Jan 2010

2010-01-01: TinEye Reverse Image Search--find other pages that posted an image
2010-01-01: Seeking 10 New Editorial Bloggers for Justmeans.com
2010-01-01: Anti-sec hacked and destroyed--interesting exposure
2010-01-01: Clearwire stayed ahead in big year for WiMax
2010-01-01: Best Space Probe Photographers of the Decade
2010-01-01: Our world may be a giant hologram
2010-01-01: TSA Withdraws Subpoenas Against Bloggers
2010-01-01: You’ve been hacked. Now what?
2010-01-01: Avoiding Credit and Charge Card Fraud - FTC
2010-01-01: Credit, ATM and Debit Cards: What to do if They\\\'re Lost or Stolen - FTC
2010-01-01: TSA Nominee\'s Snooping Raises Privacy Concerns
2010-01-01: SpamAssassin Year 2010 Bug
2010-01-01: Apple Refuses To Send Stolen iPhone Back To Rightful Owner After Repair
2010-01-01: Into The Boxes: Issue 0×0 « Into The Boxes
2010-01-01: Evernote Reaches Two Million Lifeloggers, Half Of Them Are On The iPhone
2010-01-01: Wipe The Slate Clean For 2010, Commit Web 2.0 Suicide
2010-01-01: Windows 7\'s Fault-Tolerant Heap
2010-01-01: Hacker rattles 21,000 iPhone unlockers
2010-01-01: OMG! IBM Patented LOL! ROTFLMAO!
2010-01-01: EFF Helps Blogger Subpoenaed by TSA, TSA Backs Down
2010-01-01: Namebench: Google\' 20% Project To Find The Fastest DNS Server
2010-01-01: WOW: Fugitive Caught via World of Warcraft
2010-01-01: Apple Fails To Deliver On Windows 7 Boot Camp Promise
2010-01-01: Future ICs Go Vertical -- Semiconductor International
2010-01-01: U.S. security rules would break privacy laws, Canadian airlines contend
2010-01-02: Cell phone encryption-cracking guide draws ire
2010-01-02: The project page for cell phone encryption-cracking
2010-01-02: The Decade\'s 10 Most Dastardly Cybercrimes
2010-01-02: Good Guys Bring Down the Mega-D Botnet
2010-01-02: New Zealand Cyber Spies Win New Powers
2010-01-02:Wi-Fi won\'t travel through your house? It might be the wire in the walls
2010-01-02: China Moving To Restrict Neodymium Supply
2010-01-02: Cybersecurity - Wanted - Cyber Ninjas
2010-01-02: How To Test Your Computers Security
2010-01-02: Snow Leopard in VMware Windows 7
2010-01-02: Security stepped up after Purdue computer thefts
2010-01-02: Ireland\'s Blasphemy Law Goes Into Effect
2010-01-03: Facebook is hiring: IT & Security jobs
2010-01-03: ukfi.gov.uk defaced
2010-01-03: A Hacker You Should Do Business With --ethical hackers
2010-01-03: Google and HTC Working On a Chrome OS Tablet
2010-01-03: Irish atheists challenge new blasphemy laws
2010-01-03: Court: iPod hearing loss your fault, not Apple\\\'s
2010-01-03: The Case of the Vanishing Full-Time Professor
2010-01-03: Twitter and Me! Why It\'s The Only Social Media Tool I Use
2010-01-03: Got degree envy? No worries, you can still make it big.
2010-01-03: IVery interesting thread about credit cards including two honeypot credit card #s
2010-01-03: SQL Injection Attacks and Defense--recommended book
2010-01-03: At Current Rates, Only a Few More Years\' Worth of IPv4 Addresses
2010-01-03: Traverse Code: Decrypting the Zeus Config File
2010-01-03: Data breaches affect 1 in 6 MA residents
2010-01-03: How Norway Fought Staph Infections
2010-01-03: Stupid Windows 7 trick: unlock the secret God Mode folder
2010-01-03: That \\\"God mode\\\" Explorer trick does less than you think
2010-01-03: Prescription for consumers challenging academic textbook cartels Boing Boing
2010-01-03: Shuttle Radar Topography Mission
2010-01-03: Playstation 3 thief caught by remotely controlled webcam
2010-01-03: Facebook for iPhone persistent XSS DOS
2010-01-03: DC Sues AT&T For Unclaimed Phone Minutes
2010-01-03: A Force from Empty Space: The Casimir Effect
2010-01-03: The real Frankenstein experiment: One man\'s mission to create a living mind inside a machine
2010-01-04: GSM Cell Phone Encryption is Crackable for $1500
2010-01-04: A decade\'s worth of IPv4 addresses
2010-01-04: Intel\'s compiler cripples code on AMD and VIA chips
2010-01-04: MySQL creator petitions against Oracle
2010-01-04: Cool network traffic chart from Akamai
2010-01-04: Orange to introduce HD Voice calls in 2010 | IT PRO
2010-01-04: Researcher Uncovers XSS Flaws In Twitter and Google Calendar
2010-01-04: Astronomers discover waltzing black holes
2010-01-04: 7-Eleven Hack From Russia Led to ATM Looting in New York
2010-01-04: Packet sniffer and parser for iPhone
2010-01-04: Microsoft Imagine Cup Challenges Students to Tackle Tough Problems
2010-01-04: Configure your Cisco routers to authenticate against Active Directory using Microsoft\'s IAS
2010-01-04: Everything You Wanted to Know About the Google Nexus One
2010-01-04: Hackers Conquer Two-Factor Authentication
2010-01-04: Anonymous Proxy Woes
2010-01-04: Twitter Continues Hiring Spree, Adding Ten New Staffers
2010-01-05: New scanners break child porn laws
2010-01-05: Adobe Reader vuln hit with unusually advanced attack
2010-01-05: Mr Bean replaces Spanish PM on EU presidency site via XSS
2010-01-05: STKEYS recovers WPA keys from Thomson routers
2010-01-05: New Twitter Killer Bans the Spam
2010-01-07: Missing features in Windows 7 Starter will disgruntle netbook buyers, survey says
2010-01-07: The Hacker Fair: Where Job-Hunting Developers Get A Chance Show Off Their Skills
2010-01-07: Netgear releases 3G/4G/WiMAX wireless routers
2010-01-07: CISSP is the 3rd highest salaried certification in 2009
2010-01-07: Openfiler--Open Source Storage Management Appliance--used for EMC classes
2010-01-07: Arsenal Consulting - Boston Based Computer Forensics - MPICT Speaker
2010-01-07: A Guide to Forensic Testimony: The Art and Practice of Presenting Testimony As An Expert Technical Witness--recommended
2010-01-07: Amazon.com: The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark -- recommended in the forensics class
2010-01-07: Free VMware ESXi: Bare Metal Hypervisor
2010-01-07: Cisco Networking Academy on Facebook
2010-01-07: Cisco Netspace Challenge Game
2010-01-07: CompTechS--very exciting student internship program at Foothill-De Anza Community College
2010-01-07: SuperHappyDevHouse at Microsoft Mt View Jan 16
2010-01-08: YouTube - IronKey Responds to Hack of Encrypted USB Drives
2010-01-08: Bank Thieves Foiled by GPS-Spiked Cash
2010-01-08: BIGWORDS.com -- Recommended place for cheap textbookf
2010-01-08: Tough Road Ahead for Adobe on Security | threatpost
2010-01-08: ZoomIt--magnify and draw on the screen
2010-01-08: Icon went missing in Windows 7? Here\\\'s a Fix!
2010-01-08: Harvesting email addresses surreptitiously
2010-01-08: 19 people--most from Dallas-Fort Worth--indicted in alleged cybercrime conspiracy
2010-01-08: DoD 8570 requires CISSP, Sec+, and other certs for all gov\'t Information Assurance employees
2010-01-08: Court to FCC: You Don’t Have Power to Enforce Net Neutrality
2010-01-08: Microsoft won\'t fix Win 7 SMB 0day yet
2010-01-08: Google Faces Deluge of Nexus One Complaints
2010-01-08: Hospital keeps secret DNA file
2010-01-08: Online Gambling Boss Gets 33-Month Sentence
2010-01-08: Super-Earth likely to be hellishly volcanic
2010-01-08: Fix finalized for SSL protocol hole
2010-01-08: CERN Hiring a Computer Security Analyst
2010-01-08: Air Canada Ordered To Provide Nut-Free Zone
2010-01-08: Ford plans to add Twitter to cars
2010-01-08: Netflix\'s new 28-day waiting period
2010-01-08: Software Auditors Crack Down As Recession Bites
2010-01-08: VMware Releases Multiple Updates for ESX
2010-01-09: Full disclosure of a SQL injection on army.mil, the United States Army\'s website
2010-01-09: NIST Investigating Mass Flash Drive Vulnerability
2010-01-09: Write a web browser in python
2010-01-09: Security B-Sides / BSidesSanFranciscoTalks
2010-01-09: China Luring Scientists Back Home
2010-01-09:Web Scanning Comes to the Cloud--iiScan
2010-01-09: Facebook users \'buying fake friends\'
2010-01-09: Researcher Rates Mac OS X Vulnerability \\\'High\'
2010-01-09: Hacktivist has new DoS Attack--sounds similar to SlowLoris
2010-01-09: Stop the panic on air security
2010-01-09: When To Take On Facebook, American Idol Or Virgin Mobile In An IP Fight
2010-01-09: When To Take On Facebook, American Idol Or Virgin Mobile In An IP Fight
2010-01-10: Facebook\'s Zuckerberg Says The Age of Privacy is Over
2010-01-10: The FBI Wants To Know About Your IT Skills
2010-01-10: Crack New Scanner Looks for Bombs Inside Body Cavities
2010-01-10: Social media make you more social, more involved, not less
2010-01-10: Prions Evolve Despite Having No DNA
2010-01-10: Jetpack - a new replacement for Firefox Extensions
2010-01-10: China embarrasses US in NSA hacking contest
2010-01-10: 4 Quick Sites That Let You Check if Links Are Safe
2010-01-10: A New Theory on Why the Sun Never Swallowed the Earth
2010-01-10: CES 2010: The interactive projector that turns any surface into a Minority Report-style touch screen
2010-01-10: Google launches new location-aware searches
2010-01-10: Google Security Chief by Day--TV Magician by Night
2010-01-10: Malicious App In Android Market
2010-01-10: The mini ice age starts here--predicting 30 years of cold
2010-01-10: The college admissions scam
2010-01-11: BBC News - Microsoft Word and Office \\ \'sales ban\' begins
2010-01-11: Wireless charging standard to be finalised within six months | IT PRO
2010-01-11: Google phone hits 3G bump
2010-01-11: Security: Posting raw XML cross-domain
2010-01-11: Oracle\'s Incredible Profit Machine: 22% Maintenance Fees
2010-01-11: Unpatched buffer overflow in Mac OS X--PoC Released
2010-01-11: What the EPA\'s \"Chemicals of Concern\" Plans Really Mean
2010-01-11: Hundreds ride BART sans pants
2010-01-11: The curse of PCI for Web Application Firewalls
2010-01-11: Pay by password
2010-01-11: Droid Touchscreen Less Accurate Than iPhone\\\'s
2010-01-11: Records stolen from hospital that held secret DNA database
2010-01-11: Adobe and Microsoft patches coming tomorrow
2010-01-11: CES Kicks Out Vendors Who Try to Display, Carry Out Business in Hotel Suites
2010-01-11: South Korea launches its cyberwarfare command centre
2010-01-11: Secure Live-CD Ubuntu Privacy Remix 9.04r3 is Out!
2010-01-11: Firm to Release Database & Web Server 0days
2010-01-11: BackTrack 4 Final Released
2010-01-11: Angry words on Twitter to be prosecution evidence in New York murder trial
2010-01-11: Airport Scanners Can Store, Transmit Images
2010-01-11: Large DDoS Attacks Still a Serious Problem
2010-01-11: Self-encrypting disk drives for desktop and laptop computers
2010-01-11: Hacking D-Link Routers With HNAP - Home Network Administration Protocol
2010-01-11: BlackBerry Presenter -- Project Powerpoint from a BlackBerry
2010-01-11: S Korean military to ban use of USB flash drives
2010-01-11: How to reset the domain administrator password--I just did this in Server 2008 and it worked!
2010-01-11: Baidu, China\'s largest search engine, defaced by Iranian Cyber Army
2010-01-11: The Twitter Flatline: Why Doesn’t Twitter Grow?
2010-01-11: Another Crumbling Reactor Springs a Tritium Leak
2010-01-12: Twitter hiring 27 new workers--plans new products and tighter security
2010-01-12: Junos \"Ping of Death\" vuln--Easily spoofed traffic can crash routers, Juniper warns
2010-01-12: Brit ISP knocked offline by Latvian DDOS
2010-01-12: Symantec Y2.01K bug still stymies customers
2010-01-12: Google imposes $350 early termination fee for subsidized Nexus One in addition to carrier\\\'s ETF
2010-01-12: A Second GSM Cipher Falls
2010-01-12: InformIT: Cert Flash Cards Online: Review, Learning, and Exam Practice
2010-01-12: The five best products of CES 2010, for business users
2010-01-12: Malware contains a message from the enemy
2010-01-12: Windows Mobile 7 delayed till 2011? Umm NO
2010-01-12: Bizarre network problem finally traced to layer 1
2010-01-12: Google I/O, May 19-20, 2010 in SF -- DO NOT MISS IT
2010-01-12: Google to stop censoring results in China
2010-01-12: 94 more secret Windows shortcuts
2010-01-12: Comcast Launches Broadband Meter
2010-01-12: Former boyfriend used Craigslist to arrange woman\'s rape, police say
2010-01-12: Illumina\'s Cheap New Gene Machine
2010-01-13: Google leaves censorship to China\'s experts
2010-01-13: Turn On, Tune In, Drop Dead
2010-01-13: Organ Damage In Rats From Monsanto GMO Corn
2010-01-13: Second wave of electronic IDs in Europe
2010-01-13: Adobe confirms \'sophisticated, coordinated\' breach
2010-01-13: More Researchers Going On The Offensive To Kill Botnets
2010-01-13: Ekahau HeatMapper Free WiFi Coverage Mapping and Site Survey Tool Tutorial
2010-01-13: How Google censors its results in China
2010-01-13: Default https access for Gmail! Finally!
2010-01-13: How Chinese hackers got to Google\'s search warrant compliance data
2010-01-13: Targeted Attacks Against Google - F-Secure Weblog : News from the Lab
2010-01-13: Google pulls out of China: what the bloggers are saying
2010-01-13: Money Mules Helped to Rob W. Va. Bank
2010-01-13: Cybercriminals target school districts
2010-01-13: Is CSRF possible even with HTTPS Gmail?
2010-01-13: Hackers pluck 8,300 customer logins from bank server
2010-01-13: Police cuff citizens for videotaping arrests
2010-01-13: Google.cn is already unfiltered, interesting Chinese responses in this NSFW blog
2010-01-13: Most Dangerous Office Object: Paintball Land Mines
2010-01-13: Adobe PDF Reader Gets Another Security Makeover
2010-01-13: VMware has bought Yahoo’s cloud email service Zimbra for an undisclosed sum
2010-01-13: Companies rethink China strategies
2010-01-13: Forget LCDs and LEDs, Here Come LPDs -- Laser Phosphor Displays
2010-01-13: McKinnon granted another judicial review
2010-01-13: IETF Fix For SSL Protocol Complete
2010-01-13: New Organization Combats Distracted Driving
2010-01-13: RCA\'s Airenergy charger converts WiFi energy to electricity
2010-01-13: Only 27% of organizations encrypt hard drives, 9% encrypt flash drives
2010-01-13: Article predicting Google\'s pullout from China from Nov. 2009
2010-01-13: Top Ten Web Hacking Techniques of 2009 (Official)
2010-01-13: Full Disclosure: Cross Site Identification (CSID) attack. Description and demonstration.
2010-01-13: Moscow Police Watch Pre-Recorded Scenes On Surveillance Cams
2010-01-13: India Developing Vehicle To Knock Down Enemy Satellites
2010-01-13: What To Expect From Windows 7 SP1
2010-01-13: Google Hackers Targeted Source Code of More Than 30 Companies
2010-01-13: Lawsuits: AT&T collects illegal taxes on Internet access
2010-01-13: How Hyde Street Pier eliminated its sea lion problem
2010-01-13: Great firewall of China: A colossal folly
2010-01-13: Google\'s security team managed to penetrate one of the servers being used by the attackers
2010-01-13: Trojan porn dialers make comeback on mobile phones
2010-01-13: Will Google stand up to France and Italy, too?
2010-01-13: Google prompts soul-searching in China | Xiao Jiang | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk
2010-01-13: US DOJ Says Kindle In Classroom Hurts Blind Students
2010-01-13: Stanford offering updated iPhone dev course on iTunes U
2010-01-13: Cisco ASA Takes on Botnets
2010-01-13: Google quits: Wake-up call or humiliating retreat?
2010-01-13: Google Nexus One Review
2010-01-13: 12 Trends to Watch in 2010 | Electronic Frontier Foundation
2010-01-13: Inside Windows 7: The Mark Russinovich Interview
2010-01-13: Soybean Genome Turns Out Be Soysoybeanbean
2010-01-14: Pink Floyd \"Echoes\" and Final Part of \"2001\"
2010-01-14: Information Security D-List Interview: Chris Boyd
2010-01-14: How to render SSL useless
2010-01-14: Shedding Light on Quantum Cryptography
2010-01-14: Google Nexus One: Just 20,000 sold in first week?
2010-01-14: PasswordFail.com - Report sites that store passwords in plaintext
2010-01-14: BBC News - China gives first response to Google threat
2010-01-14: Mikey Hicks, 8, Can\'t Get Off U.S. Terror Watch List
2010-01-14: Mac Falters As PC Growth Surges, IDC and Gartner Say
2010-01-14: Seven Technical Security Myths of the Cloud
2010-01-14: PMO denies computer hacking report
2010-01-14: Exposing Network Vulnerabilities -- Campus Technology
2010-01-14: Lecture Capture in Action -- Campus Technology
2010-01-14: Tel Aviv U Researchers Working To Harden Captcha
2010-01-14: Stanford upgrades to Meraki Wi-Fi access points with rogue access point detection
2010-01-14: Security Flaw Makes It Easy To Bypass Verizon Droid Screen Lock - washingtonpost.com
2010-01-14: Welcome to DarkMarket -- global one-stop shop for cybercrime and banking fraud
2010-01-14: McAfee says new IE 0day used in Google/Adobe hack
2010-01-14: What Does China Censor Online?
2010-01-14: Wi-Fi Direct Seen as Way to Alleviate Network Congestion
2010-01-14: Google\'s Threat to Quit China Fires Up Blogosphere
2010-01-14: Connecticut attorney general sues over HIPPA violation
2010-01-14: Netbooks: Ready -- or Not --for the Enterprise? - PC World
2010-01-14: China defends Internet censorship after Google threat
2010-01-14: Microsoft discloses zero-day IE flaw used in China attacks
2010-01-14: U.S. May Take Formal Measures Against China Over Google Hacking -
2010-01-14: More Victims Of Chinese Hacking Attacks Come Forward - DarkReading
2010-01-14: Video game sales explode in industry\'s best month ever
2010-01-14: Microsoft names ex-rival \'MVP\'
2010-01-14: How To Automatically Attach VHD Images In Windows 7
2010-01-14: Windows 7 SP1 “preliminary version in June 2010 and final in Sep 2010″
2010-01-14: Vending machine prints books on demand
2010-01-14: Cyber attack hits law firm that sued China
2010-01-15: darkc0de.com [ index ]
2010-01-15: Web>clicker--son (daughter?) of the i>clicker?
2010-01-15: Web>clicker instructions (pdf)
2010-01-15: Quit using IE6 Already!
2010-01-15: Attack Code Used to Hack Google Now Public
2010-01-16: \"Misdirected cookie\" interchanges Facebook accounts (?)
2010-01-16: China Tries to Limit Google Dispute Fallout
2010-01-16: Metasploit: Reproducing the \\\"Aurora\\\" IE Exploit
2010-01-16: It\\\'s time to stop using IE6
2010-01-16: Conn. AG sues Health Net over \"ethically unacceptable\" data breach
2010-01-16: Secret copyright treaty debated in DC
2010-01-16: How The EFF Lost Its Way By Defending Hate Mongers And Tunnel Rats
2010-01-16: Tata plans to add 200 jobs in Oakland
2010-01-16: German Government: Don\'t use Internet Explorer
2010-01-16: Cryptographic showdown, Round 2: NIST picks 14 hash algorithms
2010-01-16: Microsoft says it\'ll have that IE barn door closed any day now
2010-01-16: Facebook Developers Prepare To Gain Access To User Emails
2010-01-16: Darpa: U.S. Geek Shortage Is National Security Risk
2010-01-16: Hackers Steal Online Banking Credentials from Suffolk County National Bank - Over eight thousand customer logins compromised
2010-01-16: AT&T\'s Call to Sunset the PSTN
2010-01-16: DD-WRT (httpd service) Remote Command Execution Vulnerability
2010-01-16: Google engages in cyber vigilantism
2010-01-16: China censoring SMS traffic
2010-01-16: Mural Spotting, the Oakland Mystery Game
2010-01-16: Backupify :: Secure Online Backup and Archiving for Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and Wordpress
2010-01-16: Windows 7 SP1 spotted in the flesh
2010-01-16: PHP or Ruby? Which Programming Language Will Get You The Job?
2010-01-16: The most even-handed analysis of Google\'s Chinese ventures that I have seen
2010-01-16: VBootKit 2.0 can take full control over a computer running Windows 7
2010-01-16: Wow! You can uninstall Internet Explorer from Windows!
2010-01-16: High-tech Keyboard--Always on the Home Row
2010-01-16: WiFi Suit: Arthur Firstenberg Sues Neighbor For Using Electronics
2010-01-17: Are You Ready to Tweet Credit and Debit Card Purchases?
2010-01-17: AJAX Keylogger | machinehack.info
2010-01-17: Italy proposes mandatory licenses for people who upload video
2010-01-17: Ending Our Advertising Relationship With BigDeal
2010-01-17: Hexapod robot moves in the right direction by controlling chaos
2010-01-17: Report crimes via SMS and earn reward money
2010-01-17: New York Times Website To Charge for Access [REPORT]
2010-01-17: Hazards of distracted walking
2010-01-17: Intel joins search for thought-controlled cell phones, TVs and computers - San Jose Mercury News
2010-01-17: Private Internet Browsing Mode Vulnerabilities: DNS Cache and Flash Cookies
2010-01-17: The Aurora IE Exploit Used Against Google in Action
2010-01-17: World Cup texting championship opens
2010-01-17: This Is How You Retweet On Facebook
2010-01-17: Lots of Countries Are Getting Faster Internet But We\'re Not One of \'Em
2010-01-17: Sanwa\'s pico-projector now available for $119 - cheapest pico-projector yet!
2010-01-17: Why Twitter Will Endure - NYTimes.com
2010-01-17: BarMax: The $1,000 iPhone App That Might Actually Be Worth It
2010-01-17: Apple vs Nokia round 3: Apple asks US government to ban Nokia phones
2010-01-18: Man arrested for Twitter joke
2010-01-18: iYogi - Full Review - Cheap, low-quality online computer service
2010-01-18: Gmail of Foreign Journalists in China Hijacked
2010-01-18: France joins Germany warning against Internet Explorer
2010-01-18: Microsoft bots blamed for \"DDoS attack\"
2010-01-18: CPAN Testers at blog.perls.org: MSNBOT must die!
2010-01-18: Poisoned PDF pill used to attack US military contractors
2010-01-18: Google enters the URL shortening war
2010-01-18: Facebook user charged in Malaysia
2010-01-18: Whois.com Hacked
2010-01-18: \'Iranian Cyber Army\' claims its first casualty
2010-01-18: Britain\'s flagship Jewish newspaper\'s Web site attacked by Turkish-speaking hackers
2010-01-18: How to Close Windows Explorer in Windows 7 (Without Task Manager)
2010-01-18: Phishing attacks escalate, DIY cybercrime kits to blame
2010-01-18: Hackers are defeating tough authentication, Gartner warns
2010-01-18: China’s cyberspies aren’t the only ones prowling Internet
2010-01-18: Tell Ubuntu Which Third-Party Apps You Want Available
2010-01-18: Australia responds to threats of internet war
2010-01-18: Survey about switching browsers
2010-01-18: Share Files and Printers between Windows 7 and XP - the How-To Geek
2010-01-18: Apple to hold product event on January 27
2010-01-18: Baidu stocks jump after Google announcement
2010-01-18: Segway reminds us that even the best get it wrong sometimes
2010-01-18: US Blocking Costa Rican Sugar Trade To Force IP Laws
2010-01-18: Nanoscale: Robot Arm Places Atoms and Molecules With 100% Accuracy
2010-01-18: First birth of a wild bear to be shown live on internet
2010-01-18: Steve Jobs: How to live before you die (from 2005)
2010-01-18: HackThis!! - another online hacking game
2010-01-18: Android Usage Increased 200% Over Past 3 Months
2010-01-18: New York Times Ready to Charge Online Readers
2010-01-18: Iceland\'s Data Center Push Finally Gets Traction
2010-01-18: Uplift in SSH brute forcing attacks
2010-01-18: Cyber security czar to discuss risks of online info with RSnake
2010-01-18: D-Link Warns of Vulnerable Routers
2010-01-18: Sony\'s plans for 3-D TV and other gadgets this year
2010-01-18: Would You Have Spotted the Fraud? A real ATM Skimmer
2010-01-18: Researchers: Facebook vulnerable to clickjacking
2010-01-19: Microsoft readies emergency IE patch to counter public exploits
2010-01-19: Despite China concerns, Google stays on track to push Apps into enterprise in 2010
2010-01-19: Analysts will grill Google execs on China this Thursday
2010-01-19: IPv4 address shortage reaching critical stage
2010-01-19: Misa Digital Guitar removes the strings, inserts a touchscreen
2010-01-19: Boot Camp updated: now supports Windows 7
2010-01-19: Baidu.com sues U.S. domain registrar over hacking
2010-01-19: Top 10 Ways to Get Fired as a Money Mule
2010-01-19: Money Laundering and Reshipping Fraud--bobbear\'s famous anti-fraud site
2010-01-19: Apple, Microsoft Discuss Giving Bing Top iPhone Billing
2010-01-19: The True Odds of Airborne Terror Chart
2010-01-20: Windows plagued by 17-year-old privilege escalation bug
2010-01-20: Analyst: AT&T Needs to Spend US$5B to Catch up
2010-01-20: Digital DNA evidence suggests Chinese hand in Google hack
2010-01-20: The Faulty iMac Saga: Chapter 2, Even Steve Jobs Can\'t Fix \'Em
2010-01-20: Why All Media Soon Must Be Social
2010-01-20: Microsoft will patch the IE 0Day used to attack Google tomorrow
2010-01-20: Moxie Marlinspike\'s new \"Googlesharing\" tool protects your privacy from Google
2010-01-20: Amazon offers authors 70% royalty in new ebook deal
2010-01-20: Play Ribbon Hero and hone your Microsoft Office skills - Office Labs
2010-01-20: Technical details of the Chinese CRC used in the Aurora code
2010-01-20: 4,500 USBs left at dry cleaners
2010-01-20: Microsoft slashes IP address storage on Bing to six months
2010-01-20: UK Government\'s head-in-the-sand policy about IE6
2010-01-20: Networks Solutions breached, hundreds of sites defaced
2010-01-20: Trial date pending for ex-CCSF chancellor
2010-01-20: Windows 8 is going to be Launched in 2012
2010-01-20: Blogger claims that a new laptop comtains a keylogger that captures everything you type (?)
2010-01-20: Virus attack hits Vista machines, cripples university network
2010-01-20: CISSP, CISM Are Most Sought by Professionals
2010-01-20: Cisco Tests In-Space Router
2010-01-20: Simple Passwords Remain Popular, Despite Risk of Hacking
2010-01-20: Glowing bugs could find landmines
2010-01-20: Windows XP SP2 & Windows Vista RTM End of Support Information
2010-01-20: Meet Marko, the 9-year-old MCSE
2010-01-20: Clickers in the Classroom at U Wisconsin-Madison
2010-01-21: Swinedroid -- the new Snort Monitoring tool for Android
2010-01-21: cientists To Breed the Auroch From Extinction
2010-01-21: FBI Obtains Phone Records With a Post-it Note
2010-01-21: Adobe - Flash Player : Settings Manager - Website Privacy Settings panel--LOOK at all the junk Flash has saved on your machine!
2010-01-21: Tuts 4 You--the home of Reverse Code Engineering!
2010-01-21: To Charge your iPod, Plug in Your Jeans
2010-01-21: Internet Freedom, Hillary Clinton and Being the Web\\\'s First Global Diplomat
2010-01-21: Amazon Opens the Kindle to Developers
2010-01-21: Make your personal iPhone app in just 10 minutes
2010-01-21: Mozilla drops Firefox 3.6 with security goodies
2010-01-21: iPhone Development at CCSF in Fall 2010
2010-01-21: Software with Academic Discount at JourneyEd.com
2010-01-21: Affordable and Usable Video Conferencing
2010-01-21: DarkMarket Ringleader Pleads Guilty in London
2010-01-21: Google/China Reality-Check Amid The Fog of Cyberwar
2010-01-21: NASA’s Puffin Is Way Cooler Than a Jetpack
2010-01-21: First real-time security application for Facebook
2010-01-21: Microsoft, Seesmic Aim to Make Twitter Simple
2010-01-21: Proof that combining two hash functions (like SHA-1 and MD5) is not much better than using one alone
2010-01-21: 75% of Linux Code Now Written By Paid Developers
2010-01-21: AMD Reaches Profitability for the First Time in Years
2010-01-21: Global Warming Opens Up Arctic for Undersea Cable
2010-01-21: High Energy Microwave Cannon for Disabling Cars and Improvised Explosive Devices Has been Field Tested
2010-01-21: Download FREE Google Chrome OS with Installation Guide
2010-01-21: Google Chrome OS: Free? Not really
2010-01-21: Chip-based ID cards pose security risk at airports
2010-01-21: Technology Review: Made-to-Order Heart Cells
2010-01-21: Microsoft Learned of IE Zero-Day Flaw Last September
2010-01-21: New Way to Generate Thirty-six Times More Functional Blood Vessel Cells From Human Stem Cells Discovered
2010-01-21: Windows 7 way hotter than Vista off the line, now more popular than all OS X versions
2010-01-22: Pirate Bay\'s VPN goes public: Ipredator
2010-01-22: XSS vuln in 1and1.com-hosted error pages!
2010-01-22: 1&1 Webhosting FAQ | How to create custom Error Pages
2010-01-22: Court Rules WHOIS Privacy Illegal For Spammers
2010-01-22: Windows 7 Black Screens of Death for Some AMD/ATI GPUs - During installation
2010-01-22: NSA Warrantless Wiretapping Case denied because there were too many victims
2010-01-22: Research warns on Twitter flash login flaw
2010-01-22: When using a Web hosting provider can be bad - really bad - for your business
2010-01-22: Ursula Le Guin leads revolt against Google digital book settlement
2010-01-22: Space Station Astronauts Gain Internet Access
2010-01-22: The first Tweet from orbit
2010-01-22: Why you won\'t find PSKL at ShmooCon this year
2010-01-22: Hacking a Corporate Network with Facebook
2010-01-22: The Hacker Mindset (Dilbert)
2010-01-22: 4 Out of 5 of .gov Web Sites Miss DNSSEC Deadline
2010-01-22: China Says U.S. Criticism of Its Internet Policy Harms Ties
2010-01-22: Amazon Spot Pricing Black Hat Style: Manipulating the Market Through DoS
2010-01-22: Exclusive Interview with the Development team of BackTrack 4 (podcast)
2010-01-22: How to Snatch an Expiring Domain
2010-01-22: Google founders to sell stock, cede majority control by 2014
2010-01-22: New fake security virus exposes loopholes in Adobe flash and more
2010-01-22: Research team \'virtualizes\' supercomputer
2010-01-22: Steve Ballmer Helps Bring Elevate America to Georgia
2010-01-22: Court Reduces \"Shocking\" File Sharing Award
2010-01-22: Mom Forces Son to Kill Hamster with Hammer Over Bad Grades
2010-01-22: Spurned mistress YaVaughnie Wilkins takes revenge on Charles E. Phillips by plastering U.S. cities with compromising posters
2010-01-22: Tor IP anonymising internet service hacked
2010-01-22: 100% of Enterprises are botnet-infected
2010-01-22: Accept it--your company is infected
2010-01-22: Amateur goof makes Twitter account hijacking a snap
2010-01-22: This EMP Cannon Stops Cars Almost Instantly
2010-01-22: Glitter-Sized Solar Panels Use 100 Times Less Silicon to Generate Electricity
2010-01-22: FBI Illegally Gathered Phone Records And Misused National Security Letters
2010-01-22: Now Both Britain and the U.S. Have Increased Airline Security in Light of Continuing Threats Emanating From Yemen
2010-01-23: Sony\'s secret kill switch: myth, rumor or hearsay?
2010-01-23: This Disgruntled Artwork Perpetually Sells Itself on eBay - eBay - Gizmodo
2010-01-23: YaVaughnie Wilkins Billboards Cause Charles Phillips, Oracle President, To Admit Affair
2010-01-23: PS3 Finally hacked by Geohot
2010-01-23: Adobe Ships Critical Shockwave Update -- Differences between Shockwave and Flash
2010-01-23: NZ\'s cyber spies win new powers
2010-01-23: U.S. enables Chinese hacking of Google
2010-01-23: Don’t assume you can control who’s on your system
2010-01-23: Cookie Forcing - Trust your cookies no more
2010-01-23: Probabilistic Password Cracker (Reusable Security Tools)
2010-01-23: New vulnerabilities in IE
2010-01-23: Comscore Blackmail: Pay Us $10,000 or We\'ll Keep Under-Reporting Your Traffic
2010-01-23: Fujifilm, IBM tech could yield 35TB magnetic tape drives
2010-01-23: Schwartz puts comforting arm around stricken Sun
2010-01-23: How Russian and American mobsters were taken down by Barrett Lyon in San Francisco
2010-01-23: the vast majority of Chinese people \"do not want free flow of information\"
2010-01-23: Facebook busts ground on first custom data center -- no chillers
2010-01-23: Netalyzer tool detects ISP filtering your Internet, and gathers data about net neutrality
2010-01-23: This guy sold dowsing rods to the Iraqi government for $56,000 each
2010-01-23: Rickets rise linked to excessive gaming
2010-01-23: Human Universal Load Carrier (HULC™) exoskeleton makes super-soldiers
2010-01-23: Competitive duck herding
2010-01-23: New version of Nikto 2 coming out next week
2010-01-23: Layer 8: Managing to the biggest risk
2010-01-23: Collection of thoughts on the new Supreme Court ruling about election spending
2010-01-23: Apple gadgets going solar?
2010-01-23: Democratic, but dangerous too: how the web changed our world
2010-01-23: Computer security: fraud fears as scientists crack \'anonymous\' datasets
2010-01-23: Downloads of Firefox and Opera Soar in Germany Following Government Advisory
2010-01-23: Top 10 Information Security Threats for 2010
2010-01-23: Process Hacker -- open source process viewer and memory editor
2010-01-24: Colliding Particles Can Make Black Holes After All
2010-01-24: IPv4 Free Pool Drops Below 10%, Allocated
2010-01-24: Reporters put Twitter, Facebook to \'Big Brother\' test
2010-01-24: The 7 Psychological Principles of Scams: Protect Yourself by Learning the Techniques
2010-01-24: Digital inheritance passes on your passwords after you die
2010-01-24: Congress Finances Program to Use Technology in Education
2010-01-24: U.S.-bound fliers required to register online
2010-01-24: Haiti man saved by Twitter
2010-01-24: How to install metasploit on the Nokia N900
2010-01-24: Uranus & Neptune Have Seas of Diamond%u2014With Diamond Icebergs
2010-01-24: NIST 800-88 Guidelines for Media Sanitization -- one pass of erasure is enough for modern drives
2010-01-24: CMRR - Secure Erase -- recommended disk erasure technique
2010-01-24: How to REALLY erase a hard drive
2010-01-24: NZ School Goes Open Source Amid Microsoft Mandate
2010-01-24: Shoot-out: Dropbox vs. SugarSync
2010-01-24: android-forensics - Project Hosting on Google Code
2010-01-24: Australian web sites to go black on Australia Day
2010-01-24: World\'s first 3D office photocopier launches
2010-01-25: Australian ISPs To Disconnect Botnet \\\"zombies\\\"
2010-01-25: Book: \\\"Fatal System Error\\\" -- new cybercrime book
2010-01-25: Gaming Community Adopting Windows 7 Massively
2010-01-25: MP3 Creators Unveil New Music File Format \"MusicDNA\"
2010-01-25: InCTF - India\\\'s first Capture The Flag Hacking Competition
2010-01-25: Data breach costs top $200 per customer record
2010-01-25: Cisco Press Launches Suite of Products for New CCNP Certification Exams
2010-01-25: The DIY $10 Prepaid Cellphone Remote Car Starter
2010-01-25: Ladbrokes, police probe data breach
2010-01-25: Obama is the first President to have Internet access at his desk
2010-01-25: Hot information security topics at InfoSec World 2010
2010-01-25: China paper slams U.S. \"hacker brigade\" for cyber role in Iran unrest
2010-01-25: Wikileaks pledge drive hobbled by PayPal suspension
2010-01-25: German government to implement Internet censorship and ISP liability for protection of the youth
2010-01-25: White House Decides to Outsource Some NASA Work
2010-01-25: YouTube\'s video choice (H.264) prompts Firefox fightback
2010-01-25: How to make your browser super-secure--with nice chart comparing browser vulnerabilities
2010-01-25: Chinese Human Rights Sites Hit by DDoS Attack
2010-01-25: CMS Products Offers BounceBack Ultimate Disaster Recovery Software Compatible With Windows 7
2010-01-25: How to remove and reinstall Adobe Flash
2010-01-25: Ministry of Defence reveals 16 information leaks in the last 18 months due to social networking use
2010-01-25: Juniper confirms that it was hit by same cyber attack as Google, while rumours begin of an insider attack
2010-01-25: IPv6 traffic accounts for 0.03 per cent of all internet traffic
2010-01-25: PGP rolls out whole disk encryption to Linux and Mac operating systems
2010-01-25: Facebook changes to its application platform could lead to security nightmare as users\\\' email addresses will be collected and stored
2010-01-25: Using spam to beat spam
2010-01-25: Lawyers Challenge Lowered, \"Shocking%u2019 File Sharing Award
2010-01-25: bit.ly protects you from malware--tinyurl does not
2010-01-25: Google\\\'s Chrome 4 brings extensions to Windows
2010-01-25: SETI Founder Outlines Ambitious Future Plans
2010-01-25: \\\'Fatal System Error\' has insight on cybercrime
2010-01-25: US oil industry hit by cyberattacks: Was China involved?
2010-01-25: Attackers sent Google workers IMs from \'friends\'
2010-01-25: Hackers Take Iran\'s Civil War Online
2010-01-25: Nebraska man to plead guilty for \"Anonymous\' hacking Church of Scientology Web sites
2010-01-26: .EDU Hacks -- IMPORTANT FIND--Project for CNIT 125
2010-01-26: This is why you need signed device drivers! They stop this MBR worm
2010-01-26: Federal judge assesses damages for poor eDiscovery
2010-01-26: TechCrunch hit by hack attack
2010-01-26: SoCal school district bans the dictionary
2010-01-26: Google negotiating ways to keep presence in China
2010-01-26: Schooling the Aging Brain
2010-01-26: The Top 10 Things To Do While Under DDoS Attack
2010-01-27: EU investigating legality of Virgin ISP spying on its customers for copyright
2010-01-27: TechCrunch hacked again, as intruders get potty-mouthed
2010-01-27: Google Toolbar caught tracking users when \\ \'disabled\'
2010-01-27: Quicky Firefox Bookmarklet Backdoor
2010-01-27: The Apple iPad: First Impressions
2010-01-27: A look at real-world exploits of Linux security vulnerabilities
2010-01-27: Apple iPad: the first review | Technology | The Guardian
2010-01-27: A look at real-world exploits of Linux security vulnerabilities
2010-01-27: Comcast Plans IPv6 Trials In 2010
2010-01-27: Get a TechNet Plus Subscription for 28% off--promo code TNITE13
2010-01-27: Frantic Steve Jobs Stays Up All Night Designing Apple Tablet | The Onion
2010-01-27: New web browser vulnerability--history manipulation
2010-01-27: Mapping the brain with artificial intelligence and computer vision
2010-01-27: Study: Humans Were Born To Run Barefoot : NPR
2010-01-27: Man declared a sex offender for possessing pornographic cartoons of Simpsons characters
2010-01-28: Panopticlick -- track a browser without using cookies
2010-01-28: HOWTO: BackTrack 4 Pre-final on a Asus EEE PC 1005HA -
2010-01-28: Why You Need Windows Server 2008 R2
2010-01-28: All is not OK in Oklahoma: State tax website victim of hack
2010-01-28: Advance-fee fraud scams (419) rise dramatically in 2009
2010-01-28: - (ISC)² Store--New edition of the Official CISSP Study Guide
2010-01-29: Chrome Apes IE8, Adds Clickjacking, XSS Defenses
2010-01-29: Windows 7 Spurs Microsoft Earnings
2010-01-29: Windows 7 upgrades Vista laptops to lower battery life
2010-01-29: Why The iPad Is Crap Futurism
2010-01-29: Students Accused of Hacking County System to Change Grades
2010-01-29: Congressional Web sites hacked
2010-01-29: MSI\'s 10-inch tablet launching this year at $500, patently ignoring the elephant in the room?
2010-01-29: Calif. bill requires witnesses to report crimes
2010-01-29: Utilities cite jump in hacker attacks
2010-01-29: Early version of Windows Home Server \\\"Vail\" Leaked to Torrents
2010-01-29: Still using Windows 7 Release Candidate (RC)? Read this!
2010-01-29: Google to pay bounties for Chrome browser bugs--win $1337 and bragging rights
2010-01-29: Sandbox vulnerable apps!
2010-01-29: Five Important Security Resolutions for Adobe
2010-01-29: CompTia certifications now expire after 3 years
2010-01-29: Many voice encryption systems easily crackable
2010-01-29: Reaching the Unreachable: Improving the Teaching of Poor Teachers
2010-01-29: Google Twists Knife In IE6, Pulls Support From Docs And Sites
2010-01-29: Paper sculptures
2010-01-29: Certificate Authority provides free certificates
2010-01-29: How to Render SSL Useless
2010-01-29: RSA crypto defiled again, with factoring of 768-bit keys
2010-01-29: Phone and Text Bans On Drivers Shown Ineffective
2010-01-29: CIA, PayPal under bizarre SSL assault
2010-01-29: Absurd paranoia and lies about BlackHat from NPR
2010-01-29: DNS Changer Malware Detecting Eye Chart
2010-01-29: Delta accused of hacking activist\'s computer
2010-01-29: Google Deducing Wireless Location Data
2010-01-29: Chemistry Creates Self-Stirring Liquids
2010-01-29: Windows 7 on the iPad
2010-01-29: Man Sells Hacked Comcast Modems to FBI, Gets Up to 20 Years in Prison
2010-01-29: Firefox-based attack wreaks havoc on IRC users -- World\'s first inter-protocol exploit
2010-01-29: Making It Hard For Extraterrestrials To Hear Us
2010-01-30: Benevolent hackers poke holes in e-banking (irritating registration pop-over)
2010-01-30: Gun With Wireless Arming Signal Goes On Sale Soon
2010-01-30: How the Windows 7 Kernel differs from the kernel in Vista
2010-01-30: Why Windows 7 seems far better than Vista
2010-01-30: Advanced Signature Writing via FuzzyHashing
2010-01-30: A paywall nobody will notice --because it comes bundled with your satellite TV
2010-01-30: winAUTOPWN - Metasploit alternative
2010-01-30: New Attack Uses Internet Explorer\\\'s Own Features Against It
2010-01-30: Driver\'s licenses for the Internet
2010-01-30: Google’s ‘Don’t Be Evil’ Mantra is ‘Bullshit,’ Adobe Is Lazy: Apple’s Steve Jobs
2010-01-31: Wireless Networking: VoFi Is Coming - Are You Ready?
2010-01-31: Tesla Motors To Suspend Roadster Production
2010-01-31: Amazon loses many books in pricing dispute with Macmillan publisher
2010-01-31: USB Tether GUI for Stock Firmware (Non-Rooted) - THIS WORKED ON MY GOOGLE IO N!!
2010-01-31: Toyota Recall Information--sticky gas pedal
2010-01-31: An intelligent defense of the iPad
2010-01-31: Chinese spies use infected USB sticks and sex to burgle Brits
2010-01-31: Researches slam MasterCard and Visa 3-D Secure tech
2010-01-31: Amazon, Macmillan: an outsider\'s guide to the fight
2010-01-31: New Security Features in Google Chrome
2010-01-31: Why My Mom’s Next Computer Is Going To Be An iPad
2010-01-31: Robots evolve and develop cooperation and hunting
2010-01-31: Get this USB hub and you\'ll never need another
2010-01-31: Amazon Concedes to Macmillan on E-Book Pricing
2010-01-31: Wasabi smoke alarm raises a stink in Japan
2010-01-31: NMAP 5.21 - New UDP Protocol Specific Scanning Finds Open UDP Ports!
2010-01-31: Canadian climate research calls for radical strategy to reflect sun\'s rays
2010-01-31: Why do people often vote against their own interests?
2010-01-31: What’s New With Google’s China Pullout Threat?

