Jan 2013

2013-01-01: 29c3 CTF 2012 Funchive Writeup
2013-01-01: Ruby on Rails CVE-2012-5664 Multiple SQL Injection Vulnerabilities
2013-01-01: Netflix Goes Down: Company Says Only DVD Website Affected
2013-01-01: Facebook Patches Webcam Snooping Vulnerability
2013-01-01: Zero day vulnerability in Internet Explorer being used in targeted attacks, FixIt now available
2013-01-01: Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in December 2012
2013-01-01: CCC videos
2013-01-01: SQLi on Oracle--informative article from 2004
2013-01-01: Hacking Oracle with Metasploit (from 2008)
2013-01-01: Twitter joshcorman: OWASP Top One: SQLi (for reference at MPICT)
2013-01-01: Sql Vulnerable Sites (Added New Sites) -xHax0r - Pastebin.com (From Nov, 2012; really vulnerable)
2013-01-01: Webpass ~ Simple Urban Internet --100 Mbps but only to some buildings
2013-01-01: PHDays CTF Quals -- BINARY 500 or Hiding Flag Six Feet Under (MBR Bootkit Intel VT-x)
2013-01-01: grep CVE-2012-5667 Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
2013-01-01: Approaching comet may outshine the moon
2013-01-01: Anti-virus products are rubbish, says Imperva
2013-01-01: Windows TCPIP Denial of Service Attacks (Sockstress) (old)
2013-01-01: Sockstress Denial of Service Tool & Source Code - Defuse Security
2013-01-01: Ending sexism in hacker culture: A work in progress

2013-01-02: Sockstress Test--It Works!
2013-01-02: Outmaneuvered at Their Own Game, Antivirus Makers Struggle to Adapt
2013-01-02: Windows 8: Down but not out

2013-01-03: Great graph showing OS popularity -- USE IN CLASSES
2013-01-03: The National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE)
2013-01-03: NICS.US-CERT NICS --Very interesting info re: training, jobs, contests
2013-01-03: Interactive National Cybersecurity Workforce Framework -- COURSE MAPPING INFO
2013-01-03: TURKTRUST mistakenly issues two external subCA certs
2013-01-03: Write Gambling Software, Go to Prison
2013-01-03: All Ruby on Rails versions affected by SQL injection flaw
2013-01-03: Record 5-Year Prison Term Handed to Convicted File Sharer
2013-01-03: Cheat Sheet for Pen Testing

2013-01-04: Red Hat finally supports SHA-256 and SHA-512 password hashes with multiple rounds
2013-01-04: German Chamber of Commerce Data Leak
2013-01-04: Report: NASA open source project slowed by commercial vendor
2013-01-04: America's imperial presidency has trampled the 4th Amendment into irrelevant ink smudges
2013-01-04: Centers Of Excellence - An Initiative of the California Community Colleges Economic & Workforce Development Program
2013-01-04: CA Workforce Drivera of Change graphic
2013-01-04: Fake AV 3 years later: still there, still not blocked
2013-01-04: RouterBoard.com -- Croatian routers -- cheap and powerful
2013-01-04: Meraki -- free access point if you listen to a podcast
2013-01-04: BackTrack 5 Wireless Penetration Testing Beginner's Guide: Vivek Ramachandran --RECOMMENDED BOOK
2013-01-04: Windows 7 SP1 Disk Cleanup Tool
2013-01-04: Rails SQL injection vulnerability: hold your horses, here are the facts
2013-01-04: Cisco IP Phones Vulnerable
2013-01-04: IPv6 takes one step forward, IPv4 two steps back in 2012

2013-01-05: TURKTRUST explanation of faulty SSL certificates
2013-01-05: How My Foolproof Scientific System Got Us Onto The Price Is Right
2013-01-05: This Is Not How You Want to Spend Six Hours on a Plane
2013-01-05: little techie.
2013-01-05: PGP Whole Disk Encryption Zero-Day Vulnerability
2013-01-05: How a regular IT guy helped catch a botnet cybercriminal
2013-01-05: XSS Vulnerability in HostGator India Affects over One Million Websites
2013-01-05: DNS Firewalls In Action - RPZ vs. Spam
2013-01-05: Installing AnonTwi for Twitter is easy!
2013-01-05: White House wins fight to keep drone killings of Americans secret
2013-01-05: Palo Alto Networks Security Bypass
2013-01-05: Google shouldn't forget history when blocking its competitors' products
2013-01-05: How to enable mod_status - Apache HTTP Server
2013-01-05: Dark Reading article about Sockstress from 2008
2013-01-05: Centauri Virtual Machines - Slackware 10.2
2013-01-05: Sockstress now available for Slackware 14!
2013-01-05: Slackware 14 32bit KDE Desktop Virtual Appliance VirtualBoxImages.com
2013-01-05: Historical OSINT - Profiling an OPSEC-Unaware Vendor of GSMUSB ATM Skimmers and Pinpads
2013-01-05: Proof for 'security' engineers from Symantec - PGP vuln exploited
2013-01-05: Former C.I.A. Officer Is the First to Face Prison for a Classified Leak
2013-01-05: Steubenville, Ohio rape: Anonymous gets involved, and the case gets even more complicated.
2013-01-05: Vote for BSides San Francisco Talks
2013-01-05: Anon_Acid ~ Financial company hacked, username=password="admin"
2013-01-05: McAfee-- secret agent

2013-01-06: Death of Printed Books May Have Been Exaggerated
2013-01-06: Revealed: How the FBI Coordinated the Crackdown on Occupy
2013-01-06: Analysis of PHP-SQL educational materials shows that they all teach SQL Injection wrong--IMPORTANT FOR TALKS
2013-01-06: 'Gorilla Arm' Will Keep Touch Screens From Taking Over
2013-01-06: Google Requires People to Use the Google Social Network, Gains Ground Against Facebook
2013-01-06: Unicornscan - How to install
2013-01-06: Transcript of Sockstress podcast from 2008 with Steve Gibson
2013-01-06: Maximum NT User Handles Per Process Is 10,000 in Windows XP
2013-01-06: The bizarre tale of John McAfee, spymaster
2013-01-06: Password Analysis of Journal News LoHud Subscriber Database Dump
2013-01-06: mimikatz dumping domain credentials
2013-01-06: Teenager Makes Discovery About Galaxy Distribution
2013-01-06: English Letter Frequency Counts: Mayzner Revisited or ETAOIN SRHLDCU
2013-01-06: Circumventing Windows RT's code integrity mechanism
2013-01-06: Department of Homeland Security hacked, password exposed
2013-01-06: Dad hires online assassins to slay game-obsessed son
2013-01-06: Thief hits Microsoft -- but nicks rival Apple iPads
2013-01-06: Crimeware Author Funds Exploit Buying Spree
2013-01-06: CloudFlare: Fastest Free DNS, Among Fastest DNS Period

2013-01-07: DHS website falls victim to hacktivist intrusion

2013-01-08: Japanese hacker continues to taunt police with clue strapped to cat (Wired UK)
2013-01-08: Serious Flaw in Facebook Allows Arbitrary Account Hijacking
2013-01-08: Moxie Marlinspike Blog Career Advice
2013-01-08: CERT Failure Observation Engine (FOE) - Mutational Fuzzing Tool
2013-01-08: Get-PEB -- A Tool to Dump the Process Environment Block (PEB) of Any Process
2013-01-08: Windows DLL Injection Basics
2013-01-08: Yahoo Makes SSL Option Available For Mail Users
2013-01-08: How I Hacked Facebook Employees Secure Files Transfer service (http:files.fb.com )
2013-01-08: Sockstress TCP Attack Dmonstrations
2013-01-08: Analysis of Rails XML Parameter Parsing Vulnerability - Exploitable SQL Injection Vuln
2013-01-08: VMware KB: Modifying the subnet range of the NAT network in Fusion
2013-01-08: Iran said to be responsible for cyberattacks on U.S. banks

2013-01-09: NTLM Challenge Response is 100 Broken (Yes, this is still relevant)
2013-01-09: Airing Out Security's Dirty Laundry
2013-01-09: $17,000 Linux-powered rifle brings 'auto-aim' to the real world

2013-01-10: Apple moves to prevent popular app scam tactic
2013-01-10: 0 day 1.7u10 spotted in the Wild - Disable Java Plugin NOW !
2013-01-10: Police Arrest Alleged ZeuS Botmaster 'bx1u2033
2013-01-10: Web Application Vulnerability Statistics of 2012
2013-01-10: Nasty New Java Zero Day Found; Exploit Kits Already Have It
2013-01-10: Facebook Will Fight German Anonymity Law
2013-01-10: Yahoo DOM XSS 0Day - not fixed yet! -- fun video
2013-01-10: Unborn sharks freeze to avoid predators
2013-01-10: Under the hood of recent DDoS Attack on U.S. Banks -- adminadmin CVE strikes again
2013-01-10: Microsoft Windows Print Spooler Service CVE-2013-0011 Code Execution Vulnerability
2013-01-10: CCSF moving to Office 365 instead of Groupwise for faculty mail
2013-01-10: In this university's laptop vending machine, the MacBooks are free
2013-01-10: Amazon deletes negative feedback, but only for its own shipping service
2013-01-10: Inside An Amazon Warehouse PHOTOS (From Nov. 2012)
2013-01-10: Metasploit exploit for the new java 7u10 0day
2013-01-10: Anonymous Launches Petition To Make DDoS Attacks A Legal Form Of Protest
2013-01-10: THE Ruby on Rails Vulnerabilities of 2013 - What they are and what should we do?
2013-01-10: State official tells CCSF to get moving
2013-01-10: Metasploit Rails 3 Remote Code Execution
2013-01-10: Windows RT Jailbreak Tool Available for Download
2013-01-10: Vulnerability reported in Foxit PDF plugin for Firefox -- how to mitigate

2013-01-11: Metasploit: Exploiting Ruby on Rails
2013-01-11: Microsoft determines Windows RT jailbreak poses no security threat, applauds hacker for ingenuity
2013-01-11: A chink in Android Armour
2013-01-11: Cover for new edition of Orwell's 1984 is brilliant
2013-01-11: How to 'downgrade' to Windows 7
2013-01-11: The Chinese smartphone invasion begins
2013-01-11: Thousands of SCADA Devices Discovered On the Open Internet
2013-01-11: DropBox Restores Service, Mum On Outage Cause
2013-01-11: Incomplete Java Patch Paved Way for Latest Zero Day Mess
2013-01-11: 13 Signs that bad guys are using DNS Exfiltration to steal your data

2013-01-12: Part II: Female Hackers Face Challenges
2013-01-12: 201x: The Year of the Security Industry Breach
2013-01-12: White House Responds To Death Star Petition: Obama 'Does Not Support Blowing Up Planets'
2013-01-12: Penetration Testing with Metasploit -- $100 Online Class
2013-01-12: Aaron Swartz commits suicide
2013-01-12: Firefox Blocks All Current Java Versions to Block Zero-Day
2013-01-12: Distributed Port Scanning: Creating an Nmap Cluster Using DNmap
2013-01-12: Moxie Marlinspike Leaving Twitter Security Team
2013-01-12: Apple takes no prisoners, immediately blocks Java 7 on OS X 10.6 and up to protect Mac users
2013-01-12: Treasury: We won't mint a platinum coin to sidestep the debt ceiling
2013-01-12: On the Topic of AV Being Useless - Good sense
2013-01-12: Discussion of why developers neglect security
2013-01-12: The Truth about Aaron Swartz's 'Crime'
2013-01-12: Step-by-Step: Demonstrate DNSSEC in a Test Lab (The Microsoft way)
2013-01-12: Boffins hide messages in Skype 'silence packets'
2013-01-12: Update Google Chrome to Stay Safe, but Beware of Fakes
2013-01-12: Blocking Pirating Sites Deemed to be Ineffective
2013-01-12: Calif. health vendor laptop stolen; nearly 70K affected
2013-01-12: Bircoins stolen with Ruby on Rails exploit
2013-01-12: Abusing MySQL string arithmetic for tiny SQL injections

2013-01-13: Westboro Baptist DNS Info: not using Cloudflare
2013-01-13: All Westboro Domains Down
2013-01-13: Fastest Wi-Fi ever is almost ready for real-world use
2013-01-13: Python CVE-2012-6096 Natios remote code execution exploit
2013-01-13: Spy agency ASIO wants powers to hack into personal computers
2013-01-13: ultimet -- The Ultimate Meterpreter Executable
2013-01-13: Oracle patches Java 0-day, goes to Defcon 2
2013-01-13: Anonymous Hacks MIT in Aaron Swartz's Name
2013-01-13: Apple reportedly cuts iPhone screen orders on weak demand

2013-01-14: Red October relied on Java exploit to infect PCs
2013-01-14: Instagram Loses Almost Half Its Daily Users In a Month
2013-01-14: Securing Anonymous Communication Channels under the Selective DoS Attack
2013-01-14: Microsoft to release an emergency security patch for Internet Explorer zero day flaw
2013-01-14: Warner Bros. turning John McAfee's bizarre story into a movie
2013-01-14: As exploits climb, Oracle patches Java 7
2013-01-14: Windows Phone 8 Has The Funniest Error Ever
2013-01-14: Google is Spying Users: Iran's Filtering Committee
2013-01-14: Help! I've got Windows 8 and I miss my Start menu!
2013-01-14: The Panasonic Toughpad Press Conference - Hunter Thompson Rides Again

2013-01-15: Botnets Are Everywhere - See How They Spread in Trend Micro Global Botnet Map
2013-01-15: Microsoft Security Bulletin MS13-008 - Critical : Security Update for Internet Explorer (2799329)
2013-01-15: Confirmed: Java only fixed one of the two bugs.
2013-01-15: The FBI Needs Hackers, Not Backdoors
2013-01-15: Java Zero-Day Vulnerability Pushes Out Crimeware
2013-01-15: CNET in Turmoil After Greg Sandoval Quits Over Editorial Interference
2013-01-15: This Little Gadget Makes Checking Bags When You Fly Less Of A Nightmare
2013-01-15: Court Blocks Controversial California Bill That Takes Away All Anonymity For Any Sex Offenders
2013-01-15: How the Most Important Code of WWII Was Cracked
2013-01-15: Oracle Security Alert CVE-2013-0422 -- Java should automatically update for most users
2013-01-15: Java Security Advice from Sam Bowne
2013-01-15: Syria Dropped Hallucinogen Weapon on Rebels, U.S. Believes
2013-01-15: CCSF Chancellor's Address, Jan. 2013
2013-01-15: Discord at City College as accreditation cliff nears
2013-01-15: CCSF trustees must act to fix problems

2013-01-16: Developer outsources his own job to China, hides it for years
2013-01-16: How Is Microsoft's Surface Tablet Doing?
2013-01-16: Dilbert on the Microsoft Surface Tablet
2013-01-16: Certification podcasts including CCNA & Security+
2013-01-16: New Java Exploit Fetches $5,000 Per Buyer -- Yes, ANOTHER one
2013-01-16: Pentester Night School with Joe McCray for $100 -- HIGHLY RCOMMENDED
2013-01-16: The Criminal Charges Against Aaron Swartz (Part 1: The Law)
2013-01-16: My MPICT talk "Data Breaches and Password Hashes" as a Java Collaborate File
2013-01-16: Windows XP in VMware Player on Windows 7 in VMware Fusion on Mac OS X :)
2013-01-16: The Criminal Charges Against Aaron Swartz (Part 2: Prosecutorial Discretion)
2013-01-16: Cisco investigates reported Linksys router flaw

2013-01-17: Surveillance Strategy Is 'Privileged and Confidential,' FBI Says
2013-01-17: OpenStack Open Source Cloud Computing Software -- They want to develop a college program
2013-01-17: Kaspersky killed the recent Java 0-day silently
2013-01-17: Bug Bounty u2248 Packet Storm
2013-01-17: Evading Anti-virus Detection with Metasploit VIDEO Rapid7
2013-01-17: Korea's Malware Infection Rate Increases Six-fold in Six Months
2013-01-17: Real vs. Rogue Security Software -- Can You Tell The Difference? -- SHOW TO CLASS
2013-01-17: Lance Armstrong tells Oprah he doped to win
2013-01-17: 0v Carmen Ortiz Has Released A Statement
2013-01-17: Precision Malware Uses Blackhat Whitelist
2013-01-17: Verifying SHA-2 update hashes with PowerShell
2013-01-17: Hack Yourself First: Interview Jeremiah Grossman
2013-01-17: HARVARD HACKED AND DEFACED BY D35M0ND142 - Pastebin.com
2013-01-17: Google Glass to Hit Developers' Hands This Month
2013-01-17: The Criminal Charges Against Aaron Swartz (Part 2: Prosecutorial Discretion)
2013-01-17: DC3 Challenge 2013 Digital Forensics Comoetition Apply Now

2013-01-18: Vote now: Tell Apple what to name the next OS X Mac OS X
2013-01-18: Patient data revealed in medical device hack
2013-01-18: The man who steals all the phones in Las Vegas -- pinpointed precisely
2013-01-18: Armitage error message
2013-01-18: DHS Steps In As Regulator for Medical Device Security
2013-01-18: CCSF DNS entry still showing problems
2013-01-18: TSA ends naked airport scanners contract after years of controversy
2013-01-18: Google Declares War on the Password
2013-01-18: Denial-of-service attacks: It's a problem, bro
2013-01-18: The Robbers Cave Experiment - Less Wrong
2013-01-18: Lessig Blog--A time for silence
2013-01-18: The SCADA Patch Problem

2013-01-19: A preliminary Canadian survey suggests this year's flu vaccine cuts the risk of infection by about half
2013-01-19: Researchers find critical vulnerabilities in Java 7 Update 11 --New ones

2013-01-20: apache2 - How do you enable SSI's in Apache? -- IT WORKS!
2013-01-20: 5 percent of my viewers use IPv6 :)
2013-01-20: Reverse-engineering challenge for women only
2013-01-20: DC3.MIL DNS entry trashed
2013-01-20: Kim Dotcom starts new file-sharing site
2013-01-20: CCSF's DNS Propagation--a mess
2013-01-20: DNS SOA - Start of Authority serial number check--DEMO CCSF FOR CLASS
2013-01-20: This looks like the CCSF DNS problem (ty @vaelen)
2013-01-20: Another Anarchist Refuses to Cooperate with Grand Jury, or Even Enter the Courthouse
2013-01-20: Another Internet Blackout in Syria
2013-01-20: Strange Norton DNS Server Results for CCSF
2013-01-20: Hourly monitoring of the CCSF DNS problem--it's broken till the last 3 numbers match
2013-01-20: My curiosity and th3j35t3r - Pastebin.com
2013-01-20: Pwn2Own hacking contest offers record $560k in prizes
2013-01-20: Important SCADA systems secured using weak logins, researchers find
2013-01-20: DHCPv6-based address allocation on PPPoE links
2013-01-20: Youth expelled from Montreal college after finding 'sloppy coding' that compromised security of 250,000 students personal data

2013-01-21: Dutch KLPD (Police) must disclose its information about secret botnet project
2013-01-21: 'Anonymous' hacks Oz Uni's email to protest bulk iPad buy
2013-01-21: Engineers are cold and dead inside, research shows
2013-01-21: Reset Admin Password on Mac OS X
2013-01-21: Sex Blamed For A Third Of Military Downfalls
2013-01-21: Batchwiper malware (target:Iran)
2013-01-21: Blue Coat -- A Dive into the Water Hole
2013-01-21: The World's First 3D-Printed Building Will Arrive In 2014 (And It Looks Awesome)
2013-01-21: Heh, You can crash android with the 2038 unix bug
2013-01-21: Carmen Ortiz Strikes Out
2013-01-21: Worst. Bug. Ever.
2013-01-21: The Cloud Market: EC2 Statistics
2013-01-21: Atari U.S. files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy
2013-01-21: Megabad: A quick look at the state of Mega's encryption

2013-01-22: Android Security - Going Deep - The San Francisco Android User Group (San Francisco, CA) - Jan 29
2013-01-22: Beware the coming of the ROGUE CLOUDS, wails Symantec
2013-01-22: iPad Hack Statement Of Responsibility
2013-01-22: It's Game Over for Microsoft, Ballmer Must Leave Now, Says Analyst
2013-01-22: A Foolproof Spelling-Based Card Trick That Will Impress Your Kids
2013-01-22: How Keys Work Explained In One Perfect Animated GIF -- SHOW TO CLASS
2013-01-22: Pulling Memory off an Android Device
2013-01-22: Kaspersky Security Bulletin 2012. The overall statistics for 2012 -- SHOW TO CLASS
2013-01-22: bobby-tables.com: A guide to preventing SQL injection
2013-01-22: Twitter Bug Allowed Apps to Access Direct Messages Without Permission
2013-01-22: Microsoft won't release study that challenged success of Munich's Linux migration
2013-01-22: Hackers Deface Entire MIT Website in Aaron Swartz Suicide Revenge Attack (Updated: Hackers Speak) --Using Cloudflare?
2013-01-22: Kali Linux -- The next version of Backtrack
2013-01-22: Acronis True Image has problem with Windows 8 Secure Boot
2013-01-22: TRENDNet Cams publicly exposed - Firmware BUG - No password
2013-01-22: MIT hacked again, URLs redirected - Much more info here
2013-01-22: Student expelled for hacking Quebec college system gets job offers
2013-01-22: Dell Unveils Global BYOD Survey Results: Embrace BYOD or Be Left Behind
2013-01-22: F5 BIG-IP 11.2.0 SQL Injection
2013-01-22: A close look at how Oracle installs deceptive software with Java updates
2013-01-22: Ubuntu considers 'huge' change that would end traditional release cycle
2013-01-22: Applications containing vulnerabilities targeted by web exploits in 2012
2013-01-22: Windows 8 inbuilt antivirus tops Which? security software tests
2013-01-22: One-Third of Cyber Attack Traffic Originates in China, Akamai Says

2013-01-23: Church Members, Gun Advocates Compete For Gun Sales During Buyback
2013-01-23: Plagiarism charges hit German minister

2013-01-24: VMware Invests $30 Million In Puppet Labs
2013-01-24: Hacktivists cry foul over US government's 'ludicrous' cyber crackdown
2013-01-24: Details of Barracuda Backdoor Accounts
2013-01-24: Backdoors Found in Barracuda Networks Gear
2013-01-24: Vigilant Pro Private Security Services Hacked, Defaced
2013-01-24: Sony fined $395,000 for 2011 hack of its PlayStation Network
2013-01-24: Cruelty and Abuse in Open Source
2013-01-24: French Court Says Twitter Must Identify Racist Tweet Authors
2013-01-24: Unlocking Cellphones Becomes Illegal Saturday in the U.S.
2013-01-24: Security Flaws Leave Networked Printers Open To Attack
2013-01-24: VMware KB: Creating floppy images for use with Fusion
2013-01-24: Anonymous hacker group: Two jailed for cyber attacks

2013-01-25: Big bugs, big bucks: Pwn2Own awards reach half a million
2013-01-25: Hey Apple--time to get off your high horse Video
2013-01-25: Ddos Black And White 'Kungfu' Revealed
2013-01-25: Cisco to sell Linksys to Belkin, will exit home networking market
2013-01-25: U.S. is a hotbed of botnet activity, says McAfee
2013-01-25: The iPad and the rise of the Planet of the Apes
2013-01-25: Some People Are Paying $125 to Downgrade From Windows 8 to Windows 7
2013-01-25: Update: City College of San Francisco: Forum KQED Podcast
2013-01-25: Google Search to find vulnerable HP printers
2013-01-25: SCADA Security 2.0
2013-01-25: How to patch your Barracuda virtual appliance
2013-01-25: Expert Finds Cookie Handling Vulnerability in Twitter
2013-01-25: Xerox and McAfee Partner to Protect Printer with Whitelisting
2013-01-25: ProDiscover Problems: Incorrect Cluster Contents
2013-01-25: 56k Dial-up Modem Ringtone For iPhone and Android
2013-01-25: Trojanized SSH Daemon In the Wild, Sending Passwords To Iceland
2013-01-25: USSC.GOV pwned & defaced by anon
2013-01-25: United States Sentencing Commission Hacked By Anonymous for #OpLastResort
2013-01-25: Oracle's Java security head says the company will 'fix Java,' communicate better
2013-01-25: the shadow market for fake online reviews
2013-01-25: Security BSides San Francisco Registration open now
2013-01-25: Feds after Anonymous Barrett Brown again

2013-01-26: Barrett Brown's 2600 Hacker Perspective (He's in my class; he's not the one in prison)
2013-01-26: Anonymous conspirator gets 18-month jail term
2013-01-26: BSidesSanFrancisco Schedule
2013-01-26: Anon claims to have hacked the US Supreme Court and defaced it with this
2013-01-26: Anonymous Operation Last Resort - File downloads intended to scare Supreme Court members
2013-01-26: America Has Hit 'Peak Jobs'
2013-01-26: Anonymous Threatens Massive WikiLeaks-Style Exposure, Announced On Hacked Gov Site
2013-01-26: The inevitable canonization of Aaron Swartz - First Martyr in the digital church of The Singularity?
2013-01-26: Best Buy slashes price of MacBook Air laptops by $200, today only
2013-01-26: FTK Imager: file carving using the MFT --USEFUL INFORMATION

2013-01-27: Facebook and Instagram Users Being Asked To Upload IDs To Regain Access
2013-01-27: FBI is increasing pressure on suspects in Stuxnet inquiry
2013-01-27: Berlin activists create CCTV-smashing street game
2013-01-27: There's a new company seeking to crowdsource netsec with managed bug bounty programs
2013-01-27: An issue with new Java SE 7 security features
2013-01-27: Not-so anonymous Anonymouses head off to prison over PayPal DDoS
2013-01-27: New BYOD Threat: Email That Self-Destructs
2013-01-27: Mega and Encrypted Cloud Deduplication
2013-01-27: Yahoo Email Remains Vulnerable Despite Recent HTTPS Feature
2013-01-27: Europol reveals u20AC1.5 Billion Euro in Credit Card Fraud, how it is stolen and why they struggle to catch the criminals
2013-01-27: Chinese MITM Attack on Github--Explanation by Moxie and others
2013-01-27: Red Teaming a CCDC Practice Event -- VERY INTERESTING TO READ
2013-01-27: Defeating iOS Jailbreak detection for Mobile Apps
2013-01-27: jjarmoccsaw2012_cert_app Hacking exercise, vulnerable rubyrack SSLTLS Client Certificate application
2013-01-27: Barracuda Networks Vulnerable to File upload and 3 DOM based XSS Vulnerabilities
2013-01-27: The end of the line for Symbian
2013-01-27: Facebook's Graph Search raises concerns from security experts
2013-01-27: Vulnerable Apache version, results in 'Expect header XSS' vulnerability
2013-01-27: My Submissions for the 2013 HI-TEC Conference
2013-01-27: White House Invites Hackers To Work On 'National Day Of Civic Hacking'
2013-01-27: White House Announces National Day Of Civic Hacking, Asks Americans To Solve Problems With Govt Data From NASA And More
2013-01-27: Apply Now: CIS Summer Internships 2013 at Stanford

2013-01-28: How to stop iPadSafari from treating certain numbers as 'phone numbers'
2013-01-28: Israeli Officials Confirm Blast at Iranian Nuclear Facility
2013-01-28: Windows 8 Is Still Not Siccessful
2013-01-28: Chinese Government Considering Lifting Decade-Plus Games Console Ban, Says Report
2013-01-28: Big Bank Mules Target Small Bank Businesses
2013-01-28: Trojan uses anti-spam system to keep in touch with C&C servers
2013-01-28: Cisco's stake in Parallels ramps up rivalry with VMware
2013-01-28: Yet another Java security flaw discovered - Number 53
2013-01-28: IPv6 Exhaustion Counter
2013-01-28: IPv6 Certifications
2013-01-28: Malicious DNS Traffic: Detection is Good, Proactivity is Better
2013-01-28: VMWare to cut 900 jobs
2013-01-28: Vulnerability in JSON Parser in Ruby on Rails 3.0 and 2.3
2013-01-28: Security software showdown! 9 antivirus suites empirically tested
2013-01-28: The EU-funded plan to stick a 'flag this as terrorism' button in your browser
2013-01-28: Two-factor Authentication Now Available for CloudFlare (from Nov. 2012)

2013-01-29: Researchers warn of widespread UPnP bugs
2013-01-29: Bogus Windows 8 activators collect users' private info
2013-01-29: Report: YouTube May Start Making You Pay For Content
2013-01-29: DARPA Seeks To Secure Data With Electronics That Dissolve On Command
2013-01-29: Visa Issues ATM Cash-Out Warning
2013-01-29: The social network where no one knows your name
2013-01-29: My Intro to Security Class lectures on YouTube
2013-01-29: Anatomy of a Twitter False Flag-Spam and Dox Attack
2013-01-29: Fork the Law
2013-01-29: Office 2013 is the best Office yet
2013-01-29: After silence on Java flaws, Oracle now says it cares
2013-01-29: Ruby on Rails receives its third security patch in less than a month

2013-01-30: BKA malware shocks victims with child pornography
2013-01-30: Don't be confused by the 128GB iPad. It's not for you
2013-01-30: Stats used to support OWASP Top 10 entries (next version must publish them)
2013-01-30: Julian Assange to run for Australian Senate seat
2013-01-30: Apple, Google tumble off top 20 trusted companies list
2013-01-30: Internet criminals: so reliably dumb at hiding their tracks
2013-01-30: Interview with The hacker group NullCrew -- SHOW TO CLASS
2013-01-30: Banks Skeptical About DDoS Ceasefire
2013-01-30: BlackBerry 10 essentials: What you need to know
2013-01-30: SDN is not OpenFlow, but OpenFlow is a real disruption
2013-01-30: Feds stumbling after Anonymous launches 'Operation Last Resort'
2013-01-30: Mozilla takes drastic step to automatically block virtually all plug-ins in Firefox
2013-01-30: Cisco VXLAN Innovations Overcoming IP Multicast Challenges --SHOW TO CLASS
2013-01-30: IPv6 Exhaustion Counter made the front page of Reddit, I've been told :)
2013-01-30: Tennessee Bill Requires Teachers To Inform Parents If Their Child Is Gay
2013-01-30: Oracle Cloud Success
2013-01-30: Incapsula introduces 'Backdoor Protect' feature in Cloud-based Website Security
2013-01-30: How much do cats actually kill? Infographic - The Oatmeal
2013-01-30: Iranian Hacktivist Group Suspends Bank DDoS Attacks
2013-01-30: Stanford consumes million core supercomputer to spawn supersonic noise forecast
2013-01-30: DNSSEC still ignored by major companies
2013-01-30: PayPal plugs SQL injection hole, tosses $3k to bug-hunter
2013-01-30: My talk proposal for B-Sides Denver
2013-01-30: EU plan to voluntarily remove 'terrorist content' finally concludes
2013-01-30: Web smut sites are SAFER than search engines, declares Cisco
2013-01-30: Cracking tool milks weakness to reveal some Mega passwords
2013-01-30: How the feds put a bullet in a 'bulletproof' Web host
2013-01-30: Yes, a US Senator just said games are a bigger problem than guns
2013-01-30: Chinese Hackers Infiltrate New York Times Computers

2013-01-31: RubyGems.org hacked, interrupting Heroku services and putting sites using Rails at risk
2013-01-31: IT certifications no longer sure path to premium pay
2013-01-31: PHP just grows & grows
2013-01-31: Why I Had To Get Rid of My Contactless Credit Card
2013-01-31: Broadcom UPnP Remote Preauth Root Code Execution Vulnerability
2013-01-31: Android malware controls 620,000 phones, sends costly messages
2013-01-31: The sound of the dialup, pictured
2013-01-31: 5 buffer overflows in 20 lines of code
2013-01-31: VulnHub - Vulnerable By Design VMs to exploit!
2013-01-31: NYPD testing concealed gun-detecting cameras
2013-01-31: Dotcom's Mega Removes Legal Files Citing Bogus DMCA Requests
2013-01-31: Anonymous X-SecT Claims Intelligence Agency, Not Anonymous, Hacked USSC.Gov
2013-01-31: How Yahoo allowed hackers to hijack my neighbor's e-mail account
2013-01-31: Turning the Belkin WeMo Into a Deathtrap
2013-01-31: ISC Diary Intermittent Outages at Amazon.com
2013-01-31: Yahoo Mail users hit by widespread hacking, XSS exploit seemingly to blame (From Jan. 7)
2013-01-31: EU Citizens Warned Not To Use US Cloud Services Over Spying Fears
2013-01-31: Netgear SPH200D XSS Directory Traversal Disclosure
2013-01-31: Multiple Vulnerabilities in Netgear SPH200D www.s3cur1ty.de
2013-01-31: Wall Street Journal 'also victim of China hacking attack'

Feb 2013

2013-02-01: U.S. Air Force Completes Testing of 'Flying Wireless Router' Software Upgrade
2013-02-01: Decoding SDN - Excellent primer, the meta-OSI model, four planes
2013-02-01: Amazon Web Services Blog: EC2's M3 Instances Go Global; Reduced EC2 Charges and Lower Bandwidth Prices
2013-02-01: US weighs tougher action over China cyberattacks
2013-02-01: Microsoft Surface with Windows RT tablet sales disappoint in fourth quarter
2013-02-01: FBI Banned from Iceland
2013-02-01: Saturn storm: Cassini spacecraft pictures of monster storm dying out.
2013-02-01: Kim Dotcom puts up $13,500 bounty for first person to break Mega's security system
2013-02-01: GPT vs MBR Disk Comparison (from 2011)
2013-02-01: Hex values calculating harddisk CHS
2013-02-01: How to Calculate LBA and CHS with TestDisk
2013-02-01: Cyber-security: War on terabytes
2013-02-01: MetaData and Information Security
2013-02-01: Hacking The Laptop Docking Station
2013-02-01: Full Disk Encryption Using Ubuntu In Most Secure Mode With AES-XTS-PLAIN64
2013-02-01: How to join Anonymous --HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
2013-02-01: TeamViewer authentication protocol (part 3 of 3)
2013-02-01: Attention shoppers: Retailers can now track you across the mall
2013-02-01: Twitter Attacked: Quarter-Million Accounts May Be Compromised
2013-02-01: Students suspended in Harvard cheat scandal

2013-02-02: NASA kept reentry risk from Columbia crew
2013-02-02: Twitter hack: how to find out if you're affected, and what to do
2013-02-02: Solid State Drives: The Beginning of the End for Current Practice in Digital Forensic Recovery? (2010) --DISCUSS IN CLASSES
2013-02-02: Why SSD Drives Destroy Evidence (2012) --Happens in Win 7 but not Win XP!
2013-02-02: Recovering data from erased or formated SD and USB media (2012)
2013-02-02: chrysocome.net - dd for windows
2013-02-02: Of solid state drives and garbage collection
2013-02-02: Make Sure TRIM Is Enabled for Your Solid State Drive in Windows 7 for Better Performance
2013-02-02: SSD Toolkit support information
2013-02-02: TRIM does not work in IDE mode

2013-02-03: Google's Eric Schmidt Unloads on China in New Book
2013-02-03: Applebee's Overnight Social Media Meltdown: A Photo Essay
2013-02-03: 'Aaron's Law' Proposes Reining in Federal Anti-Hacking Statute
2013-02-03: Inequality for All -- another Inconvenient Truth?
2013-02-03: US MilitRy Vulnerabilities submitted to THN - Not really SQLi vulns
2013-02-03: Mac Forensics: Mac OS X and the HFS+ File System
2013-02-03: How to Enable TRIM on Your Mac's Solid-State Drive
2013-02-03: How to Install Boot Camp and Run Windows on Your Mac
2013-02-03: isc2-sf-chapter.org
2013-02-03: A defective iPhone App for your hacking pleasure -- PROJECT IDEA
2013-02-03: owasp-igoat - OWASP iGoat vulnerable iPhone App -- PROJECT IDEA
2013-02-03: Forensics of Chinese MITM on GitHub
2013-02-03: OS X: About OS X Recovery
2013-02-03: Disk Drill (Mac) - GOOD FREE FILE RECOVERY FOR MAC
2013-02-03: Data Evaporating from a SSD

2013-02-04: Mini Drones: Army Deploys Tiny Helicopters
2013-02-04: Pentagon Looks to Fix 'Pervasive Vulnerability' in Drones
2013-02-04: Free Monthly Websites v2.0 - Multiple Web Vulnerabilities
2013-02-04: Anonymous posts over 4000 U.S. bank executive credentials
2013-02-04: Java open-source frameworks are a business risk: Study
2013-02-04: Sophisticated cyber-attack hits Energy Department, China possible suspect
2013-02-04: Malware warning citing Netseer blocks Google Chrome users from several websites
2013-02-04: Is SSL Broken?
2013-02-04: Lucky Thirteen attack on TLS CBC
2013-02-04: TLS timing oracles
2013-02-04: A new evil twin attack on WPA Enterprise
2013-02-04: Government Wants to Create Free Public 'Super Wi-Fi'
2013-02-04: Anonymous OpLastResort Claims Hack On Government Site, Posts 4,000 Bank Exec Credentials
2013-02-04: The Lucky Thirteen attack: Breaking TLS : friendly non-technical explanation
2013-02-04: 'Lucky Thirteen' attack snarfs cookies protected by SSL encryption
2013-02-04: SSD onslaught: Hard drives poised for double-digit revenue drop
2013-02-04: Department of Energy Compromised in Sophisticated Attack
2013-02-04: Tim Berners-Lee calls data retention a 'really, really bad idea'
2013-02-04: Free Juniper Classes in Sunnyvale Feb 20-22 or Mar 18-20 for CCSF CNIT students
2013-02-04: Public Universities to Offer Free Online Classes for Credit - NYTimes.com

2013-02-05: More Than 50 Countries Helped the CIA Outsource Torture
2013-02-05: Leaked: Obama's Rules For Assassinating American Citizens
2013-02-05: U.K. spy agencies plan to install Web snooping 'black boxes'
2013-02-05: Hacker Gains Access to Foxconn Databases, Just Wants to Prove Lack of Security
2013-02-05: Dell says goodbye to Wall Street with $2 billion loan from Microsoft
2013-02-05: Amazon Launches Coins, a Virtual Currency for Kindle Fire
2013-02-05: Japan holds first hacking contest backed by government
2013-02-05: New SMB 3.0 features in the Windows Server 2012 file server
2013-02-05: Building the next generation file system for Windows: ReFS
2013-02-05: UPnP flaws turn millions of firewalls into doorstops
2013-02-05: New malware sleeps its way into financial institutions
2013-02-05: Energy Department latest to be struck by skilled hackers
2013-02-05: Verizon FiOS password disclosure

2013-02-06: North Korea propaganda video shows US city under attack
2013-02-06: Anger rises as Fed confirms Anonymous hack, downplays US bank emergency system breach
2013-02-06: How Obama Transformed an Old Military Concept So He Can Drone Americans
2013-02-06: China is still hacking the Wall Street Journal, claims Rupert Murdoch
2013-02-06: (ISC)^2 SF Chapter Meeting Tomorrow Night
2013-02-06: ProDiscover New Version Available Here
2013-02-06: Juniper routers open to attack
2013-02-06: Microsoft, Symantec disrupt huge cyber ring - Court order allows them to disrupt botnet

2013-02-07: China is world's most malware-ridden nation
2013-02-07: MySQL madness and Rails
2013-02-07: Packets of Death
2013-02-07: Microsoft goes after Google with attack on Gmail privacy
2013-02-07: Your Lost Bags Sent a Text; Come Get Them
2013-02-07: FCC to Congress: U.N.'s ITU Internet plans 'must be stopped'
2013-02-07: List of products affected by the vulnerable Broadcom UPnP stack
2013-02-07: 'GPS' for indoor use
2013-02-07: Microsoft Considering A Linux Version Of Office In 2014
2013-02-07: Carrier Grade NAT -- A Look at the Tradeoffs
2013-02-07: E Hacking News Interview with The hacker group NullCrew -- Targeting the Pentagon on Valentine's Day
2013-02-07: NullCrew: #FuckTheSystem zine #3 - Dump of UN and Univ of WIsconsin passwords
2013-02-07: How to install Win 7 or 8 in UEFI on GPT
2013-02-07: Fed still gauging extent of hacker breach, FBI on case
2013-02-07: Car Cigarette Anti-GPS System -- stay lost, stay safe
2013-02-07: Flash under attack, emergency patch issued: Update immediately

2013-02-08: Audacious Hack Exposes Bush Family Pix, E-Mail
2013-02-08: Every single Internet Explorer at risk of drive-by hacks until Patch Tuesday
2013-02-08: cURL buffer overflow
2013-02-08: CHALLENGE 1 Security BSides London
2013-02-08: Cracking AES-256 DMGs and Epic Self-Pwnage
2013-02-08: Investigative Journalist Claims Her Public Tweets Aren't 'Publishable;' Threatens To Sue Blogger Who Does Exactly That
2013-02-08: We're going to blow up your boiler: Critical bug threatens hospital systems
2013-02-08: EU: We'll force power plants, Apple and pals to admit hack attacks -- 57 percent of businesses got hacked.
2013-02-08: Forensic Live CD issues - They sometimes write to evidence drives!
2013-02-08: All-Zero Hash Calculator
2013-02-08: Anti-forensic images to show liveCDs failing
2013-02-08: how to see the file path in Spotlight :)
2013-02-08: Antiforensics image prevents Raptor from booting
2013-02-08: Anonymous salutes Christopher Dorner, ex-cop wanted for killing spree
2013-02-08: Hapless Vista turns 6, shuffles toward obscurity
2013-02-08: How To: Forensically Image a Late 2010 Model A1370 Macbook Air
2013-02-08: DEFT Linux - Computer Forensics live cd
2013-02-08: USB write-blocking via the Registry doesn't protect evidence well
2013-02-08: Digital Forensic SIFTing: How to perform a read-only mount of filesystem evidence
2013-02-08: How To: Forensically Sound Mac Acquisition In Target Mode
2013-02-08: Mac OS Forensics How-To: Simple RAM Acquisition and Analysis with Mac Memory Reader (Part 1)
2013-02-08: Mac OS Forensics How-To: Simple RAM Acquisition and Analysis with Mac Memory Reader (Part 2)
2013-02-08: Security Firm Bit9 Hacked, Used to Spread Malware
2013-02-08: Bit9 and Our Customers' Security Bit9 Blog
2013-02-08: Acai Berry fake news website operators fined millions of dollars by FTC
2013-02-08: Windows 8: Put its hidden security features to work!
2013-02-08: Mobile app security: Always keep the back door locked
2013-02-08: Over $3M in Prizes to Hack Google Chrome
2013-02-08: Dear @Bit9.. - Packetknife's Space -- Really good advice
2013-02-08: Hacking Windows 7 with Armitage using Shortcut icon dllloader vulnerability - YouTube -- SHOW TO CNIT 123 CLASS
2013-02-08: Anti-Forensics The Rootkit Connection (from 2009)
2013-02-08: Backtrack is easier to get than DEFT
2013-02-08: Assange urges leak of US drone rules

2013-02-09: Facebook error that hijacks thousands of websites isn't just an 'inconvenience'
2013-02-09: Review: The best network monitoring system on earth
2013-02-09: Government watchdog: Warrantless laptop searches at border are A-OK
2013-02-09: Y Combinator-Backed Cube Goes Deeper Than Your Standard iPad Register
2013-02-09: Ich Ben Ein Bit9er --Good call for courtesy in infosec
2013-02-09: What can L2TP do for your network?
2013-02-09: DFIR Summit (Austin, TX) -- looks good but costs $4000
2013-02-09: iOS 6 untethered jailbreak released, Cydia app store flooded
2013-02-09: Egypt court bans YouTube for a month
2013-02-09: Hackers You Need To Know: th3 j35st3r
2013-02-09: traceroute -m 100 if you like star wars ;)
2013-02-09: REN-ISAC -- an infosec group for colleges to join
2013-02-09: Ethical Hacking Professor: NullCrew 'Criminals,' Anonymous a 'Gang' --At least the quotes are accurate
2013-02-09:UEFI and Windows 8 on HP Compaq 8000 Elite Small Form Factor PC - HP Support Center
2013-02-09: Blog Strategic Security -- Joe's response to accusations of plagiarism

2013-02-10: Tech tools of survival allow you to be on the grid in the wild
2013-02-10: What is the ACCJC? -- a conspiracy theory quite popular among CCSF faculty
2013-02-10: Universal Plug and Play Check by Rapid7
2013-02-10: Drones used to hunt Dorner
2013-02-10: Widespread Compromise Of Yahoo-Backed Email In New Zealand
2013-02-10: AVG finds 11 year-old creating malware to steal game passwords
2013-02-10: India APT Attack -- Several useful tools demonstrated
2013-02-10: CCSF outlines what would happen if it were to close
2013-02-10: Bing It On - Take the Bing versus Google Challenge. Would you bet against Bing?
2013-02-10: Yahoo! Pushing Java Version Released in 2008

2013-02-11: VMWare security hole -- it sounds like you need the patch, even if it's not clear why
2013-02-11: Samsung Challenges Apple's Cool Factor
2013-02-11: DHS Watchdog OKs 'Suspicionless' Seizure of Electronic Devices Along Border
2013-02-11: MFT vs Super Timeline: Part 1
2013-02-11: Source Code of Havij SQL Injection Hack Tool by Hackingloops
2013-02-11: Twitter looking to hire two-factor authentication brains
2013-02-11: Banking malware returns to basics to evade detection
2013-02-11: Citizenville: Newsom Argues Against Bureaucracy, Swipes At IT Departments
2013-02-11: SANS: Special Webcast: Why The US Cyber Community is Still Losing
2013-02-11: SANS: Information, Network and Computer Security WebCasts
2013-02-11: When 1 GB Is Really 0.9313 Gigabytes
2013-02-11: Bitcoin Value
2013-02-11: Gun Violence in America: The 13 Key Questions (With 13 Concise Answers)
2013-02-11: Adobe Flash Zero-Day Attack Uses Advanced Exploitation Technique
2013-02-11: Strategic Security The Final Statement On This Issue -- more infosec drama
2013-02-11: The Exploit Laboratory: Defending our work - Part 2. The Exploit Lab Rip-off continues.
2013-02-11: UEFI secure boot fix released for Linux
2013-02-11: Departing Space Station Commander Provides Tour of Orbital Laboratory
2013-02-11: A second LAPD Officer steps forward with his own Manifesto, in the wake of Christopher Dorner

2013-02-12: In Cyberwar, Software Flaws Are A Hot Commodity
2013-02-12: New FIDO Alliance pushing 'fast-identity' strong authentication protocol
2013-02-12: Anonymous Launches Operation Dorner: "raise arms against the LAPD"
2013-02-12: Hack of Montana TV Station Warns Viewers of Zombie Attack
2013-02-12: FOX HACKED BY UR0B0R0X - Pastebin.com
2013-02-12: America's embarrassingly redundant and entangled cyber security complex
2013-02-12: Flickr accidentally made some private photos public for 20 days (update: Yahoo responds)
2013-02-12: U.S. said to be target of massive cyber-espionage campaign
2013-02-12: Sorry Left AND Right, No Job Requires A College Degree
2013-02-12: Cat cuffing: Japanese cops collar suspect for mass murder e-threat
2013-02-12: Obviously a Major Malfunction...: The Big Bang Theory!
2013-02-12: 7,000 Fake Indentities Equals 200 Million USD
2013-02-12: Squids 'can fly 100 feet through the air'
2013-02-12: Pentagon Cyber Force Turns To Hackers To Meet Growing Demand
2013-02-12: Obama Signs Executive Order on Cybersecurity
2013-02-12: Generations of DoS attacks: A transcription of my Defcon talk with Matthew Prince
2013-02-12: Japan beefs up cybercrime-fighting abilities

2013-02-13: Protecting Your Privacy on the New Facebook
2013-02-13: And The Prize For Best 'Facebook Privacy Metaphor' Goes To...
2013-02-13: Despite Protests, Congress To Bring Back CISPA Exactly As It Was Last Year
2013-02-13: Opera hits 300 million users, promptly moves to WebKit
2013-02-13: Bizarre Google search bug benefits porn websites
2013-02-13: Brian Krebs on login page to Zeus control panel
2013-02-13: Stupid, Stupid xBox!!
2013-02-13: Illuminating the Dark Matter of your network with iScan Onlines Opportunistic Scanning
2013-02-13: Order of Injection Matters: Smart Scanning
2013-02-13: China's Censorship Hits Internet Users In Other Countries
2013-02-13: The Basics of Hacking and Penetration Testing: Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing Made Easy (Syngress Basics Series) (9781597496551) -- Another instructor recommends this book
2013-02-13: How PeerJ Is Changing Everything In Academic Publishing
2013-02-13: SSLShader - GPU-accelerated SSL Proxy
2013-02-13: Jawbone Server Hacked, Customer Data Accessed by Attackers
2013-02-13: Two charged in $3m Chase, Capital One skimming bust
2013-02-13: Emergency Alert System devices vulnerable to hacker attacks, researchers say
2013-02-13: FBI hid microphones in Guantnamo, but no one listened, prison commander testifies
2013-02-13: Resigning Pope Brings Doomsday Prophecy
2013-02-13: Overwriting Hard Drive Data: The Great Wiping Controversy (from 2008)
2013-02-13: So Yeah, There's Gonna Be A Vince Vaughn And Owen Wilson Movie About Life As A Google Intern
2013-02-13: 'Active Defense' is Irresponsible
2013-02-13: Analysis: Malware evolving to defeat anti-DDoS services like CloudFlare
2013-02-13: When the Bad Guys Name Malware After You, You Know You're Doing Something Right
2013-02-13: DDoS report--look at China! -- SHOW TO CLASS
2013-02-13: Anatomy of a targeted attack -- SophosLabs lands in the middle of an Adobe 0-day 'malware experiment'
2013-02-13: Key Figure in Police Ransomware Activity Nabbed
2013-02-13: F-Secure wins the Best Protection 2012 Award from AV-TEST
2013-02-13: Men's rights activists: Symantec branded us a 'hate group'
2013-02-13: How law enforcement and media covered up plan to burn Christopher Dorner alive
2013-02-13: EA Hackathon 2013 -- EXCELLENT FOR CCSF CS STUDENTS

2013-02-14: Infosec pros don't trust their own networks
2013-02-14: Apple cuts MacBook Pro, Air prices as much as 15 percent
2013-02-14: Bad Faith Spoliation Revisited
2013-02-14: Stack Smashing On A Modern Linux System --Good gdb examples
2013-02-14: Black box data reveals falsified NYT article
2013-02-14: Nothink.org -- EXCELLENT HONEYPOT DATA
2013-02-14: Solved -- WinPCap 4.12 install error
2013-02-14: Palm Beach County Health Department worker charged with stealing 2,800 IDs
2013-02-14: RSAC expo attire
2013-02-14: RecImg Manager - Backup & Restore for Windows 8 and Mobile Devices!

