2005-01-06: Microsoft Anti-Spyware Tool
2005-01-07: IE ActiveX flaw still unpatched, and exploit has been published
2005-01-07: Linux Security Flaw Found
2005-01-07: Windows XP Starter Edition
2005-01-08: Lego Cases
2005-01-08: Review -- MS AntiSpyware vs Ad-Aware vs SpyBot
2005-01-09: Microsoft Internet Explorer Multiple Vulnerabilities
2005-01-10: Microsoft AntiSpyware Beta 1 review by PC Magazine
2005-01-11: Hackers Capture Info. From George Mason U.
2005-01-11: ID theft mastermind gets 14 years
2005-01-11: Malicious Software Removal Tool
2005-01-11: New IE ActiveX vulnerability with demonstration
2005-01-11: SecurityFocus HOME News: Hacker penetrates T-Mobile systems
2005-01-13: First BitTorrent Arrest in Hong Kong
2005-01-14: No More Internet for Them
2005-01-16: He's got the virus-writing bug | Newsmakers | CNET News.com
2005-01-18: Bill Gates posing for Teen Beat Magazine in 1983
2005-01-18: Picasa 2.0 review -- Free graphics program from Google
2005-01-18: Spammed man sued by alleged spammer
2005-01-20: Analysis -- IRC Chat IS a haven for illegal file-sharing and trojans
2005-01-20: Flaw found in Office encryption
2005-01-20: Quantum computers are for sale now, and may break SSL within 10 years
2005-01-20: Wired News: Safe E-Mailing for Dummies
2005-01-21: Bill Gates Interview Video Part 1: Bill Gates plots a Windows future
2005-01-21: Firefox continues gains against IE
2005-01-21: Review: Microsoft Anti-Spyware Ineffective
2005-01-21: tiles.ice.org! Tribute to Salvador Dali
2005-01-21: Universal wireless charging: the Splashpower solution
2005-01-25: Turning the Tables on Spammers
2005-01-25; Microsoft: Legit Windows or no updates
2005-01-27: Latest Opera browser gets vocal
2005-01-28: Bill Gates Interview Video Part 2: Gates says security is priority
2005-01-28: Cyber-stalker faces sentencing today | The Register
2005-01-28: Minnesota teen sentenced to 18 months in prison for releasing Blaster Internet worm -- Judgs blames parents
2005-01-28: Security Hole in Windows XP Service Pack 2 -- Data Execution Protection flawed
2005-01-28: Student fined $15,900 for posting a Web page linking to MP3 files
2005-01-29: Students Find Hole in Car Security Systems (NY Times, Free Registration Required)
2005-01-29: Tattoos As Advertisements
2005-01-31: Can the FBI Monitor Your Web Browsing Without a Warrant?
2005-01-31: Government Internet Wiretaps -- the next generation after Carnivore
2005-01-31: Netscape readies antiphishing browser

February 2005

2004-10-29: Diagnostic Contact Lenses For Diabetes Uses Smart Hologram Technology
2004: MailFrontier Phishing IQ Test
2005-01-10: Spammers' New Tactic Upends DNS
2005-01-26: Avoiding 'Evil Twins' and Rogue Access Points
2005-01-28: Data storage wars -- DVD formats
2005-02-01: Anxious times in the cartoon underground
2005-02-01: The SphereXP -- 3D virtual world for window management
2005-02-02: Hide Your IPod, Here Comes Bill
2005-02-02: Teen accused of rigging teacher's computer
2005-02-03: How VeriSign Could Stop Drive-By Downloads
2005-02-03: Political Opinions on Weblogs, Internet Magazines to be Regulated
2005-02-04: Complaint Dropped Against DDoS Mafia -- Denial of Service For Hire
2005-02-04: Ex-AOL Worker Sold 92 Million Email Addresses to Spammers
2005-02-04: Spamhaus Accuses MCI of Hosting Spam Gangs
2005-02-04: Why Does Windows Still Suck? / Why do PC users put up with so many viruses and worms? Why isn't everyone on a Mac?
2005-02-05: University to offer e-mail spam course
2005-02-06: New Exploit Fakes URLs and Affects All Browsers EXCEPT Internet Explorer
2005-02-07: Intel expects twins in the second quarter | Tech News on ZDNet
2005-02-07: Longhorn beta will arrive by June | Tech News on ZDNet
2005-02-08: Making Web Browsing More Secure: Microsoft Security: Tip of the Month - February 2005
2005-02-08: New Microprocessor code-named Cell can deliver 10 times the performance of today's PC processors
2005-02-08: Understanding the priorities in cryptography - ZDNet.com
2005-02-09: Google Maps -- This is Really Cool
2005-02-10: After Dominating the Technology Industry for Years, is Microsoft Poised to Collapse?
2005-02-10: California School Issues Mandatory RFID (Radio Tracking) Badges to Students -- Parents Protest
2005-02-10: Microsoft's AntiSpyware hit by a Spyware
2005-02-10: Napster losing money despite controversial "student tax" program
2005-02-10: Shady Web of Affiliate Marketing
2005-02-10: SUEaSpammer.com
2005-02-10: Symantec flaw leaves opening for viruses: ZDNet Australia: News: Security
2005-02-10: U.S. Scientists Say They Are Told to Alter Findings
2005-02-11: MSN Messenger has Buffer Overflow Vulnerability -- It can be used to take over your computer. A patch is available.
2005-02-11: Browser speed comparisons -- Opera is fastest on Windows
2005-02-11: Oakland County, MI aims to make the entire county a hotspot for wireless Internet -- 910 square miles
2005-02-11: The Typo Millionaires - The sordid history of the oldest scam on the Internet
2005-02-12: AlphaGrip -- Portable handheld keyboard & mouse
2005-02-12: BitTorrent Site Shut Down by MPAA Lawsuit -- User's IP Addresses Released to MPAA
2005-02-12: Break-In At SAIC Risks ID Theft of High-Level Former Government, Military Figures
2005-02-12: MPAA NOTICE Replaces LokiTorrent Site
2005-02-12: Photos: Biometric systems stand guard | CNET News.com
2005-02-14: Louisiana Man Pleads Guilty to Creating 911 Worm
2005-02-14: More tham 30,000 Californian's Personal Data Stolen from ChoicePoint
2005-02-14:Flash Memory can be boiled without losing data
2005-02-15: Anti-spyware tool to become standard issue for Windows
2005-02-15: Apple Lawsuit Attempts to Force Journalists to Reveal Sources
2005-02-15: Digital Water Marks Thieves
2005-02-15: Firefox to Disable IDN Support as Phishing Defense
2005-02-15: Internet Explorer 7 Will be Available in Beta This Summer -- Gates Highlights Progress on Security
2005-02-15: MareNostrum: A new concept in Linux supercomputing
2005-02-15: Microsoft AntiSpyware to be Free -- Bad News for Anti-Spyware Companies
2005-02-15: Napster hack leads to free downloads | Tech News on ZDNet
2005-02-15: New Steps to Protect DVDs in Piracy War
2005-02-15: SpectorSoft.com - Award-Winning Spyware Program for Sale
2005-02-15: Top Spyware Threats by Webroot
2005-02-15: VMware has fantastic features, like VMotion
2005-02-15: Wife broke law with spyware
2005-02-16: Company pulls out of contract to track students
2005-02-16: Novell's Linux makeover
2005-02-16: Startup Extends Active Directory to Linux Systems
2005-02-16: T-Mobile hacker pleads guilty
2005-02-17: Donated Computer Time Used for Biological Research
2005-02-17: Fired Google blogger reflects, moves on
2005-02-17: Florida teacher cuffed for bomb-making classes
2005-02-17: Longhorn Preview due in April
2005-02-17: Rootkits: Invasion of the Windows Snatchers
2005-02-18: 42nd Mersenne Prime (Probably) Discovered by Distributed Internet Computing
2005-02-18: ChoicePoint data theft widens to 145,000 people | Tech News on ZDNet
2005-02-18: Federal and State Governments Attempt To Legislate Against Spyware
2005-02-18: Google landgrab raises online ire
2005-02-18: Mild Security Weakness in SSL: New Research Casts Doubts About SHA-1's Effectiveness
2005-02-18: New Faster RAM: Samsung shows 'world's first' DDR 3 chip
2005-02-18: Pop-up blocker no longer working: Not just Safari, 10.3.8, or Macs
2005-02-18: Storage solutions of the future
2005-02-18: Thinking Outside the Security Box
2005-02-18: Wireless laser printers
2005-02-18: Xen -- A new type of virtual machine
2005-02-18:Network Of Free, Ad-Sponsored Hotspots Launched
2005-02-19: Holograms Poised to Feed Bio Data
2005-02-19: PGP moving to stronger SHA Algorithm
2005-02-20: Backup software has apparently serious security flaw
2005-02-21: Apple resellers, consumers sue Mac maker
2005-02-21: Business E-mail addresses are protected by Canadian privacy laws
2005-02-21: High-speed networking by sending electric pulses through the human body -- RedTacton
2005-02-21: Hundreds of Michigan residents face tax bills averaging $2,500 for online cigarette purchases
2005-02-21: Life in Broadband Heaven -- Korea
2005-02-21: Making phone calls over the net
2005-02-21: New identity validation to prevent Wi-Fi stealth attacks
2005-02-21: Nokia demonstrates new proximity servers to deliver content directly to nearby cell phones
2005-02-21: Review and interesting diagrams of the new Intel Prescott-2M: Pentium 4 660 and Pentium 4 Extreme Edition 3.73GHz
2005-02-21: U.S. makes first arrest for spim (unsolicited instant messages)
2005-02-22: Circuit boards composed of chicken feathers
2005-02-23: Quit using cell phones! VoIP is ready for prime time.
2005-02-24: California Woman Sues ChoicePoint
2005-02-24: Sci-Tech - Humanity in 'gravest possible danger' of bird flu pandemic
2005-02-24: Security warning over 'FBI virus'
2005-02-24: VISA cards will soon have RFID chips (Radio Frequency IDs)
2005-02-24: Windows XP Activation Will Soon Become More Difficult -- according to this site
2005-02-24: Windows XP Activation Will Soon Become More Difficult --No it won't, says Ed Bott
2005-02-25: Apple CFO muses on iPod halo effect, Mac mini, more
2005-02-25: Bank of America loses a million customer records
2005-02-25: Firefox 1.0.1 Released
2005-02-25: Gator executive appointed as privacy advisor to DHS -- Privacy advocates criticize Homeland Dept
2005-02-25: It Pays To Read License Agreements -- Man wins $1000 by reading one
2005-02-25: Microsoft IM release expected soon
2005-02-25: Payroll hole exposes dozens of companies
2005-02-25: StartCom Free SSL Certificate Project
2005-02-25: Trend Micro archive bug unearthed -- could allow hackers to take over servers
2005-02-25: UK Government Launches Virus Alert Site
2005-02-25: VPN Routers -- Access your office from anywhere with Windows XP's Remote Desktop
2005-02-25: Watchdogs Sniff Out Terror Sites
2005-02-26: Hamster-controlled MIDI music
2005-02-27: Bill Gates Declares High Schools Obsolete

