Jan 2007

2007-01-30: VMware Converter for workstation to virtual pc and virtual machine migration
2006-01-27: How to build a simple Luxeon LED bike headlight
2007-01-02: 13 Photographs That Changed the World.
2007-01-02: 50 Things we know in 2006, we didn't know in 2005
2007-01-02: A movie about Trusted Computing
2007-01-02: Amazing Monasteries Around the World
2007-01-02: Awesome bunch of Linux HOW-TO documents
2007-01-02: BeleniX -- Open Solaris Bootable from a CD or USB memory stick
2007-01-02: China-based Browser Maxthon Going Global in 2007
2007-01-02: Console hacking at the 23C3 in Berlin.
2007-01-02: Creating a Google Maps Mashup
2007-01-02: Flock -- the social web browser
2007-01-02: Gas cooker blows up island
2007-01-02: Hacking into cell phones with Bluetooth
2007-01-02: How to sniff plain-text passwords in 13 steps
2007-01-02: Microsoft Adds Behavioral Targeting
2007-01-02: No religion and an end to war: how thinkers see the future | Science | Guardian Unlimited
2007-01-02: ParkWhiz: Find Parking Before You Go
2007-01-02: Photo and video of the walking shark - click Launch under the slide show
2007-01-02: Portable open-source software
2007-01-02: Remotely Activated Nanoparticles Destroy Cancer
2007-01-02: Schneier.com: Blowfish Paper -- the original paper presenting the Blowfish algorithm
2007-01-02: The DREAD silent centrifuge machine gun video
2007-01-02: the How-To Geek :: Computer Help from your Friendly How-To Geek
2007-01-02: The year's big gains for Linux
2007-01-02: US hospitals boost effort to kill antibiotic-resistant bugs
2007-01-02: VMmanager - Create and Modify Virtual Machines
2007-01-02: Web 2.0 Companies I Couldn't Live Without
2007-01-03: Build your own laptop
2007-01-03: Fatal helium balloon prank secures 2006 Darwin Award | The Register
2007-01-03: Forcing children to stay in school increases their longevity
2007-01-03: How To Build A Spam Filtering Mail Gateway | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials
2007-01-03: How To Set Up A Ubuntu/Debian LAMP Server | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials
2007-01-03: New AIDS drug shows 'phenomenal' results
2007-01-03: Repairing a laptop computer by setting it on fire (really!)
2007-01-03: TIME 25 Top Ten Editorial Cartoons 2006
2007-01-03: Very silly screen images
2007-01-04: Google 2084
2007-01-04: 3-D Projector
2007-01-04: Bill Gates says robotics is the next hot field
2007-01-04: Chaos -- Highlyl Mobile Small Robot
2007-01-04: Create EXEs in Windows without installing extra software
2007-01-04: Does Apple have a music monopoly issue?
2007-01-04: ExxonMobil Paid to Mislead Public about Global Warming
2007-01-04: Firefox vulnerabilities - Ubuntu Forums
2007-01-04: Ionic Wind - Chillin' the PC
2007-01-04: Middle Eastern History -- Video with Timeline
2007-01-04: Moon-Mars Occultation
2007-01-04: PODZINGER searches inside audio and video on YouTube
2007-01-04: Samsung unveils world's first truly double-sided LCD
2007-01-04: Sea water battery
2007-01-04: Spammer leaves FTP name and password in source
2007-01-04: Top 5 Robots of 2006
2007-01-04: Turn Off Unnecessary Windows XP Services | JasonN.com
2007-01-04: Watch Spectacular Video of A Meteor Shower
2007-01-04: What Does 200 Calories Look Like?
2007-01-04: Windows screwup forces Ubuntu shift
2007-01-04: ZK Live Demo -- Interactive Visual Basic Demos
2007-01-05: Astronomers find diamond 4000 km across
2007-01-05: Buddhist congresswoman sworn in with no book, calls for tolerance
2007-01-05: Difficult puzzle game
2007-01-05: How to build your own computer
2007-01-05: Ice Storm Photos
2007-01-05: Internet Explorer Unsafe for 284 Days in 2006
2007-01-05: Internet Explorer Vulnerabilities in 2006 -- Excellent Chart
2007-01-05: Map Sex Offenders in my local area and neighborhood. Search for and find registered sexual predators in our free national registry.
2007-01-05: Nearly Half of our Lives Spent with TV, Radio, Internet, Newspapers
2007-01-05: Plastic electronics
2007-01-05: SanDisk introduces 32GB Flash-based notebook drive
2007-01-05: Seagate Confirms 1TB Hard Disk Drive
2007-01-05: Steps to Upgrading Ubuntu To The Next Release : Ubuntu (6.06.1 / 6.10) Ubuntu Tutorials : Breezy - Dapper - Edgy - Feisty
2007-01-05: Tree Goats
2007-01-05: Why you should get rid of Adobe Reader -- Serious security flaws, worst with FireFox
2007-01-06: Interesting fantasy pictures
2007-01-06: Mass murder underway in Darfur, with no effective international response
2007-01-06: My IP -- Find anyone from their IP Address
2007-01-06: Top Web Hosts Worldwide
2007-01-06: Windows vs Linux Server with Easy-to-understand pictures
2007-01-07: Attack of the Zombie Computers Is Growing Threat - New York Times - 11% of computers are now zombies
2007-01-07: Frozen Waterfall
2007-01-07: GM's plug-in hybrid is the Chevy Volt Concept
2007-01-07: Israel plans nuclear strike on Iran
2007-01-07: Photos of an ice storm in Switzerland
2007-01-07: Self-Cleaning Underwear Goes Weeks Without Washing
2007-01-07: The Universe within 1 billion Light Years - The Neighbouring Superclusters -- Zoomable map
2007-01-07: Watermelon Carvings
2007-01-07: Why blurring sensitive information is a bad idea - dheera.net: Dheera Venkatraman's web site
2007-01-09: 15 Foods You Shouldn't Live Without
2007-01-09: An Initial Analysis on the Apple iPhone - OSNews.com
2007-01-09: Find your cell phone with Google Maps' click-to-call
2007-01-09: Google Debuts at Number One on FORTUNE's 2007 List of ''100 Best Companies to Work For'' - Forbes.com
2007-01-09: Hacking 2.0: Today's Hackers Target Web 2.0, For Money
2007-01-09: How spicy foods can kill cancers
2007-01-09: Hubble makes 3D dark matter map
2007-01-09: Linux Kernel-based Virtual Machine Performance
2007-01-09: New project to look for intelligent life in outer space
2007-01-09: Pencil Art
2007-01-09: Stop Comment Spam and Trackback Spam � Akismet
2007-01-09: Victim spots stolen GPS on eBay, seller gets pinched - Engadget
2007-01-09: Watchful eyes poster from Britain
2007-01-09: Windows Home Server: details and features
2007-01-10: Beautiful photos competing for best of the year
2007-01-10: Building your own Load Balancing Beowulf Cluster from Economy PC's
2007-01-10: Desktop fabricator may kick-start home revolution - Prints in 3-D
2007-01-10: Lightning balls created in the lab - fundamentals
2007-01-10: Seven or Eight Dwarf Galaxies Discovered Orbiting the Milky Way
2007-01-10: Spies put transmitters in Canadian coins
2007-01-10: The 10 Most Underreported Humanitarian Crises of 2006
2007-01-10: The story of a network television hijacking on 1987
2007-01-10: Virtualization begins to materialize in the Linux kernel
2007-01-12: 32 MB PC Repair System - Freeware
2007-01-12: Awesome sand sculptures
2007-01-12: How to change your wireless Internet access point to turn all images upside down
2007-01-12: Images: 35 years of Intel chip design
2007-01-12: Interesting photo of AT&T's Network Operations Center
2007-01-12: Interesting photo of peacekeeper missile test
2007-01-12: Obesity in America - Animated Map
2007-01-12: Schnier on password cracking
2007-01-12: The Nastiest Malware Trends
2007-01-12: Verizon FiOS goes 50 Mbps
2007-01-13: Dilbert and the UNIX user
2007-01-13: Doramad Radioactive Toothpaste (ca. 1940-1945)
2007-01-13: Eruption in Antarctica, great pictures
2007-01-13: Korea requires online chatters to use their real names
2007-01-13: Lunation animation
2007-01-13: One-Time Pads
2007-01-13: Photos: Pocket-size solar power | CNET News.com
2007-01-13: Scientists Find Potential 'Off-switch' For HIV Virus
2007-01-13: Ubuntu Certified Engineer Certification in Development
2007-01-13: Unusual abdominal exercises
2007-01-14: Acro Solar Lasers - Solar Concentrators - Mirrored fiberglass dishes track the sun and heat water
2007-01-14: Did we just declare war on Iran? - By Shmuel Rosner - Slate Magazine
2007-01-14: Good comet orbit game
2007-01-14: I'm not sure exactly what this is, but it's pretty
2007-01-14: Microsoft leaves Word zero-day holes unpatched | Tech News on ZDNet
2007-01-14: Taunting the scammers
2007-01-14: The Chevy Volt: Somewhere Between Sixty and One Million Miles per Gallon
2007-01-14: Visa, Nokia turn cell phones into credit cards
2007-01-15: Could invisibility beat encryption? | Channel Register
2007-01-15: Experts warn of dramatic rise in phishing and ID theft - keyloggers up 250%
2007-01-15: New Milestone for CompTIA Security (TM) Certification: More than 30,000 IT Professionals Certified Worldwide
2007-01-15: New PayPal security token to help thwart phishers
2007-01-15: Ophcrack_office cracks 99.5% of Microsoft Office passwords rapidly with rainbow tables
2007-01-15: REAL ID Act
2007-01-15: The Critical Google Security Hole Was Fixed - No more account hijacking - Softpedia
2007-01-15: Universal Phishing Kit Selling Online
2007-01-16: Linux Distribution Chooser
2007-01-16: Mark Spencer Presents AsteriskNOW --Free PBX system now on live CD
2007-01-16: NASA Helios - a Solar Powered Skycraft (TreeHugger)
2007-01-16: The President of India's Yahoo Answers thread about fighting terrorism
2007-01-16: Ubuntu vs SUSE
2007-01-16: VirtualBox -- Free open-source virtualization
2007-01-16: Windows Vista RC1 Antivirus Providers
2007-01-19: AOL phisher faces up to 101 years in prison | CNET News.com
2007-01-19: Automatix -- Easy graphical installer for Debian Linux
2007-01-19: Bush won't reauthorize eavesdropping
2007-01-19: Dolby to turn volume down on loud commercials
2007-01-19: HP beats Moore's Law with new chip architecture
2007-01-19: Joost beta reviewed - TV just got a little smarter - franticindustries.
2007-01-19: Linux poll - 12% women, Ubuntu is most popular
2007-01-19: MySpace and News Corp Sued by Families Whose Daughters Were Assaulted
2007-01-19: MySpace to offer spyware for parents
2007-01-19: New phishing email threatens your life
2007-01-19: Small Business Primer on Network Security Threats
2007-01-19: Tennessee taxes illegal drugs
2007-01-19: The 7 hidden pages within your Firefox browser � Our Picks - News, articles and reviews
2007-01-19: Web Sites Challenge the Textbook Goliaths
2007-01-19: What it takes to make Ubuntu ready for use
2007-01-20: Folic acid sets back effects of ageing on the brain by five years
2007-01-20: Encrypt your instant messages with Gaim
2007-01-20: Finding Those Local Blogs
2007-01-20: Free Unix Accounts
2007-01-20: Funny pictures from CES
2007-01-20: How to Terraform Mars in 1,000 Years
2007-01-20: iPod cases made from recycled 45 rpm records
2007-01-20: Legalized prostitution in Iran through temporary marriages one hour long, with girls as young as 9
2007-01-20: Mafia 2.0: Is The Mob Married To Your Computer?
2007-01-20: Massive Security Breach Reveals Credit Card Data - Security Feed - News - CSO Magazine
2007-01-20: Microsoft Ultimate Wireless 7000 Keyboard Hands-On - Gizmodo
2007-01-20: MIT Labs Moves Ahead In Synthesizing Spider Silk
2007-01-20: Ping-pong pipe
2007-01-20: Resveratrol may slow aging
2007-01-20: Sapphire-blade knife
2007-01-20: Thieves jack 14 GPS devices, forget to turn them off - Engadget
2007-01-20: This is the first network diagram I gave a 10 to
2007-01-20: Ultra-Dense Optical Storage -- on One Photon
2007-01-20: Vista: Worthy, Largely Unexciting
2007-01-20: What happens when the drawbridge fails to open
2007-01-20L First Person in U.S. Convicted for Spam E-mailing
2007-01-21: Intrusion Detection For Dummies
2007-01-21: Open Culture: University Podcast Collection
2007-01-23: 10 ISPs and countries known to have blocked VoIP
2007-01-23: Battery Breakthrough?
2007-01-23: Blu-ray DRM defeated
2007-01-23: Detecting, Analyzing, and Exploiting Intranet Applications using JavaScript
2007-01-23: Diebold Shows How to Make Your Own Voting Machine Key
2007-01-23: Exploit Prevention Labs Launches LinkScanner Browsing Tool - News by InformationWeek
2007-01-23: Finally user-friendly virtualization for Linux | linux.inet.hr
2007-01-23: FreeNAS makes it easy to add storage to home networks
2007-01-23: Global warming: the final verdict
2007-01-23: Google Maps got lost
2007-01-23: Google's anti-phishing plugin leaked passwords
2007-01-23: How the Internet might kill the Operating System - Review of three Web desktops
2007-01-23: How to install ANYTHING in Ubuntu!
2007-01-23: It Ought To Be Simple: I'm an Idiot...
2007-01-23: Office 2007: From bloated to sleek
2007-01-23: One Hacker Kit Accounts For 71% Of Attacks - News by InformationWeek
2007-01-23: Personal E-mail Certificates - secure e-mail communications
2007-01-23: Running a Windows Partition in VMware
2007-01-23: Running Windows as a VM on Linux with VMware Server
2007-01-23: Shuzak, a social network for geeks
2007-01-23: The 5 sins of Vista
2007-01-23: Times square BIOS
2007-01-23: Top 10 Internet Scandals of All Time
2007-01-23: Water turbines generate electricity from the tides
2007-01-23: What's the Scroll Lock key for?
2007-01-23: Windows is coming to the Mac - and Mac to PCs
2007-01-23: YouTube - iPhone Fun
2007-01-24: TechNet Virtual Lab: Windows Server code name--Longhorn
2007-01-24: The NIC driver needed to run Vista on VMware
2007-01-24: Vista Service Pack 1 is coming
2007-01-25: 10 expert tips and tweaks for Windows Vista RC2
2007-01-25: McAfee Beta Rootkit Detector
2007-01-25: Windows Vista: Editions Compared
2007-01-26: Light or Lighter Weight Aps To Replace Memory Hogs in Windows XP
2007-01-26: site after MySpace complaints
2007-01-26: A-Data's 128GB Solid State Drive Sees the Light of Day - Gizmodo
2007-01-26: Google Kills Bush's Miserable Failure Search & Other Google Bombs
2007-01-26: Huge 'Printer' Would Build a House in 24 Hours
2007-01-26: Maine rejects Real ID Act | CNET News.com
2007-01-26: NASA to Slam Rocket into the Moon (on Purpose)!
2007-01-26: Windows Vista System Performance Reports -- Only 1% slower than XP!
2007-01-27: Block spam with an anonymous email spam blocker. Anonymous surfing and Block Junk Email for good!
2007-01-27: Blood-Cell-Sized Memory Circuit Created
2007-01-27: China censorship damaged us, Google founders admit | Business | Guardian Unlimited Business
2007-01-27: Fourth Zero-Day Word Vulnerability Being Used Now to Exploit Systems -- No patches yet from Microsoft, it's been two months
2007-01-27: Guerillla theatre with street crossings in London
2007-01-27: Hide data in files with easy steganography tools
2007-01-27: I think this explains the Vista versions perfectly
2007-01-27: Microsoft Norway Features Vista on an iMac
2007-01-27: Photos: Best photos of Saturn
2007-01-27: Remember the Name Me.dium
2007-01-27: Rent A Coder:How Software Gets Done
2007-01-27: SECOND LIFE: Virtual world's supposed economy is 'a pyramid scheme' - Valleywag
2007-01-27: What happens in the Mac OS X boot process? - Mac OS X Apps, Tips, Tricks, News, Updates, Everything Mac OS X
2007-01-28: Debian Windows Installer
2007-01-28: Do we need an Ubuntu installer for Windows? | Free Software Magazine
2007-01-28: Feature guide: What you need to know about Windows Vista, from TechRepublic - Downloads - TechRepublic
2007-01-28: Five ways to drop your cholesterol by 30 points in 30 days without pharmaceuticals or statin drugs
2007-01-28: I want a Freeware Utility to ... 450 common problems solved
2007-01-28: LinkTiger :: Home : Find broken links on your website
2007-01-28: Researchers build tiny batteries with viruses - MIT News Office
2007-01-28: Screenshots of Embedded Windows 98, 98SE, ME
2007-01-28: The Mac v. PC Debate Solved
2007-01-28: The world's 100 largest economic entities
2007-01-28: Vista Ready Boost
2007-01-28: Windows installer for Debian Linux
2007-01-28: WinPatrol 2007 -- Makes Windows XP and Vista Start Faster
2007-01-29: Picture of Comet McNaught
2007-01-30: Air Force pursuing antimatter weapons / Program was touted publicly, then came official gag order
2007-01-30: Beryl's new 3D animations!
2007-01-30: BSOD Through the Ages: Fatal Exception 0E
2007-01-30: Buying OEM versions of Windows Vista: the facts
2007-01-30: Everything You Wanted to Know About Vista's SideShow
2007-01-30: Floppy disk is now obsolete
2007-01-30: Free Linux Kernel Driver Development
2007-01-30: GW Pharma to test fat-fighting marijuana drug - Jan. 30, 2007
2007-01-30: Hubble's Primary Camera Shuts Down
2007-01-30: PDF to become an open, ISO standard
2007-01-30: Rep. Cooper: White House Barred Negroponte From Saying %u2018Global%u2019 And %u2018Warming%u2019 In Same Sentence
2007-01-30: Scientists allege White House pressure about global warming
2007-01-30: Spam Made Up 94% Of All E-Mail In December
2007-01-30: Take Action: EPA Set to Abandon 30 Years of Air Quality Control
2007-01-30: Ted Stevens Returns, Wants to Ban Kids from MySpace
2007-01-30: The Buzz in News, Business, and Tech!
2007-01-30: Vista upgrade invalidates your XP key
2007-01-30: Windows Vista's new spin on licensing
2007-01-30: Wired News: I Was a Cybercrook for the FBI
2007-01-30: Yet Another Reason Why eBay Is A Total Joke -- Nigerian scammers ripping off sellers on eBay with hacked accounts
2007-01-31: Avast Antivirus for Ubuntu Desktop -- But why?
2007-01-31: California may ban conventional lightbulbs by 2012
2007-01-31: Canadian Prime Minister dismisses Kyoto as 'socialist scheme'
2007-01-31: Compact, fanless x86 box packs 1GHz Eden CPU, dual GigE
2007-01-31: FTC finally settles with Sony BMG over rootkit
2007-01-31: How to do Many Things in Windows Vista
2007-01-31: New cancer drug
2007-01-31: That $200 Windows XP service pack called Vista - A good list of the 12 new security features in Vista
2007-01-31: The BBC is the first traditional TV station in the world to offer all its TV shows on demand and over the internet
2007-01-31: Why "Yahoo" Is The #1 Search Term On Google
2007-01-31: Windows Vista Gaming Performance - NVIDIA and ATI Compared
2007-01-31: Windows Vista system guide - Powered by Newegg
2007-01-31: Windows Vista upgrade power tips - Lifehacker
2007-01-31: Workaround Discovered For Clean Install with upgrade Vista DVDs--just install twice
2007-01-21: Energy Weapon Protection Fabric stops tasers

Feb 2007

2007-02-02 : The informer in your blood -- DNA evidence and civil rights
2007-02-02: 55% Of People Regularly or Always Fake Their Web Identity
2007-02-02: Apple offers iTunes fix for Vista users
2007-02-02: Authoritative Report Confirms Human Activity Driving Global Warming
2007-02-02: Authoritative Report Confirms Human Activity Driving Global Warming
2007-02-02: Awesome photo of lightning hitting a lake
2007-02-02: California Bans Dirty Power Purchasing (TreeHugger)
2007-02-02: China's Space-Weapon Test Could Endanger Astronauts and Satellites
2007-02-02: Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs : ENERGY STAR
2007-02-02: First 3D map of the Universe%u2019s dark matter scaffolding
2007-02-02: Grand Illusions - Articles - Russian Puzzle
2007-02-02: High school bans tape recording, to help teachers lie
2007-02-02: How to crack a Windows password with Ophcrack Live CD - Lifehacker
2007-02-02: How to unlock a car with a tennis ball
2007-02-02: Jupiter As Seen from Mars
2007-02-02: Lab-grown diamonds make the cut
2007-02-02: Linux Genuine Advantage
2007-02-02: Nanotechnology Motor
2007-02-02: Scientists offered $10,000 cash to dispute climate study
2007-02-02: Several States Seek To Kill Federal 'Real ID' Requirements
2007-02-02: Shrimp Bandages Save Soldiers
2007-02-02: Some book statistics -- 80% of U.S. families did not buy or read a book last year
2007-02-02: The Downside of the Boom: China's Poison for the Planet - International - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News
2007-02-02: The Truth about Online Dating
2007-02-02: This way to the hackers
2007-02-02: Ubuntu Vista prank
2007-02-02: Vista has speech recognition security hole
2007-02-02: Windows that become mirrors at the flip of a switch
2007-02-02: Windows Vista Performance Guide -- Exhaustive
2007-02-02: Zap! and Lotus Team Up to Create the Zap-X: 350 Miles and 155 Mph on a 10 Minute Charge
2007-02-03: 12 second Cure for Hiccups
2007-02-03: An Inventive Video Journey To Web 2.0 : Somewhat Frank :: Web 2.0
2007-02-03: Are we on the brink of the flying car?
2007-02-03: Exxon-funded group offers cash to critique climate study
2007-02-03: Gore tp testify to Congress about climate change
2007-02-03: Piracy worked for us, Romania president tells Gates
2007-02-03: The ultimate users guide to hacking a CoinStar machine
2007-02-03: Websense - Security Labs Alert: Super Bowl XLI / Dolphin Stadium Site Hacked -- malicious javascript inserted
2007-02-04: Super Bowl stadium site hacked, seeded with exploits
2007-02-05: my ex threw my 4 computers off 14th floor - pictures
2007-02-05: Only 13 Percent Of Congressional Republicans Believe In Man-Made Global Warming
2007-02-05: Quick Tips to Find Files on Linux File System | SecGuru
2007-02-05: The Complete Guide To Optimising Windows XP | Connected Internet
2007-02-06: Florida Town Invests in Solar-Powered Street Lights (TreeHugger)
2007-02-06: Italian handheld to feature flexible display
2007-02-06: Steve Jobs explains music DRM -- it's just security theatre
2007-02-06: Unlocking security at RSA 2007 | CNET News.com
2007-02-06: Your face is your password
2007-02-07: 11 Most Important Philosophical Quotations.
2007-02-07: Court Awards Wrongly Sued Woman Legal Fees From The RIAA; Calls Lawsuits Frivolous And Unreasonable
2007-02-07: Hackers Attack Key Net Traffic Computers
2007-02-07: Hacking Skype: 25 Tips to Improve Your Skype Experience
2007-02-07: Information Super Traffic Jam - Internet nearing its traffic limit
2007-02-07: Microsoft\'s own antivirus fails to secure Vista | Tech News on ZDNet
2007-02-07: Month of Apple bugs being fixed
2007-02-07: Norway responds to Jobs' open DRM letter
2007-02-07: Preview of Beryl 0.2.0 -- Eye candy for Linux
2007-02-07: Run Existing Windows installation on Ubuntu Linux With Vmware Player
2007-02-07: Running Windows XP on Ubuntu Linux in a QEmu Virtual Machine
2007-02-07: Slipstream Windows XP with SATA Drivers
2007-02-07: Traffic Graph of the Core Internet DNS Services Being Attacked This Morning
2007-02-07" Gates 'dares anybody' to exploit Vista
2007-02-08: Silica -- a wireless hacking tool
2007-02-09: 9W LED Bulb Replaces 70W Incandescent (TreeHugger)
2007-02-09: A cluster of galaxies
2007-02-09: A look at Asus' Vista Edition motherboard features
2007-02-09: College teacher ordered to stop teaching his students about TOR (Anonymous Web browsing)
2007-02-09: Computers are about to take a quantum leap into the future
2007-02-09: EMI decision to go DRM-free imminent
2007-02-09: Firefox 3 Alpha 2 Available
2007-02-09: Hackers Attack Every 39 Seconds
2007-02-09: Pipes: Rewire the web
2007-02-09: Quantum computer to debut next Tuesday?
2007-02-09: Storing light here -- and retrieving it there
2007-02-09: Top 10 Most Common Passwords
2007-02-09: Two flaws found in Firefox
2007-02-10: Cockpit Photos
2007-02-10: Demonstration about Nothing
2007-02-10: Fun game with red and blue balls
2007-02-10: How to crash an in-flight entertainment system | CSO Blogs
2007-02-10: KeepVault -- Free automatic online backup
2007-02-10: Nuke detectors to ring New York, official says
2007-02-10: Pentagon unit defied CIA advice to justify Iraq war
2007-02-10: Physicists stop light, save it, recreate it later
2007-02-10: Vista successor 'Vienna" planned for 2009
2007-02-10: VMWare video hints at full DirectX virtualization in OS X - Engadget
2007-02-10: Wikipeda could shut within 3-4 months: Wikimedia
2007-02-10: Windows Vista Content Protection - Twenty Questions (and Answers)
2007-02-12: 8 Things You Must Do If Your Identity Is Stolen
2007-02-12: CertMag.com Certification Top 10 Lists Revisited
2007-02-12: Cyclone vertical glass fireplace
2007-02-12: How Does The Hacker Economy Work? - News by InformationWeek
2007-02-12: How Google and StopBadWare are Killing Innocent Sites
2007-02-12: Intel Builds the Fastest Chip Ever: 1 THz
2007-02-12: Io with two volcanic plumes
2007-02-12: ive Value Laptops for Under $1000 Bucks
2007-02-12: The end of online anonymity --- TPM
2007-02-12: Trend Micro flaw opens PCs to takeover
2007-02-12: Vista's Firewall is Worse than No Firewall at All
2007-02-13: A detour into the strange world of quantum computing
2007-02-13: CodeIDE--Online interpreters for Basic, Pascal, C++, and Perl
2007-02-13: Exciting new Linux distributions
2007-02-13: Good strategy game "virus"
2007-02-13: Google Loses Copyright Case, Drops Belgian News Links
2007-02-13: Guerrilla Mail - Disposable temporary e-mail address
2007-02-13: Pretty drawing applet
2007-02-13: Satellite could see shadow of extra dimensions
2007-02-13: Skype Reads Your BIOS and Motherboard Serial Number
2007-02-13: Ubuntu says no to non-free video drivers for Feisty
2007-02-13: YouTube Hands Over User's Info to Fox
2007-02-14: 25 Most Interesting VoIP Startups
2007-02-14: A gamer quits
2007-02-14: About You -- Your IP Address, and much more
2007-02-14: Anatomy of a Black Hole -- Pretty Flash Animation
2007-02-14: Be The Google Bot
2007-02-14: China to promise cuts in greenhouse gases
2007-02-14: CPUShare - The Low Cost Supercomputer
2007-02-14: Don't Do It, Mr. President by Ron Paul
2007-02-14: Exploiting Embedded Systems (Blackhat Amsterdam 2006)
2007-02-14: Exxon leader admits 'Climate getting warmer'
2007-02-14: First 'Commercial' Quantum Computer Solves Sudoku Puzzles
2007-02-14: Hamachi : Stay Connected -- Zero-Configuration Free VPN Software
2007-02-14: Helping the needy get nerdy
2007-02-14: IE and Firefox cough up hard drive contents
2007-02-14: Interesting Photo of Camels
2007-02-14: Kansas Rewriting Science Standards Again
2007-02-14: Make Google Go Crazy with Javascript
2007-02-14: MIT Student Creates Real Life Batman Utility Belt
2007-02-14: ow to break DRM - easy step-by-step explanations - iTunes, DVDs, etc.
2007-02-14: Pen Drive Linux � Boot and run Linux from a USB flash memory stick
2007-02-14: Photos & Video of San Francisco Pillow Fight 2007
2007-02-14: SCO Vs. Blogger
2007-02-14: Smashing time: Physicists race to find dark matter and the 'God particle'
2007-02-14: Smile, you're on Big Brother's in-plane camera! - Engadget
2007-02-14: Spinal cord can repair itself
2007-02-14: The Top Ten Distributions
2007-02-14: Xubuntu is a hit with old donated computers in an English classroom
2007-02-15: The Sysinternals Troubleshooting Utilities have been rolled up into a single Suite of tools
2007-02-16: Doctors seek to regrow parts of fingers
2007-02-16: Hitachi's RFID powder
2007-02-16: LSU professor resolves Einstein's twin paradox
2007-02-16: Photos: Exploding stars, clashing comets
2007-02-16: Top 10 Largest Databases in the World
2007-02-10: A Cost Analysis of Windows Vista Content Protection
2007-02-12: Top 10 Hilarious Viruses, Trojans and Worms
2007-02-09: MIT Says Optical Chips Coming in 5 Years

