Jan 2008

2008-01-01: 7 Technologies that will Save the Earth in 2008
2008-01-01: Adobe, Omniture in hot water for snooping on CS3 users
2008-01-01: California's medical marijuana system in 'chaos'
2008-01-01: Eavesdropping on Bluetooth headsets
2008-01-01: Inside Movie Animation: Simulating 128 Billion Elements
2008-01-01: Swedish woman gets world's fastest Internet connection - 40 Gbps
2008-01-01: The Legend of Cliff Young: The 61 Year Old Farmer Who Won the World's Toughest Race
2008-01-01: The purpose of dreams
2008-01-01: The Tetons Meteor, A Near Miss - Video
2008-01-01: Virus threatens mass extinction of frogs
2008-01-02: Download SpeedFan - Access temperature sensor in your computer
2008-01-02: FlashPC Online Video Demos - Seeing is Believing - USB Linux Distros
2008-01-02: Inventor sacrifices family, savings to help world's poor
2008-01-02: Mac market share breaks 8% mark in 2007's final days - Vista at 10.5%
2008-01-02: Malware Evolving Too Fast for Antivirus Apps
2008-01-02: NANOG42 - North American Network Operator's Group - Feb 17-20 in San Jose - $100 student rate
2008-01-03: Absolute Hot - what is the highest possible temperature?
2008-01-03: Digg-style music page thesixtyone.com
2008-01-03: free university lectures - computer science, mathematics, physics, chemistry
2008-01-03: Has CAPTCHA Been Broken? With a nice comparisons of captchas
2008-01-03: IPv6: coming to a root server near you
2008-01-03: Rich Skrenta, who wrote the first virus, is making a new search engine to compete with Google
2008-01-03: Sears plants spyware on computers without proper notice
2008-01-03: VoteMatch USA
2008-01-04: Boron nanotubes could outperform carbon
2008-01-04: DRM Officially Dead: Last Major Label Sony BMG Plans to Finally Drop DRM
2008-01-04: Eugenics and the Nazis -- the California connection
2008-01-04: Japan proposes 'Net censorship, watermarking
2008-01-04: MojoPac - Free Virtual PCs That Conjure New Security - on USB drives
2008-01-05: 100% of people carry at least one type of pesticide in their bodies
2008-01-05: Passenger jets get anti-missile devices
2008-01-05: Revolutionary air car runs on compressed air
2008-01-05: Scary New York Times story on faulty voting machines coming on Sunday
2008-01-05: Science, Evolution, and Creationism - from the National Academy of Science
2008-01-06: E-Lead Electronic Noahpad UMPC gets official
2008-01-06: Glitch in Windows Home Server Corrupts Files
2008-01-06: Hotspot Shield - free VPN software for WiFi security
2008-01-06: oqo: Very pretty tiny laptop computer
2008-01-06: PAL-V - Personal Air and Land Vehicle
2008-01-06: thebroken - Video Hacking Show
2008-01-06: Windows Sysinternals: Documentation, downloads and additional resources
2008-01-07: Alienware curved monitor
2008-01-07: Asus Eee PC - five reasons why you should buy one - and five reasons why you should think twice
2008-01-07: Scientific American's plan to end US dependence on foreign oil by 2050 using solar power
2008-01-07: Top 10 Scientific Breakthroughs of 2007
2008-01-07: TV presenter Jeremy Clarkson has lost money after publishing his bank details in his newspaper column
2008-01-07: Voting Machines - New York Times\
2008-01-07: "Turkish" hacker uncovers evidence that leads to American porn convictions
2008-01-08: 2007 worst ever year for data protection in the UK
2008-01-08: Back from the dead: CompUSA assets snapped up by TigerDirect
2008-01-08: BlackEnergy DDOS Bot
2008-01-08: German hackers fight electronic voting
2008-01-08: Hackers turn Cleveland into malware server
2008-01-08: Helium supplies endangered
2008-01-08: How To: Create a Threat Model for a Web Application at Design Time
2008-01-08: IWhy should airport customs officials search the contents of your hard drive?
2008-01-08: Microsoft Will End Reduced Functionality Mode in Windows Genuine Advantage update in Vista SP1
2008-01-08: New Apple Mac Pro: Now With 8 Cores of Processing Power
2008-01-08: Sears sued for website that leaked customer purchases
2008-01-08: Serious Flash vulns menace at least 10,000 websites
2008-01-08: shimmer - an alternative to port knocking
2008-01-08: Shuttle launches $199 KPC linux box, $99 barebones kit
2008-01-08: The 3-D printer that can print a 3-D printer
2008-01-08: Will Shiny Plants Save Us From Global Warming?
2008-01-08: 'Ragtag' Russian army shows the new face of DDoS attacks
2008-01-09: Comcast introduces open-cable platform
2008-01-09: Comparison of machine and paper ballots in New Hampshire Primary
2008-01-09: First iPhone Trojan in the wild
2008-01-09: Google processes over 20 petabytes of data per day
2008-01-09: Government supplies SSNs to identity thieves
2008-01-09: How to access Linux Partitions from Windows?
2008-01-09: How to set up a 35 Ktps database
2008-01-09: Hydrogen in membranes used to efficiently produce electricity from heat
2008-01-09: Man gets record sentence for computer sabotage
2008-01-09: Mass SQL Injection attack infects tens of thousands of sites
2008-01-09: Microsoft admits Office 2003 'mistake'
2008-01-09: Microsoft Patches Flaw That Could Trigger Worm Attack
2008-01-09: MS08-001: Vulnerability in TCP/IP could allow remote code execution
2008-01-09: OLPCs to be dual-boot Linux/Windows machines? Why?
2008-01-09: Panasonic and Google to launch Internet TVs - Direct viewing of YouTube and Picasa
2008-01-09: Phil ZImmermann passionately denying that there is a back door in PGP
2008-01-09: Really brutal error message
2008-01-09: Retrospective: 10 security blunders - the iPhone runs everything as root
2008-01-09: Reversal Of Alzheimer's Symptoms Within Minutes In Human Study
2008-01-09: Team discovers a second halo orbiting Milky Way
2008-01-09: Tiger Team TV series - Penetration testers
2008-01-09: TinyXP Platinum Edition 2 - Win XP on a USB stick
2008-01-09: Who is thesource.ofallevil.com?
2008-01-10: ASCII Art Dancing Kitten
2008-01-10: Biggest black hole in the cosmos discovered - space
2008-01-10: Disgruntled sysadmin gets 30 month jail sentence for sabotaging medical database
2008-01-10: Download and Listen to Free Music on the Web
2008-01-10: How to Hack a Diebold Voting Machine
2008-01-10: NEW VOLTAIC 'GENERATOR' Solar Bag Charges Laptops!
2008-01-10: Steal This Wi-Fi - Why Bruce Schneier has an Open Wi-Fi Point
2008-01-10: Taser MP3 player
2008-01-10: USB 3.0 in the flesh
2008-01-10: Virgin Galactic to Offer Space Cruise through Aurora Borealis | The Daily Galaxy: News from Planet Earth & Beyond
2008-01-11: A massive study takes a major step forward in explaining the genetics of autism
2008-01-11: Amazon Officially First To Drop Major DRM: Sony the Fourth and Final Big Label Onboard
2008-01-11: Bug Labs - build your own camera, GPS, etc. with plugable modules
2008-01-11: Hubble finds double Einstein ring
2008-01-11: Radiohead album the top-seller, despite being available legally for free on the Internet for months
2008-01-11: REAL ID law pits states against feds
2008-01-11: Scientists have grown a brain in a petri dish and taught it to pilot an F-22 jet simulator
2008-01-11: Ten Recurring Economic Fallacies, 1774-2004
2008-01-11: Upgraded Hubble telescope to be 90 times as powerful
2008-01-11: Vast Cloud of Antimatter Traced to Binary Stars
2008-01-11: Wi-Fi Radar solves Ubuntu Wireless Networking problem
2008-01-12: 62-in-1 Card Reader + Hub for SATA, USB 2.0, 1394/Firewire & Audio 3.5" Drive Bay
2008-01-12: Bacteria powered microbial fuel cells prove viable form of electricity generation
2008-01-12: Best Hacking Softwares_ 1000sw(Free download) - www.crack$hack.ws
2008-01-12: Body heat could charge your cellphone - new material made of rough Silicon nanotubes is the key
2008-01-12: Confessions: The Meanest Thing Gizmodo Did at CES
2008-01-12: Cosmic Cloud on Collision Course
2008-01-12: Debian GNU/Linux device driver check page
2008-01-12: GMail Adds Group Mailing List Functions
2008-01-12: Indian company launches world's cheapest car
2008-01-12: Mind Reading Is Now Possible with MRI machines
2008-01-12: Mind Reading Is Now Possible with MRI Machines
2008-01-12: Nanotubes Make Synthetic Skin Feel Your Pain - awesome pictures of nanotubes
2008-01-12: NASA Scientists Predict Black Hole Light Echo Show
2008-01-12: Poisoned MySpace page masquerades as Windows Update
2008-01-12: Polish hacker turns city trams into a giant toy train set, injures dozens
2008-01-12: Review: Eee laptop PC shreds the rules
2008-01-12: The Working Installation Storage Platform Project
2008-01-12: UK education agency says no to Vista, Office 2007
2008-01-12: Zoe Keating's Sampled Cello Music makes her sound like a whole orchestra
2008-01-13: Beaver Casemod
2008-01-13: Diabetes breakthrough - disease cured in mice
2008-01-13: Encryption and Security Tutorial
2008-01-13: Forwarding GNOME via SSH in Ubuntu
2008-01-13: PDF Hammer - Free Web Based PDF Editor
2008-01-13: Surface Mount Soldering
2008-01-13: Tiget Team Penetration Testing a Car Dealership
2008-01-13: Time May Not Exist
2008-01-14: Hydrogen-Powered Cell Phone Doubles Battery Lifetime
2008-01-14: The darkest material on Earth
2008-01-15: 10-Fold Life Span Extension Reported in Yeast
2008-01-15: Big Brain Cosmology
2008-01-15: eSATA to shed the power plug
2008-01-15: FBI "Server in the Sky" program to exchange biometric data with British police
2008-01-15: Forget oil, the new global crisis is food
2008-01-15: MediaDefender Hacker Speaks Out
2008-01-15: ROBOT9000 and #xkcd-signal: Attacking Noise in Chat
2008-01-15: Sprint shows off WiMax devices
2008-01-15: The Metasploit Project - Browser Assessment
2008-01-15: Turn Your $60 Router into a User-Friendly Super-Router with Tomato
2008-01-15: UK jails considering RFID implants for prisoners
2008-01-15: We Own The World, by Noam Chomsky
2008-01-15: What a Tangled Web - Functional quantum nodes for entanglement distribution
2008-01-15: Xanda - /dev/project - Digital Forensic Tools: Imaging, Virtualization, Cryptanalysis, Steganalysis, Data Recovery, Data Carving. More
2008-01-16: First photos of Mercury
2008-01-16: Microsoft seeks patent for office 'spy' software - measures heart rate, temperature, etc.
2008-01-16: Sun acquires MySQL
2008-01-16: The Steve Jobs 90 Minute Keynote in 60 Seconds
2008-01-16: The story of Ethan, the hacker who killed Media Defender
2008-01-16: YouTube - Jupiter sounds (so strange!) NASA-Voyager recording
2008-01-17: New silicon nanowire anodes could result in battery breakthrough
2008-01-17: Sun targets open source LAMP stack with MySQL acquisition
2008-01-17: Time Warner Cable to trial hard bandwidth caps in Texas
2008-01-17: U.S. Dominance in Science at Risk, Report Says
2008-01-18: Anti-spammer fined $60K for DNS lookup 'hack' | The Register
2008-01-18: Ethical storm as scientist becomes first man to clone HIMSELF
2008-01-18: Human Embryos Cloned in California
2008-01-18: Montana high school cancels Nobel Laureate's speech on climate change because it would be 'anti-agriculture'
2008-01-18: MySpace Bug Leaks 'Private' Teen Photos to Voyeurs
2008-01-18: N. Dakota Judge rules that Zone Transfers are Hacking
2008-01-18: UK OKs human-animal embryo research
2008-01-18: Yahoo Implements OpenID; Massive Win For The Project
2008-01-19: Make your own Covert Spy Sunglasses
2008-01-20: *** SQL Injection Example *** How hackers used SQL injection to DoS the RIAA site, with the code!
2008-01-20: 10 Gorgeous Mozilla Firefox Wallpapers
2008-01-20: 40 GB on 1,3 inches
2008-01-20: An interesting chart of personality traits in two dimensions
2008-01-20: Breakthrough: Concentrated Solar Power All Over Southwest US
2008-01-20: CCIE lessons in PDF files
2008-01-20: Disappearing Car Door Video
2008-01-20: Download Torrents Without Using Any BitTorrent Clients
2008-01-20: Electrically Luminescent Wire by the Foot
2008-01-20: FlyBack: a 'Time Machine' backup utility for Linux
2008-01-20: Hackers Have Attacked Foreign Utilities, CIA Analyst Says
2008-01-20: How to Survive a 500-Foot Fall
2008-01-20: Interactive kaleidoscope line drawing
2008-01-20: iPhoneCam: Wireless webcam application for iPhones
2008-01-20: Israel plans electric car network
2008-01-20: Jihadi software promises secure Web contacts
2008-01-20: New Study May Have Found a Way to Reverse Alzheimer%u2019s Symptoms Within Minutes
2008-01-20: Portable Device Quickly Detects Early Alzheimer's
2008-01-20: Protocols in multi-service networks - LearningSpace - OpenLearn - The Open University
2008-01-20: RIAA Website Wiped Clean by Hackers
2008-01-20: RSA Conference 2008: World's Largest Information Security Industry Conference and Expo - 04/07/2008 - 04/11/2008 San Francisco
2008-01-20: Secure IT Conference - March 4 - 6, 2008 - San Diego
2008-01-20: Testing Firewalls for IPv6 and EDNS0 Support
2008-01-20: The family with three of the eleven female chess grandmasters
2008-01-20: Why build your own computer?
2008-01-20: 'Mind-reading' car keeps drivers focused
2008-01-21: An overly informative error message I saw on 1-22-08
2008-01-21: Astronaut Self-shot Over Earth
2008-01-21: Galaxy with Comet
2008-01-22: How to find files in Linux
2008-01-22: Letter from a Birmingham Jail, Martin Luther King, Jr., 1963
2008-01-23: Israel is planning for artificially intelligent robotic defenses that could launch missiles with no humans in the loop
2008-01-23: Privacy: Cops Can Search You...and Your Phone's Memory
2008-01-24: Alchemist Author Pirates His Own Books
2008-01-24: Credit issuer says data lost for 650,000 customers -- Iron Mountain lost a backup tape
2008-01-24: Hacker Group Wants To Destroy Scientology - Videos - KNTV
2008-01-24: Microsoft unveils its grand virtualization strategy
2008-01-25: 100Mbit/s sewer broadband rollout in the UK
2008-01-25: Best Buy digital picture frames contain a Windows virus
2008-01-25: Critics split over DDoS attacks on Scientology
2008-01-25: Donald Rumsfeld Calls for U.S. Propaganda Agency
2008-01-25: Entire Synthetic Genome Created
2008-01-25: How To: Install OS X on Your Hackintosh PC, No Hacking Required
2008-01-25: Large Hadron Collider: The Discovery Machine: Scientific American
2008-01-25: Las Vegas to Build World's First 30 Story Vertical Farm
2008-01-25: Microsoft changes EULA to allow Vista Home versions in virtual machines
2008-01-25: Mozilla confirms Firefox proof of concept information leak vulnerability
2008-01-25: NIST releases a draft compliance guide for IPv6
2008-01-25: Planetary Society Criticizes NASA's Manned Moon Plan
2008-01-25: Secrets of 700-MHz Spectrum Auction
2008-01-25: Super Water Repellent
2008-01-25: Where Continents Go to Die: A New Look into the Center of the Earth
2008-01-25: YouTube - Fastest Geek Competition
2008-01-25: YouTube - The Day The Routers Died...
2008-01-27: Estonia fines man for 'cyber war'

Feb 2008

2007-02-13: Google's analysis of drive-by downloads
2008-01-27: Anonymous on Fox 11 - the notorious Exploding Van report
2008-01-27: French financial fraud analysis - Is Jerome Kerviel Hacking?
2008-01-27: French financial trader hacks his own bank -- 50 billion Euros in losses -- biggest fraud in banking history
2008-01-27: Researchers in Maryland unleash synthetic DNA
2008-01-27: SANS Analysis of infected consumer electronics, including picture frames
2008-01-27: Technological Grievances
2008-01-27: Windows 7 Screen Shots
2008-01-27: Windows 7: The Anti-Vista? | All about Microsoft | ZDNet.com
2008-01-28: Contact Lens Display System
2008-01-28: E-books and E-readers coming of age
2008-01-28: Featured Films: The Science behind the Large Hadron Collider
2008-01-28: Gene Therapy for Chronic Pain
2008-01-28: Microsoft Releases Get Genuine Kit and Windows Product Key Update Tool (from 2006, for Win XP)
2008-01-28: New fiber optic camera in a pill allows cheap, easy esophageal cancer screening
2008-01-28: Tiny Car Review - Really Tiny
2008-01-28: YouTube - Google Maps - A cautionary tale
2008-01-28: YouTube - Warriors of The .Net
2008-01-29: AutoRuns for Windows
2008-01-29: Doctors Report Transplant Breakthrough
2008-01-29: Droop s Box Simple Pen-test Using Nmap, Nikto, Bugtraq, Nslookup and Other Tools!.swf (application/x-shockwave-flash Object)
2008-01-29: Exploit Code Available for Solaris XFS Vulnerability
2008-01-29: Force windows to load the kernel in memory
2008-01-29: Greek police arrest hacker who sold $361 million in confidential data
2008-01-29: Hackers Rig Google to Deliver Malware
2008-01-29: High Risk Apache Exploit Circulating
2008-01-29: Intoxilyzer source code must be disclosed
2008-01-29: Judge says Patriot Act allows warrantless phone, email taps
2008-01-29: Rumors: iPhone Application Key reportedly leaked
2008-01-29: Sun rushes out patch for Solaris Telnet exploit (from 2-13-07)
2008-01-29: Sun Solaris Telnet Remote Authentication Bypass Vulnerability (from 2-07)
2008-01-29: Sweden to charge Pirate Bay in copyright case | Tech News on ZDNet
2008-01-29: Trivial remote Solaris 0day, disable telnet now. (from 2-07)
2008-01-29: X Font Server flaw hits Sun Solaris hard (from 10-3-07)
2008-01-30: A tour of Google's new Experimental Search. Verdict: awesome
2008-01-30: Scientists reverse memory loss with electrical brain stimulation
2008-01-31: ISP Ordered to Reveal Identities of BitTorrent Anime Sharers
2008-01-31: NASA Spacecraft Streams Back Surprises From Mercury - with video
2008-02-01: Even SSL Gmail can get sidejacked
2008-02-01: How to Reduce Windows Vista's Size from 15GB to 1.4GB
2008-02-01: Map of Iapetus
2008-02-01: Mediterranean Cable Break - Map of Affected Nations
2008-02-01: Mediterranean Cables Cut, Disrupting Communications
2008-02-01: More SideJacking - How the HTTPS Gmail Hack Works - Interesting Legal Opinions on German and UK Hacking Tools
2008-02-01: The Five Coolest Hacks of 2007
2008-02-03: Civil Engineering Gamesa
2008-02-03: Could Our Universe Be A Virtual Reality?
2008-02-03: First look: Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) alpha 4
2008-02-03: Hacking Real World Systems : How a blackhat defruaded an online poker game (he doesn't seem to know he's a criminal)
2008-02-03: How to Lose $7.2 Billion: A Trader's Tale
2008-02-03: Intel and Micron develop ntel and Micron develop world's fastest NAND
2008-02-03: Mankind needs to make artificial life to survive
2008-02-03: Nanotechnological gas containers store gas without pressure
2008-02-03: New robot capabilities
2008-02-03: Robot Finds Lost Shoppers and Provides Directions
2008-02-03: Shmoocon Videos - Hacker Presentations
2008-02-03: The major incidents on the internet in 2007
2008-02-03: This Page Crashes Internet Explorer
2008-02-03: Video: Wirelessly hacking Gmail and more - tutorial
2008-02-03: Virtual Reality - Serious Psychology Studies
2008-02-03: 'Watermarks' written in first artificial genome
2008-02-04: Yahoo! CAPTCHA Cracked by Russian Hackers
2008-02-04: 15 minutes to using your existing Windows install & apps in Ubuntu
2008-02-04: Employee Pulls Plug on Digital Bank Robbery
2008-02-04: FBI wants palm prints, eye scans, tattoo mapping in a huge database
2008-02-04: Gold atoms one-by-one; microscope with resolution 0.5 Angstrom
2008-02-04: How Big Is the Web? 155,583,825 Sites - Report
2008-02-04: How to Create The Ultimate Windows XP Installation CD/DVD
2008-02-04: Percentage of pupulation with less than nine years of education
2008-02-04: Science Cartoons (the last one is the best)
2008-02-04: Secrets In Websites
2008-02-04: The Internet's Undersea World
2008-02-04: The mouse that caught a cold... and may help us find a cure
2008-02-04: Trev Two-Seat Lithium ion Electric Travels for 2 cents a Mile
2008-02-05: An explanation of IP version numbers: only versions 4 and 6 ever existed; 1, 2, 3, and 5 were skipped
2008-02-05: IBM explores 67.1m-core computer for running entire internet
2008-02-05: Intel Doubles Capacity of Phase-Change Memory, the Next Step After Flash
2008-02-05: Intel Doubles Capacity of Phase-Change Memory, the Next Step After Flash
2008-02-05: Internet problems continue with fourth cable break
2008-02-05: Microsoft replaces Vista kernel in SP1
2008-02-05: New Way to Kill Viruses: Shake Them to Death
2008-02-05: Overhaul of net addresses begins - Root DNS Servers gain IPv6 Records
2008-02-05: Shutttle and Earth
2008-02-05: Three Parents Contribute to Experimental Human Embryo
2008-02-05: Vista SP 1 Removes 'Kill Switch'
2008-02-05: Windows Server 2008 and Vista SP1 RTM today
2008-02-06: An early announcement of Linux development in 1991
2008-02-06: 18-wheeler v. iPhone
2008-02-06: 25 Incredible Skins, Resources & Tools for the Gmail Power User
2008-02-06: Computer Can Recognize Dog Speech
2008-02-06: DNS Enhancements in Windows Server 2008
2008-02-06: Enjoy Candy Without The Cavities: Good Lollipop Kills Bacteria That Causes Tooth Decay
2008-02-06: Fifth Cable Cut To Middle East
2008-02-06: Flashlight Weapon Makes Targets Throw Up
2008-02-06: Former SCO chair behind Utah WiFi age verification proposal
2008-02-06: Free software turns Nokia Smartphones to WLAN HotSpots
2008-02-06: Google sells email filtering for businesses - $3 per year
2008-02-06: ICANN flips switch on IPv6 DNS root servers - Experiments with DNSv6
2008-02-06: Iran is not disconnected!
2008-02-06: Mach 5 passenger airline being planned
2008-02-06: Robotic Telescope Installed on Antarctica Plateau
2008-02-06: Small wonder: inside Intel's Silverthorne ultramobile CPU
2008-02-06: The Best, Free Alternatives to Nero CD/DVD Burner
2008-02-06: The Top 5 VoIP Security Threats of 2008
2008-02-06: The Ultimate List of Must Have Tools for a PC Tech
2008-02-06: TrueCrypt 5.0 Released, Now Encrypts Entire Drive
2008-02-06: Vishing: a new VOIP threat
2008-02-06: vomit - voice over misconfigured internet telephones
2008-02-06: Windows Vista Recovery Disc Download %u2014 The NeoSmart Files
2008-02-07: A Sunspot in the New Solar Cycle
2008-02-07: Example of IPV6 DNS Records - www.ipv6tf.org
2008-02-07: How to spoof your MAC address in Mac OS X
2008-02-07: Neuroscience: One Pill Makes You Autistic -- And One Pill Changes You Back
2008-02-07: New study reveals course of Alzheimer's disease - plaques form first
2008-02-07: Scientists make beating heart in laboratory
2008-02-07: The New IPv6 Root Name Server File
2008-02-08: 16-year-old Certified Ethical Hacker
2008-02-08: A real WordPress site hacking and how it was cleaned
2008-02-08: Antivirus Inventor: Security Departments Are Wasting Their Time
2008-02-08: Japan's space agency planning space-based solar power arrays
2008-02-08: Who's afraid of IPv4 address depletion? Apparently no one.
2008-02-09: Cosmic Finger Taps Our Galaxy's Shoulder
2008-02-09: Firefox Demo: Password stealing
2008-02-09: Microsoft Helps Nab $900M Piracy Ring
2008-02-09: Nokia turns people into traffic sensors
2008-02-09: Virtualization in Linux: A Review of Four Software Choices
2008-02-10: 25 Firefox Extensions to Make You More Productive
2008-02-10: Bubble Nebula
2008-02-10: DNSSEC - DNS Security Extensions
2008-02-10: Excellent diagram showing the floating garbage patches in the ocean
2008-02-10: Felonspy.com - You need to know who your neighbors are. Especially if they're dangerous criminals
2008-02-10: France Halts Genetically Modified Corn
2008-02-10: Galactic Eye - pretty photo
2008-02-10: Homemade T.E.A. Lasers.
2008-02-10: lanmap - Network discovery tool that produces nice 2d images -- Ubuntu Geek
2008-02-10: Las Vegas Hotel Marquee showing Blue Screen of Death
2008-02-10: Pirate Bay to buy country
2008-02-10: The Gulf Dead Zone
2008-02-11: A diagram demonstrating the effectiveness of Windows Firewall
2008-02-11: Artificial Energy Islands Could Power The World
2008-02-11: eJamming: Skype for musicians
2008-02-11: RIP Ultimate Extras
2008-02-11: SP1 brings with it a softer, gentler, naggier WGA - Day 3
2008-02-11: Submarine canyon offshore San Diego, California
2008-02-11: Vista SP1 - Download it for the kill-switch removal, keep it for the increased performance, reliability and compatibility
2008-02-11: Vista SP1 still doesn't stop pirates
2008-02-12: Fusion Power in the Next Five Years!?
2008-02-12: Microsoft threatens hostile takeover of Yahoo
2008-02-12: Self-cleaning wool and silk developed using nanotechnology
2008-02-13: A list of dozens of school security breaches already in 2008
2008-02-13: Crucifixion: Our Dying Constitution
2008-02-13: Farthest Galaxy Found, Perhaps
2008-02-13: Google's Android Makes Its Public Debut
2008-02-13: Here come the teeny, tiny, mini-projectors
2008-02-13: How-to: IPv6 workstation and Server for BSD
2008-02-13: Is it time to consider PDF a threat?
2008-02-13: Microsoft delivers 11 patches, 6 critical; Excel flaw left unpatched
2008-02-13: More information on the Vista SP1 activation hack
2008-02-13: New Online Mapping Tool Shows Drivers Speedtrap Locations
2008-02-13: NYC law would ban sex offenders from Facebook and MySpace
2008-02-13: Senate Approves Telco Amnesty, Legalizes Bush's Secret Spy Program
2008-02-13: Senate Authorizes Broad Expansion Of Surveillance Act
2008-02-13: Vista SP1 rolls up 551 bug fixes
2008-02-13: When Surveillance Cameras Talk
2008-02-13:Tutorials: Making your own trojan in a .bat file
2008-02-14: A Pakistani view of U.S. nuclear weapons
2008-02-14: Blue Cross rescinds letter asked physicians to spy for data they could use to cancel medical insurance
2008-02-14: Defense: Inferno Speaker Blaster Makes you Vomit
2008-02-14: Google releases new Android SDK - Picture
2008-02-14: Harvard's Faculty of Arts and Sciences goes Open Access
2008-02-14: Real Time Sky Map of Gamma-ray Bursts
2008-02-15: Are solid-state drives really better than hard disks?
2008-02-15: Attack code posted for Microsoft Works bug
2008-02-15: BitTorrent Developers Introduce Comcast Busting Encryption
2008-02-15: Google iPhone usage shocks search giant
2008-02-15: ICANN: Top Level Domains could end with EXE. Confused? Users may be too
2008-02-15: Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) Resources
2008-02-15: Pentagon to shoot down renegade spy satellite
2008-02-15: Remarkable New Clothing May Someday Power Your MP3 Player
2008-02-15: Smaller Version of the Solar System Is Discovered 5000 Lightyears Away
2008-02-15: U.S. to launch missile at broken spy satellite
2008-02-15: Use of Rogue DNS Servers on Rise
2008-02-15:laser light creates a black hole event horizon in fiber optics
2008-02-16: Congress bans incandescent bulbs
2008-02-16: Could IP address plan mean another IPv6 delay?
2008-02-16: F-PROT Antivirus for Linux and Solaris
2008-02-16: Facebook can ruin your life. And so can MySpace, Bebo...
2008-02-16: Free Wi-Fi Gaining as a Business Model
2008-02-16: Free Wi-Fi Gaining as a Business Model
2008-02-16: Silicon Valley Starts to Turn to Developing Solar Power
2008-02-16: U.S. Energy Bill Phases Out Incandescent Light Bulb
2008-02-17: Total Lunar Eclipse 7:26 pm PST Wednesday evening, February 20th
2008-02-17: Clouds on the Sahara Desert from space
2008-02-17: Ditch Your Cable Company With Free, Legal Alternatives
2008-02-17: Fre Microsoft CD Drive Emulator
2008-02-17: How to keep bad robots out of your Web site
2008-02-17: The Crab Nebula from Hubble
2008-02-17: The Laser Elevator - science education the xkcd way
2008-02-17: Turning firefox into a WA assault kit
2008-02-18: WikiLeaks Under Fire - Site shut down to conceal money-laundering allegations against Cayman Islands bank
2008-02-18: 9 (More) Useful Websites You Should Know About, But Probably Don't
2008-02-18: Chegg.com - Rent Textbooks, Cheap Used College Textbooks
2008-02-18: Dinosaur on a bicycle
2008-02-18: DIY unmanned aerial vehicles
2008-02-18: Earth-like planets more common than expected
2008-02-18: Hackers can turn your home computer into a bomb (Weekly World News)
2008-02-18: Harvard Site Hacked and Then Leaked on BitTorrent
2008-02-18: How To Find Drivers For Unknown Devices In Device Manager
2008-02-18: How to safely remove your USB drive when Safely Remove Hardware icon disappears from the system tray
2008-02-18: RFID Viruses and Worms
2008-02-18: Run Multiple Versions OF IE (Internet Explorer On Windows XP)
2008-02-18: Windows Server 2008 will ship with SP1 installed
2008-02-18: "Encrypted" Hard Drive not actually encrypted
2008-02-19: Ambriel Technologies developing IPv6-to-IPv4 Bridges
2008-02-19: andLinux.org - Run Ubuntu as an app on Windows without VMware
2008-02-19: Are you Sure your Email isn't being Hacked?
2008-02-19: From Windows to Linux - and back again
2008-02-19: How to install Linux as a second OS on a Vista machine
2008-02-19: Microsoft DreamSpark - Free Software for College Students
2008-02-19: Remotely control your PC using a Gmail account
2008-02-19: Report Software Piracy Confidentially: USA Reporting Forms - Confidential
2008-02-19: SSL Shopper: Certificate Authority (CA) Reviews
2008-02-20: - Map of USA in 1820, showing free and slave territories.
2008-02-20: Autism Breakthrough: Girl's Writings Provide 'Remarkable Insight' on Disorder
2008-02-20: CNN Journalist fired for blogging
2008-02-20: Infrared LEDs make you invisible to CCTV cameras
2008-02-20: iPaper - a PDF alternative
2008-02-20: Microsoft posts new Windows XP SP3 build for public download
2008-02-20: Microsoft Steps Up Hostile Takeover Campaign Against Yahoo
2008-02-20: Modular Snake Robots
2008-02-20: Power-Jacket Charges Laptops With Body Heat
2008-02-20: Supreme Court rejects ACLU challenge to wiretaps
2008-02-20: Wi-Fi Army - real-world combat game with GPS + Google Android
2008-02-20: 'Hacker' launches iTunes copying software from San Francisco
2008-02-21: Analysis of the Senate bills introduced by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama
2008-02-21: How to protect Vista restore points from XP in a dual-boot
2008-02-21: Pearson VUE Test Vouchers - CompTIA E2C
2008-02-21: Stanford Security Seminar Friday, Feb 22 - Peiter "Mudge" Zatko - The man who wrote L0phtCrack
2008-02-21: The Milky Way is twice the size we thought it was
2008-02-21: UCR’s Researchers Discover New Way to Store Information Via DNA - Digitally sign designer life
2008-02-21: Video of a missile shooting down a rogue satellite
2008-02-21: Video of a missile shooting down a rogue satellite http://www.youtube.com/watch?
2008-02-22: Air-Powered Car Coming to U.S. in 2009 to 2010 - Zero Pollution Motors - 1000-Mile Range
2008-02-22: Ballmer in Yahoo Proxy Fight
2008-02-22: BITLOCKER HACKED - Hard disk encryption defeated by recovering the key from RAM
2008-02-22: Bush: no compromise on phone immunity in spy bill
2008-02-22: Gravity powered lamp generates as much light as 40 Watt bulb
2008-02-22: How to LoJack your iPhone for free
2008-02-22: Lessig's Message about Money in Politics
2008-02-22: Researchers will soon be able to crack 64-bit encrypted cellular phone calls with $1000 box
2008-02-22: Scientists Measure What It Takes to Push a Single Atom
2008-02-22: Self-healing rubber bounces back
2008-02-23: 1.2 Gbps Satellite Internet in Japan
2008-02-23: Google Shoots For The Moon
2008-02-23: Top 7 Most Powerful Supercomputers in the World (Publicly Known)
2008-02-24: andLinux.org - Run Linux on Windows Without a Virtual Machine
2008-02-24: andLinux: Seamlessly Run Linux Apps on Your Windows Desktop
2008-02-24: Busted Canadian Hacker Ring controlled 1 million computers in 100 countries
2008-02-24: Colliding Galaxies
2008-02-24: Critical VMware security alert for Windows-hosted VMware client versions
2008-02-24: DHCPv6: Dibbler - a portable DHCPv6
2008-02-24: Google's Personal Medical Record Service begins in Cleveland
2008-02-24: Helpful tips! andlinux.org :: View topic - Installation howto
2008-02-24: How to resolve the Vista Update Patch problem
2008-02-24: IBM will use self-assembling nanotechnology to make chips starting in 2009
2008-02-24: Microsoft Windows DHCP Team Blog : DHCPv6 Stateless and Stateful Server in Windows Server 2008
2008-02-24: Pakistan uses BGP to block YouTube, causing global chaos
2008-02-24: SCREEN2EXE - capture desktop activity from SnapFiles
2008-02-24: Testing computer repair shops
2008-02-24: Texas Early Voting Wave as Reaction to Systemic Disenfranchisement
2008-02-24: The Sun will vaporise the Earth unless we can change our orbit
2008-02-24: Wikileaks - The Unstoppable Whistleblower Site that Reveals Secret Documents
2008-02-24: Wikileaks and Internet Censorship - a comparative study - Wikileaks
2008-02-24: Wiperless windshield created, powered by nanotech
2008-02-24: Wubi arrives: a look at Ubuntu 8.04 alpha 5
2008-02-24: "Stage 3 of 3 - 0% complete" endless reboots on Vista machines
2008-02-25: andLinux Help: Network - coLinux
2008-02-26: Configuring OpenWrt as a Routed Wireless Client
2008-02-26: Drastically Speed up your Linux System with Preload
2008-02-26: Fortinet Completes Requirements for IPv6 Certification on FortiOS 3.0 Firmware
2008-02-26: Images of exploding nanowires
2008-02-26: IPv6 howto - OpenWrt
2008-02-26: Map Any Key to Any Key on Windows XP / Vista
2008-02-26: MetaRAM quadruples DDR2 DIMM capacities, launches 8GB DIMMs
2008-02-26: Prozac, used by 40m people, does not work, say scientists
2008-02-26: Stupid WRT54G Tricks -- Installing OpenWRT and OpenSWAN
2008-02-26: Tagging tumor cells with light-emitting molecules could improve chemotherapy
2008-02-27: 20 Surprising Ways Wal-Mart Clinics Will Affect US Healthcare
2008-02-27: Another good introductory OpenWRT tutorial
2008-02-27: Another Utah bill to make G-rated Internet
2008-02-27: FDIC to Add Staff as Bank Failures Loom
2008-02-27: Gmail CAPTCHA cracked
2008-02-27: Internet Routing Insecurity::Pakistan Nukes YouTube -- Nice analysis
2008-02-27: IPv6 on the WRT54G via OpenWRT
2008-02-27: Peter Selinger: MD5 Collision Demo
2008-02-27: Ultimate Deployment - Free OS installation over networks
2008-02-27: UNIX tips: Learn 10 good UNIX usage habits
2008-02-28: Automated killer robots 'threat to humanity': expert
2008-02-28: British scientists create 'revolutionary' drug that prevents breast cancer developing
2008-02-28: Finjan uncovers database storing more than 8,700 stolen FTP credentials
2008-02-28: Goolag - Google Hacking Tool
2008-02-28: Heavy legal guns ask judge to reverse Wikileaks shutdown
2008-02-28: How Good People Turn Evil, From Stanford to Abu Ghraib, an interview with Philip Zimbardo
2008-02-28: NASA will crash two spacecraft into the Moon's South pole
2008-02-28: Researchers Transmit Optical Data at 16.4 Tbps Over 1,500 Miles
2008-02-28: The most spied upon people in Europe
2008-02-28: The Truth About Autism: Scientists Reconsider What They Think They Know
2008-02-28: Worst hard drive crash I've seen
2008-02-29: All the water and air on Earth displayes visually
2008-02-29: FBI closing in on blind phone phreak for SWATting
2008-02-29: Google Gives All SF Homeless Free Voicemail
2008-02-29: Google Gives All SF Homeless Free Voicemail
2008-02-29: Microsoft lowered Vista requirements to help Intel sell incompatible chipsets
2008-02-29: New technique induces brain cells to multiply after an injury
2008-02-29: The Wind Dam Could Be Better Than Wind Turbines
2008-02-29: Wave-powered boats
2008-03-02: 24C3 - Programming DNA - 1 hr. video lecture
2008-03-02: Bill Gates - How to Keep America Competitive
2008-03-02: Chipset cooler - fan powered by heat, not electricity
2008-03-02: CrunchBang Linux
2008-03-02: Faster than grep: a stirring story of C coding
2008-03-02: Firefox 3 is TEN TIMES faster than IE?
2008-03-02: IBM using DNA to make carbon nanotube grid computer chips
2008-03-02: IPv6 Hour... One, Two, Three, IPv4 Switched Off!
2008-03-02: Japanese robots enter daily life
2008-03-02: Javascript Kaleidosketch
2008-03-02: Juniper Networks Report Describes IPv6 Security Issues & Transition Strategies for U.S. Government Agencies
2008-03-02: Many, Perhaps Most, Nearby Sun-Like Stars May Form Rocky Planets
2008-03-02: New drug made with carbon nanotubes may prevent deaths from lethal radiation doses
2008-03-02: Physicist uses 16 PS3s to make supercomputer
2008-03-02: Scientists create quantum squeezed vacuum -- another step towards quantum computation
2008-03-02: Solid computer-controlled 3-D fabrication machine builds objects out of sugar
2008-03-02: The Memo Mandating that all US Government Agencies must be IPV6 Compatible by June, 2008
2008-03-02: Vista is as fast as XP in these tests
2008-03-03: First spam felony conviction upheld: no free speech to spam