2013-02-15: Contribute to opensource without leaving your browser
2013-02-15: Why I hate CBC-MAC
2013-02-15: Apple Working on Fix for iOS 6.1 Passcode Hack
2013-02-15: What I Hate About Windows 8
2013-02-15: Windows 8 book authors dish on Windows 8
2013-02-15: The 130,000 Ton Asteroid Heading Toward Earth
2013-02-15: WhiteHat Sentinel Infrastructure, by the Numbers
2013-02-15: Siberia's Earlier Brush With an Object From Space
2013-02-15: Moshpit simulation
2013-02-15: Microsoft warns of looming retirement for Windows 7 RTM
2013-02-15: Best explanation of MACB timestamps
2013-02-15: VulnHub - Vulnerable By Design -- Excellent projects here!
2013-02-15: YOU HAD ONE JOB!
2013-02-15: illSecure -- Very Easy Hacking Games
2013-02-15: Facebook says it was the subject of a 'sophisticated attack' -
2013-02-15: Biologists Create 'Zombie Cells' In The Lab Which Outperform Living Counterparts
2013-02-15: Boffins FREEZE PHONES to crack Android on-device crypto
2013-02-15: oss-sec: Linux kernel race condition with PTRACE_SETREGS (CVE-2013-0871)
2013-02-15: Shooting Star across San Francisco 2152013 7:44PM - YouTube
2013-02-15: The Pirate Bay sues anti-piracy activists over copyright infringement -- RT

2013-02-16: Hack A Facebook Account - Simple scam site
2013-02-16: xkcd: App
2013-02-16: 5 reasons mobile will disrupt journalism like the Internet did a decade ago
2013-02-16: Shmoocon live stream
2013-02-16: Overthewire -- more hacking games
2013-02-16: SmashTheStack Wargaming Network -- more hacking games
2013-02-16: IPv6 problem at Shmoocon
2013-02-16: Vatican's chief exorcist thanks the Pope
2013-02-16: Telecom NZ: 80,000 Yahoo Xtra Email accounts Hacked
2013-02-16: Police Raided a Guy's House Because He Posted a Picture of a Toy Mortar on Facebook
2013-02-16: A world of hurt after McAfee mistakenly revokes key for signing Mac apps
2013-02-16: Hacking legend Mitnick to secure Ecuadorian elections
2013-02-16: Cryptographers Aim to Find New Password Hashing Algorithm
2013-02-16: Infinite Scrolling that Works
2013-02-16: Hacking Twitter via the Client (unverified)
2013-02-16: Security Development Conference in San Francisco, May 14-15 Some free passes available

2013-02-17: 802.11n Wi-Fi Routers: Tested to the Nth degree
2013-02-17: Google asks journalists to tone down story of 'massive' Google Play security flaw
2013-02-17: Spam from Huffington Post (but I still can't comment)
2013-02-17: What do the icons on the iPad Version of Gmail mean? - Icon next to trash can has what function
2013-02-17: SI6 Networks IPv6 Toolkit
2013-02-17: Guessing Smart Phone PINs by Monitoring the Accelerometer
2013-02-17: ShmooCon Firetalks 2013
2013-02-17: Forensic Challenge 13 -- 'A Message in a Picture' The Honeynet Project
2013-02-17: Behind the bloodsport: Tesla vs. NY Times
2013-02-17: Silent Circle and inexperienced protocol parsing
2013-02-17: Get Ready To Lose Your Job
2013-02-17: Elizabeth Warren Asks The Most Obvious Question Ever And Stumps A Bunch Of Bank Regulators
2013-02-17: Smartphone App reads San Francisco Clipper Card
2013-02-17: Smart card: What your ORCA never forgets
2013-02-17: Mega Sidesteps US State Censorship With Bitcoin
2013-02-17: Guerrilla surveillance camera destruction hits the U.S.
2013-02-17: Travis Goodspeed's Blog: Emulating USB Devices with Python
2013-02-17: Silicon reverse engineering: The 8085's undocumented flags --Examine the silicon
2013-02-17: Star Wars Traceroute Reborn on IPv6 After Skriptkiddies' Attack
2013-02-17: A Cloud Without IPv6
2013-02-17: IPv6-Ready Button -- You want it. You know you do.
2013-02-17: 1,000th 22 Allocated from Last 8 at RIPE
2013-02-17: Why Almost Everyone in Russia Has a Dash Cam
2013-02-17: Occupy Holds Support Rally For Alleged Quadruple Murderer Outside LAPD Headquarters
2013-02-17: I hunted all over for the cleartext UserAssist path in Registry Viewer--it's in the lower left pane
2013-02-17: Tweets To Be Assigned 'High' Or 'Low' Value
2013-02-17: 10 Tricks That Chatbots Use to Make You Believe They're Human

2013-02-18: Article about mobile devices can't be read on iPad mini
2013-02-18: FTC Amends COPPA Laws to Protect Children Across All Mobile Devices
2013-02-18: Boy meets girl. Girl strips on webcam. Tells boy to do the same. Girl blackmails boy
2013-02-18: Bionic Hand Wired To Nerves Can 'Feel' When Touched
2013-02-18: Amazon, eBay, banks achieve 0 percent DNSSEC adoption
2013-02-18: Professor Leaves a MOOC in Mid-Course in Dispute Over Teaching
2013-02-18: Anonymous Hackers dumps 600k Emails from most popular Israeli web portal
2013-02-18: File 6 of Israeli password hashes
2013-02-18: phpBB - How the salted MD5 Israeli passwords were constructed
2013-02-18: Israeli password hashes use at least 128 rounds of MD5, not so shabby
2013-02-18: Security Conference Toronto Canada - Sector 2013 Call for Speakers -- Closes April 30
2013-02-18: Satechi Wireless Multifunction Mini Router Solves Many Wireless Internet Needs with a Tiny Footprint
2013-02-18: Microsoft quietly raises prices of Mac Office by up to 17
2013-02-18: Problems With Precision and Judgment, but Not Integrity, in Tesla Test - NYTimes.com
2013-02-18: Has Dark Matter Finally Been Found? Big News Soon
2013-02-18: Google Engineers Found More Than Half of Microsoft's Bugs
2013-02-18: india.gov.in down, Anon has claimed responsibility
2013-02-18: How I got the Bug Bounty for Mega.co.nz XSS
2013-02-18: Pentesting Without Metasploit Strategic Security
2013-02-18: Web App Pententester Night School Strategic Security
2013-02-18: Bill Gates: Windows Phone strategy was 'a mistake' u2022
2013-02-18: Robot rat bullies real rats into depression... for science!
2013-02-18: Burger King Twitter Feed Closed Over Hacking
2013-02-18: We can't block YouTube, Egypt's telecomms authority tells the court --Hard to believe
2013-02-18: Mandiant Exposes APT1 -- One of China's Cyber Espionage Units & Releases 3,000 Indicators
2013-02-18: United States Sentencing Commission -- Still under construction

2013-02-19: OCSP stapling test
2013-02-19: OCSP Stapling: How CloudFlare Just Made SSL 30 Faster (from Oct, 2012)
2013-02-19: Trust but verify: when CAs fall short
2013-02-19: Hellfire, Morality and Strategy Stratfor
2013-02-19: 8 armed men steal millions in diamonds from plane at Brussels airport
2013-02-19: Anonymous OpLastResort hacks investment firm, cites Stratfor ties
2013-02-19: Plaintext passwords from an investment bank, claims OpLastResort
2013-02-19: SQL Injection Explained in a Fun, Non-Technical Way
2013-02-19: Apple hit by hackers who targeted Facebook last week
2013-02-19: USA v Twitter, Appelbaum et al Effective Today
2013-02-19: Oh, you found a remote OpenSSH 0-day on Pastebin? Don't trust it.
2013-02-19: An update on our war against account hijackers Official Google Blog
2013-02-19: DDoS Attack on Bank Hid $900,000 Cyberheist
2013-02-19: The Reality of Advanced Threats and the Technology Needed to Fight Them
2013-02-19: BlackBerry Enterprise Servers vulnerable to TIFF Image based Exploit

2013-02-20: Intro to JunOS Operating System -- Day 1 Notes
2013-02-20: Default Route Preference Values - JUNOS 9.4 Routing Protocols Configuration Guide

2013-02-21: PIMPICFPC explanation.. - J-Net Community
2013-02-21: CompTIA Security SY0-301: 1.3 - Subnetting the Network Professor Messer
2013-02-21: The malware NBC's Serving
2013-02-21: An IPv6 tunnel as a free VPN alternative to unblock YouTube content in your country
2013-02-21: NBC.com hacked, serving up Citadel malware
2013-02-21: We've been hacked - Zendesk
2013-02-21: New Wireshark SMB2 file extraction feature
2013-02-21: Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest warn users after customer support service Zendesk gets hacked
2013-02-21: National Association of Federal Agents Defaced For #FFF
2013-02-21: Motives behind charges queried - China.org.cn
2013-02-21: Sadly, this is not The Onion

2013-02-22: Marina Voinova Rumbles Cheating Fiance After Spotting Him On Russia's Google Maps Street View Equivalent Yandex Panorama (PICTURE)
2013-02-22: Asteroid Apocalypse? Why Scientists Worry About 2036 'Planet Buster'
2013-02-22: Web App Pententester Night School Strategic Security
2013-02-22: Hacked Cash Machine Runs Angry Birds (VIDEO)
2013-02-22: Aspen Institute Hacked, the FBI Points the Finger at China
2013-02-22: OAuth flaw allowed researcher full access to any Facebook account
2013-02-22: OAuth flaw allowed researcher full access to any Facebook account
2013-02-22: OAuth flaw allowed researcher full access to any Facebook account
2013-02-22: JunOS Class Notes for both days, with practice exam -- JUNOS CLASS NOTES HERE
2013-02-22: Sentencing for 'Sabu' delayed, while Hammond awaits trial with same judge
2013-02-22: Everyone knew what China was doing -- now what?
2013-02-22: White House announces new US open access policy
2013-02-22: Microsoft secure Azure Storage goes down WORLDWIDE
2013-02-22: China's Cybergames
2013-02-22: JunOS Class -- Before & After
2013-02-22: Donald Trump, the latest victim of hackers on Twitter
2013-02-22: Linux Based SSHD Rootkit Floating The Interwebs
2013-02-22: Making It Illegal To Fail Science Students Who Argue Humans Co-Existed With Dinosaurs
2013-02-22: Pope pushed by 'VatiLeaks', says paper
2013-02-22: Prison Sponser Tries To Delete Wikipedia Information
2013-02-22: DHS Wants to Help You Become a Cybersecurity Fed
2013-02-22: Yahoo CEO Mayer Now Requiring Remote Employees to Not Be (Remote)
2013-02-22: Microsoft Teredo is a no-go area for IPv6
2013-02-22: Security Implications of IPv6 on IPv4 Networks
2013-02-22: Comment on the Mandiant report

2013-02-23: ISC Diary IPv6 Focus Month
2013-02-23: White House Cracks Down On Cyberespionage
2013-02-23: Move Over, APTs -- The RAM-Based Advanced Volatile Threat Is Spinning Up Fast - Total Nonsense
2013-02-23: American ISPs reportedly rolling out 'six strikes' anti-piracy rules on Monday
2013-02-23: Good Web Security News: Open DNS Resolvers Are Getting Closed
2013-02-23: JesterLand -- Jester opens a Minecraft server to better market himself to children
2013-02-23: Global Vulnerability Analysis (#RSA2013) preview: An internet-wide portscan in one 7Mb GIF
2013-02-23: The Jester Will Bury Me
2013-02-23: DOM Based XSS In AVG

2013-02-24: MS Office 2010 Download Execute from Metasploit -- MUST TRY THIS :)
2013-02-24: Recent Cyberattacks - MSRC - Site Home - TechNet Blogs
2013-02-24: The New Firefox Cookie Policy Web Policy
2013-02-24: MS13-009 Microsoft Internet Explorer SLayoutRun UAF Metasploit Demo
2013-02-24: Linux kernel handling of IPv6 temporary addresses -- CVE-2013-0343 --NEW IPv6 ATTACK
2013-02-24: How To Exploit CVE-2010-3333 -- Microsoft Word RTF File Vulnerability
2013-02-24: ISC Diary 'My Computer is Acting Strangely'
2013-02-24: Microsoft brings Azure back online u2022 The Register
2013-02-24: Knock, knock. Who's there? No one. DataLossDB
2013-02-24: Ridiculous: Microsoft's Azure Fails Over Unrenewed Security Certificate
2013-02-24: Wi-Fi users at B-SidesSF
2013-02-24: Commerciak side-channel fault injection tool
2013-02-24: Details on the NBC.com attacks as uncovered by Umbrella Security Graph
2013-02-24: Kyle Adams' intrusion Deception slides should appear here
2013-02-24: @dakami at #BSidesSF being wrong
2013-02-24: asm.js - praised by @dakami at #BSidesSF

2013-02-25: MasterCard launches MasterPass: Will this digital wallet fly?
2013-02-25: The AR-15 Is More Than a Gun. It's a Gadget
2013-02-25: No, Iran didn't really hack and down a foreign military spy drone
2013-02-25: A new way to sell used IT equipment
2013-02-25: How to make iPads safe for government? 'Neuter' them.
2013-02-25: Hackers Find Flaw in American Express Site, Gain Access to over 2 GB of Data
2013-02-25: cPanel Technical Support Department Server Hacked
2013-02-25: Another iPhone Passcode Bypass Vulnerability Discovered
2013-02-25: IPv6: How Do the Top Ranked Tier-One ISP's Perform?
2013-02-25: Bouncing NMAP Scans through the mainframe
2013-02-25: The drone-industrial complex wants 30,000 eyes in the sky spying on us Americans by 2020
2013-02-25: Researchers claim to have found more zero-day vulnerabilities in Java
2013-02-25: Microsoft bares study results on viruses, malware in newly-bought computers
2013-02-25: d0x3d! -- A Board Game for Teaching Non-Techies Computer Security
2013-02-25: Microsoft Windows File System Tunneling
2013-02-25: Why I think you should try Bro
2013-02-25: Apple Is Beta-Testing A Fix For Evasi0n Jailbreak - Forbes
2013-02-25: Marissa Mayer, I hear you
2013-02-25: Haters As A Leading Indicator Of Success
2013-02-25: Using LiME & Volatility to analyze Linux memory - YouTube
2013-02-25: Analyzing Meterpreter infection with Redline - YouTube
2013-02-25: Using Cuckoobox & Volatility to analyze APT1 malware - YouTube
2013-02-25: Ch0rt's slides re DFIR
2013-02-25: 'Dementia' Wipes Out Attacker Footprints In Memory (From Jan.)
2013-02-25: 42.zip --A simple zip bomb (antifornsics)
2013-02-25: Notes on Josh Corman's talk at B-Sides
2013-02-25: Security B-Sides -- why violetblue's talk was cancelled
2013-02-25: Notorious hacker Sabu has to help the FBI for another six months
2013-02-25: #BSidesSF: Violet Blue's talk never should have been on the agenda --I agree

2013-02-26: Keeping it on-topic: the problem with discussing sex at technical conferences
2013-02-26: How Anonymous accidentally helped expose two Chinese hackers
2013-02-26: Researchers Bypass Google Two-Factor Authentication
2013-02-26: 6to4 status (again) -- interesting discussion re: the public 6to4 relays (
2013-02-26: al-Qassam Cyber Fighters to Resume Attacks Against US Banks on March 5
2013-02-26: Windows XP and Firefox browser amass worst vulnerability record over past 25 years
2013-02-26: Using Windows 8u2032s 'hidden' backup to clone and recover your whole PC
2013-02-26: Here's What Law Enforcement Can Recover From A Seized iPhone
2013-02-26: Sign That Chinese Hackers Have Become Professional: They Take Weekends Off
2013-02-26: Bible compromised, serving up malware
2013-02-26: DAILY VIOLET, What happened with my Security BSides talk
2013-02-26: Social Work in the Tenderloin Will Kill Something Inside of You
2013-02-26: Chicken of Depression
2013-02-26: VB data supports Google's claim to having reduced compromised accounts

2013-02-27: Why putting SSH on another port than 22 is bad idea
2013-02-27: Anonymous Hack Of Bank Of America
2013-02-27: Symantec discovers 2005 US computer virus attack on Iran nuclear plants
2013-02-27: Federal Government Makes Silo-Busting, Startup-Unleashing Healthcare Move
2013-02-27: Yahoo Issues a Statement on Work-at-Home Ban
2013-02-27: 3-D Printed Car Is as Strong as Steel, Half the Weight, and Nearing Production
2013-02-27: How NAND Arrays Work
2013-02-27: New security tool serves Amazon Cloud users - $3500yr
2013-02-27: CloudFlare's WAF fails security test, much worse than modsecurity and Incapsula
2013-02-27: One fake MIT shooter and the troubling trend of SWATting

2013-02-28: Anonymous leaks 'Bank of America secrets' in spy revenge hack
2013-02-28: ABC hacked after anti-Islam politician Interview (Australian)
2013-02-28: Team Cymru Internet Monitor - DNS Name Server Status Summary
2013-02-28: Horror stories of women in tech: The worst advice I've ever received
2013-02-28: Supermassive Black Hole Spins at Nearly the Speed of Light
2013-02-28: Google boss: Smartphones stole my masculinity - Sergey Brin's surprise claim
2013-02-28: CCSF Chancellors Message 2-28-13
2013-02-28: We love our City College rally tonight on Ocean campus

Mar 2013

2013-03-01: Chort0's Memory Forensics Slides
2013-03-01: Stateless IPICMP Translation (SIIT) #IPv6
2013-03-01: Immunity - a brand new fake antivirus from Russia
2013-03-01: Prepare for 'post-crypto world', warns godfather of encryption
2013-03-01: Google Glass is Big Brother
2013-03-01: Mac Memory Reader -- capture RAM from a Mac
2013-03-01: NATO, European governments, hit by MiniDuke cyber attack
2013-03-01: Canadian Government Issues BlackBerry Security Warning
2013-03-01: Identity Theft Is #1 Complaint Again...13 Years In A Row
2013-03-01: Not So Fast: No, Apple Isn't Censoring Your Dirty Emails

2013-03-02: Twitter Archive Taking Shape at Library of Congress
2013-03-02: Test your SSDs or risk massive data loss, researchers warn Solid state drives
2013-03-02: New Java 0-Day Attack Echoes Bit9 Breach
2013-03-02: Apple Stock Just Crashed To A New Low
2013-03-02: Why a one-room West Virginia library runs a $20,000 Cisco router
2013-03-02: Kon-Boot v1.0 Review
2013-03-02: Evernote hacked -- almost 50 million passwords reset after security breach
2013-03-02: Here Come China's Drones
2013-03-02: In burglary-plagued Oakland, it's easy to pick on this workshop
2013-03-02: Student busted for selling wayward drone online
2013-03-02: BackBox Linux -- an Italian Security Linux Distro
2013-03-02: Justin Bieber Linux
2013-03-02: Manning to Face More Serious Charges in Leak
2013-03-02: Member Of Anonymous Speaks

2013-03-03: Watch This Robotic Dog Throw Cinder Blocks With Its Head
2013-03-03: Scientists Uncover Invisible Motion in Video
2013-03-03: Crypton - a Zero Knowledge application framework
2013-03-03: Movie of CloudFlare's BGP updates during the outage today
2013-03-03: CloudFlare BGP Flapping 3-3-13 -- Event lasted almost 2 hours
2013-03-03: Deadly Mexican Drug Cartels Offer $47,000 For Info On Anonymous Facebook Watchdogs
2013-03-03: How Marissa Mayer Figured Out Work-At-Home Yahoos Were Slacking Off
2013-03-03: Apple blacklists older versions of Flash plugin due to security risk
2013-03-03: Volatility Cheat Sheet
2013-03-03: Anatomy of a 'feature' -- what happens if a website grabs all your disk space?
2013-03-03: Today's Outage Post Mortem - CloudFlare blog
2013-03-03: The top 10 unsolved ciphertexts
2013-03-03: BAJUG3 - Bay Area Juniper Users Group - Wednesday, March 6, 2013 - Sunnyvale
2013-03-03: Bug in Juniper Router Firmware Update Causes Massive Internet Outage (from 2011)
2013-03-03: How Cloudflare uses Flowspec to Stop DoS Attacks
2013-03-03: Today's Outage Post Mortem - CloudFlare blog --SHOW TO CLASS, COMMENTS IMPORTANT
2013-03-03: About Twitter Limits (Update, API, DM, and Following)
2013-03-03: Commodore 64 bug finally solved, 25 years later
2013-03-03: I am a first responder to 911. 14 years as a police officer SWAT, saved numerous lives, and died twice and now retired AMA!
2013-03-03: Ars Asks: We've got some UltraEverDry--what should we put it on?
2013-03-03: Mississippi doctors 'functionally cure' a toddler of HIV
2013-03-03: IPv6 Jumbograms
2013-03-03: junos input validation, sigh - Pastebin.com
2013-03-03: Public schoolboy hacker who masterminded £15m fraud is put in jail's IT class...and hacks the prison's computer system
2013-03-03: Bug bounties recognised in infosec qualifications

2013-03-04: ipv6hackers Remote system freeze thanks to Kaspersky Internet Security 2013
2013-03-04: Open Source Forensics for Windows, MacOS, and Linux: DFF
2013-03-04: What file extensions does CloudFlare cache for static content?
2013-03-04: Evernote password reset: Data-protection FAIL
2013-03-04: Security Hobos
2013-03-04: Getting Your Feet Wet Joining the Conversation Forensicaliente - because digital forensics is 'hot'
2013-03-04: Google flaw exposes weakness in two-factor authentication -- CLEAR EXPLANATION
2013-03-04: Java 0day countdown
2013-03-04: Here's what an actual 'six strikes' copyright alert looks like
2013-03-04: 86796: Juniper Junos BGP UPDATE Message Malformed Flow Specification NLRI Handling Remote DoS -- may be the flaw Cloudflare hit
2013-03-04: White House: 'It's Time to Legalize Cellphone Unlocking'
2013-03-04: Twitter Reaction to Events Often at Odds with Overall Public Opinion
2013-03-04: The Pirate Bay's new home.... North Korea
2013-03-04: Attacks hit, but don't break, new SHA-3 candidate
2013-03-04: TweetDeck Versions Ending
2013-03-04: BSidesLV2013 CFP.doc - Google Drive
2013-03-04: Microsoft pushes another botched automatic update -- 5 bad patches per year
2013-03-04: Predicting the IPv6 BGP table size
2013-03-04: Oracle Issues Emergency Java Update

2013-03-05: Trolling -- academics look at an online sub-culture that verges on bullying
2013-03-05: Viral Video Shows the Extent of U.S. Wealth Inequality
2013-03-05: DDoS: Preparing for New Attacks
2013-03-05: Good analysis of the malware at speedtest.net
2013-03-05: Best Buy Follows Yahoo in Banning Remote Work
2013-03-05: A step back in time with Windows 8u2032s File History
2013-03-05: Internet Explorer 10 now available for Windows 7
2013-03-05: 13 IT security myths debunked
2013-03-05: Twitter Y U Break Zoom on iPad?
2013-03-05: RSA 2013: FBI offers lessons learned on insider threat detection
2013-03-05: A Day in the Life of a Freelance Journalist--2013
2013-03-05: The world's smallest and lightest phone now does email, is still ridiculous
2013-03-05: Ex-Exel president found guilty of hacking former employers
2013-03-05: Evernote: We're Adding Two-Factor Authentication
2013-03-05: Google Says the FBI Is Secretly Spying on Some of Its Customers
2013-03-05: Rent a Friend
2013-03-13: Time Warner Cable uses ASCII Art as an admin password

2013-03-05: Weak password encryption on Huawei products

2013-03-06: IPv6 Neighbor Cache Exhaustion Attacks -- Risk Assessment & Mitigation Strategies, Part 1 - Insinuator
2013-03-06: IPv6 Breaks Email Sending from Mac to Exchange Because of Double-Colon Problem
2013-03-06: @J4vv4D: My video blog from RSA and Bsides San Francisco
2013-03-06: PowerShell Basics - Execution Policy and Code Signing Part1
2013-03-06: EU to fine Microsoft over broken browser pledge
2013-03-06: How to change font size in Mail and Notes on the iPad & iPhone
2013-03-06: Why Moore's Law, not mobility, is killing the PC
2013-03-06: Computer Scientists Measure the Speed of Censorship On China's Twitter
2013-03-06: Military Malware May Have Killed the iPhone Jailbreak -- iOS bugs worth $500,000?
2013-03-06: 99 percent of web apps vulnerable to attack -- SHOW TO CLASS
2013-03-06: All currently available Corsair SSDs have an internal garbage collection function
2013-03-06: Corsair Nova Series 2 CSSD-V30GB2A Solid State Drive - has background garbage collection
2013-03-06: Samsung S3 : Full Lock Screen Bypass
2013-03-06: The Chinese Time Bomb
2013-03-06: Gnome co-founder explains why he dumped Linux for Mac
2013-03-06: Podcast: Vupen CEO Chaouki Bekrar Addresses Zero Day Marketplace Controversy at CanSecWest -- They expect to win $250,000 for 12 0days
2013-03-06: Java fails to check certificate revocation
2013-03-06: OPEN LETTER TO THE SF CHRONICLE ON THEIR COVERAGE OF CCSF CRISIS --Accurate but I don't think the Chon cares
2013-03-06: Authorea: Write up your research papers, right inside your browser.
2013-03-06: Texas proposes one of nation's 'most sweeping' mobile privacy laws
2013-03-06: Angry judge calls porn troll's bluff, orders entire firm to court
2013-03-06: The RSA Conference expo floor offended me - and why I blame the exhibitors

2013-03-07: Google IO Gets a Binary Code Easter Egg, More Details on the Registration Process
2013-03-07: Raspberry Pi site suffers DDoS attack
2013-03-07: Most interesting products at RSA Conference 2013
2013-03-07: Cybercriminals Likely To Expand Use Of Browser Proxies
2013-03-07: Quantum Entanglement Travels at Least 10,000 Faster than Light
2013-03-07: New Sanctions Imposed on North Korea as It Warns of Pre-emptive Nuclear Attack
2013-03-07: Java malware spotted using stolen certificate
2013-03-07: At Facebook, zero-day exploits, backdoor code bring war games drill to life (from Feb.)
2013-03-07: Juniper training and podcasts
2013-03-07: DEF CON 21 Hacking Conference - Call for Papers.
2013-03-07: The Scariest Climate Change Graph Just Got Scarier
2013-03-07: Data Evaporation from a SSD - YouTube
2013-03-07: Excellent list of IPv6 security issues

2013-03-08: Skype's Been Hijacked in China, and Microsoft Is O.K. With It
2013-03-08: Ice Cream Sandwich vulnerable to fridges - Chilly Androids easy to break
2013-03-08: How Facebook Prepared to Be Hacked
2013-03-08: Filtering ICMPv6 at the Border
2013-03-08: EC-Council ECE Delta System
2013-03-08: Microsoft vs. the world: The punches keep coming
2013-03-08: Marc Heuse on IPv6 security issues -- useful research ideas
2013-03-08: AWS Summit 2013 San Francisco - April 30, free
2013-03-08: Good free online security classes at Coursera
2013-03-08: Pwn2Own Hackers Take Down Chrome, Firefox, IE10
2013-03-08: Scientists Have Re-Cloned Mice To the 25th Generation
2013-03-08: SecurityTube Trainings - Online classes, cost $250
2013-03-08: The Guardsman Online: CCSF's crisis is a lesson in public education funding
2013-03-08: Dove's Trojaned Photoshop Action Reverts Women's Bodies to Un-retouched State
2013-03-08: Linux triumphant: Chrome OS resists cracking attempts
2013-03-08: Path Still Doesn't Know What Job We're Hiring It For
2013-03-08: Apple finally fixes App Store flaw by turning on encryption
2013-03-08: Here's the $4.99 utility that might just have saved Windows 8
2013-03-08: Microsoft backs law banning Google Apps from schools
2013-03-08: We Are Legion The Story of the Hacktivists -- Showing at DeVry in Daly City, Weds. March 20
2013-03-08: NSF Audit Finds Numerous Cases of Alleged Plagiarism
2013-03-08: China security officers chase CNN crew - YouTube
2013-03-08: CVE-2013-1763 -- Gaining Root access from Ubuntu 12.10 Guest Account
2013-03-08: Google nears $7 million settlement with U.S. states over Wifi incident
2013-03-08: sudo authentication bypass when clock is reset
2013-03-08: As PC sales stall, Samsung exec has harsh words for Windows 8
2013-03-08: Five Reasons Why Linux Has Failed
2013-03-08: Firefox and Chrome patched ALREADY after Pwn2own
2013-03-08: PunkSPIDER -- The Shodan of Web Applications
2013-03-08: Vancouver Aquarium web cams go live - Watch the penguins, belugas, jellyfish and sea otters
2013-03-08: ISC Diary IPv6 Focus Month: IPv6 Encapsulation - Protocol 41 --Total nonsense, says Teredo uses protocol 41
2013-03-08: Hackers Pull Off $12,000 Bitcoin Heist
2013-03-08: Cree LED Light Bulbs Launched

2013-03-09: Avast Germany Hacked & 20,000 Credentials leaked with payment information
2013-03-09: The value of a hacked PC
2013-03-09: Mobile Malcoders Pay to (Google) Play
2013-03-09: $5 million class action lawsuit over LinkedIn data breach dismissed
2013-03-09: Size, Funding of Bank DDoS Attacks Grow in Third Phase
2013-03-09: Seattle drinking den bans Google Glass geeks
2013-03-09: German data stolen with Trojaned Asian manufacturing machine
2013-03-09: Here come the encryption apps!
2013-03-09: Amazon accused of knocking off AWS customers' products
2013-03-09: Home CCSF Linux Users Group
2013-03-09: CCSF Coders
2013-03-09: Overview of current cyber attacks -- SHOW TO CLASS

2013-03-10: PeaZip -- 150+ zip formats
2013-03-10: Single IPv6 packet KILLS Kaspersky-protected PCs, fix emerges
2013-03-10: The Origin of Comic Sans
2013-03-10: China ranks US as top source of cyber attacks this year
2013-03-10: Password Storage Cheat Sheet - OWASP
2013-03-10: Android attracts 112 times more malware than Apple's iOS
2013-03-10: Now Samsung is Complaining About Windows 8
2013-03-10: Oxford blocks Google Docs
2013-03-10: Exploit Exercises
2013-03-10: Guess why we're moving to 256-bit AES keys -- VERY INFORMATIVE
2013-03-10: NSA Suite B Cryptography - NSACSS -- Military endorsement of AES-128 & 256
2013-03-10: Change the Font Size of Web Pages in Safari for iOS with Bookmarklets
2013-03-10: Wells Fargo Typo Victim Dies in Court
2013-03-10: How Facebook could get you arrested
2013-03-10: Former Newark TSA screener dishes on lax security at what may be America's most unsafe airport
2013-03-10: Barrett Brown Trial Pushed Back to September, at His Lawyer's Request
2013-03-10: DoS Attacks Denial of Service Attacks Xbox LIVE
2013-03-10: Denial of Service in Games
2013-03-10: CNIT 120 Lectures in Video and Audio Formats, recorded by students
2013-03-10: Embattled City College is nearing its judgment day

2013-03-11: Meet the men who spy on women through their webcams --RATS
2013-03-11: InfoSec Institute Resources -- Anti-Forensics -- Part 1
2013-03-11: The Professor, the Bikini Model and the Suitcase Full of Trouble
2013-03-11: Preparing an IPv6 Addressing Plan -- RIPE Labs
2013-03-11: Security concerns bedevil outsourcing in China
2013-03-11: TSA agent with fake bomb gets past security at Newark Airport
2013-03-11: Help Keep Threats at Bay With 'Click-to-Play'
2013-03-11: Resources for Aspiring Penetration Testers
2013-03-11: Colin Powell's Facebook account has been hacked
2013-03-11: UK Cyber Security Challenge won by chemist with no IT background
2013-03-11: U.S. Demands That China End Hacking and Set Cyber Rules
2013-03-11: 1 in 7 WinXP-using biz bods DON'T KNOW Microsoft is pulling the plug
2013-03-11: China's new internet backbone explained: verified sources, IPv6 at the core
2013-03-11: TeliaSonera may be removed from trusted root CAs in Firefox
2013-03-11: India's "Take down a botnet" contest
2013-03-11: Tor Exit Nodes Mapped and Located
2013-03-11: SSD failure rates compared to hard drives ( from 2010)

2013-03-12: Memoto Mini Camera Automatically Captures Your Life Every 30 Seconds
2013-03-12: Windows 8's Flash whitelist goes black, turns on Flash almost everywhere
2013-03-12: English boxer Curtis Woodhouse turns up on the doorstep of his Twitter troll
2013-03-12: Did Amazon just nuke enterprise private clouds?
2013-03-12: Above the law
2013-03-12: 5 governments and 5 companies that are Enemies of the Internet
2013-03-12: Start8 and ModernMix -- Windows 8's last, best hope for normality on the desktop
2013-03-12: Amazon Optimus Prime
2013-03-12: MS13-027: Addressing an issue in the USB driver requiring physical access -- SHOW TO CLASS
2013-03-12: Puppet + Juniper -- EXCELLENT IDEA
2013-03-12: Russian Spy Anna Chapman is on Facebook
2013-03-12: Nest The LearningThermostat
2013-03-12: Security Chief Says Computer Attacks Will Be Met
2013-03-12: Crims buy access to Brazilian national security database
2013-03-12: Arm & Hammer Representative Starting To Wonder What He's Doing At SXSW

2013-03-13: The Great Hotmail, Outlook Outage Of 2013 Continues As Downtime Passes 12 Hours
2013-03-13: Embedded Anti-Malware Defends Against Cisco IP Phone Hack
2013-03-13: Could This Be the First Crack in the PCI Scam?
2013-03-13: Indian Hacker Godzilla leaked Pakistan Government website's Database details
2013-03-13: Denial-of-service attack takes down JP Morgan Chase sites
2013-03-13: Anatomy of a problem -- Bitcoin loses 25 in value due to a long-missed bug
2013-03-13: GoDaddy gone, daddy: DDoS
2013-03-13: France says Skype could face prosecution for failure to register as a telecom
2013-03-13: Users flock to Japan student's firewall-busting thesis project
2013-03-13: The Birth of Kali Linux --Replaces Backtrack
2013-03-13: Old Linux Rootkits
2013-03-13: On the Security of RC4 in TLS -- DEATH TO RC4
2013-03-13: The Google Reader Shutdown Is Yet Another Nail In Feedburner's Coffin
2013-03-13: AT&T Hacker's Last Bid to Stay Out of Jail
2013-03-13: US national vulnerability database hacked
2013-03-13: Glympse -- Share your location
2013-03-13: How I Hacked Any Facebook Account...Again!
2013-03-13: Obama Administration To Allow All Spy Agencies To Scour Americans' Finances
2013-03-13: Fake fingers fool Brazilian biometrics
2013-03-13: Update: Ukrainian Military Dolphins Not Actually on the Loose

2013-03-14: Killing Windows 7 with Kaspersky & One IPv6 Packet - YouTube
2013-03-14: Rare Kaspersky bug locks up operating system
2013-03-14: Brian Krebs gets SWATted
2013-03-14: Google Reader Still Drives Far More Traffic Than Google --SHOW TO CLASS
2013-03-14: Thomson Reuters Editor Is Charged in Anon Hacking of News Site
2013-03-14: HBGary offers online security classes

2013-03-15: Only broadcast packets seen in monitor mode
2013-03-15: Security reporter tells Ars about hacked 911 call that sent SWAT team to his house
2013-03-15: #FTP Fuck The Pigs #Anonymous - - Anons outraged because police put criminals in prison
2013-03-15: Avast adds itself as a trusted root CA without permission
2013-03-15: 14 Adults Have Been 'Cured' of HIV
2013-03-15: Four squirrel monkeys riding a capybara
2013-03-15: The World Has No Room For Cowards -- Krebs on Security
2013-03-15: 'Ethical hacker' booked for cheating in Ranchi
2013-03-15: Hacker swarm attacks dummy critical infrastructure honeypot
2013-03-15: Shocker: Court Says National Security Letters Are Unconstitutional, Bans Them
2013-03-15: North Korea's Internet returns after 36-hour outage
2013-03-15: Script Execution flaw in Google drive poses security threat
2013-03-15: Downed US vuln catalog infected for at least TWO MONTHS
2013-03-15: CCTV hack takes casino for $33 MILLION in poker losses
2013-03-15: (ISC)2 says the IT security workforce is at a crisis point
2013-03-15: Medical Industry Under Attack By Chinese Hackers
2013-03-15: 'Supergrass' takes hacking scandal into new territory

2013-03-16: How to Get Microsoft Office 2010 for $10 - CBS News
2013-03-16: Microsoft Home Use Program - Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 for $10

2013-03-17: 'NotCompatible' Android malware rears its ugly head, again
2013-03-17: Opinion: The Internet is a surveillance state - CNN.com
2013-03-17: Has HTTPS finally been cracked? Five researchers deal SSLTLS a biggish blow... --Details of RC4
2013-03-17: Dropbox Buys Mailbox - Promises To Help It Grow
2013-03-17: Learn to Subnet - videos
2013-03-17: ERLite-3 - 3-port Router -- very advanced for $99
2013-03-17: Nigerian scam defrauds lawyers
2013-03-17: ShmooCon videos
2013-03-17: How To Hire An Assassin On The Secret Internet For Criminals
2013-03-17: China Is Engineering Genius Babies
2013-03-17: Microsoft To Abandon Windows Phone?
2013-03-17: Huawei USB modems vulnerable
2013-03-17: Drones with freakin' CLAWS grab objects like eagles
2013-03-17: Salem State University's servers infected by virus,25k personal data at risk
2013-03-17: Analysis of the Booter.tw
2013-03-17: Decrypting Apple FileVault Full Volume Encryption
2013-03-17: Huawei linked to attempted illegal sale of HP equipment to Iran
2013-03-17: Welcome to the Bitcoin revolution, there's no going back now
2013-03-17: VIDEO: Feds Swarm Metra Train After Detecting Nuclear Risk
2013-03-17: Wanted: People willing to die on Mars
2013-03-17: Lost, unencrypted USB thumb drive impacts more than 50k Medicaid providers

2013-03-18: Most PC security problems come from unpatched third-party Windows apps
2013-03-18: New Exploit Evades All Antivirus Products For Almost A Day
2013-03-18: Flattr Now Monetizes The Like Economy By Connecting Social Accounts With Payments
2013-03-18: Andrew Auernheimer AKA 'The AT&T Hacker' Sentenced To 41 Months In Prison
2013-03-18: iPad Hacker Weev Gets Prison Time
2013-03-18: Windows 7 SP1 Hits Automatic Installation Milestone
2013-03-18: Tech Days -- May 2-3 in San Francisco
2013-03-18: Hacker who wanted to embarrass AT&T sentenced to 41 months - SHOW TO CLASS
2013-03-18: Internet Census 2012--completely illegal but interesting
2013-03-18: Internet Census 2012 -- SHOW TO CLASS
2013-03-18: Scanning the entire Internet legally--How HD Moore does it -- SHOW TO CLASS
2013-03-18: Pretty GIF showing PING responses through the day for the Earth
2013-03-18: NVIDIA cripples firmware on their Video Cards! Here's How To Mod For Upgrade!
2013-03-18: CrowdInspect: Host-Based Process Inspection

2013-03-19: T-Mobile Security Flaw Allowed Snooping, Modification of Wi-Fi Calls, Texts
2013-03-19: Revealed: Chrome Really Was Exploited At Pwnium 2013
2013-03-19: Popular ad blocking app nixed from Google Play
2013-03-19: ISC Diary IPv6 Focus Month: What is changing with DHCP
2013-03-19: CNET blames Fyodor for making the 420,000 router botnet -- MORON
2013-03-19: Download.com Caught Adding Malware to Nmap & Other Software
2013-03-19: Cisco switches to weaker hashing scheme, passwords cracked wide open
2013-03-19: Infosecurity - See a stick and plug it in; and all the day you'll have bad luck
2013-03-19: Full Disclosure: Port scanning 0 using insecure embedded devices
2013-03-19: Court sides with student in case over textbooks
2013-03-19: Here's a Reminder Not To Tell Your Foreign Lover U.S. Nuke Secrets

2013-03-20: V6 WORLD CONGRESS 2013
2013-03-20: Krebs found his attacker
2013-03-20: Google Implements DNSSEC Validation for Public DNS
2013-03-20: FBI arrests NASA contractor employee trying to flee to China
2013-03-20: Is this gun smoking? Certified Unethical Training CSO Blogs -- bizarre, incoherent mudslinging at CEH
2013-03-20: RC4 in TLS is Broken: Now What?
2013-03-20: TIME: JavaScript timing side- channel attack on HTTPS -- SHOW TO CLASS
2013-03-20: South Korea network hack prompts broadcast, bank outages
2013-03-20: iOS 6.1.3 released -- Apple fixes iPhoneiPad passcode-bypass security loophole
2013-03-20: Is it ever acceptable for a journalist to hack into somebody else's email?
2013-03-20: California duo charged with selling ready-to-hack Point-of-Sale systems to Subway branches -- HARDWARE TROJANS
2013-03-20: Chinese Hackers Start Cleaning Their Tracks After Mandiant Report
2013-03-20: Google Fiber approved for expansion
2013-03-20: Trojan.Yontoo.1 leads among new adware Trojans for Mac
2013-03-20: SCADA honeypots attract swarm of international hackers
2013-03-20: Apple may face penalties for poor e-discovery -- SHOW TO CLASS
2013-03-20: Doctor 'used silicone fingers' to sign in for colleagues
2013-03-20: Hillary Clinton's hacked Benghazi emails sent to RT
2013-03-20: Microsoft to cooperate with feds in bribery, kickback probe
2013-03-20: On Security Awareness Training
2013-03-20: China Cert: China Under Severe Cyber Attack
2013-03-20: Owasp-leaders Code Review Guide Volunteers Needed
2013-03-20: European company Weve promoting SMS advertising
2013-03-20: Watch Apple's New VP Destroy an iPhone With a Steamroller
2013-03-20: Information about the South Korean banks and media systems attacks
2013-03-20: Guerilla researcher created epic botnet to scan billions of IP addresses
2013-03-20: Pentagon Plans to Deploy More Than 100 Cyber Teams by Late 2015
2013-03-20: Cautious Optimism over Google DNSSEC Deployment
2013-03-20: 'Loud' Data-Annihilation Cyberattacks Hit South Korean Banks, Media Outlets
2013-03-20: Windows Embedded 8 Generally Available
2013-03-20: Five Hurdles That Slow Database Security Adoption
2013-03-20: Password Hashing Competition
2013-03-20: The DDoS That Knocked Spamhaus Offline (And How We Mitigated It) -- DNS Amplification -- SHOW TO CLASS
2013-03-20: A quick look at open DNS resolvers
2013-03-20: DNS Response Rate Limiting
2013-03-20: Another iPhone unlock spell revealed
2013-03-20: Defending against DNS reflection amplification attacks

2013-03-21: butyouragirl.com vanished from DNS
2013-03-21: Forking and Dongle Jokes Don't Belong At Tech Conferences - But You're A Girl -
2013-03-21: Virusmap
2013-03-21: F-Secure Labs Malware World Map, ASCII Edition - YouTube
2013-03-21: NASA Technical Reports Database Goes Dark
2013-03-21: Genesco Lawsuit Could Shake PCI Compliance Regime To Its Core
2013-03-21: Bitcoin Value Hits $70 and Keeps Climbing; Cyprus Bailout Connection Speculated
2013-03-21: NASA Tightens Security In Response To Insider Threat
2013-03-21: Advice on how to keep your job after making sexist jokes -- good discussion in comments
2013-03-21: How 'dongle' jokes got two people fired--and led to DDoS attacks
2013-03-21: Microsoft Releases 2012 Law Enforcement Requests Report
2013-03-21: Adria Richards, PyCon, and How We All Lost --Another perspective
2013-03-21: Odeo Releases Twttr -- From 2006; Hilarious, read comments
2013-03-21: No, women are still not equal to men in IT

2013-03-22: DNA Lounge: SFPD is still going surveillance-nutty.
2013-03-22: Apple to reject any apps that use UDIDs, don't support Retina, iPhone 5 displays as of May 1st
2013-03-22: Apple follows Google, Facebook, and others with two-step authentication
2013-03-22: Logic Bomb Set Off South Korea Cyberattack
2013-03-22: Influential Ex-Aide to Obama Voices Concern on Drone Strikes
2013-03-22: Add drivers to Windows Server 2012 ISO Image
2013-03-22: Ajax schoolgirl uses code word to outwit potential abductor in 'textbook example' of street proofing
2013-03-22: Andrew 'weev' Auernheimer Files Appeal, New Pro-Bono Lawyer Outlines Why
2013-03-22: Firewalls: Expensive, Broken Routers
2013-03-22: A 50 Gbps Connection With Multipath TCP
2013-03-22: Is it ok to howitzer a hacker? - US military contemplates droning script kids
2013-03-22: IT admin pleads guilty to hacking into and spying on New Jersey mayor's email
2013-03-22: #OpIsrael: Mossad Website breached, Personal Details of over 30,000 Agents Leaked by Anonymous
2013-03-22: This is a popular idea at CCSF: how dare our funders question us; we can do anything we want.

2013-03-23: Privacy 101: Skype Leaks Your Location
2013-03-23: Major security hole allows Apple passwords to be reset with only email address, date of birth (fixed)
2013-03-23: Twitter sued for $50 million for refusing to reveal anti-semites
2013-03-23: Red-Light Cameras Can Stop Crime, Says Red-Light Camera Advocacy Group
2013-03-23: 'Let Me Tweet That For You' site raises concerns for journalists
2013-03-23: SF Chronicle puts its pay wall announcement behind a pay wall
2013-03-23: How the Internet works. MOBILE VIDEO
2013-03-23: Strategic Security Exploit Dev On The Weekends -- April 2013
2013-03-23: Strategic Security Pentester Night School (MonWed) April 2013

2013-03-24: Finale for Now on Google's Self-Inflicted Trust Problem
2013-03-24: Congressman boasts on Twitter about the money he got to support CISPA, then thinks better of it
2013-03-24: We got hacked
2013-03-24: Windows Blue, Build 9364 leaked Windows 9 Beta
2013-03-24: Canadian Man Wants To Trade Home For Bitcoins
2013-03-24: Windows 8 Blue Torrent - Pastebin.com
2013-03-24: Facebook knows you're gay before you do
2013-03-24: Super-super capacitors
2013-03-24: Windows Blue Leak Reveals Snap View Side-by-Side Apps, Different Live Tile Sizes, IE 11
2013-03-24: New alleged Windows Blue build shows off coming interface tweaks
2013-03-24: Security BSides Venues - Google Maps
2013-03-24: Bold Ideas Uttered Publicly: PyCon, Richards and Responding to Conduct Violations
2013-03-24: PyCon 2013 and Codes of Conduct, more generally
2013-03-24: Hackers steal photos, turn Wi-Fi cameras into remote surveillance device
2013-03-24: implant allows a smartphone to monitor blood
2013-03-24: How I became a password cracker

2013-03-25: Digging Beneath the Surface: That Amanda Blum Article on Adria Richards is Not What It Seems
2013-03-25: Maybe don't install that groovy pirated Android keyboard
2013-03-25: Deezer: 'We see the end of music downloads as coming this year'
2013-03-25: A.N.C - Anonymous News Episode 3 - YouTube -- Police respond to Anonymous with a video
2013-03-25: How Google Makes Money From Mobile Infographic
2013-03-25: Spain turns to Bitcoin, prompting incoherent discussion on Today
2013-03-25: South Korea data-wipe malware spread by patching system
2013-03-25: Open DNS Resolver Project
2013-03-25: 5 CyberCriminals arrested for stealing 2 million Euros via e-banking hacks
2013-03-25: Cloud Security Photos
2013-03-25: Facebook's advice for business users who get hacked: message the hackers and ask them to make you an administrator again
2013-03-25: Is Clipping Articles Fair Use? U.S. Court Says No
2013-03-25: Exotic Liability -- bizarre and enlightening; trolling Jimmy Wales
2013-03-25: Bad Java decompilation means erroneous statement in research paper
2013-03-25: Open Security Training -- SHOW TO CLASSES
2013-03-25: CSE6990 Reverse Engineering class from @McGrewSecurity -- GREAT RESOURCES
2013-03-25: iPhone Forensics -- Analysis of iOS 5 backups (from 2012)
2013-03-25: Barrett Brown's Mother Pleaded Guilty Last Week to Helping Her Son Hide Laptops from the FBI
2013-03-25: What Proposition 30 Means for California's Entrepreneurs
2013-03-25: Because of asset seizures, I am starting my new company outside California
2013-03-25: Microsoft to refresh Windows 8 core app trio on Tuesday
2013-03-25: World's First Bitcoin ATM Is Announced - First Location: Cyprus

2013-03-26: Apple dumps 'highest-resolution notebook ever' tagline thanks to Chromebook Pixel
2013-03-26: Websites of North Korean Defectors Disrupted by Cyberattack
2013-03-26: Google and White Space Wi-Fi
2013-03-26: Google and White Space Wi-Fi
2013-03-26: LinkedIn Cross Site Request Forgery
2013-03-26: Reset Linux root password without knowing the password
2013-03-26: Open Public Test of NAT64DNS64 at Go6lab
2013-03-26: Ultimate PC security requires UEFI -- and Windows 8 or Linux
2013-03-26: Art, music, and gym teachers get the ax in Lansing
2013-03-26: Kathy Sierra - Trolled by Weev
2013-03-26: Man sentenced to 30 months in prison after 'lasering' two aircraft in 2012
2013-03-26: It's Official! Blue and BUILD 2013
2013-03-26: Ex-students accused of hacking MU computers, changing grades
2013-03-26: How to Resolve a 'Partition Failed' Error in Mac OS X

2013-03-27: Hooked on Packets: Reading PCAPs for D Students
2013-03-27: XSS Flaw in WordPress Plugin Allows Injection of Malicious Code
2013-03-27: Online Dispute Becomes Internet-Snarling Attack
2013-03-27: Puppet or Chef: The configuration management dilemma
2013-03-27: Thousands of Amazon S3 buckets left open exposing private data
2013-03-27: Researcher sets up honeypot to counterattack, identifies attackers
2013-03-27: Digital rights activists decry computer crime proposal
2013-03-27: Windows Blue and Microsoft's continuous upgrade strategy
2013-03-27: Microsoft's new security patching routine raises concerns
2013-03-27: AnandTech Apple's 2010 MacBook Air (11 & 13 inch) Thoroughly Reviewed
2013-03-27: AnandTech Kingston SSDNow V 100 Review -- Explains MacBook Air Garbage Collection Better
2013-03-27: Maintaining SSD drives in OS X MacFixIt - CNET Reviews
2013-03-27: TRIM Enabler for OS X Mountain Lion Grant Pannell
2013-03-27: Anonymous Mossad Leak Probably Fake and Bogus
2013-03-27: Anonymized Phone Location Data Not So Anonymous, Researchers Find
2013-03-27: FBI wants real-time Gmail, Dropbox spying power.