Feb-Mar 2007

2003-3-26: W2K Server and 2003 Server on Intel Mac
2003-3-26: Windows 2003 Server on Intel Mac
2007-02-16: A German paraglider survived being blown higher than Mt. Everest by a storm
2007-02-16: Apple addresses 'Bug Month' security holes News
2007-02-16: Apple to re-enter the sub-notebook market
2007-02-16: Callitfake.com | PC to PHONE Prank Telephone Call Generator
2007-02-16: Can we be immortal? The science of telomeres
2007-02-16: Cyberattacks exploit Word flaw
2007-02-16: DNS attack puts Web security in perspective | InfoWorld | Column | 2007-02-16 | By Roger A. Grimes
2007-02-16: DNS attack puts Web security in perspective | InfoWorld | Column | 2007-02-16 | By Roger A. Grimes
2007-02-16: Drive-by Web attack could hit home routers - Network World
2007-02-16: Encrypt your web browsing session (with an SSH SOCKS proxy) - Lifehacker
2007-02-16: How to safely connect from anywhere to your closed Linux firewall -- Port Knocking
2007-02-16: Inkless printer to be built into digital cameras
2007-02-16: Iowa may become first major university to go smoke free
2007-02-16: Judge steps down: won't enforce new marijuana law
2007-02-16: Learn everything about your PC with SIW - Lifehacker
2007-02-16: Linux-powered iPhone killer available online in March
2007-02-16: Mobile phone viruses may be coming, Mcafee already has antivirus software in some phones
2007-02-16: Negligent Parents Blamed for MySpace Assault
2007-02-16: New Hueristic Scan for Worms Based on Traffic Pattern
2007-02-16: Novell: OpenOffice is key
2007-02-16: Pretty picture of lightning
2007-02-16: Privacy Demonstration Video -- Pizza Order
2007-02-16: This is probably too much honesty
2007-02-16: This week only, London's Tower Bridge is the world's largest Bluetooth device
2007-02-16: Turkish gang helped by Russian hackers broke into online bank accounts
2007-02-16: Ubuntu Feisty Fawn Herd 4 Now Available
2007-02-16: Ultimate Boot CD -- Many many hacking tools
2007-02-16: Ultimate Boot CD for Windows -- this one has the password tools
2007-02-16: Vegetable Carving
2007-02-16: Vigilante hacker wins $4.3M in suit against Sandia Labs
2007-02-16: Workplace smoke ban a 'gift' for hackers | The Register
2007-02-16: 'Amphibian Ark' Planned to Save Frogs
2007-02-17: $82 Buys E-Voting Secrets
2007-02-17: Documents show new secretive US prison program isolating Muslim, Middle Eastern prisoners
2007-02-17: New Deblurring Technique Sharpens Images
2007-02-17: Origin Of Darkest Galaxies In The Universe Elucidated
2007-02-17: Pretty picture of lightning hitting a tree
2007-02-17: The Real Hustle: Credit Card Cloning
2007-02-17: Trials for 'bionic' eye implants
2007-02-17: Uncomplicating the Complicated | Hardware Secrets
2007-02-17: World's smallest hard drive
2007-02-18: A homemade 12-node server cluster
2007-02-18: Apple hit by a supersonic wave
2007-02-18: Apple, Jobs played hard ball with carriers
2007-02-18: comp.os.ms-windows.misc -- a Usenet thread about RAM from 10 years ago
2007-02-18: Corning Develops New Photonic Crystal Fiber Optics
2007-02-18: Crystal bends light with negative refraction
2007-02-18: Desktoptwo -- Free online desktop with 1 GB free storage
2007-02-18: Free online hash calculator, does MD5. SHA-1, and more
2007-02-18: Hardware Hard Disk Encryption
2007-02-18: How to run Linux inside Linux with User Mode Linux
2007-02-18: Impossibly cute kittens
2007-02-18: Intelligent watch wakes you at the best time
2007-02-18: Ip Tools, DNS tools, internet tools, WHOIS, traceroute, ping, domain name tools
2007-02-18: Microsoft Interview Questions
2007-02-18: Operating systems compared succinctly
2007-02-18: Paired molecules store data
2007-02-18: Stellarium -- Free Open Source PLanetarium Software
2007-02-18: The Integrator--Integrals from Mathematica
2007-02-18: The UN's new international radiation symbol
2007-02-18: Translucent billboards
2007-02-18: TrueCrypt - Free Open-Source On-The-Fly Disk Encryption Software for Windows XP/2000 and Linux
2007-02-18: Why Linux is better -- Good Linux propaganda
2007-02-18L American Foreign Policy Flowchart
2007-02-18" md5.rednoize.com - reverse engineer md5 hashes - powered by rednoize.com
2007-02-19: Google's Page urges scientists to market themselves | CNET News.com
2007-02-19: India is the new China at world's biggest wireless fair | CNET News.com
2007-02-19: Jeremy Hammond Jailed -- Founder of HackThisSite.org
2007-02-19: Linux kernel driver project picks up steam and opposition
2007-02-19: McCain: Roe V. Wade Should Be Overturned
2007-02-19: MIT's Stackable, Foldable City Car
2007-02-19: Red Hat endorses KVM virtualization | CNET News.com
2007-02-19: Sweden: A Safe Haven for Pirates
2007-02-19: Top YouTube videographers descend on S.F. | CNET News.com
2007-02-20: 12 crackpot tech ideas that could transform the enterprise | InfoWorld | Test Center | February 19, 2007 | By InfoWorld Staff
2007-02-20: A democratic company in Brazil
2007-02-20: Australia to outlaw incandescent light bulbs
2007-02-20: Computer Game Industry Lifestyle Drives Insomniac Dev East, Far East - Kotaku
2007-02-20: Europe's Plan to Track Phone and Net Use - New York Times
2007-02-20: Free Vista Drivers - RadarSync
2007-02-20: Hard disk test 'surprises' Google
2007-02-20: iTunes fingers musical fraud
2007-02-20: Longhorn server requires virtualization -- Microsoft in competition with VMware
2007-02-20: Our Top Twenty Lectures | WGBH Forum Network | Free Online Lectures
2007-02-20: PHP Security From The Inside -- March is Month of PHP Bugs
2007-02-20: Privacy row as checks on phones and e-mails in UK hit 439,000
2007-02-20: Sweden to ban Denial of Service attacks
2007-02-20: This guy recorded his whole life for 6 years
2007-02-20: Turning Firefox to an Ethical Hacking Platform. - Security Database Tools Watch
2007-02-21: 13 Places To Watch TV Online for Free
2007-02-21: A Lontime Fedora User Switches to Ubuntu
2007-02-21: CPA Empire and Mobile Sidewalk Team Up On Ringtone Fraud - ShoeMoney%u2122
2007-02-21: Dell gives desktop Linux its full attention
2007-02-21: Duct Tape - Good for Many Things, but NOT for Ducts
2007-02-21: Fon wants you to help steal business from Starbucks and T-Mobile
2007-02-21: Mac or PC? You've seen the ads, how do you choose for business?
2007-02-21: New script to add Ubunt video drivers
2007-02-21: The Perfect Desktop - Part 1: Fedora Core 6 | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials
2007-02-21: Top 10 Gmail tips and hacks
2007-02-22: 25 startups to watch
2007-02-22: Ballmer repeats lawsuit threats against Linux
2007-02-22: Google Desktop hijack flaw fixed
2007-02-22: Hack lets intruders sneak into home routers | Tech News on ZDNet
2007-02-22: hydrocarbons found on alien planets
2007-02-22: More hidden Windows Vista tricks -- Autologon
2007-02-22: Open-source intrusion detector "Snort" has a severe security flaw -- upgrade now
2007-02-22: Overtaking Google Desktop -- Video from Watchfire
2007-02-22: Security flaw in Windows Defender
2007-02-22: Skype asks FCC to open up cellular networks
2007-02-22: This guy tracked down the origin of the Autumn Win XP desktop background
2007-02-22: Virtual PC 2007 made available
2007-02-22: Vista Hands On #5: Edit boot menus and more
2007-02-22: Warez Leader Faces 10 Years in Jail
2007-02-22: Zero-day attack hits Word
2007-02-23: 200-foot-deep Hole opens in Guatemala neighborhood, 3 missing
2007-02-23: Big Brother is Watching You. Yes, YOU -- How the Current Internet Surveillance May Be Operating
2007-02-23: CompUSA Closing 100 Stores
2007-02-23: Dell and Desktop Linux: Can it Work?
2007-02-23: Egypt blogger jailed for insulting Islam
2007-02-23: Emotion robots learn from people
2007-02-23: Free batteries for life, courtesy of the sun
2007-02-23: Google Office to cost $50 per year, direct competition with Microsoft Office
2007-02-23: Inside the Windows Vista Kernel: Part 2 -- Memory Management
2007-02-23: Jobs, Dell share stage, blast teacher unions
2007-02-23: NEA -- half of American adults read literature, as of 2004
2007-02-23: Running Windows viruses with Wine
2007-02-23: South African Government switches to Open Source
2007-02-23: Why Smart Cops Do Dumb Things
2007-02-23: Windows Easy Transfer for Windows XP and Windows 2000
2007-02-23: World's tiniest RFID tag unveiled
2007-02-24: Chinese clinic treats teen internet addicts with hypnosis, shock therapy - Engadget
2007-02-24: If Operating Systems Ran The Airlines...
2007-02-24: Inter-Species Stem Cells to Be Created
2007-02-24: Pandemic: End of Mankind game
2007-02-24: The Ultimate Rejection Letter
2007-02-24: US rejects ban on cluster bombs
2007-02-25: ATM Running Windows Prank
2007-02-25: BitFox Adds BitTorrent Support to Firefox | TorrentFreak
2007-02-25: Bots and DDoS attacks: a primer
2007-02-25: Citing Security, Microsoft Makes Some Vista Off-Limits For Virtual Machines
2007-02-25: Cut, Paste, Destroy
2007-02-25: Danger inside the firewall That nice, new Linksys wireless router might as well have been a ticking bomb
2007-02-25: First desktop motherboard supported by LinuxBIOS: GIGABYTE M57SLI-S4
2007-02-25: Golfer sues Wikipedia writer through IP Address
2007-02-25: how Us The Code: Open Letter to Steven Ballmer
2007-02-25: Linux Live for CD & USB -- Make your own Live Linux
2007-02-25: OpenID - What is it, and why everyone is talking about it
2007-02-25: Peter Costello, Treasurer of the Commonwealth of Australia: Muslims Who Don't Assimilate Should Leave Australia
2007-02-25: Popular RFC Title Index 1
2007-02-25: Recuva - Undelete, Unerase, File Recovery - Home
2007-02-25: Ron Paul on Hypocrisy in the Middle East
2007-02-25: Solid State Flash Disks -- 160 GB
2007-02-25: StopBadware.org
2007-02-25: Supercomputer Cluster Live Webcam
2007-02-25: Talisker Computer Network Defense Operational Picture
2007-02-25: Tomato Firmware Linksys' WRT54G/GL/GS and Buffalo WHR-G54S/WHR-HP-G54 routers
2007-02-25: Toshiba cracks quantum crypto conundrum - Quantum Cryptography Made More Secure
2007-02-25: Trojan phishing attack claims multiple victims | Channel Register
2007-02-25: US generals 'will quit' if Bush orders Iran attack-News-World-Iraq-TimesOnline
2007-02-25: Using a halted Linux machine as a firewall
2007-02-25: Web Form Factory (v0.1.3 beta) - Open Source Web Form Generator
2007-02-25: Wired News: Google Apps: Should You Switch?
2007-02-25: Wireless Camera Hunter and Viewer - Camera Detector
2007-02-26: A way to attack TOR (pdf)
2007-02-26: Heat-sensitive paper could lead to 3D printers - Engadget
2007-02-27: 107-year-old woman makes a weblog
2007-02-27: A demonstration of the value of shell scripting
2007-02-27: Army Developing Paralysis Beam
2007-02-27: Binary Wedding Bands - Geeks Need A Ring Too
2007-02-27: Chinese scientists develop remote-controlled pigeons
2007-02-27: Data stored in live cells
2007-02-27: Florida Appeals Court Rules Against Girl Based On Fantasized Future Events
2007-02-27: Hacker breaches T-Mobile systems, reads US Secret Service email
2007-02-27: How To Identify Unknown Processes In Windows | Watching The Net
2007-02-27: How to resize a partition in Windows Vista � Vista Rewired
2007-02-27: InternetFrog.com: Network Tools, Internet Speed Test and Website Tools
2007-02-27: IT Security - The IT Security Industry's Web Resource
2007-02-27: Linux Reality
2007-02-27: Microsoft Extends Windows XP Support To 2014 | Lifehack.Community Beta
2007-02-27: PhreakVids.com - Videos Related To Phreaking
2007-02-27: Run Windows Vista for 120 days without activation key
2007-02-27: Statistical tests to detect images with hidden data in them
2007-02-27: The sharpest manmade object
2007-02-27: The Top of the Atmosphere
2007-02-27: Vista bug forces legit users to reactivate OS
2007-02-27: Vista WGA problems confirmed
2007-02-27: Windows-to-Linux roadmap: Overview from IBM
2007-03-11: DEF CON 15 Call For Papers -- Las Vegas -- Aug 3-5, 2007
2007-03-37" Quotes about Operating Systems
2007-1-27: Making telemarketers pay -- in cash
2007-1-27: Researchers now able to stop, restart light
2007-1-27: Welcome to EasyUbuntu
2007-1-28: Scientists invent real-life 'tricorder' for chemical analysis
2007-2-28: RIAA Announces New Campus Lawsuit Strategy
2007-2-28: Art that messes with your head
2007-2-28: Compare Linux Distributions Side-by-Side
2007-2-28: Don't be misled by these 10 Windows Vista myths (thanks, Kevin!)
2007-2-28: Elite Base Jumping Game: Slowest Man Explodes
2007-2-28: Five ways to use Windows apps in Linux (thanks to Kevin)
2007-2-28: Google Operating System: Google Maps Shows Real-Time Traffic Data
2007-2-28: Gradual Image Resizing on Mouse Rollover
2007-2-28: Hackszine.com: Use Vista's BitLocker with a USB Key
2007-2-28: Hiding malware in video cards and other PC hardware
2007-2-28: � Beware of hard-coding issues in Vista user folders | George Ou | ZDNet.com
2007-2-28: KGB Free Key Logger 1.94 - Free KGB Key Logger is a free keyboard tracking software (a
2007-2-28: Microsoft probes IE 7, Vista bug reports | Tech News on ZDNet
2007-2-28: More XP Tips
2007-2-28: New watermark system scours the net for infringement, notifies owners
2007-2-28: Online gamer dies after 'marathon' session - Games - MSNBC.com
2007-2-28: Relocate the menu bar in IE7 to the top of the window (thanks to Kevin)
2007-2-28: Screenshot Tour: Windows Vista's Task Scheduler (thanks to Kevin)
2007-2-28: SEC sues firm for hacking company news releases | Tech News on ZDNet
2007-2-28: SORBS - Zombie/Hijacked Netblock Info
2007-2-28: Symantec finds flaws in Vista's security -- Address Space Layout Rendomization not so random after all
2007-2-28: Symantec: Vista's UAC prompts can%u2019t always be trusted
2007-2-28: The original Asteroids game
2007-2-28: The whole Internet was 500,000 Terabytes in 2002
2007-2-28: The World Famous Random Kitten Generator
2007-2-28: Windows Vista's SuperFetch and ReadyBoost Analyzed (thanks, Kevin!)
2007-3-10: 25 Pump-and-dump spam stocks frozen
2007-3-10: 4 Easy Steps to Kill Blog Spam Forever
2007-3-10: Big Brother State - An animated short about public surveillance by David Scharf
2007-3-10: Codeplay makes autoparallelising compiler
2007-3-10: Connecticut law will require parental consent for social-networking use by minors
2007-3-10: Don't Let OneCare Eat Your Email
2007-3-10: Experts warn of rootkit explosion
2007-3-10: Gonzales, Mueller admit FBI broke law spying
2007-3-10: Homeland Security revives supersnoop computer ADVISE to data-mine personal information on U.S. citizens
2007-3-10: Last month's root-server attack revisited
2007-3-10: NASA backs quantum computing claim
2007-3-10: PC World - Microsoft OneCare Last in Antivirus Tests
2007-3-10: SEC goes after stock spammers, hackers
2007-3-10: The Computer Nerd's Guide to Making More Money
2007-3-10: The Five Things You Aren't Allowed to Discuss About Linux
2007-3-10: Windows XP Home and Professional Service Pack 2 Service Configurations by Black Viper
2007-3-11: A New Battery Takes Off in a Race to Electric Cars - New York Times
2007-3-11: All of EU to switch off energy inefficient lights within three years - Engadget
2007-3-11: Debian Package of the Day
2007-3-11: DEF CON 15 Call For Papers - DEFCON Will be Aug 3-5, 2007, Las Vegas
2007-3-11: Don't like ID cards? Hand over your passport
2007-3-11: Dumbing-Down of America
2007-3-11: Electric car faster than a Porsche 911
2007-3-11: Fact or Fiction?: Living People Outnumber the Dead: Scientific American
2007-3-11: FBI abuses may lead to Patriot Act limits
2007-3-11: Flash Drum Machine Game
2007-3-11: How to flash motherboard BIOS from Linux (no DOS/Windows, no floppy drive)?
2007-3-11: How to Hack Into a Windows XP Computer Without Changing Password � Raymond.CC Blog
2007-3-11: Laptops of the Future -- Video of Flying Drop-Proof Laptop
2007-3-11: LinuxBIOS with X11 server, completely in Flash ROM | Uwe Hermann
2007-3-11: Open Culture: 25 UC Berkeley Courses Available via Free Video
2007-3-11: Open Source Means You Have to Be Better
2007-3-11: Quantum entanglement demonstrated over 144 km; possible applications for encryption and teleportation
2007-3-11: Recover Windows Login password within minutes � Raymond.CC Blog
2007-3-11: Relative prices of different liquids
2007-3-11: Throughout IRAN Photo Gallery -- Very pretty
2007-3-11: Why Intelligent People Tend To Be Unhappy
2007-3-11: YouTube - mPHASE nanobattery
2007-3-12: Zinc - Yahoo! Console Chat Client for Linux, written in Python
2007-3-13: 11 Ways to Optimize Your Mac's Performance
2007-3-13: Animated 3-D globe showing financial production of regions
2007-3-13: Artificially Intelligent Chat Bot
2007-3-13: Car robber caught on webcam
2007-3-13: Carbon dioxide levels threaten oceans regardless of global warming
2007-3-13: Chinese pollution makes American storms worse
2007-3-13: Damn Vulnerable Linux - The most vulnerable and exploitable operating system ever - DVL Overview
2007-3-13: DOJ report finds Patriot Act ripe for abuse
2007-3-13: First 'Nontheistic' Member of Congress Announced
2007-3-13: Instant Domain Search
2007-3-13: Meet cGrid, the real-time P2P punisher
2007-3-13: Microsoft Exec Admits That Company Benefits From Piracy
2007-3-13: New Tiny Silent Linux PC
2007-3-13: Progress Toward Artificial Photosynthesis - Science - RedOrbit
2007-3-13: Really pretty interactive kaleidoscipic art toy
2007-3-13: ScienceDaily: A Hidden Twist In The Black Hole Information Paradox
2007-3-13: Spying Too Secret For Your Court: AT&T, Gov Tell Ninth
2007-3-13: Surfing the Amazon: Longest Wave on Earth
2007-3-13: Tools I use on my Mac
2007-3-13: Viacom Files Federal Copyright Infringement Complaint Against YouTube and Google: $1 billion damages
2007-3-13: Web Application Hacking Sandbox
2007-3-13: Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2 released
2007-3-14: 61 Free tools from Microsoft to Support Windows XP - including an ISO burner
2007-3-14: Ask a Hacker
2007-3-14: Chasing the duclod man -- How a student tracked down a creepy stalker-type with years of Internet research
2007-3-14: Dems abandon war authority provision - Bush seems to have an open door to invade Iran
2007-3-14: Evangelical Christians attack use of torture by US
2007-3-14: ExPlay Nano-Projectors -- World's smallest projector
2007-3-14: FreeMacWare.com : Free Software For Macs � Blog Archive � Klondike Forever
2007-3-14: GCN Lab Review | Sendio's I C E Box appliance successfully stood up to more than a billion pieces of spam and virus-laden e-mail
2007-3-14: Hardware Key Loggers - Computer Surveillance Security Anti-Spyware
2007-3-14: ICE spamblocker makes the Barracuda Spam Firewall Obsolete
2007-3-14: Jet Beetle -- VW automobile with a huge jet engine on it
2007-3-14: Microsoft Office XML gets fast-tracked to ISO standard
2007-3-14: Official Google Blog: Taking steps to further improve our privacy practices
2007-3-14: Plans to link Europe to Africa via a tunnel
2007-3-14: Remote Desktop for Linux
2007-3-14: Retrocausality: Science hopes to change events that have already occurred
2007-3-14: Spacecraft may surf the solar system on magnetic fields - space
2007-3-14: Tandy 5000 Computer in 1989, 20 MHz for just $8500
2007-3-14: The Happy Hacker -- Self-defense against computer crime
2007-3-14: Windows Server 2003 & Windows XP x64 Service Pack 2 Technical Overview
2007-3-14: YouTube - twirl a squirrel
2007-3-15: Dealing With A DMCA Crook
2007-3-15: One Number That Will Ring All Your Phones - New York Times
2007-3-16: Aptera takes wraps off 200 MPG prototype car - Sci-fi look
2007-3-16: DARwIn will be America's first humanoid RoboCup competitor - Good robot evolution video
2007-3-16: Dell, Alienware Ship Systems With One Terabyte Drives
2007-3-16: Electric Sales Potential! Tesla Motors To Open Five Non-Dealerships This Year - Jalopnik
2007-3-16: Exercise helps rebuild memory, study finds - 15 Mar 2007 - NZ Herald: Lifestyle News and Reviews from New Zealand and around the World
2007-3-16: GMO corn causes liver, kidney problems in rats: study: Scientific American
2007-3-16: Have researchers found a new state of matter?
2007-3-16: How To Record Customer Service Calls
2007-3-16: Inkjet printers start cranking out microchips | CNET News.com
2007-3-16: iPod headband featuring bone conduction
2007-3-16: Irongeek.com -- Vista version of Ophcrack (see 2-21-07)
2007-3-16: Jon Galloway : Can Operating Systems tell if they're running in a Virtual Machine?
2007-3-16: Kingmax unveils world's smallest flash drive
2007-3-16: Kucinich: 'Impeachment may well be the only remedy which remains to stop a war of aggression against Iran'
2007-3-16: Long-range taser lets cops shock those on the run
2007-3-16: NASA - Mars' South Pole Ice Deep and Wide
2007-3-16: OS 10.4.9 Update Causing Ugly Crashes
2007-3-16: Radioactive Boy Scout - Teenager achieves nuclear fusion at home
2007-3-16: Saturn's Icy Moon May Have Been Hot Enough for Life, Study Finds
2007-3-16: Straight Dice Flash Game - Flash Games For Work
2007-3-16: The 59 Top Influencers in IT Security
2007-3-16: The Blue Pill, the Zen of malware
2007-3-16: Use of a Helmet is a lil ironic here -- Awesome Mountain Biking
2007-3-16: Why Linux will not displace Windows -- This must be either a gag or the dumbest n00b on the Internet
2007-3-16: Wife googled 'How to commit murder' and then killed her husband
2007-3-16: Wired News: Rise of the Netflix Hackers
2007-3-17: 10 things you should know about connecting Macintosh OS X systems to Windows networks
2007-3-17: Apple megapatch plugs 45 security holes
2007-3-17: HOW TO: inject drivers into Microsoft's free OS, Windows PE 2.0 (Thanks, Kent)
2007-3-17: McAfee: .gov sites are safest
2007-3-17: Microsoft probes possible IE 7 phishing hole
2007-3-17: New hacker trick may expose Oracle databases
2007-3-17: New "Anycast" shield foiled Internet backbone attack
2007-3-17: The best and worst Windows versions ever
2007-3-17: YouTube - Middle Ages Tech Support (thanks, Marie)
2007-3-18: A really strange new bicycle witn no seat: an adult big wheel
2007-3-18: Bluetooth Proximity Detection on OS X -- Send your puter to sleep when you walk away
2007-3-18: Bug may expose encrypted e-mail
2007-3-18: City Of Napa To Receive WiFi Network (Thanks, Alfred!)
2007-3-18: Hiding Your IP Address, Anonymous Internet Surfing HOWTO
2007-3-18: How Secure Is Your Domain?
2007-3-18: In 'Second Life,' the ring of revolution?
2007-3-18: SpendMatters: Vista, Office and Outlook 2007 are a Nightmare (Thanks, Kent)
2007-3-18: The facts on VMware vs. Microsoft
2007-3-18: The First Blue Rose (Genetically Modified)
2007-3-18: Trend Micro flaw opens PCs to takeover (Thanks, Kirk)
2007-3-18: Ubuntu Feisty Fawn: Desktop Linux Matured
2007-3-18: VMware attacks Microsoft virtualization strategy
2007-3-18: Windows Vista: I'm Breaking up with You ((Thanks, Kent)
2007-3-18: YouTube - Lock bumping solutions
2007-3-19: Microsoft partner: Vista less secure than XP:
2007-3-19: Myths, Lies, and Truths about the Linux kernel
2007-3-19: NSA Security Guides to Securing Operating Systems
2007-3-19: Ubuntu Ultimate Edition
2007-3-1: Home Depot's Contractors Instructed to Intentionally Inflate Estimates, Charge For Items Not Installed - Consumerist
2007-3-1: Is it a car or a motorbike? Actually, it's both! | the Daily Mail
2007-3-1: Site to offer truly local weather maps - Yahoo! News
2007-3-1: Top 9 Security Extensions for Firefox � Mitchelaneous
2007-3-1: Ubuntu installer adds it to your Win XP computer without any need to partition the disk
2007-3-1: WIRED Blogs: Listening Post
2007-3-1: Wired News: A Poison Pen From the RIAA
2007-3-1: Wired News: I Bought Votes on Digg
2007-3-20: A good comparison of programming languages
2007-3-20: Data Centers Breathe Easier with Less Oxygen
2007-3-20: f8d: a seriously nerdy comic strip
2007-3-20: Google adding search privacy protections
2007-3-20: Great photo of a sunspot
2007-3-20: gumstix - way small computing
2007-3-20: Howto: A more secure OS X before Leopard.
2007-3-20: Linux Desktop -- Is it an Option for Normal Users?
2007-3-20: Linux Leads On World's Top Supercomputers
2007-3-20: MINIX: what is it, and why is it still relevant?
2007-3-20: NPR Starts A War with the RIAA
2007-3-20: NSA looks to VMware and Linux for virtual security -- replacing the up to six computers per person they use now
2007-3-20: One more time: do not clean out your Prefetch folder!
2007-3-20: Oops! Computer tech wipes out info on $38B fund
2007-3-20: OS Encryption Showdown: Vista's BitLocker vs. Mac's FileVault
2007-3-20: Outlaw biker gangs have their own IT departments
2007-3-20: Peer-to-peer poisoners: A tour of MediaDefender
2007-3-20: Politicians press for antispyware law yet again
2007-3-20: Species diverge even without sexual reproduction
2007-3-20: SQL Injection Cheat Sheet
2007-3-20: Super bacteria can withstand 1000 times more radiation than humans can
2007-3-20: The Air Car - zero pollution and very low running costs
2007-3-21: Belief in Evolution for many nations compared
2007-3-21: Budget private rocket reaches space on second try
2007-3-21: Correct answers to specific literacy questions, by country/region
2007-3-21: House questions 'overreaching' FBI spy powers
2007-3-21: Interesting Facts about Google
2007-3-21: NPR fights back, seeks rehearing on Internet radio royalty increases
2007-3-21: "Jikto" Tool turns unsuspecting surfers into hacking help
2007-3-23: 7 downloadable CD images that will give you super powers
2007-3-23: A History of OSx86 - Part I
2007-3-23: Fierce_Skies--really pretty pic
2007-3-23: Fixing Windows with Knoppix -- QParted replaces Partition Magic
2007-3-23: Gmail Craze: 30 Tools and Hacks for Gmail
2007-3-23: Lack of Mac malware baffles experts
2007-3-23: Researchers develop flexible, see-through battery
2007-3-23: Scientists Create Tiniest-Ever Alphabet Soup
2007-3-23: Super Grub Disk -- Recover your Linux Boot!
2007-3-23: Surprise, Microsoft Listed as Most Secure OS
2007-3-23: Windows Vista - Troubleshooting Excessive CPU usage
2007-3-24: A War on Science -- A video about Intelligent Design
2007-3-24: cbs13.com - California Selling Social Security Numbers
2007-3-24: LinuxMedia Center Edition 1.0 Demo video - Google Video
2007-3-24: Net porn ban faces another legal setback
2007-3-24: Only Ubuntu Linux: Performance tip for Ubuntu Edgy and Feisty users
2007-3-24: Oracle sues SAP; alleges corporate theft on a grand scale
2007-3-24: Russian (Gozi) Trojan powering massive ID-theft ring
2007-3-24: Scuba diving without air tanks -- breathe like a fish
2007-3-24: The sorry state of security software | Ed Bott's Microsoft Report
2007-3-25: A funny thread on Apple support about a cat hacking into a computer
2007-3-25: Google Hardware in 1998
2007-3-25: Parallelize applications for faster Linux booting
2007-3-25: Terror Database Has Quadrupled In Four Years
2007-3-25: Ubuntu Feisty performance
2007-3-26: All Nike running shoes to be iPod compatible by year's end
2007-3-26: Amsterdam Bicycles
2007-3-26: Apple's snarky Mac OS X Posters mock Microsoft
2007-3-26: Genetic Studies Endow Mice with New Color Vision
2007-3-26: Hack lets intruders sneak into home routers with Javascript on a Web page
2007-3-26: Help: I Got Hacked. Now What Do I Do?
2007-3-26: Homegrown Windows Vista Error Stickers
2007-3-26: IBM doubles CPU cooling capabilities with simple manufacturing change
2007-3-26: If we want to save the planet, we need a five-year freeze on biofuels
2007-3-26: Microsoft's own antivirus fails to secure Vista
2007-3-26: New 'biofuel cell' produces electricity from hydrogen in plain air
2007-3-26: Telephone Sheep
2007-3-26: Wireless LAN security myths that won't die
2007-3-26: World's First Building-Integrated Wind Turbines
2007-3-26: Wrong Way Light Refraction - new optical material
2007-3-27: 20 20 "How To" Windows Vista Tips That Most People Don't Know
2007-3-27: Crash Internet Explorer
2007-3-27: Crazy building places too much trust in physics
2007-3-27: DailyTech - IBM to Demonstrate World's Fastest Optical Chipset
2007-3-27: Encrypted directories with EncFS in My Ubuntu Installation
2007-3-27: Ex-Windows User Tried Dozens of Distros
2007-3-27: How I'd Hack Your Weak Passwords
2007-3-27: How to mount a Windows shared folder on your Mac
2007-3-27: Installing Apple MacOS X on a Standard Laptop
2007-3-27: John McCain's MySpace Page Hacked
2007-3-27: OSX 10.4.6 on your Windows computer
2007-3-27: Ubuntu Easter Egss
2007-3-27: Vista almost as good as Linux
2007-3-2: A very strange game with a bizarre soundtrack
2007-3-2: Hacker breaks into Wordpress server and modifies downloadable file
2007-3-2: How far has 'Vladuz' hacked into eBay?
2007-3-2: How Windows Live Messenger is Saving the World
2007-3-2: Justice Department takes aim at image-sharing sites -- Data-retention rules
2007-3-2: M-Dollar: Windows flaw allows privilege escalation, Vista affected (thanks to Kent)
2007-3-2: Microsoft Windows ousted at California school district -- Switched to SUSE Linux
2007-3-2: National ID Card Regulations Issued
2007-3-2: New nanorod anti-reflection coating for optics
2007-3-2: Quarantine breach leaves TB patient locked in isolation
2007-3-2: RAIDing Disks - Worse Than Failure (thanks, Kent)
2007-3-2: RFID Staples
2007-3-2: RIAA launches propaganda, lawsuit offensive against college students
2007-3-2: Use this headset and control video games with your thoughts
2007-3-2: Vista activation cracked by brute force
2007-3-2: Vista Brute Force Keygen - KezNews.com
2007-3-2: Why Does Vista Use All My Memory? A good description of cache operation (thanks to Kent)
2007-3-3: 28 Steps on how to harden your linux server
2007-3-3: Comparison of Antivirus Software
2007-3-3: Ducking the Daylight Saving Time Bug
2007-3-3: EPIC - Tools for Protecting Online Privacy
2007-3-3: five technically legal signs for your library
2007-3-3: Gigoit :: Choose to Reuse -- Give or get unwanted usable items in your community
2007-3-3: Hackers target Symantec
2007-3-3: Logic Bomb used to manipulate stock prices
2007-3-3: Man sues Microsoft, claims IE failed to hide browsing habits from FBI
2007-3-3: Open Source Web Content Filtering Project
2007-3-3: Pentagon Whistle-Blower on the Coming War With Iran
2007-3-3: Quick Tips to Find Files on Linux File System
2007-3-3: Save Internet Radio
2007-3-3: Stop Giving Open Source Software Stupid Names
2007-3-3: Tor hack reports downplayed by developers
2007-3-3: US court throws out CIA torture case
2007-3-3: Vista Cracked by Paradox 2007
2007-3-3: What you should know about switching to Ubuntu from Windows
2007-3-3: Windows Vista Brute Force Keygen a hoax
2007-3-3: '3D' Screen Launched
2007-3-3: 'Fabbers' could launch a revolution -- 3-D printing at home
2007-3-4: A PC n a whiskey bottle
2007-3-4: Analemma Photo -- the Sun's Path Through the Year
2007-3-4: Another hacking puzzle site, easy but seems buggy after level 7
2007-3-4: Aurora Lights. Pictures
2007-3-4: Diary of a Dog - Diary of a Cat
2007-3-4: Good astronomy videos
2007-3-4: Google: Click fraud costs us $1 billion a year
2007-3-4: Great Firewall of China
2007-3-4: HackQuest :: Learn about Hacking, Cracking, JavaScript, PHP, Cryptology and Password security
2007-3-4: How to decompile CLASS files back into JAVA source code
2007-3-4: Internet Explorer Tips
2007-3-4: It's official: Pirates crack Vista at last
2007-3-4: Microsoft will charge $4000 for Daylight Saving hotfixes for older products
2007-3-4: My Top 10 Security Live CD
2007-3-4: My Vista Upgrade Experience-- Microsoft Tech Support Recommended Using a Vista Crack
2007-3-4: New Theory Explains Mysterious 'Dark' Galaxies
2007-3-4: Nmap Online
2007-3-4: Real IDs to Become Real in 2010
2007-3-4: ScatterChat--Secure Instant Messaging
2007-3-4: ScreenSmasher - The Stress-Relieving Screen Smashing Simulator
2007-3-4: SPACE.com -- The Top 10 Weirdest Things in Space: Weird and strange things in theuniverse
2007-3-4: Storm Worm variant targets blogs, bulletin boards | Tech News on ZDNet
2007-3-4: Telescope fixes itself on South Pole skies in search of clues to explain universe%u2019s composition, evolution
2007-3-4: Ten Cool Linux Commands
2007-3-4: The New York Times' Must-Do List to Restore Civil Liberties in the USA
2007-3-4: Ultimate Ubuntu performance tweaking guide
2007-3-4: Vista Hands On #9: Use Vista for four months, free
2007-3-5: A really pretty photo of a mountain and a lake
2007-3-5: Breaking the Silicon Barrier: Graphene Transistors Demonstrated
2007-3-5: Evil Penguin Picture
2007-3-5: I am not a state secret - German kidnapped and imprisoned falsely by the CIA denied a trial again
2007-3-5: Lunar Eclipse Photos March 2007
2007-3-5: MIT puts entire curriculum at disposal of e-learners - Information World Review
2007-3-5: Secure Hashing
2007-3-5: VMware Goes Up Against Microsoft - New York Times
2007-3-5: YouTube - New Hampshire REAL ID Protest
2007-3-6: 30 Days with Ubuntu Linux
2007-3-6: AntiVirus Systems's Performance Graphs
2007-3-6: China bans LiveJournal
2007-3-6: Cyber War - Discovery Channel Video about Chinese Hackers
2007-3-6: Did you know? A powerpoint presentation filled with exciting statistics
2007-3-6: Dogs can use ATMs
2007-3-6: FAQ: How Real ID will affect you
2007-3-6: Get READY for the BFG - BigFix, Inc.
2007-3-6: Honest Error Message
2007-3-6: Introducing the Dog-Powered Scooter � Blog Archive� �Alice Hill%u2019s Real Tech News
2007-3-6: Israel, Iran and the United States were the countries with the most negative image
2007-3-6: Leaders Don't Kill People--An argument against a standing army
2007-3-6: Mario Comunist Edition
2007-3-6: Meraki also plans a SF Wi-Fi Network
2007-3-6: Not Your IP - Browse the web without a trace
2007-3-6: Privacy Board Clears U.S. Spy Programs -- But it's completely controlled and appointed by Bush. A shameless whitewash
2007-3-6: ProcX--Free Process Monitor
2007-3-6: Psychological torture as damaging as physical torture
2007-3-6: Total Eclipse.jpg photo
2007-3-6: U.S. DOT considers switch to Mac, Linux
2007-3-6: VMware puts a virtual machine in your pocket
2007-3-6: Winter in Portland - USA - Ice is Dangerous
2007-3-7: British police working with cyber-vigilante groups
2007-3-7: Calif. school district aims 5,000 desktops at Linux
2007-3-7: Chinese Company: Skype Protocol Cracked
2007-3-7: Dell may offer Linux on computers as alternative to Windows - Mar. 6, 2007
2007-3-7: Expert: Skype calls nearly impossible for NSA to intercept
2007-3-7: FAA May Ditch Microsoft's Windows Vista And Office For Google And Linux Combo - Technology News by InformationWeek
2007-3-7: France bans citizen journalists from reporting violence
2007-3-7: Free Online Games - a really big list
2007-3-7: Hands-on with Vulcan's Flipstart handheld PC - Engadget
2007-3-7: How dangerous is Skype?
2007-3-7: Navy Researching RadioFrequency Vomit Beam
2007-3-7: Proprietary drivers in Feisty: not by default but easy to activate
2007-3-7: Schools across Japan may switch to Linux :: gyaku
2007-3-7: The world generated 161 exabytes of data last year
2007-3-7: Top tech talent lured into cybercrime by large paychecks
2007-3-7: Upgrading XP to Vista, or How to delete all of your data files in one fell swoop
2007-3-7: Viruslist.com - Dubai eGovernment websites hit by cyberterrorists
2007-3-7: Viruslist.com - Revenge hacker charged in Belarus
2007-3-9: A good explanation of 32-bit memory limitations: realistic limit is about 3 GB
2007-3-9: Bush Administration Memos Tell Officials How to Discuss Climate - New York Times
2007-3-9: Certified Ethical Hacker from QuickCert
2007-3-9: Everything you need to know about IPv6
2007-3-9: Ga. close to OKing Bible classes
2007-3-9: Hackers Center : Ethical Hacker Course by Doz
2007-3-9: House Democrats introduce bill to restore habeas corpus
2007-3-9: How do you intercept someone else's text message?
2007-3-9: HP considering factory-loaded Linux desktops and notebooks
2007-3-9: Linux Monitor: Ubuntu Customization Guide part I
2007-3-9: Make Congress Read the Bills Campaign -- A Revolutionary Idea
2007-3-9: Management 'scared' by open source
2007-3-9: Microsoft move could be the end of the JPEG
2007-3-9: Microsoft Windows Vienna will replace Vista in 2 years
2007-3-9: Scientists show that asteroids are solar powered
2007-3-9: Top 10 Firefox Extensions to Improve your Productivity - lifehack.org
2007-3-9: Unix Programming Frequently Asked Questions
2007-3-9: Why Windows is less secure than Linux--Maps of System Calls
2007-3-9: Windows Genuine Advantage : WGA Notifications and download and install telemetry