Mar 2008

2008-03-14: The World's Most Dangerous Geek
2008-03-03: Fantastic Router HAcks
2008-03-03: Guidance for demonstrating IPv6 capability
2008-03-03: Supercomputer works on cracking the mystery of the universe
2008-03-03: The Columbus laboratory, attached to the International Space Station
2008-03-03: Want the Best in Free Internet Security? - Get People Driven Security With WOT
2008-03-04: Awesome hack uses firewire to access RAM directly, bypassing passwords (pdf, 2 MB)
2008-03-04: How To Make a CD With All Current Drivers for Windows XP
2008-03-04: Mapping Sites for Cyclists
2008-03-04: msramdmp : McGrew Security RAM Dumper
2008-03-04: Nobel Laureate Debunks Economic Theory
2008-03-04: Slashdot | IPv6 Readiness Report
2008-03-04: Spiderwick Chronicles were made on Macs running Red Hat Linux
2008-03-04: The Cats Paw Nebula
2008-03-04: Windows passwords easily bypassed over Firewire
2008-03-05: Arizona universities to arm police with assault rifles
2008-03-05: Boys And Girls Brains Are Different: Gender Differences In Language Appear Biological
2008-03-05: Can Students Be Paid to Excel? - New York Times
2008-03-05: Index of /blackhat/blackhat-2007-usa-video
2008-03-05: Internet Explorer 8 Has Arrived
2008-03-05: MIT Builds Efficient Nanowire Ultracapacitor Car Storage to Replace Batteries
2008-03-05: More F.B.I. Privacy Breaches Reported
2008-03-05: The International Space Station Expands Again
2008-03-06: EPIC-Locked Microchips will phone home for activation
2008-03-06: Set a Blank Password in Windows XP To Protect the Computer from Internet Attacks
2008-03-06: Vela Supernova Remnant
2008-03-06: Want a peek at a non-Windows operating system from Microsoft?
2008-03-07: 3D Virus Image Taken At Highest Resolution Ever
2008-03-07: BitTorrent Throttling Company Sandvine Sees Sales Down 88%
2008-03-07: NBC11 First U.S. TV Station To Run On Wind Power
2008-03-07: New warrantless wiretap allegations: The FBI's secret backdoor into Verizon's network
2008-03-07: Pentagon develops remote-controlled cyborg insects
2008-03-07: Photos of Earth at night
2008-03-07: The Universe is 13.73 /- .12 billion years old!
2008-03-08: Pentagon attack last June stole an amazing amount of data
2008-03-08: The Sombrero Galaxy, enhanced
2008-03-09: 1 Terabyte optical disks coming in 2010, 200 layers
2008-03-09: Binary 'deathstar' has Earth in its sights
2008-03-09: Chinese hackers: No site is safe
2008-03-09: codepad - Command Interpreter for C, Perl, Ruby, and many other languages
2008-03-09: IBM to shatter Moore%u2019s law with 300GHz Crystal Computer
2008-03-09: Pretty animated demonstration of the Rindjael encryption algorithm
2008-03-09: Vulture - The Unmanned Aircraft Able to Stay in the Air for 5 Years
2008-03-09: Wi-Fi Epidemiology: A firmware-replacing router worm would infect thousands of routers within days
2008-03-10: Are Routers the Next Big Target for Hackers?
2008-03-10: Backup application G-Archiver steals passwords
2008-03-10: Buffalo's WHR-HP-G54DD AirStation router comes loaded with DD-WRT
2008-03-10: Cops can read the watermark in your hair
2008-03-10: Crack a Mac with Firewire
2008-03-10: Indelible evidence - forensic-science - 04 October 1997 - Old article but interesting anyway
2008-03-10: Kentucky Lawmaker Wants to Make Anonymous Internet Posting Illegal
2008-03-10: Linux tool speeds up computer forensics for cops
2008-03-10: Mankind's secrets to be stored in lunar ark
2008-03-10: Nearby star should harbor detectable, Earth-like planets
2008-03-10: NSA's Domestic Spying Grows As Agency Sweeps Up Data - WSJ.com
2008-03-10: NVIDIA Workstation Performance: Windows vs. Linux vs. Solaris
2008-03-10: Phun: Coolest science toy ever
2008-03-10: Shockwave traffic jam recreated for first time
2008-03-10: Solar robot lawnmower
2008-03-10: TreeSize Free -- Useful utility to find space hogs
2008-03-10: Ubuntu Brainstorm Site Takes the Community Pulse
2008-03-10: YouTube - How to make hacking videos
2008-03-10:Howto Hide Files inside JPGs -- good tricks, video
2008-03-11: Black holes made of light
2008-03-11: Dropbox - Home - Secure backup, sync and sharing made easy.
2008-03-11: Florida County will use plasma-arc furnace to generate power from trash
2008-03-11: Google's Secret CameraCar Armada Sighted
2008-03-11: How to think like an online con artist
2008-03-11: IETF demonstrates the IPv6-only Internet
2008-03-11: Pentagon closes three NORAD radar sites because global warming erodes the land under them
2008-03-11: Studies Find Reward Often No Motivator
2008-03-11: Technitium MAC Address Changer v4.8 (FREEWARE)
2008-03-11: Wal-Mart Ends Test of Linux in Stores
2008-03-12: A Lesson in Internet Anatomy: The World's Densest Meet-Me Room
2008-03-12: Beautiful microscopic images of cells
2008-03-12: Chemical brain controls nanobots
2008-03-12: Cleversafe Dispersed Storage - With Video
2008-03-12: Have a heart (attack): Defibrillators, pacemakers vulnerable to hackers
2008-03-12: How to watch high quality videos on Youtube
2008-03-12: MindMentor, the first robot psychologist
2008-03-12: RateMyCop.com
2008-03-12: The End of Cosmology? An accelerating universe wipes out traces of its own origins
2008-03-12: Windows Vista Service Pack 1 Blocker
2008-03-12: Work on IPv6 integration and migration surges
2008-03-13: Physical analysis of Digg's story placement
2008-03-14: $5 a month for legal P2P could happen sooner than you think
2008-03-14: Bipolar Disorder: Manic Mouse Made With One Gene Missing
2008-03-14: Brain fitness seen as hot industry of the future
2008-03-14: Linux.com :: Bring back deleted files with lsof
2008-03-14: Run Windows Apps Seamlessly Inside Linux
2008-03-14: Viruses come pre-installed on computer accessories
2008-03-14: Wireless Hacking Live-CD (FBI version){Must Have}
2008-03-15: Looking Glass Sites - Free Routers for Practice
2008-03-16: China Blocks YouTube Over Tibet Videos
2008-03-16: China has world's largest online population
2008-03-16: Close flyby of Enceladus
2008-03-16: Convicted carderplanet cybercrook stands for election in the Ukraine
2008-03-16: French Googleslayer gets the green light
2008-03-16: Full Disclosure: raidsonic nas-4220 crypt disk key leak (stored in plain on unencrypted partition)
2008-03-16: Hacker admits hosing Rubbermaid
2008-03-16: Hacker pleads guilty to creating botnets - faces 60 year prison sentence
2008-03-16: Has Science Found a Way to End All Wars?
2008-03-16: House Rejects Eavesdropping Immunity
2008-03-16: How to fix the Firefox memory leak (Firefox hack) � // Internet Duct Tape
2008-03-16: Hydrogen Fuel via E. Coli
2008-03-16: Hypothesis: PGP backdoor (was: A security bug in PGP products?)
2008-03-16: Information May Leak from Black Holes at Dial-Up Speeds
2008-03-16: Japanese ISPs Agree to Ban Pirates from the Internet
2008-03-16: Korea's P2P pirate goes legal, targets Europe
2008-03-16: Mice without 'ultraconserved' DNA show no ill effects, surprisingly
2008-03-16: PGP has a backdoor!!! - Wilders Security Forums
2008-03-16: Phil Zimmermann denying tjhe rumors of a backdoor in PGP
2008-03-16: Sentient Developments: Seven ways to control the Galaxy with self-replicating probes
2008-03-16: Winpooch : Windows watchdog helps to detect spywares and trojans - opensource - anti spyware and trojan
2008-03-16: 'Akill' charged with University of Pennsylvania botnet attack
2008-03-17: 40% of all spam comes from just one source - nice breakdown of the world's spamming botnets
2008-03-17: Get TechNet Plus Subscription through Microsoft or a qualified reseller | TechNet Plus Subscriptions 40% off till Mar 31 - code - TMSAML03
2008-03-17: How Yahoo lost its way - San Jose Mercury News
2008-03-17: IBM Measures The Force Required To Move Atoms
2008-03-17: IPv6 survey - almost no companies are ready yet
2008-03-17: Juicy Campus--Online campus gossip and the law
2008-03-17: Most diabetes sufferers could be cured within four years
2008-03-17: New video of Big Dog quadruped robot - walks through snow, ice, hills, obstacles
2008-03-17: NIST Creates Perpetual Motion in Bose Einstein condensate
2008-03-17: Retail Vista SP1 and final XP SP3 expected this week
2008-03-17: The results of the protest against Scientology
2008-03-17: Work on Two Computers? Set Up An SSH Server to Make Things Easier!
2008-03-18: 18 Billion Suns -A Galaxy Classic: Biggest Black Hole in Universe Discovered
2008-03-18: Browser Comparison: Firefox 3 wins
2008-03-18: Download Windows Vista Service Pack 1 Five Language Standalone (KB936330)
2008-03-18: DVICE: Coffee Printer
2008-03-18: IBM builds optical switch for multicore chips
2008-03-18: IPv6 Presentations and Documents
2008-03-18: Naughty children as young as FIVE could be put on DNA database as Government brings in 'baby Asbos'
2008-03-18: Notable Changes in Windows Vista Service Pack 1
2008-03-18: Ohio seizes voting machines in criminal investigation - Yet another voting machine disaster
2008-03-18: Recycle electronics free by mail
2008-03-18: Review: Firefox maintains edge over Microsoft in browser wars
2008-03-18: Six-core Intel processors coming this year
2008-03-18: Whistleblower exposes insider trading program at JP Morgan - Insiders get 500% more return on their money
2008-03-18: 'King of spam' pleads guilty, faces 26 years in prison
2008-03-18:Global IPv6 Deployment Progress Report
2008-03-19: How to hack RFID-enabled credit cards for $8
2008-03-20: Hubble finds first organic molecule on extrasolar planet
2008-03-20: Identifying Manipulated Images
2008-03-20: National Do Not Call Registry
2008-03-20: New superconductor uses high pressure instead of low temperature
2008-03-20: The Unix Geek: Why I switched back to Ubuntu
2008-03-20: Ubuntu Howtos
2008-03-20: Web Security - Google Code University
2008-03-21: Burn CDs and DVDs from ISOs - Freeware - The Official ImgBurn Website
2008-03-21: Canadian university punishes student for making online study group
2008-03-21: DHS Data Mining--It's as Bad as You Thought
2008-03-21: For an extra $50, Sony will sell you a computer crapware-free
2008-03-21: How to activate Windows Vista Ultimate for 180 days
2008-03-21: Navy ship crippled by Windows NT (from 1998)
2008-03-21: New Jersey prevented from auditing voting machines by lawsuit threat
2008-03-22: Asterisk mauled by buffer overflow bug
2008-03-22: Comcast wants to build cameras into your cable box to spy on you
2008-03-22: GoDaddy and other Web hosts are afraid to host RateMyCop.com
2008-03-22: Hackers can Hijack PCs With Firefox Add-Ons
2008-03-22: Inside the Twisted Mind of the Security Professional
2008-03-22: Microsoft acquires rootkit specialist Komoku; DoD now a customer
2008-03-22: My 10 favorite Windows programs of all time | Ed Bott
2008-03-22: Proposed Md. bill would make intentional theft of wireless Internet access a crime
2008-03-22: Revo Uninstaller Cleanly Removes your Apps
2008-03-22: robot drummer has plenty of rhythm
2008-03-22: Sequoia Vote Machine Can't Do Simple Arithmetic?
2008-03-22: Single particles of light have a market
2008-03-22: SlySoft cracks Blu-ray BD encryption despire use of 'unbreakable' BD+ virtual machine
2008-03-22: The cheapest way to do VoIP is still analog, with Astribank Asterisk IP PBX units
2008-03-22: The Last HOPE - July 18-20, 2008 - New York City
2008-03-22: The lightbulb of the future? Luxim's plasma lightbulb
2008-03-22: US Army toyed with telepathic ray gun - tech
2008-03-22: Want Vista SP1? Here's what to expect
2008-03-22: Windows Tip: Get Rid of the Junk Left Over after You Install Vista SP1
2008-03-22: Zone-H web defacement data shows platforms don%u2019t matter
2008-03-22: 'Mind Gaming' Could Enter Market This Year - mind-control headsets
2008-03-23: A strange Unix game or puzzle
2008-03-23: Analysis of the Federal Reserve's rescue of Bear Stearns - $500 trillion at stake
2008-03-23: Aurora Borealis from Space
2008-03-23: Cloning treats mouse Parkinson's
2008-03-23: Google Joins MIT in Search for Earth-like Planets |
2008-03-23: Molecular Cloud Barnard 68
2008-03-23: Optical lock foils thieves
2008-03-23: Rick Rolled to child porn = you're a pedophile, says FBI
2008-03-23: Robot reports for security duty in Atlanta
2008-03-24: Federal Legislation Filed To Decriminalize Marijuana
2008-03-24: How to install Mac OS X on Vmware (not legal, sadly)
2008-03-24: Replacing Wire With Laser, Sun Tries to Speed Up Data
2008-03-24: US Rep. Barney Frank Files Legislation To Decriminalize Marijuana
2008-03-25: Firefox 3 Beta: Make Your Extensions Work with the Firefox 3 Beta
2008-03-25: Hook up Six Monitors via USB
2008-03-25: How to crack a TrueCrypt password via dictionary attack?
2008-03-25: Huge Antarctic ice chunk collapses
2008-03-25: Mac v. PC in one image
2008-03-25: Safari 3.1 on Windows: a true competitor arrives (seriously)
2008-03-25: Scientists Find Gene That Knocks Out Tobacco Carcinogen
2008-03-26: Activating superpowers of perception, calculation and memory by inhibiting part of the brain
2008-03-26: Become an International Arms Trafficker
2008-03-26: Boeing faces jumbo problem over US aerial raygun fleet
2008-03-26: British Company To Build The Biggest Tidal System In South Korea
2008-03-26: Ericsson CMO says Wi-Fi hotspots' days are numbered
2008-03-26: Hadoop cluster computing
2008-03-26: Internet Community Strikes Down Xbox 360 Thief With Great Vengeance and Furious Anger
2008-03-26: I'm not against Windows; Unix just works better
2008-03-26: Patriot Act haunts Google service
2008-03-26: Singularity - Microsoft's OS Built From Scratch
2008-03-26: Sundogs at Sundown
2008-03-26: The ultimate identity theft: house stealing
2008-03-26: This is a seriously cute robot
2008-03-26: Vista SP1 customers get free support
2008-03-26: Windows Server 2008 will ship with SP1 installed
2008-03-26: Yahoo! switches to Hadoop grid computing to index searches
2008-03-27: Burp Suite - Web Application Attack Tool
2008-03-27: Fix Slow File Transfers in Windows Vista
2008-03-27: Futurist Ray Kurzweil Pulls Out All the Stops (and Pills) to Live to Witness the Singularity
2008-03-27: Gone in 2 minutes: Mac gets hacked first in contest
2008-03-27: How NSA access was built into Windows
2008-03-27: MySpace and Friends Need to Make Money. And Fast.
2008-03-27: New sunspots in UV
2008-03-27: Physicists Show Electrons Can Travel More Than 100 Times Faster in Graphene
2008-03-27: The N44 complex of emission nebulae
2008-03-27: The Tip of the Facebook Exploit Iceberg
2008-03-28: 29% of Windows Vista crashes caused by NVIDIA drivers
2008-03-28: Comcast agreement in dispute with BitTorrent
2008-03-28: Comcast agrees to stop throttling BitTorrent
2008-03-28: Hacking contest highlights value of vulnerabilities
2008-03-28: How an online community caught a car thief and reclaimed the stolen car
2008-03-28: Navy's program to make laser ray guns
2008-03-28: Serious Red Hat Linux Commercial - very nice
2008-03-28: The glasses that can find anything
2008-03-28: Virgin America provides Linux machines at every seat for entertainment with seat-to-seat chat
2008-03-29: 11-year-old network admin
2008-03-29: Asperger's: My life as an Earthbound alien
2008-03-29: Enhance Security with Port Knocking - Uses Artem's Corrected Method
2008-03-29: Every donated PC deserves a fresh start. Apply online for free Windows 2000
2008-03-29: Fujifilm bugs backup tapes with LoJack device
2008-03-29: Get your German interior minister's fingerprint here
2008-03-29: Hackers Assault Epilepsy Patients via Computer
2008-03-29: Heart Device Hacked to Prove Point
2008-03-29: HP Media Vault 2100 Linux Server Reviewed: Replaces Windows Home Server for Half the Cost
2008-03-29: Microsoft Warns Home Server Users Not to Write to Server or Use Media Managers
2008-03-29: Movies featuring the Nmap Security Scanner
2008-03-29: Mukilteo hacker gets 3 years over fake 911 call
2008-03-29: PWN to OWN: Final Day (and another winner!)
2008-03-29: Senses Challenge
2008-03-29: Single photons sent to satellite and back - breakthrough for quantum encryption
2008-03-29: Solar Company Says Its Tech Can Power 90 Percent of Grid and Cars
2008-03-29: Teenager hacks school computers with 'Internet for Dummies' book
2008-03-29: Toyota Prius - Power Split Device - planetary gears with animation and good explanation
2008-03-29: Ubuntu wins CanSecWest Hack Off
2008-03-29: Vein patterns as an alternative to finger prints
2008-03-29: YouTube - Worlds First Hacked iphone (Aug. 1997)
2008-03-29: YouTube - Zonbu Nation - Ultracompact PC with no hard drive
2008-03-30: A fun drawing applet
2008-03-30: A strange art project, releasing two viruses that try to find one another
2008-03-30: Attorney General Michael Mukasey warned that profits from copyright violation fund terrorism
2008-03-30: Billionaire will dig tunnel linking Russia & US
2008-03-30: Europe-wide radio net to search for aliens
2008-03-30: Even cheap masks stop flu spreading
2008-03-30: How to Disagree
2008-03-30: Malaria Invading Red Blood Cell
2008-03-30: Mars and Orion Over Monument Valley
2008-03-30: Nanomaterial turns radiation directly into electricity
2008-03-30: Nuclear Revival Hinges on Japanese Samurai Swordsmith
2008-03-30: PC Sound Card Vendor Creative Labs Creates PR Nightmare on Their Own Forum
2008-03-30: Stupid Computer Tricks | What happens if you install a Virtual Machine inside a Virtual Machine?
2008-03-30: YouTube - Hack the Moods Application in MySpace with Form Data Alteration
2008-03-31: Massive IFRAME SEO Poisoning Attack Continuing
2008-03-31: New York City subpoenas creator of text messaging code to identify protestors
2008-03-31: U.N. agency ousts record number of 'cybersquatters'

