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2021-12-07: Advocates push for land return to Blacks nationwide after victory in California
2021-12-07: Army Coin: Singapore suspends cryptocurrency exchange accused of misleading BTS fans
2021-12-07: Unvaccinated hospital patients in Illinois should pay for their covid medical bills, Democrat proposes
2021-12-07: In militants' hands, drones emerge as a deadly new wild card in the Middle East
2021-12-07: Democrats accuse GOP of scuttling incident reporting in massive defense bill
2021-12-07: AWS launches its second Top Secret region
2021-12-07: Ubisoft creates the Quartz, an energy-efficient NFT platform By BTC Peers
2021-12-07: Huge network of bots stealing art and uploading it to OpenSea
2021-12-07: Biden's controversial anti-crypto Comptroller nominee withdraws
2021-12-07: Omicron variant partly evades Pfizer vaccine's protection, study shows - CNN
2021-12-07: 11-time national champion track cyclist Christina Birch is going to become an astronaut -
2021-12-07: Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa will launch to space station early Wednesday: Watch it live | Space
2021-12-07: Woman charged with stealing $40,000 worth of items from San Francisco Target arrested again after another theft - ABC7 San Francisco
2021-12-07: 'Detected outside of San Francisco': Traces of COVID-19 variant omicron found in Bay Area sewage, scientists say - ABC7 San Francisco
2021-12-07: California Will Start Sequencing Positive COVID Tests Taken at Schools -- NBC Bay Area
2021-12-07: SF Leaders Introduce New Proposal to Prevent Flash Mob Robberies -- NBC Bay Area
2021-12-07: Charlottesville African American museum will melt down Robert E. Lee statue for new public art piece
2021-12-07: Statue of KKK leader Nathan Bedford Forrest taken down on land near Nashville
2021-12-07: Penn Researchers Developing Chewing Gum That Could Reduce COVID Transmission -- NBC10 Philadelphia
2021-12-07: Microsoft gives Notepad app a minimalist makeover
2021-12-07: People are laughing at Trump's new company
2021-12-07: The NIH Director On Why Americans Aren't Getting Healthier, Despite Medical Advances
2021-12-07: On Apple Maps, land masses are whatever size the Chinese government says they are
2021-12-07: Google temporarily disrupts a botnet that infected 1 million PCs | Engadget
2021-12-07: Where did WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN come from? - The Old New Thing
2021-12-07: Kamala Harris Is Right: Bluetooth Is a Security Risk
2021-12-07: #744 Moving To El Salvador For Bitcoin w/ Max Keiser and Stacy Herber - The Pomp Podcast | Podcast on Spotify
2021-12-07: Razer Launches MagSafe-Compatible Cooling Fan for iPhones - MacRumors
2021-12-07: Medicago's COVID vaccine prevents serious illness in study : Shots - Health News : NPR
2021-12-07: Man killed family, then self, over faked vaccine pass -German prosecutor
2021-12-07: The Hubble telescope is fully operational again after a month-long nap | Engadget
2021-12-07: France detains suspect in murder of Jamal Khashoggi at Paris airport
2021-12-07: 'Chaotic' British response left thousands of Afghans unable to flee the Taliban, whistleblower claims - CNN
2021-12-07: California state, federal politicians silent after AOC doubts existence of smash-and-grab robberies
2021-12-07: Coinbase adds 'ETH2' despite tomorrow's Ethereum upgrade postponing difficulty bomb
2021-12-07: AWS Experiencing Outage, Affecting Services Like Netflix
2021-12-07: SFO travelers prepare for new international COVID testing rules taking effect Monday - ABC7 San Francisco
2021-12-07: California officials determine cause of city's 'stench of death' | California
2021-12-07: Pandora Papers: Biden calls for new effort to expose financial corruption as Congress prepares to probe U.S. tax havens
2021-12-07: Iron integral to the development of life on Earth and the possibility of life on other planets
2021-12-07: MacBook Pro users reporting issues with the SD card reader - 9to5Mac
2021-12-07: The SEC is investigating Tesla over defective solar panels | Engadget
2021-12-07: Instagram's Take a Break feature tells users to take a breather - CNN
2021-12-07: Evergrande's debt deadline passes as Kaisa adds to China's property crisis
2021-12-07: San Francisco restaurants may be forced to remove parklets | KRON4
2021-12-07: UAE to shift weekend to Saturday and Sunday from next year
2021-12-07: Bitcoin miners say they're fixing Texas electric grid, Ted Cruz agrees
2021-12-07: Elon Musk says the US should 'get rid of all' government subsidies - The Verge
2021-12-07: Rainfall in Arctic Will Soon Be More Common Than Snowfall -- Decades Earlier Than Thought
2021-12-07: COVID Breakthrough: New Potent Antiviral Against SARS-CoV-2, RSV and Other Respiratory RNA Viruses
2021-12-07: Most Young People Recover Quickly From Myocarditis Side Effect of COVID-19 Vaccine
2021-12-07: Galaxy Discovered With No Trace of Dark Matter
2021-12-07: Ransomware Takes Infographic
2021-12-07: Vitalik Buterin outlines 'endgame' roadmap for ETH 2.0
2021-12-07: State of emergency declared in Hawaii as storm leaves hundreds without power
2021-12-07: Ransomware Victims Pay $700K in Extra Extortion Fees
2021-12-07: Serverless at re:Invent: Where should Amazon Redshift go?
2021-12-07: Linux shell script to reduce PDF file size
2021-12-07: Report says Russian hackers haven't eased spying efforts | AP News
2021-12-07: HS2 uses blockchain technology to increase trust and efficiency in the supply chain | New Civil Engineer
2021-12-07: IoT security law has �10m fines for vuln reporting failures
2021-12-07: Vinyl record under an electron microscope
2021-12-07: Scientists Find Traces of Omicron in Sewage From Sacramento and Merced | KQED
2021-12-07: Detention for Parents | KQED

2021-12-06: Salvadoran President Bukele's Latest Bitcoin Venture Is Another Distraction
2021-12-06: Meta sued in excess of $150 billion for its role in Rohingya genocide
2021-12-06: Nice mask study
2021-12-06: This isn't an ordinary paper airplane
2021-12-06: Activision CEO will consider resigning if he can't 'fix' the company
2021-12-06: Family safety app Life360 is selling your exact location data
2021-12-06: Microsoft Seizes 42 Websites From a Chinese Hacking Group
2021-12-06: Volunteer Dies After a Sheep Charges at Her on a Therapy Farm
2021-12-06: A Perplexing Marijuana Side Effect Relieved by Hot Showers
2021-12-06: CDC issues Level 4 travel advisory for France, Portugal, Jordan
2021-12-06: Google and Uber delay office returns amid uncertainty about the omicron coronavirus variant
2021-12-06: A White supremacist march in DC was pushed by a fake Twitter account, experts say
2021-12-06: A Black couple ‘whitewashed’ their home and the value shot up
2021-12-06: Nurses are leaving staff jobs during covid and tripling salaries to travel
2021-12-06: Tennessee teacher Matt Hawn fired for White privilege lessons
2021-12-06: Comet Leonard appears in morning sky
2021-12-06: Watch the entire total solar eclipse of 2021 in just 1 minute! (time-lapse video) | Space
2021-12-06: DoorDash tests 15-minute grocery deliveries in New York City | Engadget
2021-12-06: Controversial math guidelines have had mixed results at San Francisco Unified - The San Francisco Examiner
2021-12-06: Elon Musk has strong views on hydrogen. Not everyone agrees
2021-12-06: The Amazon Appstore stopped working on Android 12 and almost no one cared
2021-12-06: San Francisco's Castro Safeway adds security gates to prevent shoplifting, report says - ABC7 San Francisco
2021-12-06: Chaos erupts in Colorado Walmart after suspected shoplifter deploys bear spray
2021-12-06: Miami jury rules in favor of Craig Wright, claimed bitcoin inventor
2021-12-06: Omicron causes more reinfections, study in South Africa shows
2021-12-06: Rep. Devin Nunes to leave Congress to become Trump media company CEO
2021-12-06: Exploring Bitcoin’s Lightning Network
2021-12-06: Galileo satnav system has grown by two satellites
2021-12-06: Viagra's Generic Brand Sildenafil Associated With Reduced Alzheimer's Risk
2021-12-06: Phoenix Wallet: Supports Lightning
2021-12-06: BlueWallet - Bitcoin wallet and Lightning wallet for iOS and Android | BlueWallet - Bitcoin Wallet for iOS and Android
2021-12-06: Can Ethereum 2.0 beat Lightning Network in the race to scalability - AMBCrypto
2021-12-06: A Survey of Security Vulnerabilities in Ethereum Smart Contracts
2021-12-06: It's long past time for cost-benefit analysis on blockchain
2021-12-06: Hackers are using this new malware which hides between blocks of junk code
2021-12-06: A cyber attack has forced supermarket Spar to close some stores
2021-12-06: Security experts question new DHS/TSA cybersecurity rules for rail companies
2021-12-06: 7 million monthly active avatars will get rights to shape the future of the Metaverse with new token
2021-12-06: Remote working jobs: 5 problems we need to solve in 2022
2021-12-06: Microsoft and KPMG are working on these quantum cloud projects for business
2021-12-06: My Apple MacBook Air wouldn't close anymore. Then I got one surprise too many
2021-12-06: Your system has run out of application memory -- error on Macs - 9to5Mac
2021-12-06: Best tech gifts 2021: What every remote worker wants
2021-12-06: Windows 11: Give yourself more time to roll back the upgrade
2021-12-06: Smash-and-grab: San Francisco continues to provide Trump with propaganda - Mission Local
2021-12-06: Coronavirus live updates: Omicron variant detected in 17 U.S. states and cases rising
2021-12-06: Russia and India Sign Military Agreement Despite U.S. Threat of Sanctions
2021-12-06: Myanmar's Suu Kyi convicted in further blow to democracy | AP News
2021-12-06: Astrophotographer snaps his 'clearest ever photo of the SUN' | Daily Mail Online
2021-12-06: CEOs and insiders sell a record $69 billion of their stock
2021-12-06: Justice Department sues Texas over Republican-approved redistricting maps - CNNPolitics
2021-12-06: U.S. diplomats will boycott Beijing Winter Olympics over human rights abuses
2021-12-06: Medina Spirit, who failed drug test after winning 2021 Kentucky Derby, dies during workout
2021-12-06: Vulnerabilities in all common Wi-Fi routers detected - IoT Inspector
2021-12-06: Windows 11 vs. Windows 10, Tested: Will the OS Upgrade Speed Up Your Current PC? | PCMag
2021-12-06: No easter eggs in curl |
2021-12-06: Tesla shares slide after SEC reportedly probes solar panel defects
2021-12-06: Quantum processor swapped in for a neural network
2021-12-06: New York to mandate Covid vaccines for all private sector workers - CNN
2021-12-06: Downgrading Kerberos Encryption and Why It Doesn't Work In Server 2019 | VbScrub
2021-12-06: This is what happens when you wring out a wet towel while floating in space
2021-12-06: 14-Year-Old Girl Jailed for Escaping Arranged Wedding Ceremony in Mexico

2021-12-05: Bored Ape NFTs Have Their Own Bizarre Cartoon Now
2021-12-05: Convicted Silk Road Mastermind Releases NFT Collection - BeInCrypto
2021-12-05: How Elon Musk sold 10 million Tesla shares and increased his Tesla holdings - CNN
2021-12-05: Feds charge two men with claiming ownership of others' songs to steal YouTube royalty payments
2021-12-05: This is why your external monitor looks awful on an M1 Mac
2021-12-05: The code behind Xiaomi's CyberDog? Ubuntu
2021-12-05: Colorado's DMEA loses billing capability after cyber attack
2021-12-05: Opinion | Why international election observers would give Wisconsin a failing grade
2021-12-05: Tim Gilbert deserves new trial after jury deliberated in room with Confederate flag, court says
2021-12-05: Cyberattack puts Maryland health department offline
2021-12-05: Omicron appears more contagious, less dangerous than other variants - The Jerusalem Post
2021-12-05: Giant black hole inside a tiny satellite galaxy defies explanation | Live Science
2021-12-05: China Evergrande braces for payment deadline after doubting availability of funds
2021-12-05: When scientists gave 1,000 vulnerable people hepatitis over 30 years
2021-12-05: US military's hacking unit publicly acknowledges taking offensive action to disrupt ransomware operations - CNNPolitics
2021-12-05: SF Restaurant Apologizes After Refusing Service to 3 Officers That Made Staff 'Uncomfortable' -- NBC Bay Area
2021-12-05: 'Estimate loss of @BitMartExchange: ~$100M
2021-12-05: Pro-Trump counties now have far higher COVID death rates--SHOW TO CLASS

2021-12-04: Apple's AirTag used in theft of luxury cars in Toronto
2021-12-04: YouTuber Liam Thompson Built a Home Elevator for His 20-Year-Old Cat
2021-12-04: 'Color by Numbers is a permanent light installation in Stockholm, Sweden. Anybody around the world can change the colors
2021-12-04: Prosecutor: School threat investigations in Wayne County lead to charges against 7 minors
2021-12-04: Stamping Bar Codes on Cells to Solve Medical Mysteries
2021-12-04: Qualcomm's new always-on smartphone camera is a potential privacy nightmare - The Verge
2021-12-04: A browser extension to enforce password hygiene | Palantir Blog
2021-12-04: Medical abortions after seven weeks are now a felony in Texas | The Texas Tribune
2021-12-04: XSinator - XS-Leak Browser Test Suite
2021-12-04: Visitors Staying Cautious Following Recent Robberies, Car Break-Ins in SF -- NBC Bay Area
2021-12-04: South Africa Covid-19 cases have nearly quadrupled since Tuesday, with Omicron fueling the surge - CNN
2021-12-04: Melbourne Police, Florida Tech security fatally shoot armed student on campus

2021-12-03: TSA issues directives to rail sector to strengthen cybersecurity | TheHill
2021-12-03: Two hippos at Belgian zoo have COVID-19 | TheHill
2021-12-03: Man takes flight to Miami with loaded gun in his pocket | TheHill
2021-12-03: Scientists say they might have discovered the cause of Alzheimer's | TheHill
2021-12-03: New Harvard study declares winner between Pfizer and Moderna vaccines | TheHill
2021-12-03: Italian man tries to dodge Covid jab using fake arm
2021-12-03: NASA reveals the 3 contenders to replace the International Space Station - SlashGear
2021-12-03: Attorney General Bonta Announces Sentencing of Group Involved in Organized Retail Theft | State of California - Department of Justice - Office of the Attorney General
2021-12-03: Goldman Sachs, Other Wall Street Banks Exploring Bitcoin-Backed Loans: Sources
2021-12-03: The crypto world's being fueled by the 'House Money Effect'
2021-12-03: The lower 48 states are lacking in snow but Hawaii has a blizzard warning with 100 mph winds - CNN
2021-12-03: S.Korea reports record-high COVID-19 cases, deaths
2021-12-03: NYT's accidental ad buy on Fox
2021-12-03: Legionnaire's disease outbreak at Pendleton Correctional Facility
2021-12-03: NASA is about to launch a laser demo that could revolutionize space communication - CNN
2021-12-03: Debate over $125 million San Francisco School District windfall - The San Francisco Examiner
2021-12-03: 'Unprecedented' Omicron Surge in South Africa Is Hitting Children Under Age 5
2021-12-03: Liberty University professor accused of sexual assault of student, school officials say
2021-12-03: U.S. State Department phones hacked with Israeli company spyware - sources
2021-12-03: Bees falling out of the sky when the lights go out
2021-12-03: Manhunt underway for 2 parents charged in Michigan school shooting | KRON4
2021-12-03: Marin County taking drastic steps to address water shortage | KRON4
2021-12-03: Utah Makes Welfare So Hard to Get, Some Feel They Must Join the LDS Church to Get Aid -- ProPublica
2021-12-03: jayphelps/git-blame-someone-else: Blame someone else for your bad code.
2021-12-03: Buried In Biden's Infrastructure Bill Is A Mandatory Backdoor Kill Switch For Your Car
2021-12-03: TikTok creators say they lose videos through mass reporting - Los Angeles Times
2021-12-03: International Space Station swerves to avoid space junk, Russia says - CNN
2021-12-03: Researcher Found Way to Brute Force Verizon Customer PINs Online
2021-12-03: One in 44 U.S. children diagnosed with autism, new data suggests
2021-12-03: Growing number of Americans say they have received large bills after getting 'free' Covid tests� | Daily Mail Online
2021-12-03: Microsoft backtracks on Windows 11's controversial default browser changes - The Verge
2021-12-03: Germany could soon make Covid vaccines mandatory
2021-12-03: Philippine court allows Maria Ressa's trip to receive Nobel prize | News | Al Jazeera
2021-12-03: Gableman threatens jail time for Madison, Green Bay mayors if they don't sit for interview
2021-12-03: Facebook sold ads comparing vaccine to Holocaust - CNN
2021-12-03: DeSantis proposes a new civilian military force in Florida that he would control - CNNPolitics
2021-12-03: DiDi Global and China Telecom prepare to leave the USA
2021-12-03: 13-year-old Georgia boy and alleged gun runner charged with murdering his sister
2021-12-03: 'Lovely #MicrosoftDefender
2021-12-03: 'I couldn't figure out where the comma(s) in 'God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen' should go, so I hit myself in the face.
2021-12-03: New #lolbin for proxying execution. Use `set` to modify the `%ProgramFilesW6432%` envar
2021-12-03: Exploit Reversing -- A blog about reverse engineering, exploit development, programming and malware analysis.
2021-12-03: A mysterious threat actor is running hundreds of malicious Tor relays
2021-12-03: zkproofs and how to developers can leverage them using @AleoHQ 's Leo programming language
2021-12-03: JMS gives an insight into the classic British TV show 'The Prisoner' including the truth about #1'
2021-12-03: Radix Developer Program
2021-12-03: Google workers in U.S. won't return to office as expected on Jan. 10

2021-12-02: SF's Brand New Huge Downtown Holiday Light Show (2021)
2021-12-02: Man who attacked 84-year-old in SF earlier this year released, community members rally over decision - ABC7 San Francisco
2021-12-02: S.Africa's health body sees threefold higher risk of reinfection from Omicron
2021-12-02: Polygon | Ethereum's Internet of Blockchains
2021-12-02: Really stupid 'smart contract' bug let hackers steal $31 million in digital coin
2021-12-02: Total solar eclipse 2021: When, where and how to see it on Dec. 4 | Space
2021-12-02: Hackers Steal $119M From 'Web3' Crypto Project With Old School Attack
2021-12-02: Far-right activists using Twitter new rule against anti-extremist researchers
2021-12-02: 'Magic dirt': How the internet fueled, and defeated, the pandemic's weirdest MLM
2021-12-02: ydkhatri/mac_apt: macOS ( and ios) Artifact Parsing Tool
2021-12-02: The Twitter Wildfire Watcher Who Tracks California's Blazes
2021-12-02: Critical Flaw in NSS Cryptographic Library Affects Several Popular Applications
2021-12-02: Where your windows credentials are exposed
2021-12-02: Steven Spielberg hailed for bold 'West Side Story' decision | TheHill
2021-12-02: FTC sued to block Nvidia-Arm merger, which would be largest in chip industry : NPR
2021-12-02: California water districts to get 0% of requested supplies in unprecedented decision | California drought
2021-12-02: New York officials confirm 5 cases of omicron Covid variant in NYC metro area
2021-12-02: Quantum Simulators Create a Totally New Phase of Matter | Quanta Magazine
2021-12-02: What the heck is going on with Kamala Harris? - CNNPolitics
2021-12-02: Confirmed US omicron cases up to 3
2021-12-02: Man pacing streets with shotgun outside UN building
2021-12-02: Planetary scientists are starting to get stirred up by Starship's potential
2021-12-02: SFO expands testing for omicron variant | KRON4
2021-12-02: Elon Musk Compares Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal To Joseph Stalin, Meme Goes Viral
2021-12-02: Microsoft's new Windows prompts try to stop people downloading Chrome--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-12-02: Mozilla properly fuzzed NSS and still ended up with a simple memory corruption hole
2021-12-02: Hackers are using RTF Template Injection to install their malware on PCs
2021-12-02: Facebook's Meta says bad actors are changing tactics as it takes down six more groups
2021-12-02: Copycat threats force more than 12 school districts to close for classes Thursday, Dec. 2
2021-12-02: Minnesota confirms state's first omicron variant case of COVID-19 | INFORUM
2021-12-02: Blood test offers new hope to people with depression | Mental Health News | Al Jazeera
2021-12-02: Supreme Court: The religious right wants taxpayers to pay for its schools - Vox
2021-12-02: Flee review: One of 2021's best films - Vox
2021-12-02: A Peek Inside Anom, the Phone Company Secretly Used in an FBI Honeypot
2021-12-02: Ryder Winegar of New Hampshire sentenced to prison for sending members of Congress threatening voice mails
2021-12-02: U.S. and Mexico reach deal to restart Trump-era 'Remain in Mexico' program along border
2021-12-02: A University Had A Legally-Binding Plan to Solve Its Housing Crisis. Then A Billionaire Stepped In.
2021-12-02: Prickly present: dancing cactus toy that raps in Polish about cocaine goes viral | Toys
2021-12-02: Can Russell Crowe succeed in cleaning up Bangkok's terrible wiring? | Thailand
2021-12-02: El Salvador 'Bitcoin Bond' Could Ease Reliance on Foreign Debt, Says Architect
2021-12-02: Students loved this teaching assistant. They didn't know he was living in his car.

2021-12-01: New dinosaur species from Chile had a unique slashing tail |
2021-12-01: Microsoft is testing a few ways to improve Windows 11's Start menu | Engadget
2021-12-01: Toys 'R' Us is opening a new store ... again - CNN
2021-12-01: CDC ramps up testing at 4 US airports, including San Francisco
2021-12-01: Peng Shuai: WTA announces immediate suspension of tournaments in China amid concern for tennis player - CNN
2021-12-01: California City Declares Itself a 'Constitutional Republic' -- NBC Bay Area
2021-12-01: Maths researchers hail breakthrough in applications of artificial intelligence
2021-12-01: Decades-old San Francisco Chinatown jewelry store faces closure after losing $250,000 in burglary
2021-12-01: Former Ubiquiti dev charged for trying to extort his employer
2021-12-01: Injection is the New Black: Novel RTF Template Inject Technique Poised for Widespread Adoption Beyond APT Actors
2021-12-01: Every City Should Encourage This Kind of Solar Development -- Mother Jones
2021-12-01: Thousands of AT and T customers in the US infected by new data-stealing malware
2021-12-01: First US case of Omicron Covid variant identified in California | Coronavirus
2021-12-01: Bitcoin's Impacts on Climate and the Environment
2021-12-01: Can Crypto Go Green?
2021-12-01: Bitcoin ($BTC USD) Backers Defend Coin While UN Climate Talks Start - Bloomberg
2021-12-01: Have a crack at this daily coding puzzle through December--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-12-01: More Than 98% of San Francisco City Employees Are Vaccinated Against COVID -- NBC Bay Area
2021-12-01: Japan suspends new reservations on all incoming flights | AP News
2021-12-01: Severe Covid infection doubles chances of dying in following year, study finds | Coronavirus
2021-12-01:Linux Inside e-book

2021-11-30: New rules allow debt collectors to contact you on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
2021-11-30: FDA advisers narrowly recommend authorization of first antiviral pill to treat covid-19
2021-11-30: Microsoft is selling ugly Windows sweaters again, and this time, it's Minesweeper - The Verge
2021-11-30: Greece to mandate COVID-19 vaccine for anyone over the age of 60 : NPR
2021-11-30: Singapore tests out 'smart bandage' for remote recovery
2021-11-30: Temple University: Former dean convicted of fraud for using fake data to boost its national ranking - CNN
2021-11-30: Russia threatens criminal charges against a NASA astronaut
2021-11-30: Fact Check-Research abstract is not reliable evidence of a link between mRNA vaccines and heart disease
2021-11-30: Police investigate early morning armed carjacking, assault in Oakland | KRON4
2021-11-30: Omicron COVID variant was in Europe before South African scientists detected and flagged it to the world
2021-11-30: 'Concerning' asteroid will break into Earth's orbit in a week: NASA
2021-11-30: Biden will lay down new travel restrictions as Omicron threatens - POLITICO
2021-11-30: Why a toaster from 1949 is still smarter than any sold today - The Verge
2021-11-30: Two Bay Area men arrested outside concert with 'rare and dangerous' pistol | KRON4
2021-11-30: Honeywell Just Launched The World's Largest Quantum Computing Company | Barron's
2021-11-30: CNN suspends Chris Cuomo indefinitely - CNN
2021-11-30: Salesforce and Twitter, together again
2021-11-30: Leadership infographic
2021-11-30: How far-right extremist groups face exposure from army of hacktivists
2021-11-30: self balancing cube
2021-11-30: Field Facing Threat Research Part Time Intern - Undergrad
2021-11-30: Sperm is being used to create an eco-friendly alternative to plastic | Euronews
2021-11-30: NASA calls off spacewalk over debris threat
2021-11-30: Expanding our private information policy to include media
2021-11-30: You Can Now Get $25 From Zoom Following a Class Action Settlement
2021-11-30: Elon Musk: SpaceX could 'face genuine risk of bankruptcy' from Starship
2021-11-30: UK to offer booster shots to all adults, just 3 months after their second dose - CNN
2021-11-30: Moderna chief predicts existing vaccines will struggle with Omicron | Financial Times
2021-11-30: Cosby prosecutors urge Supreme Court to restore conviction | AP News
2021-11-30: Why families are seeing more abrupt school closures : NPR
2021-11-30: 1,000 arrests made in online fraud crackdown, says Interpol

2021-11-29: Researchers propose a simpler design for quantum computers
2021-11-29: Community policing found to be ineffective in improving trust or reducing crime
2021-11-29: Two 13-year-olds arrested in separate Bay Area carjackings | KRON4
2021-11-29: Thieves steal more than $3K worth of merchandise from Daly City Macy's: police | KRON4
2021-11-29: Hackers plant card-stealing malware on website that sells baron and duke titles
2021-11-29: Frequently Asked Questions | Sandfly Security
2021-11-29: Linux Stealth Rootkit Malware with EDR Evasion
2021-11-29: FBI Document Says the Feds Can Get Your WhatsApp Data -- in Real Time - Rolling Stone
2021-11-29: Budweiser NFTs; the page won't load and people say they are losing money trying to buy them
2021-11-29: Opinion | Lauren Boebert's attack on Ilhan Omar is what George W. Bush called the 'worst of humankind'
2021-11-29: Julie Anne Genter biked to a New Zealand hospital while in labor and gave birth an hour later
2021-11-29: Opinion | Biden is right to fight omicron variant with travel restrictions -- but must do more
2021-11-29: NLRB calls new election at Amazon warehouse
2021-11-29: BGP Vulnerability--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-11-29: You can easily roll back Windows 11 to Windows 10, until this bonkers policy kicks in
2021-11-29: Apple Introduces New MacBook Upgrade Program for Business Partners--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-11-29: Mobius strip microlasers for non-Euclidean photonics applications
2021-11-29: San Francisco police respond to multiple sideshows in West Portal and Sunset Districts | KRON4
2021-11-29: NYC reinstitutes Covid mask advisory 'at all times' indoors regardless of vaccination status
2021-11-29: Twitter CTO Parag Agrawal will replace Jack Dorsey as CEO
2021-11-29: A California school board debates critical race theory ban - Los Angeles Times
2021-11-29: Don't Eat Cow Dung To Protect Against Covid-19 Coronavirus Despite These Claims
2021-11-29: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is expected to step down, sources say
2021-11-29: Winlogon password leaking (a.k.a. notifying) on Windows 11
2021-11-29: GOP gives unemployment checks to unvaxxed that defied Biden mandate - Axios

2021-11-28: My Book Was Censored in China. Now It's Blacklisted -- in Texas.
2021-11-28: Opinion | Where Should You Live?
2021-11-28: Which birds are the biggest jerks at the feeder?
2021-11-28: Cumulative Cases - Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center
2021-11-28: AI discovers over 300 unknown exoplanets in Kepler telescope data | Space
2021-11-28: Online spending on Black Friday decreased for the very first time - The Verge
2021-11-28: South Africa, which found the omicron variant first, sequences less than 1 percent of coronavirus samples
2021-11-28: Taiwan sends jets after 27 Chinese planes enter buffer zone | AP News
2021-11-28: Know Nothing - Wikipedia
2021-11-28: 4 Pack Solar Lights Outdoor, 3 Modes/228LED Solar Security Lights Wireless IP65 Waterproof Solar Motion Sensor Lights Solar Wall Lights Outdoor Lights for Front Door, Backyard, Garage, Deck-- - -
2021-11-28: The best car security cameras you can buy today - Android Authority
2021-11-28: Low vaccination rates in South Africa more to do with 'hesitancy' than supply, expert suggests | Daily Mail Online
2021-11-28: No one seems to like the Lincoln Project anymore - POLITICO
2021-11-28: US Adds 8 Chinese Quantum Computing Orgs to the Entity List | PCMag
2021-11-28: New Report on San Francisco Homelessness Provides Real Policy Solutions - California Globe
2021-11-28: Just had a good friend and security expert fall for the Zelle fraud scam

2021-11-27: Tracking COVID-19 variant Omicron - BNO News
2021-11-27: Sonfiication of Caldwell 73, a globular cluster in constellation Columba
2021-11-27: Microsoft bans blogger Stilgherrian from TechEd conference (from 2013)
2021-11-27: Cyber Security Certification Jobs Cheatsheet--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-11-27: Calls to ID social media users is just another Morrison government rush job
2021-11-27: Reverse engineering videos on Ghidra
2021-11-27: Pentesting Certs
2021-11-27: PHP is in a fragile position. A new plan aims to help
2021-11-27: Maximum fissures: Iran nuclear deal talks head toward oblivion - POLITICO
2021-11-27: Mysterious Potomac River art
2021-11-27: NASA and USGS Landsat 9 satellite beams first images back to Earth
2021-11-27: Somehow the Guy Who Tried to Steal Arizona for Trump Is Now Broke
2021-11-27: Israel and Iran Broaden Cyberwar to Attack Civilian Targets
2021-11-27: A Massive Fail on Crime Reporting by 'The New York Times,' NPR | The Nation
2021-11-27: South African doctor who raised alarm about omicron variant says symptoms are 'unusual but mild'
2021-11-27: 'Squeezed' light might produce breakthroughs in nano-sized electronics | Engadget
2021-11-27: Australia to introduce new laws to force media platforms to unmask online trolls
2021-11-27: Israel to ban entry of foreigners from all countries over Omicron
2021-11-27: Debian Linux is the operating system used in most terminals in the International Space Station
2021-11-27: S16E12 of The Simpsons is removed from Disney in Hong Kong
2021-11-27: Xiaomi's upcoming EV factory will make up to 300,000 cars per year | Engadget
2021-11-27: India tells public to shun Musk-backed Starlink until it gets licence
2021-11-27: GitHub is down, affecting thousands of developers - The Verge
2021-11-27: An Encounter With Ransomware-as-a-Service: MEGAsync Analysis
2021-11-27: Why Russia's mania for Elon Musk just keeps on growing
2021-11-27: 737 Max: Boeing refutes new safety concerns
2021-11-27: Covid-19: PM says anyone arriving in UK must take PCR test
2021-11-27: Covid: Dozens test positive on SA-Netherlands flights
2021-11-27: New COVID variant Omicron putting San Francisco Bay Area businesses on alert - ABC7 San Francisco
2021-11-27: Moderna plans to produce a booster vaccine shot specifically for the new coronavirus variant Omicron
2021-11-27: California Black Friday robbery suspects steal hammers from Home Depot
2021-11-27: Ilhan Omar: Lauren Boebert's 'Jihad Squad' 'bigotry is 'no laughing matter'
2021-11-27: Go away BitLocker, you're drunk
2021-11-27: Malware analysis tip: Hooking Windows CryptoAPI functions can help you identify what data malware is sending to a C2, before it is encrypted!
2021-11-27: Teaching union concerned by Covid rates in Jersey
2021-11-27: U.K. Confirms Two Cases of Omicron Coronavirus Variant

2021-11-26: Merck and apos;s COVID-19 pill significantly less effective in new analysis |
2021-11-26: Credentials exposed for majority of US financial firm employees | SC Media
2021-11-26: Large asteroid stronger than nuke heading towards Earth late December - The Jerusalem Post
2021-11-26: Interpol arrests over 1,000 suspects linked to cyber crime
2021-11-26: jstrosch/malware-samples: Malware samples, analysis exercises and other interesting resources.
2021-11-26: LittleSnitch - my favourite personal firewall for MacOS - is 30% off
2021-11-26: Covid: No cases of new omicron variant in the U.S., CDC says
2021-11-26: New Concerning Variant: B.1.1.529--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-11-26: Even if NSO goes, cyberattack is here to stay - Globes
2021-11-26: Frogs guarding a phone
2021-11-26: Woman Torches Gaming Machine, Gets Shot by Fellow Player, Police Say
2021-11-26: Taiwan: Five US lawmakers defy China by meeting with officials on the island - CNNPolitics
2021-11-26: Omicron Variant: NY Declares State of Emergency Ahead of Potential Spike -- NBC New York
2021-11-26: San Francisco tech store spends $30K on security a month
2021-11-26: Opinion | There Is Another Democrat A.O.C. Should Be Mad At
2021-11-26: Venus may be volcanically active - The Verge
2021-11-26: Apple AR glasses to launch in 2022, according to top analyst
2021-11-26: Procter and Gamble recalls some Old Spice and Secret deodorants after cancer-causing chemical is detected - CNN
2021-11-26: Link Found Between Smash-and-Grab Burglaries - YouTube
2021-11-26: IKEA email systems hit by ongoing cyberattack
2021-11-26: Three years late, Israelis finally hear the truth about Trump - Israel News -
2021-11-26: Biden restricts travel from South Africa and seven other countries starting Monday - CNNPolitics
2021-11-26: Pfizer/BioNTech expect data on shot and apos;s protection against new COVID-19 variant soon
2021-11-26: QAnon and Queen of Canada Calls for Followers to Kill People Vaccinating Children
2021-11-26: Afghan and apos;girl with the green eyes and apos; from iconic 1985 National Geographic cover evacuated to Italy | Daily Mail Online
2021-11-26: a must read thread
2021-11-26: Physicists detect signs of neutrinos at Large Hadron Collider
2021-11-26: PG and E Blames Birds for Thanksgiving Day Power Outage in Santa Rosa -- NBC Bay Area
2021-11-26: Image From Space Shows Downtown San Francisco Sinking Slowly Around Millennium Tower NBC Bay Area
2021-11-26: Man Killed by San Francisco Police Was Ex-Afghan Interpreter NBC Bay Area
2021-11-26: Time-Reversal Phenomenon: In the Quantum Realm, Not Even Time Flows As You Might Expect
2021-11-26: How US gun culture stacks up with the world - CNN
2021-11-26: Israel warns of 'emergency' after detecting new virus strain | AP News
2021-11-26: Stock futures fall amid fears of new Covid variant found in South Africa
2021-11-26: Belgium confirms case of new, heavily mutated Covid variant
2021-11-26: Thieves nab $20,000 of merch from California Apple store in BROAD DAYLIGHT looting | Daily Mail Online
2021-11-26: Boeing, airline stocks tumble as new Covid variant spurs travel curbs
2021-11-26: Tesla Fans Troll Repair Pro for Fixing Model S for $15,000 Less Than Tesla
2021-11-26: Google: Half of compromised cloud instances have weak or no passwords
2021-11-26: This stealthy malware hides behind an impossible date
2021-11-26: Texas Abortion Law Complicates Care for Risky Pregnancies
2021-11-26: Florida Teen Emily Grover Was Accused of Hacking a Homecoming Queen Contest and Faces 16 Years in Prison
2021-11-26: Apple Warns Journalists of State Surveillance in El Salvador -
2021-11-26: People play 'Pong' on a rock wall with Augmented Climbing
2021-11-26: Defender for Endpoint is broken on Windows 10 and Windows Server
2021-11-26: Entire Rust moderation team resigns

2021-11-25: India to ban private cryptocurrency, create official version instead
2021-11-25: Eavesdropping flaws found in MediaTek-powered Android phones
2021-11-25: AWS debuts optional IPv6-only networks
2021-11-25: Japanese giants launch bank-backed private digital currency
2021-11-25: AWS cuts data transfer fees by extending free tier
2021-11-25: Buggy Windows patch breaks Microsoft Defender for Endpoint
2021-11-25: Kremlin names US giants that must have presence in Russia
2021-11-25: ESA's Solar Orbiter to swing past Earth this week
2021-11-25: Weed lounges are coming to a city near you - POLITICO
2021-11-25: UFOs: Pentagon to track unexplained aerial phenomena through new intelligence group
2021-11-25: CIA director warns Russian spies of 'consequences' if they are behind 'Havana Syndrome' incidents
2021-11-25: Putin says he took an experimental nasal COVID-19 vaccine
2021-11-25: Alzheimer's nasal vaccine to enter human trials for the first time, spurring renewed hope for preventing the disease
2021-11-25: Orbital Harmony of TRAPPIST-1 Planets
2021-11-25: Canada taps into maple syrup reserves to deal with massive shortage : NPR
2021-11-25: IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions | IBM
2021-11-25: NYT Wirecutter staffers announce strike through Cyber Monday | TheHill
2021-11-25: Top iPhone tips to share this Thanksgiving
2021-11-25: The search for extraterrestrial life is going to look at our nearest galactic neighbor
2021-11-25: A Deep Dive Into SoWaT: APT31's Multifunctional Router Implant imp0rtp3
2021-11-25: North Korean sentenced to death after students caught watching Squid Game
2021-11-25: WHO calls special meeting to discuss new Covid variant from South Africa with 'large number of mutations'
2021-11-25: Covid: Africa travel restrictions over variant fear
2021-11-25: Covid: New heavily mutated variant B.1.1.529 in South Africa raises concern
2021-11-25: More than 9 million smartphones infected with Cynos malware
2021-11-25: Azure security resources
2021-11-25: OpenCTI - Open platform for cyber threat intelligence
2021-11-25: AT&T, Verizon to temporarily turn down 5G power to address FAA worries
2021-11-25: A third of all dark web domains are now v3 onion sites
2021-11-25: Israel restricts cyberweapons export list by two-thirds, from 102 to 37 countries
2021-11-25: Researcher Awarded $10,000 for Google Cloud Platform Vulnerability
2021-11-25: "We wait, because we know you." Inside the ransomware negotiation economics. NCC Group Research
2021-11-25: RATDispenser: Stealthy JavaScript Loader Dispensing RATs into the Wild
2021-11-25: NSA publishes an open source random password/passphrase generator
2021-11-25: Pfizer sues departing employee it says stole COVID-19 vaccine secrets
2021-11-25: Lawyer Who Backed Up Trump's 2020 Lies Lands Federal Election Agency Adviser Role

2021-11-24: The UK Will Finally Officially Recognize Octopuses And Crabs as Sentient Beings
2021-11-24: Crypto Billionaire Su Zhu 'Abandons' Ethereum Due to High Transaction Fees - BeInCrypto
2021-11-24: eToro Exchange Cuts Back on Cardano and TRON Offerings for US Customers - BeInCrypto
2021-11-24: Only a handful of cryptocurrencies that exist today likely to survive: Raghuram Rajan - The Hindu BusinessLine
2021-11-24: Dogecoin has 'inflationary dynamics' and isn't good for the cryptocurrency market, says Ripple CEO
2021-11-24: Baidu, approved for robotaxi services in Beijing
2021-11-24: New ultrahard diamond glass synthesized
2021-11-24: Multiple Downtown SF Skyscrapers Are Causing Entire Area to Slowly Sink
2021-11-24: San Francisco Officials Call for 10% Reduction of Water Use
2021-11-24: TV News Security Guard Stable After Being Shot in Oakland's Chinatown - YouTube
2021-11-24: Michigan teachers told to take down Pride flags after 'external challenge'
2021-11-24: Mike Lindell Finally Reveals His Supreme Court Complaint, And Critics Have Notes
2021-11-24: Bernie Sanders Is Right: Biden's Big Build Back Better Bill Is a Huge Gift to the Rich
2021-11-24: 'Smash-and-grab' crimes: why some US cities are seeing a spree - CNN
2021-11-24: Everything Wrong With Desktop Linux In Less Than 3 Minutes
2021-11-24: Reality Winner Blasts the Intercept After 4 Years in Jail - Rolling Stone
2021-11-24: Feds send 2 medical teams to support Michigan hospitals during COVID surge
2021-11-24: Getting Started | Tezos
2021-11-24: Oakland Police Investigate Shooting Of TV News Security Guard in Chinatown CBS San Francisco
2021-11-24: An intensive introduction to cryptography: index
2021-11-24: Amazon's Own Linux Distribution is Now Completely Based on Fedora - It's FOSS News
2021-11-24: Entry level opportunity to get into threat hunting
2021-11-24: How Many Decimals of Pi Do We Really Need? - Edu News | NASA/JPL Edu
2021-11-24: Intelligence Insights: November 2021
2021-11-24: Meet the bowerbird - one of the most flamboyant birds in the natural world
2021-11-24: Police Appear to Just Sit and Watch as NoPa Dispensary Gets Burglarized
2021-11-24: EXPLAINER: What are the charges in Ahmaud Arbery's killing? | AP News
2021-11-24: Hackmiami Meetup 11-21-2021 Intro to Terraform for Threat Emulation
2021-11-24: Spring Health Burnout Culture Led Employees to Quit, Sources Say
2021-11-24: Lightning Network Tutorial
2021-11-24: Germany's new government coalition just agreed to stop federal agencies from buying zero-day exploits
2021-11-24: How to Find Common Ground With Your Most Problematic Family Members--RECOMMENDED
2021-11-24: Hunting for Persistence in Linux (Part 1): Auditd, Sysmon, Osquery, and Webshells
2021-11-24: GRC | Assembly Language Windows Applications  
2021-11-24: New imaging technique reveals how dragonfly wings tear bacteria apart (from 2018)
2021-11-24: More childless U.S. adults now say they don't plan to ever have kids| Pew Research Center