2013-03-28: A Dangerous Sign For VMware, PayPal Chooses Rival OpenStack
2013-03-28: Blue's Clues: Start Screen Sync Windows 8
2013-03-28: Hurricane Electric BGP Looking Glass -- SHOW TO CLASSES
2013-03-28: The DDoS That Almost Broke the Internet
2013-03-28: ISC Diary Where Were You During the Great DDoS Cybergeddon of 2013?
2013-03-28: BCP 38 - Network Ingress Filtering: Defeating Denial of Service Attacks which employ IP Source Address Spoofing (from 2000)
2013-03-28: Online Dispute Becomes Internet-Snarling Attack - NYTimes.com
2013-03-28: That Internet War Apocalypse Is a Lie
2013-03-28: VoIP_calls - The Wireshark Wiki
2013-03-28: IT Pro confession: How I helped in the BIGGEST DDoS OF ALL TIME
2013-03-28: Putting the Spamhaus DDoS attack into perspective - SHOW TO CLASS

2013-03-29: US starts gradually removing Chinese IT equipment from federal systems
2013-03-29: The NSA's Cryptolog Declassified
2013-03-29: Twitter of StopHaus -- angry spammers
2013-03-29: Chronology of a DDoS: SpamHaus
2013-03-29: DDoS attributed to Russia by WSJ
2013-03-29: Malicious Software and its Underground Economy: Two Sides to Every Story Coursera -- SHOW TO STUDENTS
2013-03-29: I am NOT a PC repair man. I will NOT get your iPad working
2013-03-29: Critical Flaw Threatens Millions of BIND Servers
2013-03-29: When spammers go to war: Behind the Spamhaus DDoS Ars Technica
2013-03-29: Frustrated with iCloud, Apple's developer community speaks up en masse
2013-03-29: Anti-troll site gagged after threats against poet
2013-03-29: Fiber cables made of air move data at 99.7 percent the speed of light
2013-03-29: Two years after Anon 'Kochblock,' Wisconsin man charged with DDoS
2013-03-29: How Spamhaus' attackers turned DNS into a weapon of mass destruction
2013-03-29: Smuggler caught with more than 10 percent of an entire species
2013-03-29: Big Oil's Wikipedia cleanup: A brand management experiment out of control
2013-03-29: Bitcoin Hits $1 Billion
2013-03-29: Install Watch Command on OS X -- NEEDED FOR MY TALKS
2013-03-29: Boffins birth man-sized military ROBOT JELLYFISH
2013-03-29: Microsoft to block Live accounts from Windows Blue pirates
2013-03-29: Windows Blue under the hood: MinKernel and BaseFS
2013-03-29: Twitter may be linked to IDs ArabNews
2013-03-29: Ex-Atlanta Schools Chief Charged in Cheating Scandal
2013-03-29: Production-ready ZFS offers cosmic-scale storage for Linux
2013-03-29: Oakland Internet Cat Video Festival - May 11, 2013
2013-03-29: Second International Cat Video Festival coming to Oakland CA
2013-03-29: Tracking Emails Through Headers
2013-03-29: Chief justice a victim of credit-card fraud
2013-03-29: Looking at the Spamhouse DDOS from a BGP perspective --SHOW TO STUDENTS
2013-03-29: BGP hijack in January included Cloudflare
2013-03-29: Kim-Jong Un uses a Mac
2013-03-29: Java-based attacks remain at large, researchers say
2013-03-29: Scientists Say Oil Industry Likely Caused Largest Oklahoma Earthquake
2013-03-29: Full war declaration statement from DPRK
2013-03-29: Spamhaus DDoS attack just another day for ISPs

2013-03-30: CyberBunker spokesman discusses the DDoS attacks
2013-03-30: iMessage 'denial-of-service' attack crashes devs' iOS Messages apps
2013-03-30: Internet cable-cutters caught by Egypt signal new terror threat
2013-03-30: Russian malware spies on US ATMs
2013-03-30: Some Savers in Cyprus May Lose 60 Percent
2013-03-30: Netcat and IPv6--a little bug
2013-03-30: Company claims that Secure Erase for hard drives is unreliable

2013-03-31: Google Safe Browsing diagnostic page for jamieoliver.com
2013-03-31: http:www.jamieoliver.comrecipeschicken-recipesperfect-roast-chicken -- Virus Scan Results -- SAFE?
2013-03-31: YouTube Announces That It Has Been An 8-Year Contest, Will Shut Down On April 1 To Determine The Winner
2013-03-31: 'Hacktivists' prepare to 'erase Israel from the internet'
2013-03-31: United Services Automobile Association Hacked & Financial Credentials leaked -- Chinese Al Qaeda
2013-03-31: Android Trojan Found in Targeted Attack on Tibetan Activists
2013-03-31: Hey iClicker, YU put greater-than sign in filename?
2013-03-31: Listen to Bitcoin
2013-03-31: Just how much do people hate Windows 8?
2013-03-31: Say Goodbye to Ubuntu 8.04 Server, Ubuntu 10.04 Desktop, and Ubuntu 11.10 Desktop
2013-03-31: How-To: Manually Set IPv6 Address in Mac OS X
2013-03-31: Cyber-security: The digital arms trade
2013-03-31: XyliBox: Darkode leak
2013-03-31: Online Education's Dirty Secret

Apr 2013

2013-04-01: NoSuchCon
2013-04-01: What Drug Decriminalization Looks Like In Portugal
2013-04-01: WRCCDC -- A Red Team Member's Perspective
2013-04-01: Network map CloudFlare -- SHOW TO CLASS
2013-04-01: RFC: Design Considerations for Faster-Than-Light (FTL) Communication
2013-04-01: Windows 8: How to free up disk space on Microsoft Surface tablets
2013-04-01: Apple Mac OS X IPv6 - IPv6 Intelligence
2013-04-01: Mac OS X 10.6 Server Admin: Editing IPv6 Firewall Rules
2013-04-01: Fixing Mac OS X's Broken IPv6 Firewall
2013-04-01: IPv6 on OS X - IPv6 - Confluence
2013-04-01: OpenDNS plots expansion with new funding
2013-04-01: Anatomy of a bug -- misplaced parenthesis threatens NetBSD's random numbers
2013-04-01: The Hacker Academy

2013-04-02: IEEE to explore 400 Gbs Ethernet
2013-04-02: Fool Me Once... -- Krebs on Security
2013-04-02: IPv6 moving target defense
2013-04-02: Exclusive: Ongoing malware attack targeting Apache hijacks 20,000 sites Ars Technica
2013-04-02: Tech Days May 2-3, San Francisco
2013-04-02: Live Godaddy Promo Codes, Hosting Coupons, SSL Coupon Codes
2013-04-02: RunAs Radio -- Microsoft Sysadmin Podcasts

2013-04-03: Government Surveillance and Control of Travelers
2013-04-03: Italian team discoveries flaw in Ruzzle protocol, serious menace to privacy
2013-04-03: Break Out a Hammer: You'll Never Believe the Data 'Wiped' Smartphones Store
2013-04-03: Who Wrote the Flashback OS X Worm?
2013-04-03: The War Z taken offline following hack that exposed user passwords
2013-04-03: US Cyber Challenge: Cyber Quests April 2013 -- Worth Extra Credit
2013-04-03: Linux talk April 5, CCSF -- Worth extra credit
2013-04-03: CCSF Coders Talks on Fridays -- worth extra credit
2013-04-03: VMware Fusion shows Kaspersky NO RESPECT
2013-04-03: XL: Access ODBC Driver Returns Date of 12301899
2013-04-03: Wow, some of the stuff on the Microsoft website is REALLY OLD :)
2013-04-03: CCNA Online Courses for Free
2013-04-03: Bitcoin storage service, Instawallet, suffers database attack
2013-04-03: North Korea warns US of nuclear attack
2013-04-03: Just What the Tensions with North Korea Needed: Anonymous!
2013-04-03: Cubicle Con swiping electronics from offices across the Bay Area

2013-04-04: Anonymous joins forces with arch-enemy The Jester against Norks
2013-04-04: The 'Russian Banksy' Is Dead
2013-04-04: Networks With IPv6 Over Time - A Short Update
2013-04-04: How to Increase the VMWare Boot Screen Delay
2013-04-04: How Is Hacker 'Weev' Tweeting From Prison?
2013-04-04: Excellent Web Pentesting Education Materials - and Free!

2013-04-05: Skype Malware Stealing Victims' Processing Power to Mine Bitcoins
2013-04-05: Metasploit: Compromising Embedded Linux Routers...
2013-04-05: Women's Press Blog Archive Losing my religion for equality...by Jimmy Carter
2013-04-05: American Megatrends (AMI) firmware and private key exposed on FTP server
2013-04-05: I ditched Windows 8 and went Ubuntu by mistake
2013-04-05: Bitcoin wallet service Instawallet hacked, shuts down 'indefinitely'
2013-04-05: Android up 13, iOS down 7, BlackBerry down 81 ... and Windows Phone up a massive 52
2013-04-05: One Percent of User Base Exposed in Scribd Data Breach
2013-04-05: Bitcoin wallet service Coinbase faces phishing attacks after data leak
2013-04-05: This Is How Far North Korea's Missiles Can Reach
2013-04-05: Judge orders morning-after pill to be available over-the-counter, nationwide, for all ages
2013-04-05: Powerful new personal data disclosure bill proposed by California lawmaker
2013-04-05: Made in China: A Gallery of Awesome Imitation Goods
2013-04-05: Closing the Door on Hackers - NYTimes.com
2013-04-05: Court OKs Barring High IQs for Cops (from 2012)
2013-04-05: Windows Booting Process
2013-04-05: Australian Feds charge 17-year-old 'Anon' with four crimes
2013-04-05: Google Fights U.S. National Security Probe Data Demand
2013-04-05: Recent Bank DDoS Attacks Reach New Downtime Levels (2 percent)
2013-04-05: IPv6 Attack Tool FOCA
2013-04-05: Google Fiber's Next Stop Could Be Austin, Texas
2013-04-05: SLAAC attack: the "man in the middle" of IPv6
2013-04-05: Hacking IPv6 data networks: Neighbor Spoofing
2013-04-05: Capturing SMB files transmitted with man in the middle attacks in IPv6 using FOCA Evil
2013-04-05: Evil FOCA: SLAAC Attack (1 of 4)
2013-04-05: Bridging HTTP (IPv6) - HTTPs (IPv4) with FOCA Evil
2013-04-05: DHCP ACK Injector becomes more 'selective'
2013-04-05: DHCP ACK Injector becomes more 'selective'
2013-04-05: Defenses against DHCP attacks
2013-04-05: Fun Layer 2 Attacks from Defcon 10
2013-04-05: Topera: Invisible IPv6 scanner evades Snort with Extension Headers

2013-04-06: Interesting discussion of Microsoft's IPv6 Readiness Update and Happy Eyeballs (from 2012)
2013-04-06: Evidence Mounts That Chinese Government Hackers Spread Android Malware
2013-04-06: Veterans Affairs Department Admits Exposing Personal Data
2013-04-06: OWASP WebScarab NG Project - OWASP

2013-04-07: RedIRIS Security Forum - Security in IPv6. Leganes (Madrid), 25 and 26 April
2013-04-07: WordPress.com boosts security for bloggers with two-factor authentication
2013-04-07: Ten websites that teach coding and a bunch of other things
2013-04-07: Public safety personnel targeted by DoS attacks flooding phone lines
2013-04-07: Movie Studios Want Google to Take Down Their Own Takedown Request
2013-04-07: Mozilla pulls tracking trigger for Firefox 22, ignores ad industry attacks
2013-04-07: Microsoft, Google, and Apple: Which one faces doom in 2017?
2013-04-07: Microsoft to issue 9 security updates on Tuesday, critical for all IE versions, reboot required

2013-04-08: Generalized single packet authorization for cloud computing environments
2013-04-08: Copy-Paste from Website to Terminal -- SHOW TO CLASS
2013-04-08: American Universities Infected by Foreign Spies Detected by FBI
2013-04-08: Port Bonding at CloudFlare
2013-04-08: '1337 hacker' scrawls all over careless coders' SourceForge sites
2013-04-08: Google Uses Reputation To Detect Malicious Downloads
2013-04-08: Don't Use Linksys Routers -- See comments for interesting arguments
2013-04-08: SF Bay Bridge Billboard
2013-04-08: APT #TargetedAttacks within Twitter
2013-04-08: ThreatAgent Breachbot Released -- SHOW TO STUDENTS
2013-04-08: Bump Key Protection
2013-04-08: Sessiondump MeterpreterExtension - GOOD FOR A PROJECT :)
2013-04-08: Detecting TOR Communication in Network Traffic

2013-04-09: UK Lulzsec hacker Ryan Ackroyd pleads guilty
2013-04-09: Twitter Blog: Wily Weekend Worms
2013-04-09: Flight simulator built in real cockpit
2013-04-09: Waiting for a 1TB SSD below $1 per GB? Crucial says wait no more
2013-04-09: Powerpoint freezes on Mac
2013-04-09: Nice Security Mindset Example
2013-04-09: EA Repeats As 'Worst Company In America'
2013-04-09: Likely riding a massive speculation wave, Bitcoin prices exceed $200
2013-04-09: Drone Time In San Mateo -- $70,000 Drone Buy Approved
2013-04-09: Guarding Against Inside Attacks: An Innovative Study of User Access Patterns
2013-04-09: Fraud and Misconduct Survey 2010 -- USEFUL REFERENCE FOR INSIDER ATTACKS
2013-04-09: Secrets of FBI Smartphone Surveillance Tool Revealed in Court Fight
2013-04-09: How to completely remove Office for Mac 2011
2013-04-09: Apple's iMessage encryption trips up feds' surveillance
2013-04-09: Gang behind Creation of Trojan Carberp Exposed
2013-04-09: Fast-Talking Computer Hacker Just Has To Break Through Encryption Shield Before Uploading Nano-Virus

2013-04-10: Free Amazon Web Services -- and how to make the most of them
2013-04-10: Top porn sites lead to malware
2013-04-10: Modifying Mimikatz to be Loaded Using Invoke-ReflectiveDLLInjection.ps1
2013-04-10: Receive SMS online Free with 7 sms numbers, totally Free
2013-04-10: Introducing the USB Stick of Death (from 2012)
2013-04-10: Bitcoin crashes, losing nearly half of its value in six hours
2013-04-10: techdays -- Banned in Germany (?)
2013-04-10: Microsoft Reportedly Adding Two-Factor Authentication to User Accounts
2013-04-10: Botnet Warlord: Meet The Man Who Will Kill Your Computer
2013-04-10: Writing forensics homework--this suspect looks guilty to me
2013-04-10: IRS claims it can read your e-mail without a warrant
2013-04-10: Adobe updates are no laughing matter, but at least XKCD makes them funny
2013-04-10: The Empire acquires the rebel alliance: Mendeley users revolt against Elsevier takeover
2013-04-10: Researcher hacks aircraft controls with Android smartphone
2013-04-10: ZeroAccess Bitcoin botnet shows no signs of slowing
2013-04-10: Obscure setting gives users more control over Windows auto-reboots
2013-04-10: Watch 'Richard Stallman discusses hacktivism

2013-04-11: The PC is on life support, and PC makers are mostly to blame
2013-04-11: The patent trolls are back, and this time they're after you
2013-04-11: Wireless IP cameras open to hijacking over the Internet, researchers say
2013-04-11: Could cell phone ban in Philly courts lessen witness intimidation?
2013-04-11: Bitcoin Market Price (USD)
2013-04-11: DPRK reconfigures its Internet connection
2013-04-11: Investors dump Microsoft, PC stocks on bleak news

2013-04-12: New Spam Attack accounts for 62 of our spam!
2013-04-12: BCP 38 - Network Ingress Filtering: Defeating Denial of Service Attacks which employ IP Source Address Spoofing
2013-04-12: BCP 140 - Preventing Use of Recursive Nameservers in Reflector Attacks
2013-04-12: 'Largest ever DDoS' could have been stopped by ISPs, ENISA says
2013-04-12: Microsoft amends security update after reports of system errors
2013-04-12: What Happens to Your Gmail Account When You Die?
2013-04-12: A beginner's guide to building botnets--with little assembly required
2013-04-12: Students and hackers train for cybersecurity jobs
2013-04-12: Global Attack on Wordpress Sites
2013-04-12: Hours after reopening trading, top Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox taken down by 'stronger than usual' DDoS attack
2013-04-12: Brute Force Attacks Build WordPress Botnet

2013-04-13: Virginia Mall Shooter Apparently Announced Crime in Advance on 4chan
2013-04-13: Stolen Winnti Certificates Used in Watering Hole Attack Against Tibet Orphans Site
2013-04-13: Eighteen and Abandoned : The New Yorker
2013-04-13: North Korean Missile Test Delayed by Windows 8
2013-04-13: Microsoft's Windows 8 approach: Bold, arrogant, or both?
2013-04-13: Windows 8: Can this OS be saved?
2013-04-13: Mo. man guilty in university computer hacking case

2013-04-14: Computer Security Legend Mudge Leaves DARPA for Google Job
2013-04-14: Huge attack on WordPress sites could spawn never-before-seen super botnet
2013-04-14: UK man regrets posting photos his stolen laptop took in Iran
2013-04-14: Facebook Home -- Great if you think privacy is dead
2013-04-14: United States Cyber Warfare Command and Control System
2013-04-14: Guantanamo dogged by new controversy after mishandling of e-mails
2013-04-14: Was the Bitcoin Flock Just Sheared?
2013-04-14: Dan Kaminsky Highlights Flaws Bitcoin
2013-04-14: Spamhaus DDoS was just a warning shot
2013-04-14: ModSecurity XML External Entity Information Disclosure Vulnerability - Design error
2013-04-14: Happy Eyeballs -- Happiness Defined by Your Perspective
2013-04-14: ipv6hackers list is getting good :)
2013-04-14: Microsoft Issues Patch Update to Fix Patch Update

2013-04-15: Real-World Antivirus Test
2013-04-15: Don't Stand So Close To Me: An Analysis of the NFC Attack Surface
2013-04-15: Bing Delivers Five Times as Many Malicious Websites as Google
2013-04-15: Apparent murder 52.376552,5.198303 on Google Map (near Amsterdam)
2013-04-15: Oracle Java SE Critical Patch Update - April 2013 -- 39 remote exploits
2013-04-15: AV evasion with Excel's default password VelvetSweatshop
2013-04-15: Why I can't use Tamara Dean's Network Plus Book
2013-04-15: Massive explosions on boylston near the marathon. Lots of people down
2013-04-15: Google Chrome Dominates the Browser World as IE Trails Behind --SHOW TO CLASS
2013-04-15: App Academy--Free programming training in San Francisco -- SHOW TO CLASS
2013-04-15: There's no way out of a bad Windows 8 Metro patch
2013-04-15: The Boston Marathon Bombing: Keep Calm and Carry On

2013-04-16: South Korea Fears Cyber Attack On Its Nuclear Power Plants
2013-04-16: File Sanctuary enables IPv6
2013-04-16: Windows Azure: General Availability of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
2013-04-16: Syrian Electronic Army hacks NPR, vandalizes headlines
2013-04-16: Another dark-matter sign from a Minnesota mine
2013-04-16: Richard Jewell Cannot Accept Our Apology
2013-04-16: Subnetting on IPv4 Class C - 24 to 25 network - By a CCSF Student
2013-04-16: IRS Promises To Abandon Warrantless Email Spying After Public Outcry
2013-04-16: Google Fixes Three High-Risk Flaws in Chrome OS -- big bug bounties!

2013-04-17: Employers in denial about insider threat to data security
2013-04-17: Kaspersky Launches Anti-Malware for UEFI
2013-04-17: Supermarket Chain "Schnucks" Acknowledges Massive Data Breach
2013-04-17: NPR Hacked by Syrian Electronic Army
2013-04-17: First real-world usage figures suggest Chromebooks are struggling -- 0.02 percent!
2013-04-17: Fueled by super botnets, DDoS attacks grow meaner and ever-more powerful
2013-04-17: Citrix bequeaths Xen to the Linux Foundation
2013-04-17: Troy Hunt: The beginners guide to breaking website security with nothing more than a Pineapple
2013-04-17: Firefox 'death sentence' threat to TeliaSonera over gov spy claims
2013-04-17: Western Publishers Sue Delhi University Over Photocopied Textbooks; Students And Authors Fight Back
2013-04-17: SI6 Networks' IPv6 Toolkit
2013-04-17: Pirate Bay co-founder charged with hacking offences, attempt to steal money from bank accounts
2013-04-17: The WordPress Brute Force Attack Timeline
2013-04-17: It's not you, it's IE: Google gives users a way of breaking up with legacy browsers gently
2013-04-17: Amazon.com: CompTIA Network N10-005 Authorized Cert Guide eBook: Kevin Wallace: Kindle Store
2013-04-17: Zimbabwe makes history. BitCoins now official national currency
2013-04-17: CCSF department chairs take pay cut to keep jobs
2013-04-17: Microsoft moves to optional two-factor authentication
2013-04-17: Seven sentenced for skimming 175 Chicago-area restaurant customers' credit and debit cards
2013-04-17: Anonymous raises $54,798 through Indiegogo to kick-start its dedicated news site for Your Anon News
2013-04-17: Google Glass Owners Are Not Allowed To Sell Or Share The Device
2013-04-17: Flawed Malwarebytes security update wipes out thousands of computers
2013-04-17: Top Wi-Fi routers easy to hack, says study
2013-04-17: Applicants sought for one-way trip to Martian Big Brother house
2013-04-17: 90 Of Pirated Games Are Infected With Malware
2013-04-17: Taming of the shrewd: can the ACLU free Android from carrier control?
2013-04-17: RSA Animate - Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us
2013-04-17: Cloud Forensics with F-Response - SHOW TO STUDENTS

2013-04-18: Windows PCs See Steepest Decline Ever
2013-04-18: Last Year Saw Less Spam, But Only Because Hackers Are Getting Smarter
2013-04-18: Trojan uses 'magic' code to infect organizations around globe
2013-04-18: Microsoft: You're 5.5 Times More Likely to Be Infected Without AV
2013-04-18: Microsoft Security Intelligence Report (SIR) vol.14
2013-04-18: WSJ Special Report - Lookout Shows How Easy It Is to Hack a Phone Season: 1
2013-04-18: bitfloor closes
2013-04-18: Windows Server 2012--Install on Windows 8 OEM Machine
2013-04-18: IT Salary Survey 2013: 11 Career Insights
2013-04-18: Friends don't let friends hack back
2013-04-18: LulzSec Sony Pictures intruder sentenced to a year in prison
2013-04-18: Microsoft CFO quits as quarterly results fail to sparkle
2013-04-18: Get social with OS X's Twitter integration
2013-04-18: Network Plus Jobs, Exam & Salary
2013-04-18: BART - BART Police release sketch of Richmond shooting suspect; seek public's help

2013-04-19: Bank Sues Cyberheist Victim to Recover Funds
2013-04-19: Eerie Photos Of Boston Looking Like A Ghost Town
2013-04-19: You won't believe how crazy this password infomercial is (and neither did Ellen DeGeneres)
2013-04-19: The Genius Of Google Fiber
2013-04-19: Windows azure IAAS - IPv6 not allowed
2013-04-19: DropSmack: Using Dropbox to steal files and deliver malware
2013-04-19: Rural California ISP launches white spaces broadband for remote customers
2013-04-19: Police In Japan Are Asking ISPs To Start Blocking Tor
2013-04-19: TheNetNg Online Gets HACKED! Hackers Demand Ransom Alternate Website Up
2013-04-19: Public Shaming
2013-04-19: Reddit: 'It was a Legit, Malicious DDoS Aimed at Taking us Down'
2013-04-19: ifconfig is deprecated! ??
2013-04-19: Windows Server 2012 Unattended Installation
2013-04-19: How To Convert Server 2012 Core Installation into Full GUI Server and viceversa..
2013-04-19: Multibooting with Windoes 8 on an Asus Laptop

2013-04-20: Linode - Xen VPS Hosting -- much more than Amazon gives you
2013-04-20: Comcast Launching IPV6-Enabled Commercial Broadband Services - While 3 of Residential Users Actively Using IPv6
2013-04-20: INET Denver Videos: IPv4 Exhaustion and the Path to IPv6
2013-04-20: Turn IPv6 Networking Off In Mountain Lion
2013-04-20: Newly Discovered Android Malware Was Downloaded Millions Of Times
2013-04-20: 'I had no power to say 'that's not okay:'' Reports of harassment and abuse in the field

2013-04-21: New Windows 8.1Blue Version Gets Leaked, Build 9374 Available for Download
2013-04-21: Microsoft may backtrack on Start button in Windows 8
2013-04-21: In Virginia's Fairfax County, Robbing Banks for the CIA
2013-04-21: Installing Windows8 32-bit on UEFI
2013-04-21: Windows 32-bit and 64-bit and GPT
2013-04-21: New Cloud-Based Anti-DDoS Services From Nexusguard Counter Growing
2013-04-21: Windows Blue build 9369 LEAK! 64-bit, even better multitasking and MORE!! - YouTube
2013-04-21: Blue Leaks Again ... and Again!
2013-04-21: Hosting company Hostgator hacked, suspect arrested after being 'rooted with his own rootkit'f
2013-04-21: Moxie Marlinspike Blog SSL And the Future Of Authenticity
2013-04-21: security theater, martial law, and a tale that trumps every cop-and-donut joke you've ever heard
2013-04-21: Cognitive Overhead, Or Why Your Product Isn't As Simple As You Think
2013-04-21: Libel suit over Twitter comments
2013-04-21: Dual-boot Windows 7 and Kali Linux
2013-04-21: New Hacking Game Called Need For Speed
2013-04-21: One year left: a though explanation of IPv4 address depletion
2013-04-21: Antares Rocket Launch Is A Success, In Test Of Orbital Supply Vehicle
2013-04-21: Kali Linux Live USB Install

2013-04-22: NLnet Labs DNSSEC workshop Website
2013-04-22: Bitcoin DDoS Shock and Awe
2013-04-22: DDOS strikes BitCoin exchange Mt.Gox
2013-04-22: Are you being robbed of sleep by badly designed servers?
2013-04-22: MtGox DDoS
2013-04-22: Syrian Electronic Army claims responsibility for hacking '60 Minutes' feed
2013-04-22: Amazon: We're expanding into TWO HUNDRED countries
2013-04-22: News is bad for you -- and giving up reading it will make you happier
2013-04-22: Alfred for Mac - CNET Download.com
2013-04-22: Apple returns millions of faulty iPhones to Foxconn - Might cost Foxconn a small fortune
2013-04-22: Lab of a Penetration Tester: What a bored hacker did on a plane?
2013-04-22: Chris Wysopal, Veracode: U.S. Government worst at data security ZDNet
2013-04-22: 5 good Windows 8 shortcuts for new users
2013-04-22: Trial Set For Man Who Joined Hacking Of Koch Industries
2013-04-22: A 'Whom Do You Hang With?' Map Of America
2013-04-22: Windows Blue's Start button -- no, it won't be the real thing
2013-04-22: Grooveshark CEO: 'I'm Broke'
2013-04-22: Obama administration considering options to escalate response to Chinese cyberattacks
2013-04-22: The importance of AV from real data
2013-04-22: Prolexic Q1 2013 Global DDoS Attack Report -- up 718 percent!
2013-04-22: This Glowing Orb Keeps Your Laptop Running Cool in Extreme Conditions
2013-04-22: My Defcon 21 Proposals: One talk with @eastdakota and one alone
2013-04-22: DHS Cyber Student Initiative--volunteer opportunities in San Francisco--Apply by May 3
2013-04-22: My PowerPoint 2011 Icons are bizarre--Bold, Italic, Underline
2013-04-22: New Zealand Man Ronald Clark Jailed For Watching 'Pixie Sex'
2013-04-22: HarvardMIT Student Creates GPU Database, Hacker-Style
2013-04-22: Women to blame for earthquakes, says Iran cleric
2013-04-22: NASA to Webcast Lyrid meteor shower Monday night
2013-04-22: Google Oman 'Hacked' by Moroccan Hackers via DNS Poisoning
2013-04-22: Groundhog day for routers

2013-04-23: One in five data breaches are the result of cyberespionage, Verizon says
2013-04-23: Encrypted Federal Radios Can Be as Revealing as Police Scanners
2013-04-23: 'Aurora' Cyber Attackers Were Really Running Counter-Intelligence
2013-04-23: Serial Offenders: Widespread Flaws in Serial Port Servers
2013-04-23: Alleged L.A. Times hacker Matthew Keys fired by Reuters
2013-04-23: APOD: 2013 April 23 - X rays from Supernova Remnant SN 1006
2013-04-23: How to get the Start menu back in Windows 8: install the slick, free Pokki
2013-04-23: Peak Apple: First 'profit slip' in a decade - and, boy, it's gonna be BIG
2013-04-23: Is It Journalism, or Just a Repackaged Press Release? Here's a Tool to Help You Find Out
2013-04-23: Twitter Now Has a Two-Step Solution
2013-04-23: After Years Of Government Scrutiny Over Security Concerns, Huawei Says It's Quitting The U.S
2013-04-23: Australia charges man claiming to be LulzSec leader
2013-04-23: Installing Windows 8 at 11:11 PM 42313 -- something seems wrong...
2013-04-23: Reddit: So very sorry for naming innocent man as Boston bomber
2013-04-23: Researchers find serious flaw in latest JRE for desktops, servers

2013-04-24: More Than a Third of Businesses Hit by DDoS Attack in 2012: Survey
2013-04-24: Seculert Launches Free Cloud-based APT Detection Service
2013-04-24: Beware Twitter 'password check' sites -- there are fakes, and there are fake fakes!
2013-04-24: Open access science news is mostly good, with a bit of ugly
2013-04-24: Microsoft Releases Updated MS13-036 Patch
2013-04-24: Palm Bay police using tiny 'Cop Dots' to track stolen items
2013-04-24: Hackers compromise AP Twitter account
2013-04-24: As CO2 Concentrations Near Ominous Benchmark, Daily Updates Begin
2013-04-24: NASA SDO: Three Years of Sun in Three Minutes - YouTube
2013-04-24: SilkRoad DoS via Tor
2013-04-24: Font problem on a new Air with Mountain Lion
2013-04-24: Rename FontCacheTool to fix Office 2011 problems on Mountain Lion --TRYING THIS
2013-04-24: Here's Your New and Improved Hundred Dollar Bill
2013-04-24: Misguided Catfishing Scheme Leads to Discipline of College Students
2013-04-24: Which SaaS vendor just passed the billion-dollar mark? Microsoft
2013-04-24: APT 1 hacked & analyzed -- SHOW TO CLASS
2013-04-24: Twitter Already Testing Two-Step Authentication
2013-04-25: Fifth Amendment shields child porn suspect from decrypting hard drives
2013-04-25: Insanity: CISPA Just Got Way Worse, And Then Passed On Rushed Vote
2013-04-25: 'Hacker' convicted by US court despite never hacking
2013-04-25: Schwab Again Hit With Denial of Service Attack
2013-04-25: Opinion: CISPA isn't the evil, privacy-infringing legislation you think it is
2013-04-25: It's privacy versus cybersecurity as CISPA bill arrives in Senate
2013-04-25: FBI denied permission to spy on hacker through his webcam
2013-04-25: Phone scammers call the wrong guy, get mad and trash PC
2013-04-25: Common PHP attacks: Poison Null Byte
2013-04-25: Ubuntu 13 Review
2013-04-25: Firefox OS for Mobile Phones Is Coming This Year
2013-04-25: How to redirect Office 365 mail elsewhere
2013-04-25: Sysadmin meets IPv6 (Animated GIF)
2013-04-25: Student falsely IDed by Reddit as Boston bomber found dead
2013-04-25: Being Trapped In a Building Seems Less Scary Than This Robot Snake Rescuing You
2013-04-25: Lock Screen Bypass Flaw Found in Viber for Android
2013-04-25: Blocking a 160 Gbps DDoS Attack Attack Protection Video Prolexic
2013-04-25: DHS to start deep packet inspection of federal network traffic

2013-04-26: Senate Won't Vote On CISPA, Deals Blow To Controversial Cyber Bill
2013-04-26: Setting up Two-Factor Authentication for your Google account AND Microsoft account
2013-04-26: How To Install VMware on Linux
2013-04-26: The Redkit malware exploit gang has a message for security blogger Brian Krebs
2013-04-26: DDOS Attack on DigiD Impacts 10 Million Dutch Users
2013-04-26: DDOS on the VideoLAN downloads infrastructure - YouTube
2013-04-26: logstalgia - website access log visualization
2013-04-26: Official press release #freecb3rob - typical threats
2013-04-26: Dutchman Sven Olaf Kamphuis Arrested for Biggest Cyber Attack in Internet History
2013-04-26: After Cyberattack, Sven Olaf Kamphuis Is at Heart of Investigation - NYTimes.com
2013-04-26: Eric Schmidt Is Right, Using Google Glass Is Weird -- Here's My Experience
2013-04-26: I use Chrome on a Mac with Antivirus and I still am infected with Savings Slider!
2013-04-26: LivingSocial Hacked -- More Than 50 Million Customers Impacted
2013-04-26: Outrageously cute kitten

2013-04-27: URGENT Skype Support Account Security Issue - CA
2013-04-27: Potent DDoS attacks on Mt. Gox delay rollout of new virtual currency
2013-04-27: Google Fiber divides users into 'the fast' and 'the furious'
2013-04-27: WikiLeaks Suspect Won't Be SF Pride Parade Marshal
2013-04-27: The innerHTML Apocalypse

2013-04-28: Former SF teahouse owner sentenced for conspiracy to deal drugs
2013-04-28: DEF CON 21 Hacking Conference website now live
2013-04-28: Privacy is 'off the table' in a 'post-911 world,' says New York City police chief
2013-04-28: Why LivingSocial's 50-million password breach is graver than you may think -- Salted SHA-1!
2013-04-28: Hacking Exposed Computer Forensics Blog: NCCDC 2013 Lessons Learned
2013-04-28: 7 On Your Side's Michael Finney Investigates: Key fob car thefts
2013-04-28: Apple won't fix your computer if you smoke near it
2013-04-28: Disrupt NY Hackathon Gets Hacked: Man Takes Stage And Uses His 60 Seconds To Disrupt Capitalism
2013-04-28: Hacker jailbreak Google Glass to gain root access
2013-04-28: Wardriving Results: San Francisco now 69 WPA-2
2013-04-28: Secure Salted Password Hashing - How to do it Properly
2013-04-28: Cyberattack suspect had 'bunker' in north Spain

2013-04-29: Microsoft adds more new networking capabilities to its Windows Azure cloud
2013-04-29: How a Serial-Killing Night Nurse Hacked Hospital Drug Protocol
2013-04-29: LivingSocial breach: Advice from security experts - CSO Online - Security and Risk --TOTAL NONSENSE
2013-04-29: Chinese cyber-spook crew back in business, say security watchers
2013-04-29: PCWorld has the same wrong article about password hashes
2013-04-29: Opera claims former employee gave stolen trade secrets to Mozilla
2013-04-29: Troll admits to making death threats against children on Facebook
2013-04-29: MyBrowserBar (api.mybrowserbar.com) - Virus Removal Guide
2013-04-29: Cracking salted hashes--GOOD DISCUSSION
2013-04-29: Troy Hunt: Our password hashing has no clothes -- SHOW TO CLASS
2013-04-29: NCIRC CyberInternship Program--law enforcement work in San Francisco!
2013-04-29: Good Morning, Captain: open IP ports let anyone track ships on Internet

2013-04-30: Admin beware: Attack hitting Apache websites is invisible to the naked eye
2013-04-30: Skype now available for Outlook.com for users in the UK
2013-04-30: Oi, journos. Try NOT to get hacked again. Lots of love, Twitter
2013-04-30: German Ministry of Education Throws Away PCs For 190,000 u20AC Due To Infection
2013-04-30: Why your password can't have symbols--or be longer than 16 characters
2013-04-30: New OpenWRT Drops Support For Linux 2.4, Low-Mem Devices
2013-04-30: Twitter Ads Are Finally Available To All US Businesses, No Longer Invite Only
2013-04-30: The next home-networking revolution will be wired
2013-04-30: Mobile AV Apps Fail To Detect Disguised Malware
2013-04-30: What's the Best Mac Antivirus?
2013-04-30: Hands-on with five antivirus apps for the Mac
2013-04-30: avast! free AV download
2013-04-30: CRAPCHA: Completely Ridiculous And Phony Captcha that Hassles for Amusement
2013-04-30: Avast finding the scripts I wrote to test SSD data evaporation
2013-04-30: Vuze seems to be the source of my mac infection
2013-04-30: Avast found 19 infections on my Mac; Sophos only found one of these
2013-04-30: Job Search one search. all jobs. Indeed.com

May 2013

2013-05-01: How to fend off aggressive white-hat hackers
2013-05-01: Benchmarking Amazon EC2: The wacky world of cloud performance
2013-05-01: Reputation.com Hacked, All User Passwords Reset
2013-05-01: Hackers challenged to crack unhackable secure messaging app
2013-05-01: Faculty unions file complaint on accreditor's handling of CCSF
2013-05-01: Identity Theft Consumer Information
2013-05-01: Identity Theft Resource Center A Nonprofit Organization
2013-05-01: DDoS: How to Report the Details
2013-05-01: Department of Labor Website Hacked to Distribute Malware
2013-05-01: Windows 8: Microsoft's New Coke moment
2013-05-01: Microsoft readies 'Mohoro' Windows desktop as a service
2013-05-01: DDoS Mitigations from Cisco -- SHOW TO CLASS
2013-05-01: Who Has Your Back? 2013 Electronic Frontier Foundation -- SHOW TO CLASS
2013-05-01: Spyware used by governments poses as Firefox, and Mozilla is angry
2013-05-01: Millions of WordPress sites exploitable for DDoS Attacks using Pingback mechanism
2013-05-01: Google pays $31,336 bounty to hacker for reporting critical vulnerabilities in Chrome
2013-05-01: ActiveMQ Unprotected Portal--A successful cold call vulnerability notification

2013-05-02: Premium - Content - Bitcoin Fiasco
2013-05-02: New Ramnit variant seeks to evade two-factor authentication
2013-05-02: Dutch law proposed to allow more police hacking suspects
2013-05-02: The Beauty and the Beast: Vulnerabilities in Red~Hat's Packages
2013-05-02: Man tied to hacking group Anonymous back in court, with new attorneys
2013-05-02: Network Security - Inside Out or Outside In? -- Insider Threat
2013-05-02: Responsible Disclosure Policy Zendesk
2013-05-02: Consumer Reports: 58 Million U.S. PCs Infected With Malware
2013-05-02: Ticket Resellers Launch DDOS Attacks Against Primary Agents to Keep Prices High
2013-05-02: CCNA Exams Revised
2013-05-02: Microsoft Windows XP Support Also Ending in the Malware Community!?
2013-05-02: Dutch hacking proposal puts citizens at risk
2013-05-02: Greek Minister university speech copy-pasted from Wikipedia
2013-05-02: I'm still here: back online after a year without the internet
2013-05-02: Living On Bitcoin For A Week: Solving My Transportation Troubles
2013-05-02: Vulnerabilities Drop Per Site, Most Sites Remain Vulnerable
2013-05-02: I killed MS Surface RT 710 times with flood_router26
2013-05-02: Chinese Hackers Infiltrate US Army Database, Compromise Safety of Dams
2013-05-02: Windows 8 Update: 2nd-generation Surface tablets may debut next month

2013-05-03: Why you should take hacked sites' password assurances with a grain of salt
2013-05-03: Twitter snaps up ex-banker IPO expert - CAN'T THINK WHY
2013-05-03: Google Glass hackers can see what you see, hear what you hear
2013-05-03: Famous Underground Marketplace Silk Road Hit by DDOS Attack
2013-05-03: U.S. Finds Porn, Not Secrets, on Suspected China Spy's PC
2013-05-03: New laser surgery technique can turn your brown eyes blue
2013-05-03: WordPress Web site from Gallery - Windows Azure tutorial
2013-05-03: Microsoft System Center 2012 -- manage cloud machines
2013-05-03: Federation trusts use PKI and token-signing certificates
2013-05-03: HTTP Redirects in ADFS
2013-05-03: Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager
2013-05-03: What is SkyDrive Pro?

2013-05-04: Google: The future of search is Now
2013-05-04: Internet Explorer zero-day exploit targets nuclear weapons researchers
2013-05-04: N.R.A. Leader Warns of Rising Cost of Senators
2013-05-04: Hands-on with Acer's Aspire R7, the strangest convertible PC we've ever seen
2013-05-04: Newest RA Flood Kills iPad Mini
2013-05-04: Fedora 19 To Stop Masking Passwords
2013-05-04: Security alert: notes from the frontline of the war in cyberspace
2013-05-04: Video: Watch Harvard's Teeny-Tiny Robotic Insect Take Flight

2013-05-05: Mountain LioniOS Vulnerabilities Garage Sale
2013-05-05: Are all telephone calls recorded and accessible to the US government?
2013-05-05: How Kaiser bet $4 billion on electronic health records -- and won
2013-05-05: Systems manager arrested for hacking former employer's network
2013-05-05: Syrian Electronic Army: Assad's cyber warriors
2013-05-05: Let's Cut Through the Bitcoin Hype: A Hacker-Entrepreneur's Take
2013-05-05: Bitcoin Mining Hardware 5 GHs Bitcoin Miner
2013-05-05: Vulnerability in Microsoft Security Essentials v4.2
2013-05-05: LivingSocial updates encryption practices after password breach affects 50m - bcrypt!
2013-05-05: Four Cybersecurity Breaches That Could Rattle The World
2013-05-05: Windows XP at risk as antivirus vendors jump ship Anti virus
2013-05-05: Classic Shell makes Windows 8 user-friendly
2013-05-05: Welcome to Classic Shell

2013-05-06: Metasploit: Department of Labor IE 0-day Exploit
2013-05-06: Cain & Abel Update Two Years in the Making
2013-05-06: Basic Account HiJacking Tutorial
2013-05-06: Honeywords
2013-05-06: #OpUSA hacking spree kicks off early
2013-05-06: Iceland's Green Data Centers
2013-05-06: #OpUSA: Honolulu Police Department Breached, Login Info of Officials Leaked by X-Blackerz Inc
2013-05-06: 100 US Websites Hacked, by X-Blackerz Inc. - Pastebin.com
2013-05-06: Jihadis and hackers teaming up to launch cyberattacks on the U.S.
2013-05-06: 75 more defaced sites #OpUSA
2013-05-06: List of Websites,Email Accounts affected under #OpUSA; Updating list as defaced,hacked or down
2013-05-06: #Opusa Press release from anonymous hackers N4m3le55 cr3w - LIST OF ATTACK TOOLS
2013-05-06: New version of DIY Google Dorks based mass website hacking tool spotted in the wild
2013-05-06: The Onion Twitter account hacked by Syrian Electronic Army
2013-05-06: Syrian Electronic Army Has A Little Fun Before Inevitable Upcoming Deaths At Hands Of Rebels
2013-05-06: This Ad Has a Secret Anti-Abuse Message That Only Kids Can See
2013-05-06: Bill Gates: iPad users frustrated, need the Surface
2013-05-06: Quantum Cryptography and Possible Attacks
2013-05-06: Commercial Quantum Cryptography Satellites Coming
2013-05-06: What Microsoft is now saying (and not) about Windows Blue

2013-05-07: Teacher 'powerless' to stop ex-girlfriend's cyberstalking
2013-05-07: WTOP & FedNewsRadio Websites Hacked & Punting Fake AV
2013-05-07: Viber morphs into full-blown Skype rival by releasing desktop app
2013-05-07: nginx security advisory (CVE-2013-2028)
2013-05-07: Worthless security badges
2013-05-07: Sucuri SiteCheck - Free Website Malware Scanner--Page Anon Posted
2013-05-07: dallas criminal attorney site defaced
2013-05-07: 10000 Card Visa Hacked By BilalSbXtra & Dr.SaMIM_008 #OpUsa7 - Pastebin.com -- expired
2013-05-07: Honolulu Police Department System Database - Pastebin.com
2013-05-07: Honolulu PD alert system hacked, user information compromised
2013-05-07: Forcing a file's CRC to any value
2013-05-07: For fun, calculate CRC32 of this file
2013-05-07: Watch the intense first trailer for Ender's Game right now!
2013-05-07: Downdetector.com scours Twittersphere to detect service outages faster
2013-05-07: How Syria Turned Off the Internet (Again)

2013-05-08: How the Syrian Electronic Army Hacked The Onion

2013-05-09: LinuxCdorked.A malware: Lighttpd and nginx web servers also affected
2013-05-09: Hackers Stole $45 Million From ATMs
2013-05-09: Texas Congressman Will Arm Twitter Follower With an AR-15
2013-05-09: Cyberthieves Looted A.T.M.'s of $45 Million in Just Hours - NYTimes.com
2013-05-09: This 17-Year-Old Coder Is Saving Twitter From TV Spoilers (Spoiler: She's a Girl)

2013-05-10: FBI Was Tracking Nine NY Democrats in Corruption Probe
2013-05-10: Microsoft YouTube App Is A Rule Breaker; It Strips Ads, Downloads Video
2013-05-10: How Google Is Throwing Sand In Apple's Face
2013-05-10: Breaking: US Government Takes Down 3D Printed Gun Plans
2013-05-10: Giving your first security conference talk
2013-05-10: Apple will reportedly unlock your iPhone for police, but there's a wait list
2013-05-10: PayPal exec aims to 'obliterate passwords from the face of the planet'
2013-05-10: How to find out which of your Facebook pals Bang With Friends
2013-05-10: Introducing the FREE CEH Study Guide
2013-05-10: TIME, GOOGLE AND NASA: Timelapse of the Earth over the last 30 Years - YouTube
2013-05-10: Backlash begins against Adobe's subscription-only plan
2013-05-10: Salesforce.com to buy Clipboard, shutting down service
2013-05-10: Special Report: U.S. cyberwar strategy stokes fear of blowback
2013-05-10: 14-Year-Old Discovers iPad Smart Cover Magnets Can Shut Off Implanted Defibrillators
2013-05-10: Space Station Crew Prepare For Emergency Spacewalk
2013-05-10: LinkedIn: The Creepiest Social Network
2013-05-10: New Study Offers More Evidence Of Nanotechnology Risks
2013-05-10: CIA Realizes It's Been Using Black Highlighters All These Years
2013-05-10: Gizmodo's backend is unhealthy
2013-05-10: The ISS Has Ditched Windows Entirely--For Linux
2013-05-10: Industry Trends, Research Confirm Mobile Devices Can Be More Secure
2013-05-10: Who is the Deadliest Social Engineer? Defcon 21 SECTF
2013-05-10: Useful GIF to illustrate DDoS
2013-05-10: AV0id -- Anti-Virus Bypass Metasploit Payload Generator Script

2013-05-11: Beware the Firewall My Son: The Jaws That Bite, The Claws That Catch!
2013-05-11: Open LiteSpeed--fast Web server
2013-05-11: Privacy Breach on Bloomberg's Data Terminals
2013-05-11: Highly critical vulnerability fixed in Nginx Web server software
2013-05-11: Wary of Bitcoin? A guide to some other cryptocurrencies
2013-05-11: Antibiotics to ward off a case of idiocy
2013-05-11: Onion Twitter Password Changed To OnionMan77
2013-05-11: City of Mobile Police Hacked & Data Leaked by Turkish Ajan

2013-05-12: Illinois moves to legalise employer access to workers' Facebook accounts
2013-05-12: Windows. 8 Security Videos
2013-05-12: Washington Court Data Breach Exposes 160K SSNs
2013-05-12: Here's What Law Enforcement Can Recover From A Seized iPhone
2013-05-12: Windows 8 may have 100 million licenses in the wild, but install base sits at an estimated 59 million
2013-05-12: Reverse Engineering Snapchat: AES Key in app source code
2013-05-12: Errata Security: Nobody reads the ToS -- not even those who write them
2013-05-12: Lifting the lid on the Redkit exploit kit
2013-05-12: A closer look at the malicious Redkit exploit kit
2013-05-12: Digging Deeper into RedKit
2013-05-12: My Defcon talk with Matthew Prince has been approved :)
2013-05-12: WinXP SP2 with no Firewall falls in 1 day, with FW, it lasts 1 year (from 2011)
2013-05-12: paper.li has no A record for most of the planet
2013-05-12: Effective Intelligence Analysis in Bro IDS - YouTube
2013-05-12: Thieves Stole $45 Million From ATMs Because The U.S. Uses Absurd 40-Year-Old Technology
2013-05-12: This Is Water: David Foster Wallace Commencement Video Goes Viral Five Years After Death
2013-05-12: Microsoft's Teeny-Tiny Windows 8 Product Key Is Beyond Unreadable
2013-05-12: DDoS Services Advertise Openly, Takes Paypal

2013-05-13: Deutsche Telekom, Data Use and 'Net Neutrality'
2013-05-13: Thanks for narrowing that delivery time down for me
2013-05-13: Amazon's new 'virtual currency' of dubious benefit to customers
2013-05-13: U.N.'s ITU pursues Internet control -- again -- this week
2013-05-13: Moxie Marlinspike A Saudi Arabia Telecom's Surveillance Pitch
2013-05-13: The real Star Man: David Bowie champions Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield's 'Space Oddity' cover
2013-05-13: Vaccinating systems against VM-Aware Malware

2013-05-14: Windows 8 'sales' barely half as good as Microsoft claims
2013-05-14: A violent cellphone crime wave sweeps the US
2013-05-14: Drone creep filmed woman's house and refused to stop
2013-05-14: Who is Samsung trying to kid? There will NEVER be a 5G network
2013-05-14: How certificate revocation (doesn't) work in practice
2013-05-14: Is your laptop still unencrypted? Perhaps 7 seconds of CCTV might change your mind...
2013-05-14: Executable Archaeology: The Case Of The Stupid Thing Eating All My RAM
2013-05-14: Wave of cyberattacks targets American energy companies
2013-05-14: 3 Big Mistakes In Incident Response
2013-05-14: The Impact of Password Meters on Password Selection
2013-05-14: In Germany, Offensive Autocomplete Is No Laughing Matter
2013-05-14: Video services chug half of US net capacity -- BitTorrent falls to 6 percent
2013-05-14: Windows Blue gets official name: Windows 8.1
2013-05-14: Google ups its free storage offering
2013-05-14: Dept. of Homeland Security freezes accounts between Dwolla and bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox
2013-05-14: United States Secret Service: San Francisco Electronic Crimes Task Force -- Maybe CNIT should join

2013-05-15: Time-lapse video: May 2013 annular eclipse of the rising Sun.
2013-05-15: How a Career Con Man Led a Federal Sting That Cost Google $500 Million
2013-05-15: PandaLabs Q1 Report: Trojans Account for 80 of Malware Infections, Set New Record
2013-05-15: Drones Take Off in Silicon Valley
2013-05-15: IT security jobs: What's in demand and how to meet it
2013-05-15: Honeynet Project Researchers Build ICS Honeypot (SCADA)
2013-05-15: How Security Compass 'stole' $14 million from a bank
2013-05-15: 10 Certifications That Actually Mean Something
2013-05-15: Sever 'Hangs' and Ephemeral Port Exhaustion issues
2013-05-15: Syria goes dark, once more
2013-05-15: The Rise and Fall of Anonymous Bitcoins
2013-05-15: Introducing Strongbox, a Tool for Anonymous Document-Sharing : The New Yorker
2013-05-15: Rogue Router Advertisement Attack--Bypassing RA Guard
2013-05-15: DNS needs ... TCP --I sense some frustration here
2013-05-15: Critical Linux vulnerability imperils users, even after 'silent' fix
2013-05-15: Exploit code for the Linux perf bug
2013-05-15: Linux PERF_EVENTS Local Root
2013-05-15: Details of the CVE-2013-2094 Linux perf exploit and mitigations
2013-05-15: Debian Security Tracker Certificate Failure
2013-05-15: Debian is vulnerable to CVE-2013-2094 (and uses a bad SSL cert)
2013-05-15: perf exploit fail on Kali Linux - Pastebin.com
2013-05-15: Many people testing the perf Linux exploit--mixed results
2013-05-15: Windows Port Exhaustion and Connection Failures
2013-05-15: If you have to reboot your servers often, its probably port exhaustion
2013-05-15: Bitcoin network faster than 500 supercomputers
2013-05-15: Skype with care -- Microsoft is reading everything you write
2013-05-15: Is Microsoft reading your Skype instant messages?
2013-05-15: 'LulzSec leader's' victim named: tiny Oz council
2013-05-15: Google plans to fix Android update process
2013-05-15: EC-Council hacked by Godzilla for creating cyber security awareness