Apr 2008

2008-03-31: CIA enlists Google's help for spy work
2008-03-31: Intel Promises Long Distance Wi-Fi. A 60-Mile Range Is Possible!
2008-03-31: Mobile phones 'more dangerous than smoking'
2008-03-31: Nearly 3,000 IT workers affected in Shell outsourcing deal
2008-03-31: producing a penny now costs 1.7 cents
2008-03-31: Security news roundup: 911 hacker gets three years, Ubuntu Linux stays untouched
2008-03-31: Space Cadets, Grab Your Sunscreen: Space Tourism Set for Liftoff
2008-03-31: The first two yellow supergiant eclipsing binary star systems found
2008-03-31: Vista SP1 Breaks Up with External Hard Drives
2008-03-31: Weaponizing the Pentagon's Cyborg Insects
2008-04-01: Bacteria grown in space become more virulent
2008-04-01: Bad Security Week for Apple
2008-04-01: Close Up of Enceladus Tiger Stripes
2008-04-01: Comcast Degrades HD Quality To Make Room For More Channels
2008-04-01: Enable Slow-Motion Aero Animations in Windows Vista
2008-04-01: Experts now recommend hands-only CPR
2008-04-01: IPv6 will hit like an avalanche, NTT America CTO predicts
2008-04-01: Linux Applications You Must Be Familiar With If You Plan on Landing a Linux Job
2008-04-01: Man-made molecules reverse liver cirrhosis in rats
2008-04-01: Metaaso mermaid IPv6 P2P App
2008-04-01: Music File Compressed 1,000 Times Smaller than MP3
2008-04-01: UK's first hybrid embryos created-part human, part animal
2008-04-02: Astronomers see 'youngest planet' -- only 2000 years old
2008-04-02: Firefox in businesses is up to 18%
2008-04-02: First movie of 'tsunami' on Sun
2008-04-02: Internet Explorer: A Browser Breaks
2008-04-02: Music and Life - Alan Watts
2008-04-02: Students Make a Case for Carrying Guns to School
2008-04-02: Tooth Regeneration May Replace Drill-and-Fill
2008-04-02: Top 10 Linux Commercials
2008-04-03: Comcast launches 50Mbps broadband... for $150 per month
2008-04-03: New Mobile Service Fights Speed Traps
2008-04-03: Outsourced Comcast Tech Goes Vigilante On Xbox Cheaters - Tech brags of accessing private user data...
2008-04-03: Pwnage iPhone Unlocking and Hacking Tool Now Available, Works Great
2008-04-03: Saudi woman killed for chatting on Facebook
2008-04-03: Server room during a rain shower
2008-04-03: Skyhook Wireless performs geolocation with a database of other people's Wi-Fi access points
2008-04-03: What happens when nanotech begins to poison us?
2008-04-04: A really pretty high-resolution flash video
2008-04-04: Broadband over power line in Indonesia: 60 million people to get 224 Mbps for $1.58 / month
2008-04-04: Cloud computing is well and good, but it can't beat the desktop computer
2008-04-04: Congress Goes Virtual in Online World Hearing
2008-04-04: Identical Twins' Genes Are Not Identical
2008-04-04: Microsoft will extend life of Windows XP--again
2008-04-04: Stealth USB CapsLocker
2008-04-04: Sun partering more closely with Ubuntu
2008-04-04: The right Linksys WUSB54G ver 4 Driver for Vista
2008-04-04: U.S. Funded Health Search Engine Blocks 'Abortion'
2008-04-06: Enabling SILC (Secure Internet Live Conferencing) support in Pidgin under Ubuntu 7.10
2008-04-06: Eric Traut talks (and demos) Windows 7 and MinWin
2008-04-06: The grid of fiber optics forms a second Internet 10,000 times faster than the current one
2008-04-06: Windows 7 will be completely new, not backwards-compatible with earlier versions
2008-04-07: Algae-Based Fuels Set to Bloom
2008-04-07: apturl - install software from a link in Ubuntu
2008-04-07: Port Knocking by Single Packet Authorization
2008-04-07: Return of the boot-sector virus
2008-04-07: RSA Conference 2008: Thought-provoking keynote speakers
2008-04-07: Scientists crack security system of millions of cars - Keeloq hacked
2008-04-07: Single atom thick graphene permits direct measurement of the fine structure constant
2008-04-07: Turbine technology is turning the tides into power of the future
2008-04-07: US Cyberwarfare Prep Includes Offense
2008-04-07: Viruses Expected to Hit 1 Million This Year
2008-04-07: Wikileaks plans revenge against the Church of Scientology
2008-04-07: Yahoo responds to Microsoft ultimatum: more money please
2008-04-08: Earth in crisis, warns NASA's top climate scientist
2008-04-08: Gmail's captcha defeated, now Gmail is being blocked by some anti-spam vendors
2008-04-08: Google Jumps Head First Into Web Services With Google App Engine
2008-04-09: 3D printer to churn out copies of itself
2008-04-09: An Open Source Class-Five Switch
2008-04-09: ExamForce - Free Certification Exams - GET THEM NOW!
2008-04-09: Hubble: Monitoring Internet Reachability in Real-Time
2008-04-09: Microsoft discloses 14,000 pages of coding secrets
2008-04-09: New Kraken worm evading harpoons of antivirus programs
2008-04-09: Nice photo of Cerenkov radiation
2008-04-09: Self-assembling Nanofibers Heal Spinal Cords
2008-04-09: Space tourism is just two years away thanks to new rocket-powered plane
2008-04-09: Sub7
2008-04-09: SubSeven - A venerable Windows remote administration trojan
2008-04-09: TED | Talks | Al Gore: New thinking on the climate crisis (video)
2008-04-09: What you need to know about Intel's Nehalem CPU
2008-04-10: Analysts caution Microsoft-Yahoo proxy battle could be messy
2008-04-10: Denver foreclosures - one hard hit neighborhood at a glance
2008-04-10: Hackers break into power station in less than a day
2008-04-10: HP Proliant USB Keys Come with Malware Surprise
2008-04-10: Kraken worm has infected 400,000 machines, antivirus doesn't stop it
2008-04-10: MySpace has signed a deal to put its shows on TV
2008-04-10: Three black holes merge in best simulation yet
2008-04-10: Yahoo, AOL may combine; News Corp. may make bid
2008-04-11: Analysts predict bleak future for Windows
2008-04-11: http://www.inhabitat.com/2008/04/10/mojave-desert-solar-power-fields/
2008-04-11: Images of space debris - a serious problem
2008-04-11: MSI employs Stirling Engine to cool motherboard without any power
2008-04-11: UK Police officers to be 'microchipped' by top brass in Big Brother style tracking scheme
2008-04-12: Bow Shock Near a Young Star in Orion
2008-04-12: New hope for Alzheimer's sufferers after new treatment 'restores memory in minutes'
2008-04-12: Officer Accused of a Second Career: Robbing Banks
2008-04-12: Photo Gallery: Schools of Fish
2008-04-12: Technologically Assisting Human Memory with Brain Implants - New York Times
2008-04-12: Where Are All The Google Data Centers?
2008-04-13: 101 More Great Computer Quotes
2008-04-13: Administration Set to Use New Spy Program in U.S.
2008-04-13: Brain plasticity - an young girl recovers from surgery to remove half her brain
2008-04-13: IBM Racetrack Memory Announced
2008-04-13: Microsoft Remains Favorite In Crowded Battle for Yahoo
2008-04-13: New twist on life's power source
2008-04-13: The Comb Jelly - Earth's first animal
2008-04-13: US war robots in Iraq 'turned guns' on fleshy comrades
2008-04-13: Windows Server 2008 Earns IPv6 Ready Logo Phase 2
2008-04-14: BikEarth - 3 year ride around planet Earth
2008-04-14: Cancer Therapy Without Side Effects Nearing Trials
2008-04-14: Consciousness and Neuroscience
2008-04-14: Developing long-term relations with robots
2008-04-14: FCoE (Fibre Channel over Ethernet)
2008-04-14: Google can handle 100 billion Gigabytes of data
2008-04-14: Powerful pulsed laser triggers electrical activity in thunderstorm for the first time
2008-04-14: Top 10 Features to Expect in Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron
2008-04-14: Ubuntu Linux 8.04 Final Release Set for April 24
2008-04-14: Unconscious decisions in the brain
2008-04-14: 'OpenMac' Promises $399 Headless Mac... But Not From Apple
2008-04-15: (New) dirt-cheap bots attack Hotmail Captchas
2008-04-15: Chris Comer's forced resignation - Texas Teacher Fired for not Teaching Creationism
2008-04-15: Forecast for big sea level rise - 1.5 meters by end of the century
2008-04-15: German schoolboy, 13, corrects NASA's asteroid figures
2008-04-15: Gone in 60 seconds: Spambot cracks Live Hotmail CAPTCHA
2008-04-15: HD-Telephony: Hip or Hype?
2008-04-15: IBM's chip-level watercooling doubles as a water heater
2008-04-15: Milky Way's Giant Black Hole Awoke from Slumber 300 Years Ago
2008-04-15: Texas Science Teacher Expelled for not Teaching Creationism
2008-04-15: The diet that can treat epilepsy
2008-04-15: The Kanzius Machine: A Cancer Cure?
2008-04-16: Fingerprint-sensing USB sticks easily hacked into
2008-04-16: Forget the Courts - Apple May Fight Mac Clones With Tech
2008-04-16: New battery prototype may mean the end of exploding laptops
2008-04-16: Oklahoma Leaks Tens of Thousands of Social Security Numbers by SQL Injection
2008-04-16: Researchers have built a quantum logic gate in an optical fiber, laying the foundation for a quantum computer network
2008-04-17: Exec: Apple must address piracy before NBC returns to iTunes
2008-04-17: Feds to collect DNA from every person they arrest
2008-04-17: Keeping your Mac locked down: a Mac OS X security primer
2008-04-17: Microsoft hires lobbying firm to prepare the way for Yahoo takeover
2008-04-17: NASA Statement on Student Asteroid Calculations
2008-04-17: Prediction -- RSA Conference Will Shrink Like a Punctured Balloon
2008-04-17: Researchers chart how new flu strains travel
2008-04-18: Cure for acne found, say scientists
2008-04-18: Paypal to block 'unsafe browsers'
2008-04-18: Researchers have built the world's smallest transistor - one atom thick and 10 atoms wide - out of graphene
2008-04-18: Will MySQL Keep Lighting up LAMP?
2008-04-18: World's shortest single photon pulse created - 65 fs
2008-04-19: CommunityOne Developers Conference May 5 - Free in San Francisco
2008-04-19: Steal This Film (video)
2008-04-20: Aerogel Insulation Advances
2008-04-20: Atom-thick material runs rings around silicon
2008-04-20: How To Fix the Web With Greasemonkey in 3 Minutes
2008-04-20: Saturn & moon
2008-04-20: Student loan checks are bouncing
2008-04-21: A summary of recently discovered high-temperature superconductors
2008-04-21: Aerocar arrives...at 450km an hour! Personal flying vehicle
2008-04-21: Bacteriophages: The Most Common Life Like Form on Earth
2008-04-21: BitTorrent Throttling ISPs Exposed by Azureus
2008-04-21: Change BSOD Color to a Different Color
2008-04-21: Denmark Generates Too Much Wind Power
2008-04-21: Digital Certificates Not Always a Safety Guarantee
2008-04-21: How To Make A Shutdown Virus
2008-04-21: How to Secure Your Network Against Spam
2008-04-21: IBM creates working racetrack memory device
2008-04-21: More information about Obama's Website's XSS problem
2008-04-21: Octopus camouflage
2008-04-21: Pelican wrecks fighter plane
2008-04-21: The Great Zero Challenge - Recover data from a hard disk
2008-04-21: The Online Shadow Economy - with prices for malware installs
2008-04-21: This DVD will self-destruct in 48 hours
2008-04-21: U.S. Navy: Unmanned Combat Squadron by 2025
2008-04-21: Wikipedia's zealots
2008-04-21: XSSED - Details about XSS exploits - both Obama and Clinton's site hacks explained
2008-04-21: YouTube - Barack Obama Website Hacked By Clinton Supporter - XSS Vulnerability
2008-04-21: Zoning the Internet to Protect Children
2008-04-21Pet cloning: $32,000 for a cat, $150,000 for a dog
2008-04-22: Google-Backed Solar Startup Picks Up Steam, $130 Million
2008-04-22: Microsoft: Finding flaws on our website is OK
2008-04-22: Mind-Reading Hat Could Prevent Errors
2008-04-22: PA primary will be unauditable; GOP blocks e-voting reform
2008-04-22: Why \'no Macs\' is no longer a defensible IT strategy
2008-04-23: Crooks Rig ATM with Eee PC to Steal Credit Card Info
2008-04-23: Storing data for the next 1000 years
2008-04-25: Cuban Bloggers Defy Government Control
2008-04-25: Face scans for air passengers to begin in UK this summer
2008-04-25: FBI wants widespread monitoring of 'illegal' Internet activity
2008-04-25: Hardy Heron Makes Linux Worth Another Look
2008-04-25: Iron Exposed as High-Temperature Superconductor
2008-04-25: New theory explains blazar jets from black holes
2008-04-25: U.S. Spies Use Custom Videogames to Learn How to Think
2008-04-26: A new type of solar sail
2008-04-26: Chemotherapy alternative will target only cancer cells - iron-oxide particles heated with infrared light
2008-04-26: Hackers warn high street chains
2008-04-26: How to install Windows XP in 5 hours or less
2008-04-26: Make free phone call from this Web page
2008-04-26: NASA gets small with tiny satellite program
2008-04-26: New Plan For Identifying Watery Earth-like Planets Emerges
2008-04-26: Reset OS X Password Without an OS X CD - This worked for a student
2008-04-26: The Art of Exploitation - Recommended Book
2008-04-26: Timeline of the universe
2008-04-26: Trader who hacked computers and lost 5 billion Euros hired by computer security company
2008-04-26:Video showing images of colliding galaxies
2008-04-27: 889 EPA scientists reported political interference over the last 5 years
2008-04-27: Building a home linux cluster in an IKEA Helmer cabinet
2008-04-27: False claims of doctor who 'can reverse' Alzheimer's
2008-04-27: Hackers Focus Efforts on Firefox, Safari
2008-04-27: Hardy Heron reflects Ubuntu Linux ambitions
2008-04-27: Infected with Insanity: Could Microbes Cause Mental Illness?
2008-04-27: Remaster and Customize Ubuntu Linux LiveCD with Reconstructor
2008-04-27: Run Ubuntu From within Windows without rebooting
2008-04-27: Urban miners look for precious metals in cell phones
2008-04-28: Anti-virus hacking contest polarizes vendors
2008-04-28: Common Linux Shell Commands - tail -f
2008-04-28: Department of Homeland Security website hacked! Infected by massive attack sweeping the net
2008-04-28: Fighting Storm with smog: researchers pollute botnet
2008-04-28: Gene therapy 'aids youth's sight' - Missing Gene injected into retina with a virus
2008-04-28: How To Find Windows Xp Cd Key In 10 Seconds Video
2008-04-28: Jonathan James (convicted cybercriminal) - Wikipedia
2008-04-28: MS patch system poses 'significant risk', say researchers
2008-04-28: New Lateral SQL Injection attack technique threatens Oracle databases
2008-04-28: Revolution OS - a 2001 video on the origins of Linux
2008-04-28: RFE/RL Websites Hit By Mass Cyberattack - RADIO FREE EUROPE / RADIO LIBERTY
2008-04-28: Sweet and sour tale of the miracle berry
2008-04-28: The day I could no longer cope with my autistic son
2008-04-28: The Grid, 10000 times faster internet
2008-04-28: The human genome is old news. Next stop: the human proteome
2008-04-28: The Race to Zero - Contest to slip a virus past antivirus scanners at DEFCON
2008-04-28: Ubuntu Password Recovery
2008-04-28: Very pretty artistic photos of cats
2008-04-28: Will Mercury Hit Earth Someday?
2008-04-28: Yahoo! pimping malware from banner ads
2008-04-28:Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Free Online Text Adventure Game
2008-04-28:Kraken bot uses domain name generator and HTTP to avoid detection
2008-04-29: A video analyzing Microsoft v. Yahoo
2008-04-29: Antibody profiling - A faster, cheaper way to catch criminals
2008-04-29: Concept: Security by Deception with Emulation
2008-04-29: Cyanobacteria That Produces Biofuel From Salty Water
2008-04-29: Cyberdyne Building Factory To Construct Consumer Power Exoskeletons
2008-04-29: Feds: We will search through your laptop files at the border
2008-04-29: First targeted therapy for melanoma brings hope
2008-04-29: Living without Numbers or Time
2008-04-29: Malware authors turn to EULAs to protect their work
2008-04-29: Microsoft COFFEE device cracks Vista passwords for police
2008-04-29: Microsoft Gives Vista Backdoor Keys To The Police
2008-04-29: Microsoft releases the long-anticipated Windows XP SP3 (updated)
2008-04-29: Quantum cryptography article making the highly unlikely claim that 128-bit AES has been cracked
2008-04-29: Stunning Pictures and Photos
2008-04-29: The Story of Pi (math video)
2008-04-29: Useful Linux Terminal Commands for New Users
2008-04-29: YouTube - Modular robot reassembles when kicked apart
2008-04-30: Human Protein May Offer Novel Target For Blocking HIV Infection: Successful In Lab
2008-04-30: NO MORE GAS personel electic vehicle
2008-04-30: The US Energy Policy - the exact opposite of what it should be (New York Times)
2008-05-01: A defect found in current quantum cryptography system
2008-05-01: Adobe Opens FLV and SWF formats
2008-05-01: Creative settles over MP3 player capacities
2008-05-01: EETimes.com - 'Missing link' memristor created: Rewrite the textbooks?
2008-05-01: IAre chip makers building electronic trapdoors in key military hardware? The Pentagon is making its biggest effort yet to find out
2008-05-01: Memristor - Wikipedia
2008-05-01: Purdue to Install Supercomputer in One Day
2008-05-01: Quantum cryptography kinda sorta hacked (from 2007)
2008-05-01: Scented text messages patented in Germany
2008-05-01: Storm botnet blows itself out
2008-05-01: Telescope could focus light without a mirror or lens
2008-05-02: A Case of Network Identity Theft? - How spammers got a /16 network
2008-05-02: Airlanes save fuel by flying planes slower
2008-05-02: FBI bulks up digital forensic network
2008-05-02: Protecting Yourself From Suspicionless Searches While Traveling
2008-05-02: Where Are They? Why I hope the search for extraterrestrial life finds nothing.
2008-05-03: Deep brain electrical stimulation relieves deep depression
2008-05-03: How to synchronize five metronomes
2008-05-03: Make Windows Genuine by a simple trick
2008-05-03: Microsoft Withdraws Its Bid for Yahoo
2008-05-03: NASA Calls on APL to Send a Probe to the Sun
2008-05-03: Non-Transitive Dice - a strange and interesting probabilty situation
2008-05-03: The world's fastest nanomotors - 10 microns per second
2008-05-03: xkcd - Zealous Autoconfig

May-June 2008

2008-02-55: More details about the Firefox on Linux bug
2008-05-04: A single-celled slime mold displays intelligence, solving a maze puzzle
2008-05-04: ACM Queue - You Don't Know Jack about Disks: The geometric programming model that coincided with the physical organization of data posed several challenges for the programmer.
2008-05-04: America's Dilemma: Close Security Holes, or Exploit Them Ourselves
2008-05-04: Belarus takes down Radio Free Europe's Website with a DDoS Attack
2008-05-04: CERN - The Large Hadron Collider
2008-05-04: Country IP Blocks: Network Allocations by Country with Searchable IP Database
2008-05-04: Forming a large, negatively-charged molecule in space
2008-05-04: Fujitsu’s 256-Bit AES Drive
2008-05-04: GSA - Data at Rest (DAR) Encryption Awardees Announced - Full Disk Encryption
2008-05-04: Hackers change grades at Fort Bend ISD high school
2008-05-04: How a man went from 500 lb. to 232 lb. in a year with diet and a bike
2008-05-04: How magnetic levitation with liquid nitrogen-cooled superconductors is being used
2008-05-04: Intel puts another foot into 10GbE -- 10 Gbps through cat 6 cable
2008-05-04: Mag-lev flywheel UPS firm says shipments speeding up
2008-05-04: Robobug goes to war: Troops to use electronic insects to spot enemy 'by end of the year'
2008-05-04: Sorry, conspiracy buffs, there’s no Windows back door
2008-05-04: Superconducting Maglev Train Model video
2008-05-04: The Pirate Bay Launches Uncensored Blogging Service
2008-05-04: XSS Attack on RSA Authentication Agent login page for Internet Information Services
2008-05-04: Your personal data just got permanently cached at the US border
2008-05-05: 7 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Buy a Psystar Computer Right Now
2008-05-05: A Persistent Electrical Storm on Saturn
2008-05-05: Diatoms - interactive flash microscopy
2008-05-05: How to wiretap phone lines (New York Times) - 128-bit encryption cannot be cracked
2008-05-05: Interactive pong game in which you can disable lines of code with the mouse
2008-05-05: Join Ubuntu 8.04 To A Windows Domain
2008-05-05: LinuxWorld : LinuxWorld Conference & Expo Aug 4-7, 2008, San Francisco
2008-05-05: New DNA sequencing method can identify the genetic diversity of viruses in a single patient
2008-05-05: Smarter electric grid could be key to saving power
2008-05-05: Under Skin Electronic Tattoo
2008-05-06: 15-monitor Displays
2008-05-06: Animated favicons
2008-05-06: Applied Watch Technologies - Bringing Open Source Security to the Enterprise
2008-05-06: Cybercrims dump swag on open botnet server
2008-05-06: Firefox 3: Site Identification button
2008-05-06: Image of the yellow supergiant eclipsing binary
2008-05-06: Nexenta Power of OpenSolaris with usability of Linux!
2008-05-06: Protect Your Privacy When Downloading
2008-05-06: Researchers take control of Kraken botnet--but what can they do with it ethically?
2008-05-06: Sun's 'Project Copy Linux' goes commercial
2008-05-06: The Super Hacker
2008-05-06: Yellow Drum Machine Robot
2008-05-07: Ask Michio: If parallel universes exist, can they collide?
2008-05-07: Childish bickering in the Debian bug report logs - the dark side of open source
2008-05-07: China behind recent hack attacks, says Indian government
2008-05-07: FBI rescinds secret order for Internet Archive records
2008-05-07: FBI Targets Internet Archive With Secret 'National Security Letter', Loses
2008-05-07: FBI Withdraws Unconstitutional National Security Letter After ACLU and EFF Challenge
2008-05-07: How To Make Windows look like Ubuntu
2008-05-07: Internet criminals gaining ground, experts say
2008-05-07: Opening up Psystar’s Open Computer - The Unauthorized Mac Clone
2008-05-07: Test: Does Your ISP Slow Down BitTorrent Traffic?
2008-05-07: The Gegenschein Over Chile
2008-05-07: The Secure-Phone-Miser for the Ultra Paranoid
2008-05-07:eBay sues Craigslist
2008-05-09: Microsoft warns of IE7 lock-in with XP SP3
2008-05-09: Moon Meets Mercury
2008-05-09: Nigerian Scammers: It's Now Completely Impossible To Sell A Laptop On Ebay
2008-05-09: Paint-on solar power
2008-05-09: Spokeo, the Big Brother of social networking
2008-05-09: The Frugal PC Builder's Toolbox: 100 Tools and Resources for Finding Cheap Parts
2008-05-10: Anatomy of Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux)
2008-05-10: Computer Game's High Score Could Earn The Nobel Prize In Medicine
2008-05-10: Nanomachines now travel much faster with new fuel - 200 microns per second
2008-05-10: Security flaw turns Gmail into open-relay server
2008-05-10: The woman who can remember everything
2008-05-11: 25-year-old BSD Unix bug finally fixed
2008-05-11: A 17-year-old Ottawa high school student invents way to identify and cure the flu.
2008-05-11: DARPA wants Matrix style virtual world for cybergeddon
2008-05-11: Firefox Keywords
2008-05-11: Google To Launch “Friend Connect” On Monday
2008-05-11: Googolplex - Story of a Really Big Number
2008-05-11: Once shunned by academics, Wikipedia now a teaching tool
2008-05-11: Quantum Cryptography: Researchers Break 'Unbreakable' Crypto
2008-05-11: Retrograde Mars
2008-05-12: (warning - these files may contain viruses) USB Switchblade - steal password hashes secretly
2008-05-12: A New Approach to Treating Alzheimer's - deep-brain electrical stimulation
2008-05-12: Broadband: other countries do it better, but how?
2008-05-12: Hacker exposes six million people's data to make a point
2008-05-12: Hmmingbird landing
2008-05-12: Nifty interactive stellar system visualizer
2008-05-12: Philosophical Implications of Inflationary Cosmology