2021-11-23: Order Blocking New York Times Coverage of Project Veritas Stays in Place
2021-11-23: Mammoth Tusk Found at the Bottom of Pacific Ocean Stuns Scientists
2021-11-23: Target gives Thanksgiving Day back to workers: Will other retailers follow?
2021-11-23: Opioid crisis: Ohio jury finds CVS, Walmart, Walgreens responsible in precedent-setting suit - CNN
2021-11-23: Map: Everywhere You Can Get a Free COVID-19 Booster Vaccine Shot in SF
2021-11-23: How will San Francisco gang thefts affect Chesa Boudin's political future? - The San Francisco Examiner
2021-11-23: Google employees sign manifesto against widened Covid vaccine mandate
2021-11-23: Turkish lira crashes to historic low after Erdogan sparks selloff
2021-11-23: Judge orders pro-Trump attorneys who brought frivolous election fraud case to pay more than $180,000 to defendants they sued - CNNPolitics
2021-11-23: Math may have caught up with Google's quantum-supremacy claims
2021-11-23: Serious Vulnerability Found in Imunify360 Web Server Security Product
2021-11-23: I wanted a way to monitor trending CVEs on Twitter
2021-11-23: Get Burp Suite Certified for $9
2021-11-23: 20 Thieves Stage Mass Robbery At The Grove's Nordstrom's Store In L.A. Deadline
2021-11-23: UPDATE: Shaken Holiday Shoppers Changing Plans in Wake Of Retail Smash-and-Grab Crime Spree CBS San Francisco
2021-11-23: Kevin Strickland freed after 42 years in prison wrongfully, but gets no compensation
2021-11-23: NASA's superfast Parker Solar Probe just broke it own speed record at the sun | Space
2021-11-23: Clubhouse Is More Exclusive Than Ever: No One's On It
2021-11-23: Growing Space Junk Could Give Earth Its Own Saturn-Like Rings
2021-11-23: Jury Finds Rally Organizers Responsible for Charlottesville Violence
2021-11-23: Apple Sues Israeli Spyware Maker NSO Group
2021-11-23: Chain Runners look like the next big thing in NFTs

2021-11-22: Scientists represented data from the Crab Nebula as sound
2021-11-22: Attackers don't bother brute-forcing long passwords, Microsoft engineer says
2021-11-22: Windows 11: Microsoft update fixes Kaspersky antivirus app glitch
2021-11-22: Opinion | I Live in Arkansas. Why is My State Telling Me Not to Boycott Israel?
2021-11-22: Armed father and daughter carrying AR-15s march alongside anti-Rittenhouse protesters | Daily Mail Online
2021-11-22: Microsoft Rolls Out New Fluent Emoji in Windows 11
2021-11-22: Close to two dozen anti-viruses including Windows Security think UserBenchmark is malware - Neowin
2021-11-22: Exclusivity deal between Qualcomm and Microsoft Windows on ARM will expire soon - Neowin
2021-11-22: AirTag competitor Tile acquired by family safety company Life360 | iMore
2021-11-22: 'Always grateful' - Three Arrows Capital CEO retracts ETH abandonment tweets - AMBCrypto
2021-11-22: Atomic Red Team tests in the Defender for Endpoint Evaluation Lab
2021-11-22: Bill Maher Summarizes the Democrats' Problem with Five Simple Words
2021-11-22: Intersex person stripped naked and beaten for hours in broad daylight by 'senseless' mob in Cameroon
2021-11-22: Battle of Kyle Rittenhouse bail refund likely next - Chicago Tribune
2021-11-22: El Salvador Announces Plan to Buy Half a Billion Worth of BTC to Fund the "Bitcoin City"
2021-11-22: The QAnon JFK Cult in Dallas Is Tearing Families Apart--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-11-22: VMware withdraws major vSphere release due to bugs
2021-11-22: Just because you can do it doesn't mean you should: Install Linux on NTFS on the same partition as Windows
2021-11-22: China's Exascale Quantum Simulation Not All It Appears
2021-11-22: China's hypersonic glider 'fired missile' while at Mach 5
2021-11-22: Microsoft releases Windows 11 Enterprise VMs for developers
2021-11-22: Download a Windows 11 virtual machine - Windows app development
2021-11-22: Conspiracy Chart
2021-11-22: New Windows zero-day with public exploit lets you become an admin
2021-11-22: An "incident" with the James Webb Space Telescope has occurred
2021-11-22: New deep learning method adds 301 planets to Kepler's total count
2021-11-22: The gap in college costs and earnings for young workers since 1980
2021-11-22: GoDaddy Breached - Plaintext Passwords - 1.2M Affected
2021-11-22: 'Buy the Constitution' Aftermath: Everyone Very Mad, Confused, Losing Lots of Money, Fighting, Crying, Etc.--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-11-22: countercept/chainsaw: Rapidly Search and Hunt through Windows Event Logs
2021-11-22: KY Inno - Crypto café, serving 'NFTeas' and 'Moon Fuel,' opens in Louisville
2021-11-22: System of a Down's Serj Tankian Preps NFT Exhibit 'Not for Touching' - Rolling Stone
2021-11-22: 0x90n/InfoSec-Black-Friday: All the deals for InfoSec related software/tools this Black Friday
2021-11-22: Your Fingerprint Can Be Hacked For $5. Here's How. - Kraken Blog
2021-11-22: We're Making the Facebook Papers Public. Here's Why and How
2021-11-22: GoDaddy says information on 1.2 million customers exposed in data breach | TheHill
2021-11-22: Exotic New Material Could Be Two Superconductors in One With Serious Quantum Computing Applications
2021-11-22: Microsoft are forcing people to ZDI and such by making changes to the programme rules after submission
2021-11-22: US added to list of 'backsliding' democracies for first time
2021-11-22: Microsoft is embarrassing itself and customers can see it
2021-11-22: 'More Bubbas, no Black pastors': Attorney for man accused of killing Arbery decried as racist
2021-11-22: UPDATE: Smash-and-Grab Thieves Target Hayward Mall; Lululemon Store Robbed in San Jose's Santana Row CBS San Francisco

2021-11-21: Tucker Carlson's 'Patriot Purge' Special Leads Two Fox News Contributors to Quit
2021-11-21: Amazon India execs charged after site used to sell marijuana
2021-11-21: Smash and grab thieves target Hayward jewelry store | KRON4
2021-11-21: Building a Dune "Pain Box" with the Thermal Grill Illusion | Bryan Duxbury's Blog
2021-11-21: Car drives through crowd during holiday parade in Wisconsin
2021-11-21: Facebook knew its algorithms were biased against people of color
2021-11-21: A Starbucks employee tested positive for hepatitis A, possibly exposing thousands of customers to the virus - CNN
2021-11-21: Dozens of looters target Nordstrom store in Walnut Creek, California
2021-11-21: A maternity ranch is born
2021-11-21: The Most Common Pain Relief Drug in The World Induces Risky Behavior, Study Finds
2021-11-21: Stars, thunderstorms, city lights, aurora, and sunrise, captured in a single time-lapse sequence from the International Space Station
2021-11-21: Skydiving Falcon | National Geographic - YouTube
2021-11-21: Trillions Upon Trillions of Viruses Fall From the Sky Each Day
2021-11-21: Amazing golf shot

2021-11-20: Pentagon asks AWS, Microsoft, Google and Oracle to bid for new cloud contract
2021-11-20: In the wake of the looting, vandalism, and theft, there will be limited access to vehicles in Union Square
2021-11-20: Video: Bicyclist seen riding across the Bay Bridge | KRON4
2021-11-20: Burp Suite Cheat Sheet - SANS Cheat Sheet
2021-11-20: Solved: Looking for Download to Flash BIOS on HP Compaq 8200
2021-11-20: Secure your VMware ESXi hosts against ransomware in three simple steps! - Truesec
2021-11-20: Microsoft: Office 365 will boost default protection for all users
2021-11-20: Oregon State Police seize 250 tons of illegal marijuana
2021-11-20: Wired from 20 years ago predicting today very well--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-11-20: Discount Azure certification exams--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-11-20: A New Superconducting Magnet Broke Magnetic Field Strength Records
2021-11-20: CrowdStrike/automactc: AutoMacTC: Automated Mac Forensic Triage Collector
2021-11-20: Elon Musk has sold nearly $9 billion worth of Tesla stock in 2 weeks - but he's only halfway toward selling 10% of his stake | Markets Insider
2021-11-20: Microsoft Accelerates Windows 11's Rollout
2021-11-20: Dutch police open fire on rioters in demonstration against COVID restrictions
2021-11-20: Over 40% of COVID-19 survivors face lingering after-effects of the illness
2021-11-20: San Diego: Armored truck scatters cash on freeway - CNN
2021-11-20: Officials confirm investigation into attempted Lake County Board of Elections data breach used to fuel voter-fraud lies -
2021-11-20: FDIC: FIL-74-2021: Computer-Security Incident Notification Final Rule
2021-11-20: Looters and vandals strike San Francisco's Union Square
2021-11-20: Colleges are walking away from remote education and that's a good thing |
2021-11-20: How Facebook and Google fund global misinformation
2021-11-20: Ubuntu Touch OTA-20 Released for Linux Phones, Here's What's New - 9to5Linux
2021-11-20: Kyle Rittenhouse Was a Minor. Prosecuting Him as One May Have Been Better. Mother Jones
2021-11-20: Can health insurance companies charge the unvaccinated higher premiums? What about life insurers? 5 questions answered
2021-11-20: Video of the Moon setting beneath the Earth's horizon with a zoom lens from the ISS
2021-11-20: Oxylabs(NordVPN) Fined $7.5M by jury for residential proxy botnet--VERY MISLEADING HEADLINE
2021-11-20: Synonym Launches Architecture For Self-Sovereign Economy Around Bitcoin
2021-11-20: If You Give a Frog Testosterone, It Will Show You Its Foot
2021-11-20: A German State Is Saying Goodbye Windows, Hello Linux - FOSS Force
2021-11-20: Some Tesla owners unable to unlock cars due to server errors
2021-11-20: Constitution DAO Infographic
2021-11-20: A grim milestone: I maxed out the number of spammy addresses Gmail can block
2021-11-20: Canary in a coal mine with a space suit
2021-11-20: 'Orgy of violence': Dutch police open fire on rioters
2021-11-20: Photos of missing Chinese tennis star posted online
2021-11-20: NASA seeks ideas for a nuclear reactor on the moon
2021-11-20: UN-backed floating city built to withstand Category 5 hurricanes is headed to South Korea
2021-11-20: China prepares to test thorium-fuelled nuclear reactor

2021-11-19: How close is nuclear fusion power? - YouTube
2021-11-19: Attempted breach of Ohio county election network draws FBI and state scrutiny
2021-11-19: Mayor Breed to Forgive $26 Million of SFUSD's Debt
2021-11-19: Nuclear Reactors Could Hold the Key to a Green Future | Time
2021-11-19: Mozilla, what are you even DOING? | Malware Browser for Sale
2021-11-19: Kyle Rittenhouse's Defense Is a Threat to the Rule of Law
2021-11-19: Opinion | How a Vaguely Worded Wisconsin Law Could Let Rittenhouse Walk - POLITICO
2021-11-19: Lawsuit: Tesla is like a "frat house" with "frequent groping on the factory floor"
2021-11-19: WTA head Simon voices concern over statement attributed to Peng - Sportstar
2021-11-19: Ken Griffin buys copy of US constitution after bidding war with crypto traders | Financial Times
2021-11-19: Scientists find the fastest acceleration in the human body | Live Science
2021-11-19: Hallucinogen in 'magic mushrooms' relieves depression in largest clinical trial to date | Live Science
2021-11-19: Weird quantum effect that can turn matter invisible finally demonstrated: Pauli blocking
2021-11-19: Drug overdose deaths in the EU & US--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-11-19: Odd Martian meteorites traced back to largest volcanic structure in the solar system
2021-11-19: New Side Channel Attacks Re-Enable Serious DNS Cache Poisoning Attacks
2021-11-19: Jonesboro woman finds something unexpected in her car
2021-11-19: SilverFish Group Threat Actor Report
2021-11-19: [Conti] Ransomware Group In-Depth Analysis - PRODAFT
2021-11-19: Here's why rockets eject half a million gallons of water during launches
2021-11-19: GPU makers increasingly disengage from crypto miners
2021-11-19: The rights to .tv are up for grabs we take a close look
2021-11-19: Rebecca Rumbul named new CEO of The Rust Foundation
2021-11-19: Man spends $5,000 on a 48TB Raspberry Pi storage server
2021-11-19: Vials found in Pennsylvania lab did not contain smallpox as labeled, CDC says
2021-11-19: Hubble takes a grand tour of the solar system
2021-11-19: Microsoft Edge has new bloatware that absolutely no one needs
2021-11-19: Microsoft's Phil Spencer says he is "evaluating all aspects" of relationship with Activision Blizzard
2021-11-19: Ex-college professor charged with setting California fires
2021-11-19: 'Everyone is welcome' Microsoft security panel offers different perspectives on vulnerability disclosure process | The Daily Swig
2021-11-19: Tor Project unveils plans to route device traffic through Tor anonymity network with new VPN-like service | The Daily Swig
2021-11-19: Secure development: New and improved Linux Random Number Generator ready for testing | The Daily Swig
2021-11-19: Space Debris orbiting Earth
2021-11-19: UN to Elon Musk: Here's that $6 billion plan to fight world hunger - CNN
2021-11-19: Billion "dollar" rip of every NFT scraped from the blockchain
2021-11-19: Six million Sky routers had serious security flaw
2021-11-19: Crypto bidders miss out as U.S. constitution copy sells for $43 mln
2021-11-19: Backdooring Rust crates for fun and profit
2021-11-19: 8 ways to backdoor a Rust crate
2021-11-19: Human Organ Atlas: HiP-CT imaging of a healthy human brain using the ESRF-EBS - YouTube
2021-11-19: Malicious Python packages caught stealing Discord tokens, installing shells
2021-11-19: Boffins find way to use a standard smartphone to find hidden spy cams

2021-11-18: Web trust dies in darkness: Hidden Certificate Authorities undermine public crypto infrastructure
2021-11-18: of all the code ever written by a microsoft employee, this is by far the best
2021-11-18: FDA approves drug to treat smallpox | FDA
2021-11-18: TryHackMe | Advent of Cyber | TryHackMe
2021-11-18: The Advent of CTF | Advent of CTF
2021-11-18: SANS Holiday Hack Challenge: Kringlecon
2021-11-18: Russian Defense Ministry released video of ISS trajectory vs trajectory of downed Kosmos satellite
2021-11-18: Thousands of Firefox users accidentally commit login cookies on GitHub
2021-11-18: Redistricting 2021 Tracker: New congressional Maps by State
2021-11-18: Starting an EXE with ZM instead of MZ
2021-11-18: SP 500 Twitter Sentiment Index | Twitter Developer Platform
2021-11-18: Why Is Putting Its Name on the Staples Center
2021-11-18: Moderna joins Pfizer in bid for COVID boosters for all adults : NPR
2021-11-18: MSNBC banned from Kyle Rittenhouse trial
2021-11-18: Streamlabs will drop 'OBS' name after getting called out by open-source app - The Verge
2021-11-18: Microsoft now has one of the world's fastest supercomputers (running Ubuntu)
2021-11-18: An Epic Lunar Eclipse Is Coming Tomorrow The Longest of Its Kind in 580 Years
2021-11-18: Ontario teen arrested after allegedly stealing $46 million in cryptocurrency from one person in the U.S. | CTV News
2021-11-18: Bill Gates' TerraPower to build its first nuclear reactor in Wyoming coal town
2021-11-18: Covid: Record-breaking cases as Europe's latest wave takes hold
2021-11-18: Shiba Inu Coin Faces 'Reversion' Worthy of Parabolic Rise
2021-11-18: Manhattan D.A. will move to exonerate two men convicted of killing Malcolm X
2021-11-18: Chevron, Exxon are among top spenders at Biden offshore auction
2021-11-18: simulated #Cosmos1408 #SpaceDebris cloud
2021-11-18: Indian PM calls on the world to save youth from Bitcoin
2021-11-18: The end of "click to subscribe, call to cancel"?
2021-11-18: Scientists Create Cursed WiFi That Transmits Using Nuclear Radiation
2021-11-18: Cannabis use disorder may be linked to growing number of heart attacks in younger adults
2021-11-18: Cases of Potentially Faster-Spreading AY.4.2 Variant Hit 40,000, up 10,000 in a Week

2021-11-17: "Your Password Must Be at Least 18770 Characters�" -- Graham Cluley
2021-11-17: Apple's Self Service Repair will let its users repair their own devices - CNN
2021-11-17: Coronavirus spreads in deer. Scientists worry about what that means for people - CNN
2021-11-17: Black holes slamming into the moon could end the dark matter debate
2021-11-17: Your morning cups of coffee and tea could be associated with lower risk of stroke and dementia - CNN
2021-11-17: Drink these beverages to lower your risk of stroke and dementia, study says -- SHOW TO CLASS
2021-11-17: CDC investigates alarming flu outbreak at University of Michigan | Daily Mail Online
2021-11-17: Magnetene: Graphene-like 2D material leverages quantum effects to achieve ultra-low friction
2021-11-17: San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin files 128 charges against woman who allegedly stole more than $40,000 worth of items from Target - ABC7 San Francisco
2021-11-17: This new startup built a record-breaking 256-qubit quantum computer
2021-11-17: Securing your digital life, the finale: Debunking worthless "security" practices
2021-11-17: Gillian McKeith is urging unvaxxed men to 'name the price' of their sperm and everyone's confused | indy100
2021-11-17: Amazon to stop accepting UK Visa credit cards for payments from January | The Independent
2021-11-17: Finally, a Practical Use for Nuclear Fusion
2021-11-17: Inside the Twisted Mind of the Security Professional
2021-11-17: Director of S.F. Film Commission forced to resign after not getting COVID vaccine
2021-11-17: City Hall corruption scandal: Former S.F. building inspector, building commissioner indicted
2021-11-17: I knew S.F.'s streets were dangerous. Seeing a body made me realize it could be any one of us
2021-11-17: UC Davis quietly added caste to its anti-discrimination policy. Will it cause others to do the same?
2021-11-17: With rollout of 21H2, Microsoft moves Windows 10 to annual updates
2021-11-17: Cyber Threat Intelligence: MANDIANT ACADEMY
2021-11-17: Mandiant Launches Mandiant Academy Providing Security Teams With Training From Frontline Cyber Experts | Business Wire
2021-11-17: Alex Jones Rants as an Indie Folk Song - YouTube
2021-11-17: Unicast Use of the Formerly Reserved 127/8
2021-11-17: FBI raids home of Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters |
2021-11-17: NASA audio from yesterday when astronauts were warned of space debris headed their way
2021-11-17: LockBit ransomware gang has announced btc-alpha Cryptocurrency Exchange on the victim list
2021-11-17: How fixing a broken Linux setup works
2021-11-17: Man's home is ransacked by looters after phony Craiglist ad (from 2018)
2021-11-17: Causes of death in London - 1632
2021-11-17: Say NFT one more time: Miramax sues Quentin Tarantino for copyright and trademark infringement over his NFTs
2021-11-17: ATM in north Birmingham that thieves hit earlier this morning
2021-11-17: Labor Force Participation Rate - Women (LNS11300002) | FRED | St. Louis Fed
2021-11-17: Fortune favours the Brave: teams up with Matt Damon and Wally Pfister
2021-11-17: This San Francisco Walgreens shut down over 'severe rat infestation'

2021-11-16: Critical security flaw in npm
2021-11-16: Google Cloud Status Dashboard
2021-11-16: Texas teen charged with allegedly setting Austin synagogue on fire
2021-11-16: Listen to the "sounds" of the Butterfly Nebula cascade off its wings!
2021-11-16: NASA Administrator Statement on Russian ASAT Test | NASA
2021-11-16: iPhone Apps Can Tell Many Things About You Through the Accelerometer | Mysk
2021-11-16: Slow moving file off desktop to Trash - E� - Apple Community
2021-11-16: Cannot Delete Files In Google Drive Folder (via Finder)
2021-11-16: Windows 11's Black Screen of Death is changing back to blue - The Verge
2021-11-16: Microsoft will now update Windows 10 annually with new features - The Verge
2021-11-16: Tuesday Morning Topline: Two More People Shot On Oakland's Lakeshore Ave.
2021-11-16: Health workers in China are killing pets while their owners are in quarantine : NPR
2021-11-16: Opinion | Biden administration soon to announce diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Olympics
2021-11-16: How I Hacked Google App Engine: Anatomy of a Java Bytecode Exploit | Considerations on Codecrafting
2021-11-16: DC's indoor mask mandate to end Monday | WTOP News
2021-11-16: CDC places Iceland, Hungary and Czech Republic at highest travel risk | CNN Travel
2021-11-16: Tunneling with Chisel and SSF | 0xdf hacks stuff
2021-11-16: Japanese toaster-maker Balmuda launches its first smartphone | Engadget
2021-11-16: Don't take Nvidia's word for it try Nvidia's awesome new image comparison tool, instead - The Verge
2021-11-16: Pfizer signs license agreement to allow broader global access to its experimental Covid-19 antiviral pill - CNN
2021-11-16: Russia dismisses U.S. criticism of anti-satellite weapons test
2021-11-16: A dual-ledger layer-one plans to supersede Ethereum and Solana by solving the blockchain trilemma with a 'feeless paradigm'
2021-11-16: Splunk stock plunges as CEO Doug Merritt steps down
2021-11-16: Ultrahot 'superionic' ice is a new state of matter | Live Science
2021-11-16: f you rename procdump.exe to dump64.exe and place it in the "C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft Visual Studio*" folder, you can bypass Defender and dump LSASS
2021-11-16: Could a daily multivitamin help slow cognitive decline?
2021-11-16: Bitcoin (BTC) drops below $60,000 as major cryptocurrencies fall
2021-11-16: Some Gen Z applicants worry political activism will hurt their job prospects
2021-11-16: It is becoming easier, cheaper and quicker to diagnose dementia | The Economist
2021-11-16: Robert Zimmer, Steven Pinker Resign From University of Austin's Advisory Board

2021-11-15: IBM hopes to build quantum-computer data centers
2021-11-15: Chinese Communist Party official expelled for mining crypto
2021-11-15: Insiders update addresses huge list of bugs for Windows 11
2021-11-15: Opinion | 'Sooryavanshi' is dangerous Islamophobic propaganda
2021-11-15: Explainer: Delta dominates the world, but scientists watch for worrisome offspring
2021-11-15: The longest lunar eclipse in centuries will happen this week, NASA says. What to know | National |
2021-11-15: San Francisco Car Burglars Target Parking Garages; Show Up At Victim's Home CBS San Francisco
2021-11-15: Several San Francisco Bay Area children sick after getting receiving wrong dose of coronavirus vaccine - ABC7 San Francisco
2021-11-15: ISS crew shelters from debris after Russia blows up old sat
2021-11-15: U.S. Republicans move to decriminalize marijuana at federal level
2021-11-15: DeFi exploits total $680 million so far in 2021
2021-11-15: Solana Labs CEO: 'Part of our culture is to eat glass'
2021-11-15: Reddit co-founder to invest $100 million in social media on Solana
2021-11-15: A DAO is trying to buy a rare print of the US Constitution
2021-11-15: DHS Cybersecurity Jobs
2021-11-15: Golden Certificate Penetration Testing Lab
2021-11-15: DDR4 memory protections are broken wide open by new Rowhammer technique
2021-11-15: AT&T Reveals Malware Targeting Millions of Routers, IoT Devices
2021-11-15: Discord CEO backs away from hinted NFT integration after backlash
2021-11-15: U.S. Space Command is aware of a debris-generating event in outer space--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-11-15: Windows 10 is a security disaster waiting to happen. How will Microsoft clean up its mess?
2021-11-15: Bird flu spreads in Europe and Asia
2021-11-15: Group Visiting SF Help Stop Attempted Break-In NBC Bay Area
2021-11-15: Exclusive: IBM achieves quantum computing breakthrough - Axios
2021-11-15: Israel, spyware and corruption: NSO ties to Netanyahu, Bennett and other politicians - Israel News -
2021-11-15: How one company came to control San Francisco's elections - The San Francisco Examiner
2021-11-15: Chinese Spy Boss Yanjun Xu Conviction Marks New Chapter in War on Espionage--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-11-15: Last quarter, a record-breaking $11 billion worth of NFTs were sold across multiple blockchains
2021-11-15: San Francisco mosque vandalized

2021-11-14: Woman who trespassed at Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort deported to China | Florida
2021-11-14: Viking seafarers may have navigated with legendary crystals | Science | AAAS
2021-11-14: EXPLAINER: Why US inflation is so high, and when it may ease
2021-11-14: Southwest Airlines employee hospitalized after passenger punched her, police say
2021-11-14: Ithaca, New York votes to decarbonize every building in climate change fight
2021-11-14: L.P.D.: Libertarian Police Department | The New Yorker
2021-11-14: Schnorr Signature - Marek Narozniak's Homepage

2021-11-13: 3 snow leopards with COVID-19 die at Lincoln Children's Zoo
2021-11-13: Create your first zero-knowledge snark circuit using circom and snarkjs - Iden3 project blog
2021-11-13: What are zk-SNARKs? | Zcash
2021-11-13: What is a zero-knowledge proof? | Zero-Knowledge Proofs
2021-11-13: Why and How zk-SNARK Works 1: Introduction
2021-11-13: Armv8 / AArch64 Assembly Cheatsheet
2021-11-13: ZK-Rollups - Lower Ethereum Transaction Fees and Improve Scalability
2021-11-13: Schnorr Digital Signature - YouTube
2021-11-13: Taproot, Bitcoin's Long-Anticipated Upgrade, Activates This Weekend
2021-11-13: Hoax Email Blast Abused Poor Coding in FBI Website
2021-11-13: Astronomers discover an oversized black hole population in the star cluster Palomar 5 - Universitat de Barcelona
2021-11-13: They grew up in Oakland. They owned homes. How they lost everything explains the city's spiraling homeless crisis
2021-11-13: Oops: Google sent Pixel users a huge, useless update
2021-11-13: Fixing Recent Validation Vulnerabilities in OctoRPKI
2021-11-13: A leaf under the microscope while immersed in water revealing bubbles of oxygen and the process of photosynthesis still happening
2021-11-13: Cloudflare blocks an almost 2 Tbps multi-vector DDoS attack
2021-11-13: Kaiser and union workers reach tentative agreement, avoid strike | KRON4
2021-11-13: Women invited 17-year-old boy into car and shot him: San Rafael police | KRON4
2021-11-13: 15-year-old boy cited in multiple Santa Clara County school bomb threats | KRON4
2021-11-13: Himalayan Salt Lamps: Do They Really Work?
2021-11-13: Rockstar Pulls 'Grand Theft Auto: Definitive Edition' After Unintentionally Including Files
2021-11-13: Noam Chomsky on Identity Politics, Free Speech, and China - by Yascha Mounk - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
2021-11-13: Chinese scientists strike early gold in race to nuclear fusion power--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-11-13: How Does This Pandemic End?
2021-11-13: How will Facebook keep its metaverse safe for users? | Financial Times
2021-11-13: Malware Analysis: Syscalls | jmp esp
2021-11-13: Fact Check-Pre-print study that claimed 1 in 1,000 risk of myocarditis following COVID-19 vaccine was withdrawn due to miscalculation
2021-11-13: COVID vaccine video
2021-11-13: Researchers show that Apple's CSAM scanning can be fooled easily
2021-11-13: US detains crypto-exchange exec for helping Ryuk ransomware gang launder profits
2021-11-13: FBI email infrastructure has been compromised and is being used to send fake emails
2021-11-13: Katie Moussouris: "Lots of InfoSec just now discovering that an offense market exists"
2021-11-13: Nov 18 @ 12 pm "Fireside Chat" CCSF Board of Trustees President, Shanell Williams will be asking Dr. Martin key questions

2021-11-12: What investors should know about the bitcoin Taproot upgrade
2021-11-12: U.S. huddles with allies over possible Russian invasion of Ukraine - POLITICO
2021-11-12: Quantum Computers Won't Find Hash Collisions Faster than Classical Computers
2021-11-12: Why the rockfish can live for centuries and you can't - Science
2021-11-12: Microsoft Teams might finally be worth using in Windows 11 | TechRadar
2021-11-12: Using Nmap to check certs and supported TLS algorithms
2021-11-12: Lonnie Coffman, 71, pleaded guilty to bringing molotov cocktails, firearms to Capitol on Jan. 6
2021-11-12: House Democrats move to censure GOP Rep. Paul Gosar over violent video
2021-11-12: 100 Kids In Virginia Given Wrong Dose Of Covid Vaccine - YouTube
2021-11-12: Costco discloses data breach after finding credit card skimmer
2021-11-12: macOS zero-day deployed via Hong Kong pro-democracy news sites
2021-11-12: Transavia airline fined for weak security practices that led to data breach
2021-11-12: Opinion | Progressives ruined San Francisco, but at least 'advocacy' is thriving
2021-11-12: The 'psychology of regret' helps explains why vaccine mandates work
2021-11-12: Inside the Pentagon's $82 million Super Bowl of robots
2021-11-12: Biden administration's vaccine or testing mandate halted by federal judges
2021-11-12: Some Amazon Ring issues
2021-11-12: Sleep apnea linked to COVID-19 outcomes
2021-11-12: Diet loaded with pro-inflammatory foods increases dementia risk, study says -
2021-11-12: Sputnik V propaganda film
2021-11-12: In an Astonishing Feat, a New Drug Reversed Paralysis in Mice With Spinal Cord Injury
2021-11-12: Steve Bannon charged with criminal contempt of Congress : NPR
2021-11-12: He Was a Board Member of the Oath Keepers. Now He's Holding State-Approved Trainings for Law Enforcement in Texas
2021-11-12: AlibabaCloud has been hacked and their source code is now up for sale
2021-11-12: Glen de Vries, Flew to Space with William Shatner, Dead in Plane Crash |
2021-11-12: (1) CityCoins Launch & Tutorial
2021-11-12: secrets Generate secure random numbers for managing secrets Python 3.10.0 documentation
2021-11-12: The masculinity gap - by Noah Carl - Noah's Newsletter
2021-11-12: Covid vaccine holdouts are caving to mandates then scrambling to 'undo' their shots
2021-11-12: Ethical dilemmas surrounding offensive security tool release
2021-11-12: GSK-Vir COVID-19 antibody works as shot in the arm as well as infusion
2021-11-12: Millions of Routers, IoT Devices at Risk from New Open-Source Malware | Threatpost
2021-11-12: 'Balding' black holes prove Einstein right again on general relativity | Space
2021-11-12: Exclusive audio: Trump defends threats to "hang" Pence - Axios
2021-11-12: XSS at NASA
2021-11-12: WhatsApp End-to-End Encrypted Backups Security Assessment by NCC Group Research--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-11-12: Appear before 6 January panel or risk prosecution, ex-Trump chief of staff told | US Capitol attack
2021-11-12: Dutch newspaper links break-in to US spy groups
2021-11-12: Where Rust fits into Linux
2021-11-12: Philippines's passport application site leaks personal info
2021-11-12: AMD reveals an EPYC 50 flaws 23 of them rated High severity. Intel has 25 problems, too
2021-11-12: Some Flutter apps have performance issues: Why and what next
2021-11-12: Clues to what causes long COVID are starting to emerge : Shots - Health News : NPR
2021-11-12: Military suicides persist in lead-up to Veteran's Day
2021-11-12: Climate impacts have failed to shift Americans' views on global warming, new Washington Post-ABC News poll finds
2021-11-12: Inside Travis Scott's Strange Post-Astroworld Partnership With BetterHelp, the 'Tinder of Psychotherapy'
2021-11-12: Instagram offers creators up to $35,000 to post videos to its TikTok clone - The Verge
2021-11-12: J&J plans to split into two companies
2021-11-12: USC Pushed a $115,000 Online Degree. Graduates Got Low Salaries, Huge Debts. - WSJ
2021-11-12: Free website security assessments for sex workers
2021-11-12: Visiting Chinese professor fights off armed robber using martial arts in LA
2021-11-12: The largest known land invertebrate of all time
2021-11-12: Not out of the woods: COVID cases rising in Western Europe
2021-11-12: OSX.CDDS a sophisticated watering hole campaign drops a new macOS implant!
2021-11-12: Investors Spent Millions on 'Evolved Apes' NFTs. Then They Got Scammed.
2021-11-12: The US Government Made It Illegal to Buy These NFTs
2021-11-12: Top Google Result for NFT Marketplace OpenSea Was a Phishing Site--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-11-12: Dutch face three-week, partial lockdown as COVID-19 cases soar
2021-11-12: Major Water Supplier Suffers Nine-Month Long Breach
2021-11-12: We need to talk about the real reason behind US inflation | Robert Reich
2021-11-12: Experience: I taught two dogs to fly a plane | Dogs
2021-11-12: Respiratory Virus Spikes In California As Twindemic Threat Looms
2021-11-12: The Main Driver of Inflation Is a Murderous Maniac in Riyadh
2021-11-12: Two teens charged with murder in the police shooting of Fanta Bility outside football game
2021-11-12: How we broke the cloud with two lines of code: the full story of ChaosDB
2021-11-12: These maps show how Republicans are blatantly rigging elections | US voting rights

2021-11-11: Ferris-wheel sized asteroid Kamo`oalewa may have come from the moon
2021-11-11: Downtown Seattle is now so dangerous city employees will have security guard escorts
2021-11-11: Risk compensation: The dangerous theory that got everything from bike helmets to vaccines wrong.
2021-11-11: Elon Musk opens up about Aliens... - YouTube
2021-11-11: Install Windows 11 on an Apple M1 Mac using Parallels Desktop
2021-11-11: Discovery Alert: A Giant Planet and Three Eclipses
2021-11-11: Tiny Font Size Fools Email Filters in BEC Phishing | Threatpost
2021-11-11: Pandemic Roundup: November 11, 2021 | Violet Blue on Patreon
2021-11-11: Clinical trial finds vitamin D does not ward off colds and flu
2021-11-11: CityCoins
2021-11-11: Miami to Give 'Bitcoin Yield' From MiamiCoin to Its Citizens
2021-11-11: Newsom warns of winter Covid-19 surge - San Francisco Business Times
2021-11-11: Introducing, Icelandverse
2021-11-11: The Chrome team just landed a patch that lets sites block "View Source"
2021-11-11: Windows 11 blocks Edge browser competitors from opening links
2021-11-11: Detect Process Injection Detection with Sysmon
2021-11-11: Rivian stock spikes on second day of trading
2021-11-11: Space Launch Start-Up Just Used A Giant Centrifuge To Fling A Projectile Into The Upper Atmosphere
2021-11-11: New NASA video takes you plummeting through Venus' atmosphere | Space
2021-11-11: The moon's top layer alone has enough oxygen to sustain 8 billion people for 100,000 years | Space
2021-11-11: BazarBackdoor now abuses Windows 10 app feature in 'call me back' attack
2021-11-11: Apple will no longer break Face ID on repaired iPhone 13s
2021-11-11: Honest Trailers | Hackers - YouTube
2021-11-11: Average ransomware payment for US victims more than $6 million, survey says
2021-11-11: A stalker's wishlist: PhoneSpy malware destroys Android privacy
2021-11-11: Notice of Stolen EVGA GeForce RTX 30-Series Graphics Cards - EVGA Forums
2021-11-11: NZ PSA
2021-11-11: CA official: Adults who want COVID booster should get one | The Sacramento Bee
2021-11-11: Chrome is implementing the ability to block "View source" from webpages so that the poorly written Google forms that leak answers to students can be "protected" against.
2021-11-11: Randori discovered and used a Palo Alto Networks GlobalProtect VPN zero-day (CVE-2021-3064) as part of its red team engagements for a year before disclosing the issue to the vendor
2021-11-11: It's Time to Stop Paying for a VPN--SHOW TO CLASS

2021-11-10: YouTube To Remove Public Dislike Counts | HYPEBEAST
2021-11-10: Apple Launches Subscription Service for Small Businesses | HYPEBEAST
2021-11-10: Apple Aims to Reduce Risk of AirTag Stalking in iOS 15.2 Beta
2021-11-10: New dark matter theory has a terrifying explanation for the universe's expansion
2021-11-10: COVID: Santa Clara County Urges All Adults To Receive Boosters Ahead Of Holidays
2021-11-10: Elon Musk sells around $5 billion of Tesla stock
2021-11-10: Robinhood Hackers Accessed Internal Tool for Removing Account Security Features, Screenshots Show
2021-11-10: Florida Man Convicted of Threatening Ilhan Omar, Other Congressmen
2021-11-10: New Zealand security agency: satellite spying's almost done
2021-11-10: ISS nudged to avoid debris from destroyed Chinese satellite
2021-11-10: Clarity Smart Contract Language--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-11-10: Stacks makes Bitcoin programmable, enabling decentralized apps and smart contracts--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-11-10: Mayor Breed backs recall of 3 San Francisco school board members--MISLEADING HEADLINE
2021-11-10: John Cleese blacklists himself from Cambridge University event
2021-11-10: Mendocino Shakedown: Police Accused of Corruption and Theft During Pot Seizures
2021-11-10: 11-Year-Old W/ A MacBook Figures Out How To Shut Down The Whole Internet For A School District! - YouTube
2021-11-10: NFTs and crypto wallets could be in Discord's future
2021-11-10: San Francisco cop placed on leave for missing vaccination deadline dies of Covid-19
2021-11-10: SEC Commissioner: DeFi must address transparency and pseudonymity
2021-11-10: NewYorkCityCoin launching this week with Mayor-elect Eric Adams' blessing--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-11-10: Crypto has gone from 'weird' to 'cool' thanks to NFTs, says Visa executive
2021-11-10: Robinhood is not racing to list shiba inu coin and the short-term gains for the platform wouldn't be in the interest of its users, crypto COO says
2021-11-10: Robinhood Sells Your Data, but Does That Matter? (from 2020)
2021-11-10: Astroworld staff instructed to call dead concertgoers 'Smurfs'
2021-11-10: Brothel Offers Vaccines With Benefits in Free Sex for the Vaxxed Campaign

2021-11-09: yesman--Scanner Honeypot with scapy
2021-11-09: I designed this hexagonal mirror thingy
2021-11-09: Pfizer seeks FDA nod for COVID vaccine boosters for all U.S. adults
2021-11-09: Most Believe the US is No Longer a Good Model of Democracy--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-11-09: Exoplanet Exploration: Planets Beyond our Solar System
2021-11-09: Portspoof: Make all ports appear open to scanners
2021-11-09: Tesla might not be worth more the entire rest of the auto industry combined--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-11-09: Security Analysis of Encrypted Virtual Machines (from 2016)
2021-11-09: Gosar's sister labels lawmaker a 'sociopath' after Ocasio-Cortez, Biden tweet | TheHill
2021-11-09: Pelosi calls for ethics, criminal investigations into Gosar | TheHill
2021-11-09: Unvaccinated 20 times more likely to die from COVID-19: Texas study | TheHill
2021-11-09: NASA delays astronaut moon landing to 2025
2021-11-09: Prospects dimmed for affordable housing for San Francisco educators
2021-11-09: The San Francisco school budget crisis is solvable
2021-11-09: As techworkers stay home, San Francisco food banks scramble for volunteers
2021-11-09: San Francisco's clampdown on parklets fuels turmoil
2021-11-09: Coinbase shares knocked as user numbers and trading volume decline | Financial Times
2021-11-09: Tesla's valuation chart--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-11-09: Tesla surpasses $1 trillion valuation after Hertz order
2021-11-09: Tesla Stock Keeps Tanking. How an Elon Musk Sale Could Be Good News. | Barron's
2021-11-09: Record-breaking 'tsunami' of gravitational waves detected - CNN
2021-11-09: Giant, invasive spiders have taken over Georgia. Will they spread across the US? | Live Science
2021-11-09: Deepest earthquake ever detected should have been impossible | Live Science
2021-11-09: The Microsoft Store desperately needs executive-level direction on cleaning out scams that crowd-out legitimate applications--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-11-09: UK Treasury and central bank will consult on CBDC, potentially launching by 2030
2021-11-09: (San Mateo County Sheriff Bolanos will stop collaborating with ICE
2021-11-09: Where is Gov. Gavin Newsom? Here's what we know about his continued absence from public eye - YouTube
2021-11-09: Tesla drops 12% for biggest fall this year
2021-11-09: Robinhood Down, Users Unable To Transfer Money Out | ZeroHedge
2021-11-09: GitHub - ReconInfoSec / velociraptor-to-timesketch
2021-11-09: Gosar tweet reveals a double standard in cable news' coverage of extremism and civility | Media Matters for America
2021-11-09: inotify - Wikipedia -- USEFUL FOR AUTOMATING LINUX PROCESSES
2021-11-09: GitHub - google/timesketch: Collaborative forensic timeline analysis
2021-11-09: GitHub - log2timeline/plaso: Super timeline all the things--USE FOR PROJECTS
2021-11-09: OpenSOC - Network Defense Simulation
2021-11-09: Hala Fruit: The fruit that looks like an exploding planet
2021-11-09: Trump Administration officials violated law against mixing politics with governing, report says.
2021-11-09: Biden announces new supply chain moves
2021-11-09: Comcast admits "widespread" outage as tens of thousands of users report problems
2021-11-09: Conservative thinkers to open new alternative college in Austin--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-11-09: SpaceX is set to overtake China in Q4
2021-11-09: EU Set To Ban Trading Practice Helping Power Meme-Stock Mania
2021-11-09: Windows.Applications.DIEC ( DetectItEasy) :: Velociraptor - Digging deeper!
2021-11-09: North Dakota promotes electric vehicles, because they're powered by coal
2021-11-09: Commercial Music Licensing For YouTube | Lickd
2021-11-09: DDoS attack cost nearly $12 million
2021-11-09: Virgin Galactic sells another 100 tickets to space tourists
2021-11-09: FBI: Ransomware groups tying attacks to 'significant financial events'
2021-11-09: Meet Lyceum: Iranian hackers targeting telecoms, ISPs
2021-11-09: Tesla is officially an energy provider in Texas
2021-11-09: Biden's "historic" $65 billion broadband plan approved by Congress