April 2007

2007-3-27: Atom smasher may give birth to 'Black Saturns'
2007-3-27: Bash Shell Keyboard Shortcuts ( Default Command Shell for Ubuntu) -- Ubuntu Geek
2007-3-27: Beef diet 'damages sons' sperm' because of growth promoting chemicals
2007-3-27: Browser Security Test
2007-3-27: Cassini Images Bizarre Hexagon on Saturn
2007-3-27: Framework for Ethical Decision Making
2007-3-27: Free Cisco CCNA, MCSE, A Practice Tests (Practice Exams)
2007-3-27: Innovative Pharox LED Lamp Uses 3.4W: Replaces 40W Incandescent
2007-3-27: Novell Screws Up Big
2007-3-27: Prius Outdoes Hummer in Environmental Damage
2007-3-27: Psychology Today: Finland: No Need for Words -- Finnish people are defined by silence. Is that healthy?
2007-3-27: RealClimate -- Global Dimming
2007-3-27: Really hilarious current events questions answered by stupid Americans
2007-3-27: Recycled Paper Coffin :: Ecopod Environmentally friendly Coffin
2007-3-27: Supercomputer made of 1100 G5 Apple Computers
2007-3-27: The 5 Fundamental Problems of the US Economy
2007-3-27: Trojan Horse Is Newest Windows Vulnerability
2007-3-27: US budget deficit 1961-Present
2007-3-27: Yahoo Mail to offer unlimited storage
2007-3-28: A trukly horrifying antivirus WTF story
2007-3-28: Apple - Boot Camp
2007-3-28: cracking WEP in 10 minutes with Whoppix
2007-3-28: Electricity-Conducting Plastic Could Lead to Hardier Gadgets
2007-3-28: Free Linux+ Study Guide : CompTIA : IT Certification :
2007-3-28: How to run Windows under Ubuntu with VMware
2007-3-28: How to Write a Linux Hardware Device Driver
2007-3-28: Intel developing software hack for long-range WiFi
2007-3-28: Light beam used to pump fluid
2007-3-28: Light Seems to Pass through Solid Metal
2007-3-28: Proposal to erect XXX domain faces stiff opposition
2007-3-28: Smart Sunglasses Change Color on Demand
2007-3-28: VMware enters the Linux kernel
2007-3-29: Here come the Dell Linux desktops, laptops
2007-3-29: Now scientists create a sheep that's 15% human
2007-3-29: US 'no longer technology king' -- We have fallen to #7
2007-3-30: 10 things you should do to a new Linux PC before exposing it to the Internet
2007-3-30: An ex-homeless man's story
2007-3-30: Antivirus, Free Online Antivirus Scanners - With Rootkit Detectors
2007-3-30: Arch Gen Psychiatry -- Torture vs Other Cruel, Inhuman, and Degrading Treatment: Is the Distinction Real or Apparent?
2007-3-30: Building Your Own Super Computer
2007-3-30: Calvin & Hobbes - Apr 1986
2007-3-30: Chinese worm writer botches fix
2007-3-30: Circuit City Fires 3,400 'Overpaid' Employees
2007-3-30: Dell finds evidence of accounting errors and misconduct
2007-3-30: Europe Tops World in Network-Readiness
2007-3-30: Generating power from garbage vis plasma gasifcation
2007-3-30: Goodle Good News - Funny Stuff - David McCandless
2007-3-30: Google Suggests You Swim Across The Atlantic Ocean
2007-3-30: Ground-level photography from Vutool to appear in Google Earth?
2007-3-30: High School Students Sue Anti-Cheating Service - washingtonpost.com
2007-3-30: How I failed the Turing test
2007-3-30: Inside Firefox 3.0, Alpha 3: Gran Paradiso - Review by PC Magazine
2007-3-30: It's easy being green: Google goes solar
2007-3-30: jMemorize - Learning made easy (and fun) - A Leitner flashcards tool
2007-3-30: LEAKED: Geek Squad's Troubleshooting Manual
2007-3-30: Low-cost student laptops to run Mandriva Linux
2007-3-30: Malware plague hits 40 per cent of firms
2007-3-30: Microsoft warns of zero-day Windows bug
2007-3-30: MIT neuroengineers' pulsing light silences overactive neurons
2007-3-30: Narrow Car Co. brings 100 mpg Naro Car
2007-3-30: Net neutrality and the FCC: what's being done to preserve it
2007-3-30: New Rootkit Detectors Help Protect You and Your PC
2007-3-30: Overfishing sharks is causing the ocean's food web to alter drastically
2007-3-30: Primordial Soup's On: Scientists Repeat Evolution's Most Famous Experiment
2007-3-30: Revealed: World's largest security breach
2007-3-30: Rootkits outfox old-school malware protection
2007-3-30: Security firm issues unofficial fix for Windows zero-day bug
2007-3-30: TJX Intruder Had Retailer's Encryption Key
2007-3-30: Underground: Tales of hacking, madness and obsession on the electronic frontier
2007-3-30: Unix Guru Universe
2007-3-30: Unix Review > Host Integrity Tools: Osiris -- Looks like an alternative to Tripwire
2007-3-30: Will data breach be the end of TJX?
2007-3-30: Windows Animated Cursor Handling vulnerability - CVE-2007-1765
2007-3-30: WiPeer lets Windows machines connect wirelessly for peer-to-peer networks with no router, access point, or Internet required
2007-3-30: Yahoo opens up e-mail APIs to outsiders | Tech News on ZDNet
2007-3-31: All (known) Bodies in the Solar System Larger than 200 Miles in Diameter
2007-3-31: Brain damage, evolution, and the future of morality
2007-3-31: Breaking the Speed Record: 81 MPH on a Bike -
2007-3-31: Code Craft � In software no good deed goes unpunished
2007-3-31: Ctrl Alt Del -- Vista
2007-3-31: Danish Island Is Energy Self-Sufficient
2007-3-31: Death of the cell phone charger -- recharge devices wirelessly
2007-3-31: Ethanol-blend auto emissions no greener than gasoline
2007-3-31: Etherchange from ntsecurity.nu changes your MAC address
2007-3-31: ICDSoft.com - The Ultimate in Web Hosting -- Good service
2007-3-31: John Francis, a 'planetwalker' who lived car-free and silent for 17 years, chats
2007-3-31: Knut, the cutest animal alive
2007-3-31: Meet C,mm,n - The World%u2019s First Open-Source Car
2007-3-31: New York City | The Case for Physically Separated Bike Lanes
2007-3-31: Paint.NET - Download - Free open-source replacement for microsoft paint
2007-3-31: SpeedyVista.com - Windows Vista Services
2007-3-31: The Architecture of Mailinator
2007-3-31: Windows Vista Suicide, Courtesy of McAfee - Animated cursors kill Vista
2007-4-10: A black hole powers invisible galactic arms
2007-4-10: Defendant prevails in another RIAA file-sharing case
2007-4-10: EFF lawyer warns of e-learning patent dangers
2007-4-10: Google Takes Partial Ownership Of Maxthon Browser
2007-4-10: Hacker. Dropout. CEO. - Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook
2007-4-10: How to Write a Spelling Corrector
2007-4-10: JavaScript Implementation of AES in 128-bit Counter Mode
2007-4-10: Microsoft redefines 'Vista Capable'
2007-4-10: New airplane designed after a tuna
2007-4-10: NYPD Intelligence Op Targets Dot-Matrix Graffiti Bike -
2007-4-10: Phoenix BIOS and Toshiba laptops restricted to run only VISTA
2007-4-10: Scots scientists unveil 'spray-on' computer
2007-4-10: Some Facts About AAC -- Apple's Music Format
2007-4-10: Swiftfox - the perverting of an open source browser
2007-4-10: The Linux Action Show! Interview with Mark Shuttleworth
2007-4-10: UNIX processes
2007-4-10: Useful Windows Vista Sidebar gadgets
2007-4-11: a critical look at ubuntu feisty beta
2007-4-11: Chickenfoot -- progtrammable browsing in Firefox
2007-4-11: CNN - Linux: The next big thing? - November 10, 1998
2007-4-11: Fab@Home: 3D objects from your printer for under $2,500
2007-4-11: Macs making inroads in the corporate sphere
2007-4-11: NPR : As Y Chromosome Shrinks, End of Men Pondered
2007-4-11: PowerPoint to Flash Conversion Tools
2007-4-11: Research finds Opera users are most satisfied
2007-4-11: Ruling on student hacker case clarifies legal privacy rights for students on college networks
2007-4-11: Serotonin: From Bliss to Despair
2007-4-11: Spam to overtake human-issued e-mails in 2007
2007-4-11: Text of Wired's Interview with Google CEO Eric Schmidt
2007-4-11: The Most Dangerous Internet Sites, by country, and top-level domain
2007-4-11: US says China isn't doing enough about piracy, files complaint with WTO
2007-4-11: Watch Your Network Play Space Invaders
2007-4-11: Web 2.0 & Death of the Network Engineer
2007-4-12: Computer-On-Module's
2007-4-12: Firefox Inside Firefox
2007-4-12: How do I... Add Macs to a Windows Vista workgroup?
2007-4-12: Introducing the Gutsy Gibbon - The Next Ubuntu Version
2007-4-12: It's official: Pirates crack Vista at last
2007-4-12: Judges: online comments by minors protected under Constitution
2007-4-12: Kurt Vonnegut Dies
2007-4-12: Linux.com | Bubba makes an exciting SOHO server appliance
2007-4-12: Microsoft delays the release of the first public beta for Windows Server virtualization (thanks, Kent)
2007-4-12: MS Talks About OEM BIOS Hacks to Pirate Vista (thanks, Kent)
2007-4-12: NdisWrapper: The Ultimate Guide - Using Windows Drivers in Ubuntu Linux
2007-4-12: Plants on other planets may be yellow, red
2007-4-12: Soft tissue taken from Tyrannosaurus rex fossil yields original protein
2007-4-12: Stanford Survey of Internet Use
2007-4-12: Survey: Google draws 64 percent of search queries
2007-4-12: The Transparent Car
2007-4-12: This is Why You Shouldn't Clean Your HDTV with Windex
2007-4-12: Utah Outlaws Keyword Advertising as Corporate Identity Theft
2007-4-12: Vista DRM could hide malware
2007-4-12: Vonage shakeup: CEO resigns, cost-cutting announced
2007-4-12: Why is Mac OS X So Much More Secure than Windows?
2007-4-12: Windows XP to be phased out by year's end despite customer demand | APC Magazine
2007-4-13: Newly-leaked Antitrust Memo: Bill Gates on Making ACPI Not Work with Linux
2007-4-13: DNC appoints RIAA shill to run Public Affairs for convention
2007-4-13: Google Buys DoubleClick -- So much for not being evil
2007-4-13: Google's Acquisitions Chief Looking for `Crazy' Ideas
2007-4-13: Kurt Vonnegut on the Iraq War, from 2003
2007-4-13: New cement conducts electricity like metal
2007-4-13: Record of Iraq War Lies to Air April 25 on PBS
2007-4-13: Russian exile Berezovsky plotting a new Russian Revolution to oust Putin
2007-4-13: Sperm made from human bone marrow
2007-4-13: The Department of Defense will put an internet router in space by 2009
2007-4-13: The prospect of all-female conception
2007-4-13: Top 10 Free Computer System Recovery Tools
2007-4-13: Top 10 U.S. Government Web Break-ins of All Time
2007-4-13: World Bank chief under pressure to quit over pay scandal
2007-4-14: A Photo Collection of Rare Cloud Formations
2007-4-14: Eisenhower's 1953 speech "Any nation's attempt to dictate to other nations their form of government is indefensible." -- we have reversed
2007-4-14: Nanogenerator Provides Continuous Electrical Power
2007-4-14: Researchers explore scrapping Internet
2007-4-14: Russian police beat, detain protesters
2007-4-14: Windows Software Alternatives | Linux App Finder
2007-4-15: 3-D Chips: IBM Moves Moore's Law Into The Third Dimension
2007-4-15: 50 Things We Know Now (That We Didn't Know This Time Last Year) 2006 Edition
2007-4-15: Flying Stingrays in Florida -- be afraid. Be very afraid.
2007-4-15: Google Mining for Win XP Keys -- Belarc Reports
2007-4-15: How to reduce the memory usage on Firefox?
2007-4-15: New HIV drug shows 'unprecedented' results: study
2007-4-15: Plastic with changeable conductivity developed by chemical engineer
2007-4-15: There's an awful lot of overclocking out there -- Microsoft analyzes crash dump data
2007-4-15: Windows Key Enterprise 7.9.2141- Resets Windows Administrator Passwords even on Vista or Domains
2007-4-17: Google 2084
2007-4-17: Google's Office Suite Complete: Google 'PowerPoint' Confirmed
2007-4-17: I found that disk you were looking for!
2007-4-17: Interesting video of airplane disintegrating
2007-4-17: Light-Transmitting Concrete
2007-4-17: Linux Distribution Timeline
2007-4-17: Microsoft's advisories giving clues to hackers -- 0 day expoloit against DNS servers already in metasploit, no patch available yet
2007-4-17: Net Tools -- amazing number of hacking functions for windows
2007-4-17: Pictures of Geek Culture -- Hilarious
2007-4-17: Top 7 hackers ever
2007-4-17: Very funny pictures, mostly involving absurd transportation methods
2007-4-17: YouTube - Landing On Aircraft Carrier
2007-4-18: Ariane 5 Flight 501 - the $370 million software bug
2007-4-18: Call for Final candidate testing of Ubuntu Feisty Fawn
2007-4-18: eBay Acquiring StumbleUpon
2007-4-18: Google Rains On StumbleUpon Parade: Launches Direct Competitor
2007-4-18: Hacker stold Valve user database and posted it on the Web, here is his explanation
2007-4-18: Livin' la Vida Google: A Month-Long Dive Into Web-Based Apps
2007-4-18: Michael Dell uses Ubuntu!
2007-4-18: Only 244 copies of Genuine Windows Vista sold in China
2007-4-18: Russia Plans World's Longest Tunnel, a Link to Alaska
2007-4-18: 'Deflector' shields could protect future astronauts - space
2007-4-18: 'Smart dust' to explore planets
2007-4-19: Fan-made inflatable Vader takes to the sky
2007-4-19: Get Ready for Longhorn Server - Slides
2007-4-19: Intelligence drugs could be 'common as coffee'
2007-4-19: Microsoft DNS Server Attacks Continue
2007-4-19: Toshiba announces 16 GB flash memory chiips
2007-4-19: Ubuntu website unable to handle demand for new version
2007-4-19: Unstoppable Copier (Windows/Linux)
2007-4-1: :: system76 :: Linux Laptops, Linux Desktops, Linux Servers ::
2007-4-1: Load Testing a Virtual Web Application - Measuring the Performance Impact of Virtualizing a Web Application Server
2007-4-1: MacBook TripleBoot Instructions: OS X, Fedora 6, Vista
2007-4-1: Microsoft to 'periodically' check Vista installs for piracy
2007-4-1: SCIENTISTS have developed a method of converting blood from one group to another, a breakthrough which could mean the end of shortages
2007-4-1: WHERE AL'S WRONG on Global Warming
2007-4-1: Wireless Penetration Testing Framework
2007-4-20: California Senate attempts to ban RFID tracking of students
2007-4-20: Dell brings back XP on home systems
2007-4-20: Dell's Linux PCs Coming This Month
2007-4-20: Goodbye Froogle, Hello Google Product Search!
2007-4-20: Google Search History Expands, Becomes Web History
2007-4-20: Japanese youth use cell phones for everything and don't even use computers
2007-4-20: Kernel space: Linux runs into a scalability problem woth 4096 processors
2007-4-20: Microsoft Unveils High Capacity Color Barcode
2007-4-20: Polish Police Raid University, Dismantle P2P Network
2007-4-20: Pornography is still the most popular Internet activity, but it is losing ground
2007-4-20: Power generation from ocean waves is coming
2007-4-20: Profits Up 69% at Google, Exceeding Expectations
2007-4-20: Rocket scientists develop brain surgery robot
2007-4-20: Ron Paul: More Guns Will Deter Shootings
2007-4-20: State Department got mail _ and hackers - Yahoo! News
2007-4-20: Teens arrested over 'trophy' assault video
2007-4-20: The Overtime Pill
2007-4-20: The Perfect Setup - Ubuntu Feisty Fawn (Ubuntu 7.04) Web Server Tutorial
2007-4-20: Ubuntu Non-Free Packages - Flash, Java and More -- Install with a single command-line
2007-4-20: Ubuntu:Feisty Fawn Starter Guide
2007-4-20: Volkswagen driverless car goes on show
2007-4-20: Welcome to Google Web History
2007-4-20: Yahoo Sued over Jailing of Chinese Dissident
2007-4-21: $500 for booting Linux on a Wii
2007-4-21: AMD reports $611 million loss
2007-4-21: Hack-a-Mac winner earns a Mac with a zero-day Safari exploit
2007-4-21: Microsoft admits Vista failure (indirectly)
2007-4-21: Really pretty picture of stars and nebulae
2007-4-21: Smooth Sections on Asteroid Itokawa
2007-4-21: Top 10 Internet Crimes of 2006
2007-4-21: U.S. Database Exposes Social Security Numbers
2007-4-21: Waiters in about 40 restaurants steal $3 million by skimming credit cards
2007-4-22: FAQ: Here's the deal on the Windows DNS bug
2007-4-22: Russian journalists given orders what news to report from now on
2007-4-22: Solar Sky Scraper: Over 7000 Panels
2007-4-22: Students design, launch tiny satellite
2007-4-22: Why do straights hate gays?
2007-4-23: BIOS adjustment in Korean Subway
2007-4-23: Child porn case shows that an open WiFi network is no defense
2007-4-23: The Windows Observer--'Viridian' Beta Delayed. Is Longhorn Next?
2007-4-23: Ubuntu Users Get Java Surprise
2007-4-23: Vanishing honeybees mystify scientists
2007-4-24: A cautionary tale in software coding: program ran for seven years but had a bug
2007-4-24: an interesting analysis of how farm subsidies make poor Americans fat
2007-4-24: Control multiple computers with a single keyboard and mouse with Synergy
2007-4-24: First habitable Earth like planet outside Solar System discovered -- 20.5 lightyears away from Earth
2007-4-24: Free Anti-Rootkit Tools
2007-4-24: H2CAR could fuel entire U.S. transportation sector with renewable energy
2007-4-24: Hardware Virtualization Scenario Set to Play Out Soon
2007-4-24: Listening to the Sun--Solar Heartbeat Used to Unravel Star's Mysteries (with audio file)
2007-4-24: Next-generation, high-performance processor unveiled: does 2000 simultaneous instructions with intelligent adaptation
2007-4-24: Researchers Break Internet Speed Records -- Data sent at 9 Gbps over 20,000 mile path
2007-4-24: The fastest way to defragment your hard-drive
2007-4-24: U.S. Falling Behind in Broadband Penetration
2007-4-24: VMware Player 2 Public Beta
2007-4-24: Yahoo China Loses Music Piracy Case
2007-4-25: Google offers its own changes to MySQL
2007-4-25: Google surpasses Microsoft as world's most-visited site
2007-4-25: How Digg.com uses the LAMP stack to scale upward
2007-4-25: How to: Encrypt Your VoIP
2007-4-25: Military Commissions Act of 2006 - How it legalizes detention and torture without trial for American citizens
2007-4-25: NASA's Status of 'Warp Drive'
2007-4-25: Project Honey Pot Introduces http:BL -- Cuts spam by 70% for participating users of Apache Web Server
2007-4-25: Solar Forecast: Sunny With Chances for Moderate Coronal Ejections
2007-4-25: Testing Microsoft's Windows Vista Internet Connectivity Evaluation Tool
2007-4-25: Ubuntu Performance Guides
2007-4-25: Windows Vista Beta 2, RC1 and RC2 set to expire May 31, 2007
2007-4-26: Microsoft releases Longhorn Server Beta 3 to the public
2007-4-27: Antivirus for Longhorn 5048
2007-4-27: How to install Longhorn on VMware (message from Sam7)
2007-4-27: Ohio University Bans All P2P Activity; RIAA Cackles Maniacally
2007-4-27: Plasma shield may stun and disorientate enemies
2007-4-27: The five biggest neuroscience developments of the year
2007-4-27: USB thumb drive tricks
2007-4-28: Atlanta police officers admit planting drugs to cover up their murder of 92-year-old woman
2007-4-28: Can Operating Systems tell if they're running in a Virtual Machine?
2007-4-28: Friday: Monitor Yor IP Space
2007-4-28: Hackers send fake satellite navigation messages with off-the-shelf equipment
2007-4-28: Mouse brain simulated on computer
2007-4-28: Ohio Audit Says Diebold Vote Database May Have Been Corrupted
2007-4-28: Sen. Durbin Drops Bombshells on the Senate Floor -- Thw White House Administration Knew the Iraq Weapons Claims were False
2007-4-28: The DevCon command-line utility functions as an alternative to Device Manager -- Needed for Longhorn Core
2007-4-28: Thousands of people spelling out IMPEACH NOW with their bodies at Ocean Beach, San Francisco
2007-4-28: Wal-Mart builds its own CIA
2007-4-29: Blue screens of death
2007-4-29: Canadian doctor banned from US based on a Google Search, not an actual crime (audio podcast)
2007-4-29: Eta Carinae - The brightest star so far seen by the Hubble, with its strange lobed appearance
2007-4-29: Quantum cryptography is hacked - Simulation proves it's possible to eavesdrop on super-secure encrypted messages.
2007-4-29: With QuickLinks, Now Everyone Can Participate In Project Honey Pot
2007-4-29: Woman who lost teaching degree over MySpace photo sues university
2007-4-2: A few good viruses -- Using viruses to treat human illness
2007-4-2: Air Force turns 'pain gun' on AP reporter - With Video
2007-4-2: Another Guantanamo Bay Prinsoner Released After Five Years Without Charges
2007-4-2: At Kink.com, a live tool against piracy -- Porn videos webcast live in high definition
2007-4-2: British team grows human heart valve from stem cells
2007-4-2: Congress finally considers aggressive e-voting overhaul
2007-4-2: Florida to scrap touchscreens; convictions in Ohio recount-rigging (poll workers convicted for fraud in 2004 election)
2007-4-2: Google Responds to Yahoo by Increasing Gmail Storage to Infinity Plus One
2007-4-2: Homeland Security wants master key for the Internet from Verisign
2007-4-2: Hot topics in virtualization and security -- INteresting lectures
2007-4-2: Image:SFO at night
2007-4-2: Light Therapy Spares the Scalpel and the Chemo -- Cancer Treatment
2007-4-2: The world's tallest and fastest roller coaster
2007-4-30: freeweb7 free mysql and free php hosting
2007-4-30: Incredible monitor setups
2007-4-30: Maintaining and Changing the MAC Address of a Virtual Machine
2007-4-30: Physics Exam - The Humor Archives
2007-4-30: The Travails of Tracking Web Traffic
2007-4-3: Awesome Bike Skills Video
2007-4-3: Be your own mobile carrier with Sonopia
2007-4-3: Detainee says he confessed to stop torture
2007-4-3: Early U.S. Daylight Savings a bust in power savings
2007-4-3: Engineers Bring 'Invisibility' One Step Closer to Reality
2007-4-3: French train breaks speed record
2007-4-3: Little redress in US courts for detainees
2007-4-3: Trends in Political Values and Core Attitudes: 1987-2007
2007-4-3: Ultimate Ubuntu performance tweaking guide
2007-4-3: Vista's Speech Recognition
2007-4-4: A brain implant that can re-create thoughts
2007-4-4: Dazzling new images reveal the 'impossible' on the Sun
2007-4-4: FireGPG - use GPG easily in Firefox !
2007-4-4: Geek Quotes
2007-4-4: Myspace Proxy, Unblock Myspace
2007-4-4: New attack cracks WEP in record time
2007-4-4: The Bootes Void: 250 million light-years of nothing at all
2007-4-4: VESA approves DisplayPort 1.1: kiss those DVI and VGA ports goodbye
2007-4-4: Where (and How) Evolution Is Taught In the US
2007-4-5: FREEWAYBLOGGER.com - Free Speech: Use It or Lose It
2007-4-5: Groklaw - My Very Own Motion, Tra La
2007-4-5: How to Use English Punctuation Correctly
2007-4-5: If You Don't Use Del.icio.us, You Will Now
2007-4-5: Innovative Solar Dyes: Inexpensive Liquid Solar Power
2007-4-5: Mozilla mulls Windows cursor flaw fix of its own | Tech News on ZDNet
2007-4-5: New LED light brighter than 1000 lumens
2007-4-5: Picture This: Transonic Jet Gathers Clouds
2007-4-5: SCO accuses IBM of colluding with Groklaw in new filing
2007-4-5: The Newbies Guide to Compiling Your First Kernel
2007-4-5: viscosity: create -- an interesting drawing application
2007-4-5: Vista code signing compromised - Vboot kit gives an attacker kernel provileges
2007-4-5: Windows animated cursor security patch causes headaches
2007-4-5: Woes worsen for Windows Vista
2007-4-6: GIVING YOURSELF A SIXTH SENSE for wireless networks
2007-4-6: 10 annoying problems with Vista and working around them
2007-4-6: a new molecule that stops bacteria from mutating to become resistant to antibiotics
2007-4-6: Antibiotics in Poultry Cause Antibiotic Resistance in humans
2007-4-6: Autism: It's Not Just in the Head
2007-4-6: Cheating Death -- The Immortal Life Cycle of Turritopsis
2007-4-6: Cocktail could make superbugs evolve to be nicer
2007-4-6: Dell and Linux
2007-4-6: I hacked my secure wireless network: here's how it's done
2007-4-6: Microsoft offers new Vista enterprise licenses
2007-4-6: Moneyfortrying.com hacked
2007-4-6: Shameful Anti-Linux Propaganda
2007-4-6: Splattered Thoughts - Waterfalls are so fancy these days.
2007-4-6: The 4GB Windows Memory Limit: What does it really mean?
2007-4-6: Verizon Bans P2P, Streaming Services and Online Gaming. | TorrentFreak
2007-4-6: Vint Cerf: one quarter of all computers part of a botnet
2007-4-6: World's economies show similarities in economic inequality
2007-4-7: British hacker loses U.S. extradition appeal
2007-4-7: Day dawns for Metasploit 3.0 | The Register
2007-4-7: FCC imposes rules designed to prevent pretexting -- new protections for customer information
2007-4-7: Freed blogger calls release a victory -- even though he agreed to release the subpoenaed video footage
2007-4-7: Inspectors: IRS lost 490 laptops, many with unencrypted data
2007-4-7: Microsoft fits 7 patches into .ANI emergency update
2007-4-7: Microsoft targets more software pirates -- academic discounts used for regular users
2007-4-7: MIT reveals the tangle under turbulence
2007-4-7: Open Source coders caught stealing Open Source code
2007-4-7: Researchers unpick Vista kernel protection (Thanks, Kent)
2007-4-7: Senate bill gives Americans preference for tech jobs
2007-4-7: VMware Fusion Beta 3 due Friday -- Virtual Machines on OS X
2007-4-7: Windows animated cursor flaw--150 sites infected
2007-4-8: Awesome prank on a telemarketer
2007-4-8: a fake ad on Craigslist invited people to take whatever they wanted for free from a home
2007-4-8: Algorithm::Diff - Compute `intelligent' differences between two files / lists
2007-4-8: Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 released
2007-4-8: Diamonds from Outer Space: Geologists Discover Origin of Earth's Mysterious Black Diamonds
2007-4-8: DoubleClick May be Sold to Google for $2 Billion
2007-4-8: Getting involved with Ubuntu
2007-4-8: How Fat is Your Country?
2007-4-8: Mark Shuttleworth -- Note to content owners: DRM doesn't work
2007-4-8: Massive star burps, then explodes
2007-4-8: Microsoft is Dead
2007-4-8: Study Finds the Air Rich with Bacteria
2007-4-9: Mexican Drug cartels leave YouTube trail
2007-5-1: Another illegal number - HD-DVD Key
2007-5-1: BufferZone Pro 2: Full Review
2007-5-1: Consultant: Antipiracy group pirated my data
2007-5-1: How To Install VMware Server On Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn)