2008-05-12: South Korean Town is 100% Solar-Powered
2008-05-12: TorrentSpy Won't Pay $111 Million Court Order, Lawyer Says
2008-05-12: What Google Knows About Spam (Web spam)
2008-05-12: Windows 7 Features, Screenshots, Demo
2008-05-13: A withering expose of the OLPC project
2008-05-13: Are Conservatives Stupid or Evil?
2008-05-13: Deep packet inspection under assault over privacy concerns
2008-05-13: Fedora 9 officially released
2008-05-13: Fedora 9 Released
2008-05-13: Interesting spam and malware statistics
2008-05-13: Learn how to defend your web site against these common hack attacks
2008-05-13: Roof Arena - Get your own roof in manhattan
2008-05-13: Sending emails in PHP & email injection attacks
2008-05-13: Slax: your pocket operating system
2008-05-13: UK homes get 100 Mbps broadband via sewer lines
2008-05-13: Using the IExpress Installer
2008-05-13: Why you might soon think you're hearing things - new technology sends advertising audio directly into your head
2008-05-14: 10 ways the Chinese Internet is different from yours
2008-05-14: Air Force Aims for 'Full Control' of 'Any and All' Computers - because cyber favors offense, not defense
2008-05-14: Alternative To Silicon Chip Invented By Student - gallium nitride (GaN)
2008-05-14: California Building 220 MPH High-Speed Train from San Francisco to LA-planned to be in use by 2030
2008-05-14: D-Link router based worm?
2008-05-14: Fedora9 Gives Ubuntu a Run For Its Money
2008-05-14: Hacker writes rootkit for Cisco's routers
2008-05-14: McAfee isn’t “McAfee Secure”
2008-05-14: More Solid than Solid: A Potential Hydrogen-Storage Compound
2008-05-14: New Sites Make It Easier To Spy on Your Friends
2008-05-14: Quicksys RegDefrag - Defrag, Optimize and Compact Windows Registry
2008-05-14: Windows XP Service Pack 3 Kills AMD Machines
2008-05-15 Senate Moves Forward on Orwellian 'Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act'
2008-05-15: Comcast Lied to FCC, Blocks BitTorrent Traffic 24/7
2008-05-16 Internet Explorer 'Print Table of Links' Cross-Zone Scripting Vulnerability
2008-05-16: An experience with Provigil - the drug that makes you smarter
2008-05-16: Apple okay with Safari 'carpet bombing' vuln for now
2008-05-16: Black Hole Expelled From Its Parent Galaxy
2008-05-16: Computer-eating ants invade Texas
2008-05-16: Debian OpenSSL Predictable PRNG Toys - BIG mistake - Public Keys based on only 15-bit random numbers
2008-05-16: DNS trouble knocks NSA off Internet
2008-05-16: First GM human embryo raises fears of designer babies
2008-05-16: How did Ubuntu end up so popular?
2008-05-16: How Information Escapes From a Black Hole
2008-05-16: Indictment in Megam Meier MySpace Harrassment Case
2008-05-16: NASA Team Pinpoints Human Causes of Global Warming
2008-05-16: Ubuntu Unleashed: Recover Forgotten Ubuntu Password without reinstalling
2008-05-16: Where do babies come from? (comic)
2008-05-16: World's smallest helicopter takes off
2008-05-16: '$100 laptop' nonprofit now teamed with Microsoft
2008-05-17: Activist coders aim to deafen Phorm with white noise
2008-05-17: Antiphorm - download privacy software here
2008-05-17: Asus to embed Linux into all motherboards
2008-05-17: DIY brain thrapy could halt migraines
2008-05-17: DIY magnetic brain therapy could halt migraines
2008-05-17: Head to head: Top 8 alternative web browsers
2008-05-17: How a magnet turned off my speech
2008-05-17: Legal experts wary of MySpace hacking charges
2008-05-17: Rootkits on routers threat to be demoed
2008-05-17: Spain arrests 5 suspected of hacking US sites
2008-05-17: The Honeynet Project - Runs in a VM - Good project for adv hacking
2008-05-17: US Congress questions legality of deep packet inspection to target ads
2008-05-18: 10 Most Beautiful Looking Linux Desktop
2008-05-18: 10 ways you might be breaking the law with your computer
2008-05-18: Coders Tell Why They're Avoiding Vista
2008-05-18: Former Microsoft manager offers fix for XP SP3 'endless reboot'
2008-05-18: HP Confirms XP SP3 Endless Reboot Snafu, Promises Patch
2008-05-18: Microwaved CDs as an art form
2008-05-18: Where The Web Is Weak
2008-05-19: Debris objects in low-Earth orbit
2008-05-19: Google Health: A Quick Hands-On Look
2008-05-19: If hackers don’t get you, maybe Google will
2008-05-19: Microsoft blames users for Vista infections
2008-05-19: NTP server misuse and abuse - Wikipedia
2008-05-19: Open Letter to D-Link about their NTP vandalism
2008-05-19: PC Tools reveals Vista is not so immune
2008-05-19: Sanity check: Are Macs ready for the enterprise?
2008-05-19: Tasmanian tiger DNA comes alive in mouse
2008-05-19: Warning: Using a mobile phone while pregnant can seriously damage your baby
2008-05-20: Conceptis logic puzzles :: the art of logic
2008-05-20: YouTube - PYCO Wind Turbine Construction Timelapse
2008-05-21: Anti-fraud researcher faces fraud charges
2008-05-21: 38 charged in international phishing scheme
2008-05-21: A Peek at Snort 3.0
2008-05-21: Awesome Science poster
2008-05-21: Browsercam: Screen capture and Remote Access service for cross platform compatibility testing and HTML design quality assurance
2008-05-21: Devastating hacker attack from China with silent love
2008-05-21: Exploiting the Trust Hierarchy among Email Servers - Full Article Explaining the GMail attack
2008-05-21: How To Eavesdrop on Bluetooth Conversations
2008-05-21: Permanent Denial-of-Service -- Phlashdance tool
2008-05-21: Permanent Denial-of-Service Attack Sabotages Hardware. New malware attack: Phlashing
2008-05-21: Review: Blue Lane VirtualShield
2008-05-21: SecurityFocus - Exploiting Google MX servers as Open SMTP Relays - with proof of concept code
2008-05-21: SecurityFocus - patch to identify vulnerable ssl certificates and fix Ubuntu systems
2008-05-21: UK planning to monitor and record every phone call, web page, and email sent by citizens
2008-05-21: YouTube rebuffs senator Lieberman's demands to remove Islamist videos
2008-05-21: ZoneAlarm ForceField: Compromised in sixty seconds
2008-05-22 Mad Neuroscience: The 'Trust Me' drug that makes you take social risks
2008-05-22: A Wiki Project on Safe Handling of Nanoparticles Proposed
2008-05-22: After Debian's epic SSL blunder, a world of hurt for security pros
2008-05-22: Cold, dark countries whipping US in broadband usage
2008-05-22: Creationism Creeps into U.S. Classrooms - one in eight biology teachers teach it
2008-05-22: Firefox 3 for Linux will release with a serious problem
2008-05-22: Hacker Challenge Websites
2008-05-22: liveusb-creator
2008-05-22: Measurements of worldwide BitTorrent Blocking
2008-05-22: Microsoft's Supreme Search Screw-up
2008-05-22: Researchers: Nanotubes may pose asbestos-like health risks
2008-05-22: Scheme to Let Robot Take Over Brain-Computer Interface
2008-05-23: How to stop Vista from continually reinstalling a USB driver for a Linksys WUSB54G USB Network Adapter
2008-05-23: student isolates microbe that lunches on plastic bags
2008-05-23: Vast cracks appear in Arctic ice
2008-05-24: 17-Year-Old Discovers Possible Cure for Flu
2008-05-24: Construction of huge tower in Dubai
2008-05-24: Electrical grid overlords take drubbing over cyber attack vulnerability
2008-05-24: Electron Microscope Image of a Fly Foot
2008-05-24: Encryption Chip Will End Piracy, Says Atari Founder
2008-05-24: Facebook poked by XSS flaw
2008-05-24: Jupiter s Three Red Spots
2008-05-24: Microsoft needs Windows Home Server test dummies - Fatal file transfer bug not swatted yet
2008-05-24: Proposed ‘Intellectual Property Rights’ Treaty Turns Internet Into a Virtual Police State
2008-05-24: Stamp out common virus to beat brain cancer
2008-05-24: SuperNap - new high-efficiency server cooling computing compound
2008-05-24: The Race to Zero - DEFCON Virus Mutating Contest
2008-05-24:TJX decides to improve security by changing all passwords to blank
2008-05-25: Does Time Run Backward in Other Universes?
2008-05-25: Microsoft v. Apple stock prices as Vista launched
2008-05-25: Oil prices 1990 - present
2008-05-25: OJ287 and a confirmation of General Relativity - a precessing binary black hole system
2008-05-25: Proposed US ACTA multi-lateral intellectual property trade agreement (2007) - Wikileaks
2008-05-25: Texas Board of Education head's latest antics
2008-05-25:Hacker Puts X-Rated Message On Library Story Line
2008-05-26: Blogging Heads, an interesting set of dialogs
2008-05-26: CTF 2006 Prequalifications
2008-05-26: Evolution and Creationism in America's Classrooms: A National Portrait
2008-05-26: Google, Chevron Build Mirrors in Desert to Beat Coal With Solar
2008-05-26: The dark side of the Simulation Argument - Are we living in a computer simulation?
2008-05-26: We Must Act Now Against ACTA
2008-05-26: XP SP3 update corrupts Windows registry, users claim
2008-05-27: Adobe Flash zero-day exploit in the wild
2008-05-27: Can This Man Beat the Flu with a Single Universal Vaccine?
2008-05-27: Carbon mesh pins down universal constant - Graphene determines Fine Structure Constant
2008-05-27: One-Way Mission to Mars: US Soldiers Will Go
2008-05-27: SATA HDD dock becomes mutant card reader, scares pets
2008-05-27: Slideshow : Saturn : The Science Channel
2008-05-27: Stem cells in the bank
2008-05-27: The 10 Fastest Super Computers on the Planet
2008-05-27: The physical locations of server farms
2008-05-27: What we do know about Windows 7
2008-05-27: Windows 7 info starts to trickle out of Microsoft
2008-05-27: Wooden binary adding machine
2008-05-28: Amnesty International condemns US, China in report
2008-05-28: Multi-touch comes to Windows 7 (video)
2008-05-28: Nudibranchs Photo Gallery--National Geographic Magazine
2008-05-28: Scientists create new nanotube structures
2008-05-28: Solar Eruption Seen in Unprecedented Detail
2008-05-28: Swarm Theory - Photo Gallery - National Geographic Magazine
2008-05-28: The Next 5 Extreme Research Machines You Need to Know
2008-05-28: Worldwide Mobile Phone Navigation and Tracking & Tracing - Nav4All
2008-05-28:GM mosquitoes developed to fight malaria
2008-05-29: A Fog Bow Over Ocean Beach
2008-05-29: Air car launched in August
2008-05-29: Can the ecohackers save us from climate change?
2008-05-29: Canadian news about ACTA--searching iPods for copyrighted data at borders
2008-05-29: Comcast Hacked by Altering DNS Records
2008-05-29: Court Finds Dell Guilty of Fraud
2008-05-29: How MadiaDefender brought down Revision3 with a DoS Attack, and why
2008-05-29: Revision3 Sends FBI after MediaDefender
2008-05-29: San Andreas Fault Map
2008-05-29: San Francisco’s new Transbay Terminal gets the green light
2008-05-29: Sapphire Energy turns algae into 'green crude' for fuel
2008-05-29: Set a Guinness World Record by Downloading Firefox
2008-05-29: Vaccine reverses type 1 diabetes in mice
2008-05-29: Virtual Reality Therapy for Aloholics
2008-05-30: 3 Ideas That Are Pushing the Edge of Science
2008-05-30: Comcast's DNS records hijacked, redirect to hacked page
2008-05-30: Deluge: Ultimate Linux / UNIX / Mac / Windows GUI Bittorrent Client
2008-05-30: Gas Prices Taking Effect: 11 Billion Fewer Miles Driven This March -- very interesting graph
2008-05-30: ICANN warning against registrar impersonation phishing attacks
2008-05-30: Microsoft readies new 'don't blame Windows' tool
2008-05-30: Nanoparticles revive HIV drug
2008-05-30: Open Left:: ACTION: OpenLeft Action - organized effort to influence Google's results to make negative articles about John McCain rise
2008-05-30: Phonevite - free VOIOP messaging
2008-05-30: Six free security tools you shouldn't live without--including KeePass
2008-05-30: The secret to bubonic plague's virulence
2008-05-30: United States Air Force To Create An Internal Script Kiddiot Botnet
2008-05-31: alpha-guide.pdf - Really useful for Trivia 400 CTF Qual
2008-05-31: Bacteria-Run Computer Solves Math Puzzle
2008-05-31: Comcast Hijackers Say They Warned the Company First
2008-05-31: Download Dictionary or Build Your Own Dictionary from Text (Password Recovery)
2008-05-31: Facebook faces Canadian privacy probe
2008-05-31: Google spotlights data center inner workings
2008-06-01: Ancient file library: Index of /pub/archivers/ - use cfx11src for the 42-layer compression DEFCON CTF Qual problem
2008-06-01: Apple Patches 40 Security Holes
2008-06-01: Billboards that look back with webcams
2008-06-01: CTF Results - CCSF_Hackers was #98
2008-06-01: Disk Editor View of Win2K/XP NTFS Boot Record - useful for Forensics 500
2008-06-01: Machine to clean up greenhouse gas is breakthrough in war on global warming
2008-06-01: Portable Network Graphics (PNG) Specification (Second Edition) - useful for Forensics 500 CTF
2008-06-01: Roothack.org - A Capture The Flag-Like Contest
2008-06-01: RootWare Code of Conduct
2008-06-01: Scathing contempt for Windows 7
2008-06-02: Drugs to Grow Your Brain
2008-06-02: Inflatable Electric Cars
2008-06-02: NASA's Phoenix probe discovers ICE on Mars
2008-06-03: 3 People Who Are Pushing the Edge of Science
2008-06-03: 40GB for $55 per month: Time Warner bandwidth caps arrive
2008-06-03: Designer 'Nanobatons' Could Be Used To Trap Oil, Deliver Drugs: Nanoparticles Assemble By Millions
2008-06-03: GIMP layers tutorial • Useful for Forensics 500
2008-06-03: Interesting data from Bell Canada, showing their throttling of BitTorrent and how it helps their network
2008-06-03: Mind-reading with NMR scanners
2008-06-03: Movie of magnetic fields
2008-06-03: To Counter Google, Facebook Opens Its Code
2008-06-03: Why Macs still aren't right for most businesses
2008-06-03: YouTube videos openly advertise malware for sale
2008-06-04: Arctic Silver -- Recommended Heat Sink
2008-06-04: Metasploit Project's site hijacked through ARP poisoning
2008-06-04: Microsoft's CAPTCHA successfully broken
2008-06-04: NY Bank loses 4.5M unencrypted customer records
2008-06-04: PC World - Six Ways to Make Vista and XP Work Your Way
2008-06-05: A Sony Organic LED demo
2008-06-05: Acer bets big on Linux
2008-06-05: Human Control Of Earth's Radiation Belt
2008-06-05: Image of Milky Way
2008-06-05: Latest 'lost' laptop holds treasure-trove of unencrypted AT&T payroll data
2008-06-05: Latest 'lost' laptop holds treasure-trove of unencrypted AT&T payroll data
2008-06-05: New Metamaterial a 'Perfect' Absorber of Light
2008-06-05: The Milky Way Gets a Facelift
2008-06-06: Ray Kurzweil and Neil Gershenfeld: Two Paths to the Singularity
2008-06-07: Congress urged to investigate ISPs over user tracking
2008-06-07: How to Secure Linux Servers :: Basic Linux Server Security
2008-06-07: IP Address Management in Linux with 'ip address' command
2008-06-07: New features in Firefox 3
2008-06-07:Stem Cells Apparently Cure Boy's Fatal Disease
2008-06-08: California Hacker Caught Taking $50K, Penny by Penny
2008-06-08: How to create a custom Windows Vista Installation DVD
2008-06-08: Review :: OCZ Neural Impulse Actuator (nia) - control a computer with your mind
2008-06-08: Scientists Find New 'Quasiparticles' with 1/4 electron charge
2008-06-08: Solar power cheaper than coal by 2020
2008-06-08: The best firefox add-on ever
2008-06-09: Five command line tools to detect Windows hacks - WMIC, NET, OPENFILES, NETSTAT, FIND
2008-06-09: Large Hadron Collider Countdown
2008-06-09: Nanotool market booming
2008-06-09: Nuclear Waste Encapsulation and Storage Facility Cherenkov Radiation
2008-06-09: Pictures From the Sky
2008-06-09: Saturn's Rings from the Other Side
2008-06-09: The Amazon and IMDB outages may have been layer 7 DoS attacks
2008-06-09: The Flynn Effect: IQ rises ten points per generation
2008-06-10: Blackmail ransomware returns with 1024-bit encryption key
2008-06-10: Elephant Painting a Self Portrait
2008-06-10: Hints of structure beyond the visible universe
2008-06-10: How to Download Firefox 2 extensions using Firefox 3 from Firefox Addons site
2008-06-10: How To Fix Problem Ejecting USB Mass Storage Device Error
2008-06-10: How to Recover Deleted Files with Free Software
2008-06-10: Net Neutrality is Important
2008-06-10: Please Give Us Your Email Password
2008-06-10: World War 2.0 - The cyber-war in Estonia
2008-06-10: ZoomIt - Presentation tool
2008-06-11: Employee Salaries at Google
2008-06-11: Lawmakers say Capitol computers hacked by Chinese
2008-06-11: Quasiparticles have 1/4 of an electron charge
2008-06-11: SF Passes Largest City Solar Program in U.S.
2008-06-11: The Loom : A New Step In Evolution
2008-06-11: The Sky, From Above
2008-06-11: Time-Lapse of Hanoi Traffic at Night
2008-06-11: Windows Vista Vulnerable to StickyKeys Backdoor
2008-06-12: 10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Cell Phones
2008-06-12: Best Programming Jokes
2008-06-12: Bypass The Activation In Windows XP
2008-06-12: Coming Tuesday, June 17th: Firefox 3
2008-06-12: Experimental Alzheimer's drug is 'astonishing'
2008-06-12: Favicon Generators - Six Revisions
2008-06-12: I can see pages you've been to (slightly sneaky exploit)
2008-06-12: Linux OpenCourseWare Educational Site Rankings
2008-06-12: Macrium Reflect FREE Edition - The fastest disk imaging software
2008-06-12: Pretty picture of Pleiades - Seven Sisters
2008-06-12: Redefining Anti-Virus Software -- Bit9 uses whitelists
2008-06-12: Scientists Close to Reconstructing First Living Cell
2008-06-12: Software to recover stolen Macs
2008-06-12: TSA to let polite terrorists fly without ID
2008-06-12: Ubuntu Unleashed: The Top Security Tools in the Ubuntu Repositories you may not know about with 1 click Installation!
2008-06-12: Virtally waterless washing machine heralds cleaning revolution
2008-06-12: Windows Search 4.0 for Windows Vista (KB940157)
2008-06-12: Xeros - The 'one-cup Water' Washing Machine Concept
2008-06-12: Yahoo's Doomsday Plan: encourage all 14,000 Yahoo employees to quit if Microsoft succeeded in buying the company
2008-06-12: 'Electron turbine' could print designer molecules - tech
2008-06-12: 'Living' robots powered by muscle cells
2008-06-13: DEFCON Open CTF Announcement
2008-06-13: Electric car powered by a superconducting motor
2008-06-13: Field Guide to Firefox 3
2008-06-13: ICON A5 Folding Plane Looks Like Sportscar, Costs as Much as Maserati
2008-06-13: New Flying Saucer Runs on Plasma
2008-06-13: New GLAST NASA Space Observatory Seeks Out Supermassive Black Holes Beyond Milky Way
2008-06-13: Web Browsers: Speed Testing the Latest Web Browsers
2008-06-13: Where are the Sunspots? Are we in for a Quiet Solar Cycle?
2008-06-14: AVG scanner blasts internet with fake traffic
2008-06-14: Electroadhesive wall-climbing robots
2008-06-14: France to block porn, terror, hate websites
2008-06-14: Google To Develop ISP Throttling Detector
2008-06-14: OpenSolaris still has some Linux copying to do
2008-06-14: Splunk -- Search, navigate, alert and report all your IT data
2008-06-14: Stem-cell treatment helps restore eye-sight
2008-06-14: TED | Talks | Ze Frank: What's so funny about the Web? (video)
2008-06-14: Unlock Dark Castle on Your iPhone/iPod Touch
2008-06-14: What I wanted to know before I left college: A programmer reflects
2008-06-15: Electric Car Less Than 3 Feet Wide
2008-06-15: New Material Absorbs Light Completely And Generates Electricity
2008-06-15: Spread Firefox | Download Day March 17, 2008
2008-06-15: Support grows for universal power adapter
2008-06-16: AMD's new graphics card is as fast as 25,000 Pentium Pro processors
2008-06-16: Governments step up blogger arrests
2008-06-16: HD Hauling: cargo hauling by bicycle
2008-06-16: So, You Want To Set A Cookie, Huh? (used for IEEE talk)
2008-06-17: Azureus is Dead, Vuze Goes Social
2008-06-17: Eta Carinae and the Homunculus Nebula
2008-06-17: How To Make An Invisible Mask
2008-06-17: MySpace wins another verdict against alleged spammer
2008-06-17: One in Three Stars May Have Super-Earths
2008-06-18: Explaining WPA2 - Network World
2008-06-18: France to ban illegal downloaders from using the internet under three-strikes rule
2008-06-18: How Erotic Review is changing the business of Internet prostitution
2008-06-18: IE team bakes a treat for Mozilla
2008-06-18: Nanotechnology, Biomolecules And Light Unite To 'Cook' Cancer Cells
2008-06-18: Photo Gallery: Roadrunner: World's fastest supercomputer
2008-06-18: Photobucket's DNS records hijacked by Turkish hacking group
2008-06-18: Schoolboy hacker Omar Khan who upped his grades faces jail time
2008-06-18: Wireless performance on mixed networks: 802.11b, g, and n mixed
2008-06-19: Grid computing and the ultrafast network made for CERN
2008-06-19: Grooveshark Lite - Listen to Music Online
2008-06-19: Skin cancer cured with cloned immune cells
2008-06-19: World's Smallest Projector, TI Optoma Pico, Coming to U.S. Next Year
2008-06-20: Cisco Study Blog: 10 things you need to know about getting your CCNA!
2008-06-20: Code execution vulnerability found in Firefox 3.0
2008-06-20: Dems Agree to Expand Domestic Spying, Grant Telecoms Amnesty
2008-06-20: How to surf secretly in Firefox 3
2008-06-20: Martian Skies - The Big Picture
2008-06-20: TippingPoint's Zero Day Initiative
2008-06-20: Turning firefox into a Web Application assault kit
2008-06-20: Your boss shouldn't read your text or e-mail messages without an OK, court says
2008-06-21: Firefox 3: Power User's Guide to Firefox 3
2008-06-21: Google launches new space race to the moon
2008-06-21: Kudos to openSUSE 11.0
2008-06-21: Laptop neck strap so you never need to log out ever again
2008-06-21: MIT Students Develop Solar Dish Hot Enough to Melt Steel
2008-06-21: New electron holography technique should improve microprocessor design
2008-06-21: Raytheon's Advanced Torture Weapon Technology Designed For Pain Compliance
2008-06-21: Roadrunner Supercomputer Mimics Brain Function, Sets Speed Record
2008-06-21: Ten Futuristic Materials
2008-06-21: The Largest Human-Made Art on Earth
2008-06-21: Vanishing Martian Ice
2008-06-22: Are the Laws of Nature the Same Everywhere in the Universe?
2008-06-22: Bill Gates narrates a slide show of Microsoft history
2008-06-22: Desktop Virtualization Gets Military-Grade Security
2008-06-22: LinuxGram - They actually charge $500 per reader to read news about Linux
2008-06-22: Supercomputing Power Hits the Desktop, Minus the Software
2008-06-22: Windows Vista accepts incorrect passwords
2008-06-22:Barred Spiral Galaxy NGC 1300
2008-06-22:How Smart Are You? Cognitive testing
2008-06-22:University's robot learns how to be a human
2008-06-23: 5 Ways to Screencast Your Linux Desktop
2008-06-23: Asperger's: the IT industry's dark secret
2008-06-23: Government invests $45 million to prepare to build magnetlc levitation train from Disneyland to Las Vegas
2008-06-23: Put oil firm chiefs on trial, says leading climate change scientist
2008-06-24: Clay Mathematics Institute - Ian Stewart on Minesweeper
2008-06-24: Fewer Pursuing Tech Degrees
2008-06-24: ICANN considering relaxing rules on top-level domain names
2008-06-24: MIT unlocks mystery behind brain imaging
2008-06-24: New Trojan Leverages Unpatched Mac Flaw
2008-06-24: Nokia buys Symbian, turns software over to Symbian Foundation
2008-06-24: pathogen-disabling nanoparticles are an alternative to feeding livestock antibiotics
2008-06-25: Technology: It's Where the Jobs Are
2008-07-18: "Sensing" more about what's coming in Windows 7
2008-07-22: How Ed Bott Fixed a Sony VAIO with Vista Poorly Installed by Sony
2008=-5-13: Vaccines do not cause autism!