2013-05-16: Feds Reveal Warrant Used to Seize Mt. Gox Accounts, Affecting Bitcoin Trade
2013-05-16: Samsung 'undisputed' Android king, takes 95 percent of Q1 profits
2013-05-16: Google Wallet lets you email money
2013-05-16: Net tightens on patent trolls - Mass lawsuits could be a thing of the past
2013-05-16: contagio: Collection of Pcap files from malware analysis
2013-05-16: China's Kingsoft unveils cloud-based APT product
2013-05-16: Google and NASA Are Building the Future of AI With a Quantum Supercomputer
2013-05-16: Mac Spyware Found at Oslo Freedom Forum
2013-05-16: Android malware rise could be 'game changer,' warns F-Secure
2013-05-16: Ragebooter: 'Legit' DDoS Service, or Fed Backdoor?
2013-05-16: No more ads, no more trackers Ed Bott
2013-05-16: How to Build a Start-up in a Dangerous World: A Discussion on Cybersecurity - Eventbrite
2013-05-16: Firefox 21 contains security fixes, new 'Health Report' feature
2013-05-16: US Anonymous Hacker Faces Life In Prison While Others Given Lighter Sentences --Article full of lies
2013-05-16: Jail for the LulzSec hacking gang members Naked Security
2013-05-16: ReportTT: iPhone 5S to feature fingerprint scanner, says chief information security officer for PayPal
2013-05-16: Is It Wrong to Use Data From the World's First 'Nice' Botnet?
2013-05-16: Opinion: No, the LulzSec hackers weren't noble
2013-05-16: Amazon slashes DynamoDB cost to counter Google Datastore
2013-05-16: Bill Gates Retakes World's Richest Title From Carlos Slim

2013-05-17: Australia's Water Curtain Stop Signs Are A Great Idea
2013-05-17: A look into the EC Council hack
2013-05-17: This Is The Steve Jobs Email That Has Apple In A Legal Mess
2013-05-17: RFC 6946: Processing of IPv6 "Atomic" Fragments
2013-05-17: How to make women more interested in us
2013-05-17: Mozilla Delays Default Third-Party Cookie Blocking In Firefox
2013-05-17: Who is the mystery sixth member of LulzSec?
2013-05-17: Windows 8 is an enterprise 'non-starter' because IT sees no value in changes
2013-05-17: Divide & conquer makes quantum light a breeze to detect
2013-05-17: Financial Times (FT) twitter accounts and website hacked by Syrian Electronic Army
2013-05-17: Amtrak Upgrades Wi-Fi
2013-05-17: Hacker serving 5-year sentence invents ATM add-on to prevent theft
2013-05-17: Texas drone bill sparks a battle

2013-05-18: Cloud-service contracts and data protection: Unintended consequences
2013-05-18: Yahoo Japan Suspects 22 Million IDs Stolen
2013-05-18: Welcome to San Francisco: Here's where the cellphone thefts are
2013-05-18: Skype's ominous link checking: facts and speculation
2013-05-18: Large Attacks Hide More Subtle Threats In DDoS Data
2013-05-18: The World's Fastest Wi-Fi Puts Your Sluggish Router to Shame
2013-05-18: This 18-Year-Old's Invention Could Make Your Future Phone Instacharge
2013-05-18: Times Site Is Attacked by Hackers - NYTimes.com
2013-05-18: FBI Considers CALEA II: Mandatory Wiretapping On Every Device

2013-05-19: From Maps to Search to Google , Google unloads improvements across the board
2013-05-19: Here's How Surveillance In America Drastically Changed After 911
2013-05-19: KolibriOS -- tiny and it's not Linux
2013-05-19: Chinese Hackers Resume Attacks on U.S. Targets
2013-05-19: IBM Brings COBOL to cloud & smartphones
2013-05-19: Italian 'Tango Down' operation arrests 4 Anonymous hackers
2013-05-19: Crazy ants infest computers
2013-05-19: Massive EXPLOSION visible to naked eye SEEN ON MOON
2013-05-19: Subdomain of Nasa Hacked By CoderSec !... - Anonymous Sabah Attacker Facebook
2013-05-19: Nasa Hacked By Ag3nt47 - Pastebin.com -- an Accunetrix scan log from 2006
2013-05-19: 2 men arrested in killing over iPad in Las Vegas

2013-05-20: How to Dual Boot and Virtualize the Same Partition on Your Computer
2013-05-20: Protect yourself from the coming cloud crack-up
2013-05-20: SafeIP: Free Program for Encrypting Your Internet Traffic
2013-05-20: Lots Of People Don't Turn Off Their Devices When They Fly
2013-05-20: Snapchat's woes escalate with complaint to FTC
2013-05-20: Over 45 of IT pros snitch on their colleagues
2013-05-20: 'Self-aiming' rifle turns novices into expert snipers
2013-05-20: Vulnerabilities Plague File Lite, File Pro iOS Apps
2013-05-20: Meet the 28-year-old Student Who Exposed Two Harvard Professors Whose Shoddy Research Drove Global Austerityt
2013-05-20: Dropbox vs. Google Drive vs. Amazon vs. Skydrive: Which One Is Fastest?
2013-05-20: Guantanamo Wi-Fi shuttered after Anonymous hacking threat
2013-05-20: Library of Malware Traffic Patterns

2013-05-21: MediaFire - Online Space for your documents, photos, videos, and music. -- Starts at 10 GB
2013-05-21: Chinese hackers who breached Google gained access to sensitive data, U.S. officials say
2013-05-21: Sensors in heart devices like defibrillators, pacemakers said at risk
2013-05-21: Interview With A Blackhat (Part 1)

2013-05-22: US urged to permit self-defense retaliation on hackers
2013-05-22: APT1 Three Months Later -- Significantly Impacted, Though Active & Rebuilding
2013-05-22: Reporters use Google, find breach, get branded as 'hackers'
2013-05-22: Espionage hacking campaign 'Operation Hangover' originates in India
2013-05-22: Edwin Vargas of Bronxville, NYPD detective, broke into officers' email, feds charge
2013-05-22: NASA to fund world's first 3D food printer
2013-05-22: AD Bitlocker Password Audit v1.0
2013-05-22: Meet Zhang. He hacks for Beijing
2013-05-22: Anons of South Africa Dump Police Informant Database
2013-05-22: Why SSD Drives Destroy Court Evidence -- REFERENCE FOR MY DATA EVAPORATION TALKS
2013-05-22: Understanding SSDs -- FIGURES FOR SSD EVAPORATION
2013-05-22: AntiSec Hackers Dump Police Infirmant Data (from 2011)
2013-05-22: IPv6 Security Master Thesis -- LOTS OF INTERESTING INFO

2013-05-23: Three wireless security myths -- busted!
2013-05-23: Mac OS X Backdoor Found in Wild
2013-05-23: One-Time Pad From Caltech Offers Uncrackable Cryptography
2013-05-23: China's exposed crack cyberspy crew dumps 'most' of its kit
2013-05-23: Layered Security Approach Still Fails to Block Exploits: Report
2013-05-23: Twitter launches two-factor authentication
2013-05-23: Google engineer bashes Microsoft's handling of security researchers, discloses Windows zero-day
2013-05-23: Tavis Ormandy bashes Microsoft's handling of security researchers, drops Windows zero-day
2013-05-23: SSD Market Share -- REFERENCE FOR SSD TALKS
2013-05-23: BIOS Bummer: New Malware Can Bypass BIOS Security
2013-05-23: 'Anonymous' a little less so, thanks to Israeli hackers

2013-05-24: Virtual servers outnumber physical servers 7 to 1
2013-05-24: Microsoft extends Azure's reach to China, Japan, and Australia
2013-05-24: In China, Hacking Has Widespread Acceptance
2013-05-24: Amazon's (not so secret) war on taxes
2013-05-24: Security Twitteratti: Twitter's 2FA does sweet FA for biz
2013-05-24: High School Student Builds Working Submarine: Possibly Wants to Defect
2013-05-24: FiOS customer discovers the limits of 'unlimited' data: 77TB a month
2013-05-24: Thousands of DHS Personnel Notified of Data Breach
2013-05-24: Only 36 percent of small firms apply security patches. No wonder cybercrooks are stealing their cash
2013-05-24: Sally Bercow's Lord McAlpine libel: Twitter is over. O.V.E.R.
2013-05-24: FindMyHash --Interesting comments
2013-05-24: Enable TRIM in OS X 10.8.2 - problems
2013-05-24: Report Says Active Recovery Efforts Could Deter IP Theft By Foreign Attackers
2013-05-24: Hard-Coded Credentials Found in TURCK ICS Devices
2013-05-24: Let's Cut Through the Bitcoin Hype: A Hacker-Entrepreneur's Take
2013-05-24: Skype Beta Plugs IP Resolver Privacy Leak
2013-05-24: That grep job is really zipping along; wait, what?

2013-05-25: NIST Key Sizes
2013-05-25: Google builds bigger crypto keys to make site forgeries harder Ars Technica
2013-05-25: Improving the security of your SSH private key files
2013-05-25: Target Acquisition at #LayerOne
2013-05-25: Sockstress killing Windows 7 very well (for my #Layer_one talk tomorrow) :)
2013-05-25: Even after the attack stops, that RAM never comes back :) #LayerOne
2013-05-25: Differential Cryptanalysis For Dummies -- awesome slide by Jon King #Layer_one
2013-05-25: FEAL - Notoriously weak cipher to practice cracking #Layer_one
2013-05-25: The truth about being acquired

2013-05-26: New Android Trojan makes the Two-step authentication feature insecure
2013-05-26: British broadcaster BSkyB has all of its Android apps hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army
2013-05-26: Microsoft gives students 3GB additional Skydrive storage for one year
2013-05-26: An Airway Created with a 3D Printer Saved This Baby's Life
2013-05-26: Camwar--Kittenwar for webcams from @Viss #Layer_One
2013-05-26: ADHD Linux: Active Defnas
2013-05-26: Google releases Glass' roots, warns it may turn specs to bricks
2013-05-26: Reports: Liberty Reserve Founder Arrested, Site Shuttered
2013-05-26: The First Six Months Developing For The Computer On My Face

2013-05-27: Clearwire to pull Huawei from network
2013-05-27: U.S. report says major weapons designs compromised by Chinese
2013-05-27: Getting started with login verification
2013-05-27: Now PETA Wants to Sue People Who Leave Anonymous Comments
2013-05-27: Zorin OS 7: This may be the Linux distro you're looking for

2013-05-29: A list of the U.S. weapons designs and technologies compromised by hackers
2013-05-29: Obama to confront Chinese president over spate of cyber-attacks on US
2013-05-29: Hammond pleads guilty to Stratfor hack: 'It's a relief'
2013-05-29: Attack wave on Ruby on Rails
2013-05-29: How a QR Code Could Save Your Life
2013-05-29: Lares from LOW to PWNED
2013-05-29: Hackers Are Spying On You: Inside the World of Digital Espionage
2013-05-29: Here's everything wrong with Twitter's two-factor authentication setup
2013-05-29: Bitdefender Still Leads the Pack in AV-Test Evaluation
2013-05-29: Windows 8.1 Start button SPOTTED in the wild
2013-05-29: Secunia Broadcasts Zero-day Vulnerability via Email Accidentally
2013-05-29: Look out, Google Fiber -- scientists build 400G connection
2013-05-29: Gmail Revamps the Inbox with Automatic Email Sorting and Grouping
2013-05-29: Important Security Update: Reset Your Drupal.org Password
2013-05-29: Amazon Web Services integrates with Google, Facebook for easier log-ins
2013-05-29: China's military to train on digital warfare
2013-05-29: iPhone owners use their devices 50 percent more than Android owners
2013-05-29: Idaho State University to pay HHS $400K after investigation reveals shoddy security
2013-05-29: Sandcat Browser 4.0 released, new tools added for Pen-Testers
2013-05-29: UPDATE 7-U.S. accuses currency exchange of laundering $6 bln

2013-05-30: City of Lansing Hacked, Full Database Leaked by Turkish Ajan
2013-05-30: Break Down of Information from City of Lansing by Turkish Ajan
2013-05-30: L TurkishAjan Turkish Hacking & Security Hack Forums
2013-05-30: Google Sets New 'Aggressive' 7-Day Deadline For Vendors To Reveal Or Patch 0days
2013-05-30: Log file vulnerability in Apache server
2013-05-30: 10 shocking lessons from using only Google products
2013-05-30: How to Boost Your Internet Security with DNSCrypt
2013-05-30: Decryption disclosure doesn't violate Fifth Amendment, judge rules in child porn case
2013-05-30: Ex-Microsoft manager plans to create first U.S. marijuana brand
2013-05-30: University of Illinois CS department machines compromised
2013-05-30: UN report says killer bots could fight WAR WITHOUT END

2013-05-31: Google fails to strike down FBI's 'unconstitutional' secret gagging orders
2013-05-31: Getting Started with Armitage on Kali
2013-05-31: How To Install Armitage Archive - Kali Forums
2013-05-31: Infographic World IPv6 Launch
2013-05-31: US Government Urges States to Legalize Self-Driving Cars like Google's
2013-05-31: Armitage on Kali pwns Win 2008 SP1 :)
2013-05-31: framework ms09_050 exploit killed 2008 server
2013-05-31: Memory gaffe leaves Aussie bank accounts open to theft
2013-05-31: Howfuckedismydistro.com
2013-05-31: Index of proftpd -- old vulnerable versions

June 2013

2013-06-01: Downloads - easyftpsvr - Vulnerable server
2013-06-01: Shrinking Linux virtual disks on OSX VMWare fusion
2013-06-01: How to bring back the Start menu and button to Windows 8 -- StartIsBack

2013-06-02: McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine, Hacked & Accounts Leaked
2013-06-02: LinkedIn rolls out two-factor authentication
2013-06-02: Apple, betrayed by its own law firm

2013-06-03: BBC News - Licensed to hack: Cracking open the corporate world
2013-06-03: Lost Found: Google hacks Windows and Android sleeper agents
2013-06-03: Spamhaus-style DDoS attacks: All the hackers are doing it
2013-06-03: Inside VirusTotal's pants: Social engineering attacks using DRM protected ASF files
2013-06-03: Anatomy of a hack: How crackers ransack passwords like 'qeadzcwrsfxv1331'
2013-06-03: Anonymous Says It's Close to Launching YourAnonNews Website
2013-06-03: Your iPhone Can Be Hacked With a Modified Charger
2013-06-03: Relax, Hollywood, ARM's got your back: New chip 'thwarts' video pirates
2013-06-03: Firefox OS: Go away fanbois, fandroids - you wouldn't understand
2013-06-03: What's New For The Enterprise In Windows 8.1
2013-06-03: Hacker Claims Airplanes Vulnerable at 30,000 Feet
2013-06-03: Phenoelit: Printer Exploitation
2013-06-03: Hacking Network Printers (Mostly HP JetDirects, but a little info on the Ricoh Savins)

2013-06-04: Oracle details Java security facelift
2013-06-04: Microsoft and IBM Researchers Develop a Lie Detector for the Cloud
2013-06-04: LinkedIn flips the two-factor authentication switch
2013-06-04: Jobs' 'incredibly stupid' prattlings prove ebook price-fix plot, claim Feds
2013-06-04: Cashout Service for Ransomware Scammers
2013-06-04: 7z command line and aes
2013-06-04: Windows 8 enterprise take-up terrible
2013-06-04: De-ICE 1.40 LiveCD Hacking Challenge Released
2013-06-04: The FBI's New Wiretapping Plan Is Great News for Criminals

2013-06-05: Google's certificate announcement contains a hidden surprise for Windows XP users
2013-06-05: Google researcher publishes Windows zero-day exploit
2013-06-05: Space boffins, oil giants, nuke plants 'raided' by MYSTERY code nasty
2013-06-05: Schneider moves on ancient SCADA vuln
2013-06-05: Bell Labs Invents Lensless Camera
2013-06-05: Apple fixes irritating Mountain Lion bugs, firms up Java defenses
2013-06-05: Dan's latest SHODAN findings
2013-06-05: Revealed: NSA collecting phone records of millions of Americans daily
2013-06-05: Google Buys Quantum Computer for Artificial Intelligence Lab at NASA

2013-06-06: Stealing Windows Passwords Remotely with Kali and Windows Credential Editor
2013-06-06: Investigators bust hackers that stole and sold credit card data - $200 million stolen
2013-06-06: U.S. government to propose bill targeting foreign hackers
2013-06-06: More than 360,000 Apache websites imperiled by critical Plesk vulnerability
2013-06-06: Welcome to Echelon 2.0 -- how the gov't outsources domestic surveillance to evade the Fourth Amendment
2013-06-06: June 2013 Web Server Survey Netcraft -- hilariously meaningless graphs
2013-06-06: How To Submit Your Firewall Logs To DShield
2013-06-06: HTML 5 Online Privacy Primer v2 (public) - Pastebin.com
2013-06-06: Chicken: Chicken Chicken
2013-06-06: U.S. intelligence mining data from nine U.S. Internet companies in broad secret program
2013-06-06: What We Don't Know About Spying on Citizens: Scarier Than What We Know
2013-06-06: NSA has direct access to tech giants' systems for user data, secret files reveal
2013-06-06: Police 'stumped' by car thefts using electronic skeleton key
2013-06-06: #OpIsrael: Anonymous Hacks 600,000 Israeli Email Accounts (walla.co.il) (from Feb.)
2013-06-06: The new Walla hack file
2013-06-06: Microsoft categorically denies involvement in PRISM
2013-06-06: DNI Condemns Leak of Spying Program and Admits It

2013-06-07: Happy IPv6 Day: Usage On the Rise, Attacks Too CloudFlare Blog
2013-06-07: Intelligence Chief Says Massive Data Collection Is No Big Deal, But Reporting It Is
2013-06-07: Facebook Denies Giving NSA Direct Access To Its Servers; Microsoft Says It Only Turns Over Info For 'Specific Accounts'
2013-06-07: Using PowerShell to play with hashes
2013-06-07: Quantum teleportation between atomic systems over long distances
2013-06-07: 20 Commercial Data Trackers at the Washington Post
2013-06-07: Mozilla Collusion -- See Who's Tracking You
2013-06-07: Obama orders US to draw up overseas target list for cyber-attacks
2013-06-07: David Simon We are shocked, shocked
2013-06-07: You're Being Monitored All the Time -- Deal With It
2013-06-07: Classified BIND 9 Manual found on NSA website
2013-06-07: To find and analyze computer evidence, Secret Service wants to buy 50 FREDs
2013-06-07: Are the latest Wi-Fi routers worth the money?
2013-06-07: Hacking AutoUpdate by Injecting Fake Updates (from April, 2012)
2013-06-07: infobyteevilgrade GitHub
2013-06-07: ICO fines Glasgow Council £150,000 over lost laptop exposing 6,000 bank account details

2013-06-08: My LayerOne Talk Video: SSD Data Evaporation and DoS Attacks
2013-06-08: NSA Backdoor Key from Lotus-Notes
2013-06-08: Google Denies Participation in Government Spying
2013-06-08: This contact lens could eventually make Google Glass obsolete
2013-06-08: What is the Windows analog of the Linux watch command? - Super User
2013-06-08: evilGrade Utilisation - YouTube
2013-06-08: Top US general denies NYT PRISM story
2013-06-08: Debunking the NSA Scandal -- The Washington Post Made It Up
2013-06-08: Hacking with Evilgrade on Backtrack5
2013-06-08: DNI: Facts on the Collection of Intelligence Pursuant to Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act

2013-06-09: Boundless Informant: the NSA's secret tool to track global surveillance data
2013-06-09: Edward Snowden: the whistleblower behind the NSA surveillance revelations
2013-06-09: JesterGear: Home: Zazzle.com Store
2013-06-09: Statement regarding involvement of IMMI in Edward Snowden asylum request
2013-06-09: Endian - Open Source Firewall Appliance - UTM Linux Security Distribution
2013-06-09: Booz Allen Statement on Reports of Leaked Information

2013-06-10: Data-collection program got green light from MacKay in 2011
2013-06-10: Study: Rogue Employees Are Top Concern For Security Pros
2013-06-10: PRISM -- not as bad as you thought? (And don't call it PRISM!)
2013-06-10: Verizon forced to hand over telephone data -- full court ruling
2013-06-10: Microsoft borks botnet takedown in Citadel snafu
2013-06-10: Potential privacy problems for companies accepting Bitcoins
2013-06-10: Raley's Family of Fine Stores Targeted in Cyber Attack
2013-06-10: Hong Kong might have no choice but to protect Snowden
2013-06-10: One-third of American adults have tablets
2013-06-10: Who Is Edward Snowden, The Self-Styled NSA Leaker?
2013-06-10: Verizon runs their entire LTE network over IPv6
2013-06-10: Over 25 of Verizon Wireless Traffic Is Now Over IPv6
2013-06-10: IPv6 SMTP to gmail failing
2013-06-10: CIA Releases Analyst's Fascinating Tale of Cracking the Kryptos Sculpture
2013-06-10: Google Increases Bounties in Bug Rewards Program
2013-06-10: Japan Unveils Levitating 300 MPH Train
2013-06-10: New Facebook Privacy Settings
2013-06-10: Free Beacon Article Redirects to ZeroAccess Rootkit, Fake AV
2013-06-10: Seriously, you need to think about IPv6
2013-06-10: Obama Is Checking Your Email
2013-06-10: Apple stock falls when WWDC ended

2013-06-11: Inside the 'Q Group,' the Directorate Hunting Down Edward Snowden
2013-06-11: Hacktivists Inadvertently Cause Damage to People They Claim to Represent
2013-06-11: NSA PRISM deepthroat VANISHES as pole-dance lover cries into keyboard
2013-06-11: iOS 7: Apple's war against jailbreaking now makes perfect sense
2013-06-11: Dear NSA, let me take care of your slides.
2013-06-11: Booz Allen Hamilton Confirms Termination of NSA Whistleblower
2013-06-11: Backdoors Embedded in DoD Microchips From China
2013-06-11: Hashcat v. Mac OS X hashes -- 80 words per second
2013-06-11: How OS X 'Mavericks' works its power-saving magic
2013-06-11: Security Impact of IPv6 Summit 2013 (Washington, DC)
2013-06-11: Internship at Palo Alto Networks
2013-06-11: Most Americans shrug off NSA snooping

2013-06-12: U.S. disrupts al-Qaeda's online magazine
2013-06-12: LulzSec hacker given community order for possessing child abuse images
2013-06-12: Linode - Xen VPS Hosting -- provides v6 Glue Records
2013-06-12: How to image cloud servers for free
2013-06-12: New DNS Sniffer utility
2013-06-12: NSA whistleblower likely had easy access to classified data
2013-06-12: 8 months in Microsoft, I learnedthese
2013-06-12: My Iowa IPv6 students are doing well :)
2013-06-12: Hacking iPhone to bypass iOS 7 Lockscreen
2013-06-12: CloudFlare, PRISM, and Securing SSL Ciphers

2013-06-13: Microsoft patches critical vulnerability in Office 2011 for Mac
2013-06-13: OWASP Top Ten 2013
2013-06-13: NSA Snooping Was Only the Beginning. Meet the Spy Chief Leading Us Into Cyberwar
2013-06-13: Exclamation: yourname@yahoo.com Can Be Yours!
2013-06-13: Dell combines faster and cheaper SSDs in one box, with automatic tiering
2013-06-13: RARSTONE Found In Targeted Attacks Security Intelligence Blog
2013-06-13: Watch: Flying Bike Makes Its Debut in Prague
2013-06-13: Malicious 'Bad Pigs' App Identified on Google Play
2013-06-13: Eight Individuals Charged with Hacking into Global Financial Institutions
2013-06-13: Your online privacy was doomed long before the NSA came along
2013-06-13: Which freaking PaaS should I use?
2013-06-13: Former NSA Director Michael Hayden Responds To Edward Snowden Claim
2013-06-13: Experts Doubt NSA Leaker's Claim About Wiretaps
2013-06-13: Unwarranted hysteria over Verizon data collection
2013-06-13: Edward Snowden's Parallel Universe
2013-06-13: CVE-2013-2551 MS13-037 Internet Explorer Vulnerability Metasploit Demo
2013-06-13: Meet Cobalt Strike: Adaptive Pen Testing

2013-06-14: U.S. Agencies Said to Swap Data With Thousands of Firms
2013-06-14: How 802.11ac networking boosts the MacBook Air's Wi-Fi performance
2013-06-14: Users warned to remove Debian Multimedia repository
2013-06-14: Reg hack prepares to live off wondergloop Soylent
2013-06-14: Announcement: The Network Scanning Watch List
2013-06-14: Does encryption really shield you from government's prying eyes?
2013-06-14: Iranian Elections Bring Lull in Bank Attacks
2013-06-14: Apache PHP Injection to JavaScript Files
2013-06-14: Samsung pays Apple $1 Billion sending 30 trucks full of 5 cent coins
2013-06-14: More on Office 2003 Zero Day Vulnerability Patch
2013-06-14: New Windows themes: kittens, puppies, and a world in color
2013-06-14: Exploit Dev Weekend Bootcamp Strategic Security
2013-06-14: Senate Staffers Told To Pretend Top Secret Documents Are Not Widely Available On Web

2013-06-15: Updating OpenSSL on OS X
2013-06-15: sha512-crypt for GNU and Bash
2013-06-15: NSA admits listening to U.S. phone calls without warrants
2013-06-15: Facebook Reveals Details of US Data Requests
2013-06-15: 3 charged with hacking professors' grade books
2013-06-15: Wi-Fi Light Bulbs Shipping Soon

2013-06-16: Larry Ellison's Fantasy Island
2013-06-16: Google unveils its Project Loon Wi-Fi balloons - in pictures
2013-06-16: OpenSSH Keys and The Drunken Bishop
2013-06-16: Schneier on Security: Prosecuting Snowden
2013-06-16: Video: Congressman Claims He Was Told Government Could Listen To Phone Calls Without A Warrant
2013-06-16: ISPs to include porn filters as default in the UK by 2014
2013-06-16: Sexism Still a Problem At E3
2013-06-16: scrypt - RAM-intensive hashing
2013-06-16: Defcon CTF Quals 2013 -- All Web Challenges (3dub)
2013-06-16: Comparison of IPv6 Metrics in Different Countries
2013-06-16: Adobe Flash exploit grabs video and audio, long after 'fix'
2013-06-16: Medical Devices Hard-Coded Passwords
2013-06-16: Web Application Security Quiz
2013-06-16: Wearable Tech Bracelet Brings You Smartphone Notifications VIDEO
2013-06-16: Swiss scientists create catbot: a robot that runs like a cat (video)

2013-06-17: Oracle plans to fix 40 holes in Java
2013-06-17: New encryption method promises end-to-end cloud security
2013-06-17: Edward Snowden Q&A: NSA whistleblower answers your questions
2013-06-17: Microsoft Office for iPhone is pathetically bad
2013-06-17: Why Oddworld is Coming to Every Platform Except Xbox
2013-06-17: Microsoft adds two-factor authentication to its Azure cloud platform
2013-06-17: Cloud Server Performance: A Comparative Analysis of 5 Large Cloud IaaS Providers -- Azure wins!
2013-06-17: Cisco impresses with first crack at next-gen firewall
2013-06-17: Guys, stop creeping out women at tech events
2013-06-17: DEFCON Bangalore 2013 - Call For Papers
2013-06-17: Wordpress Salt Generator
2013-06-17: WordPress Security Keys
2013-06-17: How to install Microsoft Loopback Adapter
2013-06-17: Cleartext Login in Wordpress
2013-06-17: Hardening WordPress
2013-06-17: Opera Mobile Emulator
2013-06-17: How to Recover Password From phpMyAdmin for Wordpress
2013-06-17: Crack Wordpress Password Hashes with hashcat How-To

2013-06-18: Facebook Blocks Log-ins from Tor Browser Putting Thousands of Political Activist at Risk
2013-06-18: Lulzsec fiasco Hide My Ass! Blog
2013-06-18: Guess You Thought I Was Someone To Mess With Georgia Weidman's Security Blog
2013-06-18: Study: 20 of the 50 Most Popular WordPress Plugins Are Vulnerable to Cyberattacks
2013-06-18: This $22K sniper rifle comes with a WiFi server, USB ports, an iPad mini -- and aims itself
2013-06-18: Dutch and Belgian Police Bust Gang That Used Hackers to Smuggle Drugs
2013-06-18: Perishable Press -- security tips for Wordpress
2013-06-18: Microsoft To Start Dumping Surface RT To Schools For $199
2013-06-18: Functional Accessibility Evaluator
2013-06-18: mobiReady - dotMobi compliance & mobileOK checker
2013-06-18: It's over: All private data is public
2013-06-18: Cracking Wordpress Password Hashes with Hashcat
2013-06-18: Web Developer Toolbar
2013-06-18: Brackets Text Editor Has Live Preview in Chrome -- Security Risk?

2013-06-19: The NSA Hearing, by the Numbers
2013-06-19: Creative usernames and Spotify account hijacking
2013-06-19: Leg room on American Airlines: Get ready to squeeze
2013-06-19: How To Uninstall McAfee Antivirus - YouTube (NSFW)
2013-06-19: Microsoft kills linked accounts in Outlook.com
2013-06-19: 7 essentials for defending against DDoS attacks
2013-06-19: Cumulus Networks unveils 'Cisco killer' Linux
2013-06-19: Edward Snowden asylum : Hong Kong, Ecuador and Iceland
2013-06-19: YGN Ethical Hacker Group Blog: OWASP WebGoat Training Complete Package
2013-06-19: Americans Sent Over a Hundred Million Father's Day Messages, Says N.S.A.
2013-06-19: Wi-Fi Alliance announces 802.11ac certification program
2013-06-19: Install Joomla! for Windows
2013-06-19: Cracking Hashes: Joomla is weakest, then Windows and WordPress, Linux is best
2013-06-19: AkeebaBackup - The Most Popular Joomla Extension
2013-06-19: RSFirewall! - Joomla! Extensions Directory
2013-06-19: jHackGuard - Joomla! Extensions Directory
2013-06-19: Encrypt configuration - Joomla! Extensions Directory
2013-06-19: Joomla Brute Force Stop
2013-06-19: Microsoft Bug Bounties
2013-06-19: Boffins light way to photonic computing with 1TB DVD tech
2013-06-19: LinkedIn DNS hijacked, site offline
2013-06-19: FBI Admits To Using Drones To Spy On Americans

2013-06-20: Texas becomes first US state to ban warrantless email snooping
2013-06-20: Double Cashing With Mobile Banking
2013-06-20: NSA Implementing 'Two-Person' Rule To Stop The Next Edward Snowden
2013-06-20: LinkedIn Outage Tied to DNS Issue
2013-06-20: Web's Reach Binds N.S.A. and Silicon Valley Leaders
2013-06-20: LinkedIn domain for sale
2013-06-20: Teardrop Denial of Service Attack -- woks v. Modern Winows versions, Android, and Blackberry? Ty Steve Hailey
2013-06-20: stacheldraht DDoS Tool
2013-06-20: Wireshark teardrop attack help - Wireshark Q&A
2013-06-20: Silicon Valley Code Camp -- Oct 5-6 --FREE CONFERENCE
2013-06-20: Drupal Downloads Acquia
2013-06-20: Run Mobile Apps on Windows PC or Mac with BlueStacks Android App Player
2013-06-20: Teardrop Attack in Scapy
2013-06-20: Drupal hacked, resets passwords after millions of accounts exposed (from May 30)
2013-06-20: Drupal 7: Secure password storage by default at last
2013-06-20: Caveman pulling a wheel on a flat cart
2013-06-20: Drupal 7 Hashes are More Secure than Linux Hashes
2013-06-20: Intelligent Platform Management Interface - Wikipedia
2013-06-20: Cracking IPMI Passwords Remotely
2013-06-20: 35 Security Plugins to Make Your Wordpress Bulletproof

2013-06-21: Lawyers eye NSA data as treasure trove for evidence in murder, divorce cases
2013-06-21: Google hit with 35 day Street View data deletion request by ICO
2013-06-21: That'll never work--we don't allow port 53 out
2013-06-21: DNS provider's error caused LinkedIn 'hack' and affected 5,000 more
2013-06-21: Hack.me Web application security project -- PROJECTS
2013-06-21: Creating and Verifying Hashes in PHP, The Easy Way
2013-06-21: LAND Attack - Wikipedia
2013-06-21: Brackets--advanced Web code editor
2013-06-21: Possible LAND attack vulnerability affects Windows XP and 2003 (from 2005)
2013-06-21: How Browsers Store Your Passwords (and Why You Shouldn't Let Them)
2013-06-21: US government files criminal charges against Edward Snowden over PRISM leaks
2013-06-21: Meet Prince Rupert's Drop. It's about to blow your mind.
2013-06-21: Network Status Zerigo -- DDoS attack in progress
2013-06-21: Facebook bug leaks contact info of 6 million users
2013-06-21: French Government Wants Law Against Amazon

2013-06-22: Secret warrant used to access WikiLeaks volunteer's Gmail account
2013-06-22: Southwest cancels 57 flights after computer glitch
2013-06-22: Cybersecurity Contractors Behaving Badly
2013-06-22: Banana Republic Customer Receives Confidential Employee Documents Instead of Tie
2013-06-22: NSA targeted China's Tsinghua University in extensive hacking attacks, says Snowden
2013-06-22: Only Gmail encrypts SMTP
2013-06-22: Kali Linux DOM Based XSS Writeup
2013-06-22: APT Defender

2013-06-23: DirtJumper's DDoS Engine Gets a Tune-Up with new 'Drive' Variant
2013-06-23: Umbrella Security Graph
2013-06-23: Riot After Chinese Teachers Try to Stop Gaokao Cheating
2013-06-23: U.S. Navy Approves Use Of Lowercase Letters
2013-06-23: BBC News - Edward Snowden leaves Hong Kong on Moscow flight
2013-06-23: Dumb Fuzzing on Mac OS X, trimosx
2013-06-23: The day I caught an ATM card catcher
2013-06-23: Snowden Exposure Tour 2013 T-Shirt
2013-06-23: Killing Windows Server 2012 with Sockstress on Kali Linux
2013-06-23: New iOS App Lets You Record What You Heard Five Minutes Ago
2013-06-23: Users' Bitcoins Seized by DEA
2013-06-23: T-Mobile IPv6 is Here and Now
2013-06-23: California sends a cease and desist order to the Bitcoin Foundation

2013-06-24: Cassini captures gigantic hurricane on Saturn in exquisite detail
2013-06-24: Google Adds Feature to Keep Malware Out of Chrome Web Store
2013-06-24: CareerBuilder man in the browser attack
2013-06-24: Snowden admits taking Booz Allen job to collect data on NSA surveillance
2013-06-24: EFF's Case Against AT&T Electronic Frontier Foundation
2013-06-24: White House presses Russia to expel Snowden; sharp words for China
2013-06-24: Fake anti-virus jumps from PCs to Android
2013-06-24: My Song Got Played On Pandora 1 Million Times and All I Got Was $16.89, Less Than What I Make From a Single T-Shirt Sale!
2013-06-24: Free Surface RT tablets coming to 10,000 educators, plus special pricing for schools
2013-06-24: How to save Perfmon data using Windows 7 performance monitor
2013-06-24: Demonizing Edward Snowden: Which Side Are You On?
2013-06-24: U.S. officials worried about security of files Snowden is thought to have

2013-06-25: Joomla infection process
2013-06-25: NSA has total access via Microsoft Windows -- old rumor
2013-06-25: Catching the ghost: how to discover ephemeral evidence with Live RAM analysis
2013-06-25: Freed LulzSec hacker banned from contacting Anons, wiping data
2013-06-25: Adding Vulnerability Scanning Capabilities to Nmap with NSE Vulscan
2013-06-25: PRISM: NSA Spying Foils NSA Plot to Attack NSA
2013-06-25: Volvo Testing Electrified Road Concept
2013-06-25: Hack Windows 8.1 to earn $100,000 bounty from Microsoft
2013-06-25: Source code for Carberp financial malware gets leaked online
2013-06-25: Chinese Media Calls For Boycott of Cisco
2013-06-25: Apple OSes to overtake Windows in 2015, says Gartner
2013-06-25: The March of the IPv6 Internet
2013-06-25: Canadian Hacker School Goes Dark After Government Probe
2013-06-25: #Snowden: Epic troll status acquired
2013-06-25: What you need to know about Windows 8.1 Preview, Build 9431
2013-06-25: Assange, Back in News, Never Left U.S. Radar - NYTimes.com
2013-06-25: Greenwald: Snowden's Files Are Out There if 'Anything Happens' To Him
2013-06-25: What's New in Windows PowerShell v4
2013-06-25: Google: Hacked sites far worse than attack sites
2013-06-25: Microsoft Bug Bounties
2013-06-25: New scheme for quantum computing
2013-06-25: LG Smartphone Root via Race Condition
2013-06-25: US must not prosecute NSA whistleblower Snowden -- Amnesty Intl
2013-06-25: Pictures of what it would look like if planets were closer
2013-06-25: Against Mass Scanner SSH Brute Forcer
2013-06-25: Don't Even THINK of Using Encryption Software to Escape NSA Scrutiny
2013-06-25: DenyHosts--Block SSH Brute Force Attacks
2013-06-25: Vulnerability Severity Scores Make For Bad Patching Priority
2013-06-25: Exclusive: Documents Illuminate Ecuador's Spying Practices
2013-06-25: No more getting locked out in the middle of the night:New kiosks at 7-Eleven stores will store your keys

2013-06-26: Pulling Windows Hashes Using MySQL
2013-06-26: Stolen Seattle police laptop containing info on victims, suspects, witnesses and police
2013-06-26: Symantec DLP software monitors sensitive Apple iOS iPhone, iPad e-mail
2013-06-26: HP Confirms Backdoor In StoreOnce Backup Product Line
2013-06-26: Supreme Court strikes down Defense of Marriage Act, paves way for gay marriage to resume in California
2013-06-26: Hijacking a Facebook Account with SMS--Earned $20,000 bounty
2013-06-26: Windows 8.1 preview now available
2013-06-26: Fancy 'useless machine'
2013-06-26: South Korean Government DNS Servers Targeted By DDoS Attacks
2013-06-26: NSA to implement 'two-man rule' in wake of Snowden leak
2013-06-26: Adware found to plague more than 1 million U.S. Android users
2013-06-26: The Opera Security group - Security breach stopped
2013-06-26: Sexy NSA Commercial With Sasha Grey
2013-06-26: Sexy NSA Commercial With Sasha Grey
2013-06-26: Hackers Publish 40,000 U.S. Soldiers' Personal Data
2013-06-26: The personal side of taking on the NSA:emerging smears
2013-06-26: Android Malware Continues to Grow - 92 percent of all mobile malware
2013-06-26: Windows 8.1 Preview isn't currently supported on some tablets and PCs
2013-06-26: BART responds to unions' strike authorization vote
2013-06-26: At last! Virtual domain controllers just work
2013-06-26: ICANN puts Whois on end-of-life list
2013-06-26: What does Windows 8.1 offer to desktop die-hards?
2013-06-26: CIA memo about cracking down on leaks, leaks
2013-06-26: Four years ago, Ed Snowden thought leakers should be 'shot'
2013-06-26: Bitcoin Black Market Competition Heats Up, With Pro Marketing And Millions At Stake
2013-06-26: How to Download and Install Windows 8.1 Preview
2013-06-26: Malware analysis lab tools
2013-06-26: Official NASA Domains Hacked by Ecuadorian h4x0r Team
2013-06-26: Canary trap - Wikipedia
2013-06-26: Kim Kardashian Uses Canary Trap To Weed Out Shady Friends
2013-06-26: Firm: Facebook 'bug' worse than reported; non-users also affected
2013-06-26: Caution: Legacy IP Only
2013-06-26: current-potentially-habitable-exoplanets.jpg (575323)

2013-06-27: Pattern of Life and Temporal Signals of Hacker Organizations
2013-06-27: New Tool Gives Developers A Free Anti-SQL Injection Shortcut
2013-06-27: WikiLeaks Volunteer Was a Paid Informant for the FBI
2013-06-27: Ecuador gives Safe Pass to Snowden
2013-06-27: The Strange Case of Barrett Brown
2013-06-27: iOS 7 Adds Major Data Security Improvements
2013-06-27: Linux Howtos: CC - Sockets Tutorial
2013-06-27: Code raw sockets in C on Linux
2013-06-27: Packet Sniffer Code in C using sockets Linux
2013-06-27: Note to U.S. Officials - Stop Whining over IP theft
2013-06-27: NSA Leak Vindicates AT&T Whistleblower
2013-06-27: NSA Collecting Vast Data on Americans' Internet Activities, New Report Says
2013-06-27: Renowned Security Expert Bruce Schneier Joins EFF Board of Directors Electronic Frontier Foundation
2013-06-27: Windows 8.1 Preview ISO files
2013-06-27: Full-Featured Third-Party Start Button for Windows 8.1 Preview Released
2013-06-27: Sony's Apple Killer?: A Smartphone That Can Be Dropped Down The Toilet
2013-06-27: Feds: 2 upstate NY men tried to make X-ray weapon
2013-06-27: My new classes "Malware Analysis" and "DNS Security" are finally correct in the schedule, and filling fast

2013-06-28: Password complexity rules more annoying, less effective than length ones
2013-06-28: Gold in them bits: Inside the world's most mysterious Bitcoin mining company
2013-06-28: Yet Another Teen Making Stupid Jokes On Social Media Now Faces Years In Jail
2013-06-28: Wi-Vi: Seeing through walls with Wi-Fi signals
2013-06-28: Instructive example of amateurs pretending to do cryptography
2013-06-28: User's Bitcoins Seized by DEA
2013-06-28: Both true and false: a Zen moment with C
2013-06-28: Selling SSH Rooted Servers
2013-06-28: Institute of Brazil hacked & data dumped
2013-06-28: Encryption Has Foiled Wiretaps for First Time Ever, Feds Say

2013-06-29: The Jester calls this podcast at about 130 in
2013-06-29: Here's What It Looks Like When Two Hacker FBI Informants Try To Inform On Each Other
2013-06-29: Open Source Comes to Campus: CCSF
2013-06-29: Code School - CAN HAS LOLCODE
2013-06-29: FTC issues record $7.5m fine for calls to U.S. veterans on Do Not Call Registry
2013-06-29: stealthfraud-bridge GitHub -- tunnels via IPv6
2013-06-29: U.S. Marine general may have been the source of the Stuxnet leak
2013-06-29: ICS-CERT Warns of Brute-Force Attacks Against Critical Infrastructure Control Systems
2013-06-29: Why I Phished My Own Company
2013-06-29: Yahoo Puts AltaVista To Death
2013-06-29: Instagram comes under large-scale spam attack, prompts affected users to reset passwords
2013-06-29: Git Remote Add Upstream -- fatal: remote upstream already exists
2013-06-29: WordPress Denial of Service exploit
2013-06-29: Open-Source Tasks to Do
2013-06-29: Win8.1 password disclosure vuln?
2013-06-29: Password disclosure vuln in Win 8.1 preview
2013-06-29: Chinese University issues new security alert to students over hacking
2013-06-29: Latest NSA leak details PRISM's bigger picture
2013-06-29: This article has been taken down pending an investigation.
2013-06-29: Iowa Human Services breach places 8,000 personal records at risk
2013-06-29: Anatomy of a browser trick -- you've heard of 'clickjacking', now meet 'keyjacking'...

2013-06-30: Hacker posts false news story on CNN's political website
2013-06-30: City College of San Francisco Accreditation - SFGate
2013-06-30: To Counter Widespread Surveillance, Stealth Clothing
2013-06-30: The Security State of WordPress' Top 50 Plugins -- Why is this redacted?
2013-06-30: Pentest training games--vulnerable systems and Web apps
2013-06-30: Canadian cop claims he didn't know cyber-stalking was illegal
2013-06-30: BART issues statement as union leaves negotiations
2013-06-30: Snowden Leaks Cloud U.S. Plan to Curb China Hacking
2013-06-30: Windows 8 Now Has More Market Share Than Vista
2013-06-30: linux market share
2013-06-30: Linux Market Share Projected Using SCIENCE

July 2013

2013-07-01: FreedomPop's Free Wireless Would Be Cool If It Wasn't So Shady
2013-07-01: Yandex says my site contains malware; I am skeptical
2013-07-01: I am blacklisted by Yandex!
2013-07-01: WebInspector report for samsclass.info -- clean
2013-07-01: ip addr add works better than ifconfig
2013-07-01: Firefox OS Launches
2013-07-01: DoS is more dangerous than sharks
2013-07-01: Several Flaws Discovered in ZRTPCPP Library Used in Secure Phone Apps
2013-07-01: New NSA leaks show how US is bugging its European allies
2013-07-01: The U.S. Senate Wants to Control Malware Like It's a Missile
2013-07-01: Infosecurity - 33 of CEOs vulnerable to spear-phishing attacks
2013-07-01: Ecuador president: Snowden can't leave Moscow
2013-07-01: Ten Steps to Planning an Effective Cyber-Incident Response
2013-07-01: A Neuroscientist Says Human Head Transplants Are Totally Possible
2013-07-01: Abstruse Goose O.P.C.
2013-07-01: Putin Says Snowden Must Stop Hurting U.S. to Stay in Russia
2013-07-01: Ruby Updated to Address Hostname Check Bypass Flaw in SSL Client
2013-07-01: Killing a Server Dead with Sockstress
2013-07-01: 22 Words Scientists explain their processes with a little too much honesty
2013-07-01: CNN airs Zimmerman's SSN, phone number
2013-07-01: Jack Daniel on Hacking Back
2013-07-01: Microsoft shutters TechNet subscriptions
2013-07-01: New Argument in Forced-Decryption Case: Defendant's Memory Is Ticking Clock
2013-07-01: Snowden, in new statement, accuses Obama of using 'old, bad tools of political aggression'
2013-07-01: BitBills to Relaunch
2013-07-01: HTTPS Side-Channel Attack A Tool For Encrypted Secret Theft
2013-07-01: Backdoor Discovered In Atlassian Crowd

2013-07-02: Microsoft Windows Store hits 100,000 Windows 8 apps, still playing catch-up with Google and Apple
2013-07-02: Windows RT: Can Microsoft snatch victory from the jaws of total failure?
2013-07-02: Snowden gives up on plan to stay in Russia, Kremlin says
2013-07-02: Crimelords: Stolen credit cards... keep 'em. It's all about banking logins now
2013-07-02: Winklevoss Twins Plan First Fund for Bitcoins
2013-07-02: Government's Chilling Arguments To Support 'Aiding the Enemy' Charge Against Bradley Manning
2013-07-02: Internet Explorer 11: 'Don't call me IE'
2013-07-02: Breaking a Toy Hash Function
2013-07-02: SANS paper on pass-the-hash attacks from 2010
2013-07-02: Hacker Holes in Server Management System Allow 'Almost-Physical' Access
2013-07-02: Cybersecurity training on the rise for young students
2013-07-02: Ubisoft breached, user account credentials compromised
2013-07-02: The very first post on the Ubisoft forums asks what the password hash algorithm is; but they got no answer
2013-07-02: Security update regarding your Ubisoft account - please create a new password
2013-07-02: EXCLUSIVE: Pro-US hacker 'The Jester' takes aim at nations helping Snowden
2013-07-02: Teen in jail for months over 'sarcastic' Facebook threat
2013-07-02: TC Cribs: Inside StumbleUpon HQ, Where The Web's Fearless Explorers Work And Play
2013-07-02: Bolivian Minister: Morales' Plane Rerouted On Suspicion Snowden On Board
2013-07-02: White hats reveal major holes in NSA website - This may be a fake

2013-07-03: CSIS: How malware attacks on the Windows platform, 2013 JAVA WINS
2013-07-03: The Practical Meter Speeds Up Charging Your Smartphone Over USB
2013-07-03: Google: We're Not Even Pretending to be the Good Guys Anymore
2013-07-03: Offensive Countermeasures: The Art of Active Defense eBook
2013-07-03: Snowden's Plea for Asylum: Table, Track Responses
2013-07-03: What's New in Windows Server 2012 R2 Jump Start--Free online training event!
2013-07-03: Accreditation committee decides to close CCSF in July, 2014
2013-07-03: City College of San Francisco will lose accreditation in 2014
2013-07-03: Ecuador: Bug recorded secret conversations inside London embassy
2013-07-03: Nginx just became the most used web server among the top 1000 websites
2013-07-03: Google Maps Street View

2013-07-04: Windows 8.1 Preview Doesn't Allow Users to Change the Root SkyDrive Folder
2013-07-04: Windows Server 2012 R2: A First Look
2013-07-04: A serial plagiarist -- 30 years of stolen science
2013-07-04: DecryptoCat - Scathing expos of crap Crypto
2013-07-04: Aggressive Android adware masquerading as Wi-Fi password cracking app
2013-07-04: The NSA Comes Recruiting
2013-07-04: EU adopts stricter penalties for cyber criminals
2013-07-04: Trojanized Android app collects info, comments on NSA surveillance
2013-07-04: Glen Park Gulag
2013-07-04: Statement about CCSF's Accreditation Process Re: SLOs
2013-07-04: Save CCSF We Are City College
2013-07-04: The Reddit sleuths who brought down a meme empire
2013-07-04: Android bug allows app code change without breaking signatures
2013-07-04: 30 people who say America turned 2,013 years old today
2013-07-04: Eight Corporate Privacy Invaders That Know Way More About You Than the NSA
2013-07-04: The NY Times fears the CEH way too much

2013-07-05: Website of WikiLeaks Donation Processor DataCell Disrupted by Anti-Snowden Hacker
2013-07-05: This Subway Window Whispers Ads That Only You Can Hear
2013-07-05: How I connected the Surface RT to wired Ethernet
2013-07-05: Credit card donations to WikiLeaks restored as Mastercard breaks ranks
2013-07-05: Motorola Is Listening
2013-07-05: Motorola secretly spies on Droid phone users every 9 minutes, collects personal data
2013-07-05: Hacking DropBox account, Vulnerability allows hacker to bypass Two-Factor Authentication
2013-07-05: Accreditation Statement from CCSF's Chancellor
2013-07-05: Microsoft offloads heap of critical fixes in 'ugly' Patch Tuesday
2013-07-05: 10 Websites that Now Allow Two-Factor Authentication
2013-07-05: In Japan, Nintendo Was Hacked--15 million guesses and 23,000 unauthorized logins
2013-07-05: Want to be the Part of History? Just be a part of E-HACK
2013-07-05: Computer forensics expert reveals 'hidden' source for two vital pieces of computer evidence
2013-07-05: Google takes 4 months to fix a security bug

2013-07-06: San Francisco Plane Crash: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
2013-07-06: Three Latin American leftist leaders offer asylum to Snowden
2013-07-06: Boeing 777 crashes while landing at SFO www.ktvu.com
2013-07-06: Airplane on fire at SFO airport - YouTube
2013-07-06: CCSF to seek review of accreditation denial
2013-07-06: My Twitter Apps
2013-07-06: LIVE UPDATES: Boeing 777 Crash at San Francisco Airport
2013-07-06: Crash Survivor Says Announcement Claimed the Plane Had Landed Safely
2013-07-06: In Secret, Court Vastly Broadens Powers of N.S.A.
2013-07-06: A Handy Guide To The Very Fake Twitter Accounts Of Glenn Greenwald And Edward Snowden

2013-07-07: BBC News - Hacking competitions seek cybersecurity superstars
2013-07-07: Using Mimikatz Alpha or Getting Clear Text Passwords with a Microsoft Tool
2013-07-07: How to sniff cookies over HTTPS
2013-07-07: Another Android security flaw, but this one only affects 99 of devices
2013-07-07: Dowloading the Practical Malware Analysis lab files :)