March 2005

2005-01-24: Philips Develops Three-Way Blu-ray Drive with a storage capacity of 33.5 GB
2005-02-11: 5 steps to help avoid instant message viruses
2005-02-15: IE 'Unsafe' 98 Percent Of 2004, Says ScanIT
2005-02-17: New virtual private networks provide security without hassle for Wi-Fi networks
2005-02-18: Video - Spynet -- How Users Help Microsoft Find Spyware
2005-02-22 - Cabir Worm Wriggles into U.S. Mobile Phones
2005-02-23: Windows Tips: Find Your Local Files the Web Way in Windows
2005-02-24: New Wi-Fi network covers Cork City
2005-03-01: Coming Soon: Displays on Your Car's Windshield?
2005-03-01: Omron's facial-recognition system uses a snapshot of your face to secure your handheld device
2005-03-01: RFID Talent Pool in Need of Filling, CompTIA Survey Finds
2005-03-01: Spyware Stoppers -- An Excellent Review -- Microsoft's AntiSpyware is Very Good!
2005-03-02: 8 Vulnerabilities Discovered In Firefox/Mozilla
2005-03-02: AOL Users: You've Got Better Web Mail
2005-03-02: Don't Call Gator 'Spyware' Or they'll see you in court...
2005-03-02: How Google's Servers Work -- Red Hat Linux, Redundancy
2005-03-03: 802.11s -- Wireless Mesh Networking
2005-03-03: Microsoft trades Windows discount for piracy info in China
2005-03-03: Podcasting -- The New Radio Revolution
2005-03-03: Political Speech on the Internet to be Regulated in USA Soon
2005-03-03: Utah governor weighs antiporn proposal
2005-03-04: .us Domain Owners Lose Privacy
2005-03-04: BPI (British Phonographic Industry) nails 'music pirates'
2005-03-04: Cell Phone Viruses are Coming
2005-03-04: Click fraud roils search advertisers
2005-03-04: eBay scrambles to fix phishing bug
2005-03-04: It's official: Spammers are hijacking ISPs - ZDNet UK News
2005-03-04: Judge rules that Apple can force bloggers to reveal sources
2005-03-04: Kazaa Assets Frozen in Australia
2005-03-04: Spammers adopt slippery tactics to bypass ISP defences | The Register
2005-03-04: Telecom bill would ban free Internet access
2005-03-04: WinFS To Be Available on Windows XP
2005-03-05: How to track a PC anywhere it connects to the Net
2005-03-05: Rewiring The Body
2005-03-06:WHITE POWER'S NEW FACE / Shocking murders of judge's husband and mother point up Internet's potential for breeding 'lone wolf' supremacists
2005-03-07: Instant message worm attacks increasing
2005-03-07: New RFID ID Cards -- Department of Homeland Security Access Card
2005-03-07: Phishing Is Big Business
2005-03-07: Stretching Wi-Fi -- long range routers
2005-03-07: Worm Chatter Escalates on MSN Messenger
2005-03-08: Harvard Rejects 119 Applicants for Hacking
2005-03-08: Teen Convicted Under Internet Piracy Law
2005-03-08: The Hidden Costs of Cheap Phone Service
2005-03-09: French Security Researcher Condemned for Publishing Security Vulnerability
2005-03-09: Caught a Virus?
2005-03-09: LexisNexis Says 32,000 Profiles Stolen
2005-03-09: Skype CEO says he has made telephone companies obsolete
2005-03-10: Breakthrough in Mobile Web Surfing -- Handheld Web Browser
2005-03-10: Companies are getting worse at keeping their wireless data networks secure
2005-03-10: iPODs Beware, 3 GB Music Phone Revealed
2005-03-10: Japanese system moves 170 Megabits per second of data through the power lines of a home
2005-03-10: Top Five Online Scams
2005-03-10: World's Most Powerful Computer Doubles in Size
2005-03-11: 80 million people are using free or very cheap VOIP phone calling with Skype

April 2005

2005-03-03: The coming crackdown on blogging -- Political Web links and commentary to be restricted in the USA
2005-03-12: Finger print ID to pay for groceries
2005-04-01: Before your next internet date, see how your intended has been reviewed by previous dates.
2005-04-01: IM viruses finally come of age - ZDNet: Reviews
2005-04-03: Coming soon: a PC combat game that shoots back - World - www.smh.com.au
2005-04-04: A third mobile phone virus
2005-04-04: Carjackers swipe biometric Merc, plus owner's finger
2005-04-04: E-mail worm graduates to IM | Tech News on ZDNet
2005-04-04: Estonian Trojan phishing suspect hauled in
2005-04-04: Google can be used to hack into E-commerce Web Sites
2005-04-04: Google Maps from Space
2005-04-04: Google queues up video | Tech News on ZDNet
2005-04-04: Google's Gmail grows again to 2 GB
2005-04-04: The City Of Dayton Goes Wireless
2005-04-04: Three quarters of corporate PCs shun SP2 | The Register
2005-04-04: Universities Rapidly Expand Online Learning Programs With Sonic Foundry's Mediasite
2005-04-05: Bionic eye will let the blind see
2005-04-05: DR.Oogle: Dentist Reviews, Dentist Ratings, Dentist Recommendations and Second Opinions.
2005-04-05: FBI demonstrates how to break 128-bit WEP in 3 minutes
2005-04-05: In praise of Windows 2003 SP1
2005-04-05: Sex.com ruling upheld by Court of Appeals
2005-04-05: Web postcards hide Trojan horse programs
2005-04-06: Company Develops Way to Restore Cookies
2005-04-06: How to Blog Safely (About Work or Anything Else)
2005-04-06: Internet To Get a 1000 Percent Speed Boost
2005-04-07: America Online enters the VoIP market
2005-04-07: Budget LCD Roundup April 2005 : lcd, review, dell 1703fp, nec lcd1770nx, planar pl1700, samsung 172x, 710n, 915, viewsonic ve175, vg710
2005-04-07: Fewer Permissions Are Key to Longhorn Security
2005-04-07: Linux product uses many PCs at night to create a supercomputer
2005-04-07: Linux tool turns your office into a supercomputer | Tech News on ZDNet
2005-04-07: Maine man sentenced to 6 years for eBay scam - Computerworld
2005-04-07: Microsoft releases software to help police link information such as credit card purchases, Internet chat room messages and arrest records
2005-04-07: Phishing Scam Twist: Bogus Sites Built To Snatch Credit Cards
2005-04-08: Californians Sign Up for Online Organ Donor Registry
2005-04-08: Fake Microsoft security updates circulate | Tech News on ZDNet
2005-04-08: Indian Call Center Workers Hack into accounts
2005-04-08: Nine years in slammer for US spammer
2005-04-09: Google Sightseeing
2005-04-09: Hacker Highschool - www.hackerhighschool.org
2005-04-09: Wi-Fi Clouds Arrive -- Whole cities will be Wi-Fi hot spots next year
2005-04-12: Google launches new cell-phone services - Wireless Life - MSNBC.com
2005-04-12: LexisNexis Data Theft Problem Larger -- Over 300,000 Individuals Affected
2005-04-12: Milk and Meat from Cloned Cows 'Seems To Be Safe'
2005-04-12: Minneapolis envisions citywide Wi-Fi
2005-04-12: RIAA cracks down on Internet2 file swapping
2005-04-12: USB-controlled Disco Dance Floor with Videos
2005-04-13: BigPond disconnecting Trojan-infected customers
2005-04-13: InPhase To Demo Holographic Storage -- 300 GB WORM
2005-04-13: Most Americans support blog censorship, although they have never read one
2005-04-13: Randomly Generated Paper Accepted to Conference
2005-04-13: Son of the USB 2.0 Hi-speed Flash drive roundup : Page 1
2005-04-13: SSL Certificate Spoof
2005-04-14 : Apple Posts Staggering Earnings (up 500% from last year) but Warns They Won't Last
2005-04-14: First clone of champion racehorse revealed
2005-04-14: An early peek at Longhorn | CNET News.com
2005-04-14: An early peek at Longhorn | Tech News on ZDNet
2005-04-14: Comcast sued for disclosing customer info | CNET News.com
2005-04-14: Desktop Linux vs. Windows - don't get emotional | Channel Register
2005-04-14: Networks on yellow alert over ICMP flaw | The Register
2005-04-14: Why businesses have not yet installed Service Pack 2
2005-04-14: Worm attack forces Reuters IM offline | Tech News on ZDNet
2005-04-15: AirScooter II Ultralight Vehicle -- Personal flying vehicle for just $50,000
2005-04-15: Attention Firefox Users: New Security Fix
2005-04-15: BBC NEWS | Technology | Bogus blogs snare fresh victims
2005-04-15: Canadians to get live TV on cell phones - Wireless Life - MSNBC.com
2005-04-15: China Tightens Internet Filtering
2005-04-15: Congress Moving to Tackle Spyware Problem (washingtonpost.com)
2005-04-15: Four Arrested in Game Piracy Sting
2005-04-15: List of OS-tans -- Japanese Animation Mascots for Operating Systems
2005-04-15: New game helps kids stay safe on Internet - Games - MSNBC.com
2005-04-15: Open Source: Fortinet in Court for Hiding Linux in Its Code
2005-04-15: Rise of tech job posts could bode well | CNET News.com
2005-04-15: Toshiba Achieves Breakthrough in Flatbed 3-D Display
2005-04-16: America: Still the High-Speed Laggard: Tech Insider - Yahoo! Finance
2005-04-16: Device Allows Internet Calls from Any Phone
2005-04-16: Microsoft's new "Metro" document format to complete with Adobe's PDF
2005-04-16: Photos of the Air Scooter
2005-04-17 : Yahoo Doubles First-Quarter Profit
2005-04-17: Sun Microsystems Touts New Enterprise RFID Software
2005-04-17: The Pros and Cons of Moving to Linux
2005-04-17L Opera Adds Anti-Phishing Feature to Browser
2005-04-18: Adobe to acquire Macromedia
2005-04-18: Flying Cars Ready To Take Off -- Video
2005-04-19: Firefox fans put new spin on browser protection
2005-04-19: Google Sues Advertising Web Site for Click Fraud
2005-04-19: Opera Version 8 Increases Security
2005-04-19: Prison terms on tap for 'prerelease' pirates | CNET News.com
2005-04-20: Ameritrade warns 200,000 clients of lost data - Consumer Security - MSNBC.com
2005-04-20: AOL Develops Anti-Phishing Plan
2005-04-20: BenedictXVI.com owner pledges no porn - Tech News & Reviews - MSNBC.com
2005-04-20: Google lets users look up search histories - Tech News & Reviews - MSNBC.com
2005-04-20: Novell Claims 'Richest Ever' Linux Distro
2005-04-20: Photo: A pitch for Firefox security -- Condom ad
2005-04-20: Privacy groups slam US passport technology
2005-04-20: Trojan Attacks on Mobile Phones Rising -- 52 new Symbian trojans
2005-04-21: CEO of Opera pledges to swim from Norway to the USA if there are 1 million downloads in 4 days
2005-04-21: Microsoft to support Linux in Virtual Server 2005
2005-04-21: Senate Bill would stop free government Internet weather forecasts
2005-04-22: Chipmaker to Pay $185M for Criminal Antitrust Violations
2005-04-22: Fetal Cell Therapy for Humans?
2005-04-22: Microsoft To Launch 64-bit Windows Monday > Microsoft To Launch 64-bit Windows Monday
2005-04-22: New Opera Browser Fails at Basics
2005-04-22: SpoofStick--AntiPhishing Browser Plugin
2005-04-23: Hong Kong Broadband Launches 1 Gbps Home Service for US$215/month
2005-04-23: Outsourcing to a cruise ship full of Russian programmers
2005-04-23: Program Limits Kids' Video Gaming | April 23, 2005 14:00:06
2005-04-23: SeaCode -- Cheap Programmers on a Cruise Ship
2005-04-24: John Cleese Video -- Institute for Backup Trauma
2005-04-24: Persons who contributed money to Kerry expelled from Inter-American Telecommunication Commission by Bush administration
2005-04-24: Vulnerabilities still worst threat | Tech News on ZDNet
2005-04-24:Traffic Studied Using Computer-Linked Cars
2005-04-25 : Gene Therapy May Hold Back Alzheimer's
2005-04-25: DoubleClick Sold to Buyout Firm for $1.1 Billion -- Internet advertising is up
2005-04-25: Hushmail hit by DNS attack
2005-04-25: IPod's Dirty Little Secret and the Power of the Internet
2005-04-25: iPod's Dirty Secret Video: iPods live only 18 months and then must be discarded
2005-04-25: LHC Computing Centres Transmit 500 Terabytes in Eight Days in Test of New Grid Computing System
2005-04-25: Microsoft Joins Ranks of Jpeg Pariahs -- legal battle over JPEG image format
2005-04-25: Opera CEO starts his swim from Norway to the USA
2005-04-25: Seattle Scientist Induces Hibernation in Mice
2005-04-25: Web defacements and server hacks on the rise - ZDNet UK News
2005-04-25: Wireless Content Rating System Under Development
2005-04-25: Worm Erases MP3 Files
2005-04-26: Apple - Mac OS X Tiger coming April 29
2005-04-26: Kansas revisits the evolution debate
2005-04-26: Longhorn Developer Preview (5048) Screenshot Gallery 1
2005-04-26: Longhorn Security Gets Its Teeth Kicked Out
2005-04-26: Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows: Longhorn Activity Center - All Longhorn, all the time
2005-04-26: Publisher banned from Apple stores after Jobs book spat
2005-04-26: RealNetworks to give away music to boost sales
2005-04-26: Specialist Gets Eight Months for Hacking
2005-04-26: Student phishing project
2005-04-27: FCC May Force VoIP Emergency Calls
2005-04-27: Hong Kong charges man with online piracy
2005-04-27: Internet Judge: Schools don't have to help music industry group
2005-04-27: Movie #1 of Martian Whirlwinds
2005-04-27: Movie #2 of Martian Whirlwinds
2005-04-27: New law cracks down on P2P pirates -- up to three years in prison for uploading a single copy of a prerelease movie
2005-04-27: Nokia to launch phone that stores 3,000 songs
2005-04-27: Put a Tiger in Your Mac -- Review of Tiger
2005-04-28: Acid2 Browser Test
2005-04-28: Experts: New Data Show Global Warming
2005-04-28: Is your personal data next? - Consumer Security - MSNBC.com
2005-04-28: Pentagon To Switch to RFID Chips
2005-04-28: Tempe 1st major city going fully wireless
2005-04-28: TigerDirect sues Apple over use of Tiger name
2005-04-28: Wiretaps in U.S. Jump 19 Percent in 2004 -- Every surveillance request made by authorities was granted
2005-04-28Spitzer sues Internet marketer over 'spyware' - Consumer Security - MSNBC.com
2005-04-29: Backup tapes are backdoor for ID thieves
2005-04-29: California State Bill to Limit RFID
2005-04-29: Florida International University (FIU) hacked, damage extent not yet clear
2005-04-29: Intel kills 64-bit Pentium 4s
2005-04-29: Net-powered computer goes on show
2005-04-29: Tiny nuclear fusion device has big ideas | CNET News.com
2005-04-30: Anti-Virus Protection - Lacking for new 64-bit Windows
2005-04-30: Conductive paint to stop radio signals from going in or out of a building
2005-04-30: FDA OKs Lizard-Derived Shot for Diabetes
2005-04-30: New Zealand cinema owners may use mobile phone jamming technology to stop mid-movie calls
2005-04-30: Scammers Target Googlers with Trojan Attack
2005-04-30: Verizon pulling plug on free NYC Wi-Fi
2005-04-39: Near Perfect Einstein's Ring -- Gravity Lens Magnifies Distant Galaxy
2005-05-01: Google Suggest
2005-05-02: Secure Video Conferencing via Quantum Cryptography