July 2008

2008-06-25: 115-year-old Woman's Brain in Tip-Top Shape
2008-06-25: A new attack on electronic locks: The magnetic ring
2008-06-25: A summary of the current techniques malware authors use to hide code, including rootkits and new MBR attacks
2008-06-25: About 50% of malicious sites bound to 10 networks (6 in China)
2008-06-25: Another Trojan hits Mac OS X
2008-06-25: Artificial retina is helping restore vision to the blind
2008-06-25: Autogyro: safe personal flying vehicle
2008-06-25: BackTrack Final 3 Hacking LiveCD Released For Download
2008-06-25: Bill Gates' epic rant about confusing Microsoft downloads
2008-06-25: Bringing wind & solar power to the masses: Recharge Pod at Glastonbury
2008-06-25: Cell-Phone Security: The New Profit Frontier
2008-06-25: Computer Randomly Plays Classical Music
2008-06-25: Geoengineering: Can a Million Tons of Sulfur Dioxide Combat Climate Change?
2008-06-25: Gmail to Support Million-plus Student Users
2008-06-25: Hackers Crack London Tube's Ticketing System
2008-06-25: Nerve cells derived from stem cells and transplanted into mice may lead to improved brain treatments
2008-06-25: Nice video demonstrationg SQL Injection
2008-06-25: Philadelphia news anchor hacks into his co-anchor's computer
2008-06-25: Survey: Microsoft patches ignored
2008-06-25: Tennis sites hit by drive-by download attacks
2008-06-25: The 730 ton stabilizing ball that keeps the tallest building in the world standing
2008-06-25: The End of Theory: The Data Deluge Makes the Scientific Method Obsolete
2008-06-25: The history of computer data storage, in pictures
2008-06-25: The Srizbi botnet is currently responsible for 46 percent of all spam sent
2008-06-25: Useful Mac OS X Terminal Commands
2008-06-25: Using your face for remote control
2008-06-25: Yahoo! Messenger XSS Vulnerability allowed users to steal mail token
2008-06-25:Fun dance routine with projected images on the dancers
2008-06-26: 700 California Wildfires: Why Don’t We Have Enough Firefighing Resources?
2008-06-26: ICANN votes to relax Web naming rules
2008-06-26: IsoHunt Goes Secure, Adds SSL Encryption
2008-06-26: Nano Hazards -- nanoparticle silver washes out of treated socks
2008-06-26: Norman Borlaug on Penn and Teller: BS - Genetically Engineered Food
2008-06-26: Research on abalones revolutionized battery technology
2008-06-26: UBCD for Windows - Download Ultimate Boot CD for Windows Builder here
2008-06-26: WebX Online Operating System
2008-06-26: Yahoo exodus in progress -- top workers leaving to other companies
2008-06-27: 15-Year-Old Steals Data on 55,000 People in School District Hack
2008-06-27: Affordable 150 MPG car coming soon
2008-06-27: Entire Neighborhood Has Shared Solar Heating
2008-06-27: Glowing sugars light up zebrafish
2008-06-27: M81: Feeding a Black Hole
2008-06-27: Map of undersea fiber optic lines for Internet traffic
2008-06-27: Stephen Hawking's explosive new theory
2008-06-27: The Gömböc: Physical Evidence of a Mathematical Theorem
2008-06-27: Trojan horse takes pictures of Mac users
2008-06-27: US Freezes Solar Projects to Study Environmental Impact of Collecting Sunshine in the Desert
2008-06-27: VelociRaptors In RAID 5, A Case Study In Speed
2008-06-28: Louisiana passes first antievolution 'academic freedom' law
2008-06-28: Armed robots ready to support soldiers on the battlefield
2008-06-28: Cooling Data Centers Could Prevent Massive Electrical Waste
2008-06-28: Crytek CEO Estimates 20 PC Game Pirates for Every One Legitimate Buyer
2008-06-28: Device projects images into photographs
2008-06-28: Free hosting spread rogue products and MediaTubeCodec
2008-06-28: Giant Asteroid Flattened Half of Mars, Studies Suggest
2008-06-28: Hackers Hijack Critical Internet Organizations
2008-06-28: House of Representatives Passes Bill to Protect Us from Asteroids
2008-06-28: Retailer Wards Failed To Notify Customers Of Data Breach
2008-06-28: Zone-H.org - ICANN and IANA domains hijacked by Turkish crackers
2008-06-28:Cancer cure with white blood cells enters human trials
2008-06-29: 19-year-old 'fast flux' botnet pioneer agrees to plead guilty
2008-06-29: AVG disguises fake traffic as IE6--they have forgotten which side they are on
2008-06-29: Hyper-V climbs into Windows
2008-06-29: Magazine photos fool age-verification cameras
2008-06-29: Microsoft VP confirms Windows 7 ship date: January 2010
2008-06-29: New software uses cell phone signals to find the hottest clubs or hangouts in San Francisco
2008-06-29: Quantum computing breakthrough arises from unknown molecule
2008-06-29:Al-Qaeda's Computer Technology: Sony VAIOs and PGP
2008-06-30: BitTorrent seed farmer found guilty, faces 10 years in jail
2008-06-30: Hacking Democracy - video about voting machines
2008-06-30: News: GoDaddy allows executives to bid against own customers in auctions
2008-06-30: NSA Red Team Hacks Network Security %u2013 How to Become Hackers
2008-06-30: Routine Maintenance for your PC - Upgrade your RAM today
2008-06-30: Supermarket of the future
2008-06027: Microsoft removes the Taterf worm from a million machines
2008-07-01: 12 sites for free streaming music
2008-07-01: Pickering's Triangle
2008-07-02 Greyhat-Security: Social Engineering Basics
2008-07-02: Cancer Cells Become Normal With a Bit of Tweaking
2008-07-02: Dell offers 'Windows Vista Bonus' to frightened customers -- The 'bonus' is XP instead of Vista
2008-07-02: Google, Yahoo spiders can now crawl through Flash sites
2008-07-02: How to beat AVG's fake traffic spew
2008-07-02: Intel says to prepare for 'thousands of cores'
2008-07-02: Land Warrior wearable war-smartphone survives Iraq baptism
2008-07-02: Missouri governor signs Internet harassment bill
2008-07-02: Modern Love - Instant Message, Instant Girlfriend
2008-07-02: New Technology Makes It Easer to See Microbleeds in the Brain, but What Should Be Done About Them?
2008-07-02: Programmer Competency Matrix
2008-07-02: Swindled: Solid State Drives Don't Extend Battery Life, They Shorten It
2008-07-02: U.S. military to patrol Internet
2008-07-02: Which Linux Distributions Are Dying?
2008-07-03: 10 Best Hacking and Security Software Tools for Linux
2008-07-03: America wakes up to the surveillance society
2008-07-03: Built-in browser expiry proposed to fight botnet menace
2008-07-03: China plans to map the whole Moon and exploit its Helium-3 resources
2008-07-03: Consumer Reports - Sunscreen: Ratings, Recommendations
2008-07-03: Court Ruling Will Expose Viewing Habits of YouTube Users
2008-07-03: Immune to Critics, Secret-Spilling Wikileaks Plans to Save Journalism ... and the World
2008-07-03: Judge Orders YouTube to Give All User Histories to Viacom
2008-07-03: Microsoft claims people prefer to work there rather than Google (to general scorn and laughter)
2008-07-03: Midwestern data pimping alive and well - WOW! ignores Congress
2008-07-03: New Nanowire-Based Memory Has Three States
2008-07-03: New paper on 'blinking' of fluorescent substances
2008-07-03: Nut launches death threats at Debian women
2008-07-03: Outdated browsers put 637m users at risk
2008-07-03: Scareware runs amok on PlayStation site--SQL Injection used to plant it
2008-07-03: Study claims Windows usage market share could fall below 90% soon
2008-07-03: Traffic ticket equals free headset
2008-07-03: U.S. Allowing New Solar Again
2008-07-03: UK.gov calls on white hat hackers to spot data leaks
2008-07-03: USB Magic Jack lets your computer make calls to home phones for $39.95 a year
2008-07-03: Using Linux to Beat Comcast's BitTorrent Throttling
2008-07-03: Voyager pictures reveal Solar System is egg-shaped
2008-07-03: Why Most Sunscreens Don't Work
2008-07-03:Mac OS X is now 8% of the market. Linux has risen to 0.8% Windows is 91%
2008-07-04: Apple caught neglecting iPhone security
2008-07-04: Apple plugs 25 Mac OS X security vulnerabilities
2008-07-04: At Yahoo, a Threat from Within
2008-07-04: Comodo Antivirus home - Free for Desktops and Servers
2008-07-04: Do feds track cell users illegally? Legal groups want to know
2008-07-04: Firefox 2 dirty dozen: Critical vulnerabilities patched
2008-07-04: Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail's CAPTCHA broken by spammers
2008-07-04: How to encrypt data on your laptop for holiday travel
2008-07-04: Jill Bolte Taylor's powerful stroke of insight
2008-07-04: Say it ain't so AVG, say it ain%u2019t so: AVG LinkScanner = Badware?
2008-07-04: SN 1006 Supernova Remnant
2008-07-04: Survey: 10,000 laptops lost at U.S. airports every week
2008-07-04: Tiny scanner may monitor astronauts' mental health
2008-07-04: Trojan exploiting unpatched Mac OS X vulnerability in the wild
2008-07-04: 'Global Disruption' More Accurately Describes Climate Change, Not 'Global Warming'
2008-07-04: 'Highly critical' bug bites OpenOffice
2008-07-05: 10 things you might not know about robots
2008-07-05: Analysis: NSA Spying Judge Defends Rule of Law, Congress Set to Strip His Power
2008-07-05: Comet Between Fireworks and Lightning
2008-07-05: Earth's Core, Magnetic Field Changing Fast
2008-07-05: EO Natural Hazards: Fires in California
2008-07-05: Hackers Steal $2M from Citibank ATMs
2008-07-05: HD TVs cause NF3 Pollution, far more dangerous than CO2
2008-07-05: Lithuania Weathers Cyber Attack, Braces for Round 2
2008-07-05: Mercury is shrinking, Nasa space probe reveals
2008-07-05: Mississippi Tornado Up-close
2008-07-05: New Nano Technique Significantly Boosts Boiling Efficiency
2008-07-05: Password recovery tools
2008-07-05: Resveratrol, the miracle anti-aging drug, is in human trials
2008-07-05: Top Ten TEDTalks
2008-07-06: Agile Hacking: a homegrown telnet-based portscanner
2008-07-06: Bendable-e-ink display,
2008-07-06: Diabetes rates skyrocket among Americans, CDC says
2008-07-06: Mac OS X - Shortcuts (first one resets password)
2008-07-06: Nanotube Radio - fully functional radio from a single carbon nanotube
2008-07-06: OpenRCE - how a matamorphic virus works
2008-07-06: Plants recognize their siblings, biologists discover
2008-07-06: Rapidshare says bye bye to captcha
2008-07-06: Send Messages That Self-Destruct With Privnote
2008-07-06: SniffPass Password Sniffer
2008-07-06: Unique Data Collected on Double Asteroid Antiope
2008-07-06: Videolectures category: Computer Science
2008-07-06: WebbAlert - Your Daily Tech Roundup
2008-07-06: Why is Linux Faster than Windows?
2008-07-06: Winlockpwn - Access through firewire
2008-07-06: WoW: 2 People, 47 PCs, 46 WoW Accounts, No Life
2008-07-06: YouTube - ABB FlexPicker Robots
2008-07-07: 2-Hour Charge Gets 150 Miles In Electric Car
2008-07-07: Hands on: 12 quick hacks for Firefox 3
2008-07-07: How the Digg servers handle their massive load
2008-07-07: Swedes Massively Protest Wiretap Law
2008-07-07: Ten tips for securing Linux desktops
2008-07-07: Yahoo: We're ready to do deal with Microsoft
2008-07-08: Apple just gave out my Apple ID password because someone asked
2008-07-08: Construction Begins of the 200 mph, Solar Powered Turtle Airship
2008-07-08: How to find drivers for Unknown Devices
2008-07-08: Interview with Daniel Ellsberg about today's FISA vote
2008-07-08: Louisiana's Governor Signs Anti Evolution Bill
2008-07-08: Pirate Bay Cop Not to be Investigated for conflict of interest
2008-07-08: Preventing Spam in Form Submissions without Using a CAPTCHA
2008-07-08: Product Keys Based on Elliptic Curve Cryptography
2008-07-08: This message demonstrates that Myspace does not understand HTTPS, or at least they hope their users don't
2008-07-08: Vista is slower than Win XP or Win 98
2008-07-08: Work begins on Google-backed 'Unity' undersea fiber optic cable from US to Japan
2008-07-09: Brocade and Cisco squabble over future fabric standards
2008-07-09: Computer Forensic Training Center Online
2008-07-09: Google evaporates Docs and Spreadsheets cloud
2008-07-09: ISFCE - Certified Computer Examiner
2008-07-09: Massive Internet security flaw uncovered
2008-07-09: MS DNS patch snuffs net connection for ZoneAlarm users
2008-07-09: Obama explaining why he changed his vote to approve the FISA warrantless wiretapping
2008-07-09: Ryanair begins screen-scraping lawsuit
2008-07-09: Senate bows to Bush, approves surveillance bill
2008-07-09: Shocker DNS spoofing vuln discovered three years ago by a student
2008-07-09: The Santa Barbara Independent UCSB Hosts Largest Computer Hacking Competition Ever
2008-07-09: TrueCrypt 6.0: Better Software for the Paranoid
2008-07-09: Vendors form alliance to fix DNS poisoning flaw
2008-07-09: Windmills Cross $1 per Watt Barrier – Watch Out, Solar
2008-07-10: 10 Tips for After You Install or Upgrade Ubuntu
2008-07-10: Coding Hero
2008-07-10: Crowd-Controlling MEDUSA Ray Gun Puts Voices Inside Your Head
2008-07-10: DNA Sewing Machine Manipulates Delicate DNA Chains Without Breaking Them
2008-07-10: Gmail adding protection and monitoring features
2008-07-10: New law in Iran: Death penalty for 'online crimes'
2008-07-10: OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard Review
2008-07-10: Paintball Sentry Gun -
2008-07-10: Recover files from damaged or corrupted CD, DVD and DVD with CD Recovery Toolbox
2008-07-10: Texting champ wins $50,000
2008-07-10: The 10 most annoying programs on the Internet
2008-07-10: The Hubble Space Telescope
2008-07-10: The most spammed country in the world? Switzerland
2008-07-10: The Value Of Science By Richard P. Feynman
2008-07-11: A new insanely dangerous sport: Rock Jumping
2008-07-11: Approximately 800 vulnerabilities discovered in antivirus products
2008-07-11: Can Internet Activity Ever Be Truly Anonymous?
2008-07-11: Canonical hopes Best Buy Ubuntu will spur Linux adoption
2008-07-11: Comcast Ordered to Stop BitTorrent Traffic Interference
2008-07-11: Decoders take a crack at letter sent to Fermilab
2008-07-11: Discovery may lead to quake early-warning system
2008-07-11: Five Signs the United States Is Withering Away
2008-07-11: Frog Leap Test
2008-07-11: Is Pollution Slowing Global Warming?
2008-07-11: iTunes activation servers go down, iPhone 3G customers being sent home unactivated, first-gen iPhone customers stuck with dead iPhones
2008-07-11: Mapping The IP Address to Latitude and Longitude In Google Maps
2008-07-11: New Radiohead Video is Shot with Lasers, Not Cameras
2008-07-11: Obama's Betrayal on FISA is Unforgivable
2008-07-11: Phoenix landing on Mars
2008-07-11: Plasma cosmology debunked - Wikipedia
2008-07-11: Rare 'Star-Making Machine' Found In Distant Region of Universe
2008-07-11: Solar Concentrators Could Double Efficiency of Current Solar Panels
2008-07-11: Solar Powered Bubble Plane is Awesome
2008-07-11: The Great Attractor - What is the Milky Way Speeding Towards at 14 Million MPH?
2008-07-11: You Play a Game, Computers Get Smarter, AI Starts to Work
2008-07-11: YouTube - Plasma Cosmology - Electric Universe Pt1 of 4
2008-07-11: Zero-day exploit code released for unpatched IE 7 iframe vulnerability
2008-07-12: Freedom Downtime: Story of Kevin Mitnick
2008-07-12: Jupiter's Third Red Spot Destroyed
2008-07-12: Microsoft bans TinyURL from Windows Live Messenger
2008-07-12: MIT opens new 'window' on solar energy
2008-07-12: Nanoparticle Stops Cancer From Spreading
2008-07-12: NY attorney general gets more ISPs to block alt.* newsgroups
2008-07-12: Spot the Space Station
2008-07-12: Vatican is powered by Linux
2008-07-14: AccessData Forensic Toolkit v2.0 - Distributed Password Cracker
2008-07-14: HashClash - MD5 Collision Generator
2008-07-14: How to spoof a MAC address
2008-07-14: Peter Selinger: MD5 Collision Demo - hello v. erase
2008-07-15: Computer Forensic Tool Testing | National Institute of Justice
2008-07-16: AZiO ADPS31 USB 2.0 to SATA & IDE Adapter - used in Forensics class
2008-07-16: Live View - Mounts a drive image so you can boot from it
2008-07-17: Forensic Analysis of the Vista Recycle Bin
2008-07-19: 17th USENIX Security Symposium -- July 28 - Aug 1, San Jose
2008-07-19: Adeona: A Free, Open Source System for Helping Track and Recover Lost and Stolen Laptops
2008-07-19: Alzheimer's Drug Reverses Cognitive Decline Over 12 Month Period In Early Human Testing
2008-07-19: Darik's Boot and Nuke (Hard Drive Disk Wipe)
2008-07-19: Dutch researchers crack and clone RFID chips used in public transportation - one billion chips already deployed
2008-07-19: Finding SQL Injection with Scrawlr
2008-07-19: Gentoo Linux -- The Fastest Linux
2008-07-19: Graphene is the strongest material ever tested
2008-07-19: Human Speech Traced to Talking Fish
2008-07-19: Mars: The Echus Chasma photogallery
2008-07-19: MovingScam.com: How to avoid Moving Company Scams
2008-07-19: Operating systems compared in a single image
2008-07-19: Real photos of Moon transit accross Earth
2008-07-19: Researchers show up deniable file system crypto leaks
2008-07-19: SCO ordered to pay Novell $2.5m Unix royalties
2008-07-19: VNC Mocha Lite Allows You To Remotely Connect Your iPhone To Your Desktop Computer
2008-07-19: We begin the tech sector's journey into the Heart of Darkness
2008-07-20: All Wet? Astronomers Claim Discovery of Earth-like Planet
2008-07-20: Antivirus 2009 Hijacks The Google Web Site
2008-07-20: Apple files suit against Psystar for Mac clones
2008-07-20: Baldwin Street, the steepest street in the world
2008-07-20: Encrypt Your USB Stick With Truecrypt 6.0
2008-07-20: Interesting statistics about books - 80% of US families did not buy or read a book last year
2008-07-20: Linux's dirty little secret--comparing installation experiences with Windows
2008-07-20: Mac v. PC
2008-07-20: Maryland troopers spied on activist groups
2008-07-20: Outrageous Amazon Review Thread for $500 Ethernet Cable
2008-07-20: Salt Ponds in San Francisco Bay
2008-07-20: Space-QUEST project will send quantum-entangled messages from the space station to Earth
2008-07-20: The Milky Way
2008-07-20: Top 5 Awesome Linux Distro Upgrades Coming Out in Second Half of 2008
2008-07-20: Vista: DOA in the Enterprise
2008-07-20: What a site shut down by the FBI looks like
2008-07-21: Blog at Your Own Risk: Lawsuits Fly
2008-07-21: Danamics CPU Cooler Chills Chips With Liquid Metal: Won't Terminate Them
2008-07-21: Fingernail Displays
2008-07-21: How to reveal blocked caller ID info: a video guide to risky behavior
2008-07-21: Intel snubs Microsoft; offers Linux certification
2008-07-21: The Single Most Important Study Strategy You Will Ever Hear
2008-07-21: Time Fountain Video
2008-07-21: Water Vortex Sculpture
2008-07-22: 365 days of free games
2008-07-22: ASUS offers instant-boot Linux machines
2008-07-22: Comcast pitches IPv6 strategy to the IETF
2008-07-22: Diskless Workstations
2008-07-22: Emergency Data Destruction With Boot and Nuke
2008-07-22: Firefox 3 Follows IE7's Security Settings
2008-07-22: Lichtenberg Figures - Art Made From Electric Discharges
2008-07-22: Nine ways to obfuscate e-mail addresses compared
2008-07-22: The government keeps losing laptop computers containing its citizens' most personal information
2008-07-22: Video of ASUS' instant-on Linux dual boot distro shows Skype VOIP
2008-07-22: Weak IPv6 Security Leaves Computers Wide Open
2008-07-23: Big LED Breakthrough at Purdue University Could Change the World
2008-07-23: Dutch 'dragonfly' flying camera weighs 3 grams
2008-07-23: Lazy Linux: 10 essential tricks for admins
2008-07-23: Mountain and Clouds in Alaska
2008-07-23: Open Tech offers a different twist on the Apple clone
2008-07-23: Tough Choices: How Making Decisions Tires Your Brain
2008-07-23: Why Migraines Strike: Scientific American
2008-07-24: DRM still sucks: Yahoo Music going dark, taking keys with it
2008-07-24: Google close to buying social news site Digg
2008-07-24: Intel Unveils New System On A Chip Designs
2008-07-24: Malware authors take aim at growing number of Macs
2008-07-24: Microsoft lies to XP users—and they start to love Vista
2008-07-24: Missouri Town Powered Fully by Wind
2008-07-25: Apple is hiring an iPhone Security Engineer to hack iPhones for a living
2008-07-25: Escaped spammer dies in murder-suicide
2008-07-25: Foxconn motherboards contain BIOS specifically designed to crash Linux
2008-07-25: Fun (and Fraud Detection) with Benford’s Law
2008-07-25: Librarians want to turn us all into privacy fiends
2008-07-25: MPAA Hacker Spied on The Pirate Bay
2008-07-25: MPAA Hacker Spied on The Pirate Bay
2008-07-25: Schmoocon 2008 Hacking Videos
2008-07-25: The human race's DNA is changing faster than ever
2008-07-25: Under Pressure, ISP Admits Secret Web Snooping in Kansas
2008-07-25: Views of Jupiter
2008-07-25: Virginia Tech building supercomputer out of 324 Mac Pros
2008-07-25: Yale study shows why cigarette smoke makes flu, other viral infections worse
2008-07-26: 5 Painful Facts
2008-07-26: A new era in search for 'sister Earths'
2008-07-26: A terrifying story of a government Web server
2008-07-26: Anatomy of Linux flash file systems
2008-07-26: Dozens of ravers partially blinded at Moscow party after their retinas are burned by laser light show
2008-07-26: FCC opposes Comcast P2P throttling
2008-07-26: Google Walks Away From Digg Deal
2008-07-26: How Skype & Co. get round firewalls
2008-07-26: How to reset expired Windows XP Administrator password (I doubt this will work)
2008-07-26: Identity Theft of a Bank of America Customer
2008-07-26: Infinity Exists » Episode 18 - Local Password Cracking
2008-07-26: Information about seeding the ocean with iron to absorb carbon
2008-07-26: IPv6 Address Classes
2008-07-26: Lydia Fairchild - The Woman With Two DNA Sequences
2008-07-26: PhishMe - Spear Phishing Awareness Training
2008-07-26: Scientists develop tobacco plant which turns red when it detects landmines
2008-07-26: Scientists Find Trigger for Northern Lights
2008-07-26: Senator fuses controversial intellectual property bills into big, bad package
2008-07-26: Silicon photonic crystals key to optical cloaking
2008-07-26: Surgery: Peak's Plasmablade is Sci-Fi-like Surgical Tool of the Future
2008-08-01: 42.zip - 4.5 Petabytes of zipped files
2008-08-01: Anthrax scientist commits suicide as FBI closes in
2008-08-01: citizen engineer - Phones: SIM card & payphone hacking
2008-08-01: Custom Stem Cells Around the Corner?
2008-08-01: Galaxies on a String
2008-08-01: How to bypass serial key tests with OllyDbg
2008-08-01: Make Vista SP1 Installation Permanent
2008-08-01: MediaDefender Walks The Plank to Bankruptcy
2008-08-01: Nanoscale Mass Sensor from Berkeley Can Be Used to Weigh Individual Atoms and Molecules
2008-08-01: New 3.2Gbps FireWire spec approved, not as fast as USB 3.0
2008-08-01: Setting up LAMP on FreeBSD
2008-08-01: Travelers' Laptops May Be Detained At Border
2008-08-01: xkcd - The Awful Truth About Linux
2008-08-01: 'Major discovery' from MIT primed to unleash solar revolution
2008-08-02: British Hacker Closer to Facing Trial in America - The Lede