2021-11-08: Opinion | More countries are taking Americans hostage. The U.S. is losing its ability to stop it. - Washington Post
2021-11-08: People 'unvaccinated by choice' in Singapore stop receiving free covid-19 treatment
2021-11-08: Hacking group says it has found encryption keys needed to unlock the PS5
2021-11-08: Rep. Paul Gosar tweets altered anime video showing him killing Rep. Ocasio-Cortez and attacking President Biden
2021-11-08: 30 female engineers from India ask Silicon Valley to do better on caste discrimination
2021-11-08: Regeneron's antibody drug shows protection against COVID-19 for up to 8 months
2021-11-08: Robinhood Announces Data Security Incident
2021-11-08: San Francisco and San Mateo Counties Back In CDC's Yellow Tier for COVID Transmission
2021-11-08: Republican lawmaker misses his own anti-vaccine rally after catching Covid-19 | Boing Boing
2021-11-08: San Francisco police officer dies from COVID, source says
2021-11-08: COVID-19 Misinformation is Ubiquitous: 78% of the Public Believes or is Unsure About At Least One False Statement, and Nearly a Third Believe At Least Four of Eight False Statements Tested
2021-11-08: Ethical AI Trained on Reddit Posts Said Genocide Is OK If It Makes People Happy
2021-11-08: Microsoft will now snitch on you at work like never before
2021-11-08: Forbes India - Timeline: The Life, Rise And Fall Of John McAfee
2021-11-08: John McAfee - Wikipedia
2021-11-08: Security software company McAfee acquired for $14 billion - The Verge
2021-11-08: Crypto Money Laundering Happening in Tallest Building in Moscow, Experts Say - Bloomberg
2021-11-08: If Democrats return to centrism, they are doomed to lose against Trump | Samuel Moyn
2021-11-08: U.S. Covid Deaths Get Even Redder--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-11-08: US Treasury sanctions crypto-exchange Chatex for links to ransomware payments
2021-11-08: Five affiliates to Sodinokibi/REvil unplugged | Europol
2021-11-08: "Another big blow to NSO Group and the spyware industry today after 9th Circuit ruled that Facebook/WhatsApp against NSO can proceed
2021-11-08: ManageEngine service vulnerability exploited again -- SHOW TO CLASS
2021-11-08: Alternative Radix Servers
2021-11-08: Justice Dept holding press conference in an hour - believed to be about actions announced today against ransomware operators
2021-11-08: Satellite images show China has built mock-ups of US warships | China
2021-11-08: French couple wins legal fight over wind 'turbine syndrome' | France
2021-11-08: Brave partners with Solana to integrate it into the browser and make it the default for DApp support

2021-11-07: Elon Musk faces a $15 billion tax bill, which is likely the real reason he's selling stock
2021-11-07: Kaiser Strike To Affect Pharmacies In NorCal
2021-11-07: Teenager rescued after showing domestic violence hand signal to passing motorist, police say
2021-11-07: A California middle school removed a history teacher who told her students that Trump is still president
2021-11-07: Ivy league bomb threats made at Columbia, Cornell, Brown, Yale, more
2021-11-07: That Bomb-Hoaxing Harvard Student Was Using Tor, But They Caught Him Anyway

2021-11-06: Apple Fixes macOS Monterey Bug That Bricked Macs After Update
2021-11-06: Elon Musk is letting Twitter decide if he should sell some of his Tesla stock - CNN
2021-11-06: China State Media: 'Military Showdown Will Come' if Taiwan, U.S. Don't Change Course
2021-11-06: Kyrsten Sinema epitomizes 21st-century political corruption but she didn't cause it |
2021-11-06: NewsMax to Require Vaccines As Hosts Bash Mandates: Report
2021-11-06: GitHub - e-ago/bitcracker: BitCracker is the first open source password cracking tool for memory units encrypted with BitLocker
2021-11-06: Op-Ed: When politicians claim professors like me are the enemy, what are they really attacking?
2021-11-06: Pfizer says COVID-19 pill cut hospital, death risk by 90%
2021-11-06: A US/Foreign Government Operation Hijacked the Servers of a Major Ransomware Gang
2021-11-06: Star System With Right-Angled Planets Surprises Astronomers
2021-11-06: The FBI has put out a PSA about an interesting crypto scam - The Verge
2021-11-06: NASA urged to study up on open-source code requirements
2021-11-06: Chick-fil-A admits it has a big customer problem (and no obvious solution)
2021-11-06: The rise and fall of the Jack Daniel's committee: How D.C.'s police lodge made thousands selling whiskey online
2021-11-06: US defense contractor Electronic Warfare hit by data breach
2021-11-06: Travis Scott's Astroworld: Eight killed after crowd surge at Texas festival
2021-11-06: M1 Pro vs Ryzen 9 5900HS Blender Simulations - Viewport Playback - CPU Render - YouTube

2021-11-05: U.S. zero-carbon fusion energy startup Helion raises $500 mln
2021-11-05: Exclusive: Newsmax to Implement Covid-19 Vaccine Mandate
2021-11-05: Democrats Hand Joe Biden His Long-Awaited Infrastructure Win
2021-11-05: The hard consequences of social media's vaccine misinformation - CNN
2021-11-05: What to know before investing in Ethereum competitor Solana (SOL)
2021-11-05: Google Staff Squirm as Remote Workers Face Pay Cuts
2021-11-05: These Parents Built a School App. Then the City Called the Cops
2021-11-05: What you should know about VMware's experimental vTPM - Vimalin
2021-11-05: 1.8 TB of Police Helicopter Surveillance Footage Leaks Online
2021-11-05: Alleged Jan. 6 Rioter Tries to Sell Home on Zillow, Inadvertently Reveals Cache of Explosives: FBI
2021-11-05: IAB Europe says it's expecting to be found in breach of GDPR
2021-11-05: House Sends Infrastructure Bill With Crypto Tax Provision to US President
2021-11-05: Facebook gives Kazakhstan government direct access to content reporting system
2021-11-05: Twitter joins backlash against Australian plan to ID social media users
2021-11-05: Republicans Are Erasing Decades of Voting Rights Gains Before Our Eyes Mother Jones
2021-11-05: A Drone Tried to Disrupt the Power Grid. It Won't Be the Last
2021-11-05: Faulty DRM breaks dozens of games on Intel's Alder Lake CPUs
2021-11-05: Apple's New Screen Repair Trap Could Change the Repair Industry Forever | iFixit News
2021-11-05: After months of delay, the House passes infrastructure bill : NPR
2021-11-05: Diwali leaves New Delhi wheezing in dangerously unhealthy air
2021-11-05: 'Europe is back at the epicenter' of COVID-19, WHO warns. 'Enough idiocy,' Italian official tells anti-vaxxers.
2021-11-05: Tucker Carlson cancels appearance on Fox after bizarre monologue about opioids is leaked | The Independent
2021-11-05: Breaking Encrypted Virtual Machines: Recovering VMWare, Parallels, and VirtualBox Passwords | ElcomSoft blog
2021-11-05: In reversal, University of Florida allows professors to testify in voting case : NPR
2021-11-05: The dynamic measured wake of a Tawny Owl
2021-11-05: The Mavic 3 is DJI's most advanced consumer drone yet
2021-11-05: Pfizer says its antiviral pill can cut 89% of COVID hospitalizations and deaths
2021-11-05: Sinema's raking in cash from MLMs. They want to kill her party's labor bill. - POLITICO
2021-11-05: Lauren Boebert's 'Let's Go Brandon' Dress Screams Prom Villain
2021-11-05: Supporters of Taiwan independence will be liable for life, says China
2021-11-05: Congress pressures Biden to defend Taiwan - POLITICO
2021-11-05: Son of Top Russian FSB Spy Alexey Zhalo Is Reportedly Dead After 'Fall' From Embassy in Berlin
2021-11-05: Greta Thunberg says COP26 climate summit is a failure and a PR event
2021-11-05: San Francisco police sergeant arrested on suspicion of robbing San Mateo Rite Aid
2021-11-05: A recruiter lined me up an interview. ...With the employer that just fired me
2021-11-05: COVID Vaccines and Luciferase
2021-11-05: Newsmax Reporter Claims Covid-19 Vaccines Have 'Luciferase' To Track You
2021-11-05: Cockpit - A Browser-Based Administration Tool for Linux
2021-11-05: Google to Pay Security Researchers up to $50,337 for Exploiting Linux Kernel Bugs
2021-11-05: Kroger says press release announcing acceptance of bitcoin cash is fake
2021-11-05: Body donated for scientific research used to put on a show autopsy for paying audience
2021-11-05: In lawsuit, Pa. voting official says Trump, Giuliani lies led to his heart attacks
2021-11-05: Detroit votes to decriminalize psychedelic mushrooms
2021-11-05: Yes, It's Possible to Safely Jump Into a Black Hole - The Space Academy
2021-11-05: Red Hat to hire fewer senior engineers after budget frozen
2021-11-05: Apple: Sideloading on iOS would open the malware floodgates
2021-11-05: Google's infamous internal 2010 "I just want to serve 5TB" video now public | Hacker News
2021-11-05: Engineers rouse Hubble's sleeping NICMOS instrument
2021-11-05: Microsoft just expanded its malware protection for Linux servers
2021-11-05: The Braindead Buffer Overflow Guide to Pass the OSCP Blindfolded
2021-11-05: I just want to serve 5 terabytes. - YouTube
2021-11-05: Calculations Suggest It'll Be Impossible to Control a Super-Intelligent AI
2021-11-05: Agent 007: Pre-Auth Takeover of Build Pipelines in GoCD
2021-11-05: The Booming Underground Market for Bots That Steal Your 2FA Codes
2021-11-05: Remote proctoring is dehumanizing, degrading, and bad
2021-11-05: Great feature in android 12: permissions removed if app is unused for a few months.
2021-11-05: Proposal for Emoji: GOOSE

2021-11-04: The Shenanigans of Jonathan Villareal | LockBoxx
2021-11-04: US offers $10 million reward for info on Darkside ransomware group
2021-11-04: NYC Mayor-elect Eric Adams says he will take his first 3 paychecks in Bitcoin
2021-11-04: Code compiled to WASM may lack standard security defenses
2021-11-04: Waterfox: A Firefox fork that could teach Mozilla a lesson
2021-11-04: Cisco reveals 'unintentional debugging credential' flaw
2021-11-04: Alaska Governor orders state agencies to ignore federal vaccine mandates
2021-11-04: Snipping Tool not working in Windows 11? An expired certificate is to blame
2021-11-04: How Instagram and Twitter buried the hatchet - The Verge
2021-11-04: Uber prices are still way up, so the company is bringing back carpooling - The Verge
2021-11-04: SF Board of Education President Denounces 'Zoom Bomb' Attack
2021-11-04:Ukraine just doxed not just FSB officers, but actual phone conversations they had about spying on Ukrainian officials
2021-11-04: Facebook just gave group administrators access to more features, even as they abuse the platform and promote moderation evasion | Media Matters for America
2021-11-04: Meta to continue use of facial recognition technology | AppleInsider
2021-11-04: Does Having Kids Make You Happy? - The Atlantic
2021-11-04: James Carville Rips Democrats Over Election Losses: Some Need 'Woke Detox Center'
2021-11-04: Dwayne Johnson bans real guns on set after Alec Baldwin shooting accident
2021-11-04: US federal agencies ordered to patch hundreds of actively exploited vulnerabilities | The Daily Swig
2021-11-04: US mandates vaccines or tests for big companies by Jan. 4
2021-11-04: Ukraine links members of Gamaredon hacker group to Russian FSB
2021-11-04: How iOS Malware Can Spy on Users Silently? - ZecOps Blog
2021-11-04: Almost half of rootkits are used for cyberattacks against government organizations
2021-11-04: China has debated attacking Taiwan-controlled islands, Taiwan official says
2021-11-04: Before my sister died, I promised her I'd hold Britain's benefits system to account | Imogen Day
2021-11-04: Your fast food wrappers contain toxic chemicals. Why is that allowed? | Norah MacKendrick
2021-11-04: Covid: Germany enveloped in 'massive' pandemic of the unvaccinated | Germany
2021-11-04: 'Give yourself a hand': Queensland Health encourages masturbation in cheeky social media post | Queensland
2021-11-04: The NRA's Big-Spending Leader Wants to Sell Ice Cream and Hide in Curtains
2021-11-04: Gene Therapy in the Brain Could Help Boost Efficacy of Drugs Used to Treat Parkinson's Disease

2021-11-03: 5-year-olds soon have to show vaccine cards in San Francisco
2021-11-03: Windows 11 Adds Mute Button to Teams
2021-11-03: Facebook and Instagram go down for some. Messenger, WhatsApp hit, too
2021-11-03: Older HPV vaccine cuts cervical cancer rate up to 87%, study finds
2021-11-03: Museums Are Joining OnlyFans to Share Their Censored Art
2021-11-03: A likely hoax highlights what's still shadowy in cyberspace
2021-11-03: Dridex malware on onedrive
2021-11-03: China confiscates coal to reduce emissions amid climate pressure at COP26
2021-11-03: The world will burn through its ‘carbon budget’ in 11 years
2021-11-03: Maine voters approve adding "right to food" to state constitution.
2021-11-03: "We landed a metasploit module for the GitLab unauth RCE (CVE-2021-22205)
2021-11-03: Future iPad Pro and MacBook Pro Models Rumored to Feature Ultra-Bright Double-Stack OLED Displays - MacRumors
2021-11-03: Pavlok -- behavioral training device to break bad habits
2021-11-03: SFUSD set to vaccinate children as young as five years old - The San Francisco Examiner
2021-11-03: Suspect in scheme to breach major Twitter accounts is now charged with hacking crypto executives
2021-11-03: Cryptodragons: How the NFT Dragon Metaverse Will Bring Innovative Ideas to Life » NullTX
2021-11-03: Marjorie Taylor Greene Event Canceled By SF Republican Party, Excuses Given
2021-11-03: India's first homegrown Covid vaccine wins WHO emergency use listing
2021-11-03: Facebook deletes Ethiopia PM's post that urged citizens to 'bury' rebels
2021-11-03: Supreme Court appears likely to void New York's gun permit law - POLITICO
2021-11-03: Hackers are stealing data today so quantum computers can crack it in a decade
2021-11-03: Homeless students at California college can now sleep in their cars in parking garage | KRON4
2021-11-03: Cyber Command head says US has carried out a 'surge' to address ransomware attacks - CNNPolitics
2021-11-03: - Binding Operational Directive 22-01 Reducing the Significant Risk of Known Exploited Vulnerabilities
2021-11-03: Biden Administration Orders Federal Agencies to Fix Hundreds of Cyber Flaws - WSJ
2021-11-03: Ivermectin-COVID-19 study retracted; authors blame file mixup--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-11-03: Newly discovered #lolbin "C:WindowsSystem32Cmdl32.exe" (signed by MS)
2021-11-03: Alert! Hackers Exploiting GitLab Unauthenticated RCE Flaw in the Wild
2021-11-03: expects to lose up to $12M following DDoS extortion attempt
2021-11-03: New GriftHorse malware has infected more than 10 million Android phones
2021-11-03: Satya Nadella: "The metaverse is here"--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-11-03: NSO Group, Candiru and Positive Technologies have been added to the Entity List for Malicious Cyber Activities by the Commerce Department
2021-11-03: Rootkits: Expensive to build, cheap to rent - TechRepublic
2021-11-03: Boost protection of your Linux estate with behavior monitoring, extended distro coverage, and more - Microsoft Tech Community
2021-11-03: Man Upset That Hackers Stole His Bored Ape NFTs

2021-11-02: BlackMatter ransomware says its shutting down due to pressure from local authorities
2021-11-02: About 12,000 members of Air Force, Space Force not vaccinated for Covid at deadline
2021-11-02: Christian radio host sentenced to three life sentences for Ponzi scheme bilking millions from elderly listeners
2021-11-02: Windows Kernel Exploitation Tutorial
2021-11-02: Hundreds of SF school jobs could be cut to avoid state takeover
2021-11-02: Here's what it's like to live in one of Charlie Munger's windowless dorms - CNN
2021-11-02: ETH Whale Grabs Over 153 Billion SHIB
2021-11-02: Widespread Coronavirus Infection Found in Iowa Deer, New Study Says
2021-11-02: Microsoft Teams enters the metaverse race with 3D avatars and immersive meetings - The Verge
2021-11-02: Facebook Plans to Shut Down Its Facial Recognition System
2021-11-02: Tutorials | Substrate_
2021-11-02: Create your first Substrate blockchain | Substrate_
2021-11-02: Parity Hack: How It Happened, And Its Aftermath (2017)
2021-11-02: Potentially faster-spreading Delta variant, AY.4.2, spotted in 8 states
2021-11-02: You can help NASA train Mars rovers for the Red Planet | Space
2021-11-02: Texas woman points gun at 7-year-old for trick-or-treating outside her home
2021-11-02: Crypto Exchange Kraken Set to List Shiba Inu Tomorrow SHIB Investors Expect Price to Pump
2021-11-02: 'Worst List' names 180 colleges that are 'unsafe' for LGBTQ students
2021-11-02: Democratic donors warn they may hold back money for midterms
2021-11-02: Quentin Tarantino to offer seven uncut scenes from 'Pulp Fiction' as NFTs
2021-11-02: The Most Detailed Map of Cancer-Causing Industrial Air Pollution in the U.S. | ProPublica
2021-11-02: Poison in the Air ProPublica
2021-11-02: After Security Flaw Found, Missouri Hires Data Breach Group
2021-11-02: This is Newsmax's White House correspondent
2021-11-02: GitHub - EspressoCake/DLL-Hijack-Search-Order-BOF: DLL Hijack Search Order Enumeration BOF
2021-11-02: I was 19 years old and working at a nightclub then I got caught up in a government phone-hacking scandal - Coda Story
2021-11-02: How To Get Into Malware Development ·
2021-11-02: Encryption-as-a-Service Provider Vaultree Emerges From Stealth--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-11-02: Achieving LFI to RCE

2021-11-01: San Francisco school district to present plan to avoid state takeover | KRON4
2021-11-01: Hong Kong sleeping bus tour launches five-hour trip for napping commuters
2021-11-01: Poll Finds Most Americans Would Swap Democracy For $100 Best Buy Gift Card
2021-11-01: Texas School Censors All Of 'Huck Finn' Except The N-Words
2021-11-01: How Twitter plans to 'pre-bunk' climate disinformation
2021-11-01: FEC allows foreign money in U.S. referendum campaigns - Axios
2021-11-01: Opinion | How Biden's Afghan blunder is already endangering U.S. security
2021-11-01: Solar flare misses Earth, mostly
2021-11-01: US Treasury report says stablecoin legislation is 'urgently needed' to address risks
2021-11-01: Jeffrey Epstein ties cost Barclays CEO his job | Sexual Assault News | Al Jazeera
2021-11-01: Safeway in San Francisco's Castro no longer 24 hours due to theft
2021-11-01: EXCLUSIVE: Fremont photographer followed 40 miles from San Francisco before being robbed at gunpoint
2021-11-01: Hubble Remains in Safe Mode, NASA Team Investigating | NASA
2021-11-01: The pandemic's true death toll | The Economist
2021-11-01: Roger Stone says he'll run for Florida governor if Ron DeSantis doesn't conduct a vote audit in the state, where Trump won
2021-11-01: Manchin blasts House Democrats, potentially pressing pause on Biden agenda
2021-11-01: Florida Teacher of the Year charged with child abuse in Jacksonville
2021-11-01: Opinion | Roe Is as Good as Gone. It's Time for a New Strategy.
2021-11-01: Spiders are much smarter than you think
2021-11-01: Endangered California Condors Can Reproduce Asexually, Study Finds
2021-11-01: iOS 15.1: The bugs are back
2021-11-01: American passenger charged after allegedly punching flight attendant twice
2021-11-01: 98% of San Francisco employees return to office after meeting vaccine deadline, city officials say
2021-11-01: Only 19% of San Francisco seniors vaccinated with boosters
2021-11-01: Squid Game Cryptocurrency Scammers Make Off With $2.1 Million--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-11-01: Weather junkies turn to Florida hurricane blogger for info
2021-11-01: Hidden Brain - Work 2.0: The Obstacles You Don't See on Stitcher--RECOMMENDED
2021-11-01: It's almost as if NFTs make no sense
2021-11-01: The Razer Zephyr Is Useless- But It Has Potential - YouTube
2021-11-01: Few completions, more dropouts as Calbright College continues to struggle | EdSource
2021-11-01: Calbright College enrollment numbers spark debate
2021-11-01: Almost one in three of Republicans say violence may be necessary to 'save' US
2021-11-01: Warnings of violence before Jan. 6 precipitated the Capitol riot - Washington Post
2021-11-01: 'Yeah, we're spooked': AI starting to have big real-world impact, says expert
2021-11-01: Tether's bad month: CFTC, Bloomberg, Reggie Fowler Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain
2021-11-01: Linux Kernel 5.15 Released with New NTFS File System, In-Kernel SMB Server, and More - 9to5Linux
2021-11-01:Detection Lab. a Windows IR test system
2021-11-01: Rory McCune on Twitter: "Kubernetes security thing: Always be careful of what you are letting your users choose for usernames"
2021-11-01: Signal )) Government Requests )) Search warrant for Signal user data, Santa Clara County
2021-11-01: Half of America Is Ready to Switch to Starlink Satellite Internet | PCMag
2021-11-01: Microsoft passes Apple to become the world's most valuable company
2021-11-01: All three of these @BoredApeYC were hacked tonight over discord
2021-11-01: Donald Trump Is Now the Odds-On Favorite to Be President in 2025 - The Bulwark
2021-11-01: Sudan: seven days without Internet access (and counting)
2021-11-01: 'Trojan Source' Bug Threatens the Security of All Code
2021-11-01: Job market trend: Hiring managers are enraged at job seekers "ghosting" them.
2021-11-01: Researchers Uncover 'Pink' Botnet Malware That Infected Over 1.6 Million Devices
2021-11-01: Meet skimpflation: A reason inflation is worse than the government says it is
2021-11-01: Denied care, millions of Americans condemned to toothache
2021-11-01: COVID's endgame: Where SARS-CoV-2 is headed

2021-10-31: Rating cybersecurity of states: methodology
2021-10-31: California Ranks Near Bottom In Cybersecurity Poll
2021-10-31: Afghanistan Wedding Ends With Alleged Taliban Gunning Down Guests Due to Music Being Played
2021-10-31: Airless tire made for NASA's Mars rovers could revolutionize tires on Earth
2021-10-31: California urbanites flocking to remote deserts spark 'culture clash' with locals
2021-10-31: Greta Thunberg urges banks to halt funding for climate 'destruction' | TheHill
2021-10-31: Man dressed as the Joker injures 17 people on Tokyo train : NPR
2021-10-31: Interview: Matthew Prince with Eric Goldman Knight Foundation
2021-10-31: Microsoft Edge on Linux is the fastest browser
2021-10-31: You only live once: Epidemiologists analyze health risks in all the James Bond films
2021-10-31: Observe us wearing the latest in tech: smart caption glasses
2021-10-31: Eternals Star Lauren Ridloff Criticizes Theater Accessibility
2021-10-31: Robᵗ Graham refuting Rachel Maddow's conspiracy theory about the "Trump Server"
2021-10-31: Merck's cancer drug Keytruda on pace for $17 billion of sales - Axios
2021-10-31: Melanoma with Keytruda
2021-10-31: Elon Musk: "@DrEliDavid If WFP can describe on this Twitter thread exactly how $6B will solve world hunger, I will sell Tesla stock right now and do it." / Twitter
2021-10-31: gcpHound : A Swiss Army Knife Offensive Toolkit for Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
2021-10-31: My Family Saw a Police Car Hit a Kid on Halloween. Then I Learned How NYPD Impunity Works. ProPublica
2021-10-31: TO CLASS
2021-10-31: If you're a Gen Xer/old Millennial, your childhood MMR vaccine might have worn off
2021-10-31: The Wire: Trump Special Thread
2021-10-31: GitHub - ricardojoserf/covert-tube: Youtube as covert-channel - Control systems remotely and execute commands by uploading videos to Youtube
2021-10-31: PowerShell for Pentesters - YouTube
2021-10-31: Practical Usage of NTLM Hashes - ropnop blog
2021-10-31: 'It is a game changer': Waging war on climate change from space - POLITICO
2021-10-31: South Korea built this bike lane covered by solar panels

2021-10-30: Massive cyber heist rocks high society jeweller Graff
2021-10-30: The Metaverse Was Lame Even Before Facebook - The Atlantic
2021-10-30: Two cops fired for submitting fake COVID vaccination cards now they're under criminal investigation
2021-10-30: The Polarization of Death--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-10-30: Coinbase Accidentally Adds $181,000,000 in Shiba Inu to the Wallet of This NASCAR Driver He Wants None of It - The Daily Hodl
2021-10-30: Ladder hacking
2021-10-30: American Airlines cancels more than 700 flights, citing weather and staffing issues
2021-10-30: Is Roblox Still Down And When Will It Be Up Again?
2021-10-30: Running An Old PC? Here's How to Install Windows 11 on Unsupported CPUs
2021-10-30: 'My students never knew': the lecturer who lived in a tent | Universities
2021-10-30: Fox News' Tucker Carlson problem - CNN
2021-10-30: Taliban says failure to recognise their government could have global effects
2021-10-30: It Is CHAOS in East Lansing, Michigan After MSU's Win Over UM | Barstool Sports
2021-10-30: A gay student talking about bullying at a Massachusetts school board meeting was shouted over by a woman yelling 'This is the indoctrination'
2021-10-30: Apple's explanation for no Face ID on the MacBook Pro is nonsense
2021-10-30: Trial announced for 'first-of-its-kind' vaccine to prevent breast cancer
2021-10-30: Strawberry Pop-Tart attorney has filed more than 400 similar lawsuits : NPR
2021-10-30: Bomb threats, evacuations on Capitol Hill unnerve staffres
2021-10-30: Hubble Space Telescope Celebrates Halloween With A Glowering Carbon Star
2021-10-30: Google gives community colleges free access to their 4 certificates
2021-10-30: Building Mission-Driven 5G Security with Zero Trust
2021-10-30: Coinbase Pulls A Robinhood As Users Are Unable To Trade Shiba Inu During Rally |
2021-10-30: Group of anti-Trump Republicans was behind tiki torches in Virginia campaign
2021-10-30: Kaspersky ADVANCED #Malware Analysis Techniques training course -- $2400
2021-10-30: Has the Virus Infected Huge Numbers of Younger Children?
2021-10-30: Apple MacBook Pro (14-Inch, 2021) Review: Powerful With Ports Aplenty
2021-10-30: Android smartphones infected with rare rooting malware
2021-10-30: NSA warns of threat actors compromising entire 5G networks via cloud systems
2021-10-30: Microsoft finds Shrootless, a macOS bug that lets malware install rootkits
2021-10-30: China proposes special rules for "super large" internet platforms
2021-10-30: Europol detains suspects behind LockerGoga, MegaCortex, and Dharma ransomware attacks
2021-10-30: Massachusetts Health Network Hacked; Patient Info Exposed
2021-10-30: NASA job lost by swearing on Twitter (may be fake)

2021-10-29: Greenland's ice will melt and raise sea level by 20 feet--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-10-29: Bay Area start-up Xwing took us for a test flight, where the pilot didn't touch the controls once
2021-10-29: Florida Bars State Professors From Testifying in Voting Rights Case
2021-10-29: APOD: 2021 October 30 - A Rorschach Aurora
2021-10-29: NYC braces for fewer cops, more trash as vax deadline looms
2021-10-29: Windows Update Medic Service (WaaSMedicSVC.exe) in Windows 10
2021-10-29: America's Food Safety System Failed to Stop a Salmonella Epidemic. It's Still Making People Sick. ProPublica
2021-10-29: How to install Windows 10 VM on Proxmox VE | LinuxHelp Tutorials
2021-10-29: NRA paid the ransom illegally--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-10-29: Ransomware Has Disrupted Almost 1,000 Schools in the US This Year
2021-10-29: Unvaccinated people with prior #COVID19 infection recently were **5 times more likely** to be reinfected than people recently fully vaccinated!
2021-10-29: U.S. Agencies Must Adopt Vulnerability-Disclosure Policies by March 2021
2021-10-29: You can download the Conti ransomware group and Blackmatter ransomware group toolkit here
2021-10-29: myCharge Recalls Powerbanks Due to Fire and Burn Hazards |
2021-10-29: Scientists Saw How the Tau Protein Leads to Alzheimer's Progression in the Brain and Are Now Closer to a Cure
2021-10-29: Linux and FreeBSD variants of the #Hive #Ransomware
2021-10-29: GitHub - AlynxZhou/gnome-shell-extension-inotch: Add a useless notch to your screen.
2021-10-29: Windows Subsystem for Android: What's the point?
2021-10-29: Zero Click account Takeover
2021-10-29: Ethereum all-time high above $4,400 after Altair upgrade, step to proof of stake

2021-10-28: Migration of servers to Proxmox VE - Proxmox VE
2021-10-28: Mark Werremeyer and Bryce Kerley on DEF CON Hack-a-Sat
2021-10-28: Jupiter's Great Red Spot Extends Deep into the Gas Giant
2021-10-28: Oklahoma botches third consecutive execution attempt
2021-10-28: 9 Uncomfortable Truths You Should Accept Early in Life
2021-10-28: Free IT Training Courses: Starter Pass | INE
2021-10-28: (1) eJPT vs Comptia PenTest : eLearnSecurity
2021-10-28: Air Force is first to face troops' rejection of vaccine mandate as thousands avoid shots
2021-10-28: American Airlines flight attendant hospitalized after passenger attack
2021-10-28: Google makes waitlists for Pixel 6 Pro because it can't keep the phone in stock - The Verge
2021-10-28: Muni cuts some rides while trying to get workers vaccinated | KRON4
2021-10-28: Raytheon warns of worker losses as companies impose vaccine mandate
2021-10-28: Trump criticized Mark Zuckerberg, saying the $400 million he donated to help local election offices makes him a 'criminal'
2021-10-28: Proxmox 7 install fails at 3% | Proxmox Support Forum
2021-10-28: Installing Proxmox VE
2021-10-28: Install and configure Proxmox VE
2021-10-28: Balky solar array still troubling NASA's Lucy asteroid probe | Space
2021-10-28: Microsoft is force installing PC Health Check in Windows 10
2021-10-28: All Windows versions impacted by new LPE zero-day vulnerability
2021-10-28: Facebook CEO Zuckerberg renames company Meta, outlines vision for 'Horizon' metaverse
2021-10-28: Meta CEO Zuckerberg predicts the metaverse will be mainstream in 5-10 years - TechRepublic
2021-10-28: Sun fires off major solar flare from Earth-facing sunspot | Space
2021-10-28: Facebook changes company name to Meta
2021-10-28: Boudin Could be Forced to Disclose How Often His DA Office Prosecutes Domestic Violence Offenders NBC Bay Area
2021-10-28: SolarWinds hackers, Nobelium, once again strike global IT supply chains, Microsoft warns
2021-10-28: Ransomware: It's a 'golden era' for cyber criminals - and it could get worse before it gets better
2021-10-28: U-Boat Worx Super Sub looks like a James Bond gadget - SlashGear
2021-10-28: UN food chief: 2% of Elon Musk's wealth would help world's hunger - Axios
2021-10-28: A White hospital executive says he was fired and replaced by 2 women as part of a diversity push. He sued and was just awarded $10 million - CNN
2021-10-28: German investigators identify REvil ransomware gang core member
2021-10-28: FDA vaccine advisers vote to recommend Pfizer's Covid-19 vaccine for children 5 to 11 - CNN
2021-10-28: Looks to Cash In on Bull Market With $100M Advertising Campaign
2021-10-28: Larch trees in the Douglas fir forest in Oregon create a smiley face
2021-10-28: A security bug in health app Docket exposed COVID-19 vaccine records

2021-10-27: Cheap antidepressant shows promise treating early Covid
2021-10-27:Starbucks raising pay up to $23 per hour
2021-10-27: Good Samaritan stabbed while helping older woman attacked in San Francisco, police say
2021-10-27: Two Chinese teams claim to have reached primacy with quantum computers
2021-10-27: Facebook hiring recruiting crisis in leaked docs
2021-10-27: Buy NFTs from CNN's archives | Vault by CNN
2021-10-27: Observing the 2,000-IP Botnet Torrenting Ubuntu | tweedge's blog
2021-10-27: Facebook sued by shareholder over whistleblower revelations
2021-10-27: Flood Of SHIBA INU Buyers Crashes Coinbase | ZeroHedge
2021-10-27: ShellcodeFluctuation technique
2021-10-27: 999 Andy Warhol forgeries
2021-10-27: Bogus Roblox API NPM packages caught carrying ransomware
2021-10-27: Giant, free index to world's research papers released online
2021-10-27: IBM buys technology labs from McDonald's
2021-10-27: University of Maryland students tell catcalling stories in chalk - The Lily
2021-10-27: How AirTags are being used to find stolen property
2021-10-27: COVID Now a 'Major Cause of Death' in Kids
2021-10-27: Neutrino result heralds new chapter in physics
2021-10-27: Bringing 'Clarity' to 8 Dangerous Smart Contract Vulnerabilities
2021-10-27: Memory Corruption in vyper
2021-10-27: Break My Contract (Part 1) - Integer Overflow | by $SCAM
2021-10-27: Meet the Real-Life Mr. Robot
2021-10-27: Todays C.R.E.A.M. Hack Explained--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-10-27: Cream Finance Exploited in Flash Loan Attack Netting Over $100M
2021-10-27: Harambe statue and 10,000 bananas show up at Facebook headquarters: why | KRON4
2021-10-27: Intel Core i9 11900K: Five Linux Distros Show Sizable Lead Over Windows 11 - Phoronix
2021-10-27: Resisting the Menace of Face Recognition
2021-10-27: Attack the block How a security researcher cracked 70% of urban WiFi networks in one hit | The Daily Swig
2021-10-27: WordPress plugin bug lets attackers inject code into vulnerable sites
2021-10-27: Ransomware gang claims attack on NRA
2021-10-27: private keys for generating EU Covid Certificates have leaked
2021-10-27: How we rolled out security keys at Twitter--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-10-27: Study of SARS-CoV-2 antibody seroprevalence among domestic cats
2021-10-27: GitHub - stong/how-to-exploit-a-double-free: How to exploit a double free vulnerability in 2021. 'Use-After-Free for Dummies'
2021-10-27: US begins legal appeal to get Julian Assange extradited
2021-10-27: PG&E power surge leaves Lincoln residents with damaged appliances
2021-10-27: Florida now has America's lowest COVID rate. Does Ron DeSantis deserve credit?
2021-10-27: Conti Ransom Gang Starts Selling Access to Victims
2021-10-27: Apple quietly patches yet another iPhone 0-day check you have 15.0.2 Naked Security

2021-10-26: FCC kicks China Telecom out of United States
2021-10-26: Windows security - Windows security | Microsoft Docs
2021-10-26: Scientists Built an AI to Give Ethical Advice, But It Turned Out Super Racist
2021-10-26: Kyle Rittenhouse judge says men he shot can be called 'rioters' and 'looters'
2021-10-26: Due to Covid, college enrollment saw largest two-year drop in 50 years
2021-10-26: Sysmon for Linux Test Drive - Lares--USE FOR PROJECT
2021-10-26: Political Contributions From Facebook's Top Brass Exceed $3.9 Million
2021-10-26: Introduction to Linux (LFS101x) - Linux Foundation - Training
2021-10-26: TPUSA audience member asks Charlie Kirk when they can "use the guns" and "kill these people"
2021-10-26: Facebook Pulls Bolsonaro Video Saying Vaccines Give People AIDS
2021-10-26: A new interstellar probe could take NASA deeper into space than ever before : NPR
2021-10-26: Oura adds period prediction and heart rate to its next-gen smart ring - The Verge
2021-10-26: macOS 12 Monterey: The Ars Technica review
2021-10-26: How to Clean Install macOS Monterey Easily Using the New Erase Mac Option - MacRumors
2021-10-26: Greene fined a third time for refusing to wear mask on House floor | TheHill
2021-10-26: General Motors wants to help build 40,000 electric vehicle chargers in the US - The Verge
2021-10-26: CDC extends Covid restrictions for cruise ship industry into January
2021-10-26: Linear friction welding
2021-10-26: Laura Ingraham Airs Misleading Images, Mocks Fact-Checkers for Busting Her
2021-10-26: These Are the Most Damning Bits From 'The Facebook Papers'
2021-10-26: Biden Administration Says Sputnik Vaccine Won't Count for International Travelers Hoping to Visit America
2021-10-26: The Blc1 Alien Radio Signal From Proxima Centauri Found by Breakthrough Listen Finally Gets Explained
2021-10-26: Paid Sick Leave Proposal in San Francisco NBC Bay Area
2021-10-26: Justice Department announces 150 arrests in operation targeting international darknet opioid trafficking - CNNPolitics
2021-10-26: Iranian gas stations hit by outage in widespread cyberattack | The Times of Israel
2021-10-26: Revealed: 60% of Americans say oil firms are to blame for the climate crisis | Environment
2021-10-26: Shopper says Apple staff hurried him, others to storage room during Boise mall shooting
2021-10-26: Is China About to Reverse Its Bitcoin Mining Ban? Here's What's Really Going On - Decrypt

2021-10-25: Elon Musk Reveals Real Reason He Supports Dogecoin, Says Many People at Tesla and Spacex Own DOGE Altcoins Bitcoin News
2021-10-25: Elon Musk Discusses Important Dogecoin Improvements, Confirms No Investment in Shiba Inu Bitcoin News
2021-10-25: MasterCard partners with Bakkt to offer crypto and loyalty programmes
2021-10-25: Amnesty International Closing Hong Kong Offices Amid Security Concerns
2021-10-25: 3 teens arrested in connection to Newark armed robberies | KRON4
2021-10-25: Scientists in Singapore have come up with a novel way of restoring the island's declining reefs - by using Lego blocks
2021-10-25: KapeFiles/Targets/Apps at master · EricZimmerman/KapeFiles · GitHub
2021-10-25: Microsoft says Russia hacked at least 14 IT service providers this year--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-10-25: ssh signing now available for Github commits
2021-10-25: GCHQ to use new cyber force to hunt ransomware gangs | Financial Times
2021-10-25: Behold, the Worm Blob and Its Computerized Twin
2021-10-25: Japan's Princess Mako finally marries commoner boyfriend Kei Komuro
2021-10-25: Chicago, cyber attack: a private college makes a pact with its attackers
2021-10-25: Greenscreen dress
2021-10-25: Detect a planet in another galaxy! Here's how they did it
2021-10-25: Home » SECURITY BLUE TEAM
2021-10-25: Blue Origin, Sierra Space, Boeing announce plans for private space stations, as does Nanoracks and Lockheed Martin
2021-10-25: Dwarf planet Vesta a window to the early solar system -- ScienceDaily
2021-10-25: Extreme couponers were sent to prison in $31.8 million fraud scheme - CNN
2021-10-25: Indri indri lemurs can sing with different rhythms, a study finds - CNN
2021-10-25: I hopefully checked California reservoir levels this morning and nope
2021-10-25: Evidence of a Giant Impact in Nearby Star System Stripping the Atmosphere From a Planet
2021-10-25: Neutron Stars' Surprising Secrets Revealed by Gravitational Waves
2021-10-25: Opinion | The GOP rebrands itself as the party of tax cheats
2021-10-25: Lost hiker ignores 'unknown' cellphone calls from search and rescue team | KRON4
2021-10-25: "The Liberty Way": How Liberty University Discourages and Dismisses Students' Reports of Sexual Assaults ProPublica
2021-10-25: Biden issuing new order lifting COVID-19 travel restrictions, imposing vaccine rules
2021-10-25: Planet in Another Galaxy
2021-10-25: Amazon workers on Staten Island have filed to hold a union election. : NPR
2021-10-25: NASA to reveal new findings in Jupiter's atmosphere on Thursday - Space Explored
2021-10-25: Some credit card issuers will intentionally accept slightly incorrect CVC numbers
2021-10-25: Kansas Man Admits Hacking Public Water Facility
2021-10-25: Hertz Just Ordered 100,000 Teslas in Supposed $4.2B Deal | The Drive
2021-10-25: Saudi crown prince a 'psychopath', says exiled intelligence officer | Saudi Arabia
2021-10-25: Apple once threatened Facebook ban over Mideast maid abuse
2021-10-25: Truck blown over on Richmond bridge, Ca
2021-10-25: Tesco app back online following attack that took it down
2021-10-25: CypherCon just launched a really cool puzzle site
2021-10-25: How Amazon Mishandled Paying Dozens of Workers on Leave