Feb 2010

2010-02-01: Security Blogger Finalists--good stuff to read!
2010-02-01: How to Make Your Dating Site Attractive--A new dating site designed for women
2010-02-01: Fingerprinting web applications
2010-02-01: Solving the 20 Critical Controls
2010-02-01: Botnet targets major Web sites with junk SSL connection
2010-02-01: \\\'WiMAX 2\' coming in 2011--100 Mbps speed, 10 mile radius
2010-02-01: Whistleblower Wikileaks\\\' temporary closure
2010-02-01: In their words: Experts weigh in on Mac vs. PC security
2010-02-01: PricewaterhouseCoopers loses data of 77,000 Alaskans
2010-02-01: Teenager invents low-frequency radio for underground communications
2010-02-01: Five Myths About Cybersecurity
2010-02-02: Smartphone Security - 50% of devices unprotected, 24% unsure
2010-02-02: Cybercrime Checks Into The Hotel Industry
2010-02-02: iPad runs Windows, Nokia runs OSX
2010-02-02: iPhone certificate flaws
2010-02-02: Firefox added CA Root Certificate for China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) - this is possibly a bad idea.
2010-02-02: Use of Twitter, Facebook rising among gang members
2010-02-02: XSS vulnerability in Cisco Security Tools
2010-02-02: Dark clouds gather over online security
2010-02-02: Anonymous commentary made illegal in South Australia
2010-02-02: Take a Second Shot at Understanding Math
2010-02-02: Thin Film Turns Any Surface Into a Touchscreen
2010-02-02: Windows 7 Boosts Microsoft Customer Satisfaction
2010-02-02: Chrome usage on the rise, Windows 7 now over 10%
2010-02-02: Microsoft Looking Into Windows 7 Battery Issues
2010-02-02: Earnings Gap Between College and High School Grads Small - WSJ.com
2010-02-02: Fix Your Graphics Card By Baking In Oven
2010-02-02: On breaking phonecall encryption and publishing fake research
2010-02-02: Google mystery server runs 13% of active websites
2010-02-02: January 2010 Web Server Survey - Netcraft--very interesting graph of the top Web servers
2010-02-02: Why Chrome Will be Your Next Browser
2010-02-02: In China Underworld, Hacking for Fun and Profit
2010-02-02: Engineer cracks \'secure\' TPM chip with electron microscope at Black Hat DC
2010-02-02: Next step for virtualization: Security
2010-02-02: Good example Python code of a buffer overflow exploit
2010-02-02: Iowa computer breach points to China - chicagotribune.com
2010-02-02: Hubble Detects Mysterious Spaceship-Shaped Object Traveling at 11,000MPH
2010-02-03: Verizon MiFi Device Hacked -- Excellent step by step explanation by Joshua Wright
2010-02-03: ASLR DEP = no problem. :>
2010-02-03: SSL Trust Betrayed by Comodo Resellers
2010-02-03: \\\'Button accidentally pressed\' led to council computer virus
2010-02-03: Bogota\'s bulletproof tailor
2010-02-03: Scotland Offers Course On Computer Hacking
2010-02-03: Once a hacker, always a hacker
2010-02-03: Why we need hackers -- Jack Daniel
2010-02-03: Calling all cheaters to the naughty step
2010-02-03: Next X-Prize %u2014 $10M For a Brain-Computer Interface
2010-02-03: How To Build a Nettop
2010-02-03: Kill IE6 with this trivial attack!
2010-02-03: Cisco exiting anti-DOS Market
2010-02-03: Excellent analysis of why users correctly ignore security advice
2010-02-03: Nearly 95 Percent of e-Reader Owners Happy with their Devices
2010-02-03: Will your new Windows 7 PC support XP Mode?
2010-02-03: Cookies and profiling are used to change the prices at online shops
2010-02-03: How Oil-Filled Lenses are Bringing Sight to Those in Need
2010-02-03: Thousands of companies breached by Advanced Persistent Threats
2010-02-03: Fugitive VoIP hacker admits 10 million minute spree
2010-02-03: IE Flaw Gives Hackers Access to User Files
2010-02-03: Privacy still a nagging concern on Facebook
2010-02-03: Cisco’s Profit Surges 23 Percent
2010-02-03: Potentially nasty new iPhone security flaw discovered
2010-02-03: 10 best IT jobs right now: #1 is Ethical Hacker
2010-02-03: How to make older programs run in Windows 7
2010-02-04: Google to enlist NSA to help it ward off cyberattacks
2010-02-04: How to upgrade your Windows 7 netbook screen for free
2010-02-04: The safety net--a proposal to protect users who click links
2010-02-04: Using Google Images to Investigate Fraud
2010-02-04: Microsoft\'s Creative Destruction
2010-02-04: Medical research is often written by pharmaceutical companies with a \"researcher\" name affixed
2010-02-04: Police push for fast access to ISP data
2010-02-04: Researchers Reveal Connection String \\\'Pollution\' Attack
2010-02-04: Spear-Phishers Steal Millions in Carbon Credits
2010-02-04: The Web Won’t Be Safe, Let Alone Secure, Unless We Break It
2010-02-04: Why don\'t websites default to SSL/TLS?
2010-02-04: How To Hack The Sky - Satellite Internet Access
2010-02-04: Hackers Using Automation, Geolocation in Social Networking Attacks
2010-02-04: Dear Adobe: It\'s time for security rehab
2010-02-05: Endgame fights botnets with powerful (and possibly illegal) means
2010-02-05: Oracle 0day
2010-02-05: Cisco backdoor still open
2010-02-05: Researcher reveals how IE flaw can turn your PC into a public file server
2010-02-05: Facebook sees need for Terabit Ethernet
2010-02-05: A face for politics: New study shows we can tell Democrats from Republicans in head shots
2010-02-05: Courts move to ban juror use of Blackberry, iPhone, Twitter and Facebook
2010-02-05: YouTube support of IPv6 seen in dramatic traffic spike
2010-02-05: Berkeley Hackathon this weekend
2010-02-05: Recap: Hackathon 2009
2010-02-05: USB Electronic Key Impressioner could help you be gone in 60 milliseconds
2010-02-05: Physicist Discovers How to Teleport Energy
2010-02-05: Stay Off the Grid, Win $10,000
2010-02-05: Microsoft warns of IE bug on Windows XP
2010-02-05: Old Skool Hacking -- Man Hacks At ATM With Pick Axe
2010-02-05: Infected Firefox add-ons pulled off official site
2010-02-05: Where Google Still Censors
2010-02-05: Top five Twitter gaffes
2010-02-05: Stanford\'s robotic Audi to brave Pikes Peak without a driver
2010-02-05: Siri Launches Voice-Powered iPhone Assistant
2010-02-05: Wireless power industry needs united front
2010-02-05: Wireless VoIP benefits being frustrated in healthcare--HIPPA forbids normal use of a cellphone
2010-02-05: 35,000-Core Ubuntu Farm Renders Avatar
2010-02-05: How Scott Brown friended, tweeted and LOLed his way into the people\\\'s U.S. Senate seat
2010-02-05: Cisco to unleash data center extensions
2010-02-05: TechCrunch takes drastic action to stamp out corruption -- three cheers!
2010-02-05: FBI’s Most Wanted: Your Browsing Activity
2010-02-05: Apple Bans the Word \\\'Android\' From App Store
2010-02-06: Kazaa Takes A Swing At Symantec After Adware Accusations
2010-02-06: MediaNews to Adopt Web Fee Model Similar to NY Times
2010-02-06: UK\'s Anti-File-Sharing Bill Could \"Breach Human Rights\"
2010-02-06: The New National Health Plan Is Texting
2010-02-06: ElcomSoft and Oxygen Software Enable Forensic Access to Encrypted iPhones
2010-02-06: Adobe: Flash interest is strong among iPhone and iPod Touch users
2010-02-06: How To Defragment Windows 7 System Registry, Pagefiles
2010-02-06: Apple Puts Ban on Location-Based iPhone App Ads
2010-02-06: Microsoft Finally To Patch 17-Year-Old Bug
2010-02-06: Breakthrough in Creating First Generation Artificial Pancreas
2010-02-06: Going On 10, Boy Going For Fifth Microsoft Certification
2010-02-06: Proposed battery restrictions could crimp e-commerce, air travel
2010-02-06: Maoism and the development of China
2010-02-06: American Express lies about password length
2010-02-06: Chinese man gets 30 months for fake Cisco sales
2010-02-06: Zeus Attack Spoofs NSA, Targets .gov and .mil
2010-02-06: Mobile Defense For Android
2010-02-06: Internet HoneyGrid reveals 95% of User Generated Content is spam or malicious
2010-02-06: The USB Password Vulnerability
2010-02-06: How Wi-Fi Attackers Poison Browser Caches
2010-02-06: How to buy the best laptop for your needs
2010-02-07: BBC News - Audio slideshow: Plankton
2010-02-07: Uncident Response--Assessing Damage Caused by a Vulnerability
2010-02-07: Yelp Walked Away From $700 Million Microsoft Offer
2010-02-07: Paypal Reverses Payments Made To Indians
2010-02-07: 4chan BBS - verizon blocking 4chan?
2010-02-07: Freelance reporter, Olympic critic turned back at Canadian border
2010-02-07: Apple Set To Surpass RIM As Second Largest Smartphone Maker
2010-02-07: Chrome now has NoScript-like behavior
2010-02-07: Block JavaScript in Google Chrome. NoScript\'s features in Chrome!
2010-02-07: How to get Chrome Dev-Channel Versions
2010-02-07: FCC concerned over iPad strain on already taxed 3G networks
2010-02-07: Hospitality Industry Hit Hardest By Hacks -- 98% target payment card data, breached undetected for 156 days
2010-02-07: Adobe explains why it took two years to patch a bug
2010-02-07: Is Your BlackBerry App Spying on You?
2010-02-07: Google to launch smartphones that will translate for you in real time - Babelfish
2010-02-07: You really can be bored to death
2010-02-07: Winter Olympics to demo lighting controlled by thoughts
2010-02-07: Chinese Police Shut Down Hacker Training Business
2010-02-08: The Pirate Bay Torrent Search Engine To Be Censored in Italy
2010-02-08: Is Bill Gates\' New Website Really Running On Linux?
2010-02-08: Sweden to prosecute alleged Cisco, NASA hacker
2010-02-08: TPM hacked
2010-02-08: HITB2009 CTF Weapons of Mass Destruction -- the Capture the Flag Contest
2010-02-08: The Advantages of Being Helpless: Scientific American
2010-02-09: IBM Releases Power7 Processor
2010-02-09: The biggest Pirate of Windows 7 revealed
2010-02-09: Wireless carriers want crackdown on cell phone boosters
2010-02-09: The iPad Tweet That Enraged Steve Jobs?
2010-02-09: Why You Should Re-consider Custom Error Pages
2010-02-09: Global gov\'s shrugging lets cybercrims frolic
2010-02-09: Microsoft Security Bulletin MS10-009 - ICMPv6 Router Advertisement Buffer Overflow - New Ping of Death
2010-02-09: Microsoft Security Bulletin MS10-015 - Important: Vulnerabilities in Windows Kernel Could Allow Elevation of Privilege (977165)
2010-02-09: Cisco Systems summary of today\'s Microsoft patches--really serious vulnerabilities
2010-02-09: Google Buzz: another social networking tool
2010-02-10: Log in with your face
2010-02-10: Top Tips for More Windows 7 Productivity
2010-02-10: Analysis of Twitter\'s Performance and Recommended Network Improvements
2010-02-10: Ex-MasterCard Execs Get Processor Set for U.S. Web Gambling
2010-02-10: Researchers warn of likely attacks against Windows, PowerPoint
2010-02-10: Anonymous launching an attack today against Australian Government websites
2010-02-10: Baltimore court bans Twitter
2010-02-10: MEPs criticize Nokia/Siemens for providing censorship and surveillance technology to Iran
2010-02-10: Excellent summary of trends in cyber-attacks--SQL Injection is a major vector
2010-02-10: Government shuts down GP appraisal website over hacker fears--Risk Avoidance
2010-02-10: Memory Parsing Vulnerability being used to steal credit card numbers (pdf)
2010-02-10: Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint File Formats--allows pptx files in Office 2003
2010-02-10: Online Robbery: Hackers Steal $50,000. Bank Says \'Tough Luck\'
2010-02-10: 3 Seattle bus tunnel guards watch brutal beating and don\'t intervene
2010-02-10: Google\'s experimental fiber network
2010-02-10: Iran to Permanently Suspend Gmail
2010-02-10: Google pays for their first Chrome vulnerability
2010-02-10: \\\'Aurora\' Attacks Still Under Way, Investigators Closing In On Malware Creators
2010-02-11: New Patches Cause BSoD for Some Windows XP Users
2010-02-11: Botnet turf war on the horizon
2010-02-11: Twitter is growing rapidly
2010-02-11: Feds Bust Cookie-Stuffing Code Seller
2010-02-11: Thirty-day countdown: Massachusetts to enforce new data security laws
2010-02-11: SMB, DirectShow top the list of Microsoft patches
2010-02-11: Future police: Meet the UK\'s armed robot drones
2010-02-11: Google Rejects Australian Censorship Proposal
2010-02-11: How To Downgrade From Windows 7 To XP (Step-by-Step)
2010-02-11: Mozilla Wrongly Accused Sothink Addon of Malware
2010-02-11: Stealing VMware Guests over the network--good slide deck
2010-02-11: Aussie anti-censor attacks strafe gov websites
2010-02-11: Geek Behaviors
2010-02-11: Windows File Pseudonyms slide deck-fun to read, with haikus!
2010-02-11: U.S. To Perform Massive Cyber Attack Wargame On Feb. 16
2010-02-12: PowerPoint heap overflow vulnerability
2010-02-12: RSA SecurID Cross Site Scripting
2010-02-12: More and More Webapp Labs! Awesome tools for teaching!
2010-02-12: This Is a Mosquito Getting Killed By a Laser
2010-02-12: Researcher Exposes Holes In Cisco\'s Internet Surveillance Architecture
2010-02-12: Google Maps Get Labs With Nine Cool New Features
2010-02-12: Chip and PIN security busted
2010-02-12: 4chan\'s moot takes pro-anonymity to TED 2010
2010-02-12: Safety practices lax in nanomaterials research labs
2010-02-12: Steve Ngo: San Francisco Community College Board Trustee
2010-02-12: Google Deletes Music Blogs, Prompts a Twitter Upheaval
2010-02-12: Three botnets responsible for half of all computer infections
2010-02-12: Fake antivirus now includes live online chat support with real scam artists
2010-02-12: Very angry person whose privacy has been invaded by Google Buzz (lots of swearing)
2010-02-12: Chile mint mis-spells \"Chile\" on coins
2010-02-12: Google tweaks privacy controls after Buzz backlash
2010-02-12: YouTube jumps to html5!
2010-02-12: Wikileaks and Iceland MPs Propose Journalism Haven
2010-02-12: Too Easy: How a Simple Hack Can Turn Your Numeric Google Profile URL Back into a Gmail Address
2010-02-12: Wake Up, Google: The World Is Really Pissed Off About Buzz
2010-02-12: IBM\'s Jeopardy-playing machine can now beat human contestants
2010-02-12: Virginia Legislators Outlaw Involuntary Implantation of Microchips
2010-02-12: New, voluntary Windows 7 antipiracy update coming
2010-02-12: Feds push for tracking cell phones
2010-02-12: Barbie\'s Next Career? Computer Engineet
2010-02-12: Time to update those IP Bogon Filters (again)--50 and 107 now valid
2010-02-12: San Francisco hacker gets 13 years in prison
2010-02-12: Bank sued for poor cybersecurity practices
2010-02-12: HOW TO: Integrate Facebook, Twitter, and Buzz into Your Gmail
2010-02-12: Madison going for Google Fiber
2010-02-12: Defending Browsers against Drive-by Downloads: Mitigating Heap-spraying Code Injection Attacks
2010-02-12: Remote command execution exploit for the AMS2 (Alert Management Systems 2) component of Symantec
2010-02-12: World of Google zombies mistake news story for Facebook
2010-02-12: UK border control making colleges into prisons
2010-02-12: Twitter application Grader.com hacked
2010-02-12: Google Tweaks Buzz To Tackle Privacy Concerns
2010-02-13: Goodreads--Sam\'s hacking bookshelf
2010-02-13: Google Co-Founder: China Issue Could Be Resolved in a \'Year or Two\'
2010-02-13: How a Simple URL Hack Can Expose Your Gmail Address
2010-02-13: A Printer That Uses No Consumables
2010-02-13: Google Needs Better People Skills
2010-02-13: Inexpensive power draws co-location company to Iceland
2010-02-13: it\'s time to create cloud law
2010-02-13: Windows SMB NTLM Authentication Weak Nonce Vulnerability released
2010-02-13: Google Buzz may force government to act on Privacy concerns
2010-02-13: A day on Chatroulette, the web\'s weirdest new outpost
2010-02-13: Akinator, the Web Genius - Online 20 questions game--demonstrates the power of bits
2010-02-13: With Buzz, Google takes another giant step towards turning into Microsoft
2010-02-14: Google.cn Still Remains In China, and has quietly resumed censoring it
2010-02-14: CHART OF THE DAY: In Case You Had Any Doubts About Where Microsoft\\\'s Profits Come From
2010-02-14: Quantcast Finds Chrome, Firefox Have Trouble At Home
2010-02-14: 10 Ways Google Is Trying To Kill Microsoft
2010-02-14: CHART OF THE DAY: Kids Don\\\'t Hate Twitter Anymore
2010-02-14: Five Best Netbook Operating Systems
2010-02-14: News: 768 bit RSA bites the dust. What next!
2010-02-14: Over a dozen more UK DHS sites vulneable to SQL Injection
2010-02-14: TED Organizer Trashes Speaker, Fails Social IQ Test
2010-02-14: Only 9 percent of data breaches were uncovered internally
2010-02-14: Google Buzz Has Completely Changed the Game: The first gushing fanboi review of Buzz I\'ve seen so far
2010-02-14: Google changes Buzz privacy settings--again
2010-02-14: Turmoil at MySpace blamed on News Corporation
2010-02-14: Juniper Confronts Mobile Security Challenge; First to Protect Pathways From Smartphones to Applications and Corporate Networks
2010-02-14: Microsoft Denies Windows 7 Has NSA Backdoor
2010-02-14: Microsoft details Windows 7 memory leaks, hangs, freezes
2010-02-14: A new wire twist on silicon solar cells
2010-02-14: EFT Point of Sales Hackers Net $50 Million by Replacing Entire Card Machines at McDonald\'s
2010-02-14: Abusing Windows Azure to Perform Remote Port Scans
2010-02-14: Computer savvy activists launch attacks to punch holes in online shields of authoritative regimes
2010-02-14: Tweeting the revolution - Salon.com
2010-02-14: In Utah, a plan to cut 12th grade -- altogether
2010-02-14: Tool for finding PII on your network
2010-02-14: Buzz off: Disabling Google Buzz
2010-02-14: Facebook Warning Message
2010-02-14: US \'Star Wars\' lasers bring down ballistic missile
2010-02-14: 7 Ways To Become More Productive With Firefox Tabs
2010-02-14: Hubble Captures Double Aurorae Light Show on Saturn
2010-02-15: Mobile Browsing Protection and Anti-Theft
2010-02-15: MWC 2010 year of the projector phone Samsung Beam
2010-02-15: Carbon nanotubes make bulletproof cloth
2010-02-15: Microsoft Support - Look Again
2010-02-15: OpenOffice 3.2 - now with less Microsoft envy
2010-02-15: Inside Western Digital: How Tomorrow\'s Storage Gets Made
2010-02-15: Comcast Shoots for New Image, Rebranding As Xfinity
2010-02-15: French judge issues arrest warrant for Landis--biker and hacker
2010-02-15: Shell hit by massive data breach
2010-02-15: Asus EeePc 1005HA upgrades: RAM
2010-02-15: Obama Looking to Hire a White House Twitterer
2010-02-15: Applying to Jobs Online? 3 Mistakes to Avoid!
2010-02-15: 0day--Internet Explorer (6/7) Remote Code Execution via VBScript on trusted site
2010-02-15: Next Flash Version Will Support Private Browsing
2010-02-15: Kaspersky Patents Hardware Antivirus Approach
2010-02-15: Apple drops the ban hammer on iPhone hackers
2010-02-15: Yahoo Networking and Career Fair
2010-02-15: New Asus Eee PC T101MT is a multi-touch convertible Windows 7 tablet/netbook
2010-02-15: One month later, Google still censors China search
2010-02-15: Google co-founder: Maybe we\'ll stay in China after all
2010-02-15: Answer Survey, Get Stickers - F-Secure Weblog
2010-02-15: Force Enable Incompatible Extensions In Firefox 3
2010-02-15: Nightly Tester Tools -- a better way to force extensions to work
2010-02-16 Very professional rootkit--updated more than once per day
2010-02-16: DEF CON Call for Papers Announcement--deadline June 1
2010-02-16: Top 25 Most Dangerous Programming Errors Revealed
2010-02-16: Student\'s Facebook Tirade Against Teacher Is Protected Speech
2010-02-17: Could you withstand a 100 Gbps DoS attack?
2010-02-17: Google Buzz Warning: Force Feeding Users Can Result In Vomiting
2010-02-17: Hackers Steal $150,000 from Mich. Insurance Firm with Zeus trojan
2010-02-17: Seattle sex offender facing federal charges -- thanks to malware -- example of unprofessional tech conduct
2010-02-17: Google boss says \'nobody was harmed\' by Buzz debacle
2010-02-17: Google Buzz bug exposes user geo location
2010-02-17: Google Buzz Security Flaw
2010-02-17: Microsoft Office 2010 prices will start at free
2010-02-17: Undead botnets blamed for big rise in email malware
2010-02-17: Kaspersky defends false detection experiment
2010-02-17: Leaky anti-virus defences letting malware through
2010-02-17: Google Buzz \'breaks privacy laws\' says watchdog
2010-02-17: Get Rid of Adobe Download Manager! It Enables Forced Silent Installations
2010-02-17: China in record US debt sell-off
2010-02-17: PleaseRobMe Is the Logical Extension of Our Worst Fears about Location-Based Services
2010-02-17: Windows 7 vs. Snow Leopard: Which is More Secure?
2010-02-17: Pwn2Own 2010: $100,000 for browser & mobile phone exploits
2010-02-17: Apple\'s Safari to fall first in hacking contest ... again
2010-02-17: Burn an ISO to DVD with ImgBurn--good reference for MSDNAA downloads
2010-02-17: Adobe issues emergency PDF patches
2010-02-17: War game reveals U.S. lacks cyber-crisis skills
2010-02-17: How to: Install SQL Server 2008 (Setup)
2010-02-17: How to Upgrade the Windows 7 RC to RTM (Final Release) - This works, I did it
2010-02-17: Zeus Trojan found on 74,000 PCs in global botnet
2010-02-18: XEESOFT » How to Close Windows Explorer in Windows 7 (Without Task Manager)
2010-02-18: Facebook is #2 most popular site in USA
2010-02-18: Poker.org sells for Million
2010-02-18: Time to switch to Chrome! RAM use of Firefox is six times larger with same pages open!
2010-02-18: Microsoft readies new rootkit detection tool in light of Windows XP patching problems
2010-02-18: Microsoft: Sorry, we don’t support malware
2010-02-18: Microsoft-Yahoo partnership gets U.S. and EU antitrust clearance
2010-02-18: Earn $100 playing Cisco games -- CNIT 80X (you should have some Cisco knowledge)
2010-02-19: Google attacks \'traced to Chinese schools\'
2010-02-19: ZeuS: Debunking the hype
2010-02-19: ShadyURL - Don\\\'t just shorten your URL, make it suspicious and frightening
2010-02-19: NMAP FOR ANDROID CROSS COMPILE ARM - Dissecting The Hack
2010-02-19: Proactive RAID monitoring from your iPhone
2010-02-19: New Plan Will Let High Schoolers Graduate Two Years Early - NYTimes.com
2010-02-19: Hackers, Troops Rejoice: Pentagon Lifts Thumb-Drive Ban
2010-02-19: Attack code for Firefox zero-day goes wild, says researcher
2010-02-19: Gordon Lightfoot Dies, Twitter Gets Blamed
2010-02-19: Cheap Air Cards for Wireless Mobile Broadband Internet
2010-02-19: Mozilla says two Firefox browser plug-ins contain trojan
2010-02-19: Understanding 2-Port Serial WAN Interface Card (WIC-2T) - Cisco Systems
2010-02-19: What you get when you buy a £25 iPhone down the pub
2010-02-19: Shatner To Star In \'Shit My Dad Says\' -- first sitcom based on a Twitter feed
2010-02-19: Google Enron-what could possibly go wrong?
2010-02-19: The Browser Choice Screen for Europe: What to Expect, When to Expect It - Microsoft On The Issues
2010-02-19: Degrees of Achievement--one man\'s career from college to business and back to college again
2010-02-19: Beware the rogue Wi-Fi access point in Windows 7
2010-02-19: Panda Case Offers Inside Look at Underworld of Chinese Hacking
2010-02-19: Kneber Botnet | Symantec Connect
2010-02-19: FBI probing Pa. school webcam spy case
2010-02-19: Best Practices: Explain Server Outages Clearly
2010-02-19: Even in the virtual world, men judge women on looks
2010-02-19: Gallery - Visualization Challenge: Prizewinning pictures
2010-02-19: iPhone Banned in the USA - If Kodak Had it Their Way
2010-02-19: Why you want to be an engineer
2010-02-19: URL typos earn Google $497 million per year
2010-02-20: Jimmy Wales\' Theory of Failure
2010-02-20: Social Networking may Cost You Your Insurance Claim
2010-02-20: Game Company CEO Sneaks in at Midnight to Take Goods and Flee Australia
2010-02-20: EPIC: Google may have broken wiretap law
2010-02-20: Heyoka: A Stealth DNS Tunneling Tool!
2010-02-20: Heyoka: your fast&spoofed DNS tunnel
2010-02-20: Credit cards are plaintext passwords--an intrinsically broken system
2010-02-20: DARPA Puts $32M Toward Quadruped Robot Prototype
2010-02-20: Chuck Norris botnet infects routers
2010-02-20: 37 Laptops Stolen From Florida School In Computer Hacking Scandal
2010-02-20: Multiple Vulnerabilities in Cisco ASA 5500 Series Adaptive Security Appliances
2010-02-20: Cashing in on Internet censorship
2010-02-20: Tweeting from space
2010-02-21: Zdnet exposes Devil Mt & InfoWorld\'s Windows Sentinel-spyware, false sources, cover-ups
2010-02-21: Why You Cant Pry IE6 Out of Their Cold, Dead Hands
2010-02-21: Facebook Integrating with Google Chrome
2010-02-21: Beware the Return of Nigerian 419 Fraud--7% of all spam
2010-02-21: \'Time Bomb\' May Have Destroyed 800 Norfolk City PCs
2010-02-21: Why Flash Is Fundamentally Flawed On Touchscreen Devices
2010-02-21: Saudi women to win court access
2010-02-21: Cyber Shockwave -- CNN show criticized for inaccuracies and bias
2010-02-21: Cyber Shockwave on CNN Tonight--no actual network security experts were consulted?
2010-02-21: Exploit the User with SET %u2013 The Social Engineering Toolkit
2010-02-21: What Happens In Vegas Happens In Afghanistan
2010-02-21: Why you need to lock down your crossdomain.xml
2010-02-21: Windows Live Writer 2010 Gets the Office Ribbon and Live Clipboard
2010-02-21: Twitter caused the economic downturn! Ban Twitter--problem solved!
2010-02-21: Watch Out: Spammers Aim at Google Buzz
2010-02-21: Subpoenas issued in Pennsylvania school webcam investigation
2010-02-21: ACTA \\\"internet enforcement\\\" chapter leaks Boing Boing
2010-02-21: 7 Mind-Blowing Free Android Apps -- Google Goggles looks great! Image-based search!
2010-02-21: Further incendiary details about the fake research company that fooled IDG News
2010-02-21: More questions over biometric ID cards and national security
2010-02-21: Pope opposes airport body scanners
2010-02-21: The Story the New York Times Won\\\'t Touch
2010-02-21: An EnergSolar cell towers
2010-02-21: Microsoft Rickrolls Bittorrent Users for Excessive Port Consumption
2010-02-21: Campus security analyist blackmails student who downloaded music
2010-02-21: Recording Phone Calls and Conversations | Citizen Media Law Project
2010-02-21: Take That, Chevy Volt! Cal Poly Car Gets 2,752 MPG |
2010-02-21: U.S. Intel Wants Super-Sensitive Human Lie-Detectors
2010-02-21: Arizona speed cameras incite a mini revolt
2010-02-21: Measuring memory usage in Windows 7
2010-02-21: Experimenting with VLAN hopping
2010-02-21: Virtual USB Analyzer
2010-02-22: How to Investigate a Fake BitTorrent Tracker
2010-02-22: Windows 7 Crushes Vista - In terms of adoption
2010-02-22: BLADE: Stopping Stealthy Downloads
2010-02-22: NIST Cryptographic Algorithms and Key Sizes (1024-bit RSA no longer recommended)
2010-02-22: Data Encryption Standard - Wikipedia--Explains 2TDEA and 3TDEA
2010-02-22: Google hacking traced to Chinese programmer
2010-02-22: dnsmap v0.30 is now out
2010-02-22: ACORN Dissolved as a National Structure (politics)
2010-02-22: 100 Technology Experts on Twitter
2010-02-22: Rootkits Create Smartphone Hacking Danger
2010-02-22: nslookup and DNS Zone Transfers
2010-02-22: Criminals Hide Bluetooth Payment-Card Skimmers Inside 180 Gas Station Pumps in Utah
2010-02-22: The Apache Cassandra Project--highly scalable distributed database
2010-02-22: IT Firm Loses $100,000 to Online Bank Fraud
2010-02-23: Seven Things You Should Know About DNSSEC (pdf)
2010-02-23: Federal Trade Commission links wide data breach to file sharing
2010-02-23: 15 Biggest Data Breaches Of The Decade
2010-02-23: aAustralian gov\'t website exposed documents via directory traversal vulnerability
2010-02-23: The Muslim Internet
2010-02-23: Breaking Weak CAPTCHA in 26 Lines of Python
2010-02-23: InfoWorld\'s official statement about fraudulent journalist Randall C. Kennedy
2010-02-23: Randall C. Kennedy calls his InfoWorld articles \"crap journalism\"
2010-02-23: Certification Prep Site recommended by some other pros
2010-02-23: MANDIANT is hiring now, offices in Los Angeles and the East Coast
2010-02-23: Flesh and Stone - Be alert to the rise in medical identity fraud
2010-02-23: dns2tcp: How to bypass firewalls or captive portals with a DNS tunnel
2010-02-23: Why Google Buzz confirmed our two worst fears about Google
2010-02-23: Google\'s CEO Demanded His Mistress Take Down Her Blog
2010-02-23: Researchers Build Anonymous, Browser-Based \'Darknet\' (from June 2009)
2010-02-23: DNS Amplification Attack PoC
2010-02-23: New style of DNS amplification can yield powerful DDoS attacks (from Feb. 2009)
2010-02-23: Twitter’s Advertising Platform To Launch “Within a Month or So”
2010-02-23: Hackers expose security flaws with \'Elvis Presley\' passport
2010-02-23: Creating Electric Power From Light Using Gold Nanoparticles
2010-02-23: Cisco to HP: Drop dead
2010-02-23: Coldplay Protect Their New Songs From Hackers
2010-02-23: Car thieves making clean getaway with GPS jammers
2010-02-23: Insider computer abuse at CitiGroup might not have been actionable without carefully written security policies
2010-02-23: MagicJack loses with SLAPP legal attack on Boing Boing
2010-02-23: Intel was hit by \'sophisticated\' attacks in January
2010-02-23: Smartphone Sales
2010-02-23: School district working to improve security after hacking incident
2010-02-23: Federal Judge Orders Schools To Stop Laptop Spying
2010-02-23: How Google’s Algorithm Rules the Web
2010-02-23: U.S. Journalists discuss concerns over press freedoms
2010-02-23: EDGE VIDEO--Awesome collection og science videos
2010-02-23: Recognizr: Phone App Helps You Identify And Friend Strangers Through Face Recognition, Social Networking
2010-02-23: San Francisco City College Willing to Pay for Bright Ideas
2010-02-24: Banks no longer seem obligated to protect our money! Petition to Congress for help.
2010-02-24: Windows 8 expected in 2012 (very doubtful)
2010-02-24: 2010 Security Superstars
2010-02-24: GleeBox Makes the Web Keyboard Friendly, Is Very Cool
2010-02-24: Adobe squishes code execution bug in download manager
2010-02-24: Adobe squishes code execution bug in download manager
2010-02-24: GoDaddy store your passwords in clear-text and may try to SSH to your VPS without permission
2010-02-24: Colombia Government sites hacked (and spreading malware)
2010-02-24: Gavin Newsom testifies in trial of Terry Childs re: San Francisco network password
2010-02-24: Comcast (finally) brings security extensions to DNS--OpenDNS refuses
2010-02-24: CCSF Ex-Employee will help students cheat for money
2010-02-24: Copy of the Craigslist posting re:paid cheating at CCSF
2010-02-24: New Hairy Solar Cell is 98% Plastic and Catches a Record-Breaking 96% of Incident Light
2010-02-24: Star fattens planet and then devours it
2010-02-24: Creaky old Windows flaw rises, divides doommongers
2010-02-24: Security B-Sides San Francisco - March 2-3, 2010
2010-02-24: Google Privacy Violation Conviction: Three Executives Found Guilty In Italy
2010-02-24: Utah A.G. may gain broader power to demand Internet, cell-phone records
2010-02-24: Italian Google Conviction: \"This is the sort of thing that could break the Internet\"
2010-02-24: Hollywood Stock Exchange Set To Launch In April
2010-02-24: Microsoft Online Surveillance Guide - Cryptome Leak -- Microsoft took Cryptome down with DMCA in one day
2010-02-24: ‘Pirate Bay for Android’ closed down
2010-02-24: FTC: Identity Theft No. 1 Consumer Complaint
2010-02-24: \\\"Robin Hood\\\" Hacker Exposes Latvian Banks Awarding Secret Bonuses Despite Paycut Promises
2010-02-24: Five Silicon Valley companies fought release of employment data, and won
2010-02-24: Dalai Lama (DalaiLama) on Twitter
2010-02-24: Use Open Source? Then You\\\'re a Pirate!
2010-02-24: Twishers reel in \'distracted\' Boing Boing blogger Cory Doctorow
2010-02-24: Windows MultiPoint Server 2010 - SteadyState Successor
2010-02-24: Windows MultiPoint Family
2010-02-24: Three Top Obama Administration Executives to Speak at RSA Conference Next Week in San Francisco
2010-02-24: PCI Council And Passwords: Do As We Say, Not As We Do
2010-02-24: MacMillan DynamicBooks Let Profs Edit Textbooks, Open Room for Abuse
2010-02-24: Three new HIPAA rules take effect this month
2010-02-24: Experts warn of catastrophe from cyberattacks
2010-02-24: Comcast.net hacker who redirected Web traffic pleads guilty
2010-02-24: 3 charged in 44-day ATM hacking spree in Massachusetts
2010-02-24: Gmail Adds Search Autocomplete, Navigation Shortcuts, Attachment Detector, and More
2010-02-24: Panda Case Offers Inside Look at Underworld of Chinese Hacking
2010-02-25: Killer open source monitoring tools
2010-02-25: 10 Free Server & Network Monitoring Tools that Kick Ass
2010-02-25: Radio Shack to Roll Out iPhone to 3,000 Stores
2010-02-25: Gmail Acting Up? It\\\'s not just you
2010-02-25: Leak Shows US Lead Opponent (technically just a non-supporter) of ACTA Transparency
2010-02-25: FriendFeed Goes Down Hard. Maybe 50 People Notice
2010-02-25: optimizing-windows-7-for-battery-performance-on-the-netbook
2010-02-26: This is the way to convince the suits they need security--live SQL injection demo
2010-02-26: A XSS Vulnerability in Almost Every PHP Form I\'ve Ever Written
2010-02-26: Calif. lawmakers: Cut the foul language, please
2010-02-26: High school surveillance cameras lauded
2010-02-26: How to trick and cheat spammers into giving you prizes -- There\'s just no good guy in this scene
2010-02-26: Windows 7 memory usage
2010-02-26: U.S. Identifies Programmer Behind Google Cyberattack?
2010-02-26: Cryptome restored after Microsoft change of heart
2010-02-26: 30 Useful (and Unknown) Web Apps You Need to Bookmark
2010-02-26: ScreenToaster - Online screen recorder. Capture screencasts instantly.
2010-02-26: Microsoft cripples the Waledac botnet - stops 1.5 billion spams per day
2010-02-26: InZero: Hardware Web sandbox seems to stop all attackers
2010-02-26: NY Vice-Principal Brags About School\'s Laptop Spying to PBS
2010-02-26: Triumph of the Cyborg Composer
2010-02-26: VMware buys management software from parent EMC
2010-02-26: US Lawmakers Set Sights On P2P Programs
2010-02-26: KeyKeriki--wireless keyboard sniffer
2010-02-26: Intel Migrates to Windows 7, with Compatibility Issues
2010-02-26: Finally, detailed code for the Aurora attack
2010-02-26: Microsoft warns over rogue Security Essentials
2010-02-26: Former Teen Cheerleader Dinged $27,750 for File Sharing 37 Songs
2010-02-26: Secret Service Computer Systems Hopelessly Outdated
2010-02-26: Steve Jobs Delivers Personal Call to Doubting Buyer of Ten-Billionth iTunes Song
2010-02-26: Facebook Glitch Sends Private Messages to Wrong People
2010-02-26: Microsoft wins court approval to topple botnet
2010-02-26: Wisconsin Teen Gets 15 Years for Facebook Sex Scam
2010-02-26: Patent Database Search XSS Exploited (you will have to disalbe NoScript to see this)
2010-02-26: Self-destructing data for pricvacy
2010-02-26: Vanish: Enhancing the Privacy of the Web with Self-Destructing Data
2010-02-26: Secret Service Runs At \\\"Six Sixes\\\" Availability
2010-02-26: End of Support: Windows 2000, Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista RTM
2010-02-27: Kon-Boot--Reset Windows & Linux Passwords
2010-02-27: Scientist eyes 39-day voyage to Mars
2010-02-27: A New Wi-Fi TKIP Exploit, Limited But Clever
2010-02-27: Newsweek in 1995: why the Internet will fail
2010-02-27: Cybercriminals now stealing virtual objects :
2010-02-27: House ethics committee approves bribery
2010-02-27: Apple admits using child labour
2010-02-27: Will the Serial Console Ever Die?
2010-02-27: Introduction to Reverse Engineering Software
2010-02-27: How security clearances make you a moron
2010-02-27: US Government Poisoned Alcohol During Prohibition
2010-02-27: Ethical Hacking Case Studies
2010-02-27: robtex.com -- very useful DNS analysis tool!
2010-02-27: Open Wi-Fi \'outlawed\' in Digital Economy Bill in UK
2010-02-27: Researchers find materials that could lead to super crypto chips
2010-02-28: Why Robots Won\'t Rule
2010-02-28: New Wave of Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria
2010-02-28: I\'m in ur 4sq, snarfin ur password
2010-02-28: Leaving the iPhone
2010-02-28: Jails Hope Eye Scanners Can Provide Foolproof Identification System for Inmates - NYTimes.com
2010-02-28: Independent Board to Review Work of Top Climate Panel - NYTimes.com
2010-02-28: Simple way to bypass Droid security
2010-02-28: New zero-day involves IE, puts Windows XP users at risk
2010-02-28: Details of new IE 0Day
2010-02-28: IE8, IE7 XP Demonstration of New 0Day

Mar 2010

2010-03-01: DRG Pushdo Research--geographical distribution of the botnet that puts out malformed SSL packets
2010-03-01: US Government Begins Largest IT Consolidation in History
2010-03-01: Openistas squish security bugs twice as fast
2010-03-01: A 184% increase of malicious websites
2010-03-01: Hackers go on Tory-bothering spree
2010-03-01: United States Department of Defense Embraces \"Certified Ethical Hacker\" Certification to Protect US Interests
2010-03-01: Qualys launches cloud-based scanner to detect drive-by malware on your site
2010-03-01: Adobe\'s new plan to silently update without informing user
2010-03-01: The iPhone TigerText app is built for cheaters
2010-03-01: Why Google makes it easy to leave Google
2010-03-01: US military surrenders to social media, changes policy
2010-03-01: Twitter Drops MySQL For Cassandra
2010-03-01: Microsoft warns of zero-day hole for older Windows-IE Help File Exploit
2010-03-01: Topeka, Kansas Changes Name ito Google. KS
2010-03-01: Microsoft takes spam to court
2010-03-01: Pwn2Own Interview with Charlie Miller -- Bowser security compared -- main thing is not to use Flash!
2010-03-01: New Google Alerts Warn You Your Site Is Hacked
2010-03-01: Elevation of Privilege (EoP) Card Game
2010-03-01: Two-factor authentication for WoW
2010-03-01: Trojan defeats two-factor authentication for WoW
2010-03-01: Aurora Attack--Resistance Is Futile, Pretty Much
2010-03-01: 4 charged with hacking into concert ticket sites
2010-03-02: What\'s Your Certification Worth?
2010-03-02: Tether Sprint HERO Without Rooting Or Hacking Phone
2010-03-02: Statistics | DataLossDB -- Very nice charts
2010-03-02: Visa Inc. Qualified Incident Response Assessor (QIRA) List -- Only these ten companies
2010-03-02: What to Do If Your Company is Compromised | Merchants | Visa USA
2010-03-02: How to choose a QIRA
2010-03-02: Bogus Copyright Claim Silences Yet Another Larry Lessig YouTube Presentation
2010-03-02: BlueCross Breach--stolen hard drives had 1 million support calls, no encryption
2010-03-02: One Man\'s Life on the Security D-List
2010-03-02: RSA 2010: Cryptography panel is confusing. I guess that’s appropriate
2010-03-02: Germany\'s Supreme Court Suspends Controversial Data Retention Law
2010-03-02: Military still gives thumbs down to thumb drives
2010-03-02: USPS to propose 5-day mail schedule, major cuts
2010-03-02: RSA 2010: Experts Expect Several Ciphers to Be Cracked Soon
2010-03-02: Authorities bust 3 in infection of 13M computers
2010-03-02: New \\\"Spear Phishing\\\" Attacks Target IT Admins
2010-03-02: Waledac infection check
2010-03-02: Microsoft again pushes patch linked to Windows blue screens
2010-03-02: Mind-controlled prosthetics without brain surgery
2010-03-02: Microsoft VP Suggests \'Net Tax To Clean Computers
2010-03-02: Elliott offers to take Novell private for $2 bln
2010-03-02: USAA Bank uses VeriSign software to uniquely identify mobile phones
2010-03-02: Copenhagen hackers plan to launch a human into space
2010-03-02: A Peek Inside the \'Eleonore\' Browser Exploit Kit
2010-03-02: Highlights from data breach panel at RSA
2010-03-02: AlphaShield: 100% Unhackable Internet Security (famous last words)
2010-03-02: Dynamic IP Restrictions -- IIS IPS -- What could possibly go wrong?
2010-03-02: Venezuela Government site hacked and spreading malware
2010-03-02: Accuracy_and_Time_Costs_of_Web_App_Scanners. (by Larry Suto)
2010-03-02: Virgin America Ditches Adobe Flash for New Site
2010-03-02: AU Defence hiring cyber-security staff in bulk
2010-03-02: Can Aurora attacks be prevented?
2010-03-02: Scientists Taking Steps to Defend Work on Climate
2010-03-02: Microsoft Exploits Talk Dropped From RSA Agenda
2010-03-02: Google personalizes one in five searches
2010-03-02: Online diaries expose China official to graft probe
2010-03-02: Ncrack %u2013 High Speed Network Authentication Cracking Tool
2010-03-03: ZoneAlarm’s DataLock: BitLocker for the Rest of Us
2010-03-03: The Command Structure of the Aurora Botnet:
2010-03-03: New Exploit Bypasses ASLR and DEP
2010-03-03: Heap spraying - Wikipedia
2010-03-03: Credit card companies harvesting social networks to assess risk
2010-03-03: Where Android beats the iPhone
2010-03-03: More evidence piles up that the moon harbors lots of ice
2010-03-03: Confessions of a Windows 7 pirate
2010-03-03: VirusTotal - Free Online Virus and Malware Scan
2010-03-03: Krazzy7.com - RemoveWAT v2.2.5.0 - Win 7 Activation Bypass
2010-03-03: Google responds to Apple\'s HTC lawsuit: \'We stand behind our Android operating system\'
2010-03-03: Hero update blocks Marketplace on Android
2010-03-03: How to Add Location Awareness to Your Windows 7 PC
2010-03-03: Geosense for Windows
2010-03-03: Tweeting Buzz Brings Universal Status Update One Step Closer
2010-03-03: Opera reports massive browser ballot boost
2010-03-03: A measure for the multiverse
2010-03-03: Furiogaming | Turbo Bot Spreading -- commercial malware spreading service
2010-03-03: Themida--conceal software from reverse engineering and antivius
2010-03-03: OSSEC - Open Source Host-based Intrusion Detection System
2010-03-03: Money sharing comes to Facebook
2010-03-03: Register for Pre-Launch VPN Tunnel Information
2010-03-03: FTC To ControlScan: Your Web Site Security Seals Are Lies
2010-03-03: Banks Get Double Dose Of Black Energy
2010-03-03: Hone can identitfy anonymous users of social media
2010-03-03: DHS | National Cyber Security Awareness Campaign Challenge
2010-03-03: North Korea develops its own OS
2010-03-03: Apple Thumbs-Up Ligatt Security App--Hackers For Hire
2010-03-03: Changing Your MAC Address In Window XP/Vista, Linux And Mac OS X (Sometimes known as MAC spoofing)
2010-03-03: Fuzzing, practical dumb fuzzing
2010-03-03: CERIAS : A cogent rant about Blue Frog
2010-03-03: Use the Shift Key to Temporarily Disable Startup Applications for Troubleshooting
2010-03-03: Security \'Expert\' Claims Thieves Can Detect Wi-Fi In Sleeping Computers
2010-03-03: Israelis Nix Op After Facebook Fiasco
2010-03-04: DoD Requires Hacker Certification
2010-03-05: Apple removes Wi-Fi scanners,
2010-03-05: RSA authentication weakness discovered--varying power supply reveals key!
2010-03-05: Tool Automates Targeted Attacks On Social Network Users
2010-03-05: windows 7 sp1 leaks
2010-03-05: Hunting Mobile Threats in Memory
2010-03-05: anti-virus rants: open letter to the metasploit community
2010-03-05: Medical identity theft strikes 5.8% of U.S. adults, costing $20,000 each
2010-03-05: Hacking human gullibility with social penetration
2010-03-05: China\'s Online Vigilantes Punish Wrongdoing
2010-03-05: Explorer.exe in Windows 7 hangs when renaming file--caused by hibernation
2010-03-05: Doctors fear email because of HIPAA
2010-03-05: InFocus debuts trio of large LCD panels for the workplace; starts at $1,399
2010-03-05: Apple iPad coming April 3: Will anyone wait for Wi-Fi and 3G version?
2010-03-05: \'Uncrackable\' DRM lasts 24 hours
2010-03-05: Hacking Tools--Check out AckAck to detect botnet traffic
2010-03-05: Defcon Cable Lock--This is my favorite laptop lock
2010-03-05: Faster Optical Switching Through Chemistry
2010-03-05: Newspaper reporter explains why he steals from blogs
2010-03-05: How Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg hacked into email accounts! Interesting technique
2010-03-05: Gunter Ollmann\'s awesome BSides presentation about botnets
2010-03-05: California To Create Public Animal Abuser Registry
2010-03-05: New Artificial Intelligent System Regulates Anesthesia Doses
2010-03-05: DARPA Wants A Bigger BigDog
2010-03-05: New technique gets power from water, one bottle of water powers a home for a day
2010-03-05: Is chasing cybercrooks worth it? - CNN.com
2010-03-05: \'Mission Impossible\'-Style Best Buy Thieves Swipe Laptops, Baffle Cops
2010-03-06: The #1 invisible wireless bluetooth earpiece--secret communication
2010-03-06: Create your temporary spambox! - Interesting email spam solution
2010-03-06: Metasploit Unleashed - Free online metasploit class!!
2010-03-06: Security-Shell: Fireforce - Firefox brute-force attack extension
2010-03-06: Hundreds of Twitter Accounts Hacked [WARNING]
2010-03-07: District 9 wins the Oscar for most BitTorrented movie
2010-03-07: Andreessen\'s Advice To Old Media: Burn The Boats
2010-03-07: Is there a solution to the ZeuS problem?
2010-03-07: Toyota hides black box data with proprietary encryption
2010-03-07: Weather app demonstrates the botnet potential of jailbroken iPhones and Androids
2010-03-07: ShmooCon 2010 videos are up!
2010-03-07: Sumo wrestler steals cash machine from Moscow shop
2010-03-07: \'Spy Chips\' Hidden In 2.6 Million Trashbins Aim To Tax Those Who Toss Too Much
2010-03-07: Very clever countermeasure to master password attacks
2010-03-07: Why Ad Blocking is devastating to the sites you love
2010-03-07: IT security professionals \\recession-proof
2010-03-07: Sucuri Security: Apache.org defaced in 2000 - Security archive case study
2010-03-07: How Nigerian Girls Became the Laptop Doctors
2010-03-07: Excellent demonstration of defeating a stream cipher <--take note, CISSP students
2010-03-07: Saudi Arabia wants to monitor all BlackBerry communications for \'security\'
2010-03-07: Scientists Strive to Map the Shape-Shifting Net
2010-03-08: Revenge of Apple: Sues HTC For Infringing On 20 iPhone Patents--Death to Android!
2010-03-08: Stem Cell Regeneration of Breasts by 2014 and Natural Fat Breast Augmentation Now
2010-03-08: PDF Info Stealer PoC
2010-03-08: RSA 2010: Researchers dissect ZeuS botnet blueprint
2010-03-08: Wireless insecurity at RSA
2010-03-08: Heartland Aftershocks: Still at Risk?
2010-03-08: Ubisoft’s DRM Servers Broken All Day
2010-03-08: Scientists reaffirm theory that giant asteroid killed dinosaurs
2010-03-08: What To Expect From HTML5
2010-03-08: Google to integrate Buzz and Latitude?
2010-03-08: Android Finally Invades AT&T
2010-03-08: Cyber Crooks Leave Traditional Bank Robbers in the Dust
2010-03-08: Want a Job? Get a Computer Science Degree
2010-03-08: How safe is your Facebook Info (from Zuckerberg)?
2010-03-08: LifeZero - A new Hacker Manifesto
2010-03-08: Energizer Battery Charger Software Included Backdoor
2010-03-08: Vodafone distributes Mariposa botnet
2010-03-08: Fiserv to Banks: Stay on Outdated Adobe Reader
2010-03-08: Google Buzz Stung By Lawsuit
2010-03-08: VeriSign on DNSSEC support
2010-03-08: Custom Windows 7 Setups Just Became Easier
2010-03-09: All Your Apps Are Belong to Apple: The iPhone Developer Program License Agreement
2010-03-09:In Case You Lost Your Power Adapter
2010-03-09: It\'s official: Adobe Reader is world\'s most-exploited app
2010-03-10: Geographical distribution of mariposa infections
2010-03-10: Sucuri Web Integrity Monitoring
2010-03-10: Cisco\'s new router is 12 times faster than rivals\' products
2010-03-10: Cisco unveils super-speedy CRS-3 router
2010-03-10: Latest IE exploit being exploited
2010-03-10: Twitter Fights Against Phishing
2010-03-10: Google Maps Finally Adds Bike Routes
2010-03-10: Smartphone app botnet experiment blows up a storm
2010-03-10: Free Microsoft Training and Certification Vouchers
2010-03-10: Research: 80% of Web users running unpatched versions of Flash/Acrobat
2010-03-10: SANS recommends avoiding Adobe products (from 2009)
2010-03-10: World\'s first commercially available Jetpack goes on sale
2010-03-10: Yoono -- new social networking client
2010-03-10: Disk Redactor is free Disk wipe utility to clean old ( deleted ) files
2010-03-10: Eraser--Recommended Free File Shredder
2010-03-10: 60% of US business managers turned laptop encryption off and 72% admit a breach due to a stolen device
2010-03-10: Dozens of ZeuS Botnets Knocked Offline
2010-03-10: New Harddrives May Force Windows XP Upgrades
2010-03-10: Does HTML5 Really Beat Flash? The Surprising Results of New Tests
2010-03-10: Cryptome: PayPal a \'liar, cheat and a thug\'
2010-03-10: Researchers dissect ZeuS botnet blueprint
2010-03-10: ID theft service Lifelock to pay $12M penalty for overstating its benefits and using scare tactics
2010-03-10: Denon Announces A/V Receivers Compatible with Windows 7
2010-03-10: Windows Live Support Moves To Forums
2010-03-10: As Celebrities And Millions Joined Twitter Criminals Followed
2010-03-10: How You\'re Gonna Get Screwed By Ebook Formats
2010-03-10: How are ATM skimmers installed? - Video of a real installation - 20 seconds
2010-03-10: Google Opens Apps Marketplace
2010-03-10: Report a Badware URL - BadwareBusters
2010-03-10: Pennsylvania\'s Web security officer lapparently fired for speaking at RSA
2010-03-10: FDIC: Hackers took more than $120M from small businesses in three months
2010-03-10: iPhone Addictive, Survey Reveals
2010-03-10: New Phone Allows Bosses To Snoop On Staff
2010-03-10: Dogs That Detect Bedbugs
2010-03-10: How to find Warez
2010-03-10: Former TSA analyst charged with computer tampering
2010-03-10: Demonstrating the Latest IE 0-day Vulnerability
2010-03-10: With 52 journalists in jail, Iran hits new, shameful record
2010-03-11: Six cores with hyperthreading
2010-03-11: Unemployment tops 20% in eight California counties
2010-03-11: was it up? -- free domain name monitoring
2010-03-11: Which browser is the most secure, is that the question?
2010-03-11: \"YES\" -- another automated malware deliverty system with screenshot
2010-03-11: Apple Blocking iPhone Security Software
2010-03-11: Hackers arrested in Turkey
2010-03-11: Robert Hansen on Privacy and Google
2010-03-11: 3-D Printing Whole Buildings in Stone...On the Moon
2010-03-11: Sarah Palin to testify in email hack trial
2010-03-11: A New Charging Method Could Greatly Reduce Battery Recharge Times
2010-03-11: Major crime network recovering, now serviced by Hurricane Electric
2010-03-11: Black Hole Winds Shape Entire Galaxies
2010-03-11: Large Reserves of Combustible Ice Discovered in China
2010-03-11: Loggly | Log Management in the Cloud
2010-03-11: AT&T\'s field trial of 100-gigabit Ethernet a success
2010-03-11: Clever two-part attack confounds malware detection
2010-03-12: 8 Outrageous Frauds involving online degrees
2010-03-12: Microsoft open-sources clever U-Prove identity framework--only give merchants the data they need
2010-03-12: Security Threats for Smart Phone Users
2010-03-12: 10 ways you might be breaking the law with your computer
2010-03-12: Apple fails to block use of name DOPi
2010-03-12: Reuters to Journalists: Don’t Break News on Twitter
2010-03-12: Has Twitter reached its peak?
2010-03-12: SSD tools crack passwords 100 times faster
2010-03-12: Online Win XP password cracking demo
2010-03-12: OCZ Releases SSD For Netbooks
2010-03-12: Firefox and IE Cross-Site Forms Vulnerability (from 2006, now patched?)
2010-03-12: FCC releases apps to test speed of wireless networks
2010-03-12: Why DRM Doesn\'t Work
2010-03-12: Security industry faces attacks it cannot stop
2010-03-12: CAPTCHAs transcribed for $0.85 / 1000
2010-03-12: Trojan armed with hardware-based anti-piracy control
2010-03-12: The Wheelie Robot Is Like a Segway That Does Your Bidding
2010-03-12: Apple issues Safari 4.0.5 to fix 16 vulnerabilities
2010-03-12: McAfee inadvertently speeds creation of Metaploit IE exploit pack
2010-03-12: NetFlix Cancels Recommendation Contest After Privacy Lawsuit
2010-03-12: Scientists Need Volunteers To Look At the Sun
2010-03-12: Windows 7 Reality
2010-03-12: iRes Technology debuts wearable, hands-free uCorder; records 7 hours video on internal storage
2010-03-12: Texas Board of Education cuts Thomas Jefferson out of its textbooks
2010-03-12: Say Goodbye to Unlimited Wireless Data Plans
2010-03-12: Rackspace cloud stores your password in the clear.
2010-03-12: Efficient Detection of Split Personalities in Malware
2010-03-12: Too Many Women Dying in U.S. While Having Babies
2010-03-12: UK Unveils Plan for 250 MPH High Speed Train
2010-03-13: Aetna boots data breach class action suit
2010-03-13: Apple\'s Spat With Google Is Getting Personal
2010-03-13: Cyber-criminals don\'t need technical skills
2010-03-13: Texas Conservatives Win Vote on Textbook Standards
2010-03-13: Nice analysis of a Linux rootkit
2010-03-13: Recognizing the value of privacy: A management game on data security
2010-03-13: Ford preps anti-hacking tech for in-car WiFi
2010-03-13: T-Mobile confirms biggest phone customer data breach--corporate espionage
2010-03-14: U.S. to roll out major broadband policy
2010-03-14: South Korea Dealing With Massive Data Breach
2010-03-14: Conversations With a Blackhat
2010-03-14: Venezuela\'s Chavez To Limit Internet Freedom
2010-03-14: Microsoft Patches its Patch
2010-03-14: From Israel, a radical way to boost organ donation
2010-03-14: Driverless car to test out Pikes Peak climb
2010-03-14: Seven Improved Security Features in Windows 7
2010-03-14: Google \\\"99.9 pct\\\" sure to shut China search engine
2010-03-14: FBI reports online crime losses double in 2009
2010-03-14: Serious Apache vulnerability disclosed
2010-03-14: 20,000 US Hackers Wanted...Creating the Computer Elite (or Failing at it)
2010-03-14: Trinity Rescue Kit | CPR for your computer--recommended for cleaning up infected Windows boxes
2010-03-14: Microsoft Employees Love Gadgets, but iPhone Fans Lie Low
2010-03-14: The best advice I have found so far about bluetooth headset drivers
2010-03-14: BlueSoleil, 100 million users--choice for Bluetooth software--worked for me
2010-03-14: Inadequate Server Security Results in Breach of 4000 Students\' Data
2010-03-14: Use Linux to Scan Unusable Windows Drives for Viruses
2010-03-14: Strokejacking demonstration--a new Web attack
2010-03-15: The rise of amateur-run botnets
2010-03-15: A developer explains his decision to join Google on the Android team
2010-03-15:A new way to guarantee detection of malware in RAM
2010-03-15: A Simple Solution For Google In China
2010-03-15: Iran hacks US spy sites, arrests 30 activists
2010-03-15: Texas Messes with History
2010-03-15: First Annual Top Journalist of 2010 Awards Announced
2010-03-15: A broadband catapult for America
2010-03-15: Survey shows value of planning infosec career
2010-03-15: Android Equals iPhone in Smartphone Loyalty: 90% Won\'t Change Brand
2010-03-15: Golden Nanocages To Put the Heat On Cancer Cells
2010-03-15: US military plan to destroy Wikileaks leaked
2010-03-15: Microsoft pushes temporary security fix to IE laggards
2010-03-15: XSS demo for stealing passwords from the Firefox Password Manager
2010-03-15: You’re Leaving a Bacterial Fingerprint on Your Keyboard
2010-03-16: Making the Transition to Gigabit Ethernet
2010-03-16: MySpace To Sell User Data
2010-03-16: Microsoft: IE9 won\'t run on XP
2010-03-16: Feds use phony MySpace profiles to nab bad guys
2010-03-17: Study: Businesses start to embrace Windows 7
2010-03-17: Microsoft\\\'s IE 9 Browser - Platform Preview
2010-03-17: Troyak Botnet Gets Serviced by Russian Zeus Provider
2010-03-17: Facebook Attracting More Visitors Than Google.com
2010-03-17: Advertising Expenditures Dropped 12.3% In 2009, But Digital Grew 7.3%
2010-03-17: Hack to increase the screen resolution on Windows 7 netbooks
2010-03-17: In defence of anonymity online
2010-03-17: Cloud-based rapid disaster recovery
2010-03-17: Mafia don suspect tracked down via Facebook
2010-03-17: Tax-exempt Geek Group hit with huge tax bill
2010-03-17: Privacy is Not Dead, Just Evolving
2010-03-17: Frank Moss: Tech to help those who can\\\'t help themselves
2010-03-17: SafeSEH--Safe Exception Handlers (anti-stack overflow technology) explained
2010-03-17: Vulnerability in Virtual PC? - Windows Security Blog
2010-03-17: Virtual windows is less secure than non-virtual Windows--new security hole
2010-03-17: Hacker makes a fortune on the stock exchange by manipulating prices
2010-03-17: Clean Install Windows 7 with Upgrade Media
2010-03-17: How to stop Windows Update from restarting your PC (scroll to bottom)
2010-03-17: Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows
2010-03-17: Free Public WiFi SSID
2010-03-17: Microsoft Most Valuable Professional
2010-03-17: CBT Nuggets: Recommended Training for Cert Exams
2010-03-17: Download details: Microsoft Assessment and Planning 4.0
2010-03-17: Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit 5.0 Beta Test Program
2010-03-17: What is ImageX? -- Recommended Microsoft Partition Imager -- Makes WIM Files
2010-03-17: Windows Automated Installation Kit for Windows 7 (fixed download link at bottom)
2010-03-17: Download details: Windows® AIK for Windows® 7
2010-03-17: Creating a Windows PE Boot disk
2010-03-17: Microsoft faces eight desktop virtualization challenges
2010-03-17: Walkthrough: Create a Custom Windows PE Image
2010-03-17: Use any version of Windows 7 free for 120 days
2010-03-17: Disgruntled Ex-Employee Remotely Disables 100 Cars
2010-03-17: Why short links can take a long time to get you around the web
2010-03-17: A Google TV Set-Top Box is Coming
2010-03-17: Commercial tools not on tap for Windows 7 deployments
2010-03-17: Court: State Can Dump Non-Sex Offenders Into Registry
2010-03-17: Google\'s Chrome OS Running WITHOUT A Virtual Machine
2010-03-17: Solar Powered Augmented Reality Contact Lenses
2010-03-17: Preliminary results: IE9 tech preview performs 7.8 times better than IE8
2010-03-17: smp Capture The Flag (CTF) 2010 Hacker Olympics- FaQ
2010-03-17: Our Social Media Obsession by the Numbers [STATS]
2010-03-18: Charlie Miller on Mac OS X, Pwn2Own and Writing Exploits | threatpost
2010-03-18: Download details: Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010
2010-03-18: XML Notepad 2007 -- Recommended Tool
2010-03-18: Microsoft nixes barrier to Windows 7\\\'s Windows XP Mode
2010-03-18: The Hacker Academy--pre-register now
2010-03-18: 1st Trial Under California Spam Law Slams Spammer
2010-03-18: maLOLware: Crimepack - How Not to Redact
2010-03-18: Deploying Win 7--summary and screen shots of the class I took in Las Vegas (first 2 days)
2010-03-18: Court: Cyberbullying Threats Are Not Protected Speech
2010-03-18: How can I tell if an email address has been spoofed? Good answers
2010-03-18: Pen Testing the Web with Firefox--good slides, note the failure of Google Cache to hide your IP
2010-03-19: Firefox search add-ons for Security-Nerds
2010-03-19: Fired PA CISO gives his side of the story
2010-03-19: Opera Sees \\\"Dramatic\\\" Rise From Microsoft\\\'s Ballot
2010-03-19: ZeuS Banking Trojan Report - Excellent analysis and screenshots
2010-03-19: Omidyar\'s Peer News--a new model for Internet News
2010-03-19: Google May Shut Down China Unit in April, CBN Says
2010-03-19: Free Event at NASA Ames in Mt View April 9
2010-03-19: Cisco IP Helper Addresses--the best solution to forward DHCP and PXE traffic across subnets
2010-03-19: Charlie Miller to reveal 20 zero day security holes in Mac OS X
2010-03-19: skipfish - Google\'s new web application vulnerability scanner
2010-03-19: New Hampshire legislature rejects anti-biometrics bill
2010-03-19: SRA app secures BlackBerry calls
2010-03-19: As Many as 3,000 Vodafone Memory Cards Infected by Malware
2010-03-19: Firefox zero-day fix set up for 30 March release
2010-03-19: Speed Up Windows 7 Taskbar Navigation with a Registry Hack
2010-03-19: Website Security Seals with vulnerable websites
2010-03-19: iFinding Malware on your network via cached DNS entries
2010-03-19: CHART OF THE DAY: Apple\'s iPhone Platform Still Light-Years Ahead
2010-03-19: The current state of the crimeware threat - Q&A
2010-03-19: Research reveals 1 in 4 children have tried hacking
2010-03-19: Sophos Comment Spam and SEO Campaign Apology
2010-03-19: Apple Swears iPad Partners to Secrecy
2010-03-19: Free backup utility outshines Windows 7\\\'s Image Backup
2010-03-19: States give inmates access to personal data of others
2010-03-19: $99 Moby Tablet As Textbook Alternative
2010-03-19: Exploiting hard filtered SQL Injections
2010-03-19: The two specifications of HTML 5.0: WHAT WG vs W3C
2010-03-19: Analysis of Aurora .sys file used in the Google attack
2010-03-19: Windows 7 Tip: Checkbox Select
2010-03-19: Digs demonstrate the basis of human ethics
2010-03-20: Human arm transmits broadband
2010-03-20: Novell Rejects \\\"Inadequate\\\" $2B Takeover Bid
2010-03-20: Live Owl Nest Box Cam
2010-03-20: Review Site Yelp Faces Suits to Defend Way It Sells Ads
2010-03-20: Bad BitDefender Antivirus Update Hobbles Windows PCs
2010-03-20: Researchers Turn Mosquitoes Into Flying Vaccinators
2010-03-21: Cops: Burglar logs into MySpace on store computer
2010-03-21: Sirius XM radio gets delisting notice from Nasdaq
2010-03-21: 10 places not to use your debit card
2010-03-21: Why the Census Is Stuck With Snail Mail
2010-03-21: Chinese Academics\' Paper on Cyberwar Sets Off Alarms in U.S.
2010-03-21: Google is really going to leave China this time (?)
2010-03-21: The 5 Toughest Internet Scams
2010-03-21: Latency in the Data Center Matters
2010-03-21: BBC News - China denounces Google \'US Ties\'
2010-03-21: Switzerland Passes Violent Games Ban
2010-03-21: Latest Commodore 64 incarnation hopes what\'s old is new again
2010-03-21: Pwh2Own starts tomorrow!
2010-03-22: RIP Palm: it\'s over, and here\'s why
2010-03-22: A closer look at the Skipfish vulnerability scanner
2010-03-22: Google tries a route around Chinese censors
2010-03-22: I\'m not the messiah, says food activist – but his many worshippers do not believe him
2010-03-22: Google stops censoring results on China site
2010-03-22: penetration_testing_in_the_financial_services_industry
2010-03-22: How To Track The Google-China Conflict %u2013 Google Made You A Chart!
2010-03-22: A summary of the science on climate change
2010-03-22: You Could Easily Swallow This 32-GB MicroSD Card
2010-03-22: Google explains its new position in China
2010-03-22: Robot Teachers Invade Korean Classrooms By 2012
2010-03-22: New HTTP method: PATCH
2010-03-22: Botnet pierces Microsoft Live through audio captchas
2010-03-22: URL Obfuscation Tricks
2010-03-22: PDF Most Common File Type in Targeted Attacks
2010-03-22: Germany warns surfers against Firefox
2010-03-22: Vodafone Spain admits 3,000 smartphones shipped with Mariposa malware
2010-03-22: Critical Firefox bug won\'t be exploited at Pwn2Own
2010-03-22: Cyber Crooks Hit NJ Town, Ark. Utility --stealing $100,000 by online bank theft
2010-03-22: Google China: Inside the firewall, information is in short supply
2010-03-22: Microsoft Case Studies: Stack Overflow
2010-03-22: Google stops China censorship, Beijing condemns move
2010-03-22: How to Erase Fear -- in Humans
2010-03-22: Istanbul Police Departmen\'s \'Virtual Safety Teams\' to patrol the Internet
2010-03-24: A Conversation With Hunch Cofounder Caterina Fake
2010-03-24: XP to Windows 7 Migration with Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010
2010-03-24: Gordon And Mike\'s ICT Podcast--interviewing me (Sam Bowne)
2010-03-24: Analyze a Bot Infected Host with Wireshark Tutorial--Good example for CNIT 125
2010-03-24: Sprint releases first US WiMax phone
2010-03-24: Your health, tax, and search data siphoned
2010-03-24: Keep tabs on ReadyBoost with Windows 7\\\'s Performance Monitor
2010-03-24: More Than 1 Percent of the World\'s Internet Users Now Using OpenDNS
2010-03-24: Your Medical Records Aren\'t Secure
2010-03-24: SecurityFocus: IE7 0Day, with no explanation at all (as of now)
2010-03-24: Security professional gets probation for selling exploit code to Albert Gonzalez
2010-03-24: Free Avira anti-virus scanner hits the cloud
2010-03-24: Inside a global cybercrime ring
2010-03-24: Gmail Now Warns You If It Thinks Someone Else Is Using Your Account
2010-03-24: Can the EMV Standard Solve Credit Card Fraud?
2010-03-24: Law Enforcement Appliance Subverts SSL
2010-03-24: GoDaddy Follows Google\'s Lead; No More Registrations In China
2010-03-24: Law Enforcement Appliance Subverts SSL--original Wired.com story
2010-03-24: Apparently the IE7 0day is a fake
2010-03-24:The US Gov\'t v. WikiLeaks
2010-03-24: Pwn2Own 2010 Windows 7 Internet Explorer 8 exploit
2010-03-24: iPhone, IE, Firefox, Safari get stomped at hacker contest -- Pwn3Own
2010-03-24: Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade %u2013 Unlocking more benefits
2010-03-24: French police detain alleged Twitter hacker
2010-03-24: How CEOs see Security
2010-03-25: Sans founder slams \'terribly damaging\' US cyber security law FISMA
2010-03-25: Charlie Miller on Pwn2Own
2010-03-25: ATM Skimmer at bank in Alexandria, Va
2010-03-25: Transdermal Continuous Glucose Monitoring (tCGM) System--major improvement in diabetes therapy
2010-03-25: Babbage nanomachine promises low-energy computing
2010-03-25: YouTube - Pwn2Own 2010 Windows 7 IE8 exploit
2010-03-25: Microsoft Office Ultimate for $59.95 for CCSF Students
2010-03-25: Everest free system management tool to find necessary drivers
2010-03-25: Universal vaccine could put an end to all flu
2010-03-25: Computer hacker gets 20-year term
2010-03-25: State of Twitter Spam
2010-03-25: New cybersecurity bill has specific regulations about college security training
2010-03-25: xkcd malware analysis
2010-03-25: HTC Develops World\'s First 4G Phone: The EVO -- 100 Mbps
2010-03-25: Google adds Twitter feed in China, again defying that country\'s rules
2010-03-26: After DNS Problem, Chinese Root Server Is Shut Down
2010-03-26: Energy Star Program Certifies 15 Out of 20 Bogus Products
2010-03-26: Gaming Vest Makes Virtual Fights Real and Painful
2010-03-26: Editor of The Times Goes Online to Answer (Not Very Many) Questions on Impending Paywall
2010-03-26: Census Bureau Grapples With Social Media
2010-03-26: Nvidia Drops Support For Its Open Source Driver
2010-03-26: 50 ANDROID GAMES
2010-03-26: A Conviction of the Firewall Industry
2010-03-26: XSS Flaw on PayPal.com
2010-03-26: AVG Rescue CD Cleans Your Infected Windows PC
2010-03-26: Mac OS X Netbook Compatibility Chart
2010-03-26: Day Two: No One Even Attempts Hacking Chrome at Pwn2Own Competition
2010-03-26: Govt moves to protect electricity grid from hacker and terrorist attacks
2010-03-26: Pwn2Own winner tells Apple, Microsoft to find their own bugs
2010-03-26: Jedi Packet Trick Punches Holes in Firewalls
2010-03-26: Man who hacked President Obama\'s Twitter account arrested
2010-03-26: The Eerie Silence: Are We Alone in the Universe? by Paul Davies
2010-03-26: Judge reveals that JC Penney and Wet Seal were hacked
2010-03-26: The stunning pictures of sleeping insects covered in early morning dew
2010-03-26: Verizon Winds Down Expensive FiOS Expansion
2010-03-27: Ubuntu Will Switch To Base-10 File Size Units In Future Release
2010-03-27: Apple iPad is jailbroken prior to launch
2010-03-27:Tiny Cube Drags Space Debris From Orbit
2010-03-27: `Smart\' meters have security holes
2010-03-27: DoD sending its programmers and engineers to ethical hacking classes
2010-03-27: US honeypot for Al Queda taken down
2010-03-27: pwnat - Tunneling through NATs - very clever!
2010-03-27: Data stolen from firm that handles student loans in Virginia - 3.3 million records compromised
2010-03-27: I\'m no hacker, says Frenchman who cracked Obama\'s Twitter
2010-03-27: Google, Microsoft, Netflix in talks to create shared list of IPv6 users
2010-03-27: Browser Fingerprints: A Big Privacy Threat
2010-03-27: Teachers warn of attacks by parents on networking sites
2010-03-27: iPads for soldiers
2010-03-27: Israel\'s Supreme Court Says Yes To Internet Anonymity
2010-03-28: Violent Flash Mobs Becoming a Problem in Philly
2010-03-28: I Can\'t Wait for NoSQL to Die
2010-03-28: Can you still trust your network card ?
2010-03-28: Harvard Professor Makes Inhalable Coffee, No Cup Required
2010-03-28: Military warns of increasingly active cyberthreat from China
2010-03-28: Cisco warns of highly critical SIP flaw
2010-03-28: Nanoparticle Science Helps Create Low-Cost Water Purification Systems
2010-03-28: 22 Most Unusual Google Earth Photos
2010-03-28: London Times will vanish behind a paywall in June
2010-03-28: Microsoft wireless keyboards hacked
2010-03-28: No Flash On The iPad? No Problem. Brightcove Turns Videos Into HTML5
2010-03-28: Clumsy and insecure implementation of the Times paywall
2010-03-28: The war on WikiLeaks and why it matters
2010-03-29: Safari Integer Overflow Aids Inter Protocol Exploitation
2010-03-29: Yahoo engineers propose domain resolution hack to support IPv6
2010-03-29: Emergency update for IE6 & 7 due tommorrow
2010-03-29: Warner brothers wants to hire a filesharer
2010-03-29: Universal Network Cable
2010-03-29: Office photocopiers brimming with corporate secrets
2010-03-29: contagio malware dump--useful and dangerous site for live malware
2010-03-29: OS X file traversal vulnerability with vuln detection and exploit code
2010-03-29: Video Surveillance deployed inside London Public Bathrooms
2010-03-29: Microsoft defends IE8 following hacking contest
2010-03-29: New Software For Employers To Monitor Facebook
2010-03-29: Medical identity theft growing, and at no small price
2010-03-29: Good SAT Scores Lead To Higher Egg Donor Prices
2010-03-29: Cracking Facebook\'s Dominance: New Cross-Network Commenting Protocol Could Be a Game Changer
2010-03-29: China cracks down on reporting of Google conflict
2010-03-29: Why the Google antitrust complaint is not about Microsoft
2010-03-29: New RFID Tag Could Mean the End of Bar Codes
2010-03-29: PE Firm Plans Open LTE Network to Challenge AT&T and Verizon
2010-03-29: Botnet sending TLS-encrypted spam
2010-03-29: Miami-Dade inmates hack strangers\' fax lines to make `free\' calls
2010-03-29: Escape From PDF -- pdf 0day?
2010-03-29: New vapor detector device contains 36 trained bees
2010-03-29: Google, Adobe May Bring Together Chrome, Flash
2010-03-29: A Googler Has his Tiananmen Square Moment
2010-03-29: US District Judge Rules Gene Patents Invalid
2010-03-29: Durex data leaks, and their wrath at the customer who exposed the breach
2010-03-29: GPG on Android!
2010-03-29: Dude Totally Re-Creates San Francisco With Toothpicks
2010-03-29: The state of 4G: it\'s all about congestion, not speed
2010-03-29: Analysis: Google-China flap déjà vu for Microsoft
2010-03-29: Why Jailbreak an iPad?
2010-03-30: Gov\'t, certificate authorities conspire to spy on SSL users?
2010-03-30: The Enduring Value of Microsoft Office
2010-03-30: Teachers suffer cyberbullying by pupils and parents
2010-03-30: The average lifespan of malware is 2 hours?
2010-03-30: Trends in Computer Forensics
2010-03-30: SpeedFan - Access temperature sensor in your computer
2010-03-30: \"Unhackable\" self-destructing USB stick
2010-03-30: Fuzzing 4 Products with 5 Lines of Python--Charlie Miller\'s CanSecWest slides!
2010-03-30: Magnets Can Sway \'Moral Compass,\' Say MIT Researchers
2010-03-30: AMD\'s 12-Core Chip Cuts Software Licensing Costs
2010-03-30: AT&T pushes 24Mbps U-Verse to all its markets
2010-03-30: Crimepack Exploit System
2010-03-30: 9 MA Teens indicted for cyberbullying
2010-03-30: Why You Should Install Perspectives For Firefox Right Now
2010-03-30: Detecting suspicious account activity on your Gmail
2010-03-30: P2P ban bill gets House approval, on to Senate
2010-03-30: Adobe Flash Now Officially a Part of Google Chrome
2010-03-30: Microsoft teams with Google in name of privacy
2010-03-30: MIT research project keeps apps running, even under attack
2010-03-30: Break TrueCrypt hard drive encryption quickly
2010-03-30: Quickly Triage Adobe PDF Documents for Malware
2010-03-30: Red Hat moves into desktop virtualization
2010-03-30: What You Need to Know about Microsoft\'s Emergency IE Patch
2010-03-30: Business Schools Respond to Demand for Use of Social Media
2010-03-30: Unvarnished: A Clean, Well-Lighted Place For Defamation
2010-03-30: WebInspect--recommended Web vuln scanner
2010-03-30: Cisco baiter Vyatta rolls out new software
2010-03-30: Furloughs coming at CCSF
2010-03-30: Another offer to help CCSF students cheat in classes
2010-03-30: Yale delays switch to Gmail over security concerns
2010-03-30: The role of LAN edge switches in network security
2010-03-30: 22 Banking Breaches So Far in 2010
2010-03-31: Chinese Yahoo Email Accounts Owned by Journalists, Activists Hacked
2010-03-31: Paypal malware modifies hosts file
2010-03-31: Digital Steganography Database Exceeds 800 Applications
2010-03-31: Can Humans Manage the Atmosphere?
2010-03-31: Security researchers scrutinise search engine poisonings
2010-03-31: Social networking risks under little control
2010-03-31: Councilman Booted For His Farmville Obsession
2010-03-31: German gov\'t website distributed ZeuS trojan
2010-03-31: Android and iPhone dominate mobile computing app development
2010-03-31: Tidal power? No thanks
2010-03-31: Google turns up botnet targeting Vietnamese users
2010-03-31: Indie Filmmakers Sue Thousands of BitTorrent Users
2010-03-31: gPDF Add-on For Firefox, Chrome And Opera - Opens PDF Links Online Directly In Google Docs Viewer
2010-03-31: PPTP does in fact allow unencrypted connections
2010-03-31: Edible RFID microchip monitor can tell if you take your medicine
2010-03-31: Ten Networking Hacks for Your Windows Registry
2010-03-31: Analysis of obfuscated javascript malware being injected into Italian websites
2010-03-31: Can we regenerate the brain?
2010-03-31: Microsoft runs fuzzing botnet, finds 1,800 Office bugs
2010-03-31: jQuery one-line plugin to crash IE6
2010-03-31: NJ Court: Employee-Attorney E-Mails Are Private
2010-03-31: Run six monitors at once with this video card
2010-03-31: Sexy romances distract hackers from data theft, Sophos research proves (April 1 Grade: B)
2010-03-31: Utica College Breaks New Ground in Cyber Security, Cyber Intelligence With First-of-Its-Kind Master\'s Degree
2010-03-31: Every Russian\'s fingerprints soon to be in a database
2010-03-31: Exclusive: Google To Go Nuclear
2010-03-31: World\'s Smallest Superconductor Discovered
2010-03-31: Link Form
2010-03-31: Link Form
2010-03-31: Data leak from Toshiba?
2010-03-31: Starbucks expands pay-by-iPhone pilot to 1,000 stores
2010-03-31: The End of the Road For Texting Truckers