Aug 2008

2008-08-02: Does Time Run Backward in Other Universes?: Scientific American
2008-08-02: Microsoft has serious plans to do away with Windows
2008-08-02: X-Ray Diffraction Looks Inside Aerogels in 3-D
2008-08-03: 5 Most Popular Linux-hackable Gadgets
2008-08-03: Auto-NDISwrapper: Linux Wi-Fi as easy as it can get in Launchpad
2008-08-03: Brain Implants Instead of Prozac
2008-08-03: Browser Hack - Make any web page editable!
2008-08-03: California judge rules early cell phone termination fees illegal
2008-08-03: College Teacher Shows Students How to Write Viruses
2008-08-03: Deadliest job in America: Working on cell phone towers
2008-08-03: Esquire Magazine will use electronic paper for an animated cover in September
2008-08-03: Houston doctors say they may have found a way to destroy HIV
2008-08-03: Majority of banking websites found insecure
2008-08-03: New Lighting Technology, ESL (electron-stimulated luminescence), Offers Alternative To CFLs and LEDs
2008-08-04: Alzheimer's experts see progress on new drugs
2008-08-04: Dan Kaminsky's DNS vulnerability scanner
2008-08-04: DNS Vulnerability Leak - Patch DNS Servers Now!
2008-08-04: Do cell phones cause cancer?
2008-08-04: Don’t be a Victim of DNS Security Holes
2008-08-04: Esquire to geeks: hack our e-paper magazine cover
2008-08-04: MPAA: Don't limit our ability to close analog outputs
2008-08-04: New technique to compress light could open doors for optical communications
2008-08-04: Physicists Explain Why Liquid Optical Fibers Don't Collapse
2008-08-04: X Rays from the Cats Eye Nebula
2008-08-05: aurora concept video - new browser experience from Mozilla Labs
2008-08-05: EFF: MySpace suicide charges a threat to free speech
2008-08-05: High-tech Peeping Tom rigged laptop webcam to snap nude pics
2008-08-05: Light-sensitive shape-shifting plastic drives motor
2008-08-05: Photonic crystal bends light round corners
2008-08-05: Shielding your files with Reed-Solomon codes
2008-08-06: Amateur astronomer spots 'cosmic ghost'
2008-08-06: Dark Energy's Fingerprint Found in Distant Galaxies
2008-08-06: EFF Supports TorrentSpy in Electronic Privacy Case
2008-08-06: Exclusive Defcon 16 Badge Sneak Peek
2008-08-06: Internet Censorship is On it's Way. The i-Patriot Act
2008-08-06: RANDOM.ORG - Statistical Analysis
2008-08-06: Scottish police chief calls for universal DNA database
2008-08-06: US cracks 'biggest ID fraud case'
2008-08-06: Viruses can catch colds, says study that redefines life itself
2008-08-10: Agency sues to stop Defcon speakers from revealing gaping holes
2008-08-10: Defcon MBTA Presentation Mirror
2008-08-10: Federal Judge in DefCon Case Equates Speech with Hacking
2008-08-11: A First Ever Look Inside The Defcon Network Operations Center
2008-08-11: Airplane landed by text messages from traffic controller
2008-08-11: GMail vulnerability and secure cookies
2008-08-11: North Pole could be ice-free in five years
2008-08-11: Russian physicist fools fully patched DNS server
2008-08-11: Weight Watchers is an RPG
2008-08-11: Who owns your online networking contacts?
2008-08-12: Adobe: Beware of fake Flash downloads
2008-08-12: Blue Screen of Death at the Olympics opening ceremony
2008-08-12: Cisco and Pearson VUE Combat Exam Fraud with Global Test Delivery Enhancements
2008-08-12: Geography Flash Game
2008-08-12: Google doubles its cookie tracking: Will you opt out?
2008-08-12: Google Using DoubleClick Tracking Cookies
2008-08-12: Indictments in huge hacking & theft case
2008-08-12: New SQL Injection Attack Fuses Malware, Phishing
2008-08-12: Next-Gen Prius Will Have Solar AC
2008-08-12: Quantum-Uncollapse performed in lab
2008-08-12: Russia and Georgia Engaged In a Cyberwar
2008-08-12: Scientists stop the ageing process in mouse livers
2008-08-12: The first officially sanctioned victory of a computer over a professional Go player
2008-08-12: Toyota tinkers with baby Segways
2008-08-12: Vista's Security Rendered Completely Useless by New Exploit
2008-08-12: VMware ESX bug will prevent power-on of enterprise machines
2008-08-12: Web worms squirm through Facebook, MySpace
2008-08-12: When Google disowns you
2008-08-13: A Memory-Erasing Chemical That Can Change Your Behavior
2008-08-13: Critical Vulnerability Discovered in uTorrent
2008-08-13: Hackers hacked at infamous DefCon gathering
2008-08-13: Hacking a commercial airport WLAN
2008-08-13: Lawyers in a how-to video: as in how to avoid hiring an American
2008-08-13: Map of nations that don't use the metric system
2008-08-13: Password Resets Worse Than Reusing Old password
2008-08-13: Police use GPS devices to track suspects without court orders
2008-08-13: Quantum Entanglement Effect Travels at least 10,000 times the speed of light
2008-08-13: Scientists Confirm Liquid Lake, Beach on Saturn's Moon Titan
2008-08-13: Solar systems like ours likely to be rarer than we thought
2008-08-13: UK Government proposes email and internet tracking
2008-08-13:Scientists closer to invisibility cloak (w/video)
2008-08-14: A robot with a biological brain
2008-08-14: Experts Accuse Bush Administration of Foot-Dragging on DNS Security Hole
2008-08-14: For Most People, College Is a Waste of Time
2008-08-14: Honeybee deaths reaching crisis point threatening fruit and vegetable pollination
2008-08-14: More bloggers are being arrested
2008-08-14: Patients 'free from cancer' after immune-boost treatment
2008-08-14: Spaceship Could Fly Faster Than Light
2008-08-14: 'Elite' HIV wife may hold secret to AIDS vaccine
2008-08-15: 2 Large Solar Plants Planned in California, Will Each Be 10 Times Bigger Than Largest Now in Service
2008-08-15: 3 Robots That Move Just Like Animals
2008-08-15: CAPTCHAs work--for digitizing old, damaged texts, manuscripts
2008-08-15: Congress to Push Web Privacy
2008-08-15: Creepy Safeway Online Food Tracking
2008-08-15: DoSHTTP 2.0 -- HTTP Flood Denial of Service (DoS) Testing Tool
2008-08-15: How I became a soldier in the Georgia-Russia cyberwar
2008-08-15: Inside NASA's Plan to Bomb the Moon and Find Water
2008-08-15: MIT solves puzzle of meteorite-asteroid link
2008-08-15: NSA Hacker Gary McKinnon wins extradition delay
2008-08-15: Phoenix Atomic Force Microscope Takes First Image Of Martian Dust Particle
2008-08-15: Projection of computer power
2008-08-15: Researcher: Kids, not Kremlin, attacking .ge
2008-08-15: The recommended phone # to use at Safeway -- microsoft in Redmond - YELLOWPAGES.COM
2008-08-15: Torvalds: Fed up with the 'security circus'
2008-08-15: US falling further behind on broadband speeds, reach
2008-08-15: You've got jail! AOL spammer sentenced to seven years
2008-08-15:Pleo, the Robotic Baby Dinosaur
2008-08-16: Death Star over San Francisco
2008-08-16: Genetically-Engineered Trees Can Dissolve Themselves into Fuel
2008-08-16: Spin flip trick points to fastest RAM yet - tech
2008-08-16: U.S. May Ease Police Spy Rules
2008-08-17: Crazy Wiring, Part 5
2008-08-17: Debian Turns 15 Years Old
2008-08-17: Do Subatomic Particles Have Free Will?
2008-08-17: Geysers on Saturn's Moon Enceladus
2008-08-17: Guitar Hero: Parents Let Kid Drop Out of High School to Focus on Guitar Hero
2008-08-17: Io's Surface: Under Construction
2008-08-17: Ocean 'dead zones' expanding worldwide: study
2008-08-17: Pandora On the Verge of Closing Shop
2008-08-17: Suicidal thoughts among college students more common than expected
2008-08-17: Turbulence: How to Visualize the Invisible
2008-08-18: Dark Matter is Missing From Cosmic Voids
2008-08-18: iPhone Jailbreak Now QuickPwned: No Need for iTunes-Based Restore
2008-08-18: Tenure Review - Early Tenure Process
2008-08-18: Turning Roads into Solar Collectors
2008-08-18:Power your iPod with a solar necktie (with illustrations)
2008-08-19: A third of new PCs are being downgraded to XP
2008-08-19: Apple's secret push for IPv6
2008-08-19: Cartwheel Galaxy
2008-08-19: Flying Jetpack Inventors vs. Martin Jet Pack - Plans to Build a Jetpack
2008-08-19: How I Stole Someone's Identity: Scientific American
2008-08-19: 'Pentagon hacker' loses extradition appeal
2008-08-20: Free Will vs. the Programmed Brain: Scientific American
2008-08-20: Massive New Object Discovered at Edge of the Solar System
2008-08-20: Mom, Can My Voting Machine Spend the Night?
2008-08-20: Open Virtual Machine Tools with Ubuntu Hardy
2008-08-20: Scientists Create Blood From Stem Cells
2008-08-20: Sizing Up the Universe as It Expands in Search for Answers to a Dark Force
2008-08-21: Akapost: email anonymity
2008-08-21: Judge lifts fare card hack gag order, punts on 1st Amendment
2008-08-21: Waterfall Printer
2008-08-22: A Skyscraper So Tall Builders Can't Use Walkie-Talkies
2008-08-22: Building an Extension - Mozilla Developer Center
2008-08-22: Colonizing Space: Four Reasons Not to Give Up on Interstellar Travel
2008-08-22: Comcast to slow down heaviest 'Net users to DSL speeds
2008-08-22: Computer game gives players realistic business experience
2008-08-22: Defeating Steganography with added noise
2008-08-22: Everything You Need to Know About USB 3.0
2008-08-22: Featured Windows Download: Look@Lan Monitors Your Network
2008-08-22: Fighting for the Right to Clone
2008-08-22: George Ledin teaches students how to write viruses
2008-08-22: Linux popularity across the globe
2008-08-22: MIT Subway Hacker Interview - Zack Anderson on DefCon 2008
2008-08-22: OTOY Developing Server-Side 3D Rendering Technology
2008-08-22: Robots to be more intelligent than humans in 40 years
2008-08-22: Slow Motion Lightning
2008-08-22: some stars and planets in scale
2008-08-22: Tutorial: Cracking WEP Using Backtrack 3
2008-08-22: Video: Lifelike animation heralds new era for computer games
2008-08-22: Viewing American class divisions through Facebook and MySpace
2008-08-22: Whitespace: The Cruellest Programming Language
2008-08-22: Yves Rossy makes second jet-powered flight
2008-08-23: 1-800-GOOG-411: Find and connect with local businesses for free from your phone.
2008-08-23: Inside the Linux boot process
2008-08-23: Nuclear Winter in Chernobyl
2008-08-23: Phreaking: Hacker Rips Off $12,000 in Calls Using Homeland Security Phone PBX System
2008-08-23: Plan to wrap an asteroid with reflective sheeting could save the Earth
2008-08-23: Red Hat hack prompts critical OpenSSH update
2008-08-23: Social Engineering a Password in IRC
2008-08-23: Why teachers assign homework
2008-08-24: Bachelor of Science in Ethical Hacking Degree in Scotland
2008-08-24: Black hole's colossal sphere of influence revealed
2008-08-24: Diebold comes clean, admits that its e-voting machines are faulty
2008-08-24: Firefox 3 Highlights Websites Security Failings
2008-08-24: Gmail Account Hacking Tool
2008-08-24: IEEE Spectrum: Quantum Weirdness: Two Times Zero Doesn't Always Equal Zero
2008-08-24: Read 20 Digital Magazines for Free by switching the user agent
2008-08-24: Silver Coin Galaxy
2008-08-24: Solar plane makes record flight
2008-08-24: WHH Ranch Company Uses Shredded Checks As Package Cushioning
2008-08-25: 23 awesome license plates for computer geeks
2008-08-25: CPU Rings, Privilege, and Protection
2008-08-25: Facebook summarily denies undeniable user-menacing security hole
2008-08-25: Five things that suck about working in IT
2008-08-25: Google's math == FAIL!
2008-08-25: Hackers Crack into Red Hat
2008-08-25: Hundreds of Dutch web sites hacked by Islamic hackers
2008-08-25: I'm done with GMail
2008-08-25: Microsoft admits posting flawed update
2008-08-25: Microsoft confirms 'InPrivate' IE 8
2008-08-25: Opinion: Why Google has lost its mojo -- and why you should care
2008-08-25: Pirate Bay : Let's Encrypt The Entire Internet!
2008-08-25: Security Researcher Warns of Vista Vulnerabilities
2008-08-25: The ugly truth: Satan, social networks and security
2008-08-25: Vista may still have its day -- just like XP (eventually) did
2008-08-25: Why I left Google to return to Microsoft
2008-08-25: Woman Attempts To Kidnap Ex-Virtual Boyfriend
2008-08-26: 15 Spectacular Lightning Images
2008-08-26: Facebook Hits 100 Million Users
2008-08-26: How To Change a Windows XP Limited User Account Into a Computer Administrator
2008-08-26: How to make in-flight VOIP phone calls for free
2008-08-26: PC Login Now: Create new administrator accounts on Windows systems
2008-08-26: Protecting your MySQL database from SQL injection attacks with GreenSQL
2008-08-26: strange new treatment for diabetes developed
2008-08-26: Unsucky English, Lecture 1: On Gilgamesh | Beyond School
2008-08-26: Windows 7 FAQ
2008-08-27: How eWEEK Got Hacked at Black Hat
2008-08-27: Laptop Sold on eBay Exposes Personal Data for 1 Million Banking Customers
2008-08-27: Patience pays off for Coreflood Trojan hackers
2008-08-27: Revealed: The Internet's Biggest Security Hole--BGP Hijacking
2008-08-27: Sending quantum-encrypted messages through space
2008-08-27: This Pill Will Change Your Life | Popular Science
2008-08-27: Worm infects International Space Station laptops
2008-08-27:using breath analysis to detect cancer
2008-08-28: Dealing with Difficult People
2008-08-28: Google, Facebook Battle For Computer Science Grads. Salaries Soar.
2008-08-28: How To Use the Internet Through Email
2008-08-28: I can haz compiler? LOLCODE compiler
2008-08-28: Quebec government sued for buying Microsoft software
2008-08-28: VIDEO: Dream PCs 2008: Completely immersed in fluid
2008-08-28: Why do We Sleep? -Scientists Search for the Answer
2008-08-29: -ScratchDrive.com- list of hacking tools
2008-08-29: 4chan hacker holds rapper Soulja Boy's MySpace account ransom
2008-08-29: Apple removes $1,000 featureless iPhone application
2008-08-29: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology (CSIT) offered at California State University, Monterey Bay
2008-08-29: Bell Labs Kills Fundamental Physics Research
2008-08-29: Biometrics exhibit blushes over email snafu
2008-08-29: Cartilage regeneration under high pressure
2008-08-29: Cloned US ATM cards: Can they fool Brit self-service checkouts?
2008-08-29: Cross-site hacks and the art of self defence
2008-08-29: Engineer accidentally deletes cloud
2008-08-29: FAA Computer Failure Disrupts Travel, Malfunction In Atlanta Air Traffic Control System Magnified When Backup Failed -
2008-08-29: Got a pirated copy of XP? Expect to be nagged
2008-08-29: Halloween Costume
2008-08-29: IE8 beta 2 locks down some XP lovers
2008-08-29: Internet Explorer - now with 35% less FAIL
2008-08-29: It's official: Comcast starts 250GB bandwidth caps October 1
2008-08-29: Kevin Mitnick Tells All in Upcoming Book -- Promises No Whining
2008-08-29: Linux being hit by SSH Key-based Attacks--phalanx2 rootkit inserted
2008-08-29: Lloyds bank examines customer's passwords, changing the ones it deems offensive
2008-08-29: McAfee SiteAdvisor sued over 'spyware' tag
2008-08-29: Microsoft breaks IE8 interoperability promise
2008-08-29: Multi-Boot Security LiveCD DVD
2008-08-29: New Milky Way map reveals a complicated outer galaxy
2008-08-29: PCTechTips, with hacking puzzles
2008-08-29: Quantum Weirdness: Two Times Zero Doesn't Always Equal Zero
2008-08-29: Real hackers are invisible
2008-08-29: Reason why breast cancer survivors relapse discovered
2008-08-29: reDuh - TCP Redirection over HTTP
2008-08-29: Showing Super Hidden Files in Windows Vista
2008-08-29: Text message snoop? Study says beware
2008-08-29: Textured graphics can be captured in a flash with new technique
2008-08-29: U.K. Hacker Gary McKinnon Plays the Asperger's Card
2008-08-29: Web worms squirm through Facebook, MySpace
2008-08-29: Wicd: The Solution For All Your Linux Wireless Woes!
2008-08-29: 'Hands Off My Laptop'
2008-08-30: Denmark-Sweden Bridge Goes Under Water
2008-08-30: Facebook application turns users into attackers
2008-08-30: First superheavy element found in nature - #122
2008-08-30: Galactic collision unmasks dark matter
2008-08-30: Integral gamma-ray observatory locates origin of high-energy emission from Crab Nebula
2008-08-30: MySpace Cofounder Tom Anderson Was A Real Life 'WarGames' Hacker in 1980s
2008-08-30: NASA's 'electronic nose' could sniff out cancer
2008-08-30: Over $400 M Poured Into Thin-Film Solar Tech In One Week
2008-08-30: Plastic Electrical Grid Will Generate Power at Bottom of PA River
2008-08-30: Roundup of jailbreaking, unlocking the iPhone 2.0.2 2G and 3G so far
2008-08-30: Shuttle booster separation
2008-08-30: The Art of Vacuum Tube Fabrication
2008-08-30: The GigaOM 250 GB Challenge & 5 Tools To Monitor Your Bandwidth Consumption
2008-08-30: Unsecured Webcams
2008-08-31: A Jet from Galaxy M87 - a blowtorch 5000 lightyears long
2008-08-31: Arctic becomes an island as ice melts
2008-08-31: BadBlocks Hard Drive Validation and/or Destructive Wipe
2008-08-31: FiOS: Most Verizon FIOS Installations Violate National Electric Standards
2008-08-31: Google Publishes Hard Drive Study (pdf)
2008-08-31: Hard disk test 'surprises' Google
2008-08-31: Hawking cracks black hole paradox - 14 July 2004
2008-08-31: Internet Traffic Begins to Bypass the U.S.
2008-08-31: Jet Power and Black Hole Assortment Revealed in New Chandra Image :: 09 Jan 08
2008-08-31: US lagging behind other nations in converting to bicycle commuting
2008-08-31: Useful Google Talk Bots That You Must Add as Friends
2008-08-31: [SOLVED] hard drive test - Ubuntu Forums
2008-09-01: World's Most Powerful Magnet Under Construction

Sept 2008

2008-09-01: 3 Things They Should Have Taught In My Computer Science Degree
2008-09-01: 6 Places to Buy Pre-installed Linux Computers
2008-09-01: Biometric Devices and Fingerprint Spoofing
2008-09-01: Biometric Devices and Fingerprint Spoofing
2008-09-01: Concrete-jet 'printers' to build houses, Moonbases in hours
2008-09-01: Daily pill that halts Alzheimer's is hailed as 'biggest breakthrough against disease for 100 years'
2008-09-01: DD-WRT vs. Tomato: Winner is Tomato
2008-09-01: Google launches internet browser
2008-09-01: Hacking Proximity Cards
2008-09-01: Hopes raised for block on cancer
2008-09-01: How to Write Your Own IM Bot in Less Than 5 Minutes
2008-09-01: I actually like Vista now
2008-09-01: Ice Age lesson predicts a faster rise in sea level
2008-09-01: Making a Solar Cell Component without Using Fossil Fuels
2008-09-01: Massive floating generators, or 'eco-rigs', to provide power and food to Japan
2008-09-01: Microsoft granted Page Up Page Down patent
2008-09-01: Mozilla Extends Lucrative Deal With Google For 3 Years
2008-09-01: New search engine Cuil's overzealous bot is bringing websites down
2008-09-01: Official Google Blog: A fresh take on the browser
2008-09-01: Physics Challenges
2008-09-01: Powered exoskeleton enables paralyzed man to walk
2008-09-01: Scooters and motorcycles can pollute 90 times as much as SUVs
2008-09-01: Stanford's 'autonomous' helicopters teach themselves to fly
2008-09-01: Stanford's 'autonomous' helicopters teach themselves to fly
2008-09-01: Strange Clouds Spotted at the Edge of Space
2008-09-01: Transit of Mercury across the face of the Sun
2008-09-01: VMware Workstation Multiple Vulnerabilities
2008-09-02: Hands-On With Chrome: Clean and Crisp, But Needs Extensions
2008-09-02: 5 Apps For Painless Windows Reformats
2008-09-02: Commodore launches little laptop
2008-09-02: Engineers work toward cell-sized batteries
2008-09-02: First Look: Is Google's Chrome a glimpse of the future?
2008-09-02: Funny Chrome error message
2008-09-02: Getting Started Guide - Google Chrome Help Center
2008-09-02: Google Chrome - Download a new browser
2008-09-02: Google Chrome - Early Impressions
2008-09-02: Google remodels top secret money machine
2008-09-02: How much spam you depends on the first letter in your e-mail address
2008-09-02: How-To: Install Ubuntu Linux With No Optical Drive
2008-09-02: ICANN cast as online scam enabler
2008-09-02: Mystery Ocean Glow Confirmed in Satellite Photos
2008-09-02: Mythbusters RFID hacking episode canned by credit card company lawyers
2008-09-02: Skype ignores PayPal siphoning hijack scheme
2008-09-02: S[ace Shuttle Breaking the Sound Barrier
2008-09-02: VPN security - if you want it, come and get it
2008-09-02: Washington State court deals a blow to one-sided EULAs
2008-09-02: Zombie network explosion
2008-09-03: California 2008 Special Populations Conference - Dec 3 and 4 in Sacramento
2008-09-04: Beta Browser Speed Tests: Which Is Fastest?
2008-09-04: BIOS Keyboard buffer reveals BitLocker key
2008-09-04: Chrome and why Gates was right to be paranoid
2008-09-04: Chrome's outrageous EULA
2008-09-04: DoS vulnerability hits Google’s Chrome, crashes with all tabs
2008-09-04: Google Chrome vulnerable to carpet-bombing flaw
2008-09-04: Google on Chrome EULA controversy: our bad, we'll change it
2008-09-04: Hax: The Cure for N00bitis (video)
2008-09-04: ISPs Will All Spy on Their Customers, Professor Warns
2008-09-04: P2P traffic drops as streaming video grows in popularity
2008-09-04: Red Hat (belatedly) confirms security breach
2008-09-04: Researchers Creating Algae Aviation Fuel
2008-09-04: The WebKit Open Source Project - The heart of Safari and Chrome
2008-09-05: Ex-Diablo Valley College worker acquitted of grade-changing scam
2008-09-05: Google admits Chrome tracks web addresses
2008-09-05: Hacking SecondLife (pdf)
2008-09-05: How to change channel by simply waving your hand: The new web cam that could kill off remote controls
2008-09-05: Javascript Performance Test in Chrome, Firefox, and IE (images)
2008-09-05: JavaScript Speed test: Google Chrome beats Firefox, IE, Safari
2008-09-05: New Home Door Locks Can Be Controlled Online
2008-09-05: Road to Snow Leopard: twice the RAM, half the price, 64-bits
2008-09-05: Sony recalls 440,000 laptops over risk of burns
2008-09-05: Steve Jobs' Commencement Address
2008-09-05: Why Bandwidth Is the Oil of the Information Economy
2008-09-05: Why is the Internet so infuriatingly slow?
2008-09-05: YouTube - Verizon FiOS
2008-09-06: Beyond Nano Breakthrough, MIT Team Quietly Builds Virus-Based Batteries
2008-09-06: Energy Ball - A Cheap And Efficient Wind Turbine
2008-09-06: Evil Algebra
2008-09-06: Fermilab physicists discover doubly strange particle
2008-09-06: HHOWTO - reset a lost Ubuntu password
2008-09-06: How I Upgraded My Laptop's Hard Drive and Almost Lost My Mind
2008-09-06: How to hack a coke machine for change
2008-09-06: Hugo de Garis - researcher predicts that billions will die in a war over artificial intelligence
2008-09-06: Linux Motivational Posters
2008-09-06: Metasploit code to exploit the Kaminsky DNS flaw
2008-09-06: Net Neutrality Open Source Documentary
2008-09-06: Requesting Hotfixes from Microsoft the Easy Way
2008-09-06: ScrewPrivacy.com - sell your personal data to hackers before the crooks do
2008-09-06: The Linux laptop goes to school
2008-09-06: The Linux laptop goes to school
2008-09-06: The super vaccine that protects you from all types of flu for LIFE
2008-09-06: Universe Measured: We're 156 Billion Light-years Wide!
2008-09-06: YouTube Comment Snob :: Firefox Add-ons
2008-09-07: 10 Coolest Devices Running Linux
2008-09-07: 17 Extremely Expensive Gadgets to Fit The Luxurious Lifestyle
2008-09-07: California Hacker Caught Taking $50K, Penny by Penny (From May, 2008)
2008-09-07: Download at Work
2008-09-07: Easter eggs come with new Chrome browser by Google
2008-09-07: Mexican Food Company Switching to Biodegradable Packaging
2008-09-07: Netgear Open Source Router WGR614L Software Specifications
2008-09-07: Researchers Crack Medeco High-Security Locks With Plastic Keys
2008-09-07: Sun Makes History: First Spotless Month in a Century
2008-09-07: The Very Latest SOHO Images of the Sun
2008-09-07: Ultracold neutral plasmas and antihydrogen
2008-09-07:$98 Chinese Laptop with Linux
2008-09-08: Biologists on the Verge of Creating New Form of Life
2008-09-08: Demand for solar panels exceeds supply
2008-09-08: Europe Pulls Ahead of U.S. in Physics
2008-09-08: FBizarre windmills
2008-09-08: First Algae Biodiesel Plant Goes Online
2008-09-08: New satellite to give Google Maps unprecedented resolution
2008-09-08: Red Bull drink lifts stroke risk
2008-09-08: Stephen Colbert's DNA To Be Sent Into Space
2008-09-08: Ten Apps Wirth Jailbreaking Your iPhone to Get
2008-09-08: The Human Tongue as Computer Control Pad
2008-09-08: The toughest creature on Earth has survived a trip into space
2008-09-08: Top 10 Amazing Physics Videos
2008-09-08: Tracking the reasons many girls avoid science and math
2008-09-08: Tracking the reasons many girls avoid science and math
2008-09-08: Viruses tagged with quantum dots can be tracked as they move through a cell
2008-09-08: Your Privacy Is An Illusion: German government tells citizens not to use Google Chrome
2008-09-08: 'Dr. Chaos' says crime spree was result of 'intellectual superiority' (from 2002)
2008-09-09: Ads coming to iPhones
2008-09-09: AMD issues dramatic price cuts for triple-core CPUs
2008-09-09: Chrome Fatter Than the Bloated IE8
2008-09-09: Chrome's CPU consumption comes from the Adobe Flash Plugin
2008-09-09: End of the road for credit card as Barclaycard goes 'contactless'
2008-09-09: Geoengineering solution No. 9: The Flying Dutchman solves global warming
2008-09-09: Google Takes Two Steps to Protect Our Privacy
2008-09-09: Google-Backed 'O3b' Satellites Promise High-Speed Internet Access
2008-09-09: Infovell's 'research engine' finds deep Web pages that Google, Yahoo miss
2008-09-09: Intel tosses hat into SSD ring with 80GB launch
2008-09-09: London Stock Exchange crippled by system outage
2008-09-09: Mars Phoenix Will Twitter Until the Final Beat of Its Electronic Heart
2008-09-09: Microsoft Makes Vista Licensing Tougher On Users -- Vista Licensing (from 2006)
2008-09-09: Shoppers to use fingerprints or eye scans to pay for goods
2008-09-09: Vista Licensing in VMware (from 2007)
2008-09-10: 'Big Bang' experiment starts well
2008-09-10: A View Inside the Large Hadron Collider
2008-09-10: Chrome TITLE overflow Proof-of-Concept Demonstration
2008-09-10: Control Room of the Large Hadron Collider
2008-09-10: Demonstration of Chrome Auto download Exploit .. By HACKERS PAL
2008-09-10: Google Chrome 'SaveAs' Function Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
2008-09-10: Google Chrome Browser Remote DoS - URL too long
2008-09-10: SecurityFocus - Google Chrome Auto download exploit
2008-09-10: SecurityFocus - Google Chrome Automatic File Download Discussion
2008-09-11 Spinning Skyscraper Planned For Dubai - architect has questionable credentials
2008-09-11: Countrywide Sends Fraud Alert Letters: 'Your Info May Have Been Sold'
2008-09-11: Exclusive Interview: Microsoft Admits What Went Wrong with Vista, and How They Fixed It
2008-09-11: Google pledges 9 month anonymity on data
2008-09-11: Newbies: 9 Ubuntu & Debian commands you should know
2008-09-11: Palin Uses Personal Yahoo E-mail Account to Do State Business And Claims Executive Privilege
2008-09-11: Restaurant tables are computer screens
2008-09-11: Self-steering bus tested on public street in California
2008-09-11: Solar Updraft Towers to Generate Food and Energy
2008-09-11: Ubuntu In Popular Culture
2008-09-11:'Eco-Terrorism' Legitimized by British Court
2008-09-12: 100% Free College Books and Textbooks at Textbook Revolt
2008-09-12: Adobe Flash ads launching clipboard hijack attack -- with fun demo
2008-09-12: Anatomy of a malware scam--interesting images of fake Security Center, etc.
2008-09-12: British hacker Gary McKinnon wants promise he'll be returned to UK
2008-09-12: Browser Wars 2.0: Firefox scrambles to add 'private mode' browsing
2008-09-12: Can Continuous data protection render backup redundant?
2008-09-12: China proposes UN policy to defeat anonymity
2008-09-12: Coventry fans blue over 'hackable' cashless payment system
2008-09-12: Demo Facebook app creates DoS botnet
2008-09-12: Feel like taunting an identity thief? Don't.
2008-09-12: GMER - rootkit remover
2008-09-12: Google Chrome vulnerabilities starting to pile up
2008-09-12: Hackers deface LHC site, came close to turning off particle detector
2008-09-12: Hackers warn of 'weaknesses' in atom smasher
2008-09-12: How the Large Hadron Collider Works (video)
2008-09-12: How to disable Pay Pass RFID chip in credit card
2008-09-12: How to hack RFID-enabled Credit Cards for $8 (BBtv)
2008-09-12: Install Mac OS X on any PC | BrokenControllers.com
2008-09-12: Japanese call on deities to discipline wayward PCs
2008-09-12: Large Hadron Collider Live Webcams
2008-09-12: Malware and spam attacks exploiting Picasa and ImageShack
2008-09-12: Maritz apologises to VMware customers again
2008-09-12: Massive ATM fraud triggers Gulf banking jitters
2008-09-12: Microsoft, Novell shake hands on virtualization
2008-09-12: MSN Norway serving Flash exploits through malvertising
2008-09-12: Net-talking toaster to burn news onto bread
2008-09-12: NoScript mitigates HTTPS cookie hijacking attacks -- Should prevent Sidejacking!
2008-09-12: Obama: McCain can't email, remembers Rubik's Cubes
2008-09-12: One of 11 alleged T.J. Maxx hackers pleads guilty
2008-09-12: Report: IRS networks riddled with vulns, rogue servers--including buffer overflows and blank passwords
2008-09-12: Secunia launches pay-as-you-go exploit shop
2008-09-12: Ten free security utilities you should already be using
2008-09-12: The PC Decrapifier - to clean trialware and garbage off new computers
2008-09-12: UK educator: Teach creationism in science class
2008-09-12: US Air Force may add cyber-warfare planes to its fleet
2008-09-12: VirtualBox - alternative VM software
2008-09-12: Websense reports China Netcom DNS cache poisoning
2008-09-12: YouTube fake tool dumbs down malware distribution
2008-09-12:A new Ubuntu Local Privilege Escalation Exploit (postfix)
2008-09-12:Inside the PayPass: Credit card case mods
2008-09-13: A photo of Hurricane Ike from the space station
2008-09-13: Cal Scientists: One Step Closer To Spiderman-Like Substance
2008-09-13: Clonezilla - open source Ghosting with multicasting
2008-09-13: Gamma ray burst sent jet of material directly at Earth
2008-09-13: Hackers attack Large Hadron Collider
2008-09-13: Malicious Ubuntu Commands
2008-09-13: Map of all Google data center locations
2008-09-13: Microsoft Phone Data Manager Beta- Backs up the data on your phone
2008-09-13: MySpace offers free music dowloads
2008-09-13: Mysterious Stellar Blast in the 1840s Was a 'Supernova Imposter'
2008-09-13: Obama's science policy
2008-09-13: Science Teachers Face Fundamentalist Students
2008-09-13: Telco to fiber-deploying town: we sue because we care
2008-09-13: The history of computer data storage, in pictures
2008-09-13: The major Internet outages so far in 2008
2008-09-13: Three ways the new browser privacy modes will hurt site owners
2008-09-13: Top 6 Free Antivirus Programs
2008-09-14: Apple's iPhone Hacked Like a Computer - Email passwords stolen off the iPhone
2008-09-14: Apple's latest DRM will restrict your wardrobe
2008-09-14: DevTeam releases PwnageTool and QuickPwn 2.1, wants to rumble- iPod and iPhone hacking tools
2008-09-14: Exploiting the iPhone - video of the iPhone hack
2008-09-14: How HTML 5 Is Already Changing the Web
2008-09-14: How to crack a password protected Excel Spreadsheet?
2008-09-14: IPhone Takes Screenshots of Everything You Do
2008-09-14: Microsoft: It's time to consummate the marriage with Citrix already
2008-09-14: PhoneTray.Net - Reverse Lookup, US/Canadian Phone Number Lookup, Online Phone Numbers Database (USA/Canada)
2008-09-14: Spamming vendor launches managed spamming service
2008-09-14: Stephen Hawking to unveil strange new way to tell the time
2008-09-14: World's First Renewable Gasoline
2008-09-15: BusinessWeek site hacked, serving drive-by exploits
2008-09-15: Google steals Microsoft's open-source code and you should cheer
2008-09-15: What would Windows be without Win32?
2008-09-16 Cheating on an early computerized testing system
2008-09-16: 1.5 TB drive $189
2008-09-16: BGP: Yet another Internet time bomb
2008-09-16: Body exhumed in fight against flu
2008-09-16: Breathalyzer court cases are failing because the source code is kept secret
2008-09-16: Change or spoof a MAC address in Windows
2008-09-16: DIY: Ripping off Windows XP using Backtrack Linux in 10 mins | Grey Hat India
2008-09-16: Hubble Finds Unidentified Object in Space, Scientists Puzzled
2008-09-16: Immigrant Sun: Our Star Could Be Far From Where It Started In Milky Way
2008-09-16: Pre- and Post-Storm Photo Comparisons - Bolivar Peninsula, TX
2008-09-16: Servers at Sea: Google Ships Could Soon Set Sail
2008-09-16: Student faces charges for hack-and-tell
2008-09-16: The Moon will occult the Pleiades Friday evening
2008-09-16: The TV format to replace HD
2008-09-16: Two researchers explain why they're posting their experimental results online
2008-09-16: Ubuntu to work more with larger Linux community
2008-09-16: W5: Pillars of Star Creation
2008-09-16:Yahelite chat client hacked--sends threatening message to booters
2008-09-17: Pirate Party Official Raided after Uncovering State Trojan
2008-09-18: Google offers cutting-edge Chrome, first update
2008-09-18: Hack U3 USB Smart Drive to Become Ultimate Hack Tool
2008-09-18: Palin's Email Account Hacked
2008-09-19: A photo of a planet orbiting a star 500 light-years away
2008-09-19: EFF to sue Bush, Cheney, NSA and others over telecom spying
2008-09-19: Federal lawsuits seek to make it illegal to link to Web sites without permission
2008-09-19: IEs4Linux lets you install Internet Explorer under Linux
2008-09-19: Microsoft's 'I'm a PC' campaign created with Macs
2008-09-19: Norbits Hackers Threaten to Release User Info
2008-09-19: Stanford Engineering Everywhere (SEE) - online lectures
2008-09-19: Stanford offers free CS, robotics courses
2008-09-19: StarCAVE - 3-D virtual reality environment developed at UC San Diego
2008-09-19: The relationship between Washington and Wall Street has changed fundamentally
2008-09-20: Browser Security Tests
2008-09-20: Creating a Digital Certificate for Testing Purposes
2008-09-20: Download details: Windows SDK Update for Windows Vista
2008-09-20: How to Shoot Yourself In the Foot Using Any Programming Language
2008-09-20: How to sign applications on Vista
2008-09-20: Planets destroyed by collision
2008-09-20: Robot wheelchair finds its own way
2008-09-20: Texting while driving is more dangerous than being under the influence of alcohol or marijuana
2008-09-20: The Holes in Our Genomes - human DNA has many more errors than expected
2008-09-20: Warez Scene Member Sentenced to 18 Months Jail
2008-09-21: New spying lawsuit asks 'can computers eavesdrop'?
2008-09-21: Dirty computer picture 1
2008-09-21: Dirty computer picture 2
2008-09-21: Interesting new developments in Ubuntu Intrepid Alpha 6
2008-09-21: Naphthalene found in interstellar space
2008-09-21: Plastic-Munching Bugs Turn Waste Bottles Into Cash
2008-09-21: Samso, the Danish island living off-grid
2008-09-22: How Linux lost the battle for your desktop
2008-09-22: How to catch Linux system intruders with Tripwire
2008-09-23: Adobe moves to nuke 'clipboard hijack' attacks
2008-09-23: Alleged Palin Email Hacker: FBI searches Kernell apt., roommates subpoenaed
2008-09-23: ASUS Scented laptop computers
2008-09-23: Clipboard Hijack Attack Demo for Hacking Classes
2008-09-23: Comcast shuts down access to Usenet
2008-09-23: Comcast submits plan to limit heavy users
2008-09-23: LiFePO4 Batteries: A Breakthrough For Electric Vehicles
2008-09-23: Lights out for Usenet access through Comcast
2008-09-23: Microsoft and Cray to unveil $25,000 Windows-based supercomputer
2008-09-23: Microsoft refers to its anti-Linux playbook to attack VMware
2008-09-23: Open source as a government mandate
2008-09-23: Scientists succeed in spoofing GPS signals
2008-09-23: T-Mobile G1 first hands-on (Android)
2008-09-23: The New Green California Academy of Sciences Unveiled!
2008-09-23: The Secret Of Windows Vista Winsxs Folder
2008-09-23: Virtual colonoscopy as good as the real thing?
2008-09-23: VMWare issues 'critical' ESXi security advisory
2008-09-23: Windows 7 hits Milestone 3
2008-09-24: Fyodor's Security Presentations--Is Port Scanning Legal?
2008-09-24: Google vs. iPhone: Is Steve Jobs Reliving Past Mistakes?
2008-09-24: Microsoft Official Academic Course::Windows Server 2008
2008-09-24: Multiple Vendor BIOS Keyboard Buffer Password Persistence Weakness
2008-09-24: Silicon Valley IT Job Market Survey--top skills are Web 2.0, security, and wireless
2008-09-25: Android and T-Mobile G1's Five Most Obnoxious Flaws
2008-09-25: Apple cuts off unofficial avenue for rebuffed iPhone apps
2008-09-25: Apple Drives iPhone Developer To Switch To Android
2008-09-25: Caffeine experts call for warning labels for energy drinks
2008-09-25: Google vs. iPhone: Is Steve Jobs Reliving Past Mistakes?
2008-09-25: Project 10 to the 100th
2008-09-25: SizeExplorer -- free vista folder size utility
2008-09-25: Track your missing laptop with Adeona
2008-09-25: Two Arrested in First Bust for ATM Reprogramming Scam
2008-09-25: Where Windows is #2 to Linux
2008-09-25: World's First Commercial Wave Energy Farm Goes Live
2008-09-25: YouTube - David Letterman Reacts to John McCain Suspending Campaign
2008-09-26: China banks told to halt lending to US banks
2008-09-26: Future RAM technology possibilities: spintronics, graphene and memristors
2008-09-26: Installing Google Android SDK 1.0 On Ubuntu 8.04 Desktop
2008-09-26: Internet game dispute leads to murder
2008-09-26: Internet will run out of IP addresses by 2010, warns Vint Cerf
2008-09-26: Man crosses the English channel with a flying jetpack
2008-09-26: Pick a lock. For fun. (It's legal too)
2008-09-26: Stem cells made from adult cells without side effects
2008-09-26: The five best desktop Linuxes you haven't tried
2008-09-26: The Only One Reason to Jailbreak Your iPhone: Full Internet Tethering
2008-09-27: Apple selling unlocked iPhone 3G in Hong Kong
2008-09-27: Attack of the androids: Google's new phone
2008-09-27: Browser Speed Tests
2008-09-27: Firefox with noscript will protect you from clickjacking
2008-09-27: Giant prehistoric geese the size of small plane
2008-09-27: Grounded space tourist wants $21 million refund
2008-09-27: Hole in Adobe software allows free movie downloads
2008-09-27: iPhone includes app 'kill switch,' Jobs admits
2008-09-27: Microsoft delivers three Vista Ultimate extras
2008-09-27: nas-central.org - Hacking NAS devices, open-source firmware
2008-09-27: New clickjacking affects all browsers; cause remains unknown
2008-09-27: Pandora Issues Call To Arms to listeners
2008-09-27: Solar-powered bicycle
2008-09-27: The Shadowy, Wet World of StreetWars%u2019 Squirt-Gun Assassins
2008-09-27: The Thousand Ruby Galaxy
2008-09-27: UCLA mathematicians discover a 13-million-digit prime number
2008-09-27: Wal*Mart shutting down DRM server, nuking your music collection
2008-09-27: WebKit becomes first browser engine to fully pass Acid3 test
2008-09-27: Why your mobile should carry a health warning like cigarette packets