May and June 2005

2005-05-05: Artificial Retinas Bring Vision Back To The Blind
2005-05-05: Australian state introduces law to stop bosses spying on workers' e-mail
2005-05-05: Cisco preps Wi-Fi tracking kit
2005-05-05: Google Web Accelerator Download
2005-05-05: Hack IIS Contest -- Win an X-Box by Hacking into this Server
2005-05-05: Is VoIP Service the Next Big Target for Hackers? - Yahoo! News
2005-05-05: National Data Security Law Gains Momentum
2005-05-05: New Phishing Attacks Using Keyloggers
2005-05-05: New Vaccine Could End Cervical Cancer
2005-05-05: Symantec launches anti-spyware beta: ZDNet Australia: News: Security
2005-05-05: Yahoo Video Search Now Widely Available
2005-05-06 Your Identity, Open to All -- an Interview with the Founders of Zabasearch
2005-05-06: Australian Scientists Patent Single-Photon Generator
2005-05-06: Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race: Photos From the 2005 Race
2005-05-06: Blue Screen Of Death upgrades to Red Screen Of Death in Longhorn
2005-05-06: California Violent-Game Ban Advances
2005-05-06: Cosmos 1: The First Solar Sail Will Launch into Space Soon
2005-05-06: Crime time for Chinese net users
2005-05-06: Equifax saves money by using Windows XP clusters instead of Linux clusters
2005-05-06: Google speed bump draws scorn
2005-05-06: How Real ID will affect you -- USA Will Require Internal Passports in Three Years
2005-05-06: Meet the Head of Microsoft's Linux Lab
2005-05-06: Microsoft-Funder Tests Show Windows 300% Faster than Linux
2005-05-06: Profits triple at animator Pixar
2005-05-06: Results from the 2004 Desktop Linux Market survey (updated)
2005-05-06: Sci-fi solar sail tested in Cleveland
2005-05-06: Sober worm makes a comeback -- it is 5% of total email traffic
2005-05-06: U.S. economy adds tech jobs
2005-05-06: VeriSign said that 85% of participants in a survey compromised their password for a cup of coffee
2005-05-06: 'Real ID' Act Could Help ID Thieves
2005-05-06" Google's Accelerator Breaks Web Apps, Security
2005-05-07: Kansas putting cross hairs on Darwin again
2005-05-07: Mozilla Firefox 1.0.3 Remote Arbitrary Code Execution Exploit
2005-05-07: San Francisco tops stem cell HQ list
2005-05-09: Motorola Debuts First Ever Nano Emissive Flat Screen Display Prototype
2005-05-09: PGP goes the whole hog of encryption
2005-05-09: Symantec Unveils Symbian Anti-Virus, Firewall Software
2005-05-09: Two New Critical Security Flaws in Firefox
2005-05-10 Bruce Schneier on Cryptography
2005-05-10: How to Oppose the RealID Card Bill -- Senate Voting Today
2005-05-10: Senate Passes War-Funds Bill Including RealID Plan
2005-05-10: Two hundred digit number factored -- It Only Took 55 CPU-Years
2005-05-10: Yahoo Music Service Challenges iTunes
2005-05-11: Dashboard Leaves Macs Vulnerable
2005-05-11: Here comes the no-frills, mobile computer system -- Laptop under $200
2005-05-12 : Using a Mac? Good Luck
2005-05-12: A New Way to Fight Spam -- Teamwork
2005-05-12: Flaw found in VPN crypto security
2005-05-12: Funny Firefox Promo Videos
2005-05-12: Group Studies RFID to Stop Digital Piracy
2005-05-12: MPAA targets TV download sites | Tech News on ZDNet
2005-05-12: Paralyzed Rats Walk; Humans Next?
2005-05-12: This Week Changed the World of High Tech Forever, Though Most of Us Still Don't Know It
2005-05-13: AOL launches AIM mail -- 2 GB
2005-05-13: Firefox Gets Big Win with Big Blue
2005-05-13: Flying Snake Home Page
2005-05-13: Google puts the brake on Web Accelerator
2005-05-13: Internet Explorer share slips below 90 percent
2005-05-13: Microsoft Beefs Up Wi-Fi Security
2005-05-13: Microsoft Readies Its Antivirus App
2005-05-13: Microsoft to Deliver Automated, All-in-One PC Health Service for Consumers
2005-05-13: New fuel cell runs on human blood
2005-05-13: Serious New Security Vulnerabilities in IE, Outlook
2005-05-13: Student Raises the Specter of an Attack on Intel Chips
2005-05-13: Why Viruses Have Trouble Penetrating the Macintosh
2005-05-13: Windows OneCare Live: Coming soon to beta
2005-05-14: Amateur High-Altitude Balloon Launch
2005-05-14: Free Wireless Software Provides Entry-Level Security
2005-05-16: Download MSN Search Toolbar with Windows Desktop Search Here
2005-05-16: Microsoft ups ante in desktop search -- Free Search Tool Available Today
2005-05-16: More About Windows OneCare
2005-05-16: Sober Worm Spawns German Spam
2005-05-16: Super Water Kills Bugs Dead
2005-05-17: Firefox Users Monkey With the Web
2005-05-17: George Lucas' empire moves into the Presidio
2005-05-17: Know your Enemy: Phishing
2005-05-17: More computer science students needed
2005-05-17: Reverse auction feature a hit - May 17, 2005
2005-05-17: RFID Bracelets to Track Inmates in L.A. County
2005-05-17: Tor Provides Free Web Anonymity Using Triple Encryption
2005-05-17: Washington State Outlaws Spyware
2005-05-17: Yahoo, SBC Offer Free Online Security Suite
2005-05-18: Air Force Seeks Bush's Approval for Space Weapons Programs
2005-05-18: Microsoft looks to "Honeymonkeys" to find Web threats
2005-05-18: Microsoft offers peek at next Office suite
2005-05-18: Students May Be Required to Get Export Licenses to Take Science Classes
2005-05-19: 2005 Google U.S. Puzzle Championship Announced
2005-05-19: Behind the wheel: nobody -- robotic cars
2005-05-19: Fake Microsoft Patch Triggers Virus Attack
2005-05-19: J.P. Morgan Chase set to issue new 'contactless' credit card that you wave instead of swipe
2005-05-19: Ten Things I Didn't Know About Google
2005-05-20: Cockroach-controlled robot
2005-05-20: Lecturer forced to resign from Spanish University (UPV) for defending P2P networks
2005-05-20: Morgan Stanley case highlights e-mail perils
2005-05-20: Naperville libraries will make patrons prove their identities with fingerprint scans before using computers
2005-05-20: Netscape Releases Security Update 24 Hours After Releasing New Version
2005-05-20: The world's first commercial electric plant powered by ocean waves
2005-05-23: Apple explores use of Intel chips
2005-05-23: Apple, Microsoft sign death warrant for open-source in Europe
2005-05-23: Bank of America security breach may be biggest yet -- more than 670,000 customers
2005-05-23: Enrollment in computer science programs continues to decline, fueling fears of tech worker shortage
2005-05-23: French judges release convicted fileswappers with suspended sentences
2005-05-23: German Researchers Halt Sober.Q's Spread -- More German Spam Coming Thursday
2005-05-23: House approves spyware bill--again
2005-05-23: Mad as hell, switching to Mac
2005-05-23: New flash RAMS can replace hard disks
2005-05-23: Next for BitTorrent: Search
2005-05-23: Windows Genuine Advantage can be used to generate key codes for use on illegal copies of Windows XP
2005-05-24: Airport screeners could see X-rated X-rays -- devices see through clothing
2005-05-24: CA Patches 'High Risk' Anti-Virus Flaw
2005-05-24: FOX Issuing Takedown Notices to Sith UPloaders
2005-05-24: FTC, Partners Launch Campaign Against Spam Zombies
2005-05-24: Google's books online under fire
2005-05-24: Internet infection holds computer files 'hostage'
2005-05-24: Minnesota court accepts PGP software as evidence of criminal intent
2005-05-24: NASA -- Voyager Enters Solar System's Final Frontier
2005-05-24: Public worried by online ID theft
2005-05-25: Burlington, Vermont, will run fiber optics to every house
2005-05-25: CIA Overseeing 3-Day War Game Simulating Internet Attack
2005-05-25: Congress Passes ID Theft Bill
2005-05-25: Database Hackers Reveal Tactics
2005-05-25: Government shuts down Elitetorrents.org -- the Web site used to steal "Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith."
2005-05-25: Trojan holds PC files for ransom (thanks, Suzy)
2005-05-25: Vigilante hackers hack into and deface spoofed bank sites
2005-05-26: Bank of America to Launch ID Theft Protection
2005-05-26: FBI Investigates Stanford Computer Breach
2005-05-26: Live Map of Zombie Computer Statistics (requires IE)
2005-05-26: Many Problems With Netscape 8 -- Stick to Firefox for Now
2005-05-26: The Mad Genius from the Bottom of the Sea -- Unlimited Power from Cold Ocean Water
2005-05-26: USA rebuked by Amnesty International for Torturing Prisoners: Guantánamo Bay is "the gulag of our time"
2005-05-27: A Good History of Browser Vulnerabilities - No Browser is Safe
2005-05-27: Bank of America's New Security Feature "SiteKey" discussed 00 it uses a Secure Cookie
2005-05-27: Batteryless and wireless mouse
2005-05-27: Intel quietly adds Digital Rights Management to new chips
2005-05-27: Paris May Be Hot, But Downtime's Not -- Server Mirroring to Deliver Streaming Media
2005-05-27: Private records including names, grades, and Social Security Numbers discovered in public area on University of Chicago servers
2005-05-27: Tech/Science Slide Show Archive Front Page -- Great Astronomical Pictures
2005-05-27:Windows Servers Gain Traction Over Unix
2005-05-29: Doctor sells surgery exam answers on eBay
2005-05-29: Israelis Nab 18 in Computer Espionage Case
2005-05-29: Steering Wheel Checks Alcohol Consumption
2005-05-29: System Lets Parents Spy on Kids' Lunches
2005-05-29: Tiny Molecule Could Shrink Computers, Phones, iPods
2005-05-30: Hacker Hunters -- An elite force takes on the dark side of computing
2005-05-30: Russian Firm Pays to Infect PCs with Adware
2005-05-31: Blogging Becomes A Corporate Job; Digital 'Handshake'?
2005-05-31: How to try out a virtual Linux desktop freely and easily
2005-05-31: Online service foils ransom plot
2005-05-31: Spanish scientists use maths to cure terminal liver cancer
2005-05-31: Too much homework can be counterproductive
2005-06-01: Airborne robots swarm using wireless Linux cluster computing
2005-06-01: Yahoo sued for child-sex chat rooms
2005-06-02: .xxx top-level domain names approved
2005-06-02: add google maps directions to your site
2005-06-02: Anti-Spam Vigilantes
2005-06-02: Camera sees behind objects
2005-06-02: Microsoft 'Office 12' Will Use XML as its Default File Type
2005-06-02: Microsoft: MSN site hacked in South Korea - Jun 2, 2005
2005-06-02: New Bagle prevents updates, opens firewall, stops antivirus, and hijacks machines to make them zombies
2005-06-02: Single Molecule Transistor Developed
2005-06-03: Hackers plot to create massive botnet
2005-06-03: New hack cracks 'secure' Bluetooth devices
2005-06-04: Triple-Barreled Trojan Attack Builds Botnets
2005-06-06: Inventor of Pong Chuck E. Cheese starts uWink Media Bistro -- video games at each seat
2005-06-13: Appeals court: Borders must pay Calif. tax on online sales
2005-06-13: Astronomers have found the most Earthlike extrasolar planet discovered so far
2005-06-14: OpenSolaris Now Available
2005-06-14: The slow road to Windows XP -- Half of Businesses Still Use Windows 2000
2005-06-16: Beginner’s guide to Linux distros
2005-06-16: City must release electronic GIS mapping data
2005-06-16: Microsoft asks for help from hackers
2005-06-16: The U.S. Department of Justice may require Internet service providers to retain records of their customer's activities
2005-06-17: Botnet Hunters Search for 'Command and Control' Servers
2005-06-17: Mastercard Security Breach Exposes 40 Million Credit Card Accounts
2005-06-18: Bird Flu Drug Rendered Useless -- Chinese Chickens Given Medication Made for Humans
2005-06-18: Yahoo! Closes User Created Chat Rooms
2005-06-19: Download the new Microsoft Command Line Shell -- MSH
2005-06-20: Calvin and Hobbes Comics
2005-06-20: Comp sci grads turn away from tech
2005-06-20: gCensus - Census Data Over Google Maps
2005-06-20: Google Plans Online-Payment Service
2005-06-20: Google Print
2005-06-20: Google Scholar
2005-06-20: Intel Develops New Ultrafast Wireless Chip
2005-06-20: Microsoft Takes On BitTorrent
2005-06-20: New Computer Language Thinks Like Humans
2005-06-20: Outfoxed in a nutshell
2005-06-20: Researchers discover 'window on the brain' that could help treat disorders
2005-06-20: Solar sail set to launch - Cosmos 1 will be powered by sunlight.
2005-06-20: Spyware Warrior
2005-06-20: Wi-Fi used for location services
2005-06-20: Xtra-Google - The Best of Google on one searchable page
2005-06-20: Yotophoto: Find Free photos Fast! (A Search engine for Free Images & Stock Photos)
2005-06-21: Interview with Marcus Ranum -- Inventor of the Firewall
2005-06-21: Solar sail missing in pioneering flight
2005-06-21: YouSendIt | Email large files quickly, securely, and easily!
2005-06-22: Linux powers low-cost petabyte-level storage
2005-06-22: Longhorn Preview
2005-06-22: Microbes Can Produce Miniature Electrical Wires
2005-06-22: Slashdot Book Review | The Art of Computer Virus Research and Defense
2005-06-22: Students offered online PE courses
2005-06-22: Track Satellites in Real-Time With Your Browser
2005-06-23: 13 teens face felonies for modifying high school computers
2005-06-23: FTC Halts SpyKiller, Bogus Antispyware Software
2005-06-23: Internal security attacks affecting banks | The Register
2005-06-23: The Sun exposes UK ID theft racket at Indian call centre | The Register
2005-06-23: Yahoo chat choice signals Internet shift -- Free-for-all speech just not worth it, firm decides
2005-06-23: `Bionic' arm brings back sense of touch
2005-06-24: Yahoo dumps child sex rooms
2005-06-24: 172,000 PCs joined zombie networks daily in May 2005
2005-06-24: Are you ready for Inescapable Data? | Between the Lines | ZDNet.com
2005-06-24: Fuel cell technology promises to power mobile PCs for full working days
2005-06-24: Hard Drives Self-Destruct to Protect Data
2005-06-24: Iran targets dissent on the net
2005-06-24: Major advertisers caught in spyware net
2005-06-24: Sex sites win reprieve from new federal rules | CNET News.com
2005-06-24: US rules all porn is child porn
2005-06-25: Adoption of Alternate E-Mail Security Technologies Pushed -- "Domain Keys"
2005-06-25: Verizon speeds up wireless Web access
2005-06-27: Big Advantages From Small USB 2.0 Drives
2005-06-27: Fresh Batch of Bagles Seeding Botnets
2005-06-27: Lawsuit seeks disclosure in California credit card heist
2005-06-27: Scientists bring dogs back to life after hours spent dead
2005-06-27: The U.S. Supreme Court rules against file-sharing service Grokster
2005-06-27: U of Conn. Finds Rootkit in Hacked Server -- Personal Data Exposed
2005-06-27: US Journalists Required to Reveal Sources by Supreme Court
2005-06-28: Burglars beware, robot guards are here
2005-06-29: Google Earth - Downloads
2005-06-29: World's most economical car
2005-06-9: ACLU to Challenge Utah Porn-Blocking Law
2005-07-01: SCO versus Novell going all the way
2005-07-02: Map Hacks
2005-07-03: Forget cameras - spy device will cut drivers%u2019 speed by satellite