2021-10-24: We haven't even begun to tap into the potential of NFTs
2021-10-24: Mila Kunis' 'Stoner Cats' NFT Sale Pulls in $8M Animated Series Can Only Be Watched by NFT Holders (from July)
2021-10-24: About 148K Without Power as Storm Drenches the Bay Area
2021-10-24: Plastic industry pollution to overtake coal in US by 2030, report says
2021-10-24: Microplastics may be cooling and heating Earth's climate
2021-10-24: If you ever wanted to help find new planets, now's your chance
2021-10-24: More than 100,000 people have had their eyes scanned for free cryptocurrency
2021-10-24: Correlating sysmon process creation (eventid 1) with process access (eventid 10) to find LOLbin execution--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-10-24: POWER OUTAGES: More than 130,000 customers without power in Bay Area, PG&E says
2021-10-24: Florida's top doctor refuses mask, is told to leave meeting
2021-10-24: Walmart Has Quietly Begun Hosting Bitcoin ATMs
2021-10-24: Recycled Cobalt Strike key pairs show many crooks are using same cloned installation
2021-10-24: Google 'colluded' with Facebook to bypass Apple privacy
2021-10-24: NIH demands unpublished data on coronavirus experiment, but says research is not linked to the pandemic
2021-10-24: Flock license plate readers spark controversy in Golden, Colo.
2021-10-24: Two Jan. 6 Planners Cooperate With Committee, Name MAGA Congress Members - Rolling Stone
2021-10-24: Vinath Oudomsine used covid-19 business relief to buy a Pokémon card, federal prosecutors say
2021-10-24: Elon Musk tweets that Tesla is rolling back 'Full Self-Driving' for some users because of software issues
2021-10-24: Microsoft no longer signs Windows drivers for Process Hacker--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-10-24: New method that criminals are exiting shopping centers after a hit--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-10-24: California Live Updates: Evacuations, Warnings Issued Because of Debris Flow and Flood Threat
2021-10-24: COVID-19 vaccination reduces risk and duration of SARS-CoV-2 infection
2021-10-24: CDC adds mental health disorders to list of conditions linked to higher risk of severe COVID-19. Here's why.
2021-10-24: Scoop: Facebook exec warns of "more bad headlines" - Axios
2021-10-24: Facebook whistleblower warns 'dangerous' encryption will aid espionage by hostile nations
2021-10-24: Breaking the News: New York Times Journalist Ben Hubbard Hacked with Pegasus after Reporting on Previous Hacking Attempts - The Citizen Lab
2021-10-24: I Was Hacked. The Spyware Used Against Me Makes Us All Vulnerable.
2021-10-24: EXCLUSIVE: Two SF Prosecutors Quit & Join Effort to Oust Former Boss, District Attorney Chesa Boudin
2021-10-24: "These Findings Boggle My Mind": Audit Rips Apart Florida Program Created to Aid Brain-Damaged Kids ProPublica
2021-10-24: Free Intro to Security textboolk!
2021-10-24: 150 mph without a driver: Indy autonomous cars gear up for race
2021-10-24: A Rare Win in the Cat-and-Mouse Game of Ransomware
2021-10-24: U.N. nuke watchdog chief says monitoring of Iran is no longer 'intact.'
2021-10-24: Facebook, Twitter and other social media companies need to be treated like Big Tobacco
2021-10-24: New variant? No masks? Here's what's driving the U.K.'s Covid surge
2021-10-24: The CEO of a logistics startup took a boat tour of the Port of Long Beach and found a lot of things wrong, including terminals 'simply overflowing with containers'
2021-10-24: Retired Oakland police captain fighting for his life
2021-10-24: Almost $7M in Bitcoin Held by Colonial Pipeline Attacker Is on the Move
2021-10-24: A man was 'covered' in poop after a passing plane dumped toilet waste over his backyard, lawmaker says
2021-10-24: Mystery of exotic infectious disease traced to aromatherapy room spray - CNN
2021-10-24: Business without bosses: San Francisco innovators battle bureaucracy with blockchain
2021-10-24: Namibia suspends use of Russian COVID vaccine after S.Africa flags HIV concerns
2021-10-24: A Harvard freshman made a social networking app called 'The FaceTag.' It's sparked a debate about the ethics of facial recognition.
2021-10-24: 'Bombshell' NIH letter on bat coronavirus research reveals Fauci's big lie, professor says
2021-10-24: 'We hope it's not an adversary here on Earth': NASA leader suggests UFOs could be aliens
2021-10-24: Woolly Mammoth: Shearer Saves Hugely Overgrown Sheep : The Two-Way : NPR
2021-10-24: A cautionary tale from the streets of San Francisco | The Economist
2021-10-24: Generally Intelligent - Machine Learning Research Engineer (San Francisco)
2021-10-24: Google digital advertising antitrust litigation [pdf]
2021-10-24: Parents claim they have the right to shape their kids' school curriculum. They don't.
2021-10-24: A crusade to end grading in high schools

2021-10-23: PolitiFact | Newsmax, Fox News air outdated, out-of-context photos of empty shelves in segments bashing Biden
2021-10-23: Tools for cheating on the Chinese imperial civil service examinations--from the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911)
2021-10-23: Studying the Edge of the Sun's Magnetic Bubble | NASA
2021-10-23: SpaceX: Gateway to Mars
2021-10-23: 1968 article predicting "instant cops"
2021-10-23: Students could be prevented from taking university courses deemed 'low value' by the Government
2021-10-23: 83,000 Signatures Submitted to Force SF District Attorney Chesa Boudin into Recall Election
2021-10-23: EFF Board of Directors Removes 76-Year-Old John Gilmore
2021-10-23: Winklevoss twins are tangled up in NFT scandal
2021-10-23: Jonathan Scott is actually Jonathan Villareal (he also called himself Jonathan Lee). Read how he sued his former business partner
2021-10-23: Hackers somehow got their rootkit a Microsoft-issued digital signature
2021-10-23: Take a screen on the go: 13 portable monitors that are on sale
2021-10-23: Wisdom app debuts, providing audio-only mentorship for thousands
2021-10-23: People who've had COVID-19 are facing memory problems months after contracting the disease, new study says: 'They can't think'
2021-10-23: Windows.Carving.Qbot :: Velociraptor - Digging deeper!
2021-10-23: Project Zero: How a simple Linux kernel memory corruption bug can lead to complete system compromise
2021-10-23: Something special is happening to Uranus
2021-10-23: Full DLL Unhooking with C - Red Teaming Experiments
2021-10-23: Playing with an EDR: Cylance //
2021-10-23: Syscalls with D/Invoke - Offensive Defence
2021-10-23: GitHub - snovvcrash/DInjector: Collection of shellcode injection techniques packed in a D/Invoke weaponized DLL
2021-10-23: GitHub - optiv/ScareCrow: ScareCrow - Payload creation framework designed around EDR bypass.
2021-10-23: Opinion | How I Became a Sick Person
2021-10-23: Atmospheric river, bomb cyclone to wallop California
2021-10-23: "average" #infosec salaries in the UK--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-10-23: Trump social network given 30 days to stop breaking software license
2021-10-23: White House repeats no Taiwan policy change; experts see Biden gaffe
2021-10-23: Cisco SD-WAN flaw could lead to arbitrary code execution, patch it now!
2021-10-23: How I hacked into one of India's costliest schools!
2021-10-23: Bitcoin's Netscape Moment is Finally Here - Decrypt
2021-10-23: A mysterious 'A Team' rescued dogs trapped by lava from La Palma volcano : NPR
2021-10-23: Flare-On 8 Task 9 | hasherezade's 1001 nights
2021-10-23: Triple-Star System GW Orionis Is Either Hiding a Planet or a Physics-Breaking Secret
2021-10-23: Equations that changed the world
2021-10-23: SF's bumbling school board members get the recall election they deserve - The San Francisco Examiner

2021-10-22: The Ethereum Altair Upgrade Is Next Week. Here's What's in It - Decrypt
2021-10-22: After lecture is canceled, free speech debate roils science academia
2021-10-22: Squirrels' brains can grow in size during the fall to help them remember where they bury their nuts
2021-10-22: Amendments that were proposed but never ratified
2021-10-22: IoC's for compromised npm packages of ua-parser-js
2021-10-22: Malware found in npm package with millions of weekly downloads
2021-10-22: Groove ransomware calls on all extortion gangs to attack US interests
2021-10-22: UC lecturer workforce could strike over contract - CalMatters
2021-10-22: Missouri business owners pay for 'Get. To. Work.' billboard
2021-10-22: bypassing SSLPinning in Android applications
2021-10-22: java - How to decrypt service to service SSL traffic using wireshark
2021-10-22: Nightmare is an intro to binary exploitation / reverse engineering course based around ctf challenges--USE FOR PROJECTS
2021-10-22: What Happened When Facebook Employees Warned About Election Misinformation
2021-10-22: I get abuse and threats online - why can't it be stopped?
2021-10-22: As the dust settles with Windows 11, Microsoft is readying the rollout of Windows 10 21H2 | TechSpot
2021-10-22: CVE-2021-34484 bypass as 0day; LPE on Windows 11
2021-10-22: Trump SPAC skyrockets as much as 1,657% since deal was announced - CNN
2021-10-22: Democrats are turning their big spending bill into absolute trash.
2021-10-22: 'I've lost my joy': Anti-vax Republican, who worked for the Trump campaign and embraced QAnon, says she has COVID-19
2021-10-22: Democrats move to finalize new 'billionaire' tax plan, targeting 700 wealthiest Americans as key source of revenue for spending plan
2021-10-22: California teacher placed on leave after video shows her imitating Native American dance, wearing headdress | TheHill
2021-10-22: Willingness to look stupid
2021-10-22: Failed Russian spy satellite falls to Earth in brilliant fireball (video) | Live Science
2021-10-22: Conti Statement 10.22.2021 -
2021-10-22: Cardboard shortages deal another blow to strained supply chains
2021-10-22: Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine shows 90.7% efficacy in trial in children
2021-10-22: Wells Fargo Bank Robbed At Stonestown Galleria Mall in San Francisco
2021-10-22: Non-citizens likely to get right to vote in San Francisco school board recall
2021-10-22: America’s #1 most dangerous small town is Emeryville
2021-10-22: Hacking gang creates fake firm to hire pentesters for ransomware attacks
2021-10-22: Realms Of Ruin NFT Project Cancelled After Just Five Hours
2021-10-22: Donald Trump Accused of Ripping Code From Social Network Mastodon for 'Truth' Site
2021-10-22: Andy Slavitt: "COVID Update: Vital. We now have enough vaccines to vaccinate every adult in the globe by the end of the year."
2021-10-22: TRUTH Social: 3 reasons why Donald Trump's new social media company is doomed to fail - CNNPolitics
2021-10-22: Trading in Trump SPAC reopens, is immediately halted again after shares surge 246%
2021-10-22: Amazon and Google threatened with UK radio stations by DCMS
2021-10-22: J&J is using a bankruptcy maneuver to block lawsuits over baby powder cancer claims
2021-10-22: Nonprofit Ahistleblower Aid took on Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen. It was a huge gamble
2021-10-22: vx-underground - papers--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-10-22: Threat actors using RDP leave behind images on disks that end up incriminating them or giving away that they are Russian/Ukranian
2021-10-22: Tesla made $1.6 billion in Q3, is switching to LFP batteries globally
2021-10-22: State of Emergency Needed for Clogged California Ports: Trucking Boss
2021-10-22: Massive campaign uses YouTube to push password-stealing malware
2021-10-22: Bulletproof hosting admins sentenced for helping cybercrime gangs
2021-10-22: Leonardo: the skateboarding, slacklining robot
2021-10-22: What is molnupiravir, Merck's covid-19 treatment pill?

2021-10-21: End Times conspiracy theorist Rick Wiles claims that COVID-19 vaccines contain "an egg that hatches into a synthetic parasite"
2021-10-21: Lyft releases first safety report finding more than 4,000 sexual assaults dating back to 2017
2021-10-21: Apple's new M1 Max MacBook Pro is getting a virtual turbo button for High Power Mode - The Verge
2021-10-21: Hubble Space Telescope witnesses explosive star death - CNN
2021-10-21: Prop gun discharged by Alec Baldwin kills 'Rust' film crew member : NPR
2021-10-21: Jupiter hit by another space rock in rare views captured by Japanese skywatchers | Space
2021-10-21: Goodyear inflatable aircraft
2021-10-21: US border agents engaged in 'shocking abuses' against asylum seekers, report finds | US immigration
2021-10-21: Pfizer and BioNTech Announce Phase 3 Trial Data Showing High Efficacy of a Booster Dose of Their COVID-19 Vaccine
2021-10-21: Windows 11 Subsystem for Android lets you sideload apps - Here's how
2021-10-21: Evil Corp demands $40 million in new Macaw ransomware attacks
2021-10-21: Historic scientific notation bug foils WAF defenses | The Daily Swig
2021-10-21: A Scientific Notation Bug in MySQL left AWS WAF Clients Vulnerable to SQL Injection - GoSecure
2021-10-21: Why is Cybersecurity Failing Against Ransomware? | Threatpost
2021-10-21: Gov. Parson holds fake news accountable. - YouTube
2021-10-21: US Federal Reserve bans officials from trading shares in wake of scandal | Financial Times
2021-10-21: There's a New Trend in Dog-Friendly Menus at San Francisco Restaurants - Eater SF
2021-10-21: No Proof Anyone 'Callously' Took Video of Rape on SEPTA Train, DA Says NBC10 Philadelphia
2021-10-21: Parson doubles down on push to prosecute reporter who found security flaw in state site -- Missouri Independent
2021-10-21: Trump SPAC Becomes GameStop-Like Meme Stock by Promising 'Non-Cancellable' Community
2021-10-21: Eye-Scanning Silver Orb Cryptocurrency Launches With $1 Billion Valuation
2021-10-21: Trump's Truth Social Hacked Within Hours of Announcement
2021-10-21: What we know about Trump's new TRUTH social media platform : NPR
2021-10-21: Bugs in malware creating backdoors for security researchers
2021-10-21: EXCLUSIVE Governments turn tables on ransomware gang REvil by pushing it offline--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-10-21: GitHub - Tylous/ZipExec: A unique technique to execute binaries from a password protected zip
2021-10-21: Mastodon's Founder Says Trump's New Social Network Is Just Mastodon
2021-10-21: Donald Trump just launched a new conservative social media platform called Truth The crazy part? He's taking it public via a SPAC

2021-10-20: Bannon says he's a Leninist
2021-10-20: Best photo of the week: Underwear face mask at a German anti-lockdown protest.
2021-10-20: Don't pooh-pooh it: Making paper from elephant dung
2021-10-20: How Joe Manchin and Republicans Could Destroy the World
2021-10-20: 'Down the rabbit hole': Arizona GOP goes full fringe - POLITICO
2021-10-20: Microsoft makes its VS Code tool available directly in the browser
2021-10-20: Russia's greenhouse gas emissions: Satellites find, monitor methane leaks in country - Washington Post
2021-10-20: Why so many teachers are thinking of quitting
2021-10-20: A bot wrote an Olive Garden commercial
2021-10-20: MagSafe on the new MacBook Pro: Everything you need to know | AppleInsider
2021-10-20: Andrew Yang and Bankless DAO Release NFT to Support Forward Party - Decrypt
2021-10-20: Trump announces launch of media company, social media site
2021-10-20: Washington newscast accidentally broadcasts pornographic clip during weather report
2021-10-20: Zerodium seeking zero-days in ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and Surfshark VPN apps
2021-10-20: TRUTH Social | Truth Social
2021-10-20: The Donald J Trump account on Trump's new social media platform has been comprised already--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-10-20: CVE-2021-42299 - Security Update Guide - Microsoft - Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Security Feature Bypass Vulnerability
2021-10-20: CVE-2021-42299: TPM Carte Blanche
2021-10-20: Sinema Is Torpedoing Democrats' Plans to Roll Back the Trump Tax Law
2021-10-20: Evil Corp is back. The infamous Russian ransomware gang is behind the hack that hit Sinclair Broadcasting Group
2021-10-20: Trump is launching a social media network called "TRUTH Social"
2021-10-20: RIP Hiroshi Ono, a true artist whose works you may recognize
2021-10-20: US to curb NSO Pegasus-like spyware with export rules
2021-10-20: SCOOP: Manchin Tells Associates He's Considering Leaving the Democratic Party and Has an Exit Plan Mother Jones
2021-10-20: Florida Worker Applied to 60 Entry-Level Jobs, Got One Interview
2021-10-20: The SF GOP is Bringing Marjorie Taylor Greene to Town
2021-10-20: GTA 5 Jay Norris gets head blown off - YouTube
2021-10-20: GTA 5 Jay Norris gets head blown off - YouTube
2021-10-20: Jack Dorsey Mocks Mark Zuckerberg's Metaverse, Says It's Dystopian
2021-10-20: INE Acquires Pentester Academy to Enhance Comprehensive IT Training Solutions | INE
2021-10-20: Oath Keepers Leak Reveals Links To Elected Officials
2021-10-20: VirusTotal Multisandbox = Microsoft Sysinternals--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-10-20: C:WindowsSystem32WorkFolders.exe" (signed by MS) can be used to run arbitrary executables
2021-10-20: FTC says health apps must notify consumers about data breaches or face fines--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-10-20: Hackers are hijacking copy and paste to steal millions of dollars in cryptocurrency | TechRadar
2021-10-20: Google: Phishing Campaign Targets YouTube Creators
2021-10-20: When M.I.T. Asked Dorian Abbot to Speak, It Invited Criticism
2021-10-20: FDA OKs mixing COVID vaccines; backs Moderna, J&J boosters
2021-10-20: Introducing Android Apps on Windows 11 to Windows Insiders--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-10-20: Amherst College Cancels Legacy Admissions
2021-10-20: All eyes on Manchin after Republicans again block voting rights legislation
2021-10-20: Andrew Yang's Forward Party is directionless
2021-10-20: 20,000 Pounds of Trash Removed From Pacific Garbage Patch: 'Holy mother of god. It worked!'
2021-10-20: SuDump: Exploiting suid binaries through the kernel
2021-10-20: Vikings Were in the Americas Exactly 1,000 Years Ago
2021-10-20: /showIncludes (List include files) | Microsoft Docs
2021-10-20: IncludeManager - a include graph visualiser
2021-10-20: Android Exploits 101 Workshop - YouTube
2021-10-20: Biden, Trump tied in potential 2024 match-up: poll | TheHill
2021-10-20: (ISC)2 pilots new entry-level cybersecurity certification to tackle workforce shortages
2021-10-20: America is in a new era of uncomfortable inflation. It's likely to last longer than anyone wants.
2021-10-20: Chinese VPN app Quickfox caught exposing 1 million users' data
2021-10-20: New Linux kernel memory corruption bug causes full system compromise
2021-10-20: Travis Tritt Explains Canceling Shows Due to COVID Rules | Billboard
2021-10-20: Carbon capture: The world is banking on giant carbon-sucking fans to clean our mess. But can they save the planet? - CNN
2021-10-20: Google strips FTP code from Chrome
2021-10-20: NYC vaccine mandate: Mayor Bill de Blasio says it will extend to all city workers - CNN
2021-10-20: NFTs sold by unauthorized parties
2021-10-20: 10% of Washington state police are no longer in the job as a result of the vaccine mandate there
2021-10-20: Man Arrested for Uncensoring Japanese Porn With AI in First Deepfake Case
2021-10-20: China's COVID-19 outbreak grows as cities race to trace infections
2021-10-20: Linux Privilege Escalation: Quick and Dirty
2021-10-20: Facebook Plans to Change Its Name Because the Brand is Toxic
2021-10-20: Activision Blizzard reportedly fires 20 employees following harassment claims | California
2021-10-20: Ben McKenzie on Tether, the potential danger at the center of the crypto economy.

2021-10-19: U.S. surgeons successfully test pig kidney transplant in human patient
2021-10-19: Bitcoin futures ETF debuts with highest ever first day 'natural' volume of $1B
2021-10-19: Southwest Airlines will keep workers on the jobs who apply for vaccination exemptions : NPR
2021-10-19: New Plan to Fight Car Break-Ins in San Francisco
2021-10-19: Florida man tried robbing Waffle House with finger guns, sheriff says | WFLA
2021-10-19: Amount of information in visible universe quantified: 6E80 bits
2021-10-19: Former sustainable meat darling Belcampo suddenly shuts down all operations
2021-10-19: Facebook plans to change company name to focus on the metaverse - The Verge
2021-10-19: Disinformation guru "Hacker X" names his employer:
2021-10-19: Starts at $1,999, ends at $6,099: Here's what the new MacBook Pros will cost you
2021-10-19: Shipping times for Apple's $19 Polishing Cloth slip to late November
2021-10-19: Candy Corn Maker Hit With Ransomware
2021-10-19: How Bad Will Flu Season Be This Winter? We Have a Choice - The Atlantic
2021-10-19: How do royalties work on OpenSea?
2021-10-19: IT Anthems: Checkpoint
2021-10-19: Check Point Anthem
2021-10-19: NFT Royalties: What Are They and How Do They Work?
2021-10-19: Check Point Software Prevents Theft of Crypto Wallets on OpenSea, the World's Largest NFT Marketplace
2021-10-19: Hacking Stories - YouTube
2021-10-19: Conservative radio host says he caught COVID on purpose
2021-10-19: Advanced Nmap Everything
2021-10-19: Oklahoma's anti-critical race theory law violates free speech rights, ACLU suit says
2021-10-19: Introducing M1 Pro and M1 Max: the most powerful chips Apple has ever built - Apple
2021-10-19: What we know about AY.4.2, a delta subvariant that's spiking cases in the U.K.
2021-10-19: East Bay drug bust nets 12.5 pounds of fentanyl believed to be fueling Tenderloin dealing
2021-10-19: Search for men who beat up hit and run victim in San Jose | KRON4
2021-10-19: SF's Only In-N-Out Refuses to Enforce the City's Vaccination Mandate for Indoor Dining - Eater SF
2021-10-19: Port of Oakland calls for cargo to assist in supply chain backlog | KRON4
2021-10-19: Michigan opts for universal bar exam as states shun patchwork tests
2021-10-19: California only state with 'moderate' COVID-19 transmission level
2021-10-19: Zillow slams the brakes on home buying as it struggles to manage its backlog of inventory - CNN
2021-10-19: San Francisco Marina District Residents Fed Up With Brazen Crime Spree Hire Private Security
2021-10-19: Houston plane crash: at least 2 injuries reported after plane crash in Waller County - CNN
2021-10-19: A Spanish drone operator received permission to try to rescue three emaciated dogs trapped near a volcano
2021-10-19: Open Source Firmware Conference 2021 :: pretalx
2021-10-19: IDOR Account Takeover leads to PII leakage
2021-10-19: The First 'Move-to-Earn' NFT Game Raises $8.3M
2021-10-19: Elon Musk learning from mistakes?
2021-10-19: A Taste for Pangolin Meat and the Fall of an African Wildlife Cartel
2021-10-19: Bill Gates Was Warned Over 'Inappropriate' Emails at Microsoft
2021-10-19: Seville, Spain, to become world's first city to name heat waves
2021-10-19: Third-party health apps are vulnerable to hacks, report finds - The Verge
2021-10-19: Chinese developers rebel against 996 working hours culture
2021-10-19: Facebook hiring 10,000 in EU to 'build the metaverse'
2021-10-19: Alibaba Cloud reveals home-spun Yitian 710 Arm server CPU
2021-10-19: Militias with Badges - by Charlie Sykes - Morning Shots
2021-10-19: Why your GPS app or gadget may stop working Sunday: A gpsd bug
2021-10-19: EasyJet loadsheet problem caused by software 'code errors'
2021-10-19: Student and personnel files from Manhasset Union Free School District appear on the dark web (UPDATED)
2021-10-19: SEC GameStop report debunks meme stock conspiracy theories - Axios
2021-10-19: Electionpalooza: SF school board recall will kick off a flurry of local races - The San Francisco Examiner
2021-10-19: Fan falls to his death at Phish concert in San Francisco
2021-10-19: Kevin Beaumont on Twitter: "We have good news after years OneDrive is finally hosting no malware listed on @abuse_ch"
2021-10-19: Kevin Beaumont on Twitter: "Microsoft's Office365 platform being directly used to launch Conti ransomware. OneDrive abuse has been going on for years. Fix it."
2021-10-19: Tucker Carlson, Joe Rogan and the Proud Boys: How the fragility of the male ego fuels the far-right |
2021-10-19: FBI, CISA, NSA share defense tips for BlackMatter ransomware attacks
2021-10-19: Marjorie Taylor Greene tweets panicked message to supporters following poll of GOP voters |
2021-10-19: A mysterious and powerful radio signal from space is repeating itself |
2021-10-19: Breakthrough proof clears path for quantum AI
2021-10-19: Sysmon uses a lot of CPU on Linux, LAUREL is better--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-10-19: The big hole in Christopher Steele's defense of himself
2021-10-19: LSASS Encrypted Dump | A Pentesters Ramblings
2021-10-19: MalwareAnalysis Evasion Tip The IAT does not include all functions a malware will call to evade detection / fck with the analyst
2021-10-19: MalwareAnalysis Evasion Technique: Detection of security tools by locating DLLs loaded by processes
2021-10-19: CredentialDumping without Mimikatz
2021-10-19: The Joe Rogan podcast misused English Covid-19 data - Full Fact
2021-10-19: The UK's Covid infection rate is rising. Here's why
2021-10-19: Lockheed Martin NASA spacecraft Lucy heads to Jupiter asteroids with help from Excel
2021-10-19: Free decrypter released for BlackByte ransomware victims
2021-10-19: Minneapolis schools are spying on queer students
2021-10-19: Virginia governor reveals his long Covid symptoms as he urges vaccinations | Virginia
2021-10-19: $1.9 Million Paid Out for Exploits at China's Tianfu Cup Hacking Contest
2021-10-19: Vladimir Putin Ushers in New Cold War Era by Severing Moscow's NATO Link
2021-10-19: Moon Rocks From China's Chang'e-5 Mission Reveal a History of Lunar Volcanism and Water
2021-10-19: New MacBook Pro With M1 Pro and M1 Max Chips: Apple Giveth, Apple Taketh Away - WSJ
2021-10-19: Russia's recently launched Kosmos-2551 spy satellite is a failure
2021-10-19: The most vaccinated place in America is Puerto Rico

2021-10-18: Why a Bitcoin ETF On Futures Might Not Be Such a Good Idea
2021-10-18: Announcing the 2021 CyberScoop 50 awards winners - CyberScoop
2021-10-18: Huge hole discovered in Arctic's 'last ice' | Live Science
2021-10-18: You Need a Cyber Team. Maybe you, like me, are an Olympics fan
2021-10-18: Time AI is back, and it's as bonkers as in 2019--bonus points for the "Reverse XOR"
2021-10-18: No, Walgreens isn't closing stores because of massive shoplifting in SF - 48 hills
2021-10-18: (Steve Bannon has formed an alliance with the Moonies cult--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-10-18: SF State collaborates with SFDPH, SFUSD to offer scholarships for city youth who get COVID-19 vaccine | SF State News
2021-10-18: Aussie singer Clinton Kane held at gunpoint, robbed of $30K equipment in San Francisco's Marina District - ABC7 San Francisco
2021-10-18: MITRE ATT&CK technique coverage with Sysmon for Linux--USE FOR PROJECTS
2021-10-18: So-called junk DNA plays critical role in mammalian development
2021-10-18: Researchers develop self-healing polymers for cracked cellphone screens
2021-10-18: Call for Papers ShmooCon
2021-10-18: Powerful new technique allows scientists to study how proteins change shape inside cells
2021-10-18: The First Horror Movie Written Entirely By Bots - YouTube
2021-10-18: Experiments reveal formation of a new state of matter: Electron quadruplets
2021-10-18: See the Dramatic Increase in Near-Earth Asteroids NASA Has Discovered (Video)--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-10-18: Section of Donald Trump's website appears to have been hacked - CNNPolitics
2021-10-18: Darren Byler describes what actually inside high-security camps in China
2021-10-18: Cable management
2021-10-18: Feodo Tracker | Blocklist
2021-10-18: Automated response to C2 traffic on your devices - Cloudbrothers
2021-10-18: The Bulwark Podcast: Ben Schreckinger: The Bidens and the Media's Credibility
2021-10-18: l0phtcrack · GitLab
2021-10-18: A California Construction Worker Asked a Speeding Motorist to Slow Down. He Was Shot Seven Times In Response.
2021-10-18: Grambling State University shooting leaves one dead, seven injured
2021-10-18: 94% of the universe's galaxies are permanently unreachable - Big Think
2021-10-18: Russia suspends Nato mission in response to expulsion of its staff | Russia
2021-10-18: virustotal has now available memdumps and EVTX to download for every malware detonation they do
2021-10-18: Dr. Marvin Yussman Inseminated Susan Crowder With His Own Sperm
2021-10-18: HBO Exposes the Violent Chaos of Trump's Jan. 6 Rioters in 'Four Hours at the Capitol'
2021-10-18: The Bizarre and Unsettling Rise of True Crime Makeup Videos on YouTube and TikTok
2021-10-18: Guest Blog: Alissa Knight on 'Standing Outside The FHIR'
2021-10-18: Facebook Research Cartoon
2021-10-18: Qualified immunity let Arizona punish me for telling the truth
2021-10-18: Why Transformers Catch Fire When It Rains
2021-10-18: Power Outages Affecting Over 35K PG

2021-10-17: Tether fined again over whether its stablecoin was fully backed
2021-10-17: How to create the perfect Windows 11 virtual machine
2021-10-17: A Florida school says students who get vaxxed must stay home for 30 days due to unfounded claim that they'll infect others
2021-10-17: Russian crew returns from shooting the first feature film on the ISS | Engadget
2021-10-17: Pope Francis yesterday--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-10-17: How to use iOS 15 to steal your classmate's notes | Boing Boing
2021-10-17: Chicago Police Department restricts time off for officers after vaccine mandate deadline, CNN affiliate reports - CNN
2021-10-17: Apple's advertising business has more than tripled its market share in the six months after it introduced privacy changes to iPhones
2021-10-17: Juniper Networks Patches Over 70 Vulnerabilities
2021-10-17: Sysmon vs Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, MDE Internals 0x01
2021-10-17: If you ask Google Home what to do if someone is having a seizure...
2021-10-17: China's Social Credit System
2021-10-17: The Matrix (Ending Scene) 2021 Halloween Light Show with "Wake Up" by Rage Against the Machine - YouTube
2021-10-17: Judge bars county clerk after voting machine passwords leaked to QAnon | Engadget

2021-10-16:Multiple authorities in the US have hired one of the worlds shadiest surveillance vendors (Carbyne) to provide tech related to 911 calls
2021-10-16: Canon sued for disabling scanner when printers run out of ink
2021-10-16: Canonical launches Ubuntu 21.10 for desktop and server
2021-10-16: Client-side content scanning as an unworkable, insecure disaster for democracy
2021-10-16: Amazon textbook rental service scammed for $1.5m
2021-10-16: Why airport power outlets don't work
2021-10-16: China issues death sentence for man who set ex-wife on fire during live stream
2021-10-16: Massive asteroids will whiz past Earth in coming weeks, including 1 nearly size of Empire State Building
2021-10-16: Black students in Georgia were suspended for planning a protest after white students waved a Confederate flag and allegedly used racial slurs
2021-10-16: A Russian spacecraft pushed the space station out of position and sent astronauts into emergency mode - again
2021-10-16: "We're done": Immigration advocates stage walk-out on Biden administration - POLITICO
2021-10-16: Binary Ninja Cloud: malware analysis tool
2021-10-16: Finding Privilege Escalation Vulnerabilities in Windows using Process Monitor - Wiki - VulWiki
2021-10-16: Attacus Atlas is one of the largest butterflies in the world--disguised as a snake
2021-10-16: (1) Series of large asteroids to fly past Earth, starting tonight / Twitter
2021-10-16: Riders watched as a woman was raped on a SEPTA train but no one called 911, police say.
2021-10-16: California school walkout planned for Monday to protest vaccine mandates
2021-10-16: More ghost guns confiscated in the East Bay | KRON4
2021-10-16: Steve Bannon, Marjorie Taylor Greene Discuss 'National Divorce' Between Red and Blue States
2021-10-16: Quantum Computing And Bitcoin Security
2021-10-16: China tests new space capability with hypersonic missile | Financial Times
2021-10-16: A step-by-step analysis of the new malware used by APT28/Sofacy called SkinnyBoy CYBER GEEKS
2021-10-16: Screen to display your NFTs
2021-10-16: SEC Approves Bitcoin Futures ETF, Opening Crypto to Wider Investor Base
2021-10-16: zricethezav/gitleaks: Scan git repos (or files) for secrets using regex and entropy �
2021-10-16: The Universe has the capacity to perform a maximum of 10^123 logic operations
2021-10-16: ID card security: Spain is facing chaos over chip crypto flaws (from 2017)
2021-10-16: The limitation of the computational power of the universe
2021-10-16: Lightweight Cryptography | CSRC
2021-10-16: Key to Biden's Climate Agenda Like to Be Cut Because of Manchin
2021-10-16: West Virginia University M.B.A. controversy (Joe Manchin's daughter)
2021-10-16: Faculty members at WVU resigned after Joe Manchin's daughter's grades were changed
2021-10-16: Lucy mission trajectory--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-10-16: Meet the Tomahawk-Toting QAnoner Terrorizing School Boards
2021-10-16: aaaddress1/Skrull: Skrull is a malware DRM, that prevents Automatic Sample Submission by AV/EDR and Signature Scanning
2021-10-16: Trump demands to be 'declared the winner' of 2020 race or get a do-over election
2021-10-16: QAnon's Ron Watkins Is Running For Congress. How Did We Get Here?
2021-10-16: How Carson v. Makin Could Unravel Freedom From Religion - The Atlantic
2021-10-16: US Agencies to Water Facilities: You May Be Next Cyber Target
2021-10-16: University of Sunderland online lectures cancelled following cyber attack

2021-10-15: Steam bans all blockchain and NFT games from their platform - Inven Global
2021-10-15: cryptocurrency: Cryptocurrency exchanges start blocking accounts after government raises red flags - The Economic Times
2021-10-15: Square CEO Jack Dorsey says looking to build a bitcoin mining system
2021-10-15: SEC is set to allow bitcoin futures ETFs to begin trading
2021-10-15: Miya Marcano's Killing Is a Wakeup Call on Apartment 'Master' Keys
2021-10-15: Illegal sprinkles force British bakery to shelve popular cookies : NPR
2021-10-15: Christchurch takes the official 'Wizard Of New Zealand' off its payroll : NPR
2021-10-15: Cooling radio waves to their quantum ground state
2021-10-15: Opinion | The Unvaccinated May Not Be Who You Think
2021-10-15: F.D.A. Panel Unanimously Recommends Johnson & Johnson Booster Shots
2021-10-15: China defeats America in hit war movie 'The Battle at Lake Changjin'
2021-10-15: China sends three astronauts to its first permanent space station, Tiangong
2021-10-15: Is shoplifting forcing Walgreens to cut back in S.F.? Data on the closing stores puts the claim into perspective
2021-10-15: HackSys Extreme Vulnerable Windows Driver
2021-10-15: Apple employee Cher Scarlett is leading a worker uprising
2021-10-15: U.S. pursues cybersecurity solution with new program based on esports
2021-10-15: The volcano in La Palma, Spain is now going on four weeks of eruptions and this is what the streets look like now
2021-10-15: Southlake TX teachers superintendent apologizes, admitting that the Holocaust is a fact
2021-10-15: 4 Best VPN Services (2021): For Routers, PC, iPhone, Android, and More
2021-10-15: Ongoing Cyber Threats to U.S. Water and Wastewater Systems | CISA--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-10-15: (1) CISA Cyber Opportunities: Cybersecurity Career Awareness Week Webinar : cybersecurity
2021-10-15: Meteorite crashes through roof, landing on Canadian woman's bed |
2021-10-15: San Francisco, Marin Counties Lift Indoor Mask Mandates in Some Settings NBC Bay Area
2021-10-15: Safe from Taliban: 100 Afghan women football players, their families evacuated from Afghanistan to Qata
2021-10-15: Recurring Water Vapor Potentially Found on Europa--but Just on One Side
2021-10-15: Physics - Dark Matter Alternative Passes Big Test
2021-10-15: Cracking Random Number Generators using Machine Learning Part 1: xorshift128 NCC Group Research
2021-10-15: This is the guy who keeps crowing about iOS "0-days" (that aren't real)
2021-10-15: A Crypto Optimist Meets a Crypto Skeptic--RECOMMENDED
2021-10-15: Apple just fired a leader of the #Appletoo movement
2021-10-15: Netflix just fired the organizer of the trans employee walkout - The Verge
2021-10-15: The Deep Sea
2021-10-15: Justice Dept. to Ask Supreme Court to Block Texas Abortion Law
2021-10-15: Full-circle rainbow
2021-10-15: Australia to tackle ransomware data breaches by deleting stolen files
2021-10-15: US links $5.2 billion worth of Bitcoin transactions to ransomware
2021-10-15: Jennifer Granick: A quick thread of cases I personally worked on involving people discovering information improperly secured
2021-10-15: Politics Get Caught in the Web (2006)
2021-10-15: San Diego man pleads guilty to USC computer hack (2008)
2021-10-15: German Pirate Party member claims EU plans for a GDPR-compliant Whois v2 will lead to 'doxxing and death lists'
2021-10-15: FDA panel recommends Moderna booster for people 65 and older and adults at high risk of exposure or severe illness
2021-10-15: Workers quitting en masse is 'a great thing,' says happiness expert
2021-10-15: Mobile internet shutdown in Bangladesh | Kentik
2021-10-15: Here's what to do if you've been hacked
2021-10-15: How Edgenuity Failed Students During The Pandemic
2021-10-15: Missouri governor threatens criminal prosecution of reporter who found security flaw in state site |
2021-10-15: Chinese Women Are Dumping Their Boyfriends Over a Feminist Comedian
2021-10-15: Biden administration plans to restart Trump's 'Remain in Mexico' policy at border in mid-November
2021-10-15: Fact Check: Is it Rare for Any Vaccine to Stop All Transmission, Infection?
2021-10-15: Cheetah Cub Cam | Smithsonian's National Zoo
2021-10-15: Flying sushi: Israel readies for delivery drone traffic jams
2021-10-15: Lucy in the sky: Spacecraft will visit record 8 asteroids
2021-10-15: A top GOP committee sent a message accusing supporters who hadn't donated of being traitors: 'You abandoned Trump.'
2021-10-15: Southlake school leader tells teachers to balance Holocaust books with 'opposing' views
2021-10-15: Jan. 6 Committee Plans to Hold Steve Bannon in Criminal Contempt
2021-10-15: Alaska Lawmaker Jamie Allard Waged Insane Battle to Treat Dying COVID Patient With Ivermectin

2021-10-14: PSBA governing board voted to LEAVE the NSBA (School Boards Association)
2021-10-14: Kernel-level anti-cheat is getting RE'd
2021-10-14: Marine officer pleads guilty to disrespecting senior officials, says his life spiraled down after posting viral videos
2021-10-14: Pilot Mark Forkner indicted for allegedly lying in Boeing 737 investigation
2021-10-14: Brazilian e-commerce firm Hariexpress leaks 1.75 billion sensitive files
2021-10-14: Nearly 100 snakes pulled from den under Santa Rosa home
2021-10-14: LinkedIn to shut down China version, citing country's compliance demands
2021-10-14: He's continuing to dig an even deeper hole with legal and technical misinformation
2021-10-14: "Hacker X"the American who built a pro-Trump fake news empire unmasks himself
2021-10-14: CompTIA Security Plus course by Professor Messer--FREE
2021-10-14: Sysmon for Linux
2021-10-14: Congrats to every developer out there who is now a hacker because you can "decode" HTML" --SHOW TO CLASS
2021-10-14: Donald Trump is doing everything he can to hurt Republican chances in 2022 - CNNPolitics
2021-10-14: January 6 panel moves to hold Steve Bannon in criminal contempt - CNNPolitics
2021-10-14: Did the Big Bang begin from a singularity? Not anymore. - Big Think
2021-10-14: Fraudsters Cloned Company Director's Voice In $35 Million Bank Heist, Police Find
2021-10-14: Trump Tells Republicans Not to Vote in 2022 or 2024

2021-10-13: Malwoverview is a first response tool used for threat hunting and offers intel information from Virus Total, Hybrid Analysis, URLHaus, Polyswarm, Malshare, Alien Vault, Malpedia, ThreatCrowd, Valhalla, Malware Bazaar, ThreatFox, Triage and it is able to scan Android devices against VT and HA.
2021-10-13: Mlget - Malware Hash Lookup Tool
2021-10-13: Los Angeles City Council member indicted on federal bribery charges
2021-10-13: Is it OK to use stolen data? What if it's scientific research in the public interest?
2021-10-13: Bug : Two factor Authentication bypass--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-10-13: Electric car makers ready to jump into battery recycling
2021-10-13: Guntrader breach perp: I don't think it's a crime to dump 111k people's details online in Google Earth format
2021-10-13: School wins legal battle to electric shock disabled children to 'correct behaviour'
2021-10-13: Inventor "Hand Solo" builds LEGO® arm for eight-year-old
2021-10-13: TX Bans Local Nurses From Quitting To Work FEMA Crisis Contracts in State
2021-10-13: Chip crisis may mean Apple can't make 10 million iPhone 13s
2021-10-13: Sen. Graham says tens of thousands of Brazilian immigrants ?wearing designer clothes and Gucci bags? headed for Conneticut
2021-10-13: In a Blue Origin Rocket, William Shatner Finally Goes to Space
2021-10-13: Opinion | Why Democrats Are Having Trouble in Congress
2021-10-13: China's solar power has reached price parity with coal
2021-10-13: Children's book about a rabbit who travels back in time to medieval europe and gets everyone hyped about blockchain--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-10-13: The slippery slope of the GOP's anti-vaccine-mandate push--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-10-13: Former Malware Distributor Kape Technologies Now Owns ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, Private Internet Access, Zenmate, and a Collection of VPN "Review" Websites
2021-10-13: Biden Signs School Cybersecurity Bill | The Pew Charitable Trusts
2021-10-13: Republicans would "rather end democracy" than turn away from Trump, says Harvard professor--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-10-13: 'Eco' wood stoves emit 750 times more pollution than an HGV, study shows | Air pollution
2021-10-13: The world's DNS servers are seeing 30 TIMES more traffic since DNS caches have drained for Facebook
2021-10-13: The world's DNS servers are seeing 30 TIMES more traffic since DNS caches have drained for Facebook
2021-10-13: OFFICIAL Win10 registry key to allow Win11 upgrading without TPM 2.0 =OR= CPU requirements
2021-10-13: Why it matters that Jim Jordan wants to 'ban all vaccine mandates'
2021-10-13: Azure, GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket mass-revoke SSH keys following bug report
2021-10-13: Apple argues against allowing app sideloading by pointing out Android's malware figures
2021-10-13: Study reveals Android phones constantly snoop on their users
2021-10-13: We analyzed 80 million ransomware samples here's what we learned
2021-10-13: Easily extract text from video with the @tsurugi_linux utility video2ocr
2021-10-13: (Elevate your cmd.exe to LOCAL_SYSTEM with psexec
2021-10-13: Billionaire Alibaba founder Jack Ma reappears in Hong Kong - sources
2021-10-13: Catholic Troops Can Refuse COVID Vaccine, Archbishop Declares - Defense One
2021-10-13: Robot dogs are being strapped with weapons
2021-10-13: Opinion | An Afghan Woman, Deserted by the U.S. and Fleeing the Taliban
2021-10-13: 30 Mins or Less: Rapid Attacks Extort Orgs Without Ransomware | Threatpost
2021-10-13: CVE-2021-37980. Lowering process integrity level in Chrome
2021-10-13: Covid-19 vaccine tracker
2021-10-13: kacos2000/MFT_Browser: $MFT directory tree reconstruction
2021-10-13: Solar Panels on Half the World's Roofs Would Power the Planet
2021-10-13: The A 50-Year-Old Drug Bumetanide Might Find a New Life Treating Alzheimer's