May 2007

2007-05-01: 09 F9 11 02 -- The New Illegal T-Shirt
2007-05-01: 17 firms to build $500M undersea fiber optic cable 12,428 miles long
2007-05-01: A new and interesting translation of the Tao Te Ching
2007-05-01: An instructive and pretty video of Fluid Dynamics - The Kaye Effect
2007-05-01: Another Illegal Number -- HD-DVD Key
2007-05-01: Another Illegal T-Shirt Design
2007-05-01: Bacteria found living in high-level nuclear waste
2007-05-01: Company Cracks BitTorrent Protocol Encryption and Introduces Tracker Whitelists | TorrentFreak
2007-05-01: Company Cracks BitTorrent Protocol Encryption and Introduces Tracker Whitelists | TorrentFreak
2007-05-01: Conspiracy in Science - The Earth is Growing - Video (I think this is a joke?)
2007-05-01: Create a RAM Disk in Mac OS X - OS X Daily
2007-05-01: Dell to Offer Ubuntu 7.04
2007-05-01: Digg decides to violate the Cease & Desist order
2007-05-01: Evidence for Neutrino Mass
2007-05-01: Google & blogs issue with AACS Cease & Desist Orders from the New Illegal Number (HD-DVD key)
2007-05-01: Google pulls malicious sponsored links
2007-05-01: Google: Viacom Suit Threat to Internet Use
2007-05-01: Hacker Test: $1000 prize
2007-05-01: HdDVD Code Shirt for sale here
2007-05-01: How I got banned from Digg
2007-05-01: How ti Disable, Remove and Uninstall U3 Launchpad from USB thumb crives
2007-05-01: How to Steal 80,000 Identities in One Day
2007-05-01: HTC - Smart Mobility -- really small laptop
2007-05-01: Introducing The Toast Printer
2007-05-01: New Light-Emitting Transistor Could Revolutionize Electronics Industry
2007-05-01: OSX 10.4.9 / Vista dual boot on your Windows machine.
2007-05-01: Paralyzed Mice Walk Again -- Scientists Use Nanotechnology to Mend Broken Spinal Cords
2007-05-01: The Forbidden Number -- Now a Website
2007-05-01: The tale of "really bad attitude" - a mailing list that suffered an awful fate
2007-05-01: Wikipedia Locks Out "The Number"
2007-05-01: Writing device drivers in Linux: A brief tutorial
2007-05-01: xkcd - A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language
2007-05-02: Bush wants to increase his powers to spy on Americans still more (New York Times link)
2007-05-02: Configure How often Ubuntu checks for Automatic Updates
2007-05-02: DeCSS--42 ways to spread the first illegal key, #9 is the best
2007-05-02: Digg's DRM Revolt -
2007-05-02: DVD DRM row sparks user rebellion
2007-05-02: HD-DVD Hack - This story has a link to the original forum post that explains how he found the key
2007-05-02: Map of Online Communities
2007-05-02: New Army Restrictions on Blogs and Email
2007-05-02: Stop the Real ID Act -- Comments due May 8
2007-05-02: The 10 Page Geek Squad Confession
2007-05-02: TV Broadcasters Experimenting with BitTorrent
2007-05-03: EFF: A Legal Primer on the HD-DVD Key
2007-05-03: Hard disks *do* get slower with use
2007-05-03: HD DVD, Blu-ray protection in question after attacks - new movies won't play on some old players
2007-05-03: Honeybee die-off threatens food supply
2007-05-03: How to REALLY erase a hard drive
2007-05-03: PC World editor resigns over apparent ad pressure -- publisher killed story criticizing Apple
2007-05-03: The Internet sure loves its outlaws
2007-05-03: Top 15 geek blog sites
2007-05-04: 150,000 U.S. layoffs for IBM?
2007-05-04: AACS LA intends to continue to try to stop distribution of the HD-DVD key (utterly clueless)
2007-05-04: Apple's Steve Jobs tops list of highest paid CEOs
2007-05-04: Bush administration proposes retroactive immunity for phone companies
2007-05-04: Canada unveils C$1 million coin -- solid gold, the size of a pizza
2007-05-04: DVD-decoder fiasco shows lawyers are behind the times
2007-05-04: EasyUbuntu Makes Ubuntu...um...er...EASY!
2007-05-04: ePluribus Media Community || CO state worker sells voter data to GOP, Sec. of State investigating
2007-05-04: Microsoft offers to buy Yahoo for $50 billion
2007-05-04: New 'sleep machine' could signal the end of insomnia
2007-05-04: Norway Divests from Wal-Mart on Ethical Grounds
2007-05-04: Power Boots enable a human to run at 22mph
2007-05-04: Report Shows Increased Military Spending Slows Down Economy
2007-05-04: Scientists move a step closer to being able to make objects invisible
2007-05-04: The Pirate Bay Not Impressed by Announced Prosecution
2007-05-04: Top 7 Things System Administrators Forget to Do
2007-05-04: Weird New Planet Weighs as Much as 2,500 Earths
2007-05-05: Apache at 56% - what is wrong?
2007-05-05: Digg readership doubled by HD DVD fiasco
2007-05-05: Google Hacking Database
2007-05-05: How to track and recover your Linux laptop if it gets stolen
2007-05-05: South Park Mac vs. PC
2007-05-05: The Universe within 500000 Light Years - Interactive
2007-05-06: Blame for record-breaking credit card data theft laid at the feet of WEP
2007-05-06: Linutop -- Linux answer to the Mac Mini, 280 Euros
2007-05-06: Trojan mimics the Windows activation interface and harvests credit card numbers
2007-05-07: Apple Inc. seeking end to music copy restrictions in iTunes talks
2007-05-07: Dark Sun Sizzling in UV
2007-05-07: Digg, AACS, and the Section 230 Safe Harbor -- How Digg Might Defend Itself Concerning the HD-DVD Key
2007-05-07: Funny geek shirts
2007-05-07: Google command line
2007-05-07: Linux Screenshots from old versions
2007-05-07: When Will Gas Prices Affect Your Driving Habits?
2007-05-07: World obesity in cute, easily-understood stick figures
2007-05-08: $99 Linux-Based Computer, and cute as a button
2007-05-08: 3D Printers to Dip Below $5,000 USD This Year
2007-05-08: AI will surpass human intelligence after 2020
2007-05-08: AuditMyPC: Anonymous Surfing -- Web page finds private IP addresses
2007-05-08: Brightest supernova ever recorded powered by thermonuclear explosion
2007-05-08: Dell joins the Microsoft-Novell alliance, hopes for Windows / Linux harmony
2007-05-08: Drobo -- Fault-tolerant intelligent USB 4-drive disk array
2007-05-08: Google Value Chain
2007-05-08: HOWTO own a 128-bit number!
2007-05-08: IRS wants data on users from Internet firms like eBay and Amazon
2007-05-08: Monsanto's GM corn MON863 shows kidney, liver toxicity in animal studies
2007-05-08: New bill to give bloggers same shield law protection as journalists
2007-05-08: Pics and video of the 'Microsoft Piracy Control' trojan
2007-05-08: The big DRM mistake
2007-05-08: Ubuntu 7.04 Upgrade First Impressions
2007-05-08: Video - CNET Top 5: Crapware
2007-05-09: 160Mbps downloads move closer for US cable customers
2007-05-09: :: system76 :: Linux Laptops, Linux Desktops, Linux Servers ::
2007-05-09: An electric supernova (pretty pic)
2007-05-09: elitepvpers--the most fouled-up Java error message ever
2007-05-09: Google bombing
2007-05-09: Google preparing to police web - plans to locate and mark every malicious Web site on the Internet
2007-05-09: Installing OSX86 onto a PC
2007-05-09: Installing Virtualbox and Windows in Ubuntu (like VMware)
2007-05-09: Online economies: EverQuest is the 27th richest nation
2007-05-09: Quick Tip: Dual Monitors? Try Dual Computers! Synergy
2007-05-09: Secure your laptop with the LaptopLock
2007-05-09: Topologilinux - [Running Linux inside Windows]
2007-05-09: Verizon says phone record disclosure is protected free speech
2007-05-10: Chocolate Covered SQL
2007-05-10: Senate hears the Internet radio blues, takes action
2007-05-10: With liberty and 100 megabit/second broadband for all
2007-05-11: Google shareholders reject proposal to withdraw from China
2007-05-11: Leahy, Others Speak Out Against New ID Standards
2007-05-11: Sombrero Galaxy
2007-05-11: Sun hopes for Linux-like Solaris
2007-05-11: US intelligence wants ability to censor satellite images
2007-05-12: Do not take final exams this way
2007-05-12: Hackers use Windows Update to download malicious code
2007-05-13: Download VMware Workstation Version 6
2007-05-13: iTunes music file encryption crackec
2007-05-13: Microsoft claims software like Linux violates its patents
2007-05-14: Cyber-warfare in progress: Estonian websites shut down by Russian denial-of-service attack
2007-05-14: Defense Department Blocks Some Web Sites
2007-05-14: Free-Internet plan gets S.F. controller's office OK / Cost savings, citywide Wi-Fi connections make EarthLink-Google offer attractive
2007-05-14: Microsoft desperate, says target OpenOffice.org
2007-05-14: Ubuntu Security Notice - pptpd vulnerability (USN-459-1)
2007-05-14: 'Racetrack' memory could gallop past the hard disk - tech
2007-05-15: .:: linux howtos ~ play movies in ascii art ::.
2007-05-15: 0wning Vista from the boot -- Vista Bootkit
2007-05-15: 15 Coolest Firefox Tricks Ever
2007-05-15: 50 terabyte flash drive made of bug protein
2007-05-15: An Amputee Sprinter: Is He Disabled or Too-Abled?
2007-05-15: Author of Linux Patent Study Says Ballmer Got It Wrong
2007-05-15: E-Gold charged with money laundering, illegal money transmitting�-� TrendLabs
2007-05-15: First A4 colour e-paper unfurled
2007-05-15: Gonzales proposes new crime: 'Attempted' copyright infringement
2007-05-15: History Of The Internet
2007-05-15: How to Add an Antenna connector to the Linksys WUSB54G
2007-05-15: Japan looking to establish wireless island -- RFID everywhere
2007-05-15: Meme Cats -- silly pictures of cats
2007-05-15: Microsoft Won't Sue Linux Users, Company Exec Says
2007-05-15: No end in sight for Vista's Long Goodbye Bug
2007-05-15: Pretty Death Valley Sky Photo
2007-05-15: You are the homegrown terrorist threat -- Get your "certified terrorist" banner here!
2007-05-16: 50 to 70 percent of healthy people are chimeras -- having cells from an unborn twin in their bodies
2007-05-16: A Two-Time Universe? Physicist Explores How Second Dimension of Time Could Unify Physics Laws
2007-05-16: About OLED
2007-05-16: Amazon announces long-rumored DRM-free music store
2007-05-16: Boot and run Linux from a USB flash memory stick
2007-05-16: Comey's testimony raises new and vital questions about the NSA scandal -- It was so illegal even Ashcroft threatened to resign to stop it
2007-05-16: Dark Matter Revealed by Gravitational Lensing
2007-05-16: Default Password List
2007-05-16: Great photos of deep-sea creatures
2007-05-16: How Apple stopped a talk to prevent Linux from being seen at their show
2007-05-16: How To Keep Hostile Jerks From Taking Over Your Online Community
2007-05-16: Interesting history and speculation about the way Microsoft tries to make legal trouble for Linux
2007-05-16: Linux courses
2007-05-16: Linux Doesn't Exist. Microsoft director out to 'debunk mythology around open source'
2007-05-16: Linux performance tuning
2007-05-16: Open Letter to Gonzales, From the Harvard Law class of 1982
2007-05-16: Really nice photo of M42 in Orion
2007-05-16: SeaPhantom is an airplane that flies along the surface of water
2007-05-16: Seven post-install tips for Ubuntu 7.04
2007-05-16: Sun's Position on Microsoft v. Linux -- Innovate, don't litigate
2007-05-16: The Lighthouse: An Innovative Green Skyscraper
2007-05-16: Vista sells 40 million licenses in 100 days
2007-05-16: Why Windows Vista isn't ready for geeks
2007-05-16: Wireless USB is the future
2007-05-16: Wubi - The Easiest Way to Linux
2007-05-17: 5 Most Outrageous Inventions Ever -- don't miss the Techno-Privacy Scarf
2007-05-17: Bubble universes may collide, and the effects may be visible in the microwave background radiation
2007-05-17: INVENTION AWARDS The New Velcro
2007-05-17: Linux and Love
2007-05-17: Newest AACS circumvented: The Matrix Trilogy set free
2007-05-17: Next Gen of Wi-Fi Is Planned for Summer -- 802.11n
2007-05-17: PC World - ReadyBoost Flash Drives Lack Significant Boost
2007-05-17: Strange alien world made of 'hot ice' - space
2007-05-17: Viridian (Windows Server Virtualization) drops some core features to ship on time (by end of 2007) -- but it's FREE. (thanks, Kent)
2007-05-18: 5 Nice NEW Vista Themes
2007-05-18: A demonstration of the spambot controller software used by botnet masters
2007-05-18: A Workaround for Slow Network Copy in Windows Vista
2007-05-18: CNR will supply Linux software for many distributions, including Ubuntu
2007-05-18: Dell will be selling Ubuntu Linux Computers starting next Thursday, 5-24
2007-05-18: Fiji declares war on bloggers and open internet access
2007-05-18: Generating Power From Kites
2007-05-18: Giving an Academic Talk
2007-05-18: Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000 Terabyte Hard Drive Review at ExtremeTech -- $400
2007-05-18: Mac Switcher: Three ways to take screenshots
2007-05-18: Microsoft, Best Buy accused of racketeering
2007-05-18: Pirates release fully cracked Vista install
2007-05-18: Researchers Create New Form of Matter: Solaritron superfluid makes new, efficient laser
2007-05-18: SixXS - IPv6 Deployment & Tunnel Broker
2007-05-18: Solar Eclipse
2007-05-18: The Music Industry Wants to Kill LimeWire
2007-05-18: The Pirate Bay to Launch YouTube Competitor
2007-05-18: The secret Iraq documents my 8-year-old found -- Revealed by Microsoft Word
2007-05-18: Torvalds tells Microsoft to put up or shut up
2007-05-18: World Championships of sand sculpture
2007-05-19: $139 PC comes with Linux preinstalled
2007-05-19: 68-story rotating skyscraper in Dubai
2007-05-19: Doctors May Be Third Leading Cause of Death
2007-05-19: Free Software lawyer discusses Microsoft patent claims
2007-05-19: Free Vectors by Vecteezy!
2007-05-19: Get the Facts Home -- Microsoft's Anti-Linux Propaganda
2007-05-19: Iraqi-American Artist is living for a month with an Internet-controlled paintball gun shooting at him
2007-05-19: Pentagon's new high-tech gear powered by Linux -- check out boot-up image #1
2007-05-19: Police Have No Evidence Against The Pirate Bay
2007-05-19: Scientists allowed to experiment on hybrid embryos -- part human, part animal genes
2007-05-19: US government trying to seize new Michael Moore film, says producer
2007-05-20: A very interesting article about the effect of praise on children and students, and what makes people work hard
2007-05-20: BitWise IM - Encrypted Cross-Platform Instant Messaging
2007-05-20: Blue Brain Project: The Blue Brain project is the first comprehensive attempt to reverse-engineer the mammalian brain
2007-05-20: Drivers Planet - Find your device driver in three clicks
2007-05-20: E-043 Vista - Arrogance & Stupidity
2007-05-20: How to Remote Desktop to a Windows server through a firewall with Putty
2007-05-20: Mac OS X and Windows XP on Ubuntu | Ubuntu Video
2007-05-20: New AACS cracks cannot be revoked, says hacker
2007-05-20: On Saturn's moon Enceladus, grinding tectonic plates throw ice geysers into space
2007-05-20: Organic Bees Are Thriving
2007-05-20: Space Exploration History: The Space Shuttle and the Horse's Rear End
2007-05-20: Spyware Terminator Review & Download Link
2007-05-20: Ten Firefox Extensions I Can't Live Without
2007-05-20: The first temperature map for the surface of an alien planet
2007-05-20: The Story of Alice and Bob
2007-05-20: Trojan installs as firefox extensions, and steals all data entered into forms
2007-05-20: Ubuntu on tap
2007-05-21: A Plan to Build a Giant Liquid Telescope on the Moon
2007-05-21: Did you know these basic Firefox Tips?
2007-05-21: Facebook Opens Its Pages As a Way to Fuel Growth
2007-05-21: If Hackers Ruled: Photoshop Contest
2007-05-21: Mark Shuttleworth -- Microsoft is not the real threat to Linux
2007-05-21: Pot Prisoners Cost Americans $1 Billion a Year
2007-05-21: Recommended Flash Games
2007-05-21: Secret US plot to kill Al-Sadr
2007-05-21: Super Plastic Both Attracts and Repels Water
2007-05-21: UK to get even more Big Brother with hovering drones - Engadget
2007-05-21: What exactly is Montessori education?
2007-05-22: ATI graphics cards are not supported under Linux - NVIDIA cards are
2007-05-22: Dell's Ubuntu 7.04 Offering"Technical Details
2007-05-22: Google to Show Daily List of Hot Topics
2007-05-22: Machine stimulates the brain with magnetism to induce deep sleep
2007-05-22: Michigan man arrested for using cafe's free WiFi from his car
2007-05-22: Rootkit Unhooker Official Site
2007-05-22: Senator who voted for anti-cellphone-driving law crashes car -- while on the phone
2007-05-22: The Market Function of Piracy
2007-05-23: Brown dwarf star has jets
2007-05-23: FDA Approves Period Suppression Pill
2007-05-23: Google and Dell start installing spyware, or something close to it
2007-05-23: Google bans essay writing adverts
2007-05-23: Hack My Son's Computer, Please
2007-05-23: Introduction to Concurrent Programming with Stackless Python
2007-05-23: Kevin Ham, the $300 million master of Web domains
2007-05-23: OpenDNS -- Free DNS service that stops phishing
2007-05-23: Racism goes on trial again in America's Deep South
2007-05-23: RIAA: Radio needs to pay up
2007-05-23: Silver Surfer Quarters are Real Currency
2007-05-23: SPACE.com -- Physicists Predict the Death of Cosmology
2007-05-23: The 3D air-mouse you wear as a ring
2007-05-24: Canonical and TraiCen partner to deliver Ubuntu Certified Professional training in Germany
2007-05-24: Cats More Lethal to Birds Than Wind Turbines
2007-05-24: Dell Offers Three Consumer Systems Today With Ubuntu 7.04
2007-05-24: How to dual boot Vista and XP (with Vista installed first) -- the step-by-step guide
2007-05-24: Hyperjacking - the latest threat to servers | APC Magazine
2007-05-24: Linux wireless LAN support
2007-05-24: New superfast wireless broadband device prototype submitted to FCC -- 80 Mbps
2007-05-24: OpenVPN on your WRT54G
2007-05-24: OpenVPN Termination on OpenWrt
2007-05-24: Proof-of-concept macro virus gives insight into OpenOffice.org security failings
2007-05-24: reCAPTCHA: A new way to fight spam -- and digitize old books in the process
2007-05-25: ABC's virtual site 'griefed'
2007-05-25: After myriad data breaches, feds to cut use of Social Security numbers
2007-05-25: American Civil Liberties Union : Medical Marijuana One Step Away from FDA Development Process
2007-05-25: Dell Prices - Vista vs. Ubuntu
2007-05-25: Dirty tricks to play on your neighbors who use your access point
2007-05-25: First U.S. offshore wind farm wins preliminary approval
2007-05-25: Genetically Tweaked Mice Get Human-Like Vision
2007-05-25: Hack DNS for lightning-fast Web browsing
2007-05-25: Hackers exploit unpatched flaw, disabled firewall to access personal info of 45,000 University of Colorado students
2007-05-25: HackThisSite developer spreading Trojan, awful infighting among the admins
2007-05-25: Linux Foundation Fires Back at Microsoft
2007-05-25: Man with 700 snakes arrested at airport - CNN.com
2007-05-25: Microsoft Memories
2007-05-25: Multithreaded Game Scripting with Stackless Python
2007-05-25: N.H. Senate Backs REAL ID Ban
2007-05-25: New Google Service Offers 24x0 Support for Business Users
2007-05-25: Novell signs on to EFF patent busting project
2007-05-25: Razor-thin TV screen you can wear as a T-shirt
2007-05-25: Researchers: 307-digit key crack endangers 1024-bit RSA
2007-05-25: Run your cell phone from a AA battery
2007-05-25: Shhh... Borders bookstore has a secret inventory search tool
2007-05-25: What's the Matter with HDMI?
2007-05-25: When Hardware is Free, Power is Expensive
2007-05-26: Congress discovers spine, starts examining NSA surveillance
2007-05-26: Dell video explaining what Linux is: click on Linux 101
2007-05-26: How to fake fingerprints
2007-05-26: ITSAWONDERFULINTERNET.COM - A fairy tale starring Al Gore
2007-05-26: Magnets may make the brain grow stronger
2007-05-26: Top 12 places to submit your tshirt ideas
2007-05-26: Venus Near the Moon
2007-05-27: Cheney criticizes the Geneva Conventions in Military Academy commencement address
2007-05-27: Compressed Air Car Ready for Mass Production in India
2007-05-27: Microsoft releases Office exploit isolation tool
2007-05-27: milw0rm - exploits : vulnerabilities : videos : papers : shellcode
2007-05-27: Reddit hacked via code-injection due to unvalidated user input
2007-05-27: Security Report: Windows vs Linux
2007-05-27: Sites with longest running systems by average uptime -- BSD Rules!
2007-05-27: TrueCrypt Tutorial: Truly Portable Data Encryption
2007-05-27: Windows Vista Update: tell Bill who's boss
2007-05-27: 'Silver Surfer' coin steams U.S. Mint
2007-05-28: An interesting mashup: National income and life expectancy for the last 30 years
2007-05-28: Dell Puts Ubuntu Machines on Main Page of Dell.Com
2007-05-28: Firefox now 25% of Browser Use
2007-05-28: Sun pledges patents to defend Linux
2007-05-28: Windows 'Longhorn' Resurrected and Available for Download -- but not from Microsoft
2007-05-29: A boost for solar cells with photon fusion
2007-05-29: A music video explaining perpendicular storage on hard drives
2007-05-29: Awesome photo of a tropical storm from space
2007-05-29: Basic Remote File Inclusion
2007-05-29: China is building cyberwarfare units and developing viruses
2007-05-29: Free, Legal, On Demand Streaming Music? LaLa is Going to Give it a Shot
2007-05-29: Mideast Map Game
2007-05-29: Planet-hunters find bonanza of new solar systems
2007-05-29: Recon Scout - Reconnaissance robot - Know Before You Go.
2007-05-29: The Slurpr WiFi aggregator promises "free" broadband -- and jail time
2007-05-30: DNS Complexity: A journey into the sublime complexity of the domain name system: Although it contains just a few simple rules (thanks, Ken
2007-05-30: EFF: California Senate Clears Groundbreaking RFID Bill
2007-05-30: EFF: House Intel Committee to Investigate NSA Spying
2007-05-30: Engineer Jokes
2007-05-30: Essential Bluetooth hacking tools - Security-Hacks.com
2007-05-30: Is Windows Vista more secure than XP?
2007-05-30: New Processing Key found!! (MKB v3 is now open)
2007-05-30: Reaching out and touching 'Milan' -- Microsoft's New Tabletop Computer, no mouse or keyboard
2007-05-30: Top 10 New Features in Windows Server 2008 (thanks, Kent)
2007-05-30: Which ISPs Are Spying on You?
2007-05-30: Windows Vista Resource Kit released
2007-05-30: WLAN Adapter Chipset Directory
2007-05-31: 1986 Mac Plus vs. 2007 AMD DualCore. You Won't Believe Who Wins
2007-05-31: Commuter Cars - Tango, Tiny Commuter Car
2007-05-31: How to install Vmware server From Canonical commercial repository in Ubuntu Feisty
2007-05-31: Mark Shuttleworth Talks Dell, Hardware, Ubuntu 7.10 & More
2007-05-31: MyEasyTV.com - Watch TV Online for Free - Sports, Movies, News, Music, Cartoons and much more!
2007-05-31: Top Spammer Arrested in Seattle
2007-05-31: Update on Estonia's month-long cyber-war with Russia
2007-06-01: 40% efficient solar cells
2007-06-01: A very nice explanation of latency and TCP windowing
2007-06-01: Astronomers observe the first MACHO
2007-06-01: Chip companies entering their metal period
2007-06-01: Computer hackers steal $450,000 Carson City funds with a software keylogger
2007-06-01: Create a Linux Desktop App In 14 Minutes Using QDevelop and QT4
2007-06-01: Cute kittens
2007-06-01: Encryption vendor claims AACS infringes its patents, sues Sony
2007-06-01: Germany adopts 'anti-hacker' law; critics say it breeds insecurity
2007-06-01: How the new DVD Encryption Key was Leaked to the Hackers
2007-06-01: How to Heal Wounds Faster - A platelet-rich gel derived from one's own blood
2007-06-01: Man-in-the-middle attack against Google Desktop
2007-06-01: Privacy: Blur Reflective Spray Makes You Unphotographable
2007-06-01: This is a funny video about Vista's security features
2007-06-01: Using Solar Roofs To Power Hybrid Cars
2007-06-01: Why are there so many suicides in Japan? - Notice the online suicide pacts discussed at the end
2007-06-02: Google Zooms In Too Close for Some
2007-06-02: Review of Dell XPS 410n with Ubuntu Feisty preinstalled
2007-06-02: Single spinning nuclei in diamond offer a stable quantum computing building block

June 2007

2007-06-02: Faulty Norton Antivirus Update Crashes Millions of Chinese Computers--Lawsuit in Progress
2007-06-02: Firefox add-ons allow hacker access
2007-06-02: Security researchers are selling zero-day exploits to the government instead of helping patch them
2007-06-03: Amish are surprise champions of solar technology
2007-06-03: For Pornographers, Internet%u2019s Virtues Turn to Vices - Interesting statistics about the pornography industry
2007-06-03: Gravitational Vortex Power Plant is Safe for Fish
2007-06-03: Liquid Sculpture
2007-06-03: New taxes on the Internet could arrive this Fall
2007-06-03: Poor Pluto - Funny image
2007-06-03: The immortal question: are we on the brink of living forever?
2007-06-03: The most evil captcha in the world
2007-06-03: The Pirate Bay: One year After the Raid
2007-06-03: The Powerbook Prank: Revenge on an eBay Scammer
2007-06-04: Amazon.com: JL421 Badonkadonk Land Cruiser/Tank: I think this is a joke
2007-06-04: Check out the Immersive Media street-scanning car
2007-06-04: Get your complete DNA sequence on a disk for $1000
2007-06-04: Man Uploads Episodes of '24', Faces 3 Years Jail
2007-06-05: A Sound Way To Turn Heat Into Electricity
2007-06-05: American Civil Liberties Union : U.S. Operatives Killed Detainees During Interrogations in Afghanistan and Iraq
2007-06-05: China puts moratorium on new internet cafes
2007-06-05: Encrypt and sign Gmail messages with FireGPG (a Firefox extension)
2007-06-05: Gaping holes exposed in fully-patched IE 7, Firefox
2007-06-05: ID theft allegations haunt founder of ID theft fraud protection service
2007-06-05: Microsoft security guru: Get fuzzing
2007-06-05: Microsoft teams with Linux distributor Xandros
2007-06-05: Microsoft threatens its Most Valuable Professional
2007-06-05: myIPneighbors.com Reverse IP Domain Check DNS Tool
2007-06-05: New 125 Miles per Gallon Toyota Prius
2007-06-05: Scientist wants to build a conveyor in the Arctic to expel air pollution into outer space
2007-06-05: Second Life land dispute goes to federal court
2007-06-05: The Truth About ATI/AMD & Linux
2007-06-05: Via Debuts Nanobook: A Windows Ultralight Under Two Pounds, Less Than $600
2007-06-06: A team of physicists has teleported data over a distance of 89 miles
2007-06-06: Asus stuns Computex with 100 laptop
2007-06-06: Best Buy Attorney Admits To Falsifying Emails In Racketeering Case (Microsoft is a do-defendant)
2007-06-06: Dreamhost leaks 3,500 FTP passwords
2007-06-06: Firefox 3.0 may block sites fingered by Google
2007-06-06: First high-resolution 3D image of a complete cell
2007-06-06: Listen to Music Free, but Pay to Carry - lala.com
2007-06-06: Serious diseases genes revealed
2007-06-06: Solar shield could be quick fix for global warming
2007-06-06: Talking paper made by scientists\
2007-06-06: Tips on how to not get busted for file-sharing
2007-06-06: [PCdrivers.Com] - The latest Hardware Device Drivers for your computer
2007-06-07: animation2.swf -- A Demonstration of Avast! and Its Power
2007-06-07: Interactive paper sounds exciting - tech - 04 June 2007 - New Scientist Tech
2007-06-07: Putting a Price Tag on Death
2007-06-07: Trustware BufferZone Pro - Protection like VMware but simpler to use
2007-06-07: USB Switchblade - Hak5 - sniff data from a Windows machine with a USB key
2007-06-07: Video of the electric paper in action
2007-06-07: Why Nerds are Unpopular
2007-06-07: Wireless Power Lights Bulb 7 Feet Away | LiveScience
2007-06-08: 1,201 fluorescent tubes lit up just by being under power lines
2007-06-08: A Flashlight with no batteries
2007-06-08: A New Display Lengthens Gadget Life
2007-06-08: Firefox Tip: Paste multiple lines to input boxes
2007-06-08: Google Street View Van Spotted in Hayward
2007-06-08: Hans Rosling: Debunking third-world myths with the best stats you've ever seen (video)
2007-06-08: How to Delete an Undeletable File
2007-06-08: Intel Shows Off 8-Core 45nm Penryn Benchmarks - Intel Deals Another Blow - Is It Deadly?
2007-06-08: Photosynth and Seadragon: Very powerful multiscale image processing interface
2007-06-08: Survey: Microsoft IIS twice as likely to host malware
2007-06-08: Testimonial: Ubuntu is now better than Windows for home use
2007-06-08: Yahoo IM hit with critical security flaws
2007-06-08: Yahoo releases emergency Messenger patch
2007-06-09: Controlling Electronics Using Your Mind Video
2007-06-09: Firefox 3 - features preview
2007-06-09: Leahy readies subpoenas on warrantless wiretapping
2007-06-09: LOLCATS slideshow
2007-06-09: Mars rover finds evidence for 'puddles' of liquid water on the surface of Mars
2007-06-09: OpenOffice worm hits Mac, Linux and Windows
2007-06-09: So that's what 128 gigabytes of RAM looks like ...
2007-06-09: TorrentSpy Ordered By Federal Judge to Become MPAA Spy
2007-06-09: Who Can Name the Bigger Number? -- Very fun math, including Ackermann numbers and Busy Beaver numbers
2007-06-10: Are computer crashes worse than breakups?
2007-06-10: Fungi create food from nuclear radiation, like plants do from sunlight
2007-06-10: Microphotograph of pollen
2007-06-10: OUT THERE: Marathon monk recalls rigors of grueling ancient quest
2007-06-10: Pentagon Confirms It Sought To Build A 'Gay Bomb'
2007-06-10: Powell: Close Guantanamo Now, Restore Habeas
2007-06-10: Psychology Today: The Case Against Adolescence
2007-06-10: Social Engineering, the USB way
2007-06-10: The Inequality Conundrum: America's rich have gotten much richer since 1980
2007-06-10: The Motion Picture Association of America hired a hacker to steal information from Torrentspy
2007-06-10: The Rise of Corporations - Global Issues
2007-06-10: Time Warner Officially Announces Packet Shaping for All RR Users -- throttling for torrent users
2007-06-10: Turkish creationism takes root
2007-06-10: Watchdog Group Slams Google on Privacy
2007-06-10: 'Unbreakable' encryption works in real time over long distances, NIST says (quantum key distribution)
2007-06-12: 5 Cool Linux-Powered Phones
2007-06-12: A Hole in Mars
2007-06-12: A sensible analysis of the BadBunny worm, with part of the photo it distrbutes
2007-06-12: AView of the Earth during a solar eclipse from space
2007-06-12: Bush Administration Loses Major Terror Detention Case
2007-06-12: cometogether.swf -- A Beatles Video done with vector graphics
2007-06-12: Don Herbert, 89; TV's 'Mr. Wizard' taught science to young baby boomers
2007-06-12: Dubious Dubai (wild buildings)
2007-06-12: First look at Safari for Windows
2007-06-12: Flirting With Invisibility - New York Times
2007-06-12: Google launches antitrust complaint against Vista's desktop search
2007-06-12: Google's PowerPoint viewer goes live
2007-06-12: Haidinger's Brush: How to see polarization with the naked eye
2007-06-12: Keith Olbermann - The Whole Government Has Betrayed Us
2007-06-12: Majority of Republicans Doubt Theory of Evolution
2007-06-12: Majority of Republicans Doubt Theory of Evolution -- The most interesting cahrt is at the bottom
2007-06-12: MySpace uses HTTP, not HTTPS, for user login
2007-06-12: OpenOffice worm Badbunny hops across operating systems -- Mac, Windows, and Linux
2007-06-12: Privacy: Google To Anonymize Search Records After 18 Months
2007-06-12: Spammers are shutting down anti-spam servers with DDoS again, just like they did to Blue Security last year
2007-06-12: The Best Commerical on YouTube and It%u2019s Parody Hitting Huge Numbers
2007-06-12: The Galaxy Song with Flash Video
2007-06-12: Trickle of Planet Discoveries Becomes a Flood
2007-06-12: Volcano on Io, animation from real photos
2007-06-12: Windows Home Server Beta Test Program
2007-06-12: Windows Home Server hits Release Candidate beta milestone
2007-06-12: YouTube to test video ID with Time Warner, Disney
2007-06-13: First Open-Source ATI Radeon R500 Driver Released
2007-06-13: Free Microsoft Exams Till June 30!
2007-06-13: Spam King captured, facing 11 years in prison
2007-06-13: The fastest flows of matter in the universe shoot out of dying stars at 99.9997% the speed of light, according to new measurements
2007-06-13: Zero-day exploit for Safari on Windows found within 2 hours of release
2007-06-14: Critical Vista, IE 7 patches highlight MS security updates
2007-06-14: First look: Safari 3 beta on Windows vs. Firefox 2 and IE7
2007-06-14: The Horrors of Nuking Iran by William Wedin
2007-06-14: The ThinkGeek Annoy-a-tron -- the most evil new technology in years
2007-06-14: Virtualize AND dual-boot the same Windows on your Mac
2007-06-15: An exciting story of a San Francisco woman who caught the woman who stole her identity
2007-06-15: Anyone who knows your phone # can access your voice mail, by spoofing your caller ID
2007-06-15: FBI Finds It Frequently Overstepped in Collecting Data
2007-06-15: FBI tries to fight zombie hordes -- They will contact 1 million owners of infected computers
2007-06-15: How a Motherboard Is Made
2007-06-15: HTML5 differences from HTML4
2007-06-15: Space station computers rebooted, partial power restored - CNN.com
2007-06-15: Student causes a terror alert by using secret service earpiece to cheat on an exam
2007-06-15: Swissmail.org -- Secure email hosting, email web hosting, spam filter antivirus, email addresses, mail.
2007-06-15: US ruling makes server RAM a 'document'?
2007-06-16: Air-breathing rocket goes mach 10
2007-06-16: East Bay - News - Rich, Black, Flunking
2007-06-16: Mark Shuttleworth -- No negotiations with Microsoft in progress
2007-06-16: Red Hat Linux Gets Top Government Security Rating
2007-06-16Animated GIF showing US presidential elections from 1960 to now
2007-06-17: 10 Linux Shell Tricks You Don't Already Know. Really, we swear.
2007-06-17: A tool to steal WEP and WPA passwords from a Windows machine (bottom of page)
2007-06-17: Cross-site scripting security website vulnerable to a cross-site scripting exploit
2007-06-17: Dutch police arrest 111 for Nigerian money fraud
2007-06-17: Google Maps Slight Simulation
2007-06-17: Turning Plants into Plastic--And Replacing Oil in the Process: Scientific American
2007-06-17: Video of pistol shrimp firing bubbles that stun their prey
2007-06-17: YouTube Remixer: Edit Videos Online At YouTube
2007-06-18: How to fully de-gunk a PC of Crapware
2007-06-18: Chart: Who Participates And What People Are Doing Online
2007-06-18: Czech pranksters sneak mushroom cloud into weather report
2007-06-18: Data on 64,000 Ohio State Workers Stolen from backup medium left in car
2007-06-18: Google Gears makes Web-based applications work even when you are offline: a big part of the end of Microsoft Office
2007-06-18: Linux leaders plot counterattack on Microsoft
2007-06-18: Microsoft pursues Red Hat Linux deal
2007-06-18: Web 2.0 Effect: Shared Hosting Comparison
2007-06-18: Windows v Linux - Days of risk in 2006 -- Microsoft Claims Windows is Better
2007-06-19: A lot of galaxies in this deep sky image
2007-06-19: A map showing the nations that have not switched to the metric system
2007-06-19: Do black holes really exist? New theory suggests that collapsing stars dissipate so fast that black holes never form.
2007-06-19: Genes In Human Inner Ear Cells Restored -- progress towards curing deafness
2007-06-19: Google is Testing Hybrids Cars That Sell Back Power
2007-06-19: Google Solar Panel Project
2007-06-19: How to Clean Up a Windows Spyware Infestation -- Nice fast infection: GameCopyWorld
2007-06-19: Mathematics of shoelaces, a special case of the travelling salesman problem
2007-06-19: Microsoft's Linux patent threats dismissed as baseless
2007-06-19: NASA tests Linux for spacecraft control
2007-06-19: New laser vaporizes matter without generating heat
2007-06-19: New WiFi Record: 237 Miles
2007-06-19: Really evil trick-or-treating
2007-06-19: Security researchers uncover massive attack on Italian web sites -- Commercial criminal software package in use
2007-06-19: Server2Go -- Web server on a CD-ROm
2007-06-19: Tech capitals of the world
2007-06-19: Testing the limits of forum bashing: two law students sue over personal attacks
2007-06-19: Ubuntu validates as Genuine Windows
2007-06-19: Very interesting interview with the ex-Army Chief of Staff about American planning for the war in Iraq
2007-06-20: Appeals court: Feds can't secretly seize e-mail without a warrant
2007-06-20: Quiz: What American accent do you have?
2007-06-21: EMI says DRM-free music is selling well
2007-06-21: Eta Carinae should explode soon, and be brighter than the moon
2007-06-21: Google opens up malware blacklist API
2007-06-21: Here's the way to fix an error in Google Maps
2007-06-21: Metal Halide light bulbs are even better than compact flurescents
2007-06-21: New email scam: hit man will kill you unless you pay up
2007-06-21: Pentagon confirms email system hacked
2007-06-21: Windows Marketplace: Product details for Ubuntu Desktop
2007-06-22: CommView -- Wireless protocol analyzer for Windows with free demo version
2007-06-22: Eta Carinae's pending explosion -- it can destroy life on planets 9500 lightyears away
2007-06-22: Homeland Security Network suffered 800 break-ins
2007-06-22: Planetary nebula movie: ten years of real observations
2007-06-22: Tesla Coil Plays Music
2007-06-22: |MG| Free Download - Brute Force Uninstaller (BFU) 1.00.9
2007-06-23: Compiz Fusion: A guide with a warning for new users. - Ubuntu Forums
2007-06-23: Cool image of astronaut in space
2007-06-23: Dig the icon the Mac OS uses to denote a Windows shared folder :)
2007-06-23: Featured Linux Download: Record screencasts with recordMyDesktop
2007-06-23: Firefox vs Internet Explorer -- silly propaganda video
2007-06-23: Google threatens to close gmail germany over privacy concerns
2007-06-23: How to Access Your Ubuntu Remotely
2007-06-23: iTunes now 3rd largest music retailer in US
2007-06-23: Linux computer fits in USB key
2007-06-23: Lovely portrait of Phoebe
2007-06-23: Movavi Online Video Converter
2007-06-23: NVidia announces 'personal supercomputers' - 128 processors, 518 Gigaflops
2007-06-23: picotux - smallest Linux computer in the World
2007-06-23: Rock On: 12 of the Best Music Social Networks
2007-06-23: Tiny prefab homes, very cute
2007-06-23: VMware Command Line Tools
2007-06-24: A scathing criticism of US medicine, claiming doctors kill more Americans annually than cancer
2007-06-24: Aurora Borealis from Space -- very pretty
2007-06-24: Computer case mods - Pile of Photos
2007-06-24: Fibre is back in emand, says Nortel
2007-06-24: Funny Cats Collection
2007-06-24: How to make OpenOffice run faster in Ubuntu
2007-06-24: Key reasons to upgrade to Windows Vista
2007-06-24: Linuxsucks.org is hosted on a Linux Web server
2007-06-24: Living optical fibres found in the eye
2007-06-24: Optical link hacking unsheathed
2007-06-24: Researchers close in on a small quantum computer built from loops of superconducting metal
2007-06-24: Saskatchewan Pirate Video
2007-06-24: Siemens shows 1Gbit/s over plastic fibre
2007-06-24: Unblock.be - Free Anonymous Proxy Server
2007-06-24: Windows Vista Business Case - Telling your company about Windows Vista
2007-06-25: Court: Protecting trade secrets takes priority over election transparency -- Voting machine source code cannot be audited
2007-06-25: The Solar System is not from the Milky Way
2007-06-25: UK determines that Intelligent Design is not science
2007-06-26: A pretty wasp photo
2007-06-26: An interesting story about how a social network went sour and drove an enthusiast away from Puppy Linux
2007-06-26: Dell Laptop with Ubuntu Easy for Non-Technical Users
2007-06-26: Giant microwave turns plastic back to oil
2007-06-26: Librarians Describe Life Under An FBI Gag Order
2007-06-26: Man set for execution wants to die laughing
2007-06-26: TorrentSpy and ISOHunt Both Plan to Start Filtering Copyrighted Content
2007-06-26: U.S. Net access not all that speedy - USATODAY.com
2007-06-27: Dell to offer Ubuntu on more systems
2007-06-27: Double explosion heralds the death of a massive star
2007-06-27: Earth, Moon, and Jupiter, as Seen From Mars
2007-06-27: For One Analyst, Facebook Is a Screaming Buy - Worth Several Billion Dollars Right Now
2007-06-27: Homeland Security IT chief blamed for cyberwoes -- 844 security incidents reported on the DHS network
2007-06-27: Judge rejects Google's anti-Microsoft antitrust bid
2007-06-27: Make Your Own Firefox Extensions
2007-06-27: Mass deaths from volcanic CO2 Released by Lake
2007-06-27: Modder faces jail time after raid turns up counterfeit games, mod chips
2007-06-27: Pownce -- new file-sharing service
2007-06-27: Prostitutes Immune to HIV Being Studied
2007-06-27: Spybot Easter Egg
2007-06-27: The Last Question -- Isaac Asimov
2007-06-27: The Torture Memo - by Alberto Gonzales (Dick Cheney)
2007-06-27: Timeline of Web Browsers
2007-06-27: Verizon's fiber-optic payoff
2007-06-27: Welcome to DEF CON, the Largest Underground Hacking Convention in the World
2007-06-27: Windows Worm Uses BitTorrent to Propagate
2007-06-28: aryland Professor Creates Desktop Supercomputer Prototype
2007-06-28: Caller ID spoofing about to be outlawed
2007-06-28: Google Desktop reaches Linux
2007-06-28: Life at Google - The Microsoftie Perspective
2007-06-28: New Ferrari composed of cardboard has low emissions
2007-06-28: Picture This: Space Station, Seen Clear From the Ground
2007-06-28: Scientists could create the first new form of artificial life within months after a landmark breakthrough in which they turned one bacteri
2007-06-28: Scientists Reverse Mental Retardation in Mice
2007-06-28: Seagate Announced Their One Terabyte Hard Drives | $400
2007-06-28: Set-up a Ubuntu webcam security system
2007-06-28: Sun's new Constellation System could reach 2 petaflops
2007-06-29: FTC Nixes Net Neutrality
2007-06-29: Full Screen Flash Video Demo -- pretty motion
2007-06-29: Is the Sun from another galaxy?
2007-06-29: Jupiter changes its stripes
2007-06-29: Perian - The swiss-army knife of QuickTime components
2007-06-29: Potential cure for HIV discovered
2007-06-29: Prince gives away his latest album free--music store executive calls it madness
2007-06-29: Scientists making diamonds out of peanut butter
2007-06-29: Windows XP Thumbnail image bug
2007-06-30: Civil Netizen - A free, personal file transfer program for your large files and folders (128-bit AES encrypted)
2007-06-30: Cops Who Started 'Hackers Are Us' Service Convicted
2007-06-30: Discovering Assumptions
2007-06-30: Encrypt Microsoft Office documents
2007-06-30: Finally, fully biodegradable 'plastic' bottles
2007-06-30: Google Linux Software Repositories
2007-06-30: How To Crash Windows Vista In 10 Seconds Or Less
2007-06-30: Interactive Weather Map
2007-06-30: Kiss Caught on Camera Raises Issues of Big Brother Surveillance s
2007-06-30: linux users are all crazy fundamentalists
2007-06-30: MapJack - San Francisco
2007-06-30: Medical pot will be legal in New Mexico tomorrow
2007-06-30: Ocean Waves Could Power the Entire Planet
2007-06-30: Open Kensington Laptop Lock with a Toilet Paper Roll
2007-06-30: Phishing scam spreading via Yahoo IM
2007-06-30: Plans for Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) revealed
2007-06-30: psubuntu.com | Ubuntu on a Playstation 3
2007-06-30: Requirements for Effective Fuzzing
2007-06-30: Scientists find drug to banish bad memories
2007-06-30: Security study pokes holes in advanced authentication claims -- people just ignore the warnings
2007-06-30: Speed up Vista in Minutes
2007-06-30: Text-Based YouTube Video Player for Linux
2007-06-30: The heart of Orion
2007-06-30: White House Caught Doctoring 'Mission Accomplished' Video