2013-07-08: Apple makes top iOS apps free ahead of App Store 5th anniversary
2013-07-08: Snowden confirms Stuxnet was coded by NSA in cooperation with Israel
2013-07-08: What are the secrets of a great WikiTalk?
2013-07-08: Throwable robot takes the point in dangerous situations
2013-07-08: Root SSH Key Compromised in Emergency Broadcast Systems
2013-07-08: Poisoning Your Lover's Coffee. Or Tea. Or Smoothie. Or...
2013-07-08: Paperghost.com: Speaking at RSA Europe: I didn't ask for this
2013-07-08: Skeptics don't get that new-time Windows 8.1 religion
2013-07-08: A look at the black underbelly of Windows 8.1 'Blue'
2013-07-08: DDoS: Hacktivists Preparing Phase 4?
2013-07-08: Stop protesting at CCSF -- good sense from HalHuntsman
2013-07-08: Oregon may eliminate tuition at state colleges
2013-07-08: Accreditor votes to shut down San Francisco's community college in 1 year
2013-07-08: Secure those WordPress 3.5.1 exploits
2013-07-08: Save CCSF We Are City College -- Arrogant and false, they don't represent me
2013-07-08: Hard drive-wiping malware that hit South Korea tied to military espionage
2013-07-08: The SanDisk Extreme Is the Fastest Affordable Flash Drive on the Block
2013-07-08: Oracle Academy Event Pass Drawings
2013-07-08: US agency baffled by modern technology, destroys mice to get rid of viruses
2013-07-08: Outrageously flawed response to a minor malware infection; demented CIO just like the crazy one we had at CCSF
2013-07-08: Updating WordPress WordPress Codex
2013-07-08: Secure Boot Coming To SuSE Linux Servers
2013-07-08: Twitter Fugitive: Catch Me If You Can!; Cops with GPS Data: OK!
2013-07-08: Malware Analysis and DNS Security are my most popular classes for Fall
2013-07-08: Drone Warning
2013-07-08: Anatomy of a pseudorandom number generator -- visualising Cryptocat's buggy PRNG

2013-07-09: Social GPS Navigation - Waze
2013-07-09: 'Shut Down The Pirate Bay,' Founder Says

2013-07-10: This Is Why People Still Pirate
2013-07-10: Commercial DDoS Services Proliferate
2013-07-10: Documents Reveal How the NSA Cracked the Kryptos Sculpture Years Before the CIA
2013-07-10: Microsoft Orders App Developers to Fix Security Issues within 6 Months
2013-07-10: Microsoft warns of 'targeted attacks,' points finger at Google researcher's flaw disclosure
2013-07-10: How Apple led an e-book price conspiracy--in the judge's words
2013-07-10: In his own words: Confessions of a cyber warrior -- LOOKS LIKE TROLLING TO ME
2013-07-10: Cipher provides an easy way to secure USB drives
2013-07-10: Group: IRS mistakenly posted thousands of Social Security numbers on website
2013-07-10: CCSF's FAQ tells incoming freshmen not to worry -- an Alfred E. Neuman moment
2013-07-10: What-me-worry image
2013-07-10: Drivers Free: HP Pavilion DV2000 Windows 7 Drivers
2013-07-10: Morningstar: Credit card info may have been leaked
2013-07-10: Feds 'not welcome' at Def Con hacker conference
2013-07-10: PCs suffer longest sales decline in history
2013-07-10: HP admits to backdoors in storage products
2013-07-10: Anatomy of a security hole -- Google's 'Android Master Key' debacle explained

2013-07-11: 'One Microsoft': Ballmer Finally Announces 'Far-Reaching Realignment'
2013-07-11: Generic TLDs Threaten Name Collisions, Information Leakage
2013-07-11: Dissent re: Fedban
2013-07-11: Attackers Targeting MS13-055 IE Vulnerability
2013-07-11: Android Master Key Vulnerability Checker Now Live
2013-07-11: IPv6 Fragment Header Deprecated
2013-07-11: Microsoft accused of handing NSA access to encrypted messages
2013-07-11: No doubt about it, Chromebooks are here to stay
2013-07-11: First Exoplanet To Be Seen In Color Is Blue
2013-07-11: NSA docs boast: Now we can wiretap Skype video calls
2013-07-11: Study Finds Internet Users Follow Browser Security Warnings
2013-07-11: Math and Science Popular With Students Until They Realize They're Hard
2013-07-11: Researchers Now Pulling Out of DEF CON In Response To Anti-Fed Position
2013-07-11: Public Esteem for Military, Teachers, Scientists, and Engineers High
2013-07-11: Windows 8: Where did the Startup folder go?
2013-07-11: The startup folder is really hard to find on Windows 8
2013-07-11: Why can't Windows 8 find the Startup Folder?
2013-07-11: Woman's work
2013-07-11: Wireshark University Challenge Files 2013
2013-07-11: YouTube - Wireshark Network Forensics
2013-07-11: Joomla Bluestork Built in Virus (from 2012)
2013-07-11: Prolexic Issues itsoknoproblembro DDoS Threat Advisory Download Free DDoS Mitigation Rules and Log Analysis Tool Pr

2013-07-12: Behind Intel's New Random-Number Generator (from 2011)
2013-07-12: US public hate Snowden - but sexpot spy Anna Chapman LOVES him
2013-07-12: Screw it, says NSA leaker Snowden: I'm applying for asylum in Russia
2013-07-12: Dilbert's random number generator
2013-07-12: Is This the Most Interesting Opening Paragraph Wikipedia's Ever Published?
2013-07-12: $18 tracking device
2013-07-12: Downloading Sharkfest files--when I see this, I know it's the good stuf
2013-07-12: Add new column value - Wireshark Q&A
2013-07-12: X probe - active OS fingerprinting tool
2013-07-12: SANS: Intrusion Detection FAQ: What is XProbe?
2013-07-12: Network Forensic Analysis from Sharkfest 12
2013-07-12: Evolving Network Security Threats from Sharkfest 12
2013-07-12: TCP_Reassembly - The Wireshark Wiki -- HOW TO SAVE AN IMAGE FROM A PCAP
2013-07-12: 'Just the top 4 would have stopped 85 of all the targeted attacks seen'
2013-07-12: Watch As This Farmer In A Tractor Outruns A Wildfire To Dig A Firebreak
2013-07-12: Debian OpenSSL vulnerability and SSH fun
2013-07-12: Edward Snowden Will Go Anywhere That Will Take Him, Hopes Russia Will Grant Asylum
2013-07-12: Twin Trouble: Twin brother of jailed hacker arrested
2013-07-12: Obama gives himself control of all communication systems in America
2013-07-12: Death Valley National Park to visitors: Stop frying eggs on the ground
2013-07-12: KTVU apologizes for racist SF plane crash gaffe
2013-07-12: Sysco Corporation Facing Fines for Storing Food in Outdoor Sheds

2013-07-13: US Intelligence Report a Cut-Paste on Chinese Missiles
2013-07-13: Microsoft Windows Authenticated Powershell Command Execution
2013-07-13: Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Receives Update, Still in Beta
2013-07-13: Another botched Windows patch: MS13-057KB 2803821KB 2834904
2013-07-13: Jealous of PRISM? Use 'Amazon 1 Button' Chrome extension to sniff all HTTPS websites!
2013-07-13: Crypto Fails
2013-07-13: Staying on top of TLS attacks CloudFlare Blog
2013-07-13: Dropbox, WordPress used in cyberespionage campaign
2013-07-13: The Quipper Language -- for quantum computing
2013-07-13: Quantum Programming in Quipper with Teleportation Example
2013-07-13: Edward Snowden, Moscow Press Conference, 12 July 2013 - YouTube
2013-07-13: How the U.S. forces Net firms to cooperate on surveillance
2013-07-13: Florida bans all computers. Wait, WHAT?
2013-07-13: Android malware 'Priyanka' spreading rapidly through WhatsApp messenger
2013-07-13: FuzzTesting - The Wireshark Wiki
2013-07-13: Hackers convention ask government to stay away over Snowden
2013-07-13: How to Smuggle Bananas into a Movie Theatre
2013-07-13: How I Discovered Gender Discrimination
2013-07-13: Review of the Wireshark Certified Network Analyst Certification
2013-07-13: How to get right-click working in Wireshark on Mac OSX--Adjust XQuartz Preferences
2013-07-13: IPv6 multicast MAC addresses always start with 33:33
2013-07-13: Wireshark's online IPv6 detection tool fails--it says I have v6 connectivity when I don't
2013-07-13: Interspecies Transplant of Insulin-Producing Cells Brings New Hope to Diabetes Sufferers
2013-07-13: 10 Things Most Americans Don't Know About America
2013-07-13: The root store continues to grow
2013-07-13: Lawyer: Apple Should Protect Me From My Porn Addiction
2013-07-13: Wireshark 101: Essential Skills for Network Analysis -- GREAT BOOK. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
2013-07-13: Nations Buying as Hackers Sell Computer Flaws - Apple 0day sold for $500,000
2013-07-13: Rename multiple files by replacing a particular pattern in the filenames using a shell script - Stack Overflow
2013-07-13: Wireshark's Open File dialog sorts by filename length--very strange
2013-07-13: CNN Shuttle Traveling 10x the speed of light
2013-07-13: LauraChappell 's Wireshark videos
2013-07-13: Canadian Cyclist Flies With No Help From E.T.
2013-07-13: Two cases could disrupt FTC's data security authority
2013-07-13: Mythbusters Banned From Talking About RFID By Visa and Mastercard TPTB
2013-07-13: Videos Tagged for Sharkfest-2013
2013-07-13: Mixed Reaction to DEF CON Ban of Feds

2013-07-14: Gigabit Ethernet achieves full gigabit both ways using 4D-PAM encoding
2013-07-14: Network Tests: Are We Getting Gigabit Performance?
2013-07-14: Discovering IPv6 with Wireshark -- Excellent slides detailing neighbor discovery and address configuration (from 2010)
2013-07-14: Wireshark String-Matching Capture Filter Generator -- PAINFUL
2013-07-14: Glenn Greenwald: Snowden Documents Could Be 'Worst Nightmare' For U.S.
2013-07-14: My Thoughts on mDNS (Bonjour) ... and turning it OFF!
2013-07-14: Look what a mess BonJour is making! 20 MDNS packets per second
2013-07-14: Why does Apple keep spamming me?: Apple Support Communities
2013-07-14: How to complain to the FTC about spam
2013-07-14: Multicasting Apple's Bonjour Protocol
2013-07-14: How do I stop the UDP port 5353 mDNS floods on our LAN?: mDNS, UDP Flood, bonjour, flood
2013-07-14: Apple's BonJour Causing Problems in Enterprise Networks -- UDP 5353 Floods
2013-07-14: Forum posts IP addresses with each post--privacy compromised
2013-07-14: Why Feltham Is Condemned For Violence - by Jake Davis
2013-07-14: Why Feltham Is Condemned For Violence - by Jake Davis
2013-07-14: Free CISSP Class
2013-07-14: The Little Bomb-Detecting Device That Couldn't
2013-07-14: Do Not Use Internet Sharing Feature on the Campus Network in Mac OS X 10.2.x - 10.7.x
2013-07-14: IPv6 multicast background traffic (Part 6) - Apple's Bonjour -- Wow, this is just BEGGING to be exploited
2013-07-14: BonJour's IPv6 Multicast Defeats IGMP Snooping and Creates Broadcast-Like Chatter on a LAN
2013-07-14: mDNS - Telling the world about you (and your device)
2013-07-14: dns - Problems with MDNS flooding on port 5353 UDP - Same problem I saw, but no solution
2013-07-14: RFC 6762 - Multicast DNS (Feb. 2013)
2013-07-14: IPV6 ATTACKS AND COUNTERMEASURES by @netsec14
2013-07-14: IPv6 Security Threats and Mitigations (Cisco, c. 2009) Cisco supports SeND!
2013-07-14: Zero-configuration networking - Wikipedia -- Interesting history of BonJour
2013-07-14: SCADA Developer Network Blog Archive IntegraXor HMISCADA Bug Bounty Program
2013-07-14: DEF CON 21 Hacking Conference - Schedule

2013-07-15: Wireless Power Transfer for Quadrotors
2013-07-15: Researchers use hacked femtocell to spy on Verizon phones
2013-07-15: Windows Phone 9 to Bring Major Redesign to the OS
2013-07-15: Microsoft's Smartwatch to Feature Windows 8, Transparent Aluminum Case
2013-07-15: Think sandboxing will stop malware? Here's why you're wrong, Apple
2013-07-15: BAEN Message Board removed the IP addresses within a day of notification :)
2013-07-15: Wireshark Bug 6251: When savingopening captures, the Name column gets sorted by LEN(Name) rather than in alphabetical order -- CLOSED?
2013-07-15: Wireshark Bug 8935 -- Bug 6251 is NOT fixed
2013-07-15: File:Facebook like thumb.png - Wikimedia Commons
2013-07-15: Wireshark File-Sorting Bug 8935-- closed again as not their bug
2013-07-15: GIMP on OS X Bugs #16 Sort by file name broken --Same problem
2013-07-15: Hotmail and Outlook Cookie Handling Vulnerability allow account Hijacking (from 2012)
2013-07-15: Cookie Re-Use in Office 365 -- WHY DOESN'T MICROSOFT CARE ABOUT THIS?
2013-07-15: TCP -- 3 ACKs Request Fast Retransmit
2013-07-15: A small step forward CCSF Perspective --Another voice against the useless protests
2013-07-15: Yahoo's ID Land Rush Begins Today With Updated Security Measures
2013-07-15: IPv6 Security section here shows how to use Node Information Queries
2013-07-15: The TCP Maximum Survivable Failure Tiime -- various OS compared
2013-07-15: Vulnerability allows Hacking Facebook account and password reset within a minute
2013-07-15: Google engineer first to profit from Microsoft's cash for bugs program
2013-07-15: Facebook hacked with an SMS, excellent the bug management
2013-07-15: TCP RTO0 = 1 sec in FreeBSD 4.3
2013-07-15: FreeBSD 4.1 had an initial Window size of 16 KB (section 5.3)
2013-07-15: Tuning TCP -- Great data on TCP timing and errors from Google (2009)
2013-07-15: Sonic Levitation with Exploding Sodium Video
2013-07-15: How Hackers Are Hacking Into Websites On Shared Hosts - Symlink Bypass Explained (from 2012)
2013-07-15: Holy Wow This Guy Made Insane Wolverine Claws That Destroy Everything
2013-07-15: TrIDNet - File Identifier
2013-07-15: Fun and unusual HTTP response headers
2013-07-15: Attacking security dialogs
2013-07-15: New Mac malware disguised with right-to-left encoding trick
2013-07-15: This Job Isn't For Everyone In Search of Tech
2013-07-15: Petraeus OKs Teaching Pay Cut From $200,000 to $1

2013-07-16: 6.25 DNS DDOS Attack In Korea -- Good example of simple dynamic analysis
2013-07-16: U.S. Wireless Carriers Speed Smart Phone Upgrades
2013-07-16: Watch 'DNSSEC For Everyone -- A Beginner's Guide' Live Today From ICANN47
2013-07-16: Use Google as a Proxy Server to Bypass Paywalls and Other Blocks
2013-07-16: DARPA's Atlas robot goes for a stroll
2013-07-16: Dell SecureWorks Reports Hackers Selling Health Insurance Dossiers
2013-07-16: Pwn all the Androids, part II: Flaw in Java, hidden Trojan
2013-07-16: New App ReKey Fixes Android Master Key Vulnerability
2013-07-16: Hijacking Office 365 and other major services via cookie re-use flaw
2013-07-16: Cybersecurity Exercise: Quantum Dawn 2 BCP Services
2013-07-16: DHS warns employees not to read leaked NSA information
2013-07-16: Prison for man who used Internet to encourage terrorism
2013-07-16: Malware Hidden Inside JPG EXIF Headers
2013-07-16: Piracy Collapses As Legal Alternatives Do Their Job
2013-07-16: Tips on withstanding social engineering - YouTube
2013-07-16: Microsoft: U.S. Constitution is 'suffering' from NSA secrecy
2013-07-16: Link-local Multicast Name Resolution
2013-07-16: Your IPv6 default config meets FOCA --Video from @chemaalonso
2013-07-16: Flash Storage Forensics
2013-07-16: IETF Discusses Deprecating IPv6 Fragments
2013-07-16: Slashdot caught the Cookie Re-Use Article
2013-07-16: ASUS Home Routers Vulnerable to Remote Attacks
2013-07-16: More than one-fifth of UK firms hit by DDoS attacks in 2012
2013-07-16: Infosec's Rising Stars and Hidden Gems: The Defenders
2013-07-16: Infosec's Rising Stars and Hidden Gems: The Defenders

2013-07-17: How Can We Put an End to the Mass Java Exploit Era
2013-07-17: Nineteen Groups Sue NSA Over Data Collection
2013-07-17: SCADA Vendor Bashed Over 'Pathetic' Bug Bounty Program
2013-07-17: German Military Knew About PRISM: Report
2013-07-17: Metasploit: Metasploit 4.7's New MetaModules
2013-07-17: You Are Being Tracked: How License Plate Readers Are Being Used to Record Americans' Movements
2013-07-17: A Conversation with Glenn Greenwald
2013-07-17: A Drone Fell From the Sky and Exploded Next to a Florida Highway
2013-07-17: Key Wallet PHP Errors
2013-07-17: Cascade Pilot: High-Speed Packet Analysis -- Recommended by @LauraChappell in Wireshark 101
2013-07-17: How to take the Wireshark Certification Exam
2013-07-17: FreedomPop's Free Wireless Would Be Cool If It Wasn't So Shady
2013-07-17: OS X: Change your PATH environment variable
2013-07-17: Wireshark can't capture in Monitor mode on my new MacBook Air, but dumpcap can!
2013-07-17: tshark -I showing monitor mode packets on the MacBook Air
2013-07-17: Q2 2013 saw 1000 increases in average DDoS attack bandwidth
2013-07-17: Google Glass Gets Patch To Avoid Autorun QR Code Attacks
2013-07-17: College Career Fair Schedule for the National Security Agency - NSACSS
2013-07-17: Opportunities for Students at the National Security Agency (NSA)
2013-07-17: Creative Commons -- how to place works in the public domain
2013-07-17: My review of the Wireshark 101 book
2013-07-17: Dilbert on Web app privacy
2013-07-17: What Happens When You Deactivate Your Facebook Account
2013-07-17: New Android eyewear butts heads with Google Glass
2013-07-17: Chrome gains full-screen on iPad, opens links in native apps, saves bandwidth and more
2013-07-17: Does NSA know your Wi-Fi password? Android backups may give it to them
2013-07-17: OECD: Don't bank on wireless for comms futures
2013-07-17: First-Hop IPv6 Security Features in Cisco IOS

2013-07-18: IPv6 RA Flooder for Android: Flood Port - Android Apps on Google Play
2013-07-18: DEF CON Hacker Tracker - Android Apps on Google Play
2013-07-18: License Plate Flipper
2013-07-18: Pcapng File Format -- binary analysis and timestamps
2013-07-18: Active FTP vs. Passive FTP, a Definitive Explanation
2013-07-18: Congressional passwords dumped by Anonymous
2013-07-18: Anonymous Claims It Hacked Members Of Congress, Shows How Bad They Are At Making Passwords
2013-07-18: Memo from Dr. Robert Agrella, Special Trustee (July 18, 2013)
2013-07-18: 3M Gold Laptop & LCD Privacy Filter - YouTube
2013-07-18: Microsoft Finally Reveals That No One Wants The Surface RT
2013-07-18: Evil ways to obfuscate IPv6 packets
2013-07-18: IPv6 Extension Headers - New Features, and New Attack Vectors
2013-07-18: IPv6 Fragmentation Attacks -- a lot of them!
2013-07-18: Microsoft Teredo Server 'Sunset'
2013-07-18: $25 gadget lets hackers seize control of a car
2013-07-18: How to Root the HTC EVO 4G

2013-07-19: Anonymous hacks Congress
2013-07-19: Edward Snowden is a self-regarding idealist whose warnings of tyranny ring hollow
2013-07-19: Watch ''Cyber hell' according to Eugene Kaspersky'
2013-07-19: Amazing quotes from former NSA and CIA boss Michael Hayden on Snowden and China
2013-07-19: Why Putin Despises Snowden
2013-07-19: Wordpress data leakage risk flagged by security researcher
2013-07-19: 'Hangover' Persists, More Mac Malware Found
2013-07-19: My New York Times cookies contain readable headlines from articles I've read -- HOW RUDE
2013-07-19: How a Wild Theoretical Claim About the NSA Magically Transformed Into Factual Reality
2013-07-19: Button privacy
2013-07-19: The H is closing down
2013-07-19: Microsoft Achieves World Domination (in OCSP Stapling) -- Cloudflare inconsistent
2013-07-19: Major vulnerabilities in office security and RFID systems
2013-07-19: DNS, DNSSEC and Google's Public DNS Service
2013-07-19: Silicon Valley's Stupid Name Problem, Visualized
2013-07-19: San Jose State Suspends Collaboration With Udacity -- online classes fail
2013-07-19: Hacking Google account through Locked Android Devices
2013-07-19: DNSSEC and Googles Public DNS Service - April 2013
2013-07-19: KLOTH.NET - DIG - DNS lookup - WITH DNSSEC OPTION
2013-07-19: DNS, DNSSEC and Google's Public DNS Service
2013-07-19: DNSSEC Demo
2013-07-19: Shloosl Copies Your House Keys Using a Smartphone Photograph

2013-07-20: Lenovo website halts sale of Windows RT version of IdeaPad Yoga
2013-07-20: Court Tells Reporter to Testify in Case of Leaked C.I.A. Data
2013-07-20: NSA chief leaks info on data sharing tech: It's SharePoint
2013-07-20: Malicious URLs in .lc zone
2013-07-20: Code-breaker Alan Turing to be pardoned (finally)
2013-07-20: How should I behave as a developer in a project that's headed for failure?
2013-07-20: MI5 Hiring Industrial Espionage IT Support Staff
2013-07-20: Exclusive: Tango App website hacked , more than 1.5 TB daily database backup compromised - Wordpress 3.2.1
2013-07-20: Save CCSF now running Wordpress 3.5.2 .:)
2013-07-20: cypherpunks Info Page
2013-07-20: How Microsoft spent a decade asleep on the job
2013-07-20: The IN in a DNS record stands for Internet; originally there were other types of data in DNS

2013-07-21: Ubuntuforums.org Hacked
2013-07-21: German Intelligence Agencies Used NSA Spying Program
2013-07-21: AirServer - Most advanced AirPlay receiver for Mac and PC
2013-07-21: Explain Everything - iPad app for making simple videos
2013-07-21: ScreenChomp -- iPad Whiteboard App
2013-07-21: App keeps NSA abreast of your phone activity
2013-07-21: Amash Forcing the Issue on NSA
2013-07-21: Bill requiring warrants for email searches nears Senate vote
2013-07-21: Ubuntu login passwords: 5000 rounds SHA-512. Ubuntu forum passwords: 1 round MD5
2013-07-21: Apple explains Developer Center outage: intruder attempted to retrieve user info, total rebuild in progress
2013-07-21: SIM Cards Have Finally Been Hacked, And The Flaw Could Affect Millions Of Phones
2013-07-21: Tango Messaging App Hacked by Syrian Electronic Army

2013-07-22: Android MasterKey found buried in kiddie cake game on Google Play - report
2013-07-22: List of bug bounty programs - Bugcrowd
2013-07-22: Alcatel-Lucent breaks new world record for undersea data transmission -- 31Tbps
2013-07-22: Java updates don't remove old versions & a new 0day too
2013-07-22: Prisoner's Dilemma In Real Life
2013-07-22: Utah ISP breaks silence over government server installed on its network
2013-07-22: Bugtraq: Barracuda LB, SVF, WAF & WEF - Multiple Vulnerabilities
2013-07-22: Security Expert Says His Pentesting Triggered Apple's Hack Announcement
2013-07-22: UN warns on mobile cybersecurity bugs in bid to prevent attacks
2013-07-22: ISC Diary Do you have rogue Internet gateways in your network? Check it with nmap
2013-07-22: ISC Diary has two-click privacy-enhancing share buttons! Yay!
2013-07-22: Bypassing Cloudfare - Attack-Secure Challenge Writeup!
2013-07-22: The-Awesomest-7-Year-Postdoc or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Tenure-track-faculty-life
2013-07-22: GitHub reinstates Russian who hacked site to expose flaw (from 2012)
2013-07-22: Rooting SIM cards
2013-07-22: California Student Gets Jail Time for Rigging Campus Election with Keyloggers
2013-07-22: Active choice language
2013-07-22: Huawei Is a Security Threat and There's Proof, Says Hayden
2013-07-22: WAR ON PORN: UK flicks switch on 'I am a pervert' web filters
2013-07-22: True tales of (mostly) white-hat hacking
2013-07-22: Gapminder--drag the timeline to see time trends
2013-07-22: Self-Destructing Cookies :: Add-ons for Firefox
2013-07-22: Chrome Web Store - Tab Cookies deletes cookies when you close a tab
2013-07-22: Redfin: Downloadable house prices
2013-07-22: VRT: Androrat - Android Remote Access Tool
2013-07-22: Have all your SkyDrive files with you -- without using all your storage or bandwidth
2013-07-22: Hacker group says it acquired databases of global phone directory Truecaller
2013-07-22: French Web host OVH hacked -- they think salted SHA-512 makes their passwords safe
2013-07-22: Fed Mine Hacked By Ag3nt47 - looks like sample data, all passwords the same
2013-07-22: Weka: Free Data Mining and machine learning tool
2013-07-22: HACKERS BEWARE: UK man who hacked Facebook account given 12 month prison sentence (from May)
2013-07-22: NSA growth fueled by need to target terrorists
2013-07-22: If You Want This iOS Screen-Recording App You'd Better Hustle
2013-07-22: Thwarting Basic Web Application Attacks
2013-07-22: Where Hackers and Security Experts Come to Train - Enigma Group
2013-07-22: Security Override - Hacking Challenges, Security Forum, Article Database
2013-07-22: The Meaning Behind Credit Card Numbers
2013-07-22: Create Secure Online Account Number Discover Card
2013-07-22: Infosec's Rising Stars and Hidden Gems: The Educators

2013-07-23: Hacking into Chase and American Express Without a Password
2013-07-23: Finland Writes History With Crowdsourced Copyright Law
2013-07-23: Oi, Google, you ate all our Wi-Fi keys - don't let the spooks gobble them too
2013-07-23: Human Body as Touchscreen Replacement
2013-07-23: Canary is the world's first smart home security device for everyone
2013-07-23: Animated GIF of US States
2013-07-23: Fear of prosecution hampers security research
2013-07-23: Ubuntu Forums hacker won't publish stolen passwords
2013-07-23: sputnik_ 's Twitlonger post showing he doesn't know how to crack password hashes
2013-07-23: vBulletin password hashes are two rounds of MD5 -- pathetic
2013-07-23: Baxter the robot ready to go - YouTube
2013-07-23: Chase, American Express, Office 365 vulnerable to cookie replay attacks
2013-07-23: phpbb: More secure hashing - interesting discussion
2013-07-23: Problem-based learning - Wikipedia
2013-07-23: What is 802.11n 'Greenfield' mode?
2013-07-23: DarkJPEG --Stegonagraphy
2013-07-23: DDoS: Attackers Announce Phase 4
2013-07-23: Phase 4, Operation Ababil - Pastebin.com
2013-07-23: Long range RFID hacking tool to be released at Black Hat
2013-07-23: Live SQLi at Princeton

2013-07-24: Apache launches major revision of OpenOffice Suite
2013-07-24: KPMG found leaking data, as accuses other companies of doing the same
2013-07-24: The iPad accounted for 84.3 percent of web traffic from tablets in June --
2013-07-24: Apple's No-Growth Q3 2013 In Charts
2013-07-24: NSA claims inability to search agency's own emails -- RT USA
2013-07-24: Viber Attacked By Syrian Electronic Army
2013-07-24: More malware mocking Brin Krebs
2013-07-24: ASIX AX88772 - USB2.0 LAN Controller - Linux drivers
2013-07-24: The National Cyber League (NCL): Where Cyber Security is a Passion
2013-07-24: CSSIA NSF ATE Center -- Cybersecurity labs
2013-07-24: FEMA data dumped by Anonymous -- password femafinal
2013-07-24: It took 6 seconds to crack 25 of the 159 FEMA MD5 password hashes Anon dumped today
2013-07-24: 6 Ways to Show Your iPad on a Projector Screen
2013-07-24: I installed AirServer on my Mac. This was not the desired result.
2013-07-24: Google strengthens Android security muscle with SELinux protection
2013-07-24: Chipotle Faked Its Twitter Hack
2013-07-24: Bot wars - The arms race of restaurant reservations in SF
2013-07-24: House narrowly votes down move to gut NSA data-collection program
2013-07-24: MIT Computer Software Makes The Internet 3 Times Faster
2013-07-24: MP behind UK internet porn filter hacked, accuses blogger who reported it
2013-07-24: ISP CEO Explains What Happens When The NSA Shows Up At Your Door
2013-07-24: Visiting Jason Hammond at CCJ (with tweets)

2013-07-25: Hashcat and WordPress-Mark DuBois Weblog
2013-07-25: Light completely stopped for a record-breaking minute
2013-07-25: Schrdinger's 'kittens' made in the lab from photons
2013-07-25: Microsoft Windows Kerberos PKINIT Man In The Middle Vulnerability --Patched in 2005, why is this news again?
2013-07-25: Enterprise IPv6 video with @ehorley, @eyepv6 and Jeff Doyle
2013-07-25: Amazon Sues U.S. Over $600 Million CIA Computing Contract
2013-07-25: Cybercrooks Increasingly Use Tor Network To Control Botnets
2013-07-25: Twitter Help Center My account has been compromised
2013-07-25: Hackers Reveal Nasty New Car Attacks--With Me Behind The Wheel (Video) - Forbes
2013-07-25: How to Use the Tor Browser Bundle
2013-07-25: Apple only allows WEP on P2P networks?
2013-07-25: Unofficial AirPlay Protocol Specification
2013-07-25: AirPlay and IPv6
2013-07-25: How to Fail at Black Hat
2013-07-25: Uranium For Sale -- thread about purchasing uranium and depleted uranium
2013-07-25: 5 charged with hacking 160M credit card numbers
2013-07-25: What Edward Snowden Has Given Us
2013-07-25: Man falls for FBI 'ransomware' attack, turns self into cops for possessing child porn
2013-07-25: Death Ray Tubes : United Nuclear , Scientific Equipment & Supplies
2013-07-25: 5 Black Hat Talks You May Not Want to Miss
2013-07-25: htpasswd-mine # Finds and retrieves .htpasswd credentials from Google results.
2013-07-25: Server Misconfiguration discloses passwords of all Barracuda Network Employees
2013-07-25: Def Con Insanity Strategic Security
2013-07-25: Stanford network breached; hacker reportedly claims responsibility
2013-07-25: An Atypical Web Vulnerability
2013-07-25: A Timeline of Edward Snowden & Associates
2013-07-25: Pakistan Higher Education Commission Hacked, Over 20,000 Accounts Leaked

2013-07-26: Russia has never extradited anyone and will not extradite Snowden to US
2013-07-26: "Snowden has information enough to cause more damage to the U.S. government in a single minute than any other person has ever had in the history of the United States,"
2013-07-26: Hacker Barnaby Jack dies in San Francisco
2013-07-26: U.S. Says Snowden Wouldn't Face Death Penalty
2013-07-26: @cysec666 's attack tool taking down a porn site
2013-07-26: How to extend the Windows Server 2008 evaluation period -- IMPORTANT FOR CNIT 123 STUDENTS
2013-07-26: How to Seamlessly Extend the Windows Server Trial to 240 Days -- HELPFUL FOR CNIT 123
2013-07-26: What happens when evaluation mode has expired (Win 2008 R2) ? It shuts down every hour.
2013-07-26: Search mysqldump -p -- 9000 passwords in plaintext found
2013-07-26: Bad News For Reader Privacy: Google News Doesn't Index HTTPS Sites
2013-07-26: Search sshpass -p -- 658 remote login credentials on GitHub
2013-07-26: When 'Smart Homes' Get Hacked: I Haunted A Complete Stranger's House Via The Internet
2013-07-26: Stanford University to users: Change your passwords
2013-07-26: How using Google Images can cost you $8,000
2013-07-26: Activist hacker Hammond sentencing delayed two months
2013-07-26: Distribution Release: Kali Linux 1.0.4
2013-07-26: Spam Message from Google Mail app
2013-07-26: Apple's surprise: Its sales didn't decline like PC makers
2013-07-26: Scientist banned from revealing codes used to start luxury cars
2013-07-26: xkcd Time - at your own pace (2913)
2013-07-26: Google Chromecast: Why it's the most important smart TV tech ever
2013-07-26: ISC Diary ISC BIND DoS

2013-07-27: Spy agencies ban Lenovo PCs on security concerns
2013-07-27: DNSCrypt
2013-07-27: UK Police's 'Ring Of Steel' Spying On Every Car Entering And Leaving Town Ruled Disproportionate
2013-07-27: UK censorwall will also block 'terrorist content,' 'violence,' 'circumvention tools,' 'forums,' and more
2013-07-27: They Know Much More Than You Think
2013-07-27: MS-SQL Recommended Defenses
2013-07-27: Passwords13 Las Vegas July 30-31, Gold Coast Casino
2013-07-27: Study Confirms - Bug Bounties Provide Cost Effective Value
2013-07-27: Every Public School Student In LA Will Get an iPad In 2014
2013-07-27: Biohazard clip art - vector clip art online, royalty free & public domain
2013-07-27: Connecting to a Microsoft VPN with Linux
2013-07-27: PayPal opens bug bounty program to minors
2013-07-27: An Unusual Web Server Denial of Service Attack
2013-07-27: VisLink Surveillance Hacked, Accounts leaked and Partners Exposed
2013-07-27: Unusual News - Stanford Hit by Hacker Who Claims to Have Grabbed Entire IT Database
2013-07-27: Stanford University's computer network hacked again

2013-07-28: Threema - Seriously secure mobile messaging
2013-07-28: Which Citizens Are Under More Surveillance, U.S. Or European?
2013-07-28: Security Vendors: Do No Harm, Heal Thyself
2013-07-28: Error 451: Freedom of speech not found. UK Gawker readers left baffled
2013-07-28: 62 of security experts thought US gov was spying on them before Prism expos
2013-07-28: Oakland surveillance center progresses amid debate on privacy, data collection
2013-07-28: Mysteriously Unnamed username with null @ entry Twitter Developers
2013-07-28: The science of guessing: analyzing an anonymized corpus of 70 million passwords
2013-07-28: NSA Award for Best Scientific Cybersecurity Paper
2013-07-28: Safe Twiit by F-Secure BETA
2013-07-28: Greenwald Claims Low-Level NSA Analysts Can Search Databases Without Oversight
2013-07-28: GPS flaw could let terrorists hijack ships, planes
2013-07-28: Review: Google Chromecast TechCrunch
2013-07-28: DDoS Mitigation - Choosing a Cloud-based solution
2013-07-28: Pwnie Awards 2013
2013-07-28: Chromecast: Exploiting the Newest Device By Google.
2013-07-28: Google's Failed Quest To Prove Managers Are Evil -- And Why You Should Care
2013-07-28: CCSF closure would mean loss of vital programs for underserved, vulnerable communities
2013-07-28: Comrade! If you dare f$^ing swear on the internet, WE'LL SHOOT
2013-07-28: Scientists uncover why millions of bees are dying

2013-07-29: Major opinion shifts, in the US and Congress, on NSA surveillance and privacy
2013-07-29: 'World's BIGGEST online fraud': Suspect's phone had 'location' switched on
2013-07-29: Solitary Confinement Is Cruel and Ineffective: Scientific American
2013-07-29: How Big Data Is Taking Teachers Out of the Lecturing Business
2013-07-29: 'Hackers for Hire'. NATO video enters vulnerability disclosure debate
2013-07-29: BSidesLV: The World Championship of Social Engineering
2013-07-29: The Surveillance-Free Day (Part I)
2013-07-29: Q2 Key Findings from ATLAS - DDoS
2013-07-29: TCP Fragments with fragroute
2013-07-29: US approves drones for civilian use
2013-07-29: 27 Things Only Developers Will Find Funny
2013-07-29: RiskRater: An IT-security test that no one fails
2013-07-29: Reviewed: Bitcoin apps for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone
2013-07-29: DNS Amplification Attack: Is Belgium Safe?
2013-07-29: ... Green For The Anti-Pineapple
2013-07-29: Don't Worry Government, I Got This Porn Filter Sorted - SickSad
2013-07-29: The Crossfire Attack
2013-07-29: Apple Faces New China Worker Abuse Claims
2013-07-29: How to Send and Receive Faxes Online Without a Fax Machine or Phone Line
2013-07-29: Eight Guardian Warriors: PRISM and Its Implications for US Businesses in China
2013-07-29: U.S Government Surveillance: Bad for Silicon Valley, Bad for Democracy Around the World (from June)
2013-07-29: White House Employees' Personal Email Hacked
2013-07-29: Bitcoin banned in Thailand
2013-07-29: Recommended Defcon 21 Talks
2013-07-29: Reuters Hacked By 'Unauthorized Individuals'
2013-07-29: Big data, metadata, and traffic analysis: What the NSA is really doing
2013-07-29: HackMIT Oct. 4-6

2013-07-30: Your app makes me fat
2013-07-30: Microsoft, Azul to put open source Java on Azure cloud
2013-07-30: $300 million 'superhackers' are not so super after all
2013-07-30: Nginx WebServer Best Security Practices
2013-07-30: ISC Diary BGP multiple banking addresses hijacked
2013-07-30: How to Easily Spot Broken Cryptography in iOS Applications
2013-07-30: Milton Security Contests--Win a Raspberry Pi
2013-07-30: TROOPERScon - YouTube
2013-07-30: Ever Wanted to See Android Fragmentation Illustrated?
2013-07-30: Scientists grow human tooth using stem cells taken from urine
2013-07-30: Moving to IPv6: Rebuilding the Heart of the Internet Without Missing a Beat
2013-07-30: How to Install HoneyProxy on Kali Linux
2013-07-30: Windows 8 Server 2012 Memory Forensics
2013-07-30: Mandiant Redline is Free
2013-07-30: Here's What Went Wrong With That Leaky NASA Spacesuit
2013-07-30: Session fixation - Wikipedia
2013-07-30: Bradley Manning acquitted of aiding the enemy for giving secrets to WikiLeaks
2013-07-30: Exploding Samsung Galaxy S4 Allegedly Starts Fire, Destroys House
2013-07-30: PHP Session Security for the Lazy -- VERY NICE; add to cookie-stealing project!
2013-07-30: 'Google Alerts' Are Broken
2013-07-30: Symantec Spots 1,200 Scam Apps on Google Play
2013-07-30: Spain train conductor was on the phone before deadly crash, court says
2013-07-30: Mobile Malware Gets in the Top 10 Viruses
2013-07-30: CreepyDOL spy computer turns anyone into Big Brother
2013-07-30: BBC News - Chinese firm Huawei controls net filter praised by PM
2013-07-30: The internet porn filter Venn diagram
2013-07-30: Personal data on 72,000 staff taken in University of Delaware hack
2013-07-30: US Airways employees notified of potential data compromise - Error at ADP
2013-07-30: Cybercriminals try to Frame Brian Krebs with Heroin
2013-07-30: I Got Fired For Tweeting
2013-07-30: Ubuntu forums are back up and a post mortem -- Cookie Re-Use Attack!
2013-07-30: Rideshare drivers given citizen arrest by SF International Airport officials
2013-07-30: With This Device, Employees' RFID Badges Really Aren't Safe
2013-07-30: Apple is snapping up shares of Apple as fast as it can
2013-07-30: OSI: The Internet That Wasn't
2013-07-30: Calomel - Net Admin Tools
2013-07-30: MalwareZ: visualizing malware activity on earth map
2013-07-30: Microsoft Gave Google a Copyright Takedown Request for Microsoft.com
2013-07-30: Google beefs up its SSL keys to 2048-bits

2013-07-31: Universities putting sensitive data at risk via unsecure email
2013-07-31: Windows RT: And Asus makes none
2013-07-31: Move over, Android: The future will be Chrome
2013-07-31: Why Protecting Your Privacy Could Make You the Bad Guy
2013-07-31: XKeyscore: NSA tool collects 'nearly everything a user does on the internet'
2013-07-31: Black Hat Rejecyed Charlie Miller
2013-07-31: NSA chief defends surveillance programs at hacking conference
2013-07-31: 30-Second Tech Trick: How to Increase Your Phone's Maximum Volume
2013-07-31: Flying Robot Shark at #BsidesLV
2013-07-31: Adrian Crenshaw - YouTube #BSidesLV videos
2013-07-31: HTTPSSSL Network Packet Forensics Device
2013-07-31: NSA Director accused of lying to Congress at Black Hat USA 2013 keynote

Aug 2013

2013-08-01: This is what it's like to be shot at with an AK-47
2013-08-01: Snowden leaves airport after getting asylum in Russia
2013-08-01: How Vice Hacked Google Glass To Tell Crisis Stories
2013-08-01: Google Code developer site targeted by hackers
2013-08-01: ARIN is down to 2 8 blocks of IPv4 addresses
2013-08-01: Not what I expected to see at Defcon
2013-08-01: Jester's domain name has been seized by ICE - Homeland Security Investigations -- IS IT FAKE?
2013-08-01: Feds raid house for Google searches about pressure cookers
2013-08-01: Employer Tipped Off Police To Pressure Cooker And Backpack Searches, Not Google
2013-08-01: Bsides Las Vegas 2013 Videos
2013-08-01: How the FBI Hacks Criminal Suspects
2013-08-01: Elsevier is a data broker, in addition to keeping academic papers behind paywalls
2013-08-01: Gone in 30 seconds: New attack plucks secrets from HTTPS-protected pages -- compression oracle

2013-08-02: Black Hat USA 2013--talks already online
2013-08-02: Syrian Electronic Army Declares War on Twitter After Hackers' Accounts Are Suspended
2013-08-02: Certificate Transparency at Google
2013-08-02: Flaws in UEFI Implementation Can Be Abused to Bypass Windows 8 Secure Boot
2013-08-02: Researchers demo charger capable of malicious app installs on iPhone
2013-08-02: Security breach at Opscode as attackers download databases -- PBKDF2 hashes!
2013-08-02: Announcing ArsJobs, our new jobs board --$350!
2013-08-02: Tumblr's iOS fix for clear-text password login howler was WEEKS LATE
2013-08-02: Free phone charging stations by @wallofsheep --such generosity!
2013-08-02: Black Hat Researchers Remotely Hack Into SCADA Systems on Oil Rigs
2013-08-02: Creator of xkcd Reveals Secret Backstory of His Epic 3,099-Panel Comic
2013-08-02: Defcon Secure Wi-Fi is not a target-rich environment
2013-08-02: DEF CON 21 : WiFi Login Self-Registration
2013-08-02: Stefano Ciminelli - IPv6 & security: are you ready? Don't think so -- 9 am Sunday Skytalks
2013-08-02: Defcon insecure Wi-Fi offers little scope for the imagination
2013-08-02: PHP FLCracker v2 - Most common 10,000 passwords
2013-08-02: defcon2013 on USTREAM -- seems to be down
2013-08-02: Amazon Cookie Reuse - Pastebin.com
2013-08-02: Bitcoin traffic on the Defcon network #WallOfSheep
2013-08-02: DHS joke page -- how was this done?
2013-08-02: Art in Chill Out Room at Defcon 21 - YouTube

2013-08-03: Your TV might be watching you
2013-08-03: Wi-Fi routers: More security risks than ever
2013-08-03: DNS Cache-Poisoning: New Vulnerabilities -- Fragment-Replacement Attack
2013-08-03: Content Spoofing--another sort of XSS
2013-08-03: What is turning so many young men into internet trolls?
2013-08-03: Zenoss -- Recommended Free Network Monitoring
2013-08-03: Use Google Authenticator For Two-Factor SSH Authentication in Linux
2013-08-03: ARPDefender -- Detect ARP Poisoning with this device
2013-08-03: NASA's planned missions through 2030
2013-08-03: Download SoX - Sound eXchange from SourceForge.net -- FOR CONVERTING WIRESHARK AUDIO TO WAV
2013-08-03: Brekeke Wiki - Listen to call from packets with Wireshark -- IT WORKS
2013-08-03: University of California to allow open access to new academic papers

2013-08-04: Chinese Hackers Have Been Caught Hijacking a Decoy US Water Plant
2013-08-04: Zenoss Community - Open Source Network Monitoring and Systems Management -- FREE VERSION
2013-08-04: No easy way to stop BREACH from plucking secrets from HTTPS pages, feds say
2013-08-04: FBI bids to extradite 'largest child-porn dealer on planet'
2013-08-04: DEF CON Hacking Conference - Media Torrent Page.
2013-08-04: Defcon 21: The White Hat's Dilemma - Slides
2013-08-04: DEFCON 21: Fear the Evil FOCA -- IPv6 Attacks -- Slides
2013-08-04: Only at #Defcon
2013-08-04: Freedom Hosting Taken Down, Founder Jailed, Users fed Javascript Exploits
2013-08-04: Microsoft Security Advisory (2876146): Wireless PEAP-MS-CHAPv2 Authentication Could Allow Information Disclosure
2013-08-04: Trawling for Tor Hidden Services: Detection, Measurement, Deanonymization
2013-08-04: What is this?
2013-08-04: Another android netconfig
2013-08-04: Defcon 21 Wall of Sheep
2013-08-04: Capture The Packet (CTP) is a Black Badge Event!
2013-08-04: Announcement that CTP was a black badge event
2013-08-04: Simple technique puts graphene capacitors on par with lead-acid battery
2013-08-04: Firefox Zero-Day Used in Child Porn Hunt?
2013-08-04: Lit Motors -- watch this video, car of the future
2013-08-04: LAS airport uses VRRP--very strange
2013-08-04: VRRP at LAS Airport causes directed broadcasts to be very different from non-directed broadcasts
2013-08-04: Cain detecting virtual router at LAS airport
2013-08-04: DEF CON Black Badge
2013-08-04: LAS Airport Filters ICMPv6 Multicast
2013-08-04: Governor agrees to BART's request for cooling off period guaranteeing train service

2013-08-05: MIT Students Release Program To 3D-Print High Security Keys
2013-08-05: Letters from the edge: Rajib Mitra cried out in despair before dying in Dane County jail - from 2003, TrueCrypt forensics example
2013-08-05: Free 'Process Explorer' helps end shutdown woes
2013-08-05: Windows Internals Book -- Recommended
2013-08-05: Memory Forensics: How to Pull Passwords from a Memory Dump
2013-08-05: Live SQLi at Arizona.edu ty @Ag3nt47
2013-08-05: Mac Memory Analysis with Volatility
2013-08-05: It works! Password hashes from a memory image, extracted with Volatility
2013-08-05: Extracting from Mac-created zip gives me encrypted files?
2013-08-05: Huawei B153 3GUMTS Router WPS Weakness --WPA key revealed instantly
2013-08-05: NOISE FLOOR - 0xabad1dea's Defcon slides
2013-08-05: U of Arizona--they just don't care

2013-08-06: u25B6 BSidesLV 2013 LT 07 SSD data evaporation @sambowne) - YouTube
2013-08-06: u25B6 BSidesLV 2013 Cookie Reuse Sam Bowne - YouTube
2013-08-06: Structured Exception Handler EXPLOITATION -- (not a new technique, but great)
2013-08-06: Malware and DLLs
2013-08-06: Trojaning antivirus uninstallers with DLL injection
2013-08-06: ISACA San Francisco Home Page -- Con Sept 30 - Oct 2, San Francisco
2013-08-06: REMnux: A Linux Distribution for Reverse-Engineering Malware
2013-08-06: Process Hiding (from 2009)
2013-08-06: Dr. Fu's Security Blog: Malware Analysis Tutorials: a Reverse Engineering Approach
2013-08-06: SANS Work Study
2013-08-06: SANS Netwars -- excellent but $1250
2013-08-06: Login verification on Twitter for iPhone and Android -- very interesting!
2013-08-06: Tor security advisory: Old Tor Browser Bundles vulnerable
2013-08-06: Dating guru resurrects Robin Sage by social engineering TSSCI holders on LinkedIn
2013-08-06: OpenX ad servers 'pre-compromised' -- official distro contained remote code backdoor
2013-08-06: Fixation on Margins: The Surface RT Debacle Edition

2013-08-07: HP Printer security flaw allows hackers to extract passwords
2013-08-07: Tor Browser attacked, users should update software immediately
2013-08-07: U.S. judge says SEC can pursue Bitcoin-related lawsuit
2013-08-07: Greenwald claims up to 20,000 Snowden documents are in his possession
2013-08-07: (ISC)2 introduces online training for CISSP, CSSLP and SSCP
2013-08-07: Windows Phone Wi-Fi flaw puts user passwords at risk
2013-08-07: Kali Linux: Dude, where's my sshd-generate?
2013-08-07: Given a private key, is it possible to derive its public key?
2013-08-07: Can I use a private key as a public key and vice versa?
2013-08-07: Webmin - Listens on port 10000 - Useful remote exploit
2013-08-07: Nmap Development: NSE Release of nmap nse vulscan 1.0
2013-08-07: Mac OSX nmap nse script search
2013-08-07: I wondered what was listening on 49152 in my Windows 8 VM, so I terminated it
2013-08-07: Infosec analysts back away 'Feds attacked Tor' theory

2013-08-08: The website where children are trolled to death
2013-08-08: Hacker Leaks Data Allegedly Stolen from NY Division of Military and Naval Affairs -- ag3nt47
2013-08-08: @Ag3nt47 claims to hack New York's Division of Military and Naval Affairs website and leaked data
2013-08-08: NY Division of Military & Naval Affairs Hacked By Ag3nt47 - Pastebin.com
2013-08-08: SANS Institute--Stephen Sims
2013-08-08: ROPEME -- ROP Exploit Made Easy
2013-08-08: Bypassing Stack Cookies, SafeSeh, SEHOP, HW DEP and ASLR
2013-08-08: Heap Feng Shui in JavaScript

2013-08-09: International Journal of PoC or GFTO
2013-08-09: Encryption App Silent Circle Shuts Down E-Mail Service 'To Prevent Spying'
2013-08-09: Student attempting to rig election wins one year in jail

2013-08-10: CloudFlare and Free Speech
2013-08-10: Linux gets hit by a trojan -- it's time to sudo apt-get scared!
2013-08-10: Quick and Easy MacBook Repairs That'll Save You a Small Fortune
2013-08-10: Thousands of People Will Be Bringing Their Guns to Starbucks Today
2013-08-10: All your (iNotes) emails are belong to me
2013-08-10: CrackStation's Password Cracking Dictionary
2013-08-10: This Recycling Bin Is Stalking You
2013-08-10: After Snowden leaks, feds lose their hacker cred at Def Con
2013-08-10: Facebook, Bank Data Used In Worker Dismissal

2013-08-11: New Animated PNG Creation Tools Intend To Bring APNG Into Mainstream Use
2013-08-11: What is GNU Screen? - Stack Overflow
2013-08-11: Finding Evil: Automating Autoruns Analysis
2013-08-11: A DEF CON postscript: Said the FBI agent to the taxi driver

2013-08-12: Attackers' Toolbox Makes Malware Detection More Difficult
2013-08-12: All Bitcoin Wallets On Android 'Vulnerable To Theft' -- predictable pseudorandom numbers
2013-08-12: Scientists create 'impossible material'--dubbed Upsalite--by accident
2013-08-12: Inside the Decision to Shut Down Silent Mail
2013-08-12: Free IT Webinars

2013-08-13: Aussie Public Servant Criticises Gov't On Twitter, Gets Sacked
2013-08-13: Special Trustee Robert Agrella speaks about his new role and the future of City College
2013-08-13: Whois microsoft.com shows extra records, with an explanation why
2013-08-13: Fake Microsoft Whois Records
2013-08-13: Why Yelp Will Never Be Rid of Phony Reviews

2013-08-14: Lawsuit Accusing Yelp of Extorting Businesses is Dismissed (from 2011)
2013-08-14: Red Hat CEO: Go Ahead, Copy Our Software
2013-08-14: Meet the Hackers Who Want to Jailbreak the Internet
2013-08-14: Office of Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. - XSSed -- Live -- SHOW TO STUDENTS
2013-08-14: Microsoft Security Bulletin MS13-065 - Important : Vulnerability in ICMPv6 could allow Denial of Service (2868623)
2013-08-14: Download details: Security Update for Windows 7 (KB2868623) - Microsoft Download Center