April 2010

2010-04-01: 2% support Facebook\'s proposed privacy policy changes
2010-04-01: iPad Mega Meta Review: Works Great, No Surprises
2010-04-01: Roundup: April Fools 2010 in the tech world
2010-04-01: Animated history of Conficker
2010-04-01: Ukrainian cybercrime-friendly ISP hit by fire after clean-up
2010-04-01: Using Software Restriction Policies to Protect Against Unauthorized Software
2010-04-01: How to make a disallowed-by-default Software Restriction Policy
2010-04-01: How to View / Disconnect Remote Desktop Sessions from Commandline
2010-04-01: YouTube - Defeating a sliding chain lock using a rubber band
2010-04-01: Google fails to renew licence in China
2010-04-01: Google researchers out kernel bugs in Windows, Linux and VMware
2010-04-01: Unemployed: America’s 35 Hardest Hit Cities
2010-04-01: Buy a Job Reference--I suppose this is legal
2010-04-01: Google confirms a report on cyber attack on Vietnamese computers
2010-04-01: FTC Sets Endorsement Rules for Blogs
2010-04-02: Is your site iPad-ready?
2010-04-02: 10 jobs within cybercrime organizations
2010-04-02: 34% of enterprises suffered a breach last year
2010-04-02: Cloud forensics
2010-04-02: Explosive Silicon Gas Casts Shadow on Solar Power Industry
2010-04-02: Foxit Reader Security Update
2010-04-02: The next Ubuntu will be Maverick Meerkat
2010-04-02: Upgrade your netbook to Windows Home 7 Premium for $50 starting next week
2010-04-02: Maley Mayhem: Was Firing Justified? Five Perspectives
2010-04-02: Make Your Own Keylogger
2010-04-02: \"You expect me to talk?\" No Mr. Bond, we expect you to twee
2010-04-02 Kon-Boot \\\"root a box\\\" on the fly v1.1 in the wild
2010-04-02: Real-World Outcomes Predicted Using Social Media
2010-04-02: How to Use Gmail\'s Attractive New Tablet-Friendly Interface on Your Regular Old Computer
2010-04-02: Good chart of Ubuntu security features v. time
2010-04-02: Navy Wants Cyber Weapons That Shoot Data Beams
2010-04-02: Mozilla patches Pwn2Own bug in just 8 days
2010-04-02: #1 iPhone news app: OnionNews
2010-04-02: Best defense is cyber defense
2010-04-02: Finland will deliver snail mail electronically Paper? What\'s that?
2010-04-02: Another easy, awesome SSL cert attack (PDF)
2010-04-02: Egyptian family uses notes to communicate for 11 years over bug fears
2010-04-02: PortSign Hacking Network 2.0 Internet
2010-04-02: Federal Appeals Court Says Sex Offender\'s Computer Ban Unfair
2010-04-02: Meet the First $900 iPad App
2010-04-02: Opera alerts EU to hidden Windows browser-ballot
2010-04-02: iPod-Sized HIV Detector
2010-04-02: Note To Thieves: People You Rob Use Craigslist Too
2010-04-02: Network Intercept adds random keystrokes to your computer to defeat keyloggers
2010-04-03: Adobe sneaks Flash apps onto Apple and Android devices through the back door
2010-04-03: US Mobile Data Traffic Usage Exceeds Voice
2010-04-03: The 5 stages of Apple induced grief (rude language)
2010-04-03: Fake Steve Explains the iPad
2010-04-03: Fiber optic transmission at 69.1 Tbps--DWDM with 432 wavelengths
2010-04-03: Pictured: Cracking Open iPad Reveals Some Surprises
2010-04-03: Growth of Unpaid Internships May Be Illegal, Officials Saym
2010-04-03: Very good iPad review
2010-04-04: Facebook Sues Data Geek, but That Doesn\'t Solve Its Privacy Problem
2010-04-04: Gas pump skimmers attached in 11 seconds
2010-04-04: Euthanasia group teaches Australians how to hack past the filter
2010-04-04: CNN plummets in audience share, while Fox flies even higher
2010-04-04: Assembly Language - ASM Community
2010-04-04: First iPad Jailbreak Demoed... With Video!
2010-04-05: Vietnam Calls Computer Software-Targeting Claim \'Groundless\'
2010-04-05: Powering consumers with information about their energy use
2010-04-05: Collateral Murder--the Wikileaks scoop that the CIA tried to suppress
2010-04-05: Cyberspies hack India and Dalai Lama, U of Toronto researchers say
2010-04-05: Uganda lays wrong type of fiber optic cable for its Internet backbone
2010-04-05: Security driven by compliance, rather than protection <--very interesting, especially for CISSP students
2010-04-05: Five things you need to tell your parents about computer security
2010-04-05: Researchers Trace Data Theft to China
2010-04-05: GIVING BACK: Volunteerism in the IT security space
2010-04-05: Interesting rant in favor of full disclosure
2010-04-06: Cybercrime concerns grow in China
2010-04-06: Security Consultants and Lawyers: Don\'t Trust Them to Manage Risks
2010-04-06: Making Closed Software Act Like It\'s Open
2010-04-06: Update: Escape From PDF
2010-04-06: Mozilla contains unidentified root certificates
2010-04-06: Drilling deep under the US to dispose of nuclear waste
2010-04-06: Direct from the researchers: the new Chinese botnet attack on India
2010-04-06: Mystery flash drives and Baconian cipher hint at new Bethesda game
2010-04-06: Visa warns of key logger increase
2010-04-06: Security experts to release details of \'GhostNet\' online spy network
2010-04-06: 2010 Interactive Timeline to Breaches Involving U.S. Financial Institutions
2010-04-06: Isohunt Redirects US Visitors to Lite Version
2010-04-06: Hoe much energy does each search take?
2010-04-06: Court rules against FCC\'s Comcast Net neutrality decision
2010-04-06: N. Korea launches out-of-date OS
2010-04-06: x5s - a cross site scripting (XSS) testing tool
2010-04-06: C Programming Language Back At Number 1
2010-04-06: Yelp Changes Some Advertising Policies in Response to Miami Lawsuit
2010-04-06: Netbook Processors Create Huge Efficiency Boost In Supercomputers
2010-04-07: PDF \\\"/Launch\\\" Social Engineering Attack - Adobe Reader Blog
2010-04-07: Estonia readies for the next cyberattack
2010-04-07: Rutkowska Releases \'Qubes\' Hardened OS
2010-04-07: iPad anti-virus shield guards against phantom threat
2010-04-07: Researcher Details New Class Of Cross-Site Scripting Attack Using Metainformaton
2010-04-07: Murdoch sticks behind his paywalls
2010-04-07: Conficker Botnet is Dead in the Water
2010-04-07: How to use Schtasks.exe to Schedule Tasks in Windows Server 2003
2010-04-07: Son plans to sue mother over Facebook interference
2010-04-07: Wikileaks silent on how it broke encryption
2010-04-08: How Wikileaks shone light on world\'s darkest secrets
2010-04-08: City College of San Francisco CalWomenTech Home
2010-04-09: Bad Chinese BGP packets hijack Web traffic again
2010-04-09: Details and a map of the BGP problems (CCNA students, take note)
2010-04-09: Dojo - Web Security traning tool
2010-04-09: The Economist Weighs In For Shorter Copyright Terms
2010-04-09: Batten Down the Hatches for Microsoft and Adobe Patches
2010-04-09: Ads on the iPhone
2010-04-09: Lawsuit Says McAfee Plays Loose With Customer Data
2010-04-09: Can Clever Hackers Target Smart Phones?
2010-04-09: RAD University Tutorials--Cisco and networ-oriented tutorials and games
2010-04-09: Evolution, Big Bang Polls Omitted From NSF Report
2010-04-09: New way to conceal data in noise
2010-04-09: Java bug exposes users to serious code-execution risk
2010-04-09: Adobe Reacts to New iPhone App Policy
2010-04-09: Antimatter Triggers Largest Explosion Ever Recorded in Universe

2010-04-10: Scientists Turn T-Shirts Into Body Armor
2010-04-10: Mind-Controlled Television
2010-04-10: Unknown Attack Compromised Hundreds Of WordPress Websites
2010-04-10: ssh-keygen, the web-based SSH Key Generator <-- Really bad idea
2010-04-10: Mexico may cut millions of cellphones to fight crime
2010-04-10: Cell phones that detect poison gas
2010-04-10: Researcher Uncovers (Another) Major Facebook Security Exploit
2010-04-10: Facebook Platform Vulnerability Enabled Silent Data Harvesting
2010-04-10: \\\"Father of Java\\\" Resigns From Sun/Oracle
2010-04-10: Iceland\'s proposal to create a haven for investigative journalism
2010-04-10: Study Says Almost Half Of Americans Use Social Networks
2010-04-10: Glitches in Microsoft\'s California vouchers
2010-04-10: Businesses support YouTube use by police to solve crimes
2010-04-10: Does Our Universe Live Inside a Wormhole?
2010-04-10: Intel Handing Out Samples of Experimental 48-Core Chip
2010-04-11: Top 5 Security No Brainers for Businesses
2010-04-11: We Were Wrong to Resist Apple - Tyranny is Good After All
2010-04-11: Here\'s a handy way to remember Gate Access Codes
2010-04-11: Discovery that quasars don\'t show time dilation mystifies astronomers
2010-04-11: SIW | System Information for Windows -- recommended for detecting hardware, to find drivers
2010-04-11: Robo Spiders Are Multilegged Mechanical Marvels
2010-04-11: Palm Said to Put Itself Up for Sale; Bids May Come This Week
2010-04-12: \"Wikileaks\" is the world\'s top search term
2010-04-12: Windows Autopwn (winAUTOPWN) v2.2 released
2010-04-12: Windows 7 Service Pack 1 leaks - no surprises so far
2010-04-12: Solar-Powered Plane \\\"Solar Impulse\\\" Has Successful Maiden Test Flight
2010-04-12: ostinato - traffic generator and analyzer
2010-04-12: East African Submarine Cable System makes progress
2010-04-12: Russia Plans a Science City Modeled on Silicon Valley
2010-04-12: Researchers get funding to build new secure OS
2010-04-12: Microsoft Kin: The Perfect Phone for Sidekick Fans
2010-04-12: Very cool: Riverbed and Vyatta partner for all-in-one router, WAN appliance 
2010-04-12: Twitter Has a Plan to Make Money With Ads
2010-04-12: Ethical Hacking Firm Trains Next Generation of Cyber Crime Fighters
2010-04-12: Ex-employees turn to cyber crime after layoffs
2010-04-12: Recombinant Rhymer Encodes Poetry in DNA
2010-04-12: CanSec West 2010 Talks
2010-04-12: Google is now so paranoid about security, they might start using Chrome
2010-04-12: IPv4 Address Report - thorough and interesting analysis of the impending exhaustion: Doomsday is Sep 24, 2011
2010-04-12: 96% accuracy finding letters from the sound of typing
2010-04-12: A Very Brief History of the Internet
2010-04-12: StarCraft Cheating Scandal Rocks Korea
2010-04-12: No Agencies Fully Meet Cybersecurity Requirements
2010-04-13: What the WikiLeaks Media Blitz Has Revealed About WikiLeaks
2010-04-13: iPad is for cats too
2010-04-13: Brokerage Firm Fined $375,000 for Unsecured Data
2010-04-13: Netsparker Community Edition, Free Web Application Security Scanner
2010-04-13: SHODAN - Computer Search Engine - Fun popula hacking searches
2010-04-13: CNN sues citizen \'iReporter\' for saying he works for CNN
2010-04-14: Many exoplanets orbit backwards
2010-04-14: How to Protect Your Privacy from Computer Forensics
2010-04-14: Google accused of YouTube ‘free ride’
2010-04-14: Replay it: Google search across the Twitter archive
2010-04-14: Virtual Receptionist -- We saw these at Cisco in Sunnyvale
2010-04-14: Job Search | one search. all jobs. Indeed
2010-04-14: Escaped inmates dress as sheep
2010-04-14: Microsoft, Adobe, Oracle Patch Nearly 100 Vulnerabilities
2010-04-14: Internet abuzz with BitTorrent bypass code
2010-04-14: Recuva - Undelete, Unerase, File and Disk Recovery - Free Download
2010-04-14: \"Hacking for Dummies\" author offers bad advice, @RSnake sets him straight
2010-04-14: Twitter\'s Entire Archive Headed to the Library of Congress
2010-04-14: Twitter: All the Numbers That Matter
2010-04-14: Nearly 1 million now identified in Tenn. BlueCross hard drive theft
2010-04-14: Yahoo, Feds Battle Over E-Mail Privacy
2010-04-14: CSU students find Palin papers in garbage
2010-04-15: ASP 101 - Getting Scripts to Run on a Schedule
2010-04-15: Google says 11,000 domains distributing rogue anti-virus
2010-04-15: What Happened at Twitter\'s Chirp Conference
2010-04-15: Microsoft sending inspectors to Chinese contractor
2010-04-15: Former NSA official allegedly leaked material to media
2010-04-15: Apple Blocks Pulitzer Prize-Winning Cartoonist From App Store
2010-04-15: Wisconsin Legislators Approve State Microbe
2010-04-15: Adobe Heap of Troble--Slide deck analyzing PDF exploits
2010-04-15: Obama orders hospital visitation rights for gays, lesbians
2010-04-15: A handy figure showing the risks of plaintext logon pages
2010-04-15: Stunning photographs of animals inside womb
2010-04-15: MPAA & RIAA want to put spyware on your computer and censor your Internet connection
2010-04-15: Apache project server hacked, passwords compromised
2010-04-15: MIT researchers engineer viruses to split water in search of hydrogen
2010-04-16: Inside the Java 0-Day Exploit
2010-04-16: YouTube - 0DAY CVE-2010-0886 Java Web Start Argument Injection Vulnerability Demonstrated
2010-04-16: Demand for IT security professionals is still strong
2010-04-16: Hentai malware publishes web history of marks online
2010-04-16: Scientists work to keep hackers out of implanted medical devices
2010-04-16: Microsoft Fix it Center Online--automatically fixes WIndows problems
2010-04-16: Sun Pushes Emergency Java Patch
2010-04-16: iPad Banned By Princeton And Other Universities
2010-04-16: Free anti-virus software dominates market
2010-04-16: April 2010 Web Server Survey - Netcraft
2010-04-16: What Can Be Done About Security of Debit Cards?
2010-04-16: Ireland May Be Next To Censor the Internet
2010-04-16: Crime Prediction Software Is Here and It\'s a Very Bad Idea
2010-04-16: Human embryo with three genetic parents created
2010-04-16: 190 websites ordered closed by the CRES | Prachatai English
2010-04-16: Facebook and YouTube at work: balancing the risks and rewards
2010-04-16: Volkswagen\'s Autonomous Car: Drivers Unneccesary
2010-04-16: Rooting Explained Top 5 Benefits Of Rooting Your Android Phone
2010-04-16: University teacher removed from class for giving difficult tests
2010-04-16: 7,500 Online Shoppers Unknowingly Sold Their Souls
2010-04-16: ClamAV Forced Upgrade Breaks Email Servers
2010-04-16: World\'s first CO2-negative volcano
2010-04-16: World\'s first CO2-negative volcano
2010-04-16: Yahoo Beats Feds in E-Mail Privacy Battle
2010-04-16: iPad/iPhone OS 3.2 Stops Renewing DHCP Lease, Keeps Using IP Address
2010-04-16: One in Six New York Teenagers Hack -- And Rarely Get Caught
2010-04-16: Wireless Technology at Millisecond Speeds Coming
2010-04-16: Social engineering--priming people with subliminal fast food logos
2010-04-16: Cisco WiFi open to attack via SNMP
2010-04-16: Apple Fans Are Clueless About Security, and Apple isn\'t much better
2010-04-16: Spam Suspect Uses Google Docs; FBI Happy
2010-04-16: School secretly snapped 1000s of students at home
2010-04-16: WebOS: Examples of SMS delivered injection flaws
2010-04-16: Major Cable Providers To Share Wi-Fi Networks
2010-04-16: iPad Online Usage Already Rivaling Android & Blackberry, In Its First 10 Days (they are all tied at 0%)
2010-04-16: Spring 2010 MSU Capture the Flag « McGrew Security Blog
2010-04-16: Almost all Fortune 500 companies show Zeus botnet activity
2010-04-16: Cassini Captures First Movie of Lightning on Saturn
2010-04-16: Police Called After 9-year-old Steals Password
2010-04-16: NY Teacher Steals Lunches from Students
2010-04-16: Office 2010 Released to Manufacturing
2010-04-16: Yet another person offering paid cheating services for CCSF students
2010-04-16: Nearly 800,000 U.S. TV households \'cut the cord\'
2010-04-16: RFID DoS and MITM Attacks Endanger e-Voting and passports
2010-04-17: Google is way bigger than you realize
2010-04-17: Congress outlaws all Caller ID spoofing (VoIP too)
2010-04-17: Clarification on computer law: abusing email accounts and social networks becomes more punishable
2010-04-17: Security Shootout: 10 Top Antivirus Apps Put to the Test
2010-04-17: EPIC - EPIC v. Homeland Security: Government has Over 2,000 Photos from Airport Body Scanners
2010-04-17: keynotetweet - Automatically tweet during a talk
2010-04-17: Infamous hacker applauds the security of Microsoft software; less than pleased with Apple and Adobe offerings
2010-04-17: Apple\'s iPad war on Adobe and Flash <-- Excellent explanation!
2010-04-18: Who\'s letting me become ssladmin? Another SSL MITM attack
2010-04-18: Network Solutions hacked again
2010-04-18: Technology sector is in a hiring mood
2010-04-18: Micro-projector review
2010-04-18: 10 really useful Chrome browser extensions--including WOT!
2010-04-18: Fraud Fighter \\\"Bobbear\\\" To Close Up Shop
2010-04-18: Why So Few Women in Silicon Valley?
2010-04-18: IE8\'s XSS filter twisted into an XSS tool that creates attacks
2010-04-19: Case study of incident-handling process: good for CISSP students
2010-04-19: Researcher: Mobile number leaks in HTTP headers common but inappropriate
2010-04-19: Security Expert Finds Security Holes in Passports and \'Smart Cards\'
2010-04-19: Lifehacker on Password-Guessing (for tomorrow\'s podcast)
2010-04-19: Safe Browsing Tool | WOT Web of Trust - for tomorrow\'s podcast
2010-04-19: Embedded PDF executable hack goes live in Zeus malware attacks
2010-04-19: Critical flaw in Cisco Secure Desktop
2010-04-19: Google kills \'http\' URLs in Chrome browser
2010-04-19: Gizmodo paid for iPhone 4G: so are they receivers of stolen goods? | Technology | guardian.co.uk
2010-04-19: New Microsoft FixIt support service offers XP users Windows 7 goodies
2010-04-19: Harassing Nancy Pelosi: Yes, feds can trace magicJack calls
2010-04-19: hina hackers stole key Google program
2010-04-19: Cyberattack on Google Said to Hit Password System
2010-04-19: How Apple Lost the Next iPhone
2010-04-19: Scanning Electron Microscope pictures of grains of pollen
2010-04-19: The User\'s Manifesto: in defense of hacking, modding, and jailbreaking
2010-04-20: Subliminal Cues Can Empty Wallets
2010-04-20: Amazon purges account hijacking threat from site
2010-04-20: Simple way to steal credit card numbers: replace the whole card reader
2010-04-20: Cops Pull Plug on Rent-a-Fraudster Service for Bank Thieves
2010-04-20: The Largest Cloud in the World is Owned By A Criminal Network
2010-04-20: Why You Should Never Pay For Online Dating
2010-04-20: 42% of employees underestimate fines for data breaches
2010-04-20: 28% of businesses subjected to a data integrity attack
2010-04-20: Wikileaks Claims Facebook Deleted Their Fan Page Because They \\\"Promote Illegal Acts\\\"
2010-04-20: Quantum Key Distribution: unbreakable one-time-pad encryption at 1 Mbps -- Important advance for CISSP Students
2010-04-20: Cancer breakthrough: drug stops metastasis
2010-04-20: Remember Google Wave?
2010-04-20: Teen Girls Average 80 Texts Per Day
2010-04-20: Ford’s SYNC AppLink Brings Android and BlackBerry Apps to Your Car
2010-04-20: Shocking! Lunar Craters May Be Electrified
2010-04-21: Geek Power: Steven Levy Revisits Tech Titans, Hackers, Idealists
2010-04-21: Fresno teacher accused of hacking principal\'s e-mails, students\' files
2010-04-21: New Speed Cameras Work From Space
2010-04-21: Next Gen Intel CPUs Move To Yet Another Socket
2010-04-21: How Russian Cybercriminals are Reacting to the FBI * International Partners Taking Down Their Site
2010-04-21: Mass hack attack or a Gmail bug? -
2010-04-21: The High Court’s Lack of Tech Knowlege is Troubling
2010-04-21: Researchers Hijack Cell Phone Data, GSM Locations
2010-04-21: How to Hack Toy EEGs
2010-04-21: Call Centers for Computer Criminals
2010-04-21: Windows Maintenance Tips: The Good, Bad, and Useless
2010-04-21: Netflix Founder Acquires Online Education Start-Up
2010-04-21: Photos of Chinese sweatshops that package Microsoft prodicts
2010-04-21: 50 percent of iPad owners use Windows
2010-04-21: Fibre rollout could cost £15 billion
2010-04-21: Unlimited online storage? Voilà!
2010-04-21: Second Banker Accused of Stealing High-Frequency Trading Code
2010-04-21: C language inventor spurns Google\\\'s language exam
2010-04-21: Is Network Security a Dead End Career?
2010-04-21: Dynamips--Free Virtual Routers that run Cisco IOS
2010-04-21: Layer 3 Topologies for CCNP Prep
2010-04-21: A Long Day at McAfee
2010-04-21: Recovering from the Flawed McAfee Update -McAfee detected svchost.exe as a threat!?
2010-04-21: Alcatel-Lucent Boosts Broadband Over Copper To 300Mbps
2010-04-21: Vuln Disclosure is Rude
2010-04-22: Why Banning Social Media Often Backfires
2010-04-22 Gmail hacking \"epidemic\" claimed (very weak evidence provided)
2010-04-22: 1.5M stolen Facebook IDs up for sale
2010-04-22: Sounds Make Memories Stick During Sleep
2010-04-22: Recycle Your Old Gadgets on Wired.com With YouRenew
2010-04-22: Holy Cow, Random Hacking Hardware
2010-04-23: Pacman on the moon
2010-04-23: Funny XSS in Symantec :)
2010-04-23: Over 10% of PCs Across the Globe Have Upgraded to Windows 7
2010-04-23: Charting the Carnage from eBanking Fraud
2010-04-23: Blippy Users Credit Card Numbers Exposed in Google Search Results
2010-04-23: Microsoft Office 2010 arrives May 12
2010-04-23: Social engineering at its finest
2010-04-23: Don’t Use Office RC4 Encryption. Really. Just don’t do it.
2010-04-23: Giving hackers a dose of their own poison
2010-04-23: McAfee blames QA process change for faulty update
2010-04-23: RT @InfosecurityMag: Microsoft wins piracy battle in China--32% of pirated Windows contains malware?
2010-04-23: Cecilia Malmström\'s plans for a EU-wide Internet censorship explained in plain English
2010-04-23: Googlesharing tool to defeat google\'s snooping
2010-04-23: Google Not Suitable for Children Under 12, Says Web Censor
2010-04-23: Is Google wardriving the planet?
2010-04-23: Brain training games useless, violent shoot em ups make you smarter
2010-04-23: Verizon condemns vulnerability research in silly rant
2010-04-23: Secret backdoor password into Lock My PC 4 Revealed
2010-04-23: Nmap Does Much More Than Network Discovery - Meet Ncrack
2010-04-23: DC650_ -- Dan Kaminsky talking in Silicon Valley Monday -- great new security group!
2010-04-23: Turns Out SMBs in the Fog about Online Fraud
2010-04-23: Blippy explains the credit card numbers they exposed
2010-04-23: Lost iPhone prototype spurs police probe
2010-04-23: Ruby Developer with an interest in the Stock Market -- Job offer in San Diego
2010-04-23: Man Put On \\\"No-Fly List\\\" While In Air To NYC
2010-04-23: SKYHOOK Wireless: How It Works > Coverage -- these people have wardriven the planet too, apparently
2010-04-23: Get your DNA sequenced for just $99 today
2010-04-23: Opera enables testing of mobile sites on desktop
2010-04-23: Sky offers 20Mbps broadband for free
2010-04-23: Over 1,000 NHS desktops part of botnet, says Symantec
2010-04-23: Climate Researchers Fight Back
2010-04-23: Sarah Palin takes stand in email hacking case
2010-04-23: South Park guys: Comedy Central caved to terrorist threats
2010-04-23: Verizon dubs sec researchers \'narcissistic vulnerability pimps\'
2010-04-23: Historian Orlando Figes admits posting Amazon reviews that trashed rivals
2010-04-23: Full Body Scanners \\\"Useless\\\"
2010-04-23: Wow! $200 for 2-day IPv6 training in Denver, May 26-27!
2010-04-23: I hate computers: confessions of a sysadmin
2010-04-23: Google highlights fair use defense to YouTube takedowns
2010-04-23: Facebook wants its own currency
2010-04-23: Cellswapper.com - Cellswapper.com - How cellswapper works to help you save money.
2010-04-23: Seattle hacker exposes police lies
2010-04-24: How to install BT4 on an SD card (pauldotcom)
2010-04-24: EeeUser Forum / How do I fully INSTALL BACKTRACK 4 beta, to removble sd save changes
2010-04-24: Security B-Sides Boston live stream
2010-04-24: 18 per cent of employees lost a portable device within the last three years
2010-04-24: Yet another UK gag order silences the press, showing again how much we need Wikileaks
Patrick Thomas\' slides from his CNIT 123 Talk 4-17-10
2010-04-24: Attack of the Opt-In Botnets
2010-04-24: How to USB tether the Motorola Droid
2010-04-24: How to USB Tether Motorola Droid (looks like the original source)
2010-04-24: Twitter Launches Countdown to OAuthcalypse
2010-04-24: Creepy site for \"SaferDates\"
2010-04-24: Hospital data security is terrible and getting worse
2010-04-24: University of Texas recalls students in wake of violence in Mexico
2010-04-24: Minnesota man coaxed others to suicide in chat rooms
2010-04-24: Man Indicted for Cyber-extortion: Threat Against Insurance Firm
2010-04-25: Don\'t Talk To Aliens, Warns Stephen Hawking
2010-04-25: The End of the 3.5 Inch Floppy Continues
2010-04-25: New Mass. law requires encryption of all databases that contain Mass. residents
2010-04-25: How three companies lost money from hacked online bank accounts
2010-04-25: New smartphone has a 26-core processor
2010-04-25: MAD is Hiring | MAD Security
2010-04-25: Apple hired a cryptographer, a good sign
2010-04-25: GNS3 | Graphical Network Simulator--simnulates Cisco devices and it\'s free!
2010-04-25: Does Your Social Networking Profile Say Too Much?
2010-04-25: Seattle cartoonist: May 20 is ‘Everybody Draw Mohammed Day’
2010-04-25: Russian hacker busted? facebook accounts for sale don’t look hacked
2010-04-25: Setting up a CCNA Study Environment with GNS3 and VMware
2010-04-26: How to Kick Ass in Information Security
2010-04-26: How young upstarts can get their big security break in 6 steps
2010-04-26: Hot Out of China’s Knock-Off Oven: iPad Clones
2010-04-26: Facebook privacy hole \'lets you see where strangers plan to go\'
2010-04-26: Cyber crime is now the FBI\'s #1 priority
2010-04-26: Matasano Security - Hiring in SF Bay Area now, according to rumor
2010-04-26: Social network Blippy to hire CSO in wake of security woes
2010-04-26: Dell plans Android tablet and netbook
2010-04-26: Laughter really is the best medicine as doctors find it can be as healthy as exercise
2010-04-26: HacKid Conferences -- for kids
2010-04-26: House Proposes Legalizing, Taxing Online Gambling
2010-04-26: Check out the new public beta for Windows Home Server, Code Name Vail
2010-04-26: Google Adds Local Business Annotations to Street View
2010-04-26: FOR PHONE HACKING CLASS: Rooting Explained Top 5 Benefits Of Rooting Your Android Phone
2010-04-26: FOR PHONE HACKING CLASS: The User\'s Manifesto: in defense of hacking, modding, and jailbreaking
2010-04-26: Eco-terrorists plot to blow up IBM headquarters thwarted in routine traffic stop
2010-04-26: Tech editor\'s home raided over missing iPhone
2010-04-26: FOR PHONE HACKING CLASS: How to usb tether the Android
2010-04-26: New security report based on 500 million computers: Win 7 & Vista MUCH safer than XP
2010-04-26: We Have Met the Enemy and He Is PowerPoint
2010-04-26: Synthetic human brain expected within ten years
2010-04-26: 50,000 Android Apps - Just in time for the Droid Incredible
2010-04-26: Texas beauty school\'s cell phone jammer leads to $25K fine
2010-04-27: Celebrating World Intellectual Property Day - Microsoft On The Issues
2010-04-27: InformIT: Tech Training iPhone Apps
2010-04-27: Excellent penetration test of a bank with AV evasion, spear-phishing, and reverse HTTPS
2010-04-27: Scammers Bait 40,000 Facebook Victims with Ikea Gift Card
2010-04-27: 5 Ways The Google Book Settlement Will Change The Future of Reading
2010-04-27: Storm worm returns
2010-04-27: Webkit (Safari) Stack Exhaustion DoS
2010-04-27: Cereal hacker on defacement rampage
2010-04-27: S.F. Admin Guilty of Hijacking City Passwords
2010-04-27: The McAfee Update Mess Explained - PCWorld
2010-04-27: Stanford Security Seminars
2010-04-27: Physicists capture first images of atomic spin
2010-04-27: Google backpedals on IP \'anonymization\' claim
2010-04-28: Video of student building a media center
2010-04-28: Texas man to plead guilty to building botnet-for-hire
2010-04-28 \"How to DoS an Airplane\\\" - You need manual functional testing to catch these
2010-04-28: Google lists the ethical hackers that helped them
2010-04-28: The US Continues Its Reign As King of Spam
2010-04-28: TechCrunch Hacker Identified: You Decide If We Press Charges
2010-04-28: Endorsement of VMware Player 3
2010-04-28: Microsoft Gets Paid For Android
2010-04-28: Volkswagen bik.e replaces spare tire with electric mobility device
2010-04-29: Symantec Acquires PGP Corporation!
2010-04-29: Announcing A Data Breach And Saying It\'s No Big Deal: Bad Move, Blippy
2010-04-29: Zuckerberg\'s Privacy Stance: Facebook CEO \'Doesn\'t Believe In Privacy\'
2010-04-29: SSL protects Web traffic, but also can be used against you
2010-04-29: Wordpress sites hacked, again!
2010-04-29: Augmented Reality Floor Simulates Walking on Snow, Pebbles, and Grass | Fast Company
2010-04-29: Wow! Win 7 update addresses the file-renaming Explorer bug!
2010-04-29: Why Have a Swiss Army Knife When There\'s a Chinese Army Shovel
2010-04-29: Adobe Gives Up On Flash For Apple
2010-04-29: The people involved in sale of lost iPhone revealed
2010-04-29: \'Hackers\' take over bank\'s IT network with info found online
2010-04-29: Ubuntu 10.04 LTS is here!
2010-04-29: UK Docs Perform First Remote-Control Heart Surgery
2010-04-29: Facebook and how your data is shared
2010-04-30: Hospital is serious about disk encryption
2010-04-30: Thoughts on Flash--Steve Jobs
2010-04-30: US airmen hornswoggled by Transformers email trick -- this is why social engineering homework is so risky
2010-04-30: Star physicists trade barbs over cosmological model
2010-04-30: USB Safeguard Encrypts Portable Flash Drives, Securely Deletes Files
2010-04-30: Ex-Bank Employee Charged with Fraud, ID Theft
2010-04-30: New China encryption rule could pose headaches for U.S. vendors
2010-04-30: Hakin9 :: Magazine free download
2010-04-30: Adobe CEO, Ex-Adobe Engineers Weigh In on Jobs\' Flash Attack
2010-04-30: IEBlog : HTML5 Video: I can\'t understand this, hopefully someone will translate it into English
2010-04-30: Al-Qaeda Engaged in Online Military Training
2010-04-30: Trojans, Online Poker and Terrorism
2010-04-30: VirtualBox 3.2.0 Beta 1 rsupports Mac OS X Guests!
2010-04-30: Warning: Why your Internet might fail on May 5 - With online DNS test tools
2010-04-30: Testing your resolver for DNS reply size issues -- Simple Java Applet that runs on Windows
2010-04-30: Facebook\'s Eroding Privacy Policy: A Timeline
2010-04-30: June 15 in Mt. View -- Microsoft Office and Sharepoint Launch Event
2010-04-30: Bittorrent over Tor isn\'t a good idea
2010-04-30: Sucuri Security: Walmart community web site still hacked
2010-04-30: Apple Raises E-Book Prices For Everyone
2010-04-30: Student found guilty of obstruction in Sarah Palin email trial
2010-04-30: Red Hat Prevails in Federal District Court - patent troll suit
2010-04-30: The Web Doesn\'t Spread Freedom
2010-04-30: Prison for HIPAA Privacy Violator
2010-04-30: 1.3 MB dowload speed tethering through my Droid!
2010-04-30: Are you ready for these Internet security threats?
2010-04-30: Cisco wireless security CKIP explained
2010-04-30: According to this thread CKIP is immune to WEP-cracking attacks, like WPA
2010-04-30: Help Capture a Moment, May 2, 15:00 U.T.C. - Dot Earth Blog - NYTimes.com
2010-04-30: Hewlett-Packard To Kill Windows 7 Tablet Project
2010-04-30: Family, provider far apart over nearly $18,000 phone bill
2010-04-30: Microsoft Education Competencies: Humor -- This is not a joke. Is there a certification test?
2010-04-30: Yes indeed, the iPad 3G is already jailbroken