July 2005

2005-07-06: Fingernails store personal information (July 2005) - News - optics.org
2005-07-06: Microsoft Downgrades Claria Adware Detections
2005-07-06: Simulation of Evolution of the Universe With Videos
2005-07-06: USC admissions site cracked wide open | The Register
2005-07-08: Feds blacklist 'illegal' Cuban Web sites
2005-07-08: Google Pedometer -- Plan a Route Anywhere
2005-07-08: Guitar-playing machine
2005-07-09: Euthanasia Research in the USA and Canada by Russel Ogden
2005-07-09: Google wins 'typosquatting' dispute
2005-07-09: Iris Scans are Coming
2005-07-09: PookMail.com -- disposable email accounts
2005-07-10: Google SMS -- Searches via text messages from cell phones
2005-07-14: Australian site found to be illegal just for linking to MP3 download sites
2005-07-15: Microsoft Investigates New XP SP2 Flaw
2005-07-16: HP to slash approximately 15,000 jobs
2005-07-16: New improved bandaids made of ground shrimp
2005-07-17: Bank to require more than passwords
2005-07-17: Jail for Nigerian bank fraudster
2005-07-17: Lafayette, LA votes to install fiver-to-the-home
2005-07-17: Time to turn on to power over Ethernet? | Channel Register
2005-07-17: Zazzle is coming -- personalized products for everyone
2005-07-18: Apple preparing video iPod
2005-07-20: Blogs in space target aliens
2005-07-20: Feds crack down on pornographic e-mails
2005-07-20: Google Moon
2005-07-20: Identity Theft Protection Act
2005-07-20: Riot control ray gun worries scientists | CNET News.com
2005-07-20: Ten-year-old girl is a Microsoft Certified Professional
2005-07-20: 'Alien' worm descends on Earth PCs - vnunet.com
2005-07-21: Biggest 419 bust in history -- 310 people arrested for Nigerian money scam
2005-07-21: FDA OKs Brain Stimulator For Depression
2005-07-21: Introduction to Be, Inc. and BeOS -- A New OS
2005-07-21: Pedal Power For VoIP Minutes: A Third-World digital divide solution?
2005-07-21: Revenge on Spammers
2005-07-21: Scary man tells the weather
2005-07-22: Longhorn Gets a Name: Windows Vista
2005-07-22: Powered Armor offers Japan's elderly new lease on life
2005-07-22: Yikes! USB Devices can be Used to Start Locked Windows Workstations
2005-07-24: Interview with the hacker who did "the biggest military computer hack of all time"
2005-07-24: Running Windows with No Services
2005-07-25: Eerie Sounds of Saturn's Radio Emissions
2005-07-25: Microsoft's Earth deletes Apple HQ
2005-07-25: Russia's Biggest Spammer Brutally Murdered in Apartment
2005-07-26: Getting a handle on Windows Vista | CNET News.com
2005-07-26: Nanotech Moves Closer to Cure
2005-07-26: Privacy Guru Locks Down VOIP
2005-07-26: Rap Marketing Comes to Nerdcore
2005-07-27: Blind Teen Video Gamer Obliterates Foes
2005-07-27: Implant chip to identify the dead
2005-07-27: Microsoft Genuine Advantage Verification Bypassed With Simple Hack
2005-07-27: Researcher Resigns Over New Cisco Router Flaw
2005-07-27: Sunlight Direct lights buildings with sunlight transmitted by fiber optics
2005-07-28: Firefox Downloads Top 75 million, Mozilla Expands • MarketingVOX
2005-07-28: IE7 nukes Google, Yahoo! search
2005-07-28: Microsoft introduces compulsory Windows piracy checks
2005-07-28: Water ice in crater at Martian north pole
2005-07-30: Cisco Whistle-Blower Faces FBI Probe
2005-08-01: Cosmic rays may prevent long-haul space travel
2005-08-01: DefCon 13 Coverage
2005-08-01: Hacker forced new planet discovery out of the closet
2005-08-01: Interview With eBay's Security Officer
2005-08-01: Router Flaw Is a Ticking Bomb
2005-08-01: The wall of sheep -- careless users' passwords projected on the wall at DEFCON
2005-08-02: Army punishes soldier for blog posts
2005-08-02: Hackers Annihilate Wi-Fi Record
2005-08-02: Infrared exploits open the door to hotel hacking | The Register
2005-08-02: Linux Bluetooth hackers hijack car audio | The Register
2005-08-02: Microsoft Windows Vista Slide Show
2005-08-02: Mighty Mouse from Apple
2005-08-02: Phishers hack eBay -- Real eBay page redirected
2005-08-03: Chinese cyber-dissident jailed | The Register
2005-08-03: Cisco warns customers of site breach | Tech News on ZDNet
2005-08-03: DNS servers--an Internet Achilles' heel | Tech News on ZDNet
2005-08-03: S.Korean scientists create world's first cloned dog
2005-08-03: Search pioneers join Yahoo! - but is the web beyond search? | The Register
2005-08-04: Five viruses already out for Microsoft Windows Vista
2005-08-04: The Chief Security Officer of Oracle's Position on Security Vulnerability Research
2005-08-07: Google urged to drop reactor images | Top stories | Breaking News 24/7 - NEWS.com.au (08-08-2005)
2005-08-07: Massive spyware-based identity theft ring uncovered
2005-08-07: Proposal: Implant radio frequency identification (RFID) chips under the skin of US citizens
2005-08-07: Researchers Create Radio Controlled Humans
2005-08-07: Terrorists Turn to the Web as Base of Operations
2005-08-07: US Government requires insecure backdoors into networks
2005-08-07: 'Thoughts read' via brain scans
2005-08-08: China creates its 1st cloned pig
2005-08-08: ID theft ring hits 50 banks, security firm says | Tech News on ZDNet
2005-08-08: Quantum information can be negative (popular description)