Oct 2008

2008-09-27: Creationism--you can be totally unfit to teach science in the US and still be given a pass to do it
2008-09-27: FoxNews commentator Bill O'Reilly's website hacked
2008-09-27: How an Italian judge made the internet illegal
2008-09-27: Net sleuths spot poker site cheat code
2008-09-27: 'Idiot' pulls cables, downs ISPs at Telecity
2008-09-27:EFF reveals vastly expanded search policy at US borders-Probable cause a thing of the past
2008-09-28: Become Web Dead: Erase Your Online Identity in 10 Steps: | SMASHgods ~ breaking down the best bits of propriety
2008-09-28: Chinese Astronauts Complete First Spacewalk
2008-09-28: FA/18 Compression Wave
2008-09-28: Fit-PC - they tiny PC
2008-09-28: Google Chrome vulnerable to carpet-bombing flaw--with demonstration page
2008-09-28: Google Chrome... updates without asking.
2008-09-28: Hack U3 USB Smart Drive to Become Ultimate Hack Tool
2008-09-28: IAPP - International Association of Privacy Professionals - Certification Process
2008-09-28: IAPP - International Association of Privacy Professionals - The IAPP Privacy Library
2008-09-28: Memory exhaustion DoS vulnerability hits Google's Chrome
2008-09-28: North Carolina school board wants to teach creationism
2008-09-28: Switchblade Packages - Hak5
2008-09-28: The first privately developed rocket made it into space
2008-09-30: CNSS 4013 Recognition - Career Certifications & Paths - Cisco Systems - Security Certification Recognized by the NSA
2008-09-30: Electrical cap stimulates thinking
2008-09-30: Firefox 3: 8 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do
2008-09-30: Internetworking Technology Handbook [Internetworking] - Cisco Systems (a whole online book for CCNA Prep)
2008-09-30: PowerISO is the software that can make an image of the U3 boot drive
2008-09-30: Scientists Create Device to Remove Carbon Directly from the Air
2008-09-30: Scotland Plans World's First Tidal Turbine Farms
2008-09-30: Used VPN Server Still had Authentication Data
2008-10-01: ftp.ntua.gr : an over 2.5 Terabyte collection of free and open source software ( FTP link )
2008-10-01: Netcat in windows
2008-10-01: OpenSolaris Technical Essentials Guide (WS-1000-OS) - free online course
2008-10-01: S-T-D - Knoppix live CD with security tools
2008-10-01: Scientists Create Energy-Producing Solar Paint
2008-10-01: Unix 101
2008-10-01: Windows XP 64-bit uses Server 2003 Service Pack 2 according to official Microsoft white paper
2008-10-02: HIV has been in humans for 100 years, study says
2008-10-02: Judge forces U of Oregon to cough up student data to RIAA
2008-10-02: No Windows Update with Windows XP SP3 - The solution
2008-10-02: Removing Malware - MBAM and Spybot
2008-10-02: Reset Your Forgotten Password the Easy Way Using the Ultimate Boot CD for Windows
2008-10-03: Armored truck robber uses Craigslist to make getaway
2008-10-03: Brazilian Professor Invents Solar Powered WiFi Access Point
2008-10-03: Check if You Gmail is Hacked with Activity Monitor
2008-10-03: Delete Undeletable Files in Windows Vista
2008-10-03: It just won't die: Windows XP gets another six months
2008-10-03: New Law Passes to Keep Internet Radio Safe--For Now
2008-10-03: Pictured: The amazing bendy TV screen that folds up to fit in your pocket
2008-10-03: Simplify system security with the Uncomplicated Firewall for Ubuntu
2008-10-03: Skype security flub leads to discovery of Chinese monitoring
2008-10-03: Team takes first atomic-scale compositional images of fuel-cell nanoparticles
2008-10-03: Who writes Linux: Corporate America
2008-10-03: 'Saw' director asks people to post fake torrents
2008-10-04: 10 things to love (and hate) about Google Chrome
2008-10-04: 44% of second hand mobile devices still contain sensitive data
2008-10-04: Amazon launches pre-emptive strike against Microsoft's planned cloud platform
2008-10-04: Apple says, 'Want to hack iPhones for a living?'
2008-10-04: Apple snoozes, researcher discloses risky iPhone UI flaws
2008-10-04: BIOS settings demystified
2008-10-04: Clickjacking: Researchers raise alert for scary new cross-browser exploit
2008-10-04: Cloud computing (like GMail) is a trap, warns GNU founder
2008-10-04: Encrypt files with GPG4Win
2008-10-04: Google Docs (HTML code) Multiple Cross Site Scripting Vulnerabilities
2008-10-04: Imagine Cup Student Competition--for Visual Basic Developers
2008-10-04: Infamous vendor of 'AntiVirus XP' badware sued
2008-10-04: Kaspersky: Worry About Trojans, Mobile Phone Worms
2008-10-04: Mac OS X Kernel Credential Caching Bug Lets Local Users Gain Elevated Privileges
2008-10-04: Mac OS X NetCfgTool Lets Local Users Obtain System Privileges
2008-10-04: Microsoft tries to lure more searchers with another giveaway
2008-10-04: Our Digital Lives, Monitored By A Hidden 'Numerati'
2008-10-04: Professional Developer's Conference 2008--Windows 7 pre-beta will be handed out
2008-10-04: Regional Wi-Fi project begins in San Carlos
2008-10-04: Spammers attacking Microsoft's CAPTCHA again
2008-10-04: Use the Vista Check Disk tool for hard disk analysis
2008-10-04: Visa Fraud Investigation Scam - Clever and Dangerous Social Engineering
2008-10-04: VMsafe--makes Virtual Machines safer by alowing security software to scan inside the VM
2008-10-04: Well, I do actually worry (about mobile viruses)
2008-10-05: An image of the false Skpye claims as they appeared today
2008-10-05: AT&T to slow down U-verse subscribers
2008-10-05: BOFH: Remote access malarkey--customer service and remote access
2008-10-05: Brit and German indicted for conspiracy to bring down a website
2008-10-05: Can't Open Your E-Mailbox? Good Luck
2008-10-05: Germans are developing a trojan to wiretap Skype phone calls
2008-10-05: Hackers exploit Neosploit to booby trap BBC, US postal service
2008-10-05: Images: Unmanned aircraft on patrol
2008-10-05: Israeli hacker 'The Analyzer' accused of masterminding global fraud
2008-10-05: Motorola seeks to hire up to 300 Google Android developers
2008-10-05: Neosploit - The rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated
2008-10-05: Neosploit hacker kit is back on the web
2008-10-05: New iJET Solar Cell is as Easy to Make as Pizza
2008-10-05: Notorious spyware company Gator changed name to Claria, and now has reincarnated as Jellycloud
2008-10-05: Palin E-Mail Hacker Says It Was Easy
2008-10-05: PayPal to refund shoppers defrauded on eBay
2008-10-05: Red Hat chases Redmond with high performance computing play
2008-10-05: SC Keylogger Download Here
2008-10-05: Skype admits Chinese privacy breach--the best fast summary
2008-10-05: Skype: We didn't know about security issues
2008-10-05: Skype's lying promises that calls, chat, and all other forms of communication are encrypted and secure
2008-10-05: The original study analyzing China's Skype snooping: 'Breaching Trust' (pdf)
2008-10-05: The USA has the most expensive health care in the world, and we rank 45th in life expectancy
2008-10-05: This guy used LogMeIn to spy on women through their webcams
2008-10-05: Vista's Secret Windows Firewall hole - Strange behavior of the stateful firewall
2008-10-05: Website hacking with XSS - Full Disclosure | XSS Worm : Cross Site Scripting & Web 2.0 Security
2008-10-06: ReadNotify - Find out who is reading the messages you send
2008-10-06: Tracking the Palin Email Hacker
2008-10-07: DEVILS FUNHOUSE: Best hacking videos
2008-10-07: ECHELON - Global signals intelligence collection from telephone calls, fax, email and data traffic
2008-10-07: GCHQ spies based in Cheltenham want to monitor every email and text message sent in Britain, and keep records of individuals' internet use
2008-10-07: Hacker Resolves iPhone Screenshot Security Issue
2008-10-07: How to write android applications
2008-10-07: Laser can crack unbreakable quantum communications
2008-10-07: Light bulb networks could be the next WiFi
2008-10-07: Mail Goggles stops you from sending email when you are too drunk to do arithmetic
2008-10-07: Michael Moore on Slacker Uprising's Piracy 'Problem'
2008-10-07: NASA will have no human flight capacity from 2010 through 2015, we will hitch rides with Russians \
2008-10-07: Net game turns PC into undercover surveillance zombie
2008-10-07: Oxbridge lectures now on iTunes
2008-10-07: The top five reasons why Windows Vista failed
2008-10-07: Victim uses remote logon to nab laptop thief
2008-10-07: Windows 7 Videos Of M3 Release
2008-10-07: 'Deepest ever' living fish filmed (4.8 miles down)
2008-10-08: Can Electricity From Trees Power Gadgets?
2008-10-08: Cracking WEP using Intel« PRO/Wireless 2200BG
2008-10-08: Data-Mining to find Terrorists is Not 'Feasible,' DHS-Funded Study Finds
2008-10-08: Future Electronics Could Be Powered by Sugar
2008-10-08: Hacker writes rootkit for Cisco's routers
2008-10-08: Judge Orders 17 Detainees at Guantßnamo Freed
2008-10-08: Linus Torvalds on Linux Distributions
2008-10-08: New Linux Broadcom Wi-Fi drivers arrive
2008-10-08: Turn Linux into Fort Knox: 10 Tools for a Safer Web Server
2008-10-09: Researchers Moving Closer to Creating Viable Energy From Sewage
2008-10-09: Running The Chromium Browser On Ubuntu 8.04 With CrossOver Chromium
2008-10-09: Top 10 Internet Security Stars of 2008 - Year's Top Computer Hackers
2008-10-09: Want to bypass DRM? Feds open to new DMCA exemptions
2008-10-10: $236m judgment against spammer couple
2008-10-10: 22nd Large Installation System Administration Conference (LISA '08) - San Diego Nov 9-14
2008-10-10: Apple releases another mega-patch for Mac OS X
2008-10-10: Asus ships Eee Box PCs with malware
2008-10-10: Exploit code loose for six-month-old Windows bug
2008-10-10: Feds considering changes to H-1B application process in wake of report
2008-10-10: Google in curious alliance with click-fraud detection firm
2008-10-10: House Web site deluged with e-mail on bailout
2008-10-10: How To Attack a WEP/WPA Protected Wireless Network (eng) - fast WEP crack here
2008-10-10: Jing Project: Visual conversation starts here. Mac or Windows.
2008-10-10: Online anonymity to be outlawed in South Korea
2008-10-10: Opera bitten by 'extremely severe' browser bug
2008-10-10: Privacy is a thing of the past, says private investigator
2008-10-10: Rogue Sys Admin Still Haunts San Francisco
2008-10-10: Schwarzenegger again terminates California data breach bill
2008-10-10: Seattle SecureWorld Expo -- Oct 29-30
2008-10-10: Student indicted for Palin e-mail hack
2008-10-10: The Financial Crisis In Under 400 Words
2008-10-10: Token Kidnapping and Insecurity in Recent Windows Versions
2008-10-10: Token Kidnapping Windows 2003 PoC exploit
2008-10-10: USB Bootable Vista Installation Flash Thumb Drive
2008-10-11 Interesting video about the 1950s plan to send a nuclear-powered rocket to Saturn
2008-10-11: ASUS ships crack tool and serials on recovery DVD
2008-10-11: Colon Cancer Screening, The Easy Way
2008-10-11: Flurry of Floating-Body Memory Research, but Still No Products
2008-10-11: Open-Source Voting
2008-10-11: Cylindrical Solar Cells Give a Whole New Meaning to Sunroof
2008-10-11: C'mon, Vista really isn't that bad
2008-10-11: Descriptions and Fixes of Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) crash errors
2008-10-11: Free Antispyware Programs: Top 5 Best and Worst -- Super Antispyware is #1
2008-10-11: Hardware trojans built into European card swipe devices
2008-10-11: It's a small world: Fascinating images of life under the microscope
2008-10-11: Linux kernel 2.6.27 officially released
2008-10-11: New Google bugs empower phishermen
2008-10-11: Radiation warning for low-energy lightbulbs
2008-10-11: Sockstress: A new and effective DoS attack | Network Administrator
2008-10-11: Trinity Rescue Kit | CPR for your computer
2008-10-11: Turbo-charged Elcomsoft wireless hacks threaten networks
2008-10-11: Two Europeans indicted for US DoS cyberattacks
2008-10-11: US proposes DNS fix: digital signatures
2008-10-11: US telco sues to stop fiber optic rollout
2008-10-11: Virus Creation Tools (VX heavens)
2008-10-11: YouTube - Make a REAL VIRUS !
2008-10-11: YouTube - Reset Administrator Passwords with the Trinity Rescue CD
2008-10-11: YouTube - Try it Yourself: Episode 8 - Reset WINDOWS XP admin PASSWORD with Emergency Boot CD
2008-10-11: Microsoft on IE8--speed not top priority
2008-10-12: A great reason to jailbreak your iPhone: tethering turns your iPhone to a Wi-Fi Access Point
2008-10-12: An IT life after fifty: Coping with the employment challenge
2008-10-12: Ballmer needn't fear the Mac--just yet
2008-10-12: Boot a sick Mac into Target Disk Mode for troubleshooting -- Use a Mac as a Firewire Hard Disk
2008-10-12: Complete guide to Google Analytics
2008-10-12: Employees, not hackers, cause most corporate data loss
2008-10-12: Google files patent for wave-powered floating data center
2008-10-12: Manage network broadcasts on Cisco switches using storm control
2008-10-12: Ubuntu 8.10 Has a Brand New Wallpaper
2008-10-12: Vista Nights - Microsoft Event Oct 22 6 PM in San Francisco
2008-10-12: VOIPSA : Resources : VoIP Security Tools
2008-10-12: Windows 7 hits Milestone 3
2008-10-12: Windows 7 to get parallel-processing tweaks
2008-10-12: 3-d visualization of the Orion nebula (movie)
2008-10-12: Android Quick Walkthough Movie
2008-10-12: Cprogramming.com Tutorial: Setting up Code::Blocks and MINGW, A Free C and C Compiler, on Windows
2008-10-12: European Union Bans Incandescent Light Bulbs
2008-10-12: Gene Therapy Restores Sight
2008-10-12: Google plans 4.4-trillion-dollar green energy plan
2008-10-12: How to Locate your stolen laptop computer with LocatePC
2008-10-12: How to recover deleted files
2008-10-12: IEEE Computer Society
2008-10-12: If only we get through the next few weeks (10/12/2008)
2008-10-12: Nasty Windows Tricks Using Vbs Codes
2008-10-12: NIST Computer Security Division publications
2008-10-12: Norwegian standards body implodes over Microsoft's OOXML controversy
2008-10-12: Norwegian standards body implodes over Microsoft's OOXML controversy
2008-10-12: Programmed Introduction to MIPS Assembly Language
2008-10-12: Scientist Jobs, Environmental Scientist Jobs, Medical & Clinical Scientist Jobs
2008-10-12: Security Configuration Guides from the NSA
2008-10-12: SPAIN Builds the first Solar Concentrator Tower in Europe
2008-10-12: Speech Recognition Coding
2008-10-12: This Is How Your Server Room Should Be!
2008-10-13: Another day, another data breach
2008-10-13: Data Recovery Services, Software, Solutions - Ontrack Data Recovery - also recommended to me
2008-10-13: E-Voting Doesn't Get Computer Scientist's Vote
2008-10-13: File Recovery and Data Recovery Software. Hard Drive recovery utility - R-Studio - recommended
2008-10-13: Gartner: Authentication systems are 'fatally flawed'
2008-10-13: Hacker pleads guilty in TJX breach
2008-10-13: Maskless lithography etches wafers directly with focused plasmons
2008-10-13: McAfee sees rise in stock scams, social-engineering attacks
2008-10-13: Nasa hacker loses last-ditch appeal
2008-10-13: OpenOffice 3.0 release hit by server crash
2008-10-13: OpenOffice.org becomes an even better alternative
2008-10-13: Robot will be able to detect, destroy breast cancer cells
2008-10-13: The Top Ten Transhumanist Technologies
2008-10-13: World Bank hit by cyberattacks, claims report
2008-10-13: World's Most Powerful Lasers in Berkeley, CA
2008-10-13: 'Brain fingerprinting' could be breakthrough in law enforcement
2008-10-14: 8 Unix Tricks You Didn't Know
2008-10-14: A pro's tips on ATM fraud
2008-10-14: Brain boost drugs 'growing trend'
2008-10-14: Bush signs controversial anti-piracy law
2008-10-14: Cybercrime Supersite 'DarkMarket' Was FBI Sting
2008-10-14: Dutch researchers publish Mifare hack
2008-10-14: German court: Google Image thumbnails infringe on copyright
2008-10-14: Is this Windows running on an APPLE IPHONE!!
2008-10-14: McCain's Sex Offender E-Mail Registry Signed Into Law
2008-10-14: Microsoft Names Its New Operating System: Surprise, It's Windows 7
2008-10-14: One in 10 iPod users risks going deaf, experts warn
2008-10-14: PDF Files and Flash Ads Can Contain Malicious Code
2008-10-14: Pictured: The stunning icy landscape of Saturn's moon as spacecraft passes just 16 miles from surface
2008-10-14: Researcher finds evidence of massive site compromise
2008-10-14: Researchers caution against TCP/IP weakness
2008-10-14: The Sun - Amazing Photos
2008-10-14: UCSniff - VoIP eavesdropping made easy
2008-10-14: Washington DC latest to drop Microsoft for Google apps
2008-10-14: Which Linux makes the best business Windows replacement desktop?
2008-10-15: It's official: Googling is good for you
2008-10-16: 15 Tips For a Better Linux Experience
2008-10-16: An Early Look At OpenSolaris 2008.11
2008-10-16: Authorities Shut Down Major Spam Ring
2008-10-16: Elcomsoft uses NVIDIA GPUs to crack wireless security 100x faster than a CPU can
2008-10-16: Hackers got into 18 computer servers at World Bank
2008-10-16: How green is Apple now?
2008-10-16: Let PAM take care of GNU/Linux security for you
2008-10-16: Linux takes a seat on Qantas' new superjumbo
2008-10-16: National Security Agency And Sun Microsystems Lead OpenSolaris Community Project To Advance Mandatory Access Controls
2008-10-16: New single-pixel camera may replace other types in the newr future
2008-10-16: Objet Geometries Innovative Alaris 30 Desktop 3D Printer Unveiled 3D PolyJet Photopolymer Jetting Printer
2008-10-16: Python 3.0 makes a big break--no backward compatibility
2008-10-16: Spanish Baby Engineered To Cure Brother
2008-10-16: Star-hugging planet is hottest and fastest found
2008-10-16: T-Mobile sells out first 1.5 million Androids
2008-10-16: The UN considers banning nine more toxic chemicals
2008-10-16: TSA Airport Screener Steals Over $200,000 in Gadgets 2008-10-17: Security services want personal data from sites like Facebook | Politics | guardian.co.uk
2008-10-17: \'Net filters \"required\" for all Australians, no opt-out
2008-10-17: How Boys and Girls Learn Differently | America\'s Schools | Reader\'s Digest
2008-10-17: Computer circuit builds itself : Nature News
2008-10-17: 25 essential Firefox add-ons for power users | News | TechRadar UK
2008-10-17: The Cartoon Lounge: Online Only: The New Yorker
2008-10-17: Steve Jobs email response re: lack of Firewire on MacBooks | Edible Apple
2008-10-17: Google appeals possible German ban on image search
2008-10-17: DistriBrute: P2P Powered Desktop Deployment | TorrentFreak
2008-10-17: Financiapocalypse: Automaker Lays Off Detroit Office With Blog Post
2008-10-17: The Android fine print: Kill switch and other tidbits
2008-10-17: Cellphone Botnets, Blackmailing VOIP & a Healthy Cybercrime Economy - Desktop Security News Analysis - Dark Reading
2008-10-17: The Pirate Bay Removes Fake Trackers from Torrents | TorrentFreak
2008-10-17: Microsoft announces 20 editions of Windows 7! (j/k) - Boing Boing Gadgets
2008-10-17: Congress opts for educating students over blocking Web sites and social networks | NetworkWorld.com Community
2008-10-17: IBM Laptop Concept For Spies
2008-10-17: T-Mobile G1 review - Engadget
2008-10-17: BBC NEWS | UK | Magazine | Midweek quiz: Old computers
2008-10-17: Fake Microsoft Patch Tuesday malware campaign spreading | Zero Day | ZDNet.com
2008-10-17: Adobe ships fix for clickjacking, clipboard hijack threats | Zero Day | ZDNet.com
2008-10-17: Secunia: popular security suites failing to block exploits | Zero Day | ZDNet.com
2008-10-17: Lead, melamine, and backdoored routers | Zero Day | ZDNet.com
2008-10-17: Debate around %u2018partial disclosure%u2019 heats up | Zero Day | ZDNet.com
2008-10-17: Firefox 3.1 raises the browser bar %u2026 again | Hardware 2.0 | ZDNet.com
2008-10-17: Beyond mobile broadband, WiMAX is about blowing up the wireless business model | Between the Lines | ZDNet.com
2008-10-17: OK, now OpenOffice is definitely good enough | Education IT | ZDNet.com
2008-10-17: Adobe%u2019s Serious Magic site SQL Injected by Asprox botnet | Zero Day | ZDNet.com
2008-10-17: Survey: 88% of Mumbai%u2019s wireless networks easy to compromise | Zero Day | ZDNet.com
2008-10-17: California algebra rule highlights basic math difficulties | Education IT | ZDNet.com
2008-10-17: The kids like Vista | Education IT | ZDNet.com
2008-10-17: I%u2019m well aware what I pay for Google%u2019s services | Education IT | ZDNet.com
2008-10-17: Sun brings open source and virtualization to K12 | Education IT | ZDNet.com
2008-10-17: OLPC and Intel trumped by small-scale virtualization | Education IT | ZDNet.com
2008-10-17: Waste from gut bacteria helps host control weight, researchers report
2008-10-17: Gallery: NASA Spacecraft Will Explore Outer Solar System
2008-10-17: Wired 15.01: START
2008-10-17: Putin tries satellite navigation device on his dog - News
2008-10-17: Core i7: Your essential guide to Intel\'s new killer | News | TechRadar UK
2008-10-17: Ky. judge allows gambling Web site case to proceed - Forbes.com
2008-10-17: TG Daily - Update: T-Mobile%u2019s Android G1: The verdict is in
2008-10-18: Confirmed: MacBook drops Firewire | The Apple Core | ZDNet.com
2008-10-18: Microsoft aiming to deliver Vista SP2 before Windows 7 | All about Microsoft | ZDNet.com
2008-10-18: MediaShift . Google Blocks Chrome Browser Use in Syria, Iran | PBS
2008-10-18: No surprise: Microsoft to fine-tune UAC in Windows 7 | All about Microsoft | ZDNet.com
2008-10-18: Engineering Windows 7
2008-10-18: Windows Vista Performance...Need Answers?
2008-10-18: New Zealand First to Adopt 3-Strikes Law for Pirates | TorrentFreak
2008-10-18: Solar-Powered Rickshaw Unveiled in India : CleanTechnica
2008-10-18: Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex - Review & Tutorial
2008-10-18: Eight-month delay for LHC : Nature News
2008-10-18: ABC News: Calling Out Bullies Incognito
2008-10-18: NASA - Doomed Moon of Mars
2008-10-18: Find Sr. Penetration Tester jobs at Dice.com
2008-10-18: Springboard Series Virtual Roundtable: Let\'s Talk Windows Vista Security
2008-10-18: Securing the Client Infrastructure
2008-10-18: Name that Windows version | Classics Rock | TechRepublic.com
2008-10-18: Palin demands $15m to search her own emails %u2022 The Register
2008-10-18: Oz watchdogs howl over \'Cyber-Safety\' net filter %u2022 The Register
2008-10-18: US teen admits to \'Anonymous\' DDoS attack on Scientology %u2022 The Register
2008-10-18: Google ends gambling ad self-denial %u2022 The Register
2008-10-18: Google says sorry as Gmail plummets out of the cloud %u2022 The Register
2008-10-18: Google\'s riches rely on ads, algorithms, and worldwide confusion %u2022 The Register
2008-10-18: Google: \'We are Meltdown proof\' %u2022 The Register
2008-10-19: How to catch hackers on your wireless network | News | TechRadar UK
2008-10-19: Vista SP2 and Windows 7 by the End of June 2009 - Ballmer indicates new client operating system releases by July of next year - Softpedia
2008-10-19: The Car that Runs on Air and Magnets | Environmental Graffiti
2008-10-19: Sun\'s protective \'bubble\' is shrinking - Telegraph
2008-10-19: Arctic air temperatures hit record highs - earth - 17 October 2008 - New Scientist Environment
2008-10-19: WWW FAQs: How do I include one HTML file in another?
2008-10-19: PC World - In Pictures: 15 Killer Android Apps for the G1
2008-10-19: PC World - Business Center: Altor Ships Firewall for Virtual Systems
2008-10-19: Stanford University Embraces BitTorrent | TorrentFreak
2008-10-19: Telecom Spying Amnesty Unconstitutional, EFF Tells Court | Threat Level from Wired.com
2008-10-19: Storm Worm Abandoned? | Beyond the Beyond from Wired.com
2008-10-19: Introduction to Linux
2008-10-19: Record Label %u2018Infringes%u2019 Own Copyright, Site Pulled | TorrentFreak
2008-10-19: Google Docs Guide: How to do Stuff with Google Docs
2008-10-19: Technology News: Mobile: Why We\'ll All Soon Forget About Google\'s Android
2008-10-19: Technology News: M-Commerce: Visa to Turn Android, Nokia Phones Into Credit Cards
2008-10-19: The Seven Deadliest Social Networking Hacks - Desktop Security Report - Dark Reading
2008-10-19: Porn Operators Hijack Pages on AARP Website - Desktop Security News Analysis - Dark Reading
2008-10-19: Free \'Trojan-Proof\' Password Tool Released for Windows - Host security News Analysis - Dark Reading
2008-10-19: How to Root Out Bots in Your Network - Desktop Security News Analysis - Dark Reading
2008-10-19: Free Tool Hacks Banking, Webmail, and Social Networking Sessions - Application and Perimeter Security News Analysis - Dark Reading
2008-10-19: defcon-16-beale-2.pdf (application/pdf Object)
2008-10-19: Metasploit Hacking Tool Now Open for Licensing - Desktop Security News Analysis - Dark Reading
2008-10-19: Hack-a-vote: Students Learn How Vulnerable Electronic Voting Really Is
2008-10-19: Computer Hardware \'Guardians\' Protect Users From Undiscovered Bugs
2008-10-19: Low-cost System System Thwarts Internet Eavesdropping
2008-10-19: Penticton Herald - Stories -
2008-10-19: Javascript copy to Firefox and Mozilla clipboard
2008-10-19: Clipboard cut, copy and paste with JavaScript (JavaScript Programming Tutorial) %u2022 Geekpedia
2008-10-20: Sanity check: The top 10 products from Gartner ITxpo 2008 | Tech Sanity Check | TechRepublic.com
2008-10-20: No surprise. Yahoo expected to announce layoffs | Between the Lines | ZDNet.com
2008-10-20: Researchers hack wired keyboards, hijack keystrokes | Zero Day | ZDNet.com
2008-10-20: Dailymotion - Compromising Electromagnetic Emanations of Keyboards, a video from pace303. keyboard, compromising, electromagnetic, emanations, eavesdropping
2008-10-20: Dailymotion - Compromising Electromagnetic Emanations of Keyboards, a video from pace303. keyboard, compromising, electromagnetic, emanations, vuagnoux
2008-10-20: How do front panel sata ports work? - Yahoo! Answers
2008-10-21: PrivacyKeyboard - Professional spyware remover
2008-10-21: USB Security Blocking Software | Port Protection from Removable Media Devices with Sanctuary Device Control
2008-10-21: Hardware Keyloggers : keylogger, hardware, usb, detect
2008-10-21: Hardware Key Logging Part 1: An Overview Of USB Hardware Keyloggers, And A Review Of The KeyCarbon USB Home Mini
2008-10-22: Scary Days Ahead For Tech Industry, As Investment Wanes, Layoffs Mount; Yahoo Expected To Slash More Jobs - CBS News
2008-10-22: Physicists find a new state of matter in a \'transistor\'
2008-10-22: PC World - Optical Encryption Called Capable of 100G Bps
2008-10-22: Pirate Bay Celebrates Microsoft%u2019s Global Anti-Piracy Day | TorrentFreak
2008-10-22: Tech layoffs: The scorecard (updated) | Business Tech - CNET News
2008-10-22: Your privacy is an illusion: UK attacks civil liberties
2008-10-22: Listing of free VoIP softphone applications | MyVoipProvider.com
2008-10-23: The Ohio Secretary of State Website Has Been Hacked - The website is used to register voters for the upcoming general election - Softpedia
2008-10-24: Study squashes myth of gamer as antisocial Comic Book Guy
2008-10-24: Every OS Sucks
2008-10-24: ICYMI - Mr. Green Genes The Glow in the Dark Cat on Yahoo! Video
2008-10-24: MediaShift . China Blocks Blogs, Search Results on Tainted Milk Scandal | PBS
2008-10-24: Review: Seagate\'s 1.5TB Barracuda drive -- quiet, sips power
2008-10-24: Online divorcee jailed after killing virtual hubby - Yahoo! News
2008-10-24: TG Daily - Fighter jet engine to power 1000 mph car
2008-10-24: AFP: Australia plans electric vehicle network
2008-10-24: Top Ten Android Launch Apps
2008-10-24: Forecast: Legal P2P uses growing 10x faster than illegal ones
2008-10-24: Pre-DOCSIS 3.0 rollout in South Korea hits 100Mbps
2008-10-24: Samsung Demonstrates World%u2019s First Carbon-Nanotube Based Display : CleanTechnica
2008-10-24: Gmail%u2019s Canned Responses is E-mail for the Lazy | Epicenter from Wired.com
2008-10-24: NASA - Enchanting Saturn
2008-10-24: Ultrasound cuff to stop internal bleeding on battlefield | Military Tech - Mark Rutherford looks at how the military merges with the digital age - CNET News
2008-10-24: Digesting the termite digestome -- a way to make biofuels?
2008-10-24: NYTimes profits slide; S & P downgrades credit rating
2008-10-24: 123people search engine expands to US
2008-10-24: Symantec, McAfee upgrade security software
2008-10-24: Tackling College Piracy: At What Cost? | TorrentFreak
2008-10-24: Spanish scientists confirm the existence of electric activity in Titan
2008-10-24: Microsoft described as \'biggest hacker in China\' | World news | guardian.co.uk
2008-10-24: Tips For Using Google Android Phone - T-Mobile G1 Hints and Tricks - Popular Mechanics
2008-10-25: (Is There) Motivation for VoIP Fuzzing | ITworld
2008-10-25: Blackhat Presentation on Hacking VoIP
2008-10-25: How to use fuzzing to deter VoIP protocol attacks
2008-10-25: SIPVicious - VoIP Hacking Tool
2008-10-25: Getting Started with SIPVicious
2008-10-25: ACLU: 2/3 of US population lives in \"Constitution-free\" zone
2008-10-25: Embedded Linux - Linux Operating System for Microcontrollers | Your Electronics Open Source
2008-10-25: Aussie govt: Don\'t criticize our (terrible) \'Net filters
2008-10-25: MIT Energy Storage Discovery Could Lead to %u2018Unlimited%u2019 Solar Power : CleanTechnica
2008-10-25: Ubuntu 8.10 Release Candidate Screenshot Tour - The Intrepid Ibex Chronicles! - Softpedia
2008-10-25: Hijacking a Macbook in 60 Seconds or Less - Security Fix
2008-10-25: HTTPBrueForcer Video
2008-10-25: Bugtraq: Re: HTTPBruteForcer released
2008-10-25: Microsoft Security Bulletin MS08-067 %u2013 Critical: Vulnerability in Server Service Could Allow Remote Code Execution (958644)
2008-10-26: Trojan attacks Microsoft\'s emergency patch vuln %u2022 The Register
2008-10-26: Small SipVicious Guide - Remote Exploit Forums
2008-10-26: Exploiting_VoIP_networks.pdf (application/pdf Object)
2008-10-26: X-Lite Version 2.0 for Windows Download Here
2008-10-26: How plastics promise a computing revolution | News | TechRadar UK
2008-10-26: In age of impatience, cutting computer start time - International Herald Tribune
2008-10-26: Student faces felony charges for finding a confidential file left unprotected on school\'s Web server
2008-10-26: 2 greenhouse gases on the rise worry scientists - USATODAY.com
2008-10-26: How to build the ultimate silent PC | News | TechRadar UK
2008-10-26: ABC News: Hackers\' mind-set: They\'ve done nothing wrong
2008-10-26: VoIPaudit Overview | Products | VoIPshield Systems Inc.
2008-10-26: Hacking Exposed VoIP: Voice over IP Security Secrets and Solutions by David Endler and Mark Collier
2008-10-26: Voice Over Packet Security Forum :: Your single (open) source for NGN/VoIP security issues and solutions (News)
2008-10-26: Everything you Need to Know about Ubuntu 8.10 - Intrepid Ibex | Maximum PC
2008-10-26: New address spoofing flaw smudges Google\'s Chrome %u2022 The Register
2008-10-26: Windows 7 Beta 1 available for download on December 2008 - KezNews.com
2008-10-27: Download pre-beta Vista SP2 now | Hardware 2.0 | ZDNet.com
2008-10-27: Ballmer touts Windows 7 features | Videos on ZDNet
2008-10-27: New signs point to Windows 7 debuting earlier than expected | All about Microsoft | ZDNet.com
2008-10-27: 10 surprising things about Windows Server 2008 | 10 Things | TechRepublic.com
2008-10-27: Google to introduce warnings for potentially hackable sites | Zero Day | ZDNet.com
2008-10-27: Lack of phishing attacks data sharing puts $300M at stake annually | Zero Day | ZDNet.com
2008-10-27: Laptops with mobile WiMax now available | Laptops and Desktops | ZDNet.com
2008-10-27: QFX Software - Anti-Keylogging Software and More
2008-10-27: QFX Software Releases KeyScrambler 2.0, Leading Anti-Keylogging Software Quadruples Protection
2008-10-27: KeyScrambler Personal :: Firefox Add-ons
2008-10-27: The quad-core laptops are here . . . sort of | Laptops and Desktops | ZDNet.com
2008-10-27: Windows 7 pre-beta build: What%u2019s inside | All about Microsoft | ZDNet.com
2008-10-27: Boot Parameters to Manipulate Memory
2008-10-27: First Solar Thermal Plant in 20 Years Launches in CA : CleanTechnica
2008-10-27: Nearby Solar System Looks Like Our Own at Time Life Formed | Wired Science from Wired.com
2008-10-27: French doctor unveils artificial heart - Telegraph
2008-10-27: Netbooks: The Linux Trojan Horse | News | TechRadar UK
2008-10-27: Piracy Hurts Open Source Also!
2008-10-28: Microsoft launches Windows Azure | Latest Microsoft News - CNET News - CNET News
2008-10-28: BBC NEWS | Health | Suicide linked to brain changes
2008-10-28: Microsoft%u2019s Azure cloud platform: A guide for the perplexed | All about Microsoft | ZDNet.com
2008-10-28: Google Android vulnerable to drive-by browser exploit | Zero Day | ZDNet.com
2008-10-28: HotJobs site flaw leads to Yahoo account theft | Zero Day | ZDNet.com
2008-10-28: Insiders: How Outsourced Call Centers Are Costing Millions In Identity Theft
2008-10-28: PDC 2008 - Webmonkey
2008-10-28: Shuttleworth: Canonical may need 3-5 more years of funding - LinuxWorld
2008-10-28: First look at Windows 7\'s User Interface
2008-10-28: Diamonds made by chemical vapor deposition
2008-10-28: Lifehacker Faceoff: Battle of the Thumb Drive Linux Systems
2008-10-28: Censorship: Browse a Censored Web Through the China Channel FireFox Plugin
2008-10-28: Ubuntu\'s Shuttleworth: \"I don\'t think anyone can make money from the Linux desktop.\" | Computerworld Blogs
2008-10-28: SecuriTeam Blogs » Microsoft Windows RPC Vulnerability MS08-067 (CVE-2008-4250) FAQ - October 2008 [UPDATED]
2008-10-28: MS Windows Server Service Code Execution PoC (MS08-067)
2008-10-28: Metasploit Code for the MS08-067 Vulnerability
2008-10-28: Microsoft unveils \'lightweight\' Office for Web %u2022 The Register
2008-10-28: Windows 7 early promise: passes the Vista test %u2022 The Register
2008-10-28: Android security, market place under fire %u2022 The Register
2008-10-28: YaGoogleSoft! adopt voluntary \\
2008-10-28: Family Tree of Telecommunication - Neatorama.com
2008-10-28: Berkeley boffins save Moore\'s Law %u2022 The Register
2008-10-29: Seven questions Microsoft won%u2019t answer about Windows 7 | Ed Bott%u2019s Microsoft Report | ZDNet.com
2008-10-29: Windows 7 first look: A big fix for Vista - Network World
2008-10-29: Copyright infringement and the CISSP, Part 1 - Network World
2008-10-29: The possibilities of a \'portable eye\' - The Boston Globe
2008-10-29: HowStuffWorks \"Introduction to 10 Worst Computer Viruses of All Time\"
2008-10-30: %u201CAmateur%u201D astronomers capture Jupiter, Charon | Bad Astronomy | Discover Magazine
2008-10-30: Nanoparticles Target Multiple Cancer Genes, Shrink Tumors More Effectively
2008-10-30: Top 10 e-mail blunders of 2008 > Messaging and Collaboration
2008-10-30: Download VistaStumbler 1.10 - A powerful network discovery tool optimized for Windows Vista - Softpedia
2008-10-30: Changing Your MAC Address In Window XP/Vista, Linux And Mac OS X (Sometimes known as MAC spoofing)
2008-10-30: Aerohive 802.11n Access Point Fastest in Network World Product Review - MarketWatch
2008-10-30: ReconRobitics Recon Scout in California Prisons%u2014Robots in Jails - Popular Mechanics
2008-10-30: Opera Browser Not Allowed in iPhone App Store - Mac Rumors
2008-10-30: Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex Review | bin-false.org
2008-10-31: Florida Testing Internet Voting For Presidential Election - Okaloosa Distance Ballot Piloting iVoting Test Program - Popular Mechanics
2008-10-31: Sunny Talks Tech: Processor Errata to be Next Big Virus Exploit
2008-10-31: Court rules hash analysis is a Fourth Amendment \"search\"
2008-10-31: InternetNews Realtime IT News - Facebook Worm Redux Taps Google Sites
2008-10-31: \'Hacker Safe\' leader defrauded investors, prosecutors say %u2022 Channel Register
2008-10-31: McAfee suspects fingered for $3.8m fraud %u2022 The Register
2008-10-31: House key copied from photo %u2022 The Register
2008-10-31: Symantec plans layoffs as sales fall short %u2022 The Register
2008-10-31: Microsoft\'s Geneva Server - Federated Identity Management (single sign-on)
2008-10-31: A new economics of P2P file sharing %u2022 The Register
2008-10-31: SecurityFocus Bugtraq: Sonicwall SOHO Content Blocking Script Injection, LogFile Denial of Service
2008-10-31: The lightbulb of the future? | Videos on ZDNet
2008-10-31: Exploit published for Windows worm hole | Zero Day | ZDNet.com
2008-10-31: You%u2019ve got Windows 7 questions, I%u2019ve got answers | Ed Bott%u2019s Microsoft Report | ZDNet.com
2008-10-31: Facebook worm finds a friend in Google Reader | Zero Day | ZDNet.com
2008-10-31: H-1B visas rife with fraud, worker mistreatment | ZDNet Government | ZDNet.com
2008-10-31: Optical fibers with a silicon core? | Emerging Technology Trends | ZDNet.com
2008-10-31: Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex is out | Hardware 2.0 | ZDNet.com
2008-10-31: Windows 7 - user interface is king | A Developer%u2019s View | ZDNet.com
2008-10-31: Windows 7 to scale to 256 processors | All about Microsoft | ZDNet.com
2008-10-31: You%u2019ve got Windows 7 questions, I%u2019ve got answers | Ed Bott%u2019s Microsoft Report | ZDNet.com
2008-10-31: LinkedIn launches apps network; Keeps its business focus | Between the Lines | ZDNet.com
2008-10-31: Walmart to sell Android G1 at discount. So what? | The Toybox | ZDNet.com
2008-10-31: How long until Apple is bigger than Microsoft? | Hardware 2.0 | ZDNet.com
2008-10-31: Happy Birthday%u2026I%u2019ve stolen $2500 from your account | A Developer%u2019s View | ZDNet.com
2008-10-31: Has Chrome fixed its Adobe problem? | Open Source | ZDNet.com
2008-10-31: PC World - Business Center: Trojan Steals 500K Bank, Credit Card Log-ons