May 2010

2010-05-01: Shoppers Who Can’t Have Secrets
2010-05-01: First results of San Francisco May 1 Wardrive --WPA now over 50% (more data is coming)
2010-05-01: Windows 7 deletes all system restore points on reboot -- I have never had this problem
2010-05-01: Adobe to respond to Apple by giving employees Android phones with Flash
2010-05-02: India bans Chinese telecom equipment
2010-05-02: Why Our Civilization\'s Video Art and Culture is Threatened by the MPEG-LA
2010-05-02: Romanian Nationalists Hit Several Italian Media Outlets
2010-05-02: Free AT&T Hotspots Pose a Security Risk to iPhone Users
2010-05-02: 55 Reasons The Android Market Trashes Apple’s App Store
2010-05-02: Laser creates clouds over Germany
2010-05-02: iPad 3G works on T-Mobile, can be hacked to send text messages
2010-05-02: How Wired.com Tracked the iPhone Finder
2010-05-02: Open Source Developer Knighted
2010-05-02: EPIC Lawyers hopelessly garbling security terms, check out the SQL Injection explanation
2010-05-02: How to Make Visa Obey Your Every Desire: The Credit Card Concierge Experiment
2010-05-02: The real reason why Steve Jobs hates Flash - Very interesting prediction of the near future
2010-05-02: Nissan books 8,000 Leaf orders in nine days, gets turned on with that electric feel
2010-05-02: Glype \'anonymous\' Proxy May Not Cloak Your Identity
2010-05-02: 13 Percent Of International Calls Now Go Via Skype
2010-05-02: Five Best Password Managers
2010-05-02: Lunduke.com » Ubuntu 10.04 - Perfect
2010-05-03: WebGoat Notes--Learn Web App Security
2010-05-03: Belkin:F5D7633 Password in source of login page
2010-05-03: Mobile phone networks fight back on apps
2010-05-03: How Cell Phone Calls Work | Cell Phones
2010-05-03: Setting Up a DHCPv6 Server on Windows Server 2008
2010-05-03: Why buffer overflow exploitation took so long to mature « root labs rdist
2010-05-03: Embeddable Tweets Will Start Dominating Blog Posts Tomorrow
2010-05-03: Treasury website hacked
2010-05-03: Use Denture Cleaning Tablets to Clean Coffee Pots and Tea Kettles
2010-05-03: Google Acquires BumpTop and its 3D Desktop Technology
2010-05-03: iPads sell faster than iPhones
2010-05-03: How The Mighty Have Fallen -- eEye taken over by clueless salesmen
2010-05-03: Accused Mariposa Botnet Operators Sought Jobs at Spanish Security Firm
2010-05-03: Desktop Virtualization: Comparing Options Frustrates IT
2010-05-03: Verizon to block outbound port 25 for residential customers
2010-05-03: 10 Reasons To Delete Your Facebook Account
2010-05-03: ASUS Eee Pad to use Windows 7
2010-05-03: Apple May Face Antitrust Inquiry for banning Flash
2010-05-03: Nanodots Breakthrough May Lead To \'Library On One Chip\'
2010-05-03: Sucuri Security: New infections today at Network Solutions
2010-05-03: Windows 7 Passes Vista in 7 Months, Becomes World\\\'s Second Most Used OS
2010-05-03: Goodbye petabytes, hello zettabytes
2010-05-03: Your Office Chair Is Killing You
2010-05-03: Beware the black market rising for IP addresses--New ARIN policy allows companies to sell IP addresses
2010-05-03: Gene Therapy Restores Sight To Blind
2010-05-04: ACLU blasts national ID card proposal
2010-05-04: New Yahoo! Messenger worm spotted
2010-05-04: USB Live | BackTrack Linux - Penetration Testing Distribution
2010-05-04: EeeUser Forum / Backtrack 4 Wireless Tutorial
2010-05-04: ATM hacking spree foiled by tip from ex-con
2010-05-04: NIST Gives Guidelines for Securing IPv6
2010-05-04: ICND1 and ICND2 vs CCNA
2010-05-04:Foxit One-Ups Adobe In Blocking PDF Attack Tactics
2010-05-04: Times Square car bomb terrorist arrest: Following the tech bread crumbs
2010-05-04: Cupidtino: Meet an Apple Fanboy or girl
2010-05-04: Army of smartphone chips could emulate the human brain
2010-05-04: Did Your Boss Thank You For Coding Yourself to Death?
2010-05-04: Lie-Detection Brain Scan Could Be Used in Court for First Time
2010-05-04: \\\'Extremely severe\' flaw in Opera web browser
2010-05-04: Microsoft Kin Review: The Best Cellphones You\'ll Never Buy
2010-05-04: Creating a Cellular Device Investigation Toolkit: Basic Hardware and Software Specifications
2010-05-04: Jarlsberg: Web App Hacking Training from Google!
2010-05-04: Google to Launch E-book Store Early Summer
2010-05-04: Offensive Security Hacking Tournament
2010-05-04: Welcome to the New World Order, Where Our Gadgets Rule Us
2010-05-04: Reset Windows Vista Password -- How To Reset Your Vista Password Automatically
2010-05-05: Draft Version of Online Privacy Bill Released
2010-05-05: Google tutorial lets developers play malicious hacker
2010-05-05: DEF CON® 18 Hacking Conference
2010-05-05: Mac OS X Problem Puts Up a Block To IPv6
2010-05-05: How Teens Use Cellphones
2010-05-05: CISSP Review Course-Mondays June 21 through August 2, 2010 in Mt. View
2010-05-05: How to crack WEP passwords with SpoonWEP - WOW!
2010-05-05: SpoonWEP: Crack WEP Using Backtrack 4\'s Inclusive Cracking Tool
2010-05-05: WiFi key-cracking kits make Internet free in China
2010-05-05: US data-collection bill gets chilly reception
2010-05-05: Skype to Add Five-Way Video Calling
2010-05-05: Blink Logs Into Windows with Facial Recognition
2010-05-05: Top 10 Ways to Access Blocked Stuff on The Web
2010-05-05: the Month of PHP Security
2010-05-05: Facebook bug allowed users to eavesdrop on chats
2010-05-05: Twitter for Android Review: This Is the Future of Twitter Apps
2010-05-05: House panel OKs FISMA Reform Bill
2010-05-05: IFree IPv6 panel in Fremont -- Friday, May 14 2-5pm.
2010-05-05: Hacker develops multi-platform rootkit for ATMs
2010-05-06: Spammers ordered to pay tiny ISP whopping $2.6m
2010-05-06: Wikipedia Now Lets You Order Printed Books
2010-05-06: Stock Market Sell-Off Might Stem From Trader\\\'s fat fingerds
2010-05-06: Clearwire to offer WiMax phones from HTC and Samsung this year
2010-05-06: Argument-switching attack neturalizes 100% of Windows security apps
2010-05-06: Android Now Running On iPhone 3G
2010-05-06: Apple sells out developer conference in eight days
2010-05-06: AT&T extends iPhone exclusive in quid pro quo, says analyst
2010-05-06: What iPads Did To My Family
2010-05-06: Quantum Sleeper: Physical security!
2010-05-06: OCZ\\\'s Enyo may be the sexiest USB 3.0 external SSD this world has ever seen
2010-05-06: 10% of Under 25s Think It’s OK to Text During Sex
2010-05-07: Welcome to Cornerstones of Trust 2010--Talk submissions due today
2010-05-07: $143 Million in Counterfeit Cisco Network Hardware Siezed, prison term for dealer
2010-05-07: US regulators maps \\\'third way\' for net access for all
2010-05-07: New \'Metamaterial\' Device May Lead to See-Through Cameras and Scanners with TeraHertz waves
2010-05-07: Past, Present, Future of Windows Exploitation
2010-05-07: Microsoft Security Intelligence Report Volume 8
2010-05-07: Victory: Australian government drops internet censorship proposal
2010-05-07: NEC develops ultra-fast piracy detection
2010-05-07: New attack bypasses virtually all AV protection
2010-05-07: Facebook under fire for stealth app installs
2010-05-07: YouTube - Gerix Wifi Cracker NG -- This thing works in Backtrack 4!
2010-05-07: How to get the external monitor working on an Asus Eee running BackTrack 4 Final
2010-05-07: Would you like to meet an Identity Thief?
2010-05-07: Certified Ethical Hacker? One recommendation to get it,
2010-05-07: UPDATE: x5s v1.0.1 beta! -- XSS vuln test tool
2010-05-07: Why bother with PGP ...???
2010-05-07: Clearwire CEO sees bright 4G future
2010-05-07: First Non-Latin Domain Names Go Live
2010-05-08: Add elevator music to Windows progress bars!
2010-05-08: Why Twitter looks like a social network but feels like news media
2010-05-08: Netbooks? Ha! iPads will replace desktop PCs
2010-05-08: PXE dust: scalable day-to-day diskless booting
2010-05-08: Tutorials | Social Engineering Toolkit
2010-05-08: Much ado about privacy on Facebook (I wish Facebook were MORE open!!!)
2010-05-08: Why Twitter is the quickest way from Q to A
2010-05-08: 1 Molecule Computes 1000s of Times Faster Than a PC
2010-05-08: Police, medical records found on used copy machines
2010-05-08: Hugo Chavez Hires 200 People to Manage His Twitter Account
2010-05-08: Apple developing a Flash alternative
2010-05-08: New hard drive write method packs in one terabyte per inch
2010-05-08: Digg cuts 10% of their staff
2010-05-08: University of California-Davis drops Gmail over privacy concerns
2010-05-08: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 - your sensible but lovable friend
2010-05-08: Is Android becoming a Tower of Babel?
2010-05-08: How to get Office 2010 at a rock-bottom price
2010-05-08: Make your computer sound like those in movies
2010-05-08: Nobody is encrypting their phone calls
2010-05-08: First iPad Spying Software Surfaces
2010-05-08: The Fragile Net: good summary of historical BGP failures
2010-05-08: San Francisco Government Tweets
2010-05-09: Steganographic Command and Control: Building a communication channel that withstands hostile scrutiny
2010-05-09: HP Hurricane webOS tablet may be released in 3rd quarter--based on Win 7--apparently terrible and doomed
2010-05-09: How to speed up Windows 7
2010-05-09: Email 2.0: Making Email Trustworthy
2010-05-09: YouTube - Windows 7 GUI slowness
2010-05-09: Use rust particles to reveal the data on your credit-card\'s magstripe
2010-05-09: The Boom (Or Bubble) In Federal Cybersecurity
2010-05-09: Military Grade Malware (Part 1)
2010-05-09: Wall street traders are hackers
2010-05-09: A ‘Legit’ Pirate Bay Makes Sense in Theory, If Not Practice
2010-05-09: Seeker Nails Hacker Pr0n
2010-05-09: Big leap: Microsoft makes free version of Office, its cash cow
2010-05-09: Researchers expose complex cyber espionage network
2010-05-09: Geostationary GPS Satellite Galaxy 15 Out of Control
2010-05-09: ARIN IPv6 Wiki
2010-05-09: Rapid increase in IPv6 penetration in non-US regions
2010-05-09: Educating Yourself about IPv6 - ARIN IPv6 Wiki
2010-05-09: IPv6: Are we there yet?
2010-05-09: An IPv6 Test Lab: Part 1
2010-05-09: Setting up an IPv6 Test Lab Part 2
2010-05-09: Five Things IE9 is (Actually) Doing Right
2010-05-09: Volvo\'s crash-avoidance technology fails at media demonstration day
2010-05-09: Intel\'s 48-core processor debut
2010-05-10: Ning: why you should never trust free services
2010-05-10: The imperfect universe: Goodbye, theory of everything
2010-05-10: Man convicted for posting a \"menacing\" joke on Twitter
2010-05-10: Internet Drug Rings & Their \'Killer\' Online Pharmacies
2010-05-10: For the first time, Android outsold the iPhone in the US.
2010-05-10: Highly critical vulnerability in Safari for Windows
2010-05-10: Wi-Gig devices expected within two years--7Gbps
2010-05-10: IPv4 address exhaustion expected in 355 days--two more class As allocated--nine remain
2010-05-10: iPad Usability: First Findings From User Testing
2010-05-10: Neowin.net - Serious Twitter flaw allows you to force anyone to follow you (it has already been fixed)
2010-05-10: New Frequency Set to Turbocharge Wi-Fi
2010-05-10: Snorby: A Snort Front End!
2010-05-10: First Look at Ubuntu Light and Unity: The Super Fast, Mac-like Netbook OS
2010-05-10: Google Looks To Hire \\\"Social\\\" Chief
2010-05-10: Hummingbird gives you real-time Web usage stats
2010-05-10: Texas Man Admitted to Giving Botnet Demo on ISP
2010-05-10: Simulating Windows on Linux to analyze malware
2010-05-10: Bruce Schneier debunked Virtual Matrix Encryption in 2003 http://bit.ly/9qdjif
2010-05-10: HTC Incredible: A hackers (Whitehat) perspective
2010-05-11: How to Find a Lost Cell Phone
2010-05-11: Force Phone Restart on Droid--Shift+Alt+Delete
2010-05-11: Mobile Defense: Recover and Protect Your Mobile Phone--Free for Android phones
2010-05-11: Mobile Defense finding my Droid
2010-05-11: EeeUser Forum / Touch Freeze: Disable touch pad while typing in XP
2010-05-11: Biggest spam botnet grows by 300 per cent--sends 43 billion spams a day
2010-05-11: Wow--look at Android growth in this graph
2010-05-11: The Fastest (and Slowest) Way to Charge an iPad
2010-05-11: Police apprehend Romanian phishing gang
2010-05-11: How an Internet Scam Works
2010-05-11: Metasploit Express Beta - First Look
2010-05-11: Federal HIPAA law used to force a resignation for a single tweet
2010-05-11: Xplico: Network forensic analysis tool--extracts files, calls, etc. from packet captures!
2010-05-11: More on EnCase Portable : Forensic 4cast
2010-05-11: NY state uses data anaytics to improve tax collection efficiency
2010-05-11: Enabling IPv6, one step at a time
2010-05-11: Possible Breakthrough In Hydrogen Energy
2010-05-11: Amazon Is Collecting Your Kindle Highlights & Notes
2010-05-12: $100 netbook switches to Android
2010-05-12: DNA Tests to Be Sold at Walgreens
2010-05-12: Lucid dream: Ars reviews Ubuntu 10.04
2010-05-12: Security will not come naturally with IPv6 -- Government Computer News
2010-05-12: Swipely is latest start-up to promote sharing purchases online
2010-05-12: Meganet\'s Dominator I snoops on four GSM convos at once, fits in your overnight bag
2010-05-12: Hackers target WordPress in large scale attack
2010-05-12: Phished Brands Seize on Teachable Moments
2010-05-12: One crime syndicate responsible for most phishing attacks--Avalanche
2010-05-12: Amid backlash, Facebook tries to save face
2010-05-12: Next generation iPhone unscrewed from Vietnam (update: video!)
2010-05-12: Botnet hijacks web servers for DDoS campaign
2010-05-12: DEF CON® 18 Hacking Conference - Call for Papers Announcement--Papers Due June 1
2010-05-12: Biometric cash machine lands in Europe
2010-05-12: Fake POP3 Server in Perl--useful for faking other Web servers too
2010-05-12: Passware Can Crack PGP and BitLocker-Protected Systems - But it needs RAM data from a running system
2010-05-12: German court orders wireless passwords for all
2010-05-12: Diaspora - Creating a Network Like Facebook, Only Private
2010-05-12: HTC calls for halt to sales of iPad, iPhone and iPod in US
2010-05-12: A failure to protect medical privacy
2010-05-12: Facebook Connect: CSRF Deliberately Performed on You
2010-05-12: Swype | Text Input for Screens
2010-05-12: installing swype keyboard on motorola droid
2010-05-12: Facebook Calls All Hands Meeting On Privacy
2010-05-12: A new secure transmission scheme over fiber optics, faster and cheaper than quantum key distribution
2010-05-12: FBI Promises Action Against Money Mules
2010-05-12: Site review for Google I/O attendees
2010-05-12: Know the Rules for Tech-Based Evidence
2010-05-12: \'Tamper evident\' CPU warns of hardware trojans--5% of chips contain counterfeit components!
2010-05-12: Show Command Section Filter  [Cisco IOS Software Releases 12.3 T] - Cisco Systems
2010-05-13: Facebook Privacy: A Bewildering Tangle of Options
2010-05-13: iPhone 4G packs potent chip
2010-05-13: Found code used to inject the malware at GoDaddy
2010-05-13: A Visual Guide to New Features of Office 2010 (from 2009)
2010-05-13: Facebook faces fresh privacy criticism
2010-05-13: Eton Scorpion keeps your gadgets going on solar power and elbow grease
2010-05-13: The IPv4 Depletion site
2010-05-13: Well, These New Zuckerberg IMs Won\'t Help Facebook\'s Privacy Problems
2010-05-13: Symantec says get Hosted Endpoint Protection to the cloud
2010-05-13: The DIY Twitter Botnet Creator--Paper Ghost scores again!
2010-05-13: Virus Alert: Deloder Worm Connecting Via Port 445
2010-05-14: Proxifier - Bypass firewall and proxy, tunnel connections through an HTTPS and SOCKS proxy
2010-05-14: Facebook IDs hacker who tried to sell 1.5M accounts
2010-05-14: Apple Responds to Adobe
2010-05-14: StartSSL--Free Certificates & Public Key Infrastructure
2010-05-14: The free wi-fi at Hurricane Electric (note the IP address)
2010-05-14: All U.S. Government agencies effective July, 2010 are required to acquire only IPv6 compliant products
2010-05-14: ARIN IPv6 Wiki--Advocacy and Educational Resources (including boxes of swag!)
2010-05-14: IPv6 Tunnels are increasing exponentially--approaching 100,000
2010-05-14: Whoops! Google says mistakenly got wireless data | Reuters
2010-05-14: GoDaddy mass infection continues to spread....
2010-05-14: How secure is Flash? Here\\\'s what Adobe won\'t tell you
2010-05-14: Ukrainian TJX hacking suspect arrested in India
2010-05-14: Google to Offer Encrypted Search Next Week
2010-05-14: Workers Plan to Sue iPhone Contractor Over Poisoning
2010-05-14: Court docs: iPhone finder had no pity for Powell
2010-05-14: Harvard College dismisses hacker student
2010-05-14: 4chan Founder \'Moot\' Raises $625K For Stealth Startup Canvas Networks
2010-05-14: Proposals to tag humans with RFIDs
2010-05-14: IPv6 and IIS 6.0 (IIS 6.0)
2010-05-14: How one person did the Hurricane Electric Certification Tests
2010-05-14: Retail credit card database hacked into
2010-05-15: Errata - Security Charlatans
2010-05-15: samsclass6.info: My IPv6 Site--not visible with lousy old IPv4 :)
2010-05-15: Google\'s Android OS Headed to the Chevy Volt
2010-05-16: Cannot mount droid to PC -- WOW a lot of people have had this problem, no solution
2010-05-16: Motorola Media Link - Free software that syncs Droid and Windows PCs
2010-05-16: Hackers are everywhere -- I saw this in the park today (part 1)
2010-05-16: Hackers are everywhere -- I saw this in the park today (part 2)
2010-05-16: LimeWire Likely To Shut Down Soon
2010-05-16: Windows 7 fastest selling OS in history
2010-05-16: 10-Year Cell Phone / Cancer Study Is Inconclusive
2010-05-16: Unsafe WiFi hotspots drop 95% since Mujahideen hacked in
2010-05-16: RapidXen - Sophisticated Virtual Hosting with Native IPv6
2010-05-16: Weekend Project: Transition to IPv6 | Linux.com
2010-05-16: IPv6 Info -- Sam Bowne
2010-05-16: Envisioning Your Future in 2020 -- Dig the scorecard dating image at the bottom
2010-05-16: BBC News - Internet approaches addressing limit
2010-05-16: What Is The Singularity And Will You Live To See It?
2010-05-16: Whitfield Diffie joins ICANN
2010-05-16: Microsoft Security Bulletin MS10-030 - Critical: Vulnerability in Outlook Express and Windows Mail Could Allow Remote Code Execution (978542) - Integer Overflow
2010-05-16: gPDF Add-on For Firefox, Chrome And Opera - Opens PDF Links Online Directly In Google Docs Viewer
2010-05-16: Red Flag rules: Protecting against identity theft by asking customers for more ID
2010-05-16: The Enemy Within - Conficker
2010-05-16: IPv6 Poster
2010-05-16: Hitachi Shows Off Powder-Sized Smart Tag
2010-05-16: Contractor helps groom future cybersecurity specialists
2010-05-16: Company that makes iPhones has had seven suicides this year, recruiting counselors and monks
2010-05-16: Texas schools board rewrites US history with lessons promoting God and guns
2010-05-16: NoDaddy.Com - Exposing the Many Reasons Not to Trust GoDaddy with Your Domain Names
2010-05-16: Get Free Access to Pay-Walled Content with a Simple Google Hack
2010-05-16: Skyfiber--beams of light through the air transmit data at 1 Gbps
2010-05-16: Tokyo couple married by robot in rooftop wedding
2010-05-17: Seagate Confirms 3TB Hard Drive
2010-05-17: Main Culprit In Large Patient Information Breaches: Unencrypted Laptops
2010-05-17: Google Goggles: visual search
2010-05-17: The telephony denial of service attack
2010-05-17: Enterprise tablets: HP, Cisco, and BlackBerry all have the itch
2010-05-17: Facebook rolls out security improvements to combat spam and scams on site
2010-05-17: Mayors of Starbucks Now Get Discounts Nationwide with Foursquare
2010-05-17: Continuing attacks at GoDaddy - Losotrana.com
2010-05-17: Web Hosting - Hurricane Electric Internet Services - Features & Pricing Guide
2010-05-17: Web Hosting Services : Shared Web Hosting Plans : 1&1 Internet Inc.
2010-05-17: RapidXen - Plans
2010-05-17: Hosting plans compared--RapidXen looks best
2010-05-17: Windows 3.1 on Android – “Completely Useless” but cool
2010-05-17: This is a video advertisement by a malware author, showing features of his new bot:
2010-05-17: MPAA Worries About Pirating U.S. Soldiers in Iraq | TorrentFreak
2010-05-17: YouTube’s viewership exceeds ABC, CBS and NBC combined at primetime.
2010-05-17: Lean.mit.edu hacked and serving spam
2010-05-17: Movie depicts seamy life of Facebook boss
2010-05-17: Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has passport confiscated
2010-05-17: 8 in 10 browsers leave identifiable fingerprints
2010-05-17: IPv6: D-Day coming for ISPs
2010-05-17: Vulnerability Report for Gregory D. Evans and LIGATT Security
2010-05-17: Plan B - Skip College
2010-05-17: Erase Your Copy Machine\\\'s Hard Drive
2010-05-17: 35-High Quality Windows 7 Wallpapers 
2010-05-17: The 9-year-old Microsoft genius
2010-05-17: Students, Parents Allowed to View Webcam Scandal Photos
2010-05-17: Quantum space monster leaps from a gravity well
2010-05-17: \'Bulletproof\' ISP for crimeware gangs knocked offline
2010-05-17: Survey: Gov\'t Agencies Use Unsafe Methods to Transfer Files
2010-05-17: Human Error Said to be Source of Huge Market Selloff
2010-05-17: P2P networks a treasure trove of leaked health care data, study finds
2010-05-17: Two big Android issues Google needs address at I/O this week
2010-05-17: From Fermilab, a New Clue to Explain Human Existence?
2010-05-17: Commercial Quantum Cryptography System Hacked
2010-05-17: Cell phone surveillance: The latest in spying
2010-05-17: CNIT 345 Review Questions
2010-05-17: Australian net filter doomed
2010-05-17: Koobface Gang Responds to the \"10 Things You Didn\'t Know About the Koobface Gang Post\"
2010-05-17: The Cloud Hanging Over Cable Stocks: Gov\'t Regulation
2010-05-17: App Store-Aided Mobile Attacks
2010-05-17: Solar Sail Hybrid Space Yacht Launches Today for Venus
2010-05-19: Marc Maiffret--the quick rise of a teen hacker
2010-05-19: IPv6 Evangelism--Results of my talk at BALUG last night
2010-05-19: Why I became an Android fanboy
2010-05-19: List of FREE VPN Providers!
2010-05-19: 60% of Facebook users consider leaving over privacy
2010-05-19: Pakistan Bans Facebook Over Muhammad Caricature Row
2010-05-19: Cars\' Computer Systems Called at Risk to Hackers
2010-05-19: Google Privacy Invasions Attacked in Class-Action Suit
2010-05-19: UC Berkeley Asking Incoming Students For DNA
2010-05-19: China Goes After \\\"Illegal\\\" Online Maps
2010-05-19: Facebook scrambles to close CSRF hole exposing private data
2010-05-19: Click laundering
2010-05-19: Carder.cc hacked--dump of stolen data
2010-05-19: 6 Tech Certifications That Will Get You Hired as a Security Pro
2010-05-19: \'Everybody Draw Mohammed\' Day Unleashes Facebook Fracas
2010-05-19: Everybody Draw Mohammed Day! | Facebook (seems toi be up, not hacked)
2010-05-19: Judge Permanently Shuts Down ISP Catering to Spam, Porn
2010-05-19: Metasploit: Introducing Metasploitable--vulnerable target VM to exploit
2010-05-19: Symantec May Buy Verisign\'s SSL Business for $1.3 Billion
2010-05-19: LifeLock CEO said to be victim of identity theft 13 times
2010-05-19: Attention Sages! Hurricane Electric T-Shirt for IPv6 Certified Sages
2010-05-19: Asus Budget Ultraportable Notebook Sold Sans OS
2010-05-19: FTC to Look Into Copy Machine Privacy Breakdown
2010-05-19: Using reversed commands to bypass WAFs
2010-05-19: Threat from rogue IPv6 traffic
2010-05-19: An Insight Into the Online Adult Industry -- 12% of the Intenet is porn
2010-05-19: Large collection of logins posted to Scribd.com
2010-05-20: Here we go again - Problem at GoDaddy continues
2010-05-20: Survey Shows Most Flaws Sold For $5,000 Or Less
2010-05-20: Hacking Cisco and McAfee security appliances--PoC to be shown at Black Hat
2010-05-20: crypto.stanford.edu XSS Vulnerability -- An old class project; hard to avoid these
2010-05-20: Quantum teleportation achieved over 16 km--longest distance ever
2010-05-20: Facebook CEO\'s latest woe: accusations of securities fraud
2010-05-20: The Sad State Of Education In The U.S. [INFOGRAPHIC]
2010-05-20 \"It used to be that porn drove a lot of the innovation in technology, but now I\'d say it\'s crime\"
2010-05-20: Cyberbullying law adds adults
2010-05-20: Seagate 3TB drives won\'t work on XP, 32-bit Vista
2010-05-20: Pennsylvania Attorney General Tries to Unmask Twitter Critics
2010-05-20: What\\\'s New in Android 2.2
2010-05-21: Callcentric - VoIP Internet phone service -- good for phreakers
2010-05-21: WSJ: Facebook, MySpace & Others Share Identifying User Data With Advertisers
2010-05-21: IBM distributes malware-infested freebies at AusCERT
2010-05-21: New UK govt to curb CCTV, scrap ID cards, help open source
2010-05-21: Dalai Lama to tweet with Chinese web users
2010-05-21: Google Outlines Feature Set For Android 2.2
2010-05-21: 1-in-5 U.S. Consumers Plan to Buy Apple\'s iPad
2010-05-21: 1-in-5 U.S. Consumers Plan to Buy Apple\\\'s iPad
2010-05-21: Hurricane Electric Hosted DNS--Free IPv6 support!
2010-05-21: Computer Forensics: OSX RAM Acquisition
2010-05-21: Data transmission at 25Gbps via Quantum-dot lasers
2010-05-21: HTC EVO 4G Coming in June - This is the phone Google gave us at the I/O conferenced
2010-05-21: Hacker McKinnon granted another reprieve
2010-05-21: Twitter fights subpoena to out critical Tweeters
2010-05-21: What Is Froyo? Android 2.2
2010-05-21: Logitech Google TV Box Embarrasses Apple TV
2010-05-21: The iPhone Now Runs Android
2010-05-21: Help me help my friend in DC. -- very interesting thread about human trafficking
2010-05-21: RapidShare didn\\\'t infringe on copyrights, says US court
2010-05-21: Hackers Can Delete Facebook Friends, Thanks to CSRF Flaw
2010-05-21: Google trashes iPhone OS, and it\\\'s right
2010-05-21: China censors photocopiers
2010-05-21: Google turns on SSL encryption for search
2010-05-21: How to set up a mail server on a GNU / Linux system
2010-05-21: how metafilter saved two russian women from potential human trafficking
2010-05-21: Pennsylvania AG Dropping Twitter Subpoena
2010-05-21: World\\\'s first battery fuelled by air
2010-05-21: Now Twitter Banned in Pakistan
2010-05-21: How to Check if Your Gmail Account Has Been Hacked
2010-05-21: Scientists Create First Synthetic Cell -- it can reproduce itself
2010-05-21: GoDaddy sued for denying staff bonuses
2010-05-21: Fake joke worm wriggles through Facebook
2010-05-21: \\\'Draw Mohammed\' page removed from Facebook
2010-05-21: Seagate to announce SSD-threatening hybrid drive
2010-05-22: Malware on Hijacked Subdomains, a New Trend?
2010-05-22: Top 10 Privacy Tweaks You Should Know About
2010-05-22: California bill takes aim at new Texas standards
2010-05-22: Phishers Ties Up Victims Phones, Killing Notification
2010-05-22: New T-shirt design
2010-05-22: gogo6 | Free IPv6 connection and IPv6 community
2010-05-22: How to set up an IPv4/IPv6 Website
2010-05-22: UncomplicatedFirewall - Ubuntu Wiki
2010-05-22: Apache2 SSI Installation with Ubuntu Linux
2010-05-22: Bug #188934 in ufw (Ubuntu): %u201Cdefault ipv6 policy is block -- These two lines needed to allow ping6 through!
2010-05-23: Novell may be broken up and sold
2010-05-23: PostfixBasicSetupHowto - Community Ubuntu Documentation
2010-05-23: Install an iPad in your Kitchen Cabinet
2010-05-23: Snoop on.me--post images of your own screen to the Web--WHY?
2010-05-23: Howto: Setup a DNS server with bind - Ubuntu Forums
2010-05-23: FPSN.NET Development: IPv6 Reverse DNS zone builder for BIND 8/9
2010-05-23: Finding a File containing a particular text string in Linux server
2010-05-23: How to Set Private Nameservers on Domain Names
2010-05-23: iPad has 91% consumer satisfaction
2010-05-23: A few thoughts on SSL Search
2010-05-23: IPv6: Can’t ping anything - “Operation not permitted”
2010-05-23: What is my IPv6 Address?
2010-05-24: Copernicus Reburied As Hero
2010-05-24: Why Security Pros Drink--Clueless, hostile, developers
2010-05-24: Top Reasons Not to Jailbreak your iPhone
2010-05-24: Adding \\\"glue\\\" to BIND
2010-05-24: Go Daddy (Registrar) now supporting IPv6 glue (on .com and .net only)
2010-05-24: Domain name DNS test - DNS-info
2010-05-24: Twitter To Prohibit Any Third Party To Advertise In-Stream
2010-05-24: Nexus One, Motorola Droid Line Up for Android 2.2 Update
2010-05-24: Hotmail updates to SSL
2010-05-24: Powermat Wireless Charging System for iPhone debuts
2010-05-24: \\\'Smart dust\' aims to monitor everything
2010-05-24: pwning binary 300 at defcon 18 quals
2010-05-24: DOW Plunge Highlights Trillion Dollar Hacker Threat
2010-05-24: Impassioned Framwork--new criminal exploitation kit
2010-05-24: NASA\'s new FISMA approach--continuous security monitoring
2010-05-24: Two years later, Apple Safari still open to \'carpet-bombing\'
2010-05-24: Flash For Smartphones Is Finally Here, And It Is Terrible
2010-05-24: Soluto Figures Out What\'s Bogging Down Your PC (And Tells You How To Fix It)
2010-05-24: Live Malware Infections via the Eleonore Exploit Kit -- Maybe IE is still too dangerous to use after all!
2010-05-24: PhotoRec -Recovers lost photos from camera\'s storage devices
2010-05-24: When In Doubt, Capture Packets
2010-05-24: iPad XL announced. Runs flash, too...
2010-05-24: Interesting article about how school destroys the joy of learning
2010-05-25: Denver\'s website hacked twice in one week
2010-05-25: Google\'s encrypted search casts shadow on web analytics
2010-05-25: ISP slapped with $807,000 fee for \\\'groundless\' spam case
2010-05-25: Computing smart-scope gunsight for US snipers automatically corrects for wind
2010-05-25: Yahoo\'s New Core Competency Seems to Be Outsourcing to Others
2010-05-25: Benefits of Google Encrypted Search
2010-05-25: HTC Evo 4G rooted in record time (video) -- Engadget
2010-05-25: Sprint 4G (WiMAX) coming to San Francisco this year (at bottom of this page)
2010-05-25: Evil -- App to show Facebook users\' private phone #s
2010-05-26: Google TV prevents advert skipping
2010-05-26: RV IPv6 Summit Whitepapers Presentations and Documents
2010-05-26: IPv6 Summit Presentations 2010 Here
2010-05-26: Team Cymru Internet Monitor - Global BGP Prefix Count--over 360,000 routes now
2010-05-26: IPv6 Ready Logo Site
2010-05-26: tcp-over-dns | Java software, works on Windows and Linux
2010-05-26: Texas IPv6 Task Force
2010-05-26: IPv6 Enabled Website Logo Certification
2010-05-26: Secure64\'s technique to convert IPv6 to IPv4-DNS-64-Translation
2010-05-26: Tech-Smithy.com -- they offer tunneled IPv6 Web hosting upon request
2010-05-26: Security\'s Top 4 Social Engineers Of All Time
2010-05-26: VMware overhauls desktop virt line
2010-05-26: Stealing a photo from remote webcam--clever social engineering trick to bypass permission box
2010-05-26: Man infects himself with computer virus
2010-05-26: Cisco bugs surrender control of building\'s critical systems--admin password exposed
2010-05-26: Apple Passes Microsoft as Most Valuable Tech Company
2010-05-26: Windows XP IPv6 - No Support for DHCPv6
2010-05-26: Vulnerability in iPhone data encryption - Race condition reveals files in the clear to Ubuntu attacker!
2010-05-26: Firefox Home App Will Sync Your Browsing to Your iPhone
2010-05-26: How to deal with failure to keep the bad guys out.
2010-05-27: Browser Forensics: ChromeAnalysis & FoxAnalysis!
2010-05-27: Browser Forensics: ChromeAnalysis & FoxAnalysis!
2010-05-27: Hotel lets travellers unlock rooms with a smartphone
2010-05-27: Protecting Your Network Edge with TTL Security -- BGP TTL Security Hack
2010-05-27: Scapy--powerful interactive packet manipulation program--can create forged IPv6 packets
2010-05-27: Scapy now supports IPv6
2010-05-27: The ping-pong phenomenon with IPv6 p2p links
2010-05-27: Excellent IPv6 Security slides from Scott Hogg
2010-05-27: Rumor Has Sprint Getting Apple\'s New iPhone 4G
2010-05-27: Craig Venter has neither created--nor demystified--life
2010-05-27: Microsoft Tag Comes Out of Beta--Mobile bar code tags
2010-05-27: Amazon.com: IPv6 Security (9781587055942): Scott Hogg, Eric
2010-05-27: CERT Releases Basic Fuzzing Framework
2010-05-27: AMEX breaks PCI control number 4: Encrypt transmission of cardholder data across open, public networks
2010-05-27: Android phones get free video calling with Fring
2010-05-27: Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04 can read your iPhone\'s secrets
2010-05-27: MiLi whips out two new external battery packs for gadgets
2010-05-27: DARPA builds Cyber Range to test security measures
2010-05-27: IPv6 Hits CNN
2010-05-27: How to Foil Web Browser \'tabnapping\'
2010-05-27: Windows XP and later use privacy IPv6 addresses by default--see pages 31ff of this talk
2010-05-27: Google over IPv6--join this program if you have an IPv6-enabled LAN
2010-05-27: Droid does 6to4 over Verizon 3G (but you have to root it first)
2010-05-27: Interesting list of IPv6 tunnel types
2010-05-27: Routing Header Zero allows packet amplification attack with IPv6
2010-05-27: utorrent app now supports IPv6/teredo directly -- hard to block
2010-05-27: MS10-009 - Remote Code Execution via ICMPv6 packet
2010-05-27: Proposed Law Would Require ID To Buy Prepaid Phones
2010-05-27: Romanian Authorities Shut Down ATM Skimmer Manufacturing Operation
2010-05-27: 4G wireless: It\'s fast, but outstripped by hype
2010-05-27: Flash Destroyer Tests Limit of Solid State Storage
2010-05-27: Cross Site URL Hijacking by using Error Object in Mozilla Firefox
2010-05-27: Cybercriminals Deploy Special Trojan To Verify Stolen Credentials
2010-05-27: Vendor features for copier hard drive security
2010-05-27: Comcast IPv6 Trials Have Started
2010-05-27: Protecting the smartphone from malware--Norton antivirus for Android
2010-05-27: China Shut Down Biggest Hacker Training Site
2010-05-27: So Long, Unlimited Data: Verizon Wants Tiered 4G Plans
2010-05-27: Comcast 105Mpbs Service Coming Soon for $200/month?
2010-05-27: AS6453 Public IPv4 and IPv6 Looking Glass--Test your IPv6 Hosts Here!
2010-05-28: Facebook case: Mother is convicted of misdemeanor harassment
2010-05-28: 18 Hacked Digital Road Signs
2010-05-28: Google Reader ditches support for past browsers
2010-05-28: Catholic School Teacher Fired After Saying She was Atheist on a Facebook Survey
2010-05-28: Microsoft warns virtualization program violates Windows licenses
2010-05-29: Hurricane Electric Free Hosted DNS Service! Full IPv6 Compatibility!
2010-05-29: The ping-pong phenomenon with p2p links--IPv6 DoS Vulnerability
2010-05-29: NSEC3: Clear explanation of hashed denials of existence in DNSSEC
2010-05-29: The Hurt Locker Producers Sue First 5,000 File-Sharers
2010-05-29: A Short History on Hacking
2010-05-29: Wireshark SMB file extraction plug-in
2010-05-29: Japan Plans Moon Base Built By Robots For Robots
2010-05-29: Jeffrey\\\'s EXIF reader--finds metadata from images
2010-05-29: The Huge Disaster Within The Linux 2.6.35 Kernel
2010-05-29: Tesla\'s Elon Musk: \"I ran out of cash\"
2010-05-29: IPv6 Professionals Are Migrating Even Without Employer Suppor
2010-05-29: Cyber Attackers are Using IPv6 to Tunnel into Networks
2010-05-29: \'Tattoo\' may help diabetics track their blood sugar
2010-05-29: The Future of Surveillance -- When Automated Brains Keep Watch 24/7
2010-05-29: An iPhone Lover\'s Take On The HTC EVO 4G
2010-05-30: Google Maps directions lead to lawsuit
2010-05-30: Five Best Computer Diagnostic Tools
2010-05-30: Google has mapped every WiFi network in Britain
2010-05-30: China Readies Internet Blackout for Tiananmen Square Anniversary
2010-05-30: 10 techniques to massively increase retention
2010-05-30: More info about the iPhone encryption bypass problem (scroll down)
2010-05-30: Parents fight college that won\'t admit daughter, Anastasia Megan — she\'s 13
2010-05-30: Fanboi\'s lament – falling out of love with the iPad
2010-05-30: Microsoft Tag emerges from beta--Like a bar code, only much creepier
2010-05-30: Found phone leads to paedophile ring
2010-05-30: German cybercrime forum hacked--feuding criminals
2010-05-30: iPad queues worldwide: Everywhere\'s busy except PC World...
2010-05-30:Fastest integrated circuit in the world: 0.67 THz
2010-05-30: Aussie Internet filter goes ahead regardless
2010-05-31: Apple iPad Sales Top 2 Million, MSI Readies 10\" Wind-Pad Tablet
2010-05-31: Here come the iPad \\\"killers\\\"
2010-05-31: New Sony OLED Display Can Roll Into Cylinder
2010-05-31: Wiping & Protecting Data from SSD/Flash Drives
2010-05-31: The Strange Upbringing of Wikileaks Founder Jullian Assange
2010-05-31: Heidi, Geek Girl Detective