Aug 2005

2005-07-18: Chinese exchange student arrested for stealing virtual objects from online gamers and then selling them for cash
2005-08-02: Fuel Cell Motorbike to Hit U.S. Streets
2005-08-04: Security slips out of top-5 IT priorities ranking | Datapoint: IT Research That Matters on ZDNet | ZDNet.com
2005-08-08: A9.com -- Maps of cities at street level
2005-08-08: A9.com Maps (Beta) -- Street-level view of San Francisco
2005-08-08: Bacteria grow conductive wires
2005-08-08: Colorado bans cell phone driving teens
2005-08-08: Is a $20 cell phone on the horizon?
2005-08-08: Microsoft's 'honeymonkeys' find first zero-day exploit
2005-08-08: Riding With the Urban Mappers
2005-08-08: Yahoo passes Google in search index capacity | News.blog | CNET News.com
2005-08-09: 13 Pennsylvania High School Students Face Felony Charges for Bypassing Security With School-Issued Laptops
2005-08-09: British Testing RFID Tags on License Plates
2005-08-09: Microsoft settles suit against one-time 'spam king'
2005-08-09: RFID: To Tag or Not to Tag
2005-08-09: S Korean dies after games session
2005-08-09: Unites Airlines Tests RFID on Passports
2005-08-09: Windows Vista Beta 1: A Guided Tour
2005-08-09: ZDNet Apologizes for Using Google
2005-08-10: Americans falling woefully behind the rest of world in broadband access
2005-08-10: Gateway puts a trace on laptops
2005-08-10: Kansas Board of Education Votes to Include More Criticism of Evolution in School Science Scandards
2005-08-10: Man dies playing computer games
2005-08-10: Photo in the News: Triple Asteroid System Found
2005-08-10: Plan to Warm Mars With Greenhouse Gases
2005-08-10: Stealing your neighbor's Internet? Experts urge caution
2005-08-10: The Feds Take On Electronic Trash
2005-08-11: Furniture Causes FedEx Fits -- Sues Designer Using DMCA
2005-08-11: Intel's Pentium 4 Overclocked to 7.1GHz, Sets World's Record
2005-08-11: World's largest solar installation to use Stirling engine technology
2005-08-12: Cabir mobile phone worm spreads in Helsinki
2005-08-12: Florida Librarian Suspended Because a Patron Viewed Porn
2005-08-12: Spammer Convicted in Huge Computer-Theft Case
2005-08-14: Firefox Hits 80 million downloads
2005-08-15: A Comparision of the Size of the Yahoo and Google Indices -- Google returns three times as many hits as Yahoo
2005-08-15: Bush administration objects to .xxx domains
2005-08-15: Feds Push Flier Background Checks
2005-08-15: Nanotubes May Heal Broken Bones
2005-08-15: Service Technicians Can’t Snoop on Your Hard Drive for the Government
2005-08-15: Spyware Heats Up the Debate Over Cookies - New York Times (use bugmenot.com to log in)
2005-08-15: Tools drive point-and-click crime -- Easily controlled botnets
2005-08-15: Y-shaped nanotubes are ready-made transistors
2005-08-15: ZOTOB Worm Plagues Microsoft, Not Apple
2005-08-16: Crocodile blood may yield powerful new antibiotics
2005-08-16: Milky Way's Central Structure Seen with Fresh Clarity -- We Live in a Barred Spiral Galaxy
2005-08-17: Adobe warns of Reader, Acrobat buffer overflow bug
2005-08-17: DSL Extender trial wraps up -- DSL to 20 km
2005-08-17: Interactive 3D Display: Its Here!
2005-08-17: Lease Space on Your Body for Ads
2005-08-17: New Cryptanalytic Results Against SHA-1
2005-08-17: New patented lens made of liquid paves way for slimmer digital cameras
2005-08-17: San Francisco Looks To Wireless Future
2005-08-17: Via Internet, Australian-based Researchers Perform Real-time Cell Surgery In California
2005-08-17: Video-Playing Tombstones
2005-08-17: Vietnam to bug bears to stop wildlife smuggling
2005-08-18: Broadband over Power Lines (BPL) is coming (at end note US ranking: #16 worldwide in broadband penetration)
2005-08-18: Fired AOL software engineer sentenced for selling client list
2005-08-18: Microsoft Security Advisory (906267): A COM Object (Msdds.dll) Could Cause Internet Explorer to Unexpectedly Exit
2005-08-18: Microsoft Warns of IE Zero-Day Exploit -- Msdds.dll (Microsoft DDS Library Shape Control)
2005-08-18: More Details on the 13 Pennsylvania High School Students Facing Felony Charges for Hacking the School Computers
2005-08-18: Putting Speakers on Airplane Wings and Playing Music Through them Prevents Stalling at Low Speeds
2005-08-18: Universities grapple with ID theft | CNET News.com
2005-08-18: Vista feature exposes beta machines | CNET News.com
2005-08-19 : Google Nudging Changes in China
2005-08-19: Bill would let Canadian police monitor e-mail without a court order
2005-08-19: Commentary : Just Say 'No' to DMV-ization of Broadband in San Francisco
2005-08-19: HotMaps links Google Maps with AmIHotOrNot for dating
2005-08-19: Ice turning to mush in Alaska
2005-08-19: Nanotubes show their strength in numbers
2005-08-19: Net stalker loses appeal -- Sentence of 96 months in prison and three years supervised release was left unchanged
2005-08-19: New MRI technique permits presymptomatic detection of diabetes
2005-08-19: Philly narrows Wi-Fi equipment choice | CNET News.com
2005-08-19: Photos: E-waste in a Chinese scrapyard
2005-08-19: Photos: The Russian reusable spacecraft Kliper is intended to replace the disposable Soyuz vehicle
2005-08-19: Racing to build the world's mightiest computer | CNET News.com
2005-08-19: Researchers creating life from scratch
2005-08-19: Windows Vista P2P engine causes concern
2005-08-19: WorldChanging: Another World Is Here: Ribbons, Sheets and the Nanofuture
2005-08-19: 'E-Mail Wiretapping' Prosecutions Could Increase in the Future -- Increased Privacy in the US
2005-08-19: 'Killbit' Workaround for Zero-Day IE Flaw Available
2005-08-20: Keeping enemies close at the Google Dance
2005-08-20: Light that travels faster than light
2005-08-20: Photo in the News: Gas Thief Escapes on Tricycle
2005-08-20: Photo in the News: Jet's Sonic Boom Cloud Caught
2005-08-20: Scientists Mess with the Speed of Light -- But the Faster than Light Claim is Only an Illusion
2005-08-20: Video games linked to aggression, study finds | CNET News.com
2005-08-21: Government May Soon Track You by Your RFID License Plate
2005-08-21: The Breaking Point - Pretty Pictures of Saudi Arabian Oil Fields - (New York Times -- use bugmenot.com to log in)
2005-08-22: Artificial Pancreas (06-01, year unknown)
2005-08-22: Billboards beam adverts to passing cellphones
2005-08-22: Connecticut Sues 'No Child Left Behind' Law
2005-08-22: French rent bikes from public racks at low cost
2005-08-22: Google Desktop Download
2005-08-22: Grad's Breakthrough Artificial Pancreas May Help Diabetics - The Daily Californian (from August 31, 2004)
2005-08-22: Microsoft offers RFID system for postal services
2005-08-22: Napster boss on life after piracy
2005-08-22: Researchers create new stem cell, no embryo needed
2005-08-22: The new Trojan war -- Defense Department finds its networks under attack from China
2005-08-22: Web of Crime Series
2005-08-23: ID theft spyware scam uncovered -- used Internet Explorer's AutoComplete
2005-08-23: Dual-Core Processors > AMD Issues Dual-Core Chip Challenge To Intel
2005-08-23: Google planning IM service, report says
2005-08-23: Google Talk -- Google's Instant Messenger
2005-08-23: Intel confirms Yonah, Sossaman will offer virtualisation
2005-08-23: Intel Introduces new Microprocessor Architecture -- lots of cool pictures
2005-08-23: Intel promises Windows Vista on handhelds
2005-08-23: Japanese House-Sitter Robot Hits Stores
2005-08-23: Lockheed Martin Is Hired to put 1,000 video cameras and 3,000 motion sensors in NYC subways
2005-08-23: Merom, Conroe, Woodcrest lose HyperThreading | The Register
2005-08-23: Ministers confront reality of climate change
2005-08-23: More Students Prefer Interdisciplinary degrees to Computer Science degrees
2005-08-23: NCSA edges away from Google-Yahoo! study
2005-08-23: The struggle over science
2005-08-23: University of Texas discards all the books, replaces library with Internet coffeehouse
2005-08-23: US boffins breed cloned wildcats
2005-08-23: US tops poll of spyware purveyors
2005-08-23: Your laptop is getting very, very sleepy
2005-08-23: Zotob worm hole also affects Windows XP
2005-08-24: Airborne laser cannon brings Star Wars one step closer - Yahoo! News
2005-08-24: AOL agrees to customer service reform -- they made it too hard to cancel service
2005-08-24: Boot loader showdown: Getting to know LILO and GRUB
2005-08-24: Internet phone cos. may cut off customers
2005-08-25: Has Google Peaked?
2005-08-25: Arrests made in Turkey and Morocco for creating Mytob and Zotob worms
2005-08-25: Earth's Core Spins Faster Than the Rest of the Planet (NY Times)
2005-08-25: From Intel's labs: Virus hunters and power savers -- Exciting, new way to stop viruses!
2005-08-25: Google Wants to Be Your Best Friend
2005-08-25: Hollywood studios filed a new round of lawsuits using BitTorrent's own data to track down individuals accused of trading movies online
2005-08-25: Intel preps 'GPS for Wi-Fi' location tech
2005-08-25: PWNtcha - captcha decoder
2005-08-26: BBC plans to put channels on net
2005-08-26: Flaw may hide malicious software -- spyware scanners will miss very long registry keys
2005-08-26: Legal argument could hamper high-tech job-changers -- "Inevitable Disclosure" is the new Indentured Servitude
2005-08-26: NSF Preps New, Improved Internet
2005-08-26: Scientists probe anti-ageing gene
2005-08-26: Who'll mind the mainframes?
2005-08-27: 5 indicted in spyware e-mail case -- Lover Spy program could access anything on your computer, even turn on the webcam
2005-08-28: Poker-playing programs make real money online
2005-08-29: Free Opera Registration Codes
2005-08-29: It's a miracle: mice regrow hearts
2005-08-29: Microsoft releases Windows file system beta
2005-08-29: New Nanotech Coating Prevents Fogging, Glare in Glass
2005-08-29: These are the cutest donkeys in Texas. They have nothing to do with computers -- so sue me.
2005-08-30: Major ozone loss over Antarctic
2005-08-30: Argonne researchers create new diamond-nanotube composite material
2005-08-30: New IrDA spec shoots for 100Mbit/s data rates
2005-08-30: Stolen Windows source code fence pleads guilty -- faces up tp 10 years' prison
2005-08-31: Canadian Researchers To Showcase CanX-2 Nanosat August 31
2005-08-31: Mazda Ditches Cylinder Locks in Favor of USB Key
2005-08-31: Microsoft plans telephone service
2005-08-31: MSN unveils first paid-search tool
2005-08-31: US develops hopping 'Lunar Penguin'
2005-09-01: Blog from New Orleans
2005-09-01: Gumshoe chases Internet villains in Eastern Europe
2005-09-01: Massachusetts dumps Microsoft Office
2005-09-02: Japanese use new form of multiplexing to achieve 100 Mbps wireless Internet connection via cell phones from a moving car
2005-09-02: 'DVD Jon' targets Media Player file encryption
2005-09-04: 'Microsoft CEO vowed to kill Google'