2021-10-12: .NET Foundation admits it violated maintainers' trust
2021-10-12: Southwest Airlines flight cancellations aren't due to vaccine mandate. What you should know
2021-10-12: Netflix Suspends Employees Who Criticized Dave Chappelle's Transphobic Standup Special
2021-10-12: FDA approves Vuse vaping products for sale, marking a first for the e-cigarette industry
2021-10-12: Scientists Find the Secret to 'Unhackable' Security Systems on the Wings of Butterflies
2021-10-12: Florida fines county $3.5 million for requiring proof of vaccination
2021-10-12: U.S. to Open Canada and Mexico Borders for Vaccinated Travelers
2021-10-12: SAT and ACT are "good, actually"--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-10-12: Neuralink's Biggest Rival You Haven't Heard Of: Openwater - YouTube
2021-10-12: Wireless linkage of brains may soon go to human testing - YouTube
2021-10-12: Is Sucking Carbon Out of the Air the Solution to Our Climate Crisis? Mother Jones
2021-10-12: 1Password's new feature lets you safely share passwords using just a link
2021-10-12: My Tungsten Cube - Tristan Hume
2021-10-12: New repair plan for the sinking Millennium Tower in San Francisco | KRON4
2021-10-12: Trump Won the County in a Landslide. His Supporters Still Hounded the Elections Administrator Until She Resigned. ProPublica
2021-10-12: Moxie Marlinspike "I created an NFT, but the image renders differently based on who's looking at it."
2021-10-12: tandasat/WPBT-Builder: The simple UEFI application to create a Windows Platform Binary Table (WPBT) from the UEFI shell.
2021-10-12: Bindiff and POC for the IOMFB vulnerability, iOS 15.0.2 | IOMFB_integer_overflow_poc
2021-10-12: Woman Allegedly Hacked Flight School, Cleared Planes With Maintenance Issues to Fly
2021-10-12: Chemicals in Shampoo and Makeup Linked to Early Death, Study Finds
2021-10-12: Walgreens to Close 5 San Francisco Locations Due to Continued Crime NBC Bay Area
2021-10-12: Black flag: Understanding the Trumpists' latest threatening symbol |
2021-10-12: How to PoC your Bug Leads
2021-10-12: How to win at CORS -
2021-10-12: Covid vaccine: Southwest CEO Gary Kelly says he never wanted a mandate
2021-10-12: Coinbase users slam new customer service phone support
2021-10-12: Macron says France to have mini nuclear reactor, green hydrogen plants by 2030
2021-10-12: William Shatner rockets to space with Blue Origin Weds: How to watch live
2021-10-12: Cybereason and Google Cloud Join Forces to Drive XDR Innovation
2021-10-12: Schools email marketing firm fixes database login leak
2021-10-12: Opinion | David Shor Is Telling Democrats What They Don't Want to Hear
2021-10-12: Opinion | The 2024 elections are shaping up to put Donald Trump back in the White House and Republicans in control of the House and Senate
2021-10-12: Cal Grant expansion vetoed, won't help 150,000 students | CalMatters
2021-10-12: 2021's goto fail
2021-10-12: Microsoft said it mitigated a 2.4 Tbps DDoS attack, the largest ever
2021-10-12: The Taliban Are Dismantling Afghanistan's Education System
2021-10-12: AstraZeneca Antibody Drug Can Both Prevent and Treat COVID: Study
2021-10-12: Parents Smuggle $250 Air-Quality Monitors Into Schools: Report
2021-10-12: Wildfire closes major California highway, prompts evacuations
2021-10-12: Squid Game: Viewers sending money to bank account seen in final episode | The Independent
2021-10-12: Michigan tells majority-Black city not to drink tap water amid lead crisis
2021-10-12: Study Saying COVID-19 Vaccines Cause Heart Inflammation Pulled
2021-10-12: Amazon to take team-wise approach on remote work policy
2021-10-12: How Tom Cotton Went From 'Send in the Troops' to Stopping Trump
2021-10-12: Fact check: Legislation on male reproductive rights is a parody bill
2021-10-12: Bank of America's minimum wage grows to $21. Will competition follow?
2021-10-12: Vice Hit With $300M Suit From SpotShooter

2021-10-11: Ransomware Hackers Who Attacked Over 100 Companies Arrested in Ukraine
2021-10-11: Mysterious radio signals may be coming from undiscovered planets
2021-10-11: When exposed to #SARSCoV2 why does one person have no illness, while another is soon in ICU? Dose.
2021-10-11: 24,000 Kaiser Permanente health workers authorize strike over pay, working conditions
2021-10-11: You do understand that we read Eastman's six point memo, right? Your attempt to whitewash it is really not going to work!
2021-10-11: Claremont Institute Statement on Senior Fellow John Eastman - The American Mind
2021-10-11: Teachers, school staff can get free breakfast and coffee at McDonald's this week -
2021-10-11: Clever librarians. You don't have to ask.
2021-10-11: (856) The mystery of the "same sky" postcards - YouTube
2021-10-11: State Department investigating if Trump officials stole G7 gift bags meant for foreign leaders.
2021-10-11: Texas governor bans Covid-19 vaccine mandates by any employer in state - CNNPolitics
2021-10-11: Southwest Airlines Says Vaccine Mandates Had Nothing To Do With Flight Cancellations
2021-10-11: COVID Variant Medical Detectives Deploying To San Francisco International CBS San Francisco
2021-10-11: Microsoft: Iran-linked hackers breached Office 365 customer accounts
2021-10-11: Opinion | Elect Democrats in 2022, Write Miles Taylor and Christine Todd Whitman
2021-10-11: Plane crashes near high school in San Diego County; fatalities possible - CNN
2021-10-11: Eric Clapton Isn't Just Spouting Vaccine Nonsense--He's Bankrolling It - Rolling Stone
2021-10-11: A Pentagon official said he resigned because US cybersecurity is no match for China, calling it 'kindergarten level'
2021-10-11: Donald Trump's 'slow-moving coup': 6 reasons to take it seriously - CNN
2021-10-11: JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon says bitcoin is 'worthless'
2021-10-11: Sayre's law - Wikipedia
2021-10-11: Facebook will add new safety features, notably for teens, after whistleblower leak
2021-10-11: Tom Nichols on Twitter: "We are closer to this than most of us realize"
2021-10-11: Andrew Yang & Sam Harris on the Future of American Democracy
2021-10-11: Pithus--Mobile App Security Scanner Online

2021-10-10: Russian-speaking hacking group scaling up ransomware attacks on hospitals | TheHill
2021-10-10: Police investigating 'Havana syndrome' cases at US Embassy in Berlin | TheHill
2021-10-10: Democrats urge federal agencies to address use of cryptocurrencies for ransomware payments | TheHill
2021-10-10: Qu1cksc0pe - All-in-One Static Malware Analysis Tool
2021-10-10: jonathandata1/ios_15_rce: Remote Code Execution V1 For iOS 15 sent through airdrop after the device was connected to a trusted host
2021-10-10: [$5K] Misconfigured Reset password that leads to Account Takeover
2021-10-10: Nuclear security helicopter scours Boston Marathon route for radiation
2021-10-10: Putin slashes Russia's space budget and says he expects better results
2021-10-10: State leaders unmoved by college outrage over lax Covid rules - POLITICO
2021-10-10: Astronaut captures rare, ethereal lightning flash from space station
2021-10-10: Southwest Airlines cancels more than 1,000 flights
2021-10-10: Bomb scare that led to emergency landing at LaGuardia Airport was just passenger adjusting camera
2021-10-10: California law bans small off-road gas engines, including lawnmowers and chainsaws
2021-10-10: Navy engineer, wife busted for trying to sell confidential info
2021-10-10: United States ofAmerica v Jonathan Toebbe and Diana Toebbe--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-10-10: Alzheimer's: The heretical and hopeful role of infection - BBC Future
2021-10-10: BadBlood fills a Microsoft Active Directory Domain with a structure and thousands of objects
2021-10-10: The IMF just released their updated report into fossil fuel subsidies--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-10-10: Thread about worker abuse at Apple

2021-10-09: ricardojoserf/covert-tube: Youtube as covert-channel - Control systems remotely and execute commands by uploading videos to Youtube
2021-10-09: Microsoft is working on a redesigned Notepad app for Windows 11 - Neowin
2021-10-09: The climate crisis is spawning weird ideas to fix it. They might be all we have.
2021-10-09: Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine: Is my immunity waning? Doctors advise recipients not to worry - CNN
2021-10-09: PG&E warns of possible power shutoff for 32 counties, 44,000 customers starting Monday
2021-10-09: Diagnose and code your car | Carly OBD
2021-10-09: Amazon Customer Admits $290K Returns Scam, Faces 20 Years in Jail
2021-10-09: California's Legislature OK'd key billsnow up to Newsom | CalMatters
2021-10-09: Google's Chrome Is Under Heavy AttackThis Startup Thinks It Has A Rival To Save Businesses From Disaster
2021-10-09: Google Issues Warning For 2 Billion Chrome Users
2021-10-09: Google chrome users urged to delete app after hack
2021-10-09: DShield Honeypot
2021-10-09: New UEFI bootkit used to backdoor Windows devices since 2012
2021-10-09: San Francisco Police Arrest Gang Member at Mission vs. Balboa Football Game; Guns Found Stashed in Bathroom
2021-10-09: Police arrest Indian minister's son in killing of farmers
2021-10-09: 'If He Makes a Successful Return in 2024, Democracy's Done' - POLITICO
2021-10-09: History Teaches that Constitutional Reforms Come in Waves. We May Be Approaching One Now. - POLITICO
2021-10-09: A New Confederacy: Trump and the Republicans have already seceded |
2021-10-09: Internet sleuths claim fugitive Brian Laundrie is hiding in parents' backyard | Daily Mail Online
2021-10-09: New California law on illegal street racing and 'sideshows' | The Sacramento Bee
2021-10-09: Why is California closing Diablo Canyon nuclear plant?
2021-10-09: A slavery petition was the latest racist incident at this school. Parents and lawmakers are fed up - CNN
2021-10-09: Origin IP found, D-DOS & WAF Cloudflare protection bypassed
2021-10-09: Lebanon plunged into darkness 'for days' as country runs out of electricity | The Independent
2021-10-09: The Australien Government has made an ad for its new AUKUS military alliance, and it's surprisingly honest and informative

2021-10-08: Analysis of Twitch Leak
2021-10-08: Governor Newsom Signs California To-Go Cocktail Law at Oakland Restaurant - Eater SF
2021-10-08: A Centuries-Old Physics Mystery? Solved
2021-10-08: Thieves Break Into Silicon Valley Liquor Store to Steal Bitcoin ATM NBC Bay Area
2021-10-08: Why companies involved with carbon removal tech struggle to pay for it
2021-10-08: MythicAgents/hermes: Swift 5 macOS implant
2021-10-08: Mythic - Red-Teaming Command and Control Platform--USE IN PROJECTS
2021-10-08: Elizabeth Holmes Trial: the Judge Rebukes Theranos Founder's Defense
2021-10-08: California's COVID cases are lower than in other states that are more vaccinated. Why?
2021-10-08: Capitol Police whistleblower delivers scathing rebuke to two of its senior leaders on Jan. 6 - POLITICO
2021-10-08: Google to give security keys to 'high risk' users targeted by government hackers
2021-10-08: QAnon Circles Are Claiming That Biden's White House Staging Area Means He's a Fake President
2021-10-08: Facebook apologizes for second outage in a week, services back up
2021-10-08: AI game bans players for NSFW stories it generated itself
2021-10-08: L.A. Sheriff Rejects County Vaccine Mandate for His Officers
2021-10-08: US-listed mining firms have hoarded over $1 billion worth of bitcoin
2021-10-08: FontOnLake: Previously unknown malware family targeting Linux | WeLiveSecurity
2021-10-08: Using the InterPlanetary File System For Offensive Operations
2021-10-08: National Zoo lion nearly died amid covid outbreak
2021-10-08: Security Surprises with SNMP v3
2021-10-08: My new currently undetectable Powershell Reverse Shell
2021-10-08: PSSW100AVB/ReverseShell_2021_09.ps1 at main · tihanyin/PSSW100AVB
2021-10-08: Ethnic studies required for California high school students | CalMatters
2021-10-08: California Governor Orders Students to be Vaccinated
2021-10-08: Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp Are Down for a Second Time in the Week
2021-10-08: California enacts new requirements for automatic subscription renewals
2021-10-08: Opinion | Another victim of America's greatest forensics fraudster has been exonerated--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-10-08: Gartner: Composability will make business more resilient and agile
2021-10-08: "URLhaus adds more pressure on threat actors"
2021-10-08: The Next Frontier of the NFT Gold Rush: Your Tweets--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-10-08: Hacking a Car's Key Fob with a Rolljam Attack -
2021-10-08: The 'very, very bad look' of remdesivir, the first FDA-approved COVID-19 drug (from 2020)
2021-10-08: RISC-V vector extensions for embedded devices in review
2021-10-08: Gartner releases its 2021 emerging tech hype cycle: Here's what's in and headed out
2021-10-08: Ivermectin: How false science created a Covid 'miracle' drug
2021-10-08: China's Moon mission returned youngest ever lavas
2021-10-08: Keyless Car Theft Prevention - 9 ways to keep your car safe
2021-10-08: CDC director defends overruling expert panel on booster shots - STAT
2021-10-08: No, your antibodies are not better than vaccination: An explainer
2021-10-08: Farmer ants and their aphid herds | Office for Science and Society - McGill University
2021-10-08: Ants feeding off honeydew wins the Royal Society of Biology's photo prize
2021-10-08: Oversight groups complain of lack of transparency, closed doors and inaccurate announcements from San Francisco's Police Department - Mission Local
2021-10-08: More people are getting Covid-19 vaccine boosters than first shots - CNN
2021-10-08: Maria Ressa and Dmitry Muratov win Nobel Peace Prize - CNN
2021-10-08: Scandinavians curb Moderna shots for some younger patients
2021-10-08: Hunting laws allowed Kyle Rittenhouse to carry weapon during fatal shootings in Wisconsin, lawyers say
2021-10-08: US nuclear-powered submarine hits submerged object in South China Sea | US military
2021-10-08: TXT record updated
2021-10-08: China's noisy 'dancing grannies' silenced by device that disables speakers | China
2021-10-08: Case of the Zodiac killer takes another twist but police say it isn't solved | California
2021-10-08: California companies can no longer silence workers in victory for tech activists
2021-10-08: Millions of electric car batteries will retire in the next decade. What happens to them? | Environment
2021-10-08: Programming languages: This major update for Python has just arrived
2021-10-08: Russia poses the biggest nation-state cyber threat, says Microsoft
2021-10-08: Twitch blames server misconfiguration for massive data breach, resets all stream keys
2021-10-08: New York City to Phase Out Its Gifted and Talented Program
2021-10-08: This IP is scanning every IP on the internet for like every vuln in the world

2021-10-07: AT&T Set Up And Paid For OAN Propaganda Network
2021-10-07: 2,200 Kaiser Employees on Unpaid Leave for Not Getting Vaxxed
2021-10-07: Border Officials Seize Ivermectin Pills and Fake Vaccine Cards Customs and Border Protection
2021-10-07: Maryland man, accused of killing pharmacist and 2 others, believed COVID vaccines are 'poison' - BNO News
2021-10-07: Pandemic Roundup: October 7, 2021 | Violet Blue on Patreon
2021-10-07: Why U.S. pandemic management has failed - STAT
2021-10-07: North Carolina seeing trend of COVID hospitalizations in seniors 6 months post-vaccination | WLOS
2021-10-07: Colorado woman who won't get vaccinated denied transplant
2021-10-07: 'Time is of the essence': San Francisco's school district faces possible state takeover - The San Francisco Examiner
2021-10-07: (if the old salted sha1 hashes were to leak (assuming any are still in use) you could input the sha hash as a password and sign in--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-10-07: Google bans ads from climate change consensus contradictors
2021-10-07: Facebook banned me for life because I created the tool Unfollow Everything.
2021-10-07: Tesla will move its headquarters to Texas, Elon Musk says - CNN
2021-10-07: Cloudflare Doesn't Have To Cut Off Copyright-Infringing Websites, Judge Rules
2021-10-07: Video Game Streamer 'Twitch' Confirms Massive Data Breach
2021-10-07: Muni warns of service cuts due to vaccine mandate | KRON4
2021-10-07: The best part of Windows 11 is a revamped Windows Subsystem for Linux
2021-10-07: Bird Forms Vortex Rings With His Breath in Stunning Photo
2021-10-07: Deputy Attorney General Lisa O. Monaco Announces National Cryptocurrency Enforcement Team | OPA | Department of Justice
2021-10-07: Facebook whistleblower hearing: Frances Haugen finally got Republicans to stop yapping about anti-conservative bias.

2021-10-06: Samsung adds 2nm process node to foundry roadmap
2021-10-06: First Malaria Vaccine Approved by W.H.O.
2021-10-06: Finally, Dildos are Getting Safety Standards
2021-10-06: Few Masks. Sick Kids. Packed ERs. How One District's First Four Weeks of School Went Bad. ProPublica
2021-10-06: Texas Man Is Sentenced to 15 Months for Online Covid-19 Hoax
2021-10-06: Zodiac killer found by decrypting his messages--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-10-06: fingerprint maps stay inside the secure element hardware enclave
2021-10-06: The only thing you have to do in Burp Bounty Pro to detect the Path traversal
2021-10-06: In the fix for Apache HTTPD (CVE-2021-41773), you can bypass the new protection and get *yet another* path traversal--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-10-06: Antisemitic Graffiti Found at Auschwitz
2021-10-06: How to encrypt specific sections of Google Docs with the DocSecrets add-on - TechRepublic
2021-10-06: The supply chain crisis has hit the Bay Area - partly because of epic cargo backlogs in Southern California
2021-10-06: Stephen Breyer Is Getting Paid to Play Hamlet | The Nation
2021-10-06: Here's the Twitch leak (pt 1) torrent magnet
2021-10-06: Windows 11 "New" ETW Providers Overview
2021-10-06: A Primer On Event Tracing For Windows (ETW)
2021-10-06: How Other Nations Pay for Child Care. The U.S. Is an Outlier.--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-10-06: Registry key handle leak in Chrome
2021-10-06: Facebook thread--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-10-06: Facebook researchers explain exactly how & why Instagram drives teen girls into downward spirals of depression--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-10-06: Opinion | Brazen Is the Order of the Day at Facebook--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-10-06: Top Trump aides set to defy subpoenas in Capitol attack investigation | US Capitol attack
2021-10-06: Delay after alarm puts California spill response in question
2021-10-06: Burp Suite Certified Practitioner | Web Security Academy - PortSwigger
2021-10-06: BTS campaign with UN nets millions of dollars -- and tweets
2021-10-06: Your new iPhone 13 doesn't belong to you
2021-10-06: UC San Diego Health Sued Over Healthcare Data Breach
2021-10-06: A Black family of veterans with small children moved into a new house in Virginia Beach. Their neighbor installed motion sensors--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-10-06: Code is Law and Cultural Code
2021-10-06: YubiKey Bio builds biometric authentication into a security key
2021-10-06: Windows 11 hands on: Microsoft's biggest minor upgrade ever is all about new hardware
2021-10-06:I wrote a quick NMAP script for CVE-2021-41773 (Path Traversal on Apache HTTP Server 2.4.49)
2021-10-06: The entirety of Twitch has reportedly been leaked | VGC

2021-10-05: Malware Analysis and Detection Engineering: A Comprehensive Approach to Detect and Analyze Modern Malware--CONSIDER FOR 126
2021-10-05: Disable LLMNR Netbios - PCI QSA Talk
2021-10-05: Compare Windows 11 Home vs Pro Versions | Microsoft
2021-10-05: Microsoft's Windows 11 launch event is a '6D musical experience' with a free NFT - The Verge
2021-10-05: Windows Internals for Security Engineers | OffensiveCon
2021-10-05: California recycling: State may ban symbol from many plastics | CalMatters
2021-10-05: Windows 11 Security Book (PDF)
2021-10-05: AES-XTS
2021-10-05: Ransomware gang encrypts VMware ESXi servers with Python script
2021-10-05: Researchers Record the Breaking of a Single Chemical Bond "Amazing"
2021-10-05: How to Download a Windows 11 ISO File and Do a Clean Install--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-10-05: How to Add TPM 2.0 to Windows 10 in VMware Fusion on a Mac for Win11 Compatibility?
2021-10-05: Microsoft's problem child, Windows 11, is here. Run (y/n)?
2021-10-05: Windows 11 in detail: Not quite business as usual
2021-10-05: .NET Foundation under fire after board member quits
2021-10-05: California deploys national guard to hospitals overwhelmed by Covid | California
2021-10-05: Opinion | Texas Is the Future of America
2021-10-05: The End of a 'Gilded Age': China Is Bringing Business to Heel
2021-10-05: C.I.A. Admits to Losing Informants
2021-10-05: DOJ to investigate threats against teachers, school board members nationwide | TheHill
2021-10-05: The Verica Open Incident Database (VOID)
2021-10-05: F.B.I. Raids Sergeants Benevolent Association Headquarters
2021-10-05: 2021 Qiskit Global Summer School on Quantum Machine Learning
2021-10-05: Telegraph newspaper exposes 10TB of server, user data online
2021-10-05: Senate Cyber Incident Reporting Bill Requires Many Businesses to Report Ransomware Payments Within 24 Hours - CPO Magazine
2021-10-05: 'Tired of being stepped on': Instacart workers urge customers to delete app
2021-10-05: 'Exhausted and underpaid': teachers across the US are leaving their jobs in record numbers | Coronavirus
2021-10-05: Pandora papers reveal South Dakota's role as $367bn tax haven
2021-10-05: 'Pandora papers' show London is a key hub for tax avoidance
2021-10-05: J&J asks for emergency use authorization of COVID-19 vaccine booster
2021-10-05: AstraZeneca asks for emergency use authorization in US for COVID-19 treatment | TheHill
2021-10-05: Executive Director of the new California Privacy Protection Agency
2021-10-05: Silicon Price Spike Is Latest Terrible News for Tech Prices | Tom's Hardware
2021-10-05: VA hospital nurse stole and sold covid vaccination cards for $150-$200, feds say
2021-10-05: 'Zero Covid' strategies abandoned in the face of the delta variant
2021-10-05: China property default risk for Fantasia, Sinic amid Evergrande crisis
2021-10-05: The artificial womb that successfully grew lamb fetuses and could help prematurely born babies
2021-10-05: Facebook says sorry for mass outage and reveals why it happened
2021-10-05: AP: Military units track guns using tech that could aid foes
2021-10-05: Arbitrary code execution in lodash · CVE-2021-41720 · GitHub Advisory Database
2021-10-05: Gatorade built this technology from scratch just for an ad
2021-10-05: French report: 330,000 children victims of church sex abuse
2021-10-05: Why I wear a medical-grade N95 mask on all flights
2021-10-05: El Salvador's Volcano-Crypto Operation Has Generated $269
2021-10-05: Walnut the Crane and Zookeeper Chris Crowe Mates for Life Smithsonian Zoo |
2021-10-05: Kalashnikov unveils a shotgun that can be integrated with your Apple Watch - Russia Beyond
2021-10-05: Widely Used Bitcoin ATMs Have Major Security Flaws, Researchers Warn

2021-10-04: Opinion | The oceans are being clogged with plastic. Here's one way to fight this ecological catastrophe.
2021-10-04: Madison Cawthorn Ad: Listen at 0:40 -- SHOW TO CLASS
2021-10-04: Comedian Blaire Erskine Drops Perfect Response to Facebook Outage
2021-10-04: First new treatment for sickle cell in 20 years
2021-10-04: Opinion | The Supreme Court Has Gone Off the Rails
2021-10-04: An earlier Facebook outage
2021-10-04: Lovely Warren, Troubled Rochester Mayor, to Resign in Plea Deal
2021-10-04: Pfizer Covid vaccine protection against infection tumbles to 47%, study confirms
2021-10-04: Doctor Fighting COVID Vaccine Misinformation With Ingredients List for Twinkies
2021-10-04: Market Wrap: Bitcoin Rises Toward $50K on Hopes for US ETF Approval CoinDesk
2021-10-04: PoC Exploit Released for macOS Gatekeeper Bypass
2021-10-04: One hell of an ad from a Democrat running for Congress
2021-10-04: By a Nearly Unanimous Margin, IATSE Members in TV and Film Production Vote to Authorize a Nationwide Strike - IATSE
2021-10-04: Drones raining from the sky in Zhengzhou--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-10-04: Microsoft releases Windows 11 a day early - The Verge
2021-10-04: Exclusive: Government Secretly Orders Google To Identify Anyone Who Has Searched A Name, Address And Telephone Number
2021-10-04: Understanding How Facebook Disappeared from the Internet
2021-10-04: oasis-open/cti-taxii-client: OASIS TC Open Repository: TAXII 2 Client Library Written in Python
2021-10-04: Company That Routes Billions of Text Messages Quietly Says It Was Hacked
2021-10-04: In a First, Scientists Used Personalized Brain Stimulation to Successfully Treat a Person's Severe Depression
2021-10-04: Alzheimer's: 'Breakthrough' study finds likely cause
2021-10-04: Facebook is down, along with Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, and Oculus VR - The Verge
2021-10-04: Threat Intelligence with Anomali STAXX
2021-10-04: COVID-19 Booster Shots at Walgreens--SHOW TO CLASS

2021-10-03: Former Facebook employee Frances Haugen revealed as 'whistleblower' behind leaked documents
2021-10-03: (851) Universe Size Comparison 3D - YouTube
2021-10-03: A Few(er) Good Men | No Mercy / No Malice
2021-10-03: Symantec Endpoint Protection is bypassed super easily using my dusty DLL refresh PoC
2021-10-03: Full DLL Unhooking with C--USE IN PROJECT
2021-10-03: one in every 84 people in Alaska was diagnosed with COVID-19 from Sept. 22 to Sept. 29

2021-10-02: Samsung finally remembers you actually paid for your phone, starts pulling ads from its apps
2021-10-02: Oath Keepers hack exposes law enforcement officers across US
2021-10-02: COVID is a cop killer. Why are California police officers rejecting vaccines? - The San Francisco Examiner
2021-10-02: Why You Suddenly Need To Delete Google Chrome
2021-10-02: Lin Wood Claims No Planes Hit Twin Towers and Pentagon on 9/11: 'We Got Played'
2021-10-02: Russia arrests cybersecurity expert on treason charge
2021-10-02: Senior Homeland Security leaders pushed unfounded antifa conspiracy at 2020 Portland protests, report states - OPB
2021-10-02: Rappers Come Shop for Jewelry. Icebox Turns the Cameras On.
2021-10-02: Summary | Securing the Vote: Protecting American Democracy--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-10-02: Why the Bitcoin Lightning Network is Satoshi Nakamoto’s Worst Nightmare.
2021-10-02: Despite Security Concerns, Online Voting Gets $10 Million Push--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-10-02: Made In America: Green Lambert for OS X
2021-10-02: Stay Away From Server Room--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-10-02: Biden's Red Queen justice: How he destroyed both the investigation and the reputation of border agents | TheHill
2021-10-02: Babies Ingesting High Levels of Microplastics, Alarming Research Finds Mother Jones
2021-10-02: How Students Fought a Book Ban and Won, for Now
2021-10-02: Biden Administration Seeks to Regulate Stablecoin Issuers as Banks - WSJ
2021-10-02: A new study found that vaccinated people with breakthrough infections were less likely to spread Covid

2021-10-01: spotted this in one of my favorite restaurants and stealthily tore it down
2021-10-01: GriftHorse Android Trojan Steals Millions from Over 10 Million Victims Globally | Zimperium Mobile Security Blog
2021-10-01: Internet Archive launches campaign against web regulation
2021-10-01: Fox News' entire office is masked up
2021-10-01: Single-line software bug causes fledgling YAM cryptocurrency to implode just two days after launch (from 2020)--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-10-01: Smart contract bug gives away $90m in COMP cryptocurrency--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-10-01: knight0x07/ImpulsiveDLLHijack: discovering and exploiting DLL Hijacks in target binaries
2021-10-01: DNA Lounge: 1-Oct-2021 (Fri): Wherein we have some nice press on our vaccination policy.
2021-10-01: CO2 Chart--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-10-01: COMP and DeFi "Principles"--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-10-01: Conti ransomware group has sent out a threatening message to journalists
2021-10-01: Inside the Bay Area's biggest-ever marijuana bust: gym bags stuffed with cash, 40 Rolexes and $1,000 bottles of wine
2021-10-01: play backdoorsandbreaches
2021-10-01: Fifteen Cybersecurity Professionals You Should Follow
2021-10-01: Arizona Vote Review 'Made Up the Numbers,' Election Experts Say
2021-10-01: Keep your shellcode (mostly) encrypted in memory using single step encryption/decryption
2021-10-01: SlapATeacher challenge circulates on social media
2021-10-01: Opinion | When an Angry Old Pol Shakes His Fist at the Internet
2021-10-01: Opinion | Can Geoegineering Fix Climate Change?
2021-10-01: Facebook Views Preteens as 'Untapped' Wealth, Documents Show
2021-10-01: TikTok Cosplayer Killed Friend While Pretending to Be Batman Villain
2021-10-01: A tiny angry squeaking Frog
2021-10-01: Jenns Hanning Delivered Two Blank Canvases to a Danish Museum
2021-10-01: The tech company that claims it can stop employees from quitting
2021-10-01: Biden sued by Air Force officers who compare vaccine rule to death sentence
2021-10-01: Mint the coin: An absurd solution to an absurd problem
2021-10-01: Australia plans to open its borders for its own vaccinated citizens to travel : NPR
2021-10-01: Ex-police officer's DNA ends 35-year hunt for notorious serial killer in France
2021-10-01: Sarah Everard murder: London's police criticized after warning women to be wary of lone officers - CNN
2021-10-01: Bitcoin, ethereum rise as Venezuela launches digital currency
2021-10-01: A year later, 45% of COVID patients in Wuhan still have symptoms
2021-10-01: California governor signs off on series of police reform bills
2021-10-01: Majority of Trump Voters Want to Split the Nation Into 'Red' and 'Blue' Halves
2021-10-01: Malware posed as Amnesty International to offer antivirus
2021-10-01: How Jamie Spears Spied on Britney Spears Through iCloud--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-10-01: McAfee Enterprise-FireEye Products To Merge Into $2B Titan
2021-10-01: Risky line printer music on a vintage IBM mainframe
2021-10-01: Hackers rob thousands of Coinbase customers using MFA flaw
2021-10-01: Wireshark Tutorials Including Malware PCAPs--USE FOR PROJECTS
2021-10-01: UC seeks enrollment hike to meet college admission demand - Los Angeles Times
2021-10-01: IKEA cites 'health and safety' for hidden cameras in toilets
2021-10-01: mandiant/commando-vm: Complete Mandiant Offensive VM (Commando VM), a fully customizable Windows-based pentesting virtual machine distribution.
2021-10-01: Beware of Dog Parks: Canine Parasite Has Evolved Resistance to All Treatments
2021-10-01: Earth Is Dimming It's Due to Climate Change
2021-10-01: Samsung is bringing digital car keys to its phones, starting in South Korea - The Verge
2021-10-01: Special ops troops 'hunkered down' in California airport hangar after nighttime ninja attack | Stars and Stripes
2021-10-01: 5 Midwestern governors agree to create a network to charge electric vehicles : NPR
2021-10-01: SF Judge to DA Boudin: 'Take Care of Business' NBC Bay Area
2021-10-01: As sideshows increase, Sonoma County community leaders to propose sanctioned event
2021-10-01: trickster0/OffensiveRust: Rust Weaponization for Red Team Engagements.-- USE FOR PROJECTS
2021-10-01: Dissension at the Supreme Court as justices take their anger public - CNNPolitics
2021-10-01: Exclusive-'Giant can of worms': Some Afghans leave U.S. military bases before resettlement
2021-10-01: DeFi protocol Compound mistakenly gives away $90 million to users
2021-10-01: Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh tests positive for Covid, days before new term begins
2021-10-01: Neiman Marcus data breach impacts 4.6 million customers
2021-10-01: (SQUIRRELWAFFLE custom packer used by the threat actors
2021-10-01: Why does coffee make you poop?
2021-10-01: Google Warns of a New Way Hackers Can Make Malware Undetectable on Windows
2021-10-01: Chinese Hackers Used a New Rootkit to Spy on Targeted Windows 10 Users
2021-10-01: A squirrel hid 42 gallons worth of walnuts in a Fargo man's car
2021-10-01: Merck's COVID-19 pill cuts risk of death, hospitalization by 50% in study

2021-09-30: Google Lens coming to Chrome, Search for iOS browser iOS - 9to5Google
2021-09-30: CNN Shuts Down Facebook Page in Australia After Court Ruling
2021-09-30: Intel launches its next-generation neuromorphic processorso, what's that again?
2021-09-30: Trump Extremists Brought Numerous Guns on January 6, Evidence Shows Mother Jones
2021-09-30: Phone companies must now block carriers that didn't meet FCC robocall deadline
2021-09-30: 10 Types of Web Vulnerabilities that are Often Missed - Detectify Labs
2021-09-30: NYPD launches internal review of 2 officers after names appear in leaked data apparently belonging to Oath Keepers - CNN
2021-09-30: Always-on Processor magic: How Find My works while iPhone is powered off
2021-09-30: California's ban on all-white-male boardrooms is spreading - Los Angeles Times
2021-09-30: How 'wonder material' graphene became a national security concern | Manufacturing sector
2021-09-30: Havana Syndrome Cause Wasn't Microwaves: Government Report
2021-09-30: California May Be First State To Try Treatment That Pays Meth Users Not To Use : Shots - Health News : NPR
2021-09-30: 'Google' is most searched word on Bing, Google says
2021-09-30: NASA preps Lucy mission to study Jupiter's Trojan asteroid swarms
2021-09-30: NASA reports multiple fireballs hurtling through the sky over US | TheHill
2021-09-30: NASA won't rename James Webb Space Telescope despite controversy | TheHill
2021-09-30: Doctor uses iPhone 13 Pro camera to take macro images of patient's eyes | AppleInsider
2021-09-30: Cardano is written in Haskell!
2021-09-30: Cardano is no longer the world's third largest cryptocurrency
2021-09-30: Smith & Wesson announces it will move its headquarters out of Massachusetts, citing proposed ban on making assault weapons
2021-09-30: GPSD time will jump back 1024 weeks at after week=2180 (23-October-2021) (
2021-09-30: Fed Chair Powell Says He Has 'No Intention' of Banning Crypto CoinDesk
2021-09-30:Microsoft has released a four-part docu-series on NOBELIUM
2021-09-30: American Airlines passenger opens emergency exit on flight, jumps on wing of plane in Miami
2021-09-30: Feinstein introduces bill to require vaccine or negative test to fly domestically
2021-09-30: RansomEXX, Fixing Corrupted Ransom
2021-09-30: Former OnlyFans Employees Could Access Users' and Models' Personal Information
2021-09-30: With Favorable COVID-19 Numbers, SF Looking at Lifting Mask Mandate: Report NBC Bay Area
2021-09-30: How to Fix the Express Transit Vulnerability on Your iPhone
2021-09-30: Lyutoon/cryptography: Some crypto scripts which is useful in study and ctf
2021-09-30: A MegacometOne So Big, It Was Previously Misidentified As a Dwarf Planet!Is Approaching Our Solar System
2021-09-30: Leader of Prestigious Yale Program Resigns, Citing Donor Pressure
2021-09-30: A Hospital Hit by Hackers, a Baby in Distress: The Case of the First Alleged Ransomware Death - WSJ

2021-09-29: Anonymous Announces New Leak Of Epik Data
2021-09-29: He Ran Over Black Lives Matter Protesters--but Apparently That's Not a Crime
2021-09-29: Crypto mogul who installed cameras in S.F. is focused on solving local, global problems
2021-09-29: 'Impossible' Particle Discovery Adds Key Piece to the Strong Force Puzzle: double-charm tetraquark
2021-09-29: El Salvador: Bitcoin volcano mining starts! And Chivo still doesn't work Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain
2021-09-29: Apple AirTag Bug Enables 'Good Samaritan' Attack
2021-09-29: Apple AirTag Bug Enables 'Good Samaritan' Attack
2021-09-29: Examination of Theia 456 finds its nearly 500 stars were born at same time
2021-09-29: Russia arrests top cybersecurity executive in treason case
2021-09-29: Troll farms reached 140 million Americans a month on Facebook before 2020 election
2021-09-29: In 2019, Almost All of Facebook's Top Christian Pages Were Run By Foreign Troll Farms - RELEVANT
2021-09-29: Russell Brand Fans Say He's 'Officially Lost His Mind' After Latest Right-Wing Conspiracy Videos
2021-09-29: More Than Two-Thirds of Organizations Are Targets of at Least One Ransomware Attack
2021-09-29: China's Bitcoin Ban May Be Bullish for DeFi But Only Briefly CoinDesk
2021-09-29: YouTube Bans Anti-Vaccine Misinformation
2021-09-29: DEF CON® Hacking Conference - Call for CTF Organizers
2021-09-29:The amazing Halitrephes maasi jelly
2021-09-29: The Rise of One-Time Password Interception Bots
2021-09-29: Group-IB founder arrested in Moscow on state treason charges
2021-09-29: Head of Russian cybersecurity firm Group IB detained on state treason charges

2021-09-28: Bitcoin Miners Seek Out Nuclear Power as ESG Pressure Mounts
2021-09-28: Announcing Cloudflare R2 Storage: Rapid and Reliable Object Storage, minus the egress fees
2021-09-28: Ring's new home security feature: Virtual security guards?
2021-09-28: Amazon Astro is 'terrible' and will 'throw itself down' stairs, developers reportedly claim - The Verge
2021-09-28: Tesla Safety Score Could Lead to Unsafe Driving - Consumer Reports
2021-09-28: Amazon Astro: a robot to spy on your family--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-09-28: A cloud company asked security researchers to look over its systems. Here's what they found
2021-09-28: FinSpy: unseen findings | Securelist
2021-09-28: About That (Fake) "Real" Cyber Ninja's Audit Report
2021-09-28: SFSU to reopen after 'armed violence' threat, person detained | KRON4
2021-09-28: Top generals contradict Biden, say they urged him not to withdraw from Afghanistan - POLITICO
2021-09-28: Vatican orders all employees to get COVID vaccine or weekly testing - Axios
2021-09-28: Joe McCarron: COVID patient who left Donegal hospital has died
2021-09-28: UPDATE: Woman Accused of Starting Fawn Fire Was Attempting To Boil Bear Urine to Drink CBS San Francisco
2021-09-28: Teen who ran over 6 cyclists outside Houston walks free
2021-09-28: Velociraptor - Digging Deeper - Mike Cohen, Wes Lambert - PSW 711 - YouTube
2021-09-28: COVID-19: Up to 82% critically ill patients had low Vitamin C values--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-09-28: Mark Cuban and Coinbase back Eternal, an NFT marketplace for trading Twitch streamer clips
2021-09-28: Ring's new Ring Alarm Pro security system is also an Eero Wi-Fi router - The Verge
2021-09-28: Ethereum Miner Returns 'Erroneously High' $22 Million Gas Fee to Bitfinex's Wallet - Decrypt
2021-09-28: CNN Taps Scott Galloway As Host For New Streaming Service Deadline
2021-09-28: Far-right cryptocurrency follows ideology across borders
2021-09-28: New Azure Active Directory password brute-forcing flaw has no fix
2021-09-28: Tokenization vs. Encryption for Data Protection Compliance
2021-09-28: Windows 10 emergency update resolves KB5005565 app freezes, crashes
2021-09-28: How Canary Developer Thinkst Grew to $11 Million ARR With No VC Money
2021-09-28: The US lost the most years of life from COVID-19--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-09-28: Unvaccinated Americans say need for boosters proves Covid vaccines don't work
2021-09-28: A Virtual Baffle to Battle SquirrelWaffle - Cynet
2021-09-28: San Francisco Sheriff's Deputy Faces Multiple Charges After Alleged Violent Outburst NBC Bay Area
2021-09-28: Britain begs drivers: Don't fill old water bottles with fuel at gas stations
2021-09-28: Wearing a face mask does reduce your chance of catching Covid | News | The Times
2021-09-28: ImmuniWeb Launches Free Tool for Identifying Unprotected Cloud Storage
2021-09-28: Tim Scott Turns Against His Own Police-Reform Plan
2021-09-28: Arizona Audit Aftermath Shows Trump Conspiracy Theories Will Go On Forever
2021-09-28: Vaccine Mandate for New York City Teachers Reinstated
2021-09-28: Ethereum dev must face jury for allegedly helping North Korea evade sanctions
2021-09-28: Department of Homeland Security Cyber Office Wants to See Secret Voting Machine Vulnerability Report
2021-09-28: China Restricts Abortions to Force Women Into Having More Babies