2013-08-15: Oz bank closes Bitcoin business' bank accounts
2013-08-15: Microsoft botches six Windows patches in latest Automatic Update
2013-08-15: Dave Eggers' new novel asks what would happen if Google was truly evil
2013-08-15: Web Attack Legality WhiteHat Security Blog
2013-08-15: Google confirms critical Android crypto flaw used in $5,700 Bitcoin heist
2013-08-15: Meet The Dread Pirate Roberts, The Man Behind Booming Black Market Drug Website Silk Road
2013-08-15: E! Online XSSed by @Ag3nt47
2013-08-15: Spanning Tree Isn't Evil
2013-08-15: Baby monitor hack highlights manufacturers' security shortfalls
2013-08-15: An XSS Session Attack In Action
2013-08-15: Washington Post Hacked
2013-08-15: DNSSEC glitch causes .gov sites to become inaccessible

2013-08-16: Google follows Amazon with auto-encryption of cloud data
2013-08-16: Woman In Tech Gets Tired Of Explaining Herself, Creates This Hilarious Slideshow
2013-08-16: Content network Outbrain hacked by Syrian Electronic Army
2013-08-16: Cracking the Administrator Hash for Knoware CMS with Google
2013-08-16: Knowarecms Hacked
2013-08-16: http:www.nciss.org Hacked by antiSecurityx
2013-08-16: NCISS Administration -- CLASSROOM DEMO
2013-08-16: The National Council of Investigation and Security Services (NCISS) hacked and defaced by v0dka in Aug 2012
2013-08-16: TastyCMS Passwords Dumped
2013-08-16: Example of hashcat brute force attack
2013-08-16: Better example of Brute Force Mask attack in hashcat
2013-08-16: ideaCMS -- CLASSROOM DEMO
2013-08-16: ideaCMS (tm) pwnage -- SHOW TO CLASS
2013-08-16: Jolly Design Inc--defacement (see right side)
2013-08-16: Jolly Design Inc Privacy Statement
2013-08-16: Here's how the Syrian Electronic Army's hack worked
2013-08-16: New York Times Website Hit by Cyber Attack? -- Lots of speculation, no facts
2013-08-16: Cracking Cryptography and Encryption Exponentially Easier
2013-08-16: Aussie ATM criminals embrace 3D printers for cashpoint crimes
2013-08-16: U.S. defense contractor sustains data breach
2013-08-16: NSA broke privacy rules thousands of times per year, audit finds
2013-08-16: Lies, Damned Lies, And The NSA
2013-08-16: Redhack hits Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality & Sewerage Administration systems
2013-08-16: Congress Is Nervous About This Whole Bitcoin Thing
2013-08-16: The Risk of Running Windows XP After Support Ends April 2014 - SHOW TO CLASS
2013-08-16: NSA Spying: The Three Pillars of Government Trust Have Fallen
2013-08-16: The Post just got hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army. Here's who they are.
2013-08-16: 'Bloodsucking leech' puts 100,000 servers at risk of potent attacks
2013-08-16: Google's '20 time,' which brought you Gmail and AdSense, is now as good as dead
2013-08-16: US gov't: Snowden also took secret docs while working at Dell in April 2012
2013-08-16: Breach clean-up cost LinkedIn nearly $1 million, another $2-3 million in upgrades (from Aug. 2012)
2013-08-16: Vulnerability in USB Internet Modems allows hacker to access Millions of Computers remotely
2013-08-16: ZMap The Internet Scanner
2013-08-16: ZMap: Fast Internet-wide Scanning and Its Security Applications
2013-08-16: There Is No Such Thing As NSA-Proof Email Mother Jones
2013-08-16: N.S.A. Calls Violations of Privacy 'Minuscule'
2013-08-16: Google goes dark for 2 minutes, kills 40 of world's net traffic
2013-08-16: Feds Threaten To Arrest Lavabit Founder For Shutting Down His Service
2013-08-16: Hackers breach Department of Energy, steal personal data from 14,000 employees
2013-08-16: Anatomy of a brute force attack -- how important is password complexity?
2013-08-16: Scientists Achieve On-Demand Quantum Teleportation For The First Time
2013-08-16: NYC Mayor: Public Housing Residents Should Be Fingerprinted as Crime-Fighting Measure
2013-08-16: DEF CON 21 Highlights Dangers of Social Engineering --
2013-08-16: Google can't have dotless domains, rules ICANN regulator
2013-08-16: Obfy antivirus bypass
2013-08-16: vulnerability in... WinCalc (Win7, x64) -- works on Win 8.1 too
2013-08-16: msf exploit(java_storeimagearray)
2013-08-16: 5 New Website Vulnerabilities Straight from Black Hat & DEF CON - SHOW TO CLASSES
2013-08-16: Open Letter to Phil Zimmermann and Jon Callas of Silent Circle, On The Closure of the Silent Mail Service
2013-08-16: The Outlook.com Outage Continues

2013-08-17: Tutorial Cythosia Botnet Download
2013-08-17: IT now 10 percent of world's electricity consumption, report finds
2013-08-17: Microsoft Wins the High Ground in War with Google
2013-08-17: Cerberus anti-theft - an exploit allowing you to access any device
2013-08-17: Microsoft is Playing Google
2013-08-17: CCSF in the News -- Enough accreditation stories to choke a mule
2013-08-17: Spyglass is a Beautiful Disk Scanner with Duplicate Detection
2013-08-17: Whoops! Surf City Riot Suspect Arrested After 'Liking' His Own Photo On Police Facebook Page
2013-08-17: Tweets contribute to charging driver with murder in fatal bike accident
2013-08-17: Two Years Later: My Initial Carbonite Backup Isn't Completed
2013-08-17: Webcam spying goes mainstream as Miss Teen USA describes hack

2013-08-18: Hacker posts Facebook bug report on Zuckerberg's wall
2013-08-18: Remotely Assembled Malware Blows Past Apple's Screening Process
2013-08-18: Practical HTTP Host header attacks
2013-08-18: Lost flash drive compromises data for thousands of students
2013-08-18: U.S. defense contractor Northrop Grumman sustains data breach
2013-08-18: FireDrill: Interactive DNS Rebinding
2013-08-18: Microsoft Security Bulletin MS13-065 - Important : Vulnerability in ICMPv6 could allow Denial of Service (2868623)
2013-08-18: Microsoft Security Bulletin MS13-064 - Important : Vulnerability in Windows NAT Driver Could Allow Denial of Service (2849568)
2013-08-18: MS13-065 CVE-2013-3183 exploit -- seems not to work
2013-08-18: Microsoft BlueHat Prize Winners -- SHOW TO CLASSES
2013-08-18: Detaining my partner: a failed attempt at intimidation Glenn Greenwald
2013-08-18: Glenn Greenwald's partner detained at Heathrow airport for nine hours
2013-08-18: Amnesty International UK: Detention of Guardian employee at Heathrow unlawful and unwarranted
2013-08-18: Wasted talent: how do we stop the female IT brain drain?
2013-08-18: AngelList Tells SEC New Fundraising Rules Will Kill Startups
2013-08-18: Heart of Blue Gold -- Announcing New Bounty Programs - Micrsoft
2013-08-18: Germany recognizes Bitcoin as 'private money'
2013-08-18: Cameron Proves Greenwald Right
2013-08-18: A claim that old social engineering trick still works against Amazon
2013-08-18: NYT: Greenwald's Partner Was Transporting Snowden's Stolen Documents
2013-08-18: LastPass Vulnerability Left IE Passwords Exposed in RAM
2013-08-18: Online trainer launches free student login promo
2013-08-18: gogoNET LIVE! IPv6 & Internet of Things Conference -- Nov. 12-14 in San Jose

2013-08-19: Craigslist can use anti-hacking law to stop firm from scraping its data, court rules
2013-08-19: Russia's FSB mulls ban on 'Tor' online anonymity network
2013-08-19: Google Code fast becoming hackers' malware mule
2013-08-19: The Snowden dilemma
2013-08-19: Heuristics and Rules: Why We Built a New Old WAF CloudFlare Blog
2013-08-19: The last days of Unix
2013-08-19: 'Almost finished' build of Windows 8.1 still a mess -- Backup is gone!
2013-08-19: Getting worried, Assange? WikiLeaks spaffs out 'insurance' info
2013-08-19: Switching To Gmail May Leave Reporters' Sources At Risk
2013-08-19: Windows 8 PC benchmark scores banned from HWBOT database
2013-08-19: In 12 weeks, Firefox stable will have built in editreplay web requests
2013-08-19: Dear #WBC - Pastebin.com
2013-08-19: Robert Agrella's plan to save CCSF--working with the system instead of fighting it
2013-08-19: Glenn Greenwald 'Not At All Worried' About Britain Getting Info From His Partner's Seized Electronics
2013-08-19: 1992 Department of Justice Letter on Keystroke Monitoring
2013-08-19: Multiple Web Application Vulnerabilities in RockMongo -- SHOW TO CLASS
2013-08-19: BSidesLV 2013 After-Action Report
2013-08-19: Europe's Internet Handcuffs Show U.S. How Not to Regulate Commentary
2013-08-19: Software That Exposes Faked Photos
2013-08-19: Comparing Hash Algorithms: Md5, Sha1 or Sha2?
2013-08-19: Hashing passwords the Right Way -- PBKDF2, bcrypt, or scrypt
2013-08-19: Amazon.com sites suffer 25 minute outage, cause unclear
2013-08-19: Google Glass: Coming soon to a cop near you?
2013-08-19: UK Gov't Forces Guardian To 'Destroy' Hard Drives With Snowden Info; Guardian Says Reporting Continues From NY
2013-08-19: Private Internet Access

2013-08-20: Vulnerabilities that just won't die - Compression Bombs
2013-08-20: Tesla Model S Achieves Best Safety Rating of Any Car Ever Tested
2013-08-20: BsidesRI 2013 1 4 Exploit Development for Mere Mortals Joe McCray
2013-08-20: Firefox+Wireshark make it easy to log master secrets and decrypt ssl -- MAKE INTO PROJECT
2013-08-20: Islamist hacker publishes access details for thousands of Twitter accounts --SHOW TO CLASS
2013-08-20: Glimmerglass Fiber Spying SHOW TO STUDENTS
2013-08-20: The Spy Files - Glimmerglass
2013-08-20: Important Security Update and Password Reset League of Legends
2013-08-20: Interesting video from @eastdakota of @Cloudflare
2013-08-20: How Not to DDoS Your Former Employer
2013-08-20: Wikipedia finally switches to HTTPS

2013-08-21: Military Times Live XSS
2013-08-21: Groklaw - Forced Exposure -- Blogger abandons Internet over NSA spying
2013-08-21: A Closer Look: Perkele Android Malware Kit
2013-08-21: BLADE Malicious URL Analysis -- most drivebys missed by AV
2013-08-21: Android Malware: Why Aren't We Doing Something About It?
2013-08-21: Android Now Has 718,000 Known Cases Of Malware
2013-08-21: New Microsoft Security Intelligence Report Application for Windows
2013-08-21: 4 Tactics Cybercriminals Are Using to Steal From Us
2013-08-21: Let's stop the NSA before it destroys the cloud industry
2013-08-21: U.K. Ordered Guardian to Destroy Snowden Files Because Its Servers Weren't Secure
2013-08-21: Results of 1st Annual Volatility Framework Plugin Contest --great additions to Volatility!
2013-08-21: Installing Google Chrome on Kali Linux
2013-08-21: HOW TO - Set Permanent Environment Variables in Windows 7
2013-08-21: PUP.Optional.BrowserCompanion.A removal guide
2013-08-21: Startup opens Bitcoin-only margin trading platform
2013-08-21: PRSM - The Sharing Network
2013-08-21: SUMMON THE NSA!
2013-08-21: Fan fave Nginx web server goes commercial

2013-08-22: Declassified Documents Prove NSA Is Tapping the Internet
2013-08-22: FBI suspected William Vollmann was the Unabomber
2013-08-22: Yahoo beats Google to the top spot for US web traffic
2013-08-22: Investigation At Bloomberg Finds A Don't Ask, Don't Tell Newsroom Culture
2013-08-22: Seemingly Mentally Ill Internet Commenter Presumably Functions In Outside World
2013-08-22: Mac Antivirus Programs Compared
2013-08-22: Why does the web still run on RC4?
2013-08-22: How Hacktivists Have Targeted Major Media Outlets
2013-08-22: Statement by Jeremy Hammond on Sabu's Sentencing --Paranoid ravings
2013-08-22: Team ARIN Be Our Guest: Blog for TeamARIN
2013-08-22: Black Hat hackers break into any iPhone in under a minute, using a malicious charger --From June, SHOW TO CLASS
2013-08-22: Secrets In Websites
2013-08-22: My Dinner With NSA Director Keith Alexander
2013-08-22: San Francisco State University Admits Security Breach
2013-08-22: No Henry, you need to get real about Yahoo. Here are the facts
2013-08-22: Germans warned not to use Windows 8 because they don't trust Microsoft
2013-08-22: How A 'Deviant' Philosopher Built Palantir, A CIA-Funded Data-Mining Juggernaut
2013-08-22: The future of SHA-3
2013-08-22: Session Hijacking through XSS with CookieCatcher - YouTube -- VERY NICE FOR A PROJECT
2013-08-22: Ubuntu Edge is dead, long live Ubuntu phones
2013-08-22: Microsoft Office XP Remote code Execution -- it will never be patched, reportedly
2013-08-22: Earth from the ISS
2013-08-22: Bank man: System's down, let's have coffee. Oh SNAP, where's all the CASH?
2013-08-22: ESET reports trojan in Orbit Downloader
2013-08-22: Nasdaq outage resembles hacker attacks
2013-08-22: LICEcap: Record your screen to animated GIF -- USEFUL
2013-08-22: Websites Using Joomla Threatened to be Hijacked
2013-08-22: Gartner: AWS Now Five Times The Size Of Other Cloud Vendors Combined

2013-08-23: Steve Ballmer To Retire As Microsoft CEO Within 12 Months
2013-08-23: This article claims that Snowden-leaked data was found on Miranda's laptop, despite Greenwald's "encryption"
2013-08-23: Anon apparently hacked a Ghana website and put my photo on it
2013-08-23: Snowden: UK government now leaking documents about itself
2013-08-23: Linux Users Warned of Privilege Escalation Vulnerability in VMware Workstation -- SUID on VMware-mount
2013-08-23: Barrett Brwn's trial postponed until April, 2014
2013-08-23: Re: False positive malHTMLgen-a - SophosTalk community
2013-08-23: MalHTML Gen-A false positive - SophosTalk community
2013-08-23: Mozilla considers rejecting long-lived digital certificates following similar decision by Google
2013-08-23: Detecting malicious elevation of privileges CloudPassage
2013-08-23: Nearly One-Fifth Of Enterprise Operating Systems Not Fully Patched
2013-08-23: EMET - The Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit - MAKE A PROJECT FROM THIS
Ch 3c: RegShot download

2013-08-24: Miranda was forced to reveal passwords
2013-08-24: tinc - VPN supports IPv6
2013-08-24: installing tinc on Windows 2000XP78
2013-08-24: nmapme -- POSSIBLY USEFUL SCHOOL
2013-08-24: IPv6 Buddy

2013-08-25: PHP Easter Egg
2013-08-25: Disruptions: A Blogger Mocks the Denizens of Silicon Valley
2013-08-25: Man, who hacked Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook account, to get a reward of $12,000
2013-08-25: Click-dragging Attack with Mozilla Firefox
2013-08-25: Syrian Electronic Army attacks several sites for the price of one
2013-08-25: The Real, Terrifying Reason Why British Authorities Detained David Miranda - Bruce Schneier
2013-08-25: ACE Hackware r00tabaga
2013-08-25: 3 Free Tools to Fake DNS Responses for Malware Analysis
2013-08-25: RawCap sniffer for Windows released
2013-08-25: CaptureSetupLoopback - The Wireshark Wiki
2013-08-25: Introduction to Malware Analysis Slides by Lenny Zeltser
2013-08-25: Introduction to Malware Analysis - Free Recorded Webcast by Lenny Zeltser
2013-08-25: INetSim: Internet Services Simulation Suite - Installation packages
2013-08-25: How to set up INetSim
2013-08-25: ApateDNS 0, INetSim 1
2013-08-25: sendemail: invalid SSL_version specified at usrshareperl5IOSocketSSL.pm line 332
2013-08-25: How to install Kernel Headers
2013-08-25: Matt damon snowden Computer - YouTube
2013-08-25: Windows 8 stains Ballmer's legacy - Computerworld

2013-08-26: Denial-of-Service Attack Shut Down Chinese Internet on Sunday Morning
2013-08-26: SourceForge now poisons installers with malware--stop using it
2013-08-26: Nginx takes the slippery road away from open source
2013-08-26: McAfee Security Scan Plus - How did it get on my PC?
2013-08-26: AdwCleaner -- Try in S214
2013-08-26: How to Create and Restore System Image Backups on Windows 8.1 -- GOOD NEWS
2013-08-26: Refresh Windows 8 - Create and Use Custom Recovery Image
2013-08-26: Hands-On with Windows 8.1: System Recovery
2013-08-26: Interns Wanted Andrew Hay
2013-08-26: Java 6 0-Day Exploit in the Wild - more than half of installs use obsolete Java 6

2013-08-27: Cisco RV082 firmware tries to perform IPv6 NAT, handing out fc00::7 addresses by default -- shameful!
2013-08-27: 'thereisnofatebutwhatwemake'--Turbo-charged cracking comes to long passwords

2013-08-28: Women in Application Security (AppSec) Program --Only 4-yr colleges
2013-08-28: Syrian Electronic Army Continues Spree: Cracks New York Times, Twitter & Huffington Post --DNS Registratar Hijacked
2013-08-28: NJ Court: Sending a Text Message To a Driver Could Make You Liable For Crash
2013-08-28: Chinese Cloud Storage Companies Give Away 1TB for Free
2013-08-28: New Zealand bans software patents
2013-08-28: Hacker pleads guilty, targeted DOE
2013-08-28: Francophoned -- A Sophisticated Social Engineering Attack -- SHOW TO CLASS
2013-08-28: Microsoft's SkyDrive Adds Bing-Powered OCR Features
2013-08-28: Office 2003 soon to lose support too
2013-08-28: Google Earns 33 of Online Ad Revenues
2013-08-28: How the Syrian Electronic Army took out the New York Times and Twitter sites ZDNet
2013-08-28: Developers hack Dropbox, show how to access to user data
2013-08-28: Schools hire snoopers to monitor kids on social networks. Is it OK? POLL
2013-08-28: Java 0day countdown

2013-08-29: The Strange History of Port 0
2013-08-29: How Not to Get Hacked Like the New York Times
2013-08-29: Telegram Codes
2013-08-29: Cloud Services Used Only by 38 Percent of Organizations Worldwide
2013-08-29: Cisco IPv6 Lab: statistics for mobile
2013-08-29: Tor usage more than doubles
2013-08-29: 3 types of DNS attacks and how to deal with them
2013-08-29: Anonymous Threatens to Expose Kiwi Lawmakers' Secrets
2013-08-29: Is This 19-Year-Old the Leader of the Syrian Electronic Army?
2013-08-29: Junction - useful SysInternals tool
2013-08-29: Q&A: HD Moore drills down on aftermath of NY Times hack -- SHOW TO CLASS
2013-08-29: Bug In Apple's CoreText Allows Specific String Of Characters To Crash iOS 6, OS X 10.8 Apps TechCrunch
2013-08-29: Rendering bug crashes OS X, iOS apps with string of Arabic characters
2013-08-29: Interesting disclosure timeline -- SHOW TO CLASS
2013-08-29: The First Few Milliseconds of an HTTPS Connection -- EXCELLENT WALKTHROUGH
2013-08-29: Universal Extractor LegRoom.net
2013-08-29: Predator Drone Joins Yosemite Wildfire Fight
2013-08-29: Setting up an OpenVPN server and clients on Fedora Core
2013-08-29: I Have the Password Hashes! Can I Pass Them?
2013-08-29: Why did my home page icon change to this on my iPad?
2013-08-29: Why did my home page icon change to this on my iPad?
2013-08-29: The Complete List of iPad Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials

2013-08-30: It's the Meraki login (image search ftw)
2013-08-30: Quantum crypto nearly ready to go mobile
2013-08-30: Computer Security Audit Checklist - Chris Hardie
2013-08-30: Ohio State Introduces Massive Open Online Calculus
2013-08-30: U.S. spy agencies mounted 231 offensive cyber-operations in 2011, documents show
2013-08-30: Glenn Greenwald NSA leaks: U.K. tries to crack passwords on Guardian journalist's files.

2013-08-31: How An Army Computer Security Flaw Got Swept Under The Rug
2013-08-31: NSA spending $25.1 million for additional covert purchases of software vulnerabilities from private malware vendors
2013-08-31: Unemployed techie created fake terror plot to get a job
2013-08-31: Syria's largest city just dropped off the Internet
2013-08-31: So I discovered that my HP laptop leakstransmits its built-in mic audio somewhere around 24Mhz : RTLSDR
2013-08-31: xkcd: Devotion to Duty
2013-08-31: NSA: NOBODY could stop Snowden -- he was A SYSADMIN
2013-08-31: Sexism and the single hacker: Where are the women at Defcon?
2013-08-31: New Snowden Leak Reports 'Groundbreaking' NSA Crypto-Cracking
2013-08-31: Taiwan Launches Free, Public Malware Knowledge Base
2013-08-31: Microsoft cans three 'pinnacle' certifications, sparking user fury
2013-08-31: When I re-use a cookie at @BankOfTheWest this happens
2013-08-31: Syrian Electronic Army Denies New Data Leaks
2013-08-31: FBI Agent: We've Dismantled The Leaders Of Anonymous
2013-08-31: LG announces G Pad 8.3, just in time for a new iPad mini
2013-08-31: Police Groups Furiously Protest Eric Holder's Marijuana Policy Announcement

Sept 2013

2013-09-01: Jon Callas: Silent Mail Shutdown - Why How When
2013-09-01: Anonymous: Stop Regurgitating the Same Fake Hacks
2013-09-01: Why Browsers Need Encrypted-Only Mode Rx4G
2013-09-01: New stats show Windows 8 usage up sharply as XP usage plummets
2013-09-01: Online Law Banning Discussion of Current Affairs Comes Into Force In Vietnam
2013-09-01: The Weekend Interview with Craig Zucker: What Happens When a Man Takes on the Feds
2013-09-01: Nmap is 16 today!
2013-09-01: Details Behind Today's Internet Hacks -- SHOW TO CLASSES
2013-09-01: Attack-driven defense -- EXCELLENT IDEAS
2013-09-01: Attack-driven defense -- Slides 73ff for Removing Unused Trusted Root CAs
2013-09-01: Internet in China shaken by biggest-ever DDoS attacks

2013-09-02: Facebook flaw allows hackers to delete any photo
2013-09-02: McGraw-Hill article about education has grammatical error in its first word
2013-09-02: Screen capture of McGraw Hill's ungrammatical article
2013-09-02: The body worn 'IMSI catcher' for all your covert phone snooping needs
2013-09-02: US Marines Website Hacked By Syrian Electronic Army
2013-09-02: Sabu Incited State-sponsored Attack for US Government -- ABSURD NONSENSE
2013-09-02: Robin Hood Hacker Collection --Unreadable trash, wrong about everything
2013-09-02: Jasmin - Java Assembler Interpreter -- EXCELLENT FOR CNIT 126
2013-09-02: FinFisher range of attack tools - F-Secure Weblog
2013-09-02: This is a fantastic x86 learning tool, but why does it have an undressed woman on it?
2013-09-02: Pacific IT Professionals Meeting -- Sept 3rd, 2013 -- Microsoft Hyper-V in the Real World
2013-09-02: Northern California Powershell User Group (Sacramento, CA) - Meetup
2013-09-02: Heap spraying browsers using Adobe Flash's ActionScript
2013-09-02: Finextra: Connecticut hits Citi with fine over card data breach
2013-09-02: Authentication for OSPFv3 Address Family support in IOS-XE? Think again
2013-09-02: Why news articles about science are often wrong, and why corrections are never published

2013-09-03: Desktop virtualization smackdown: Parallels vs. VMware vs. VirtualBox
2013-09-03: Why I think the $7.2 billion Microsoft-Nokia deal is a terrible idea
2013-09-03: Ballmer confirms what we all knew: Elop candidate for Microsoft CEO job
2013-09-03: How Facebook Tracks Your Web Activity
2013-09-03: A New SQL Injection tool -- Forced Evolution
2013-09-03: ANNOUNCEMENT: Intel processor microcode security update
2013-09-03: Russia Issues International Travel Advisory to Its Hackers
2013-09-03: 'Homeless hacker' Commander X quits Anonymous, retreats to robot lab
2013-09-03: Link Aggregation Control Protocol -- used by Hyper-V
2013-09-03: Hyper-V Networking Optimizations part 4 of 6 (Jumbo Frames)
2013-09-03: Jumbo frames are supported by all modern NICs ?
2013-09-03: TcpAnalyzer.exe and Consume.exe -- PUT INTO PROJECTS
2013-09-03: Windows Server 2012 File Server and SMB 3.0
2013-09-03: Windows Server 2012 R2 Available October 18th
2013-09-03: Test jumbo Frames; How to Tell if the 9000 MTU is working

2013-09-04: NSA Laughs at PCs, Prefers Hacking Routers and Switches
2013-09-04: Two-factor Authentication GitHub
2013-09-04: American Express Forcing Complex Usernames & Weaker Passwords
2013-09-04: Certified Training - Social-Engineer.Com - Professional Social Engineering Training and Services
2013-09-04: My time at a singularity conference
2013-09-04: Cybersecurity, NSA Spying, And Silicon Valley To Take Center Stage At Disrupt SF
2013-09-04: Has LinkedIn Crossed An Ethical Line?
2013-09-04: Startup Bugcrowd Raises $1.6 Million To Pay Hacker Hordes To Hunt Clients' Bugs
2013-09-04: SI6 Networks--IPv6 Toolkit
2013-09-04: Cisco Firewall Security Specialist - IT Certification and Career Paths - Cisco Systems
2013-09-04: Top Seven IT Security Certifications (2011) Cisco Firewall and Check Point Certs Rates Highly
2013-09-04: Check Point Certification
2013-09-04: Palo Alto Certified Network Security Engineer (CNSE)

2013-09-05: Large botnet cause of recent Tor network overload
2013-09-05: Developers Scramble to Build NSA-Proof Email
2013-09-05: Trendnet ruling heralds crackdown on insecure home webcams
2013-09-05: Barret Brown Gagged by Order of the Court
2013-09-05: Fragging wonderful: The truth about defragging your SSD
2013-09-05: HakShop -- USB Rubber Ducky Standard

2013-09-06: The US government has betrayed the internet. We need to take it back Bruce Schneier
2013-09-06: N.S.A. Able to Foil Basic Safeguards of Privacy on Web
2013-09-06: A Few Thoughts on Cryptographic Engineering: On the NSA
2013-09-06: Now we know why UK spooks simply shrugged at SSL encryption
2013-09-06: RFC 3924 Architecture for Lawful Intercept
2013-09-06: Microsoft researchers revealing a NSA crypto backdoor in 2007
2013-09-06: The Strange Story of Dual_EC_DRBG -- NSA Backdoor in 2007
2013-09-06: N.S.A. Able to Foil Basic Safeguards of Privacy on Web - NYTimes.com
2013-09-06: How Many Documents Did Edward Snowden Take?
2013-09-06: Bullrun Guide Final - TOP SECRET
2013-09-06: Crypto facts and how secret they are -- SHOW TO CLASS
2013-09-06: Majority of IT Professionals Don't Communicate Security Risks--SHOW TO CLASS
2013-09-06: Explaining the latest NSA revelations --Q&A with internet privacy experts
2013-09-06: Anonymous Brasil -- govenment site hacked
2013-09-06: Tor is still DHE 1024 (NSA crackable)
2013-09-06: Qwest punished in 2007 for failure to obey NSA
2013-09-06: 95427: NSA Backdoor Encryption Compromise from 1952-1992
2013-09-06: _NSAKEY - Windows NT backdoor scandal
2013-09-06: Check Point Security Administrator
2013-09-06: Check Point Software Free Download -- R76 Windows Fresh InstallUpgrade Package
2013-09-06: CCSA powerpoint slides
2013-09-06: CheckPoint Training Environment Setup--still 15 day eval
2013-09-06: Check Point eStore Training Blades
2013-09-06: Check Point eStore Training Manuals
2013-09-06: Check Point eStore Starter Kits
2013-09-06: What are 10 most common user names and passwords?
2013-09-06: Study Reveals Quantifiable Data on Most Vulnerable Usernames (from 2011)
2013-09-06: Snowden Disclosures Finally Hit 12 on a Scale of 1 to 10
2013-09-06: The Truth About USB 3.0 and Wi-Fi Interference
2013-09-06: Need To Know: Jumbo Frames in Small Networks
2013-09-06: DRG SSH Usernames and Passwords
2013-09-06: 10,000 Top Passwords
2013-09-06: How to perform bruteforcedict attack on HotmailMSN with Hydra

2013-09-07: Deepmagic's Storage by Rob Fuller - GoFundMe
2013-09-07: Online Cincy Cop Threats Probed -- better gov't through assassination (from 2001)
2013-09-07: First free, public malware database aims to boost security awareness
2013-09-07: NSA Revelations Cast Doubt on the Entire Tech Industry
2013-09-07: Google fixes buggy Authenticator app for iOS, restoring accounts
2013-09-07: Re: dm-crypt LRW has more data modification leakage than CBC? (From 2004)
2013-09-07: Disk encryption theory - LRW not recommended
2013-09-07: Security Analysis of TrueCrypt 7.0a with an Attack on the Keyfile Algorithm
2013-09-07: Truecrypt key files vulnerable to attack because they are based on CRC32! (From 2011)
2013-09-07: Fast network in the hacking lab :)
2013-09-07: Alternative TrueCrypt Implementations
2013-09-07: netgear FVS318N hands out fec0:: addresses by default
2013-09-07: Linux Configure Jumbo Frames to Boost Network Performance Throughput

2013-09-08: Process Monitor & the BSOD (from 2010)
2013-09-08: Tech ARP - Backdoors Found In Bitlocker, FileVault and TrueCrypt?
2013-09-08: Vancouver to see first Bitcoin ATMs installed

2013-09-09: 'Death Ray' Architect Speaks Out About His Car-Melting Skyscraper
2013-09-09: Obad.a Trojan now being distributed via mobile botnets
2013-09-09: Installing Dig on Windows
2013-09-09: Strange DNS Responses at Starbucks
2013-09-09: How To Hide BIND DNS Sever Version
2013-09-09: IT Security Analyst Discovia --Job Available in San Francisco
2013-09-09: The Cowboy of the NSA Keith Alexander
2013-09-09: Profiling SSL and attributing private networks - an introduction to FLYING PIG and HUSH PUPPY
2013-09-09: Microsoft says axed certs failed its software biz
2013-09-09: Microsoft Has a Change of Heart, Releases Windows 8.1 RTM a Lot Earlier
2013-09-09: Crypto prof asked to remove NSA-related blog post
2013-09-09: Installing Dropbox? Prepare to lose ASLR

2013-09-10: Gentlemen, start your solid-state engines: Intel takes overclocking to SSDs
2013-09-10: Google to NSA: You'll have to take our data the hard way
2013-09-10: NIST & NSA back doors in ECC
2013-09-10: NSA calls the iPhone using public 'zombies' who pay for their own surveillance
2013-09-10: Biz bods STILL don't patch hacker's delight Java and Flash
2013-09-10: NASA website Hacked; Protest by Hackers against US action on Syria and Brazil Spying
2013-09-10: To my daughter's high school programming teacher
2013-09-10: Jake Davis ask.fmDoubleJake
2013-09-10: GlobalSign Commits to Certificate Transparency Framework
2013-09-10: Linus Thorvalds defending Linux random numbers in his traditional style
2013-09-10: Outlook 2013: Folder Pane is empty --Another poison MS update

2013-09-11: Multiplayer games and DoS attacks
2013-09-11: Government Announces Steps to Restore Confidence on Encryption Standards
2013-09-11: VMware Fusion - Jumbo Frames not supported
2013-09-11: Jumbo Frames and Virtual Machines virtualizations
2013-09-11: iPhone Fingerprint Authentication
2013-09-11: NSA shares raw intelligence including Americans' data with Israel
2013-09-11: Apple iPhone 5S vs. 5C: What's the Difference?

2013-09-12: Americans Must Sacrifice Some Security to Reform the NSA - Bruce Schneier
2013-09-12: NSA having flashbacks to Watergate era
2013-09-12: IPv6 First Hop Security (FHS)
2013-09-12: Windows Assembly Language Megaprimer --RECOMMENDED FOR CNIT 126 STUDENTS
2013-09-12: Free Juniper Training and Certification Event 10142013 -- HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
2013-09-12: Introductory Intel x86: Architecture, Assembly --Free class materials!
2013-09-12: CSAW CTF 2013 -- Next weekend
2013-09-12: Screen Command Examples: Get Control of Linux Unix Terminal
2013-09-12: Review: VMware Workstation 10 turns to tablets

2013-09-13: Poison Ivy Tutorial - YouTube
2013-09-13: GCHQ :: Can you find it? --Challenge to find data on the Web
2013-09-13: Make them fall in love--Good explanation of Mac v. PC
2013-09-13: NSFOCUS Mid-year DDOS Threat Report for 2013
2013-09-13: 10 Tips to Make Internet Explorer a Better Web Browser
2013-09-13: Poison Ivy RAT becoming the AK-47 of cyber-espionage attacks
2013-09-13: poison-ivy RAT in vmware xp -ROOTRULERZ - YouTube
2013-09-13: Guide to Poison Ivy (a RAT)
2013-09-13: 'Poison Ivy' Kit Enables Easy Malware Customization for Attackers
2013-09-13: Second Life ans WoW could be used for money laundering

2013-09-14: Meet Hacking Team, the company that helps the police hack you
2013-09-14: Google knows nearly every Wi-Fi password in the world
2013-09-14: OS X Passwords Leaked During Login
2013-09-14: New NSA Leak Shows MITM Attacks Against Major Internet Services
2013-09-14: FBI Admits It Controlled Tor Servers Behind Mass Malware Attack
2013-09-14: Should I Install an Antivirus on my Smartphone or Android Tablet?.
2013-09-14: Senate Finally Frees the Press (Kind Of)
2013-09-14: Install VMware Player 5.0 in Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) Liberian Geek
2013-09-14: One-Second Video Apps? What The Number Of Seconds In Your Videos Says About You
2013-09-14: Microsoft endures Patch Horror Day on Friday 13th -- issues updates to 8 of 13 updates
2013-09-14: Computer hackers arrested over plot to steal millions from Santander
2013-09-14: This is a video of a cat playing the theremin
2013-09-14: NIST Secure Domain Name System (DNS) Deployment Guide
2013-09-14: Bookless Public Library Opens In Texas
2013-09-14: Government Standards Agency 'Strongly' Suggests Dropping its Own Encryption Standard
2013-09-14: DNSSEC Deployment Maps
2013-09-14: NSA chief shared only part of the story at Black Hat
2013-09-14: How to Select Any Edition or Version (SKU) of Windows 7 to Install From Single Edition DVD
2013-09-14: Amazon.com: 1PORT USB Remote KVM Kvmip Spider: Electronics
2013-09-14: Pushdo botnet spams malware analysis site, researchers find -- The site we use for CNIT 126
2013-09-14: Pushdo Botnet detects "FakeNet" analysis tool and spams practicalmalwareanalysis.com -- SHOW TO CLASS

2013-09-15: NSA is looking to hire a "Civil Liberties & Privacy Officer"
2013-09-15: Police thwart plot by hackers to syphon money from Surrey Quays Santander

2013-09-16: Calc.exe checks Windows Genuine status?
2013-09-16: Comcast Saga; now they deny breaking the line
2013-09-16: September 17th, 2013 -- FLEX DAY AGENDA
2013-09-16: Sophos Web Protection Appliance sblistpack Arbitrary Command Execution
2013-09-16: Marco RamBUG in WinCalc.exe
2013-09-16: Appcrash in WinCalc.exe
2013-09-16: Long passwords are good, but too much length can be a DoS hazard
2013-09-16: Fatal crypto flaw in some government-certified smartcards makes forgery a snap
2013-09-16: NASDAQ Website Security Vulnerabilities Remained Open for Weeks After Alert
2013-09-16: BEAST Cryptographic Attack Mitigations Overturned
2013-09-16: Chap unrolls 'USB condom' to protect against viruses

2013-09-17: Stealthy Dopant-Level Hardware Trojans
2013-09-17: Citadel's Man-in-the-Firefox: An Implementation Walk-Through
2013-09-17: WHOIS Privacy Plan Draws Fire
2013-09-17: Google and Samsung soar into list of top 10 Linux contributors
2013-09-17: Study Shows 30 Percent of Transactions Conducted From Tor Are Fraudulent
2013-09-17: How to Issue a Command to Your Computer With a Text Message
2013-09-17: Bristol Cryptography Blog: Open Letter From UK Security Researchers
2013-09-17: Top 5 nTLD Pre Reservations at 1&1
2013-09-17: Microsoft Releases Fix It Tool as Attackers Target Internet Explorer Vulnerability
2013-09-17: Moore's Law bending, ready to break
2013-09-17: New Operating System Seeks To Replace Linux In the Cloud
2013-09-17: One in ten consumers lost money to online fraud
2013-09-17: Why You DON'T Love Science
2013-09-17: NSA Bought Exploit Service From VUPEN, Contract Shows
2013-09-17: Seattle Teacher Under Fire for Teaching Kids About Racism and Discrimination
2013-09-17: TAKE MY DOX OFF DOXBIN - YouTube

2013-09-18: wifite - automated wireless auditor
2013-09-18: Top Five Hacker Tools Every CISO Should Understand
2013-09-18: Subgraph Vega Free and Open Source Web Application Vulnerability Scanner
2013-09-18: OVAL Interpreter
2013-09-18: Scuba: A Free Database Vulnerability Scanner
2013-09-18: Five More Hacker Tools Every CISO Should Understand
2013-09-18: IE11 shows that browser security tech has peaked
2013-09-18: Security Plus Performance Based Questions
2013-09-18: Security Plus WAP Simulation
2013-09-18: Bay Area SecureWorld 2013 -- Sept 25-26 in Santa Clara
2013-09-18: VC++ 2012 Desktop Express (Free)
2013-09-18: Getting Started with MASM and Visual Studio 2012
2013-09-18: Example of curl digest authentication

2013-09-19: Pentester Academy Lab Challenge Digest 2
2013-09-19: Pentester Academy Lab Challenge 5: Digest Authentication
2013-09-19: Pentester Academy Lab Challenge 6: More difficult digest authentication
2013-09-19: TweakPNG
2013-09-19: Colloquy--IRC Client for Mac -- CSAW
2013-09-19: Linux 6RD HOWTO
2013-09-19: 6rd Configuration Example - Cisco
2013-09-19: Comcast 6RD Configuration Example - Cisco
2013-09-19: Useful tips to install Bind on Fedora
2013-09-19: Free .NET decompiler :: JetBrains dotPeek

2013-09-20: OllyDbg Tricks for Exploit Development

2013-09-21: Howfunky.com: IPv6 Unique Local Address or ULA - what are they and why you shouldn't use them
2013-09-21: Google May Replace Cookies With Unique AdIDs
2013-09-21: Howto Install and Run the Android Emulator
2013-09-21: 10 Tips for Setting Up and Using Android Emulator
2013-09-21: How do you install an APK file in the Android emulator?
2013-09-21: Howfunky.com: IPv6 Unique Local Address or ULA - what are they and why you shouldn't use them

2013-09-22: Microsoft won't make Office editing free on iOSAndroid, so Google does
2013-09-22: Close the N.S.A.'s Back Doors - NYTimes.com
2013-09-22: Twitter suspends al-Shabaab account after terrorists live-tweet attack
2013-09-22: LinkedIn sued by users who say it hacked their e-mail accounts
2013-09-22: Python socket example code
2013-09-22: CCC Chaos Computer Club breaks Apple TouchID
2013-09-22: The Death Rattle For Blackberry --SHOW TO CLASS, GOOD FIGURES
2013-09-22: Apple's advanced fingerprint technology is hacked; should you worry?
2013-09-22: Some CSAW walk-throughs
2013-09-22: CSAW 2013 Quals - Misc 5050300: Life - cao.vc
2013-09-22: Dragon Sector: CSAW CTF Quals 2013 - CryptoMatv2 (web 400_2)
2013-09-22: 2013 CSAW Quals - Recon Writeup
2013-09-22: 3 Ways to Disable Windows 8 Gestures
2013-09-22: How Can I Disable Windows 8 Swipe Gestures On My Laptop?

2013-09-23: Open Social Media Monitoring by openstream
2013-09-23: BBM for Android and iOS launch halted by unofficial app release
2013-09-23: Another iOS 7 Bug Lets Anyone Make Calls From Locked iPhones--And This One Has No Quick Fix
2013-09-23: Close ties between White House, NSA spying review
2013-09-23: The NSA's actions create distrust
2013-09-23: RSA Tells Its Developer Customers: Stop Using NSA-Linked Algorithm
2013-09-23: Google has suspended my service because I owe them $0
2013-09-23: Hackers Unite: Student Cybersecurity Teams Get a Governing Body
2013-09-23: CVE-2011-2391 Apple fixed an IPv6 flood vulnerability from 2011 in iOS 7
2013-09-23: 10 Cryptography Mistakes Amateurs Make - #3 is wrong (use bcrypt)
2013-09-23: Terrorists and Julian Assange Aren't Considered Journalists by the Senate

2013-09-24: NSA accused of hacking into India's nuclear systems
2013-09-24: Secure TTY - CSAW 2013 web300 write-up
2013-09-24: Google Says 'Sorry' for Gmail Issues
2013-09-24: California Enacts Poor Man's Right to be Forgotten
2013-09-24: NSA Bullrun program, encryption and false perception of security
2013-09-24: Virginia Tech breach exposes data on 145K job applicants
2013-09-24: How a Crypto 'Backdoor' Pitted the Tech World Against the NSA
2013-09-24: Cisco Releases Open Source Tool for Pen Testers
2013-09-24: Why We're Shutting Off Our Comments Popular Science
2013-09-24: Data Broker Giants Hacked by ID Theft Service

2013-09-25: Microsoft Office 365 SMTP with TLS
2013-09-25: Google tightening SSL security in Chrome
2013-09-25: Obama's Favorite General Stripped of His Security Clearance
2013-09-25: Sudan cut itself off from the Internet --SHOW TO CLASS
2013-09-25: USB Experiment Shows Unsophisticated Attacks can Succeed Without Expensive Zero-days
2013-09-25: How to break out of police grade handcuffs using paperclips, coffee straws, and other tools
2013-09-25: I'm scanning udp53 right now
2013-09-25: WordPress Pingback Vulnerability Can Be Abused for DDOS Attacks (from 2012)
2013-09-25: Brute Force Attacks Build WordPress Botnet -- Krebs on Security (April, 2013)
2013-09-25: Hardening WordPress WordPress Codex
2013-09-25: Study: 20 of the 50 Most Popular WordPress Plugins Are Vulnerable to Cyberattacks
2013-09-25: 6Rd slides -- VERY GOOD

2013-09-26:How to install Snort on Fedora
2013-09-26: How to Set Up a Mail Merge in Gmail for Personalized Mass Emails
2013-09-26: Security and the Net -- old, infected, attacking other sites
2013-09-26: How to Send A Mail Merge In Gmail
2013-09-26: Compromised WordPress blogs used in DDoS attack --This is what I have been seeing too
2013-09-26: Thousands of Wordpress blogs compromised to perform DDOS attack - The Hacker News

2013-09-27: A man's been charged with hacking Miss Teen USA's webcam
2013-09-27: Attackers can slip malicious code into many Android apps via open Wi-Fi
2013-09-27: London teen arrested over Spamhaus attack
2013-09-27: Want gigabit fiber home Internet? Move to one of these cities
2013-09-27: NSA tried to insert backdoor into Linux
2013-09-27: CloudFlare: Happy 3rd Birthday
2013-09-27: No, the Government Never Asked Linus Torvalds for a Backdoor in Linux
2013-09-27: Microsoft Received 37,196 Gov Requests For Data Impacting 66,539 Accounts In First Half Of 2013
2013-09-27: Snapshots in Virtual PC?
2013-09-27: How to Save Time by Using Snapshots in VirtualBox
2013-09-27: Science Education Software: Going Dark -- How to Keep Using Windows XP Forever
2013-09-27: iOS 7 security update patches lockscreen flaw
2013-09-27: FBI -- Notice to All Department of Justice Contractors: Potential Lapse of Funding
2013-09-27: The Cavalry Isn't Coming: Starting the Revolution to Fsck it All! - Nicholas J. Percoco and Joshua Corman
2013-09-27: Data Broker Giants Hacked by ID Theft Service
2013-09-27: Feds Targeted Snowden's Email Provider the Day After NSA Whistleblower Went Public
2013-09-27: The No-Fly List: Where the FBI Goes Fishing for Informants
2013-09-27: Watering hole attacks are becoming increasingly popular, says study
2013-09-27: US officials say Iranian hackers compromised Navy computers
2013-09-27: Google finally squashes IM bug
2013-09-27: Protesters Are Dodging Sudan's Internet Shutdown With a Phone-Powered Crowdmap
2013-09-27: Ninite - Install or Update Multiple Apps at Once

2013-09-28: Researchers may have solved the click fraud problem
2013-09-28: Why iOS 7 is making some users sick
2013-09-28: NSA employee spied on nine women without detection, internal memo shows
2013-09-28: IPv6 Poll on CGN
2013-09-28: How the NSA builds social graphs of Americans with phone, email, and location records
2013-09-28: Mystery over obesity 'fraud'
2013-09-28: Details Reveal NSA Track Record Of Flagrant Abuse, Failed Audits And Minimal Accountability
2013-09-28: Implementation and Implications of a Stealth Hard-Drive Backdoor
2013-09-28: Creating a 6in4 router using Mac OS X 10.7
2013-09-28: Federal Trade Commission - SSL -- Blank page?
2013-09-28: Antivirus software often fails to deter hackers
2013-09-28: Students Find Ways To Hack School-Issued iPads Within A Week
2013-09-28: 77 of New Malware Samples Found in Q2 2013 Were Trojans

2013-09-29: In computers, are random numbers really random?
2013-09-29: Glenn Greenwald working on new NSA revelations -- US assassination program
2013-09-29: "Civilization will largely be over by August 2062" --Winn Schwartau

2013-09-30: Google tackles immortality with launch of health company Calico
2013-09-30: John McAfee reveals details on gadget to thwart NSA
2013-09-30: SmartWater Booby Trap Secretly Turns Thieves Green for Weeks
2013-09-30: Best Free Rootkit Scanner and Remover
2013-09-30: Surface 2 sales TAKE OFF as Delta Air Lines scoops up a big batch
2013-09-30: L.A. Unified School District takes back iPads
2013-09-30: Congress Fails to Prevent Shutdown - WSJ.com
2013-09-30: A lot of useful security tips and tricks for Mac OS X
2013-09-30: Yahoo! Pays! Paltry! $12.50! Bug! Bounty! For! Nasty! Email! Vuln!
2013-09-30: United States Department of Agriculture - Down
2013-09-30: Congress, tea party hit all-time low in CNN polling

Oct 2013

2013-10-01: Data Broker Hackers Also Compromised NW3C
2013-10-01: Proxy.sh VPN Provider Sniffed Server Traffic to Catch Hacker
2013-10-01: Another iPhone lockscreen bypass vulnerability found in iOS 7.02
2013-10-01: Everything You've Shared On Facebook Soon Will Be Searchable By Friends
2013-10-01: The Cavalry Is Us Protecting The Public Good And Our Profession Josh Corman --VERY INTERESTING
2013-10-01: NSA stores metadata of millions of web users for up to a year, secret files show
2013-10-01: Hackers just POURING through unpatched Internet Explorer zero-day hole
2013-10-01: Project Sonar
2013-10-01: How to enable IP Forwarding in Linux
2013-10-01: Man page of FRAGROUTER
2013-10-01: We're Glenn Greenwald and Janine Gibson of the Guardian US, and we've been breaking stories on the NSA Files since June. AUA! : IAmA
2013-10-01: Blacked Out Government Websites Available Through Wayback Machine
2013-10-01: Windows 0wn3d By Default Mark Baggett -- RECOMMENDED FOR CNIT 126 STUDENTS
2013-10-01: SmashTheStack Wargaming Network
2013-10-01: I'm scanning udp161 (SNMP) right now
2013-10-01: NASA.gov down
2013-10-01: DARPA Automobile Attacks
2013-10-01: Intelligence Agencies Banned Lenovo PCs After Chinese Acquisition (from July)

2013-10-02: HiMan Exploit Kit. Say Hi to one more
2013-10-02: Apple's 64-Bit iPhone 5s Chip Offers 'Zero Benefit,' Says Qualcomm Boss
2013-10-02: Former DHS Chief Privacy Officer Recounts How She Was Regularly Called A 'Terrorist' By The Intelligence Community
2013-10-02: IBM Calls Amazon Unprepared to Secure Intelligence Data
2013-10-02: WD rolls out secure My Cloud drive, media hub
2013-10-02: Silk Road allegedly shut down and owner Ross William Ulbricht arrested
2013-10-02: Federal government shutdown forces NSF websites to go dark
2013-10-02: Complaint against Dread Pirate Roberts--see murders on page 23
2013-10-02: FBI arrested DPR yesterday at Glen Park library
2013-10-02: In defence of defenestration: Microsoft MUST hurl Gates from the Windows
2013-10-02: New Encrypted Email Services Coming From Kim Dotcom's Mega And Newzbin
2013-10-02: Defcon Survey: Hackers want more crypto, less NSA
2013-10-02: 2020 by Trend Micro -- interesting videos
2013-10-02: How the feds took down the Dread Pirate Roberts

2013-10-03: multiple vendor ftpd - Cross-site request forgery
2013-10-03: Uh Oh, Chrome's Incognito Mode Is Broken on iOS 7
2013-10-03: Bitcoin forum goes offline after hack
2013-10-03: This is what 10 seconds of ultra-high speed trading looks as BBRY goes from 7.60 to 8
2013-10-03: Attacks On Volatile Memory Can Be Detected, Researchers Say
2013-10-03: France approves 'anti-Amazon' bill
2013-10-03: The shutdown is now clogging up the data economy. Thanks, Congress!
2013-10-03: Apple working to fix iOS 7 bug that lets students bypass iPad restrictions
2013-10-03: Iranian cyberwar chief shot dead. Revolutionary Guard: Assassination? Don't 'speculate'
2013-10-03: Hacker Claims He's Selling Data Stolen from Bitcointalk.org for 25BTC -- GOOD HASHES!
2013-10-03: Bing it on! Yale professor calls shenanigans over Microsoft's search superiority claims
2013-10-03: 2011-2012 CCSF Program Reviews
2013-10-03: Who's Afraid of Peer Review?
2013-10-03: Important Customer Security Announcement (Adobe Featured Blogs)
2013-10-03: Adobe hacked, 3 million accounts compromised
2013-10-03: Boston Dynamics puts AlphaDog through more field training, teaches Atlas robot to hike over rocks
2013-10-03: Jellyfish Close Nuclear Plant, Prepare To Take Over World
2013-10-03: Windows 8.1 stops pass-the-hash attacks
2013-10-03: Adobe To Announce Source Code, Customer Data Breach
2013-10-03: Snowden's email provider gave crypto keys to FBI -- on paper printouts