Oct 2005

2005-09-28: Security-related innovation in Unix in heap handling
2005-09-29: Apple Upgrades Mac Mini, Doesn't Tell Anybody
2005-09-30: Next-Gen Processor: Supercomputer on a Chip
2005-10-01: Book Review - The Singularity Is Near
2005-10-02: Microsoft invents a one-play only DVD to combat Hollywood piracy
2005-10-02: Robot English Teacher in Korea
2005-10-02: So what do you have to do to find happiness? - Sunday Times - Times Online
2005-10-03: HP to ship Netscape browser on new PCs
2005-10-03: New battery technology powers for 12 years
2005-10-03: Yahoo begins effort to bring books online for reading
2005-10-04: Google and Sun team up to tout Open Office and Google Toolbar
2005-10-04: HBO Attacking BitTorrent
2005-10-04: Music Download Services Compared - Printer Friendly - Guide - Designtechnica
2005-10-04: Musicians tell how to beat system - Oct 4, 2005
2005-10-04: Nanotubes refine computer memory - Manufacturers gear up to mass-produce unconventional chips.
2005-10-04: Neowin.net - 30GB Web Mail Launches Into Beta -- I have some invitations left
2005-10-04: Robotic Antisniper device
2005-10-04: Single-play DVDs? It's a hoax
2005-10-05: Andreessen's Ning unveiled
2005-10-05: Common Malware Enumeration Initiative
2005-10-05: Dell offers an open-source PC
2005-10-05: Japan to stage mock cyberattacks
2005-10-05: Nematodes: The Making of 'Beneficial' Network Worms
2005-10-05: Photo Gallery: Best Science Photographs of 2005 Named
2005-10-05: Record labels, satellite radio seen in showdown
2005-10-06: A Real Remedy for Phishers
2005-10-06: Blackout shows Net's fragility | Tech News on ZDNet
2005-10-06: Breaking America's grip on the net
2005-10-06: Court Rules in Favor of Anonymous Blogger
2005-10-06: MS to Ship Malware Protection Utility -- Microsoft Client Protection
2005-10-07: A convicted hacker debunks some myths
2005-10-07: Are you a bored web techie? Join al-Qaeda
2005-10-07: Dutch smash 100,000-strong zombie army
2005-10-07: Google Reader
2005-10-07: Malware turns PlayStation Portable into expensive brick
2005-10-07: Sound waves used to destroy torpedoes
2005-10-07: Symantec complains to EU anti-trust officers over Microsoft
2005-10-07: Tsunami 'hacker' conviction worries experts - ZDNet UK News
2005-10-08: Fingerprint payments taking off despite security concerns | The Register
2005-10-08: Schwarzenegger signs video game bill
2005-10-08: Solar Flares Shield Astronauts from Cosmic Rays
2005-10-10 - General relativity versus exotic dark matter -- no dark matter in galaxies is needed after all
2005-10-10: CCD failures: the bigger picture -- digital cameras are dying
2005-10-10: EBay's PayPal to buy VeriSign unit for $370 mln
2005-10-10: IBM promises not to discriminate based on DNA
2005-10-10: Japanese supersonic airliner is ready to go -- successful test
2005-10-10: Microsoft sees a future on the small screen
2005-10-10: Splashpower wants to cut the charger cord
2005-10-11: Ottawa demands greater wiretap access
2005-10-12: Add 200 GB to your Ipod Nano -- if you are completely insane
2005-10-12: Blackboard and WebCT Announce Agreement to Merge
2005-10-12: Microsoft, Yahoo to Link IM Networks
2005-10-12: Visualizations of elementary particles: Art meets Particle Physics
2005-10-12: Yahoo Chat Rooms: You Must Be Over 18 Now
2005-10-13: Earth Observatory Newsroom: Blue Marble Next Generation
2005-10-13: South Korea's Samsung Electronics has agreed to plead guilty to charges of price-fixing and pay a $300 million fine
2005-10-13: SVS Animation 3270 - Seasonal Landcover Change over the Alps
2005-10-13: Windows Vista Build 5231 Leaks with screenshots
2005-09-27: Sony VAIO TX Series made of Carbon Fiber
2005-09-28: Symantec 'scare tactics' don't rattle Mac users: ZDNet Australia: News: Security
2005-10-10: North Dakota Internet sellers may need license - Oct 10, 2005
2005-10-13: Cross-Site Scripting Worm Hits MySpace
2005-10-13: IT expert 'misuses talent' to net £1.6m using Zombies and Fake "Domain Renewal" messages
2005-10-13: New Biometric -- Walking Style Used to Deactivate Stolen Cell Phones
2005-10-13: Paper view technology
2005-10-14: Critical Windows patch may wreak PC havoc | Tech News on ZDNet
2005-10-14: How to add a Mac to a Windows network: ZDNet Australia: Insight: Hardware
2005-10-14: Why the Sudden Interest in AOL?
2005-10-15: Lloyds steps up online security -- why isn't your bank doing this?
2005-10-15: Photos: Inside these chips, art awaits
2005-10-15: Remains of Star Trek's 'Scotty' headed for space
2005-10-16: FBI puts stop to spam king
2005-10-17: DVD Jon Lands Dream Job Stateside -- The Norwegian Free-Music Hacker
2005-10-17: IPv4 Address Space Will Soon be Exhausted
2005-10-17: Video Interview with Craig of Craigslist
2005-10-17: Wikipedia founder admits to serious quality problems
2005-10-17: Windows patch backfires on the security-minded | Tech News on ZDNet
2005-10-17: 'E-Stonia' online vote called a success
2005-10-18: Cisco updates endpoint security technology - Computerworld
2005-10-18: Official Google Blog: The point of Google Print
2005-10-18: Patent dispute threatens prepaid wireless service
2005-10-18: The State of American Broadband -- Overpriced and Slow by World Standards
2005-10-19: Air Force testing new transparent aluminum armor
2005-10-19: Chronically ill benefit from cyber chats: review
2005-10-19: International Space Station Orbit Correction Failed
2005-10-19: Microsoft VirtualWiFi -- Connect to multiple wireless networks simultaneously
2005-10-19: Rootkit creators turn professional - vnunet.com
2005-10-19: Senate Resolution to Protect the Internet from the UN
2005-10-20: Cellphones learn to recognize their owners' faces
2005-10-20: Feds Want Banks to Strengthen Web Log-Ons - Two-Factor Authentication by End of 2006!
2005-10-20: Navy sued for sonar blasting whales - Oct 20, 2005
2005-10-20: Norman Packard is Building Artificial Living Cells
2005-10-20: Tempted by blogs, spam becomes 'splog' | CNET News.com
2005-10-20: Video iPod Review
2005-10-20:The World's Smallest Car
2005-10-21: Accidental invention could light up the future
2005-10-21: FDA approves first brain stem cell transplant - Oct 21, 2005
2005-10-21: GAO confirms some e-voting problems
2005-10-21: Google tops $1.5bn in Q3 -- Richer than Yahoo
2005-10-21: How ATM fraud nearly brought down British banking -- And It Could Happen Elsewhere Too
2005-10-21: New "Flock" browser gives taste of Web 2.0
2005-10-21: Novell layoffs coming?
2005-10-21: Software glitch reveals private data for thousands of state's students / S.F. administrators close program to update passwords
2005-10-21: System checks to make sure online customers are over 18 and still alive -- reduces online fraud
2005-10-22: Taiwan to ignore flu drug patent
2005-10-23: A guided tour of the Microsoft Command Shell : Page 1
2005-10-23: Colleges protest federal order to upgrade Internet systems
2005-10-24: Wall Street Journal Innovation Awards
2005-10-25: All US Passports to get RFID chip implants in 2006, despite comments that were 98.5% negative
2005-10-25: BitTorrent user guilty of piracy
2005-10-25: Countries Question U.S. Control of Internet
2005-10-25: Extortion virus encrypts files then seeks money for the data to be decoded
2005-10-25: Google Base: Free Online Searchable Database
2005-10-25: October 2005 Web Server Survey -- 69% of sites use Apache, 23% use IIS
2005-10-25: Principal curbs kids' Internet activity -- Students Banned from Blogging
2005-10-25: Remote Control Device 'Controls' Humans
2005-10-25: The Story of Snort: Past, Present and Future
2005-10-25: TinyDisk Free Online File Storage, Slightly Insane
2005-10-25: 'Nightmare' drove PriceWaterhouseCoopers away from a Windows domain controller to open source
2005-10-26: Coming From Microsoft: 'Hosted Everything'
2005-10-27: 3 new ways to authenticate -- walk-through retina scanners, palm vein scanners
2005-10-27: A Revolution? The First LumiLED LCD Display - NEC MultiSync 2180WG-LED
2005-10-27: Japanese company claims fibre-optic data transfer record -- One Terabit Per Second
2005-10-27: Microsoft aims to trounce Google
2005-10-27: Robots May Allow Surgery in Space
2005-10-27: U.S. Cell-Phone Tracking Clipped
2005-10-28: AIM worm plays nasty new trick
2005-10-28: Hijacker of 'Sex.com' Is Arrested
2005-10-28: IBM to use Google desktop search deep inside firms
2005-10-28: Is US becoming hostile to science?
2005-10-28: Let's talk! The computer can translate
2005-10-28: Major Dust Storm on Mars Visible with Backyard Telescopes
2005-10-28: Microsoft Hunts For Zombie Spammers
2005-10-28: MIT fires professor for falsifying research data
2005-10-28: Oracle to offer free database
2005-10-28: Speaker of the House Denny Hastert's Weblog
2005-10-28: The Baltimore Case: A Trial of Politics, Science, and Character
2005-10-29: Blue Gene/L tops its own supercomputer record: 280.6 trillion calculations per second,
2005-10-29: Federal Government Collecting Arguments for Exemptions to Digital Copyright Laws
2005-10-29: Mutated gene stops HIV
2005-10-29: Second-class Intel to trail AMD for years | The Register
2005-10-31: Brewster Jennings Protects America: The Google Map Hunt Game
2005-10-31: Ergonomic Mouse round-up @ TechSpot
2005-10-31: Google throws bodies at OpenOffice
2005-10-31: Photos of Pluto and its three moons
2005-10-31: Podcasts provide a sound salvation for early radio
2005-10-31: Researchers Say Automated IM Worm Is Inevitable
2005-10-31: Sony Music Installs a Rootkit
2005-11-01: Gates: We're entering live era of software -- Windows Live and Office Live, free on the Internet
2005-11-01: Google Will Return to Scanning Copyrighted Library Books
2005-11-01: NBC Nightly News Will Stream Online Starting Next Week
2005-11-01: Rambus and a Price-Fixing Tale
2005-11-01: Sony Rootkits your computer
2005-11-01: Using cell phones to measure traffic flow
2005-11-01:Sri Lanka blocks South Pacific in rogue dialer crackdown | The Register
2005-11-02: Chat Room That Built the World
2005-11-02: Evoluent VerticalMouse 2 - USB, PS/2 -- Good pics of arm position
2005-11-02: Folding@Home Distributed Computing
2005-11-02: GRID.ORG %u2122 - Grid Computing Projects - Home
2005-11-02: GUBA - Usenet Search - Easy access to Usenet Pictures and Videos
2005-11-02: Man sacked for message board posting calls in lawyers | The Register
2005-11-03 : Novell to Lay Off 600
2005-11-03: Alleged Pop-Up Hacker Busted
2005-11-03: Cisco Patches 'Black Hat' IOS Flaw
2005-11-03: Democrats defeat election-law aid for bloggers | CNET News.com
2005-11-03: Fatal Flaw Weakens RFID Passports
2005-11-03: Google Print Postponed
2005-11-03: IBM slows light, readies it for networking | Tech News on ZDNet
2005-11-03: Microsoft Calls for National Privacy Law
2005-11-03: Reining in Google - Commentary
2005-11-03: Singularity -- A New Microsoft Operating System
2005-11-03: TransMedia Plots Death Of The Desktop: Glide Suite will provide many services through a Web browser
2005-11-04: A wireless LAN security glossary
2005-11-04: Carnegie Mellon resists FCC network wiretap rules that would cost $450 per student
2005-11-04: MIT maps wireless users across campus - Nov 4, 2005
2005-11-04: The Red Tape Chronicles - MSNBC.com
2005-11-04: Unsecured Wi-Fi would be outlawed by N.Y. county | CNET News.com
2005-11-04: xMax sparks low power wireless revolution -- wireless LANs that will run for years on watch batteries
2005-11-07: Australian government gears up for zombie battle
2005-11-07: Grokster Downloading Service to Shut Down - Yahoo! News
2005-11-07: Mandriva Linux Review