2021-09-27: Pfizer Tests New Oral Drug That Could Prevent COVID-19
2021-09-27: Ford says it will spend $11.4 BILLION to build two new electric car plants in Tennessee and Kentucky | Daily Mail Online
2021-09-27: FCC details $1.9 billion program to rip out Huawei and ZTE gear in the US
2021-09-27: Claim that the NY Times is publishing Palantir propaganda
2021-09-27: She Bought Her Dream Home. Then 'Sovereign Moors' Changed the Locks.
2021-09-27: Bypass of biometrics & password security functionality for Android app CoinCDX
2021-09-27: The DFRWS Forensics Challenge
2021-09-27: Splunk Boss of the SOC is free online now, and the new one comes out on Oct 18
2021-09-27: 4 charts show why Moderna vaccine recipients may not need boosters as much as people who got Pfizer's vaccine
2021-09-27: Bitcoin miners align with fossil fuel firms, alarming environmentalists
2021-09-27: World's most dangerous bird raised by humans 18,000 years ago, study suggests - CNN
2021-09-27: Dallas Fed President Robert Kaplan resigns after controversy over stock market trading
2021-09-27: Data From Oath Keepers Leaked Online After Alleged Hack
2021-09-27: Judge rules in Wisconsin teen's favor after sheriff threatened jail over Covid post | Wisconsin
2021-09-27: CIA officials under Trump discussed assassinating Julian Assange
2021-09-27: California's universal voting by mail becomes permanent - Los Angeles Times
2021-09-27: Here's the Truth About Brett Kavanaugh's Finances Mother Jones
2021-09-27: Head of Instagram says the company has paused development of a version of the photo sharing app for children
2021-09-27: How malware gets into the App Store and why Apple can't stop that / Habr
2021-09-27: How tiny pieces of plastic can impact metal at orbital speeds
2021-09-27: Limo - Free Intel Feed | Anomali
2021-09-27: OTX is a Free STIX/TAXII Feed
2021-09-27: STIX and TAXII -- threat intelligence exchange
2021-09-27: write an EXE into any file's NTFS stream, and run it as a process
2021-09-27: Tina Peters embraced conspiracy theories. Officials say she has become an insider threat.
2021-09-27: Multi-Account Containers | Firefox Help
2021-09-27: FoggyWeb: Targeted NOBELIUM malware leads to persistent backdoor | Microsoft Security Blog
2021-09-27: In iOS 15, the phone is findable even when "Powered off"
2021-09-27: New US travel rules close door on those fully vaccinated with Russia's Sputnik V--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-09-27: Still running Windows 10 v1803, v1809 or v1903 in your organization? CVE-2021-40444 is a risk
2021-09-27: Inner Mongolia Seizes 10,100 Mining Rigs From Government Tech Park CoinDesk
2021-09-27: Cloudflare Is Taking a Shot at Email Security
2021-09-27: Cardano to enable new DeFi stablecoin with Coti
2021-09-27: Second-largest Ethereum mining pool to suspend all operations
2021-09-27: Test Suggests Face ID on iPhone 13 Doesn't Work After Screen Replacement By Third Party - MacRumors
2021-09-27: Getting started in macOS security · theevilbit blog
2021-09-27: Research reveals potential of an overlooked climate change solution: Methane Removal
2021-09-27: How Facebook Undermines Privacy Protections for Its 2 Billion WhatsApp Users ProPublica
2021-09-27: How the Mafia Is Pivoting to Cybercrime
2021-09-27: Cardano partners with Chainlink to drive smart contract development for DeFi applications
2021-09-27: Airbus to help build Mexican Moon-mining automata
2021-09-27: Floating microchips work like helicopter seeds
2021-09-27: Deep Learning's Diminishing Returns - IEEE Spectrum
2021-09-27: Opinion | Uma Thurman: The Texas abortion law is a human rights crisis for American women
2021-09-27: Google privacy settings to change now
2021-09-27: An alert() payload without letters, numbers and parentheses

2021-09-26: Optically Violent Variable quasar S5 0014+81 is one of the most powerful objects in the universe.
2021-09-26: Indian state cuts internet to prevent cheating in exam
2021-09-26: Thread Stack Spoofing - PoC for an advanced In-Memory evasion technique
2021-09-26: Where the STEM Jobs Are (and Where They Aren't) (from 2015)
2021-09-26: Niskayuna man believes he solved mystery of the universe | The Daily Gazette
2021-09-26: A Stalkerware Firm Is Leaking Real-Time Screenshots of People's Phones Online
2021-09-26: A prominent anti-vax doctor, who falsely claimed the COVID-19 vaccine could make people magnetic, had her medical license renewed, report says
2021-09-26: World's First Salmon ATM Singapore - Gastro Obscura
2021-09-26: Two disbarred lawyers sued a Texas doctor who performed an abortion. Flustered 'pro-lifers' are backpedaling | Moira Donegan
2021-09-26: PolyGlu is a coagulant made from fermented soybeans to purify water

2021-09-25: Prisoner swap highlights China's ready use of hostage diplomacy
2021-09-25: Former Sheriff's Deputy Charged With Stealing Dead Woman's Credit Cards to Shop on QVC
2021-09-25: At Georgia Rally, Trump Falsely Claims Arizona Audit Found He Won in Maricopa County
2021-09-25: Introducing the Network Security Dashboard for Azure Security Center
2021-09-25: New security feature: Microsoft Exchange Emergency Mitigation service
2021-09-25: Cardano is Partnering With American Telecom Service DISH Network--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-09-25: As Florida punishes schools, study finds masks cut school COVID outbreaks 3.5X
2021-09-25: Lab-grown meat is supposed to be inevitable. The science tells a different story.
2021-09-25: Paul Gosar Calls Arizona Audit 'Good Start,' Wants Trump-Biden Rematch by Year's End
2021-09-25: California is banning state-sponsored travel to Ohio over their anti-LGBTQ law / LGBTQ Nation
2021-09-25: Crypto-Trading Hamster Performs Better Than Warren Buffett And The S&P 500
2021-09-25: To Get Back Meng Wanzhou, China Uses a Hardball Tactic: Seizing Foreigners
2021-09-25: Nearly 200 S.F. police staff want religious exemptions from city's COVID-19 vaccine mandate
2021-09-25: 4 accused of plotting school attack on Columbine anniversary

2021-09-24: The great sperm heist: 'They were playing with people's lives' | Family
2021-09-24: Breathtaking 'Einstein Ring' Reveals Views of a Galaxy 9.4 Billion Light-Years Away
2021-09-24: This VR experience lets you explore the International Space Station--and it's as amazing as it sounds | Space
2021-09-24: HermanCainAward Subreddit: the unbelievable grimness of celebrating anti-vaxxer COVID deaths.
2021-09-24: A machine-learning algorithm to target COVID testing of travellers
2021-09-24: DeSantis' new Florida surgeon general questions masks, vaccines, other COVID-19 measures
2021-09-24: Disclosure of three 0-day iOS vulnerabilities and critique of Apple Security Bounty program--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-09-24: Why China finally decided to ban bitcoin
2021-09-24: Old coal plant is now mining bitcoin for a utility company
2021-09-24: Glow Overview--USE FOR PROJECTS
2021-09-24: A Beginner's Guide to Cardano | Level Up Coding
2021-09-24: An Introduction to Radix Nodes -- USEFUL FOR PROJECTS
2021-09-24: Open DFIR/Threat Hunting roles
2021-09-24: Facebook Comments Can Get Media Firms Sued in Australia
2021-09-24: Opinion | A Foul Play by Progressives Over Israel's Iron Dome
2021-09-24: China Detains Top HNA Group Executives
2021-09-24: CDC struggles to expand pandemic response team as morale plummets - POLITICO
2021-09-24: Bay Area woman suspected of setting Fawn Fire in Shasta County arrested: Cal Fire | KRON4
2021-09-24: 'Vigilante treatments': Anti-vaccine groups push people to leave ICUs
2021-09-24: Microsoft rushes to register Autodiscover domains leaking credentials
2021-09-24: Is the R.1 variant in the Bay Area? What to know about the highly mutated COVID strain
2021-09-24: A teenager on TikTok disrupted thousands of scientific studies with a single video - The Verge
2021-09-24: Lauren Boebert Calls For Joe Biden's 'Imeachment'
2021-09-24: Exchange Security Hole, Delayed Updates and Basic Authentication End Date Announced --
2021-09-24: Dаvіd Вucһаnаn on Twitter: "This is one of my entries to the BGGP 2021 Polyglot File challenge. It uses a novel technique of directly embedding data within the compressed image data stream of a PNG. This means you can literally see the bytes of the embedded files!" / Twitter
2021-09-24: Manny Diaz wants to 'review' existing non-COVID-19 vaccine mandates--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-09-24: U.S. generals planning for a space war they see as all but inevitable - SpaceNews
2021-09-24: The US car crash epidemic: Why driving deaths are up and as high as gun deaths - Vox
2021-09-24: Costco is limiting how much toilet paper you can buy again - CNN
2021-09-24: Biden official reveals the failure behind America's epic chip shortage - CNN
2021-09-24: China central bank vows harsh crackdown on cryptocurrency industry
2021-09-24: Alberta COVID party sends several people to hospital with virus- CityNews Edmonton
2021-09-24: A Taliban Founder Says Executions And Amputations Will Resume : NPR
2021-09-24: Kraken Commits to Funding Open-Source Rust Bitcoin Development - Kraken Blog
2021-09-24: Richard Feynman's Lectures on Physics
2021-09-24: Apple's New iCloud Private Relay Service Leaks Users' Real IP Addresses
2021-09-24: Instant, free, cross-border payment on @Twitter with the Strike API
2021-09-24: Strike App, Now Live in Twitter Tip Feature, Also Launches Bitcoin Payments API CoinDesk
2021-09-24: Google Warns of a New Way Hackers Can Make Malware Undetectable on Windows--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-09-24: Government seizes billions in cash from air travelers without ever filing a criminal charge
2021-09-24: 21 million Americans say Biden is 'illegitimate' and Trump should be restored by violence, survey finds
2021-09-24: Texas launches review of 2020 election, hours after Trump call - POLITICO
2021-09-24: Arizona Election Audit Confirms Biden's Win In Maricopa County, But Also Casts Doubts | KJZZ

2021-09-23: Arizona audit draft report confirms Biden beat Trump in 2020
2021-09-23: The view from the surface of a Comet
2021-09-23: New Desktop App Makes It Easier to Mine Ethereum - Decrypt
2021-09-23: Snoop Dogg Is Selling 1,000 NFT Passes for Private Ethereum Metaverse Party - Decrypt
2021-09-23: Windows on ARM on Apple Silicon An Open Conversation |
2021-09-23: Florida Lawmaker Proposes Restrictive Abortion Bill Similar To Texas' : NPR
2021-09-23: Biden doubles US global donation of COVID-19 vaccine shots
2021-09-23: Video of a Physical Penetration Test against an ATM--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-09-23: Facebook's latest "apology" reveals security and safety disarray
2021-09-23: FamousSparrow APT uses DLL search-order hijacking--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-09-23: EU proposes mandatory USB-C on all devices, including iPhones - The Verge
2021-09-23: Friday at 4 pm ET -- CYBER NINJA RESULTS
2021-09-23: U.S. special envoy to Haiti resigns, says he will not be associated with 'inhumane, counterproductive' deportations of Haitians
2021-09-23: Facebook to testify on kids' safety as lawmakers probe a whistleblower's revelations
2021-09-23: Microsoft Exchange Autodiscover bugs leak 100K Windows credentials--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-09-23: REVil ransomware devs added a backdoor to cheat affiliates--SHOW TO CLASS

2021-09-22: Politico confirms Hunter Biden laptop emails after media declared story 'Russian disinformation' amid election
2021-09-22: What Police Can Do With Social Media Spy Tool ShadowDragon
2021-09-22: California Gov. Newsom signs bill that curtails productivity quotas used by companies such as Amazon
2021-09-22: California drought: Conservation falls short | CalMatters
2021-09-22: FTC resurrects a decade-old rule as a guardrail on the health app explosion - The Verge
2021-09-22: Texas sued over terrible social media law - The Verge
2021-09-22: Tim Cook says employees who leak memos do not belong at Apple, according to leaked memo - The Verge
2021-09-22: UK MoD Data Breach Shows Cybersecurity Must Protect ...
2021-09-22: ransomware negotiations on fire
2021-09-22: Tide encryption is ready to end the cyber breach pandemic
2021-09-22: Marketron marketing services hit by Blackmatter ransomware
2021-09-22: Lithuanian government warns about secret censorship features in Xiaomi phones
2021-09-22: VMSA-2021-0020: What You Need to Know - VMware vSphere Blog
2021-09-22: A Generation of American Men Give Up on College: 'I Just Feel Lost' - WSJ

2021-09-21: Top 10 TLDs Abused
2021-09-21: Whatever You Do, Don't Buy a MacBook Pro Right Now | Digital Trends
2021-09-21: Let's Encrypt's root certificate is about to expire, and it might break your devices
2021-09-21: Moon's Tycho Crater Revealed in Intricate Detail Powerful New Radar Technology Will Reveal Secrets of the Solar System
2021-09-21: Snoop Dogg Reveals Himself as Ethereum NFT Whale With $17M Collection - Decrypt
2021-09-21: Project Veritas Scammed Out Of $165K By Hackers
2021-09-21: In climate pledge, Xi says China will not build new coal-fired power projects abroad
2021-09-21: Database containing 106m Thailand travelers' details leaked
2021-09-21: Making API Calls :: Radix Documentation
2021-09-21: Anonymous hack of Epik web services reveals who's behind Proud Boys websites
2021-09-21: Trump Campaign Knew Lawyers' Dominion Claims Were Baseless, Memo Shows
2021-09-21: Taliban seeks to attend United Nations General Assembly in New York
2021-09-21: FBI held back ransomware decryption key from businesses to run operation targeting hackers--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-09-21: SEC's Gary Gensler criticizes stablecoins amid call for tougher crypto regulation--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-09-21: (827) Daredevil Walks Tightrope From Eiffel Tower - YouTube
2021-09-21: HackerOne expands Internet Bug Bounty project to tackle open source bugs
2021-09-21: This Guy Running For Canadian Parliament Wants Men Not to Ejaculate
2021-09-21: Treasury unleashes cryptocurrency sanctions to fight ransomware - POLITICO
2021-09-21: My XRD Coming In
2021-09-21: He has been uncovering the lavish lifestyle of Viktor Orbán's circles. This summer, he was surveilled with Pegasus spyware | Direkt36
2021-09-21: Rep. Nunes Wins Major Victory In Defamation Case Against Ryan Lizza and Hearst JONATHAN TURLEY
2021-09-21: Flights to Europe are about to rise as U.S. eases Covid travel restrictions
2021-09-21: SMS/SIM card application fuzzer
2021-09-21: Where Are the Tests?
2021-09-21: Here Are All of the New Features in iOS 15 | HYPEBEAST
2021-09-21: MIT study finds Tesla drivers become inattentive when Autopilot is activated
2021-09-21: Hacker Makes Off with $12 Million in Latest DeFi Breach--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-09-21: British energy firms fear collapse as European gas prices surge 250%
2021-09-21: Telegram emerges as new dark web for cyber criminals | Financial Times
2021-09-21: UK scientists believe it is 'almost certain' a coronavirus variant will emerge that beats current vaccines - CNN
2021-09-21: Threats against members of Congress soar, changing the job - Los Angeles Times
2021-09-21: America's Cops are Throwing a Sick Covid Temper Tantrum
2021-09-21: The 'solar canals' making smart use of India's space - BBC Future

2021-09-20: One hospital in America that has had zero of these infections in over 25 years
2021-09-20: 'Brainless' Australia a target for 'nuclear war', warns top China expert
2021-09-20: Kali Linux 2021.3 released with new tools
2021-09-20: Hacked sites push TeamViewer using fake expired certificate alert
2021-09-20: Researcher discloses iPhone lock screen bypass on iOS 15 launch day
2021-09-20: Binance staff exploited users' crypto trades for personal gain, whistleblower
2021-09-20: Prince Andrew is served accuser's sexual assault lawsuit in United States -lawyers
2021-09-20: Bonaci Group, a new leak gang, has opened a site on the DarkWeb
2021-09-20: COVID-19 vaccine skeptic Bolsonaro gets a pass at U.N. but not New York restaurants
2021-09-20: Does Your Organization Have a Security.txt File?
2021-09-20: Facebook's deal with Kushner--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-09-20: How to see who is trying to break into your Office 365 and what they're trying to hack - TechRepublic
2021-09-20: What Explains Xi's Pivot to the State? - WSJ
2021-09-20: Uncontrolled Spread: Science, Policy, Institutions, Infrastructure | a16z Podcast
2021-09-20: U.S. to require Covid vaccinations for arriving international travelers
2021-09-20: Amazon's AI Cameras Are Punishing Drivers for Mistakes They Didn't Make
2021-09-20: AMD CPU driver bug can break KASLR, expose passwords
2021-09-20: 106 Italian mafia members arrested for SIM swapping, BEC scams, phishing
2021-09-20: The 8 Layers of the OSI Cake: A Forensic Taste of Each Layer
2021-09-20: Exclusive: U.S. opens probe into 30 million vehicles over air bag inflators

2021-09-19: FBI tactics criticized in Beverly Hills safe deposit box raid - Los Angeles Times
2021-09-19: Groundbreaking Research Identifies Likely Cause of Alzheimer's Disease Potential for New Treatment
2021-09-19: How Top Accounting Firms Help Their Clients Sidestep Taxes
2021-09-19: Russian Federal Security Service server is distributing malware
2021-09-19: There's Likely Going to Be a Power Shutoff Event on Monday for 13 California Counties
2021-09-19: The debate about Offensive Security Tools
2021-09-19: Thailand's Democrat Party holds election with blockchain (from 2018)
2021-09-19: Firmware Security
2021-09-19: How to Evade AV with OWASP-ZSC, Part 1
2021-09-19: An Inside Look at the Spy Tech That Followed Kids Home for Remote Learning and Now Won't Leave--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-09-19: In just a few weeks, Chick-fil-A will truly shock loyal customers
2021-09-19: Consolidation of the VPN industry spells trouble for the consumer
2021-09-19: AI's learn falsehoods from humans--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-09-19: US govt sites showing porn, viagra ads share a common software vendor
2021-09-19: Confused by crytocurrency? | Podcasts | Naked Scientists
2021-09-19: Epik has *finally* disclosed the breach
2021-09-19: High-speed internet via airborne beams of light
2021-09-19: Hong Kong holds "patriots only" elections for Election Committee members - Axios
2021-09-19: California reports lowest COVID-19 case rate in the country
2021-09-19: 9 Oakland Cops in Hot Water After Probe Into 'Racist and Sexist' Posts

2021-09-18: Cardano (ADA) sees 200 smart contracts that can't be used yet | Invezz
2021-09-18: SushiSwap sees a $3 million supply chain attack against its MISO launchpad | Invezz
2021-09-18: Solana's Growing Pains - Decrypt
2021-09-18: Massive San Francisco sideshow caught on camera | KRON4
2021-09-18: Binance Probed for Insider Trading And Market Manipulation in The U.S
2021-09-18: We Sell Your Data
2021-09-18: Oregon Doctor Who Spread COVID Misinformation Gets License Revoked
2021-09-18: Bitfinex is Not Available for US Customers
2021-09-18: Here's where and why San Francisco Marathon runners will need to wear masks
2021-09-18: As Russian Election Nears, Voters Voice Resignation, Anger and Fear
2021-09-18: Stressed-out IT workers, software devs--we're not being funny but have you tried rebooting your breathing?
2021-09-18: Opinion | Alan Braid: I violated Texas's abortion ban. Here's why.
2021-09-18: Mayor Breed defiant about ditching mask in San Francisco nightclub
2021-09-18: West Virginia police chief Larry Clay Jr. arrested in alleged child sex trafficking case
2021-09-18: Windows 11 is no longer compatible with Oracle VirtualBox VMs
2021-09-18: On debt ceiling, McConnell led Republicans will vote against raising borrowing limit
2021-09-18: Pastor says donate to his church to get a religious exemption for vaccines
2021-09-18: According to Breitbart, liberals are pushing the vaccine aggressively to trick MAGA into rejecting it and dying
2021-09-18: Biden loses Europe's trust
2021-09-18: The Unconventional Weapon Against Future Wildfires: Goats
2021-09-18: Arizona audit: Maricopa County and state Senate reach agreement after months of sparring over 2020 election audit - CNNPolitics
2021-09-18: The very unclear story of boosters will become clear.
2021-09-18: The Scientist and the A.I.-Assisted, Remote-Control Killing Machine
2021-09-18: Taliban replace ministry for women with one restricting them

2021-09-17: Sinkholes can be found underwater too
2021-09-17: Bullets easily ricochet off water--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-09-17: GitHub - haileys/doslinux: Run Linux programs on DOS
2021-09-17: Oakland Businessman Becomes Second Contractor to Receive Jail Time In SF City Hall Corruption Probe
2021-09-17: The moment QAnon took the person I love most
2021-09-17: Biden bombs on persuading Manchin to budge on proposed $3.5T spending bill
2021-09-17: Simone Biles Wears 98-Pound Dress Featuring Glass Crystal Chains to 2021 Met Gala
2021-09-17: A 10 billion-year-old supernova will soon replay before our eyes, new dark matter study predicts | Live Science
2021-09-17: Two of California Gov. Gavin Newsom's children test positive for Covid-19
2021-09-17: Arizona election audit: Group offers Senate way to verify Cyber Ninjas
2021-09-17: Gregg Prentice, Anti-Mask Florida Election Official, Dies of COVID and Takes GOP Software Secrets With Him
2021-09-17: GitHub - galli-leo/emmutaler: A set of tools for fuzzing SecureROM. Managed to find and trigger checkm8.
2021-09-17: El Salvador’s Bitcoin Law Is a Farce
2021-09-17: Rapping molecular scientist offers Nicki Minaj a lesson about COVID vaccines
2021-09-17: Mike Lindell seems confused about the date, suggests the government tried to kill him |
2021-09-17: North Carolina court permanently blocks state's voter ID law
2021-09-17: Apple and Google Remove 'Navalny' Voting App in Russia
2021-09-17: The Tonight Showr: "Microsoft will no longer require users to enter a password"
2021-09-17: California governor Gavin Newsom signs bills ending a rule that helped cause its housing crisis - Vox
2021-09-17: 'Incredibly dangerous': Trump is trying to get Big Lie promoters chosen to run the 2024 election - CNNPolitics
2021-09-17: TikTok removing 'devious licks' videos from platform amid complaints from schools | KRON4
2021-09-17: France recalls its ambassadors to the US and Australia over new national security partnership - CNNPolitics
2021-09-17: 'Tragic mistake': U.S. determines Kabul drone strike killed innocent aid worker, nine family members - POLITICO
2021-09-17: Vaccine card from 1956
2021-09-17: Yes, of course, there's now malware for Windows Subsystem for Linux
2021-09-17: Mirai Botnet Exploiting OMIGOD Azure Vulnerability
2021-09-17: Omg, this is so wacky. If your bank pin was a phone number, what word can you spell with it?
2021-09-17: U.S. FDA advisers recommend COVID-19 boosters for older adults after rejecting broad approval
2021-09-17: Pfizer recalls all lots of anti-smoking drug over carcinogen presence
2021-09-17: Maine Will Make Companies Pay for Recycling. Here's How It Works.
2021-09-17: Pope Calls Out Anti-Vaccine Sentiment in Catholic Church | Democracy Now!
2021-09-17: Wall Street Journal: Milley defends calls to China during Trump presidency as 'perfectly' within his duties - CNNPolitics
2021-09-17: Women can say no to sex if Roe falls, says architect of Texas abortion ban | Roe v Wade
2021-09-17: Tool: Virtual Private Network (VPN) - Consumer Reports Security Planner
2021-09-17: Planet is on catastrophic path to 2.7 degrees of warming, UN report shows - CNN
2021-09-17: Toshiba unveils massive hard drives for your PC and NAS
2021-09-17: Web host Epik was warned of a critical website bug weeks before it was hacked
2021-09-17: Exclusive: An American Company Fears Its Windows Hacks Helped India Spy On China And Pakistan--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-09-17: New Windows security updates break network printing
2021-09-17: Ransomware encrypts South Africa's entire Dept of Justice network
2021-09-17: New malware uses Windows Subsystem for Linux for stealthy attacks
2021-09-17: Apollo era NASA anal probe chair--what?
2021-09-17: Larry Elder Speaks to Newsweek on Why He Lost to Gavin Newsom and What He May Do Next
2021-09-17: How Facebook Hobbled Mark Zuckerberg's Bid to Get America Vaccinated - WSJ
2021-09-17: General Milley cannot undermine civilian authority. The US is not a military junta | Lt Col Daniel L Davis (ret)
2021-09-17: AT&T Phone-Unlocking Malware Ring Costs Carrier $200M--SHOW TO CLASS

2021-09-16: Releasing our Digital Vaccine Record code on GitHub | TechBlog
2021-09-16: Revolutionary cancer vaccine trials inspired by COVID jab begin - BBC Science Focus Magazine
2021-09-16: Why Republicans are Killing their Own Voters--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-09-16: How some Americans have turned to a drug called Ivermectin
2021-09-16: Lack of a Vaccine Mandate Becomes Competitive Advantage in Hospital Staffing Wars | Kaiser Health News
2021-09-16: Pandemic Roundup: September 16, 2021 | Violet Blue on Patreon
2021-09-16: Epik Hack Reveals Owners of Most Notorious Far-Right Sites
2021-09-16: Amazon's New 'Factory Towns' Will Lift the Working Class - Bloomberg
2021-09-16: 78% of Bay Area Voted 'No' In Recall
2021-09-16: Die, Beautiful Spotted Lanternfly, Die
2021-09-16: The ozone hole over the South Pole is now bigger than Antarctica - CNN
2021-09-16: Star gymnasts call out FBI over massive failures in the Larry Nassar investigation--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-09-16: Capitol Hill Hearing Blasts The FBI For Mishandling Nassar Investigation : NPR
2021-09-16: GitHub - Dewalt-arch/pimpmykali: Kali Linux Fixes for Newly Imported VM's
2021-09-16: Several CCSF Departments were broken into. Metal and Jewelry Arts was EMPTIED
2021-09-16: Pounds and ounces return in victory for metric martyrs | News | The Times
2021-09-16: Guardian Legal Network | Commercial Herbicide Lawsuit
2021-09-16: Locast's free TV service ordered to shut down permanently after copyright loss
2021-09-16: Plane almost flew into a hill
2021-09-16: Covid-19: France suspends 3,000 unvaccinated health workers
2021-09-16: New Hampshire state representative leaves GOP over opposition to vaccine mandate | TheHill
2021-09-16: Idaho, hospitals in West face Covid surge, struggle to transfer patients
2021-09-16: Surge makes Tennessee U.S. leader in new COVID cases per capita
2021-09-16: Idaho expands Crisis Standards of Care statewide due to surge in COVID-19 patients requiring hospitalization | Idaho Department of Health and Welfare
2021-09-16: All-electric aircraft from Rolls-Royce completes maiden flight
2021-09-16: Ocean Cleanup struggles to fulfill promise to scoop up plastic at sea
2021-09-16: Lucid Air snags the longest range EV title, surpassing Tesla
2021-09-16: Durham Is Said to Seek Indictment of Lawyer at Firm With Democratic Ties
2021-09-16: OpenAI Codex
2021-09-16: (812) OpenAI Codex: Just Say What You Want! 🤖 - YouTube

2021-09-15: Wikipedia bans seven Chinese users amid concerns of 'infiltration, physical harm'
2021-09-15: New Los Angeles health order to require proof of COVID vaccination for indoor areas of bars, nightclubs, wineries - ABC7 Los Angeles
2021-09-15: Some Healthy Americans Seek Coronavirus Booster Shots Before Approval
2021-09-15: Some striking numbers on the unvaccinated among us
2021-09-15: Pennsylvania GOP lawmakers vote to subpoena voter records, official emails in 2020 probe
2021-09-15: Anonymous hacks and leaks data from domain registrar Epik - The Record by Recorded Future
2021-09-15: SAM'S AWESOME NFT
2021-09-15: Microsoft accounts can now go fully passwordless - The Verge
2021-09-15: Lawmakers Investigating Instagram After Report It Makes Teens Suicidal
2021-09-15: OpenSea exec used the platform's influence to pump his own NFTs
2021-09-15: Coinbase increases junk-bond offering to $2B after investors swarm
2021-09-15: Protesters burn Bitcoin ATM as part of demonstration against El Salvador president
2021-09-15: This US company sold iPhone hacking tools to UAE spies
2021-09-15: Sen. Warren goes after Ethereum network fees in committee hearing
2021-09-15: CactusCon 2022: Call for Speakers/Papers @
2021-09-15: NASA Upped the Chance of Asteroid Bennu Slamming Into Earth
2021-09-15: NHS app storing facial verification data via contract with firm linked to Tory donors | NHS
2021-09-15: Microsoft doubles down on confusing TPM 2.0 requirement for Windows 11 | PC Gamer
2021-09-15: CryptoHack Courses
2021-09-15: Announcing password removal for Microsoft accounts - Microsoft Tech Community
2021-09-15: 2021 Velociraptor Contributor Competition :: Velociraptor - Digging deeper!
2021-09-15: U.S. Army says soldiers who refuse COVID-19 vaccine could be dismissed
2021-09-15: Climate change: Not a single G20 country is in line with the Paris Agreement, analysis shows - CNN
2021-09-15: Where are the Taliban's missing leaders? Rumors swirl over fate of two top officials - CNN
2021-09-15: "Secret" Agent Exposes Azure Customers To Unauthorized Code Execution--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-09-15: Death threats sent to participants of US conference on Hindu nationalism | Freedom of speech
2021-09-15: Firefox now bypasses Windows 11's messy default browser settings
2021-09-15: California Poll Worker Dressed Head-to-Toe in 'Trump 2020' Merch Has Been Dismissed
2021-09-15: ExpressVPN exec among three facing $1.6 million fine for helping UAE spy

2021-09-14: California Becomes One of Only Three States to Exit the CDC's Worst Category for COVID Transmission
2021-09-14: A New Company Wants To Resurrect The Woolly Mammoth Using DNA Splicing : NPR
2021-09-14: Warren says Fed must break up 'repeat offender' Wells Fargo
2021-09-14: Amazon hikes average U.S. starting pay to $18, hires for 125,000 jobs |
2021-09-14: UPDATE: Woman Dragged To Her Death By BART Train While Tethered To Dog Leash Identified CBS San Francisco
2021-09-14: Putin Self-Isolates After Staffers Get COVID-19 : NPR
2021-09-14: Donald Trump Predicts America Will End Within 3 Years | HuffPost
2021-09-14: FBI director faces new scrutiny over investigation of Brett Kavanaugh | FBI
2021-09-14: 'Peril,' by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, reports Gen. Mark A. Milley called a Chinese general twice to pledge the U.S. wouldn't strike
2021-09-14: The California Recall Effort Has Officially Failed Mother Jones
2021-09-14: Epik - Distributed Denial of Secrets
2021-09-14: (1) Karen thinks that Victoria's Secret is tracking people through their bra
2021-09-14: Outdoing Biden, Fox News will now require daily COVID-19 testing for its unvaccinated employees
2021-09-14: American hacker mercenaries face U.S. charges for work in UAE
2021-09-14: Protestors Nationwide Rally to Tell Apple: "Don't Break Your Promise!"
2021-09-14: China develops machines to track data sent abroad by cars
2021-09-14: Moody's to invest $250 million in BitSight, create 'cybersecurity risk platform'
2021-09-14: Apple Patches Zero-Click iMessage Hack Used by NSO
2021-09-14: Massachusetts National Guard to help with busing students | Stars and Stripes
2021-09-14: I'm shocked at how bad this vendor response is
2021-09-14: Philadelphia will pay $2M to Rickia Young, the woman police beat in front of her child during unrest
2021-09-14: Facebook Is Raking It in With Anti-Abortion Ads
2021-09-14: Sysmon Events in Wireshark, with all the filtering functionality I've dreamed of

2021-09-13: Teacher lectured about suicide, God, and sex & kicked a student in the balls
2021-09-13: Comedian and 'SNL' alum Jim Breuer cancels shows at venues requiring Covid vaccination
2021-09-13: Trump Calls Bush Ungrateful: "I Kept Him from Being the Worst President in History" | The New Yorker
2021-09-13: Walgreens' Covid-19 test registration system exposed patient data -- SHOW TO CLASS
2021-09-13: Fear and Covid in Las Vegas: Pen testing Hacker Summer Camp's mask policies - The Record by Recorded Future
2021-09-13: 'S.Korea's Bernie Sanders' tops presidential polls with talk of universal basic income
2021-09-13: Microsoft BGP Hijack by Russia--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-09-13: UPDATE: Powell Street BART Station Reopens in San Francisco After Fatal Incident CBS San Francisco
2021-09-13: Experts Warn About Vulnerabilities of U.S. GPS System to Cyber Terrorists
2021-09-13: Fortinet, Linksys joint venture aims to bring enterprise security to home offices
2021-09-13: Steve Wozniak Announces Privateer, a New Space Company
2021-09-13: macos - CLI file directly to clipboard cat ./file.txt | pbcopy
2021-09-13: Tensions mount between CDC and Biden health team over boosters - POLITICO
2021-09-13: Hundreds of law enforcement officials were prepped early for potential Jan. 6 violence - POLITICO
2021-09-13: What Is Betadine? Why Anti-Vaxxers Are Promoting Gargling with Iodine - Rolling Stone
2021-09-13: Michigan lawmaker introduces bill decriminalizing psychedelics - Raw Story - Celebrating 17 Years of Independent Journalism
2021-09-13: how much more interesting would budget meetings be if they were musical?
2021-09-13: DeviantArt notifies you when your work has been used as a NFT
2021-09-13: Biden to nominate critic of surveillance software to FTC, further bolstering agency as check on Big Tech
2021-09-13: Larry Elder claims to have detected fraud in the election a day before it happens--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-09-13: 92 percent of LGBTQ adults in US have had at least one vaccine shot | TheHill
2021-09-13: DeSantis Press Conference Spreads Anti-Vax Falsehood - The Bulwark
2021-09-13: Hackers gained access to a large dataset belonging to Epik, the web host of the Texas GOP website--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-09-13: Booster shots not needed for general population, scientists' group says
2021-09-13: New Pegasus hack found targeting Apple devices through iMessage, researchers say
2021-09-13: Vermilion Strike: Linux and Windows Re-implementation of Cobalt Strike
2021-09-13: AMITA Hospital Targeted with 'Hundreds' of Emails, Calls After Denying Patient Controversial Drug NBC Chicago
2021-09-13: Capitol rally seeks to rewrite Jan. 6 by exalting rioters
2021-09-13: Cobalt Strike Beacon on Linux--USE FOR PROJECTS
2021-09-13: Ocasio-Cortez fires back at Manchin after he refers to her as 'young lady' | TheHill
2021-09-13: What Were the Top 4 Causes of the Civil War?
2021-09-13: Capitol Police Arrest A Man With A Bayonet And Machete Near DNC HQ : NPR
2021-09-13: SANS Test--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-09-13: Long-Secret FBI Report Reveals New Connections Between 9/11 Hijackers and Saudi Religious Officials in U.S. ProPublica
2021-09-13: Hacker-made Linux Cobalt Strike beacon used in ongoing attacks--USE FOR PROJECTS
2021-09-13: Facebook Says Its Rules Apply to All. Company Documents Reveal a Secret Elite That's Exempt.--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-09-13: Government Docs Show There Was Never a Plan in Afghanistan

2021-09-12: Why Our Monsters Talk to Michael Wolff
2021-09-12: COVID-19: CDC Reveals Which Vaccine Is More Effective In Preventing Hospitalizations
2021-09-12: England abandons vaccine passport plans
2021-09-12: Groundbreaking Technique Yields Extraordinary Results--Limits on Long-Theorized "Fifth Force" of Nature
2021-09-12: GitHub - airbus-cert/Winshark: A wireshark plugin to instrument ETW
2021-09-12: Microsoft quietly revealed the deeper secrets of Windows 11 (you may be stunned)
2021-09-12: Al-Qaida leader Ayman al-Zawahri appears in 9/11 anniversary video
2021-09-12: Why There Are Fears That Nipah Virus Could One Day Cause A Deadly Pandemic : Goats and Soda : NPR
2021-09-12: Bootstrap Kubernetes the hard way on Google Cloud Platform. No scripts.--USE FOR PROJECTS
2021-09-12: What A 'Mild' Breakthrough COVID Case Feels Like : Shots - Health News : NPR
2021-09-12: Cross-Account Container Takeover in Azure Container Instances
2021-09-12: Virgin Galactic says its space mission with the Italian Air Force is delayed due to a possible manufacturing flaw
2021-09-12: Chevy Bolt recall: Frustrated owners want buybacks
2021-09-12: Afghanistan's Shitposting Taliban Stan Malang Khostay Finds Right-Wing Fame

2021-09-11: Over 200 Citations Issued, 3 Cars Impounded, 1 Arrested at San Jose Sideshow CBS San Francisco
2021-09-11: Install Proxmox VE on Debian 11 Bullseye - Proxmox VE
2021-09-11: Here's How We Could Brighten Clouds to Cool the Earth - IEEE Spectrum
2021-09-11: Covid Lungs--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-09-11: Armed Picnics and Snipers at Family Dollar: Life in a Town With a Government-Approved Militia Mother Jones
2021-09-11: Religious exemption form--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-09-11: Facebook has been giving misinformation researchers incomplete data | Engadget
2021-09-11: Facebook reportedly provided inaccurate data to misinformation researchers - The Verge
2021-09-11: Arizona GOP State Senator Critical of Election Audit Fires Back After Receiving Threat
2021-09-11: Todd Beamer's 911 United 93 transcript
2021-09-11: Connecticut Court Orders Blogger To Turn Over Electronic Devices To Cop Suing Over Alleged Defamation By Blog's Commenters
2021-09-11: New Battery Technologies Are Making Progress
2021-09-11: Texas killer was "executing and exterminating the pro-choice Jewish Satan worshippers”
2021-09-11: Farmers in Thailand Use Armies of 10,000 Ducks to Rid Rice Paddies of Pests
2021-09-11: Rikers chief medical officer: Jail needs 'outside help'
2021-09-11: Bush Equates Insurrectionists To 9/11 Terrorists During Memorial Speech
2021-09-11: COVID: All Bay Area Counties Except Solano Outpacing State Vaccination Rates CBS San Francisco
2021-09-11: Ethereum Transaction Fees Fall While NFT Market Stumbles - Decrypt
2021-09-11: Azure Defenses for Ransomware Attack
2021-09-11: GitHub - microsoft/wslg: Enabling the Windows Subsystem for Linux to include support for Wayland and X server related scenarios
2021-09-11: New CDC numbers: How many fully vaccinated people got the delta variant? - Deseret News

2021-09-10: Scott's Cheap Flights founder trick to find cheaper plane tickets
2021-09-10: Milkweed Butterflies Are More Murderous Than They Look
2021-09-10: An Albert Einstein lookalike, backflipping dogs and AI nurses were among the highlights at Beijing's World Robot Conference
2021-09-10: France issues warning after breach of visa-application website | News | GRC World Forums
2021-09-10: ANZ New Zealand back online after outage from DDoS attack
2021-09-10: Fauci Was 'Untruthful' to Congress About Wuhan Lab Research, New Documents Appear To Show
2021-09-10: White House defends Fauci from new attacks over China grants
2021-09-10: What are Ether Rocks? Meet the NFT Digital Rocks Craze
2021-09-10: The Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs Sold for $24 Million
2021-09-10: Solana (SOL) Pulls Over A 100x in 2021, Rising to the Top to Fight Ethereum
2021-09-10: Longtime publication SF Weekly shutters 'indefinitely' after decades in San Francisco
2021-09-10: Western Union could lose $400 million due to El Salvador BTC adoption
2021-09-10: Afghanistan: UN condemns Taliban's brutal crackdown on protests
2021-09-10: CDC: Delta Variant Caused More Severe Breakthrough Cases Than Expected, Risk 10 Times Higher for Unvaccinated NBC New York
2021-09-10: El Salvador Bitcoin: how Chivo doesn't work; how to fake a Chivo signup Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain
2021-09-10: San Francisco schools head off vaccine requirements for kids - The San Francisco Examiner
2021-09-10: KrebsOnSecurity Hit By Huge New IoT Botnet "Meris"
2021-09-10: Zebras are on the loose in Maryland. But Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton says she didn't do it.
2021-09-10: Analysis of the U.S. drone strike's aftermath in Kabul suggests no evidence the car contained explosives, experts say - Washington Post
2021-09-10: Harvard to divest from fossil fuel industry
2021-09-10: Denmark lifts all coronavirus restrictions
2021-09-10: Climate change almost completely destabilizes Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation, study finds
2021-09-10: Members of Congress and Their Staff Are Exempt From Biden's Vaccine Mandate
2021-09-10: A secretive Pentagon program that started on Trump's last day in office just ended, but the mystery has not | Stars and Stripes
2021-09-10: Additional vaccine doses | San Francisco
2021-09-10: SF Now Offering Third Vaccine Dose to People With Immunocompromised Health Conditions NBC Bay Area
2021-09-10: I got my coronavirus booster early. It was infuriatingly easy.
2021-09-10: Facebook Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses review
2021-09-10: Boys more at risk from Pfizer jab side-effect than Covid, suggests study | Coronavirus
2021-09-10: The Wonderful: Stories from the Space Station review awe generators turned up to 11 | Movies
2021-09-10: Recology Firms to Pay $36 Million in SF Corruption Probe NBC Bay Area
2021-09-10: How Docker broke in half
2021-09-10: Over 1,000 lighting strikes occurred overnight in California, igniting new wildfires--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-09-10: Hey how did you get in here? Number one app security weakness of 2021 was borked access control, says OWASP
2021-09-10: Microsoft Showcases Performance Boosting Features of Windows 11 Operating System on PCs
2021-09-10: SF company offers to relocate employees in Texas in light of abortion ban | KRON4
2021-09-10: No Vaccine Mandate for San Francisco Unified NBC Bay Area
2021-09-10: Two Florida teens accused of planning a Columbine-style school shooting
2021-09-10: Texas passes social media 'de-platforming' law
2021-09-10: Kurt von Hammerstein-Equord - Four Types of Officers
2021-09-10: Chris Christie--a possible 2024 presidential contender--takes direct aim at Trump
2021-09-10: ETW Part 2: Process Parent Spoofing | by Mike Cohen | Sep, 2021 | Velociraptor IR
2021-09-10: Amazon offers to pay college fees of 750,000 frontline US workers | Amazon
2021-09-10: Hong Kong: Police raid Tiananmen Square museum
2021-09-10: Wright tests its 2-megawatt electric engines for passenger planes
2021-09-10: The Real Reason the North Korea Parade Was Weird as Fuck
2021-09-10: Inside the Bromance Between Jair Bolsonaro, the 'Trump of the Tropics,' and the Original
2021-09-10: Joe Biden Mandates That All Federal Employees Get Vaccinated Against COVID
2021-09-10: Greg Abbott Takes the Lead in the GOP's Race to the Bottom
2021-09-10: Hackers are leaking children's data and there's little parents can do
2021-09-10: Found an interesting PowerShell dropper that uses the 7Zip4PowerShell module to unpack an encrypted 7z payload staged on Google Drive
2021-09-10: Wireless charging leaks private data. It leaks information about websites visited by the user.
2021-09-10: Planets and dwarf planets to scale in size, rotation speed & axial tilt in distance order from Sun