2013-10-04: FISA Court in action: USA to Google, Facebook, Microsoft: No, you can't tell users we're spying on them
2013-10-04: Twitter formally files for IPO, seeks $1 billion
2013-10-04: How the shutdown hurts the economy, in one chart
2013-10-04: Yahoo's new bug bounty policy rewards researchers up to $15K for 'high risk' discoveries
2013-10-04: Hacking Summit Names Nations With Cyberwarfare Capabilities
2013-10-04: Facebook Pushes Passwords One Step Closer to Death
2013-10-04: Django Vulnerability Could Allow Attackers Access to Cookies
2013-10-04: The Hidden Dangers of Chop-Shop Electronics
2013-10-04: Adobe Flash, The Spy in Your Computer (from 2010)
2013-10-04: 'Tor Stinks' top secret presentation
2013-10-04: 5 Things We Didn't Know About Twitter That It Just Revealed In Its IPOD
2013-10-04: Attacking Tor: how the NSA targets users' online anonymity
2013-10-04: Anonymous Indictment Raises Serious Question: Is It Really A CFAA Violation To DDoS A Website?
2013-10-04: Stratfor Hacker: FBI Entrapment Shaped My Case
2013-10-04: Is the NSA ripping a $35 billion hole in US business?
2013-10-04: A Closer Look at Wordpress Password Hashes
2013-10-04: A Closer Look at Wordpress Password Hashes
2013-10-04: How to manage a PHP application's users and passwords (from 2010 but EXCELLENT)
2013-10-04: Drupal and Wordpress hash formats explained clearly
2013-10-04: Philips Xper Buffer Overflow Vulnerability ICS-CERT -- first CERT medical device vuln report
2013-10-04: Silk Road Kingpin Apparently Hid a Stash of $80 Million in Bitcoin --5 percent of all Bircoins
2013-10-04:: Bitcoin Foundation Comments on the Shutdown of Silk Road
2013-10-04: GovUptime
2013-10-04: SO Hopelessly Broken: the implications of pervasive vulnerabilities in SOHO router products
2013-10-04: Microsoft says Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 are NEARLY SOLD OUT
2013-10-04: How analytics is making NYC's streets and buildings safer
2013-10-04: NSA Tracked US Cell Phone Locations For Two Years, Senator Says More Is Still Secret
2013-10-04: Wireless WildCat Robot Can Run a 4-Minute Mile
2013-10-04: Microsoft's Ballmer gets docked for Windows 8, Surface RT
2013-10-04: Adobe source code and customer data stolen in sustained network hack
2013-10-04: here's the FBI's bitcoin wallet, now with over 27,000 bitcoins
2013-10-04: Code Camp Sat. Schedule
2013-10-04: CODE CAMP Sunday Schedule
2013-10-04: During the shutdown, some scientists can't talk about science
2013-10-04: The Magic of Bitcoin Turns FBI's Seized Booty Into Government Protest
2013-10-04: Adobe says they were not hacked via Cold Fusion
2013-10-04: OOPS! Adobe abode hacked: Credit cards copied, source silently snatched --Cruel
2013-10-04: Lockheed To Furlough 3,000 On Monday, Layoffs Also Kicking In
2013-10-04: Trying to fix a demo during the presentation - Infosec Reactions
2013-10-04: The National Weather Service Sends Hidden Message To Congress In Forecast
2013-10-04: Verizon Terremark Wants To Change The Architecture Of The Cloud
2013-10-04: The feds pay for 60 percent of Tor's development. Can users trust it?
2013-10-04: NSA tracks Google ads to find Tor users
2013-10-04: Piracy Effects on the Entertainment Industry, Too Mild to Count
2013-10-04: OverTheWire - Wargames
2013-10-04: One of the 13 main internet root servers hacked by @Anonymou - SHOW TO CLASS

2013-10-05: Hackers Who Breached Adobe Are Russian Speakers
2013-10-05: 'TWTRQ' stock up as much as 1,800 as investors confuse Tweeter for Twitter
2013-10-05: Greenwald Thinks He's Smart, But BBC Actual Journalist Pwns Him
2013-10-05: Suricata Open Source IDS IPS NSM engine
2013-10-05: YSlow analyzes web pages and suggests ways to improve their performance
2013-10-05: Identifying suspicious domains using DNS records
2013-10-05: Security Onion: Got DNS visibility?
2013-10-05: Twitter Quitters And The Unfiltered Feed Problem TechCrunch
2013-10-05: Postman: a powerful HTTP client to help test web services
2013-10-05: Postman is GREAT I'll write projects using it
2013-10-05: Whoa, These Sci-Fi Laser-Shooting Telescopes Are Gloriously Real
2013-10-05: Google is building Chrome OS straight into Windows 8
2013-10-05: MasterCard Joining Push For Fingerprint ID Standard
2013-10-05: Windows Azure Expanding to China, Japan and Australia (from May)
2013-10-05: Web Stack Hacker wanted in silicon valley for Cloud Security startup
2013-10-05: Russian 'Pirates' Offer NASA Help in Times of Crisis

2013-10-06: LeaseWeb DNS hijacked
2013-10-06: The 10 Jobs With The Biggest Projected Salary Gains In 2014 - all IT
2013-10-06: Eight Reasons Why SQL Injection Vulnerabilities Still Exist: A Developer's Perspective
2013-10-06: Wikipedia Now Blocking US Congress From Making Edits (from 2006)
2013-10-06: Video: Source Port Randomization (Socket Pool) in Windows Server 2008 R2 DNS
2013-10-06: September 2013 DNS Speed Comparison Report
2013-10-06: Pretty much everyone is cheating at Android benchmarks
2013-10-06: Top Sites: The 500 Most Important Websites on the Internet - Moz
2013-10-06: Alexa Top 500 Global Sites
2013-10-06: Internet Systems Consortium BIND Software Status
2013-10-06: DNS Version Scan Results
2013-10-06: Exploit Dev Night School Day 2 - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
2013-10-06: What Browser? -- Google

2013-10-07: BlackHole Exploit Kit Author Reportedly Arrested in Russia
2013-10-07: CVE-2013-3893 -- Analysis of the New IE 0-Day
2013-10-07: Cyvera TRAPS - Targeted Remote Attack Prevention System Cyvera
2013-10-07: IP rights are for the PRIVILEGED FEW -- media studies bods
2013-10-07: Yelp deems 20 of user reviews 'suspicious'
2013-10-07: Attorney General Eric Schneiderman hits AirBnB with subpoena for user data
2013-10-07: Wdigest Mimikatz post module Metasploit : netsec
2013-10-07: Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 DNS Stops Resolving Names 'Can't find google.co.uk: Server failed' Adrian K's vBlog
2013-10-07: Windows Server 2008 R2 DNS Issues

2013-10-08: NASA Holds Line Against Cooperation With China
2013-10-08: Access high-performance, high-throughput computing in minutes CPUsage
2013-10-08: Distributed Nmap Port Scanning with a DNmap Megacluster
2013-10-08: Hackers turn US health services site into online Ugg boots store
2013-10-08: Command Line Kung Fu: Episode #171: Flexibly Finding Firewall Phrases
2013-10-08: IANA Blackhole Servers for Private IP Addresses
2013-10-08: DNS Information Leakage slides from CERT (2007)
2013-10-08: Five Basic Mistakes Not to Make in DNS
2013-10-08: DNS Issues with RFC1918 IP Addresses?
2013-10-08: How to Disable Dynamic DNS Updates on Windows Systems
2013-10-08: RFC 6304 - AS112 Nameserver Operations -- Blackholes
2013-10-08: Setting up an authoritative DNS in Windows Server 2008
2013-10-08: WhatsApp Web site hacked with pro-Palestinian message
2013-10-08: Why -- and how -- I wrote Bad Pharma
2013-10-08: Blackhole Exploit Kit author Paunch arrested
2013-10-08: There's a Major Foodborne Illness Outbreak and the Government's Shut Down
2013-10-08: Corruption and bribery in the classroom
2013-10-08: AVG and Avira anti-virus website hacked by pro-Palestinian group
2013-10-08: Four UK men arrested over Silk Road links
2013-10-08: Microsoft hands out $28k in first-ever bug bounty rewards
2013-10-08: The NSA's Data Center Keeps Melting Down
2013-10-08: Nest hopes to reinvent smoke alarms like it did the thermostat
2013-10-08: Anonymous no more: Twitter engineer, UConn security analyst among 13 indicted for 'Operation Payback'
2013-10-08: Microsoft pays out first US$100,000 bug bounty

2013-10-09: NATO Rules For Cyber Warfare Names Civilian Hacktivists Legitimate Targets (from March)
2013-10-09: CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP)
2013-10-09: CompTIA CASP vs CISSP IT Security Certifications
2013-10-09: IDA Support: Evaluation Version -- for Mac, PC, or Linux
2013-10-09: isislabHack-Night
2013-10-09: TCPView for Windows
2013-10-09: Reverse Engineering 101 on Vimeo
2013-10-09: Spyware vendor offering discounts because of Gov't shutdown
2013-10-09: Microsoft Patch Tuesday fixes two separate IE zero-day flaws
2013-10-09: Syrian Hacker Group (SEA) claims to be able to Hack any Website
2013-10-09: Did Israeli Mossad Assassinate an Iranian Cyber Commander?
2013-10-09: How the Bible and YouTube are fueling the next frontier of password cracking

2013-10-10: Mobile Startup Lookout Gets $55M Led By Deutsche Telekom To Go Global & Target Enterprise
2013-10-10: Schneier on Security: The NSA's New Risk Analysis
2013-10-10: Oops: Azerbaijan released election results before voting had even started
2013-10-10: G@virusbtn: Gogle to offer bug bounties for vulnerabilities in open source software
2013-10-10: Microsoft security guru: Abusing data should be a felony
2013-10-10: A first look inside Google's futuristic quantum lab
2013-10-10: Facebook Tweaks Privacy: You Can No Longer Hide From Search
2013-10-10: Gifting app Bond helps you trick people into thinking you're a thoughtful adult
2013-10-10: Why Healthcare.gov Sucks? Because They Hired Political Cronies, Not Internet Native Companies To Build It
2013-10-10: OllyDbg v. 2.01 is EVIL; just misses functions found in v. 1.10
2013-10-10: Pass the Hash toolkit, Winexe Kali Linux
2013-10-10: WebSmart Software SQL Injection 0day @Zer0Pwn - Pastebin.com (June, 2012)
2013-10-10: websmart google dork posted publicly in 2010
2013-10-10: HackersOnlineClub: Google.my Hacked By Team Madleets
2013-10-10: Hacked by 1337 -- live defacement
2013-10-10: Nordstrom Finds Cash Register Skimmers -- Krebs on Security
2013-10-10: Refresh App Doxes People
2013-10-10: US Government Shutdown Creates Serious Cyber Risks: Experts
2013-10-10: Factoring RSA keys from certified smart cards -- insufficient randomness
2013-10-10: Websmart XSSSQL Injection Vulnerability (8 July, 2010)

2013-10-11: Adobe's source code was parked on hackers' unprotected server
2013-10-11: Social Engineering Walk-Through
2013-10-11: Social Engineering Walk-Through
2013-10-11: Patriot Act author introduces bill to block NSA's use of the Patriot Act
2013-10-11: Giant Guy Fawkes mask abandoned at fruit farm
2013-10-11: The Linux Backdoor Attempt of 2003
2013-10-11: ATMs Are Vulnerable to Attackers Looking to Steal Money
2013-10-11: Metasploit website hijacked by pro-Palestinian hackers
2013-10-11: C.I.A. Warning on Snowden in '09 Said to Slip Through the Cracks
2013-10-11: Watch 'Google's perspective on the rise of malware'
2013-10-11: Computer Chess: Geek, gaming and retro-tech movie of the year
2013-10-11: DNS Locking--See End of Article
2013-10-11: How Registrants Can Reduce the Threat of Domain Hijacking -- SHOW TO CLASS
2013-10-11: HD Moore explained domain name locks two weeks ago, but his site got hacked today
2013-10-11: Details Behind Today's Internet Hacks CloudFlare Blog --SHOW TO CLASS
2013-10-11: Domain Locking for several companies -- SHOW TO CLASS
2013-10-11: Pass the Hash without Metasploit
2013-10-11: Google to put user photos, comments in online ads
2013-10-11: Hacking Secret Ciphers with Python
2013-10-11: Top Websites Secretly Track Your Device Fingerprint
2013-10-11: False Samsung stock-pump buy draws Swedish cops
2013-10-11: The Registrars Who Shut Down Websites After Demands From City Of London Police Likely Violated ICANN Policy
2013-10-11: NSA Veterans: The White House Is Hanging Us Out to Dry
2013-10-11: How a gay blogger is tweeting politicians out of the closet

2013-10-12: The Legend Of Random -- OLLYDBG TUTORIALS!
2013-10-12: Iran's cyber chief killed in 'internal dispute,' Israel speculates
2013-10-12: Just the fax, ma'am: How hacktivists went on a mass web joyride spree
2013-10-12: Steam UAC bypass via code execution -- SHOW TO CLASS
2013-10-12: Why do .zip files from Mac OS show up as greenencrypted?
2013-10-12: How To Opt Out Of Google's Weird New Ads That Use Your Face And Name
2013-10-12: Cisco Security Advisory: Multiple Vulnerabilities in Cisco ASA Software -- PING OF DEATH!
2013-10-12: A Poop-Loving Fungus That Accelerates Faster Than a Bullet
2013-10-12: ION Glasses Are The Unobtrusive Notifications System You Wear On Your Face
2013-10-12: BBC News - John McAfee: Addict, coder, runaway
2013-10-12: Christopher Columbus was awful (but this other guy was not) - The Oatmeal
2013-10-12: NY Comic Con Takes Over Attendees' Twitter Accounts To Praise Itself
2013-10-12: Obamacare Customer Service Told Everyone To Reset Their Passwords
2013-10-12: Awesome Stuff: Security Hardware For The Masses Techdirt
2013-10-12: Hubble Finds Sign That Habitable Planets Could Exist Beyond Solar System
2013-10-12: Why I will never return to the USA
2013-10-12: The US is losing control of the internet
2013-10-12: Reverse Engineering a D-Link Backdoor -- MUST TRY THIS
2013-10-12: Destructive malware 'CryptoLocker' on the loose -- here's what to do
2013-10-12: BMPoC Hacker Defaces another NASA Domain
2013-10-12: Turkish group that reportedly hacked Wichita city website has attacked other cities' sites
2013-10-12: Windows 8.1 Will Start Encrypting Hard Drives By Default: Everything You Need to Know
2013-10-12: Fund: A public TrueCrypt Audit
2013-10-12: Security vendor admits mistake in website take down
2013-10-12: Google chairman tells CIOs: Android security trumps iPhone - LIAR

2013-10-13: How the NSA identifies Tor users in 6 easy steps
2013-10-13: 5 Unix Commands I Wish I'd Discovered Years Earlier

2013-10-14: Stored XSS in GMail for iOS
2013-10-14: Accelerometer IDs smartphones in seconds
2013-10-14: NSA collects millions of e-mail address books globally
2013-10-14: Finally! Yahoo Mail to turn on SSL by default in 2014
2013-10-14: The Jester Identifies Alleged Hackers of KDMS Team
2013-10-14: Easily picked CD-ROM drive locks let Mexican banditos nick ATM cash u2022 The Register
2013-10-14: Anatomy of an exploit -- inside the CVE-2013-3893 Internet Explorer zero-day -- SHOW TO CLASS
2013-10-14: binwalk - Firmware Analysis Tool

2013-10-15: UVB-76 - Wikipedia
2013-10-15: Thousands of Sites Hacked Via vBulletin Hole
2013-10-15: MD5 considered harmful today -- creating a rogue CA certificate (from 2008)
2013-10-15: Why Android SSL was downgraded from AES256-SHA to RC4-MD5 in late 2010
2013-10-15: Imperva SecureSphere Web Application Firewall MX 9.5.6 - Blind SQL Injection
2013-10-15: Second Dry Ice Bomb Goes Off At L.A. Airport
2013-10-15: ShmooCon 2014 - January 17-19 - CFP
2013-10-15: PRISM. Why you should be outraged by US government surveillance
2013-10-15: Dynamic Frequency Selection: Why It's Critical In 802.11ac
2013-10-15: Animal Liberation Front bragging about their recent arsons
2013-10-15: Iraqi Government Tries, Fails to Shut Down Internet - Renesys
2013-10-15: Cyber warrior shortage hits anti-hacker fightback
2013-10-15: Reverse Engineering Firmware: Linksys WAG120N --binwalk tutorial
2013-10-15: ARJ File (What It Is & How To Open One)
2013-10-15: Index of WirelessDWL900AP Firmware
2013-10-15: Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit - EMET - TechNet Security
2013-10-15: How to Join a Mac to a Windows Domain
2013-10-15: Converting VMWare Fusion Virtual Machine to Parallels
2013-10-15: convert vmware image to virtualbox
2013-10-15: Medical Device Security: Forget Everything You Thought You Knew
2013-10-15: Should All Personal Information Be Encrypted?
2013-10-15: Breaches Affecting 500 or More Individuals--HHS Wall of Shame
2013-10-15: ASLR Bypass Apocalypse in Lately Zero-Day Exploits
2013-10-15: NSA Director Alexander Admits He Lied about Phone Surveillance Stopping 54 Terror Plots
2013-10-15: Greenwald leaves Guardian for new venture backed by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar

2013-10-16: ASLR Bypass Apocalypse in Lately Zero-Day Exploits
2013-10-16: Ballet about Topiary & LulzSec
2013-10-16: Forget the NSA. That Smartphone Snooper May Be Your Spouse
2013-10-16: Oracle fixes 127 vulnerabilities in its products
2013-10-16: Microsoft: Everyone stop running so the fat kid Win RT can catch up
2013-10-16: Errata Security: That DLink bug (masscan)
2013-10-16: Slip your SIM into a plastic sheath, WIPE international call charges
2013-10-16: Infosecurity - A Q&A with Charlie Miller, Computer Security Researcher at Twitter
2013-10-16: Reporter Tied to Snowden Leaks to Leave Guardian
2013-10-16: Rapid7.com Hijacking: Theft of Employee Credentials, Not Faxed DNS Change Request
2013-10-16: UK Police to Install Windows 8 in Patrol Cars
2013-10-16: Qosmos Network lntelligence for Lawful Interception -- can spy on a whole country
2013-10-16: DMV example of unwise PII collection
2013-10-16: # of address books captured by the NSA --SHOW TO CLASS
2013-10-16: Adobe Hacked: The Frightening Implications for Network Security --seriously?
2013-10-16: You Can't Do Binary Under Pressure -- SHOW TO CLASS
2013-10-16: It is Time for Antivirus Software to Flag Memory Dumping
2013-10-16: Google Offers a Life Line to XP Users: Chrome
2013-10-16: Cryptographer Adi Shamir Prevented from Attending NSA History Conference
2013-10-16: Reverse Engineering Videos
2013-10-16: Hackers Target Mandiant CEO Via Limo Service -- whaling
2013-10-16: CIsco Packet Tracer for Ubuntu
2013-10-16: Packet Tracer 6.0.1 for mac: Apple Support Communities
2013-10-16: Websmart, Inc. and 100,000 Vulnerable Websites
2013-10-16: New York City Is Getting Wireless EV Chargers Disguised as Manholes
2013-10-16: Researchers Uncover Holes That Open Power Stations to Hacking
2013-10-16: How to Design -- And Defend Against -- The Perfect Security Backdoor
2013-10-16: How a Radical New Teaching Method Could Unleash a Generation of Geniuses
2013-10-16: Spy-shy: Mugger thwarted by 'NSA intern' on Capitol Hill
2013-10-16: Indonesia just passed China as the world's top apparent source of cyber attacks
2013-10-16: CCSF's new chancellor is an antiterrorism expert
2013-10-16: CCSF's new chancellor has a history running other troubled colleges
2013-10-16: Review of Square Cash: The Money Is in the Email
2013-10-16: NSA's Keith Alexander to stand down
2013-10-16: Community college accreditation commission under scrutiny again

2013-10-17: Apple's iCloud protocols cracked and analyzed
2013-10-17: Breach at PR Newswire Tied to Adobe Hack
2013-10-17: Chrome Infographic
2013-10-17: Chrome Stores Private Data In the Clear
2013-10-17: Two girls arrested after one allegedly brags on Facebook about cyber bullying suicide victim
2013-10-17: Internet wide DNS scanning
2013-10-17: Did US Law Enforcement & Intel Agencies Set Up a Honeypot for Getting Lavabit Passwords?
2013-10-17: Dissecting Malware -- Static Analysis of Malware -- OK but fabulously wrong about Unicode
2013-10-17:UK Cabinet Minister Puts in His Own WiFi at Parliament
2013-10-17: The jobs Chinese girls just can't do
2013-10-17: Contrary to public claims, Apple can read your iMessages
2013-10-17: Windows 8.1: What a difference a year makes
2013-10-17: How to solve Windows system crashes in minutes --Debugging crash dumps
2013-10-17: TweakPNG -- very nice
2013-10-17: Aircrack-ng now works with some Intel cards!
2013-10-17: The Pale Moon Project homepage --why?
2013-10-17: China achieves wireless Internet access via lightbulb a
2013-10-17: Snowden breaks silence to insist he didn't help foreign agents

2013-10-18: WAIT! Before you upgrade: You simply must know some things about Windows 8.1
2013-10-18: The Darkest Place on the Internet Isn't Just for Criminals
2013-10-18: NSA Director Alexander to Retire
2013-10-18: Security Researcher developed the first malware ever for Firefox Mobile OS
2013-10-18: OWASP Vulnerable Web Applications Directory Project
2013-10-18: New wave of online peer review and discussion tools frightens some scientists
2013-10-18: Science blogging scandal: Bora Zivkovic and sexual harassment.
2013-10-18: Kernel Pool Exploitation on Windows 7 (from 2011)
2013-10-18: ZDResearch Pool Blade: A new approach for kernel pool exploitation
2013-10-18: Analysis of a Malware ROP Chain
2013-10-18: Analyzing Hyper-V Saved State files in Volatility
2013-10-18: Newsom Leads Panel To Legalize Pot In California
2013-10-18: Let's Hear it for the Ladies: Women in Information Security
2013-10-18: RA Flood Slides from Defcon 21 (Bowne & Prince)
2013-10-18: Snowden's NSA post in Hawaii failed to install 'anti-leak' software
2013-10-18: My sexual harassment story Weinersmith
2013-10-18: VMware KB: Performing a Windows repair on a Windows XP virtual machine
2013-10-18: Kernel Debugging with WinDbg Host and Target in Virtual Machines
2013-10-18: Examples: Debugging over a Virtual Serial Port
2013-10-18: Belgium's Belgacom investigates new hacking attempt -- router modified

2013-10-19: IBM unveils computer fed by 'electronic blood'
2013-10-19: Police uncover major hacking case - over 60,000 servers compromised
2013-10-19: Cyber Criminals Earning Millions by replacing Google adsense, ads code on hacked websites
2013-10-19: College networks hit with highest incidence of malware infections, firm finds
2013-10-19: How mystery DDoSers tried to take down Bitcoin exchange with 100Gbps crapflood
2013-10-19: Samsung Offers Patent Cease-Fire in EU
2013-10-19: Mark Shuttleworth Complains About the 'Open Source Tea Party'
2013-10-19: DNA Sequence Withheld From New Botulism Paper
2013-10-19: Aeromobil flying car prototype gets off the ground for the first time
2013-10-19: Advances In Cinema Tech Overcoming a Strange Racial Divide

2013-10-20: From China, With Love -Backdoor in Tenda routers -- SHOW TO CLASS
2013-10-20: Source code for Tenda Backdoor
2013-10-20: Piracy site IsoHunt to shut down and pay $110m
2013-10-20: Why is IPsec so Complex?
2013-10-20: Introduction to Kernel Debugging with Windbg
2013-10-20: Connecting Two Virtual Machines with Serial Ports
2013-10-20: VMware KB: Powering on a virtual machine pauses at 95 while waiting for a question to be answered
2013-10-20: c - Configure virtual serial port between 2 vmware fusion virtual machine
2013-10-20: How To: Debug the WRK on Mac OS X Using VMware Fusion
2013-10-20: Hackers taking control of Internet appliances
2013-10-20: NSA Hacked Email Account of Mexican President
2013-10-20: Steep Decline in Free Office Suite Stats
2013-10-20: NeedaDebitCard -- SHOW TO STUDENTS
2013-10-20: IPv6 Musings -- interesting list of obstacles
2013-10-20: Internet Explorer 11 BREAKS Google, Outlook Web Access
2013-10-20: Microsoft pulls Win 8.1 RT update after it bricks Surface slabs
2013-10-20: Experian Sold Consumer Data to ID Theft Service
2013-10-20: NSA Chief's Retirement Plans Not Related to Leaks
2013-10-20: Surface 2 Review: One Step Forward, Two Steps Behind
2013-10-20: Doxbin Arrested

2013-10-21: Review: Microsoft Surface 2 a worthy iPad rival
2013-10-21: Windbg Tutorials
2013-10-21: Abusing DTP -- GOOD PROJECT FOR 124
2013-10-21: Another US 'Secure' Service Shuts Down: CryptoSeal VPN Goes Dark To Protect Against US Surveillance
2013-10-21: BART Strike Over, Limited Train Service Tuesday Morning
2013-10-21: New Google technology 'uProxy' to provide uncensored internet for global activists
2013-10-21: Digital Attack Map
2013-10-21: Microsoft Claims Windows 8.1 Bricked Only a Few RT Devices
2013-10-21: Introducing WhiteHat Aviator -- A Safer Web Browser

2013-10-22: Inside VirusTotal's pants: VirusTotal = StopBadware
2013-10-22: Builders of Obama's health website saw red flags
2013-10-22: Snark Free Day
2013-10-22: Wikipedia probe into paid-for 'sockpuppet' entries
2013-10-22: Facebook 'irresponsible' over beheading videos, says PM
2013-10-22: OPSWAT Sponsors Programming Competition
2013-10-22: Beginner BSOD Crash Dump Analysis and Debugging Guide
2013-10-22: How to create a Blue Screen of Death
2013-10-22: Snark-Free Day Tweets
2013-10-22: Just a few Trojans on this PC
2013-10-22: Apple OS X Mavericks Released Today for Free -- longer battery life!
2013-10-22: Critical NETGEAR ReadyNAS Frontview security vulnerability
2013-10-22: Simple Bug Exposed Verizon Wireless Users' SMS History
2013-10-22: September 2013 Cyber Attacks Statistics Hackmageddon.com
2013-10-22: Apple Unveils 'iPad Air' and New iPad Mini, Makes Software Free
2013-10-22: Google and Arbor Networks Team Up on DDoS Digital Attack Map
2013-10-22: OS X 10.9 Mavericks: The Ars Technica Review --Compressed RAM
2013-10-22: Education services provider draws fire from DDoS attacker
2013-10-22: Is Your DNS Server A Weapon?
2013-10-22: Richard Cohen's reverse on Snowden: not a 'traitor', but a whistleblower
2013-10-22: Apple - iPad - View countries with supported LTE networks.
2013-10-22: Download free Windows VMs

2013-10-23: Inside Anonymous: 'Topiary' talks hacking and life after LulzSec
2013-10-23: Idaho court seizes developer's computer after he says he likes 'hacking'
2013-10-23: Lawful Interception Capability Requirements -- VERY INTERESTING
2013-10-23: Met Police vid: HIDE your mobes. Pavement BIKER cutpurses on the loose
2013-10-23: Exoplanet Count Peaks 1,000
2013-10-23: Lone sysadmin fingered for $462 MEEELLION Wall Street CRASH
2013-10-23: The NSA wiretapped French diplomats in the US
2013-10-23: iPad Air: how does Apple's new tablet compare to the competition?
2013-10-23: Google Project Shield to Protect Sensitive Sites from DDoS Attacks
2013-10-23: Strange Loops: Ken Thompson and the Self-referencing C Compiler
2013-10-23: Hacked by snc0pe--live defacement of governmentsecurity dot org
2013-10-23: Image of defacement
2013-10-23: DARPA slaps $2m on the bar for the ULTIMATE security bug KILLER
2013-10-23: Mike Rogers: U.S. businesses are in an unfair fight against cyberthreats
2013-10-23: NSA and Mexico: missing facts, reporters are puppets on Snowden's string
2013-10-23: Average CISSP Salary 2013
2013-10-23: Complete, Persistent Compromise of Netgear Wireless Routers
2013-10-23: Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks is out. It's free. And I'm not installing it
2013-10-23: Consumers Take Their Business Elsewhere After a Data Breach
2013-10-23: I Am Woman, Watch Me Hack
2013-10-23: Sniffing Tutorial part 2 - Dumping Network Traffic to Disk
2013-10-23: Installing and configuring SNMP in Windows Server 2008
2013-10-23: How to Install and configure SNMP in Windows Server 2008 Operating System
2013-10-23: Manage SNMP With Windows Servers
2013-10-23: PRTG Network Monitor - intuitive network monitoring software
2013-10-23: Recovering Private Keys Generated With Weak PRNGs

2013-10-24: Laptops stolen, data of 700k California hospital patients compromised
2013-10-24: Another methodology for bypassing the XSS filter in all versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer
2013-10-24: OpSyria: Anonymous Hacks Syria's Higher Commission for Scientific Research
2013-10-24: Couple That Posed as Anonymous Hackers Sentenced to 3 Years Probation
2013-10-24: Layer Seven DDoS Attacks
2013-10-24: New top-level web domains announced by Icann
2013-10-24: What's right (and wrong) with the iPad Air
2013-10-24: Microsoft erects a giant Surface tablet in the center of London
2013-10-24: The Mac App Store is upgrading illegal and trial software for free
2013-10-24: Scared yet, web devs? Google smears malware warnings over PHP.net
2013-10-24: Stung by a Twitter renegade, group in Obama administration launched sting of its own
2013-10-24: NASA's Moon Laser Sets Data Speed Record
2013-10-24: About the security content of OS X Mavericks v10.9 -- Fixed an ICMPv6 DoS Bug
2013-10-24: About the security content of OS X Mavericks v10.9 -- Fixed an ICMPv6 DoS Bug
2013-10-24: How to eradicate Metro from your Windows 8.1 PC
2013-10-24: LFI Vulnerable list - Pastebin.com
2013-10-24: Live LFI Vuln
2013-10-24: alinconsulting.com -- another live LFI
2013-10-24: Death Star LFI
2013-10-24: Dreisinger Funeral Home Ltd. -- LFI
2013-10-24: PT. Kaltim Methanol Industri - LFI
2013-10-24: Shotgun Website - LFI
2013-10-24: Impresariat Alwernia - Andrzej Grabowski Show - LFI
2013-10-24: inurl:.php?ID= - Google Search -- A lot of SQLi vulns here
2013-10-24: SQL Injection: A Step-by-Step Tutorial TechKranti
2013-10-24: DHCP DOS Attack with Yersinia in Kali Linux -- PROJECT IDEA
2013-10-24: City College of S.F. outlines closing plan

2013-10-25: Remove Rvzr-a.akamaihd.net pop-up virus (Removal Guide)
2013-10-25: On Tuesday, Canada Will Be Home To The World's First Bitcoin ATM
2013-10-25: Mozilla Lightbeam for Firefox: NSA spying row leads firm to expose who's watching while you surf
2013-10-25: TrueCrypt Audit Endorsed by Development Team
2013-10-25: NSA is down
2013-10-25: NSA site down due to alleged DDoS attack
2013-10-25: Fog rolling into SF
2013-10-25: reCAPTCHAs are finally readable by normal humans
2013-10-25: The internet is a 'US colony'

2013-10-26: AWS cloud security compliance beats on-premises
2013-10-26: NSA site went down due to 'internal error', not DDoS attack, agency claims
2013-10-26: 12 Female CTOs You Should Know - and Follow on Twitter!
2013-10-26: LinkedIn's new mobile app called 'A dream for attackers'
2013-10-26: HP Chromebook 11: Pretty, cheap, and incredibly frustrating
2013-10-26: New Tool: XORStrings -- VERY NICE
2013-10-26: NSA Silver Lining: Interesting Startups
2013-10-26: FBI arrests Connecticut man for Cisco fraud
2013-10-26: Texas's 'texting judge' resigns, admitting she texted instructions to prosecutors - Boing Boing
2013-10-26: Michelle Obama's Princeton classmate was Obamacare website builder
2013-10-26: 12-year-old Canadian boy admits to hacking police and government sites for Anonymous
2013-10-26: Mac OS 10.9's Mail App Infinity Times Your Spam
2013-10-26: DDoS mitigation firm notes dramatic increase in reflection attack style

2013-10-27: Hacker Disassembly Uncovered (free download)
2013-10-27: Breach at PHP.net Causes Site To Serve Malware
2013-10-27: False detection on file tcpip.sys at October 25, 2013 by Kaspersky AV
2013-10-27: Homenet slides, using OSPF, IPv6 and Google Plus
2013-10-27: The Fifth Estate - Very well done
2013-10-27: Weev appeal -- SHOW TO CLASS
2013-10-27: Did Mavericks kill your SMB network drive access? Here's a fix
2013-10-27: Experts say hackers hit major Israeli roadway, a sign cyber warfare now reality
2013-10-27: Internet Archive, fearful of spying, boosts its encryption
2013-10-27: NSA Chief Keith Alexander Takes His PRISM Pitch to YouTube
2013-10-27: Mail in Mavericks Changes the Gmail Equation
2013-10-27: CYB3RCRIM3: Time Warner, the Keystroke Logger and Computer Crime

2013-10-28: I challenged hackers to investigate me and what they found out is chilling -Chase Cookie Re-Use
2013-10-28: Getting Started in Exploit Development -- PLAN FOR NEW COURSE
2013-10-28: Barack Obama's Twitter, Facebook, Campaign website and Email Accounts hacked by Syrian Electronic Army
2013-10-28: debugging - WinDbg x64: Cannot debug a crash dump - failed to load data access DLL
2013-10-28: Feinstein vows 'total review' of NSA
2013-10-28: 'We're Really Screwed Now': NSA's Best Friend Just Shivved The Spies
2013-10-28: Even the Author of the Patriot Act Is Trying To Stop the NSA
2013-10-28: Anti-Poaching Lawsuit Against Apple, Google and Others Given the Green Light
2013-10-28: The Real Reason It Doesn't Matter That Amazon Is Losing Money
2013-10-28: American authorities charge UK man with hacking Army, Missile Defense Agency and NASA websites
2013-10-28: CAPTCHA Busted? AI Company Claims Break of Internet's Favorite Protection System

2013-10-29: Apple iOS apps subject to man-in-the-middle attacks
2013-10-29: Israel Eyes China in Widespread Cyber Attack
2013-10-29: Almost a third of Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatches are being returned
2013-10-29: Characters, Symbols and the Unicode Miracle
2013-10-29: Black Flag, a #silkroad alternative, shutting down and its moderator running away with customers #bitcoin
2013-10-29: 13 New Tricks in OSX Mavericks
2013-10-29: Introducing SafeSource, A New Way To Send Forbes Anonymous Tips And Documents
2013-10-29: Tracking Malicious Activity with Passive DNS Query Monitoring
2013-10-29: DNSQuerySniffer shows all the DNS traffic on your system
2013-10-29: DNS Tools for Microsoft servers
2013-10-29: Monitoring DNS server performance: Domain Name System(DNS)
2013-10-29: dnstop: Monitor BIND DNS Server (DNS Network Traffic) From a Shell Prompt
2013-10-29: Apache PHP 5.x Remote Code Execution Exploit
2013-10-29: Security hole found in Obamacare website
2013-10-29: What is the best comment in source code you have ever encountered?
2013-10-29: Eventbrite Tech Talk: Free, Nov. 13, San Francisco - Security speakers
2013-10-29: Windows XP users already facing malware invasion - before Microsoft 'pulls plug'
2013-10-29: Toyota's killer firmware: Bad design and its consequences
2013-10-29: GPS bullets are latest weapon for American police

2013-10-30: A Tour Through The Chinese Underground
2013-10-30: Russia: Hidden chips 'launch spam attacks from irons'
2013-10-30: NSA infiltrates links to Yahoo, Google data centers worldwide, Snowden documents say
2013-10-30: The NSA Hacked Google and Yahoo's Private Networks
2013-10-30: Dark Mail Alliance: Lavabit, Silent Circle team up to create surveillance-proof email.
2013-10-30: HOPE X url -- SHOW TO CLASS
2013-10-30: Surface Pro 2 running three external monitors, one at 2560x1440
2013-10-30: Adobe breach THIRTEEN times worse than thought, 38 million users affected
2013-10-30: NSA fires back at Washington Post report
2013-10-30: HealthCare.gov deferred final security check, could leak personal data

2013-10-31: U.S. Intelligence Officials: European Countries Provided Phone Records
2013-10-31: The Spies Who Loved to Damage Our Reputation - NYTimes.comp
2013-10-31: BitcoinATM - Your Future Now
2013-10-31: Facebook to Start Tracking All Your Mouse Movements
2013-10-31: Snowden leaks: Google 'outraged' at alleged NSA hacking
2013-10-31: DEF CON 20 Presentations - Video Slides - YouTube
2013-10-31: Penetration Testing: A Hands-on Introduction to Hacking No Starch Press
2013-10-31: Twitter's Theoretically Temporary URL Messaging Ban Due To Massive Wave Of DM Spam
2013-10-31: One day of statistics for CCSF Wireless (ty Tim Ryan)
2013-10-31: Compile and install Wireshark on Fedora and Ubuntu Linux
2013-10-31: Contactless payments -- researcher intercepts card data from a metre away
2013-10-31: You cant have your privacy violated if you dont know your privacy is violated
2013-10-31: packet-parlay.c takes a LONG time to compile when installing Wireshark on Linux
2013-10-31: Meet 'badBIOS,' the mysterious Mac and PC malware that jumps airgaps
2013-10-31: ubuntu 9.10 - Installing Qt headers and libraries
2013-10-31: Extracting DNS queries with tshark
2013-10-31: Free & Public DNS Server List (Updated October 2013)
2013-10-31: Anonymous hacked off with Singapore's menacing net rules plan
2013-10-31: Errata Security: #badBIOS features explained -- many interesting ideas

Nov 2013

2013-11-01: TeamViewer authentication protocol --Very interesting, from January
2013-11-01: Cyber Arrest Tracker (CAT)
2013-11-01: Adobe leaked credentials checker
2013-11-01: Quickpost: TeamViewer and Proxies Didier Stevens
2013-11-01: Adobe File
2013-11-01: Adobe password hashes
2013-11-01: NSA passwords From Adobe Leak
2013-11-01: FBI passwords From Adobe Leak
2013-11-01: How an epic blunder by Adobe could strengthen hand of password crackers

2013-11-02: A ridiculous Common Core test for first graders
2013-11-02: Google Attacks Microsoft Again: Android 4.4 Ships With Quickoffice
2013-11-02: GRC'sSQRL Secure Quick Reliable Login
2013-11-02: Can someone be targeted using the Adobe breach? --SHOW TO STUDENTS
2013-11-02: Snowden Asks U.S. to Stop Treating Him Like a Traitor - NYTimes.com
2013-11-02: How Edward Snowden Escalated Cyber War
2013-11-02: 2013 Photomicrography Competition Nikon Small World

2013-11-03: Microsoft can't even get IT interested in its mobile platform
2013-11-03: How stores use your phone's WiFi to track your shopping habits
2013-11-03: iPads banned from Cabinet meetings over surveillance fears
2013-11-03: GCHQ revelations may be treasonous, MP claims
2013-11-03: I pay Comcast for 50 Mbps but I get 4

2013-11-04: Hackers Take Limo Service Firm for a Ride
2013-11-04: HealthCare.gov: How political fear was pitted against technical needs
2013-11-04: Too Much Cash Causes Pirate Admin to Quit, 43K Ebook Dump Imminent
2013-11-04: Warning Signs Flash as Stock Market Soars to Records
2013-11-04: Jestergear for sale
2013-11-04: Fake femme fatale dupes IT guys at US government agency
2013-11-04: Majority of Retail Sector Does Not Meet New PCI Standards
2013-11-04: NETGEAR ReadyNAS Vulnerability Exploit Demo Video
2013-11-04: Patent Troll Shell Company Owned By Microsoft And Apple Launches Massive Patent Attack On Android
2013-11-04: Upwardly mobile: HGST launches first HELIUM-FILLED drive
2013-11-04: Iris ID systems go mainstream
2013-11-04: xkcd: Encryptic
2013-11-04: 'Let Me Stress How Shocking These NSA Revelations Are': A View From Inside the Defense World
2013-11-04: iPad Air: Longest running mobile hotspot ever made
2013-11-04: Google finally tightens access to saved passwords in Chrome
2013-11-04: Data Breach Notification Laws, State and Federal
2013-11-04: Despite Cisco buy, Sourcefire promises Snort will stick around
2013-11-04: iPad Air adoption 5 times as fast as iPad 4
2013-11-04: Windows Phone needs a remake before it becomes ignored
2013-11-04: Hackers Leak Data Allegedly Stolen from Chinese Chamber of Commerce Website
2013-11-04: Duke U. professor plans massive collaborative effort to tackle the challenges facing higher education
2013-11-04: City of San Francisco CIO: Simplify, Accelerate!
2013-11-04: Is Twitter a national security threat?
2013-11-04: No Morsel Too Minuscule for All-Consuming N.S.A. - NYTimes.com
2013-11-04: Bitcoin Is Broken
2013-11-04: BayThreat - December 6th & 7th 2013 - Mountain View, CA
2013-11-04: Mining cartel attack discussed in 2010
2013-11-04: Crack our 'military-grade' email encryption and we'll give you 5 of our firm
2013-11-04: Anatomy of a password disaster -- Adobe's giant-sized cryptographic blunder
2013-11-04: Nymi wristband uses your heartbeat as a password
2013-11-04: Bounty Evolution: $100,000 for New Mitigation Bypass Techniques Wanted Dead or Alive - Microsoft

2013-11-05: Defense Distributed Is Now Entering The Bitcoin Game With Dark Wallet
2013-11-05: FAA officially approves using electronics during all phases of flight
2013-11-05: Cyprus: Home of the UK's secret internet surveillance base
2013-11-05: Adobe users' purloined passwords were PATHETIC
2013-11-05: TLS 1.2 (RFC 5246) in Gecko (Firefox, Thunderbird), on by default
2013-11-05: How we know the NSA had access to internal Google and Yahoo cloud data
2013-11-05: Exploiting CVE-2013-3881: A Win32k NULL Page Vulnerability
2013-11-05: Switzerland to set up 'Swiss cloud' free of NSA, GCHQ snooping (it hopes)
2013-11-05: Data Privacy Scare On HealthCare.gov
2013-11-05: NSA chief likely to lose cyber war powers
2013-11-05: 3D-Printing 'Encryption' App Hides Contraband Objects In Plain Sight
2013-11-05: Antivirus bods grilled: Do YOU turn a blind eye to government spyware?
2013-11-05: What Is a Reflection Attack? -- nothing to do with DNS amplification
2013-11-05: Blog - Jurassic DDoS? - Article is dead wrong about DNS amplification DoS
2013-11-05: Wardriving with Kismet Newcore and BackTrack 4
2013-11-05: Wardriving & Kismet Introduction
2013-11-05: Implement Password Synchronization - Azure Active Directory
2013-11-05: Windows Azure Active Directory
2013-11-05: Azure RMS - secure document sharing

2013-11-06: Rob Ford's Office Hired a Hacker to Destroy the Crack Tape
2013-11-06: Bug Bounty for the Internet
2013-11-06: Googlers say 'F*** you' to NSA, company encrypts internal network
2013-11-06: Office Depot Sends World's Worst DMCA Notice To Reddit
2013-11-06: Sarah Harrison joins other Edward Snowden files 'exiles' in Berlin
2013-11-06: Op-ed: Lavabit's primary security claim wasn't actually true
2013-11-06: Install fix to stop in-the-wild Windows and Office exploit, Microsoft warns
2013-11-06: To restore credibility, NIST will audit its standards development process
2013-11-06: Survey: Vast Majority of Employees Use Unauthorized File Sharing Services
2013-11-06: The Rise and Fall of the World's Largest Bitcoin Exchange
2013-11-06: FBI monitored anti-war website in error for six years, documents show
2013-11-06: Internet Archive Catches Fire, Reminds Us Why Digital Backups are so Important
2013-11-06: Bitcoin Is Not Broken
2013-11-06: Bitcoin Wallet Service inputs.io hacked, 4100 BTC stolen (over 1.1M USD).