Nov 2005

2005-11-23: No corporate sponsors for Darwin exhibition | The Register
2005-11-07: Blog-Spotting With IBM
2005-11-07: Satellite shows Greenland's ice sheets getting thicker
2005-11-07: Say hello to Windows Defender
2005-11-07: TMA's vertical axis wind turbine introduces competitive advantage
2005-11-07: US military sets laser PHASRs to stun
2005-11-08: Kansas on Tuesday became the latest U.S. state to introduce criticism of evolution into teaching standards
2005-11-08: CBS, NBC to Offer TV Shows for 99 Cents
2005-11-08: Cisco, Wireless Mesh Networking | Cisco Set To Launch Wireless Mesh Solution
2005-11-08: Cruise ship attacked by pirates off Somalia used sonic weapon
2005-11-08: History's Worst Software Bugs
2005-11-08: Image-handling flaws put Windows PCs at risk | Tech News on ZDNet
2005-11-08: Linux/Lupper.worm spreading in the wild infecting Linux Web Servers
2005-11-08: Motorola invests in Micro Fuel Cell Power Source for Mobile Products
2005-11-08: RSA-640 Factored -- a 193-digit number
2005-11-08: Student gets $117,500 in website free speech case
2005-11-08: UN Battling for Control of the Internet
2005-11-09: Gates memo warns of 'disruptive' changes: ZDNet Australia: News: Software
2005-11-10: A Booster Shot for Medical Data-Sharing
2005-11-10: A Nanotech Cure for Cancer?
2005-11-10: Black Hat Organizer Unbowed
2005-11-10: Calif. Lawsuit Targets Sony on behalf of California consumers who may have been harmed by anti-piracy software
2005-11-10: Experts at odds over relevance of IPv6
2005-11-10: First Trojan using Sony DRM spotted | The Register
2005-11-10: Google Print -- Google's Tough Call
2005-11-10: Microsoft confirms next XP service pack | CNET News.com
2005-11-10: Microsoft's Secret Bug Squasher -- Static Driver Verifier
2005-11-10: OpenDocument format gathers steam | Tech News on ZDNet
2005-11-10: Riot Crackdown Nets Bloggers
2005-11-10: Video Journey Into Nanotechnology - Movie List
2005-11-10: Virus Writers Exploit Sony Anti-Piracy Software
2005-11-10: Why Microsoft and Google are cleaning up with AJAX
2005-11-11: Photo Gallery: Installing the Vista beta
2005-11-12: Cat Users' Manual
2005-11-12: Google offers Silicon Valley home free wireless Internet - Yahoo! News
2005-11-12: Google searches used as evidence in murder trial
2005-11-12: IBM announces new affordable 3D TV
2005-11-12: Three companies shut down on spyware charges
2005-11-13: Ontario mom faces $2M libel suit for website about problems in neighbourhood
2005-11-13: Shareholders Pressure Internet Companies on Human Rights
2005-11-13: Why Copper Wires Should be Replaced With Fiber Optics, According to Corning
2005-11-14: AOL, WB Team to Stream Classic TV Shows
2005-11-14: Google to offer web traffic analysis services
2005-11-14: Intel debuts virtualisation on the desktop | Channel Register
2005-11-14: Sun Microsystems Unveils New Server Chip -- Low power, 8 processors on a chip
2005-11-15: Bad Day To Be Sony
2005-11-15: Gatso 2: rollout of UK\'s \'24x7 vehicle movement database\' begins
2005-11-15: Images of the Worldwide Sony Rootkit Infestation
2005-11-15: Microsoft eyes making desktop apps free | Tech News on ZDNet
2005-11-15: Nokia 770 Internet Tablet weighs only 8 oz.
2005-11-16: Free Voice-and Video-Internet Calling Launched by Yak Communications Inc.
2005-11-17: Deal averts Internet showdown - Nov 16, 2005
2005-11-17: Beyond the web, Google opens Base | Channel Register
2005-11-17: Google Base
2005-11-17: Mom puts slacking daughter on a corner
2005-11-17: World first trial grows blood vessels from patient's own skin
2005-11-18: Microsoft Office 12 Beta 1: Extreme Makeover
2005-11-18: Real Story of the Rogue Rootkit
2005-11-18: Spammer jailed for £1.6m net scam
2005-11-18: Blizzard faces a lawsuit from Chinese parents, who say World of Warcraft caused the death of their son
2005-11-18: Geneticists claim ageing breakthrough but immortality will have to wait
2005-11-18: Holographic Recording Technology, 1.6 TB on a single holographic disc
2005-11-18: Mirrors shed light as winter grips small town
2005-11-18: Requiem for Usenet
2005-11-18: Saving the Net: How to Keep the Carriers from Flushing the Net Down the Tubes | Linux Journal
2005-11-18: Skype to make U.S. retail debut
2005-11-18: The 11-Year Quest to Create Disappearing Colored Bubbles - Popular Science
2005-11-18: Why Google Bought All That Fiber
2005-11-19: Barenaked Ladies release album on USB stick
2005-11-19: Cylinder Preservation and Digitization Project
2005-11-19: Digg Just Might Bury Slashdot
2005-11-19: Hackers Cracked Gmail
2005-11-19: How to be a Programmer: A Short, Comprehensive, and Personal Summary
2005-11-19: How-To: Build a WiFi biquad dish antenna - Engadget - www.engadget.com
2005-11-19: Hyperthreading hurts server performance, say developers - ZDNet UK News
2005-11-19: I Forgot My Administrator Password!
2005-11-19: Online daters sue matchmaking sites
2005-11-19: Owning ideas
2005-11-19: Senate committee passes spyware bill
2005-11-19: string spin - A cute graphic Flash application
2005-11-19: tangram game
2005-11-19: the Face of Tomorrow: the Human Face of Globalization, photographs by Mike Mike
2005-11-19: Why Ruby Shouldn%u2019t Be Your Next Programming Language (Maybe)
2005-11-21: 10 things you should know about every Linux installation: Builder AU: Program: At Work
2005-11-21: CCTV network tracks 'getaway' car
2005-11-21: Christmas Lights Gone Wild! - Engadget - www.engadget.com
2005-11-21: Exercising the Brain
2005-11-21: New version of Sober worm pretends to be an email from FBI or CIA
2005-11-21: Nigerian fraud duo jailed for 37 years | The Register
2005-11-21: NumberSpiral.com
2005-11-21: piece of tape defeats any CD DRM - vnunet.com
2005-11-21: Singapore Students Invent Waterless Washing Machine
2005-11-21: Ten to Avoid -- the Worst Products of 2005
2005-11-21: What's Wrong with Linux?
2005-11-21: Wi-Fi mosquito killer coming to a porch near you | CNET News.com
2005-11-21: Zero-Day Exploit Targets IE
2005-11-22: Brown Team Creates 'Impossible' Silicon Laser - Photonics.com Feature Articles
2005-11-22: Microsoft to give Office access to rivals -- open file formats
2005-11-22: Search technology comes to the camera phone | CNET News.com
2005-11-22: The Ultimate Guide to Google Services
2005-11-23: BitTorrent Makes a Deal to Reduce Movie Downloads
2005-11-23: Breakthrough for quantum measurement (November 2005) - News - PhysicsWeb
2005-11-23: E. Coli Can Take Your Picture -- artificially mutated E Coli act as photographic emulsion
2005-11-23: Finding Fat Before Heart Attacks With Nanomachines
2005-11-23: Google Click-to-Call
2005-11-23: How to stop 'Active Scripting' in home PCs -- protection from the current critical IE flaw
2005-11-23: Monster Scope to Dwarf Rivals
2005-11-23: New Windows AntiSpyware released. Remove the rootkit!
2005-11-23: The Whereabouts of Dr. Einstein%u2019s Brain
2005-11-23: Why Gas Is Good for America
2005-11-23: XBox 360 Crashes
2005-11-24: Canadian Parliament Asked To Hold Hearings On Relations With ETs
2005-11-24: Desktop Linux for small business - ZDNet UK Reviews
2005-11-24: Proxy Bypassers
2005-11-25: 1980 games - Old online video and arcade games for free
2005-11-25: Cheaper Veggie Diesel May Change the Way We Drive
2005-11-25: Cool It Systems - USB Beverage Chiller
2005-11-25: Don't Sweat Slideshows in Flash
2005-11-25: Google Maps Ad - Google Video
2005-11-25: Graphical User Interface Gallery
2005-11-25: Idaho town becomes Secretsanta.com | The Register
2005-11-25: Judge gives Kazaa deadline to end pirate file-shares | The Register
2005-11-25: Manufacturer loads Trojans onto HDDs | Channel Register
2005-11-25: Old bubbles back global warming theory
2005-11-25: Opera *nixed by security bug
2005-11-25: Powering Up a New Broadband Option
2005-11-25: Stem cell pioneer steps down over egg ethics | The Register
2005-11-25: US moves forward on data privacy | The Register
2005-11-25: Why You Shouldn't Buy Products From Sony This Season
2005-11-26: Bionic Body Part Becoming A Reality - November 29, 2005
2005-11-28: Cybercrime yields more cash than drugs: expert - Yahoo! News
2005-11-30: Auto Skins - digital clothing for your car
2005-11-30: Browser Face-Off
2005-11-30: Cars that shut down if you miss a payment
2005-11-30: CDC plans flight e-tracking
2005-11-30: Defining keyboard shortcuts - Dive Into Accessibility
2005-11-30: Diebold Threatens to Pull Out of North Carolina -- Voting Machines Run on Windows
2005-11-30: High-Pitched Sound Drives Rowdy Teens Away - November 30, 2005
2005-11-30: It's official: Diebold election bugware can't be trusted | The Register
2005-11-30: Reactive Cube -- 3-D Computer Display
2005-11-30: The 360 degree LED television
2005-11-30: try ruby! (in your browser)
2005-11-30: US net body ICANN challenged over .com
2005-11-30: Yahoo Mail RSS Reader (Screenshots!) Integrates Blogs into Email