2021-09-09: Biggest takeaway from pandemic lockdowns for Microsoft? Teams stopped talking to each other
2021-09-09: Dozy ISS cosmonauts woken by smoke alarm on eve of 5-hour spacewalk
2021-09-09: VMware announces tech preview of Arm hypervisor Fusion on Apple's M1 silicon
2021-09-09: University of Delaware warns faculty not to tell students about covid-19 cases in class
2021-09-09: Virginia National Guard confirms cyberattack hit Virginia Defense Force email accounts
2021-09-09: John Oliver is helping museums through the pandemic by lending them rat erotica
2021-09-09: Climeworks Orca plant in Iceland will capture Co2 at big new scale
2021-09-09: Europe travel restrictions: 6 countries that have tightened rules on Americans
2021-09-09: Missouri teacher resigns after school tells him to remove Pride flag
2021-09-09: The 'megacomet' Bernardinelli-Bernstein is the find of a decade. Here's the discovery explained. | Space
2021-09-09: Afghan Women Protest Taliban Rule : NPR
2021-09-09: United Nations Says Intruders Breached Its Systems
2021-09-09: Big Blue's quantum rainmaker jumps to room-temp diamond quantum accelerator company
2021-09-09: The Ultimate List of Free and Open-source Threat Intelligence Feeds - SOCRadar� Cyber Intelligence Inc.
2021-09-09: Free threat intelligence feeds -
2021-09-09: The disastrous voyage of Satoshi, the world's first cryptocurrency cruise ship | Cryptocurrencies
2021-09-09: El Salvador's bitcoin experiment splits crypto community amid major price decline - MarketWatch
2021-09-09: Rutgers student says he's being stopped from taking virtual classes because he's not vaccinated -
2021-09-09: How one foil-wrapped home survived the Caldor Fire as everything around it burned
2021-09-09: Los Angeles to require vaccine for all students 12 and up
2021-09-09: Joe Biden goes nuclear, will mandate COVID vaccines (or testing) for most private employees.
2021-09-09: My Relationship Was Derailed By A Viral TikTok
2021-09-09: Andrew Yang to launch a third party - POLITICO
2021-09-09: Naked woman drove golf cart through armed standoff in Florida, deputy says WFTV
2021-09-09: (799) Interactive Pentest Ep1 - You're in Control! | Legacy on Hack The Box - YouTube
2021-09-09: Xi Jinping's crackdown on everything is remaking Chinese society
2021-09-09: Biden administration targets 100 percent sustainable aviation fuel 2050
2021-09-09: Joe Biden will be impeached for one very simple reason
2021-09-09: New superconducting magnet breaks magnetic field strength records, paving the way for fusion energy
2021-09-09: Google Online Security Blog: Introducing Android's Private Compute Services
2021-09-09: Larry Elder tours homeless encampment in Venice, but leaves due to angry crowd - ABC7 Los Angeles
2021-09-09: Mastercard to buy blockchain analytics start-up CipherTrace
2021-09-09: Microsoft indefinitely postpones return to U.S. offices
2021-09-09: United Airlines staff granted religious exemptions to vaccine mandate will be put on unpaid leave
2021-09-09: My University Sacrificed Ideas for Ideology. So Today I Quit. - by Peter Boghossian - Common Sense with Bari Weiss
2021-09-09: The Cybersecurity 202: Ransomware threats barrel back after a slow Labor Day
2021-09-09: ZDI-21-1053: Bypassing Windows Lock Screen | Abdelhamid Blog
2021-09-09: MDMA reopens child-like "critical periods" in the brain | Hacker News
2021-09-09: Apple's bug bounty program prompts frustration in security community

2021-09-08: Terrorism risk to increase under Afghanistan's new Taliban government: Experts
2021-09-08: America's Top Colleges 2021: For The First Time A Public School Is Number One
2021-09-08: Fighting Texas abortion law could be tough for federal gov't
2021-09-08: OWASP Top 10
2021-09-08: Microsoft warns Azure customers of flaw that could have permitted hackers access to data
2021-09-08: Personal information of 7 million Israelis available for sale
2021-09-08: Code execution as root via AT commands on the Quectel EG25-G modem
2021-09-08: Quantum crystal could reveal the identity of dark matter | Space
2021-09-08: How to pick a STEM major--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-09-08: The Longest Running Blockchain has Existed on NYT Pages Since 1995 - Toshi Times
2021-09-08: Prince Andrew, Bob Dylan, Catholic priests and the Child Victims Act
2021-09-08: Hackers leak passwords for 500,000 Fortinet VPN accounts
2021-09-08: America has remained unusually vaccine sceptical--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-09-08: Revealed: LAPD officers told to collect social media data on every civilian they stop | Los Angeles
2021-09-08: Amazon's cashierless tech is coming to Whole Foods next year - The Verge
2021-09-08: The Gmail app takes calls now, too, because Google wants it to do everything - The Verge
2021-09-08: Human- and Car-Tracking Autonomous Drones are Now On the Market - Core77
2021-09-08: Fox Host Tomi Lahren Claims 'Only Thing' That Will Save Gavin Newsom Is 'Voter Fraud'
2021-09-08: Chivo's KYC does not work, at all. You can enter anyone's name and national ID and claim your "$30".
2021-09-08: Brian Armstrong: The SEC is blocking Coinbase's investment accounts--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-09-08: Guo Wengui pushes unproven drug ivermectin to treat Covid
2021-09-08: Joe Rogan Likely recovered because of the monoclonal antibody therapy but he's defending the deworming drug because that's the right wing talking point

2021-09-07: Ethereum gas fees are so high it broke the tracker--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-09-07: Vermont state troopers resign amid probe into fake COVID-19 vaccine cards | TheHill
2021-09-07: Graham says US 'will be going back' to Afghanistan | TheHill
2021-09-07: AOC slams Texas Governor Greg Abbott's 'deep ignorance' on abortion - CNNPolitics
2021-09-07: Portland may exempt police force from citywide vaccine mandate - OPB
2021-09-07: Cyber Defense NetWars | SANS Institute
2021-09-07: (792) Turning Point: 9/11 and the War on Terror | Official Trailer | Netflix - YouTube
2021-09-07: McDonald's leaks password for Monopoly VIP database to winners
2021-09-07: Idaho hospitals begin rationing health care amid COVID surge
2021-09-07: Early stumble as El Salvador starts Bitcoin as currency
2021-09-07: Do not get a smart butt plug--SHOW TO STUDENTS
2021-09-07: Less Than A Month To Go And Windows 11 Isn't Ready To Start - PC Perspective
2021-09-07: CVE-2021-40444 - Security Update Guide - Microsoft - Microsoft MSHTML Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
2021-09-07: Physicists engineer new property out of 'white' graphene
2021-09-07: New Studies Find Evidence Of 'Superhuman' Immunity To COVID-19 In Some People
2021-09-07: Bitcoin price plunges below $43K in minutes in crypto market rout
2021-09-07: Texas Right to Life website exposed job applicants' resumes
2021-09-07: Hacked hospital patients' data 'not important'
2021-09-07: Alibaba sexual assault case dropped as China police say 'forcible indecency' not a crime | China
2021-09-07: The new Texas voting law includes these 7 major changes - CNNPolitics
2021-09-07: GitHub merges 'useless garbage' says Linus Torvalds as new NTFS support added to Linux kernel 5.15
2021-09-07: Capitol riot: Ex-FBI official says law enforcement needs to take upcoming 'Justice for J6' rally in DC 'very seriously' - CNNPolitics
2021-09-07: The Other Afghan Women | The New Yorker
2021-09-07: Portland to cut trade, travel with Texas amid abortion law
2021-09-07: It's Time For A Flu Shot. Here's What You Need To Know : Shots - Health News : NPR
2021-09-07: Vietnam: Man gets five years in jail for spreading Covid
2021-09-07: Afghanistan: Curtains separate male and female students as new term begins under Taliban rule - CNN
2021-09-07: Secret Govt. Spy Powers Coming Here--via Australia - Security Boulevard
2021-09-07: Brazilian president changes legislation to limit moderation power of social networks

2021-09-06: has been taken down after hosts took issue with methods
2021-09-06: As El Salvador adopts bitcoin, its young president is dismantling democracy
2021-09-06: Republicans in crosshairs of 6 January panel begin campaign of intimidation | US Capitol attack
2021-09-06: (1) 200 000 EURO Frozen at CoinBase
2021-09-06: Amazon, Google, Microsoft Vie for Work on ICE RAVEn Data-Mining Tool
2021-09-06: New Chainsaw tool helps IR teams analyze Windows event logs
2021-09-06: El Salvador Bitcoin goes live tomorrow
2021-09-06: Republicans Incorrectly Address Marissa Mayer As Yahoo CEO
2021-09-06: Israel planning to administer FOURTH Covid vaccine which could be adjusted to fight new variants
2021-09-06: An excellent defense of a pro-choice position
2021-09-06: TikTok overtakes YouTube for average watch time in US and UK
2021-09-06: Fact-checking works across the globe to correct misinformation
2021-09-06: This New Malware Family Using CLFS Log Files to Avoid Detection
2021-09-06: Ninth-grade ethnic studies helped students for years, researchers find
2021-09-06: The first experimental realization of a dissipative time crystal
2021-09-06: Ivermectin apparently sterilizes the majority (85%) of men that take it
2021-09-06: Telosa: Marc Lore and Bjarke Ingel unveil plans for 5-million-person city in the American desert - CNN Style
2021-09-06: 'I Helped Destroy People'
2021-09-06: ProtonMail logged IP address of French activist after order by Swiss authorities
2021-09-06: Bypass defender with Powershell? Run the same payload twice.

2021-09-05: Bosses turn to 'tattleware' to keep tabs on employees working from home
2021-09-05: ProtonMail provides Swiss authorities with user data
2021-09-05: New script makes it easy(ish) to put Windows 10 or 11 on a Raspberry Pi
2021-09-05: Opinion | Stop fretting, Democrats. Use your power.
2021-09-05: A brief overview of IBM's new 7 nm Telum mainframe CPU
2021-09-05: Microsoft Links SolarWinds Serv-U SSH 0-Day Attack to a Chinese Hacking Group
2021-09-05: GitHub - duc-nt/RCE-0-day-for-GhostScript-9.50: RCE 0-day for GhostScript 9.50 - Payload generator
2021-09-05: 0-day for GhostScript 9.50, RCE exploit chain for ImageMagick with the default settings from Ubuntu
2021-09-05: 781 students quarantined at Texas school district after mass COVID-19 spread | KRON4
2021-09-05: Crypto's Rapid Move Into Banking Elicits Alarm in Washington
2021-09-05: Bitcoin Uses More Electricity Than Many Countries. How Is That Possible?
2021-09-05: New Zealand tried to deport attacker for years after he arrived as refugee
2021-09-05: Meet Altos Labs, Silicon Valley's latest wild bet on living forever
2021-09-05: Talking about abortion online in Texas? What you say on Facebook or Twitter could hurt you
2021-09-05: Seven Louisiana nursing homes ordered closed for evacuating patients to warehouse before Hurricane Ida
2021-09-05: Delivery Apps to 'Vigorously Fight' to Take More Money From Struggling Restaurants
2021-09-05: Cracking Encrypted Credit Card Numbers Exposed By API | by Craig Hays | InfoSec Write-ups
2021-09-05: Why China's bitcoin miners are moving to Texas
2021-09-05: HSE cyber-attack: Irish health service still recovering months after hack

2021-09-04: Every kindergarten teacher at a San Antonio school test positive for COVID-19
2021-09-04: Bette Midler calls on women to refuse sex to protest Texas abortion law | TheHill
2021-09-04: Opinion | The Real Problem with Sex Between Professors and Students
2021-09-04: Opinion | Hillary Clinton warned us this day would come
2021-09-04: Dallas school district admits SSNs and more of all employees and students since 2010 accessed during security incident
2021-09-04: CISA urges IT teams to address critical vulnerability affecting Cisco Enterprise Network Function Virtualization Infrastructure Software
2021-09-04: DEA Agent shoots himself in the foot. - YouTube
2021-09-04: Norwegian student tracks Bluetooth headset wearers by wardriving around Oslo on a bicycle
2021-09-04: Loot is a viral social network that looks like nothing you've ever seen - The Verge
2021-09-04: NASA Begins Air Taxi Flight Testing with Joby | NASA
2021-09-04: Scientists Figured Out How And When Our Sun Will Die, And It's Going to Be Epic
2021-09-04: It takes skill to be so awful that both the left and neo-nazi hosting providers are united in taking a stance against you
2021-09-04: Linux patch disables TRIM and NCQ on Samsung 860/870 SSDs in Intel and AMD systems - Neowin
2021-09-04: Opinion: The truth New York City cannot avoid - CNN
2021-09-04: Trump reportedly nears DC hotel rights sale as ally says 'I think he's gonna run' | Donald Trump
2021-09-04: A father and son who help clients find forgotten crypto passwords estimate billions of dollars worth of lost bitcoin is recoverable | Currency News | Financial and Business News | Markets Insider
2021-09-04: More Ethereum Has Been Burned Than Minted in the Past 24 Hours - Decrypt
2021-09-04: GitHub - danzajork/evasion: Windows packer
2021-09-04: Packing and Process Injection to Evade Windows Defender
2021-09-04: Best cloud certification 2021
2021-09-04: Rudroid - Writing the World's worst Android Emulator in Rust � -
2021-09-04: Brewery was hacked and created celebratory beer
2021-09-04: Astronomers Have Detected Radio Waves From Our Own Galaxy Bouncing Off The Moon
2021-09-04: Satanic Temple Could Bring Abortion Rights to Supreme Court - Rolling Stone

2021-09-03: Trooper Hits Black Motorist 18 Times With A Flashlight : NPR
2021-09-03: CHP: Multiple people shot on SB-280 in Daly City | KRON4
2021-09-03: Jill Biden is heading back to in-person teaching as the delta variant rages on
2021-09-03: Meet The Man Keeping Far-Right Websites Alive : NPR
2021-09-03: California Republicans launching campaign to boost trust in mail-in voting
2021-09-03: Taliban arrests former British soldier as 400 Afghans he is trying to evacuate are turned away at border
2021-09-03: Opinion | Doctors should be allowed to give priority to vaccinated patients when resources are scarce--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-09-03: France: Nonprofits Sue ISPs, Demand 'Block' of Adult Sites -
2021-09-03: Armed violent offender arrested after attempting to enter SF elementary school | KRON4
2021-09-03: Lyft and Uber to cover legal fees of drivers sued under Texas anti-abortion law - The Verge
2021-09-03: Using the InterPlanetary File System For Offensive Operations
2021-09-03: 15 Miami-Dade County Public Schools District Staff Died of COVID in Ten Days
2021-09-03: Texas judge hands narrow win to abortion providers fighting new 6-week ban | TheHill
2021-09-03: AWS researcher merges the power of two quantum computers to help make cryptography keys stronger--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-09-03: 'Catastrophic' supervolcano eruption could be much more likely than previously thought, scientists warn | Science
2021-09-03: Fake students flood community colleges in financial aid scam | CalMatters
2021-09-03: Ctf-Screenshotter - A CTF Web Challenge About Making Screenshots
2021-09-03: Morning Outage Disrupts 911, 311 Systems in San Francisco NBC Bay Area
2021-09-03: Banksy was warned about website flaw before NFT hack scam
2021-09-03: This site visualizes position and motion of all publicly registered satellites
2021-09-03: The New Science of Clocks Prompts Questions About the Nature of Time | Quanta Magazine
2021-09-03: Microsoft reportedly broke Windows 11 by injecting ads
2021-09-03: Opinion | Bloomberg reporter of challenged 'Big Hack' story gets promoted
2021-09-03: Biden admin delays booster rollout for some Covid vaccines - POLITICO
2021-09-03: Tucker Carlson Advocates for Unvaxxed to Get Fake Vaccine Cards: 'Act of Desperation'
2021-09-03: UK panel does not recommend COVID vaccines for healthy 12- to 15-year-olds
2021-09-03: Health Officials Advise Biden to Scale Back Covid-19 Booster Shots Plan For Now
2021-09-03: Babuk ransomware's full source code leaked on hacker forum
2021-09-03: US Air Force chief software officer quits after launching Hellfire missile of a LinkedIn post at his former bosses
2021-09-03: TikTok Users and Coders Flood Texas Abortion Site With Fake Tips
2021-09-03: Is Trump Running For President in 2024? Jason Miller Says Yes
2021-09-03: Oklahoma's ERs are so backed up with people overdosing on ivermectin that gunshot victims are having to wait to be treated, a doctor says
2021-09-03: Apple delays plan to scan iPhones for child exploitation images
2021-09-03: Windows Terminal now lets you drag and drop folders to open tabs
2021-09-03: Biden, Ghani did not foresee Taliban takeover in their last call | Ashraf Ghani News | Al Jazeera
2021-09-03: Mike Lindell paid millions to "cyber experts"; allegedly bought luxury home for accused fraudster |
2021-09-03: Trump loyalists team up with anti-vax doctors for 'health and freedom' tour | Donald Trump
2021-09-03: New Zealand attack: ISIS-inspired extremist killed after stabbing six, authorities say
2021-09-03: Women stage protest in Taliban-controlled Kabul - CNN
2021-09-03: The South Dakota Attorney General Who Killed A Guy With His Car Is Still Speeding
2021-09-03: White House Clashes With CDC, FDA Experts Over Covid-19 Booster Shots
2021-09-03: How the antidepressant fluvoxamine emerged as a promising Covid-19 treatment - Vox
2021-09-03: North Korea rejects offer of almost three million Covid-19 jabs
2021-09-03: Even as New Zealand battles Covid, trust in government bucks global trend | New Zealand
2021-09-03: States Pull Back on Covid Data Even Amid Delta Surge
2021-09-03: More than 500,000 children in U.S. tested positive for Covid-19 in 3 weeks. Experts say school mask mandates are needed
2021-09-03: The best night vision security camera
2021-09-03: Fed up with constant cyberattacks, one country is about to make some big changes
2021-09-03: FTC orders SpyFone to delete all of its surveillance data
2021-09-03: Israel's COVID-19 boosters are preventing infections, new studies suggest
2021-09-03: Firefly launches its first rocket, but loses the launch craft in mid-flight explosion
2021-09-03: S'pore joins growing crackdown on Binance: What you need to know about the crypto exchange platform, Companies

2021-09-02: In space, no one can hear cyber security professionals scream
2021-09-02: Catalytic Converter Thieves Shoot At San Francisco Resident Who Tried To Stop Theft
2021-09-02: Astronomers may have seen a star gulp down a black hole and explode | Science News
2021-09-02: Is Pandemic Australia Still a Liberal Democracy? - The Atlantic
2021-09-02: Police on-scene at Vail elementary school after group threatens to zip-tie principal over COVID-19 protocols
2021-09-02: Day one of Texas's new abortion law and men are already strategizing on Reddit about how to turn in women they impregnated
2021-09-02: Experts call for rigorous audit to protect California recall | KRON4
2021-09-02: WhatsApp fined $267 million for GDPR violations
2021-09-02: Remington Subpoenas Report Cards of Five Children Killed in Sandy Hook Shooting
2021-09-02: Introducing the Burp Suite Certified Practitioner accreditation | Blog - PortSwigger
2021-09-02: Ming Chow's Security course is publicly available on Twitch!
2021-09-02: Surgical masks limit covid-19 spread, say authors of Bangladesh study
2021-09-02: Some Georgia professors are resigning over a lack of mask and vaccine requirements at public universities
2021-09-02: The true size of Black Holes
2021-09-02: Marlboro maker Philip Morris wants to buy COPD drug company Vectura as it looks to find new revenue
2021-09-02: What Is the New COVID Variant and is It Resistant to Vaccine?--EXAMPLE OF TOTAL BULLSHIT
2021-09-02: That's how you bypass UAC on a machine to which you have GUI access!
2021-09-02: Learning/practice material for OAuth 2.0 authentication vulnerability
2021-09-02: American Medical Association calls for 'immediate end' to use of ivermectin for COVID-19 | TheHill
2021-09-02: GM temporarily shuts down North American factories because of chip shortage - The Verge
2021-09-02: China Bans Effeminate Men On TV, Part of A Campaign To Tighten Social Control : NPR
2021-09-02: Head of Russian Space Program Tells Absurd Lie About Abandoning ISS
2021-09-02: Match CEO and Bumble create relief funds for employees affected by Texas abortion law
2021-09-02: Apple will ask before it targets you with its ads in iOS 15 - The Verge
2021-09-02: LockFile Ransomware Bypasses Protection Using Intermittent File Encryption
2021-09-02: New BrakTooth Flaws Leave Millions of Bluetooth-enabled Devices Vulnerable
2021-09-02: Statement by President Joe Biden on Supreme Court Ruling on Texas Law SB8 | The White House
2021-09-02: Juniper Breach Mystery Starts to Clear With New Details on Hackers and U.S. Role (a Bloomberg investigation)
2021-09-02: 2021 bird photographer of the year winners | Environment
2021-09-02: 'I believe it's a mental health issue': the rise of Zoom dysmorphia | Fashion
2021-09-02: Twitter trials anti-troll tool that automatically blocks abusive users | Twitter
2021-09-02: Two decades after 9/11, the real threat to the US is our own far right | Harsha Panduranga
2021-09-02: It's time to brace ourselves for a world without Roe v Wade. Here's what we must do | Kathryn Kolbert and Julie F Kay
2021-09-02: Reddit bans Covid misinformation forum after 'go dark' protest | Reddit
2021-09-02: Leaked Audio Confession Blows Lid Off Mystery of Jovenel Moïse's Assassination
2021-09-02: Splunking with Sysmon
2021-09-02: Splunking with Sysmon Series Part 1: The Setup | Hurricane Labs

2021-09-02: Splunking with Sysmon Series Part 1: The Setup | Hurricane Labs

2021-09-01: Cybercriminal sells tool to hide malware in AMD, NVIDIA GPUs
2021-09-01: Fired NY credit union employee nukes 21GB of data in revenge
2021-09-01: Texas's Connally school district closes after two teachers die of covid within days
2021-09-01: Biggs to call on McCarthy to boot Kinzinger and Cheney from GOP over January 6 probe - CNNPolitics
2021-09-01: Opinion | Texas shows us what post-democracy America would look like
2021-09-01: The Role of Malware Analysis in the Modern SOC | CrowdStrike
2021-09-01: COVID long-haulers may be at risk for severe kidney disease | CIDRAP
2021-09-01: Spring tears down math geek t-shirt listing because it dared to mention the trademarked word 'zeta'
2021-09-01: U.S. identifies 12th Tesla Autopilot car crash involving emergency vehicle
2021-09-01: Joe Rogan says he has Covid, took widely discredited horse drug ivermectin
2021-09-01: Docker is Updating and Extending Our Product Subscriptions - Docker Blog
2021-09-01: Spending Habits Expose the Security Guard Turned Russian Spy - ClearanceJobs
2021-09-01: 25,000 EFF Supporters Have Told Apple Not To Scan Their Phones
2021-09-01: Nevada Highway Patrol, DEA sued over seizing Stephen Lara's money
2021-09-01: Apple announces first states for Wallet drivers licenses, IDs
2021-09-01: FTC bars alleged 'stalkerware' exec from the surveillance business
2021-09-01: An accidental discovery hints at a hidden population of cosmic objects
2021-09-01: Say hello to handstanding spotted skunks, 'the acrobats of the skunk world' - CNN
2021-09-01: 134 Virginia Tech students disenrolled for not following COVID-19 vaccination requirement
2021-09-01: Woman Arrested in Hawaii With 'Maderna' Covid-19 Vaccine Card
2021-09-01: I set up a Jabber account where threat actors could reach out anonymously--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-09-01: WHO says it is monitoring a new Covid variant called 'mu'
2021-09-01: (785) How to Recover lost RDP Passwords (Decrypt Remote Desktop Connection Manager saved passwords) - YouTube
2021-09-01: What Ben Ferencz, the last Nuremberg prosecutor alive, wants the world to know - 60 Minutes
2021-09-01: Texas Abortion Ban: What It Means and What Happens Next : NPR
2021-09-01: Dumping RDP Credentials Penetration Testing Lab
2021-09-01: Most extreme abortion law in US takes effect in Texas
2021-09-01: writeups/ at main · httpvoid/writeups · GitHub

2021-08-31: A CCSF student received one of these at a school email address
2021-08-31: A popular smart home security system can be remotely disarmed, researchers say
2021-08-31: Willie Brown says everything's fine at the San Francisco's Millennium Tower
2021-08-31: Every Electron application on Windows has the same DLL hijacks
2021-08-31: California recall contender Larry Elder makes misleading claim that young people don't need Covid-19 vaccines - CNNPolitics
2021-08-31: Browser cookie/fingerprint sales, the prime example being that of Genesis Market
2021-08-31: After Apple installs iPhone backdoor, Android owners less likely to switch, says survey
2021-08-31: T-Mobile hack: Everything you need to know
2021-08-31: Cyberattackers are now quietly selling off their victim's internet bandwidth
2021-08-31: Apple just banned a pay equity Slack channel but lets fun dogs channel lie - The Verge
2021-08-31: Google delays back-to-office recall until at least 2022
2021-08-31: Florida changed its COVID-19 death data just as surge began | Miami Herald
2021-08-31: Senator Seeks Input on Securing Crypto, Blockchain
2021-08-31: Forest Service officials confirm all California national forests to temporarily close
2021-08-31: Failed HIV vaccine trial marks another setback for the field | Science | AAAS
2021-08-31: One-third of Sun-like stars may have eaten their planets | Science | AAAS
2021-08-31: SF Will Begin Paying People to Not Shoot Other People
2021-08-31: 21-year-old tells WSJ he was behind massive T-Mobile hack

2021-08-30: South African scientists identify new COVID variant with 'increased transmissibility'
2021-08-30: How to Hack APIs in 2021 by Hakluke and Farah Hawa | Detectify Labs
2021-08-30: New cracks found on International Space Station | Live Science
2021-08-30: The City of Independence has issued a COVID-19 exposure warning to those who attended an Aug. 16 council meeting where leaders rejected a proposed mask mandate
2021-08-30: Google AI Blog: High Fidelity Image Generation Using Diffusion Models
2021-08-30: John Pierce, the anti-vax lawyer representing 17 of the Jan. 6 defendants, "is reportedly ill with COVID-19, on a ventilator, and unresponsive"
2021-08-30: The United States stands out in the global Delta wave
2021-08-30: China will limit kids to 3 hours per week of online gaming in sweeping new regulation - 9to5Mac
2021-08-30: People who are good at small talk never do these 7 things, says public speaking expert
2021-08-30: Robinhood tanks after SEC chair tells Barron's that banning payment for order flow is a possibility
2021-08-30: Recovering From COVID-19 Doesn't Guarantee Antibodies or Confer Immunity to Re-Infection
2021-08-30: vx-underground - Directory
2021-08-30: Afghanistan update: America ends its longest war, finishes Kabul withdrawal
2021-08-30: San Jose Sideshow Shut Down, With 170 People Cited, 6 Vehicles Towed: Police NBC Bay Area
2021-08-30: European Union travel restrictions: E.U. recommends new rules for unvaccinated Americans
2021-08-30: US intercepts rockets targeting Kabul airport as key diplomats fly out | Afghanistan
2021-08-30: Robert Steele, frequent speaker at 1990s hacker cons like @defcon and HOPE, died of COVID while denying it existed and pushing QANON
2021-08-30: Ohio judge orders hospital to treat COVID patient with Ivermectin

2021-08-29: No, the iPhone 13 will not talk to satellites.
2021-08-29: Quebec could make changes to vaccination passport after flaws in system exposed | CBC News
2021-08-29: National Security Agency | Frequently Asked Questions: Quantum Computing and Post-Quantum Cryptography
2021-08-29: US says drone kills IS bombers targeting Kabul airport -
2021-08-29: Democrats won't even talk about the worst-case outcomes of the California recall.
2021-08-29: Kuo: iPhone 13 to Feature LEO Satellite Communications to Make Calls and Texts Without Cellular Coverage - MacRumors
2021-08-29: Israel offers COVID booster shot to all eligible for vaccine | The Times of Israel
2021-08-29: Joe McCarthy was never defeated and Donald Trump now leads the movement he created |
2021-08-29: Why You Suddenly Need To Delete Google Chrome
2021-08-29: Google Issues YouTube Security Warning For Millions Of Users
2021-08-29: 'A combination of failures:' why 3.6m pounds of nuclear waste is buried on a popular California beach | Nuclear waste
2021-08-29: Chart of Bubbles--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-08-29: 14 portable morgues on way to Central Florida: 'Number of deaths right now is unprecedented' - Orlando Sentinel
2021-08-29: Malware samples written in Nim do not show their static imports in their IAT, even when I call the win32 API directly
2021-08-29: Vulnerabilities Allow Hackers to Tamper With Doses Delivered by Medical Infusion Pumps

2021-08-28: California May Pay People With Addiction to Stay Sober
2021-08-28: Sunlight makes you fall in love, says recent Israeli study - The Jerusalem Post
2021-08-28: In leaked email, ULA official calls NASA leadership "incompetent"
2021-08-28: Another contaminated Moderna vial discovered in Japan | The Japan Times
2021-08-28: All future Starlink satellites will have laser crosslinks - SpaceNews
2021-08-28: China researching challenges of kilometer-scale ultra-large spacecraft - SpaceNews
2021-08-28: California lawmakers grapple with whether to impose a statewide COVID-19 vaccination mandate - Los Angeles Times
2021-08-28: NASA Mars smallsat mission passes review - SpaceNews
2021-08-28: Bitcoin Has No Value: People Bank's Of China Official Announces Further Crackdown
2021-08-28: Astra rocket fails to reach space during test launch for US military | Space
2021-08-28: Tesla car on autopilot hits parked police car in Florida | TheHill
2021-08-28: Brazil's Jair Bolsonaro says he will be killed, arrested or re-elected
2021-08-28: Trumpists live in an alternate reality but they believe in it, and that's terrifying |
2021-08-28: partners with Google's Cloud Marketplace for blockchain transactions and token earning
2021-08-28: Hurricane Ida forecast to strengthen as it nears Louisiana
2021-08-28: Open-Source Insulin: Biohackers Aiming For Distributed Production | Hackaday
2021-08-28: WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter fined for not storing user data inside Russia
2021-08-28: 'Pandemic's Wrongest Man' Alex Berenson Permanently Suspended From Twitter
2021-08-28: Doctor advising DeSantis promoted ivermectin to treat COVID-19 despite FDA warnings
2021-08-28: Big tech firms pledge more than $31 billion and 250,000 jobs to strengthen cybersecurity (AWESOME MDM IMAGE)
2021-08-28: EXCLUSIVE: Active Duty, Retired Naval Intelligence Members Told They Cannot 'Disrespect' Biden Over Afghanistan Debacle
2021-08-28: CyberCorps®: Scholarship for Service
2021-08-28: Free and Affordable Online Training with a Focus on DFIR/Blue Team
2021-08-28: NMAJH Museum Store - Secret Jewish Space Laser Corps Patch
2021-08-28: Covid Rant goes METAL! [San Diego Board of Supervisors meeting Remix]
2021-08-28: Et tu, Samsung? Electronics giant accused of quietly switching SSD components
2021-08-28: In Britain, Young Children Don't Wear Masks in School
2021-08-28: Eric Clapton Releases COVID Protest Song, 'This Has Gotta Stop'
2021-08-28: Hundreds Protest Vaccine Mandate for City Employees in San Francisco NBC Bay Area
2021-08-28: Former Cisco executive in San Francisco sentenced for fraud scheme, tax evasion | KRON4
2021-08-28: Video: Motorist In SF Catches Smash-and-Grab Thief In Act, Gives Him Beating
2021-08-28: New Mexico sues Angry Birds developer over child privacy violations
2021-08-28: GitHub - jonathandata1/microsoft_azure_personally_identifiable_info_leak
2021-08-28: D4RCKH on Twitter: "A really really long list of CTFs and websites to test your skills. 👇
2021-08-28: Google CTF Beginners Quest 2021 is on!
2021-08-28: When attackers use BitLocker to encrypt your drives (sic!), digging through the ntds.dit file and looking for recovery keys may be the best option.
2021-08-28: Good, but Not Great: Taking Stock of a Big Ten University's Covid Plan
2021-08-28: U.S. reports world's first deer with COVID-19
2021-08-28: Hunt Saboteurs Association - Wikipedia
2021-08-28: Guntrader hack and hunt saboteurs. This is a worst case scenario.--SHOW TO CLASS

2021-08-27: Calls Grow to Discipline Doctors Spreading Virus Misinformation
2021-08-27: Opinion | This Is How Theocracy Shrivels
2021-08-27: Look at the length this Japanese puffer fish goes to attract his lady!
2021-08-27: Our military and our allies no longer trust Biden
2021-08-27: US special operations vets carry out daring mission to save Afghan allies
2021-08-27: Unvaccinated, unmasked teacher infected more than half of students in class with Covid-19, CDC reports - CNN
2021-08-27: Biden and Fauci discussing cutting wait time for COVID-19 booster from eight months to five
2021-08-27: Repairs of Leaning San Francisco Skyscraper on Hold; Engineering Expert Blasts Plan
2021-08-27: Elon Musk: 'Bezos retired in order to pursue a full-time job filing lawsuits against SpaceX' - The Verge
2021-08-27: Man Robbed of 16 Bitcoin Sues Young Thieves' Parents
2021-08-27: Ethereum Blockchain Splits as Software Bug Affects More Than Half the Network - Decrypt
2021-08-27: Biden warned another Kabul terror attack is 'likely'
2021-08-27: Wisconsin School District Ditches Free Meals So Students Don't 'Become Spoiled'
2021-08-27: Slap on wrist for NCC Group over CREST exam-cheating scandal as infosec org agrees to rewrite NDAs and more
2021-08-27: Eighth Annual Flare-On Challenge Starts Sept 10!
2021-08-27: U.S. coronavirus cases and state maps: Tracking cases, deaths - Washington Post
2021-08-27: Opinion | Biden's Afghanistan policy shows the world a wobbly, impulsive U.S.
2021-08-27: The NSA iPhone
2021-08-27: Having SARS-CoV-2 once confers much greater immunity than a vaccinebut no infection parties, please | Science | AAAS
2021-08-27: Supreme Court Ends Biden's Eviction Moratorium
2021-08-27: 'Jeopardy!' host Mayim Bialik gets renewed criticism for her vaccine stance and brain supplement ads
2021-08-27: Florida woman hospitalized for covid finds husband dead
2021-08-27: Report: Afghan staff details left behind at UK Kabul embassy
2021-08-27: Secure Coding Handbook
2021-08-27: How I Scored 2K Bounty via an IDOR
2021-08-27: A Dark Web Hitman-For-Hire Scammer Became An FBI Informant

2021-08-26: Tesla files to become an electricity provider in Texas
2021-08-26: Texas parent strips down in school board meeting to make a point about mask mandates | TheHill
2021-08-26: Afghan girls robotics team arrives safely in Doha after Taliban takeover
2021-08-26: Covid data disappearing in some states even as delta surges
2021-08-26: Apple will finally let devs tell users about non-App Store purchase options
2021-08-26: French beekeeper tackling 'murder hornet' invasion with home-made trap
2021-08-26: Time's Up CEO Tina Tchen Resigns Amid Cuomo Revelations : NPR
2021-08-26: Belarusian hackers are turning the country's surveillance state against it
2021-08-26: DNA Lounge: Wherein the antivaxxers are still trying to make this nightmare last as long as possible for all of us.
2021-08-26: [OC] Active Covid-19 cases per Capita in USA. 1/21/2020 - 8/23/2021 : dataisbeautiful
2021-08-26: COVID has killed more police in 2020 & 2021 than all other causes combined
2021-08-26: Pandemic Roundup: August 26, 2021 | Violet Blue on Patreon
2021-08-26: Hacker claims responsibility for T-Mobile attack, bashes the carrier's security - The Verge
2021-08-26: NY approves COVID vaccine mandate for health care workers
2021-08-26: Female hummingbirds look like males to avoid attacks, study suggests | Birds
2021-08-26: Exclusive-Microsoft warns thousands of cloud customers of exposed databases -emails
2021-08-26: Delta Variant Stalls the Economic Recovery in San Francisco
2021-08-26: New Study Confirms Its Much Safer to Get Vaccinated Than to Catch Covid-19
2021-08-26: Ragnarok ransomware releases master decryptor after shutdown
2021-08-26: U.S. officials provided Taliban with names of Americans, Afghan allies to evacuate - POLITICO
2021-08-26: 'Unicorn' startup CEO faked sales figures, deals to trick investors, prosecutors claim
2021-08-26: To fight Zoom fatigue, give people the freedom to turn their cameras off. New experiment: videos off reduces exhaustion and boosts engagement
2021-08-26: (72) Information Security education and training partnership sets global precedent | LinkedIn
2021-08-26: Ivermectin demand drives some to pro-Trump telemedicine website
2021-08-26: Another penetrating technical analysis of NFTs
2021-08-26: Who is eligible for booster vaccine shots in San Francisco? - The San Francisco Examiner
2021-08-26: S.F. will soon roll out nation's first hydrogen ferry - The San Francisco Examiner
2021-08-26: Air quality advisories issued for Friday, Saturday due to wildfire smoke - The San Francisco Examiner
2021-08-26: 552: Will Storr | Understanding Social Position and the Status Game | Jordan Harbinger -- RECOMMENDED
2021-08-26: Illinois governor announces vaccine mandate for teachers and health care workers with testing opt-out - CNN
2021-08-26: U.S. troops killed in ISIS attacks on Kabul airport - POLITICO
2021-08-26: Western Digital confirms speed crippling SN550 SSD flash change
2021-08-26: Cisco fixed a critical flaw in Cisco APIC for Nexus 9000 series switches
2021-08-26: From Russia With LockBit Ransomware
2021-08-26: Newsom recall: Meet the candidates, Kevin Paffrath | CalMatters
2021-08-26: Latest Polls Of The California Recall Election | FiveThirtyEight
2021-08-26: Endorsement: There is absolutely no justification for removing Gavin Newsom. Vote NO on the recall
2021-08-26: "Inescapable" COVID-19 Antibody Discovery Neutralizes All Known SARS-CoV-2 Strains
2021-08-26: Space Force Says Protecting GPS Is Its Biggest Mission
2021-08-26: How to understand NFTs
2021-08-26: Palantir glitch allegedly granted some FBI staff unauthorized access to a crypto hacker's data | Engadget
2021-08-26: This Fast Radio Burst Repeats in a Strict Pattern, And We Still Can't Figure Out Why
2021-08-26: Top Linux Vulnerabilities Exploited by Hackers
2021-08-26: Science quietly wins one of the right's longstanding culture wars |
2021-08-26: Spies for Hire: China's New Breed of Hackers Blends Espionage and Entrepreneurship

2021-08-25: Opinion | Brace Yourself for the Man Who Could Become California's Governor
2021-08-25: The Surreal Story of How a Deadly Crash Upended South Dakota Politics | Vanity Fair
2021-08-25: Rebel Sheriffs Are Freaking Out Over COVID Vaccine Mandates That Don't Exist
2021-08-25: Ethereum Security Analysis Tools: An Introduction and Comparison | by Matt Solomon | Coinmonks | Medium
2021-08-25: GitHub - eth-sri/securify2: Securify v2.0 - Scan Solidity Contracts for Vulnerabilities
2021-08-25: Ropsten Ethereum (rETH) Faucet -- WORKING
2021-08-25: Ropsten Ethereum Faucet (Reportedly Working)
2021-08-25: Flipper Zero Multi-tool Device for Hackers. Lite version based on STM32
2021-08-25: Vulnerability in Bumble dating app reveals any user's exact location | Robert Heaton
2021-08-25: UC Berkeley must freeze enrollment following court decision | KRON4
2021-08-25: Samsung testing memory with built-in processing for AI-centric servers
2021-08-25: Cops responding to ShotSpotter's AI alerts rarely find evidence of gun crime, says Chicago watchdog
2021-08-25: ProxyLogon flaw, evil emails, SQL injections used to open backdoors on Windows boxes

2021-08-24: GitHub - felixweyne/ProcessSpawnControl: Process Spawn Control is a Powershell tool which aims to help in the behavioral (process) analysis of malware. PsC suspends newly launched processes, and gives the analyst the option to either keep the process suspended, or to resume it.
2021-08-24: How Data Brokers Sell Access to the Backbone of the Internet
2021-08-24: Forensicating Azure VMs
2021-08-24: Samsung: We will remotely brick smart TVs looted from our warehouse
2021-08-24: Metasploit Tips and Tricks for HaXmas 2020 | Rapid7 Blog
2021-08-24: SF Symphony Chorus Director Refuses Vaccine, Chooses to Resign Instead
2021-08-24: COVID Is So Bad Even Gun Makers Are Ditching NRA's Big Party
2021-08-24: Afghanistan: Credible reports of executions by Taliban says UN
2021-08-24: McDonald's runs out of milkshakes in England, Scotland and Wales
2021-08-24: Opinion | We built a system like Apple's to flag child sexual abuse material and concluded the tech was dangerous
2021-08-24: The World's Largest Computer Chip | The New Yorker
2021-08-24: Analysis: Fauci's new 2022 timeline for Covid fight could be a political disaster for Biden and Democrats - CNNPolitics
2021-08-24: The FTC and 48 Attorneys General Seek to Break Up Facebook With Antitrust Lawsuits - CPO Magazine
2021-08-24: Airbnb plans to temporarily house 20,000 Afghan refugees
2021-08-24: HTTP CR LF in Request Headers