June 2010

2010-06-01: More \'High Risk\' Flaws Haunt Adobe Software
2010-06-01: Google ditches Windows on security concerns
2010-06-01: Quit Facebook Day flops
2010-06-01: Infected Chinese site leaves gamers vulnerable
2010-06-01: Google ditching Windows over security makes little sense
2010-06-01: Protecting Admin Passwords During Remote Response and Forensics
2010-06-01: Should we be encrypting backups?
2010-06-01: Video: Hands-on with the Asus Eee Tablet
2010-06-01: New Vaccine \'Could Eliminate\' Breast Cancer
2010-06-01: Thumbprints Used To Check Books Out of School Library
2010-06-01: UK Revenue and Customs Computer Errors Whack 100,000 Taxpayers
2010-06-01: Will switching from Internet Explorer make you safer? (from Jan. 2010)
2010-06-01: Your favorite malware authors: Now on Twitter!
2010-06-01: The Toughest Developer Puzzle Ever--Fun so far (I\'m at level 7)
2010-06-01: Wikileaks Was Launched With Documents Intercepted From Tor
2010-06-01: Software SNAFU took out 10,000 military geo locators
2010-06-01: Win7 blue screen when accessing previous version of a share--ANOTHER BSOD FROM SMB!
2010-06-02: Android rootkits - malware on your smartphone
2010-06-02: AT&T Adds iPhone Tethering, Kills Unlimited Data for iPad, Smartphones
2010-06-02: SMS Blockers: The New Face of Ransomware | threatpost
2010-06-02: infected memory cards of the Samsung Wave \"iPhone killer\"
2010-06-02: Q&A: University shut down our social network
2010-06-02: Wikileaks denies Tor hacker eavesdropping gave site its start
2010-06-02: PDFCreator includes malware
2010-06-02: Using Windows for a Day Cost Mac User $100,000
2010-06-02: Digg traffic fell 36% in the past year:
2010-06-02: WOW! TCP Split Handshake defeats all tested security devices http://bit.ly/9tUfb9
2010-06-02: Announcing Snowflake--numbering tweets for Cassandra
2010-06-02: IPv6-capable devices: As of June 2010, all new DoD networking products must pass IPv6 testing
2010-06-02: The end of bloggers\' anonymity in France
2010-06-02: FTC halts illegal use of RemoteSpy commercial keylogger
2010-06-02: An Android Success Story: $13,000/month App Sales
2010-06-02: Police continue to arrest people for recording them
2010-06-02: Metasploit Express Review
2010-06-03: AV bypass made stupid
2010-06-03: EU To Monitor All Internet Searches
2010-06-03: No Surprise: U.S. Rejects Nuclear Option for Gulf Oil Gusher
2010-06-03: New forensic technique for audio tape can detect tampering
2010-06-03: Nmap Development: [NSE] Release of nmap nse vulscan 0.6
2010-06-03: ATM Skimmers: Details and photos
2010-06-03: Facebook Cracking Down on Rogue Apps with New Verification Program
2010-06-03: iPad Used for Surgery in Japan Less Than a Week After Launch. Ouch.
2010-06-03: Army Outlines Cloud Computing Strategy
2010-06-03: Apple\'s lost founder: Jobs, Woz and Wayne
2010-06-03: Businesses fail to address social network usage
2010-06-03: From vulnerability to fraud, how hard is it? Very interesting captures of carder services
2010-06-03: SmartSwipe device assures you of end-to-end encryption when using credit cards online
2010-06-03: Rutkowska\'s Qubes OS to Implement Disposal VMs
2010-06-03: MasterCard Takes On PayPal With MoneySend iPhone App
2010-06-03: Google Blacklisted Network Solutions sites--how to clear the blacklisting
2010-06-03: Part-Human, Part-Machine Transistor Devised--installed in a cell membrane
2010-06-03: Nokia unveils bicycle-powered phone charger
2010-06-03: Google\'s patent reveals why they collected the Wi-Fi data
2010-06-03: H4ck3d & Pwn3d: A Cautionary Tale
2010-06-03: The Social Engineer Contest at Defcon--Interesting!
2010-06-03: AT&T response to CEO e-mails leads to backlash
2010-06-03: Storage Bug Hits HTC Evo 4G Phone Just Before Launch
2010-06-03: How to Change the World: Everything You Wanted to Know About Getting a Job in Silicon Valley
2010-06-03: Tips and tricks to extending the HTC EVO 4G and Incredible\'s battery life
2010-06-03: AT&T: No iPhone-iPad tethering
2010-06-03: Online Backup from Backblaze--$5 per month, unlimited storage
2010-06-03: NSA needs a yottabyte of storage
2010-06-03: Penn State data may have been exposed--maybe we need to search our computers too
2010-06-03: Study Suggests Over Half Would Buy Android Tablet if Cheaper Than iPad
2010-06-03: Case Manufacturer Mails 4G iPhone Cases to Wired.com
2010-06-03: Rash of Facebook \'likejacks\' still flaring
2010-06-03: New York City Seeks Facebook, Twitter Guru
2010-06-03: 12th Internet Problem Solving Contest, This Sunday
2010-06-03: Grimwepa: A WEP and WPA Password Cracker!
2010-06-03: Seagate gets hybrid SSD/HDD right
2010-06-03: I Break the Groundhog Day Cycle and Say No to the RSA 2011 Call For Papers
2010-06-03: BT\'s Ribbit sounds like a corporate Google Voice
2010-06-04: Web Security Tools²: skipfish and iScanner--excellent introduction to these tools
2010-06-04: Visa Launches One-time Passcode Cards in Europe
2010-06-04: FTC Postpones Red Flag Enforcement Date (Again) - Now 12-31-2011
2010-06-04: Norton DNS Public Beta
2010-06-04: New Radar Device Helps Blind People \'See\'
2010-06-04: Realistic portrayal of hacking
2010-06-04: Hackers find holes in Sprint\'s new 4G phone
2010-06-04:0days in Flash Player, Adobe Reader and Acrobat
2010-06-04: Nine Career Mistakes for IT Pros To Avoid
2010-06-04: NHTSA Complaint Database Oozes Personal Data
2010-06-04: The FTC suggests a 5 percent tax on all consumer electronics to be distributed to the news print industry
2010-06-05: Google Explains Security Procedures
2010-06-05: Windows 7 Momentum: 7 Copies Sold Every Second
2010-06-05: Microsoft has good security, but it\\\'s not enough
2010-06-05: Hackers plant viruses in Windows smartphone games
2010-06-05: Freelancer.com - Captcha entry service company -- hiring for crime
2010-06-05: HTC EVO 4G Release Reminiscent of Original iPhone--activation servers flooded
2010-06-05: How Linux works
2010-06-05: China Blocks Foursquare After Users Check in to Tiananmen Square
2010-06-05: Urine Test For Autism
2010-06-05: Jupiter Loses A Stripe
2010-06-05: How to take a screen shot on several devices
2010-06-05: Police use Twitter to track killer\\\'s rampage
2010-06-05: Euro \\\'will be dead in five years\'
2010-06-05: Twitter Has Gone Mainstream in Japan
2010-06-06: iPhone tethering requires users to give up unlimited $30 plan
2010-06-06: InfoSec Mentors project
2010-06-06: Experimental \\\'scramjet\' sets hypersonic record as it flies at six times the speed of sound
2010-06-06: [Australia] demands Facebook offer \"one click\" police alarm
2010-06-06: Yahoo Goes All In With Facebook: Here Are The Screenshots
2010-06-06: Yahoo slams its mail users like Google Buzz: will display your Updates to people unless you opt-out
2010-06-06: Gizmodo Banned from WWDC--sweet revenge
2010-06-06:The Men Who Stare At Airline Passengers
2010-06-06: Information Security Careers Cheatsheet
2010-06-06: Why Twitter is important and relevant to college students
2010-06-06: Microsoft pulls plug on search bribery machine
2010-06-06: Hack on e-commerce co. exposes records for 200,000
2010-06-06: iPad tested in zero gravity
2010-06-07: U.S. Intelligence Analyst Arrested in Wikileaks Video Probe--Adrian Lamo ratted him out
2010-06-07: 64 held for selling high tech gadgets to cheat in exams
2010-06-07: Welsh Security Breach Exposes Patient Data - unencrypted USB drive lost in the mail
2010-06-07: Faith in numbers: Six more tech cults
2010-06-07: Rubber Boots Charge Your Phone
2010-06-07: Hacker explains why he reported \\\'Wikileaks source\'
2010-06-07: SixXS IPv6-IPv4 and IPv4-IPv6 Website Gateway
2010-06-07: The future of location-aware social networking--interesting scenario
2010-06-07: Researchers release point-and-click website exploitation tool
2010-06-07: Office Live is now up on SkyDrive
2010-06-07: free app from F-Secure. Tracks your phone if its been stolen, wipes your data remotely
2010-06-07: BP buys Google, Yahoo search words to keep people away from real news on Gulf oil spill disaster
2010-06-07: WiMAX Network Scanning Work-in-Progress
2010-06-07: FTC Examines Privacy Risks of Photocopiers
2010-06-08: Hackers plant malware on Jerusalem Post website
2010-06-08: Olympus Stylus Tough camera carries malware infection
2010-06-08: SixXS - IPv6 Deployment & Tunnel Broker :: Anything In Anything (AYIYA)
2010-06-08: New York Times kills off the Pulse iPad news app
2010-06-08: Make your own Windows 7 Tablet
2010-06-08: Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Public Beta Coming Next Month
2010-06-08: GoDaddy sites hacked again
2010-06-08: Linode - Xen VPS Hosting--cheap but no apparent IPv6 capability
2010-06-08: Judge bans Blagojevich from using Twitter during trial
2010-06-08: Analysis of a Zero-day Exploit for Adobe Flash and Reader--note heap-spray code
2010-06-08: 74% Oppose Taxing Internet News Sites To Help Newspapers
2010-06-08: BIOS will be dead in three years--UEFI required to boot from a drive > 2 TB
2010-06-08: US damage control re: Wikileaks
2010-06-09: British Computer Society Is Officially At Civil War
2010-06-09: Letters to Tufts alumni warn of security breach
2010-06-09: Twitter\'s new service reveals what\'s behind shortened links
2010-06-09 Apple s \\\"evil genius\\\" plan to punk the Web and gild the iPad
2010-06-09: How a decade of antitrust oversight has changed your PC
2010-06-09: Third cyberattack at Penn State University exposes thousands of Social Security numbers
2010-06-09: Is your IP address on this \\\'Hurt Locker\' hit list?
2010-06-09: Google pays $2,000 for report of a vulnerability in Chrome
2010-06-09: India to check all Chinese telecoms equipment for spyware
2010-06-09: Deter quantum hackers by hiding the photon keys
2010-06-09: 5 Fired For Social Media Use
2010-06-09: Bank of America employee pleads guilty to data theft
2010-06-09: Steak-Scented Billboard Entices Drivers
2010-06-09: Praetorian Prefect | Going After BP--a simple security audit shows three vulns
2010-06-09: Quickly find space-hogging files with PowerShell
2010-06-09: BeagleBoard Gives New Power to Open Source Gadgets
2010-06-09: Beachbody’s P90X Making Serious Money with infomercials
2010-06-09: Google accused of criminal intent over StreetView data
2010-06-09: BP and Twitter to @BPGlobalPR: Tell Them You’re Joking
2010-06-09: Will Microsoft unleash its secret weapon against Google Docs?
2010-06-09: Linden Labs restructuring, big changes to Second Life
2010-06-09: Apple\'s Worst Security Breach: 114,000 iPad Owners Exposed
2010-06-09: VMware standardizes on Novell SLES for their virtual appliances
2010-06-09: Univ. of California Faculty May Boycott Nature Publisher
2010-06-09: Google Voice to Integrate with Gmail as a VoIP Service
2010-06-09: Just What the Hell Is a Hoffac[h]ino, Anyway?
2010-06-09: TGF: Dropbox Security Problem - Data Leakage
2010-06-09: Guess What? Apple Is Right About Flash on Smartphones
2010-06-09: Should I Worry About the Apple iPad AT&T Security Breach? (Probably Not.)
2010-06-09: ISPs Under Pressure To Crack Down On Bots And Spam
2010-06-09: White House Commission Debates Certification Requirements For Cybersecurity Pros
2010-06-09: Researchers: Windows 7 and Mac OS X both hit by fundamental flaws
2010-06-09: Mass Infection via SQL Injection of IIS Websites
2010-06-09: Canonical Developing Ubuntu OS For Tablets
2010-06-09: Security firms gird for attacks on smart phones
2010-06-09: A problem with the default protocol handlers on XP http://bit.ly/99wpHb <--Found and released by a Google engineer @taviso
2010-06-09: Anatomy of a tweet--complete format of the data
2010-06-09: The Little Feature That Led to AT&T\\\'s iPad Security Breach
2010-06-09: Awesome switches from Brocade; up to 1000 10 Gbps or 100 100Gbps ports
2010-06-09: Facebook vs. Google traffic showdown
2010-06-09: Evizone Lets You Share Business Documents without letting others copy or print them--very tempting to hack this
2010-06-09: Bug gives attackers complete control of Windows PCs
2010-06-09: How To Become The Worlds No. 1 Hacker (9780982609101): Gregory D. Evans <-- dig the reviews
2010-06-09: Conference 2010 (Google IPv6 Implementors Conference)
2010-06-09: Scanner Radio for Android
2010-06-09: scannow sfc - LEARN how to use SFC.EXE (system file checker)
2010-06-09: iPhone now as fragmented as Android
2010-06-10: IPv6 rapid deployment - Wikipedia
2010-06-10: Comcast6.net IPv6 Information Center
2010-06-10: TR-069 - The technique AT&T will use instead of DHCP for their IPv6 6rd deployment
2010-06-10: Facebook\'s experimental IPv6 Site
2010-06-10: Pinging Facebook\'s IPv6 space: 2610:D0:FACE::1/48
2010-06-10: Google IPv6 Implementors Conference Slides
2010-06-10: Netflix streaming over IPv6
2010-06-10: How to get started using Google over IPv6
2010-06-10: PC makers no longer allowed to preinstall Windows XP on new netbooks as of October
2010-06-10: Google Kills Its Homepage Background Image Experiment Early
2010-06-10: DREN\'s experience deploying IPv6 on a real live network--excellent, important information
2010-06-10: Google researcher gives Microsoft 5 days to fix XP zero-day bug
2010-06-10: Judge limits DHS warrantless laptop searches
2010-06-10: Comodo Offers Comodo Internet Security for Free to Those Who Can\\\'t Afford It
2010-06-10: Microsoft\'s Statement about the Help & Support Center 0day and Google\'s disclosure of it
2010-06-10: Verizon Mandates IPv6 Support for Next-Gen Cell Phones--from 2009
2010-06-10: Google polishes Chrome Frame for IE
2010-06-10: Microsoft hides mystery Firefox extension in toolbar update
2010-06-10: Android Phones Selling Faster Than They Can Be Built
2010-06-10: IANA IPv4 Free Pool is now at 6.25%
2010-06-10: ATM Skimming Spree Nets $200K
2010-06-10: Mozilla girds Firefox with \\\'hang detector\'
2010-06-10: Tool Automates Social Engineering In Man-In-The-Middle Attack -- Very Clever!
2010-06-10: Update Flash twice if you use two browsers
2010-06-10: Test your IPv6--very nice!
2010-06-10: \"Untrained\\\" or Uncertified IT Workers Are Not the Primary Security Problem
2010-06-10: Linux Kernel IPv6 Hop-By-Hop Header Remote Denial of Service Vulnerability
2010-06-10: Hop-by-Hop and Router Alert extension headers require extensive processing and create a DoS vulnerability in IPv6
2010-06-10: Unix Commands to Try When You\\\'re Bored
2010-06-10: Scan Websites for Viruses with multiple engines
2010-06-10: At FTC\'s Request, Court Halts Massive Robocall Operation
2010-06-10: Senate Cybersecurity Bill Introduced--Requires Pen Tests
2010-06-10: Is This the Craziest Bridge Ever Designed?
2010-06-10: Neutrinos apparently have mass!
2010-06-10: RSnake nails the Google full disclosure hypocrisy, and a Google employee fails to hide his identity
2010-06-10: Scathing, well-researched review of \"How To Become The Worlds No. 1 Hacker\"
2010-06-11: The Stunning Crash And Burn Of Las Vegas
2010-06-11: Understanding Dual-Stack Lite--IPv6 only to the home (not recommended by Cisco)
2010-06-11: Cisco Carrier-Grade IPv6 Solution - Nice Flash IPv6 ad on this page
2010-06-11: A Necessary Evil?: NAT66
2010-06-11: Sprint serves up its IPv6 migration strategy
2010-06-11: Taliban Webmaster: We\'ve Been Hacked!
2010-06-11: Publishing Company Puts Warning Label on Constitution
2010-06-11: O2 Scraps Unlimited Data Usage For Smartphones
2010-06-11: CHScanner : IPv6 Network Scanning Tool!
2010-06-11: Penetration Testing with IPv6
2010-06-11: RFC 5157 - IPv6 Implications for Network Scanning
2010-06-11: IPv6 Attack Toolkit--THC-IPV6
2010-06-11: Scanning on IPv6--How I got THC-IPv6 working on Ubuntu at Google
2010-06-11: IPv6 RA-Guard: needed to prevent rogue Router Advertisements
2010-06-11: Facebook adds IPv6 support
2010-06-11: Adobe fixes Flash flaw in five days
2010-06-11: Sophos scans the cloud
2010-06-11: Windows 7 Vulnerable to Memory Attack Via PCMCIA Port
2010-06-11: Cisco forecasts fourfold Internet traffic growth by 2014
2010-06-11: The Browser Choice Screen for Europe: What to Expect, When to Expect It
2010-06-11: IPv6 DNS Statistics via passive DNS replication--Interesting Technique
2010-06-11: Sprint serves up its IPv6 migration strategy
2010-06-11: Good article putting the iPad email leak into perspective
2010-06-11: US might assassinate WikiLeaks founder: Ellsberg
2010-06-11: Electricity in the Air: On the Brink of Wireless Power
2010-06-11: 2TB Hard Drives Crack the $100 Barrier
2010-06-12: Microsoft Explains Mystery Firefox Extension
2010-06-12: Cybersecurity measure on fast track in Senate panel
2010-06-12: How Frozen Humans Are Brought Back
2010-06-12: Quant AI Picks Stocks Better Than Humans
2010-06-12: IPv6 Adoption Monitor
2010-06-12: Droid Incredible Jailbroken
2010-06-12: Microsoft Adds Simplified Workaround For XP Help Bug
2010-06-12: Free Android WiFi Tether For Root Users App Now Supports WPA2 And Full Hotspot (Infrastructure) Capabilities On EVO 4G | Android News, Reviews, Applications, Games, Phones, Devices, Tips, Hacks, Videos, Podcasts - Android Police
2010-06-12: A Decade Later, Gene Map Yields Few New Cures
2010-06-12: Gulf oil spill: \'Kevin Costner solution\' has green light, but no green
2010-06-12: Google\'s Failed Experiment to Become Bing
2010-06-12: Official dist of Linux IRC daemon Unrealircd was trojanized 6 mo.ago; nobody noticed
2010-06-12: The End of Men
2010-06-12: When Will the Automotive Internet Arrive?
2010-06-12: \\\"Straightforward legal blackmail\\\": a tale of P2P lawyering
2010-06-12: Smart underpants share how you\\\'re feeling
2010-06-12: How the financial system works--this is a great video
2010-06-12: Restaurant in Melbourne is phasing out printed menus and wine lists and introducing iPads.
2010-06-12: Finland mulls legalizing use of unsecured Wi-Fi
2010-06-12: Australia wants to force ISPs to archive email for ten years
2010-06-12: How Google Converts PC Apps to Cloud Apps to Run them in Chrome
2010-06-12: Hyperspectral US spy satellite rushed into active use
2010-06-12: metasploit-fakeUpdate (v0.1.3)--autmoated MITM attack
2010-06-13: Microsoft\\\'s Sleep Proxy Lowers PC Energy Use
2010-06-13: Pentagon hunts WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in bid to gag website
2010-06-13: President could order private networks off the Internet
2010-06-13: Wanted by the US: WikiLeaks founder keeps his head down
2010-06-13: Lenovo Trying Face Recognition For Logins On New Laptops
2010-06-13: Pair Arrested for Trying to Trade iPod Touch and Marijuana for iPad on Craigslist
2010-06-13: Two Plead Guilty in Texas to Role in Botnet Hacking Conspiracy -
2010-06-13: Those Texas hackers are the ones who hacked the T35 account database!
2010-06-13: The VMotion Myth--server migration is not yet practical
2010-06-13: In the Singularity Movement, Humans Are So Yesterday
2010-06-13: Suspended-animation cold sleep achieved in lab
2010-06-13: Problems with Medeco Locks
2010-06-13: Hacking Approach to VoIP & Skype
2010-06-13: FTC Future-of-Journalism Inquiry Wraps Up With Little Momentum for Major Intervention <--whew
2010-06-13: Internet Matches TV\'s Influence Over Conversation
2010-06-13: Adrian Lamo is going to Defcon!
2010-06-13: AT&T Explains iPad Security Breach
2010-06-13: Japanese space probe returns to Earth after 7-year mission
2010-06-13: Microsoft Natal Experience pictures/info leaked
2010-06-13: The Microsoft Ponchos
2010-06-13: 4G wireless technology: A look at what\'s ahead
2010-06-13: Hong Kong Company Develops Solar-Powered Lightbulb
2010-06-13: Japanese Manga Newspapers Report Current Events in Graphic Detail
2010-06-13: Wikileaks Commissions Lawyers to Defend Alleged Army Source
2010-06-13: Evidence of Ancient Martian Life in Meteorite ALH84001?
2010-06-14: Crucial\'s RealSSD C300 solid-state drive--expensive but highly rated
2010-06-14: Metasploit 101 Video
2010-06-14: HTC EVO 4G Glass Issues Surfacing
2010-06-14: Palo Alto Networks Delivers \'Read-Only\' Facebook
2010-06-14: Sidejacking Facebook using Ferret and Hamster 2
2010-06-14: Stolen keystrokes posted on Pastebin
2010-06-14: Microsoft reveals Kinect controller for Xbox 360 at E3 2010 preview event in Los Angeles
2010-06-14: Unreal Backdoored IRC Server--two lines of code
2010-06-14: We%u2019re Awarding Goatse Security A Crunchie Award For Public Service
2010-06-14: California Fines Five Hospitals For Failure To Protect Patient Data
2010-06-14: Chris Paget explains why the iPad hack is more dangerous than originally reported
2010-06-14: Hacker charged with threatening US VP using neighbour\\\'s PC
2010-06-14: The Spyder III, the World\\\'s most powerful laser, a real-life lightsaber
2010-06-14: Google Storage
2010-06-14: Take Screenshots on the HTC EVO 4G Without the Need to Root
2010-06-14: U.S. Identifies Vast Riches of Minerals in Afghanistan
2010-06-14: Fog Cannon deters burglary
2010-06-14: iPad Hacker Response Blasts AT&T, Says Security Flaws Remain
2010-06-14: Turning XSS into Clickjacking
2010-06-14: List of users you\'ve blocked on Twitter--simple script
2010-06-14: Gentoo linux included the trojaned UnrealIRC (ty @edbott)
2010-06-14: Interesting discussion of the Linux trojan, read coments (ty @edbott)
2010-06-14: Georgia State University sued for allowing students to use electronic versions of library materials
2010-06-14: Ubuntu-based Windows XP Clone
2010-06-14: Kaminsky Issues Developer Tool To Kill Injection Bugs
2010-06-14: Your Chance To Change OSI
2010-06-14: DiskDigger - Free Windows file recovery utility
2010-06-15: CVE 2010-1885 (the hcp:// vulnerability found by @taviso) exploited in the wild
2010-06-15: IPv6 - This time, it\\\'s for real
2010-06-15: Slides from Google IPv6 Implementors Conference
2010-06-15: Russians education embraces Creationism
2010-06-15: Turn Your Old Router into a Range-Boosting Wi-Fi Repeater
2010-06-15: Trying to sell Office in an era of free Office
2010-06-15: Apple iPhone 4 Pre-Ordering Is a Total Disaster--with security breaches too!
2010-06-15: A.S.Roma website is infected, owners deny it
2010-06-15: New Canadian copyright law is even harsher than the US DMCA
2010-06-15: Chatroulette Working On Genital Recognition Algorithm
2010-06-15: What happens when engineers own dogs. [VIDEO]
2010-06-15: The Nintendo 3DS Is Real, and Doesn\\\'t Need Glasses
2010-06-15: Mass attack of Wordpress blogs on Rackspace
2010-06-15: Feds may require cybersecurity credential for workforce
2010-06-15: Microsoft Office 2010 now available for nonprofits through our technology donations program
2010-06-15: Online Ad Revenue Will Soon Surpass Print
2010-06-15: Police Arrest 178 in U.S.-Europe Raid on Credit Card \'Cloning Labs\'
2010-06-15: Dark lasers send data as pulses of darkness, so they travel farther
2010-06-15: Notificator: Twitter from 1933
2010-06-15: French HADOPI anti-piracy software analyzed--easily used to create a botnet
2010-06-15: Apple gives up with online pre-order insanity, suggests you head into a store; ty @twechy
2010-06-15: Peg DHCP
2010-06-15: New Crypo-Cracking Tool To Target Oracle Databases
2010-06-15: CHART OF THE DAY: Print Misses The Ad Recovery
2010-06-15: Airplanes Unexpectedly Modify Weather
2010-06-15: is polluted with amazing amount of junk traffic
2010-06-15: YouTube - Lego Hello World Printer
2010-06-15: Google Music coming--competition for iTunes
2010-06-15: Do cyber vigilantes make the computing world safer?
2010-06-15: Do cyber vigilantes make the computing world safer?
2010-06-15: Starbucks to Offer Free Access to Paywall site via Starbucks Digital Network
2010-06-15: Students arrange protest to get teachers who protested fired
2010-06-15: Safe Line 100 Telephone Analyzer --make sure your telephone is bug and tap free
2010-06-15: IPv6 for the Masses--Summary of the Google IPv6 Implementors Conference
2010-06-15: Finding rogue IPv6 routers on Mac OS X with NDP
2010-06-15: Critical and unpatched, Windows XP bug is under attack
2010-06-15: Photo of cloud with hole punched in it by aircraft
2010-06-15: FBI\'s Facebook Monitoring Leads To Arrest In England
2010-06-15: Full Disclosure: Weev, AKA Andrew Auernheimer
2010-06-15: Weev of Goatse Security arrested today
2010-06-15: Virtual security sales will expand eightfold by 2014
2010-06-15: Wikileaks, Transparency, and National Security
2010-06-15: Consumers Trust Retailers\' Security The Least
2010-06-15: Hacker in AT&T-iPad security case arrested on drug charges
2010-06-15: $11.7m judgment against Spamhaus slashed to $27,000
2010-06-15: Last IPv4 Addresses May Already Be Cluttered
2010-06-15: Microsoft\'s No-Glasses 3-D Display Watches You While You Watch It
2010-06-15: US Gov\'t outsourced e-passport printing to Thailand--in retrospect, not a wise move
2010-06-15: Windows 7 ASLR bypass
2010-06-15: Former Prosecutor: Google Wi-Fi Snafu \'Likely\' Illegal
2010-06-16: Internet gatekeepers strengthen security at the root--DNSSEC installed today
2010-06-16: Man accused of threatening Biden on his neighbor\'s Wi-Fi drops plea deal
2010-06-16: Is the Wikileaks Source Exposure a False Flag Operation?
2010-06-16: Kepler Mission Finds 752 Extrasolar Planet Candidates
2010-06-16: San Francisco passes pioneering cellphone radiation law
2010-06-16: Microsoft Set To Release Windows 7 SP1 Beta
2010-06-16: Swype Beta Brings Better Typing to Android, Free for Next Few Days
2010-06-16: Churches Swap School Supplies for Access
2010-06-16: Even With Pre-Order Failures, iPhone 4 Sells Out In Under A Day
2010-06-16: Using Social Networking as Legal Marketing--Modern Ambulance-Chasing
2010-06-16: WikiLeaks Preparing To Release Video Of Afghan Air Strike
2010-06-16: Ceremony marks storage of first DNSSEC key
2010-06-16: Worried about logic bombs? You should be
2010-06-16: Top 10 Skills in Demand in 2010
2010-06-16: Physicists Propose New Method for Quantum Computing
2010-06-16: More Than One-Third Of Internet Page Views Are Porn, Study Says
2010-06-16: The Real Deal on Chip and PIN (EMV) in the US
2010-06-16: Geologists may be charged with manslaughter for failing to predict an earthquake
2010-06-16: WikiLeaks: Who is hacker hero Adrain Lamo?
2010-06-16: Screenshot of today\'s CIA XSS ty @ridpath
2010-06-16: Using DNS to Find High Value Targets
2010-06-16: Photograph of IKAROS\'s Solar Sail Deployed in Space h
2010-06-16: Google Will Move Https Search To New Domain
2010-06-16: Eastern European banks under attack by next-gen crime app: BlackEnergy 2
2010-06-16: Iceland passes the Wikileaks law http://tinyurl.com/2fyunuf
2010-06-16: HP and Yahoo team up to deliver targeted ads... to printers
2010-06-16: IPv6 meeting in downtown San Francisco June 23 - 6 PM
2010-06-16: Putting a Private Detective in Your Laptop
2010-06-16: How to steal Facebook Authentication cookies: wireshark, greasemonkey, and cookie injector
2010-06-16: The U.S. wins the right to abduct innocent people with impunity
2010-06-16: Riyad Bank Website Gets Hacked
2010-06-16: Whisper Systems--encrypted phone calls on Android
2010-06-16: Goldman\\\'s 5-Terabyte Data Dump
2010-06-16: Ex-Hacker Adrian Lamo was Institutionalized for Asperger\'s on May 20--this should be re-examined in light of later events
2010-06-16: Three Weeks After Arrest, Still No Charges In Wikileaks Probe
2010-06-16: Hacker: Apple iPad Simply Not a Safe Platform
2010-06-17: Drug Charges Against Accused AT&T/iPad Hacker--Krebs on Security
2010-06-17: Guy creates millions of Hotmail accounts, makes them automatically mark his spam as \"not spam\"
2010-06-17: Forrester Projects Tablets Will Outsell Netbooks By 2012, Desktops By 2013
2010-06-17: China Grapples With Online Gambling
2010-06-17: Internet sleuths get new way to report stolen data
2010-06-17: Months-old Skype vulnerability exploited in the wild
2010-06-17: California Tracks Parolees With GPS, Then Ignores Alerts
2010-06-17: UK And U.S. See Heaviest Newspaper Circulation Declines
2010-06-17: Frustration growing over limited ability to shut down botnets
2010-06-17: How Vulnerable Are Your Cisco IOS Routers?
2010-06-17: Why Intel Wants To Network Your Clothes Dryer
2010-06-17: Banking\'s big dilemma: How to stop cyberheists via customer PCs
2010-06-17: Did LIGATT Security\'s CEO Threaten the Life of a Security Professional?
2010-06-17: Podcast interviewing LIGATT security CEO--incredible stuff
2010-06-17: Researcher shows how to strike back at web assailants--Offensive Security
2010-06-17: HTTPS Everywhere Browser Plugin from the EFF
2010-06-17: Sophisticated ATM Skimmer Transmits Stolen Data Via Text Message
2010-06-17: Hyenas of the Security Industry--long, interesting rant about security journalists, Dan Goodin wins
2010-06-17: IPv6 exposes identity of VPN users who use BitTorrent
2010-06-18: Apple secretly updates Mac malware protection
2010-06-18: How good are humans at solving captchas?
2010-06-18: Russian hacking contest--Thai government website hacked in 17 minutes
2010-06-18: Google Street View Wi-Fi Data Includes Passwords, Email Content
2010-06-18: The privacy implications of MAC address cataloging such as Google\'s wardriving
2010-06-18: The strange and consequential case of Bradley Manning, Adrian Lamo and WikiLeaks; Excellent analysis and summary
2010-06-18: Why LIGATT give me hope <--Excellent, just what I think; we need to police ourselves
2010-06-18: Speakers\' Bureau | Team ARIN--ARIN will send speakers to tech events
2010-06-18: Pakistani lawyer petitions for death of Mark Zuckerberg
2010-06-18: Verizon\'s Tiered 4G Data Plans are No Surprise
2010-06-18: DoS attack stuffs Turkey\\\'s Internet Censors
2010-06-18: Introducing the Google Command Line Tool
2010-06-18: Here comes the Mac Malware
2010-06-18: android-wifi-tether - Project Hosting on Google Code
2010-06-18: Looking For Vulns In All The Right Places? Experts Say You Might Be Missing A Few
2010-06-18: World Wide DNSSEC Deployment
2010-06-18: Foursquare Check-In Stickers Coming To A Store Window Near You (Video)
2010-06-18: Sussex computer hacker jailed over online fraud -- sounds like he used a WiFi MITM attack
2010-06-18: MHeadache pill reduces the pain of social rejection
2010-06-18: Stem Cell Tourist Dies From Treatment In Thailand
2010-06-18: HTC EVO 4G: Software Video
2010-06-18: Companies Bet on Market for Enriched Uranium
2010-06-18: - Microsoft Office 2010 not yet worth the upgrade
2010-06-18: California IT Security Chief Resigns
2010-06-19: A WashPost article that calmly discusses the ongoing imprisonment - 8 yrs and counting - of people we KNOW are innocent ty@ggreenwald
2010-06-19: Facebook has changed adoption for ever
2010-06-19: Italian MEP Wants To Eliminate Anonymity On the Internet
2010-06-19: Soluto Offers a Program to Fix Those Irritating PC Delays
2010-06-19: Why Google\'s Wi-Fi Data Collection was an Understandable Error--good explanation of Wi-Fi packet sniffing
2010-06-19: Hitachi robot rolls over floor junk, looks cute
2010-06-19: YouTube - Teenage Ex-Computer Hacker Gets Job With LIGATT--faked commercial
2010-06-19: Ligatt fraud exposed: \"hacker\" is an actor --ty @0ph3lia @jpierini
2010-06-19: Looks Like Amazon Just Patented Facebook
2010-06-19: Unboxed - Yes, People Still Read, but Now It\'s Social
2010-06-19: The Current State of Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC]
2010-06-19 IBM\'s \"Watson\" Supercomputer to Compete on Jeopardy!
2010-06-19: HTC Sends Cease & Desist to Hackers Shipped-ROMs
2010-06-20: Root the Htc evo 4g plus install wifi tether in 5 minutes
2010-06-20: Scott Applegate from E-C Council denounces Ligatt (at bottom of this page)
2010-06-20: iframe on Lenovo download site directs to Phoenix exploit kit, payload is Bredolab http://bit.ly/auVBxO
2010-06-20: Complete Analysis of JDK Exploit Based Malicious Domain
2010-06-20: Notepad.cc: The minimalist notepad in the cloud.
2010-06-20: Securely wipe your data with a hidden Windows 7 tool: CIPHER
2010-06-20: Duracell Powersource Mobile 100--I\'m getting one of these now
2010-06-20: \\\"Crack Me If You Can\\\" - DEFCON 2010
2010-06-20: Internet plagiarism rising in schools
2010-06-20: Hacking your car--attack demonstrates remote control of braking and more
2010-06-20: Former N.S.A. Official Is Indicted on Charges of Leaking Secrets - NYTimes.com
2010-06-20: DHS is Deploying Wrong Weapons for Cyberwar
2010-06-20: Made-For-Torrents Sci-Fi Drama \\\"Pioneer One\\\" Debuts
2010-06-20: Evans, LIGATT and the XSS Mess
2010-06-20: Bye bye bifocals, hello electronic spectacles
2010-06-20: Twitter recently blocked access to this control page ty @attritionorg
2010-06-20: Cleverbot.com - a clever bot - speak to an AI with some Actual Intelligence
2010-06-20: Adrian Lamo is now a \"top expert\" on iPad security
2010-06-20: In California, license plates might go electronic
2010-06-20: Oracle spikes HP\'s Solaris OEM contract
2010-06-20: Fair use, plagiarism and the World\'s No. 1 Hacker book
2010-06-21: Google Wave Out of Beta
2010-06-21: ATM Skimming: How Effective is Jitter?
2010-06-21: Verizon: Give FiOS A Try, On Us
2010-06-21: Myvu Personal Media Viewers--Headsup display!
2010-06-21: UK Government declares that Apple iPhones are not to be used for sensitive communications
2010-06-21: Ukranian scareware company caught by hacking into their servers
2010-06-21: iPhone Password Breaker updated with iOS4 Software support
2010-06-21: Technet Standard Costs Only $200
2010-06-21: Digitally Signed Malware--Interesting Presentation from Kaspersky
2010-06-21: eNom fails to act on bogus online pharmacies
2010-06-21: How not to redact images
2010-06-21: 40/100G Ethernet standard ratified
2010-06-21: File-sharing has weakened copyright—and helped society
2010-06-21: Gregory D. Evans Lies About Being Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)
2010-06-21: Belgian pump and dump botnet revealed
2010-06-21: The True Story Behind the Cisco Identification Port 1999
2010-06-21: Cisco & Juniper both have standards-compliant 100G Ethernet products
2010-06-21: Over 1000 Twitter accounts \\\"Hacked By Turkish Hackers\\\" in 12 hours
2010-06-21: Web Form Password Brute Force Attacks Made Easy - FireForce Firefox Plugin
2010-06-21: Soon there will be no reason to have a big, boxy computer on your desk
2010-06-21: Opportunistic thief stealing iPads five at a time
2010-06-21: Web 2.0 sites create traffic patterns that leak your private data even when HTTPS is used
2010-06-21: Strange dump, multiple entries for LIGATT ppl in it:
2010-06-21: The IPv6 Routing Table in 2010 -- hard to understand
2010-06-21: Trees Photographed in Infrared
2010-06-21: DNA testing to identify dog feces
2010-06-21: CyberSecurity Institute: World Class Computer Forensics Services and Training--Steve Haileys\'s company
2010-06-21: Verizon Signals the End of the Unlimited Data Plan
2010-06-21: No anti-virus software? No internet connection | News.com.au
2010-06-21: Ligatt\'s 128 bit SSL over HTTP:
2010-06-21: At Google, You\\\'re Old and Gray at 40
2010-06-21: Giving poor kids computers, internet makes them stupider
2010-06-22: Weakened GM flu virus proves ideal vaccine
2010-06-22: Researcher \'Fingerprints\' The Bad Guys Behind The Malware
2010-06-22: Cisco Networking Academy Summer Instructor Conference--Aug 9-11
2010-06-22: Splunk -- recommended free log file consolidator
2010-06-22: CyberSecurity Institute: The \\\"Tools Proven in Court\\\" Question
2010-06-22: HxD - Freeware Hex Editor and Disk Editor
2010-06-22: Arrests for selling self-destructing software in Spain
2010-06-22: Wikileaks Hitler parody
2010-06-22: \\\'World\'s No. 1 hacker\' tome rocks security world
2010-06-23: Report: A fifth of Android apps expose private data
2010-06-23: Dnssec comes to .org domains
2010-06-23: .ORG Registrars and their DNSSEC status: GoDaddy yes, 1and1 no
2010-06-23: Cybercrime forum suspects arrested by British police
2010-06-23: KnujOn v. eNom: Illicit pharmacy domain name hosting
2010-06-23: How HTML5 Will Change the Web
2010-06-23: Edmonds Community College Digital Forensics And Information Security Programs
2010-06-23: Free Computer Forensics Training - Computer Forensics Fundamentals
2010-06-23: Overview / National Career Readiness Certificate--I wonder if this is a good thing to have
2010-06-23: Errata: Gregory D. Evans Lies About Being CISSP
2010-06-23: This Is What\\ Happens When You Drop an iPhone 4
2010-06-24: Persistent XSS on Twitter.com
2010-06-24: Hacking IPv6 by Joe Klein--Good Lists of IPv6 Security Events and Hacking Tools
2010-06-24: Toronto hacker arrested--possibly a prank gone wrong?
2010-06-24: Firefox gets crash protection in latest update
2010-06-24: Visa Launches PayPal Alternative
2010-06-24: Build The Cadillac of Fly Traps for a Fly-Free Summer
2010-06-24: New iPhone raises the bar
2010-06-24: Twitter settles with FTC re: Obama Hacking
2010-06-24: Good reverse engineering of Ligatt trojan
2010-06-24: AT&T iPad Breaches Are About App Security, Not Mobile Devices, Experts Say
2010-06-24: Google remotely removes apps from Android phones
2010-06-24: Dave & Buster’s Restaurants Gets 20 Years In Gonzales Settlement
2010-06-24: .xxx top-level name will be approved
2010-06-24: Controversial Cyber Bill Passes Senate Homeland Security Committee
2010-06-24 Python SSL will get faster: error from 1999 finally fixed
2010-06-24: Virgin Media already looking to 400Mbps broadband
2010-06-24: Internet Explorer 9 developer preview
2010-06-24: \'Quantum computer\' a stage closer with silicon breakthrough
2010-06-24: LIGATT Security International (LGTT): Recap of Gregs Facebook entries posted here
2010-06-25: Online Security Breach At Anthem Blue Cross Exposes Personal Info of 200,000 People
2010-06-25: The Latest iPhone 4 Problem: Some Have Swapped Volume Buttons
2010-06-25: Kenya Administration Police Website Hacked
2010-06-25: How many U.S. citizens is the Obama administration targeting for assassination?
2010-06-25: Username and password broadcast on French TV--look at the photo
2010-06-25: How Twitter deceived consumers into believing Tweets are secure
2010-06-25: Toronto IT security expert arrested for creating mischief - Wanted to expose G20 security problems
2010-06-25: CyberCIEGE Educational Video Game--Recommended for Security+
2010-06-25: Dry Erase White Board Paint for Offices | IdeaPaint
2010-06-25: Twitter Hacker Gets Slap on the Wrist
2010-06-25: Byron Sonne, G20 Bomber, Was a CISSP--UPDATED: Certification Suspended
2010-06-25: New Foursquare app helps you avoid foes and exes
2010-06-25: Pakistan to vet websites for blasphemy
2010-06-25: Printer Hard Drives Can Be Security Threats
2010-06-25: Stem Cells Curing Burn-Induced Blindness
2010-06-25: ATM security flaws could be a jackpot for hackers
2010-06-25: Ex-Hacker Calls on Wikileaks Head to Step Down After Questionable Posts
2010-06-25: Gregory D. Evans Lies About Being CISA / CISM
2010-06-25: Closing Guantánamo Fades as a Priority
2010-06-25: Accused Hacker Who Balked at 2-Year Prison Deal Now Faces Decades
2010-06-25: Genetically Altered Salmon Set to Move Closer to Your Table
2010-06-25: New mousetrap Stands Upright To Signal Its Catch
2010-06-26: nCircle purges posts after researcher\'s arrest for explosives
2010-06-26: Ex-Hacker Adrian Lamo to Accept Salon.com\'s Offer to Rebut Wikileaks / Bradley Manning Story
2010-06-26: Sign in to Hotmail with a single-use code you get via SMS
2010-06-26: Facebook and Twitter use BitTorrent for software updates
2010-06-26: White House envisions simple, secure digital identities for Web users
2010-06-26: How to Access the Internet (A Guide from 2025)
2010-06-26: FBI Failed To Break Encryption of Hard Drives
2010-06-26: Women Dropping Out of IT
2010-06-26: End of Life Consultants, Inc. will kill you. Do they sell gift certificates?
2010-06-26: 3D Displays May Be Hazardous To Young Children
2010-06-26: Rushing Too Fast to Online Learning?
2010-06-26: Want a Master\\\'s Degree in Cybersecurity?
2010-06-26: The Federal IT Security Professional (FITSP)
2010-06-26: Top 10 Clever Google Voice Tricks
2010-06-26: Facebook Slamming The Back Door On Spammers
2010-06-26: Windows 7 SP1 \'beta\' leaks, hits torrents
2010-06-26: Free Forensic Tools
2010-06-26: US Fears Loss of ICQ Honeypot
2010-06-26: Crucial releases really skewed cheap flash drive
2010-06-27: Microwaves prevent frost damage to crops
2010-06-27: iPhone 4 Gets The Spirit Jailbreak Treatment
2010-06-27: Effort Uses Dogs’ DNA to Track Their Abusers
2010-06-27: Hacker High: 10 Stories of Teenage Hackers Getting into the System
2010-06-27: Hate Mail (contains offensive language)--I am now officially a \"bloodsucking maggot\"
2010-06-27: China Bans Military Personnel From Blogging
2010-06-27: Vatican computers impounded for forensic examination re: sex abuse claims
2010-06-27: Cell phone video leads police to child rape arrest
2010-06-27: Paper quotes (fake) Steve Jobs suggesting iPhone 4 recall
2010-06-27: Las Vegas Casino Data Center: RPG and Unix
2010-06-27: Google Moves its Encrypted Search
2010-06-27: Student Hacker Information podCast with Adrian Lamo
2010-06-27: Finger biometrics used to keep violent drunks out of pub
2010-06-27: San Francisco passes mobile radiation law (just in case)
2010-06-27: Hack gets ATMs to spit out piles of cash
2010-06-27: A recommendation for the BlockMaster SafeStick 4.0 encrypted USB flash drive
2010-06-27: Microsoft unveils free app upgrades for Win 7 users
2010-06-27: Bluehost CEO blog & others exploited by domainameat.cc
2010-06-27: Kahn Academy Delivers 100,000 Lectures Daily
2010-06-27: Errata: Gregory D. Evans Lies About Being Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE)
2010-06-28: I couldn\\\'t figure out what to do with my 3 iPads
2010-06-28: Blog attacked by DDoS
2010-06-28: White House seeks comment on trusted ID plan
2010-06-28: Decrypt a Cisco VPN Password | corey gilmore\\
2010-06-28: Scammer stole millions, pennies at a time
2010-06-28: Erasing sensitive information from smartphones
2010-06-28: FBI cannot break 256-bit AES
2010-06-28: Foxconn Plans Factory With 300,000 Workers in Central China
2010-06-28: 50% IT professionals using unencrypted USBs
2010-06-28: Police push to continue warrantless cell tracking
2010-06-28: e-Banking Bandits Stole $465,000 From Calif. Escrow Firm
2010-06-28: Microsoft starts sharing Windows 8 plans with PC partners
2010-06-28: 74-MPG City Car Makes a Smart Look Big
2010-06-28: University Development Program (UDP)--Brocade- student internships possible here (more later)
2010-06-28: Porn Industry Ready To Drop Flash
2010-06-28: Malicious Google Android Apps Discovered
2010-06-28: Sprint EVO does free tethering--just like every Android phone
2010-06-28: Two Possible Causes for Android\'s Losing App Store: Spam, Low Quality Apps
2010-06-28: Samsung Galaxy S: A Carrier-By-Carrier Guide
2010-06-28: Apple iPhone 4 or Sprint HTC EVO 4G: Consumers Finding It Difficult To Choose
2010-06-28: Hello, I\'m a Mac, and I\'m a PC -- Here\'s How I Help Fuel the World\'s Deadliest Conflict
2010-06-28: Education crisis propaganda, debunked in the comments
2010-06-28: ATM Hacking Made Easy
2010-06-28: Obama To Nearly Double the Available Broadband Wireless Spectrum
2010-06-28: Congress mulling in-car alcohol detectors
2010-06-28: Closing In On Chrome OS Launch, Key Architect Matthew Papakipos Jumps To Facebook
2010-06-28: The story about the two apps Google removed from the Androids
2010-06-28: Only 3% of the SSL certificates in use are valid
2010-06-28: Sprint Increases 4G Reach--but not San Francisco yet\'
2010-06-28: Blowing the Whistle on WikiLeaks
2010-06-28: New Messenger Has Same Old, Gaping Privacy Holes
2010-06-28: Kindle for Android Is Here
2010-06-28: Facebook Becoming a Prime Source for Divorce Case Evidence
2010-06-28: Evidence mounts against diabetes drug
2010-06-28: Devil\'s in the details for National Strategy for Trusted Online Identity
2010-06-28: Is Google About to Launch a Facebook Killer? Kevin Rose Says So
2010-06-29: LOQMail--encrypted email solution, free 30-day trial
2010-06-29: Facebook payment application will let friends \'share money\' online
2010-06-29: Open vSwitch--free virtual switches
2010-06-29: Zinc Whiskers--a whole data center was condemned for these in CA recently
2010-06-29: California Cyber Challenge on Cal Poly Pomona
2010-06-29: Official Google Blog: An update on China
2010-06-29: FAA IT Security Criticized is deficient--they need better authentication and encryption
2010-06-29: German Airports Use Bees To Monitor Air Quality
2010-06-29: Cornerstones of Trust 2010 Schedule
2010-06-29: Chinese Phishers Get On the Fake Codec Bandwagon
2010-06-29: Misconfigured Cisco Gear Could Lead to Wi-Fi Breach -- Downgrade attack to WEP possible
2010-06-29: Travel Tech That Makes Sense
2010-06-29: Notorious Kraken botnet rises from the ashes via Butterfly framework
2010-06-29: IT Unified Compliance Framework: Harmonized Policy Controls<--good idea
2010-06-29: Google To Go Dark In China, Baidu Rejoices
2010-06-29: Russian spy ring bust uncovers tech toolkit--Ad-hoc Wifi, netbooks, steganography
2010-06-29: World\'s first 3 terabyte external desktop drive
2010-06-29: Nigerian ISPs may move to Afrinic to combat cybercrime
2010-06-29: DFI News -- Interesting News Portal
2010-06-29: New Android 2.2 Software Update for Nexus One phones
2010-06-29: In Suit Over Faulty Computers, Window to Dell\'s Fall
2010-06-29: Adobe pushes out emergency patch for Reader apps
2010-06-29: Hackers vandalise 200 Australian web sites, cripple 150
2010-06-29: Adrian Lamo Outed Self As Source in Bradley Manning Case
2010-06-29: Cisco introduces Cius Android tablet PC
2010-06-29: Twitter Slashes API Rate Limits In Half Across The Board To Deal With Capacity Issues
2010-06-29: LIGATT was sued for $592K
2010-06-29: Feds: Colleges must have blind-friendly gadgets
2010-06-29: WhiteHat Security XSS--how and why
2010-06-29: Daily Kos Pollster Made Up Numbers
2010-06-29: Hackers Expose UMaine Students\' Counseling Information
2010-06-29: The $50 Tweet And The Effect Of Selling Out Your Twitter Stream
2010-06-29: \\\'Operation Aurora\' Changing The Role Of The CISO--CSO Council
2010-06-29: Counter-hacking appliance introduced by Mykonos Software - Punch back at attackers!?
2010-06-29: Data Encryption | First Data--End-to-end encryption to completely escape PCI Compliance requirements
2010-06-29:LCD maker cops to international price-fixing conspiracy
2010-06-29: The Next Generation of Routing Architecture: LISP
2010-06-29: Cisco awards second I-Prize
2010-06-29: Hack AT&T Voicemail With Android
2010-06-29: Hands on with the Android tablet \\\"Cius\\\" that Cisco announced at Cisco Live!
2010-06-29: White Hat Uses Foursquare Privacy Hole to Capture 875K Check-Ins
2010-06-29: T-Mobile is pushing IPv6. Hard. All future cellular deployments will be IPv6-only
2010-06-29: Verizon will sell iPhones in January
2010-06-29: UMaine Computers Hacked Close to 5000 Students Affected
2010-06-29: YouTube - Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action
2010-06-30: Analyzing Outbound SQL Queries
2010-06-30: Regular domains beat smut sites at hosting malware
2010-06-30: Military \'Bat-Hook\' Sucks Free Power from Overhead Lines
2010-06-30: US mulls clampdown on farmyard antibiotics
2010-06-30: Tesla\'s IPO Raises $226 Million in One Day
2010-06-30: Woot To Be Acquired By Amazon
2010-06-30: US Gov’t IPv6 requirement takes effect tomorrow
2010-06-30: Some Google Searches Now Blocked In China
2010-06-30: Suspicious login protection extended to all Google accounts
2010-06-30: Russian spy ring needed some serious IT help
2010-06-30: Medical diagnoses for 130,000 people vanish into thin air--unencrypted CDs sent by Fed Ex
2010-06-30: IPv6 Access Lists on IOS
2010-06-30: Liberal Watchdog Questions White House Gmail Use
2010-06-30: Schneier on Security: Data at Rest vs. Data in Motion--Encryption cannot solve all problems
2010-06-30: Drinking pop leaves \'geographic signatures\' that can track your movements
2010-06-30: Microsoft: 10,000 PCs Hit With Ormandy\'s Help Center XP 0day Attack
2010-06-30: Microsoft Kills the Kin
2010-06-30: With World Watching, Wikileaks Falls Into Disrepair
2010-06-30: Finland makes broadband a \\\'Legal Right\'
2010-06-30: Wordpress.com is down and so are millions of blogs. Again. [Now back up]
2010-06-30: Putting hard numbers to the iPhone 4 antenna issue
2010-06-30: LIGATT floods twitter with clumsily-made fake accounts
2010-06-30: Study: Advanced Threats a Growing Problem for Security
2010-06-30: Group Wants FTC to Probe Data Broker Spokeo
2010-06-30: Feds seize cash, Web sites of alleged film pirates
2010-06-30: Hacker Evolution: Untold 2.010.36 free download - Hacking Game
2010-06-30: WellPoint: Data breach caused by attorneys and faulty security update
2010-06-30: Amazon May Have Lost $9.2 Million in Sales Due to Outage
2010-06-30: Brian Sonne, suspended-CISSP charged with having explosives in G20 security case to remain behind bars
2010-06-30: Executives are Not Stupid
2010-06-30: Protecting SSH From The Masses
2010-06-30: Adobe patch took 90 days and still leaves the vulnerability open
2010-06-30: EFF opposes mass litigation of alleged file-sharers
2010-06-30: Computer program deciphers a dead language that mystified linguists
2010-06-30: Wired takes pot shot at Wikileaks
2010-06-30: 70,000 People Get Facebook Tagged in Huge Panoramic Photo

July 2010

2010-07-01: How To Cheat at Robo Defense on Android -- hex editor
2010-07-01: First real details about Android 3.0\"Gingerbread\" emerge
2010-07-01: Autoruns and Dead Computer Forensics
2010-07-01: The $37 Laptop. For Real
2010-07-01: Water droplets create multilayered display
2010-07-01: Hackers want your blender
2010-07-01: How to Stay Safe on Public Wi-Fi Networks
2010-07-01: IBM Acquires BigFix for Data Centers
2010-07-01: Steve Jobs to Angry iPhone 4 User: \"Relax, it\'s just a phone.\"
2010-07-01: Privilege escalation on Windows hotness
2010-07-01: Malicious PDF stream objects will be the norm
2010-07-01: Greasemonkey script to deframe link.social.com links
2010-07-01: Cisco IOS Security Auditing
2010-07-01: 6to4: Easing the IPv6 transition
2010-07-01: Animated CAPTCHA tech aims to fox spambots
2010-07-01: NuCaptcha -- Demos of the animated captchas
2010-07-01: Microsoft Invents Bipolar Battery System
2010-07-01: IE gaining back market share
2010-07-01: Smartphones With Intel Chips to Debut Next Year
2010-07-01: tftptheft - TFTP brute-forcer
2010-07-01: Google acquires ITA to improve airline ticket search
2010-07-01: Google Changes the URL for Encrypted SSL Searches
2010-07-01: Judge \"rejected all of the EFF\'s arguments\" on P2P cases
2010-07-01: Apple PR: That Email Exchange Is Fake, Steve Didn\'t Say That
2010-07-01: Woman Jailed 2 Days For Filming Movie Screen Sues Theater
2010-07-01: Network World is proud of their blatant sexism
2010-07-01: Sex.com And Two Related Trademarks Up For Sale At Sedo
2010-07-01: Oklahoma State University to launch iPad initiative
2010-07-01: How-To Secure Your Browsing Session Before Hitting Starbucks!
2010-07-01: Expert Witness: Effective Courtroom Testimony
2010-07-01: Gravitational lensing for interstellar communications
2010-07-01: The Einstein Cross Gravitational Lens
2010-07-02: 105.57 million IPv4 addresses used in 2010 so far
2010-07-02: Computer Science 4 High Sschool: helping high school teachers reach their potential
2010-07-02: Apple\'s explanation of the wireless bars problem
2010-07-02: Grigory Perelman Turns Down $1M Millenium Prize
2010-07-02: EVO 4G gets 802.11n WiFi by changing two lines of code
2010-07-02: Climategate\'s Final Days
2010-07-02: Facebook is seeking a Web Application Security Specialist to join the Security Department
2010-07-02: Tests Confirm iPhone 4\'s Antenna Flaws (Updated)
2010-07-02: Computer Science Graduates are the Least Employable in the UK.
2010-07-02: Unpatched Windows kernel flaw discovered -
2010-07-02: Ormandy / Google: How Close is Too Close? Read comments for heated debate
2010-07-02: Facebook And Twitter Becoming More Important For Job Recruitment
2010-07-02: Regional banking Trojans sneak past security defences
2010-07-02: Skype Expands Operations in Silicon Valley--Hiring now!
2010-07-02: Word of Mouth and the Internet
2010-07-02: Funny presentation about databases and messaging
2010-07-02: MashSSL--An alternative to SSL
2010-07-02: Hack in the Box Day #2 Wrap Up
2010-07-02: Hack in the Box Day #1 Wrap Up--Bring down Twitter for $80/day
2010-07-02: Fireshark--a free web analysis tool
2010-07-02: Motorola Droid Rules Android
2010-07-02: Swedish Pirate Party To Run Pirate Bay From Parliament
2010-07-02: Woman Pleads Guilty To E-mail Hacking, Deleting Case Documents
2010-07-02: Tabnapping on the increase
2010-07-02: Microsoft Needs Wake-Up Call
2010-07-02: New US Broadband Projects Get $795 Million In Funding
2010-07-02: SSL/TLS is not computationally expensive anymore--Google\'s experience with Gmail
2010-07-02: Twitter Users More Likely To Get Job Interviews
2010-07-02: Beds cause cancer! Kill your bed!
2010-07-02: USB hardware trojans impersonate trusted devices--excellent and scary!
2010-07-02: Long Life Is in the Genes
2010-07-02: Chase Bank Customers Can Now Deposit Checks via iPhone
2010-07-02: The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs : I am so glad we\'ve fixed this reception non-issue
2010-07-02: Doctor Treating Pregnant Women With Experimental Drug To Prevent Lesbianism
2010-07-02: Man-in-the-Middle in Tunnelled Authentication Protocols
2010-07-02: IT insider admits stealing info for 2,000 bank employees
2010-07-02: Best Buy Wants to Fire Employee For His iPhone 4 vs. HTC EVO Video
2010-07-03: British teenagers held for online bank fraud
2010-07-03: MediaShift . WikiLeaks, iPhone Incidents Show that U.S. Needs Shield Law
2010-07-03: High-Tech Car Lets the Blind Drive
2010-07-03: How to easily recover accidentally deleted iPhone voice messages
2010-07-03: Why we need WikiLeaks: 98 to 1 bias in the US media on torture
2010-07-03: Stupid htaccess Tricks
2010-07-03: Google container data center tour
2010-07-03: Will the paywall work? Thanks to Murdoch, we\\\'ll soon find out
2010-07-03: Web vulnerability scanners compared: they all fail. Manual testing is a lot better.
2010-07-04: Apple App Store Hacked.
2010-07-04: Youtube exploit claimed--The thread that started it all
2010-07-04: A thread about the YouTube exploit, with a link to a hacked video
2010-07-04: Privacy risks of smartphones--interesting hacks
2010-07-04: TempAlias--How to Create a Temporary Mail Account
2010-07-04: Repairing an Internert reputation with Reddit
2010-07-04: Slashdot--YouTube Hit By HTML Injection Vulnerability
2010-07-04: Microsoft sees spike in attacks targeting 0day Windows bug--caused by full disclosure
2010-07-04: Full Disclosure is irresponsible
2010-07-04: Just Wait Until Cars Have Wings -- Next Year
2010-07-04: Youtube HTML Code Injection
2010-07-04: The Curious Case of SSD Performance In OS X
2010-07-04: Tapping into the challenges of telepathy
2010-07-04: iTunes accounts hacking more widespread than initially thought. The facts, and what you should do.
2010-07-04: TaoSecurity: Cyberwar Is Real
2010-07-04: Blockbuster to be delisted from the NYSE
2010-07-04: First direct image of an extrasolar planet around a Sun-like star
2010-07-05: Botnet trojans invade smartphones
2010-07-05: Japanese quick-charger fills an electric car to 70% in 5 minutes
2010-07-05: The Times\' web readership plummets - Murdoch is completely out of touch
2010-07-05: Police Stop Journalists From Photographing Metrorail System
2010-07-05: 16% of American computers are bots
2010-07-05: eBay shill bidder gets £5,000 fine
2010-07-05: Analogue: Free Open Source Disposable Chat Program
2010-07-05: Smartphone Spyware Used for Illegal Wiretapping in Romania - Fifty people arrested
2010-07-05: Ubuntu 10.0.4, VMware and No Keyboard : Solo Technology
2010-07-05: Warning about VMWare Player and new Ubuntu 10.04
2010-07-05: Hacker posted a video of him infiltrating a hospital to YouTube--the FBI has him now
2010-07-05: Ubuntu 8.04 asking me a stupid question about Grub
2010-07-05: Symbian, the Biggest Mobile OS No One Talks About
2010-07-05: Supercomputer Cooled With Hot Water
2010-07-05:XSS vuln on white hat security site
2010-07-05: ATM vendors threaten researcher, stop his presentation on ATM flaws
2010-07-05: Backdoor bypasses unlock code on Androids
2010-07-05: MakerBot and the CupCake CNC 3D Printer!
2010-07-05: Are You Still Using Your Real Credit Card Online? You Shouldn\'t.
2010-07-05: Credit Card Hackers Visit Hotels All Too Often
2010-07-05: How to speed up boot of Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx
2010-07-05: HSBC Bank Sends Activated Debit Cards Through Mail--and they don\'t care
2010-07-05: Microsoft is totally off the radar of the cool, hip, cutting-edge software developers
2010-07-05: EFF tries to stop websites from being able to define what actions are crimes
2010-07-05: The Quiet Problem: IPv6
2010-07-05: Ubuntu 10.04 Fail #3: Update Manager Installation Freezes on Grub Configuration
2010-07-05: How to install VMware Tools in Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx) 
2010-07-05: Lucid dream: Ars reviews Ubuntu 10.04
2010-07-05: Proximity Sensor Presents Latest iPhone 4 Issue
2010-07-05: Package Delivery Only By Twitter Name Begins In Japan
2010-07-05: TCPSniffer 0.2 released--simple credential sniffer
2010-07-05: How to fix broken packages? - Ubuntu Forums
2010-07-05: Exclusive: Motorola Droid X preview
2010-07-06: The Dirty Truth about Plug-in Hybrids
2010-07-06: HDMI could soon be replaced by video over cat5e Ethernet cable
2010-07-06: Microwave Map of the Entire Sky
2010-07-06: An Introduction to Android Forensics
2010-07-06: Interesting discussion of charging money for vulnerabilities
2010-07-06: Latest Peek firmware sends SMS, Twitter feeds to the wrong users
2010-07-06: Ligatt attempts to redact
2010-07-06: Report: Chinese Military Behind Google, Other Cyberattacks
2010-07-06: US Army: alleged Wikileaks source Manning faces 52 years
2010-07-06: Facebook in-house pentest succeeded
2010-07-06: YouTube - the XSS vulnerability explained
2010-07-06: Security researchers wage war on Microsoft
2010-07-06: WEP forbidden by PCI-DSS on 6-30-2010 (see page 7)
2010-07-06: Secrecy of cloud computing providers raises IT security risks
2010-07-06: Magnetic Silly Putty
2010-07-06: ipv6-address-types.pdf (application/pdf Object)
2010-07-07: Crack the Code in Cyber Command’s Logo
2010-07-07: Hard Drive Password Password Removal Tool: Shinobi - Ji2
2010-07-07: MSRC \"rogues\" offer MSSQL 0days for sale to the highest bidder
2010-07-07: CHART OF THE DAY: Android Used By More Developers Than Apple
2010-07-07: Apple looking to hire iTunes Fraud Prevention Specialist
2010-07-07: \'Robin Sage\' Social Hoax Duped Military, Security Pros
2010-07-07: Twitter\'s interesting new revenue model: @earlybird
2010-07-07: Malware disguised as IME file appears
2010-07-07: First Look at the Improved and Redesigned Firefox 4
2010-07-07: Parasite Correlated With World Cup Success
2010-07-07: HTCIA TechBytes with Ron Nutter -- podcast with Laura Chappell
2010-07-07: Defcon network will have WPA2
2010-07-07: Those 260,000 Stolen Documents From the State Dept.
2010-07-07: How To Bypass Firefox 4.0 Beta\'s Incompatible Add-on Error and Install Extensions Anyway
2010-07-07: U.S. Program to Detect Cyber Attacks on Infrastructure \"Perfect Citizen\"
2010-07-07: Pirate Bay SQL Injection Exploited--user database revealed
2010-07-07: MD5 Decrypter.com--great site, works on the Cyber Command logo code
2010-07-07: Inside the Fake PC Recycling Market
2010-07-07: 5 Things You Never Knew Your Cell Phone Could Do
2010-07-07: What small businesses need to know about IPv6
2010-07-07: Year in prison for disgruntled former IT admin
2010-07-07: University of Hawaii breach made worse by unnecessary storage of SSNs
2010-07-07: No Sign Of Attacks Exploiting Latest Windows Zero-Day, Microsoft Says
2010-07-07: Humungous bubbles blown from small black hole
2010-07-07: Is Breaking CAPTCHA a Crime?
2010-07-07: The proton shrinks in size
2010-07-07: George Lucas Gets Crazier With Cease and Desist Letter Against Wicked Lasers
2010-07-07: Should Cities Install Moving Sidewalks?
2010-07-07: Security firm discloses vulnerabilities to vendors who are willing to pay
2010-07-07: How To Get Your Very Own Free SSL Certificate
2010-07-07: Magnetic Nanoparticles Can Remotely Control Worms--Next: Orbital Mind Control Lasers!
2010-07-08: 41% of IT pros admit to snooping on confidential information
2010-07-08: Android 2.2 Review: A Deep, Delicious Dive Into Froyo
2010-07-08: Cisco warns attendees that the Cisco Live database was hacked
2010-07-08: Cisco enters tablet market with Android-based Cius
2010-07-08: Interesting Google presentation about social networking
2010-07-08: Consolidate Firefox 4 Beta\\\'s Toolbars Even Further
2010-07-08: 419 Scam Launched from U.S. Senator\'s Compromised Email
2010-07-08: Go green: flush corpses into the sewer
2010-07-08: Visa yanks PCI approval from PIN entry kit
2010-07-08: Quest offers IPv6 service
2010-07-08: University Databases In the Bull\'s Eye -- using SSNs
2010-07-08: Smank
2010-07-08: Another Symbian worm
2010-07-08: New Apple Friend Bar Gives Customers Someone To Talk At About Mac Products | The Onion
2010-07-08: Wireless hacking with Windows tools
2010-07-08: IPv6 Adoption and Performance
2010-07-08: What\'s the deal with 2048-bit keys?
2010-07-08: Best Buy Won’t Fire Employee Responsible for Hilarious YouTube Videos After All
2010-07-08: Call for internet censorship halt
2010-07-08: Skype\'s encryption procedure partly exposed
2010-07-08: Implantable Eye Telescope Finally FDA Approved
2010-07-08: Details of the infamous MacOSX 10.6 bug that blocks IPv6 traffic to nodes with both A and AAAA Records
2010-07-08: Testing NAT64 and DNS64--Excellent summary of where we are and the serious problems with existing 6-to-4 gateway devices
2010-07-08: Open Source Music Fingerprinter Gets Patent Nastygram
2010-07-08: How Apache was hacked and how they recovered--very interesting reading!
2010-07-08: Nearly half of Windows 7 installations are 64-bit
2010-07-08: Should Your Car Test if You\\\'ve Been Drinking?
2010-07-08: Footlocker being looted, I think in Oakland
2010-07-08: Key protein used to form memories found
2010-07-08: Feds: Hospital hacker\'s \'massive\' DDoS averted
2010-07-08: FBI Raids \'Elektronic Tribulation Army\' Over Witness Intimidation
2010-07-08: Advance in Quest for HIV Vaccine--new antibodies found in Donor 45
2010-07-09: Military working on fully homomorphic encryption
2010-07-09: To Stop Cheats, Colleges Learn Their Trickery
2010-07-09: Canada\'s newly introduced data breach law is a start, but it lacks teeth
2010-07-09: China renews Google web licence
2010-07-09: Australia unbans the internet
2010-07-09: Some Birds Can See Magnetic Fields
2010-07-09: Genetically engineered blood scheduled for military use within five years
2010-07-09: Reverse engineer extracts Skype crypto secret recipe
2010-07-09: Gaming giant Blizzard ends online anonymity, stirs up storm
2010-07-09: Time is Now for WiFi Neighborhood Watch Programs
2010-07-09: Consumer Group Sniffs Congresswoman\'s Open Wi-Fi
2010-07-09: Pcapline.py -- network forensics packet flow analyzer
2010-07-09: IR camera tracks hand motions with no mouse
2010-07-09: Keylogger in Chrome Plugin
2010-07-09: VeriSign website XSS vulnerability
2010-07-09: Blizzard backs down after users voice privacy concerns - WoW to remain anonymous
2010-07-09: iPhone keyboard buffer retails months of typing
2010-07-09: How to Run Mac OS X in VirtualBox on Windows
2010-07-09: Google Launches App to Let Users Share Open Parking Spots
2010-07-09: NSA Denies It Will Spy on Utilities
2010-07-09: Apache Tomcat Remote Denial Of Service and Information Disclosure Vulnerability
2010-07-09: IPv6 BGP Operational Report--look how simple the BGP routing table is!
2010-07-09: For comparison, here is a chart showing the size of the IPv4 BGP routing table
2010-07-09: Many Bosses Unaware of Personal Devices\' Popularity at Work
2010-07-09: Early Alzheimer\\\'s Identification Method Discovered
2010-07-09: The Scary Truth About Home Invasions in America (Infographic)
2010-07-09: The State of the USA | Breaking Down the Latest Increases in Identity Theft
2010-07-09: Latest police weapon: iWitness?
2010-07-09: ogle Found Guilty of Australian Privacy Breach
2010-07-09: Freezing Your Head May Anger Your Wife
2010-07-09: Twitter Changes Tweet Storage Strategy, Confirms Realtime Analytics Product
2010-07-09: NASA\'s Plutonium Supply Dwindling; ESA To Help
2010-07-09: The Tweet That Ended a 20-Year Career at CNN (NYTimes)
2010-07-09: National census to be axed after 200 years
2010-07-09: How to install Metasploit Framework on Ubuntu 10.04
2010-07-09: American Airlines hard drive stolen
2010-07-09: Stanford\\\'s Book;ess Library
2010-07-10: Firefox 4 beta 1 is smart-looking, snappy
2010-07-10: Use a Firewall, Go to Jail
2010-07-10: Motorola Droid X vs iPhone 4 vs HTC Evo 4G: The Actual Cost Comparison
2010-07-10: HTC EVO 4G Hacked to run Ubuntu OS
2010-07-10: Google Maps Adds 45° Aerial Imagery For All Users
2010-07-10: Google Secretly Invested $100 Million In Zynga, Preparing To Launch Google Games
2010-07-10: Students, Meet Your New Teacher, Mr. Robot
2010-07-10: How to reset forgotten Ubuntu password
2010-07-10: Google Maps Adds Built-In URL Shortening
2010-07-10: Armour made from \'bullet-proof custard\'
2010-07-10: Illinois professor fired for giving Catholic teaching on homosexuality
2010-07-10: This Bendable Bike Can Tie Itself to Any Post
2010-07-10: Real Life Kick-Ass Prefers To Be Called The Viper
2010-07-11: Mother impersonated another parent to bump a rival child off a school waiting list
2010-07-11: Backdoor found in HTC EVO & Sprint Hero, exploited to gain root access
2010-07-13: IPv6 Contest is Over: Max Won the Droid!
2010-07-13: Blue Pill (malware) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
2010-07-13: Ace Training Doc
2010-07-13: Decrypting Intellforms Data with FTK
2010-07-14: Results of Frisco Wardrive
2010-07-15: Microsoft: 25,000 PCs attacked with latest Windows zero day (Help Center)
2010-07-15: Millions of routers vulnerable to DNS Rebinding attack - Is yours?
2010-07-15: Microsoft turns over all Win7 and server source code to Russia\\\'s new KGB
2010-07-15: Results of the San Francisco May 1, 2010 Wardrive
2010-07-15: Does Microsoft\'s sharing of source code with China and Russia pose a security risk?
2010-07-15: VMware embraces per-VM pricing - about time
2010-07-15: Download the gogo6 IPv6 client
2010-07-16: Safe--countermeasure for sslstrip attack
2010-07-16: OAuth, OpenID Timing Attack Password Crack Could Affect Millions
2010-07-16: Are Citrix Products IPv6 Ready?
2010-07-16: \\\"Malaria-Proof\\\" Mosquito Bioengineered In Lab
2010-07-16: US Gov\'t Orders 73,000 Private Websites
2010-07-16: Revealed: the true failure rate (and number made) of Apple\\\'s Time Capsules
2010-07-16: Ireland\'s new Optical Burst Switching to increase throughput of fiber optic networks (PPT file)
2010-07-16: Creating Honeypot Services using VMware Port Forwarding Tutorial
2010-07-16: Chile becomes first net neutrality nation
2010-07-16: Firefox security test add-on was backdoored
2010-07-16: How to reset domain admin password on Windows Server 2008--Utilman
2010-07-16: Mozilla hikes Firefox bug bounties to $3K
2010-07-16: How To Test for DNS Compatibility with the new signed domains
2010-07-16: Two students arrested for hacking into school computer system to change grades
2010-07-16: Germany To Test Actively-Cooled Spacecraft
2010-07-16: Getting Started with IPv6--proposed class for December 2010 at Working Connections, Texas
2010-07-16: Photos from your gadget can leak your location | Security - CNET News
2010-07-16: The New York Times Goes Nuts, Says The Government Should Regulate Google\'s Search Algorithm
2010-07-17: First saline-tolerant potatoes harvested
2010-07-17: ÜberTwitter: your secret spy?
2010-07-17: Wi-Fi Available on 1 in 3 U.S. Planes
2010-07-17: Apple\'s phone profits--amazing stuff
2010-07-17: Microsoft confirms \'nasty\' Windows shortcut zero-day bug
2010-07-17: Why people lose interest in Facebook--a design flaw
2010-07-17: New 0day malware targets SCADA systems for espionage
2010-07-17: Microsoft Security Advisory (2286198): Vulnerability in Windows Shell Could Allow Remote Code Execution
2010-07-17: More Analysis of Case LNK Exploit - F-Secure Weblog : News from the Lab
2010-07-17: The original report of the LNK Windows 0day (PDF)
2010-07-17: new windows 0-day targets SCADA, threatens us all
2010-07-17: Exciting thread analyzing the new LNK 0day
2010-07-17: Kaspersky analysis of the LNK 0day, part 1
2010-07-17: Kaspersky analysis of the LNK 0day, part 2
2010-07-17: Kaspersky analysis of the LNK 0day, part 3
2010-07-17: VeriSign Revokes Certificate Used to Sign Stuxnet Malware (LNK 0day)
2010-07-17: Why I\'m Craigslisting My iPads
2010-07-17: Windows token kidnapping returns to haunt Microsoft
2010-07-17: Firefox joins Microsoft in uncool kids class
2010-07-17: \\Solar powered plane has been up for 7 days so far
2010-07-18: Now, bank cards that generate new PIN each time you shop online
2010-07-18: Ten Dumb (and Sometimes Dangerous) Gadgets
2010-07-18: How to diagnose faulty RAM
2010-07-18: The First Poem Written for Computers
2010-07-18: Microsoft Warning Users Of Zero-Day Windows Exploit | Windows 7 News
2010-07-18 Google Places Offers Free Trial of \\\"Tags\\\" Ad Program
2010-07-18: Windows zero-day exploit?: USB storage .lnk files file explorer = FAIL
2010-07-18: Can Kevin Costner\'s Machines Really Help the Gulf Cleanup?
2010-07-18: Online Scammers Take Lawyer for $240,000
2010-07-18: Israeli hacker victims now total 100,000
2010-07-18: Microneedles may make getting flu shots easier
2010-07-18: SQL Injection Attacks Return
2010-07-18: Microsoft Windows Automatic LNK Shortcut File Code Execution
2010-07-18: Microsoft Windows Automatic LNK Shortcut File Code Execution
2010-07-18: Netkeys generates the factory password for Netopia routers
2010-07-19: Shortcut zero-day attack code goes public--with video of the rootkit in action
2010-07-19: Windows zero-day attack works on all Windows systems | Chester Wisniewski\\
2010-07-19: Windows \'shortcut\' attack code goes public
2010-07-19: Mitigating .LNK Exploitation With Ariad « Didier Stevens
2010-07-19: Mass. hospital may have lost back-up data for 800,000 patients
2010-07-19: HIPAA criminal convictions outpace sanctions
2010-07-19: Catching Satnav Errors On Google Street View
2010-07-19: Acosta v Byrum--very important precedent for HIPPA-based lawsuits
2010-07-19: SCADA System\'s Hard-Coded Password Circulated Online for Years
2010-07-19: Harald Scan is a Bluetooth discovery scanner
2010-07-19: LNK vulnerability now with Metasploit module implementing the WebDAV method
2010-07-19: After worm, Siemens says don\'t change passwords
2010-07-19: Another signed malware found. This cert was from a company in the same office area as Realtek
2010-07-19: IBM device secures online banking
2010-07-19: State employee posts nearly 3,000 SSNs online
2010-07-20: dead:beef:: the first known IPv6 exploitation framework
2010-07-20: Adobe to beef up PDF security with Reader sandboxing
2010-07-20: Malwebolence - The World of Web Trolling - NYTimes.com
2010-07-20: More about Weev, one subject of the recent NYT article about trolls
2010-07-20: Wikileaks Critic Adrian Lamo Defends Manning Decision at HOPE
2010-07-20: Microsoft Security Essentials beta out
2010-07-20: Free browser security testing service
2010-07-20: 4G-satellite network planned for U.S. next year
2010-07-20: Toronto Hacker Denied Bail
2010-07-20: A diatribe from the man who turned Byrone Sonne in to (ISC)^2
2010-07-20: Facebook User Satisfaction Is \'Abysmal\'
2010-07-20: IE and Safari lets attackers steal user names and addresses
2010-07-20: PCWorld removes iPhone 4 from its Top Ten Cell Phones chart
2010-07-20: Wikileaks\' estranged co-founder becomes a critic
2010-07-20: Disable Win 7\'s AutoPlay
2010-07-20: Bomb-making tips tied to blog shut-down
2010-07-20: Dailydave: Mini Fuzzer Shootout
2010-07-20: Siemens: German customer hit by industrial worm
2010-07-20: Handy Light for iPhone\\\'s dirty little secret tethering
2010-07-20: YouTube - Reality distortion field remains strong with Steve Jobs after antennagate
2010-07-20: Google Online Security Blog: Rebooting Responsible Disclosure: a focus on protecting end users
2010-07-20: Bad Connection: Inside the iPhone Network Meltdown
2010-07-20: eLearnSecurity : Penetration testing course for $249
2010-07-20: Master Foo and the Script Kiddie
2010-07-20: A comet hit Neptune 230 years ago
2010-07-20: Driverless Cars Begin 8,000-Mile Trek
2010-07-20: Tool Blunts Threat from Windows Shortcut Flaw
2010-07-20: London Times loses 90% of online readers after paywall goes up
2010-07-21: Technology Review: U.S. Backs Electric-Car Batteries. Will Drivers Follow?
2010-07-21: Security risks in Teredo IPv6 tunnels
2010-07-21: Phone-hacking site Shipped ROMS is finished (mostly)
2010-07-21: Dell replacement server motherboards found with malicious code
2010-07-21: Apple Bans Top App Developer From iTunes
2010-07-21: Zscaler Research: .LNK (CVE-2010-2568) / Stuxnet Incident
2010-07-21: Inside the Black Energy 2 Botnet
2010-07-21: Cell phone encryption cracker released
2010-07-21: Boeing shows off commercial spacecraft
2010-07-21: Harsh Words for Professional Infosec Certification (the comments are important too)
2010-07-21: Pretty movie about geometry in nature
2010-07-21: Defcon social engineering contest stirs concerns
2010-07-21: Industrial Marijuana Farming Approved In Oakland
2010-07-21: Windows iPhone Development in C/C
2010-07-21: SC Magazine launches unique online education portal, SC Scholars, for IT security professionals
2010-07-21: The dark side of the Moon turns out to be trippier than we could have imagined
2010-07-21: 7Types of Hard CISSP Exam Questions and How To Approach Them
2010-07-21: WIndows XP Home Edition EULA in Plain English
2010-07-21: San Francisco\'s unluckiest iPhone thief
2010-07-21: InfoSecIsland article reporting our wardriving results
2010-07-22: Hackers, Your Country Needs You
2010-07-22: Removing SCADA worm could disrupt power plants
2010-07-22: Microsoft to banish \'responsible\' from disclosure debate
2010-07-22: No Visa, No School, Many New York Districts Say
2010-07-22: Apple\'s Web Browser Allows Sites to Collect Personal Information
2010-07-22: Baidu hacking lawsuit allowed to proceed
2010-07-22: Tiny Glider Emulates Birds by Perching on Wire
2010-07-22: BlindType vows to autocorrect all wrongs with your iPhone or Android virtual keyboard (video
2010-07-22: Web ad sales help New York Times Co. halt declines
2010-07-22: Ars reviews the Motorola Droid X
2010-07-22: World\'s First Molten-Salt Solar Plant Opens
2010-07-22: New malicious LNKs: here we go
2010-07-22: UCSF employee convicted of fraud
2010-07-22: Bloatware creeps into Android phones
2010-07-23: Australia\'s secret data retention plan
2010-07-23: India unveils world\'s cheapest \'laptop\' at $35
2010-07-23: Microsoft Says No To Paying Bug Bounties
2010-07-23: 90% of web snoop document censored to stop \'premature unnecessary debate\'
2010-07-23: Violating Web Site Rules Not A Crime
2010-07-23: \'Freeware\' phishing kit dupes s\'kiddies
2010-07-23: Unpatched shortcut vuln exploited by mainstream malware
2010-07-23: Homeland Security go after WikiLeaks editor in vain at HOPE
2010-07-23: China Telecom Pilots IPv6
2010-07-23: webenum - Web site pentesting tool
2010-07-23: Mucrosoft journalist loves her iPad
2010-07-23: Pentagon Workers Tied To Child Porn
2010-07-23: WPA2 vulnerability found--to be shown at defcon
2010-07-23: U.S. Senate passes \'libel tourism\' bill
2010-07-23: Tech worker testifies of \'blue screen of death\' on oil rig\'s computer
2010-07-23: Report: Apple had the most vulnerabilities throughout 2005-2010
2010-07-23: Should you worry about the tags on Wal-Mart underwear?
2010-07-23: India Gears for IPv4 to IPv6 Switch--telcos must be IPv6-compliant by the end of 2011
2010-07-24: The PlugBot ~ The PlugBot is a small form factor computer used for Physical Penetration Testing
2010-07-24: NASA\'s Astronaut Twitter Account Hacked
2010-07-24: IPv6 Enabled Web Browsers
2010-07-24: Buckyballs Detected In Space
2010-07-24: How I Prepared for the CISSP Exam
2010-07-24: Super Heroes vs. the Westboro Baptist Church
2010-07-24: Taking screenshots on an Android-based phone
2010-07-24: A survey of Android Screen Capture Apps.
2010-07-24: 77% Of iPhone Owners Say They\'ll Buy Another -- Versus Just 20% Of Android Owners
2010-07-25: Apple iPad JAILBREAK using SPIRIT 3.2 Firmware
2010-07-25: Adriam Lamo Los Alamos Tsutomu Shimomura conspiracy theory
2010-07-25: How to Take Full Advantage of Your Solid-State Drive
2010-07-25: Netsh commands for Interface IPv6: IPv6; Scripting
2010-07-25: Metasploit--Microsoft Windows Shell LNK Code Execution
2010-07-25: Chatroulette Cleans Up its Act
2010-07-25: Controversial DNA Crime-fighting Technique Keeps It All In the Family
2010-07-25: iPhone and HTC EVO 4G Thriving, Palm Is Dead in Smartphone Buying Plans
2010-07-25: Stuxnet May Represent New Trend In Malware
2010-07-25: Observations: Subatomic sunscreen: How light particles can repair UV-damaged DNA
2010-07-25: Exploiting the LNK Vulnerability with Metasploit
2010-07-25: Do you Need the Ultimate Countermeasure?
2010-07-25: Integrating Ethics Into The Core Of Your Startups: Why And How
2010-07-25: My Tenth Grade Science Experiment
2010-07-25: Court Rules Bypassing Dongles Not a DMCA Violation
2010-07-25: Afghanistan war logs: How the Guardian got the story
2010-07-25: FirePassword : The Firefox Username & Password List Decryptor
2010-07-25: FireMaster : The Firefox Master Password Recovery Tool - brute forcer
2010-07-25: Yes Men documentary goes online via Bittorrent to evade censorship
2010-07-25: Afghanistan war logs: Massive leak of secret files exposes truth of occupation
2010-07-25: The Most Used Antivirus--top 4 are all free
2010-07-25: iPhone App Reads Your E-Mails to Allow for Smoother Driving
2010-07-25: The War Logs: Reaction to Disclosure of Military Documents on Afghan War - At War Blog - NYTimes.com
2010-07-26: LNK file Shortcut exploit: protect against it with this free tool from Sophos
2010-07-26: .ORG Inserts DNSSEC Key Into the Root Zone
2010-07-26: Researcher to Show Off GSM Intercept Attack at Defcon @ 1 PM Sat--don\'t miss it!
2010-07-26: Wikileaks founder Julian Assange: more revelations to come
2010-07-26: Lousiana School Board might OK teaching creationism
2010-07-26: CNN articie on IPv4 address exhaustion
2010-07-26: $45M for cyber contests vanish
2010-07-26: Air Force Accelerates, Streamlines Cybersecurity Hiring
2010-07-26: Google\'s cloud computing solution for Los Angeles\' police stumbling over security concerns
2010-07-26: Starbucks Expanding iPhone Payment Program to More Stores
2010-07-26: A Guide to Forensic Testimony: The Art and Practice of Presenting Testimony As An Expert Technical Witness -- Recommended book
2010-07-26: Digital Corpora--Sample Forensic Images
2010-07-26: The CFReDS Project--Sample Forensic Images
2010-07-26: Volatility | Memory Forensics | Volatile Systems
2010-07-26: PhotoRec - Data carving to find images
2010-07-26: Live View--boot a forensic image as a virtual machine
2010-07-26: EXCLUSIVE: BlackBerry patch was not for spying, claims Etisalat - Technology - ArabianBusiness.com
2010-07-26: UAE May Clamp Down on BlackBerry Users
2010-07-26: UAE May Clamp Down on BlackBerry Users
2010-07-26: Blackberry spyware distributed as software \"upgrade\" in UAE
2010-07-26: Hackers With Enigmatic Motives Vex Companies - NYTimes.com
2010-07-26: What You Should Know About Tokenization
2010-07-26: TwitHit--bump iPhones to follow people
2010-07-26: Close Read: WikiLeaks and the War
2010-07-26: UK launches computer security training exercises
2010-07-26: Yahoo will invest in hackers with good ideas
2010-07-26: Is Sprint losing its WiMAX/4G gamble?
2010-07-26: Optical flow switching could speed up the Internet by 100x
2010-07-26: Privacy concerns at Defcon--Chris Paget will intercept real cell phone calls from the audience!
2010-07-26: Attacks on SCADA-systems--excellent summary
2010-07-26: Decrypting SSL traffic with Wireshark, and ways to prevent it
2010-07-26: Google finally indexing the IPv6 internet
2010-07-26: Android Users Aren\'t As Disloyal As Reported
2010-07-26: Citi Discloses Security Flaw in Its iPhone App - confidential data stored in hidden file
2010-07-26: Position-based quantum cryptography: New method for securing location-sensitive data
2010-07-26: Black Hat talk on China\'s \'cyber army\' pulled after pressure
2010-07-26: Talk On High-Speed Trading Hacks Pulled From Black Hat
2010-07-26: A New Take On the Fermi Paradox
2010-07-26: Skype Under Threat Of Closure
2010-07-26: Southwest Adds \'Mechanical Difficulties\' To Act Of God List
2010-07-26: Jailbreaking phones legalized!
2010-07-26: Bikes and Cars: A Lesson in Los Angeles
2010-07-26: All 100 million facebook users in a downloadable list
2010-07-27: Dont spy on kids e-life, China warns parents
2010-07-27: WPA2 Vulnerability--Hole 196--A Flaw In GTK (Group Temporal Key)
2010-07-27: What to Watch at Black Hat and Defcon
2010-07-27: No Get Out Of Jail Free Card For Jailbreak Developers
2010-07-27: Google fixes Chrome holes, seeks security reform
2010-07-27: Seven people hold the DNSSEC keys to the Internet--like nuclear launch codes
2010-07-27: UK ISP TalkTalk Caught Monitoring Its Customers
2010-07-27: Three Steps to a Cracked Android Device
2010-07-27: Desktop Virtualization Solutions - Thin Clients
2010-07-27: How to Install 64 Bit Guest OS on 32 Bit VMware Workstation
2010-07-27: Mitigating .LNK Exploitation With Software Restriction Polocies
2010-07-27: Study quantifies how much companies are losing to cybercriminals
2010-07-28: This year\'s Defcon badge has a persistent display
2010-07-28: Study finds more data breaches are inside jobs
2010-07-28: Robots.txt file--Asimov would be proud
2010-07-28: China Channel Firefox Add-on - Experience the censored Chinese internet at home!
2010-07-28: Lawmakers question Google, Apple, Facebook and AT&T about privacy protection
2010-07-28: Another Security Risk Found at a Major Online Poker Room--XOR Encryption vulnerable to MITM Attack
2010-07-28: Revolutionary Intel chip uses light to send data: Silicon Photonics
2010-07-28: Battle joined for future of open source IPS--Downfall of Snort?
2010-07-28: Government standards for cyber security education: 4011 (1994) & 4013 (2004)
2010-07-29: YouTube banned by Russian court
2010-07-29: Google has two times more malware than Bing, Yahoo! and Twitter combined
2010-07-29: Turning an ATM into a Slot Machine
2010-07-29: Cell phone eavesdropping enters script-kiddie phase
2010-07-29: Android wallpaper app that steals your data was downloaded by millions
2010-07-29: New UC Position Prioritizes Electronic Information Security
2010-07-29: Microsoft frustrated because vendors are slow to fix reported bugs--pot, meet kettle
2010-07-29: Vietnam cracks down on online games
2010-07-29: PlugBot: Tiny Computer for Pen Testing
2010-07-29: Alzheimer\'s unlocked: New keys to a cure
2010-07-29: Doctor gagged for doubting shaken baby syndroms
2010-07-29: Increasing SSH Brute Force Attempts
2010-07-29: NoScript 2.0 protects users from DNS rebinding attacks
2010-07-29: Why Does VoIP Sound So Much Better Than POTS?
2010-07-29: Google App Engine and IPv6, Round 2
2010-07-29: Security experts warn that stuff you put on the Internet is on the Internet
2010-07-29: Nuclear Energy Now More Expensive Than Solar
2010-07-29: Verizon to End Rollout of FiOS -- they will use LTE wireless broadband instead
2010-07-29: Smart grid technology rollout stalls in Hawaii
2010-07-29: Recommended book: Beyond 3G - Bringing Networks, Terminals and the Web Together: LTE, WiMAX, IMS, 4G Devices and the Mobile Web 2.0
2010-07-29:FTC Wants Browsers To Block Online Tracking
2010-07-29: SANS: Netwars Competition
2010-07-29: Western Regional Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition
2010-07-29: Pwnie Awards 2010
2010-07-29: Android wallpaper app stealing user data and sending it to China
2010-07-29: \\\'Unhackable\' Android phone can be hacked
2010-07-29: Robert Hansen Reveals Major SSL and Browser Flaws
2010-07-29: Discovered XSS on Facebook can lead to account hijack
2010-07-29: Facebook Celebrates People\'s Birthdays In A Special Way: \"F*ck You B*tches\"
2010-07-29: The Computer Forensics Show--November 1-2, 2010 at Ft. Mason Convention Center, San Francisco, CA
2010-07-29: DNS Root now signed with DNSSEC
2010-07-29: Man Wants to Donate His Heart Before He Dies
2010-07-29: Adobe joins Microsoft security initiative
2010-07-29: Times loses almost 90% of online readership
2010-07-29: Hacked Companies Hit by the Obvious in 2009
2010-07-29: Mobile apps harvesting user data: Black Hat Day One
2010-07-29: Link Dropbox To Microsoft Office And Never Lose Work Ever Again!
2010-07-29: High-Speed Laser Chips Move Data at 50 Gbps
2010-07-29: Exclusive: Google, CIA Invest in \"\"Future\" of Web Monitoring
2010-07-29: Google: The search party is over
2010-07-29: HTCIA removes Greg Evans from speaker\'s list -- how was he ever approved in the first place?
2010-07-29: WikiLeaks Suspect\'s YouTube Videos Raised \"Red Flag\" in 2008
2010-07-29: Background Radiation in IPv6
2010-07-29: Google knows more about citizens than Kim Jon-il
2010-07-29: Sources of Forensic Data Images
2010-07-29: How to migrate to Energy Efficient Ethernet: IEEE 802.3az
2010-07-29: Wikileaks To Leak 5000 Open Source Java Projects With Private/Final Code Exposed <-a joke?
2010-07-29: Black Hat 2010 notebook: Day Two
2010-07-29: @adamshostack\'s Black Hat Slides: Threat Modeling Card Game
2010-07-29: Fog of cyberwar: internet always favors the offense
2010-07-29: Portland, Ore., TriMet mass transit system uses open-source tools for geospatial apps
2010-07-29: A List of Major Corporations That are Downloading Those 100 Million Facebook Profiles off BitTorrent
2010-07-29: E. coli engineered to make convenient \\\'drop-in\' biofuel
2010-07-29: How to get teachers to use modern methods
2010-07-29: WikiLeaks Secret Records Dump is Legal
2010-07-29: Training Wheels for Your iPad
2010-07-29: Predicted Fallout Following WikiLeaks Video
2010-07-29: ATM Industry Statement on Black Hat Briefing
2010-07-29: The Power Grid Is Based on 1200 baud modems
2010-07-29: Black Hat conference 2010: News, podcasts and videos
2010-07-29: Black Hat: Poor SCADA systems security \'like a ticking time bomb\'
2010-07-29: Small HTTP server for Windows--may be useful for demo of HE certs
2010-07-30: Black Hat gets its video feed hacked
2010-07-30: UK.gov sticks to IE 6 cos it\'s more \'cost effective\', inni
2010-07-30: Breach Notification (HITECH) Act Postponed
2010-07-30: Free online SSL test for web sites
2010-07-30: Can your mobile calls be intercepted? This tool can tell
2010-07-30: Cyber Security Challenge winner announced
2010-07-30: Banks seek customers\\\' help to stop online thieves
2010-07-30: WikiLeaks.org Further Threatens Security in Afghanistan
2010-07-30: BlackBerry encryption \'too secure\': National security vs. consumer privacy
2010-07-30: Researcher Exposes Massive Automated Check Counterfeiting Operation Out of Russia
2010-07-30: IPv6Sec Security Talks by Joe Klein
2010-07-30: Microsoft schedules emergency Windows patch for Monday for LNK file attack
2010-07-30: Microsoft discounts for college students
2010-07-30: Music Piracy
2010-07-30: Most SSL Sites Poorly Configured
2010-07-30: What Evo 4G users can expect from Froyo
2010-07-30: New Tool Allows Websites To Keep Serving Pages After Infection
2010-07-30: AirTight defends Wi-Fi WPA2 \'vulnerability\' claim
2010-07-30: Nmap Scripting Engine Doc Reference Portal
2010-07-30: Lua: scripting language used for Nmap Scripts
2010-07-30: Get Fyodor\'s @Nmap slides here
2010-07-30: FCC concerned over DefCon mobile hacking talk
2010-07-30: Terry Childs is denied motion for retrial
2010-07-30: FCC Gives Thumbs-Up To First LTE Phone
2010-07-30: Defcon contest shows workers can be easily tricked into revealing corporate security secrets
2010-07-30: @dakami demonstrated DNSSEC deployment with Phreebird at #blackhat
2010-07-30: Social-engineering contest exposes secret info at BP
2010-07-30: ACLU Defends Rights of Citizens to Monitor Police by Representing Motorcyclist Prosecuted by State Police
2010-07-30: DefCon: Mastering the Nmap scripting engine -- excellent summary of the talk
2010-07-31: Real World SE Attacks With Social Engineering Tookit
2010-07-31: TI Calculator DRM Defeated
2010-07-31: Silent, Easily Made Android Rootkit Released At DefCon
2010-07-31: Average Cellphone Data Usage Is 145.8 MB Per Month
2010-07-31: SerePick.com: lockpicks, handcuff escape kits, etc.
2010-07-31: Hacker builds $1,500 cell-phone tapping device
2010-07-31: Hacker snoops on GSM cell phones in demo
2010-07-31: China Pushes Real Name System For Online Games
2010-07-31: Biometric and Other Locks Fail to Foil Hackers at DefCon
2010-07-31: V-USB: A Firmware-Only USB Driver for the AVR
2010-07-31: Hacking Tire Pressure Monitors Remotely
2010-07-31: IPv6 Flow Label Deprecation: 12 bits mutable and 8 bits immutable
2010-07-31: T-Mobile IPv6 Trial for Nokia Phone Users
2010-07-31: Monta_Elkins_Universal_RF_USB_Keyboard_Emulation_Device_v14.pdf <-- fun hardware attack
2010-07-31: Jacob Applebaum detained at U.S. border, questioned about Wikileaks
2010-07-31: GSM Security warning poster at Defcon
2010-07-31: Clientless SSL VPN products break web browser domain-based security models