Dec 2005

2005-11-30: Principal Places Camera in High School Bathroom
2005-12-02: Has feared mutation of avian flu arrived?
2005-12-03: 10 things you should do to prepare a new Linux installation
2005-12-03: A New Look at the Linux Certification
2005-12-03: ACLU Joins Fight Against Internet Surveillance
2005-12-03: Ajaxian: 6 Places You Must Use Ajax
2005-12-03: Cacheout! A new Firefox extension for slow webpages.
2005-12-03: Don't Call It Spyware -- The History of Gator
2005-12-03: Easy Ajax with Prototype
2005-12-03: First quantum byte created
2005-12-03: First RIAA lawsuit heads to trial
2005-12-03: Gmail: Help Center - How does anti-virus scanning work?
2005-12-03: Google, Yahoo test new ad model
2005-12-03: GTX Global Develops the First True Artificial Intelligence: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance
2005-12-03: How to immunize your computer - Model shows viruses can be beaten at their own game.
2005-12-03: M&M Sorter
2005-12-03: Microsoft Anti-Virus Public Beta : Windows Live Safety Center review
2005-12-03: Microsoft launches anti-virus public beta
2005-12-03: Music piracy defendants fighting back
2005-12-03: Quantum Dots Create White-Light LED, Which May Replace Light Bulbs
2005-12-03: Researchers Want Right to Bypass Protected Spyware
2005-12-03: Skype 2.0 adds video telephony
2005-12-03: Sony's Phony Graffiti
2005-12-03: Swiping goes high-tech in bar-code scam
2005-12-03: The European Homepage For The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope - Image Archive
2005-12-03: The First Video Game - Video of Tennis for Two on an Oscilloscope
2005-12-03: The first watch that uses flexible e-paper hits the stores
2005-12-03: Top 10 System Administrator Truths
2005-12-03: Ubuntu Linux / Windows Dual Boot Instructional Video - Google Video
2005-12-03: USB Powered Air Darts - Marks & Spencer
2005-12-05: - Free Downloadable Tutorials on HTML and more
2005-12-05: Growing pains for Wikipedia
2005-12-05: To catch a spy: Anti-spyware tools reviewed: ZDNet Australia: Reviews: Software: Security/Antivirus
2005-12-06: AJAX spurs Web rebirth for desktop apps
2005-12-06: Colorize black and white photos
2005-12-06: Google Fixes Desktop Search Loophole
2005-12-06: Marquette suspends dental student for blog comments -- he must repeat the whole semester and lose $14,000 tuition
2005-12-06: New Soft Helmet Turns Hard in Crash
2005-12-06: Rat Brain cells in a dish trained to fly an airplane
2005-12-06: Square Wheel Car Propels Itself by Shifting Weight
2005-12-06: Square Wheel Car Video -- link on the left of this page
2005-12-06: US Dept of Transportation Developing System to Track Location of All Cars Constantly With GPS
2005-12-06: Wasps Could Replace Bomb, Drug Dogs - Yahoo! News
2005-12-07: Ajax Sucks Most of the Time
2005-12-07: Artists Against 419 - Welcome to the Artists against 419 and thanks for the support
2005-12-07: Cell Phones for Dogs
2005-12-07: EURid - European Domain Names Now Available
2005-12-07: How to stop filesharers from stealing hotel bandwidth
2005-12-07: Music giants bear down on lyric search apps
2005-12-07: New IM worm chats with intended victims | CNET News.com
2005-12-07: Secure DNS faces resistance - Computer Business Review
2005-12-07: WinFixer removal instructions
2005-12-08: Google Transit
2005-12-08: ID theft fears overblown, study says | CNET News.com
2005-12-08: Survey: Most home PC users lack security | CNET News.com
2005-12-08: Symantec hopes to deliver anti-virus online: ZDNet Australia: News: Security
2005-12-09: Altered Medical Research Data Uncovered by Software
2005-12-09: hard drive window
2005-12-09: Holy potato set to wow eBay | The Register
2005-12-09: NEC's paper thin, rapid recharge batteries, %u201CORB%u201D - Engadget - www.engadget.com
2005-12-09: New transistor material could help extend Moore's Law | TG Daily
2005-12-09: Prize-Winning Scuba Diving Photographs
2005-12-09: Song sites face legal crackdown, even just for lyrics
2005-12-09: The 46 Best-ever Freeware Utilities
2005-12-09: The top 10 weirdest USB drives ever
2005-12-09: Throw this camera, see what it sees
2005-12-09: Unpatched Firefox 1.5 exploit made public | CNET News.com
2005-12-09: Wi-Fi Networking News: WPA Cracking Proof of Concept Available
2005-12-09: Yahoo! buys del.icio.us
2005-12-09:RSS Feeds on your Toilet Paper
2005-12-10: E-voting Dispute Hits North Carolina Courts
2005-12-10: Ex-Google Employees Speak: Xooglers
2005-12-10: Live Tracking of Mobile Phones Prompts Court Fights on Privacy - New York Times
2005-12-10: Mouse -- a Flash Game
2005-12-10: Security Firm Reports Malware Threats Jump 48 Percent
2005-12-11: biometric thumb drive
2005-12-11: Extreme Ironing Bureau :: Ironing under the sky
2005-12-11: How Safe Are Nanoparticles?
2005-12-11: IT Moving Into Its Latest Up Cycle
2005-12-11: Latte Art
2005-12-11: Mastering Ajax, Part 1: Introduction to Ajax
2005-12-11: S. Korea unveils steps against hacking of online game items
2005-12-11: School Laptop Decree Draws Flak - Los Angeles Times
2005-12-11: Scientists decipher DNA of dogs
2005-12-11: The Web Site Development Process, Illustrated with LEGO
2005-12-11: Worker Privacy: You Have None
2005-12-11: XenSource aims to be a VMware killler
2005-12-12: Calvin and Hobbes Snow Art Gallery
2005-12-12: Could a U.S. Shift to IPv6 Cost $75B?
2005-12-12: Cute Overload!
2005-12-12: Freeware Tools and Utilities for Windows
2005-12-12: Great interactive Flash Kaleidoscope
2005-12-12: Nice Interactive Java Art
2005-12-12: Performance Boosting XP
2005-12-12: Powers of Ten
2005-12-12: Revenge of the Tattooed Nerds
2005-12-12: Review of the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet
2005-12-12: The Firefox Hacks You Must Have
2005-12-12: The Sharpest View of the Sun
2005-12-12: World Sunlight Map
2005-12-13: An Overview of Cryptography
2005-12-13: Free Computer Books, Tutorials & Lecture Notes
2005-12-13: Great Flash Painting Application
2005-12-13: How to Obscure Any URL
2005-12-13: Icon War (Flash animation)(
2005-12-13: My Favorite Smallware :: MarkTAW.com
2005-12-13: Study Guides and Strategies
2005-12-13: Tips for Linux Explorers
2005-12-13: Ultra Deep Field obtained by the Hubble Space Telescope -- Interactive Picture
2005-12-14: A Gentle Introduction to SQL
2005-12-14: DirecTV to pay $5.3M penalty for violating 'Do Not Call' rule
2005-12-14: eMachineShop - Online Machine Shop - with FREE CAD Software
2005-12-14: Free file hosting
2005-12-14: GMail: How do I create a Contact Group?
2005-12-14: Gmail: How do I set up an automatic vacation response?
2005-12-14: How to Bypass Most Firewall Restrictions and Access the Internet Privately
2005-12-14: HubbleSite - Wallpaper
2005-12-14: Korean banks forced to compensate hacking victims
2005-12-14: Miss Digital World beauty pageant
2005-12-14: MIT OpenCourseWare | OCW Home
2005-12-14: MSFN's Unattended XP CD
2005-12-14: My dead hard drive story
2005-12-14: NOVA | The Elegant Universe | Watch the Program | PBS
2005-12-14: Paint.NET
2005-12-14: Physics Flash Animations
2005-12-14: Strange, Wonderful Flash Art ...t.y.p.o.r.g.a.n.i.s.m...
2005-12-14: The End of Internet Anonymity -- Trusted Computing module
2005-12-14: The Ethical Hacker Network - Essential Wireless Hacking Tools
2005-12-14: Use a Surplus Primestar Dish as an IEEE 802.11 Wireless Networking Antenna
2005-12-14: Vaccinations Without Needles - much cheaper
2005-12-14: Working for Apples: A Windows Administrator's Guide to Serving Macs
2005-12-15: Bill Gates Demonstrates Win 98
2005-12-15: European 'spying' laws savaged
2005-12-15: GraffitiCreator.Net
2005-12-15: Large bendable clock using electronic ink
2005-12-15: Philosophy Games
2005-12-15: PopupTest - test your popup blocker software and download software
2005-12-15: Schneier on Security: Totally Secure Classical Communications?
2005-12-15: U.S. Court to Weigh Evolution Disclaimer
2005-12-15: "Unbreakable" secure data transmission using resistors and Johnson noise -- an alternative to Quantum Key Distribution
2005-12-16: Dynamic Drive DHTML(dynamic html) & JavaScript code library with AJAX scripts
2005-12-16: First Mass Producible Quantum Computer Chip � Quantum Biocommunication Technology
2005-12-16: Free DNS service - Easy, web-based domain manager - ZoneEdit.com
2005-12-16: Interesting High-speed Video Clips
2005-12-16: o-It-Yourself InkJet and Laser Printer Repair (HP, Apple, Epson, and More) - fixyourownprinter.com
2005-12-16: Researchers: Flaw auctions would improve security | The Register
2005-12-16: Science Toys
2005-12-16: Web Hosting - Reviews of Domain Hosting Services
2005-12-16: When Teaching the Ethics of War Is Not Academic -- The Warrior Code and Soldiers in Iraq
2005-12-17: Dr. Hwang Dropped from Scientific American 50 for Faking Research
2005-12-17: eBay faces up to online fraud
2005-12-17: Scans your system to find out what memory you need -- Memory upgrades, graphics cards, flash media, and usb storage at Crucial.com
2005-12-18: A Good Way To Get Fired -- OfficePoltergeist 1.1: Open Source Windows Computer Prank Software... The Ghost in the Machine
2005-12-18: Encrypted Chat and File-Sharing: Welcome to Filetopia: Strong encryption Chat and File Server
2005-12-18: Games for the Brain
2005-12-18: picotux - smallest Linux computer in the World
2005-12-18: Preventing Image Bandwidth Theft With .htaccess (thesitewizard.com)
2005-12-18: The Coolest Monitor Ever
2005-12-18: The Improved Sorting Algorithm Demo
2005-12-18: The Math of Non-Orientable Surfaces
2005-12-18: YouSendIt: The Leader in File Delivery. -- Send files up to 1 GB
2005-12-19: A Seriously Insane Cyclist and His Videos -- Don't try this at home -- Don't try this ANYWHERE
2005-12-19: Das Keyboard - The Blank Keyboard.
2005-12-19: Funny Quotes about C and C
2005-12-19: lifaros experimental flash gallery
2005-12-19: Space Simulation
2005-12-20: Geek Gift Flow Chart
2005-12-20: A great video -- More by Mark Osborne
2005-12-20: A Real Rocket Bike - Popular Science
2005-12-20: BitTorrent Reloaded: Unauthorised installs lead to pirated movie files on victim's PCs
2005-12-20: Black Box Voting Forums: Devastating hack proven - Leon County dumps Diebold
2005-12-20: Court rejects 'intelligent design' in science class - Dec 20, 2005
2005-12-20: Elumens/ VisionStation -- Really Big Monitor But It Costs $20,000.00
2005-12-20: Game of Life on Web
2005-12-20: Google free proxy!
2005-12-20: Microsoft to cease IE support for Apple's Mac
2005-12-20: Nice Flash Snowflake Maker
2005-12-20: OpenCourseWare Finder
2005-12-20: Pedophile Arrested Because He Was Fooled by Sober Worm
2005-12-20: Remote LanD Attack -- Like the Ping of Death, Win XP vulnerable to it
2005-12-20: Run Other OSes On Your PC, using the free VMWare PLayer
2005-12-20: Texas to get broadband over its power lines | CNET News.com
2005-12-20: The Best Linux Distribution of them all
2005-12-20: Watch TV with your PC
2005-12-20: XML in 10 points
2005-12-21: Binary- it's digitalicious!
2005-12-21: DShield - Distributed Intrusion Detection System, The Internet's Early Warning System and Internet Security community site
2005-12-21: Flash Animations: bodytag - web programming explorations
2005-12-21: Flash Game: OneMoreLevel.com - Avoider
2005-12-21: Outrageously Cute Animal Pictures
2005-12-21: Ultimate Boot CD - Overview
2005-12-22: A Web Server on One Chip
2005-12-22: Anonymous Web Surfing
2005-12-22: Google Sets
2005-12-22: RateMyProfessors.com - Funniest Ratings
2005-12-22: The Virtual Laser Keyboard (VKB) online worldwide shop - now available! for $200
2005-12-24: Bird flu virus 'resisting drug'
2005-12-24: French Parliament Votes to Allow File-Sharing
2005-12-25: Asterisk -- Open Source VOIP Server
2005-12-25: Gnu Queue: Linux Clustering Made Easy | Linux Journal
2005-12-25: Linux screensaver for Windows
2005-12-25: Mind reading with brain scanners
2005-12-25: Outrageous Apple Tech Support Calls; check out Bill Gates, Sawed off back of computer, and What's a Paperclip
2005-12-25: Pretty Pic of Saturn's Rings and Their Shadows
2005-12-25: Rob Short (and kernel team) - Going deep inside Windows Vista's kernel architecture (video)
2005-12-25: San Francisco shows world how not to do Muni Wi-Fi
2005-12-25: Student Finds a Stolen Thesis by Thinking Like a Thief
2005-12-25: The end of the period -- A new contraceptive will soon let women stop menstruating
2005-12-25: U.S. spy unit collected more telecom data than acknowledged - Americas - International Herald Tribune
2005-12-25: US Government Plan to Track All Cars With GPS Systems
2005-12-25: Wall Street bets on Web gambling | CNET News.com
2005-12-26: Aurora / Meteor Shower Images
2005-12-26: why americans should never be allowed to travel
2005-12-27: Cool 3-D Mathematical Surfaces
2005-12-27: Download Linux, Many, Many Versions
2005-12-27: Free VMware Player
2005-12-27: GoogSpy - Adwords Competitor Research by Velocityscape
2005-12-27: Great Astronomy Flash Animations
2005-12-27: Hubble Watches Light from Mysterious Erupting Star Reverberate Through Space
2005-12-27: ProcessLibrary.com - The online resource for process information!
2005-12-27: RSS Tutorial for Content Publishers and Webmasters
2005-12-29: Theater owners want cell phones blocked
2005-12-30: Add Windows media support to your Linux box | AllYourTech.com
2005-12-30: DOJ posts social security numbers on web site
2005-12-30: Hewlett-Packard Test Drive -- Test Computers and Operating Systems Over the Internet Free
2005-12-30: How to Make a Category 5 /5e Patch Cable
2005-12-30: HP Learning Center - Online classes
2005-12-30: Powered Exoskeleton for Soldiers Developed at UC Berkeley with videos
2005-12-30: The most hated IP address of 2005
2005-12-30: Top 10 tips to keep that new computer spyware-free
2005-12-30: Very pretty case mods; check out Version 5
2005-12-30: Windows Security Flaw Is 'Severe'