2021-08-23: Can Killing Cookies Save Journalism?
2021-08-23: Carnival Cruise Passenger Dies of Covid Amid Uptick in Cases
2021-08-23: 18 Are Expelled or Resign From Naval Academy Amid Cheating Inquiry
2021-08-23: Arizona elections officials launch bipartisan assault on GOP audit | TheHill
2021-08-23: Some parts of Oregon have no ICU beds left as COVID-19 cases surge | KVAL
2021-08-23: FDA warns on ivermectin, drug promoted by Ron Johnson to treat COVID
2021-08-23: Rice University Says Virus Test Glitch Caused False Positives
2021-08-23: Cuomo grants clemency to father of San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin
2021-08-23: Hackers wipe out Coinbase customer accounts
2021-08-23: APOD: 2021 August 24 - PDS 70: Disk, Planets, and Moons
2021-08-23: Only action against corruption can solve the world's biggest problems | Alexei Navalny
2021-08-23: Caldor Fire: Blaze is 'knocking on the door' of Tahoe basin, Cal Fire director says
2021-08-23: Tennessee floods show a pressing climate danger across America: 'Walls of water'
2021-08-23: Anti-mask New York Post requires all of its employees to wear masks in latest sign of Murdoch media hypocrisy - CNN
2021-08-23: Weather News - 2000 km line of lightning from Australia to NZ
2021-08-23: Apple Delays Campus Return Until January | PCMag
2021-08-23: Fastest-orbiting asteroid in solar system discovered | Space
2021-08-23: The fight over mask mandates in schools turns violent - Axios
2021-08-23: 'The Daily Show's' Jordan Klepper Embarrasses Anti-Vax Protesters in NYC
2021-08-23: Recall the SF School Board
2021-08-23: Newsom could be in trouble - by Kyle Tharp - FWIW
2021-08-23: Vaccinated Parents Are Catching COVID As Schoolkids Bring The Virus Home
2021-08-23: Poly Network says it's got pretty much all of that $610m in stolen crypto-coins back
2021-08-23: The dying knight in the shiny armour | APT::WTF - APTortellini's blog
2021-08-23: W.Va.'s largest private employer issues worker vaccine mandate
2021-08-23: You aren't legally allowed to know which variant gave you COVID-19 in the US, even if it's Delta
2021-08-23: San Francisco Restaurants Say Reservations Are Disappearing Due to Concerns Over Delta - Eater SF
2021-08-23: Trump-friendly Cyber Ninjas delay report because CEO, others have Covid
2021-08-23: Incident Response in a Microsoft cloud environment | Microsoft 365 Security
2021-08-23: azure-docs/ at master · MicrosoftDocs/azure-docs · GitHub
2021-08-23: Azure Security Control - Incident Response | Microsoft Docs
2021-08-23: AWS Security Incident Response Guide - AWS Security Incident Response Guide
2021-08-23: How to use eDiscovery in Office 365: 5 Steps You Need to Follow
2021-08-23: Microsoft 365 eDiscovery solutions - Microsoft 365 Compliance | Microsoft Docs
2021-08-23: FDA Approves First COVID-19 Vaccine | FDA
2021-08-23: Large, illegal sideshow in San Francisco caught on camera | KRON4
2021-08-23: 'A complete shock': the rightwing contrarian leading the California recall race | California
2021-08-23: Hive ransomware attacks Memorial Health System, steals patient data

2021-08-22: Gunfire erupts after Proud Boys and anti-fascists openly brawl in Portland without police intervention - OPB
2021-08-22: Fareed Zakaria GPS - The uncertain future of Afghanistan; the world’s response to U.S. withdrawal
2021-08-22: Apache Web Server Hardening and Security Guide--Detailed modsecurity Instructions
2021-08-22: 10 tips for Apache Security
2021-08-22: The most important steps to take to make an nginx server more secure
2021-08-22: Nginx vs Apache: Which Web Server Is the Best? (2021 Edition)
2021-08-22: Nginx vs Apache: Best Web Server for Wordpress? | WP Engine®
2021-08-22: ModSecurity: Logging and Debugging - NGINX
2021-08-22: ModSecurity Handbook: Getting Started: Chapter 4. Logging
2021-08-22: How to Detect & Prevent Cyberattackers from Exploiting Web Servers via Web Shell Malware
2021-08-22: GitHub - nsacyber/Mitigating-Web-Shells: Guidance for mitigation web shells.
2021-08-22: Analyzing the mod security logs - Infosec Resources
2021-08-22: Logging - OWASP Cheat Sheet Series
2021-08-22: Here's how hackers are cracking two-factor authentication security
2021-08-22: Italian dude gets a QR code tattoo to prove he's covid-free

2021-08-21: COVID-19 booster shots in the US: 8 important things to know
2021-08-21: As San Francisco begins proof-of-vaccine requirement, what forms of proof are acceptable?
2021-08-21: Florida cybersecurity agency is crippled by vacancies | The Olympian
2021-08-21: Jays found to be sensitive to cognitive illusions
2021-08-21: Site on Tibetan Plateau shows promise as a place for next-generation large telescope
2021-08-21: Wandering black holes
2021-08-21: New Zealand reports 21 new local COVID-19 cases as outbreak grows
2021-08-21: Biden administration may compel commercial US airlines to help transport Afghan evacuees - CNNPolitics
2021-08-21: Windows escalation with an OMG cable
2021-08-21: Texas passed an anti-abortion law--citizens can report their neighbours...
2021-08-21: Florida Threatens To Pull School Funding Over Mask Mandates
2021-08-21: The author of 'The Kite Runner' has a message for anyone worried about Afghanistan - CNN
2021-08-21: Huge study supporting ivermectin as Covid treatment withdrawn over ethical concerns | Medical research

2021-08-20: Maker of Rapid Covid Tests Told Factory to Destroy Inventory
2021-08-20: NASA will attempt to deflect an asteroid, impact to happen next fall
2021-08-20: GM recalling another 70,000 Bolt electric cars - CNN
2021-08-20: 'Crazy Times To Be Alive;' Good Samaritan Breaks Up San Francisco Chinatown Assault, Detains Suspect CBS San Francisco
2021-08-20: BlackBerry resisted announcing major flaw in software powering cars, hospital equipment - POLITICO
2021-08-20: A grim warning from Israel: Vaccination blunts, but does not defeat Delta
2021-08-20: Mike Lindell lashes out as cyber expert demands $5M reward for debunking election data |
2021-08-20: Mississippi officials warn against using ivermectin for COVID-19 amid spike in poisonings | TheHill
2021-08-20: Disabling auto-sleep due to gdm on Debian 10
2021-08-20: Woman robbed at gunpoint inside her San Francisco home | KRON4
2021-08-20: Vaccine mandate for indoor services begins in San Francisco | KRON4
2021-08-20: Knife-wielding man chases couple in San Francisco | KRON4
2021-08-20: 'Easy money': How international scam artists pulled off an epic theft of Covid benefits
2021-08-20: Bay Area doctor and college professor had 2,000 child pornography images and videos, federal complaint alleges | KRON4
2021-08-20: Texas Supreme Court declines to back governor's ban of school mask mandates
2021-08-20: China Passes Data Protection Law
2021-08-20: Questions About Security Around The Capitol Complex Emerge After Bomb Threat : NPR
2021-08-20: OnlyFans Turns Its Back on Sex Workers and They Are Pissed
2021-08-20: Scientists Say Biden Jumped the Gun With COVID Vaccine Booster Plan
2021-08-20: Inside the Secret Codes Hackers Use to Outwit Ransomware Cops

2021-08-19: Cisco won't fix zero-day RCE vulnerability in end-of-life VPN routers
2021-08-19: Elon Musk teases Tesla Bot, humanoid robot for repetitive tasks
2021-08-19: Canadian Nobel scientist's deletion from Wikipedia points to wider bias, study finds | CBC News
2021-08-19: Education Department cancels student debt for over 320,000 borrowers
2021-08-19: You can post LinkedIn jobs as ANY employer so can attackers
2021-08-19: Fact-checking Biden's ABC interview on Afghanistan - CNNPolitics
2021-08-19: Zuckerberg unveils Facebook's "revolutionary" virtual "metaverse," where humans turn into comic characters and interact with each other
2021-08-19: Rain fell at summit of Greenland for first time on record - CNN
2021-08-19: Potentially serious bugs in FTK Imager v4.5.0.3. (October 2020 release)

2021-08-18: (769) Simulating an epidemic - YouTube
2021-08-18: Cryptography and Blockchain Security - Black Hat Europe 2021 | Trainings Schedule
2021-08-18: Mandiant, CISA warn of critical ThroughTek IoT bug
2021-08-18: Wells still drying up despite California groundwater law | CalMatters
2021-08-18: Crypto is '95% fraud, hype, noise and confusion,' says Fed's Neel Kashkari - MarketWatch
2021-08-18: Pharmacist arrested for selling CDC COVID vaccine cards to unvaccinated, feds say
2021-08-18: A Tennessee county pushed horse dewormer on its public safety employees, falsely claiming it prevents Covid.

2021-08-17: CES 2022 to require proof of vaccination from attendees
2021-08-17: Alabama Doctor Refuses to Treat Unvaccinated COVID Patients
2021-08-17: Linux glibc security fix created a nastier Linux bug
2021-08-17: Quantum Double-Slit Experiment Offers Hope for Earth-Size Telescope | Quanta Magazine
2021-08-17: Major nuclear fusion milestone reached as 'ignition' triggered in a lab
2021-08-17: OAN Loses Appeal Against Rachel Maddow, Must Pay MSNBC at Least $250,000
2021-08-17: GitHub - rshipp/awesome-malware-analysis
2021-08-17: The United States Might Have Saved Afghanistan by Confronting Pakistan
2021-08-17: Corellium for Journalists | Corellium
2021-08-17: Ford confirms customer, employee information protected from hackers
2021-08-17: Founder of hacker group Anonymous reveals his ultimate 'end-game' (from Nov 2020)
2021-08-17: Mars helicopter Ingenuity soars through challenging 12th flight on Red Planet | Space
2021-08-17: San Francisco Unified Reopens Campuses With COVID-19 Rules in Place
2021-08-17: Tesla launches car wrapping service because its colors are boring AF
2021-08-17: Uber's doomed and so are the cities that supported it
2021-08-17: There's currently a british guy called Lord Miles in Kabul having a wonderful time
2021-08-17: 4 ways to make solar panels more sustainable
2021-08-17: Hong Kong leader warns law body to stay out of politics
2021-08-17: Farmers reap double benefits with solar power in fields
2021-08-17: Federal lawsuit challenges California recall as unconstitutional
2021-08-17: The Dan Kaminsky Fellowship
2021-08-17: 'We are on fire': Five U.S. states set new records for Covid cases as hospitalizations rise
2021-08-17: Sysmon has a feature, CopyOnDeletePE, which if enabled keeps a copy of any PE file being deleted
2021-08-17: Space junk collision: Chinese satellite got whacked by hunk of Russian rocket in March | Space
2021-08-17: The long-awaited M1X MacBook Pro will be here by November, reporter claims
2021-08-17: US to Advise Booster Shots for Most Americans 8 Months After Vaccination
2021-08-17: New Zealand covid lockdown: Jacinda Ardern shuts country after first case in 6 months
2021-08-17: OnlyFans pushes SFW app on iOS and Android as it tries to shake adult image - The Verge
2021-08-17: Remote code execution flaws lurk in countless routers, IoT gear, cameras using Realtek Wi-Fi module SDKs
2021-08-17: Mad Kabul Scramble Is 'Exactly the Scenario We Feared'

2021-08-16: U.S. expected to recommend Covid booster eight months after second dose
2021-08-16: Illinois Is The First State To Have High Schools Teach News Literacy : NPR
2021-08-16: What were you doing in grade school? These Frisco kids are making $32,000 a month mining Ethereum
2021-08-16: Malware dev infects own PC and data ends up on intel platform
2021-08-16: Kinzinger: Trump was naive on Afghanistan, Biden acted without a plan | TheHill
2021-08-16: Inside Reach 871, A US C-17 Packed With 640 Afghans Trying to Escape the Taliban - Defense One
2021-08-16: Watch live: Biden addresses nation on Afghanistan, Taliban takeover
2021-08-16: U.S. Quietly Slips Out Of Afghanistan In Dead Of Night
2021-08-16: As Delta spreads, some travelers double up on COVID-19 vaccine in U.S.
2021-08-16: Gamers burn up to 472 calories over a two-hour session, study finds  | Daily Mail Online

2021-08-15: Afghanistan's first female mayor: 'I'm waiting for the Taliban to come for people like me'
2021-08-15: Life of quasars could be episodic & shorter than previously thought
2021-08-15: BASH Programming − Introduction HOW−TO
2021-08-15: Cybersleuths find men who allegedly attacked officer during US Capitol riot | US Capitol attack
2021-08-15: Wingspan: Elizabeth Hargrave's board game is changing how we play.
2021-08-15: (767) How the Quantum Eraser Rewrites the Past
2021-08-15: Plant-based diet is best way to avoid heart disease: report
2021-08-15: Hacker claims to steal data of 100 million T-mobile customers
2021-08-15: The world must cooperate to avoid a catastrophic space collision
2021-08-15: Amazon Removes Delivery Lockers From Chicago Parks After Furor Over Installing Them On Sidewalks
2021-08-15: Remove these 7 things from your resume 'ASAP,' says CEO who has read thousands of resumes
2021-08-15: Amazon Installs Huge Lockers On A Chicago Park's Sidewalk, Confusing And Frustrating Neighbors
2021-08-15: Malware: My video on stealing access cards with the proxmark
2021-08-15: Lulu is the free and open source macOS firewall (like Little Snitch) | Hacker News
2021-08-15: Decryption Key for Ransomware Delivered via Kaseya Attack Made Public
2021-08-15: The Fight to Save Women's Colleges From Extinction
2021-08-15: Biden Set On Afghanistan Withdrawal, Even With Taliban Gains : NPR
2021-08-15: Spoofing GPS With an SDR Kaitlyn's Tech Logs
2021-08-15: Australia's mouse plague: first came the drought, then the floods, now millions of mice. - Washington Post

2021-08-14: Debian -- News -- Debian 11 "bullseye" released
2021-08-14: China's Partial Port Shutdown Raises Fears of Closures Worldwide
2021-08-14: 44.01 secures $5M to turn billions of tons of carbon dioxide to stone
2021-08-14: US border agents in Tennessee have seized thousands of counterfeit Covid-19 vaccination cards | CNN
2021-08-14: Tired: What3Words. Wired: A clone location-tracking service based on FOUR words and they are all extremely rude
2021-08-14: How to Build The Best DIY Vocal Booth (On a Budget)
2021-08-14: COVID Truthers' Obsession With Horse Paste and 'Sheep Drench' Is Warping Amazon's Product Recommendations
2021-08-14: COVID-19 vaccine: CVS and Walgreens offering 3rd dose for those with weakened immune systems - ABC7 Chicago
2021-08-14: "Missing Puzzle Piece" Discovered: Critical Advance in Quantum Computer Design
2021-08-14: We ask a former burglar: do smart security cameras really deter crime? | TechRadar
2021-08-14: Mike Lindell promised Dominion voting machines but he doesn't have any |
2021-08-14: Scientists discover a "mind-blowing" link between gut health and age reversal

2021-08-13: Wildfire smoke linked to thousands of coronavirus cases on West Coast
2021-08-13: Russia's space program just threw a NASA astronaut under the bus
2021-08-13: Lindell-apalooza melts down: MyPillow guy claims antifa sabotaged his "cyber symposium" |
2021-08-13: New COVID cases in US soar 700% week-over-week since July 1, CDC says
2021-08-13: Senate Budget Vote Suggests We're Fracked
2021-08-13: Afghanistan: Taliban captures Kandahar, Herat and Lashkar Gah
2021-08-13: 'Nowhere to go': divorced Afghan women in peril as the Taliban close in | Taliban
2021-08-13: July was world's hottest month ever recorded, US scientists confirm | Climate change
2021-08-13: Windows 365 exposes Microsoft Azure credentials in plaintext
2021-08-13: QAnon Almost Destroyed My Relationship. Then My Relationship Saved Me From QAnon. - POLITICO
2021-08-13: Suspected hacker behind $600 million Poly Network crypto heist did it 'for fun'
2021-08-13: The Co-Founder Of The Fact-Checking Site Snopes Was Writing Plagiarized Articles Under A Fake Name
2021-08-13: Report: Matt Gaetz's Wingman Has Given the Feds "Years of Venmo Transactions" and "Thousands of Photos and Videos" | Vanity Fair
2021-08-13: Covid and back to school: More than 10,000 teachers and students in quarantine
2021-08-13: COVID-19 and RSV form wicked one-two punch, bringing children's hospitals to the brink
2021-08-13: Washington state has first live 'murder hornet' sighting of 2021
2021-08-13: Bitcoin mini-mining rig costs $875, lets owner mine from Starbucks
2021-08-13: Cornell University researchers discover 'code-poisoning' attack
2021-08-13: Crypto credit and debit cards: Should you get one?
2021-08-13: Al-Qaeda 'will come back' as Afghanistan heads for civil war: UK minister
2021-08-13: This Afghan rout is entirely on Joe Biden
2021-08-13: Colorado official Tina M. Peters accused after voting system passwords leaked to GatewayPundit
2021-08-13: Carnival cruise ship has 27 positive coronavirus cases on board
2021-08-13: This 'unique' phishing attack uses Morse code to hide its approach

2021-08-12: How I collected sensitive data from college admission software?
2021-08-12: Alibaba to offer self-defense training in response to sexual assault allegation
2021-08-12: Extra COVID vaccine OK'd for those with weak immune systems
2021-08-12: Rep. Louie Gohmert Warns Solar Power Plants Will Make Birds Burst Into Flame
2021-08-12: Louie Gohmert Makes WILD But Accurate Claim About Exploding Birds
2021-08-12: According to San Francisco's new health order, I am not considered vaccinated cuz I participated in the @Novavax vaccine trial
2021-08-12: Novavax, AstraZeneca COVID vaccine trial volunteers waiting for FDA OK
2021-08-12: Bob Lord on the DNC Security Checklist
2021-08-12: Security - Democrats--SHOW TO CLASS
2021-08-12: Nation's largest teachers union backs vaccine mandates - POLITICO
2021-08-12: Rachel Maddow Seriously Considers Leaving MSNBC
2021-08-12: NY Times Lawyers Accidentally Send Private Strategy Memo to Staff Union
2021-08-12: Florida governor deploying rapid-response team to fight Covid-19 surge | CNN
2021-08-12: The spectacular implosion of Mike Lindell
2021-08-12: Sicily May Have Experienced The Hottest Day Ever In Europe : NPR
2021-08-12: 2020 Census data: America is more diverse and more multiracial than ever - CNNPolitics
2021-08-12: San Francisco vaccine mandate: Breed requires full Covid vaccination for indoor activities
2021-08-12: Scores of police officers are refusing the COVID vaccine - Axios
2021-08-12: WATCH: Mike Lindell claims his evidence was 'compromised' in unhinged rant on final day of 'cyber symposium'
2021-08-12: Ransomware Payments and the Law - Lawfare
2021-08-12: Palantir is up, Coinbase is down
2021-08-12: Poly Network hack: Some $600 million stolen in biggest crypto theft in history | CNN
2021-08-12: Explainer: How hackers stole $600 mln in crypto tokens from Poly Network
2021-08-12: Chainalysis Blog | Poly Network Attacker Returning Funds After Pulling Off Biggest DeFi Theft Ever
2021-08-12: Bay Area Reporter :: First effort to recall SF DA Boudin fails
2021-08-12: Feds dismantle Blue Origin and Dynetics protests of NASA's SpaceX lunar lander award
2021-08-12: Fake COVID vaccine cards at colleges: Students warned of consequences
2021-08-12: U.S. health-care system ranks last among 11 high-income countries, researchers say
2021-08-12: Blue Team Con Vaccine Requirements
2021-08-12: Cybersecurity Training from CISA
2021-08-12: NortonLifeLock and Avast to merge in $8 billion transaction - The Record by Recorded Future
2021-08-12: You're Doing IoT RNG
2021-08-12: Fundamental Flaw in RNGs Affects Many IoT Devices | Decipher
2021-08-12: Apple's Mistake Stratechery by Ben Thompson
2021-08-12: xkcd: Global Temperature Over My Lifetime
2021-08-12: From a Million Miles: The Moon Crossing the Face of Earth
2021-08-12: Microsoft fixes Windows Print Spooler PrintNightmare vulnerability
2021-08-12: The person supplying the alleged proof to Captain Pillowpants for this "cyber symposium " on how the election was hacked
2021-08-12: CobaltSpam tool can flood Cobalt Strike malware servers - The Record by Recorded Future
2021-08-12: NASA to Study a $700 Quintillion 'Goldmine' Asteroid
2021-08-12: Jamming GPS Signals Is Illegal, Dangerous, Cheap, and Easy
2021-08-12: Leaked voting machine BIOS passwords may implicate Q-friendly county clerk
2021-08-12: Hell yeah, you can buy weed through the Apple App Store now

2021-08-11: NASA Refines Threat Posed by Potentially Hazardous Asteroid Bennu
2021-08-11: Zoom's new focus mode could keep students from distracting each other - The Verge
2021-08-11: (764) FDA May Authorize Covid Booster Shots Within 24 Hours - YouTube
2021-08-11: Cyber expert says team can't prove Mike Lindell's China election hack claims - Washington Times
2021-08-11: Scientists say limiting methane could seal our fate on climate change | CNN
2021-08-11: Man arrested in connection with arson near Dixie fire - Los Angeles Times
2021-08-11: YouTube suspends Rand Paul after misleading video on masks
2021-08-11: California COVID Delta variant cases vs. Florida and Texas - Los Angeles Times
2021-08-11: Will China's national security law break Hong Kong as a business hub? - Vox
2021-08-11: Kathy Hochul vows change from Cuomo administration
2021-08-11: More than a million Americans have already cheated to get unauthorized vaccine boosters | TheHill
2021-08-11: Poly Network Hackers Return $256 Million in Stolen Crypto Funds
2021-08-11: Fact Check: Are 'Vaccine Bandits' Injecting People in Los Angeles?
2021-08-11: AirPods will link with an Apple ID in iOS 15 to enable Find My support | Engadget
2021-08-11: U.S. calls on OPEC and its allies to pump more oil
2021-08-11: Wagner: Scale of Russian mercenary mission in Libya exposed
2021-08-11: Michael Spavor: Canadian jailed for 11 years in China on spying charges
2021-08-11: Anti-vax nurse gave 8,600 people saline, not COVID vaccine: police
2021-08-11: Afghanistan war: Taliban back brutal rule as they strike for power
2021-08-11: Google may cut pay of staff who work from home
2021-08-11: NASA IG says 2024 moon landing won't happen, blames space suit delays
2021-08-11: Vaccine hesitancy is falling fast
2021-08-11: Cytaka Rewards Cybersecurity-focused Developers with $1 Million Prizes | Markets Insider
2021-08-11: A 5G Shortcut Leaves Phones Exposed to Stingray Surveillance

2021-08-10: How to install Nmap on Debian 10 with alien (apt no longer works)
2021-08-10: California considers 'managed retreat' from rising Pacific
2021-08-10: Cyber Attack Data "Proving" China Hacked the Election
2021-08-10: Gov. Kate Brown signed a law to allow Oregon students to graduate without proving they can write or do math
2021-08-10: 'Dear Hacker': Crypto Platform Begs for Money Back After Losing $600M
2021-08-10: GitHub - GossiTheDog/SystemNightmare: Gives you instant SYSTEM command prompt on all supported and legacy versions of Windows
2021-08-10: Opinion | Universal Masking Can Protect Students From Covid
2021-08-10: Vaccines required for San Francisco school district staff | KRON4
2021-08-10: 'It's a tumultuous time': Political figures react to Cuomo resignation | KRON4
2021-08-10: Climate contrarians predicted the world would cool--it didn't
2021-08-10: Fifteen Percent Of All New Covid Cases Are Now Kids As Schools Reopen
2021-08-10: Something Is Really Screwed Up With Boeing's Starliner Prototype
2021-08-10: CDC says travelers should avoid France, Israel and other destinations
2021-08-10: "DeFi" crime hits record high in first 7 months of 2021 -CipherTrace
2021-08-10: Moderna may be superior to Pfizer against Delta; breakthrough odds rise with time
2021-08-10: Rob Graham Live-Tweeting Mike Lindell's cybersymposium
2021-08-10: People Explain Why They Want to Buy Fake Vaccine Cards

2021-08-09: Greece faces 'disaster of unprecedented proportions' as wildfires ravage the country | CNN
2021-08-09: The new Parallels 17 officially lets you run Windows 11 on your Mac - The Verge
2021-08-09: Californians draw guns on firefighters trying to rescue them from wildfire | TheHill
2021-08-09: New York State Trooper union calls on Cuomo to resign
2021-08-09: One million stolen credit cards leaked to promote carding market
2021-08-09: Mandatory Covid vaccines for troops are coming. What happens if they refuse? - POLITICO
2021-08-09: Trump's infrastructure sabotage has been a failure in the Senate - Vox
2021-08-09: AMC Theatres Plans To Start Accepting Bitcoin
2021-08-09: Elon Musk's SpaceX Is Sending An Advertising Billboard to Space
2021-08-09: Dallas School District Defies Texas Gov. Abbott With Mask Mandate
2021-08-09: Mike Lindell, MyPillow CEO: Delegates from 45 states to attend 2020 election 'Cyber Symposium' - Washington Times
2021-08-09: Alleged Epstein victim sues Prince Andrew for sexual abuse
2021-08-09: Edward Snowdenr: "The last time China stamped an inappropriate demand for access, @Apple sold out their users out"
2021-08-09: Belarusian Cyber-partisans hacked the servers of Belarusian police and the Interior Ministry
2021-08-09: BREAKING: $50 Billion Defense Spending Amendment Kills Bitcoin-Friendly Legislation, Original 'Problematic' Text Going To Final Vote
2021-08-09: Ethereum's mining cliff moved up from summer 2022 to December 2021
2021-08-09: U.S. faces "dangerous" heat wave as fires burn West, UN issues climate warning - Axios
2021-08-09: New movement of religious extremists push ultra-conservative vision in US
2021-08-09: Canada travel: Canada reopens border to fully vaccinated Americans
2021-08-09: FDA approval of the Covid-19 vaccine could mean more people will get vaccinated for an unexpected reason | CNN
2021-08-09: Facebook rolls out prayer request feature but not everyone trusts it | KRON4
2021-08-09: Can COVID Vaccines Cause Temporary Menstrual Changes? Research Aims To Find Out : Shots - Health News : NPR
2021-08-09: 1password is considering a self-hosted option to store vaults | Hacker News
2021-08-09: Video shows people trapped inside a Downtown basement elevator as neck deep water continued to rise
2021-08-09: Scientist Invents Toilet That Turns Human Feces Into Cryptocurrency
2021-08-09: Can concrete, a major Co2 emitter, be made greener? | PBS NewsHour Weekend

2021-08-08: Racketeer Project - Ransomware emulation toolkit
2021-08-08: Security tools showcased at Black Hat USA 2021 - The Record by Recorded Future
2021-08-08: Visitors enter Montana mines filled with radon as a therapy for their ills
2021-08-08: Austin, Texas, activates emergency alert system as COVID crisis reaches "critical" point
2021-08-08: Go read this look at how Amazon third-party sellers pester customers who leave bad reviews - The Verge
2021-08-08: Trump estimates 100 million dead from COVID-19 without his vaccine efforts
2021-08-08: 'Lynchings in Mississippi never stopped'
2021-08-08: Former Acting Attorney General Testifies About Trump's Efforts to Subvert Election

2021-08-07: Sheriff's union opposes mandatory vaccines for San Francisco deputies | KRON4
2021-08-07: Does your iPhone or iPad have Pegasus spyware? Find out for free
2021-08-07: Otter eating surfboard
2021-08-07: Apple explains how iPhones will scan photos for child-sexual-abuse images
2021-08-07: How a Security Researcher Took Over a Hotel's IoT Devices
2021-08-07: Homeland Security warns of 'increasing but modest' threat of violence from Trump conspiracy
2021-08-07: Tucker Carlson, Hungary, and the right's embrace of authoritarianism - Vox
2021-08-07: Gov. Little appoints task force to tackle cybersecurity, election security in Idaho | Politics |
2021-08-07: Dehumidifiers sold at Walmart, Lowe's, Costco recalled after causing $17M in fire damage -
2021-08-07: 9/11 families tell Joe Biden to stay away from memorial service if he doesn't authorize release of records related to attacks | CNN
2021-08-07: NW Arkansas is paying $10K for tech talent to move there, and it's working - TechRepublic
2021-08-07: California wildfire smoke can be seen from space: Watch the video
2021-08-07: One company's virtual reality approach could end the debate over working from home vs. at the office - TechRepublic
2021-08-07: Ford's new BlueCruise hands-off driving feature is a solid first effort - TechRepublic
2021-08-07: U.S. Postal Service finalizes plan to slow some mail deliveries
2021-08-07: Amazon orders all U.S. employees to mask up at work
2021-08-07: How we got to the Apple CSAM thing and why it's not going away
2021-08-07: Norwegian Cruise tells judge Florida 'vaccine passport' ban is political
2021-08-07: Vaccines less protective in Colorado county with Delta variant surge - CDC study
2021-08-07: U2 spy plane fires steam powered Paveway semi-nuclear bombs

2021-08-06: NASA will pay 4 people to spend a year pretending they are isolated on Mars | KTLA
2021-08-06: WhatsApp Says It Won't Be Scanning Your Photos for Child Abuse
2021-08-06: Dixie Fire becomes largest single wildfire in California history
2021-08-06: Flu shots may protect against severe complications from COVID-19 | KRON4
2021-08-06: Astronomers Detected a Huge New Structure in The Milky Way, And Don't Know What It Is
2021-08-06: Thieves are stealing California's water - watch how it happens | CalMatters
2021-08-06: University of Kentucky discovers data breach during scheduled pen-test - The Record by Recorded Future
2021-08-06: Motherboard vendor GIGABYTE hit by RansomExx ransomware gang - The Record by Recorded Future
2021-08-06: Secrets and Lies: The Games Ransomware Attackers Play
2021-08-06: Meadows should have very serious criminal exposure
2021-08-06: GitHub - sensepost/assless-chaps: Crack MSCHAPv2 challenge/responses quickly using a database of NT hashes
2021-08-06: Adumbrations Of Aducanumab - by Scott Alexander - Astral Codex Ten
2021-08-06: Black Hat: This is how a naive NSA staffer helped build an offensive UAE security branch
2021-08-06: United Airlines to Require All U.S. Employees to Get Vaccinated Against Covid-19 - WSJ
2021-08-06: Rbotic Rubik's Cube
2021-08-06: Trump urges supporters to buy misspelled "membership" cards with image resembling Nazi logo |
2021-08-06: China doubles down on baseless 'US origins' Covid conspiracy as Delta outbreak worsens - CNN
2021-08-06: 200 Cybersecurity Influencers On Twitter Making a Difference in 2021
2021-08-06: Benjamin Delpy on Twitter: "Windows 365 is expensive and without basic security

2021-08-05: Das tut mir leid! Germany's ruling party sorry for calling cops on researcher after she outed canvassing app flaws
2021-08-05: 8 years ago another billionaire ploughed millions into space to harvest solar power and beam it back down to Earth
2021-08-05: Google hits undo on Chrome browser alert change that broke websites, web apps
2021-08-05: Google co-founder Larry Page is a New Zealand resident, government says | New Zealand
2021-08-05: California to mandate COVID-19 vaccines for health workers
2021-08-05: Google promises to replace some Nest cameras if they're stolen for free
2021-08-05: San Francisco school district won't mandate COVID-19 vaccinations | KRON4
2021-08-05: CNN Fires Three Employees For Coming To Work Unvaccinated : Coronavirus Updates : NPR
2021-08-05: Ammunition shelves bare as U.S. gun sales continue to soar
2021-08-05: Lambda COVID Variant 'a Potential Threat to Human Society,' Researchers Say
2021-08-05: MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell's latest election conspiracy theory is his most bizarre yet - CNNPolitics
2021-08-05: Greg Abbott's outrageous Covid order to scapegoat immigrants in Texas (opinion) - CNN
2021-08-05: How Osama bin Laden was found by his family's hanging laundry
2021-08-05: Hotcobalt - New Cobalt Strike DoS Vulnerability That Lets You Halt Operations - SentinelLabs
2021-08-05: (757) DEF CON 29 - Ian Coldwater, Chad Rikansrud - Real Life Story of the 1st Mainframe Container Breakout - YouTube
2021-08-05: Apple to scan iPhones for child sex abuse images
2021-08-05: Disgruntled ransomware affiliate leaks the Conti gang's technical manuals
2021-08-05: Citizen app's Protect security service is now available to everyone - Vox
2021-08-05: From Ford trucks to Xbox, the chip shortage is still causing problems - Vox
2021-08-05: As Israel Covid cases spike, people told to 'stop embracing', elderly urged to get booster - CNN
2021-08-05: Belarus Olympic sprinter says she fled after family's warning made her fear return home
2021-08-05: Biden blocks removal of Hong Kong residents, cites China repression
2021-08-05: Starlight Could Really Be a Vast Alien Quantum Internet, Physicist Proposes
2021-08-05: Scammers Will Ban Anyone From Instagram For $60
2021-08-05: Facebook users are more anti-vaccine than Fox News viewers, new data shows

2021-08-04: Cisco fixes critical, high severity pre-auth flaws in VPN routers
2021-08-04: Critical Flaws Affect Embedded TCP/IP Stack Widely Used in Industrial Control Devices
2021-08-04: Empty npm package '-' has over 700,000 downloads here's why
2021-08-04: Spirit Airlines cancels half its flights; American Airlines also struggling | KRON4
2021-08-04: Suspected COVID cases in tigers prompt San Diego Zoo exhibit closure | KRON4
2021-08-04: Popsicle Finance Suffers $20.7M Exploit
2021-08-04: Yet-another security vulnerability in the kernel's eBPF verifier. I'd like to describe why this (NIST rated) high-severity kernel vulnerability receives Android's lowest severity rating of "Negligible Security Impact"
2021-08-04: Kernel Pwning with eBPF: a Love Story
2021-08-04: Registry Explorer is the registry editor every Windows user needs
2021-08-04: Reporter reveals the horrifically selfish reason Trump isn't pushing more of his fans to get vaccinated - Raw Story - Celebrating 17 Years of Independent Journalism
2021-08-04: The delta-plus coronavirus variant: Here's what we know
2021-08-04: Marble slab falls off San Francisco building, knocks woman unconscious
2021-08-04: DOJ officials rejected colleague's request to intervene in Georgia's election certification: Emails
2021-08-04: 'I will not be silenced': Women targeted in hack-and-leak attacks speak out about spyware
2021-08-04: Hawaii's Big Island Is Burning With the Biggest Wildfire It's Ever Seen
2021-08-04: Microsoft halts Windows 365 trials after running out of servers
2021-08-04: How to attend Black Hat USA 2021 and DEF CON 29 virtually - TechRepublic
2021-08-04: Programming languages: Developers reveal the ones they love, and the ones they dread
2021-08-04: Sailor Who 'Hated' Navy Torched $1.2B Assault Ship: Warrant

2021-08-03: Tyson requiring employees, including Alabama workers, to be vaccinated
2021-08-03: NASA science chief says it's OK to be "worried" or "terrified" about Webb
2021-08-03: The Madness of Teacher Unions Opposing a Vaccine Mandate
2021-08-03: Provincetown COVID delta variant: what it was like to be part of the cluster.
2021-08-03: Former Monero Maintainer 'Fluffypony' Arrested and to Be Extradited for Non-Crypto Crimes
2021-08-03: Calvin and Hobbes Viral Comic Ponders If They Are Worthy of Thor's Hammer
2021-08-03: 6 ships in Gulf of Oman lose control, days after vessel attacked by drones | The Times of Israel
2021-08-03: F.D.A. Aims to Give Final Approval to Pfizer Vaccine by Early Next Month
2021-08-03: Four ships off UAE report loss of control; U.K. sources suspect hijacking of vessel by Iranian forces - Middle East News -
2021-08-03: Vaccine mandates for indoor dining and theater are coming to New York City - Vox
2021-08-03: The Biden Administration Issues A New Eviction Moratorium After A Federal Ban Lapsed : NPR
2021-08-03: Xiaomi Overtakes Apple to Become World's Number Two Smartphone Maker - ExtremeTech
2021-08-03: Researchers decide 'Hacker Summer Camp' is too risky as Covid-19 cases spike - The Record by Recorded Future
2021-08-03: Kaseya ransomware attack sets off race to hack service providers -researchers
2021-08-03: CISA Mitigations and Hardening Guidance for MSPs and Small- and Mid-sized Businesses
2021-08-03: New York City will require vaccines for entry to restaurants and gyms | CNN
2021-08-03: US Cyber Games and TikTok turn cybersecurity into an esport | VentureBeat
2021-08-03: Your Facebook Account Was Hacked. Getting Help May Take Weeks Or $299 : NPR
2021-08-03: Trash Panda as a Service: Raccoon Stealer steals cookies, cryptocoins, and more Sophos News
2021-08-03: Florida's Broward County school district reverses its mask mandate after funding threat from the governor | CNN
2021-08-03: Earth at night as viewed from International space station
2021-08-03: How language in the infrastructure bill could roil the crypto markets
2021-08-03: Maricopa County defies latest subpoena request from Arizona state Senate seeking to expand 2020 ballot review | CNN
2021-08-03: NY teachers union urges free testing but against vaccine mandate | News 4 Buffalo
2021-08-03: Geologists identify two methane-emitting strips hundreds of miles long in Siberia
2021-08-03: Opinion | Beware the moon's wobble
2021-08-03: DNA Lounge: 1-Aug-2021 (Sun): Wherein we are now vaccinated-only
2021-08-03: McDonald's makes masks mandatory for all customers, staff
2021-08-03: Bay Area Health Officials Urge Immediate Vaccination and Issue Orders Requiring Use of Face Coverings Indoors
2021-08-03: Microsoft to enable PUA protection for Windows 10 users this month - The Record by Recorded Future
2021-08-03: PwnedPiper vulnerabilities impact 80% of major hospitals in North America
2021-08-03: CISA launches vulnerability disclosure platform for federal agencies
2021-08-03: Have you ever wonder how Auroras are created?
2021-08-03: Meet Paragon: An American-Funded, Super-Secretive Israeli Surveillance Startup That 'Hacks WhatsApp And Signal'
2021-08-03: Here's a thread of pelicans trying to eat animals other than fish
2021-08-03: Amazon will pay you $10 in credit for your palm print biometrics
2021-08-03: Fox News' Tucker Carlson to Speak at Far-Right Conference in Hungary After Meeting With Viktor Orban
2021-08-03: EFF : "Here are 6 reasons we hate the new cryptocurrency surveillance provision buried in Biden's infrastructure bill:"

2021-08-02: Researchers Find Signs of COVID-19 Mutations in New York City Sewage - THE CITY
2021-08-02: The recycling myth: A plastic waste solution littered with failure
2021-08-02: Jihadists flood pro-Trump social network with propaganda - POLITICO
2021-08-02: Wiping your T2-equipped Mac
2021-08-02: Why You Should Not Use Ivermectin to Treat or Prevent COVID-19 | FDA
2021-08-02: Farm and Fleet in Illinois
2021-08-02: I have seen the future of music. Cyberpunk af
2021-08-02: State TV: Russians Are Using Prosthetic Arms to Dodge COVID Vaccines

2021-08-01: Google soon won't let you sign in on devices running Android 2.3.7 or older - The Verge
2021-08-01: San Francisco hospital reports 55 staff members test positive for COVID-19 | KRON4
2021-08-01: Packet Hacking Village Virtual Workshops at DC 29 Ticket Sales Registration, Fri, Aug 6, 2021 at 9:00 AM | Eventbrite
2021-08-01: Lagos floods: Africa's most populous city could be unlivable in a few decades, experts warn - CNN
2021-08-01: Big tech companies are at war with employees over remote work
2021-08-01: For First Time Ever, Scientists Detect Light Behind the Black Hole, Proving Einstein Theory
2021-08-01: Look up! Saturn shines bright, shows off rings as it reaches opposition. | Space
2021-08-01: Zoom Agrees To Settle A Privacy Lawsuit For $85 Million : NPR
2021-08-01: The Provincetown Covid data is actually good news (if you are vaccinated)
2021-08-01: ESA - Reprogrammable satellite launched
2021-08-01: Trump's Arizona election audit ending with finger-pointing and lawsuit threats: report |
2021-08-01: Can a Vulnerability Scan break servers and services? (from 2019)
2021-08-01: Euro watchdog will try to extract $900m from Amazon for breaking data privacy laws
2021-08-01: lol, whatever works
2021-08-01: Tech spec experts seek allies to tear down ISO standards paywall
2021-08-01: Belarusian Nationals Arrested for Hacking ATMs Across Europe
2021-08-01: Sysadmins: Why not simply verify there's no backdoor in every program you install, and thus avoid any cyber-drama?
2021-08-01: Russia blames software failure for 'unexpected' ISS module thruster firing
2021-08-01: Estonia says a hacker downloaded 286,000 ID photos from government database
2021-08-01: After accusations, Twitter will pay hackers to find biases in its automatic image crops - The Verge
2021-08-01: San Francisco pushes vaccines as infections see 10-fold increase amid Delta variant surge
2021-08-01: She exposed how Facebook enabled global political manipulation. Now she's telling her story.
2021-08-01: France issues moratorium on prion research after fatal brain disease strikes two lab workers | Science | AAAS
2021-08-01: 'It has to be known what was done to us': Natick couple harassed by eBay tell their story for the first time - The Boston Globe

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