Aug 2010

2010-08-01: Backtrack 4 on phone bank of the Riviera #defcon
2010-08-01: UAE to suspend Blackberry service on security fears
2010-08-01: The technology behind the London bicycle hire scheme
2010-08-01: Cybersecurity: Maryland has high demand for computer network security professionals
2010-08-01: Hacker H. D. Moore builds tracking system to nab Tor pedophiles
2010-08-01: YouTube - Wardrive San Francisco - Spring 2010
2010-08-01: Stevens Institute of Technology is improving on reputation under N.J.-imposed financial oversight
2010-08-01: Roundup: A week of hacker news from Black Hat and Defcon
2010-08-01: You will be billed $90,000 for this hacked cell phone call
2010-08-01: OCCAID: Promoting IPv6 in America
2010-08-01: MS preps emergency patch for Windows shortcut peril
2010-08-01: Internet Explorer Gains Market Share at the Expense of Firefox
2010-08-01: First Membrane Controlled By Light Developed
2010-08-01: Obama Breaking Another Promise on Surveillance
2010-08-01: Cyber vigilantes court hackers to fight terrorists (Lamo et al.)
2010-08-01: Black Hat: Microsoft releases free security tools
2010-08-02: Android Sales Overtake iPhone in the U.S.
2010-08-02: YouTube - Israeli e-voting RFID card zapper
2010-08-02: Does Net Neutrality Violate the Fifth Amendment?
2010-08-02: First iPhone 4 \'jailbreak\' posted online
2010-08-02: Project Vigilant is monitoring 250 million IP addresses
2010-08-02: The Firmware Umbrella: save your iPhone firmware so you can jailbreak it later with jailgreakme.com
2010-08-02: Defeating Heisenberg\'s Uncertainty Principle
2010-08-02: VxWorks Vulnerability Tools Released
2010-08-02: The first death directly attributed to Wikileaks
2010-08-02: RT @cvmarcello: Woman Duped Into Shipping Arms to Russia <-- Money Mule
2010-08-02: Microsoft Quashed Effort to Boost Online Privacy
2010-08-02: Metasploit To Get More Powerful Web Attack Features
2010-08-02: Microsoft rushes out emergency fix for critical Windows LNK bug
2010-08-02: Marc A. Thiessen - WikiLeaks must be stopped
2010-08-02: Asterisk will support IPv6 in 1.8
2010-08-02: The Sun Unleashes Coronal Mass Ejection At Earth - it will hit tomorrow
2010-08-02: Project Vigilant and the government/corporate destruction of privacy
2010-08-03: DNSSEC and Phreebird discussion for PacITPros
2010-08-03: Roundup: A week of hacker news from Black Hat and Defcon (for PacITPros)
2010-08-03: iPhone Jailbreak Uses a PDF Display Vulnerability
2010-08-03: Hacker Wonderland: DefCon 18 in Photos
2010-08-03: Congressman Calls for Execution of Wikileaks Whistleblower
2010-08-03: omputer hackers target power plants; US creating teams to help industry prepare, respond
2010-08-03: YouTube - PIXELS by PATRICK JEAN ~FullHD~
2010-08-03: Critical flaws discovered in widely used embedded OS - VXworks
2010-08-03: Liquid armour: Fluid defences
2010-08-03: YouTube - Routing without tears; Bridging without danger
2010-08-03: Amazon.com: Running IPv6 (9781590595275): Iljitsch van Beijnum<--recommended book
2010-08-03: PDF Exploit Can Give Hackers Control of Your iPhone or iPad
2010-08-03: Routers located by MAC address and Google Street View
2010-08-03: Hack uses Google Street View data to stalk its victims
2010-08-04: Omo Detergent Uses GPS to Follow Consumers
2010-08-04: Reflections on hole196
2010-08-04: Stealing entire Auto-Complete data in Google Chrome
2010-08-04: Going to IPv6 isn\'t going to be easy--because many routers and switches aren\'t really ready
2010-08-04: Six arrested for compromising 10,000 online bank accounts
2010-08-04: Symantec: Apple Needs To Fix iPhone (& iPad) Security Flaw ASAP
2010-08-04: Ready or Not Your Network Is Moving to IPv6
2010-08-04: On the Web\'s Cutting Edge, Anonymity in Name Only
2010-08-04: Windows token kidnapping returns to haunt Microsoft
2010-08-04: Seven myths about zero day vulnerabilities debunked
2010-08-04: uniper to start selling routers that add an extra HTTP header tag called \"zip+4\" to locate web users more accurately?
2010-08-04: New vulnerability disclosure deadline puts pressure on tardy software vendors
2010-08-04: WikiLeaks Insurance File
2010-08-04: Zeus 2 hits 100,000 UK computers
2010-08-04: BinPack: Las Vegas Edition Release | West Coast Hackers
2010-08-04: US source protection bill amended to exclude WikiLeaks
2010-08-04: AV vendors detect on average 19% of malware attacks
2010-08-04: How to Migrate Your Entire Google Account to a New One
2010-08-04: ATM Security: Where are the Gaps?
2010-08-04: Apple leaps past ASUS, Dell, Lenovo, and Toshiba in one jump
2010-08-04: FTC settles antitrust complaint against Intel
2010-08-04: Stuxnet Attack Shows Signs of Nation-State Involvement, Experts Say
2010-08-04: Judge trounces Register.com in Baidu.com hijacking case--Idiocy is no excuse
2010-08-04: Could Intel Hardwire Your Brain for Google?
2010-08-04: Secretive \"Project Vigilant\" seeks recruits at Defcon, finds skepticism
2010-08-04: Congress Proposes Sales Tax For Internet Sales
2010-08-04: A Look at IPv6 Allocations Since 1999
2010-08-04: Microsoft\'s patch for Windows shortcut flaw has limitations
2010-08-04: Apple readies fix for iPhone browser security hole
2010-08-04: Germany: Apple May Have Security Problem
2010-08-04: These guys know how to advertise a restaurant
2010-08-04: Cloud-Based Denial Of Service Attacks Looming, Researchers Say
2010-08-04: DHS quietly dispatching teams to test power plant cybersecurity
2010-08-04: ID Fraudsters Tapping Children\'s Social Security Numbers, Report Says
2010-08-04: Microsoft releases final IE9 preview, beta due in September
2010-08-04: Android 2.2 Screenshot Tour: Our Favorite Features in Froyo
2010-08-04: Judge strikes down Prop. 8 ban on same-sex marriage
2010-08-04: L.A. City Council allows Google e-mail project to go forward despite glitches
2010-08-04: Charging the WikiLeaks leaker with treason would be absurd
2010-08-04: BSidesLasVegas videos up
2010-08-04: IPv6 CPE Survey
2010-08-04: Companies Fail DefCon Social Engineering Security Test
2010-08-04: Clearwire to trial LTE network
2010-08-04: My smartphone can beat up your smart phone
2010-08-04: iSpot 4G hotspot: On-the-go Wi-Fi, but only for Apple iOS devices
2010-08-04: Free Tools | HBGary--forensic memory dump tool
2010-08-04: Stuxnet industrial worm was written over a year ago
2010-08-04: Log management review: Splunk 4
2010-08-04: More Ligatt plagairism
2010-08-04: Google: Android Wallpaper Apps Were Not Security Threats
2010-08-04: BBC profile of Julian Assange
2010-08-05: Tied Up Woman Types Message Asking For Help Using Toes
2010-08-05: Ellsberg discusses Wikileaks
2010-08-05: Animation Tracks Explosions of Every Nuclear Bomb From 1945 to Present (Video)
2010-08-05: Cisco firewalls hit again by DoS condition
2010-08-05: 10 Reasons Why You Should Jailbreak Your iOS Device Today
2010-08-05: Gamers beat algorithms at finding protein structures
2010-08-05: Adobe plans emergency fix for Reader, Acrobat
2010-08-05: Preserving laptop battery life
2010-08-05: Socialn engineering contest was too successful
2010-08-05: Catfish - movie about Social Media Dating
2010-08-05: Microsoft to issue record number of patches
2010-08-05: Two Unpatched Flaws Show Up in Apple iOS
2010-08-05: New Certifications Will Set High Bar for IT Security Pros
2010-08-05: Project Vigilant appears to be a hoax
2010-08-05: Apple won\'t say when they plan to fix 0days--until then don\'t use PDFs or browse the Web on i-Devices
2010-08-05: IT hiring continues to improve
2010-08-05: ATMs Can Be Hacked By Phone
2010-08-05: Entertainment Web: 34 Awesome Products Geeks will Love
2010-08-05: BlackBerrys armour has cracks: security experts
2010-08-05: Ban seekers need lessons in Internet: RIM boss
2010-08-05: Cancer cells feed on fructose, study finds
2010-08-05: Elcomsoft iPhone Password Cracker
2010-08-05: Hands Free Umbrella | Half the Cool of Bubble Boy!
2010-08-06: FortiGuard | Zeus: God of DIY Botnets--screen shots and a video of the Zeus malware creation kit
2010-08-06: Theoretical attacks exploit iOS browser flaw
2010-08-06: Why San Francisco Chronicle Runs Demand Media Content
2010-08-06: Navy official says IPv6 could contain hidden denial of service bugs
2010-08-06: The EFF SSL Observatory
2010-08-06: EFF Defcon T-Shirt with blacklight easter eggs
2010-08-06: The Two Really Useful Features Twitter Added Without Telling Anyone
2010-08-06: Haddonfield High hackers get probation
2010-08-06: Data-stealing \\\'Mumba\' botnet hits 55,000 systems
2010-08-06: Hong Kong mass transit company sold private data and lied about it
2010-08-06: Companies misuse Twitter--they don\'t reply to tweets
2010-08-06: Virus writer charged with destroying property
2010-08-06: Private browsing modes in four biggest browsers often fail
2010-08-06: Chasing WikiLeaks : The New Yorker
2010-08-06: Massive Censorship Of Digg Uncovered
2010-08-06: Blink! -- free facial biometric login for Windows
2010-08-06: Volkswagen Creates Sewage-Powered Beetle
2010-08-06: IPad knockoffs on sale for $50 to $125
2010-08-06: Foxit patched to block iPad and iPhone exploit
2010-08-06: Hackers use Chinese IPs to launch attacks
2010-08-06: Privacy Wars: How to Hide While Google is Watching You
2010-08-06: With new GPS dating apps, it\\\'s love the one you\'re near
2010-08-06: Child Porn As a Weapon
2010-08-06: Meet New People With Similar Interests -- miio.com
2010-08-06: Defcon speaker calls IPv6 a \'security nightmare\' <-- did I really say that?
2010-08-06: Military ordered to stay off WikiLeaks
2010-08-06: Windows 0day: Kernel \\\"Win32k.sys\\\" Pool Corruption Vulnerability / Exploit (Security Advisories - VUPEN/ADV-2010-2029)
2010-08-06: FTC Slaps Twitter Down Hard For Lax Security, Privacy Violations
2010-08-06: Seccubus--automates Nessus scans
2010-08-06: Windows 7 dinged by new zero-day vulnerability
2010-08-06: AT&T Says Loss Of iPhone Exclusivity Will Not Materially Impact Earnings, Cue Laugh Track
2010-08-06: Court finds against Google on age discrimination case
2010-08-06: Cisco moves to Secure Development Lifecycle
2010-08-06: The History Of Haystack... And Why Online Censorship Will Remain Difficult
2010-08-06: San Francisco network admin Terry Childs gets 4-year sentence
2010-08-06: Black Hat & DEFCON Observations
2010-08-07: Like Google\'s Chrome, Mozilla To Silently Update Firefox 4
2010-08-07: Change your jailbroken iPhone SSH password with MobileTerminal
2010-08-07: What happens to your smartphone data -- and is it safe?
2010-08-08: Questions raised whether Wikileaks covered under Swedish law
2010-08-08: Genetically Modified Canola Spreads To Wild Plants
2010-08-08: T-Mobile IPv6 Open Trial
2010-08-08: Information Security--Before & After Public-Key Cryptography
2010-08-08: Is AOL Finally Crashing and Burning?
2010-08-08: How to Become a Computer Forensics Investigator in California
2010-08-08: Google Maps to start photographing us from low altitude micro drones?
2010-08-08: Questions and Answers on the jailbreakme vulnerability -- ty @mqaissaunee
2010-08-08: iKAT--Interactive Kiosk Attack Tool v3
2010-08-08: Example of How Laser Light Can Destroy a DSLR Camera\'s Sensor--watch the last second carefully
2010-08-08: The website for men who are scared of doctors
2010-08-08: Would you let your wife track your movement? I will
2010-08-08: The iPhone\'s Massive Opportunity
2010-08-08: Craigslist is hub for child prostitution, allege trafficked women
2010-08-08: Forget University--Use the Web For Education, Says Gates
2010-08-08: The hackers life -- my weekend at Defcon : National Geographic
2010-08-08: Download Password Gorilla--password manager
2010-08-08: Camden, NJ, preparing to permanently shut library system
2010-08-08: India recruiting hackers for elite cyber offensive - offering legal protection to reformed criminal hackers
2010-08-08: Foxit Fix for Jailbreak PDF Flaw
2010-08-08: The IPv4 Depletion site » Report
2010-08-08: Highly Directional Terahertz Laser Demonstrated
2010-08-09: Google and Apple prepare for mobile advertising battle
2010-08-09: Anti-virus defences even shakier than feared
2010-08-09: Recurity Labs CIR Online--Free Cisco Core Dump Analysis for forensics
2010-08-09: IPv6 /127 Prefixes - Good discussion
2010-08-09: University of North Carolina Greensburg: Health Information Security Breaches Discovered; 2,500 Being Notified
2010-08-09: Google-Verizon Pact: It Gets Worse
2010-08-09: Google Agonizes on Privacy as Advertising World Vaults Ahead
2010-08-10: Registry hack allows Windows XP SP2 patching
2010-08-10: HP\\\'s bug bounty program changes disclosure terms
2010-08-10: U.S. Urges Allies to Crack Down on WikiLeaks
2010-08-10: First SMS Trojan detected for smartphones running Android
2010-08-10: Toshiba shows off self-deleting, self-encrypting drive
2010-08-10: Google Raided by Korea Police in Probe of Street View
2010-08-10: Another Windows 7 Zero-Day Released
2010-08-10: Asus adds battery longevity to its notebooks
2010-08-10: Fake Kingston Memory Cards?
2010-08-10:P ≠ NP? It\'s bad news for the power of computing
2010-08-10: Zeus used to steal $890,000 from U.K. banking customers
2010-08-10: Capsa Free - The Terminator of Wireshark?
2010-08-10: Nighthawk considers defamation action on forum posters
2010-08-10: Verizon, Google, the FCC and Real Net Neutrality?
2010-08-10: Hanvon Windows 7 tablet squares off against the Apple iPad
2010-08-11: Computer Forensics - Unusual devices
2010-08-11: Computer Forensics - Flash drives and acquisition
2010-08-11:dexcode teardown of the android sms trojan
2010-08-11: Now You Can Follow Twitter Users Without an Account
2010-08-11: Facebook name extraction based on email/wrong password POC
2010-08-11: Malware reaches all time high
2010-08-11: Claims that anti-virus detections are inadequate are dismissed by vendors
2010-08-11: Speeder convicted after bragging online
2010-08-11: Apple to patch JailbreakMe.com flaw this week
2010-08-11: Attack reads smudges to retrieve Android password patterns
2010-08-11: Human brain on a microchip nearly ready
2010-08-11: Skype plans $100 million IPO
2010-08-11: The scary side of virtualization
2010-08-11: Click fraud botnet unpicked
2010-08-11: YouTube - HOW TO STEAL A BIKE IN ANTWERP (without any tools!)
2010-08-11: Lasers Approach Their Ultimate Intensity Limit
2010-08-11: IPv6: The end of the Internet as we know it (and I feel fine)
2010-08-11: Microsoft\'s 30-day forecast: Stormy exploits expected
2010-08-11: Website Lets You Bet On Your Grades
2010-08-11: Women in IT: The long climb to the top
2010-08-11: Sharpie Unveils The Liquid Pencil
2010-08-11: Making apps safe is hard work
2010-08-11: comex: Source code for jailbreakme
2010-08-11: Alleged Carder ‘BadB’ Busted in France — Watch His Cartoon
2010-08-11: Invisibility Cloak Made From Silk
2010-08-11: Phishing victim--his frien
2010-08-11: Phishing victim--his friends were asked for money--this happened to several students I know too
2010-08-12: Windows 7/Vista/2008R2 IPv6 Memory Corruption Vulnerability
2010-08-12: Reflecting on 3 years at Facebook
2010-08-12: Wow! Laurent Gafie strikes again! Another 0day for Windows :)
2010-08-12: Almost one in four security breaches affected health centers in 2010
2010-08-12: Everything you need to know about fast food
2010-08-12: iOS 4.0.2 Update Kills JailbreakMe and PDF Exploits
2010-08-12: India threatens to block some BlackBerry services
2010-08-12: An analysis of fuzzing 4 products with five lines of Python
2010-08-12: Server-based botnet floods net with brutish SSH attacks

2010-08-12: Man Scrawls World’s Biggest Message With GPS ‘Pen’
2010-08-12: NTLM authentication: still broken after all these years
2010-08-12: Palm Pre flaw lets hackers bug calls
2010-08-12: Oracle sues Google over Java use in Android
2010-08-12: Police say Heartland got hacked, they deny it
2010-08-12: Hate Mail Update: The Friendly Computer Guy tried to inject code on my site and failed
2010-08-12: Berkeley forced to change its plan to \'bring your genes to college\'
2010-08-13: New certification for convergence technologies professionals
2010-08-13: BlackBerry gets reprieve till 31st--India demands wiretaps
2010-08-13: Twitter Search History Dwindling, Now at Four Days
2010-08-13: Windows kernel overflow vulnerability found--yet another 0day
2010-08-13: Microsoft holds off on patching latest security vulnerability
2010-08-13: Google Unveils Awesomely Fast And Accurate Voice Actions For Android
2010-08-13: Facebook Cracking Down on Abuse
2010-08-13: Hiring hackers: The good, the bad and the ugly
2010-08-13: icloud - virtual cloud computer
2010-08-13: Security flaws haunt NTLMv1-2 challenge-response protocol
2010-08-13: Blackberry Gives India Access To Servers
2010-08-13: Man sentenced for DIY gift-card cloning
2010-08-13: Asus Readies Windows 7-Based Eee Pad for $1000
2010-08-14: ASUS Eee PC 1215N To Hit Stores In The US By August 23
2010-08-14: Apple manager, Paul Shin Devine, arrested for taking $1M in kickbacks from iPhone and iPod suppliers
2010-08-14: ty @edbott: IPWatchdog fooled by a trivial hoax, can\'t understand it (see comment #29)
2010-08-14: Adobe ColdFusion Directory Traversal Vulnerability
2010-08-14: ColdFusion directory traversal FAQ (CVE-2010-2861
2010-08-14: Nanotech tea bag creates safe drinking water instantly, for less than a penny
2010-08-14: Hackers steal customer data by accessing supermarket database with SQL injection
2010-08-14: Long Tweet Is Long: Bug Let You Go Way Over 140
2010-08-14: OpenSolaris axed by Ellison
2010-08-14: Dell accused of hiding incriminating evidence in defect case
2010-08-14: London Tube app adds Augmented Reality
2010-08-14: Android and forking the Linux kernel
2010-08-14: RIM tries to placate everyone
2010-08-14: Security flaw creates Android, Palm Pre snoop risk
2010-08-14: Cyberwar Against Wikileaks? Good Luck With That
2010-08-14: No, Google Didn%u2019t Remove Oracle From Its Search Results
2010-08-14: Human Rights Groups Press WikiLeaks Over Data
2010-08-14: Nutball Wikileaks founder tries to blackmail Amnesty International
2010-08-15: A simple diagam explaining education
2010-08-15: LTE or not, WiMax 2 set to roll out in 2012
2010-08-15: Self-Healing Concrete Seals its Cracks
2010-08-15: EFF to Verizon: Etisalat Certificate Authority Threatens Web Security
2010-08-15: Google never removed Oracle from its index
2010-08-15: FreezePage - Permanent record of the false accusation against Google made by IPwatchdog
2010-08-15: A public response to Gene Quinn on the \\\"Google removed Oracle\\\" forgery
2010-08-15: Threats of int\'l BlackBerry bans echo US debate over cryptography
2010-08-15: Toronto - Ont. parents suspect Wi-Fi making kids sick
2010-08-15: Dalek Birthday Cake
2010-08-15: Starbucks Will Win the Wi-Fi War
2010-08-16: A Warning About a Weak Link in Secure Web Sites - NYTimes.com
2010-08-16: House Democrats oppose net neutrality deal
2010-08-16: Microsoft and Google fight over e-mail, but agree on $5 inboxes
2010-08-16: Google CEO Suggests You Change Your Name to Escape His Permanent Record
2010-08-16: Wikileaks double dares Pentagon hawks
2010-08-16: Slashdot Technology Story | Convicted NY Drunk Drivers Need Ignition Interlocks
2010-08-16: Gmail-Inspired HTML5 Game \'Galactic Inbox\' Lets You Fight Spam
2010-08-16: ASUS lowering Eee PC shipments due to iPad
2010-08-16: Hackers from India, Pakistan in all out war in cyberspace
2010-08-16: India-Pakistan \'cyberwar\' claims high-profile victim
2010-08-16: IBM unleashes 256-core Unix server, its biggest yet
2010-08-16: IBM unleashes 256-core Unix server, its biggest yet
2010-08-16: Malicious Widget Hacked Millions of Web Sites with drive-by targeting IE, Firefox, Chrome and Opera
2010-08-16: Do You Know Who\'s Watching You? (Infographic)
2010-08-16: UK ISP to notify malware victims
2010-08-16: Cybercriminals get hacked
2010-08-16: Five billionth device about to plug into Internet
2010-08-17: RIM Torch $99 Now
2010-08-17: Trouble Looms for Company Websites (IPv6 Migration)
2010-08-17: The ASUS U Bamboo: Naturally Beautiful
2010-08-17: Apple\'s Iphone 4 advertising system fails
2010-08-17: Nvidia graphics card partner refuses to honour \'lifetime\' warranty
2010-08-17: Justin Bieber takes revenge on a hacker
2010-08-17: Graphics processors crack passwords so fast that 7-characters are not enough; 12 recommended minimum now
2010-08-17: 4 reasons why federal managers resist telework
2010-08-17: Hacker\'s P2P virus replaces files with sea creature manga
2010-08-17: Lasers could make virtual particles real
2010-08-17: Ready or Not, IPv6 Security Threats are Coming (quoting me, to some extent)
2010-08-17: Banks force weak passwords on members
2010-08-17: iPhone Spy USB Stick Slurps Up Deleted Data from Any iPhone
2010-08-18: Remote Binary Planting in Apple iTunes for Windows--Very Severe Vulnerability
2010-08-18: Iranian activists deface UK genetics website
2010-08-18: Apple to launch mini iPad soon
2010-08-18: Google HTC and Verizon set to challenge iPad
2010-08-18: The Most Dangerous Man in Cyberspace
2010-08-18: What to Expect From \"Google Me\"
2010-08-18: Collage: Defeating Censorship with User-Generated Content
2010-08-19: The moon is shrinking
2010-08-19: Addicted Gamer Sues Game-Maker, Says He is \"Unable to Function\"
2010-08-19: Wikileaks encryption use offers \\\'legal challenge\'
2010-08-19: HD Moore: Critical bug in 40 different Windows apps
2010-08-19: Linux kernel purged of five-year-old root access bug
2010-08-19: USB Dongle Claims to Deliver First Easy Hack for PS3
2010-08-19: Adobe issues emergency patches for Reader and Acrobat
2010-08-20: Part one: Blacklists, clustering and The Matrix
2010-08-20: Computer chip that computes probabilities and not logic
2010-08-20: Trojan-ridden warning system implicated in Spanair crash
2010-08-20: How to create a \\\'super password\'
2010-08-20: Novelist Claims NSA Hacked Wife’s Laptop
2010-08-20: Flawed proof ushers in era of wikimath
2010-08-20: Google Patches 10 Chrome Holes, Pays $10k in Bounties
2010-08-20: Messing with Internet scammers
2010-08-20: Google movie charts the struggles of doing no evil
2010-08-20: Psychedelic Drugs Show Promise as Anti-Depressants: Scientific American
2010-08-20: Apple Patents Remotely Disabling Jailbroken Phones
2010-08-20: Anonymous call begins long delay for passengers on American flight from SFO
2010-08-20: The MS-DOS Security Model - excellent discussion of the need for process isolation
2010-08-20: Rogue AV uses legitimate uninstallers to cripple computers
2010-08-20: DoD Publicly Cites Chinese Cyberespionage Against U.S.
2010-08-20: 25 Websites Hooters Won\'t Let You Ogle
2010-08-20: Poorly attended IPv6 conference belies urgency of Internet address depletion
2010-08-20: Teen accused of hacking US website with DDoS
2010-08-20: Tiger Team Sends DHS Suggestions On How To Better Safeguard Patient Privacy
2010-08-20: CT College laptop with sensitive info stolen
2010-08-20: Keystroke battles: Are young hackers the future of warfare?
2010-08-21: Union Boycotts LA Times Over Teacher Evaluation Disclosure
2010-08-21: Wikileaks founder Julian Assange accused of rape
2010-08-21: NotScript Brings NoScript Functionality To Google Chrome
2010-08-21: Rape warrant against Wikileaks founder Julian Assange cancelled
2010-08-21: Gaming foursquare with 9 lines of Perl
2010-08-21: Motorized unicycle
2010-08-21: Pedophile case in jeopardy because there aren\'t enough computer forensic examiners
2010-08-21: This Summer\'s Sexiest Images From Saturn
2010-08-21: Android Phones Can Substitute for Supercomputers
2010-08-21: Rkill %u2013 Repair Tool of the Week--recommended to stop browser hijackers so that MBAM can remove them
2010-08-21: Earth from Above a collection of aerial photograph
2010-08-21: Canonical Teaches Ubuntu to Phone Home Every Day
2010-08-21: School webcam spies get away with it; prosecutors drop case
2010-08-21: \\\"Mafia Wars\\\" Viral Marketing Angers San Francisco City Hall
2010-08-22: Indian security researcher arrested after exposing voting machine vulnerabilities
2010-08-22: Iran Opens Its First Nuclear Power Plant
2010-08-22: CVE-2010-x n - Loadlibrary/Getprocaddress roars its evil head in 2010
2010-08-22: ZeuS Variant Targets U.S. Military Personnel
2010-08-22: Solar Panels Dust Themselves Off
2010-08-22: Amateur Astronomer Witnesses Jupiter Getting Smacked Around By Another Meteor
2010-08-22: Improve Your Android Phone\'s Battery Life
2010-08-22: Solar-powered toothbrush doesn\'t require toothpaste
2010-08-22: WikiLeaks Lawyer Says Pentagon Given Access to Unpublished Secret Documents
2010-08-22: How to secure SCADA systems
2010-08-23: Germany to outlaw employers checking out job candidates on Facebook, but Googling is OK
2010-08-23: Animation: How a Buffer Overflow Works
2010-08-23: RFID on the Shenzhen Metro
2010-08-23: IPvX: Better than IPv6?
2010-08-23: OpenSolaris Governing Board Dissolves Itself
2010-08-23: Registry operator Afilias embraces DNSSEC--they operate .info
2010-08-23: Microsoft won\'t patch critical DLL loading bugs quickly
2010-08-23: The Spy Hunter Packet Challenge
2010-08-23: Indian cops cuff man who exposed holes in \'perfect\' voting machines
2010-08-23: When you google, think Ben Gomes
2010-08-23: Pay TV LOSES Customers For The First Time Ever
2010-08-23: Philly requiring bloggers to pay $300 for a business license
2010-08-23: Google\'s Android Market License Verification Easily Circumvented, Will Not Stop Pirates
2010-08-23: The Sailboat Race that Outpaces the Wind
2010-08-23: Learning From Successful IPv6 Upgrade Projects
2010-08-23: The Chilling Effect -- the future of vulnerability research
2010-08-23: Dropbox is hiring in San Francisco!
2010-08-23: Court Rules Against Stem Cell Research
2010-08-23: The Strange Case of Solar Flares and Radioactive Decay Rates
2010-08-23: CloudMagic - the must-have gmail plugin
2010-08-23: Why did we create CloudMagic Gmail Search Extension?
2010-08-23: HD Moore on the Windows DLL Vulnerability
2010-08-23: Microsoft confirms code-execution bug in Windows apps
2010-08-24: The Importance of a Degree
2010-08-24: Microsoft releases mitigating tool for latest 0-day bug (DLL Hjack)
2010-08-24: China\'s Massive Traffic Jam Could Last For Weeks
2010-08-24: Microsoft Binary Planting Bug: What You Need to Know
2010-08-24: Microsoft DLL Hijacking Exploit in Action
2010-08-24: How Microsoft cooperated with researchers on the DLL planting bug
2010-08-24: United Nations Website Contains SQL Injection Flaws Three Years After Hack
2010-08-24: The 10 best IT certifications: 2010
2010-08-24: Icons of the Web
2010-08-24: Ad Firm Sued for Allegedly Re-Creating Deleted Cookies
2010-08-24: Random freeze problem chills Windows Server 2008 R2 / Windows 7
2010-08-24: Firefox, uTorrent, and PowerPoint hit by Windows DLL bug
2010-08-24: \"Stunned\" NIH director puts embryonic stem cell work on hold
2010-08-24: Voting Machine Hacked to Play Pac-Man
2010-08-24: Security Experts Weigh In On New DLL Hijacking Attack
2010-08-24: Richest Planetary System Discovered With 7 Planets--Obeys Bode\'s Law
2010-08-24: Vyatta routing software certified for IPv
2010-08-24: Vyatta routing software certified for IPv6
2010-08-24: ATM Biometrics Coming to a Corner Store Near You!
2010-08-24: Dell Jumps Into Smartphones
2010-08-24: MalCon: A Call for \'Ethical Malcoding\'
2010-08-24: Packet Life--great Cisco resource!
2010-08-25: Team Cymru\'s Malware Hash Registry (MHR)
2010-08-25: Schoolgirls fined for bugging teachers
2010-08-25: VoIP Calls Make Gmail a Converged E-Mail Service
2010-08-25: Teacher Asks Students To Plan a Terrorist Attack
2010-08-25: Apple kills Jailbreakme Mac bug
2010-08-25: Spies hacked US military comps with flash drive
2010-08-25: \\\"ZeleniyHach\\\" Extortion Scam Threatens DDoS
2010-08-25: Grad Student Invents Cheap Laser Cutter
2010-08-26: Keep Your Windows Computer Secure on Public Wireless Hotspots
2010-08-26: Rustock botnet ditches encryption to increase spam rate
2010-08-26: Drunken Employee Shoots Server
2010-08-26: XSS %u2013 an Underestimated Threat?
2010-08-26: Windows 95: It sucks less
2010-08-26: SpyEye botnet control panel screenshots with interesting OS and IE version statistics
2010-08-26: 25% of Worms Spread Via USB
2010-08-26: 10 Ways to Gain Access To Blocked Websites
2010-08-26: Google Realtime Search
2010-08-26: Carl Sagan - \'A Glorious Dawn\' ft Stephen Hawking (Symphony of Science)
2010-08-26: Yahoo Building a San Francisco Web Newspaper
2010-08-26: Hackers Plant Tardis Atop MIT Building
2010-08-26: Google dealt major blow by MPEG LA
2010-08-26: Microsoft gets Speedos in a twist over half-naked \'Meter Maids\'
2010-08-27: Stiff penalty for using improper discount Cisco vouchers
2010-08-27: Kids Text Every 10 Minutes When They\\re Awake
2010-08-27: Paul Allen sues Apple, Google, and many other companies
2010-08-27: iGoogle Gadget to check your IPv6 address and connectivity
2010-08-27: Garmin Recalls 1.25M \'Fire Risk\' Satnavs
2010-08-27: Demand for windows 7 experts on the rise
2010-08-27: No good can come of a malware convention
2010-08-27: Scientists win a lawsuit to stop funding for a competing type of science
2010-08-27: Martian Skies - The Big Picture
2010-08-27: Scientists create \'dry water\'
2010-08-27: How the Google engineering culture broke Wave
2010-08-27: Hackers accidentally give Microsoft their code
2010-08-27: How Software Companies Die, By: Orson Scott Card
2010-08-27: How to use the cloud to resist a DDoS attack for $160
2010-08-27: A real DDoS service ad
2010-08-27: Windows DLL-loading security flaw puts Microsoft in a bind
2010-08-27: Facebook Sues Teachbook Over Use of \'Book\'
2010-08-27: Website Aims to Connect Commuters Through Social Serendipity
2010-08-27: Froyo for Droid Incredible coming tomorrow, Froyo for EVO 4G gets rooted
2010-08-28: An Introduction to HTTP Fingerprinting
2010-08-29: Researchers Cripple Pushdo Botnet
2010-08-29: Linux Today - An ancient kernel hole is closed
2010-08-29: A 64-GB SSD Drive the Size of a Stamp
2010-08-29: Bill Gates Enrolls His Kids In Khan Academy
2010-08-29: just ping - Online ping - Online web-based ping: Free online ping from 50 locations worldwide
2010-08-29: Brazil’s Smartphone Census
2010-08-29: DLL Hijacking (KB 2269637) -- the unofficial list; EVERYTHING is vulnerable
2010-08-29: Researchers set new record for ferroelectric data storage
2010-08-29: Galaxy Cluster Abell 1689 Magnifies the Dark Universe
2010-08-29: Rubber Made from Chewed Gum Could Replace Plastic
2010-08-29: Encrypted and obfuscated? Your P2P protocol can still be IDed
2010-08-29: Rapportive Makes E-mail Smarter
2010-08-29: Commodore USA announces the PC64, an Atom-powered PC in a replica Commodore case
2010-08-29: Iranian Government Runs Public Warez Server
2010-08-29: VW to eliminate worst road hazard: drivers
2010-08-29: Klingon Opera Ramps Up for Earth-Bound Premiere
2010-08-29: Who Writes Pro-Cable Internet Legislation? Cable Does
2010-08-29: Reddit Bucks Condé Nast Owners, Runs Pro-Pot Legalization Ads
2010-08-29: Offline Social Network Sites Don\'t Live Up to Hype
2010-08-29: Ten Essential Android Games
2010-08-29: Doc develops RSI-reducing rolling mouse
2010-08-29: 40% of the world\'s spam comes from the Rustock botnet, controlled by the Russian mafia
2010-08-29: RIM proposes crypto forum to dodge India BlackBerry ban
2010-08-29: Google ditches JavaOne over Oracle\'s Android suit
2010-08-29: Just 5% of workers ever truly leave the office
2010-08-29: Coca-Cola and Facebook get touchy with Israeli teens
2010-08-29: Free Android antivirus clocks up 2.5m downloads
2010-08-29: Police extend detention of e-voting critic
2010-08-29: Silicon Valley’s Dark Secret: It’s All About Age
2010-08-29: First rootkit targeting 64-bit Windows spotted in the wild
2010-08-30: Disband the ITU-T IPv6 Group
2010-08-30: When Your Vulnerability Scanner Breaks Your Compliance
2010-08-30: Orange Spain disclosing user phone number in HTTP requests
2010-08-30: Nasty Alureon Rootkit Now Targeting x64 Windows 7 and Vista
2010-08-30: ShmooCon 2011 - January 28-30 - CFP
2010-08-30: AFP: India gives BlackBerry 60-day reprieve
2010-08-30: The Wilderness Downtown--HTML 5 demo, use Chrome to see it
2010-08-30: E-voting critic released on bail (finally)
2010-08-30: Cisco patches bug that crashed 1% of Internet
2010-08-30: Skype launches Skype Connect for businesses -- uses SIP
2010-08-30: Exploring Prostate Cancer Treatment Options
2010-08-30: Cisco plans to buy Skype
2010-08-30: Gmail Priority Inbox Finds and Sorts Important Messages Automatically
2010-08-30: Computer Forensics Experts--the value of certification
2010-08-30: This Is How I Feel About Buying Apps
2010-08-30: Dead Codebreaker Was Linked to NSA Intercept Case
2010-08-30: Wikileaks Servers Move To Underground Nuclear Bunker
2010-08-30: What does a double colon mean in IPv6 addresses? Contradictory RFCs
2010-08-30: Twitter Moves to OAuth
2010-08-30: Chrome 7 shows off hardware acceleration
2010-08-31: Link to a password list that cracks 75% of passwords, supposedly
2010-08-31: New Remote Flaw in Apple QuickTime Bypasses ASLR and DEP
2010-08-31: Researchers slate \'month of bugs\' launch for Wednesday
2010-08-31: Re-thinking the Internet with security and mobility in mind
2010-08-31: Eavesdropping on Smart Homes with Distributed Wireless Sensors
2010-08-31: Hardware Hack Bypasses Quantum Encryption
2010-08-31: Is black market for IPv4 blocks imminent?
2010-08-31: Clearwire launches pay-as-you-go 4G
2010-08-31: World\'s First Triple Hash Collision In MySQL(64)
2010-08-31: Super Capacitor Could Power Phone, Laptop for Days
2010-08-31: Judge bashes warrantless cellphone tracking
2010-08-31: Darpa\'s Star Hacker Looks to WikiLeak-Proof Pentagon
2010-08-31: Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge now available
2010-08-31: Chrome continues to grow
2010-08-31: Mariposa Botnets Could Control Cookies
2010-08-31: Corporate Espionage for Dummies: HP Scanners
2010-08-31: Amateurs Aim to Rocket Themselves Into Space
2010-08-31: How to deploy Microsoft\'s workaround for the DLL hijacking vulnerability
2010-08-31: Microsoft DLL Hijacking Exploit in Action--This is more interesting than I thought
2010-08-31: India seeks lawful access to all telecom data
2010-08-31: Obama: U.S. combat in Iraq over; time to \'turn the page\'
2010-08-31: HP building memristor memory to replace flash memory
2010-08-31: 25 Awesome Gerry-Rigs
2010-08-31: Microsoft Power Point 2010 DLL Hijacking PoC
2010-08-31: Why Only Mac Users Can Watch Apple\\\'s Event Tomorrow