Nov 2008

2008-11-01: Paul Thurrott\'s SuperSite for Windows: Windows \"7\" FAQ
2008-11-01: Windows 7: Microsoft\'s Linux killer? | Computerworld Blogs
2008-11-01: Technology Review: Voyage of the Bacteria Bots
2008-11-01: Quiet wind turbine could provide up to 30% of a home\'s power
2008-11-01: How to Activate Windows 7 (Seven) Beta M 1 Build 6519.1.071220-1525 with Activation Crack » My Digital Life
2008-11-01: Activate Windows 7 Pre-Beta 6801 with Vista Beta or RC Product Key without Crack » My Digital Life
2008-11-01: Windows 7 News
2008-11-01: APOD: 2008 November 1 - A Spectre in the Eastern Veil
2008-11-01: The Raw Story | Documents reveal how Ohio routed 2004 voting data through company that hosted external Bush Administration email accounts
2008-11-01: Windows 7 pre-beta hits BitTorrent | Latest Microsoft News - CNET News - CNET News
2008-11-01: Virgin Atlantic sacks 13 staff after Facebook criticism
2008-11-01: French Senate passes bill to disconnect filesharers %u2022 The Register
2008-11-01: Sainsbury\'s to sell £99 DRM-free unlimited music %u2022 The Register
2008-11-01: How to set up a netboot Ubuntu installation server
2008-11-01: Ubuntu Security
2008-11-02: APOD: 2008 November 2 - Spicules: Jets on the Sun
2008-11-02: Judge orders White House to produce wiretap memos - Yahoo! News
2008-11-02: Stop Plagiarism in 3 Easy Steps | Internet Marketing Strategy: Conversation Marketing
2008-11-02: Jump Focus with Form Elements
2008-11-02: More From PDC: Sensors, Surface, Mesh and Multi-Core - Forward Thinking by Michael J. Miller
2008-11-02: Windows 7 Sensors Explained | Windows 7 News
2008-11-02: Windows 7 and light sensors: let there be light - istartedsomething
2008-11-02: How To Download Windows 7 Beta - Windows 7
2008-11-02: Fed Blotter: New York Coder Charged With Helping TJ Maxx Hacker | Threat Level from Wired.com
2008-11-02: Extreme Resolution Photos and Lasers Create Virtual Yosemite | Wired Science from Wired.com
2008-11-02: Michigan treasurer falls for Nigerian scam %u2022 The Register
2008-11-02: Christian Science Monitor Stops the Presses
2008-11-02: Google Woos Business Customers With 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
2008-11-02: Technology News: Personal Computers: Flaming Laptop Batteries Prompt Sony Recall
2008-11-02: Chat Rooms Harbor \\\'Fraud as a Service\\\' Peddlers
2008-11-02: Black market for zero day vulnerabilities still thriving | Zero Day | ZDNet.com
2008-11-02: The world%u2019s first optical firewall? | Emerging Technology Trends | ZDNet.com
2008-11-02: ISP Threatens to Disconnect Customers with Open WiFi
2008-11-02: £8 flights to US from UK
2008-11-03: Call Forwarding Scam
2008-11-03: Reccomended 802.11n encryption and authentication? « airwaves Forum
2008-11-03: FileZilla - The free FTP solution
2008-11-03: Air Force Aims to Define Rules of Cyberspace - Plans to Attack Hackers Actively
2008-11-03: BBC NEWS | Science & Environment | Magnetic shield for spacefarers
2008-11-04: Inside Windows 7
2008-11-04: APOD: 2008 November 3 - A Spectacular Rayed Crater on Mercury
2008-11-04: Earth and Atmosphere - from NASA
2008-11-04:Double Ring Galaxies
2008-11-04: Crashing The iPhone - Forbes.com
2008-11-04: Cocaine addicted IT manager hacks ex-employer\\
2008-11-04: US kicks off secure hash competition
2008-11-04: Windows 7 Pre-Beta on Torrents
2008-11-04: Microsoft slings Windows Home Server in OEM bargain bin
2008-11-04: What Ray Ozzie didn\'t tell us about Azure
2008-11-04: Ubuntu 8.10 - All Hail new Network Manager
2008-11-04: Man cops to $1m phony bar code shoplifting scheme
2008-11-04: Windows RPC exploit spawns bots and worms %u2022 The Register
2008-11-05: Windows 7: Microsoft\\
2008-11-05: Windows 7: Microsoft\'s guided tour of the Windows 7 taskbar
2008-11-05: BBC NEWS | Business | Google abandons deal with Yahoo
2008-11-05: Diebold faces GPL infringement lawsuit over voting machines
2008-11-05: Fountain of Youth: Drug Restores Muscles
2008-11-06: How to activate the Vista Administrator account from the Windows Recovery Environment
2008-11-07: 11 Great Tools for Making VoIP Calls on the iPhone
2008-11-07: At the Center of the Milky Way
2008-11-07: How To Cheat In Every Computer Game With Poke | MakeUseOf.com
2008-11-07: Firefox s Private Browsing AKA Porn Mode Arrives - Webmonkey
2008-11-07: Ants can teach us how to beat city congestion, claim scientists - Telegraph
2008-11-07: MS Windows 7 pre-beta gets a security patch 13 days early | IT Security | TechRepublic.com
2008-11-07: Shrinking and defragmenting Virtual Disks in VMware Workstation
2008-11-07: Google moves quickly to plug Android security hole | Ed Burnette%u2019s Dev Connection | ZDNet.com
2008-11-07: Obama-related spammed trojan propagating worldwide | Zero Day | ZDNet.com
2008-11-07: In-depth look at Windows 7 | Hardware 2.0 | ZDNet.com
2008-11-07: 30 FireFox Add Ons to do just about anything
2008-11-07: Android: Google Seals Up Android\'s Jailbreak with Automatic Update
2008-11-07: OLED TV-- General Survey
2008-11-07: Foreign governments attack White House, Obama, McCain campaign systems | ZDNet Government | ZDNet.com
2008-11-07: Rigged PDFs exploiting just-patched Adobe Reader flaw | Zero Day | ZDNet.com
2008-11-07: Pocket projector shows the magic of miniaturization
2008-11-08: Hacker trial: McKinnon\\
2008-11-08: Quantum computer security cracked | News | TechRadar UK
2008-11-08: Tests: The 50 Skills Every Geek Should Have
2008-11-08:Weakness in WPA Encryption Found
2008-11-08: MS08-067 worms squirming in the wild | Zero Day | ZDNet.com
2008-11-08: Microsoft Research and their secret projects | iGeneration | ZDNet.com
2008-11-08: New wireless chip promises to kick Wi-Fi%u2019s butt in data transmission | SOHO Networking | ZDNet.com
2008-11-08: Social to CRM to Enterprise: Not So Fast%u2026. | Enterprise Anti-matter | ZDNet.com
2008-11-08: Remote buffer overflow bug bites Linux Kernel | Zero Day | ZDNet.com
2008-11-08: My favorite Windows Vista gadgets | Ed Bott%u2019s Microsoft Report | ZDNet.com
2008-11-08: Windows 7 to arrive by 2009 holiday season | Between the Lines | ZDNet.com
2008-11-08: NASA - The Sun Shows Signs of Life
2008-11-08: Pakistan Declares Death Penalty for Cyber-Terrorism
2008-11-08: Revised Theory Suggests Carbon Dioxide Levels Already in Danger Zone
2008-11-08: AT&T becomes largest provider of Wi-Fi hotspots | Edible Apple
2008-11-08: Facebook attacked by vicious virus
2008-11-08: BiosAgentPlus.com
2008-11-08: Malaysian court frees detained blogger
2008-11-08: Inmate hacked prison network, broke into employee database %u2022 The Register
2008-11-08: Miscreants hijacking machines via (freshly patched) Adobe flaw
2008-11-08: One-third of UK teachers are creationists
2008-11-08: Lifehacker Top 10: Top 10 Things to Look Forward to in Windows 7
2008-11-08: India\'s outsourcing bubble is bursting
2008-11-08: Businesses focus on Windows 7, XP over Vista | Tech News on ZDNet
2008-11-08: Benefits firm reveals breach after extortion threat
2008-11-08: Internet black boxes to record every email and website visit - Telegraph
2008-11-08: WiMax: Just Another Security Challenge?
2008-11-08: Security expert talks Russian gangs, botnets
2008-11-08: Windows 7 knows where you are | Beyond Binary - A blog by Ina Fried - CNET News
2008-11-08: 15-year old vies to build new crypto standard
2008-11-08: Thousands Hit in Broad Web Hack
2008-11-08: Forensic tool detects pornography in the workplace
2008-11-08: Arizona state agency loses data on 40,000 children in disk theft
2008-11-08: Text Messaging, Facebook Can Get You in Legal Trouble
2008-11-08: Business Center: Protect Your Data With a Secure Portable Drive
2008-11-08: Vulnerability allows remote shutdown of Windows Firewall from LAN
2008-11-09: Two Black Holes Dancing in 3C 75 - two supermassive black holes orbiting one another at a distance of 25,000 lightyears
2008-11-09: Indian satellite orbiting Moon
2008-11-09: Accident Ahead? New Software Will Enable Cars To Make Coordinated Avoidance Maneuvers
2008-11-09: Android: Android Bug Reboots Phone Every Time You Type \\\"Reboot\\\"
2008-11-09: Mini nuclear plants to power 20,000 homes
2008-11-09: Cities at Night: An Astronaut\'s View
2008-11-09: Finland\'s flawed e-voting scheme - blame the voters?
2008-11-09: E-voting glitches hamper elections in seven states
2008-11-09: Microsoft: Windows 7 ready for Christmas 2009
2008-11-09: Practical attacks against WEP and WPA - Security Circus
2008-11-09: Computer hacking in this class is a good thing
2008-11-09: iPhone hacker discovers iPhone crashing bug
2008-11-09: OpenID Is Here Too Bad Users Can t Figure Out How It Works
2008-11-09: Google\'s New Android Phone Vulnerable To Attack
2008-11-09: How to Secure Laptops from U.S. Government\'s Prying Eyes
2008-11-09: Fishy-smelling iPhone dev conference lacks actual developers
2008-11-09: Pirate Bay Talk: How To Dismantle a Billion Dollar Industry | TorrentFreak
2008-11-09: Unforgettable passwords
2008-11-09: Emergency Windows patch too late for some
2008-11-10: Study: Wider cholesterol drug use may save lives
2008-11-10: Inflexible security? Lighten up with Friendbo
2008-11-10: AT&T to try limits on monthly Internet traffic
2008-11-10: Dell\'s self-encrypting laptop
2008-11-10: Spam gets 1 response per 12,500,000 emails--this project seems illegal to me
2008-11-10: Windows 7 - The \'Blue Badge\' experience
2008-11-10: \'Blue Badge\' tool available, unlocks all known protected features - Within Windows
2008-11-10: Strangest Kuiper Belt Objects: The Top Five
2008-11-10:VMware Releases Security Advisory VMSA-2008-0018 and Updates VMSA-2008-0016.1
2008-11-10: Study shows how spammers cash in
2008-11-10: Stupid Rogue Trick
2008-11-10: Researchers find more flaws in wireless security
2008-11-10: Gentoo: Gallery Multiple vulnerabilities
2008-11-10: Visa trials PIN payment card to fight online fraud
2008-11-10: Secure Computing Cyber Security Study Reveals Sobering Results
2008-11-11: Once thought safe, WPA Wi-Fi encryption is cracked - Network World
2008-11-11: Under Obama, Web Would Be the Way - washingtonpost.com
2008-11-11: Microsoft Malware Protection Center - Security Intelligence Report
2008-11-11: Microsoft Security Report: A Mixed Bag - Apps more vulnerable than Vista
2008-11-11: Official Google Blog: Tracking flu trends
2008-11-11: Google launches video chat for Gmail
2008-11-11:The Cosmic Web of the Tarantula Nebula
2008-11-11: Scenes from Antarctica
2008-11-11: Awesome task manager window
2008-11-12: Buffer Overflow Tutorial | Damn Vulnerable Linux Magazine
2008-11-12: Nike Sets Roadmap for Corporate Social Networks | Media Caffeine
2008-11-12: Mining for Dark Matter, Some Go Wimp-Hunting - WSJ.com
2008-11-12: Microsoft woos small biz world with new server bundles
2008-11-12: Light-Speed Link in Works for Arizona Supercomputer
2008-11-12: Sun market cap slips below $3bn
2008-11-12: Nissan to debut anti-prang tech next week
2008-11-12: Broadband speed testers fail the test
2008-11-12: Mankind to detect alien life by 2025
2008-11-12: Shrinking primary databases
2008-11-12: ISP boss pledges to undermine Great Aussie Firewall
2008-11-12: Is the internet going down down under?
2008-11-12: Philips pops out the drug packing iPill
2008-11-12: MS patch Tuesday includes fix for seven-year old itch
2008-11-12: SANS page about the latest MS vulnerabilities
2008-11-12: Windows 7 and netbooks: Separating fact from speculation
2008-11-12: Net bombarded by heaviest ever attacks this year
2008-11-12: Why did Microsoft wait 7 years to fix SMBRelay attack flaw?
2008-11-12: SMBRelay - Wikipedia
2008-11-12: Gmail expands to include voice and video
2008-11-12: Botnets: Keep computers up to date or else
2008-11-12: Kicking Internet pirates off the web
2008-11-12: Worst Android Bug Ever
2008-11-12: Forms in HTML documents
2008-11-12: LCD Makers Agree to Pay $585M in US Price Fixing Probe
2008-11-12: Under the Hood, Windows 7 Is Vista\'s Twin
2008-11-15: The YouTube Presidency | 44 | washingtonpost.com
2008-11-15: Intel\'s Wireless Power Technology Demonstrated
2008-11-15: Fomalhaut b
2008-11-15: Swarms of small satellites coming soon
2008-11-15: Satellites map cholera outbreaks
2008-11-15: India sends probe on to the Moon
2008-11-15: Research firms scan brain waves to improve marketing
2008-11-15: Navy-Funded Wave Farm Under Way in Hawaii
2008-11-15: New nano coating boosts solar efficiency
2008-11-15: IPhone: The Best Way to Tether Your iPhone to Your Laptop (for Free)
2008-11-15: Why is Google Running Ads for Known Malware Sites? | Maximum PC
2008-11-15: Major Breakthrough: First Photos of Planets Around Other Stars | LiveScience
2008-11-15: Airship swims through air
2008-11-15: Supreme Court: National Security Trumps Whales, Environmental Law
2008-11-15: Artificial diamonds - now available in extra large
2008-11-15:How Floating Energy Islands Could Power the Future
2008-11-15: Small world! Microsocopic Photo Contest
2008-11-15: Images of alien planets, with explanations
2008-11-15: Big Bang or Big Bounce?: New Theory on the Universe\'s Origin
2008-11-15: DNA strands become fibre optic cables
2008-11-15: Brain implants may help stroke patients overcome partial paralysis
2008-11-15: FreeRinger, the Easiest Way to Make Free Long Distance and International Calls from Your Computer - MarketWatch
2008-11-15: Valve Tried to Trick Half Life 2 Hacker Into Fake Job Interview
2008-11-15: Valve Tried to Trick Half Life 2 Hacker Into Fake Job Interview
2008-11-15: Still sending naked email? Get your protection here
2008-11-15: Brit couple divorce over Secondlife infidelity
2008-11-15: Judge: No cryptographic hash analysis without warrant
2008-11-16: Installing Vista on the Eee - How to move the WinSXS folder!
2008-11-16: Microsoft and Facebook: In an open relationship with your data » VentureBeat
2008-11-16: Sweden\'s Ultra-Modern Underground Data Center
2008-11-16: Say Goodbye to BlackBerry? If Obama Has to, Yes He Can
2008-11-16: Firestrike: Firestrike: World\'s First Solid-State Battlefield Laser Now Available
2008-11-16: Elderly dogs to be offered genetic enhancement to make them young again
2008-11-16: Scientist Ian Frazer to trial skin cancer vaccine
2008-11-16: Microsoft e-mails show \'Vista Capable\' changes helped Intel
2008-11-16: Two galaxies distorted by tidal forces
2008-11-16: Mysterious aurora, mighty storms on Saturn
2008-11-16: MySpace Sex Offender Charged With Running Fake Internet Church -- 29,000 sex offenders found on MySpace
2008-11-17: San Francisco artist looks to replace lost eyeball with webcam
2008-11-17: Ubuntu aims at mobile computing, netbooks with ARM port
2008-11-17: What\'s new in Windows 7
2008-11-17: San Jose Spam Hub Shut Down
2008-11-17: Hacker Takes Over Torrentz, Sort Of
2008-11-17: 20 Things to do after installing Ubuntu Linux
2008-11-17: Cybercrooks launch DDoS assault on anti-fraud site
2008-11-17: US Justice Department free to track mobile phone users with Triggerfish - MITM attack with no defense
2008-11-17: WPA alleged to be crackable in less than 15 minutes - heise online UK
2008-11-17: Researchers find more flaws in wireless security
2008-11-17: Jerry Yang, Yahoo Chief, Plans to Step Down
2008-11-17: Discovery of a Multi planet Star System
2008-11-17: Race on to build world\'s first space elevator
2008-11-18: Video: Five things you should know about rootkits | IT Dojo | TechRepublic.com
2008-11-18: Gallery: Amazing technology
2008-11-18: Hardening The Linux Kernel With Grsecurity (Debian)
2008-11-18: New Intel Processors have 4 hyperthreading cores
2008-11-18: Is Recycling Worth it?
2008-11-18: Billions Of Particles Of Anti-matter Created In Laboratory
2008-11-18: New honeycomb tire is bulletproof
2008-11-18: The 4GB Windows Memory Limit: What does it really mean?
2008-11-18: Vista 32bit memory limitation - Vista Forums
2008-11-18: VMware Communities: The network bridge on device VMnet0 is not running -- RESOLVED
2008-11-18: VMware Network bridge on device VMnet0 is not running -- Simple Fix Options
2008-11-19: 10 IT security companies to watch: A product roundup
2008-11-19: Android Garage Door OPener
2008-11-19: Computer virus quarantines London Hospital for second day
2008-11-19: Downed criminal ISP revived long enough to update Russian botnet C&C servers
2008-11-19: Teen hacker confesses three-year crime spree
2008-11-19: MS kills off OneCare to introduce free security software %u2022 The Register
2008-11-20: Frozen hair gives up first mammoth genome
2008-11-20: Google Makes Up 88 Percent Of Mozilla\'s Revenues, Threatens Its Non-Profit Status
2008-11-20: First Results of the 11-19-08 CCSF Wardriving to Twin Peaks -- Eric\'s Big Antenna
2008-11-20: Rootsecure.net | Security News RSS Feeds {beta}
2008-11-21: Plumbing the oceans could bring limitless clean energy
2008-11-21: SecurityFocus: Alternatives to PIX Firewall
2008-11-21: Texas Professor Fired For Vigilante Justice on Plagiarism
2008-11-21: China is using cyberwarfare to challenge US power
2008-11-21: Coupon Hacker Defeats DMCA Suit
2008-11-21: Windows 7: 10 Really Cool Windows 7 Media Center Features
2008-11-22: Clutterme.com auctions itself on eBay
2008-11-22: Brain implant allows mute man to speak
2008-11-22: BREAKING: New Gmail Security Flaw. More Domains Get Stolen!
2008-11-22: Managing Internet growth
2008-11-22: 1,000-device personal networks in 2017?
2008-11-22: Hands On: The BlackBerry Storm
2008-11-22: A deep dive into Windows 7 (build 6801) | Ed Bott
2008-11-22: That %u201Cunlocked%u201D Windows 7 taskbar is also unfinished
2008-11-22: Malware found in Lenovo software package
2008-11-22: Fake Windows XP activation trojan goes 2.0
2008-11-22: Microsoft Removes Malicious Software from a Million PCs
2008-11-22: Carbon dioxide discovered on distant planet : Nature News
2008-11-22: Lifestreaming in Obamaland
2008-11-22: Google Analytics -- Yes, it is a security risk
2008-11-22:Barack Obama\'s Websites Totally Insecure -- Administration Panels Open to Trivial Sniffing Attacks
2008-11-22: Google - the world\'s first firewalled monopoly
2008-11-22: Asus Eee PC S101 luxury netbook
2008-11-22: For a Washington Job, Be Prepared to Tell All
2008-11-22: Military\'s ban of USB thumb drives highlights security risks
2008-11-22: Whitelisting as an alternative to antivirus
2008-11-22: Massachusetts data security law rule extended four months
2008-11-22: Keylogger spyware ordered off the market -- company spied on its customers
2008-11-22: Phishing, malware laden USB sticks stoke holiday attacks
2008-11-23: Kernel vulnerability found in Vista
2008-11-23: NASA Successfully Tests First Deep Space Internet Using DTN Protocol (Disruption Tolerant Networking)
2008-11-23: Live in Air: 10 Things You Need To Know About In Flight Wi-Fi
2008-11-23: Benefits firm reveals breach after extortion threat
2008-11-23: DoD confirms computer virus in networks - Bans use of USB memory sticks
2008-11-23: Security Advisory: Microsoft VISTA TCP/IP stack buffer overflow
2008-11-23: Script Fragmentation Attack Could Allow Hackers to Dodge Anti-virus Detection
2008-11-23: Botnet Operators Likely to Change Tactics in Wake of McColo, Intercage ISP Shutdowns
2008-11-23: Do You Know Where Your Laptops Are?
2008-11-23: Survey: Amazon Beats Out Google as Best Cloud Provider
2008-11-23: IBM Researchers Look to Build \'Global Brain\' Computer
2008-11-23: Damage caused by cybercrime is estimated at $100 billion annually
2008-11-23: Private Cloud Storage Platforms Are Officially a Trend
2008-11-23: Windows XP on a Thumb Drive
2008-11-23: Mac OS X targeted by Trojan and backdoor tool
2008-11-23: Cisco Security Response: Cisco Response to TKIP Encryption Weakness
2008-11-23: Pwning Ubuntu via CUPS
2008-11-23: SourceForge.net: The Hacker Firefox
2008-11-23: Firms charge employees for Vista boot-up times
2008-11-23: Judge Orders Ballmer to Testify in Vista Capable case
2008-11-23: Sun\'s stock price--awesome doom
2008-11-24: Stem cells are more flexible than previously thought, research suggests - Telegraph
2008-11-24: Thieves Are Stealing Solar Panels and Selling them
2008-11-24: Error Level Analyser Detects Photoshopped Images
2008-11-24: Britain\'s First Moon Mission
2008-11-24: Triple Helix: Designing a New Molecule of Life: Scientific American
2008-11-24: Trained giant rats sniff out land mines, tuberculosis
2008-11-24: Laser welding of surgical incisions
2008-11-24: Under worm attack, US Army bans USB drives
2008-11-24: Still sending naked email? Get your protection here
2008-11-24: Parallels 4 users want their money back
2008-11-24: Booming cybercrime economy sucks in recruits
2008-11-24: Avoid speeding tickets with iPhone app
2008-11-24: Fast hackers crack open latest iPhone update
2008-11-24: Music Fan Charges iPod With an Onion
2008-11-24: NASA plans to send astronauts to an asteroid
2008-11-24: Facebook awarded $873 million in lawsuit against spammer » VentureBeat
2008-11-24: Final judgment: SCO owes Novell millions (plus interest)
2008-11-25: Open Source Wi-Fi Service Claims Ten Million Hotspots In Network
2008-11-25: iPhone app dev seemingly caught paying for positive reviews
2008-11-25: Fedora 10 released, brimming with new features
2008-11-25: Rock-solid Fedora 10 brings salvation to Ubuntu weary
2008-11-25: Google silences Gmail security blogorumors
2008-11-25: Facebook spams social networkers with phishy email
2008-11-25: Texan prof sees big future for graphene storage
2008-11-25: Unofficial fix issued for Vista networking flaw
2008-11-25: Germans require every website owner and blogger to submit material to Internet catalog
2008-11-25: Security breach in Pamela gives PayPal phish the personal touch
2008-11-25: CaféTerra: Best micrograph images
2008-11-26: DVICE: Nano needle patch sure beats getting stabbed by a hypodermic
2008-11-26: TG Daily - Lenovo kills notebooks with a text message
2008-11-26: Was Ebay%u2019s BillMeLater Acquisition A Huge Blunder?
2008-11-26: Vatican set to go green with huge solar panel roof
2008-11-26: Inhabitat » California To Become The Electric Vehicle Capital of the US
2008-11-26: Cybercriminals release Christmas themed web malware exploitation kit
2008-11-26: Value of stolen credentials compared
2008-11-26: The 10 best IT certification Web sites
2008-11-26: 10 dumb things IT pros do that can mess up their networks
2008-11-26: The 10 most useful Linux commands
2008-11-26: 10 answers to your questions about botnets
2008-11-26: Team Cymru - Visualizations of Inernet Malicious Activity
2008-11-26: Stickers 2008 - Funny laptop stickers
2008-11-26: Metasploit: MS08-068: Metasploit and SMB Relay - Very Clear Explanation of SMB Relay Attacks and the Microsoft Patch
2008-11-26: IEEE Spectrum: Lessons From the $1 Billion Intel Trade-Secret Theft
2008-11-26: Australia invests in a multibillion-dollar national broadband network
2008-11-26: US Drops to 19th in Broadband Penetration Worldwide - US Broadband Penetration Jumps to 91.5% among Active Internet Users - September 2008 Bandwidth Report
2008-11-26: Network Security Breaches Plague NASA - BusinessWeek
2008-11-26: Why the new Zune Pass should be irresistible
2008-11-26: Microsoft is 5th most spam-friendly ISP
2008-11-26: Filter Web content with Cisco IOS routers
2008-11-27: Pig organs: Ready for humans at last?
2008-11-27: Russian WebMoney hacker cuffed over Trojan scam
2008-11-27: Anti-fraud site targeted in Joe Job attack
2008-11-27: NASA developing brain-monitor hats for airline pilots
2008-11-27: Google\'s scam ads
2008-11-27: inSSIDer--another new wardriving tool
2008-11-28: Srizbi spam botnet in failed resurrection
2008-11-28: Selfish worm targets month-old Windows flaw
2008-11-28: Linux on the iPhone
2008-11-28: A planet 50 LY away
2008-11-28: GHOST TOWN - Chernobyl Pictures
2008-11-28: How Windows 7 shames Vista on battery life
2008-11-28: Rootkit unearthed in network security software
2008-11-29: Jobs at Year Up-IT Teaching Job Available Now in San Francisco
2008-11-29: Stolen IDs Peddled In Murky Chatrooms
2008-11-29: 5 Ways To Fix A Stuck Pixel On Your Screen
2008-11-29: YouTube - Microsoft Vista Speech Recognition Tested - Perl Scripting
2008-11-29: IBM: Talking Web Will be Commonplace in 5 Years
2008-11-29: Photo Gallery: The Dream of Invisibility
2008-11-29: How Spyware Nearly Sent a Teacher to Prison
2008-11-29: Estonian ISP Cuts off Control Servers for Srizbi Botnet
2008-11-29: Microsoft Warns of Worm Attack on Windows
2008-11-29: Spam Finds New Launch Pad
2008-11-29: Botnets Can Trample Most Anti-Virus Programs
2008-11-29: Movie Studios Gang Up on Aussie ISP
2008-11-29: 1 Million Androids May be Sold by Year\'s End
2008-11-29: So what will happen to Sun?
2008-11-29: Carl Icahn Ups Stake in Yahoo | Epicenter from Wired.com
2008-11-29: Wise consumers will compare smart phones before they buy
2008-11-30: National Security Agency Releases History of Cold War Intelligence Activities
2008-11-30: Which virtualization vendor will win your business?
2008-11-30: Winning the Netflix Prize- $1 million for predicting movie preferences
2008-11-30: 10 Dirty Little Web Development Tricks
2008-11-30: 10 mistakes new Linux administrators make
2008-11-30: Harvard Team Unlocks Clues to Genes that Control Longevity
2008-11-30: Google\'s Censorship of YouTube
2008-11-30: Ocean currents can power the world, say scientists - Telegraph
2008-11-30: Microsoft in $20bn Yahoo deal
2008-11-30: The Human Flesh Search Engine: cyber-vigilantes
2008-11-30: 3 alternative ways to get Windows updates
2008-11-30: SonicWall launches UTM security box
2008-11-30: Call for volunteers - Web Honeypot Project
2008-11-30: Tmobile G1 handsets having DNS problems?
2008-11-30: IEEE 1667: Authentication of USB storage devices
2008-11-30: Secret Geek A-Team Hacks Back, Defends Worldwide Web

Dec 2008

2008-12-01: Sanity check: 10 dirty little secrets you should know about working in IT | Tech Sanity Check | TechRepublic.com
2008-12-01: AppleInsider | Apple now \\\"encourages\\\" antivirus use for Mac OS X
2008-12-01: Laser skin welding the suture of future for surgery
2008-12-01: TechBlog: Report: Windows Vista Service Pack 2 coming in April
2008-12-01: antivirus companies are slow to stop new viruses
2008-12-01: Metadata: An Invisible CAPTCHA
2008-12-01: TG Daily - Firefox sails past 20% market share, IE drops below 70%
2008-12-01: Mac Internet share hits record 8.87%; Windows drops below 90% - Apple 2.0
2008-12-01: How online gamblers unmasked cheaters
2008-12-01: Hard Drive Data Recovery - Hard Drive Recovery Software - How to Fix a Hard Drive - Popular Mechanics
2008-12-01: ISP\'s secret opt-in advertising test draws the UK\'s ire
2008-12-01: Students lie, cheat, steal, but say they\'re good
2008-12-02: Atheros Wi-Fi goes open-source, Linux friendly | Computerworld Blogs
2008-12-03: New .tel domains bid to be world\'s phone book %u2022 The Register
2008-12-03: Giz Explains: Why OS X Shrugs Off Viruses Better Than Windows
2008-12-03: The Big Ol\' Ubuntu Security Resource - IT Security
2008-12-03: TG Daily - Studies find laser printers emit lung-damaging particles on the order of cigarette smoking
2008-12-03: Vietnamese security firm: Your face is easy to fake | Crave - CNET
2008-12-03: IT expert executed in Iran | Zero Day | ZDNet.com
2008-12-03: The miracle teabag: Stem cells in a pack help stroke victim to talk again | Mail Online
2008-12-03: Windows 7 Beta 1 to be released on January 13 | Windows 7 Center
2008-12-03: Report: Hard drive shipments slumping
2008-12-03: Twenty Rules for Amazon Cloud Security - O\'Reilly Broadcast
2008-12-03: What Your Computer Does While You Wait : Gustavo Duarte
2008-12-03: The Day The Web Went Dead - Forbes.com
2008-12-04: Mozilla to end support for Firefox 2 | Tech News on ZDNet
2008-12-04: Mac OS X targeted by Trojan and backdoor tool | Tech News on ZDNet
2008-12-04: Study: BlackBerry has twice the failure rate of iPhone | Tech News on ZDNet
2008-12-04: Ballmer calls Google\'s Android \'way behind\' | Tech News on ZDNet
2008-12-04: Mobile industry calls for RFID payment push | Tech News on ZDNet
2008-12-04: Jaquar chases Roadrunner for fastest supercomputer | Tech News on ZDNet
2008-12-04: Net bombarded by heaviest ever attacks this year | Tech News on ZDNet
2008-12-04: Rootkits: Is removing them even possible? Good List of Anti-Rootkit Tools
2008-12-04: Tikitag - programmable home RFID system
2008-12-04: HOW TO: Get the Most Out of Google Maps
2008-12-05: YouTube - Hexapod Robot Dance Competition
2008-12-05: AT&T Cutting 12,000 Jobs
2008-12-05: Copper Thieves Threaten U.S. Infrastructure, FBI says
2008-12-05: New Google Android phone launches Jan 29 in Australia
2008-12-05: Ubuntu or Fedora?
2008-12-05: Vista SP2: Six Things You Need to Know
2008-12-05: Windows 7 Build 6956 leaked by attendees at WinHEC China
2008-12-05: New trojan targets Firefox, masquerades as Greasemonkey
2008-12-05: Biggest Installation of Silent Urban-Styled Wind Turbines (in London)
2008-12-05: The world\'s first personal supercomputer - 250 times faster than the average PC - £4,000
2008-12-05: Python 3.0 slithers onto scene, sheds backward compatibility
2008-12-06: Windows 7 on the Asus Eee--Fixing Startup Problem
2008-12-06: Poken: The Future of Social Networking? | Streamlined Mind
2008-12-06: Some schools stop giving Fs
2008-12-06: New trojan in mass DNS hijack -- Use OpenDNS!
2008-12-06: Sending Secret Messages Over Public Internet Lines Can Take Place With New Optical Technique (from 2006)
2008-12-06: Wikipedia ruled by \'Lord of the Universe\'
2008-12-07: Securing Web 2.0 %u2022 Reg Whitepapers
2008-12-07: Scientists back brain drugs for healthy people
2008-12-07: Creating Backtrack 2 Live USB Drive -- I used this and iot worked
2008-12-07: Analysis: more than 16 cores may well be pointless because of the Memory Wall
2008-12-08: Online journalists now jailed more often than other media
2008-12-08: Google introduces developer G1 Phones
2008-12-08: Zoetrope: a tool that allows a user to analyze Web data as it changes with time (video)
2008-12-08: Security Opus - Conference in San Francisco, March 11=18
2008-12-08: Europe\'s cybercrime alerts--including remote searches of hard drives over the Internet
2008-12-08: Think tank panel recommends that feds make major cybersecurity changes
2008-12-08: Vulnerabilities play only a minor role in malware spread, says researcher
2008-12-08: Microsoft Vista SP2 beta: Nothing obviously new has been added
2008-12-08: SonicWall server glitch leaves networks unprotected
2008-12-08: U.K.\'s DNA database violates rights, court rules
2008-12-08: Rogue DHCP servers - block traffic to –
2008-12-08: Christmas hacking puzzle
2008-12-08: Online Journalists Can Now Win a Pulitzer Prize Too
2008-12-08: Laptop searches at border might get restricted (AP) by AP
2008-12-08: Researchers Develop Cost-Effective, Flexible OLED Displays
2008-12-08: AppleInsider | Rumor: Apple\\\'s iTunes going DRM-free starting Tuesday
2008-12-08: Gmail Finally Gets A To-Do List
2008-12-08: Energy efficiency high on Obama stimulus plan
2008-12-08: Intel develops fast, cheap optical links on silicon
2008-12-08: iAnnoy: Why the Apple Remote is the Perfect Prankster Tool
2008-12-08: Entire class fails IT exam by submitting in Word format
2008-12-08: 21 million German bank accounts - yours for only 12 million euros
2008-12-08: Obama urged to create White House cybersecurity chief
2008-12-08: London hospitals back online after PC virus infection - two-week clean-up job
2008-12-08: Biz travelers howl over US gov RFIDs
2008-12-08: Bot-wielding hackers crash eBay holiday giveaway
2008-12-08: Penis pill botnet awakens after McColo shutdown
2008-12-08: Fiat shows solar-panel wrapped Panda of the Future
2008-12-09: UNetbootin - To make multiboot flash drives
2008-12-09: Proof that Albert Einstein\'s Black Holes do Exist
2008-12-09: Cancer cells illuminated in tracking breakthrough
2008-12-10: Safer than ActiveX: a look at Google\'s Native Client plugin
2008-12-10: You Really Can\'t Hide From Google Street View Anymore
2008-12-10: Novatel MiFi proves \\\"3G hotspot\\\" and \\\"sexy\\\" can coexist - Engadget
2008-12-10: Amazon.com: Nmap Network Scanning: The Official Nmap Project Guide to Network Discovery and Security Scanning: Gordon Fyodor Lyon: Books
2008-12-10: Obama\'s Digg-like Question Website
2008-12-10: Yahoo Layoffs Attract Lurking Recruiters Bearing Tacos
2008-12-10: Student Who Created Facebook Group Critical of Teacher Sues High School Over Suspension | Threat Level from Wired.com
2008-12-11: How to disable IPv6 in Vista - this cleans up IPCONFIG
2008-12-11: Disabling IPv6 on Vista
2008-12-12: Google releases Chrome 1.0
2008-12-12: Ubuntu Eee
2008-12-12: The Facebook Virus Spreads: No Social Network is Safe
2008-12-12: Australian plan to censor internet in shreds
2008-12-12: Video Shows Every Flight on Earth in 72 Seconds
2008-12-12: HP laptops get new battery that charges quicker, lasts longer
2008-12-12: In-the-wild attacks find hole in (fully-patched) IE 7
2008-12-12: Hackers Plundering Brazilian Rain Forest
2008-12-12: Cyber Crook Pleads Guilty to Looting Citibank Accounts With Hacked ATM Codes
2008-12-12: Video: Air Force Killer Bug-Bots Attack!
2008-12-12: Sony Dinged $1 Million for Child-Privacy Breach
2008-12-12: Online Rebel Publishes Millions of Dollars in U.S. Court Records for Free
2008-12-12: OpenSolaris now on Toshiba laptops
2008-12-12: McCain Campaign Sells Info-Loaded Blackberry to Reporter
2008-12-12: Microsoft: Hole exploit endangers all IE versions
2008-12-12: Researcher: Chrome, Safari password managers need work
2008-12-12: Web site-based crimeware hits all-time high
2008-12-12: Ethernet Encryptor 10G offers high security across wireless networks
2008-12-13: Gadget Lab Video: Running OS X on a Netbook
2008-12-13: Microsoft confirms that all versions of IE have critical new bug
2008-12-13: Hack of the Clones: Why Apple Can\'t Stop the Hackintoshes
2008-12-13: YouTube - Multiple Kill Vehicle (MKV-L): Concept & Hover Test
2008-12-13: Lenovo%u2019s Android Phone To Resemble iPhone
2008-12-13: Yahoo Layoffs Continue, Flickr Loses Top Designer
2008-12-13: Security vendors leaving \'old school\' malware detection methods behind
2008-12-13: Cyberscams Slide onto Social Networks
2008-12-13: Clarification on the various workarounds from the recent IE advisory
2008-12-13: Daft list names Firefox, Adobe and VMWare as top threats -- Bit9 trolls for publicity
2008-12-13: Perspectives : Firefox Extension to thwart MITM attacks (thanks, Marco!)
2008-12-13: Dogbert Explains the Financial Crisis
2008-12-13: Fermi\'s Paradox
2008-12-14: Dr. Libshitz Can\'t get an Email address
2008-12-14: \'Flintstones\' Car First to Combine Pedals, Solar, & Battery
2008-12-14: New face in Mac clone market plans high-end OS X desktops
2008-12-14: Alcatel-Lucent Plans 1,000 Job Cuts
2008-12-14: Electronic votes mysteriously vanish in Ohio election
2008-12-14: Timeline of Windows Service Packs
2008-12-14: This game obviously has a SQL injection vulnerability
2008-12-14: Boot and run Linux from a USB flash memory stick | USB Pen Drive Linux
2008-12-14: How to disable your blocking software
2008-12-14: Crashless Cars: Making Driving Safer: Scientific American
2008-12-14: Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail systematically abused by spammers | Zero Day | ZDNet.com
2008-12-14: Audio CAPTCHAs easy to crack, according to researchers
2008-12-14: Comcast to debut 50Mbps Internet in Chicago, Baltimore, Atlanta (updated) | The Toybox | ZDNet.com
2008-12-14: Nortel explores bankruptcy
2008-12-14: When Linux fails
2008-12-14: Seagate\'random freeze\' problem: worse than reported?
2008-12-14: Is there no end to the AutoRun madness?
2008-12-14: Windows HPC Server 2008 (High-Performance Cluster) Free Trial
2008-12-14: Download details: HPCS Overview Datasheet - This is why we need a 64-bit server lab
2008-12-15: How to choose a netbook | Small is beautiful | The Economist
2008-12-16: Microsoft VoIP Software Solutions -- VoIP As You Are
2008-12-16: Collin County VoIP Lab Setup
2008-12-17: Stem Cells to War Zones - DARPA Blood Pharming - Popular Mechanics
2008-12-17: Microsoft Issues Emergency Security Patch For IE - PC World
2008-12-17: How To Download and Play Flash Games Offline | MakeUseOf.com
2008-12-17: Download - MiaRec Solo -- records and plays back Cisco SKINNY Calls
2008-12-17: Commview VOIP Sniffer/playback tool that works to sniff X-Lite in G711 codec mode
2008-12-17: Graphene Memory Only 10 Atoms Thick: Massive Storage Possible
2008-12-17: 10 mistakes new Windows administrators make | 10 Things | TechRepublic.com
2008-12-18: FireTorrent Brings BitTorrent to Firefox | TorrentFreak
2008-12-18: Toshiba Launches Industry\\\'s First 512GB Solid State Drive
2008-12-18: BBC NEWS | Technology | Sky moves towards 3D broadcasts
2008-12-18: The Top 5 VoIP Security Threats of 2008 - VoIP News
2008-12-18: GNS3 -- Excellent Cisco Simulator
2008-12-18: World\'s First Flying Car On Sale Next Year
2008-12-18: Green-blooded frog makes first appearance for scientists - Times Online
2008-12-18: Scientists Write Guide to Build Supercomputer from Sony Playstation 3
2008-12-18: What Gmail does better than its competitors | Webware - CNET
2008-12-18: Review: The Definitive Coast-to-Coast 3G Data Test
2008-12-18: Royal laptop theft will expose pictures
2008-12-18: Man faces $52k bill after voicemail breach
2008-12-18: YouTube \'poisoned baby food\' hoaxer pleads guilty
2008-12-18: Second Life sex causes divorce
2008-12-18: US Navy\'s Flying Stealth Killer Robot
2008-12-18: ecademy exposes customer emails to world
2008-12-18: Yahoo! mocks Google Privacy Theatre
2008-12-18: Student Sentenced to 15 Years for YouTube Terror Video | Threat Level from Wired.com
2008-12-19: Ethical hacking course launched | Technology | The Guardian
2008-12-19: How OnStar Records Your Every Move
2008-12-19: Oil Is Not the Climate Change Culprit -- It\'s Coal
2008-12-20: Talks break down; Warner Music pulls videos from YouTube
2008-12-20: 7 Things Google Chrome Needs - Now That It%u2019s Out of Beta
2008-12-20: Journal requires peer-reviewed Wikipedia entry to publish
2008-12-20: Black Holes: It Costs Digg $5 Million a Year to Run the Internet
2008-12-20: Google! Beta, from 1998
2008-12-20: The Associated Press: Mass Internet outages in Egypt after cables cut
2008-12-20: Is the internet going down? Undersea sub-cables have just broken...
2008-12-20: Image of Asia Internet Weather Report
2008-12-20: Secrets of the extreme overclockers -- How the pros manage 8GHz and beyond
2008-12-20: RIAA Stops Lawsuits, But Not the Threats
2008-12-20: Britain\'s first baby genetically modified to be free of breast cancer gene
2008-12-20: Blow into the iBreath and your iPod plays a blood-alcohol alert
2008-12-20: Blow into the iBreath and your iPod plays a blood-alcohol alert - Los Angeles Times
2008-12-20: Microsoft sends out Windows 7 Beta 1 invites
2008-12-20:Extremely severe vulnerabilities in Opera browser
2008-12-20: Microsoft%u2019s incredible IE patch turnaround
2008-12-20: Firefox joins security patch day treadmill
2008-12-20: Google sponsored links spreading (scareware) rogue AV | Zero Day | ZDNet.com
2008-12-20: Major Web browsers fail password protection tests
2008-12-20: Details of the password-handling tests for browsers
2008-12-20: Google delivers another blow to Mozilla
2008-12-20: The five phases of a successful network penetration
2008-12-20: The industry\'s 10 best IT certifications
2008-12-21: The short life and hard times of a Linux virus
2008-12-21: IBM Scientists Develop World\'s Fastest Graphene Transistor
2008-12-21: Google pressures Ning into evicting porn sites
2008-12-21: Digg\'s Sorry Revenue Stream, And Rumors Of An Experimental Ad Product
2008-12-21: 10 dumb things you can do to your Cisco router and how to fix them
2008-12-21: USB Bootable Vista Installation Flash Thumb Drive - Vista Forums
2008-12-21: Movie demonstrating XSS flaw at American Express site (since patched)
2008-12-21: American Express web bug exposes card holders
2008-12-21: Canada\'s biggest stock exchange back after day-long shutdown
2008-12-21: American Express bitten by XSS bugs (again) %u2022 The Register
2008-12-21: Ohio prof develops CCTV people-tracker
2008-12-21: Sun and Micron extend flash life
2008-12-21: Using Speed Cameras To Send Tickets To Your Enemies
2008-12-21: Diskeeper Accused of Scientology Indoctrination
2008-12-21: Indian GPS Cartographers Charged As Terrorists
2008-12-21: British nuclear submarines converted to Windows control systems in 18 days
2008-12-21: Royal Navy completes Windows for Submarines
2008-12-21: Scientist proposes \'colossal refrigeration system\' to stave of global-warming
2008-12-21: WordWeb Pro: English dictionary, thesaurus, and word finder software.
2008-12-21: JAP -- ANONYMITY & PRIVACY
2008-12-22: Headhunter: Employers Hate World Of Warcraft Players
2008-12-22: 5 Reasons to Install Google Desktop Today
2008-12-22: Robot submarine repairing broken internet
2008-12-22: APOD: 2008 December 22 - Labtayt Sulci on Saturns Enceladus
2008-12-22: Krunchd: Another URL Shortener... with an Interesting Twist - ReadWriteWeb
2008-12-22: Inventor designs \\\'tunable\' glasses to help one billion in Third World see
2008-12-23: EPA veils hazardous substances
2008-12-23: Nation\'s First \'Underwater Wind Turbine\' Installed in Old Man River
2008-12-23: TG Daily - Sunlight illuminates LG\'s latest notebook LCD
2008-12-23: Offensive Computing | Community Malicious code research and analysis
2008-12-23: Scientists discover new type of laser -- Quantum cascade laser
2008-12-23: Google Maps Mashup Combines Your Address, Nuclear Blast
2008-12-23: New plan would allow hundreds of new top-level domains, not just .com and .net, etc.
2008-12-23: US to ICANN: plan to sell new gTLDs is a real stinker
2008-12-23: Cyberbullying cases picking up due to MySpace suicide law
2008-12-23: How municipal Wi-Fi Flopped
2008-12-23: Google was my doctor
2008-12-23: Man Receives Compensation for Cyberbullying
2008-12-23: Windows XP Gets Another Life Extension - Till June, When Windows 7 Will Come Out
2008-12-23: Microsoft Warns of SQL Attack
2008-12-23: Microsoft staff cuts due next month?
2008-12-23: MS (finally) confirms unpatched SQL Server flaw
2008-12-23: Submarine communications cable - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Cable breaks are frequent
2008-12-24: A San Francisco Hacker\'s Audacious Plan to Rule the Black Market in Stolen Credit Cards
2008-12-24: Artificial Human Bone Marrow Created In A Test Tube
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