2013-11-07: McDonald's Might 3-D Print Your Happy Meal (The Toys, Not The Fries)
2013-11-07: Twitter goes public amid Facebook-style buzz
2013-11-07: DefCon21 Evil DoS Attacks and Strong Defenses - Youtube
2013-11-07: Feds Reveal Arrest Of Another Silk Road Vendor, Did He Become An Informant?
2013-11-07: Lawn sprinkler in space? NASA's Hubble spies asteroid spouting six comet-like tails
2013-11-07: Windows 8.1: Update or upgrade?
2013-11-07: The Best Damn 802.11ac Channel Allocation Graphics, Ever -- USEFUL FOR LECTURES
2013-11-07: China Can't Stop Hacking the World's Only Superpower
2013-11-07: Letter to a Republican Strategist Regarding Gay People
2013-11-07: Subway sandwich shop in Russia now accepting bitcoin payments
2013-11-07: umap -- USB Security Tester
2013-11-07: Espionage and America: Rules for spies
2013-11-07: Op-ed: Lavabit's founder responds to cryptographer's criticism --Clear proof that he has no clue
2013-11-07: Ladar Levison could not have missed Moxie Marlinspike's point more completely
2013-11-07: Chrome to disable installation of extensions from outside the Chrome Store
2013-11-07: EFF Submits Sentencing Support Letter for Jeremy Hammond
2013-11-07: New plan: Sell Amazon cloud monitor tool, hope Amazon is OK with this
2013-11-07: Fix Ubuntu -- remove the ads
2013-11-07: FBI adds five new hackers to cyber most wanted list
2013-11-07: HashTag.py: Identify Over 250 Password Hash Types!
2013-11-07: Canonical shouldn't abuse trademark law to silence critics of its privacy decisions
2013-11-07: First 3-D-Printed Metal Gun Shows Tech Maturity
2013-11-07: Sting Operation Nabs Alleged Online Arms Dealer On Silk Road Competitor Site
2013-11-07: SQL Injection, XSS and URL Redirect found in popular websites
2013-11-07: No more trans fat: FDA banning the artery-clogger
2013-11-07: Wardriving Results
2013-11-07: Google Is Testing a Program That Tracks Your Purchases In the Real World
2013-11-07: UK spy chiefs emerge from shadows to blast Edward Snowden
2013-11-07: Brazil makes it official: Gov email must be state-run and on-premises
2013-11-07: Mikko Hypponen: How the NSA betrayed the world's trust

2013-11-08: Denial-of-service tool targeting Healthcare.gov site discovered
2013-11-08: Key Silk Road Employee Breaks Silence
2013-11-08: Snowden may have persuaded 20 to 25 NSA colleagues to give up their passwords
2013-11-08: Feinstein's NSA bill shows she doesn't have a clue about intelligence reform
2013-11-08: Carbon Black is for Breach Preparation, Business Intelligence & Better Incident Response
2013-11-08: Hyper-V Deep Dive Nov 14-15 at Microsoft in San Francisco
2013-11-08: A stronger 'online eraser' law would be a mistake
2013-11-08: 40 LFI Vuln Sites
2013-11-08: Google dork, top ten hits are all exploitation attempts
2013-11-08: 'Because Marissa Said So' -- Yahoos Bristle at Mayer's New QPR Ranking
2013-11-08: Snowden serves up another lesson on insider threats
2013-11-08: Microsoft Security Advisory (2896666): Vulnerability in Microsoft Graphics Component Could Allow Remote Code Execution
2013-11-08: No Patch Tuesday update for Microsoft zero-day vulnerability
2013-11-08: Upsurge in CryptoLocker ransomware
2013-11-08: CryptoLocker Ransomware Information Guide and FAQ -- SHOW TO CLASS
2013-11-08: How to Unprotect an excel sheet without password
2013-11-08: Full MSSQL Injection PWNage

2013-11-09: Anonymous hacktivists leak Mafia, corruption documents compromised from Italian Government
2013-11-09: Vice.com hacked by Syrian Electronic Army, redirects to SEA website
2013-11-09: Hackers steal $1 million from Australian bitcoin bank website
2013-11-09: The Great Bitcoin Bank Robbery
2013-11-09: Covert Abuse of a College Server -- SHOW TO CLASS

2013-11-10: Square is making its per-swipe rate mandatory by discontinuing monthly pricing on February 1, 2014
2013-11-10: EPA Bans Most Wood-Burning Stoves
2013-11-10: Christchurch transport card flaws expose identities, grant free bus rides
2013-11-10: Motorola Patent Uses Neck Tattoo As Microphone
2013-11-10: A Fraying of the PublicPrivate Surveillance Partnership -- SHOW TO CLASS
2013-11-10: Mass website hacking tool alerts to dangers of Google dorks
2013-11-10: Apple Says The FBI is 'Irrationally Prohibiting' Its Right to Publish Information About NSA Requests
2013-11-10: Stop the NSA 'Fake Fix' Bill
2013-11-10: They Loved Your G.P.A. Then They Saw Your Tweets
2013-11-10: UK spies continue 'quantum insert' attack via LinkedIn, Slashdot pages
2013-11-10: Stuxnet also infected the internal network of a Russian nuclear plant
2013-11-10: Unmasking a Spoofed MAC Address -- SHOW TO CLASS
2013-11-10: yesivebeenthere2 -- insight into troll psychology
2013-11-10: WeChall About WeChall -- Another list of hacking challenge sites -- LINK ON GAMES PAGE

2013-11-11: Attack leads to peek inside Viagra spam enterprise (from Sept)
2013-11-11: From Mavericks back to Mountain Lion: so much for that plan
2013-11-11: Smartphone PIN revealed by camera and microphone
2013-11-11: New Windows 8.1 requirements strand some users on Windows 8
2013-11-11: Yet ANOTHER IE 0-day hole found: Malware-flingers already using it for drive-by badness
2013-11-11: Operation Ephemeral Hydra: IE Zero-Day Linked to DeputyDog Uses Diskless Method -- SHOW TO 126 CLASS
2013-11-11: BREACH beyond CRIME -- SHOW TO CLASS
2013-11-11: US Postal Service To Make Sunday Deliveries For Amazon
2013-11-11: FreeBSD may have patched the IPv6 RA Flood! kern157410
2013-11-11: Good list of google dorks
2013-11-11: new google dorks
2013-11-11: BitcoinMarket makes a little mistake
2013-11-11: The fuel light's on!
2013-11-11: The NSA back door to NIST

2013-11-12: How Google paved the way for NSA's intercepts - just as The Register predicted 9 YEARS AGO
2013-11-12: Troy Hunt: Adobe credentials and the serious insecurity of password hints
2013-11-12: Install Watch Command on OS X
2013-11-12: Windows 8.1 Now Resists IPv6 RA Floods, but Maverick Still Dies
2013-11-12: How long do hard drives actually live for?
2013-11-12: Apple Announces iPad mini with Retina Display Is Available Starting Today
2013-11-12: New XSS vulns found in D-Link router

2013-11-13: Another day, another Bitcoin burglary as Bitcash.cz goes titsup
2013-11-13: Vevo website hacked by TeslaTeam via SQL Injection vulnerability
2013-11-13: In Lavabit Appeal, U.S. Doubles Down on Access to Web Crypto Keys
2013-11-13: badBIOS analysis of Weapons grade Malware
2013-11-13: Download Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit 4.1
2013-11-13: TRUST Cybersecurity Paid Summer Internship at UC Berkeley -- SHOW TO CLASS
2013-11-13: The second operating system hiding in every mobile phone
2013-11-13: IE zero-day used by 'cyber arms dealers' and Chinese hackers
2013-11-13: MIcrosoft Security Advisory 2880823: Recommendation to discontinue use of SHA-1
2013-11-13: Microsoft Warns Customers Away From RC4, SHA-1
2013-11-13: Quantum of pwnness: How NSA and GCHQ hacked OPEC and others
2013-11-13: Android malware targets woman drivers in Saudi Arabia
2013-11-13: Anon4justice's full story: How Oakland Police Got Me Fired. - Interesting sense of entitlement
2013-11-13: A portscan by email -- HTTP over X.509 revisited
2013-11-13: Troy Hunt: How to build (and how not to build) a secure 'remember me' feature
2013-11-13 vBulletin Password Hashes - Two rounds of MD5 with salt
2013-11-13: MacRumors Database Hacked -- 860K Account Passwords Exposed
2013-11-13: Cisco IPv6 Lab: IPv6 Deployment -- SHOW TO CLASS
2013-11-13: US IPv6 Users now over 4
2013-11-13: Dear Akamai, you got a 32 there not a bunch of 48s (from 2012)
2013-11-13: HTTP 2.0 May Be SSL-Only
2013-11-13: 2 of Google's users now use native IPv6; tunnels are over
2013-11-13: RFC 3177 had 48s for almost everyone
2013-11-13: RFC 6177 - IPv6 Address Assignment to End Sites (from 2011)
2013-11-13: Routing loop in freenet6 - ASK AT CONFERENCE
2013-11-13: 10,000 Top Passwords
2013-11-13: Secret Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP)
2013-11-13: KEI analysis of Wikileaks leak of TPP IPR text, from August 30, 2013
2013-11-13: Instagram companion app compromises 100k accounts
2013-11-13: Loyaltybuild attack: 500,000 people may have had credit card details stolen
2013-11-13: NATs are Good -- Video recommended by the gogoNET NAT Panel
2013-11-13: MintEmail.com - Temporary Email Address
2013-11-13: PCI DSS 1.3.8 doesn't require NAT, just hidden local addresses
2013-11-13: Amazon WorkSpaces give a WIndows 7 Experience (on Server 2008)
2013-11-13: WebRTC -- real-time communication (works better over IPv6 -- Joe Klein)
2013-11-13: Over 25 of Verizon Wireless Traffic Is Now Over IPv6 (from April 2013)
2013-11-13: Verizon wireless traffic now 40 IPv6
2013-11-13: Skype doesn't support IPv6 (from 2012 but still true)
2013-11-13: T-Mobile Goes IPv6 Only on Android 4.4 Devices
2013-11-13: Drone worth millions crashes into Lake Ontario, military says
2013-11-13: Stanford's MetaPhone Project: Crowdsourcing Metadata To Challenge the NSA - Slashdot
2013-11-13: Nearly 1 In 4 Adults Surf the Web While Driving

2013-11-14: Online Presentation Startup Prezi Zooms To 30M Users And 96M Prezis, Hires Apple, Google, Flip Video Execs
2013-11-14: Microsoft unveils state-of-the-art Cybercrime Center
2013-11-14: Compromised Adobe accounts include military and government users
2013-11-14: Adobe's poor password security forces Facebook to block accounts
2013-11-14: Google Chrome pwned in final Mobile Pwn2Own hack
2013-11-14: Healthcare.gov hacker tool distributed via Facebook posts
2013-11-14: A roster of TLS cipher suites weaknesses
2013-11-14: Vulnerabilities at Universities--84 Don't Care -- SHOW TO CLASS
2013-11-14: Constrained Application Protocol - important for the Internet of Things
2013-11-14: Datagram Transport Layer Security - for UDP-Based Protocols like CoAP
2013-11-14: Mapping of Address and Port using Translation (MAP-T) used to connect IPv4-only smart meters to an IPv6-only network
2013-11-14: Researchers hack Internet Explorer 11 and Chrome at Mobile Pwn2Own
2013-11-14: Alleged Cybercriminals Behind DNSChanger Malware Being Extradited to US
2013-11-14: Women in IT: Suffer Silently Or Be The Bitch?
2013-11-14: TSA blows a billion bucks on unscientific 'behavioral detection' program, reinvents phrenology
2013-11-14: Counting photons without destroying them
2013-11-14: Internet architects propose encrypting all the world's Web traffic
2013-11-14: Judge dismisses Authors Guild case against Google Books
2013-11-14: Mozilla: No Firefox phones in US
2013-11-14: How do I fix DPC Watchdog Violation errors in Windows 8?
2013-11-14: NSA Wants To Reveal Its Secrets To Prevent Snowden From Revealing Them First
2013-11-14: Ukraine GOV hacked, 1 GB docs leaked

2013-11-15: Anonymous Hacker Jeremy Hammond Sentenced To Max Penalty Of 10 Years In Prison
2013-11-15: Anonymous Hacktivist Jeremy Hammond Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison
2013-11-15: Targets supplied by FBI to Jeremy Hammond - Pastebin.com
2013-11-15: Collateral Damage of Internet Censorship by DNS Injection (2012)
2013-11-15: The Tangled Web: A Guide to Securing Modern Web Applications eBook: Michal Zalewski: Kindle Store
2013-11-15: 'We Don't Live in a Free Country': Jacob Appelbaum on Being Target of Widespread Gov't Surveillance
2013-11-15: .:: Kumpulan Dork SQLi : Indonesian Hacker Team Forum
2013-11-15: Full text of '2013 2014 Dorks'

2013-11-16: FBI warns of U.S. government breaches by Anonymous hackers
2013-11-16: How to hack mercury websites (from Chinese)
2013-11-16: DISQUS mpacmsdcarticle.php SQL Injection Vulnerability - CXSecurity.com
2013-11-16: Adobe Crossword

2013-11-17: MIT Researchers Uncover Security Flaws in C Software
2013-11-17: CryptoLocker: What is it? And how do you protect against it?
2013-11-17: Visual Heap Spray
2013-11-17: Google introduces malware detection in latest Chrome Canary build
2013-11-17: Why TCP Over TCP Is A Bad Idea (from 2001)
2013-11-17: Inside an SSL VPN protocol
2013-11-17: Fined $3500 For Posting a Negative Review Online
2013-11-17: NSA Asked Linus Torvalds To Install Backdoors Into GNULinux
2013-11-17: FBI Seeks Information Regarding Several Cyber Fugitives
2013-11-17: Facebook Open URL Redirection vulnerability
2013-11-17: HI-TEC Conference - Call for Proposals -- Due Jan 14, 2014
2013-11-17: UK site infected in source code by viagra spam
2013-11-17: vBulletin Forum hacked with Zero Day vulnerability, caused Macrumors Forum Data breach

2013-11-18: Apple iOS 7 security bug allows fiendish wags to easily empty your wallet
2013-11-18: Five Hackers Added to FBI's Cyber Most Wanted List
2013-11-18: Anonymous Indonesia claims attacks by Anonymous Australia
2013-11-18: Popular humor site Cracked hosted Nuclear Pack exploit kit
2013-11-18: Linux backdoor squirts code into SSH to keep its badness buried
2013-11-18: Is the Adobe Hack Just the Tip of the Iceberg?
2013-11-18: vBulletin.com Hacked, Forums Shut Down Due to News of Zero-Day Exploit
2013-11-18: MacRumors Hacker Says He Will Not Leak the 860,000 Passwords He Stole
2013-11-18: We go joyriding in the Google Maps-killer's ROBO-CAR
2013-11-18: Google targets 100,000 terms linked with online child sexual abuse
2013-11-18: Strange crypto DNS records
2013-11-18: VVMware Workstation on Linux host privilege escalation vulnerability
2013-11-18: DoS code in a DNS record
2013-11-18: Fiber optic submarine cable pic
2013-11-18: SUDP 50x - Pastebin.com -- UDP Flooder
2013-11-18: Seccubus Free Security & Utilities software downloads at SourceForge.net
2013-11-18: Seccubus slides from Defcon
2013-11-18: Secure Crypto: Critical Crypto Flaw on Android -- leads to stolen Bitcoins
2013-11-18: New York State considers licensing Bitcoin traders
2013-11-18: 2014 to be an eventful year for SSL -- SHOW TO CLASS
2013-11-18: Hackers claim vBulletin 0-Day allowed them access to DEF CON forums
2013-11-18: Hacking Your Way Through Airports and Hotels
2013-11-18: Testa Online Test Management SQL Injection Vulnerability 1337day Inj3ct0r Exploit Database
2013-11-18: Testa Online Test Management SQL Injection u2248 Packet Storm
2013-11-18: Amazon, Facebook, Google give Cisco's switches the COLD shoulder
2013-11-18: Schneier tells Washington NSA broke Internet's security for everyone
2013-11-18: US local police department pays CryptoLocker ransom
2013-11-18: ASLR Bypass Apocalypse in Recent Zero-Day Exploits

2013-11-19: Alas, poor HP Chromebook 11, I returned you today
2013-11-19: Brilliant But Evil: Gaming Company Fined $1 Million For Secretly Using Players' Computers To Mine Bitcoin
2013-11-19: Stuxnet's Secret Twin
2013-11-19: Encrypt the Web Report: Who's Doing What Electronic Frontier Foundation
2013-11-19: Cupid Media Hack Exposed 42M Passwords
2013-11-19: DNS Amplification Attacks Observer: Open Resolver World Map
2013-11-19: DNS Text record contains DDoS tool
2013-11-19: MtGox Nearly Breaks Bitcoin...Again

2013-11-20: GitHub bans common passwords amid mass brute force hacks
2013-11-20: Healthcare.gov 'may already have been compromised,' security expert says
2013-11-20: The Questionable Value and Ethics of TrustedSec's Pen Test of the HealthCare.gov Website
2013-11-20: TrustedSec Congressional Hearing Report
2013-11-20: Password-Reset Security Glitch Fixed on HealthCare.gov (from Oct.)
2013-11-20: Detailed security issues on Healthcare.gov
2013-11-20: Decoding healthcare.gov security
2013-11-20: site:healthcare.gov inurl:profile - Google Search -- Is this a problem?
2013-11-20: Windows 8 New Registry Artifacts Part 1
2013-11-20: How to protect your computer from CryptoLocker ransomware malware
2013-11-20: gogoNET LIVE 4! IPv6 Conference Recap
2013-11-20: UC workers and grad students on strike Today systemwide
2013-11-20: 19 infected colleges, including UC Berkeley & Santa Cruz -- SHOW TO CLASS
2013-11-20: Moodle View Source Lesson Activity Matching Questions Answer Disclosure Vulnerability
2013-11-20: Moodle version 1.9.7 : Security vulnerabilities
2013-11-20: Moodle : List of security vulnerabilities from 2013
2013-11-20: Feds Charge Cybercriminals as 21st Century Racketeers
2013-11-20: LG Smart TVs logging USB filenames and viewing info to LG servers
2013-11-20: Hundreds of school and government websites hacked to sell Viagra and pornography (from 2009)
2013-11-20: TechSF Application Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC)
2013-11-20: TechSF Training Tracks Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC)

2013-11-21: Infosec Pro Guide to Computer Forensics--Errata
2013-11-21: Winamp is dead
2013-11-21: Crowdfunding Murder With Bitcoins
2013-11-21: 39 more infected servers; forming a working group to figure this thing out -- SHOW TO CLASS
2013-11-21: 100 Security Experts to Follow on Twitter - Marble Security
2013-11-21: The Programming Language Lua
2013-11-21: The Go Programming Language

2013-11-22: Spy Copters, Lasers, and Break-In Teams
2013-11-22: Meet the Spies Doing the NSA's Dirty Work
2013-11-22: How far the once mighty SourceForge has fallen (from August)
2013-11-22: Richard Branson endorses Bitcoin, says Virgin Galactic will accept the virtual currency
2013-11-22: Decrypting Files Encrypted by CryptoLocker Now Costs 0.5 Bitcoins
2013-11-22: Account Recovery Vulnerability Patched in Gmail
2013-11-22: How Antisec Died -- Notes from a Strange World
2013-11-22: Twitter Toughening Its Security to Thwart Government Snoops
2013-11-22: House intel bill adds $75 million to NSA budget to stop future Snowdens
2013-11-22: FBI Denver Now Utilizing Twitter
2013-11-22: FBI -- New Jersey Man Convicted of Distribution of Child Pornography Involving Oakland Teenager
2013-11-22: Hercules Man Arrested for Sex Trafficking of Local Teenagers
2013-11-22: Website shows infected with JS:HideMe-B Trj -- maybe related to the viagra infections
2013-11-22: Likely NSA undersea cable tapping points in EMEA: Marseille, Cyprus, Oman, Djibouti
2013-11-22: Third undersea Internet cable cut in Mideast (from 2008)

2013-11-23: KKK Member Walks up to Black Musician in Bar-but It's Not a Joke, and What Happens Next Will Astound You
2013-11-23: IDIOTS
2013-11-23: Ekoparty 9 - Defeating Signed Bios Enforcement
2013-11-23: U.S. Gov Employee Responds to TrustedSec's Review of Healthcare.gov
2013-11-23: NSA malware infected over 50,000 computer networks worldwide
2013-11-23: Are we giving up on mobile payments already?
2013-11-23: The Hacker Diaries : Confessions of Teenage Hackers
2013-11-23: State of Utah Medicaid Breach Affects 800,000 EMR and HIPAA
2013-11-23: Joomla! u2022 View topic - Viagra ads appearing in google search results (from 2012)
2013-11-23: Gumblar (2009) Redirects Google Searches
2013-11-23: Gumblar .cn Exploit -- 12 Facts About This Injected Script
2013-11-23: Google Viagra Hack: Google Listings Become Viagra Spam With Conditional Hack (from 2010)
2013-11-23: Pharma Hack Ensure your Website Security
2013-11-23: Why My Website Sells Viagra (from 2012)

2013-11-24: No Bail for Alleged Silk Road Mastermind -- he paid for murder six times
2013-11-24: NSA hired IT specialists to hack sensitive info
2013-11-24: State confirms health website security breach
2013-11-24: LDAP Injection at North Carolina State University
2013-11-24: Rackspace patches Windows Updater vuln
2013-11-24: Coin Use One Coin for All of Your Cards
2013-11-24: List of 1897 websites using Ruby on Rails' CookieStore for session management -- cookie replay vulnerability
2013-11-24: Microsoft to Roll Out Encrypted Message Service for Office 365
2013-11-24: Windows 7 Exploitation with Two Metasploit Attacks
2013-11-24: Powerpoint Failing on my Mac
2013-11-24: Graphics are displayed as a red X in a PowerPoint presentation -- known problem since 1997
2013-11-24: Reliably Erasing Data From Flash-Based Solid State Drives

2013-11-25: On Snowden and Coincidences The XX Committee --Classic Red-Baiting
2013-11-25: Leaked MS ad video parodies Chrome as surveillance tech
2013-11-25: Shares PLUNGE as Violin posts $34 MEELLION loss
2013-11-25: LG decides its TVs *don't* steal personal information -- 'viewing info' isn't personal
2013-11-25: Operation Legends - 600.000 military records leaked
2013-11-25: Great Firewall of China bypassed by cloud mirrors
2013-11-25: Yuliana Avalos, Miami Bikini Model, Sues Match.com for $1.5 Billion Over Stolen Photos
2013-11-25: Resetting the SMC (System Management Controller) on Your Mac
2013-11-25: Infected UK Colleges, including Oxford and Bristol
2013-11-25: Common WordPress Malware Infections
2013-11-25: WordPress Security: Tackling Backdoors, Pharma Hacks and Redirects
2013-11-25: Sucuri SiteCheck - Free Website Malware Scanner--can't find the pharma redirects I'm finding
2013-11-25: WordPress Malware Infections -- Introduction, Evolution, Types, Resources - (warning: site sets off AV)
2013-11-25: Alcatel 4020 IP Phone Manual
2013-11-25: Alcatel 4020 IP Phone User Guide
2013-11-25: Bit9 Application Whitelisting
2013-11-25: Strings from CSRSS show command-line history on Windows
2013-11-25: Reconstructing Master File Table (MFT) Entries with MFTParser.py
2013-11-25: The OpenIOC Framework -- for sharing threat intelligence
2013-11-25: security-onion - recommended for Snort GUIs
2013-11-25: Systems Monitoring Hyperic --Recommended

2013-11-26: $1M lost in attack against Bitcoin Internet Payment Services
2013-11-26: The internet mystery that has the world baffled
2013-11-26: john-users - Cracking OSPF, BGP and RIP authentication with JtR (and Ettercap)
2013-11-26: UK Internet porn filters will soon be used to block "extremist views" in order to "keep the country safe." (halfway down the page)
2013-11-26: DOJ Finally Realizing That It Has Absolutely No Case Against Julian Assange
2013-11-26: HitmanPro.Alert 2.5 update brings protection against crypto ransomware
2013-11-26: HP's ENORMO-SLAB: The Slate 21 MONSTER tablet
2013-11-26: MySQL CD-10KCG1.library_manager Page hacked..fnal.gov.. - Pastebin.com
2013-11-26: Fermilab internal library records
2013-11-26: Fermilab ENSTORE System Status
2013-11-26: LulzSec hacked Cleveland Institute for Music
2013-11-26: SQL Injection Vulnerable Sites -- Looks like raw material for the CIM hack
2013-11-26: Live Blissfield SQLi
2013-11-26: Anon hacking military and EDU sites
2013-11-26: AnonID - Fake dump of CIA passwords, repeating stuff from last year
2013-11-26: YouTube Addresses Massive Spam Problem Following Rollout Of Much-Maligned Google Commenting System
2013-11-26: Microsoft takes off the gloves with Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows 8.1
2013-11-26: Google Invites A New Round Of Explorers To Buy Glass
2013-11-26: Once You Use Bitcoin You Can't Go 'Back' -- And That's Its Fatal Flaw
2013-11-26: Brazil and Argentina Join Forces in Cyberwar Against the US
2013-11-26: European Parliament reports HACK ATTACK, turns off public Wi-Fi
2013-11-26: Rigging Time's Person of the Year poll? All in a day's twerk
2013-11-26: w00t! Time to mail some viruses!
2013-11-26: Security Issues Janet, the UK's research and education network
2013-11-26: Backdoors and Hardware Attacks: Rakshasa Malware
2013-11-26: Microsoft, suspecting NSA spying, to ramp up efforts to encrypt its Internet traffic
2013-11-26: FBI Criminal Complaint- Nj - Larry Patterson aka Ag3nt47
2013-11-26: Botnet Takedowns Spur Debate Over Effectiveness, Ethics

2013-11-27: Mass Surveillance: EU Gets More Cooperation From Washington Than London
2013-11-27: Euro computer emergency teams need better support -- ENISA
2013-11-27: Routing Resiliency Survey -- Why is this such a secret?
2013-11-27: Anonymous Sends Message to Microsoft, Claims to Have Taken Down Its Websites
2013-11-27: Earth's Air and Water in one image
2013-11-27: Can Windows 8.1 devices close the door on Chromebooks?
2013-11-27: Comcast's Xfinity Internet Now the World's Largest Native IPv6 Deployment
2013-11-27: Senators pen New York Times op-ed calling for an immediate end to NSA surveillance
2013-11-27: Judge Halts Sentencing After Feds Admit They Failed To Reveal Use Of NSA Data
2013-11-27: The Strange Case of 'Publication Integrity and Ethics'
2013-11-27: Activists to Google: You could end Chinese internet censorship in 10 days
2013-11-27: Telcos can be forced to turn copyright cop, block websites -- EU law man
2013-11-27: Your own private dropbox with free software
2013-11-27: Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover and iPad Air: Thinner than a dime
2013-11-27: iPad Air: One week in
2013-11-27: Uproar over French plan to extend online spying
2013-11-27: Microsoft Hires 'Pawn Stars' to Bash Google Chromebooks
2013-11-27: Leaked by Anonymous - Silly puzzle
2013-11-27: NSA 'planned to discredit radicals over web-porn use'
2013-11-27: Spamhaus Calls for Fining Operators of Insecure Servers
2013-11-27: NexQloud Debuts Human ID Engine To Redefine DDoS Mitigation
2013-11-27: CryptoLocker & DNS Poisoning -- PandaLabs Q3 Report
2013-11-27: Man Arrested For Throwing Concrete Onto Highway 101 In San Francisco with intent to kill
2013-11-27: Missing: hard drive containing Bitcoins worth £4m in Newport landfill site
2013-11-27: Bitcoin at 1039.61 USDBTC
2013-11-27: Meet the Spies Doing the NSA's Dirty Work
2013-11-27: The 30th Birthday of DNS!
2013-11-27: Researchers find 12 zero day flaws, targeting 5 web malware exploitation kits
2013-11-27: Google's developed enterprise Mac administration tools
2013-11-27: Universal Email Encryption Specification - ritter.vg
2013-11-27: QuickWire: Security Lapse at Arizona 2-Year Colleges Could Affect 2.5 Million
2013-11-27: Parents Enraged After School Tampers With Students' Cell Phones
2013-11-27: THOUSANDS of Ruby on Rails sites leave logins lying around
2013-11-27: Microsoft Security Advisory (2914486): Vulnerability in Microsoft Windows Kernel 0 day exploit in wild
2013-11-27: Compromising an unreachable Solr server with CVE-2013-6397

2013-11-28: Another D-Link Backdoor! -- PROJECT IDEA
2013-11-28: US diplomatic iceberg spotted near China
2013-11-28: MS Windows Local Privilege Escalation Zero-Day in The Wild FireEye Blog
2013-11-28: New Linux worm targets routers, cameras, 'Internet of things' devices
2013-11-28: An Amazingly Bad IT Job Listing that Borders on Abusive
2013-11-28: F-Secure Key Launched To Manage Passwords Away From US Snoops
2013-11-28: DRAGON DAY Official Trailer --Red Dawn + Left Behind + Hackers
2013-11-28: US agrees to pay $50m after 'piracy' of software
2013-11-28: CyanogenMod intstaller voluntarily removed from Google Play
2013-11-28: EMC: Backup is BROKEN, do you hear me? Now buy this other thing
2013-11-28: Quebec hacker who was 12 when he crippled government websites gets probation
2013-11-28: 99 percent of Indian IT engineers lack secure programming skills, most schools don't teach it
2013-11-28: All Breakfast Menus Should Work Like This
2013-11-28: Textbook for the PowerShell Class
2013-11-28: Teenager pleads not guilty to posting personal student data online
2013-11-28: Dilbert on the NSA
2013-11-28: ATM Traffic TCPDump Video = Good or Evil?
2013-11-28: Rogue antivirus that takes webcam pictures of you
2013-11-28: Vanguard Defense Industries suffers Anonymous hack attack (from 2011)
2013-11-28: Rogues & Frauds Canadian International Pharmacy Association
2013-11-28: How the DEA tracked this doctor from the Silk Road to her front door
2013-11-28: Bitcoin community offers up $10K bug bounty
2013-11-28: Attacking home routers via JavaScript
2013-11-28: Diebold Charged With Bribery, Falsifying Docs, 'Worldwide Pattern of Criminal Conduct'

2013-11-29: US off the hook as EU drops investigation into spying claims
2013-11-29: TSA "No Humor" Sign
2013-11-29: IPv6-only servers
2013-11-29: Why Mulally as Microsoft's next CEO makes sense
2013-11-29: NEWSNIGHT: Bitcoin -- the future, or a bubble waiting to burst? - YouTube
2013-11-29: For 20 Years the Nuclear Launch Code at US Minuteman Silos Was 00000000
2013-11-29: The FBI TOR Exploit
2013-11-29: Google in Breach of Dutch Data Protection Law
2013-11-29: Maricopa Colleges waited 7 months to notify 2.4 million students of data breach
2013-11-29: TIME Magazine Twitter account hacked by Syrian Electronic Army
2013-11-29: Fatwa: Women who swim in the sea commit adultery, should be punished
2013-11-29: nmon for Linux
2013-11-29: The NSA's Porn-Surveillance Program: Not Safe for Democracy
2013-11-29: Open WhisperSystems Blog Advanced cryptographic ratcheting
2013-11-29: nsa.gov etc.. Hacked - Pastebin.com -- OLD, from 2012
2013-11-29: #leaked cia.gov - Pastebin.com -- OLD, from 2012
2013-11-29: Australian Police Email Password LEAKED - Possibly a real leak
2013-11-29: HOW TO Find WPA key on Mac OS - YouTube -- It works!
2013-11-29: Second round of notifications to WebSmart victims
2013-11-29: NASA captures Guatemala Volcano erupting from space
2013-11-29: Step 1: Dork Yourself (from 2012)
2013-11-29: Official Vodafone Iceland hacked and defaced with 77,000 accounts leaked
2013-11-29: Bypassing Seagate ATA Security Lock

2013-11-30: Acquiring Forensic Evidence from Infrastructure-as-a-Service Cloud Computing
2013-11-30: Malware Research -- samples
2013-11-30: NSA SEXINT is the Abuse You've All Been Waiting For : Just Security
2013-11-30: Dutch intelligence agency AIVD hacks Internet forums
2013-11-30: Techies vs. NSA: Encryption arms race escalates
2013-11-30: Arnon Grunberg Is Writing While Connected to Electrodes
2013-11-30: Seattle hospital discloses malware attack that exposes 90,000 patient records
2013-11-30: Increase the number of recent documents displayed in Mac OS X :) (from 2010)
2013-11-30: http:laennecsocietyphilly.org - Google Search -- a lot of hacking here
2013-11-30: Buy Oxycontin Online. No Prescription. LinkedIn
2013-11-30: Who Is Watching the Watch Lists?
2013-11-30: Sheep Marketplace Scam Revealed, $40 Million Stolen

Dec 2013

2013-12-01: Why I Wrote PGP (1999)
2013-12-01: Bitcoin and me (Hal Finney)
2013-12-01: Chinese rover to launch to the moon on Sunday
2013-12-01: #Tango Down of 44 19 75 CryptoLocker CnC Domains
2013-12-01: Repeated BGP attacks hijack huge chunks of Internet traffic, researchers warn -- SHOW TO CLASS
2013-12-01: The New Threat: Targeted Internet Traffic Misdirection - Renesys
2013-12-01: nmap & xml Didier Stevens
2013-12-01: Sheep Marketplace Scam Revealed, $40 Million Stolen
2013-12-01: Analysis of Stuxnet
2013-12-01: Free upgrades pay off for Apple and Microsoft in November
2013-12-01: Bitmap Cache - How to parse -BMC Viewer is down!
2013-12-01: Metasploit module steals Bitcoin wallet.dat files
2013-12-01: Sql injection vulnerability found in Stanford University website (from July)
2013-12-01: Volume Seattle -- Fantastic SQLi with Info Disclosure -- SHOW TO CLASS
2013-12-01: Vulnerability Counts, Remediation and Risk
2013-12-01: When a Victim of Jeremy Hammond Testified Motherboard
2013-12-01: The Supreme Court confronts the line between free speech and security with protester's case
2013-12-01: Government Chemist Tampered With 40,000 Cases, Locking Countless Innocent Americans in Prison
2013-12-01: Important Security Update for D-Link Routers
2013-12-01: Amazon Prime Air
2013-12-01: Cisco's disastrous quarter shows how NSA spying could freeze US companies out of a trillion-dollar opportunity

2013-12-02: Silk Road Competitor Shuts Down And Another Plans To Go Offline After Claimed $6 Million Theft
2013-12-02: How Was SQL Injection Discovered?
2013-12-02: Patients compromised again, second UCSF laptop theft within two months
2013-12-02: Akamai to Buy DDoS Protection firm Prolexic for $370 Million
2013-12-02: I missed an Amazon drone delivery
2013-12-02: Schneier on Security: How Antivirus Companies Handle State-Sponsored Malware
2013-12-02: Court Orders Google, Microsoft & Yahoo to Make Pirate Sites Disappear
2013-12-02: The 28 SQLi Vulns at Colleges I Reported Yesterday
2013-12-02: San Francisco man shot to death while trying to sell PS4
2013-12-02: SQLi Vulns Reported 12-1-13
2013-12-02: The embassy spy centre network
2013-12-02: Crowdsourcing the Discovery of New Antibiotics
2013-12-02: Apple buys Twitter analytics company Topsy for reported $200 m

2013-12-03: Over 700,000 people on US watch list: Once you get on, there's no way off
2013-12-03: The NSA sent employees Thanksgiving talking points
2013-12-03: This Man Wants to Clean Your Dirty Bitcoin Laundry
2013-12-03: Volvo Is About to Unleash 100 Robo-Cars in Sweden
2013-12-03: TV news team falls for Facebook doppelgnger scam
2013-12-03: Ten colleges with exposed student data that I notified today
2013-12-03: 60 colleges with SQLi vulns I notified today
2013-12-03: My Websmart page hit Hacker News; lively debate ensued
2013-12-03: Why Care About the N.S.A.? - Video - NYTimes.com
2013-12-03: OWASP Social Hour in San Francisco Dec 19

2013-12-04: DDoS Attacks originated from thousands of .EDU and .GOV WordPress Blogs
2013-12-04: Snowden leaks 'put lives at risk'
2013-12-04: Bitcoin Mining Uses $15 Million's Worth Of Electricity Every Day -- Very unconvincing
2013-12-04: Two million stolen Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, ADP passwords found on Pony Botnet server
2013-12-04: Look What I Found: Moar Pony! - SpiderLabs Anterior
2013-12-04: Video: USB connectors improved by 100 percent!
2013-12-04: This Is the MIT Surveillance Video That Undid Aaron Swartz
2013-12-04: Bitcoin hype worse than 'tulip mania', says Dutch central banker
2013-12-04: Anonymous-related Twitter accounts suspended after misogynist abuse
2013-12-04: Comcast's Xfinity Internet Now the World's Largest Native IPv6 Deployment -- 16 percent of traffic -- SHOW TO CLASS
2013-12-04: Windows Server 2003 Rapidly Approaches End-Of-Life (July 2015), Watch Out For Performance Bottlenecks
2013-12-04: IPWHOIS lookup and information-- GOOD FOR FINDING ASSIGNED ADDRESS RANGES
2013-12-04: NSA tracking cellphone locations worldwide, Snowden documents show
2013-12-04: Must try HARDER, infosec lads: We're RUBBISH at killing ZOMBIES
2013-12-04: md5cracker.org The Cracking Engine for MD5-Hashes

2013-12-05: Bohemian Rhapsody: Star Wars Edition - YouTube
2013-12-05: It's Not a WikiLeak: Assange-Manning Chat Logs Surface on Army Website
2013-12-05: The fundamentals of Google Hacking
2013-12-05: U.S. Spy Rocket Launching Today Has Octopus-Themed 'Nothing Is Beyond Our Reach' Logo. Seriously.
2013-12-05: Alfa AWUS036NEH 1000mW 1W 802.11gn High Gain USB Wireless G N Long-Range WiFi Network Adapter Dongle -- Should crack WEP
2013-12-05: Hacking On A Dime: #3 - Wireless Cards for Penetration Testing

2013-12-06: How Many Zero-Days Hit You Today? -- Krebs on Security
2013-12-06: Website lets users find if personal data is exposed in large data leaks
2013-12-06: Alleged Blackhole author and gang prosecuted in Russia
2013-12-06: Weather wars: who should be allowed to engineer our climate?
2013-12-06: The world's top 100 universities 2013 - how the Times Higher Education ranks them
2013-12-06: One-minute Koch-blocking earns attacker two years, massive fine
2013-12-06: Open Security Training -- excellent class materials for security!
2013-12-06: ..:: Corelan Team -- Easy exploit development lessons
2013-12-06: REN-ISAC Home -- Maybe I should be reporting EDU problems here
2013-12-06: US-CERT United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team -- "Major Incidents"
2013-12-06: 8 Navigation Tricks Every iPad User Needs to Know
2013-12-06: Web creator criticizes Brazil's local storage plans
2013-12-06: 23andMe bows to FDA, drops all medical information from new tests
2013-12-06: AnsibleWorks Radically simple IT orchestration -- Recommended
2013-12-06: samsung galaxy s4 catches on fire samsung wants silence - YouTube
2013-12-06: Frustrated fanbois rejoice as Facebook releases MIDAS Mac security tool -- SHOW TO CLASS
2013-12-06: Got Cryptolocker? Infoblox Community
2013-12-06: Matt Blaze: Shaking Down Science
2013-12-06: FBI warns that Anonymous has hacked US government sites for a year
2013-12-06: FBI surveillance malware in bomb threat case tests constitutional limits
2013-12-06: Watch BitCoin Crash
2013-12-06: JPMorgan warns 465,000 card users on data loss after cyber attack
2013-12-06: The Accused Author of the BlackHole Exploit Kit
2013-12-06: Wordpress Bots art colleges (ty Steven Veldkamp)
2013-12-06: VegasTripping Accounts Dumped

2013-12-07: Nobel Prize winner behind Higgs-Boson says he couldn't get an academic job today
2013-12-07: microsoft disrupts zeroaccess botnet
2013-12-07: Watch - In Saturn's Rings
2013-12-07: WhatsApp 'New Voicemail' Malware Email
2013-12-07: Complete list of 4309 Wordpress Bots
2013-12-07: New bug to bypass Android security discovered, no response from Google
2013-12-07: Lumps of Coal: 5 Gadget Gifts to Avoid
2013-12-07: Twitter Compression to Chinese!
2013-12-07: German Patent Ruling on FAT Threatens Microsoft's Windows Phone Earnings From Android
2013-12-07: Study uncovers top 10 highest-paid college majors
2013-12-07: Ill-Advised Student YouTube Video Leads to Conviction For Misusing Computerized Communication System
2013-12-07: 'abuse-c:' attribute -- RIPE Network Coordination Centre

2013-12-08: National American University students' financial information exposed, but what laws protect them?

2013-12-09: Revealed: spy agencies' covert push to infiltrate virtual world of online games
2013-12-09: 2013: The year trust died
2013-12-09: Operation Creative: 40 Illegal Websites Shut Down by British Authorities
2013-12-09: I just sent emails to 1000 people in 20 min and Gmail didn't complain :)
2013-12-09: WordPress u203A Sucuri Security - SiteCheck Malware Scanner WordPress Plugins -- FOR INFECTED SITES
2013-12-09: Wordpress Security: Millions exposed to pingback DDoS (from April)
2013-12-09: WordPress Default Pingback Exploitable To DDoS (from May) -- INSTRUCTIONS TO FIX IT
2013-12-09: DDOS Attack - This Blog via xmlrpc.php (from June)
2013-12-09: Pentest Geek Wordpress Pingback Portscanner -- Metasploit Module
2013-12-09: DDoS Attacks originated from thousands of .EDU and .GOV WordPress Blogs
2013-12-09: Your blog has been hacked. Actually, maybe not. The Pingback Exploit
2013-12-09: Reddit: SIlk Road 2.0, new DPR, DDoS
2013-12-09: Fake Captcha Generator!
2013-12-09: Happiness is resisting answering your mobile: People who can ignore texts or calls are likely to be more contented
2013-12-09: Dell Is Asking Employees To Quit
2013-12-09: bootmgr.exe.mui filed explained halfway down this page
2013-12-09: Revoking Trust in one ANSSI Certificate Mozilla Security Blog
2013-12-09: Now through Friday the 13th, take 40 off all programming books
2013-12-09: Hash Identifier python script

2013-12-10: Experts: Microsoft Needs to Work with the Security Community to Bring Down Botnets
2013-12-10: DNSSEC HOWTO turn BIND into a Validating Resolver
2013-12-10: OARC's Open DNSSEC Validating Resolver

2013-12-11: How To: Forensically Sound Mac Acquisition In Target Mode
2013-12-11: Apple Hates Forensicators
2013-12-11: How do I restore factory settings on a MacBook Air
2013-12-11: How to Reset the iPad to Factory Default Settings
2013-12-11: NSA uses Google cookies to pinpoint targets for hacking
2013-12-11: Free Wireshark Class
2013-12-11: Snowden docs had NYTimes exec fearing for his life

2013-12-12: Researchers Discover 64-bit Bit Version of ZeuS Trojan Enhanced with Tor
2013-12-12: A GOV site infected by the Viagra trojan
2013-12-12: Internet-ordered viagra (sildenafil citrate) is rarely genuine
2013-12-12: Very interesting info on the Viagra redirector hack from 2010
2013-12-12: WordPress 3.8 'Parker' out
2013-12-12: Simulations back up theory that Universe is a hologram
2013-12-12: Massive! Yahoo! Mail! outage! going! on! FOURTH! straight! day!
2013-12-12: Gmail blows up e-mail marketing by caching all images on Google servers
2013-12-12: CompTIA Mobility Plus Certification
2013-12-12: Bitcoin Charts -- SHOW TO CLASS
2013-12-12: Twitter immediately reverses course on changes to 'block' behavior
2013-12-12: US carriers agree to unlock customers' phones after pressure from FCC

2013-12-13: The real reason Obama can't swap his BlackBerry for an iPhone
2013-12-13: Obama Panel Said to Urge N.S.A. Curbs
2013-12-13: Google Removes Vital Privacy Feature From Android, Claiming Its Release Was Accidental
2013-12-13: FCC Votes to Review Its Ban on In-Flight Calls
2013-12-13: Disqus May Not Have Been Hacked; But It Was Certainly Exploited
2013-12-13: Easy-to-remember, difficult-to-crack passwords via visual cues
2013-12-13: The NetSpoof DDoS Service was responsible for the Wordpress DDoS I've been researching
2013-12-13: Bots now outnumber humans
2013-12-13: Top NSA Civilian Resigns As Surveillance Controversy Swirls
2013-12-13: Cryptolocker copycat ransomware emerges -- but an antidote is possible
2013-12-13: Safari Stores Previous Browsing Session Data Unencrypted -- MUST TRY THIS
2013-12-13: Some Windows Updates Are Still Locked in an Installation Loop
2013-12-13: How to achieve HIPAA compliance on Amazon EC2

2013-12-14: Google Acquires Boston Dynamics
2013-12-14: Thousands of Germans get 'porn troll' letters over streaming video
2013-12-14: Pirate Bay switches address for the sixth time this year
2013-12-14: Hacker Highschool - Security Awareness for Teens -- Very unwise tone
2013-12-14: Loophole in Safari - I Cannot Reproduce This
2013-12-14: Chinese unmanned spacecraft lands on moon
2013-12-14: One-minute role in Anonymous DDoS attack earns man $183k fine, probation
2013-12-14: Boston Police indefinitely suspends license plate reader program
2013-12-14: California Intern Network operated by University Enterprises, Inc.

2013-12-15: No Longer 'Noble'; Argon Compound Found In Space
2013-12-15: How to send DM on Twitter wo permission
2013-12-15: Officials Say U.S. May Never Know Extent of Snowden's Leaks
2013-12-15: Prior disclosure of Montserratt password hash from April 17, 2013
2013-12-15: People have been trying to crack this hash since March e8d3a8b83e504f0468af4a10365e9827
2013-12-15: YIFY-Torrrents unblocked in the UK; thanks to CloudFlare, GeoDNS
2013-12-15: 93 percent of large organisations had a security breach last year
2013-12-15: The NSA: An Inside View
2013-12-15: Computer Hacker Jailed For £1.5m Student Scam
2013-12-15: Sculptor -- New SQLi Exploitation Tool
2013-12-15: NSA alleges 'BIOS plot to destroy PCs'
2013-12-15: Norway rejects Bitcoin as a legitimate currency, will treat savings as taxable assets

2013-12-16: Botnet Enlists Firefox Users to Hack Web Sites
2013-12-16: Performance Calendar Mixing SPDY and Domain Sharding
2013-12-16: My run in with Unauthorised Litecoin mining on AWS
2013-12-16: signed malware
2013-12-16: AS Numbers CENIC
2013-12-16: Good Web Security News: Open DNS Resolvers Are Getting Closed CloudFlare Blog (from Feb. 2013)
2013-12-16: Deep Inside a DNS Amplification DDoS Attack CloudFlare Blog (from Oct. 2012)
2013-12-16: eBay:remote-code-execution -
2013-12-16: What's Hash Got To Do With It?
2013-12-16: Judge calls for phone data to be destroyed, says NSA program too broad
2013-12-16: Everyone should be deploying BCP 38! Wait, they are (from 2012)
2013-12-16: Your wireless router could be murdering your houseplants
2013-12-16: Open DNS Resolvers at Colleges
2013-12-16: Man receives jail time and hefty fine for hacking government supercomputers
2013-12-16: New NSA restrictions
2013-12-16: Measurements World IPv6 Launch -- very large percentages!
2013-12-16: Glaxo Says It Will Stop Paying Doctors to Promote Drugs

2013-12-17: Exclusive: Interview with hacker Ag3nt47, man responsible for breaching Harvard, MIT, Stanford, NASA
2013-12-17: Hacker Ag3nt47 Hits Harvard, Stanford, MIT (from May)
2013-12-17: Ag3nt47 Cyber War News -- lots of 2013 hacks
2013-12-17: LFI & RFI - HackersOnlineClub
2013-12-17: Running A SSH Honeypot With Kippo: Let's Catch Some Script Kiddies (from 2011)
2013-12-17: How to Install Kippo, an SSH Honeypot, on an Ubuntu Cloud Server
2013-12-17: Tech Insight: Time To Set Up That Honeypot
2013-12-17: Kippo Ssh Honeypot
2013-12-17: Installing Kippo SSH Honeypot on Ubuntu
2013-12-17: How To Set Up Time Synchronization on Ubuntu 12.04
2013-12-17: Office 365 bug allows hackers to steal credentials
2013-12-17: MisoSMS Malware Sends Your Text Messages to Attackers in China
2013-12-17: FBI -- Olmstead Falls Man Sentenced to Prison in Conspiracy to Steal Copper from Substations Throughout Northeast Ohio
2013-12-17: What a successful exploit of a Linux server looks like
2013-12-17: Foreign attackers hacked elections site during government shutdown
2013-12-17: Telegram, AKA 'Stand back, we have Math PhDs!'
2013-12-17: BitHub = Bitcoin GitHub. An experiment in funding privacy OSS.
2013-12-17: Trojan.Skimer.18 infects ATMs
2013-12-17: Webpass ~ Simple Urban Internet -- 100 MBps
2013-12-17: Harvard student tried to dodge exam with bomb hoax, FBI says
2013-12-17: Tech executives to Obama: NSA spying revelations are threatening business
2013-12-17: China turns screws on Bitcoin with third party payments ban
2013-12-17: Cybercriminals have figured out a way to steal from the world's richest people
2013-12-17: AnonHackNews Blog: hackforums.net - 190.000 Accounts Leaked! #AntiSec
2013-12-17: Inside the bustling, dicey world of Bitcoin gambling

2013-12-18: White Spaces & Dark Fiber: Internet Giants Angle For Control Of The Internet's Pipes
2013-12-18: Acoustic cryptanalysis
2013-12-18: Announce security fix GnuPG 1.4.16 released
2013-12-18: NSA should stop undermining encryption standards, Obama panel says
2013-12-18: Target Black Friday Data Breach

2013-12-19: Free Mini Course - CompTIA Security Performance Based Exam Questions
2013-12-19: Germany's second largest ISP "KDG" has no IPv4 left and reconfigures all customers for #IPv6 + DS-lite (private IPv4 addresses with ISP NAT)

2013-12-20: Breach could prove very costly for Target
2013-12-20: Bitcoin-only poker site resets user credentials after 42,000 passwords leak

2013-12-21: BlackBerry loses $4.4 billion on unsold phones, declining asset value
2013-12-21: Linux Outfit Canonical Launches Campaign to Silence Privacy Critic Wired Enterprise Wired.com
2013-12-21: Amazon Outdone by Drug-Delivering Euro Drone Wired Business Wired.com
2013-12-21: The 10 San Francisco Tech Companies You Wish You Worked For
2013-12-21: Katie Moussouris: Profile in Fortitude
2013-12-21: At Least Two Moderators Of 'Silk Road 2.0' Drug Site Forums Arrested
2013-12-21: Space Rogue from L0pht and Hacker News Network joins Tenable!
2013-12-21: Pussy Riot members to be freed from prison
2013-12-21: The Case for a Compulsory Bug Bounty
2013-12-21: Secret contract tied NSA and RSA
2013-12-21: 4 arrested in Silk Road meth ring bust, alleged leader faces life in prison
2013-12-21: Twas the badBIOS before Christmas - Pastebin.com
2013-12-21: Password Manager study shows that passwords may be exposed to attackers

2013-12-22: Website status checker -- is your site blocked in Britain?
2013-12-22: 59 Vulnerable USA Colleges -- Raw SQL exposed, password hash exposed, SQLi
2013-12-22: Into the Bitcoin Mines - NYTimes.com
2013-12-22: A basic guide to when and how to deploy HTTPS -- GOOD FOR COLLEGES
2013-12-22: What's The Difference Between IEEE 802.11ac And 802.11ad?
2013-12-22: What Surveillance Valley knows about you
2013-12-22: BREAKING: Protesters attack Google bus in West Oakland, smashing window
2013-12-22: Weak US card security made Target a juicy target
2013-12-22: Data Mining Exposes Embarrassing Problems for Massive Open Online Courses
2013-12-22: Computer Forensic Tools for Laymen

2013-12-23: CERN challenges you to find the Lego it hid in its Google Streetview shoot
2013-12-23: munki - Managed software installation for OS X
2013-12-23: How to Partition Your Hard Drive to Optimize Performance
2013-12-23: ZeroAccess Crew Throws Up 'White Flag' After Botnet Takedown
2013-12-23: BSidesSF -- Sunday and Monday, February 23-24, 2014
2013-12-23: UK's new national firewall: O2's 'parental control' list blocks Slashdot, EFF, and Boing Boing
2013-12-23: The case against Kim Dotcom, finally revealed
2013-12-23: Stanford Researchers Find Connecting Metadata With User Names is Simple
2013-12-23: RSA issues non-denying denial of NSA deal to favor flawed crypto code
2013-12-23: Cameron's internet filter goes far beyond porn - and that was always the plan
2013-12-23: HP clampdown on 'unauthorised' server fixing to start in January
2013-12-23: NSA agents are now polygraphed every 3 months
2013-12-23: Agencies to Focus on Illegal Cyberweapons Trade in 2014 - outlawing 0day sales?
2013-12-23: Evaders jailbreak sabotaged by China
2013-12-23: Looks like FedEx hired some comedians
2013-12-23: Letter to the Community from evaders
2013-12-23: Sorry, RSA, I'm just not buying it
2013-12-23: Sharking: High-Rollers in the Crosshairs
2013-12-23: If Snowden Returned to US For Trial, All Whistleblower Evidence Would Likely be Inadmissible
2013-12-23: How did the NSA hack our emails? - YouTube
2013-12-23: Target's 'We've Been Breached' sale is a little cynicism for the holidays
2013-12-23: F-Secure won't speak at imperialist lackey RSA's conference
2013-12-23: Malware Analysis and Incident Response for the Lazy -- LOTS OF INTERESTING TOOLS
2013-12-23: Edward Snowden, after months of NSA revelations, says his mission's accomplished
2013-12-23: Target: Breach Caused by Malware

2013-12-24: Shedding Light on the Surveillance Industry
2013-12-24: Affinity Gaming Credit Card, Debit Card System Hacked
2013-12-24: Who's Selling Credit Cards from Target?
2013-12-24: Cards Stolen in Target Breach Flood Underground Markets -- Krebs on Security
2013-12-24: phpMyRealty 1.0.9 (search.php) Remote SQL Injection Vulnerability by Koller -- Very similar to the one live against Montserratt College
2013-12-24: Who's Selling Credit Cards from Target? -- Krebs on Security
2013-12-24: Insecure login pages at 90 colleges, including Stanford, UC, West Point
2013-12-24: RFC 2142 - Mailbox Names for Common Services, Roles and Functions -- security email address recommended here
2013-12-24: Cryptolocker ransomware has 'infected about 250,000 PCs'
2013-12-24: Interesting Infographic about Computer Science demographics
2013-12-24: Web server malware for Nginx, Apache advertised on underground market - SOUNDS LIKE THE VIAGRA SELLING MALWARE
2013-12-24: Comments here say the UK porn filter isn't so relevant after all
2013-12-24: No, the 'UK national firewall' doesn't block Boing Boing, EFF and slashdot
2013-12-24: You'll Never Guess Where This FBI Agent Left a Secret Interrogation Manual
2013-12-24: Amazon.com: Customer Discussions: Paperwhite battery life
2013-12-24: This Is How A Woman's Offensive Tweet Became The World's Top Story
2013-12-24: How Iron Maiden found its worst music pirates -- then went and played for them

2013-12-25: A Christmas Message From Edward Snowden
2013-12-25: Top 5 Cyber Security Infographics
2013-12-25: Bitcoin Santas Drop Big Money on Hackers Who've Been Nice
2013-12-25: Christmas Cheer Gone Horribly Wrong On Facebook
2013-12-25: Average U.S. Wireless User Now Eats 1.2 GB Monthly
2013-12-25: Government Lab Reveals It Has Operated Quantum Internet For Over Two Years (from May)
2013-12-25: #Anti-Sec - USA Military accessed and leaked - Sharepoint layout pages -- is this important?
2013-12-25: Google search to find military sharepoint layout pages -- does it matter?
2013-12-25: Securing Application Pages in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0
2013-12-25: DEF CON 21 Presentations - YouTube
2013-12-25: Target Hackers Stole Encrypted Bank PINs On Top Of 40 Million Credit Cards
2013-12-25: Extra protection for Windows PCs with EMET (From 2012)
2013-12-25: Domain-Dossier finds college IP addresses
2013-12-25: Most Daring Outlaw Hackers of 2013
2013-12-25: Hiding the Hacking at HealthCare.gov

2013-12-26: DC Entrepreneur Will Pitch Webcam Blocker on Shark Tank
2013-12-26: Stealing Safari cached passwords with Metasploit
2013-12-26: CryptoLocker Ransomware Now Spreading Through Removable Drives
2013-12-26: FBI -- Feed Horn Scheme -- Credit card fraud with tinfoil
2013-12-26: Hundreds of thousands of card numbers stolen in casino company breach
2013-12-26: You Can't Log Out of Pinterest or Instagram -- Django Web Framework Security Weakness MaverickBlogging
2013-12-26: Dave the IT Guy on Cookie Re-Use
2013-12-26: Cyber criminals sentenced to five years in prison for DDoS blackmail

2013-12-27: Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center (MS-ISAC) -- Internet security GREEN -- I hope this is a joke
2013-12-27: Target Denies Hackers Stole Card PINs Reuters
2013-12-27: China jails World of Warcraft cybercrime group
2013-12-27: Dogewallet Hacked, Millions of Dogecoins Stolen
2013-12-27: Injecting a Trojan into Full-Disk CBC-Encrypted LUKS Ubuntu partitions
2013-12-27: Snapchat exploit may let hackers connect names and phone numbers in bulk
2013-12-27: Chromebooks' success punches Microsoft in the gut
2013-12-27: Federal Judge Says NSA Phone Surveillance Is Legal, After All
2013-12-27: Wisconsin pours cheese on roads to melt ice

2013-12-28: Uber Now Has To Wait 15 Minutes Before Picking You Up In France
2013-12-28: America's Internal Checkpoints

2013-12-29: A Few Thoughts on Cryptographic Engineering: A few more notes on NSA random number generators
2013-12-29: LiteCoin is Causing Shortages of AMD Radeon GPUs
2013-12-29: Exclusive: Hacker took over BBC server, tried to 'sell' access on Christmas Day
2013-12-29: Spiders Looking Cute

2013-12-30: The NSA Actually Intercepted Packages to Put Backdoors in Electronics
2013-12-30: BBC News - Cash machines robbed with infected USB sticks
2013-12-30: Does reading actually change the brain?
2013-12-30: Michael Hayden 'Drifting' Toward Calling Edward Snowden A 'Traitor'
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