July 2007

2007-07-01: BananaSecurity, just your smile, all you need to login, make your face your password
2007-07-01: Compiz Fusion In Feisty!
2007-07-01: Danger USB! Worm targets removable memory sticks to infiltrate business
2007-07-01: Google may become a telco
2007-07-01: Harry Potter worm claims teenage wizard is dead
2007-07-01: phpBB Forum Password Reset Hack
2007-07-01: Proxy.org - The Proxy Authority
2007-07-01: Slow Motion Water Balloon Not Popping
2007-07-01: South Korea To Tax Virtual Assets
2007-07-01: South Park Mac or PC
2007-07-01: Turn your $60 router into a $600 router
2007-07-01: USB flash drive worm spreads information about AIDS
2007-07-01: Whale gives dolphin a ride
2007-07-01: Worms and USB Flash Drives Gang Up. Disable Auto-Run!
2007-07-01: 'Sicko' numbers mostly accurate; more context needed - CNN.com
2007-07-02: AllOfMP3 Shut Down by Russian Government
2007-07-02: An inside voice from Microsoft: How it took more than a year to build the shut-down menu
2007-07-02: An interesting movie promo about industrial effects on the Chinese landscape
2007-07-02: Animated brain slices
2007-07-02: Coderific Employer Ratings: for Coders, by Coders
2007-07-02: Creation Museum Slideshow
2007-07-02: iPhone Root Password Cracked
2007-07-02: Is Your Doctor Tied to Drug Makers?
2007-07-02: Linux.com :: Ten tips for new Ubuntu users
2007-07-02: Massachusetts Begins Universal Health Care
2007-07-02: New NSA Whistleblower Speaks
2007-07-02: sunset from space
2007-07-02: Tech experts' top insider tips to avoid ID theft, online threats
2007-07-02: The iPhone Threat to Adobe, Microsoft, Sun, Real, BREW, Symbian
2007-07-02: Why Poor Countries Are Poor
2007-07-03: 8 Ways for Searching the Dark Web - Beyond Google!
2007-07-03: Anti-Piracy Gang Launches their own Video Download Site to Trap People
2007-07-03: Beowulf Tutorial: Building a Beowulf System
2007-07-03: Lawyer-rating website Avvo seeks lawsuit's dismissal
2007-07-03: Microsoft apologizes for lack of Vista Ultimate Extras
2007-07-03: New machine converts all blood to type O
2007-07-03: Survey: Windows loses ground with developers: Linux and virtualization are growing
2007-07-04: A Very Quick Comparison of Popular Languages for Teaching Computer Programming
2007-07-04: Google in hot water again for offering to nullify "Sicko"
2007-07-04: Hyperion, a moon of Saturn, is the largest highly irregular object in the Solar System
2007-07-04: Internet Pornography Statistics
2007-07-04: Libby's commutation is at odds with Bush's sentencing policy
2007-07-04: Subaru has recycled everything at its car-manufacturing plant for three years now -- zero landfill
2007-07-04: Swarm Behavior - Computer simulations of ant colonies are useful to solve real-world problems
2007-07-04: Time for Another Revolution -- An interesting analysis of the Constitution and the way American attitudes towards freedom have changed
2007-07-04: TimeVault - System Restore for Ubuntu!
2007-07-04: Trojan.iframe - What it is, what it does
2007-07-04: W3AF: Metasploit for Web applications - Security-Hacks.com
2007-07-05: Can you read people's thoughts just by looking at them?
2007-07-05: Changing Your MAC Address In Window XP/Vista, Linux And Mac OS X (Sometimes known as MAC spoofing)
2007-07-05: New cancer treatment uses electrical pulses to kill cancer cells, leaving healthy cells intact
2007-07-05: YouTube - Fractals - Mandelbrot
2007-07-06: 5 reasons why you should use VirtualBox, instead of VirtualPC or VMware
2007-07-06: Google Browser Sync extension clones Firefox settings
2007-07-06: How to Image a Linux box
2007-07-06: Jon D. Miller and his techniques for measuring the scientific knowledge of Americans
2007-07-06: Language Translation Services Free Translation Tool
2007-07-06: LinuxHaxor.net � NIkto Webserver Vulnerability Scanner
2007-07-06: Recommendations for $500, $1,000 and $1,500 custom-built PC components
2007-07-06: Three cyber-terrorists face long jail sentences in UK for advocating Jihad on Internet
2007-07-06: Use TightVNC and Pyvnc2swf to capture actions done on your computer
2007-07-07: ACLU Warrantless Domestic Spying Lawsuit Dismissed -- Governent Permitted to Declare Required Evidence Secret - Bush is Above the Law
2007-07-07: Aurora from space: text
2007-07-07: Aurora from space: video of electron aurora
2007-07-07: Aurora from space: video of proton aurora
2007-07-07: Bush-Cheny 2008 Bumper Stickers
2007-07-07: Dell delays filing fiscal reports...again
2007-07-07: Ebuyer.com runs on a Commodore 64
2007-07-07: Logitech Refuses to Help a Linux Developer Write Drivers for them
2007-07-07: Remotely Controlled Nanomachines
2007-07-07: Setting Up A PXE Install Server For Multiple Linux Distributions With Ubuntu Edgy Eft -- This really works!
2007-07-07: ZONE.NET - Enterprise Virtual Servers
2007-07-08: Airport Security
2007-07-08: It is time for the United States to leave Iraq - New York Times
2007-07-08: Nanoinjector used to insert cargo into a living cell
2007-07-08: Trick servers into thinking you are the Googlebot
2007-07-08: UNIX tips: Learn 10 good UNIX usage habits
2007-07-08: When one monitor is not enough
2007-07-09: Dell will sell Linux on PCs outside of US
2007-07-09: Enertia Electric Motorcycle To Hit Stores In Early 2008
2007-07-09: Genetically Modified Herpes shows promise in killing cancer
2007-07-09: Hackers hack iPhone, Apple wins and at&t loses
2007-07-09: Intel buys into VMware
2007-07-09: Physicists detect new type of electron wave
2007-07-09: Religious Belief Percentage county-by-county for the USA
2007-07-10: Vista SP1 will fix critical ReadyBoost performance bug -- Expected next week
2007-07-11: Description of the BitLocker Drive Preparation Tool
2007-07-11: Former Bush surgeon general says he was muzzled
2007-07-11: Just OWNING hacker tools illegal in Germany
2007-07-11: Man flies 193 miles in lawn chair - CNN.com
2007-07-11: New taser projectile gun delivers wireless shocks from 100 feet away
2007-07-11: USB stick RAID in Gentoo Linux
2007-07-11: Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption Frequently Asked Questions
2007-07-12: Anatomy of an Internet scam -- Two Daly City Brothers Used eBay Phishing to Steal $50,000
2007-07-12: Dance Dance Immolation
2007-07-12: Help EFF Examine Once-Secret FBI Docs
2007-07-13: a very interesting video explaining how an astronomical galaxy survey is proceeding
2007-07-13: Linux teacher takes revenge
2007-07-13: Scientists ask public to help sort galaxies
2007-07-15: Installing the TEW-424UB Wi-Fi Adapter in Ubuntu
2007-07-17: Confirmed: Microsoft's Windows Media DRM cracked (again)
2007-07-17: Court: Feds can read e-mail, IP addresses without warrant
2007-07-17: CyberCIEGE Home -- Navy hacking training tool
2007-07-17: FBI get ISPs to turn over phone records -- National Security Letter pfd shown here
2007-07-17: FTK Forensic toolkit - takes passwords from hard disk
2007-07-17: GFI Languard Vulnerability Scanner
2007-07-17: Laser printers embed yellow dots in printouts to aid the Secret Service
2007-07-17: Web censorship is failing, says Chinese official
2007-07-17: Will security firms detect police spyware?
2007-07-17: Wireless USB gadgets trickle into marketplace
2007-07-17: Yahoo is a sinking ship
2007-07-17: ZipTorrent Pollutes and Slows Down Popular Torrents
2007-07-18: $298 Wal-Mart PC features OpenOffice.org, no crapware
2007-07-18: React OS:Here comes the Windows Nemesis!
2007-07-18: Sun's Project Indiana: turning OpenSolaris into a practical platform by imitating Ubuntu
2007-07-18: Xbox 360 DVD Key & Region Code hacked?
2007-07-19: 12 IT skills that employers can't say no to
2007-07-19: Apple's U.S. Marketshare Up to 5.6%
2007-07-19: FBI's Secret Spyware Tracks Down Teen Who Made Bomb Threats
2007-07-19: Internet Explorer blocked from openaddict.com, and how to block it from your website too
2007-07-19: Main [Aircrack-ng]
2007-07-19: New OS X vulnerability found: worm released in lab?
2007-07-19: Quantum Random Bit Generator Service
2007-07-19: Text-message ban for drivers mulled - 2/3 of drivers aged 18-24 text while driving
2007-07-19: Top 10 Unofficial Gmail Apps and Add-ons
2007-07-20: China limits teenage gamers to 3 hours per day
2007-07-20: Darwin At Work: Why You Shouldn't Smash a Can of WD-40
2007-07-20: New Flexible Plastic Solar Panels Are Inexpensive And Easy To Make
2007-07-20: New Trojans: give us $300, or the data gets it!
2007-07-20: Phone Number Geolocator
2007-07-20: Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon - Tribe 3 test release Now Available
2007-07-20: Water on Pluto's moon
2007-07-21: Editing basics for the xorg.conf file
2007-07-21: Google's $4.6 billion plan for an open wireless Internet
2007-07-21: Professor Says Textbooks Are Too Expensive, Quits Using Them
2007-07-21: SSH Saves The Day.. 1400 Miles Away! Enable Automagic Login
2007-07-21: Tiny PC sips power, runs Linux
2007-07-24: 365 Main Goes Down -- How Could That Happen?
2007-07-24: Bill would force '25 top-piracy schools' to adopt anti-P2P technology
2007-07-24: British police to gain power to collect DNA from any suspect
2007-07-24: Corning's new fiber optics are 100 times more flexible, made with nanotechnology
2007-07-24: FBI taps cell phone mic as eavesdropping tool
2007-07-24: Prevx - Leaders in Malware Research
2007-07-24: Safari exploit gives hackers full control over iPhones and possibly PCs and Macs
2007-07-24: Scientists Invent Novel Hydrogels For Repairing And Regenerating Human Tissue
2007-07-24: Ultra-Flexible Fiber Optics on the Way
2007-07-24: Vista plodding along six months after release - CNN.com
2007-07-24: Why I quit: kernel developer Con Kolivas
2007-07-25: A simple magnet can control the color of a liquid
2007-07-25: An interesting article about autism and deception
2007-07-25: Animated map and timeline of obesity in the USA
2007-07-25: BAY AREA / Power outage hits wide swath of S.F., parts of Peninsula / Gear failure blamed -- blast heard, fire seen at manhole
2007-07-25: Dangerous Java flaw threatens virtually everything
2007-07-25: DRM for chargers, just to make life even more frustrating
2007-07-25: Exploiting the iPhone
2007-07-25: free DNS tunneling service
2007-07-25: Free Speech Hosting: 11 Web Hosts That Won%u2019t Dump You at the First Sign of Controversy
2007-07-25: Linux Credit Card
2007-07-25: New Ethernet standard: not 40Gbps, not 100, but both
2007-07-25: Robot beetles fight forest fires
2007-07-25: Search Google anonymously
2007-07-25: Sun denies Java patch release put billions at risk
2007-07-25: Texas governor Rick Perry has appointed a creationist to head the Texas State Board of Education
2007-07-25: World's fastest broadband connection -- 40 Gbps over fiber optics
2007-07-26: Storm Worm Erupts Into Worst Virus Attack In 2 Years
2007-07-26: Switchable Adhesive
2007-07-26: Ten Free Services To Send Self-Destructing Emails Which Expire/Disappear Automatically After Specified Time Interval
2007-07-26: Test Your Knowledge of Online Scams
2007-07-26: Time May Not Exist
2007-07-26: Universities help overturn P2P amendment, with help from you
2007-07-26: World's First Flying Car Enters Production