Sept 2010

2010-09-01: This works for getting NTLMv2 to work on Ubuntu 10.04 ty @irongeek_adc
2010-09-01: IBM Corrects Unpatched Vulnerability Numbers After Google Challenge
2010-09-01: Algerian hackers attack Teddy Bear\'s Picnic. By mistake
2010-09-01: Google Code discovered serving malware
2010-09-01: Cyber Thieves Steal Nearly $1,000,000 from University of Virginia College
2010-09-01: Rice creates two terminal memory chips - Moore\\\'s Law Extended
2010-09-01: Police hacking laws moving from Germany to the rest of Europe (from 2009)
2010-09-01: How to Remember People\\\'s Names
2010-09-01: ZeuS Attacks: Crime or Espionage?
2010-09-01: Finding Suggests New Target for Alzheimer\'s Drugs
2010-09-01: Electric folding vehicle shrinks your carbon footprint \\\"and\\\" your parking bills
2010-09-01: Mobile Phones in China and Bahrain Deactivated in User Registration Crackdown
2010-09-01: Five Things You Need To Know About IPv6
2010-09-01: Microsoft releases FixIt for critical flaw in 100 apps
2010-09-01: Snoop Dogg Says \\\"Hack is Wack!\\\"
2010-09-01: Pastor\'s email hacked and used to request money from his friends--this is very common, happened to at least 2 students I know of
2010-09-01: Global spam hits all-time high
2010-09-01: Lessons learned from investigating the Google attacks
2010-09-01: Terry Pratchett: \'I\'m open to joy. But I\'m also more cynical\'
2010-09-01: INSECURE Magazine 27 is out
2010-09-02: YouTube - Fragroute
2010-09-02: Packet fragmentation versus the Intrusion Detection System (IDS) Part 2
2010-09-02: Packet fragmentation versus the Intrusion Detection System (IDS) Part 1
2010-09-02: Ifconfig: 7 Examples To Configure Network Interface
2010-09-02: Only in Japan, Real Men Go to a Hotel With Virtual Girlfriends
2010-09-02: Black hat gets pwned
2010-09-02: Facebook Testing a \"Stalker Button\"
2010-09-02: Rupert Murdoch’s British tabloid was hacking cell phones of celebs
2010-09-02: Harvard Ditching Final Exams?
2010-09-02: IPv6 Transition Poses New Security Threats
2010-09-03: BIND on Windows
2010-09-03: Facebook Glitch Let Spammer Post to Walls
2010-09-03: New California Bill Lends Clarity to Breaches
2010-09-03: Nigerian advance-fee scammer gets 12 years
2010-09-03: Nigerian advance-fee scammer gets 12 years
2010-09-03: VISA Pulls Plug On ePassporte, Porn Webmasters
2010-09-03: Verizon\\\'s phone rings off the hook with IPv6 questions
2010-09-03: Google Wave becomes Wave in a Box
2010-09-03: Feds Issue Smart Grid Cybersecurity Guidelines
2010-09-03: How to take down rogue ISPs
2010-09-03: Revo Uninstaller 1.75 - Recommended utility
2010-09-03: Takedowns: Brian Krebs on stopping botnets (very interesting!) (pdf)
2010-09-03: Defcon: Women excel in social engineering test
2010-09-03: Apple Ping network slammed with spam
2010-09-03: Google settles Buzz lawsuit for $8.5M
2010-09-03: Are the days of kidney dialysis numbered?
2010-09-03: Browser Share -- IE Still Reigns, But Not For Long
2010-09-03: I fell in love with a female assassin
2010-09-03: Great moments in collegiate marketing: Drake University’s ‘D+’ campaign
2010-09-03: US will control who rides some Canadian airplanes
2010-09-03: Full Disclosure: Internet Explorer 8 PoC: Twitter forced-tweet demo
2010-09-03: Sponsored by LIGATT--Cyber Security 2010 - Government Cyber Security Readiness Summit (credibility = zero)
2010-09-03: In Defense of Google, Or Why Consumer Watchdog is Full of It
2010-09-03: Defcon 18 PowerShell OMFG Video | SecManiac.com Blog
2010-09-03: BUSTED: Anti-Google Privacy Group Consumer Watchdog Is Tracking Your Clicks With Google Analytics
2010-09-03: Brazil Considering Legalizing File Sharing
2010-09-03: Craigslist Censored: Adult Section Comes Down
2010-09-04: Broke--and Building the Most Expensive School in U.S. History
2010-09-04: Super soaker flame thrower
2010-09-04: YouTube - Thorium Remix 2009 - a better nuclear reactor
2010-09-04: Nasty Data-Stealing Bug Haunts Internet Explorer 8
2010-09-04: Apple’s Ping is a big pile of steaming dung
2010-09-04: Adult Dating Site Sued for Fraudulently Seducing Lonely Men
2010-09-04: Ex-spook jailed for selling secrets
2010-09-04: The iWatch Is Real: It’s the New iPod Nano
2010-09-04: The Joke Known As 3D TV
2010-09-05: The national economy isn’t escaping the gravitational pull of the Great Recession
2010-09-05: What Britain could learn from Portugal\'s drugs policy
2010-09-05: Five Ways to Stop Mass SQL Injection Attacks
2010-09-05: Free Tools | HBGary--FGET looks interesting--forensic image over the network
2010-09-05: Security B-Sides: The anti-conference
2010-09-05: Is Android Only Surging Because Apple Is Letting It?
2010-09-05: Researchers Hope Botnet Takedown Will Yield Valuable Data
2010-09-05: U.S. has been slow to adopt safer credit card technology
2010-09-05: 4chan Gives 90-Year-Old Vet a Great Birthday
2010-09-05: Flying Linux box -- Wi-Fi quadricopter. Augmented Reality games on iPhone, iPod touch & iPad
2010-09-05: Samsung Galaxy Tab Rooted... A Month Before Release
2010-09-05: Another Ex-Scientologist Publishes Damning Tell-All
2010-09-06: BIND9 on Windows 7
2010-09-06: Secret copyright treaty draft leaked after Washington talks
2010-09-06: Twitter suffers from month old XSS that can post tweets from victim account
2010-09-06: California Court Permits Company to Subpoena Yahoo, Google and ISPs to Identify an Anonymous Computer Hacker
2010-09-06: Fibre Channel over Token Ring
2010-09-06: The Higher Education Bubble: Ready to Burst?
2010-09-06: Australia To Fight iPod Use By Pedestrians
2010-09-07: Eric Schmidt: \"We Know Where You Are, We Know What You Like\"
2010-09-07: September Month Of Bugs Under Way
2010-09-07: DARPA slows light speed
2010-09-07: HP sues to keep Hurd unemployed
2010-09-07: Samsung Fascinate Lightning Review: When Greedy Carriers Ruin Decent Phones
2010-09-07: Flash Player as a spy system
2010-09-07: RSA Conference Welcomes President Bill Clinton
2010-09-07: How to Wipe Blackberry Data
2010-09-07: LG Announces Smartphones With Dual-core Processo
2010-09-07: Vancouver\'s New Speed Bumps: Little Children
2010-09-07: Universities push to turn out cyber guards as demand explodes
2010-09-07: US government throwing free speech under the bus
2010-09-07: IPv6 Prep Warnings Get More Urgent
2010-09-07: NSA Director Says U.S. Has a Duty to Secure the Internet
2010-09-07: Quicktime 0-day actively used in the wild
2010-09-07: Apple\'s secret \"wispr\" request
2010-09-07: ACLU Sues Over Laptop Border Searches
2010-09-07: Microsoft investigates public IE CSS XSS flaw; Twitter, Hotmail vulnerable--good demo PoC
2010-09-07: Microsoft gets legal might to target spamming botnets
2010-09-07: Larry Ellison Responds: HP Is \\\"Making It Virtually Impossible\\\" For Us To Work Together
2010-09-07: Rare victory in fight against melanoma
2010-09-07: Metasploit Megaprimer Part 8 (Post Exploitation Kung Fu) Tutorial
2010-09-07: Twitter bug creates account hijacking peril
2010-09-07: Goodbye touchscreen? XWave brainwave interface for iDevices unveiled
2010-09-07: Employee gets £10,000 bounty for revealing software abuse
2010-09-07: Sony Has Lost the PS3 Hacking War
2010-09-07: \\\'Larry and Sergey\'s HTML5 balls drained my resources\'
2010-09-07: TechCrunch purges Zeus malware attack
2010-09-08: Running a full pentesting environment in your Android phone with Gentoo
2010-09-08: Research Firm NSS Will Launch ‘Exploit Hub,’ An App Store For Hackers
2010-09-08: Metasploit: Return of the Unpublished Adobe Vulnerability
2010-09-08: Download iServices Trojan Removal Tool for Mac - Tool to remove the iWorkServices Trojan horse spyware
2010-09-08: Film Industry Hires Cyber Hitmen To Take Down Pirates
2010-09-08: Biometric IDs For All India\'s Citizens
2010-09-08: DARPA Wants Extreme Wireless Interference Buster
2010-09-10: upSploit --exploit code repository
2010-09-10: A draft to add DNS options to IPv6 Router Advertisements
2010-09-10: Apple \\\"Relaxing\\\" iPhone Development Rules
2010-09-10: Cybercriminals Create 57,000 Fake Sites Each Week
2010-09-10: Anticipating The First Car Virus
2010-09-10: iOS 4.1 Jailbreak is Close, as Bootrom Exploit is Confirmed
2010-09-10: Attackers Exploiting New Acrobat/Reader Flaw
2010-09-10: Adobe Reader zero-day attack -- now with stolen certificate and Return Oriented Programming
2010-09-10: Return-oriented programming - How to to bypass ASLR and DEP
2010-09-10: Requirements for Security Breach Notifications under Chapter 93H -- looks like encryption saves you to me
2010-09-10: AirDropper lets people put files into your Dropbox ... without signing up for Dropbox
2010-09-10: Hormone Replacement Therapy articles ghostwritten by drug makers--fraud gave women cancer
2010-09-10: DHS CyberSecurity Misses 1085 Holes On Own Network
2010-09-10: Making Penetration Testers Lives Awful--good defense tips!
2010-09-10: Sulzberger Concedes: \\\"We Will Stop Printing The New York Times Sometime In The Future\\\"
2010-09-09: Researchers Create Real Tractor Beams
2010-09-09: State Department issues worldwide travel alert because of Koran-burning
2010-09-09: German hackers extract fingerprint data from biometric ID card
2010-09-09: CCSF Hurricane Electric Sages--three people did it so far!
2010-09-09: DHS audit finds serious vulnerabilities in US-CERT security
2010-09-09: The unofficial guide to installing iTunes 10 without bloatware
2010-09-09: Adobe to Resume Work on Flash-to-iPhone Compiler
2010-09-09: Microsoft Wins California Email Contract By Default
2010-09-09: Ruling places Obama above the law
2010-09-09: Instant6 - Easy IPv6 for Web Servers
2010-09-09: New idea: put smartphone\'s antivirus software on computers
2010-09-09: Rackspace pulls plug on Koran-burning church’s Web site
2010-09-09: Android adds 10K apps to the Market since July, reaches 80K total
2010-09-09: California Artists Build Obelisk Out of Bicycles
2010-09-09: Commodore Threatens Blogger For Being Skeptical About Its Amiga Plans
2010-09-09: Girl Develop IT Takes Off With Low-Cost, Women-Only Programming Classes
2010-09-09: Opera performed by singing robots
2010-09-10: The better the student, the better the cheater?
2010-09-10: gogoNET LIVE! - IPv6 - Conference in San Jose, Nov 2-4, $75 for students!
2010-09-10: How To Properly Setup and Configure Godaddy DNS Settings
2010-09-10: Court blocks resale of single-user software
2010-09-10: Alleged \'Facebook\' burglars busted
2010-09-10: Despite Lawsuit, Hurd to Speak at Oracle\'s Annual Conference
2010-09-10: Microsoft: Only IE 9 Will Offer Full Hardware Acceleration
2010-09-10: Microsoft issues service credits after cloud outage
2010-09-10: Newspaper demonstrates limitation of iPad
2010-09-10: More discussion of the PDF exploit that bypasses Win 7 security
2010-09-10: Oil-Absorbing Robot
2010-09-10: More about the new Adobe PDF exploit that bypasses DEP and ASLR
2010-09-10: Woman sues to force exposure of YouTube bullies
2010-09-10: Skeletal scanner would ID terrorists from 50 meters
2010-09-10: YouTube Time Machine
2010-09-10: Microsoft Weirdos Celebrate iPhone and BlackBerry Funerals
2010-09-10: Wikileaks will soon post biggest military leak ever
2010-09-10: Cyber jihad group linked to \'Here you have\' worm
2010-09-10: GoDaddy is for Sale
2010-09-10: Working Connections Winter Retreat--Dec 14-16 in Frisco, TX
2010-09-10: How Nokia Killed Dopplr
2010-09-10: Google Earth gets its own website
2010-09-11: Cisco Networking Academy--New Atack & Defend Game
2010-09-11: Patent Office Admits Truth -- Things Are a Disaster
2010-09-11: HackerTarget.com : Online Security Scan | BlindElephant Scan
2010-09-11: Excellent, detailed analysis of the errors Adobe made which allow the new PDF attack to bypass DEP and ASLR
2010-09-11: HP Holds Navy Network \"Hostage\"for $3.3 Billion
2010-09-11: IPv6 Tools--online looking glass
2010-09-11: iPhone hacker discovers a new Jailbreaking exploit; to fix it, Apple must ship new hardware
2010-09-12: Microsoft\'s EMET tool can protect Adobe software from the latest 0-day exploit
2010-09-12: More Fun with Keyboard Shortcuts
2010-09-12: California/Arizona Time Lapse on Vimeo
2010-09-12: Using VMWare for Forensic Analysis
2010-09-12: Shield Laws, WikiLeaks and the Public\'s Right to Know
2010-09-12: Police say IPhones can store a treasure trove of incriminating evidence
2010-09-12: Russia uses Microsoft to suppress dissent
2010-09-12: New CA Law to Ban Online Impersonation
2010-09-12: Top 10 Things to Do with a New Windows 7 System
2010-09-12: PHOTOS: San Bruno Inferno
2010-09-12: Former Employees of Zynga Reveal Company\'s Shady Idealogy
2010-09-12: 32 Tragically Awesome Wedding Dresses
2010-09-12: Stroke attacks now reversible
2010-09-12: Fastest Net Service in U.S. Coming to Chattanooga: 1 Gbps
2010-09-12: First app convention opens in San Francisco
2010-09-12: Australian university to transfer science courses to iPad--no more books
2010-09-12: 50 billion connected devices in 10 years
2010-09-12: California Roadkill Observation System
2010-09-12: Hitachi Cable Manchester intros Mojave dry-block fiber-optic cables
2010-09-12: Ozone--instant suggestions from five sites
2010-09-12: Mining passwords from public GitHub repositories
2010-09-13: VMware Starts Shipping Online-or-Offline Virtual Desktops
2010-09-13: Why Twitter\'s t.co is a game changer
2010-09-13: Most Clicked Mobile Ads Aren\'t On Android or iPhone
2010-09-13: How to steal stored Firefox passwords with memory forensics
2010-09-13: Haystack test halted over security concerns
2010-09-13: New Tool Moves Browser Into Virtual Environment For Security
2010-09-13: HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) MASTER KEY--could this be real?
2010-09-13: No one has a clue which sites are dangerous, expert advice is random
2010-09-13: Bakersfield City Council candidate a suspect in computer hacking investigation
2010-09-13: Firefox claims to be as fast as IE 9
2010-09-13: MonkeyBrains provides 20 Mbps wireless broadband in San Francisco
2010-09-13: HDCP \'master key\' supposedly released, unlocks HDTV copy protection permanently
2010-09-13: IPv6 reality starts dawning on ISPs--60% will offer service within a year
2010-09-13: Veteran spam suit troll plaintiff calls it quits
2010-09-13: Nigerian scammers sell a man\'s house
2010-09-13: Deep fried beer, shaped like ravioli
2010-09-13: 9/11 Tribute Traps 10,000 Birds
2010-09-14: Skyscrapers: A Fiendish Number Logic Puzzle from Dr. Sudoku
2010-09-14: Google Confirms That It Fired Engineer For Breaking Internal Privacy Policies
2010-09-14: Clueless California police warn parents of pedophilia mascot
2010-09-14: A One-Stop Money Mule Fraud Shop
2010-09-14: Root Android the Easy Way
2010-09-14: Chase\\\'s website down 15 hours and counting
2010-09-14: Stuxnet Malware hackers Used 4 zero-day exploits
2010-09-14: ToneCheck stops you from sending passive aggressive (or plain aggressive) e-mails
2010-09-14: Researchers clash over possible return of Google attackers
2010-09-14: Adobe Flash under fire with another zero-day exploit
2010-09-15: YouTube - Exploiting Windows with Metasploit using Adobe CoolType SING APSA10-02 / CVE-2010-2883
2010-09-15: How to use the Adobe exploit--Good forum thread adobe_cooltype_sing
2010-09-15: Video of exploiting Win XP with BackTrack 4 - adobe_cooltype_sing 0day exploit
2010-09-15: BackTrack 4 Forensics Mode--better than Helix!
2010-09-15: Mexican Twitter-controlled botnet
2010-09-15: Novell breakup and sale imminent
2010-09-15: Public Clearinghouse Proposed For Evoting Failures
2010-09-15: Link to complete Defcon 18 audio / video torrent:
2010-09-15: Cat vs. computer
2010-09-15: Microsoft WordPad Text Converter Users Vulnerable to Hackers
2010-09-16: VMware in Talks to Buy Novell Unit - WSJ.com
2010-09-16: Trampoline gym opening in Presidio
2010-09-16: Woman Trademarks Her Name, Says No One Can Use It Without Her Permission
2010-09-16: Best Buy CEO: iPad hammering notebook sales hard
2010-09-16: Firefox halts dangerous updates
2010-09-16: Lawsuit targets advertiser over sneaky HTML5 pseudo-cookies
2010-09-16: Privacy and Safety Questions Loom Over Federal Program to Track Preschoolers
2010-09-16: Looxcie Wearable Camcorder: Capture Unexpected Moments
2010-09-16: Four Out Of 10 PC Apps Are Pirated, BSA Study Says
2010-09-16: Gift Card FAIL: What do sequential numbers and shopping sprees have in common?
2010-09-16: Dumping Passwords from Memory with Pmdump
2010-09-16: ace Pits Pigeons Against Poor UK Rural Broadband
2010-09-16: IE9 power tips: the secrets of pinned site shortcuts
2010-09-16: More on Internet intellectuals and the Haystack affair
2010-09-16: Taking USB Attacks To The Next Level
2010-09-16: Even Security Experts Get Hacked
2010-09-16: Black Hole Exploits Kit--Interesting blackhat exploits kit with prices
2010-09-16: SparkleShare - Sharing work made easy
2010-09-17: Details of the JPMorgan Chase Oracle database outage
2010-09-17: Steve Jobs In Email Pissing Match with College Journalism Student
2010-09-17: YouTube vs. Fair Use
2010-09-17: TOR, Haystack and online security
2010-09-17: GoDaddy sites hacked %u2013 myblindstudioinfoonline.com and Hilary Kneber
2010-09-17: Can you spot the IT guy?
2010-09-17: CVE-2010-2729 in Metasploit! I haven\'t tried it yet
2010-09-17: GPLv2 and how Amdroid locks developers away from their own code
2010-09-17: IE9, FF4 Beta In Real-World Benchmark
2010-09-17: TechCrunch Disrupt » HACKATHON--San Francisco, Sept 25-26
2010-09-18: Beauty of the Web--Download IE 9 Beta
2010-09-18: From Cuil to Frozen: The \\\"Google-Killer\\\" Eats Its Own Medicine
2010-09-18: JPC--the pure Java x86 emulator
2010-09-18: Hole In Linux Kernel Provides Root Rights
2010-09-18: New hack destroys Microsoft ASP.NET security--AES cracked 100% of the time in 50 minutes
2010-09-18: Market Data Firm Spots the Tracks of Bizarre Robot Traders
2010-09-18: AirScouter Projects a 16-inch Display Directly onto Your Retina
2010-09-18: Microsoft Security Advisory (2416728): Vulnerability in ASP.NET Could Allow Information Disclosure
2010-09-18: Intel wants to charge $50 to unlock stuff your CPU can already do
2010-09-18: Criminal Charges Against Speed Trap Tweeter
2010-09-19: 10 Killer Google Chrome Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts
2010-09-19: Forensics--how to mount an NTFS partition read-write in Helix3
2010-09-19: Raptor 2.0 - Forensic LiveCD recommended alternative to Helix
2010-09-19: VMware Workstation 5.5 Disk Mount Utility
2010-09-19: Write Blockers | SANS Computer Forensic Investigations and Incident Response
2010-09-19: Windows Forensic Environment
2010-09-19: Forensic Incident Response: Unsung tools - Raptor Forensics
2010-09-19: Wireless charging standard is emerging
2010-09-19: Google I/O 2010 is May 10-11, 2011 at Moscone Center in San Francisco--DO IT DO IT
2010-09-19: Akamai: Why our IPv6 upgrade is harder than Google\\\'s
2010-09-19: Linux Kernel Exploit Busily Rooting 64-Bit Machines
2010-09-19: 4chan takes down RIAA for 8 hours with DDoS
2010-09-20: Windows 7: Deleted files still show in windows explorer--over a year and still no fix
2010-09-20: Security firm warns of commercial, on-demand DDoS botnet
2010-09-20: How Hackers Will Defeat Google\'s Smartphone Security Scheme
2010-09-20: How to hack IP voice and video in real-time
2010-09-20: Microsoft gives temporary fix for info leak in ASP.Net
2010-09-20: Collateral Murder--The Sequel (and Gang Assault of the Whistleblower)
2010-09-20: Top 50 sites track children online
2010-09-20: Urban Dictionary\\\'s Definition of Internet Explorer is LOL
2010-09-20: Meterpreter Script to extract chrome browser data
2010-09-20: Internet Explorer stores URLS in privacy in hidden index.dat file http://bit.ly/bE13ad
2010-09-20: Computing: An in-depth look at IE9
2010-09-20: Why Our Schools Suck, The Movie
2010-09-20: The truth about iPad: It\\\'s Only Good for Two Things
2010-09-20: Wifite -- mass wep and wpa cracker for backtrack4
2010-09-21: XSS vulnerability on twitter.com--worm spreading like mad
2010-09-21: Twitter Mouseover Security Flaw Affecting Thousands of Users [WARNING]
2010-09-21: US-CERT Technical Cyber Security Alert TA10-263A -- New Adobe Flash Vulnerabilities
2010-09-21: One in five college and university students have hacked
2010-09-21: Gmail to offer more security with a six digit verification code
2010-09-21: Can Your IPv4 Firewall Be Bypassed by IPv6 Traffic?
2010-09-21: HMRC could take direct control of pay cheques after tax errors
2010-09-21: SHORT POST: HDCP Cracked!
2010-09-21: Security weaknesses in airport internet kiosks
2010-09-21: Google Docs coming to iPad, Android
2010-09-21: Internet Explorer 9 Beta Product Guide
2010-09-21: Google Could Drive Mobile Two-Factor Authentication Model
2010-09-21: Develop Secure Code and Identify Security Vulnerabilities ~SpotTheVuln.com
2010-09-21: 55 El Mirador, Nicasio, CA - Former Residence of Jerry Garcia from The Grateful Dead
2010-09-21: Google\'s new Finnish data center is cooled by sea water
2010-09-21: Installing Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization on a Single Windows 7 Machine
2010-09-21: 67 Things Every Computer Geek Should Know.
2010-09-21: The IE Hole Nobody Cares About: P3P
2010-09-21: Was Stuxnet built to attack Iran\'s nuclear program?
2010-09-21: AT&T Introduces Satellite-Enabled Smart Phone
2010-09-21: evercookie - virtually irrevocable persistent cookies
2010-09-22: CSRF on the increase per two reports
2010-09-22: Network Reliability - excellent introduction from SANS, appropriate for CCNA 1 students
2010-09-22: Antivirus Bypass in Metasploit! Very good for hacking projects!
2010-09-22: Security-Shell: Visa website vulnerable to XSS
2010-09-23: Blackhat USA 2010 and Defcon 18 Audio/Video
2010-09-23: Programmable HID USB Keystroke Dongle: Using the Teensy as a pen testing device
2010-09-23: Microsoft Security Intelligence Report Volume 8--see \"Key Findings Summary Report\" for excellent graphs
2010-09-23: RFC3697 - IPv6 Flow Label Specification
2010-09-23: What is the WINSXS directory in Windows 2008 and Windows Vista and why is it so large?
2010-09-23: E-Books Are Only 6% of Printed Book Sales
2010-09-23: Burned in Sex Sting, Hacker Bruce Raisley Attacks Computers
2010-09-23: Technical Analysis of the Recent Adobe Flash Zero-Day Vulnerability--Excellent explanation of mutated base fuzzing
2010-09-23: Windows 7 Phone Developer Launch Event Oct 20-21, San Francisco
2010-09-23: (ISC)^2 Brings Cyber Security Experts Back Into Classrooms This Fall
2010-09-23: CAINE 2.0 -- NewLight -- another Ubuntu-based Forensics Live CD
2010-09-23: Top Reasons You\'ll Love Internet Explorer 9--I need to add this to CNIT 345
2010-09-23: Can we trust Michael Arrington? (AngelGate)
2010-09-23: Computers make you happier, especially if you\'re a woman
2010-09-23: The Safari AutoFill hack LIVES! With interesting info about disclosing vulns to Apple
2010-09-23: A Twitter bug, bad fix, and a better fix--interesting interaction with Twitter team
2010-09-23: hMailServer - Free email server for Microsoft Windows--works on IPv6
2010-09-23: Download L0phtCrack--new version available
2010-09-23: Using Metasploit to put an IPv6 trojan on a WIndows XP box -- important for IPv6 and Adv Hacking classes
2010-09-23: Routed or Switched Access Layer: Why not Both?
2010-09-23: Nobel Laureate Retracts Two Papers Unrelated to Her Prize
2010-09-23: Editorial: Firmware, forums, and desperation -- the dark side of Android hacking
2010-09-23: Swedes try script injection exploits in voting ballots http://tinyurl.com/2w2odun
2010-09-23: Netcomm IPv6-capable ADSL2+ routers now available from $99
2010-09-23: Facebook DDoS\'d themselves using their own clients
2010-09-24: Verizon Confirms Plan To Switch Away From Unlimited Data Plans
2010-09-24: Planting Child Porn On Boss\'s PC Gets Evil Prankster 12 Years In Jail
2010-09-24: CIA Drones May Have Used Illegal, Inaccurate Code
2010-09-24: Google Warning Gmail users on China Spying Attempts
2010-09-24: BioCurious: A Hackerspace for Biotech in San Francisco
2010-09-24: Colleges Reap Big Bucks Selling Student Addresses To Credit Card Companies
2010-09-24: Announcing: Microsoft Security Essentials available FREE to Small Businesses in October!
2010-09-24: An app store where security researchers sell exploits
2010-09-24: De-Grease Your Laptop with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
2010-09-24: Top Ten Lies Your Teachers Told You in School
2010-09-24: Why Reddit is Better than Digg
2010-09-24: Microsoft to buy its way to the top with Windows Phone 7
2010-09-24: World\'s first pedal-powered ornithopter takes flight in Canada
2010-09-24: Spoon virtualization lets you run desktop apps anywhere with no installs
2010-09-24: Moms stand firm against antenna madness
2010-09-24: Robot sales will reach $17 billion by 2013
2010-09-24: The Sad Truth About Facebook
2010-09-24: First Tri-Core 1.5 GHz Processors for Smartphones
2010-09-24: How Shazam Works To Identify (Nearly) Every Song You Throw At It
2010-09-24: Windows Phone 7 won\'t support tethering
2010-09-24: Judge Grants Discovery of Postings on Social Media
2010-09-24: Shark Attack Victim Suing Hospital for HIPAA Violations
2010-09-24:US ISP Adopts Three-Strikes Policy
2010-09-24: Cyber Attacks Test U.S., Allies and Foes
2010-09-24: FTC Issuing Slim Payments to ChoicePoint Victims
2010-09-25: Woman sues debt collector for contacting her family via Facebook
2010-09-25: Internal Strife at WikiLeaks: German Spokesman Says He Will Leave
2010-09-25: Iran confirms massive Stuxnet infection of industrial systems
2010-09-26: Iran Confirms Stuxnet Damage To Nuclear Facilities
2010-09-26: Electricity Grid in U.S. Penetrated By Spies
2010-09-26: Anti-Iran computer bug had powerful backers
2010-09-26: At Maker Faire, giant mousetrap crushes a taxi
2010-09-26: First Windows + Symbian/BlackBerry banking trojan combo found
2010-09-26: Posting links violates copyright? I am doomed
2010-09-26: Iris Scanning Set To Secure City In Mexico
2010-09-26: WiseDame Wins The TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon, A Black Box For Real Life
2010-09-26: Sleeping beauty obfuscation
2010-09-26: Twitter has allowed us to see directly into the brain of 50 Cent. And it\'s not pretty
2010-09-26: Goosh.org - Google In Front Of Clients
2010-09-26: Mohammed Day Cartoonist \'Goes Ghost\'
2010-09-26: French court convicts Google and boss of defamation
2010-09-26: ACS:Law accidentally published its entire email archive online
2010-09-26: ACS Law Faces Wrath Of Internet Users After Email Data Is Leaked
2010-09-26: Pentagon buys thousands of books to destroy them in an attempt to conceal information
2010-09-26: The Wikileaks tweet calling the Pentagon Nazis
2010-09-26: Researchers convert quantum signals to telecom wavelengths, increase memory times
2010-09-26: IBM warns of challenge to U.S. supercomputing leadership
2010-09-26: Apple iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter not accomplishing the simplest of tasks
2010-09-26: Mark Zuckerberg\'s $100 Million Gift
2010-09-26: Router Recommendations (but no consideration of IPv6)
2010-09-26: Vibram Fivefingers Anti-Shoes
2010-09-26: Scientists isolate and photograph a single atom
2010-09-26: New animation breaks Guinness record for being world\\\'s smallestr
2010-09-26: NYT excellent discussion of stuxnet and cyberwar
2010-09-27: The FBI Cheating Scandal
2010-09-27: Sprint 4G detected in San Francisco
2010-09-27: Rewiring a Damaged Brain
2010-09-27: Windows Live To End Support For Blogging
2010-09-27: UAW Workers Vote 457 to 96 to Close Plant Instead of Reducing Salaries
2010-09-27: Botnet operators shift from China to Russia
2010-09-27: Privacy advocates criticize government\'s online eavesdropping proposal
2010-09-27: Creating a Steady State by Using Microsoft Technologies
2010-09-27: Breaking: AOL Close to Buying TechCrunch
2010-09-27: Microsoft To Release Emergency Fix For ASP.NET Bug
2010-09-27: Cheer up your office with delightful poster from our Counter-Intelligence friends at NCIX
2010-09-27: Microsoft beefs up Hotmail password security
2010-09-28: Windows Live Sync to be named Windows Live Mesh
2010-09-28: How To Hijack \'Every iPhone In The World\' (from July)
2010-09-28: Psychotronica: Abusing And Leveraging Intelligence From Social Networking -- Webcast on Tuesday, September 29, 2009
2010-09-28: Malicious PDF for classroom demo--phones home to
2010-09-28: Adobe cooltype being exploited as of 9-8-10
2010-09-28: Jailbreak hole found in Apple TV firmware
2010-09-28: UK\'s Scotland Yard arrests 19 for major bank hack using Zeus
2010-09-28: At long last, Obama highlights IPv6 issue
2010-09-28: How four institutions manage security threats
2010-09-28: Professional cheater takes your tests for you
2010-09-28: 7 Bit Torrent Piracy Suits Target 5,469
2010-09-28: British ISP Sky Broadband Cuts Off ACS:Law
2010-09-28: AOL Buys Top Tech Blog TechCrunch
2010-09-28: Hold Fast--Moxie Marlinspike\'s sailing videozine reviewed
2010-09-28: World\'s first OS X virus hits Apple
2010-09-28: Malicious Ad on thepiratebay.org infects PCs
2010-09-29: US government agencies ordered to upgrade to IPv6 by the end of 2012
2010-09-29: Getting Started with BitLocker
2010-09-29: White House issues IPv6 directive
2010-09-29: tweetbeat-clears-the-noise-from-twitter
2010-09-29: Microsoft warns of in-the-wild attacks on ASP flaw
2010-09-29: California outlaws maliciously using a fake identity online
2010-09-29: Judge orders turnover of woman\\\'s deleted Facebook posts
2010-09-29: WirelessKeylogger.com - Wireless Hardware Keylogger
2010-09-29: An Open Letter From Internet Engineers to the Senate Judiciary Committee | Electronic Frontier Foundation
2010-09-29: Did The Stuxnet Worm Kill India\'s INSAT-4B Satellite?
2010-09-30: The Folly of Internet Wiretapping
2010-09-30: Schneier on Security: Wiretapping the Internet
2010-09-30: Planet Hunters Discover a World That Could Harbor Life: Scientific American
2010-09-30: Too Little, Too Late: The Feds call for IPv6
2010-09-30: EFF Supports Microsoft in Seeking to Make it Easier to Invalidate Patents
2010-09-30: How To--Digital Forensics Copying A VMware VMDK
2010-09-30: Nvidia GPU Class-Action Settlement Offers Repairs, New Laptops
2010-09-30: There is no Plan B: why the IPv4-to-IPv6 transition will be ugly
2010-09-30: Google Promotes Replacement for JPEG Image Format
2010-09-30: Hacking Work--Breaking Stupid Rules for Smart Results
2010-09-30: Interesting details about the Zeus-powered bank thieves