2007-07-26: Deep pit on Mars
2007-07-26: DIY trojan-building tools for sale on the Internet -- With screen images of Pinch
2007-07-26: Huge Chinese piracy ring tackled
2007-07-26: Information on Pinch tool for creating custom Trojans
2007-07-26: Intel boffins break 40Gbps silicon photonics barrier
2007-07-26: More firms to outsource security
2007-07-26: Organized crime is funded by cybercrime
2007-07-26: The state of Wireless HDMI and WirelessHD -- Two new standards for wireless high-definition TV
2007-07-26: Why Windows is less secure than Linux -- IIS v. Apache
2007-07-26: Windows Servers - Enable Remote Desktop Remotely
2007-07-26: 'Pinch' Software makes customized trojans easily
2007-07-27: Digg fired Google as its online advertising partner in favor of a 'young' and 'willing to take risks' Microsoft
2007-07-27: How data can be stolen from the clipboard by JavaScript in IE
2007-07-27: How To Clear Your Memory Without Restarting
2007-07-27: Man burns down trailer in online feud
2007-07-27: Pond Bacteria Converts Light to Energy
2007-07-27: Spanish BitTorrent Sites Shut Down, Admins Arrested
2007-07-27: SurgeStix - Inhalable Caffeine Stix
2007-07-27: The Google Streetview Camera Car
2007-07-27: Top 30 Social Bookmarking Sites July 2007
2007-07-27: Ubuntu Easter eggs
2007-07-27: Ubuntu Security - Ubuntu Forums
2007-07-27: Why (almost) Everyone Should Try Ubuntu
2007-07-28: Debunking Linux and its Relationship with Gaming
2007-07-28: Explorer Destroyer - Switch to Firefox, Make money from Adsense Referral
2007-07-28: Linux.com :: Software Freedom Day: Taking open source to the streets -- Sept 15, 2007
2007-07-28: Microsoft preparing to offer network services, imitating Google
2007-07-28: Open Source at SFSU - Software Freedom Day Local Chapter -- Look for updates as Sept 15 approaches
2007-07-28: Pretty hummingbird pic
2007-07-28: Real ID is dead
2007-07-28: Ubuntu Games
2007-07-29: Bush Aide Blocked Global Health Report
2007-07-29: Evolutionary algorithms now surpass human designers
2007-07-29: First Open Source Linux Cell Phone On Sale
2007-07-29: Most CA vote machines lose test to hackers
2007-07-29: President Bush Asking for More Power to Wiretap Americans, Gutting of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act
2007-07-29: Total Solar Eclipse Map (2001-2025)
2007-07-30: Breakthrough in MS 'biggest for decades'
2007-07-30: California e-voting machines have more holes than Swiss cheese
2007-07-30: China's MAD Nuclear Deterrence Strategy: How they hold the US back with only 4% of our arsenal
2007-07-30: Evolution of versions Windows. From 1.0 to Vista
2007-07-30: German hacker denied entry into U.S. for Black Hat training
2007-07-30: Google Streetview Cars Rocking Ladybug2 Spherical Camera
2007-07-30: How to: Block brute force attacks with iptables
2007-07-30: http://dnevnik.hr/bin/article.php?article_id=21921
2007-07-30: Longevity Pill Tested in Humans
2007-07-30: Microsoft's Local SUV Armada vs Google's Streetview Fleet
2007-07-30: Tracking TCP Connections With tcptrack in Ubuntu
2007-07-30: Video of taser projectile fired from shotgun
2007-07-30: What's your real age?
2007-07-30: Windows Guy Tries Ubuntu 7.04: Part 2 - Two Weeks Later
2007-07-31: Einstein Quiz
2007-07-31: FCC sets 700 MHz auction rules -- This will affect the next ten years of wireless innovation
2007-07-31: Gmail Encryption Firefox Extensions
2007-07-31: Google HQ to Be Largest Corporate Solar Facility
2007-07-31: IBM Moves Moore's Law into the Third-Dimension
2007-07-31: MEPIS to switch from Ubuntu to Debian
2007-07-31: New aerogels could clean contaminated water, purify hydrogen for fuel cells
2007-07-31: Obesity Drug EMPATIC Met Phase 2 Goal
2007-07-31: Stronger evidence for human origin of global warming
2007-07-31: United Nuclear - Aerogel samples for sale
2007-07-31: win-get Repository
2007-08-01: 10 tech skills you should develop during the next five years
2007-08-01: AnandTech: A Messy Transition: Practical Problems With 32bit Addressing In Windows
2007-08-01: Brain-Injured Man Speaks After 6 Years -- brain stimulation from implants greatly improved his condition
2007-08-01: British gene team are on the brink of cancer breakthrough -- RNA interference therapy
2007-08-01: Console mod-chippers busted in nationwide raids
2007-08-01: Laser printers pollute office air
2007-08-01: Leopard gets UNIX 03 certification
2007-08-01: Second Life and WoW 'plagued by terrorists'
2007-08-01: Windows XP, Vista, and the 2GB Barrier -- Comparison of memory used by games in Vista and XP
2007-08-02: Advanced Server Virtualization: VMware and Microsoft Platforms in the Virtual Data Center: Book
2007-08-02: Apple - Xserve RAID - fault-tolerant array from Apple
2007-08-02: Escape from polygamy: How a woman escaped the Fundamentalist Mormon Church
2007-08-02: Flash Sucks
2007-08-02: How To Automatically Remove Preloaded Software From A New Computer
2007-08-02: Image analysis finds alteration in Al Qaeda videos
2007-08-02: Investigative Report Reveals Hackers Terrorize the Internet for LULZ
2007-08-02: Kazoo download - Enables Yahoo Voice Chat For Vista
2007-08-02: Let's Meet a Romanian eBay Scammer - Hello, Ghiuri Simionescu
2007-08-02: Linux Vs. Mac: Which Is The Better Alternative To Microsoft Windows? -- OS X, Linux
2007-08-02: Making Gasoline from Bacteria
2007-08-02: Microsoft HD Photo considered for standardization by JPEG committee
2007-08-02: Report: 'Sidejacking' session information over WiFi easy as pie
2007-08-02: Scan This Guyys E-Passport and Watch Your System Crash
2007-08-02: VMware Certified Professional (VCP)
2007-08-02: Why We Lie
2007-08-02: Zero Motorcycles Home - fast, silent, electric motorcycles
2007-08-06: Average PC is a smorgasboard for a new MP3-eating trojan
2007-08-06: California tightens security rules on voting machines
2007-08-06: Google Mashup Editor
2007-08-06: Laptop cooked in the oven, but it's fine
2007-08-06: Microchips in humans: High-tech helpers or Big Brother surveillance?
2007-08-06: Mozilla Releases Hacker Tools (Fuzzers)
2007-08-06: Physicists have 'solved' mystery of levitation
2007-08-06: Point and click Gmail hacking at Black Hat
2007-08-06: Red Hat to offer whitebox Linux desktops globally
2007-08-06: Senate Votes To Expand Warrantless Surveillance
2007-08-06: Shuttleworth: Microsoft Fracturing the Open-Source Community
2007-08-06: Spammer gets 30 Years
2007-08-06: Teaching hacking helps students, professors say
2007-08-06: Top Five (5) Best Criminal Computer Hackers of All Time
2007-08-06: Top Five (5) Best Non-Criminal Hackers of All Time | MarvQuin, LLC
2007-08-06: Undercover NBC Dateline reporter bolts from DEFCON 2007
2007-08-06: When Worry Hijacks The Brain - Modern Research into OCD
2007-08-06: White House High-Security Locks Broken: Bumped and Picked at DefCon
2007-08-07: DefCon weekend - Summaries of many talks
2007-08-07: Telescopes see 'distant planet'
2007-08-07: ToorCon 9 - Oct 19-21 in San Diego
2007-08-08: 27 Aquatic lifeforms you never caught while fishing
2007-08-08: Beautiful and strange things in space
2007-08-08: Bill Gates Passed By Mexican Telecom Tycoon As World's Richest Man
2007-08-08: Congressman slams Yahoo's 'despicable practice' in China, vows to investigate
2007-08-08: Flying Saucers Go Into Production
2007-08-08: free university lectures - computer science, mathematics, physics
2007-08-08: How Galactic Forces May Control Life on Earth
2007-08-08: Laser flips magnetic bit without any help - writes 50,000 times faster than magnetic read/write heads
2007-08-08: Mozilla official claimed they would fix any security hole in ten days at Black Hat, but Mozilla retracted that promise
2007-08-08: New FISA Law Means Admin Can Listen To Every Single International Call That You Make
2007-08-08: Nice interactive panoramic view of a room
2007-08-08: Official Vista performance and reliability patches released
2007-08-08: Pentagon Studies Human Microchip Implants
2007-08-08: Study shows that children are highly susceptible to fast-food advertising
2007-08-08: The birth of the U.S. torture program
2007-08-09: Boot Manager, Partition Manager, and Drive Image Utility - BootIt Next Generation -- Free Trial Partitioner
2007-08-09: Class Outline for New Horizons CEH Training
2007-08-09: Court Rejects the Right to Use Drugs Being Tested - New York Times
2007-08-09: Digg Architecture | High Scalability
2007-08-09: Hamster plus Hotspot equals Web 2.0 meltdown!
2007-08-09: New Horizons Certified Ethical Hacker Training
2007-08-09: Spock.com hopes to become the Google of people searches
2007-08-09: US Pirate Party Starts in Utah
2007-08-10: ATI driver flaw exposes Vista kernel to attackers
2007-08-10: Blue Pill Project extends VM rootkit cat-and-mouse tussle
2007-08-10: Come and get it: Fedora laptop for $150
2007-08-10: Court Rules: Novell owns the UNIX and UnixWare copyrights! Novell has right to waive!
2007-08-10: Dell to stuff hypervisors in flash memory
2007-08-10: Microsoft jacks into the Softgrid -- a new, network-deployed virtualization technique
2007-08-10: Microsoft virtualisation: free, as in beer
2007-08-10: Music DRM in critical condition: Universal tests DRM free music sales
2007-08-10: Offensive-security.com - WEP tips and Metasploit instructions
2007-08-10: Patchy antivirus coverage for 64-bit Vista
2007-08-10: Running Windows viruses with Wine
2007-08-10: Take Your Apps Virtual with Microsoft SoftGrid
2007-08-10: We've got the lowdown on Microsoft SoftGrid
2007-08-12: Antivirus Tools Underperform When Tested in LinuxWorld 'Fight Club'
2007-08-12: Apple Beats Microsoft at its Own Open XML Game
2007-08-12: Cain and Abel updated for Vista
2007-08-12: ClearSMS - Free SMS Marketing
2007-08-12: Earth From Space - Amazing Photos
2007-08-12: Enable Vista Aero in Windows Vista Home Basic
2007-08-12: Holes in Firefox password manager -- Same Origin password policy is poorly thought out
2007-08-12: LEAKED: Vista SP1 analysed in-depth
2007-08-12: The Home of Ghostox - Rediscover the web... without being discovered
2007-08-12: Top spammer arrested in Seattle
2007-08-13: A Few Useful Netcat Tricks
2007-08-13: Cruel video about Paint
2007-08-13: German sites close, as anti-hacking law arrives
2007-08-13: Google offers free teaching materials for computer science instructors
2007-08-13: Google selleth then taketh away, proving the need for DRM circumvention
2007-08-13: Homeland Security tests automated 'Hostile Intent' detector
2007-08-13: Las Vegas judge sacked for MySpace page
2007-08-13: Legislation aims to end identity theft
2007-08-13: Paper-Thin, Flexible Batteries Developed
2007-08-13: Picking Locks - The Beginners Guide To Lock Picking
2007-08-13: SCO never owned UNIX copyrights, owes Novell 95 percent of UNIX royalties, SCO bankruptcy imminent
2007-08-13: The whole story of the 365 Main power failure last month
2007-08-13: UN official website hacked
2007-08-13: US doles out millions for street cameras - Big Brother is Watching You
2007-08-13: VMware Predicts Death To Operating Systems
2007-08-14: Bush Administration Says Warrantless Eavesdropping Cannot Be Questioned
2007-08-14: CROWD FARMING: Power your building with human motion!
2007-08-14: Desktop Linux Polls
2007-08-14: Flash-Based Hard Drives Cometh
2007-08-14: Future of diabetes devices could be a 'Charmr' -- tiny iPod-like device to control diabetes
2007-08-14: Half of Americans clueless about online threats
2007-08-14: Hitachi's Deskstar 7K1000 hard drive - The Tech Report - 1 Terabyte
2007-08-14: In China, a high-tech plan to track people -- Big Brother is Watching
2007-08-14: Is my hardware Linux-compatible? Find out here
2007-08-14: Leopard successfully run on non-Apple hardware
2007-08-14: Linux Poll Results with 14,535 responses
2007-08-14: New chip-cooling system uses tiny ionic wind-engines
2007-08-14: Nokia-branded batteries at risk of overheating -- 46 million devices affected
2007-08-14: PlayStation 3 Video Game News - Possible PS3 exploit in the works
2007-08-14: Recent probes inside comets show it is overwhelmingly likely that life began in space
2007-08-14: Red faces at NASA over climate-change blunder
2007-08-14: Russia brings back punitive psychiatry, hospitalizing and drugging political dissidents
2007-08-14: See Who's Editing Wikipedia - Diebold, the CIA, a Campaign
2007-08-14: Senior US official likens challenges facing America, Roman Republic
2007-08-14: Start-up to produce cheaper ethanol with microbe
2007-08-14: VMware's Explosive IPO Shows Power of Virtualization
2007-08-14: Yahoo edges out Google in customer satisfaction
2007-08-15: Australian Prime Minister vows to clean up the Internet
2007-08-15: DirecTV to offer broadband over powerline this year - Engadget
2007-08-15: Philosopher calculates that we probably are living in The Matrix
2007-08-15: The Beam of Light That Flips a Switch That Turns on the Brain
2007-08-15: VMware 'uses a badly-hacked Linux kernel' - claim - may be liable to a lawsuit
2007-08-16: A single malfunctioning network card leaves 17,000 passengers stranded for hours at LAX
2007-08-16: Anti-Bacterial Soap No Better Than Plain Soap
2007-08-16: Cable companies facing big bandwidth crunch
2007-08-16: Citrix Acquiring XenSource for $500 Million
2007-08-16: Depths Of TJX's Incompetence Continues To Astound
2007-08-16: Interactive Linux kernel map
2007-08-16: Mira: A Star with a Comet's Tail
2007-08-16: Mira: A Star with a Comet's Tail
2007-08-16: Now Maybe TJX Will Take Data Security Seriously -- Data breach causes a loss of 25 cents per share, earnings halved
2007-08-16: Scientists break the speed of light
2007-08-16: Second zero-day vulnerability in Yahoo Mesenger found this month
2007-08-16: Students are Being Forced to Pick a Major in High School
2007-08-16: The TJX Effect -- Security
2007-08-16: U.S. to Expand Domestic Use Of Spy Satellites
2007-08-16: Ultrafast quantum computer uses optically controlled electrons
2007-08-17: Blog of the EFF v. AT&T Court Hearing
2007-08-17: Bush borrowed more than all previous 42 Presidents combined
2007-08-17: Busting the FUD about Vista's DRM
2007-08-17: Canonical downplays Ubuntu hacks -- FTP used to hack into servers
2007-08-17: Dell working on virtual PCs for consumers
2007-08-17: Flash drive offers PIN security
2007-08-17: Latest 'Faster than Light' claims discussed, and refuted
2007-08-17: Light pulses and quantum dots to be used for quantum computers
2007-08-17: Linux security holes identified
2007-08-17: Malicious Ecard campaign accounts for 9 million spam messages in last 48 hours
2007-08-17: Researchers create gravity in lab experiment
2007-08-17: Restarting Windows without restarting your PC
2007-08-17: Ubuntu Linux vs Windows Vista: The Battle for Your Desktop
2007-08-17: Ubuntu security concerns sparked - Five community-run servers compromised because of poor security practices, like FTP
2007-08-17: Universities warned of Storm Worm attacks - New bot retaliates against networks that scan to find infected systems
2007-08-17: US man sentenced for buying stolen identities
2007-08-17: 'Clpwn' hackers hunt for notoriety, not cash - They use XSS and Flash-based localhost scanning
2007-08-18: BBC's FM broadcasts knocked off the air in Russia
2007-08-18: British teen imprisoned for texting-related death - Engadget
2007-08-18: Dell admits to 4 years of financial malfeasance -- up to $150 million to be scrubbed
2007-08-18: English police to have cameras mounted in their helmets
2007-08-18: Facebook Takes Action Against 'Black Hat' Apps
2007-08-18: Fark founder accuses Fox newsman of hacking
2007-08-18: FISA Court Requires Bush Administration to Respond to ACLU's Request That Secret Court Orders be Released to the Public
2007-08-18: PC Mag editor's problems with Vista
2007-08-18: RIAA faces possible class action over suing the innocent
2007-08-18: Ubuntu getting Xorg.conf GUI
2007-08-19: An examination of a compromised Linux box, how a backdoor was installed and detected
2007-08-19: Awesome Multi-Screen Display Mounts
2007-08-19: Get Wireless working in Ubuntu 7.04
2007-08-19: Model train controlled via brain-machine interface
2007-08-19: The Master Boot Record, and what happens when it's damaged in a test lab
2007-08-20: America's Best Colleges 2008: National Universities
2007-08-20: Companies clamping down on messaging
2007-08-20: Coupon Hacker Faces DMCA Lawsuit -- Is it illegal to erase files on your own computer?
2007-08-20: Diabetic collapses after airline refuses to let him carry his insulin
2007-08-20: Dual boot OSX Leopard with Vista on Intel/AMD!
2007-08-20: E-voting predicament: Not-so-secret ballots
2007-08-20: Flea-like robots double as pollution detectors
2007-08-20: Giant, synchronized reboot (caused by Windows Update) broke Skype
2007-08-20: HiJack This Analyzer
2007-08-20: How Propaganda Works
2007-08-20: How to install Tor with Vidalia GUI on Ubuntu
2007-08-20: Indian Company Releasing $2,400 Car, the World's Cheapest
2007-08-20: Microsoft deal may lead to free but 'watermarked'music -- cookies track the history of a music file to target ads
2007-08-20: Microsoft Watch - Vista - Broken Windows
2007-08-20: Milestone In The Regeneration Of Brain Cells
2007-08-20: New mesh multicore processor for sale
2007-08-20: Pirated Simpsons movie traced to phone
2007-08-20: Preview hyperlinks with Interclue
2007-08-20: Safemessenger - Blowfish encrypted online messages
2007-08-20: Scientists Retrace Evolution With First Atomic Structure Of An Ancient Protein
2007-08-20: Scientists struggle to define life - Artificial life forms are expected within 3-10 years
2007-08-20: Virtual Machine Replication & Failover with VMWare
2007-08-20: Why is the DOS path character
2007-08-21: Does Flying Harm the Planet?
2007-08-21: How To De-RFID Your Credit Card
2007-08-21: Laser Listener - Espionage Technology for $3
2007-08-21: SideJacking with Hamster
2007-08-21: Solar waves make Earth ring like a bell
2007-08-21: Storm Worm of a thousand faces
2007-08-21: Wal-mart begins selling DRM-free MP3s
2007-08-22: 10 tech certifications that actually mean something
2007-08-22: Blueprints drawn up for quantum computer RAM
2007-08-22: California Challenges E-Voting Systems
2007-08-22: China charges four over Panda worm
2007-08-22: China: Bloggers should use real names
2007-08-22: Google Earth beams you into space
2007-08-22: How a blogger tracked down the Russian hacker who changed his site to steal his search engine rank
2007-08-22: Linus Torvalds talks future of Linux
2007-08-22: Lunar Eclipse on August 28th, 1:51 AM from Calfornia
2007-08-22: Monster attack steals user data
2007-08-22: Science Blogger Sued for Unfavorable Book Review
2007-08-22: Serial eBay fraudster jailed for two years
2007-08-22: Spooks Get Their Own MySpace
2007-08-22: Voting machine maker illegally sold uncertified systems in California
2007-08-23: 2007 Desktop Linux Survey results revealed - Ubuntu is the winner
2007-08-23: BitTorrent Admin Monitored by US Government, Forced to Dump Linux
2007-08-23: Get Ready For YouTube Ads
2007-08-23: GM May Make 60,000 `Volt' Electric Cars in First Year -- they go 40 miles before recharging
2007-08-23: Programmer loses job by answering interview question too well
2007-08-23: We're One Step Closer to Wireless Electricity
2007-08-24: Astronomers find gaping hole in the Universe a Billion Light-Years Across
2007-08-24: Comcast Throttles BitTorrent Traffic, Seeding Impossible
2007-08-24: Internet Plumbing Clogged - Bandwidth is Maxed Out
2007-08-24: Penetration tester hacks into a nuclear power station in a week over the Internet
2007-08-24: USBoot : Tool to help get Windows to boot from a USB device
2007-08-25: Antioxidant Reverses Aging in Bees
2007-08-25: Avoid Bioshock like the plague -- the DRM software causes problems, although it's not a rootkit
2007-08-25: California Developers Making Solar Roofing A Standard Item
2007-08-25: Chinese Seek to Buy Seagate, a U.S. Maker of Disk Drives
2007-08-25: Google Linux is coming "Goobuntu"
2007-08-25: IWindows Genuine Advantage suffers worldwide outage, problems galore validating Win XP and Vista
2007-08-25: Student cracks Australian Government's $84m porn filter in 30 minutes
2007-08-26: Bioshock Isn't Installing a Rootkit, You Idiots
2007-08-27: BotHunter Free Internet Distribution Page
2007-08-27: Engineers perfecting hydrogen-generating technology
2007-08-27: Researchers Crack KeeLoq Code for Car Keys
2007-08-27: Set up a Web server cluster in 5 easy steps
2007-08-27: WGA failure highlights major flaw in Microsoft's anti-piracy strategy
2007-08-27: WoW Server Crash Exploit Wreaks Havoc on Blizzard Servers from Aleph | GAMERIOT
2007-08-27: Yahoo! Mail now offers free text messaging to mobile phone numbers
2007-08-28: Completely Transparent Shell on your Ubuntu desktop with Compiz Fusion
2007-08-28: Microsoft managed to buy the vote of Sweden in ISO?
2007-08-29: Intel motherboard identification tool
2007-08-29: Response to Microsoft's Classification of Atsiv as Malware - Driver Signature Evasion Tool
2007-08-29: Vista bug puts a snag in network traffic when music is playing
2007-08-30: EFF report slams RIAA lawsuit campaign, calls for flat-fee, unlimited P2P
2007-08-30: Vista Service Pack 1 details announced: timing, beta, more
2007-08-30: Windows Genuine Advantage failure: 12,000 systems affected, caused by 'human error'
2007-08-31: (Dangerous link--it will force you to crash your browser) Pure Java Full Screen Demo by Giorgio Maone
2007-08-31: 100 passwords to Governments & Embassies
2007-08-31: 3-d projector that can be viewed from any angle (with video)
2007-08-31: A need for speed: 802.11n router roundup
2007-08-31: Belgians implant RFID chip in tooth
2007-08-31: Firefox or IE? Strange answer to security question
2007-08-31: GHDB - Google Hacking Database
2007-08-31: How to fit 1TB of data on one CD-sized disc
2007-08-31: HP releases its first mass-market Linux PC, running RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) Desktop 5 in Australia
2007-08-31: Intel Claims Breakthrough With 40Gbps Optical Chips
2007-08-31: Microwulf: budget supercomputer -- 26.25 gigaflops, small enough to check on an airplane, costs $2500 to make
2007-08-31: Pentagon Shutting Down "TALON" Domestic Spying Database
2007-08-31: Report: 802.11n (Wireless) good enough to chase Ethernet from the enterprise
2007-08-31: Revenge is Sour - Essay by George Orwell - 9 November 1945
2007-08-31: Rootkit-like behavior found on Sony fingerprint reader
2007-08-31: Security researcher stumbles across embassy e-mail log-ins
2007-08-31: Senate blocks mandatory ID implants in employees
2007-08-31: SHow quantum computers work, and some proposed limitations on what they will ever do
2007-08-31: Swedish vote on OOXML annulled after Microsoft stuffed the ballot
2007-08-31: The bacterial invader that rewrites genes
2007-08-31: This is a storm that looks better suited for Jupiter than Earth
2007-08-31: ThreatFire - Zero-day Antivirus and Spyware Protection - Free beta available
2007-08-31: Top 10 Windows Vista Speed Tweaks
2007-08-31: What you can expect in Vista SP1 -- Early 2008, 7 GB
2007-08-31: Windows Vista: The World's Most Expensive Spyware
2007-0829: Intel Desktop Board D101GGC - BIOS Update Using BIOS Flash Utility
2007-09-01: $48.31 Personal Cell Phone Signal Blocker Device
2007-09-01: 40% of all Internet traffic is BitTorrent
2007-09-01: ::simple-iq.com:: -- Simple IQ Test -- The free and simple online intelligence test !
2007-09-01: Attackers turn Bank of India site into malware bazaar
2007-09-01: Average broadband speed by country
2007-09-01: Baen Free Library
2007-09-01: Bertrand Russell's acceptance of the heat death (1903)
2007-09-01: Best windows errors ever
2007-09-01: BulletProofX - An X Failsafe Mode for Ubuntu
2007-09-01: Did the Soviets really build a doomsday machine?
2007-09-01: Germany defends plan to email trojans to terror suspects
2007-09-01: Germany defends plan to email trojans to terror suspects
2007-09-01: Heat death of the universe
2007-09-01: How To Run a Tor Server : Donate bandwidth to the Tor Network
2007-09-01: Install any Linux distro directly from hard disk without burning any DVD
2007-09-01: Kaspersky Wins Important Ruling for the Anti-Malware Industry
2007-09-01: Massive Disruption of PayPal Subscription Service
2007-09-01: Microfluidics: individual nerve cells grown in tiny chambers
2007-09-01: OS Popularity: Linux beats Win 98
2007-09-01: Planets with 4 Suns Discovered?
2007-09-01: Prank starts 25 years of security woes -- the first boot sector virus
2007-09-01: SHA-1 Cracking On A Budget
2007-09-01: Skype outage resulted from flood of restarts after updates
2007-09-01: SStar Search Finds Neighborly Red Dwarf -- third closest neighbor to the Sun
2007-09-01: SystemRescueCd
2007-09-01: Wi-fi Boosts Security Budgets - Yahoo! News
2007-09-01: Wi-Fi Networking News: EarthLink Gives Up on San Francisco
2007-09-01: Wikileaks Breaks $3 Billion Corruption Story
2007-09-01:This Thumb Drive will self-destruct in 10 seconds...
2007-09-02: Hack and crack proof SSH on Linux with iptables
2007-09-02: How to get fastest Ubuntu apt-get repository server with Synaptic
2007-09-02: Life Extension by Calorie Restriction in Humans
2007-09-02: North Korea executes people who illegally import South Korean videos
2007-09-02: NSA@home-- SHA-1 & MD5 bruteforce cracker
2007-09-02: Real-life 'Armageddon': British engineers bid to save Earth from deadly asteroid collision
2007-09-02: Sony abandons ATRAC media format, closing digital music store
2007-09-02: Storm Worm hackers taking over computers via Blogger entries
2007-09-02: The Tale of the Mechanical Virus
2007-09-02: Vista Registry Tweaks
2007-09-02: Want Free VoIP? Your Top 10 Options Compared
2007-09-03: Lockheed Martin Adopts IPv6 - US Gov't agencies must switch to IPv6 by 2008
2007-09-03: Another Sony rootkit worms its way to the surface
2007-09-03: Another Sony rootkit worms its way to the surface
2007-09-03: At Rapleaf, your personals are public
2007-09-03: Autism Spectrum Quotient online exam
2007-09-03: Bendy battery made from paper
2007-09-03: Chinese military hacked into Pentagon
2007-09-03: Climate Activists Break into Australian Power Plant, Chain Themselves to Conveyor Belt
2007-09-03: DenyHosts - A python-based Linux intrusion detection and response tool
2007-09-03: Growing living-tissue heart valves for human heart repairs may be routine therapy within in 3-5 years
2007-09-03: How to Learn More and Study Less
2007-09-03: Indian Firm Touts 'Alternative Internet' - free of spam and viruses
2007-09-03: Muni WiFi Takes A Beating
2007-09-03: Nanomagnetic sponges to clean precious works of art
2007-09-03: New viruses to treat bacterial diseases
2007-09-03: Offensive-Security.com - Training and Certification Program
2007-09-03: Storm worm adds millions of computers to botnet
2007-09-03: The hundred gadget giveaway starts midnight tonight - Engadget
2007-09-03: Traffic lights see into the future
2007-09-03: Voting machines ditch ballots in Scotland
2007-09-03: 'Clearest' images taken of space
2007-09-04: Among Wealthy Nations U.S. Stands Alone in its Embrace of Religion
2007-09-04: ApNano establishes subsidiary to develop nanotechnology-based bullet-proof products
2007-09-04: BEA Takes On Virtualization Licensing -- Price per instance, not per server
2007-09-04: Chicago cop on Segway chases down gunman
2007-09-04: Dangerous Knowledge: Four brilliant mathematicians who committed suicide
2007-09-04: GadgetTrak USB device tracking software
2007-09-04: Halted Firewalls in a 2.2.x Linux Kernel
2007-09-04: How to create a new admin account on a Mac without knowing the current administrator password
2007-09-04: ISO votes to reject Microsoft's OOXML as standard
2007-09-04: Monitor network traffic with ntop
2007-09-04: One Species' Genome Discovered Inside Another's
2007-09-04: Several countries trying to hack into US military system: Pentagon
2007-09-04: Texas startup says it has batteries beat with UltraCapacitors
2007-09-04: Top 10 Black Hat Hackers
2007-09-04: Undersea WiFi can be made faster, says researcher
2007-09-04: Why can't you see a doctor on the same day you call?
2007-09-05: Scientology Faces Criminal Charges in Belgium
2007-09-05: Google launches US wireless crusade
2007-09-05: The 8 most dangerous consumer technologies for workplace security
2007-09-05: Windows vs Linux: Architecture, part I
2007-09-06: A Modern Hydra: The new tricks of spammers and phishers
2007-09-06: Crazy Questions at Google Job Interview
2007-09-06: Japan's 'Space Fireworks' A Success
2007-09-06: Researchers say 'skinny' gene really exists
2007-09-06: Scientists say they've found cure for Alzheimers
2007-09-06: The whole population and every UK visitor should be added to the national DNA database, a senior judge has said.
2007-09-07: Judge strikes down part of Patriot Act -- Excessive Snooping on Internet and Telephone Use
2007-09-07: A Complex Distributed Botnet Attack is Underway Against eBay, Cracking into Accounts
2007-09-07: Apple patches critical iTunes bug - Buffer Overflow exposed Macs and Windows PCs to arbitrary code execution
2007-09-07: China 'tops list' of cyber-hackers seeking UK government secrets
2007-09-07: Enable Sudo insults for some laughs!
2007-09-07: FBI's Secret Spyware Tracks Down Teen Who Made Bomb Threats
2007-09-07: French education ministry completes migration to Red Hat Linux
2007-09-07: I Was a Cybercrook for the FBI
2007-09-07: Important Advance in Quantum Computing: Two Atoms Entangled 1 Meter Apart Via Fiber Optics
2007-09-07: Intel rolls out quad-core Tigerton processors
2007-09-07: Microwave Popcorn Linked to Lung Harm
2007-09-07: Monster.com admits that 1.3 million people had private data stolen by a trojan
2007-09-07: Nuclear power is returning to popularity
2007-09-07: Russian scientists discover radiation- absorbing mineral
2007-09-07: Sony used another rootkit, this time for USB drives
2007-09-07: Space Laser to Transmit Solar Power to Earth
2007-09-07: The Pirate Bay WonGt Bow Down to GǣWeakGǥ US Government -- MPAA's pressure tactics on Sweden backfired
2007-09-07: Thin sheets of polymer coated with living muscle could: test new drugs, repair damaged body parts, or create life-like bio-machines
2007-09-07: Wi-Fi Stealing London Man Arrested over Broadband Theft
2007-09-07: Zombie Pfizer Computers Spew Viagra Spam, Security Company Reports

Sept 2007

2007-09-07: Adblock Plus: the nuclear plug-in
2007-09-07: Cache poisoning flaw is death knell for BIND 8
2007-09-07: First Microsoft hypervisor build due with next Windows Server 2008 test build
2007-09-07: Microsoft readies System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2007
2007-09-07: Missing DNA fails to kill mice
2007-09-07: New Windows Server 2008, Vista SP1 test builds to hit next week?
2007-09-07: Storm Worm botnet could be world's most powerful supercomputer -- 1 to 10 million members so far, nine months old
2007-09-07: Trend Micro, Zone Labs, ClamAV join list of insecure security products
2007-09-08: China's cyber army is preparing to march on America, says Pentagon
2007-09-08: Heavy Internet users unplugged by Comcast
2007-09-08: Single-photon transistor plans unveiled
2007-09-08: VirtualBox 1.5: Seamles virtuali machines on Linux
2007-09-08: Windspire: 1 kW Wind Turbine for Your Backyard
2007-09-09: 10 dirty little secrets you should know about working in IT
2007-09-09: An interview with Mr Kaspersky, the Russian anti-virus expert
2007-09-09: Brightest Supernova Ever
2007-09-09: Coronary Artery Bypass - A Beating Heart Procedure, performed without stopping the heart
2007-09-09: Denial of Service via Algorithmic Complexity Attacks
2007-09-09: Detect Hard Drive Failure Before It Happens
2007-09-09: Fix a Frozen Linux System with the Magic SysRq Keys: Alt+SysRq+REISUB
2007-09-09: Hide Your Files In A JPEG
2007-09-09: Hong Kong animated photo, drag the mouse to change the time of day
2007-09-09: Injector Linux -- boots from a floppy, accesses 25 filesystems
2007-09-09: Mind control guru can pay with blank sheets of paper.
2007-09-09: Nightfall from space
2007-09-09: Optical fibre submarine systems world map
2007-09-09: Privacy Enhanced Computer Display
2007-09-09: Rotating tesseract -- a four-dimensional cube
2007-09-09: Spiceworks - The Free IT Desktop -- Network inventory tool
2007-09-09: Statistical analysis of a two-envelope game
2007-09-09: Student Years, 1920 - 1927: The Sad Story of Heisenberg's Doctorate
2007-09-09: The Ultimate Linux Reference Guide for Newbies
2007-09-09: The Z-Machine firing, a particle accelerator being used to develop a fusion reactor
2007-09-09: Turn your Windows XP PC into Vista
2007-09-09: Viennese physicist Anton Zeilinger talks about teleportation, the information stored in a human being and freedom in physics
2007-09-10: 10,000 .eu names suspended amid cybersquatter allegation
2007-09-10: China suspected in New Zealand hacking
2007-09-10: Composite Blocking List (CBL) of 4 million infected computers
2007-09-10: Download Mozilla Firefox 3.0 Alpha 7
2007-09-10: Fiber at Core of Community Network Success, Not Wi-Fi
2007-09-10: Germany, UK also investigating government PC espionage by China
2007-09-10: Indian government forcing cybercafes to install keyloggers
2007-09-10: Inside the Mind of the Man Who Tried to Milk LinuxL Dan McBride, CEO of SCO
2007-09-10: ISPs turn blind eye to million-machine malware monster -- Cablevision and Comcast coddling criminals?
2007-09-10: Limewier fraudster arrested for stealing private data from P2P users' hard disks
2007-09-10: Linux Kernel Summit 2007 group photo, annotated
2007-09-10: Microsoft patents non-removable digital watermark
2007-09-10: Pinwheel galaxy boasts edgy star formation
2007-09-10: Rainbow Hash Cracking with Ophcrack - Good explanation of how it works
2007-09-10: RFID chip implants linked to cancer in animals
2007-09-10: Solar spyplane stays up for two nights
2007-09-10: Tor at heart of embassy passwords leak
2007-09-10: VMware unveils 32MB version of ESX Server
2007-09-10: Why We Haven't Stopped Spam
2007-09-10: WORM_SKIPI skips and spreads via Skype - with screen shots of its evil effects
2007-09-10: Wyse strips down thin client computers
2007-09-10: Yahoo feeds Trojan-laced ads to MySpace and PhotoBucket users
2007-09-11: Adanali: Example defaced website
2007-09-11: Adanali: How it was done -- a vulnerability in the Vivvo Content Management System
2007-09-11: Adanali: thousands of defaced sites
2007-09-11: Adobe: Photoshop Goes Online and Free
2007-09-11: An amplified photon thruster could shorten the trip to Mars from six months to a week
2007-09-11: Big Brother IS Watching You, Starting October 1st
2007-09-11: Enough With The Rainbow Tables: What You Need To Know About Secure Password Schemes
2007-09-11: Is Linux Really Ready for Simple Users? (Part 1 of 8)
2007-09-11: Salt water as fuel? Erie man hopes so
2007-09-11: TechShop: Geek Heaven - An affordable high-tech machine shop in Menlo Park, $30 a day to use it
2007-09-13: Bottle makes dirty water drinkable -- new superior filter
2007-09-13: 8 Ways a Competitor Can Sabotage Your Site
2007-09-13: Antimatter hydrogen molecules formed: dipositronium
2007-09-13: Everything You Need To Know To Get Started With Content Management Systems
2007-09-13: Help your fellow Ubuntu users with their WiFi! (takes 5 minutes, requires working WiFi)
2007-09-13: MI5 and MI6 to be sued for first time over torture in Guantnamo Bay
2007-09-13: VMware Academic Program! Free VMware Products for Schools!
2007-09-14: $9 Billion in cash vanished in Iraq
2007-09-14: A funny Server 2008 Error Message
2007-09-14: Choosing Dual or Quad Core
2007-09-14: Curing cancer in rats with blood from cancer-immune rats
2007-09-14: Download details: Windows Server� 2008 Beta 3 Enterprise
2007-09-14: Google backs private Moon landing with $30 million prize
2007-09-14: How to install 145 operating systems on one PC
2007-09-14: Microsoft downplays stealth Windows Update file updates - Security - News - ZDNet Asia
2007-09-14: New satellite to sharpen Google Earth
2007-09-14: Nuclear explosion within the first millisecond after detonation
2007-09-14: Root-locked Linux for the masses
2007-09-14: SCO declares bankruptcy after failed patent suits
2007-09-14: Storm Worm botnet being used to launch denial of service attacks against antispam sites
2007-09-14: Sun to sell Windows Server boxes
2007-09-14: The 1900 bug in OOXML
2007-09-14: Windows 2000 Error Message: Your Password Must Be at Least 18770 Characters and Cannot Repeat Any of Your Previous 30689 Passwords
2007-09-14: Windows Update's Sneaky Updates
2007-09-15: 18 MB hard drive just $5000
2007-09-15: Dark Matter explained
2007-09-15: Microsoft offers Office 2007 to college students for $60
2007-09-15: Pretty Neutrino Observatory
2007-09-15: TechNet Events - Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, Forefront, and System Center
2007-09-15: Windows Vista Downgrade Rights
2007-09-16: Certified Ethical Hacker Exam Availability
2007-09-16: Floating Free in Space
2007-09-16: Identity theft in Norway and the clumsl official response
2007-09-16: Mice injected with glass-encapsulated RFID transponders develop cancer
2007-09-16: The Biggest Ever BitTorrent Leak: MediaDefender Internal Emails Go Public
2007-09-16: Web ad blocking may not be (entirely) legal
2007-09-16: Windows Vista network optimization makes errors with wireless connections: hotfix available
2007-09-17: 0DAY: QuickTime pwns Firefox
2007-09-17: A cruel opinion about Symantec's latest press release and the BBC's article based on it
2007-09-17: California clamps down on in-car mobile use
2007-09-17: Comcast Customers Limited To 90GB/Month
2007-09-17: Computer Science Grad Convicted Of Hacking Into Texas A&M 's Domain Controller and VPN Server -- 133,000 passwords stolen
2007-09-17: Custom enzyme destroys HIV within infected cells permanently
2007-09-17: DARPA seeks flexible ion-drive tech for spy sats
2007-09-17: Global warming opens the Northwest Passage
2007-09-17: Hacking becoming more business-like -- MPack bot-kit sells for $1000
2007-09-17: IBM Research | Ponder This | September 2007 challenges
2007-09-17: Lock down remote access to the Windows registry
2007-09-17: Microsoft loses EU antitrust case
2007-09-17: Microsoft sued over WGA spyware allegations in China
2007-09-17: Mirror Your Mac on a Bootable External Drive
2007-09-17: Online Crime Pays
2007-09-17: Programming the PIC16F84 Microcontroller
2007-09-17: RARP Tool in Windows -- two commands that find IP from a MAC address
2007-09-17: Remote registry administration in Windows XP Professional
2007-09-17: Russia tests 'father of all bombs' a vacuum bomb made with nanotechnology
2007-09-17: San Francisco Hacker Caught Again
2007-09-17: The NSA Hacker (16 minute video)
2007-09-17: The Open Source Challenge. How to replace Windows completely with Ubuntu.
2007-09-17: Tor anonymity server admin arrested
2007-09-17: UPnP approved as ISO standard
2007-09-17: Vista attacked by 13-year-old boot sector virus
2007-09-17: WhatsMyIP.org : Port Scanners/Sniffers
2007-09-17: Will Life Be Worth Living In 2,000AD?
2007-09-17: "Lucky" adaptive optics takes better pictures from Earth than the Hubble can
2007-09-18: 0x000000 The Hacker Webzine
2007-09-18: A simple demonstration of a Web page that sets a cookie
2007-09-18: Facebook Source Code Leaked
2007-09-18: Google Presentation - Google's PowerPoint app goes live
2007-09-18: Inflatable, Affordable Electric Car Announced
2007-09-18: Russian OS (based on Linux) is to be installed on every school computer in Russia by 2009
2007-09-18: The Fascist Plot to Overthrow the US Government in 1933
2007-09-18: This Time, the Bad Guy is Apple
2007-09-18: Unauthorized Requests: the dangers of sending referrer URLs to websites
2007-09-20: AMD's triple threat: the tri-core Phenom
2007-09-20: Bush Calls for Expansion of Spy Law
2007-09-20: Bush Calls for Expansion of Spy Law
2007-09-20: CSI: The CSI Computer Crime and Security Survey 2007 - Free event on Oct 4, 2007 in San Francisco
2007-09-20: Digg Goes Deeper with Social Networking
2007-09-20: Email: Yahoo Mail Innovates, Gmail Stagnates
2007-09-20: Global Incident Map Displaying Terrorist Acts, Suspicious Activity, and General Terrorism News
2007-09-20: How to fix a cracked iPhone screen for $5.
2007-09-20: Republicans Block Voting Machine Testing in Ohio
2007-09-20: Seattle man arrested for using Limewire for identity theft
2007-09-20: Solar-Powered Laser could convert magnesiumin seawater into energy
2007-09-20: The two million Mac quarter
2007-09-20: The Veil Nebula and How it Formed
2007-09-20: USB 3.0 coming, will increase transfer speeds tenfold tp 4.8 Gbps with fiber optics
2007-09-20: Xen With Graphical User Interface On A Fedora 7 Desktop -- A Replacement for VMware
2007-09-21: Analyst believes 802.11n is good enough to replace wired Ethernet
2007-09-21: Department of Homeland Security Investigating Weird Russian Mind-Control Research for Detecting Terrorists by their Thoughts
2007-09-21: Firefox ships fix for QuickTime attack vector
2007-09-21: Hitachi Deskstar 7k1000 1TB Hard Drive Review - It's Fast!
2007-09-21: How to tag a router
2007-09-21: � Microsoft kills its 'Get the Facts' anti-Linux site
2007-09-21: Lesson From Tor Hack: Anonymity and Privacy Aren't the Same
2007-09-21: LogMeIn Hamachi - Instant VPN Software for your PC
2007-09-21: MIT Student Charged With Wearing Fake Bomb At Logan
2007-09-21: OpenOffice 2.3 closes security hole
2007-09-21: Six Great Long-Distance Bike Trails Without Cars
2007-09-21: The Pirate Bay files charges against media companies
2007-09-21: The Venturi Astrolabe: A Street-Legal Formula One Solar Car
2007-09-21: U.S. Airport Screeners Are Watching What You Read
2007-09-21: USB 3.0 brings optical connection in 2008 -- Photo of new connectors
2007-09-21: Vista Ultimate users will have to wait for 'extras'
2007-09-21: VMware patch batch fixes 20 security flaws
2007-09-21: What is a quantum computer?
2007-09-21: Windows Home Server patch is out -- WHS expected next month
2007-09-21: Windows SteadyState - A free alternative to DeepFreeze!
2007-09-21: Zero-day flaws surface in AOL, Yahoo IM products
2007-09-22: Hacker's project sends media-filled hard drives to troops
2007-09-22: Hiroshima scientists create transparent frogs
2007-09-22: lsof - a useful Linux command
2007-09-22: Malware spectre haunts Adobe Reader
2007-09-22: Microscopic Pollution May Trigger Heart Attacks And Strokes By Spurring Blood Clots
2007-09-22: New Firefox 3.0 alpha blocks malware, secures plug-in updates
2007-09-22: Stanislav Petrov Averts a Worldwide Nuclear War
2007-09-22: Sysadmin admits planting 'logic bomb' in drug firm database
2007-09-22: Ubuntu: One More Release, Yet More Polish - A review of Gutsy Gibbon (7.10)
2007-09-22: UK police using hovering camera for surveillance
2007-09-23: A history of Microsoft Office file formats
2007-09-23: Clonezilla: It's Better Than Ghost
2007-09-23: Finger sized animals (outrageously cute)
2007-09-23: InsidePro.com - Fastest recovery of hashes passwords
2007-09-23: Iowa college teacher fired for doubting the Bible
2007-09-23: New approach to secure digital information using laser light
2007-09-23: New version of Gmail being tested
2007-09-23: Preview: Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon, GNOME 2.20
2007-09-23: Researchers flash personal aircraft, future jetpack
2007-09-23: Solar Island To Produce Hydrogen From Sea Water
2007-09-23: The Microsoft Keylogger Keyboard For Spies
2007-09-23: The Radioactive Boy Scout
2007-09-23: UbuntuMagazine/HowTo/Switching From VMWare To VirtualBox: .vmdk To .vdi Using Qemu
2007-09-23: War Is A Racket, by Major General Smedley Butler, 1935
2007-09-24: 5 Ways to Recycle a Compact Fluorescent Light bulb
2007-09-24: A closer look at ZoneAlarm ForceField
2007-09-24: America's mad affair with credit cards
2007-09-24: California Closes In on Universal Health-Care Plan
2007-09-24: DRM advocates getting nervous about consumer backlash
2007-09-24: Experiencing Windows Vista Service Pack 1 Beta
2007-09-24: linux_file_structure.jpg
2007-09-24: Men are smarter (and more stupid) than women, say scientists
2007-09-24: Microsoft hacker summit tackles security veil of virtualization
2007-09-24: Microsoft offers first RC of Windows Server 2008
2007-09-24: Microsoft releases Vista SP1 beta to limited group
2007-09-24: New Low Cost Solar Panels Ready for Mass Production
2007-09-24: NY probes Facebook over pedophile controls
2007-09-24: Operating Systems - New Windows Client and Server Betas
2007-09-24: Parallel universes exist, according to mathenatical discovery by Oxford scientists
2007-09-24: Rational Atheism: Scientific American
2007-09-24: Starbucks will give away 50 million free songs frim iTunes
2007-09-24: Symantec warns users over Bluetooth security
2007-09-24: The U.S. Has a History of Using Torture
2007-09-24: This guy has a good desktop
2007-09-24: Unisys probed for Homeland Security breach
2007-09-24: US cities' Wi-Fi dreams fading fast
2007-09-24: Victorious RIAA defendant gets attorneys' fees, turns to class-action plans
2007-09-25: 212 Exoplanets found so far around nearby stars
2007-09-25: Amazon's MP3 store brings more DRM-free music at lower prices than iTunes Store
2007-09-25: Download details: Windows Web Server 2008 RC0
2007-09-25: Run away the ray-gun is coming : We test US army's new secret weapon
2007-09-25: Serious Bug in Excel 2007
2007-09-25: The 7 Most Influential GNU/Linux Distributions
2007-09-25: Video Professor upset by criticism, sues 100 anonymous critics
2007-09-26: Google GMail E-mail Hijack Technique
2007-09-26: Hackers expose holes in GMail, Blogspot, Search Appliance
2007-09-26: Installing Debian Etch From A Windows System With Debian-Installer Loader
2007-09-26: NY Attorney General: Facebook not safe enough for minors
2007-09-26: OpenOffice bug hits multiple operating systems
2007-09-26: Trojan attack targets top executives with executable RTF file
2007-09-27: 2 giant steps in advancement of quantum computing
2007-09-27: Chris Henley's Blog -- highlights from the Technet event
2007-09-27: Deceptive file names under Vista with Unicode
2007-09-27: Discovery supports theory of Alzheimer's disease as form of diabetes
2007-09-27: Governance Controversy at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) is so bad, the President suspended the Faculty Senate
2007-09-27: Intel Chipset Identification Utility - Utility to Identify your Intel Chipset
2007-09-27: Men Are Now Happier Than Women
2007-09-27: Microsoft Forefront Security Overview
2007-09-27: MIT Exoskeleton Shoulders The Weight For You
2007-09-27: More Evil Things to Type into Google -- Google Hacking
2007-09-27: NASA Launches Asteroid Mission to Vesta and Ceres
2007-09-27: New Zealand Commits to 90% Renewable Electricity by 2025
2007-09-27: Part of Patriot Act ruled unconstitutional
2007-09-27: Password stealing by Cross-site scripting for dummies
2007-09-27: Review of Ubuntu 7.10 (gutsy) new features and changes
2007-09-27: SOLUTION - /bin/sh can't access tty; job control mode off error during Ubuntu installation
2007-09-27: Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) Beta Available Today!
2007-09-28: American Express Forces Users to Use Simple, Short Passwords
2007-09-28: CDBurnerXP: Free CD and DVD Burner, using ISOs
2007-09-28: coWPAtty Main Page - Cracking WPA
2007-09-28: EFF sues the DOJ for withholding records of telecom surveillance immunity lobbying
2007-09-28: FCC commissioners: US in dire need of Broadband strategy
2007-09-28: Interview With A Convicted Hacker: Robert Moore Tells How He Broke Into Routers And Stole VoIP Services
2007-09-28: Microsoft delivers one Vista Ultimate add-on, delays 19 others
2007-09-28: Microsoft gives Windows XP five-month reprieve
2007-09-28: Microsoft's official response to the Excel 2007 bug: Calculation Issue Update (check comments, their explanation seems clearly false)
2007-09-28: Mystery eBay 'hack' exposes 1,200 accounts, possibly more
2007-09-28: Novell's Linux business climbs since its deal with Microsoft
2007-09-28: Police Blotter: Justice Dept.'s warrantless eavesdropping rejected
2007-09-28: Putting Iron in the Ocean Could Reverse Global Warming: Give me half a tanker of iron and I'll give you the next ice age.
2007-09-28: Stealth Windows update prevents XP repair
2007-09-28: The word farms of the web
2007-09-28: Vista Downgrade Rights
2007-09-28: WiMAX backers positioning 802.16e as an alternative to municipal WiFi
2007-09-29: The End Of America--The Police State Is Right Here, Right Now
2007-09-30: An Ultrathin, Anime-Inspired, Protein-Based Computer Memory Chip
2007-09-30: Bacteria Could Steady Buildings Against Earthquakes
2007-09-30: BitLet Evolves: Create and Upload Torrents Online
2007-09-30: Fine Art: a Two Dimensional Electron Gas
2007-09-30: Freeware Password Finding Tools and Utilities for Windows
2007-09-30: How To : Compiz Fusion for ATI cards Xgl in Feisty [Archive] - Ubuntu Forums
2007-09-30: How to Become a Human Calendar
2007-09-30: How To Clear Your Memory Without Restarting
2007-09-30: HOW TO: Debug Memory Dumps (Figure out what is causing a BSOD)
2007-09-30: Linux market share set to surpass Win 98, OS X still ahead of Vista
2007-09-30: Microsoft black-holes innocent websites along with the guilty to fight spam
2007-09-30: Milky Way Galaxy Panorama
2007-09-30: robots.txt files and standards
2007-09-30: Student Finds Mega-Explosion in Space, Overlooked By Scientists
2007-09-30: Sweden Plans on Being the First Country in the World to be Free from Oil in 2020
2007-09-30: The Outsiders: High Intelligence Leads to Social Maladjustment
2007-09-30: USBGEEK.COM - many silly gadgets
2007-09-30: Using Nanotubes To Detect and Repair Cracks in Aircraft Wings