Oct 2010

2010-10-01: \'Hyperbolic map\' of the internet will save it from collapse
2010-10-01: The DC3 Digital Forensics Challenge
2010-10-01: TurnKey Internet Offers IPV6 to All Customers
2010-10-01: iPhone scalpers go nuts, forcing Beijing Apple store to close
2010-10-01: PCI Data Field Encryption
2010-10-01: Comcast Launches Bot Detection Service - Users will get in-browser alerts if suspected bot activity seen
2010-10-01: BlackBerry backup encryption broken by ElComSoft
2010-10-01: 12 Forgotten Online Games
2010-10-01: IE \'Twitter rolling\' attack trial to launch
2010-10-01: Key ingredient staves off marijuana memory loss: Scientific American
2010-10-01: iPhone privacy threat: Unique Device Identifiers (UDIDs)
2010-10-01: Computer security expert denied bail a second time
2010-10-01: Microsoft Sues Motorola Over Android
2010-10-01: Man accused of shooting at cop: Thought he was a zombie
2010-10-01: SEC Blames Computer Algorithm For \\\'Flash Crash\'
2010-10-01: In Twitter No One Can Hear You Scream
2010-10-01: 5 botnet kingpins busted in $70m fraud ring
2010-10-01: IE \\\'Twitter rolling\' attack trivial to launch
2010-10-01: 37 \\\'Money Mules\' Arrested
2010-10-01: HSBC takes the lead in IPv6 adoption
2010-10-01: Replacing BIOS with UEFI will make for PCs that boot in seconds
2010-10-01: Might Microsoft buy SecondLife?
2010-10-01: Israeli scientists discover way to counterfeit DNA
2010-10-01: NJ student\'s suicide illustrates Internet dangers
2010-10-01: ALDI breach reports mushroom, customers in 11 states affected
2010-10-01: Stuxnet Analysis Backs Iran-Israel Connection
2010-10-01: \\‘The Social Network’ is wonderful entertainment, but its message is actually kind of evil.
2010-10-01: Copyrights and CD-Rs Endanger Audio History
2010-10-01: Bomb, death threats beset Utah animal shelter
2010-10-02: Software Theft a Problem for Actual Thieves
2010-10-02: How To Defend Against Zeus
2010-10-02: Backward disassembler for ROP exploitation
2010-10-02: Archeologists say multi-touch tablets (iPad) has already saved a year of data entry
2010-10-02: JTouchable Holograms %u2013 NTDTV.co
2010-10-02: Hiding PDF Exploits by embedding PDF files in streams and Flash ROP heapsprays
2010-10-02: Malware that steals certificates
2010-10-02: PHack my answering machine for a free Book
2010-10-02: Pandora\\\'s Inbox
2010-10-02: Minnesota Moving To Microsoft\'s Cloud
2010-10-02: Psst. Sprint 4G is Lit up in San Francisco
2010-10-02: HDCP anti-copy software exploit released: can crack 1080p in real-time
2010-10-02: Apple approves BitTorrent app
2010-10-02: Increasingly, companies hire only by social media
2010-10-02: Interesting spam and malware charts
2010-10-02: Lazy Linux: 10 essential tricks for admins
2010-10-02: Sony\'s Removal Of Linux PS3 Option Screws Air Force
2010-10-02: Stay Invisible is an Internet anonymity test that helps you to control your online privacy and anonymity.
2010-10-02: Five reasons to try the new Windows Home Server
2010-10-02: Five reasons to try the new Windows Home Server
2010-10-02: Prenotification: Quarterly Security Updates for Adobe Reader and Acrobat
2010-10-02: Cyber activist says DDoS attacks will continue
2010-10-02: Army DNS ROOT Server Down For 18 Hours
2010-10-02: How to get passwords and crack encryption
2010-10-02: Security Researcher Wins Prestigious MacArthur \\\"Genius\\\" Grant
2010-10-02: Insecurity experts would banish pdf
2010-10-03: IPv6 Cheat Sheet from Packetlife.com
2010-10-03: Homebrew technology: The $100 airplane
2010-10-03: Apple insecurity in San Francisco
2010-10-03: Man vindicated for videotaping his own traffic stop
2010-10-03: Twitter To Start Selling Followers
2010-10-03: Twitter To Start Selling Followers
2010-10-03: CNN presents security charlatan Evans as an expert--shameful betrayal of journalistic ethics
2010-10-03: Neurosurgeons Use MRI-Guided Lasers To Destroy Tumors
2010-10-03: British military advises personnel to disable Facebook Places
2010-10-03: Stuxnet mystery deepens
2010-10-03: Want to Be Buried Alive With Your S.O. and Make Out With Them While Others Watch Via Webcam?
2010-10-03: Projects: Install a Pixel Qi Screen on Your Laptop for Computing in the Sun
2010-10-03: Review: Windows Live Essentials 2011 - Movie Maker
2010-10-03: Strange hacker video, NSFW
2010-10-03: Anti-piracy lawyers caught pirating each other\'s work
2010-10-03: Brooklyn Father And Son Launch Homemade Spacecraft
2010-10-03: Target begins selling Apples iPad in stores
2010-10-03: Congress passes law ordering FCC to lower volume on TV commercials
2010-10-03: UK claims mattress domino toppling record
2010-10-03: Wheretheladies.at Shows You Where The Ladies Are At
2010-10-03: Anti-smoking sign from 1915
2010-10-03: App turns iPad into client for multitasking, Flash
2010-10-03: Crazy inventor makes walking iPad, iPhone, iPod
2010-10-03: Verizon Wireless to Pay Refunds for Data Charges
2010-10-03: Toshiba reportedly freezes OLED production plans
2010-10-03: The NVIDIA GPU Litigation - Home Page
2010-10-03: How Many Cores Is Too Many? -
2010-10-04: Google TV Details Revealed
2010-10-04: Scratched glasses give perfect vision for any eyesight
2010-10-04: Whistleblower site Cryptome hacked, defaced, all files deleted
2010-10-04: Adobe to fix critical Reader hole on Tuesday
2010-10-04: New Password Not Enough to Secure Hacked E-mail Account <-- excellent Gmail backdoor ideas
2010-10-04: Quantum error correcting code dsicovered
2010-10-04: Fade Out: Laser-excited luminescent image display
2010-10-04: Black Hole Exploits Kit: More Crimeware
2010-10-04: Why Redbox Won\'t Kill Netflix: The Reality of Hacking Redbox
2010-10-04: Invasion of Privacy. | Attack Vector
2010-10-04: Tools to Keep Sensitive Data Off Your Computer
2010-10-04: Microsoft Sues Motorola Over Alleged Patent Violations
2010-10-04: NAT won\'t save you from the need to switch to IPv6
2010-10-04: Airlines increase fight against online ticket fraud
2010-10-04: Toshiba To Launch No-Glasses 3D TV This Year
2010-10-04: Harris BlackJack USB drive to aid computer forensics
2010-10-04: Your Password Cracking System Sucks
2010-10-04: Graphene Nanobubbles Could Mean More Powerful Gadgets
2010-10-04: Voting System Pwned by Michigan Wolverines
2010-10-04: Nanomesh slows down heat travel
2010-10-04: If you do this in an email, I hate you
2010-10-04: Americans Are Horribly Misinformed About Who Has Money
2010-10-04: The death of Digg is not exaggerated
2010-10-05: Societe Generale trader Kerviel jailed for three years
2010-10-05: Stolen Hopkins patient info used in $600K credit card fraud
2010-10-05: The Anthropology of Hackers - College course at NYU
2010-10-05: Power Hackers: The U.S. Smart Grid Is Shaping Up to be Dangerously Insecure
2010-10-05: Microsoft IE Browser Share Dips Below 50%
2010-10-05: Cross-site scripting hole in American Express site using EV SSL
2010-10-05: Comcast Pushes Bot Alert Program Nationwide
2010-10-05: NanoKnife Cancer Treatment Draws Concerns
2010-10-05: Simple Mac OS X ret2libc exploit (x86)
2010-10-05: Reverse Engineering 101 - NYU:Poly 2010 by Aaron Portnoy on Prezi
2010-10-05: Eric Schmidt: Google gets close to the creepy line
2010-10-05: Microsoft proposes a cyber CDC to address Web threats
2010-10-05: The Upside of Moving to IPv6
2010-10-05: Wired Complicit in Federal Crimes by Hacker
2010-10-05: Inconvenience Stores
2010-10-05: Voice phishing: System to trace telephone call paths across multiple networks developed
2010-10-05: Fring Could Beat Skype for Low-Cost Android Calls
2010-10-05: More Professors Are Using Twitter--but Mostly Not for Teaching
2010-10-05: Quebec spammer must pay Facebook $1 billion
2010-10-05: CaptureTheFlag - Hack.lu 2010--open for registration
2010-10-05: British Teen Jailed Over Encryption Password
2010-10-05: The Pentagon\'s new cyber warriors
2010-10-05: Everything you need to know about IPv6
2010-10-05: Open your eyes: Google Goggles now available on iPhone
2010-10-05: Common Exploits--good pentesting info
2010-10-05: Print Spooler Exploit -- MS10-061; dig the hashdump in meterpreter!
2010-10-05: Serious IPv6 routing loop in Taipei
2010-10-05: Secret-Spilling Sources at Risk Following Cryptome Breach 
2010-10-05: Hacking the D.C. Internet Voting Pilot with script injection--excellent explanation
2010-10-06: Freenet6 Status--no obvious reason for the Taipei routing loop
2010-10-06: Foursquare’s 11-Hour Downtime: What Went Wrong
2010-10-06: Can Large Scale NAT Save IPv4?
2010-10-06: The rise of crimeware
2010-10-06: Mobile Malware Exploits on the Way, Experts Say
2010-10-06: T-Mobile G2 Auto-Reinstalls Stock Android After a Jailbreak
2010-10-06: More About the Freenet6 Routing Problem--Does anyone have an explanation for this?
2010-10-06: Crypto Challenges at the CSAW 2010 Application CTF Qualifying Round - Good writeups of solutions
2010-10-06: Review: Advanced Penetration Testing (APT) -- what a great class!
2010-10-06: Reboot time (Image)
2010-10-06: Digital copiers may soon be targeted by eDiscovery requests
2010-10-06: Android Development Course Archive--good class materials!
2010-10-06: Paypal XSS Live and Working Now!
2010-10-06: A Renewed IPv6 Commitment in the United States--No More NAT!
2010-10-06: Libya takes hard line on .ly link shortening domains
2010-10-06: 8th www.paypal.com cross-site-scripting (XSS) Vulnerability
2010-10-06: Let\'s Talk About Ebook Piracy
2010-10-06: Hackable XSS Bug Found On PayPal.com
2010-10-06: Privacy Gurus Don\'t Trust AT&T\'s New Smartphone Encryption
2010-10-06: Expert: ACTA No Longer Gutting Internet Freedom
2010-10-06: Standing up to harassment by blocking a train is a whole new level of being a badass
2010-10-06: Cyber-criminals eye fiber tapping as hacking alternative
2010-10-06: Adobe hits Reader users with 23-patch \\\'whammy\'
2010-10-06: Adobe Flash, The Spy in Your Computer Part 2
2010-10-06: Create a NC Backdoor with Metasploit Meterpreter Tutorial
2010-10-06: Chapel Hill Researcher Fights Demotion After Security Breach
2010-10-06: Mark Zuckerberg on the Biggest Problem in Social Networking
2010-10-06: Researchers Using Rat-Robot Hybrid to Design Better Brain Machine Interfaces
2010-10-06: Verizon Launches 4G LTE In 38 Major Metropolitan Areas By The End Of The Year
2010-10-06: Foursquare latest social-media site to stumble
2010-10-06: Math teacher fail
2010-10-06: Science Creeps Even Closer To Quantum Computing
2010-10-06: AT&T improves service security with encryption
2010-10-06: Harris BlackJack Thumbdrive is the Sonic Screwdriver of Computer Forensics
2010-10-07: More than half of major corporations report politically motivated cyberattacks
2010-10-07: Journalist admits hacking medical and bank records
2010-10-07: One agency wants Internet wiretaps, another wants privacy protected
2010-10-07: Exoskeleton helps the paralysed walk again
2010-10-07: Excellent explanation of the PDF ASLR & DEP bypass, and how EMET helps to prevent it
2010-10-07: US anti-P2P law firms sue more in 2010 than RIAA ever did
2010-10-07: Key Step Toward a Silicon Quantum Computer--spin of a single electron measured in Silicon
2010-10-07: Most Windows 7 upgrades taking place in next 12 months
2010-10-07: Microsoft Revives Windows 7 Family Pack
2010-10-07: Stuxnet: industrial computing has just changed
2010-10-07: Microsoft may buy Adobe
2010-10-07: Schneier on Security: Stuxnet--excellent explanation and analysis
2010-10-07: MS planning Patch Tuesday whopper: 16 bulletins, 49 vulnerabilities
2010-10-07: Observations: Something slammed into the rings of Saturn and Jupiter
2010-10-07: Army Updates Espionage Rule Book After WikiLeaks
2010-10-07: Against Apple, Ballmer Floats Microsoft Merger With Adobe
2010-10-07: BIOS password cracking
2010-10-07: Unlicensed Mobile Access (UMA)
2010-10-07: Caught Spying on Student, FBI Demands GPS Tracker Back
2010-10-07: Ubuntu Server 10.10 rides distributed file systems
2010-10-07: BerkeleyBionics Gives Paralyzed Woman Her Legs Back
2010-10-07: Molecular analysis of how marijuana prevents Alzheimer\'s disease
2010-10-07: A Low Fi Lenticular On The Streets Of Berlin
2010-10-07: Computer Network Defence Operational Picture
2010-10-07: Adobe Details Proposed Reader \'Sandbox\' Security
2010-10-07: 440 million new hackable smart grid points
2010-10-08: Acer Netbooks Will Dual-Boot Android and Windows 7
2010-10-08: Would-Be Akamai Spy Busted By Feds
2010-10-08: CSRF Testing with Pinata
2010-10-08: My CISSP students helped save CCSF from this sort of humiliation
2010-10-08: ISTE 2011 Attendees | program | Call for Participation--deadline 10-13-2010
2010-10-08: Computer Forensics Show-Nov 1-2 Fort Mason, SF, CA
2010-10-08: UAE Says RIM Played Ball, Will Maintain Service
2010-10-08: Trojan overrides Firefox password-saving behavior
2010-10-08: Future malware will steal behavioral and relationship patterns
2010-10-08: Universal Androot Hits The Market, Now Supports One-Click Rooting Of 23 Android Phones
2010-10-08: Security Firms Scramble For SCADA Talent After Stuxnet
2010-10-08: BitDefender Offers Free Removal Tool for Stuxnet
2010-10-08: Windows SMB NTLM Weak Nonce Vulnerability Advisory
2010-10-08: New Version of FTK Imager
2010-10-08: My Presentation at gogoNET LIVE! -- Setting up an IPv6 network at home
2010-10-08: More about vote-hacking incident revealed at council hearing
2010-10-08: Free advertising for LIGATT\'s fraudulent company, courtesy of lazy journalists unwisely regarding CNN as an authority
2010-10-08: This Google search exposes real Filezilla cached usernames and passwords
2010-10-08: Reuters Ends Anonymous Comments
2010-10-08: edb - Linux debugger, easier to use than gdb--important for Advanced Hacking class
2010-10-08: Privacy Advocate Asks FTC to Force Google to Change Privacy Practices
2010-10-08: Spammers Using Soft Hypneh Character to Hide Malicious URLs
2010-10-08: Learn to be a Computer Hacker in 15 minutes (LIGATT)
2010-10-08: China blanks Nobel Peace prize searches
2010-10-08: Mystery of the Dying Bees Solved
2010-10-08: Google eyes search result preview window
2010-10-08: Grocery terminals slurped payment card data
2010-10-08: Craigslist \'killer\' kills himself
2010-10-08: Verizon: we like Microsoft, but not Windows Phone 7
2010-10-08: Web traffic redirected to China still a mystery -- BGP attack broke into SSL sessions??
2010-10-08: Without His Consent, Facebook Founder Added to New NAMBLA Facebook Group
2010-10-08: Flying Car Approved for Production
2010-10-08: Data Migration Tool Ships With Intel Solid-State Drives
2010-10-08: New Kitty Technology Lets You Play With Real Cats Over the Web
2010-10-08: MSI Honeypot Security Software - Wasp - Declares War on Bots and Malware: Works With Anti-Virus Software for a Deeper Defense
2010-10-08: Ligatt Site Still Vulnerable to Basic Code Injections
2010-10-08: Twitter Hack Exposed: Be More Wary With Your Private Messages
2010-10-08: Twitter Exploit Warning: How Anyone Can Easily Snatch Your Direct Messages
2010-10-08: Woman Travels 200 Miles to Kill Internet Commenter
2010-10-08: Wow. You know IPv6 is getting popular when people don’t even think to get IPv4 address space as well
2010-10-09: Real Time Google Hacking Via RSS
2010-10-09: If You Had to Get a Smartphone Today, Which Would You Buy?
2010-10-09: New Anti-Encryption Laws Won\'t Help Catch Criminals, But They Will Help Hackers Spy On You
2010-10-09: Google\'s Driverless Cars are On The Roads
2010-10-09: The militarization of cyberspace--good summary of where we stand
2010-10-09: ATM fraud spree across Western Canada linked to one man
2010-10-09: A Humbled Microsoft Prepares to Boot Up Windows Phone 7
2010-10-09: 6 VMWare Settings Every IT Auditor Should Know About
2010-10-09: www.symantec.com Redirect Vulnerability
2010-10-09: Android Theme For Windows 7
2010-10-09: Lord of the Rings Online doubles revenue since going free-to-play
2010-10-09: Largest Genome Ever
2010-10-09: London Stock Exchange hit by glitch after Linux launch
2010-10-09: Solutions for Your Home\'s Bad Wi-Fi Coverage
2010-10-09: Brain Surgery for Weight Loss
2010-10-09: MovieReshape: Tracking and Reshaping of Humans in Videos
2010-10-09: WiMax: Goodbye and Good Riddance
2010-10-09: Inside Phoenix Exploit\\\'s Kit 2.3 -- interesting screenshots of a malware kit
2010-10-09: Microsoft Office web apps surpasses 20 million users
2010-10-10: Sprint, Evo, WiMax and LTE - in June, high confidence that WIMAX isn\'t going anywhere
2010-10-10: Clearwire LTE Tests Shouldn\\\'t Alarm Sprint EVO Owners (propaganda from August)
2010-10-10: WiMax: Goodbye and Good Riddance - PCWorld -- Article\'s main point has been retracted--Sprint not pulling out of Clearwire
2010-10-10: Switching from Windows to Linux: One Month On
2010-10-10: Md. puts absentee ballots online
2010-10-10: Mozilla puts Firefox 4 Android beta on crash diet
2010-10-10: Oracle raises prices for My SQL support
2010-10-10: A list of nasty Android bugs--I haven\'t noticed these happening to me
2010-10-10: Google shuts down GOOG-411 voice data honeypot
2010-10-10: Federal Cyber Watchdog CERT Bombs Cybersecurity Audit
2010-10-10: Limera1n Download Helps iPad Users Jailbreak iOS 3.2.2
2010-10-10: Ubuntu 10.10, Maverick Meerkat, Now Available
2010-10-10: Mercedes-Benz gets in on the factory iPad integration game, makes headrests a little smarter
2010-10-10: New link shortener with integrated security check
2010-10-10: Android Mobile App Misbehavior
2010-10-10: 4G czar at Sprint backs WiMax \'singularly\'
2010-10-10: Free computer forensic tools
2010-10-10: Squeezing More Bandwidth Out of Fiber
2010-10-10: Chinese Nobel Winner\'s Wife Detained
2010-10-10: Why Neither the US Nor China Admits Cyberwar
2010-10-10: gogoNET LIVE! IPv6 Conference in San Jose, Nov 3-4
2010-10-10: Why a \\\"Sandbox\\\" Makes Adobe Reader More Secure
2010-10-10: YouTube - White Hat Hackers on NBC Bay Area
2010-10-10: MPICT Winter Conference Jan 6-7, 2011
2010-10-10: Free Windows 7 Event - Tues, Oct 19, San Francisco
2010-10-10: Smart specs unite world and data
2010-10-10: Water cycle goes bust as the world gets warmer
2010-10-10: New Tool Blocks Drive-By Downloads From Malicious Sites
2010-10-10: When glass touch screens feel like sandpaper
2010-10-10: Network King of the Hill Write-ups<--Excellent write-ups, we need to do this!
2010-10-10: Hacking game for CNIT 123 Students
2010-10-10: Research shows password expiration is worthless
2010-10-10: Recovering a Router with the Password Recovery Service Disabled
2010-10-11: Brutus Password Cracker
2010-10-11: Brutus Tutorial - Page 1
2010-10-11: Password Brute Forcing Tool Gets Major Update
2010-10-11: YouTube - Using Fireforce to brute-force web login forms
2010-10-11: OverTheWire - Wargames - Hacker Community
2010-10-11: New technology assigns IP address to each of your organs, reports back to your Android phone
2010-10-11: Sams Games--two hacking games so far
2010-10-11: New threat set to dethrone Zeus - Carberp
2010-10-11: HIPAA Follies--Tweeting that your sloppy security resulted in data theft
2010-10-11: HIPAA Violations Piling Up in the Lone Star State
2010-10-11: Outgunned: How Security Tech Is Failing Us -- Wow! 10,000 new signatures a day, 20% effectiveness of antivirus
2010-10-11: When IT Is Asked to Spy
2010-10-11: DNS over IPv6- Welcome to the World of Today | Dyn Inc.
2010-10-11: A Portrait Of A Cybercriminal As A Young Woman
2010-10-11: IPv6.com - The IPv6 Header and How it Works
2010-10-11: Graph Shows Decline of IPv4 Has Been Mostly Linear
2010-10-11: Iran may have executed nuclear staffers over Stuxnet
2010-10-11: Symantec reveals its data encryption plans (they now own PGP)
2010-10-11: Java takes #1 malware vehicle spot away from Adobe
2010-10-11: OWASP AppSec USA 2010 Videos
2010-10-11: First-Ever Patient Treated In Stem Cell Study
2010-10-11: High School Teacher\'s Epic Meltdown Caught on Camera
2010-10-11: New method to identify people by their ears
2010-10-11: Poor healthcare may shorten American lives
2010-10-11: This Is What A Mobile Phone Looked Like In 1964...And There Were Over A Million Of Them
2010-10-11: a reverse fountain with a built-in whirlpool
2010-10-11: Ubuntu 10.10 arrives with impressive new netbook environment
2010-10-11: Creating Metasploit Exploit Modules Step By Step (Tutorial!)
2010-10-11: Excellent buffer overflow SANS lecture
2010-10-11: Metasploit Megaprimer 300 mins of video tute
2010-10-11: Library of Congress: Copyright is killing sound archiving
2010-10-11: Free Photobucket password hacking site--how does this work?
2010-10-12: Ubuntu 10.10: date with destiny missed
2010-10-12: Windows Phone 7: \\\'Different, delightful\'... and unfinished
2010-10-12: Facebook is \'killing privacy for commercial gain\'
2010-10-12: Malware forces Firefox to save passwords
2010-10-12: Online Colleges and States at Odds Over Quality Standards
2010-10-12: Facebook offers one-time passwords
2010-10-12: Innovative or a joke? Company uses multiple Twitter accounts as its website.
2010-10-12: Defense of the antivirus industry
2010-10-12: Traditional Penetration Testing is DEAD
2010-10-12: Free Mobile Security for Smartphones - Lookout
2010-10-12: Gay v. Straight by the numbers
2010-10-12: Judge: Stop \'don\'t ask, don\'t tell\' immediately
2010-10-12: iPad hack makes pay magazines free
2010-10-12: Metasploit 3.4 has brute-forcers and Java attacks
2010-10-13: Bing gets more social with facebook
2010-10-13: Adobe: More secure version of Reader out by year end
2010-10-13: iPhone 4 glass breaking 82% more than iPhone 3gs
2010-10-13: Vancouver Creates Continuous Network of Protected Bike Lanes
2010-10-13: Windows Phone 7 doesn\'t allow you to swap microSD cards! Straight from Microsoft
2010-10-13: New U Alabama program teaches computer hacking (and how to beat it)
2010-10-13: Philadelphia school district settles webcam spy suits for $610,000
2010-10-13: ZeuS Busts Bring Botnet Beatdown?
2010-10-13:Microsoft\'s Linux-based network hardware device compromised and used in botnet attacks
2010-10-13: Coming Soon To Best Buy: Car Charging Stations
2010-10-14: Buzzing Mosquito Box
2010-10-14: Self-driving Taxi Picks You Up At The Press Of A Button
2010-10-14: AOL may join in bid for Yahoo, report says
2010-10-14: CCSF Hurricane Electric Sages--7 so far!
2010-10-14: US identified as worst offender for relaying spam
2010-10-14: Controversy over new Facebook one-time passwords
2010-10-14: Ars Technica: banned in Iran!
2010-10-14: CThe Internet and Interpol, a Natural Alliance
2010-10-14: RFID Hacking: Is It A Threat?
2010-10-14: IPv4 Exhaustion: What About Class E Addresses?
2010-10-14: Little Snitch--warns you of outgoing connections
2010-10-14: How to become a published author in information security
2010-10-14: UK police force posts all its calls on Twitter |
2010-10-14: Lookout Android App Nabs Criminals: Stupid Crook Stories
2010-10-14: Android Antivirus & Security - Lookout -- ty Josh
2010-10-14: Metasploit Class Videos from Irongeek
2010-10-14: Rollover image on your website? That will be $80,000 (please)
2010-10-14: Facebook leaked users\' real names with advertisers, suit says
2010-10-14: Space Federation Overview -- Support for Hackerspaces
on Twitpic
2010-10-14: Computerworld / Patrick Thibodeau did a great job anonymizing...
2010-10-14: Millions Of US Computers Completely Pwned By Botnets
2010-10-14: Google Online Security Blog: Phishing URLs and XML Notifications
2010-10-14: Over 100 million computers are currently in botnets
2010-10-14: Steve Jobs gives Chilean miners iPods
2010-10-14: WikiLeaks accuses US of \'financial warfare\'
2010-10-14: Genetically Engineered Silkworms Spin Like Spiders
2010-10-14: Smashing the stack in 2010 (improved)
2010-10-14: Seagate in buyout talks
2010-10-14: Piteous security on Reuters.com - Hacked
2010-10-14: DEF CON® Hacking Conference - DEF CON 18 Media Archives--audio of all talks posted
2010-10-15: Best practices for rolling Out 802.1X authentication
2010-10-15: Motorola and nokia agree to share 4g licences
2010-10-15: Five ways for IPv6 and IPv4 to peacefully co-exist
2010-10-15: Troubles with Sharding - What can we learn from the Foursquare Incident?
2010-10-15: IE warnings lowered to only three times per year
2010-10-15: Great video taking over a domain with Metasploit--Good Pentesting Techniques
2010-10-15: Windows 7 Crashes from Wifi--disable BonJour
2010-10-15: SPirate Bay enthusiasts deface MPAA site
2010-10-15: Band Replaces Instruments With iPhones for Subway Performance
2010-10-15: IPv6 now 0.15% of Inernet traffic
2010-10-15: xkcd: Tech Support Backdoor
2010-10-15: Can You Hear Me Now? The Truth about Cell Phones and Cancer: Scientific American
2010-10-15: The Case For Wiretapping The Internet
2010-10-15: New pay-as-you go Puck hotspot http://goo.gl/V0Vm
2010-10-15: Teen Phoned in Bomb Hoaxes for LULz
2010-10-15: New Site Aims To Be iTunes For Exploits
2010-10-15: Cell Phone Laws Are Not Working
2010-10-15: Opinion: Drug decriminalization policy pays off
2010-10-15: Chinese hackers steal Korean defense secrets
2010-10-15: How Cornell Plans To Purge Campus Computers of Personal Data
2010-10-15: Costco doesn\'t get iPad, so it removes all Apple products in revenge
2010-10-15: Information Security Incident Response Engineer - Mountain View - US jobs - Google
2010-10-15: $8 million iPhone
2010-10-15: Marshall Students Learn by Helping Police
2010-10-15: Samsung Epic 4G Android Smartphone Speed Tests
2010-10-15: The World According to San Francisco
2010-10-15: Pentagon bracing for release of 400,000 secret Iraq reports
2010-10-15: Wind Power Without the Blades
2010-10-15: Identifying memory sticks by their defects
2010-10-15: ICANN Approves .IRAN (in Non-Latin)
2010-10-15: The truth about the DDOS threat, the elephant in the room
2010-10-15: Microsoft Giving Away Free Windows 7 On October 16, 2010
2010-10-15: UltraDNS v BIND -- DNS Heresy
2010-10-15: What\'s the Right Way to Prevent SQL Injection in PHP Scripts?
2010-10-15: HostJury - review Web hosting providers
2010-10-15: How to Pick a Lock or Padlock With Household Items
2010-10-15: University of North Florida breach exposes data on 107,000 individuals
2010-10-15: 8 Useful and Interesting Bash Prompts
2010-10-15: 35 Life Hacks You Should Know
2010-10-16: U.S. Studying Australian Internet Security Plan
2010-10-16: Groo: Fully Automated WEP Cracking
2010-10-16: Why I think Microsoft;s claims that breaches are down are seriously confounded
2010-10-16: Worried About Your Partner\'s Computer Habits? A Computer Forensic Examination Can Help
2010-10-16: Mitigating Dangling Pointer Bugs Using Frame Poisoning in Firefox
2010-10-16: Robot Beats Up Volunteers - Researchers actually trying to create robots incapable of harming humans
2010-10-16: Come Back with a Warrant Doormat : Target
2010-10-16: Yahoo is doomed
2010-10-16: Facebook works to remove anti-gay hate speech
2010-10-16: IT Certs in Demand: CISSP, CWNA, CEH, CCNA http://goo.gl/KxDR
2010-10-16: Evil Maid attack against TrueCrypt with downloadable attack code
2010-10-16: Adobe Reader 10 to get a sandbox mode for better protection
2010-10-16: Iomega Launches USB 3.0 External SSD
2010-10-16: Apple iPad App To Control Driverless Car
2010-10-16: Astronomers Develop Method For Detecting Faint Exoplanets
2010-10-17: Wikileaks documents apparently did not cause any real harm
2010-10-17: Windows NTLM Weak Nonce Vulnerability (was patched in Feb 2010)
2010-10-17: Western Australia could have opt-out organ donor laws
2010-10-17: H2HC -- hacking videos and presentations
2010-10-17: How propaganda is disseminated: WikiLeaks Edition
2010-10-17: Google ordered to reveal identities of YouTube uploaders
2010-10-17: In defense of Microsoft\'s SDL
2010-10-17: How To Properly Disable IPv6 in Windows 7
2010-10-17: Excellent resignation letter to Microsoft
2010-10-17: Using an SSD with Full Disk Encryption--Benchmarks using PGP WDE
2010-10-17: How You Can Take Advantage of the RemoveWAT Crack for Windows 7
2010-10-17: H2HC -- hacking videos and presentations
2010-10-17: Pilot to TSA: \'No Groping Me and No Naked Photos\'
2010-10-17: World\'s Most Considerate Computer Thief Backs Up Victim\'s Data, Mails It to Him
2010-10-17: How Do I Get My Money Back After Being Cheated Online?
2010-10-17: Virginia Tech students turn computer gaming into a career
2010-10-17: Facebook Blocks LOLapps, Cutting Off 150 Million Users
2010-10-17: Tampering with Master File Table Records
2010-10-17: Data theft overtakes physical losses
2010-10-17: Earn a Diploma from Scam U
2010-10-17: Panopticlick--how unique is your browser footprint?
2010-10-17: Two /8s allocated today, seven /8s remain for normal distribution. THE END IS NEAR #IPv6
2010-10-18: Evan Williams, Master of the Privacy Game
2010-10-18: Immigration kicks Hackers For Charity out of Uganda
2010-10-18: Stuxnet attack video linked from this page
2010-10-18: Broken DNSSEC Validation Test Site
2010-10-18: WeedMaps Tops $400,000 a Month in Revenues, Public Listing Imminent
2010-10-18: Yes! Pwning boxes with Java in Metasploit
2010-10-18: IPv4 Space Shrinks To 5%--Final Addresses To Be Issued In Early 2011
2010-10-18: Apple And Google: The Activation Pissing Match Continues
2010-10-18: Fun IPv6 Propaganda Video at the Bottom of this Page
2010-10-18: Gap Widens Between IPv4 Depletion and IPv6 Adoption
2010-10-18: Advanced evasion techniques (AET) bypass network security
2010-10-18: Sanitize Your Cell Phone With Ultraviolet Light
2010-10-18: Red Hat announces new cloud computing certification course
2010-10-18: Ad Hoc Fixed Wireless Networks--Should Carriers Be Afraid?
2010-10-18: Mobile Hotspots: Which Are Fastest, Most Reliable?
2010-10-19: Court strikes down Facebook-banning probation
2010-10-19: Metasploit: One Year After The Rapid7 Acquisition
2010-10-19: Characteristics of an Effective and Successful Social Engineer
2010-10-19: Military Recruiters Told To Accept Gay Applicants
2010-10-20: IPv6 at Genius
2010-10-20: WXf: Web Exploitation Framework - OWASP
2010-10-20: Interop gives back a month\'s worth of IPv4 addresses
2010-10-20: GreenSQL Database Firewall Stops SQL Injection
2010-10-20: Sex.com sells for $13m
2010-10-20: Cisco IPv6 Tutorial by Hinwoto
2010-10-20: First Windows Phone 7 reviews
2010-10-20: Intervention order delivered via Facebook video
2010-10-21: Yep, Apple Killed The CD Today
2010-10-21: Computer consultant accused of hacking into Houston Healthcare database
2010-10-21: 10 Ways Hackers Have Punked Corporations and Oppressive Governments
2010-10-21: Web Based DNS Lookup (NSLookup) -- How to overcome weak DNS-based Web filtering
2010-10-21: Universal flu vaccine one step closer
2010-10-21: DriveSafe.ly Reads and Responds to SMS and Email While You Drive
2010-10-21: Free data recovery software, works on PCs and Macs (ty John)-- TestDisk - CGSecurity
2010-10-21: iolo System Mechanic--makes applications load faster
2010-10-21: Merchants Avoid Costly PCI Compliance Fees - Free PCI
2010-10-21: Two Vulnerabilities Provide Root Access on Linux
2010-10-21: Download F-Secure Anti-Theft for Android Phones--remotely wipe a stolen phone
2010-10-21: MacBook Air held together with 5-point Torx screwdrivers
2010-10-21: Google Testing 1Gbps Fiber Network At Stanford Res Halls
2010-10-21: Amazon Web Services for Free
2010-10-21: CACE Technologies (Wireshark) acquired by Riverbed Technology!
2010-10-21: One in three iPad owners has never downloaded a single app -
2010-10-21: IPv6 - The Ostrich Effect
2010-10-21: Nokia To Cut 3% Of Workers As It Eyes \'Disruptive Change\'
2010-10-21: Netflix Accounts For 20% Of Peak U.S. Internet Bandwidth
2010-10-21: Mac OS vulnerabilities skyrocket in 2010
2010-10-21: CCourt Orders Production of Plaintiff\'s User Names and Passwords for Social Network Accounts
2010-10-22: New Fraud Advice \\\"Lacks Imagination\\\"
2010-10-22: Programmable Magnets
2010-10-22: Facebook Moves to Encrypt User IDs
2010-10-22: Apple\'s FaceTime for Mac debuts with security holes
2010-10-22: Adobe Shockwave bitten by code execution bug
2010-10-22: Adobe Shockwave player rcsL chunk memory corruption 0day
2010-10-22: Why Facebook is selling you out -- and won\'t stop
2010-10-22: Cracking 14 Character Complex Passwords in 5 Seconds
2010-10-22: Astonishing Speedup In Solving Linear SDD Systems
2010-10-22: Rapleaf: The company that sells your identity
2010-10-22: Wireshark\'s announcement that they have been acquired by CACE
2010-10-22: Death of an ftp client / Birth of Metasploit modules; Excellent tutorial about fuzzing & metasploit
2010-10-22: Wikileaks Hacked By “Very Skilled” Attackers
2010-10-22: Everything You Know Will Be Obsolete in Five Years
2010-10-22: Biggest document leak in history exposes real war
2010-10-22: Facebook Ads Could \'Out\' Gay Users
2010-10-22: Mozilla pays 12-year-old San Jose boy for hunting bugs in system
2010-10-22: Google TV Root: First Signs & Possibilities
2010-10-22: London Stock Exchange sets trading speed world record using Linux
2010-10-22: Report: China hijacked U.S. Internet data
2010-10-22: Google admits to accidentally collecting e-mails, URLs, passwords
2010-10-22: Desktop Linux: The Dream Is Dead
2010-10-22: Privacy and the Internet
2010-10-22: Excellent example of improper disclosure--this kid needs a CISSP
2010-10-22: Humans are irrational and risk-averse
2010-10-22: Apple will lock down OS X Lion like the iPad and iPhone
2010-10-22: Amazon Will Let Readers Lend Kindle Books This Year
2010-10-22: Steganography in the Longfin Inshore Squid
2010-10-23: The Mozilla bug found by the 12-year-old San Jose boy
2010-10-23: BayThreat South Bay Hacker Con! December 10th & 11th - Hacker Dojo - Mountain View, CA
2010-10-23: Citibank First to Test Revolutionary Credit Card System, Card 2.0
2010-10-23: Lenovo says no to Windows 7 tablets
2010-10-23: Windows Phone 7 limits camera access for apps
2010-10-23: Apple dumps Flash from Mac OS X
2010-10-23: Buzzblog: Why IPv6? Vint Cerf keeps blaming himself
2010-10-23: FCC says new wireless spectrum is worth $120 billion
2010-10-23: Relative security of web browsers
2010-10-23: Own With An iPhone
2010-10-23: DoD Primed to Hire IT Security Professionals
2010-10-23: Mobile security client software market up 16% in Q2, huge growth expected
2010-10-23: US Court Bans Use of Encryption
2010-10-23: WikiLeaks Founder on the Run, Chased by Turmoil - NYTimes.com
2010-10-23: State of California standardizes on Microsoft\'s BPOS
2010-10-23: Single input login form
2010-10-23: Rounding the Bases Faster, With Math
2010-10-23: Microsoft’s Phones not good enough
2010-10-23: Siemens Stuxnet patch does not provide sufficient protection
2010-10-23: Past, present and future of Metasploit
2010-10-23: Phone 7: Another Vista or another XP?
2010-10-23: NorthPaw--add a sense of direction to your body
2010-10-23: IPv6 Tunnel Setup Script | PerlStalker\\
2010-10-24: Firefox 4\'s JavaScript Now Faster Than Chrome\'s
2010-10-24: Nessus Through SOCKS Through Meterpreter
2010-10-24: SpyEye v. ZeuS Crimeware Kit Rivalry Ends in Quiet Merger
2010-10-24: Lies, Damned Lies, and Medical Science - Magazine - The Atlantic
2010-10-24: New Video of Apple\'s Enormous iDataCenter
2010-10-24: SCADA Vendors Still Need Security Wake Up Call
2010-10-24: The Nixonian henchmen of today: at the NYT - Glenn Greenwald
2010-10-24: Researchers hack toys, attack iPhones at ToorCon
2010-10-24: Groupon Exposes Customer Emails In Google Results
2010-10-24: The \\\"Iranian Cyber Army\\\" Strikes Back
2010-10-24: Mac Users Warned of Growing Virus Threat - Interesting statistics
2010-10-24: Was the WikiLeaks Founder Right to Walk From This Interview? [VIDEO]
2010-10-24: A Brief History of Credit Card Security & Online Transactions
2010-10-24: Firesheep--even easier CSRF; gotta try this! Auto-pwn other people\'s social media accts
2010-10-24: Installing Firefox add-ons using the XPI file
2010-10-24: How to get wireless networking on BackTrack 4
2010-10-24: Firesheep In Wolves Clothing: Extension Lets You Hack Into Twitter, Facebook Accounts Easily
2010-10-25: Will the MacBook Cause Problems for Microsoft
2010-10-25: CAPTCHAs solved, $2 for 1000
2010-10-25: Microsoft vs. Apple: Who\'s winning? The numbers don\'t lie
2010-10-25: Dear Microsoft: Please Stop Pushing Potentially Unwanted Software Through Windows Update
2010-10-25: Bees\' tiny brains beat computers at Travelling Salesman problem
2010-10-25: How To Protect Your Login Information From Firesheep
2010-10-25: Burning question: How can security risks be mitigated in virtualized systems?
2010-10-25: Online Paper: No paywall but they will sue if you read too much.
2010-10-25: Avalanche Phishers Migrate to Zeus
2010-10-25: Your #1 identity theft risk is your friends and family
2010-10-25: Symbian OS Is Broken. Can It Be Fixed?
2010-10-25: Hashcat -- fast password cracking slides from pure_hate
2010-10-25: Nigerian airline ticket fraudster gets 8 years %
2010-10-25: Ubuntu Moves Away From GNOME
2010-10-25: Information systems security - a career path worth considering
2010-10-25: 10 things you should know about IPv6 addressing
2010-10-25: Firesheep: Making the Complicated Trivial
2010-10-25: Wi-Fi Direct Gets Real With Product Certification
2010-10-25: Google boss: \'Creeped out by Street View? Just move\'
2010-10-25: Weekly Roundup of Web Hacking Incidents
2010-10-25: Ebook restrictions leave libraries facing virtual lockout
2010-10-25: Make calls from locked iPhone 4s
2010-10-25: FOX news editorial calls for WikiLeaks staff to be assassinated |
2010-10-25: Facebook security tested with FireSheep
2010-10-25: You Have Taste Receptors In Your Lungs
2010-10-25: Fermilab is Building a \'Holometer\' to Determine Once and For All Whether Reality Is Just an Illusion
2010-10-25: Lazy Hackers Unite: Firesheep Boasts 104,000 Downloads In 24 Hours
2010-10-25: Amazon wins fight to keep customer records private
2010-10-25: Exploit for JRE (CVE-2010-3552) just added to #Metasploit - Includes DEP bypass, works on Win7
2010-10-25: Internet banking fraud in Netherlands increases more than 4 fold in one year
2010-10-25: Xbox 360 Jailbreaker May Need Real Jailbreak
2010-10-25: Bredolab botnet shut down
2010-10-26: Critical vulnerability in Firefox 3.5 and Firefox 3.6
2010-10-26: It\'s still a Windows world
2010-10-26: Asterisk 1.8 released with Google Voice and SIP channel IPv6 support
2010-10-26: Juniper extends beyond the router and into mobile security
2010-10-26: Comcast begins DNSSEC rollout
2010-10-26: White House gets so-so grades on privacy
2010-10-26: Security Assessment of IPv6!
2010-10-26: iTWire - 20 million engineers need IPv6 training, says IPv6 Forum
2010-10-26: IPv6 Education Certification Logo Program
2010-10-26: Cisco IOS Hints and Tricks: DHCPv6 over PPPoE: Total disaster
2010-10-26: Cisco IOS Hints and Tricks: Solution: EIGRP summarization breaks Phase 2 DMVPN
2010-10-27: 80% of web applications have some of the OWASP top ten vulns
2010-10-27: Serial up,line protocol up but cannot ping interface
2010-10-27: Computer pranks that simulate Trojan infections are invading the Web
2010-10-27: Cybercriminals Using Zeus Botnet to Steal Charles Schwab Investment Accounts
2010-10-27: Toggle Word Wrap :: Add-ons for Firefox--recommended to improve SleuthKit and Autopsy (ty Abraham)
2010-10-27: Korea Kicking People Offline With One Strike
2010-10-27: Hack3rcon 2010 Videos (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)
2010-10-27: WatchMouse website monitoring service - Check host - IPv6 now supported, give it a shot!
2010-10-27: LimeWire shut down by Federal Court
2010-10-27: Limewire.com shut down by Federal Court on Twitpic
2010-10-27: Cisco Cert Zone: The New CCNA Voice Certification: Did it Just Get Harder?
2010-10-27: Student charged after online \'threat\' sparks Sydney uni lockdown
2010-10-27: Did Dutch Police Break the Law Taking Down a Botnet?
2010-10-27: New Java trojan affectis Macs; spreads through social media
2010-10-27: Microsoft Gets It Right with Office 365
2010-10-27: Sweden to extend police powers on data access
2010-10-27: New DSL noise-cancellation tech delivers 100 Mbps for One-Tenth Cost of Fiber
2010-10-27: Hacker almost derailed Mandela election in South Africa
2010-10-27: Inside Google\'s Anti-Malware Operation
2010-10-27: Beyond DEFCON 15 Must See Hacking Conferences
2010-10-27: Update on the cybercrime gang that kidnapped a researcher\'s daughter
2010-10-27: Idiocy--automated warning messages via FireSheep--sounds totally illegal to me
2010-10-27: San Francisco is #3 smartest city
2010-10-27: NIST advises federal agencies to vet outside data recovery vendors
2010-10-27: Emerging Qakbot Attack Steals Credentials from US Financial Institutions
2010-10-27: gogoNET LIVE! Agenda (Preliminary) Nov 2-4, San Jose
2010-10-27: Retailers Biggest Victims Of Targeted Attacks - SpearPhishing
2010-10-27: Slashdot Book Reviews Story | CyberForensics
2010-10-27: 31 Nerdy Pumpkin Carvings
2010-10-27: Free SharePoint Foundation Classes Start Tomorrow!
2010-10-27: Most Job Seekers Fail to Employ Social Media
2010-10-27: Microsoft: Open Source Code is Too Expensive, Harms Students\' Grades
2010-10-27: Microsoft charges a royalty for netbook makers who use Linux
2010-10-27: Blink Now: a tiny LCD gadget that helps idiots remember to blink
2010-10-27: Has WikiLeaks landed in cyberattack crosshairs?
2010-10-27: Looks Like BoingBoing Got Hacked (NSFW)
2010-10-28: Google To Buy Entire New York Block for $2 Billion
2010-10-28: Chinese Supercomputer Tianhe-1A Bumps U.S. Out of the Lead
2010-10-28: Firesheep Countermeasure: SSL/TLS is not computationally expensive any more
2010-10-28: WikiLeaks moves some of its servers out of the US
2010-10-28: Experts warn of \'Boonana\' Trojan threat to Macs
2010-10-28: US Nuclear launch system was protected by a password of 00000000 for years
2010-10-28: Inspiring and Insightful Analysis of Espionage -- Important for Social Engineering (ty @Beaker)
2010-10-28: Mom Accused of Killing Baby Over Farmville Game Interruption
2010-10-28: The Ultimate Router Battle--reviews of new routers
2010-10-28: Beet.TV: Russian Government is Protecting Cybercriminals for Political Actions, Author Alleges
2010-10-28: Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Analysis - Windows Exploitation 101
2010-10-28: Great IPv6 propaganda video from Cisco
2010-10-28: Electric Car Goes 375 Miles On One 6-Minute Charge
2010-10-28: Mozilla refuses to disable Firesheep extension
2010-10-28: Detect a Politician\'s Lies by Watching for Over-Confident Statements http://goo.gl/IiCQ
2010-10-28: German Teen Charged With Sharing Music Fined 30 Euros
2010-10-29: PCI 2.0 Changes: The Good, The Bad And The Hashing
2010-10-29: Microsoft holds Androids hostage in open source wars
2010-10-29: The CIA And The Encrypted Enterprise
2010-10-29: Attacking an Unpatched Windows 2008 Server with Metasploit
2010-10-29: Hacker Halted Presentations
2010-10-29: BIOS password cracker--works for VMware BIOS!
2010-10-29: Facebook Adds Friend Stalker Tool
2010-10-29: 89,000 Microsoft employees will get a Windows Phone 7 handset
2010-10-29: Microsoft Revenues Grow 51% on Office 2010 and Windows 7
2010-10-29: How to Ditch Big Brother and Disappear Forever
2010-10-29: Hiding Backdoors In Hardware
2010-10-29: Patchy Phisher Forces Firefox to Forego Forgetting Passwords
2010-10-29: Critical 0-day Vulnerability In Adobe Flash Player, Reader & Acrobat
2010-10-29: Student Hackers, Researchers and Professionals Compete in NYU-Poly Challenges
2010-10-29: The Good Computing Seal of Approval: Windows 7 Certification
2010-10-29: Could CA Violent Game Law Lead To an Industry Exodus?
2010-10-29: Workers Poisoned Making Touchscreen Hardware
2010-10-29: IT Director Sentenced for Hacking Former Employer\'s Site
2010-10-29: Italian Police Investigate Burglary of Virtual Home - Thief steals $140 in furnishings from house in Facebook game
2010-10-29: 12-yo Girl Prevents Kidnapping By Pretending iPod Touch Is a Phone
2010-10-29: Russian-Armenian botnet suspect raked in 100,000 Euros a month
2010-10-29: CherryPad 7-Inch Android Tablet Video Review
2010-10-29: Even Forced SSL is broken for Facebook Google Twitter
2010-10-29: An interesting although illegal test of FireSheep in NYC
2010-10-29: Persistent Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Demo
2010-10-29: Free Open Ghosting
2010-10-29: HTTP cookies, or how not to design protocols
2010-10-29: Laser charged multicopter flies for 12 hours
2010-10-29: Browserscope--online browser tests
2010-10-29: Linux Applications You Must Be Familiar With If You Plan on Landing a Linux Job
2010-10-30: Unlock your password protected PDF files online for FREE!
2010-10-30: The Cleverest Ways to Use Dropbox That You\'re Not Using
2010-10-30: Three locks for your SSH door
2010-10-30: Pinguy OS -- Another new Linux
2010-10-30: Information Leak
2010-10-30: 15 Killer Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts That Might Surprise You
2010-10-30: Good explanation of Benford\'s Law
2010-10-30: Exploits Database by Offensive Security
2010-10-30: Aircrack-ng--now with phone version
2010-10-30: Teenager jailed for not giving police his computer password
2010-10-30: Spam drops by 20% after Russia takes down one man
2010-10-30: Command line tricks for smart geeks | TuxRadar Linux
2010-10-30: Government taps an uneasy alliance with hackers
2010-10-30: Customize Windows Aero With AeroTuner
2010-10-30: Cisco rival Juniper could reap some 4G rewards
2010-10-30: Sprint CEO claims WiMAX is here to stay, says Clear\'s LTE trials were for potential multi-mode phones
2010-10-30: Evilgrade 2.0 - the update explotation framework is back--CNIT 124 Project!
2010-10-30: Koobface: the cross-platform version--infects Windows, OS X, and Linux
2010-10-30: Medical News: US Lags Behind in Health IT
2010-10-30: Big Things Ahead For Juniper Certifications
2010-10-30: Firesheep Users May Be Breaking the Law
2010-10-30: Mad Dash for Marijuana Domain Names
2010-10-30: Russia Drops Microsoft As National Operating System
2010-10-30: Document Corrupter
2010-10-30: Kittens and revenge on wi-fi freeloaders <-- good CNIT 124 Project
2010-10-30: Vortex Cannon Demolishes House
2010-10-30: subnettingquestions.com - Free Subnetting Questions and Answers Randomly Generated Online
2010-10-30: The PC vs Mac ads return - now from the PC\'s perspective!
2010-10-30: SQL injection madness
2010-10-30: Incredible Google search reveals wide open databases
2010-10-30: SQL injection madness - These are the guys that hacked the UN
2010-10-30: pwnat - punches through NAT at both ends of a connection by using ICMP responses
2010-10-30: Zoom into a Carbon Fiber
2010-10-30: Russian Airport runs on Win 2000 SP4
2010-10-30: Online converter - convert video, images, audio and documents for free
2010-10-30: Dual Maps: Google Maps, Street View and Virtual Earth
2010-10-30: Video: Magnetic Twister Erupts on Sun
2010-10-30: Fun Gravity Simulator
2010-10-31: The Web Is Reborn  - HTML 5 Explained
2010-10-31: How to make a hardware Trojan
2010-10-31: IPv6 AAAA DNS Whitelisting Implications
2010-10-31: Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Analysis - Exploitation Lectures
2010-10-31: Obama website XSS Defacement
2010-10-31: Android faces critical security study
2010-10-31: Hackers and National Security (ppt file)
2010-10-31: Online WPA cracker with stats - CNIT 124 Project
2010-10-31: Interesting thread trying to port Firesheep to Linux--no complete success yet
2010-10-31: UK Wants ISPs to be Responsible for Third Party Content Online
2010-10-31: UK ICT classes killing kids\' interest in tech
2010-10-31: Forensic Challenge 2010/6 - Analyzing Malicious Portable Destructive Files is now live
2010-10-31: Secure USB drive with Windows Embedded Standard 7--FIPS certified
2010-10-31: FireShepherd: a counterattack to kill FireSheep
2010-10-31: Why I Quit Google to join Facebook: Lars Rasmussen
2010-10-31: Why U.S. credit cards may not work abroad
2010-10-31: Body-to-body networks could be future of mobile internet
2010-10-31: Alternative Search Engine Blekko Launches to Eliminate Spam in Search
2010-11-01: Goo.gl is the fastest URL shortener
2010-11-01: First whole human liver built in lab

Nov 2010

2010-11-01: Licensing Dispute Could Drive VLC out of the App Store
2010-11-01: NTLM Passwords: Can\'t Crack it? Just Pass it!
2010-11-01: Instructions for the Pass-the-hash attack with Metasploit <-- CNIT 124 Project
2010-11-01: ShmooCon Ticket Sales Fails Again
2010-11-01: DNS Packet Challenge
2010-11-01: Man Thrown in Jail for Trolling Facebook Pages
2010-11-01: Leaks Expose 96K Users <-- Interesting explanation of hashing and security problems
2010-11-01: Interview: Jayson E. Street of Stratagem 1, Dissecting the Hack
2010-11-01: The many challenges of IPv6 migration
2010-11-01: Gadget Lab Is Hiring in San Francisco
2010-11-01: Twitter Starts Posting Ads In Users\\\' Streams
2010-11-01: Google Sues The US Government For Only Considering Microsoft Solutions
2010-11-01: Spamhaus blocks fellow antispam outfit
2010-11-01: Google Web application bounty program
2010-11-01: Google Making Extraordinary Counteroffers To Stop Flow Of Employees To Facebook
2010-11-01: And So The Exodus Begins--33 Developers Leave OpenOffice.org
2010-11-01: Tories reintroduce legislation to intercept encrypted messages
2010-11-02: New slow HTTP Post attack similar to SlowLoris
2010-11-02: One-Time Passwords On The Rise But Come With Some Risks
2010-11-02: Web 2.0 Report Card--more good results from FireSheep
2010-11-02: Google\\\'s $8.5 million Buzz settlement a go
2010-11-02: Adobe Flash Player 0day Code Execution Vulnerability
2010-11-02: First Chrome OS Notebooks Due This Month
2010-11-02: Serious Security Bugs Found In Android Kernel
2010-11-02: Report: YouTube ordered shut down again in Turkey
2010-11-02: Aircraft bomb finds may spell end for in-flight Wi-Fi
2010-11-02: Career Advice Tuesday: Major Problem
2010-11-02: Enable IP Forwarding Between Subnets in Windows
2010-11-02: Enable IPv6 forwarding in Windows Server 2003
2010-11-02: SAP agrees to pay Oracle $120m over \'industrial espionage\'
2010-11-02: Yes, you need anti-virus on your Mac.. and now it\'s free from Sophos
2010-11-02: Think Your Twitter DM Is Private? Think Again
2010-11-02: IPv6 Learning Roadmap from Microsoft
2010-11-02: APNIC - IPv6 activity increases as IPv4 exhaustion reaches critical milestone
2010-11-02: Facebook tweaks site to hide pictures of users\\\' former lovers
2010-11-02:axsotic 3D-Spheric-Mouse
2010-11-02: Flash Vs HTML5 Pong
2010-11-03: Going to the movies? Prepare to be watched while you watch
2010-11-03: Evilgrade -- fake Java updates and more <-- CNIT 124 Project
2010-11-03: IPvX: A Better Replacement for IPV4 than IPv6? « CYBER ARMS %u2013 Computer Security
2010-11-03: Core Networking and Security in BackTrack 4 Final
2010-11-03: BackTrack4 Uses IPv6 to Cover Tracks
2010-11-03: New IE 0-Day used in Targeted Attacks
2010-11-03: Linux IPv6 HOWTO (en)
2010-11-03: freenet IPv6 tunnel--gr6c installs in Ubuntu 10.04
2010-11-03: 6PE: The most widely-used IPv6 deployment scheme in the world
2010-11-03: Anonymous DDoS Takes Down The United States Copyright Office
2010-11-03: The 4G forgery
2010-11-03: IPv6: Beware of Dirty, Muddy IPv4 Addresses as the Pool Dries Up
2010-11-03: U.S. cable companies embrace IPv6
2010-11-03: Attack Severs Myanmar Internet--very interesting graphs and BGP info
2010-11-03: Zeus Attackers Deploy Honeypot Against Researchers, Competitors
2010-11-03: Facebook Responds to Firesheep WiFi Security Controversy
2010-11-03: Adobe Accelerates Patch Schedule for Critical Flash Bug`
2010-11-03: Mu Dynamics - IPv6 Security Testing Tools
2010-11-03: ARIN\'s John Curran Parses IPv4 Exhaustion
2010-11-03: Lawsuit: Apple turned iPhone 3Gs into \\\"iBricks\\\" to boost iPhone 4
2010-11-03: The European Commission plans by 2010 for 25% of users to connect to the IPv6 Internet
2010-11-03: DDoS attacks take out Asian nation
2010-11-03: DDoS Attack on Myanmar -- good diagrams with explanations
2010-11-03: Cyber sleuths fight online crime in Singapore
2010-11-03: Report: NKorea hacking into SKorean gov\'t networks increases ahead of G-20 summit in Seoul
2010-11-03: Images are better than passwords
2010-11-04: PayPal Races To Fix IPhone App Security Flaw
2010-11-04: Jester\'s second video released as his XerXeS DoS Attacks continue - (like Slowloris, March 11, 2010)
2010-11-04: Jester (th3j35t3r) on Twitter--the DoS Hacktivist himself!
2010-11-04: DDoS Attacks Aim to Censor Human Rights Groups
2010-11-04: Collection of links about th3j35t3r -- DoS hacktivist
2010-11-04: Welcome the GOP Anti-Science Caucus - Only Four GOP House Members Acknowledge Science of Climate Change
2010-11-04: Adobe - Security Bulletins: APSB10-26 - Security update available for Adobe Flash Player
2010-11-04: The current status of Adobe products; 3 of 5 have unpatched 0days
2010-11-04: New Technique Spots Sneaky Botnets
2010-11-04: Researchers Uncover Political Astroturfing On Twitter
2010-11-04: Privacy advocates fear massive fed health database
2010-11-04: SSDLife Keeps You Informed of Your Solid-State Drive\\\'s Health and Lifespan
2010-11-04: Added #Metasploit exploit for CVE-2010-3962 (Unpatched IE CSS bug) just now
2010-11-04: Thousands of servers affected by iWeb data center outage
2010-11-04: Firesheep, a week later: Idiot Shepherds
2010-11-04: Amazing close-ups of comet Hartley 2!
2010-11-04: Recipe for trouble: cooking rag steals article, then demands payment
2010-11-04: Fasthosts offers 24-Core Dedicated Server offering
2010-11-05: IGP Blog :: Dutch Police Inflates Bredolab Botnet Success by Factor of Ten, and Then Some
2010-11-05: TV coverage of FireSheep, amazingly clueless and inaccurate
2010-11-05: Ubuntu Dumps X For Unity On Wayland
2010-11-05: Electricity through brain makes people learn better
2010-11-05: How Fanboys, Fandroids and Crackberry Junkies See Each Other
2010-11-05: Rival calls foul over Microsoft\'s delivering Security Essentials via Windows Update
2010-11-05: Apparently Myanmar DDoS\'d their own Internet service
2010-11-05: Social Media Sobriety Test
2010-11-05: Microsoft Open Sources F#
2010-11-05: IMSA team among tops in national computer hacking competition
2010-11-05: Lego dissected frog
2010-11-05: 71% Of Internet Users Utilize Up-To-Date Browsers
2010-11-05: Juniper Expands IPv6 Migration Options
2010-11-05: The five best and worst versions of Windows
2010-11-05: One in five people have fallen prey to ATM skimming?
2010-11-05: FCC warns of looming mobile spectrum crunch
2010-11-05: Make: Online : An antenna made from sea water
2010-11-05: Damn Vulnerable Web App - DVWA
2010-11-05: Personal Cell Phone Signal Blocker Device
2010-11-06: Researcher outs Android exploit code
2010-11-06: Sexual assault at ApacheCon
2010-11-06: Myne-us: From 0x90 to 0x4c454554, a journey into exploitation.
2010-11-06: WSU students hacked into the campus system and broadcast using classroom overhead projectors
2010-11-06: This Is the Most Delicious Eye Candy I\\ve Seen All Week
2010-11-06: Microsoft furious at $2,000 bounty for open source Kinect drivers
2010-11-06: South Africa\'s Chief Bully threatens to bring down Twitter Empire
2010-11-06: Why a Pack of Cigarettes Costs $150
2010-11-06: Make Your Building Unattractive To Security Threats
2010-11-06: Windows Server 2008 Remote VPN-SSL
2010-11-06: How to Break Into a Mac (And Prevent It from Happening to You)
2010-11-06: Microsoft And Their Never Ending Battle Against Piracy
2010-11-06: Security Patch Won\'t Fix Notorious IE Flaw
2010-11-06: Techcrunch published an article about a sexual assault, then quietly deleted it
2010-11-06: Former Student Gets 30 Months For Political DDoS Attacks
2010-11-06: My bright idea: Light bulbs can be used to transmit data
2010-11-06: Going Faster Than the Wind In a Wind-Powered Cart
2010-11-06: YouTube - Kinect with nightshot
2010-11-06: Akron University student captures voting booth problem on his iPhone
2010-11-06: Adobe XML Injection Metasploit Module
2010-11-06: The Incredible Shrinking Bogon List
2010-11-06: Meet The New Borg: Google, Facebook & Apple
2010-11-06: Joseph Menn on Cybercrime
2010-11-06: CCNA Lab Workbook with IPv6!
2010-11-06: US Homeland Security monitors everyone\'s tweets
2010-11-06: If you code HTML, Zen Coding will change your life
2010-11-06: Tips and Tricks for Ubuntu after Installation
2010-11-06: Hotel replaces room keys with mobile phones
2010-11-06: The Canterbury Earthquake: Images of the distorted railway line
2010-11-06: Anyone crack a password protected Excel Spreadsheet?
2010-11-06: US News & World Report to cease printing magazine
2010-11-06: TSA To Ban Printer Cartridges Next Week
2010-11-06: The Silent Number: Ubuntu 10.04 Post-Install Guide: What to do and try after installing Lucid Lynx!
2010-11-07: Linux Today - London Stock Exchange traders concerned over network capacity around new Linux s
2010-11-07: Britain urges action over extremist U.S. website
2010-11-07: CVE-2010-3962 IE 0-day now in Eleonore exploit
2010-11-07: Banks are rushing out fixes for wireless phone apps - cached answers for multi-factor authentication
2010-11-07: Researchers Race To Recover Radioactive Rabbits
2010-11-07: My T-shirt made it to fame in Michael Adam\'s photo library of #gogonet
2010-11-07: SCADA Control Center of Wind Turbines on Web, plaintext authentication
2010-11-07: IPv6 Transition Technology--good explanation of ISATAP, Teredo, and 6to4
2010-11-07: Setting up a home IPv6 network with Linux and he.net
2010-11-07: Peering Disputes Migrate to IPv6 -- message on a cake
2010-11-07: New technique eliminates phase noise, making fiber optic transmission faster
2010-11-07: Configuring OSPFv2 Between Cisco and Force10 - Packet Life
2010-11-07: Great Sun Images 20 October 2010
2010-11-07: Samsung aims to sell one million Galaxy Tabs by end of the year
2010-11-07: Names You Need To Know in 2011: Square
2010-11-07: Scientists Turn Skin Into Blood
2010-11-07: Clearwire cuts 15 per cent of staff--San Francisco 4G still promised
2010-11-07: Hotmail to convert to SSL--a win for FireSheep!
2010-11-07: US civil rights organisation prepares for new \'crypto war\'
2010-11-07: Popular porn site hacked by prudes
2010-11-07: Whatever happened to free Wi-Fi in San Francisco?
2010-11-07: Adobe investigating DoS \\\"issue\\\" in Reader
2010-11-07: 1 in 8 malware attacks come from USB devices via AutoRun
2010-11-07: HNNCast.2010.11.05 at The Hacker News Network
2010-11-07: Dangers of Rooting Your Mobile Device
2010-11-07: Safety of full body scanners questioned by USCF faculty
2010-11-07: Rockmelt: a new browser
2010-11-07: Antarctica\'s amazing striped icebergs
2010-11-07: The Cloak - Free Anonymous Web Surfing
2010-11-07: intoDNS: checks DNS and mail servers health (but doesn\'t seem to be IPv6-aware)
2010-11-07: cDc #351: The Tao of Windows Buffer Overflow
2010-11-07: Elaborate Internet Scam
2010-11-07: Probably the Best Free Security List in the World
2010-11-07: Site that explains and links to Kon-Boot (will set off malware warnings)
2010-11-07: Decompression Bomb: 42 Kilobytes Unzipped Make 4.5 Petabytes
2010-11-07: Bomb-proof Wallpaper Stronger Than Walls
2010-11-07: Windows and the Korn shell
2010-11-07: London Gets First Electrified Roads That Charge Electric Cars Wirelessly
2010-11-07: Welcome to DenyHosts
2010-11-08: (More) (Massive) Plagiarism in Security Books
2010-11-08: Hacker attacks Royal Navy website
2010-11-08: Jetman Performs First in-Air Loop - Gearlog
2010-11-08: ZyXel makes IPv6 a priority
2010-11-08: BlackSheep: Another Way to Avoid FireSheep!
2010-11-08: Security researcher publishes proof-of-concept Google Android malware
2010-11-08: Cisco CleanAir battles Wi-Fi smog--detects and evades interference
2010-11-08: IPv6 addressing: how wrong can you get it?
2010-11-08: TSA Bans Toner and Ink Cartridges On Planes
2010-11-08: Researchers To Debut Botnet-Resistant Coding Techniques
2010-11-08: admin password: ppp wow! <--UK Royal Navy Hack Results
2010-11-08: Inside StumbleUpon--Life at the San-Francisco-Based startup
2010-11-08: Firefox extension detects FireSheep snoop software
2010-11-08: BayThreat - December 10th & 11th - Hacker Dojo - Mountain View, CA
2010-11-08: AOL, Yahoo Mulling Merger
2010-11-08: Burglar cuffed after crime scene MySpace blunder
2010-11-08: Data Spills Cost U.S. Hospitals $6 Billion A Year
2010-11-08: How To Get Free In-flight Wi-Fi From Google
2010-11-08: Digital Forensics How-To: Memory Analysis with Mandiant Memoryze
2010-11-08: American Express Launches SafeKey(SM) to Help Protect Merchants and Cardmembers from Online Fraud
2010-11-08: Malicious Websites Can Initiate Skype Calls On iOS
2010-11-08: How to hack your Windows Vista/7/XP password (old trick)
2010-11-08: Joe Klein IPv6 Evil and Good
2010-11-08: Student who hacked Bill O\'Reilly gets 30 months--DDoS Attacks
2010-11-08: Attacking Cisco Router over TCL
2010-11-08: McDonalds contactless card rollout to lower skimming risk
2010-11-08: HookScout: New Rootkit Detection Technique
2010-11-08: Samsung files patent for liquid zoom lens
2010-11-08: How Many Virtual Machines Can Run On A Single Server? - Plug Into The Cloud - InformationWeek
2010-11-09: Meet the CIO Who Bought 4,500 iPads
2010-11-09: Most smartphone users breach employers\' security
2010-11-09: 140 Google Interview Questions
2010-11-09: Pee On Your Phone STD Test
2010-11-09: Plan to tag new babies causes outcry
2010-11-09: Exposing SCADA Systems With Shodan
2010-11-09: Man loses $20 million after taking laptop for repair
2010-11-09: Man Pleads Guilty to $4.8 Million ATM Fraud
2010-11-09: Hotmail always-on crypto breaks Microsoft\'s own apps
2010-11-09: Oracle Solaris 11 Express release iminent?
2010-11-09: Researchers sound alarm over critical Mac OS X bug
2010-11-09: StartCom Free SSL Certification Authority
2010-11-09: Intel I7 Commercial
2010-11-09: BotHunter Internet Distribution Page
2010-11-09: How to deactivate geolocation tracking in Firefox and Opera browsers
2010-11-09: Alarming Tales of International Hacking from a Cyber-Terrorism Czar
2010-11-09: Chrome Experiments - \\\"Core\\\" by Hakim El Hattab
2010-11-09: How to scam clipper card to gain cheap BART fares
2010-11-09: A simple way to secure free Wi-Fi access--use the password \"free\"
2010-11-10: Payment Card Industry Pursues Profits Over Security
2010-11-10: Chip-in-a-pill for medical monitoring may be approved in 2012
2010-11-10: Skypher - Heap Spray Generator
2010-11-10: Google alerts users to Facebook contacts \"Trap\"
2010-11-10: Rockmelt Crashes and Burns
2010-11-10: RFC to present options for naming the 16-bit fields in an IPv6 address
2010-11-10: Vote here to name the parts of IPv6 addresses
2010-11-10: Smartphone sales grew 96% this year
2010-11-10: Library of Congress Collecting All Tweets
2010-11-10: Air Force Basic Traning Now Includes Cyber Defense and Combat
2010-11-10: Hackers Hijack 1 Million China Cell Phones -- stealing $300,000 per day
2010-11-10: FireSheep could be updated to work on WPA networks
2010-11-10: I need to get one of these ribbons
2010-11-10: McAfee FUD
2010-11-10: ICS-CERT warns on buffer overflow in RealFlex\'s RealWin SCADA software for water treatment plants
2010-11-10: Cyber Command puts its philosophy into action
2010-11-10: Kyle Rankin\'s Forensics Talk Slides Here
2010-11-10: Introduction to Forensics | Linux Journal--Kyle Rankin\'s Articls
2010-11-10: Zigbee Does Not Want You To See This
2010-11-10: Windows Phone 7 updates: can carriers block them?
2010-11-10: Inspired by an xkcd Comic, Guy Creates Script to Buy Him Stuff on eBay
2010-11-10: New Class of Malware Attacks Specific Chips
2010-11-10: Solar Power Is Cheaper Than Nuclear for the First Time
2010-11-10: ScienceShot: Solid Gold, Thanks to Bacteria
2010-11-10: Web App Security Audit Checklist
2010-11-11: The last time a woman was featured on WIRED cover for an actual accomplishment was 1996
2010-11-11: ElcomSoft breaks Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Chrome cached passwords
2010-11-11: Botnet takedowns curb spam volumes
2010-11-11: Metasploit Framework 3.5.0 - New Windows Versions Available
2010-11-11: First Pan-Euro cyber security exercise
2010-11-11: FTC Appoints Cool Hacker as First Chief Technologist
2010-11-11: Making Web Users Botnet-Resistant by Obscuring Data
2010-11-11: Facebook bug compromises top pages
2010-11-11: Congresswoman says chance of cyber attack against electric grid is 100%
2010-11-11: More than 100 security fixes in Mac OS X 10.6.5
2010-11-11: DoS: @th3j35t3r strikes again
2010-11-11: Microsoft Patents Foot Computing
2010-11-11: DoD research agency leads IPv6 transition
2010-11-11: Google vice-president issues stark internet warning -- IPv4 exhaustion
2010-11-11: Why the \\\"Dumbphone\\\" Market Is Still Ripe for Innovation
2010-11-11: Evidence that we can see the future to be published
2010-11-11: PC64--Commodore 64 Reboot!
2010-11-11: PGP Disk Encryption Bricks Upgraded Macs
2010-11-11: Twitter joke trial: Paul Chambers loses appeal against conviction
2010-11-11: Verizon\'s 100G IP Backbone
2010-11-11: Go Daddy offers vulnerability site scanning tool
2010-11-11: UK Politician Arrested Over Twitter Stoning Joke
2010-11-11: Lethic Botnet Returns, uses \\\"Realtek\\\" identifier
2010-11-11: The perfect storm to put an end to CASH
2010-11-11: Controversy over Australia\'s new wiretap law
2010-11-11: Apple fixes broken IPv6 by breaking it some more
2010-11-11: 6UK | Promoting the adoption of the new Internet Protocol in the UK
2010-11-11: Android bugs let attackers install malware without warning
2010-11-11: Biometrics by eye motions
2010-11-11: Solid freeform fabrication: DIY, on the cheap, and made of pure sugar
2010-11-11: Linux synthetic voice that annoys telemarketers
2010-11-12: Hidden Debug Mode Found In AMD Processors
2010-11-12: Reduced growth forces Sophos to shed 80 jobs
2010-11-12: Windows Phone 7 doesn\'t support on-device encryption
2010-11-12: The Brutal Decline of Yahoo--How to do Everything Wrong
2010-11-12: Searching For News Is Riskier Than Searching For Porn
2010-11-12: Text Captcha Demo
2010-11-12: TextCaptcha Breaker
2010-11-12: SecTor 2010 Presentations
2010-11-12: Searching for Sensitive Data Using URL Shorteners
2010-11-12: Palin E-Mail Snoop Gets Year In Prison
2010-11-12: Number of IPv6 Certifications Per Level--1646 Sages on Earth, 16 from CCSF
2010-11-12: Analysis of Koobface--a dangerous type of Internet crime
2010-11-12: Arresting people for tweeting
2010-11-12: What Happened to Yahoo -- Fantastic analysis, climaxing with the last sentence
2010-11-12: Hacker culture often seems kind of irresponsible. But there are worse things than seeming irresponsible. Losing, for example.
2010-11-12: Metasploit module : HTTP Form field fuzzer
2010-11-12: 4chan Users Try to DDoS Tumblr, Tumblrs Raid 4chan in Revenge
2010-11-12: Obama May Toughen Internet Privacy Rules
2010-11-12: Facebook set to launch \'Gmail killer\' email system
2010-11-12: Photos from the PARIS paper airplane 90,000 feet up
2010-11-12: Japanese 3D singing hologram Hatsune Miku becomes nation\'s strangest pop star
2010-11-12: Spy drones are considered the future of policing
2010-11-12: Solar Powered DIY Portable HotSpot
2010-11-12: Internet2 Accelerates to 100 Gigabit
2010-11-12: How Long Does a Flash Drive Last? 100 million writes (from 2008)
2010-11-12: Stacks of ultra-thin DVDs approach terabyte level
2010-11-12: Share, Chat, Browse. Anonymously. On the Free Network
2010-11-12: The Basics Of Implementing DNSSEC
2010-11-12: 7 Reasons to Switch to the Dvorak Keyboard Layout
2010-11-12: Michelin\'s Innovative Tyre Tweel
2010-11-12: The Evil Access Point! <-- CNIT 124 Project
2010-11-12: Fox TV joins US networks to block Google TV
2010-11-12: Outrageous 12-monitor home desktop
2010-11-12: Palo Alto SUBWAYs to Use FaceCash Mobile Payment system
2010-11-12: Pound: HTTPS wrapper for a Web server!
2010-11-12: How to get Linux help
2010-11-13: Symantec reverse engineers all Stuxnet code
2010-11-13: The REAL connection speeds for Internet users across the world (charts)
2010-11-13: Google Docs has OCR
2010-11-13: Digital Forensics How-To: Memory Analysis with Mandiant Memoryze
2010-11-13: How to Activate Windows XP Without a Genuine Product Key <--sounds too simple to be true
2010-11-13: Kinect hacked; $3000 bounty won
2010-11-13: The Game of Life in a browser
2010-11-13: Free US Proxy List
2010-11-13: Chip and PIN is broken
2010-11-13: High-Speed Video Reveals Cats\' Secret Tongue Skills
2010-11-13: Fedora bars SQLNinja hack tool
2010-11-13: Internet policing hinges on transnational cyber crime - China.org.cn
2010-11-13: Two years waiting for print preview in Chrome, and it\'s not scheduled till Chrome 9 (a few more years, I guess)
2010-11-13: Saudi Arabia Bans Facebook
2010-11-13: Researchers take down Koobface servers
2010-11-13: Interesting chart of email service popularity--Gmail is #3
2010-11-13: Adobe Readies Patch for Critical Reader, Acrobat Flaws
2010-11-13: John Shimkus, GOP Rep. Who Denies Climate Change On Religious Grounds, Could Lead House Environmental Policy
2010-11-13: The Scourge of IE6 Continues, for Some Surprising Reasons
2010-11-13: Top 10 Career Advice Tips for IT and InfoSec Students
2010-11-13: Two firesheep denial-of-service attacks
2010-11-13: Spamhaus blocks slicehost addresses again
2010-11-13: Certification, Licensing, and Accreditation in Digital Forensics
2010-11-13: Microsoft Releases Windows 7, Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 Blocker Tool
2010-11-13: The Great Cyberheist - Excellent story of Albert Gonzales (although the author doesn\'t know what wardriving is)
2010-11-13: Undocumented Machine-Specific Registers
2010-11-13: Another PDF Launch Action Oddity--unexpected printing
2010-11-13: Wikileaks Has Committed No Crime
2010-11-14: Free on-line Certified Ethical Hacking CEH course from Logical Security
2010-11-14: Windows Phone Permanently Modifies MicroSD Cards
2010-11-14: Indian websites do your homework for $2
2010-11-14: Reddit\'s Astonishing Altruism
2010-11-14: Did Tumblr Just Reverse Take Down 4Chan?
2010-11-14: Bleeding Life exploit kit screenshot
2010-11-14: Information Security Careers Cheatsheet
2010-11-14: 4chan Users Try to DDoS Tumblr, Tumblrs Raid 4chan in Revenge
2010-11-14: Wikipedia Could Block 67 Million Verizon Customers
2010-11-14: Verizon launches hacki-leaks
2010-11-14: Summarizing 3 Years of Research Into Cyber Jihad
2010-11-14: WiFi key-cracking kits make Internet free in China
2010-11-14: Microsoft vs. McAfee: How free antivirus outperformed paid
2010-11-14: The Shadow Scholar: a man who writes papers for cheating students explains his work
2010-11-14: The Best Browser Speed Test EVER!
2010-11-14: This is a really impressive graph of cybercrime
2010-11-14: The Growth of Linux
2010-11-15: Guidance Software now offers a CEH class
2010-11-15: Disaster: What happens when you buy an Android tablet at Walgreens
2010-11-15: Symantec: Stuxnet Likely Targeted Uranium Enrichment Systems
2010-11-15: 40% of all fake antiviruses ever have been created this year
2010-11-15: Facebook\'s new email-like system integrates with MS Office
2010-11-15: 17% of id theft in CA used for employment; 50% of all SSNs are allocated
2010-11-15: World\'s most advanced rootkit penetrates 64-bit Windows. Modifies MBR to allow unsigned driver
2010-11-15: One-way trip to Mars http://goo.gl/4XNRe
2010-11-15: Cyber Experts Have Proof That China Has Hijacked U.S.-Based Internet Traffic
2010-11-15: The £2.2billion superlab where scientists are creating a star on Earth | Mail Online
2010-11-15: Maxwell\'s Demon experiment done for the first time
2010-11-15: Retro delight: Gallery of early computers (1940s -1960s)
2010-11-15: Designer Bacteria Can Heal Cracks in Concrete Buildings
2010-11-15: The Most Beautiful Images On Google Street View
2010-11-16: BSidesSanFrancisco is February 14-15, 2011, free, register here
2010-11-16: Buffer overrun in OpenSSL (Apache not affected)
2010-11-16: What\'9s Another Certification Worth? <-- $70 K for MCDST? Seems way too high
2010-11-16: Canada To Mandate ISP Deep Packet Inspection
2010-11-16: NYPD starts photographing irises of crime suspects
2010-11-16: Download Free Mobile Phone Forensics Software, Mobile Phone Forensics Software Download
2010-11-16: Reveal iPhone Secrets with Ubuntu 10.04
2010-11-16: SANS issues IPv6 security warning
2010-11-16: Las Vegas hotel\'s death ray
2010-11-17: BBC News - Minister Ed Vaizey backs \'two-speed\' internet\'
2010-11-17: Debt Collectors Using Facebook To Embarrass Those Who Owe
2010-11-17: HE IPv6 Tunnel Account Growth Last 20 Months
2010-11-17: ZeuS now targeting Citrix VPN gateways
2010-11-17: Did Internet Explorer 9 Cheat In The SunSpider Bechmark?
2010-11-17: Cisco Nexus 1000V doesn\'t support IPv6 ACL Rules
2010-11-17: Whitehat cracks notorious rootkit wide open
2010-11-17: Java Exploits Up, Adobe Attacks Down: Cisco Report
2010-11-17: Ra