Oct 2007

2007-10-01: An Eye in the Sky on Burma
2007-10-01: Burma cut off from Internet for third day
2007-10-01: Computer F6 - Solves computer problems with Windows XP with artificially intelligent tech support
2007-10-01: High-Priced Student Loans Spell Trouble
2007-10-01: How to correct the 'Unidentified Publisher' message in Vista
2007-10-01: How To Set Up VMware Tools On Various Linux Distributions
2007-10-01: NYC Mayor: Surveillance a City Necessity
2007-10-01: Remove U3 Software From Your USB Flash Drive
2007-10-01: Should Schools Fingerprint Your Kids?
2007-10-01: The Sun Rips Off a Comet's Tail
2007-10-01: 'The $200 Billion Broadband Scandal.' -- AKA Where's the 45MB/s I Already Paid for!
2007-10-02: An interesting vision of the Internet's future (5 minute video)
2007-10-02: Armani Phone with Built-in Rape Alarm
2007-10-02: Asteroid heads for Earth, Russian astronomer claims
2007-10-02: Boeing Employee Fired for Discussing Computer Security Problems at Company on Threat Level
2007-10-02: Botmaster arrested and charged for a DDoS attack on CastleCops
2007-10-02: Chinese internet security response team under attack
2007-10-02: Compiz 0.6.0 Released With New Plug-Ins - Prettier Linux Graphics
2007-10-02: eBay: Botnets are Linux-happy: Most phishing sites reside on botnetted Linux boxes
2007-10-02: Eircom wireless security flaw revealed - Company official claims WEP is 'Good Enough'
2007-10-02: FTC fines three men $330,000 for pushing spyware -- 10% of the money the made
2007-10-02: Hackers Post Techniques for Reversing iPhone Update
2007-10-02: Is a 'naked singularity' lurking in our galaxy? - space
2007-10-02: Microsoft-loving (former) security czar calls for closed internet
2007-10-02: Office Live Workspace revealed: a free 250MB
2007-10-02: Pelosi Throws in The Towel
2007-10-02: PFIR proposes automated network neutrality enforcement system
2007-10-02: Portugal builds world's first commercial wave farm!
2007-10-02: The Boot Process - C code to make bootable floppies and CDs
2007-10-02: Toshiba to Ship OLED TVs in 2009
2007-10-02: UK can now demand data decryption on penalty of jail time
2007-10-02: Unix/Linux Command Reference (pdf)
2007-10-02: Virtualization with coLinux
2007-10-03: Are women being scared away from math, science, and engineering fields?
2007-10-04: Al 177 Berkeley Video Courses
2007-10-04: Computerized cat door won't let the cat carry a mouse inside - Open the Pod Bay Doors, Hal
2007-10-04: Gatherin 'Storm' Superworm Poses Grave Threat to PC Nets
2007-10-04: Internet Business is killing the 80/20 rule
2007-10-04: Losing the War on Terror -- why rolling back our rights won't defeat terrorists
2007-10-04: Microsoft Silverlight rivals Flash, AJAX | InfoWorld
2007-10-04: Microsoft's Online Push An Act Of Necessity, Not Desperation
2007-10-04: Midwest Utilities To Store Surplus Wind Energy Underground
2007-10-04: Q&A With Grooveshark, Where 'Everybody Gets Paid' For Sharing Music
2007-10-04: The Innocence Project - freeing wrongly convicted people with DNA evidence
2007-10-04: The Next Leap for Linux
2007-10-04: UC Berkeley Begins Posting Full Course Lectures on YouTube
2007-10-04: Videos: Sting Op Of 10 Different Computer Repair Companies Finds 70% Don't Know What They're Doing
2007-10-05: Alaska Airlines Testing In-Flight Internet Access
2007-10-05: CALEA Roundup: 2005-2007
2007-10-05: Can IE's architect explain why it's so bloated?
2007-10-05: Feds Accidentally Turn Off California Gov't Websites -- the entire ca.gov domain
2007-10-05: High Energy Gamma Rays Go Slower Than the Speed of Light?
2007-10-05: Installing Ubuntu Or Fedora From A Windows Or Linux System With UNetbootin
2007-10-05: New plastic is strong as steel, transparent
2007-10-05: Police now patrolling social Web sites like MySpace and Facebook
2007-10-05: Secret U.S. Endorsement of Severe Interrogations - New York Times
2007-10-05: Seeking market share, Microsoft removes WGA anti-piracy check from IE7
2007-10-05: The Inevitable March of Recorded Music Towards Free
2007-10-06: 100K North Koreans gather in a stadium to be human pixels
2007-10-06: Appendix may be useful after all
2007-10-06: Crazy Mountain Bike Downhill Run
2007-10-06: Nice photos of a lunar eclipse
2007-10-06: TBeautiful photos of Iran as it is now, before we bomb it
2007-10-06: The best Linux system repair distribution gets better - Gentoo-based SystemRescueCD Linux distribution
2007-10-06: The Con That Turned the World Against America
2007-10-06: Wi-Fi Detector Shirt
2007-10-06: Yahoo's new DomainKeys system will block eBay and PayPal phishing
2007-10-07: FCC asked to mandate 'e-mail address portability'
2007-10-07: Hillary Clinton is demanding that George W. Bush take a more belligerent posture toward Iran
2007-10-07: How to make funny error messages in Windows
2007-10-07: I am creating artificial life, declares US gene pioneer
2007-10-07: Microsoft challenged to either put up or shut up
2007-10-07: micrux.net : Ubuntu 30-Mount Check Annoyance
2007-10-07: Solar LED Street Lights: Same Brightness, Less Light Pollution
2007-10-07: Stephanie's ZipIt Web Server
2007-10-07: Texas Decision Could Double Wind Power Capacity in the U.S.
2007-10-07: The Iraq Effect: War has increased terrorism sevenfold
2007-10-08: Are thin clients the solution to all your security woes?
2007-10-08: Boot Linux Faster With An Open BIOS
2007-10-08: Courts will decide whether you have the rights to your personal image
2007-10-08: CTIA Wireless Expo - Oct 23-25 - Moscone Center - Email Sam for a free pass
2007-10-08: FCC declines to investigate NSA-telco link
2007-10-08: � 100,000 year nanowire storage
2007-10-08: Ten Terrific Troubleshooting Tricks and Tools
2007-10-09: Amazing XP Tools to Arm your PC from Hackers
2007-10-09: Amoebic Morality: How Amoebas Cooperate and Sacrifice for the Greater Good
2007-10-09: Hard drive technology wins the 2007 Nobel Prize for physics
2007-10-09: Microsoft aims patent guns at Red Hat
2007-10-09: Surf the web wirelessly at the distance of 1000 feet with Wi-Fire Gadget Reviews
2007-10-09: Vista draining laptop batteries, patience
2007-10-10: LockBox Computing: 25 Free Tools To Encrypt Literally Everything
2007-10-11: Experts: Security Flaws Vary on Social Networking Sites
2007-10-11: Exploits of a Mom
2007-10-11: Greenpeace hijack power plant
2007-10-11: Internet2 hits 100Gbps, could scale 10x beyond that
2007-10-11: Metasploit Adds iPhone Hacking Tools
2007-10-11: P2P researchers: use a blocklist or you will be tracked... 100% of the time
2007-10-11: The Ballooning Student Debt in America
2007-10-11: Ubuntu 7.10 Supports Install-Time Encryption
2007-10-11: UbuntuOpenWeek - Free online training and events
2007-10-11:Online Virtual Machine Creator
2007-10-12: Adobe says Acrobat, Reader vulnerable to hacks
2007-10-12: Al Gore Wins Nobel Peace Prize
2007-10-12: Arctic Ice Photo in 1979, and Now
2007-10-12: Casimir forces may jam nanomachines
2007-10-12: Flying Mirrors Could Use Sunlight to Deflect Killer Asteroids
2007-10-12: Gamma Ray Delay May Be Sign of 'New Physics'
2007-10-12: Patent Infringement Lawsuit Filed Against Red Hat
2007-10-12: PEBrowse Professional Windows Disassembler
2007-10-12: Pentagon backs plan to beam solar power from space
2007-10-12: Real punishment: Russian Viagra spammer murdered
2007-10-12: Solar System Animation
2007-10-12: Statue of 99 life-sized wolves barreling into a glass wall
2007-10-12: The most powerful microscope in the world - resolves 0.05 nm with electrons
2007-10-13: Animals solving problems
2007-10-13: Exploring the Consequences of Sleep Loss
2007-10-13: How to extract DNA at home
2007-10-13: Linux patent suit: In search of the Microsoft smoking gun
2007-10-13: Microwind Generator: 30X More Efficient and Cheaper!
2007-10-13: New Microsoft Patches-Several serious Vista vulnerabilities patched
2007-10-13: Quantum cryptography to secure ballots in Swiss election
2007-10-13: S-terminal: A Secure X Terminal
2007-10-13: Spammers are using intelligent character recognition (ICR) software to circumvent the Google Captcha
2007-10-13: Symantec intercepts Microsoft Word exploit -- Drops rootkit and trojan
2007-10-13: West Coast hackmeeting Saturday, Oct. 13th - Sunday, Oct. 14th, 2007 in San Francisco
2007-10-13: Wireless computer network risks to be investigated
2007-10-13: YouTube - A Mandelbrot the size of the known universe
2007-10-13: 'Electromagnetic Wormhole' Possible with Invisibility Technology
2007-10-14: Bush 'planted fake news stories on American TV'
2007-10-14: Enceladus Ice Geysers
2007-10-14: Quest's former CEO says the NSA started warrantless surveillance of telephones before 9-11
2007-10-14: Solar ferryboat
2007-10-15: AOL cutting work force 20% -- revenue down 38% in a quarter
2007-10-15: Boot from USB Flash drive
2007-10-15: China jails 'Environmental Warrior' to silence him
2007-10-15: Is there life on a moon of Saturn?
2007-10-15: The 'Good Germans' Among Us - We Are Allowing Bush to Use Torture
2007-10-15: Upgrading to Ubuntu 7.10
2007-10-15: Windows Home Server in depth: the Ars Technica review
2007-10-15: 'Second Erth' found, 20 light years away
2007-10-16: Acupuncture Reduces Pain, Need For Opioids After Surgery
2007-10-16: Appeal in RIAA case to focus on 'unconstitutionally excessive punishment'
2007-10-16: Can Your Machine Be Hacked? Test Yourself with These 12 Resources
2007-10-16: Creationism to be banished from Swedish schools
2007-10-16: Humans May Stay Young For 400 Years
2007-10-16: Kill king corn : A successful biofuels industry will not be based on digestible starch from staple crops such as corn
2007-10-16: Stanford team finds blood test to help identify Alzheimer's disease
2007-10-16: Techno Tokyo: Robot Worn On Your Body Can Increase Your Strength
2007-10-16: Technology To Do Away With Batteries
2007-10-16: Telecoms barred from disclosing spying
2007-10-16: The RIAA Attacks Usenet
2007-10-16: Verizon provided data to Feds 720 times without court order or determining its legality
2007-10-16: World's First Biodiesel Jet
2007-10-16: YouTube introduces video fingerprinting
2007-10-17: Astrophysicist Replaces Supercomputer with a Cluster of Eight PlayStation 3s
2007-10-17: Bridge of Water Spans 25mm under high voltage
2007-10-17: House passes federal journalist shield, includes bloggers
2007-10-17: ImgBurn--Free CD/DVD/HD-DVD/Blu-ray burner, makes ISOs
2007-10-17: Kite Energy Generation Plants To Cost Considerably Less Than Turbines
2007-10-17: Nobel Laureate James Watson claims that black people are less intelligent than white people
2007-10-17: Nov 27, 2007 in SF - TechNet Events: Deploying Windows Vista Images and Unified Communications
2007-10-17: The Absolute Poker Cheating Scandal Blown Wide Open
2007-10-17: Vista 'Out of Memory' errors when copying more than 16,400 files
2007-10-18: Biometric Flash Memory that Uses Iris Prints
2007-10-18: Getting Light to Bend Backwards - New material should revolutionize optics, enabling flat lenses
2007-10-18: Heavyweight black hole is a record breaker
2007-10-18: How intelligent are whales? A brief discussion of brain sizes
2007-10-18: How my Blog Got Hacked
2007-10-18: Man Lives Normal Life with Tiny (Egg-sized) Brain
2007-10-18: Microsoft Second Shot Exam Offer 2007
2007-10-18: The fish that can survive for months in a tree, and reproduce alone
2007-10-18: Ubuntu 7.10 released
2007-10-18: Weaving Batteries into Clothes with nanostructured fibers
2007-10-21: Dell Latitude CSx Fn Key Codes for External Video
2007-10-21: How to use Ubuntu with Broadcom 43xx based wireless cards the EASY way
2007-10-22: 19 year old to be arraigned for breaching US 911 emergency call system
2007-10-22: All New Homes Built in California After 2020 Would Make as Much Energy as they Use
2007-10-22: America is not made safer by making the Constitution weaker
2007-10-22: Ann Arbor street lights to be replaced with LEDs
2007-10-22: Cafe Latte attack steals data from Wi-Fi PCs
2007-10-22: California Aims for Zero Energy Homes
2007-10-22: California wildfires from space satellite
2007-10-22: Comcast blocks some Internet traffic
2007-10-22: Congress apologizes for rendition and torture of innocent man
2007-10-22: Controversial DNA pioneer's talk halted
2007-10-22: Could cosmic inflation be a sign that our universe is embedded in a far vaster realm
2007-10-22: Disgrace: How a giant of science was brought low
2007-10-22: Facebook to Roll Out More Member Protection
2007-10-22: FreeRice vocabulary building game
2007-10-22: Freezing Our Biological Clocks--new fertility treatment 85% effective
2007-10-22: Oceans are absorbing less CO2
2007-10-22: Robot cannon turns on its masters, killing 9
2007-10-22: Solar power edges towards boom time
2007-10-22: Storm Worm Now Just a Squall
2007-10-22: Strange but True: Black Holes Sing
2007-10-22: The secret life of a cyber hero -- hacker steals emails from pedophiles
2007-10-22: USB Sound Card
2007-10-22: VoIP is Booming - How VoIP Works
2007-10-22: Web Browser Attack Skirts Corporate Firewall
2007-10-22: Why Hackers Love Dan Kaminsky and How the Browser is the Bug
2007-10-22: 'Bionic' nerve to bring damaged limbs and organs back to life
2007-10-22: 'Brain' in a dish flies flight simulator
2007-10-23: Homemade Helicopter: Nigerian Man Builds Working Helicopters from Junk
2007-10-23: Man Steals Printer, Calls Tech Support, Lands in Jail
2007-10-23: New HIV treatment restores immune system to full function
2007-10-23: OiNK Investigation Seeks Identities and Activities of Users
2007-10-23: WARNING: device driver updates causing Vista to deactivate
2007-10-23: What's at Stake in the Surveillance Debate in Congress -- A good summary of the situation to date
2007-10-24: American Gangster Leaked Online
2007-10-24: Comcast shooting itself in the foot with traffic shaping 'explanations'
2007-10-24: Extension forecast for Internet tax ban
2007-10-24: Google Map of San Diego Fires
2007-10-24: Keep the Internet Tax-Free
2007-10-24: Mozilla rushes to fix regression bugs in Firefox
2007-10-24: New tool cracks Vista passwords in 3 to 5 days
2007-10-24: Oink users should be very, very scared
2007-10-24: Scientists Create Quantum Cascade Laser Nanoantenna -- ultrahigh resolution microsocope
2007-10-24: Secret Service Contacts Forum Over Poster's Bush Death Threat
2007-10-24: Verizon discovers symmetry, offers 20/20 symmetrical FiOS service
2007-10-24: Verizon to pay $1 million over deceptive 'unlimited' EVDO plans
2007-10-24: Windows 7 MinWin - New Microsoft OS to have less system bloat?
2007-10-24:Saturday, Oct 27: Record-Breaking 'Thriller' Dance in Dolores Park, San Francisco
2007-10-25: PDF file explaining the new Vista Password Cracker that uses NVIDIA graphics cards to speed up a brute-force attack
2007-10-25: Terror watch list swells to more than 755,000
2007-10-26: Attack Iran and you attack Russia
2007-10-26: China launches mission to the Moon
2007-10-26: Classic WTF: Lock In Key Security - Overly Informative Error Message
2007-10-26: Facebook Is Now 5th Most Valuable U.S. Internet Company
2007-10-26: FBI forces false confession out of man
2007-10-26: giant robotic fire-fighting beetle
2007-10-26: High-tech textiles pave the way for glowing garments
2007-10-26: Obesity in America Animation
2007-10-26: Other universes may be detectable
2007-10-26: SQL Injection Cartoon
2007-10-26: Storm worm strikes back at security pros
2007-10-26: Sudden Naked-Eye Comet Shocks the Astronomy World
2007-10-26: Ten Absolutely Stupid Quotes By Steve Ballmer
2007-10-27: 4 to 7 More Years of Tax-Free Internet Access in US
2007-10-27: Cancer-Killing Virus Modified to Deliver a One-Two Punch
2007-10-27: Hack Attack : Install Leopard on your PC in 3 easy steps!
2007-10-27: House Panel Screw-Up Reveals Whistleblower Email Addresses
2007-10-27: More gnashing of teeth after Microsoft update brings PCs to a standstill
2007-10-27: Scientists Create Smart Mouse - Addition Of Single Gene Improves Learning And Memory
2007-10-27: SMac's new OS truly achieves parity with Windows--dies with Blue Screen of Death
2007-10-27: Torture Complaint Filed Against Rumsfeld
2007-10-27: US agency apologizes for news conference on fires | U.S. | Reuters
2007-10-27: WindizUpdate - An alternative way to get Windows Updates
2007-10-28: An impassioned defense of oink
2007-10-28: Download This! - GMail Drive
2007-10-28: Faster USB 3.0 Is Coming
2007-10-28: Hovercraft flies at 60 mph at 4 feet above water
2007-10-28: New Hard Drive Head will Increase HDD Capacity to 4TB
2007-10-28: NIST demos industrial-grade nanowire device fabrication
2007-10-28: PDF files used to attack computers
2007-10-28: Safer Gene Therapy? Hope For Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, and MS
2007-10-28: SATA HDD Stage Rack lets you dock your drive
2007-10-28: Terabyte Thumb Drives Made Possible by Nanotech Memory
2007-10-28: Top 30 Failed Technology Predictions
2007-10-28: Voting machine records are public information in Ohio - no more secret ballot
2007-10-29: Hacking into a Fingerprint Scanner Video
2007-10-29: The fastest Windows Vista notebook is a Mac
2007-10-29: Japanese unveil the world’s most powerful computer!! (839 trillion operations per second)
2007-10-29: The Spectrum
2007-10-29: TV-B-Gone Kit - DIY Universal Remote
2007-10-29: VectorMagic - online free tool for precision vectorization of images
2007-10-30: AT&T Explains Guilt by Association
2007-10-30: Biofuels Emit More Greenhouse Gases than Fossil Fuels
2007-10-30: ENIAC Programmers Project -- How Six Women Programmed the ENIAC
2007-10-30: Freeze executions, lawyers' group urges
2007-10-30: Google Phone
2007-10-30: High Voltage Cable Inspection Video
2007-10-30: How Gmail Blocks Spam
2007-10-30: Plentyoffish: 1-Man Company May Be Worth $1Billion
2007-10-30: Porn game used to trick people into defeating captchas
2007-10-30: Prof replaces term papers with Wikipedia contributions, suffering ensues
2007-10-30: Review: Eye-Fi Adds Wi-Fi to Almost Any Digital Camera
2007-10-30: Snowflake magnified from 93x-36000x
2007-10-30: Top 10 Consumer Frauds
2007-10-30: Top Censored Stories - #1: No Habeas Corpus for 'Any Person'
2007-10-30: Welcome to The 404 Checker - HTTP STatus Checker
2007-10-30: Whois May Be Scrapped to Break Deadlock
2007-10-31: Inside Leopard's Time Machine: Hourly Backups
2007-10-31: Is U.S. stuck in Internet's slow lane?
2007-10-31: Massive Stellar Black Hole Smashes Record
2007-10-31: MIT's tractor beam moves cells with light
2007-10-31: NASA video: Arctic Sea Ice Loss 1979 to 2007
2007-10-31: PlayStation 3's Folding@Home is the most powerful distributed network in the world
2007-10-31: Scientists treat cancer as an infectious disease -- with promising results
2007-10-31: Trojan horse targets Mac OS X
2007-10-31: Windows Vista activation hack with Registry SkipRearm
2007-10-31: 'Criminal' Botnet Stumps for Ron Paul, Researchers Allege

Nov 2007

2007-11-01: $200 Google PC launches at WalMart
2007-11-01: Billy (BK) Rios � Remote Command Exec (FireFox et al)
2007-11-01: Religious Correctness - The change in religious attitudes in college courses
2007-11-01: Superfast Laser Turns Virus Into Rubble
2007-11-01: Why google wants your genes
2007-11-02: 11 phenomenal images of earth from space
2007-11-02: Download Link for OpenSolaris Indiana Preview
2007-11-02: Gateway to Indiana -- Documentation at OpenSolaris.org
2007-11-02: Google OpenSocial unifies social networking sites (except Facebook)
2007-11-02: Kucinich says he will force House vote on Cheney impeachment
2007-11-02: Learn Networking - How to Subnet a Network
2007-11-02: New Brain Cells Listen Before They Talk
2007-11-02: OpenSolaris Project Indiana Review
2007-11-02: POWER YOUR CAR WITH ALGAE: Algae Biocrude by LiveFuels
2007-11-02: Senators warn Bush has no authority on Iran
2007-11-02: VMware Tools for Solaris 10
2007-11-02: Wireless cards supported by BackTrack 2 - Offensive-security.com
2007-11-03: Canadian Study: Piracy Boosts CD Sales | TorrentFreak
2007-11-03: Devices Enforce Cellular Silence, Sweet but Illegal - New York Times
2007-11-03: Download OpenSolaris X Developer Edition 9/07
2007-11-03: First OpenSocial Application Hacked Within 45 Minutes
2007-11-03: Free NIC drivers for Solaris
2007-11-03: Google has purchased the shortest possible domain name -- g.cn
2007-11-03: Hacking Road Signs
2007-11-03: How to Create ISO File From Folders and CD / DVD
2007-11-03: OpenSolaris Forums: No C compiler? in Indiana
2007-11-03: Solaris Express Developer Edition System Requirements
2007-11-03: SourceForge.net: Open Virtual Machine Tools for Solaris!
2007-11-03: Space Exploration 3.0 about to begin: European Science Foundation
2007-11-03: Sun's OpenSolaris push impeded by myths, bugs
2007-11-03: Ubuntu: Just how popular is it? - See Google Trends at Botto,
2007-11-03: University Defies RIAA Demand to Release Student Downloaders' Names
2007-11-04: Graffiti as password: secure and memorable
2007-11-04: Hackers target Finnish forum, crack logins for almost 80,000 users
2007-11-04: NOSSO executable packages -- really high compression at the cost of long unpack time
2007-11-04: Solaris - CSW - pkg-get quick install page
2007-11-04: Solaris pkg-get tool
2007-11-04: Swedish HIV vaccine produces immune response in 90% of patients
2007-11-04: Welcome to Flock 1.0 - The Social Web Browser
2007-11-05: CPTS vs. CEH Training and Certification
2007-11-05: Kepler probe will start serious hunt for Earth-like planets next year
2007-11-05: LOLinator: http://www.ccsf.edu (very silly)
2007-11-05: Nanotechnology storage breakthrough proclaimed
2007-11-05: No email privacy rights under Constitution, US gov claims
2007-11-06: $200 Linux PC from Wal-Mart
2007-11-06: Canadians no longer have the right to remain silent, court says
2007-11-06: Comet Holmes’s fame keeps growing, and growing ...
2007-11-06: Graceful E-Mail Obfuscation
2007-11-06: Javascript to make images move in a circle
2007-11-06: PC Perspective - Asus Eee PC 4G Review - Ultramobile Notebook with Linux
2007-11-06: Phillipine government approves plan to dump urea into the Sulu Sea to absorb CO2
2007-11-06: Solar Powered Airplane
2007-11-07: 7 Countries Considering Abandoning the US Dollar (and what it means)
2007-11-07: ACLU learns of third 'secret' torture memo from Gonzales Justice Department
2007-11-07: Battle over PATRIOT Act appeal brews as critical testimony is gagged
2007-11-07: Firefox 3 Beta Available
2007-11-07: Google - $225B and organizing less than 0.02% of the world's information
2007-11-07: Howstuffworks-How Hackers Work
2007-11-07: Kucinich Introduces Impeachment Articles Against Cheney
2007-11-07: Microsoft Ousts CIO
2007-11-07: NASA - Scientists Discover Record Fifth Planet Orbiting Nearby Star
2007-11-07: NPR opens up NPR Music for our listening pleasure
2007-11-07: Yahoo! Mail and Hotmail strike out Iran
2007-11-07: Ziff Davis Event Registration - Tomorrow morning Vista Webinar
2007-11-08: a review of Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon
2007-11-08: An old hat with new tricks: Fedora 8 officially released
2007-11-08: AT&T Whistleblower: Telecom Immunity Is A Cover-Up
2007-11-08: Backstory: An impeachment vote turnaround stuns Washington
2007-11-08: Fans shafted as Major League Baseball revokes DRM licenses
2007-11-08: Man wrongly detained for 50 days has ISP to thank
2007-11-08: Study: 1 out of 4 homeless are veterans
2007-11-08: The end of online stupidity
2007-11-08: Three Backdoor Programs Hackers Use to Control Your Computer
2007-11-08: YouTube - Flight Patterns
2007-11-09: A daytime transit of the Internetaional Space Station across the moon
2007-11-09: Dialog Punctuation
2007-11-09: Education Discussion // John Taylor Gatto's 1990 Speach
2007-11-09: Einstein on religion and exploring the world
2007-11-09: Encrypted E-Mail Company Hushmail Spills to Feds
2007-11-09: Facebook's beacon spies on you and advertises your Web activities to others
2007-11-09: Google Hacks helps you find what you're looking for
2007-11-09: Imagine Cup - What Is The Imagine Cup?
2007-11-09: Magnetically Levitated, Maglev Wind Turbine Enters Production
2007-11-09: MySpace Hacked Using Simple HTML Exploit - Alicia Keys and Others Targeted
2007-11-09: Nice photo of Comet Holmes
2007-11-09: Singer's MySpace Page Hacked, Cleaned, Rehacked
2007-11-09: Slurpr makes you the ultimate WiFi mooch
2007-11-09: StupidFilter
2007-11-09: These are really good Firefox tips
2007-11-09: Unix Recovery Legend
2007-11-09: Windows Server 2008 Release Candidate
2007-11-09: YouGetSignal.com - Open Ports Tool
2007-11-10: Biggest BSOD of All Time?
2007-11-10: Canadian Police Tolerates Piracy For Personal Use
2007-11-10: De-Pixelize Your Images with VectorMagic
2007-11-10: NBC Launches TV Downloads Service
2007-11-10: Samsung's 64GB SSD: better, faster, stronger, but $1000
2007-11-10: The Terminator-style helmets that allow fighter pilots to see through their planes
2007-11-10: The Terminator-style helmets that allow fighter pilots to see through their planes
2007-11-10: The uninvited guest: Chinese sub pops up in middle of U.S. Navy exercise, leaving military chiefs red-faced
2007-11-10: U.S. official: Chinese test missile obliterates satellite
2007-11-10: VR on the cheap: a review of the Vuzix iWear VR920 video eyewear
2007-11-11: Abdicate and Capitulate - New York Times - Democrats give in to Bush again
2007-11-11: Check Point ZoneAlarm: Force Field Beta
2007-11-11: Democrats: Colleges must police copyright, or else
2007-11-11: Engineered weathering process could mitigate global warming
2007-11-11: Team Blocks Bacterial Communication System to Prevent Deadly Staph Infections
2007-11-11: US spammer gets two years in jail
2007-11-12: 14 Year Old BitTorrent Hacker Threatens to Sue What.cd Users
2007-11-12: 90 suicides a day spur Japan into action
2007-11-12: Can WiMax make it in the U.S.?
2007-11-12: Firefox jar: Protocol Vulnerability
2007-11-12: First High Resolution Color Images From Mars
2007-11-12: Google scientist to demo quantum computer
2007-11-12: Google's Android OS early look SDK now available -- an operating system for phones
2007-11-12: Inspired by XKCD: MBR Love Note
2007-11-12: Intel Launching New Chip Lineup
2007-11-12: Knowledge Base Alerts
2007-11-12: Kuka CalligraphyBot Puts Monk Job Security At Risk
2007-11-12: Making Water From Thin Air
2007-11-12: Mozilla Still Flummoxed by Firefox' Appetite for Memory
2007-11-12: RFP: New Cryptographic Hash Algorithms SHA-3 - Proposals being gathered now
2007-11-12: Scientists make monkey cloning breakthrough - Researchers plan to try technique on human cells next
2007-11-12: Some Maxtor Personal Storage 3200s shipped with virus
2007-11-12: The One Page Linux Manual | edocr
2007-11-12: US intelligence official: You get privacy when your definition matches ours
2007-11-12: Windows 7 top feature request list
2007-11-13: A really notable example of poor cable management
2007-11-13: A story of Web design vulnerability and clueless management
2007-11-13: Adults taunt teenager on MySpace until she commits suicide
2007-11-13: Comet 17P/Holmes is now bigger than the Sun
2007-11-13: Disney World now requires finger scans from all visitors
2007-11-13: Enable 4GB of memory on Vista
2007-11-13: Germans propose to secretly scan hard drives with Trojans
2007-11-13: How you can see Comet Holmes
2007-11-13: Massachusetts governor proposes jail time for online gamblers
2007-11-13: New vending machine can identify minors with facial recognition
2007-11-13: Observing - See Comet Holmes Tonight!
2007-11-13: Physicist's innovative technique makes atomic-level microscopy at least 100 times faster
2007-11-13: Real Geek Heart Beats in Xkcd's Stick Figures
2007-11-13: Remotely Control Somebody's Desktop the Easy Way -- Crossloop
2007-11-13: The cutest model of an ethanol molecule ever
2007-11-13: You Want a 10,000 RPM Boot Drive
2007-11-14: Activist sues all fifty states to force hand-counting for elections
2007-11-14: Illegal race cars will be wrecked and filmed, and posted to the Web under Australian 'YouTube' law
2007-11-14: Novell Client Lets Local Users Gain Kernel Level Privileges -- Input validation error
2007-11-14: Pop singer Rain's Web Site hacked and used to host a money mule fraud site
2007-11-14: Teenager hacks into 911 system, creates a bogus 911 call, California SWAT raid
2007-11-14:moka5.com - An alternative to VMware
2007-11-15: A Chinese man has been stabbed to death in a row over a sword in online game Legends of Mir 3
2007-11-15: A Dutch teenager has been arrested for allegedly stealing virtual furniture from "rooms" in Habbo Hotel, a 3D social networking website
2007-11-15: AT&T takes another step towards filtered network with investment in Vobile
2007-11-15: Comcast hit with class-action lawsuit over traffic blocking
2007-11-15: gOS: The little desktop Linux that came out of the blue
2007-11-15: How to Migrate Your Custom Domain%u2019s Email to Google (And Maintain Your Addresses)
2007-11-15: How to use QEMU to run Linux virtual machines on Linux
2007-11-15: Mathematical technique to guess ATM card PINS (PDF file)
2007-11-15: Menstrual blood could be rich source of stem cells - health
2007-11-15: Paralysed man's mind is 'read'
2007-11-15: Patch Tuesday: Microsoft Fixes Critical Windows URI Bug
2007-11-15: Reinventing the Wheel: A Buddhist Response to the Information Age
2007-11-15: 'Virtual theft' leads to arrest
2007-11-16: A 2-dimensional projection of the E8 object proposed as the fundamental structure of the Universe
2007-11-16: And the New Potential Cancer Causing Agent Is%u2026%u2026%u2026 Nanotechnology!
2007-11-16: Astronomers Spot Evidence for Colliding Planet Embryos in the Peiades
2007-11-16: Benchmarks: Hackintosh vs. Mac Pro vs. MacBook Pro Benchmarks
2007-11-16: Bluetoothtracking.org
2007-11-16: Bush Gives Clearances for N.S.A. Inquiry into Warrantless Wiretapping - New York Times
2007-11-16: CBS Offers Midtown Manhattan Free Wireless Internet Access | CenterNetworks
2007-11-16: Did NSA Put a Secret Backdoor in New Encryption Standard?
2007-11-16: Feingold to offer amendment striking telecomm immunity for warrantless wiretaps
2007-11-16: House votes to end CIA rendition program, ACLU says
2007-11-16: HOW TO: Download Windows Vista SP1 RC Preview
2007-11-16: Learn Networking - An Introduction to TCP/IP
2007-11-16: Mac Hacker hacks Mac fan sites
2007-11-16: OSIRIS' view of Earth by night
2007-11-16: Registry hack to make you appear to be the Googlebot
2007-11-16: Surfer dude stuns physicists with theory of everything
2007-11-16: The Hacktivist - A recent interview with the HackThisSite founder
2007-11-16: Top-20 Websites: Where DO we spend our time online?
2007-11-16: Very interesting photos of nuclear explosions
2007-11-16: Warrantless wiretapping case reopened
2007-11-17: Google as a password cracker - MD5s in hashes
2007-11-17: Upon further review, surfer's new Theory of Everything severely deficient
2007-11-17: Windows Vista Service Pack 1 Beta White Paper
2007-11-18: Activate Aero Interface on Windows Vista Home Basic
2007-11-18: Amazon.com: Trackstick II GPS Vehicle Tracking Device
2007-11-18: Birds Navigate Using Magnetic Compass-Vision
2007-11-18: British Leave Basra; Violence Drops by 90 Percent
2007-11-18: Geoblog tracks a cellphone and places the blogger's location on a map continually
2007-11-18: gOS - New Operating System
2007-11-18: Hacking Google for Passwords � Info Stash
2007-11-18: Imaging Neural Progenitor Cells In The Living Human Brain
2007-11-18: In Korea, a Boot Camp Cure for Web Obsession
2007-11-18: Microsoft Outlines Pricing, Packaging and Licensing for Windows Server 2008, Including the New Microsoft Hyper-V Server Product
2007-11-18: Pics from the last shuttle mission
2007-11-18: Radio Waves Fire Up Nanotubes Embedded in Tumors, Destroying Liver Cancer
2007-11-18: Spying device designed to work with Google Earth
2007-11-19: Cracking safes with thermal imaging
2007-11-19: Feisty/HOWTO: Configure Ubuntu for Active Directory Authentication
2007-11-19: Firefox Quick Tip: Limit RAM Usage
2007-11-19: Forgot Your Password On XP?
2007-11-19: gOS: Walmart Linux OS Overview
2007-11-19: Hack This Site -- Timblog
2007-11-19: Is AMD Doomed?
2007-11-19: Laptop Reviews Written by Owners Like You
2007-11-19: Nancy Pelosi tries to force the Salvation Army to hire people who can't speak English
2007-11-19: Robots Infiltrate, Influence Cockroach Groups
2007-11-19: The Ultimate USB Drive Toolkit - Computer tools
2007-11-19: Top Pirate Reveals Warez Scene Secrets, Attracts MPAA Lawyer's Attention
2007-11-19: Web bandwidth is inadequate for demand, and projected to run out in 2010 -- massive fiber rollout needed
2007-11-19: Wiring up enzymes for producing hydrogen in fuel cells
2007-11-19: World record prime number found - 9 million digits long
2007-11-19: You experience installation errors and compatibility problems when you install Windows Server 2003 management tools on Windows Vista
2007-11-19:Video card specifications and performance analysis.
2007-11-20: Numerous media players affected by vulnerability in Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC)
2007-11-20: A Math error could expose 'millions of PCs' to simultaneous attack
2007-11-20: Albert Einstein Quotes
2007-11-20: Average broadband speed by country
2007-11-20: Boeing Tests Avenger Solid State Laser Weapon
2007-11-20: Cleaning the SF Bay Oil Spill with Hair Mats and Mushrooms
2007-11-20: Firefox 3 Beta 1 now available for download
2007-11-20: Hacking the iPhone for Espionage using Metasploit
2007-11-20: Her Majestys Revenue and Customs loses 25 million records containing personal data
2007-11-20: Here it is: the future of the world, in 23 pages > Climate Change
2007-11-20: High School Students harrassed for wearing Peace shirts in Florida
2007-11-20: Impressions of Fedora 8
2007-11-20: Laser experiment demonstrates cause and effect over a spacelike interval - possibly retrocausality
2007-11-20: MySpace Hacker Tells His Story
2007-11-20: Packet Header Drawings
2007-11-20: Pretty picture of a volcano
2007-11-20: Scientists make ordinary skin cells act like stem cells
2007-11-20: Seiko Epson Develops High Resolution Electronic Paper Display
2007-11-20: soap--a new handheld mouse, like a Wii
2007-11-20: UK's families put on fraud alert
2007-11-20: Virtual Eve: first in human computer interaction
2007-11-20: Windows Vista tcpip.sys Connection Limit Patch for Event ID 4226
2007-11-20: XAMPP - Apache, MySQL, PHP, and Perl for Linux, Windows, Mac, or Solaris
2007-11-20: XKCD's 1337 series--the hidden truth of hacking
2007-11-21: Linux defenders go after more alleged GPL offenders
2007-11-21: Memory test - Firefox vs Firefox 3.0 b 1
2007-11-21: Top 20 Free Games of 2007 | Grand Theft Auto 4 - GTA IV
2007-11-22: Biodegradable plastic made from orange peels
2007-11-22: Change the message on HP printers
2007-11-22: CryptoPhone -- open source encryptes telephone
2007-11-22: CryptoPhone Free Download
2007-11-22: Firefox 3 Beta 1 is a winner
2007-11-22: Free Music Downloads at SpiralFrog
2007-11-22: In All Fairness--Internet Explorer Still Stinks--CSS Support Buggy
2007-11-22: True color images of Earth from space
2007-11-22: UK retailers to record labels: DRM is killing us
2007-11-22: Undersea sea flow was one of the largest movements of material ever to occur on our planet
2007-11-22: Valve - Survey Summary Hardware Survey Data
2007-11-23: Download Firefox 3.0 Beta
2007-11-23: Exoskeleton Turns Humans Into Terminators\
2007-11-23: Feds get tracking data on cellphones without probable cause
2007-11-23: Fingerprint reader to replace passwords
2007-11-23: Implementing Inexpensive Multiple SSID Networks: Part I
2007-11-23: John The Ripper MPI Patch - crack passwords with a server cluster
2007-11-23: Malicious Linux commands on the Ubuntu Forum
2007-11-23: TeePipe - RAID for Internet Connections
2007-11-23: Time Machine for every Unix out there
2007-11-23: Untangle: Open Source Network Gateway
2007-11-23: Why the End of History should happen around 2025
2007-11-24: French president wants to cut off file sharers' Internet access
2007-11-24: Mankind 'shortening the universe's life' by observing it
2007-11-24: Microsoft Academic Exam Information
2007-11-24: Portable nuclear reactors to go on sale in 2012
2007-11-24: This site demonstrates a new security feature of Firefox 3
2007-11-24: VMware Tools HGFS.Sys Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability
2007-11-25: Buy your own nuclear reactor here -- Hyperion Power Generation
2007-11-25: Computer Randomly Plays Classical Music
2007-11-25: FREE Camtasia Studio
2007-11-25: Get Windows XP SP3 Through Windows Update
2007-11-25: Hack U3 USB Smart Drive to Become Ultimate Hack Tool
2007-11-25: Hackers take over road signs in the Netherlands
2007-11-25: Hackers Use Banner Ads on Major Sites to Hijack Your PC
2007-11-25: International Space Station lunar transit animation
2007-11-25: Kentucky legislators hold hearing on global warming, excluding scientists
2007-11-25: Online Encryption - Free Security & Free Encryption Tool - SecurityToolbox
2007-11-25: PrettyMay for Skype, call recorder, Call Center for Skype, Skype PBX, call centre for Skype,
2007-11-25: Review of some changes in Firefox 3
2007-11-25: Rogue Anti-Virus Slimeballs Hide Malware in Ads
2007-11-25: System Partition Virtualization
2007-11-25: The hijack-proof truck
2007-11-25: What happens when you microwave a DVD?
2007-11-25:Browse any password protected site without registering as the GoogleBot
2007-11-26: 2007 Astronomical Events
2007-11-26: Bidnapper : eBay Auction Sniper Will Snipe Online Auctions
2007-11-26: FOG :: Free, Open-Source Ghost for XP or Vista
2007-11-26: How To Take Back 20% Of Your Bandwidth From Windows XP
2007-11-26: Microsoft 'learning' from WGA failures, but the lesson should be: kill it
2007-11-26: Never Re-Activate Win XP after installation
2007-11-26: New watercooled motherboard available with photos
2007-11-26: Sky Chart with constellations and planets
2007-11-26: The Top 10 Most Controversial Ways to Save the Planet
2007-11-26: US is worst imperialist: archbishop
2007-11-26: WMO Announces Record CO2 Levels
2007-11-27: Check out the air pollution where you live with Google Earth
2007-11-27: French Reveal Plans for Taser Flying Saucer to zap protesters and criminals
2007-11-27: Google hopes to undercut coal with cheap, renewable energy
2007-11-27: Lawyers: Even Microsoft Confused Over Vista Marketing
2007-11-27: Mice rendered cancer-resistant by adding a gene
2007-11-27: NASA manned Mars mission details emerge
2007-11-27: Photo of the Space Station Over the Ionian Sea
2007-11-27: Searching Video Lectures
2007-11-27: Service Pack 3 speeds up Windows XP but SP 1 doesn't speed up Vista
2007-11-27: The insanity of France's anti-file-sharing plan
2007-11-27: Top ten terrible tech products - Vista is on the list
2007-11-27: Universal's CEO Speaks about digital music and copyright infringement
2007-11-27: University of Michigan librarian defends Google scanning deal
2007-11-27: Very interesting chart of home prices from 1890 to present
2007-11-28: 10 Hot Computer Driven Careers
2007-11-28: Canada's coming DMCA will be the worst copyright law yet
2007-11-28: Keep your shoes on: T-ray scanners to look inside shoes at airports
2007-11-28: New plastic optical fiber could solve the Last Mile problem
2007-11-28: Orange County using 'toilet to tap' technology to recycle sewage into drinking water
2007-11-28: Report: Google preps online storage service
2007-11-28: The Google Highly Open Participation Contest - Google Code
2007-11-28: The Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act
2007-11-28: Virus Aquarium
2007-11-29: Bush administration forced to turn over spying documents by Friday
2007-11-29: EFF Releases Reports and Software to Spot Interference with Internet Traffic | Electronic Frontier Foundation
2007-11-29: Forgot Your Password in Firefox?
2007-11-29: Google's new My Location service finds your smartphone without using GPS
2007-11-29: Hackers hijack web search results
2007-11-29: Microsoft hones its internal sales pitch for Vista Service Pack 1 -- 50% speedup in file copies?
2007-11-29: More Leopard Problems Plague Apple
2007-11-29: Open up almost any file with Universal Extractor
2007-11-29: Scientists Develop Artery Scurrying Micro Robot
2007-11-29: Sony PlayStation 3 Cracks Passwords 100 x Faster than an Intel-based Computer
2007-11-29: Vista SP1 Release Candidate expected next week
2007-11-30: A good discussion of SETI and the Drake Equation
2007-11-30: A typical weekend with Linux
2007-11-30: Alaska Woman Preps for 350 Miles of Winter Cycling - Bike the Iditarod!
2007-11-30: Federal judge rejects government request for Amazon customer records
2007-11-30: Google removes thousands of malware sites in large-scale exploitation attack
2007-11-30: How to install OSX 10.5 Leopard on your Intel computer
2007-11-30: Poll finds more Americans believe in devil than evolution
2007-11-30: tweak utility for Windows Vista\
2007-11-30: Why League of Women Voters calls presidential debates 'frauds'

Dec 2007

2007-12-01: Defeating Biometrics
2007-12-01: Extreme Range Wifi Router
2007-12-01: Google Sky Features: Hubble, constellations and planet
2007-12-01: Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) alpha 1 officially released
2007-12-01: Water repellent material keeps water away from surfaces with the 'Moses effect'
2007-12-02: 2007 Security Testing tools in review | tssci security
2007-12-02: Iron fertilization of the ocean to absorb carbon moves toward reality
2007-12-02: Nobel Laureate James Watson Quits in Wake of Scandal
2007-12-02: Ohio State University's Secure Computing Resource Page
2007-12-02: Pay Up, Or The Computer Gets It!
2007-12-02: Safely disposing of Compact Flurescent Light bulbs
2007-12-03: A LOLCAT Protest
2007-12-03: Amazon and Wal-Mart unwittingly team up against DRM
2007-12-03: Apple QuickTime buffer overflow vulnerability - extremely critical
2007-12-03: Building a Windows Home Server - the easy way!
2007-12-03: Defense-in-depth starts with DNS
2007-12-03: Google Hacking Database
2007-12-03: Googling for ATM Master Passwords
2007-12-03: HackerWatch.org - Anti-Hacker Community
2007-12-03: How To Crack WEP - Part 1: Setup & Network Recon - Tom's Guide
2007-12-03: How to Track Down Anyone Online
2007-12-03: Samsung Develops Fastest GDDR5 Memory at Six Gigabits per Second -- World's Fastest Memory
2007-12-03: SpiderFoot - comain fingerprinting tool
2007-12-03: The Days of our Facebook: How Love Moved to Hate
2007-12-03: Windows Server 2008 Training in San Diego 12-18 to 12-20 for $300
2007-12-03: Wireless keyboards easily cracked
2007-12-03: 'Lust, Caution' spawns viruses
2007-12-04: Adjust Firefox Backspace key so it browses back in history
2007-12-04: BBC NEWS 'There is no longer any privacy'
2007-12-04: Creating Your Own Custom Ubuntu 7.10 Or Linux Mint 4.0 Live-CD With Remastersys
2007-12-04: Critical Mess - bicycling.com
2007-12-04: Ex-Italian President: Intel Agencies Know 9/11 An Inside Job
2007-12-04: getadmin privilege escalation tool patched by NT 4.0 Service Pack 4
2007-12-04: MPAA's University wiretapping product taken down for violating copyright
2007-12-04: North, Soth Korea Unite Over Linux
2007-12-04: North, South Korea Unite Over Linux
2007-12-04: Researchers find the 'missing link' in the evolution of the eye
2007-12-04: Secret mailing list rocks Wikipedia
2007-12-04: Sex, Math and Scientific Achievement
2007-12-04: solar-powered toothbrush could eliminate need for toothpaste
2007-12-04: The Lyot Project to directly photograph Earthlike extrasolar planets
2007-12-04: US says it has right to kidnap British citizens
2007-12-04: Video - Making Fake Fingerprints
2007-12-04: Vista: Installing the Telnet Client
2007-12-04: Windows XP with firewall
2007-12-05: BackTrack 3 Teaser Video
2007-12-05: dsniff suite help - MITM fixes for 123 Proj 25
2007-12-05: How to change the Windows Logon screen saver in Windows XP - Useful to elevate privileges with a logon.scr trojan
2007-12-05: PGP Creator Defends Hushmail -- Hushmail has a backdoor, but PGP does not
2007-12-05: Powerful payloads: The evolution of exploit frameworks - Metasploit and CORE IMPACT
2007-12-06: Circumventing SSL with Ettercap Video
2007-12-06: How to change eth1 to eth0 with Ubuntu on VMware
2007-12-06: Microwave beam car stopper tested, fries cars in nanoseconds flat
2007-12-06: New Tool to Detect Network Sniffers Running on Windows Systems - PromQry
2007-12-06: Sniffing SSL traffic using MITM attack / ettercap, fragrouter, webmitm and dnsspoof
2007-12-07: 23andMe - The First Personal Genome Service
2007-12-07: 3000 bots with kernel-level trojan send millions of spam emails
2007-12-07: Are Cell Phone Jammers Legal?
2007-12-07: Autistic children with fevers show less symptoms
2007-12-07: Canadian Judge Rules: US Not a Safe Country
2007-12-07: Clamware and Microsoft beat Norton and McAfee at detecting viruses
2007-12-07: ES&S e-voting system used in California cracked wide open
2007-12-07: Family Shunned for MySpace Hoax, Suicide
2007-12-07: Hackers launch major attack on US military Labs
2007-12-07: JetBlue introduces free in-flight email, IM
2007-12-07: MRI Brain Scanner-based lie detector claims 90% accuracy
2007-12-07: New bill requires anyone offering open Wi-Fi to report obscene images to the government
2007-12-07: Printing Out Buildings: R&Sie(n)'s Museum of Ice
2007-12-07: SAFE Act won't turn mom-and-pop shops into WiFi cops
2007-12-07: The Laptop That Could Change the World
2007-12-07: Top 10 Free Windows File Wranglers
2007-12-07: USA 48th in Press Freedom
2007-12-07: Use a tone to hang up on telemarketers
2007-12-07: Wi-Fi 'illegal images' politician defends legislation
2007-12-07: World's Largest Telescopes Discover Bizarre Magnetic Star
2007-12-08: Astronomers Discover Stars with Carbon Atmospheres
2007-12-08: Consumers afraid of identity theft have a new weapon, a credit freeze
2007-12-08: Creationist files lawsuit against Woods Hole
2007-12-08: Farewell CompUSA: Company to shutter remaining stores
2007-12-08: Football field-sized kite powers latest heavy freight ship
2007-12-08: Hack open a lock! on SpongeFish
2007-12-08: interesting video about technology trends and our future
2007-12-08: New nanomolecular memory will store 1 TB on thumbdrives
2007-12-08: Our Troops Must Leave Iraq - Walter Cronkite
2007-12-08: Pulling Digits out of Pi
2007-12-08: Russian crooks use an artificial intelligence, called CyberLover, that poses as a would-be paramour in sex chat rooms
2007-12-08: Saturn's 'flying saucer' moons built of ring material
2007-12-08: Security giants fail VB100 virus test
2007-12-08: Symantec: Microsoft's Inaccurate Teredo Documentation, and Other Vista CVEs
2007-12-08: The top 10 IT disasters of all time
2007-12-08: Verizon hit with GPL copyright lawsuit over router software
2007-12-08: Vista SP1 will deliver big network speed boost
2007-12-08: Why a naive card-shuffling algorithm is biased
2007-12-08: WikiSky - interactive astronomy
2007-12-09: 21 Things You Didn't Know You Can Recycle
2007-12-09: Cyber Hackers Infiltrate Oak Ridge National Laboratory
2007-12-09: Database Replication in MySQL
2007-12-09: Dover losts court case - must pay $1M for teaching Intelligent Design as science
2007-12-09: Eco-friendly kangaroo farts could help global warming: scientists
2007-12-09: Get Your Genome Sequenced for $350,000
2007-12-09: Glory hunter hacks MySpace pages of Timberlake, Hilary Duff
2007-12-09: Instacalc - web based calculator
2007-12-09: Intelligent design battle resurfaces in court, school boards
2007-12-09: Macworld: Secrets: Mac OS X Hints - User-Defined Keyboard Shortcuts
2007-12-09: Man sentenced to 110 years for hacking, extortion
2007-12-09: Microsoft offers Rohrshach inkblots to create passwords
2007-12-09: Report: Cybercrime Stormed the Net in 2007
2007-12-09: Skype fixes critical security flaw
2007-12-09: Splitting Up Cooper Pairs -- nanotubes may pave the way for quantum computation and teleportation
2007-12-09: The Kruskal Count - A clever mathematical card trick
2007-12-09: Transhumanism: The World's Most Dangerous Idea
2007-12-09: USB 2.0 SVGA Adapter for Notebooks and Destops Add-On Graphics Card
2007-12-09: Xvoice = Voice Control for Linux
2007-12-10: Iranians claim to have built Opteron-based supercomputer
2007-12-10: Making Linux a First Class Citizen in Active Directory
2007-12-10: Many young black men in Oakland are killing and dying for respect - creating a generation of supervillians
2007-12-10: Ophcrack claims to work on Vista now
2007-12-10: Scientists Discover How to Make Robots Bounce on Water
2007-12-10: Voyager 2 probe reaches solar system boundary
2007-12-10: Voyager 2 probe reaches solar system boundary - space - 10 December 2007 - New Scientist Space
2007-01-12: Is there a rootkit stashed in your boot record? | Zero Day | ZDNet.com
2007-12-10: Full Disclosure: Samba: Execution of arbitrary code vulnerabiity
2007-12-10: New fake codec website -- Windows and Mac
2007-12-11: A nice article about the importance of kindness during this season
2007-12-11: Canadian ISP tests injecting content into web pages
2007-12-11: Canadian passport system exposes personal information on the Web
2007-12-11: Eight features you didn%u2019t know about in Ubuntu
2007-12-11: European Commission plans security breach notification law
2007-12-11: Free Microsoft Training Videos - Several on Vista
2007-12-11: Ghosts in the Browser - In-depth accounts of modern Internet crime
2007-12-11: Google Hacks 2.0 - Security Issues - Video
2007-12-11: Greenland ice sheet melting at record rate | Environment | Reuters
2007-12-11: Handbook of Applied Cryptography
2007-12-11: Hands-on with BetaBlue, JetBlue's WiFi-equipped Airbus
2007-12-11: Lost data discs 'endanger protected witnesses'
2007-12-11: New radioactive glow paint claimed safe
2007-12-11: Register now for your Academic Second Shot Microsoft Exam
2007-12-11: Reports of Facebook's demise are greatly exaggerated
2007-12-11: RIAA: Those CD rips of yours are still stealing
2007-12-11: Study: Monthly fasting may help heart
2007-12-11: The least-used page on the Microsoft Web site
2007-12-11: Toshiba launching SCiB batteries in March: 5 min charge, 10 year lifespan
2007-12-12: CompUSA's Going-Out-Of Business Discount List
2007-12-12: Revealed: scientist who sparked racism row has black genes
2007-12-12: Robots: Smarter Honda ASIMO Can Self-Charge, Avoid People, Work In Groups
2007-12-12: Scientists make single-photon sources brighter
2007-12-12: Security and Hacking Documentation
2007-12-12: Wikileaks busts Gitmo propaganda team
2007-12-13: 95 percent of all e-mail sent in 2007 was spam
2007-12-13: Crescent Earth
2007-12-13: DNS Attack Could Signal Phishing 2.0
2007-12-13: South Koreans clone cats that glow in the dark
2007-12-13: Windows NTFS Alternate Data Streams
2007-12-13: Windows Vista Service Pack 1 Now Publicly Available
2007-12-14: A review of Windows XP from a user who just upgraded from Vista
2007-12-14: Coding Horror: Please Don't Steal My Focus
2007-12-14: French embassy website hacked
2007-12-14: How the bobbin on a sewing machine works
2007-12-14: How to: Postpone Vista activation for a year
2007-12-14: Improving the modern soldier: Surviving blood loss
2007-12-14: Large Scale Structure in the Local Universe
2007-12-14: Linux.com :: PacketProtector turns SOHO router into security powerhouse
2007-12-14: Old-timey Trail of Success Allegory in a Picture
2007-12-14: Saturn's Aurora
2007-12-14: Security experts warn of massive rootkit infection
2007-12-14: Sophisticated Trojan loots business bank accounts
2007-12-14: U-M research: New plastic strong as steel and transparent, formed by layering nanosheets
2007-12-14: Vista Running on Eee PC
2007-12-14: Windows Live OneCare No Longer a Laughingstock - Beats Symantec
2007-12-15: Hot debate about antibiotic nanotechnology silver particles
2007-12-15: Russian scientist is sending powerful radio signals to extraterrestrial planets
2007-12-15: SOHO sets the controls for the heart of the Sun
2007-12-15: Vermont Judge rules that a defendant cannot be forced to divulge his encryption passphrase
2007-12-16: 10 Sites Offering Free Linux Courses Online
2007-12-16: A Preview of HTML 5
2007-12-16: Analysis of Windows XP Activation
2007-12-16: California Town Goes Solar, Collectively
2007-12-16: French mathlete plans to upload his skills into a computer
2007-12-16: Penetration Tests Show All Ohio's Voting Machines are Insecure
2007-12-16: Physicists Turn Single Molecules Into Working Transistors
2007-12-16: Turning Students into Researchers
2007-12-16: Untangle Open Source Network Gateway - Runs in VMware
2007-12-16: Zero-day exploit in QuickTime could hit Win iTunes users - Affects Firefox, but reportedly not IE
2007-12-17: Best Teacher I Ever Had--In Favor of Tricking the Students
2007-12-17: 15 Minutes to using your existing Windows install and apps in ubuntu
2007-12-17: Galaxy Blasts Neighbor with Deadly Jet
2007-12-17: How I Hacked Your LinkSys Router Which You Probably Bought at Best Buy
2007-12-17: HP spreads Virtual Connect to 1,600 servers
2007-12-17: Opener: A USB Flash Drive Virus
2007-12-17: Photos showing how carbon fiber composite airplane bodies are made
2007-12-17: Synthetic DNA on the Brink of Yielding New Life Forms
2007-12-17: The Battle between Google and Microsoft (New York Times)
2007-12-17: Trend Micro eMail ID Overview
2007-12-17: Use Remote Desktop backwards to take over other computers
2007-12-17: Vmware how to - OSx86
2007-12-17: Windows XP Twice as Fast as Vista
2007-12-17: Year 2038 Problem-Y2k38 Bug Has Started
2007-12-18: Alltel Feature Turns Voicemail to Text
2007-12-18: Babel Anti-Spam Page
2007-12-18: Coal Ash Is More Radioactive than Nuclear Waste
2007-12-18: Colo. Bans Most Electronic Voting Machines, Security Risks, Inaccuracy Cited; Federal Certification Process Called Inadequate
2007-12-18: Dattoos: DNA Based Tattoo Interface
2007-12-18: Innovative USB Finger Optical 3D Mouse for PC Notebook Laptop
2007-12-18: Lamo Bumped from NBC After Hacking Them
2007-12-18: List of companies acquired by Microsoft Corporation
2007-12-18: magicJack - simple hardware VOIP solution
2007-12-18: San Jose Start-Up Nanosolar Sells Solar Panels at Lower-Than-Usual Cost
2007-12-18: Stories from an Opentracker
2007-12-18: The Discovery of a Galaxy-Wide Superwind from a Young Massive Galaxy at Redshift z 3
2007-12-18: The Weirdest Mothers in the Animal Kindom
2007-12-18: Top 10 Underground Security Resources
2007-12-18: Toshiba Builds 100x Smaller Micro Nuclear Reactor
2007-12-18: Wave power to go commercial in California
2007-12-19: Application for HP Tech for Teaching Grant
2007-12-19: BitTorrent Launches Ad Supported Streaming
2007-12-19: Google's Mysterious Billboard
2007-12-19: HP US Philanthropy: HP Technology for Teaching Grant Initiative
2007-12-19: New legislation for telemarketers: Do Not Call. Ever.
2007-12-19: Really small motherboard
2007-12-19: Silicon nanowires increase life of lithium batteries by 10x
2007-12-19: Spy planes to recharge by clinging to power lines
2007-12-19: The Top 10 Data Breaches of 2007
2007-12-19: Verified Voting Foundation : Texas: Voting System Allows Corrections -- Changing Votes After the Election
2007-12-20: Bruce Schneier Blazes Through Your Security Questions
2007-12-20: California to Sue EPA Again Over Global Warming Law
2007-12-20: Canadian Software Lets You Turn One Computer Into Two, Completely Free
2007-12-20: CastleCops - An Internet Crime Fighter Community -
2007-12-20: Categories of fog with pictures
2007-12-20: Death by PowerPoint
2007-12-20: Internet Explorer 8 finally is standards-compliant enough to pass the Acid2 test
2007-12-20: IPv6 for the Incurably Curious
2007-12-20: NanoScan, instant virus scan
2007-12-20: Nanotube-producing Bacteria
2007-12-20: The New Economy of Digg Blackmail
2007-12-20: The Year's 10 Craziest Ways to Hack the Earth
2007-12-20: Virgin birth stem cells may offer tissue bank
2007-12-20: Yahoo! Found Guilty of Mass Copyright Infringement in China
2007-12-20: YouTube - Manufacturing Consent (3-17)
2007-12-20: 'Active glacier found' on Mars
2007-12-21: Aptera Electric Car - Like something from Star Wars
2007-12-21: Asteroid May Hit Mars in Next Month
2007-12-21: DIY Wireless Network Printer
2007-12-21: Exploiting 802.11 Wireless Driver Vulnerabilities on Windows
2007-12-21: Free Unix Accounts
2007-12-21: GM mice don't fear cats
2007-12-21: Hack-Test - easy and fun
2007-12-21: Plasmons create invisibility cloak and superlens microscope
2007-12-21: Pleo, the Robotic Baby Dinosaur
2007-12-21: Science magazine's top 10 breakthroughs of the year
2007-12-21: Uneven matter distribution in the Universe explains its expansion rate without a need for dark matter
2007-12-21:Proof that square root of 2 is irrational
2007-12-22: Apple threatens Fake Steve Jobs with financial ruin by lawsuit
2007-12-22: Dangerous Science - Chemistry Education Materials
2007-12-22: Googlonymous - Anonymous searches, with a video about privacy
2007-12-22: Is Vista Eating Up Your Hard Drive Space? How to use VSSADMIN to check
2007-12-22: MediaDefender Stock Plunges Due to Leaked Emails
2007-12-22: Mozilla Firefox 3 Beta 2 Impressions
2007-12-22: Operating systems for really, really old computers
2007-12-22: The Civil War In Four Minutes
2007-12-23: Fun with explosives - nitroglygerine and nitrogen triiodide
2007-12-23: HowTo: Update and Shutdown in Ubuntu
2007-12-23: IPv6 guru predicts last-minute switch to protocol
2007-12-23: Microsoft Shares Windows Secrets with Samba
2007-12-23: MIT Develops Wafer-Thin Turbine Engines
2007-12-23: Windows vs Linux
2007-12-24: Australia to enforce a retings system on Web, and track users
2007-12-24: Best Animal Photos in 2007
2007-12-24: Feds readying for 2008 IPv6 deadline, but not for actual use
2007-12-24: GMail security failure leaves my business sabotaged
2007-12-24: How To Remove DRM from Audio Files
2007-12-24: IDE to SD Card Adapter
2007-12-24: Io and its shadow on Jupiter
2007-12-24: Pay-what-you-want album with statistics
2007-12-24: ZoneAlarm Checkup, powered by iolo - Scan your PC for free to see how your system is performing
2007-12-25: FBI planning world's largest biometric database
2007-12-25: It is illegal to compute Pi in binary
2007-12-25: Laptop project enlivens Peruvian hamlet
2007-12-25: Microsoft exec calls XP hack 'frightening' | CNET News.com
2007-12-25: Researchers discover second light-sensing system in human eye
2007-12-25: Sensory jacket lets you feel it when your game character gets shot, stabbed, etc.
2007-12-25: Tales of Corporate Oppression: The Audit
2007-12-25: Using magnets to make traffic lights respond to a small vehicle
2007-12-25: YouTube - Nailed in 30 seconds - How Google Paid Ads install a Postlogger
2007-12-26: 2007 Yahoo Mail is More Popular than Gmail
2007-12-26: Anti-virus protection gets worse
2007-12-26: Detecting packet injection: a guide to observing packet spoofing by ISPs
2007-12-26: Drugs to build up that mental muscle - musicians and academics take performance-ehnancing drugs now
2007-12-26: grsecurity -- Linux Security
2007-12-26: Hacking a NYC taxi screen
2007-12-26: Intellectually stimulating jobs help mens' minds stay sharp in late life
2007-12-26: Serious Flash vulns menace at least 10,000 websites
2007-12-26: Storm Worm delivering coal this Christmas
2007-12-26: TJX settles with banks over credit card breach
2007-12-26: Treadmill Desk: The $49 Treadmill Desk
2007-12-26: UNIX History
2007-12-27: 3 down, 1 to go: Warner Music Group drops DRM
2007-12-27: BVista Service Pack 1 Speeds Vista up...by 0.8%
2007-12-27: New drug reverses liver damage
2007-12-27: Outside In - How to turn a sphere inside out
2007-12-27: PC Magazine - Mac OS X Leopard is by far the best operating system ever written
2007-12-27: Storing optical data as sound - another step towards optical computing
2007-12-27: Supernova Remnant
2007-12-28: Best Freeware Games of '07
2007-12-28: Life of the Sun
2007-12-28: Snorting a Brain Chemical Could Replace Sleep
2007-12-28: The Universe on a single graph
2007-12-28: WTO says piracy is ok in the Caribbean
2007-12-29: An A-Z Index of the Apple OS X command line
2007-12-29: New York Times Favorite Books of 2007
2007-12-29: The major incidents on the internet in 2007
2007-12-30: Cassiopeia pic
2007-12-30: How hackers took over SuperTorrents and gave away all their money
2007-12-30: The 2007 International Privacy Ranking - US is in the worst group
2007-12-30: The original suppressed preface to Animal Farm
2007-12-31: Free flight in space
2007-12-31: gddrescue: a tool for recovering data from damaged media
2007-12-31: Global malware activity maps
2007-12-31: North America's Largest Solar-Electric Plant Switched On
2007-12-31: YouTube - Ken Miller on Intelligent Design